Wednesday, May 7, 2014

NBA Career Playoff POINTS Leaders...the PLAYERS that make their names Post 82-Game Trek in the LOGO as @KingJAMES moves over 4K Points in Winning Time....the CAREER Playoff Points List Top 15 Players led by "His AIRNESS" M.J.J...."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" when the TOUGH gets going they RISE above the LOGO! #NBACareerPointLeaders @KingJames

The NBA Playoffs for years has been a a Coming Out Party for many as the real Stars do it big through the 82-Game Trek and then go to the other level in Winning Time. Now with King James surpassing 4K points last night in Game 1 of the 2nd Round vs the Nets he is among the Top 15 Leaders. The List is a Who is Who among Springfield, Mass Inductees or soon to be Inductees. Where does Nike Basketball and Samsung's King James rank among the Career NBA Playoff Points Leaders?

The Top 15 CAREER Playoff POINTS Leaders
* denotes Active Player   

1. Air Jordan  5,987

2. "Sky Hook" Kareem  5,762

3. Black Mamba  5,640 * 

4. SHAQ 5,250

5. the Mailman 4,761

6. DUNC 4,747 *

7. the LOGO Jerry West 4,457

8. @KingJames 4,013 *

9. "Larry Legend" 3,897

10. "HONDO" Havlicek 3,776

11. "DREAM" 3,755

12. "MAGIC" 3,701

13. Mr. Pip 33 3,642

14. Elgin Baylor 3,623

15. Wilt 20K 3,607

360 Degrees....

Jordan, Duncan, West, Bird, Havlicek, Magic, and Elgin scored all those Playoff Points with one team...

"Sky Hook" Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the "Mailman" Karl Malone rank #1 and #2 in All-Time Points Scored ...both north of 35K Points

Kobe, Dunc, King James, Parker, Nowitzki, Wade, and Pierce all Active NBA Players in the Top 25 All-Time...

Celtics Bird, Hondo, McHale, (D.J.) Dennis Johnson, and Paul Pierce all rank in the Top 25 All-Time...

LeBron needs 1,627 points to catch Kobe the "Black Mamba" and 1,974 to catch Air Jordan as Kobe who has two years left needs 340 points to catch Mike...but will he do it?

Top Scoring Duos on the List include Kareem and Magic for the Lakers, Jordan and Pippen for the Bulls, Baylor and West along with Wilt for a fabulous Trio...and Shaq and Kobe with the Lakers... all in the Top 15...

Not in the Top 15...#16 TP9 Spurs (3,477), #17 Mavs G.O.A.T. @Swish41 3,455, #18 Wade County 3,209

2013-14 NBA M.V.P. Kevin Durant leads all active NBA Players with Career Scoring Average in the Playoffs at 28.71 ppg with King James at 28.06 ppg

Note: Numbers from Degrees from the Bluedude foe Bluedude Sportstalk...

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