Monday, November 30, 2015

NFL Week 12 the "AFTERMATH" as the Wild Card Races heat up in "A QB Driven League"!...PATS fall from the unbeaten!...CHIEFS and TEXANS takes over the AFC Wild Cards!...NFC East is now led by #HTTR and more! #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

 NFL Week 12 

Vikings 20 Falcons 10

The Vikes take over the NFC North again thanks to the Chicago Bears delivering on Turkey Day Night 2K15. As for the Rise Up Falcons they have not risen from the Loss Column in nearly 6 weeks and concerned thats an understatement!

Rams 7 Bengals 31 

Jeff Fisher has to be on thin ice as that Nick Foles Experiment has cost them. The Bengals are winning again and is it it January yet?

Saints 6 Texans 24 

Drew Brees 45 game TD Pass streak ends in Houston as they also get a set back in the NFC Wild Card. The Texans if the AFC Wild Card was starting today would be in the Playoffs...and that is shocking as they have come a long way in 30 days!

Buccaneers 12 Colts 25 

Bucs just didn't make enough plays defensively as the Matt Hasselbeck Train is rolling and Indy get Pittsburgh on Sunday Night at Heinz...lookout as this might decide one of the AFC Wild Cards. Bucs still have a chance in the NFC...

Chargers 31 Jaguars 25 F

You can't win the 2K16 NFL Draft #1 pick if you don't keep losing Bolts...

Bills 22 Chiefs 30 

Buffalo is almost done as that Rex Ryan Hype Train is dead! As for the #RedFriday they might not lose again and they look to be almost a lock with a favorable schedule from here on out for an AFC Wild Card with no Jamaal Charles...unbelievable!

Dolphins 20 Jets 38 

Phins are in disarray and the Jets are as good as anyone in the AFC talking Wild Cards but can they sustain that effort from Sunday beating the Dolphins?

Raiders 24 Titans 21 

Derek Carr is the "Truth" no matter if Oakland makes the Playoffs are not and having a Franchise QB in place heading into Drafts is a god send and the Silver and Black is almost 100% back!

G-Men 14 Redskins 20

We already know the NFC East is the worst division inn football and at 5-6 #HTTR is leading the pack....go figure!

Cardinals 19 49ers 13

#BirdGang escapes as they stay the course and something tells me they will be a really tough out in January Football. The Niners need a facelift as they host Big Bowl 50 with dreams of playing in it a couple years back...  

Steelers 30 Seahawks 39 F

I just don't know what to take from the Steelers "D" as QB RUssell Wilson lit them up! I know this if the Steelers come somehow get into Winning Time they will be the most dangerous to play playing on House Money coming out of the motel! The Hawks just need to keep winning and they will ditto the Steelers if they can get into "Winning Time" in the NFC!

Patriots 24 Broncos 30

Brock Osweiler and Von Miller beat the Patriots and absolutely nothing else! As for the Pats "Gronk" week to week has saved their Big Bowl 50 Chances...

#PurpleBrowns @ #DawgPound NFL Week 12 Monday Night Football keep your remote close and a Nightcap...   

Sunday, November 29, 2015

STEELERS @ SEAHAWKS as "TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" goes to the Great Northwest to take on 12's in "A QB Driven League"!...The BLACK & YELLOW takes its Motel Show along with STEELER Nation to the "206" to take on the SEAHAWKS with no Beast Mode! #PITvsSEA #StillerGang #SteelerNation #12s #SorryWeRLoud #TripleDiamondChronicles #AQBDrivenLeague

In one of the marque games in NFL Week 12 the Pittsburgh Steelers coming off their Week 11 Bye Week at 6-4 gets the Seattle Seahawks in the Great Northwest. Pittsburgh is just two games back of the AFC North leading "Bungles" with Cincy on the schedule later in December.

As for 12's at a disappointing 5-5 and playing for an NFC Wild Card there is still hope that they get in the Playoffs as the Arizona Cardinals run the NFC West and looks to be the favs to take the division in 2k15. Can Big Ben and Company hit the Winner's Circle in what is easily a Top 3 Venues not to play coming out of the motel? Seahawks need this just to stay in the NFC wild card hunt if anything.

(6-4, 2nd AFC North)
(5-5, 2nd NFC West)

"Triple Diamond Chronicles" goes "A QB Driven League" Week 12
Sunday November 29, 2K15 @ 4pm ET
Century Link Field in Seattle, WA

Key Players 


QB Big Ben
RB DeAngelo
TE Heeeeeeeeeath
WRs A.B., Martavis, Markus
DT/DE Lil Ironhead Heyward
LB Lawdawg Timmons
SS Mike M.
FS Will A.


QB @dangeRUSSwilson
RB Thomas Rawls
RT R. Okung
TE "Big Red of 206" J-Graham
DT/DE M. Bennett
DT B. Mebane
LB B. Wagner
the L.O.B.  

Top 5 Things to watch #SteelersvsSeahawks

Big Ben and the Stiller Wide outs vs the L.O.B....

Stillers young "D" vs @dangeRUSSwilson

the Seagals keeping it 100 and delicious...

Stiller Gang taking over Century Link...

Red Zone Efficiency...who gets 7s instead of 3s?    

BLACKHAWKS 2 KINGS 3 F/OT...The MONARCHS out of nowhere overcomes a 2-0 deficit and wins in EXTRAS behind a GABORIK game-winner!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN Head gets 8 points out of the 2K15 Circus Trip out of a possible dozen! #CHIvsLAK #FearTheIndianHead #MonarchsIceGames #NHLWesternConference

The Chicago Blackhawks appeared to have this locked up as everything was pointing to the Indian Head grabbing victory on Saturday night at Staples Monarchs set-up! Patrick Kane dba the "Bison City Blur" stays on his hot streak leading Ice Games 2K15-16 in points (36) by scoring the games first and only goal in the 1st for a Hawks 1-0 lead.

The Hawks took that lead into the 2nd when Niklas Hjalmarsson "Lit the Lamp" for his 1st of the 2K15-16 season and a Hawks 2-0 lead. Hawks blue-paint tenant Scott Darling was on his A-Game all as he stopped all 20 SOG he faced through two frames.

It was the Hawks Killah in Monarchs Jeff Carter who scored not even a minute into the 3rd for a 2-1 Hawks lead. Marian Gaborik then with just over five minutes remaining ties the game up at 2-2 as we went into extras. That's when Gaborik got behind Patrick Kane and the Hawks getting a line change to sneak one past Darling for a 3-2 Kings win!

The Monarchs out shot the Indian Head 36-22 and by the "Law of Averages" that was game time as the Kings move to 14-8-1 leading the Pacific. The Hawks (3rd in Central) grabs a point moving to 29 points as they get the Wild on Tuesday at the Madhouse!      

Friday, November 27, 2015

BEARS 17 PACKERS 13 F...The John Fox and Vic Fangio led "MONSTERS of the MIDWAY" dba #BelieveInMonsters shocks LAMBEAU and Team Wisconsin CHEESE & BRATS & Football on Turkey Day Night 2K15!..."A QB Driven League" Thursday Night Football as Team NAVY & ORANGE residing in the "312" sends the "PACK" back to 2nd place in the NFC North! #CHIvsGB #BearsNation #Pack #AQBDrivenLeague #TNF

The Chicago Bears have given Bears Nation at least one thing in 2K15 that a John Fox led team will, not succumb to "Expectations" that were suppose to be heading south nor that famous word in Professional sports called "Rebuilding"!

The Bears go into Lambeau Field and gets of all things a 4 down red zone stand vs Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and the "Pack" with the media and the Packers calling Rodgers has no feeling in his arm! Then maybe they should have pulled him and let the #2 QB in as if the "Pack" would have won they would have been calling him courageous and everything else under the sun! He lost and take that "L" with you as the Bears remain in the hunt for an NFC Wild Card!

The Bears made "Plays" when they had to and its funny how that works. Packers RB Eddie Lacy ran for over 100 yards on just 17 carries and the "Pack" still lost. Bears RBs Jeremy Langford and Matt Forte combined for 92 yards on 27 carries and a score with WR Alshon Jeffery adding 90 yards on seven grabs.

A-Rog was 22 for 43 for just 202 yards as he threw for a TD and one costly INT. Those Bears DBs under Bears D-Coordinator Vic Fangio in Kyle Fuller and Tracy Porter are real good and they made A-Rog and those "Pack" Wide outs work for everything they got on this night and turned them away in the Red Zone for a huge 17-13 win.

Bears move to 5-6 as the "Pack" falls to 6-4 as the Vikes move to 1st place at 7-3....stay tuned for more NFC North Action!    

PANTHERS 33 COWBOYS 14 F...Carolina QB CAM knowing he was going to get Turkey Day Dinner 2K15 and Candied YAMS joins LUKE KUECHLY and that PANTHERS "D" to smother Team JERRY JONES and the 'BOYS!..."A QB Driven League" Turkey Day Games 2K15 Game #2 as the PANTHERS are 4 Real! #CARvsDAL #PantherPride #CowboysNation #AQBDrivenLeague #Panthers11-0

The 2k15 Carolina Panthers didn't start off being the favorite in the NFC nor were they the consensus favorite in their own division the NFC South. Then in training camp 2K15 WR Kelvin Benjamin went down and the Panthers were doomed at wideout.

Now we fast forward some four months later and still under the radar as their QB Cam Newton isn't named Tom, Peyton, or Aaron the 2K15 Carolina Panthers are the clear favorite in the NFC dba "Fight 4 George"!

On Thursday Afternoon they took apart the Tony Romo led Dallas Cowboys like a Lego Set under the Christmas Tree for a resounding and convincing 33-14 "W"! Now everyone is drinking the Riverboat Ron Hunch Punch and Panthers Nation has to be thinking Santa Clara and Big Bowl 50 or bust.

As for Newton he threw for just 183 yards and no TDs but it was that Panthers "D" scoring all game long as it seemed. Kurt Coleman started the game off with a Pick 6 and Luke Kuechly added to that in the 2nd with another pick 6 and the Panthers led at the break 23-3. Romo threw 3 INTs and two went for six as that long lay off came back to haunt him versus a Grade A Defense like the #BackInBlack Panthers.  

Now moving forward the Panthers are 11-0 as the Cowboys fall to 3-8 looking like they will be headed to Chicago with high Draft Pick. Meanwhile Carolina is thinking "Big" I mean real "Big" and why not!  

Thursday, November 26, 2015

NBA Power Rankings Take #1 in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" going TURKEY Day 2K15 as it's all about the defending CHAMPS dba #DubNation as they sit atop the Rankings at a robust 16-0! #NBAPowerRankingsTake1 #DUBNation #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange #WestSideStoryReport

The first edition of the Bluedude Sportstalk NBA Power Rankings as this is Take #1 is led by the 2k15-16 Golden State Warriors who else. At an NBA Record 16-0 and not looking back as they are the defending champs they have officially made "Small Ball" something to thunk about as it is a "Point Guard Driven League"!

On with the Rankings...

"Squeeze the Orange
NBA Power Rankings Take #1
Turkey Day 2K15

1. #DubNation 16-0

2. #SpursFamilia 12-3

3. #Believeland 11-4

4. #WestSideStoryReport 9-4

5. #GoldSwagger Rated PG-13 9-5

6. #HeatNation 9-5

7. #RegulatorsReportOKC 10-6

8. #WeTheNorth 10-6

9. #BuzzCity 9-6

10. #ATLHawks 10-7

11. #GritGrindBealeStreet 9-7

12. #MFFL (Mavs Fan For Life) 9-7

13. #DetroitBasketball 8-7

14. #GreenTeam (Celts) 8-7

15. #newKnicksTape 8-8

16. #SaltPalaceJazz 7-7

17. #WizKidsDC 6-6

18. #PHXhoops 7-8

19. #newClipJoint 7-8

20. #MouseTownMagic 7-8

21. #10KLakesHoops 7-8

22. #FearTheDeer 6-9

23. #MileHighNugs 6-9

24. #RipCityBlazers 6-10

25. #ForeverPurple 6-10

26. #ClutchCity 5-10

27. #StateBirdOfLouisanaHoops 4-11

28. #BKNets 3-12

29. #LakerGang 2-12

30. #SeventySixers 0-16 

#KnicksTape @KPorzee
29 pts 11 rebs 

November 17th, 2K15

Anyone laughing at that pick now? 

360 Degrees...

Dubs at 16-0...

Spurs quietly 12-3 following Kawhi Leonard...

Clippers the most disappointing at 7-8... 

Hornets 9-6 a pleasant surprise as are the Heat 9-5

Knicks at 8-8 not bad as the "Zinger" dba Kristaps Porzingis is World's Most Famous Arena's new Flavor... 

Sixers in the Dungeon at 16-0...

Laker Gang at a miserable but somewhat expected 2-12...

Rockets already fired lead man McHale and like the Clips disappointing as that Dwight Howard Experiment means what now...yeah right!   


EAGLES 14 LIONS 45 F..."MEGAtron" goes MEGA TDs as "Restore the Roar" has officially restored order in the "W" Column as CHIP KELLY blew up #FlyEaglesFly in the Offseason and now its his turn?.."A QB Driven League" Turkey Day 2K15 Game #1 goes Game Set Match to Detroit Football and Team Caldwell as they are on a three-game "W" streak! #PHIvsDET #FlyEaglesFly #RestoreTheRoar #AQBDrivenLeague

The Philadelphia Eagles have turned for the worse and if its not the Titanic they have to stranded on an Island in the middle of nowhere with no rations! The Eagles drop to 4-7 as the Detroit Lions might not lose again in 2K15 which would put them squarely back into the Wild Card Race as they move to 3-7.
Who would have predicted a 45-14 Lions thumping of the Eagles as 90% of Philly Sports Fans have at least turned to the Broad Street Bullies 2K15 dba "Phly Guys" of Philadelphia Flyers Ice Games.

The Eagles scored early in the 2nd frame to tie the game at 7-7 and the Lions never looked back as they went on a 38-7 run including a 24-7 halftime lead for a 45-14 blowout. Lions QB Matthew Stafford had a day turning back the clock as it was "Staff" to "Megatron" which in Georgia College Football that is #DawgSaturday to #RamblinWreck and Dawgs and Jackets keep that clean as Bluedude Sportstalk is a Family Show and lets not talk rivalry as its Thanksgiving Day 2k15!

"Staff" was 27 for 38 for 337 yards 5 TD as "Megatron" hauled in 8 of that 27 for 93 yards and three scores. Lions RB Amir Abdullah went for 63 yards on 16 carries as the Eagles "D" had no answer all game long. What would be the use of firing the Eagles D-Coordinator when they should get rid of the whole staff...really!

As for the Eagles dba #DieEaglesDie under Kelly QB Mark Sanchez was 19 for 27 for 199 yards and 2 TD and no INTs. He was sacked by Ziggy Ansah 3.5 times and who needs Ndamukong Suh or Nick Fairley on that Lions D-Line.

Lions have a chance at 3-7 and the Eagles do as well falling to 4-7 as its been an average season in the "Shield" for 2k15...        

BEARS @ PACKERS as we go NFC North Rivalry and TURKEY Day 2K15 in LAMBEAU in "A QB Driven league"!...JAY "90210" CUTLER and #BelieveInMonsters gets A-ROG and Wisconsin CHEESE & BRATS & Football prime time as the "PACK" hopes to move up in the "Fight 4 George" Rankings! #CHIvsGB #MonstersOfTheMidway #CheeseHeads #NFCNorthBoogieDown #TNF #AQBDrivenLeague

The 2K15 Chicago Bears were on a two-game winning streak heading into last weeks game vs the New Orange Crush with B-Team QB Brock Osweiler and the Bears blew it like only they know how. Now instead of drama and suspense heading into what would have been a Marquee Tilt vs the Packers we might get a blowout.

The Packers were on a three-game skid and them avoiding a four-game skid heading into this takes a little bit of intrigue out of Bears/Packers going prime time Thursday Night. Aaron Rodgers will go up against Jay "90210" Cutler as Rodgers has dominated this match up. Can the Bears "D slow down a "Pack" Offense who looks entirely different with Eddie "I look like a Nose Tackle with RB Speed" Lacy making haste in the A-Gap?

(4-6, 3rd NFC North)
(7-3, 1st NFC North)

"A QB Driven League" going Thursday Night Football 
Turkey Day 2K15
Thursday November 26, 2K15 @ 8:30pm ET
Lambeau Field 
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Key Players #CHIvsGB 


QB Jay
RB J. Langford
TE M. Bennett
OLB P. McPhee
LB C. Jones
CB K. Fuller
SS A. Rolle


QB A-Rog
RBs Lacy/Starks
WR J. Jones
WR R. Cobb
NT B.J. Raji
LB C. Matthews
LB J. Peppers
CB S. Shields
FS Ha Ha 
SS M. Burnett

NFL Week 1

5 Things to Watch #BearsvsPackers

Can the Bears "D" get to A-Rog in the Pocket for Hurries or Red Jersey Collections? 

Packers "D" can they force Cutler into some INTs? 

Eddie Lacy...Bears must stop him and get "Hats" plural on him at the line of scrimmage...

Kicking Game...who wins? 

the "Elements" might play a huge part as we talk "Field Position" is the key...      


PANTHERS @ COWBOYS as "A QB Driven League" goes CAM vs ROMO on Turkey Day 2K15!...Can JERRY's GANG give "RIVERBOAT" Ron and the #BackInBlack PANTHERS their 1st "L" of 2K15? #CARvsDAL #PanthersPrie #CowboysNation #TurkeyDayTraditionInBigD #"Fight4George

This will be really interesting as the Dallas Cowboys at 3-7 have no margin for error or another "L" as they try and get back into the NFC East and it won't take much. As for the Squad coming out of the Visiting Locker Room they are all business and playing at an all-time high level above the O-Zone Layer and dba Carolina Panthers 2K15. Can the 'Boys give them their 1st "L" of 2K15 as "Riverboat" Ron's Group tries to host the "Fight 4 George" 2K15 and that would be the NFC Championship Game?

(10-0, 1st NFC/NFC South)
(3-7, 4th NFC East)

"A QB Driven League" going Turkey Day Game #2
Thursday November 26, 2k15 @ 4:30pm ET
Jerry's House dba AT&T Stadium
Arlington, Texas

Key Players #CARvsDAL 


QB Cam 
RB J-Stew
TE Olsen
C R. Kalil
LB L. Kuechly
LB T. Davis
CB J Norman
SS R. Harper


QB Romo
WR Dez
TE Witten
C Frederick
LT T. Smith
LDE G. Hardy
LB S. Lee
SS B. Church

2013-15 Highlights

5 Key Things to watch #PanthersvsCowboys

Greg Hardy will be motivated facing his old mates...

Cam vs Romo could go 5 Wilson Pigskins out of 5 Wilson Pigskins...

Cowboys "O" vs Panthers "D" will decide this one...

Olsen vs Witten talking two of the best TEs in the "Shield" watch them...

Making "Plays" don't tell me how many...but when did you make the "Plays"...  

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

16-0...#Dubs #DubNation #ItsADubsWorld #PlanetOracle #StrengthInNumbers #LosSplashHermanos #WeRideInDubs #PlanetOracle #BARTProHoops #SplashBrothers #GSW #Dubs247365 #Champs need I say anymore?


"What CHIP and Parade Route was a fluke" as it's all about the defending World Champions in the "Logo" and absolutely nothing else! 

2K15-16 Golden State Warriors
"Logo" Record 16-0 Start


#Dubs 114.3 ppg Opponents 98.7 ppg Point Differential 15.6 ppg

Money Balls 12.4 3PM Made 30.3 3PA 41% 3PT FG

48.7% FG

Star Player Chef Curry of Davidson

Leader Draymond G. of "Izzone" 

Star Two-Pack "Los Splash Hermanos"

Home Arena "Planet Oracle" dba #StrengthInNumbers

Lead Man (Does it matter) Coach Kerr/Coach Walton and Staff

Air Jordan, "There is no "I" in Team...but there is an "I" in Win"!
That "I" for #Dubs is Chef Curry!   

#Dubs vs #newClipJoint
November 19, 2K15

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

BULLS 93 BLAZERS 88 F..."SEE RED" survives RIP City and BLAZER Mania as they hit the Winner's Circle after four days off!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS get a much-needed "W" on Circus Trip 2K15!

The Chicago Bulls move to a cool and calm 9-4 as they hold on late versus a feisty Damian Lillard led Portland Trailblazers Bunch running on youth and enthusiasm and two lead guards. Chicago was up 48-39 at the break and just could shake the Blazers in the 2nd half.

Give Rip City credit they were also down by 8 after the 3rd 71-63 but rallied in the 4th. Portland tied the game up at 80-80 with just over 4 minutes to go. The Bulls rallied to lead late led by Jimmy Butler (22 pts 8-8 FT), Pau Gasol (12 pts 14 rebs), Nikola Mirotic (13 pts 8 rebs) and Derrick Rose adding 17 points with six helpers.

It was Joakim Noah's block on a potential-tying Money Ball from Blazers guard C.J. McCollum with just under two seconds remaining that preserved the Bulls win 93-88. Lillard led the Blazers Attack with 19 points and ten boards as he dropped eight dimes. It was the Bulls 16 for 19 from the stripe that put them in the Winner's Circle and some defensive "Stops" and imagine that without Coach Thibs!

"See Red" moves to 9-4 while the Blazers fall to 6-10...    

PACERS 123 WIZARDS 106 F...So BEAL and WALL-Star are the Best Backcourt in the "LOGO" and who you fooling and this post is Rated PG-13 with a Family Size Side of CJ MILES!..."LOGO WATCH" with someone getting caught eating TURKEY and DRESSING before Turkey Day and playing no Perimeter Defense! #INDvsWSH #PacerNation #WizKidsDC #LogoWatch

Paul George doesn't care and why should he as he laces up the same dance shoes as everyone else in the "Logo" but what separates him from others he is a two-way dynamo. That would be Indiana Pacers Paul George dba PG-13 after hitting the Phone Booth last season as he delivers a 40-piece in the Verizon Center to the Wiz Kids D.C. and they had no answer for PG-13.

To make matters worse the Wizards also had no answer for C.J. Miles yes that C.J. Mile straight outta Dallas, TX Skyline H.S. (Same HS as "Grand Ma Ma" Larry Johnson came from)  via the Utah Jazz Pick back in the day as he delivers a 32-piece to the Wiz Kids D.C..

Now looking real close at the damage PG-13 and Mile did on this night they combined to shoot 15 for 17 from the arc. Yes All-Star Saturday Night 2K16 in Toronto got started early as the Spalding Money Ball Racks were out in full force and both PG-13 and Miles were evidently looking for Chef Curry on this night!

Pacers run away with a 123-106 "W" as John Wall had 18 points and Bradley Beal had 20 points and then what? The real Sniper on the Wiz Kids Gary Neal delivered 23 points off the bench but it was too late. Indy runs to 9-5 and the Wiz Kids D.C. falls to 6-5 and watch those Pacers turning back into "Gold Swagger" Rated PG-13...          

THUNDER 111 JAZZ 89 F...@kdTREY5 returns at the New SALT PALACE as the THUNDER drills the JAZZ!..."REGULATORS Report OKC" as Salt Lake City's Finest could not have stopped KD on this night!..."REGULATORS" mount up! #OKCvsUTA #ThunderUp #JazzNation #LogoWatch #RegulatorsReportOKC

On the night Kevin Durant returned back to action nursing a sore Hamstring the Thunders gets back into the win column. Behind a cool 27 points in just over 30 minutes of playing time OKC runs right past the Utah Jazz 111-89 and it wasn't that close.

After OKC went up 23-20 after one they put it in overdrive and took a 63-46 lead into intermission. KD had 17 and Russell Westbrook had a dozen at the break as the Jazz had nothing for the dynamic duo all game long.

That 17-point lead at the break went to a twenty point lead 88-68 at the end of three as OKC rolled to a 11-89 "W"! Westbrook just missed another triple-double adding nine assists and seven boards to his 20 points.  OKC moves to 9-6 as the Jazz falls to 6-7.

Utah in 2nd place in the Northwest was led by Gordon Hayward's 19 points and Derrick Favors 11 points and seven boards.... 

NFL Power Rankings Week 12 in "A QB Driven League" as the PANTHERS and PATRIOTS remain unbeaten!...#REDFriday makes a move in the "Fight 4 Lamar"!...WISCONSIN Cheese Brats & Football restores order in the NFC North!...#FireTheCannons as Team JAMEIS has Arrows pointing up!...and both the AFC South and NFC East is up for grabs going to a Photo Finish in Week 17! #NFLPowerRankingsWk12 #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamondChronicles

As we head into Turkey Day Football 2K15 with these six teams playing on Turkey Day 2K15 in the Bears, Eagles, Lions, Cowboys, Panthers, and Packers the "Shield" Wild Card Slots and Divisional Races for the most part are undecided.

The Patriots and Panthers have both the AFC East and NFC South locked up but all other divisional races are and Wild Card Slots are wide open. The questions remain if both Carolina and New England can go undefeated. Then there is the Cowboys trying to rebound from 2-7 and it helps they reside in the NFC East.

The Texans are making waves in the AFC South and they are alive and well as is the Buccaneers in the NFC South. The AFC North is led by the Bengals as Pittsburgh is just two games back of Cincy. The Chiefs are right in the mix and if the "Fight 4 Lamar" started today as we go to press they would be wild card #2.

NFL Week 12 Power Rankings are here and let all the scenarios play out...

"A QB Driven League
NFL Power Rankings Week 12
November 24, 2K15

Note: NFL Week 11 Rankings in parenthesis

1. #PatsTalk (1) 10-0

2. #PanthersPride (2) 10-0

3. #BirdGang (4) 8-2

4. #UnitedInOrange (8) 8-2

5. #StillerGang (7) 6-4

6. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (10) 7-3

7. #WhoDey (5) 8-2

8. #SKOLVikings (3) 7-3

9. #RiseUpFalcons (6) 6-4

10. #ColtsNation (12) 5-5

11. #RedFriday (13) 5-5

12. #BullsOnParade (14) 5-5

13. #NYFootballGiants (17) 5-5

14. #12s (20) 5-5

15. #ItsABucsLife (19) 5-5

16. #BillsMafia (9) 5-5

17. #GangGreen (11) 5-5

18. #KHANstructionJags (25) 4-6

19. #BelieveInMonsters (15) 4-6

20. #HTTR (16) 4-6

21. #AquaBoyz305 (18) 4-6

22. #RestoreTheRoar (26) 3-7

23. #CowboysNation (29) 3-7

24. #STLRams (21) 4-6

25. #RaiderNation (22) 4-6

26. #FlyEaglesFly (23) 4-6

27. #NOLAGumboSaints (24) 4-6

28. #PurpleBrowns (30) 3-7

29. #NinersEmpire (27) 3-7

30. #MusicCityTitans (28) 2-8

31. #DawgPound (32) 2-8

32. #BoltsDown (31) 2-8

360 Degrees...

The most disappointing team in 2K15 the San Diego Chargers at 2-8...

Can the Detroit Lions run off four more W's to get to 7-7?

The Eagles and Rams have not met "Expectations" for 2K15 and can both Chip Kelly and Jeff Fisher survive a 2K15 filled with issues?

Has Cincy hit the Phone Booth again and become the "Bungles" only time will tell?

How many folks picked the Purple Browns dba Baltimore Ravens to get to the Big Bowl 50 let me see a show of hands?

Will the N.Y. Football Giants step up and run away with the NFC East?

Chiefs and Colts playing better than anyone not names Pats and Panthers in the last two weeks...

What has happened to the Rise Up Falcons in 2K15 and QB Matty Ice Ryan who is starting to look like a Poor Man's Steve Bartkowski?

Has anyone seen RG3...anyone anyone anyone?

Steelers @ Seahawks leads the NFL Week 12 Marquee Match Ups along with Panthers @ Cowboys (Turkey Day Gm #2) and Pats @ Broncos...

Monday, November 23, 2015

BILLS 13 PATRIOTS 20 F...PATS survive an all out attack on BRADY as the BILLS Mafia just didn't make enough "PLAYS" when they counted!..."A QB Driven League" Monday Night Football Week 11 as REX RYAN Pats Demons are still alive and well! #BUFvsNE #BillsMafia #PatsTalk #AFCEadstHappenings2K15 #AQBDrivenLeague #MNF

Where do you go from here if your the 2K15 Buffalo Bills as the New England Patriots again hold serve after a 20-13 "W"? Buffalo has its chances as that Bills "D hit and hit again as they turned over Tom Brady and the Patriots Offense enough to create hope in Buffalo.

If you would have told me that Bills QB Tyrod Taylor would throw for 233 yards on 20 for 36 and RB "Shady" McCoy would run for 82 yards on 20 carries I would have told you the Bills might win. Throw in Pats QB Tom Brady throws for 277 yards on 20 for 39 and a TD with an INT with WR Danny Amendola catching 9 Wilson pigskins for 117 yards I would have said the Pats might have lost. Then add Rob Gronkowski for 27 yards and two grabs...uh-oh!

It simply came down to making plays and making them plays at the right time as New England did that and they walk away with a hard fought 20-13 "W"! Buffalo falls to 5-5 and the Pats move to 10-0. What that means is New England controls the AFC an the "Fight 4 Lamar" where as the Bills are fighting for an AFC Wild Card...that simple!  

As for Bills Mafia lead man Rex Ryan exercising those Pats Demons he will have to wait until at least Playoff Time and if not there in 2K16...


BILLS @ PATRIOTS as "A QB Driven League" goes MONDAY Night Football for NFL Week 11!...PATS trying to move to 10-0 as they will be without WR/KR/PR EDELMAN!...BILLS trying to become "Road Warriors" and hit the Phone Booth and become BILLS MAFIA as Lead Man REX is all consumed with Boston Clam Chowder Football's hold on the AFC East dba PATRIOTS Invitational 2k15! #BUFvsNE #BillsMafia #PatsNation #AFCEast #AQBDrivenLeague #MNF #Fight4Lamar

The Buffalo Bills can make a huge leap in the Standings and from a confidence standpoint if they can go in and beat the rival New England Patriots in NFL Week 11 Monday Night Football. Bills Mafia lead man Rex Ryan has always been consumed with Boston Clam Chowder Football but has really never go over the hump on Bill Belichek and the Pats.

Meanwhile the Pats will be without Star WR Julian Edelman as he is out for a few weeks with that broken wheel. The Pats also will miss Gadget RB Dion Lewis who is out for 2K15 with that Torn ACL. It will be about the Pats "D" moving forward as well as Tom Brady and the Offense with a few moving parts. Remember TE "Gronk" is 100% healthy and still starring in "Unstoppable 87" with Denzel and the Bills Mafia must put a hit out on him meaning slowing him down or even trying to contain him!

(5-4, 2nd AFC East)
(9-0, 1st AFC East)

Monday Night Football Week 11 going "A QB Driven League" 
Monday November 23, 2K15 @ 8:30pm ET on ESPN
Big Straight Razor dba Gillette Stadium 

Key Players #BUFvsNE 


QB Tyrod Taylor
RBs Shady/Karlos Williams
WR S. Watkins
DT Marcel Dareus
DE Super Mario Williams
Bills Secondary 


QB Brady
TE Gronk
Pats O-Line
RDE C. Jones
LB Ninkovich/Collins
LCB Malcolm Butler  
S P. Chung

5 Things to look for #BillsvsPatriots

Pats Offense with a few moving parts vs Bills Defense...

Bills WR Sammy Watkins vs Pats RCB Malcolm Butler...

Kicking Game...

Rex vs Bills moving from Candy Land to Chess talking X's and O's...

Bills out of the Motel will they be "Live" or "Memorex"! 

Added Bonus...Bills LB/CB/S vs "Gronk     

NFL Week 11 "AFTERMATH" in "A QB Driven League"...RISE UP free falling...COWBOYS on the Board after seven straight losses...CAM and the PANTHERS still dancing at 10-0...Chip Kelly and #FlyEaglesFly are in trouble...JAMEIS goes for 5 TD Passes...FLACCO done for 2K15...BOLTS get clobbered on L.T. Day of all days to get clobbered...and more! #NFLWk11Aftermath #AQBDrivenLeague

Welcome to the NFL Week 11 "Aftermath" in "A QB Driven League" as we rundown all the particulars in NFL Week 1 Action talking Sunday November 22, 2k15...

#Colts 24 @ #RiseUp 21

The Falcons are in real trouble as the NFC South is all Carolina and the Falcons are all of a sudden playing for an NFC Wildcard. Meanwhile the Colts 40-year old QB Matt Hasselbeck is playing like he has a Seattle Seahawks Jersey on as Indy and the Texans and even the Jags duke it out for the AFC South...

#STLRams 13 @ #PurpleBrowns 16 

Rams Lead Man Jeff Fisher might be in trouble as GM Les Snead might be on the fence as well. The Ravens win with a last minute FG but lose QB Joe Flacco (Torn ACL/MCL) and RB Justin Forsett (Broken Forearm) for the remainder of the 2K15 season...

#HTTR 16 @ #PanthersPride 44

I have told you before get the 'Skins away from D.C. and they are atrocious. The Panthers keep rolling and if Cam and that Offense can get some consistency...they will be headed to Santa Clara, California in February 2K16 for the Big Bowl!

#OrangeCrush 17 @ #BelieveInMonsters 15

The Broncos did what they had to do with @BOsweiler17 at QB. The Bears falling to 4-6 could have made that "Date Night" on Turkey Day in Green Bay a little bit more interesting if they would have beat the Broncos.      

#RaiderNation 13 @ #RestoreTheRoar 18

Can the Lions save Jim Caldwell's Job and the answer to that is no! Now can they make a run at an NFC Wildcard Slot and play "Spoiler" the rest of the way you bet! As for the Silver and Black....what happened?

#GangGreen 17 @ #BullsOnParade 24

The Jets are falling slowly but surely as the Texans and that Romeo Crennel "D" is all of a sudden playing a "Area 99" JJ Watt like level winning games. That AFC South Race is far from being over! Jets QB Mark Sanchez needs to give up his Sunday Suit!

#Cowboys 24 @ #AquaBoyz305 14 

Romo did it and yes he made a huge difference but can the 'Boys reel off at least the next 4 in the win column to get to 7-7? The 'Phins are up and down as they will be looking for a new Lead Man here soon.

#FireTheCannons 45 @ #FlyEaglesFly 17

Bucs QB Jameis Winston + "Muscle Hamster" = down goes Chip Kelly and the Birds of Philly! What if the Eagles get rid of Kelly as their lead man after he traded away all those good players what happens then? Tampa is in the hunt for an NFC Wildcard riding their Rookie QB who has some serious game!

#RedFriday 33 #BoltsDown 3

Chiefs all over the Chargers on former Bolts STar RB LaDanian Tomlinson Day how could you San Diego Football? Bolts lead man Mike McCoy seat is headed toward infrared! Chiefs lurking in the AFC West and AFC Wildcard....

#WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football 30 @ #SKOLVikings 13

So much for the Packers dropping their 4th "L" in a row as they are tied with the Vikes in the NFC NOrth with the Bears next up on Turkey Day Night! The Vikes get a reality check but they are still a really good team...moving forward!

#NinersEmpire 13 @ #12thManSpaceNeedle206 29

The Niners have been dunzo and the Seahawks at just 5-5 gets the Black and Yellow in Week 12 in the 206 as both need W's to stay in the Playoff Races...


Sunday, November 22, 2015

BENGALS 31 CARDINALS 34 F...#BirdGang > #WhoDey as QB CARSON PALMER survives against his old mates as the STRAWBERRY Rifle Andy Dalton and Company goes down for the 2nd straight week!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 11 Sunday Night Football as Air ARIANS moves to 8-2 running the NFC West! #CINvsARI #Bengals #BirdGang #AQBDrivenLeague #AFCSouth #NFCWest #SNF

The Cincinnati Bengals falling to 8-2 might have needed this one more than the now 8-2 Arizona Cardinals as the plot thickens in the "Shield"! It was Cards QB Carson Palmer (20/31 317 yds 4 TDs 2 INTs) out dueling Bengals QB Andy Dalton (22/39 315 yds 2 TDs) as 'Zona moves to 8-2 controlling the NFC West.

It came down to a Chandler Catanzaro game-winning 32-yard FG for the "W" as QB Palmer led the Cards down hitting WR Larry Fitzgerald on back to back plays to get then in position. The game is simple and just came down to "Plays" as who was going to make more plays than the other team and #BirdGang prevails!

Now the Cards are up 2.5 game son the 2nd place Seahawks in the NFC West. The Bengals stay up on the Steelers but by just two games at 8-2 with Pittsburgh at 6-4...

Bengals WR AJ Green caught 4 passes for 79 yards on Cards #1 Island Patrick Peterson...

Cards Rook WR JJ Nelson grabbed 4 Wilson pigskins for 142 yards and TD... 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

BULLS 94 WARRIORS 106 F...BUTLER goes for a game-high 28 points but it was DUBS doing what DUBS does down the stretch to move to 14-0!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS had the "CHAMPS" near the Ropes but could not get the Knockout Punch! #CHIvsGSW #BullsNation #Dubs24-7-365 #SeeRed #StrengthInNumbers #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls were the last team to beat the Warriors on Planet Oracle and without PG Derrick Rose the Bulls had a tall order on Friday Night to repeat the feat! The Warriors trying to make history on Sunday versus the Denver Nuggets needed to get by the then 8-3 Bulls and move to 14-0. After the smoke cleared it was Dubs one win away from hitting the NBA History Books and the Bulls falling to 8-4.

It was 50-47 at the break as the Bulls for the most part has their house and game plan in order. Then after three it was 77-73 "Dubs" as the Bulls Jimmy Butler had 23 at the end of three with the Warriors being led by Steph Curry's 18.

It came down to making plays and turning turnovers into buckets and all that noise at least down the stretch went to Golden State. Chicago had the game tied at 89-89 right under the 6 minute mark and G.S.W. closed on a 17-5 run capped off by back to back Harrison Barnes money balls pushing a 96-92 lead to a 102-92 lead with 41 seconds remaining.

Curry who had a team-high 27 points capped off the "W" with four straight free throws as G.S.W. would win going away by the score 106-94 as that score was no indication and how close the game really was.  Joining Curry was Barnes (20 pts 9 rebs) and Klay Thomspon's 15.

Joining the Bulls Jimmy Butler's game-high 28 was double-doubles by both Niko Mirotic (18 pots 10 rebs) and Pau Gasol (14 pts 10- rebs) with Captain Kirk Hinrich adding 17 starting at the PG slot for D-Rose. Chicago will get Rip City in the 503 on Tuesday Night as "Dubs" will be on ESPN Sunday Night going for 15-0...


Friday, November 20, 2015

BULLS @ WARRIORS as the "WEST SIDE Story Report" goes "LOGO WATCH" on NBA on ESPN Game #2!..."SEE RED" will be without D-ROSE (Ankle) as they get the 13-0 Champs coming off last nights hit thriller "ESCAPE from Staples Blue & Red"! #CHIvsGSW #BullsNation #SeeRed #Dubs24-7-365 #StrengthInNumbers #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch

The Chicago Bulls on a three-game winning streak on their own and at a pleasant 8-3 hits Planet Oracle near the Black Hole near the B.A.R.T.! That is the stage tonight where they will meet the defending World Champion Golden State Warriors playing at an even better level this season at 13-0.

The Bulls last played in the "Valley of the Sun" beating the PHX Hoops 103-97 as the "See Red" Butler did it with 32 points talking Bulls All-Star 2G Jimmy Butler. Dubs comes off the impossible coming back from 23 points to beat a Clips Team in Staples as Chef Curry dropped 40 like its the new 20. This is game #2 of the NBA on ESPN Two-Pack Tonight as the West Side Story Report will be without D-Rose out with an Ankle...or is it Curry on the Migraine...Lol!

(8-3, 2nd NBA Central)
(13-0, 1st Pacific Division)

T.G.I.F. November 20, 2K15 at 10:30pm ET
NBA on ESPN Gm #2
Planet Oracle near the Black Hole

Projected Starters #CHIvsGSW


PG Captain Kirk
2G "See Red" Butler
SF T. Snell
PF Niiiiiikoooooooola 
C the "Spaniard" Gasol 


PG Chef Curry
2G Klaymetheus
SF Harrison
PF @Money23Green
C Andrew from "Down Under"  

5 Things to watch #BullsvsWarriors 

How do the Bulls slow down Chef Curry?

Butler vs Klay....

Bulls Bench Mob vs Planet Oracle Extras

Transition "D" vs Spalding Money Ball

Turnovers...Points Off Turnovers  

Nats BRYCE HARPER the National League M.V.P. 2K15!..." MONSTERS at the DISH" as NAT-itude Star RF "BAM 34" dba Bryce Harper wins the NL M.V.P. for 2K15 and take that NATS Haters! @Bharper3407 #Bam34 #NATS #NATitude #NLMVP2K15 #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Washington Nationals didn't meet any "Expectations" in 2K15 and it cost Skipper Matt Williams his lead man gig. The one constant for the 2k15 Nats that no one could stop from not only meeting "expectations" but exceeding them was Nats RF Bryce Harper from the 702 dba "Bam 34"!

"Bam 34" lit up the Show in 2K15 with his circus act "At the Dish" as he started hot and remained hot throughout the 162. Not only did he win the NL M.V.P. but he missed a batting title getting edged out by Little Havana Hardball dba Miami Marlins Dee Gordon on the last game of 162.

Checking out Bryce Harper's 2K15 NL M.V.P. Season:

@BHarper3407 dba "Bam 34

153 Gms .330 avg 42 HR 99 RBI 118 runs 38 2B
 .649 Slg Pct 1.109 OPS 9.9 WAR

Note: that WAR Score is the 3rd highest ever behind Mike Trout and the late great Ted Williams

2K15 NL M.V.P. Voting Top 6

Note: In parenthesis is 1st Place Votes

1. "Bam 34" #NATitude (30)
2. Agent Goldschmidt #DBacks 
3. J. Votto #RedLegs 
4. A. Rizzo #MaddonBall
5.  "Cutch 22" #BUCN
6. J. Arrieta #MaddonBall

Jake Arrieta gets 6th in the voting as he garnered 5 second place votes as "Bam 34" received all 30 1st place votes...


WARRIORS 124 CLIPPERS 117 F...Who needs ALVAREZ vs COTTO when you have the "Champs" hitting LOB City in the "MUG" with everyone in the SPIKE LEE Seats but Spike!..."LOGO WATCH" as Pacific Division Night turns quickly into Team Planet ORACLE dba DUBS 24-7-365 with Chef Curry dropping 40! #GSWvsLAC #DubNation #ClipperNation #LogoWatch #PacificDivisionNights

The Los Angeles Clippers had everything going for them on this night as the crowd was in L.A. to see the Canelo Alvarez and Miguel Cotto Fight going on in Sin City on Saturday Night but  why not stop in at the Figueroa Street Gymnasium L.A. and checkout the Champs vs the Clips!

The L.A. Clippers went into Tease Mode as they gave Clipper Nation a ride through three frames and then it happened. The Warriors led by All-Star Stephen Curry's game-high 40 points went into June 2K15 Mode and took Victory away from the Clips in Dubs Fashion.

With the scorer 112-102 Clips after the "Truth" in Inglewood and Clippers Paul Pierce hit a Money ball the Clips were in the drivers seat. Somewhere along the way the Clips forgot who they were playing against as "Dubs" closes out a 124-117 "W" on a 22-5 run highlighted by the Warriors top 5 Players in Curry, Draymond Green (19 pts 9 asst 6 rebs), Klay Thompson (25 pts), Iggy dba Andre Iguodala (8 pts 7 asst 4 rebs), and Harrison Barnes (21 pts 7 rebs). The Clips knew it was the "Champs" they were closing and left the front and back door wide-open.

L.A.C. was led by CP3 (35 pts 8 asst) and Blake Griffin (27 pts 6 rebs 5 asst) but it wasn't enough. I know it was game #13 for G.S.W. moving to 13-0 and the Clips game #11 but that was a tell tale sign for the Clips as there is plenty of work to do as they just do not match up well with the rival all!

Dubs moves to 13-0 as the Clips fall to 6-5 with Golden State getting the "West Side Story Report" on Friday November 20th at Planet Oracle in a back to back Motel/Home Swing...           

Thursday, November 19, 2015

TITANS 13 JAGUARS 19 F...The KHANstruction JAGS topped with MUSTARD & Bortles sneaks by the TITANS & Mariota in Music City BABY Blue!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 11 #TNF and here comes Gus Bradley's JAGS in the AFC South! #TENvsJAX #TitansPride #JagsNation #AQBDrivenLeague #AFCSouthHappenings2K15

Don't look now but the 2K15 Jacksonville Jaguars led by Gus Bradley and 2nd-year QB Blake Bortles are all of a sudden looking the part.  The Jags overcame a 13-9 deficit to hang a 10-spot up on the Music City Titans to get an all important 19-13 "W" over the Titans to sit at 4-6 in the AFC South.

It was Jags QB Blake Bortles (21-30 242 yds TD INT) barley overshadowing the Titans Marcus Mariota (22/35 231 yds ) as the "Future is Now" in the AFC South talking QBs and the Texans better join that group with someone soon or they will be left out as the Colts have Andrew Luck.

The Jags rode WR Allen Robinson ( 5 rec 113 yds) as TE Julius Thomas had a key TD late. The Titans TE Delanie Walker ( 8 rec 109 yds) was Mariota's #1 on this night as the Titans ran the Wilson pigskin for 104 net yards to the Jags 90 yards.

Jacksonville with the win moves to 4-6 with the Titans fall to 2-8...    

WARRIORS @ CLIPPERS as "LOGO WATCH" goes NBA on TNT Game #2 and Pacific Division Nights!...Chef CURRY and DUBS 24-7-365 trying to give the CLIPS a CURRY Stew while CP3 & the BLAKE Show & DeANDRE the Lob City Giant tries to protect the FIGUEROA Street L.A. Gymnasium going L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up dba Staples Blue and Red...and did you get all of that? #GSWvsLAC #DubNation #ClipperGang #PacificDivisionElite2K15 #NBAonTNT #LogoWatch

We already know there is going to be at some point double Technical Fouls assessed and a few "Scrums" as its the Champs rolling into the Figueroa Street L.A. Gymnasium dba Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up to do battle with the new Clip Joint!

The Warriors with no Steve Kerr on the bench yet and fellow Arizona Wildcat Alum and Bloodline Luke Walton leading the Warriors out to a 12-0 W-L in the 2K15-16 season. Who needs Kerr with Walton starting his NBA Head Coaching Career

The Clippers arrive at 6-4 as that Starting Line-Up and the Bench dba "A Tribe called Clippers Bench" still has moving parts will at some point figure it out as the 82-Game Trek is a marathon not a sprint! Now we get Dubs and the Clips going Pacific Division Nights for all to see as we go Game #2 on NBA on TNT you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose NBA Head!

(12-0, 1st Pacific Divison)
(6-4, 2nd Pacific Division)

"Logo Watch" going Pacific Division Nights 
NBA on TNT Game #2
Thursday November 19, 2015 @ 10:30pm ET
Figueroa Street L.A. Gymnasium 
Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up 

Projected Starters


PG Chef Curry
SG KLAYmetheus
SF Harrison
PF Draymond
C Bogut the Aussie


SF the "Truth" P2
PF the Blake Show
C DeAndre the Lob City Giant

Chef Curry going for 31 pts vs CLIPS on November 4th  

5 Things to watch in #WarriorsvsClippers

Can LAC slow down Chef Curry and stop the Curry Stew from boiling over at Staples? 

Draymond vs Blake is PPV and for the over 40 NBA Heads Closed-Circuit T.V...forgot about that one didn't you? 

Transition "D" vs Transition "O"...who wins as Ball Level "D" is crucial in a game like this?

Planet Oracle Extras vs "A Tribe called Clippers Bench" who wins?

Last but not least the Spalding Money Ball Racks will we close out with April-June Defense and trade 3's for 2's or will it turn into NBA All-Star Saturday Night from 23'9"...this is where the game will be won? 


ARRIETA wins the 2K15 NL Cy Young!..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" + " WORD Around the WARNING Track" = @JArrieta34 gets the CY YOUNG Award on the Senior Circuit by a landslide! @JArrieta34 #JakeTheSnake34 #NorthSiders #MaddonBall #LetsGo #AddisonClarkHardball773

It was more of a formality than anything else as the Chicago Cubs and Jake Arrieta knew who was going to win the 2K15 NL Cy Young and that is not taking shots at the other nominees.  @JArrieta34 Dominance in 2K15 and his 2nd half dominance also took place in Major League Baseball History with an ERA well under 1.00 in the 2nd half.

Jake has like most would say since his O's Days figured things put and in Cubbies Duds has been for the most part above and beyond the call of duty and talking 2K15 nothing but sensational. He defied the odds and beat out the Dodgers Two-Pack dba the "Chavez Ravine Bump" in Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke as the "Greinkster" will be heavily courted one would think by the North Siders talking Greinke and David Price.

Taking a look at Jake Arrieta's 2K15 Campaign which was simply "Yummo"! 

@JArrieta34 2K15 Digits

33 Gms 33 Gms Started 
22-6 W-L 1.77 ERA .185 BAA 0.86 WHIP
4 CG 3 SHO 
229 IP 150 H 52 R 45 ER 10 HR 236 SO 48 BB

The 2K15 NL Cy Young Voting 

Note: In Parenthesis 1st Place Votes

Winner: Jake Arrieta #MaddonBall (17)

2. Z. Greinke #DodgerBlue (10)
3. C. Kershaw #DodgerBlue (3)
4. G. Cole #BUCN
5. Mad Max Scherzer #NATitude 
6. MADbum #Gigantes    

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cubs "MADDON Ball" grabs SKIPPER of the Year on the Senior Circuit for 2K15!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" as the JOE MADDON is NL Manager of the Year as the NORTH SIDERS had some kind of 2k15! @CubsJoeMadd #MaddonBall #NorthSidersHardball #NLSkipperOfTheYear2K15

The Chicago Cubs Skipper Joe Maddon edges out both Mike Matheny (Redbirds) and Terry Collins (Amazins) for the 2k15 NL Manager of the Year as the Cubbies made some kind of run in 2k15. Maddon also becomes the 7th Skipper to win the award on both circuits talking AL and NL.

Maddon led the Cubbies to a 3rd place finish (97-65) in the best division in Hardball the NL Central behind the Buccos and Redbirds. The North Siders then took out the Buccos in that one-game playoff and then the Redbirds only to get swept by the blue-hot New York Mets in the NLCS 2k15. As far as the balloting went in the Race for 2K15 Skipper of the Year:

Senior Circuit "SKIPPER of the Year" 2K15

Note: In parenthesis 1st Place Votes

1.   @CubsJoeMadd (18) 124 pts 

2. Matheny #Redbirds (9) 87 pts 

3. Collins #Amazins (3) 49 pts

Cubs were +24 from the year before and that was #1 in the "Bigs"...

What will "Maddon Ball" do foe an Encore in 2K16 with "Expectations through the Roof on the North Side?

MALIK MONK chooses #UK over #WooPigSooie in "SCHOLASTIC DAYZ"!...Coach CAL beats out Coach ANDERSON as the KENTUCKY Class of 2K16 is going #1 as they grab Arkansas Wing Star MALIK MONK! #MalikMonk2K15Business #UK #BBN #WeRUK #WooPigSooie #SECHoops #ScholasticDayz

It was a fight to the finish as he tore up the Nike EYBL Circuit for a few years playing on the talented Arkansas Wings Squad that featured before him Chicago Bulls 2K15 #1 pick Bobby Portis. Most thought if he didn't land in Arkansas he would land at Kentucky and Malik Monk chose the 'Cats over Woo Pig Sooie.

In a decision that had to be hard to sleep on Kentucky tops its 2K16 Class with the best Shooting Guard in the Class of 2K16. The Class Monk will join is as follows as the rankings are from the ESPN Top 100 Class of 2K16:

#BBN Class of 2K16 

Note: Top 100 Class Ranking is in Parenthesis 

(5) SG Malik Monk Bentonville, ARK 
(6) PF Bam Adebayo High Point, NC
(7) De'Aaron Fox Katy, TX
(23) Wenyen Gabriel Manchester, NH
(31) Sacha-Killeya-Jones Chapel Hill, N.C.

Monk doing damage on the Circuit!  

Monk along with Adebayo and Fox gives the 'Cats a 1-2-3 Punch and throw in current Sophomore PG Tyler Ulis Kentucky will be a heavy favorite for the 2K17 Championship. Getting Monk crushes the Razorback Followers and what would have been a Program Changer for at least a season if the "Hogs" would have grabbed Monk! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

#4 KANSAS 73 #13 MICHIGAN State 79 F...Who said DENZEL didn't have game?..."SPARTY" behind Denzel Valentine's Triple-Double rolls past ROCK CHALK Jayhawk!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" as IZZONE awaits the much-heralded Class of 2k16 DENZEL's Group is pretty darn good! #KUvsMSU #PhogAllenHoops #Izzone #Big12 #Big10

The Michigan State Spartans were picked by many to finish right at the top of the Big Ten or near and had a lofty Top 20 rankings. The Kansas Jayhawks are suppose to win the Big 12 and get to the Final 4  as they are led by a trip of players in Wayne Selden, Frank Mason Jr., and Perry Ellis and rightfully so. Don;t tell that "Izzone" Bunch they were not suppose to win tonight's game vs the Jayhawks as Valentine took matters into his own hand on this night.

Behind a 29 point and a dozen Boards and Helpers Sparty Star PG/SG/SF/PF/C Denzel Valentine went to work on the Jayhawks and they could do nothing to stop him. The Jayhawks blew a 41-35 halftime lead and when the smoke cleared it was "Izzone" walking to the winner's circle by the score of 79-73.

Yes Jayhawks PF Perry Ellis had 21 points and six boards but it was the play of the Spartans as a unit that spelled victory over Rock Chalk on this night. Both Matt Costello (10 pts 9 rebs) and Bryn Forbes (13 pts) added to Valentine's magic night. Sparty Freshman Matt McQuaid from Duncanville, Texas home of the great Tamika Catchings chipped in with 9 huge points as his Top 50 status in the Class of 2K15 was verified and certified on this night.

Selden (12 pts) and Mason Jr. (14 pts 5 rebs 5 asst) added to Ellis' Night would have been enough on most nights but not to night. "Sparty" moves to 2-0 as Kansas falls to 1-1...



#5 DUKE 63 #2 KENTUCKY 74 F...The #BBN Triplets in ULIS & MURRAY & BRISCOE gets all over the DUKIES at the Madhouse!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" talking the 2K15-16 #BBN dba #WeRUK! #DUKEvsUK #BlueDevils #UKCats #ACC #SEC

In College Basketball or in any level of Basketball solid guard play will get you a long way. The 2015-16 Kentucky Wildcats have that and then some starting with 5'7" and 160 lb Point God Tyler Ulis of Chicago, Illinois and Lima, Ohio.  

Ulis (18 pts 4 rebs 6 asst 2 stl blk) led that 'Cats Attack that had a 37-31 lead at the break. It was Freshman Guards Jamal Murray (16 pts 5 rebs 5 asst) and Isaiah Briscoe (12 pts 3 rebs) that followed Ulis' lead as Duke showed its youth.

The Blue Devils led by Sophomore Grayson Allen (27 ppg in 2K15-16) and Freshman Brandon Ingram (18 ppg in 2K15-16) were held to 6 points and 4 points respectively. Both Matt Jones and Amile Jefferson lead Duke with 16 points each as Jefferson also hauled down 15 boards.

The 'Cats were just too tough down the stretch not to mention a front line of Alex Proythress, Marcus Lee, Skal Labissiere, and Derek Willis to name a few gives them all sorts of flexibility on that front line.        Kentucky pulls away late for a 74-63 win.

The #BBN moves to 3-0 as the Dukies fall to 2-1...

Note: Duke had 16 turnovers to UK committing just 9...

NFL Power Rankings Week 11 in "A QB Driven League" as the BENGALS take "L" #1 of 2K15!...PACKERS and SEAHAWKS and BRONCOS having issues!...It's Late NOVEMBER and who is going to rise up as the PATRIOTS and PANTHERS keep it moving Undefeated! #NFLPowerRankingsWk11 #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamnondChronicles

The Cincinnati Bengals with everything going for them takes "L" #1 of 2K15 losing 10-6 Monday Night to the now 4-5 Houston Texans playing with a little fire. The Denver Broncos with an ugly effort from Manning Mile High takes another hit as the Injury Bug is all over "United in Orange"!

Then there is the Green Bay Packers with their 3rd straight "L" and the Seattle Seahawks at a 4-5 clip...go figure. What about the 2K15 Minnesota Vikings at 7-2 leading the NFC North as QB Teddy Bridgewater does his thing! Its the NFL Week 11 Power Rankings...did the Bluedude miss anything?

NFL Power Rankings Week 11
November 17, 2K15

Note: NFL Week 10 rankings in parenthesis

1. #PatsTalk (1) 9-0

2. #PanthersPride (3) 9-0

3. #SKOLVikings (4) 7-2

4. #BirdGang (5) 7-2

5. #WhoDey (2) 8-1

6. #RiseUpFalcons (9) 6-3

7. #StillerGang (10) 6-4

8. #UnitedInOrange (6) 7-2

9. #BillsMafia (13) 5-4

10. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (7) 6-3

11. #GangGreen (8) 5-4

12. #ColtsNation (18) 4-5

13. #RedFriday (19) 4-5

14. #BullsOnParade (20) 4-5

15. #BelieveInMonsters (21) 4-5

16. #HTTR (22) 4-4

17. #NYFootballGiants (12) 5-5

18. #AquaBoyz305 (23) 4-5

19. #ItsABucsLife (24) 4-5

20. #12s (11) 4-5

21. #STLRams (14) 4-5

22. #RaiderNation (15) 4-5

23. #FlyEaglesFly (16) 4-5

24. #NOLAGumboSaints (17) 4-6

25. #KHANstructionJags (28) 3-6

26. #RestoreTheRoar (32) 2-7

27. #NinersEmpire (25) 3-6

28. #MusicCityTitans (26) 2-7

29. #CowboysNation (27) 2-7

30. #PurpleBrowns (29) 2-7

31. #BoltsUp (30) 2-7

32. #DawgPound (29) 2-8

360 Degrees...

One Team (Steelers) at 6-4...

A Division Leader (Colts) at 4-5...

One Team (NY Giants) at .500 at 5-5...

Two Teams undefeated (Pats/Panthers)...

One Team at 8-1 (Bengals)...

Two Teams at 6-3 (Packers/Falcons)...

Nine Teams at 4-5 all alive and all fighting for Wild Card Slots which makes for an interesting finish of November and December and even January! The AFC South has the Colts and Texans both at 4-5 lookout with the Jags at 3-6!    

Monday, November 16, 2015

TEXANS 10 BENGALS 6 F...Out with BRIAN HOYER and in with T.J. YATES as the TEXANS hit the Phone Booth in the "JUNGLE on the OHIO" and out came the real #BullsOnParade with a spectacular TD Grab from @NukDaBomb!...NFL Week 10 Monday Night Football in "A QB Driven League" as WHO DEY says Bye Bye to 16-0 and here comes the BUNGLES! #HOUvsCIN #TexansPride #WhoDeyNation #MNF #AQBDrivenLeague

I keep seeing this dude at QB and for the most part when his number is called he plays above the call of duty. The Houston Texans laid out the Blueprint on how to beat the 2k15 Cincinnati Bengals and that Blueprint is null in void if it doesn't start with "Area 99" dba JJ Watt!

The Texans march into the "Jungle on the Ohio" and beats the Bengals with a raucous Who Dey Nation feeling themselves as they should at then 8-0. The Texans "D" held Who Dey to under 200 yards passing and under a 100 rushing and that is no small feat. "Cincy" just had a power outage due to that Romeo Crennel "D" that was dialed up and dialed in all game long.

As for Texans QB Brain Hoyer who suffered a concussion the night quickly belonged to his #2 T.J. Yates. The Texans nearly matched the Bengals in the numbers excluding that one-hang TD grab by DeAndre Hopkins who is easily a Top 5 WR in the "Shield" hands down no contest! It was his spectacular catch that was the difference as neither team could get going on offense.

@Nukdabomb TD Catch vs Bengals 
Week 10 #MNF 
"Jungle on the Ohio" 

Houston with the "W" moves to 4-5 as the Bengals fall to 8-1 and folks mark this game down as Cincy has a tendency to lose in bunches...  

PACERS 95 BULLS 96 F...The "SEE RED" BUTLER vs PG-13 and the BUTLER did it!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS turn back "GOLD SWAGGER" in the waning seconds! #INDvsCHI #PacerGames #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls move to 7-3 as they turn back a game Indiana Pacers Squad rated PG-13. Inside the game it was two of the best two-way players in the "Logo" talking Paul George and Jimmy Butler. In the end it came down to PG-13 vs the "See Red" Butler and the Butler did it by blocking or getting a piece of George's potential game-winning shot for a Bulls 96-95 "W"!

Derrick Rose led Chicago with a team-high 23 points and six helpers with Butler adding 17 and Doug McDermott leading the Bulls Bench Mob with 11 points. The Bulls had just 8 turnovers but survived shooting just 20-32 from the stripe.

The Pacers led by PG-13 and his game-high 26 points and seven boards had chances late but the Bulls "D" rose to the occasion. "Mississippi Lightning" dba Monta Ellis added 20 points and six helpers with CJ Miles chipping in with 19 points shooting 5 for 8 from deep.

Bulls move to 7-3 as Indy falls to 6-5...  

ROMO, KEENUM, and OSWEILER getting the call in Week 11!..."SUNDAY Talk" + "A QB Driven League" = New SIGNAL-CALLERS for the 'BOYS, RAMS, and ORANGE Crush in week 11! #CowboysNation @TonyRomo #STLRams @CaseKeenum7 #OrangeCrush @BOsweiler17 #SundayTalk #AQBDrivenLeague

NFL Week 11 will showcase a Starter who was 2-0 before his injury sidelined him for two plus months. The week will also showcase two back-ups who are more than capable as one is in for an injury and the other for the #1 QB ahead of him just stinking up the joint!

@TonyRomo #1 QB #CowboysNation

Yes look what the wind blew in as Jerry's Gang was 2-0 with Romo doing his thing. They are now 0-7 without him and hanging on for dear life talking January Football as he will return vs the new Aqua Boyz 305 dba Miami Dolphins in Miami Sunday. Romo should be rusty but Cowboys Nation has to be concerned about keeping Romo clean as Dallas needs to win out.

@CaseKeenum7 #2 QB #STLRams 

Keenum's 2K13 #BullsOnParade Highlights

I was thinking all along that Jeff Fisher (Rams Lead Man) and Les Snead (Rams GM) hit the nail on the head trading for then Eagles QB Nick Foles. Well they should have looked at the system he was in as Foles has yet to play on another level as he did in Philly with a top flight RB (Todd Gurley) behind him.  Now Fisher and Snead trying to keep the Kroenke Family from calling a meeting talking about Job Security is going to Wild Card Case Keenum who should be starting for the Houston Texans tonight in Cincy...real talk!      

#BOsweiler17 #2 QB #OrangeCrush

It took Peyton Manning to stink up the joint for the 1st time in his career where he really looked a host of 1st Round Bums for the Broncos to sit Manning in Week 11. Brock Osweiler will get the call as Manning will nurse a torn Toe Ligament for the next few weeks. Denver at 7-2 is running from the 4-5 Raiders and Chiefs as #RedFriday is playing like both Len Dawson and Willie Lanier are back playing!...Stay tuned for the Osweiler Project and that sounds like its going Showtime right!  

Does the Bluedude have any NFL Fantasy Advice for you yes of course...go with your Insides! 

Cubbies Hot Corner BRYANT unanimous NL Rookie of the Year!..."WORD Around the WARNING Track" as MADDON Ball's Hot Corner and #1 Coffee-Runner in 2K15 KRIS BRYANT takes home the Jackie Robinson NL Rookie of the Year Award as it was no context! @KrisBryant_23 #NorthSiders #MaddonBall #NLRookieOfTheYear2K15

To no ones surprise at least in Chicago it was Cubbies Hot Corner Kris Bryant winning the 2K15 Baseball Writers Association of America Rookie of the Year dba Jackie Robinson Award. K.B. was on all 30 ballots and edged out two other #1 Coffee-Runners on the Senior Circuit that deserved the award as well. Let's checkout the voting on the 2K15 NL Rookie of the Year:

2K15 NL Rookie of the Year Voting

1.  K. Bryant 3B #MaddonBall
2.  M. Duffy 3B #Gigantes
3. Jung Ho Kang 3B/SS #BUCN
4. N. Syndergaard RHP #Amazins
5. J. Bour 1B #FightinFish 

As for Bryant's 2K15 Campaign it was all of that and a bowl of buttered down Grits w/Eggs scrambled easy...

3B @KrisBryant_23 2K15 Digits

Gms 151 559 AB .275 avg 26 HR 99 RBI 77 BB 31 2B 87 R 154 Hits 

Note: K.B. led all Rookies in MLB in Ribbies, two-baggers, and runs scored 

2K15 Highlights 


NFL Week 10 the "AFTERMATH"...What we know heading into NFL Week 11 and beyond talking who is heading "NORTH" and who is heading "SOUTH"! #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #TripleDiamondChronicles

NFL Week 10 

#RestoreTheRoar 18 @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football 16

No they didn't as the Lions win for the at time since 1991 in Lambeau as the Packers after starting 6-0 have joined Jack and Rose on the "Titanic" perhaps falling to 6-3 and to 2nd place in the NFC North!

#AquaBoyz305 20 @ #FlyKellyFly 19

The 'Phins behind lead man Dan Campbell all of a sudden has a nasty attitude and of course some help from Eagles QB Mark Sanchez...who is going to win that NFC East?

#BelieveInMonsters 37 @ #STLRams 13 

The Bears have lead man John Fox's Imprints all over them as they move to 4-5 beating the Bolts and Rams out of the Motel in back to back games as Bears Nation showed some real love in the Lou on about Jay "90210" Cutler now?

#Cowboys 6 @ #FireTheCannons 10

The Cowboys 2K15 Campaign is officially over and I was thinking after they lose Romo, Dez, and Orlando Scandrick it would be tough sledding anyway. The Bucs behind Rook QB Jameis Winston is heading in the right direction...

#PanthersPride 27 @ #MusicCityTitans 10 

Carolina might be the "creme dela creme" in the "Fight 4 George" and that would be the George Halas Trophy as QB Cam and that "D" keeps playing at a Parade Route Level...Titans are the 3rd best team in Tennessee behind the Memphis Tigers and Vols of Rocky Top Football and yes I went there!

#NOLAGumboSaints 14 @ #HTTR 47

I have no words to express how the D.C. Pro Football thumped the Saints and only if H.T.T.R. has all 16 games in D.C. they would be a the surprise of 2K15....Saints are still in the running for January Football but this one hurts!

#SKOLVikings 30 @ #RaiderNation 14 

They talk about lead man Mike Zimmer of the Vikes but what about QB Teddy Bridewater I know he doesn't look the part but he is darn good and let's give him some more press instead of talking about the same ole QBs week in and week out that look the part. As for Oakland they are too good to go South but now we will see what they are made of. Vikes RB Adrian Peterson dba Twin Cities Avenger #28 is still delicious in the A-Gap and beyond!  

#RedFriday 29 @ #OrangeCrush 13

The Chiefs made Manning Mile High look like Blaine Gabbert and "Joey Football" Harrington in the same game. How long will Manning be out? Are the Chiefs making a move to the AFC Wild Card or AFC West Title or both?

#Pats 27 @ #GMen 26

Really G-Men it was right there as there are no moral victories in the "Shield"...Pats playing above average...Lol!

#BirdGang 39 @ #12thManSpaceNeedle 32

They blew a 19-0 lead but to their credit when they had a few Offensive Series powered by "Superbad" and Animal House they responded. The Seahawks have the Steelers coming in Week 12 as they fall to 4-5. Does anyone know if Cards QB Carson Palmer is an Earthling or nah? His play at that age goes under the radar but he has been for almost 15 years quietly one of the more consistent QBs....real talk!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

BROWNS 9 STEELERS 30 F...LANDRY JONES goes down and the DAWG POUND follows as Big BEN torches the BROWNS "D" all game long!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the BLACK & YELLOW moves to 6-4! #CLEvsPIT #DawgPound #StillerGang #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Cleveland Browns put the wrong QB out the game as Steelers QB Landry Jones took a hit and was listed as doubtful in the 1st and here came Big Ben Roethlisberger who was suppose to be used only as an emergency back-up...and at 5-4 that exactly what it was an "Urgency" on  "Emergency"!

Big Ben throws 379 yards on 22 for 33 and 3 TDs as WRs Martavis Bryant ( 6 rec 178 yds TD) and Antonio Brown (10 rec 139 yds TD) took complete advantage of a Browns Secondary that was without their #1 CB Joe Haden and Safety Donte Hitner dba Donte Whitner. If those two played it still would not have mattered.

Cleveland QB "Johnny Football" Manziel threw for for 372 yds on 33 for 45 and a TD and an INT and played well. The problem was the Browns rushed for net 15 yards. WR Travis Benjamin grabbed seven Wilson pigskins for 113 yards as the Browns fall to 2-8. The Steelers heading to a Week 11 Bye Week moves to 6-4...