Wednesday, November 11, 2015

@BoogieCousins vs Coach KARL getting set up for PPV!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" talking the Logo's only BOOGIE MAN giving #ForeverPurple , "It's either ME or the Coach"! @BoogieCousins #ForeverPurple #SacTownKings #CoachGeorgeKarl

It was already at a Boiling Point this summer when Sacramento Kings Coach George Karl reportedly went behind Kings All-Star "Big" DeMarcus Cousins back to get him out of town. Then there was the infamous tweet from Boogie's Twitter (Below) referring to "Snakes in the Grass"!

Now through numerous media outlets was there an Argument between Karl and Boogie as Cousins has reportedly told the Kings Brass it's Me or Karl and that's it! That is not the Kings only issues as they have a PG who can blow a fuse at any point and a team that is belt for I don't know what year!

Leaders must be the extension of the Lead Man and in this case its Coach Karl. Now that Karl and Boogie's Feud has went "Toxic" or to the Depths of the Known its GM Vlade Divac's Call from here and it should be a no-brainer...stay tuned!        
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