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LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012...the BATTLE of the ALAMO City..TP9 of FRANCE vs e-MANU-uel of ARGENTINA....TEAM USA in Slow Gear until 2nd UNIT saves the HALF and TUNISIA PF/SF ROMDHANE tells Folks back Home...PUTTING in WORK.

The French knew they couldn't go down 0-2 in Pool Play and there was no better time than now to get a much-needed W as they surprise the Argentinians 71-64. It was dubbed SPURS vs SPURS as Alamo City Point God TP9 vs Alamo City Sniper De Jour Manu Ginobli.

The game was relatively close and back and forth most of the night with the French leading 32-29 at the Break. It was 56-55 after the 3rd Frame and the French just made more plays than Manu and Argentina down the stretch.

The Qualizer is the Money Ball line and the French shot 9/25 and the Argentinians shot only 4/23 and that is a +15 for the French from the 3 Point Line and there in lies the Game. TP9 led the French with 17 and 4 more French Players were in double figures. Argentina was led by Manu's 26  and Luis Scola's 16 and 8 off the Glass. Both Teams are now 1-1 in Pool Play.

Team USA started slow and it was the 2nd Unit led by Uncle Russ of ThunderUP, D-Will8 of the Barclays, Running with the BULLY in London..'MELO, the Lake Oswego Monster of 10K LAKES, and Iggy of Broad Street Philly who did in the Tunisians. Final 110-63 as Love and 'Melo get 16 apiece and Rook Ant Davis goes Lob City London with 4 Lobs and 12 points. Not to be outdone Tunisia PF Makram Ben Romdhane hit the US for 22 points, 11 boards, and 4 helpers and that Video will be watched a Million Times back at the Crib for Romdhane as he tells neighbors they were good but they couldn't STOP ME.  

Team USA will take on NIgeria and Al Faraq Aminu and Ike Diogu...names sound familiar...they should.

The French and TP9 will get Lithuania and Linas Keliza and the Argentinians will get China Yi Jianlian.

Note:  Numbers from USABasketball.com


MAKING NOISE with a TEXAS LEAGUER to CENTER of a CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #69....HALOS Mike TROUT playing at an ALL MILKY WAY Galaxy Pace and at 20 Years Old...take that DODGERS CF Matt KEMP

The Halos haven't been getting the Big Tie Production from the $250 Million Orange County Freeway Hammer...Albert Pujols yet. But what they have been getting is good Starting Pitching and  Surprise Outfield Play from a Player who couldn't even get into Happy Hour yet.

The Halos All-Out, All That, and 2012 Show All-Star Center Fielder Mike Trout. Having spent just 3 plus years Down on the Halos Farm System Trout has ignited the Halos with such Production that he is in Formal Conversation for Junior Circuit MVP 2012.

As he anchors the Halos OF, and has put Peter Bourjos to another part of the Halos OF, Trout has also been carrying the Halos Maple, Ash, and Bamboo. Look at these Numbers from the Youngster turning 21 on August 7th:

#1 in AL with .351 Avg. #3 Overall in the Show
#1 in the AL and the Show with 78 Runs scored
#1 in the AL and the Show in Swipes with 31
#2 in the AL and #4 in the Show in Slug% at .600

Trout also has 17 Bombs and has knocked in 53 Ducks off the Pond. His OPS (On Base + Slug %) is #2 in AL and #4 in the Show at 1.008.

Trout has been dominant and the halos have their CF for the next 10 plus Years and his Partner in Crime 2012 Halos other All-Star OF Mark Trumbo.

Note: Stats/Numbers from MLB.com

A QUARTERBACK DRIVEN League...They can MOVE the CHAINS...or run Precision ROUTES....and take the TOP OFF of COVERAGES...just DRAW the PLAY up in the GRASS and they will Come through...SUNDAY'S #1 WIDEOUTS of 2012

The Argument I am having this upcoming 2012 Sunday Season is where the Analysts have Andre 305 of the Texas Energy Boys rated. I see MEGAtron and Fitz and then they put Dre at #3. Well on his Squad the Texans he is #1, #2, and #3 believe you me.

A QB on Sunday release into the Wild and when you connect with them the Defensive Secondary is at your Mercy. Who is the #1 Wideout on your Sunday Squad. The Bluedude has Two even before the Contract Squabble in Da Kid Wallace "You have 60 Minutes" and Tone 2.0 of Steelers Nation. Yes and they maybe Sunday Top Duo as they both caught Pigskins last season for 1k Yards.  Ok enough is enough talkin' my Steelers introducing.....

The 2012 #1 Wideouts on your Squad by Division and Duos is sponsored by just because you have Back 2 Back 1k Yard Seasons does not give you the Thought Process to go get MEGAtron or Fitz Cash and yes you know who I am talkin' to....and you have 60 Minutes to answer the Question.

Top 2012 #1 WIDEOUTS by Division and Duos

NFC East
1. Hakeem Nicks G-Men ...I know V. Cruz is
2. D. Jackson Bird Gang
2. D. Bryant Jones Gang Texas
4. P. Garcon FIGHT! for all D.C.

NFC South
1. Roddy White Georgia Dome
1. S. Smith Panthers
1. M. Colston Who Dat?
2. V. Jackson

NFC North
1. MEGAtron Silver & Blue
2. G. Jennings Lambeau Leap
3. B. Marshall GSH Boyz
3. P. Harvin Purple People

NFC West
1. Fitz Red Zone
2. M. Crabtree Gold Rush
3. S. Rice the "Q" Great Northwest
4.   ?    RAMS
AFC East
1. W. Welker Gillette Place
2. Why SO Serious #13 Orchard Park, NY
3. Tone Original Gang Green
4. D. Bess Aqua Boyz

AFC North
1. A.J. Green Jungle on the Ohio
2. Tone 2.0 STILLERS
3. T. Smith Purple Browns
4. M. Mossaquaoi Dawg Pound

AFC South
1. Andre 305 Texas Energy Boyz
2. R. Wayne Pit Stop Indiana
3. K. Britt Music City
4. L. Robinson Jags

AFC West
1. D. Bowe I-70 KC Missouri
2. R. Meacham Chargers
3. D. Thomas New Mile High
4. D. Heyward-Bey the Black Hole

The Top 3 and then its the next Tier after them.....MEGAtron, Fitz, and Andre 305

The Steelers have almost two #1's in Da Kid Wallace and Tone 2.0

The Pack has Jennings but Jordy Nelson is the Truth

Who Dat? has Colston but Devery Henderson is no Joke as well and then Mr. Jimmy Graham at Tight End...WOWZA!

The NFC East may have the best Collection is the G-Men's Hicks and Madonna's Boy Victor Cruz, the Bird Gang's D- Jackson and Maclin, and the Cowboys' Bryant and Miles...Best Collection in a Division.

Watch for Who Dat? Cast Off Robert Meachem in Diego catching the Pigskin from Mr. Phillip Rivers....Fantasy Sleeper Meacham will be.

Top 7 Duo's
1. Hicks/Cruz G-Men
1. Jennings/Nelson Lambeau Leap Boyz
3. Colston/Henderson Who Dat?
4. Tone 2.0//Da Kid Wallace Heinz 2-Pack
4. D-Jack/Maclin Bird Gang the Linc
4. Roddy/Julio the Matty Ice Social
7. Bryant/Austin Jerry's Boys Big D

SUNDAY TALK Madden 2K13 QB Ratings....A-ROG, Tom TERRIFIC, and BREES have the Highest Ratings...then who?....the MANNINGS, BIG Ben, WACKO Flacco, Matty ICE...Who?

From NFL.com Writer Dan Hanzus comes the always anticipated but never duplicated Madden Players Ratings and what other way to start out then by releasing the 2K13 QB Ratings.

It is right on Cue for what the Bluedude thought the QB would be rated and there will be some disappointments in the bunch trust me on that.

The 2K13 Madden QB Ratings are sponsored by...don't Blame it on the Controller it's who is controlling the Controller. Also when your getting your backside handed to you Online don't shut the Game off because the Madden Gods will remember...LOSER.

MADDEN 2K13 QB Ratings from NFL.com July 30, 2012 and Writer Dan Hanzus

1. A-Rog Packers 99
2. Tom Terrific Pats 98
3. Brees Who Dat? 98

4. E. Manning G-Men 97
5. BIG Ben Stillers 95
6. P. Manning Broncos 93

7. P. Rivers Chargers 92
8. Stafford Lions 91
9. Romo Cowboys 90
10. Vick Eagles 89

Peyton Manning still a 93 after sitting out a year...Wow. Eli makes hay after his 2nd Chip. BIG Ben is  in a New System but will be Dominant if his New O-Line lives up to its billing. Lions Stafford has to be bracing for his #1 on the Madden Cover 2K13.

Bolts QB Rivers will be motivated as they are already calling him the #2 QB in the AFC West. Can Romo lead the 'Boys to the Playoffs and live up to some of his Hype as though he has already won a Chip. Vick says the eagles are ready to be the Team to Beat in the NFC East....slow down #7 and you just remember to slide or go out of bounds.

Where is "He has Arrived" Wack Job Flacco and "Ice in his Veins" Matty Ice of the Dirty Birds? Not in the Top 10 in the Video Game means gloom and doom for your Upcoming Season...or does it.

Can't wait to see what they Rate the WRs and RBs......    

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Front Line with a NO-LOOK PASS of LOGO WATCH #135....Pasadena MUIR HS Alum and BIG MAC gets O-TOWN's Lead Man Post...Rip City BLAZERS need to look on Rick ADELMAN's Coaching TREE and Hire longtime LOGO and ADELMAN Assistant ELSTON Turner

I told you Oh about a Week and a Half Ago that Pops and RC Buford's Spurs tree is about the Size of Mike Holmgren and Tony Dungy's Combined and putting both of them together just as Diverse.

New Magic GM Rob Henningan all 30 Years of him wants a Fresh Start in Mouse Town and he is looking t all Angles to do so. The Magic have named 12-Year NBA Vet and 2 Years as an Assistant under Gregg Popovich in San Antonio Jacque Vaughn Lead man in Orange County Florida's New Digs...the Amway Center.

To be honest with you after a Storied Career at both Pasadena, California John MUIR HS and to Lawrence, Kansas under Coach Roy Williams Jacque has been groomed for this since his HA Days. A very Astute and Well-Versed Young man with an Excellent Pedigree On and Off the Floor. A National Honors Society member in HS and a High-Honors Student-Athlete at KU..Vaughn's Work Ethic, Intellect, Basketball IQ, playing under Roy Williams, and a 2-Year Stint to watch one of the Logo's Best Ever Lead Man "POPS" in Alamo City Work will pay off Big Time not to mention a 12-Year Career in the logo that was as primarily a Back-Up.

With O-Town not knowing what Dwight will do this is a Really good Hire for the Magic and the DeVos Family if they have Dwight or if they are in Break it Down to Build it Back Up Mode. Congrats to Jacque Vaughn and Famaland.      

What will the Rip City Blazers do since they have struck out on the Zen Master and Coach Sloan. My best bet is to go with 16-Year NBA Assistant and longtime Rick Adelman Assistant Elston Turner.

Turner has been with Adelman since his Days with the C-Webb and Mike Bibby Led SacTown Kings, the Rip City Blazers with the Drexler and Porter led Squads, and the Ming Dynasty and T-Mac led Rockets Squads.    

Just in the last few years Turner's name has come up in Talks with Numerous Head Coaching Jobs and he has paid his dues and been a Coach under one of the Logo's Greatest in the last 20 Years as Lead Man in Coach Adelman.

The Blazers Job will come down to Current Interim Coach Kaleb Canales or Turner.

Monday, July 30, 2012

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012 US Women's Hoops..ANGOLA put their best out there but TEAM USA looks like KING KONG running towards MANHATTAN...US Noventa ANGOLA Treinta y Ocho

Team USA sees Angola and then runs in and around and through Angola for a 90-38 Lopsided W against the over matched Southwestern African Nation.

CP3 LA Sparks Edition led Team USA with 14 points as Seimone Augustus added 13 and Moore and McCoughtry chipped in 11 and 10.

USA led 22-12 after the 1st Frame, 41-18 at the Break and then opened it up in the 3rd Frame with a 28-11 outburst to go up 69-29 after 3.

Guadalupe led Angola with 11 and played the most Minutes for Angola at just under 29 minutes.

Next up for Team USA will be Turkey July 1 at 1015PM ET.  

A QUARTERBACK DRIVEN League...if you were to BUY any ISLAND on SUNDAY..who would it Be?...REVIS Island, FLOWERS of Arrowhead via BEAMER Ball...WHO?... the 2012 TOP CORNERS on SUNDAY

They can help a Defense to the Point where it is 10 on 10 and someone else on the Outside has to make a Play as your #1 is on an Island and locked up. They also command Big Money and always trying to get their Worth or is that everyone on Sunday who needs more Bread?

Sunday's Best ISLAND (Cornerback) in the Business and there is one out there who has been called the Most Important Football Player on Sunday and that includes the Signal Callers.

The 2012 Top ISLANDS on Sunday is sponsored by...pick up the Phone this is not a Telemarketer it is an SOS Signal for your Secondary as it is Horrendous to say the least and you need to put some of your Teams Shares in an Island. It is imperative moving forward to the Lombardi...Your Team A Few Good Cornerbacks.

The Top ISLANDS on Sunday by Division:

NFC East
1. N. Asomugha Bird Gang
2. C. Webster G-Men
3. B. Carr 'Boys
4. D. Hall 'Skins

NFC South
1. A. Talib Pirate Ship
2. B. Grimes Dirty Birds
2. C. Gamble Panthers
3. J. Greer Who Dat?

NFC North
1. C Woodson Lambeau
2. C. Tillman Monster of the Midway
4. C. Carr Vikes
7. ? D-Town Lions...Check your Local Police Blotter

NFC West
1. C. Finnegan Rams
2. P. Peterson Red Zone
3. C. Rogers Niners
4. R. Sherman 12 Zone Space Needle

AFC East
1. REVIS ISLAND Gang Green
2. V. Davis Aqua Boyz
3. D. McCourty Foxboro
4. T. McGhee Bills

AFC North
1. J. Haden Dawg Pound
1. L. Webb Crab Cakes
2. I. Taylor STILLERS
3. L. Hall the Jungle coming off ACL Injury*

AFC South
1. J. Joseph H-Town
1. R. Mathis JAGS
3. J. Powers Circle City Colts
3. J. McCourty Opry Land USA

AFC West
1. B Flowers I-70 Arrowhead
2. C. Bailey Orange Crush
3. Q. Jammer BOLTS
4. ? It won't be the JUDGE or M. Haynes.....

CAMPUS HARDCOURT...There is CAROLINA BLUE and then CAROLINA RED as in the NC STATE WOLFPACK...circa 1987-91....the ACC had a little FIRE and ICE...RODNEY and CHRIS

The Late Great Jimmy Valvano would be smiling Down on this Post as he would probably say this Backcourt was his 2nd Favorite at NC State compared to the DeMatholic Catholic HS Guards he had in Sidney Lowe and Dereck Whittenburg. Lowe and Whittenburg won the 1983 Championship over Phi Slamma Jamma led Houston Cougars of Akeem Olujawon and Clyde Drexler the only Chip for Jimmy V.

Then in 1987 Valvano hauled in what many would call from the onset where Two Opposites Attract. One Guard was a smooth-shooting Sade-Like "Smooth Operator" from the DMV Area. Effortlessly moving from the Deep to the Mid-Range and methodically picking ACC Defenders apart. He played with "FIRE".

His Partner was a short and stocky extension of Coach Jimmy V who could do no wrong. A Rock of Energy and Basketball IQ he was. In those Days where he was in the Miami-Dade County Area the best HS Hoopers most likely went to the ACC or SEC as Florida was all Football.  But he was  the Consummate Point Guard in the ACC and College Basketball and smooth as "ICE".

Put your Mitts together Carolina Red Nation for "FIRE", Rodney Monroe, and "ICE", Chris Corchiani, of the NC State Men's Basketball Team circa 1987-91.

These Two Ball Players lit up the ACC for 4 straight Years as the Smooth-Shooting Monroe was being compared to the Greatest Wolfpack Player of them all in the "Skywalker" David Thompson minus the Skywalker's Elevation.

Corchianai was being compared to the great Wolfpack Guards Dereck Whittenburg and Sidney Lowe as he was the Brains of the Wolfpack Operation and Jimmy V on the Floor.

How good were they at NC STATE....ICE Monroe averages 27 Points his Senior Year and was ACC Player if the Year. He also broke the "Skywalker" David Thompson Scoring Record at State with 2,551 Points. Corchiani was All-ACC as well his Senior Year  and the NCAA's All-Time Assist Leader with 1,038 Assists (Bobby Hurley of Duke passed him in 1993 as the All-Time Leader in Assists) as they posted a 20-11 Record. Both Players numbers #21 Monroe and #13 Corchiani is honored at State among the Other 20 Players at State being Honored.

Yes they weren't Lowe and Whittenburg and didn't bring Carolina Red a Chip but what they did bring was their unique Games and a whole lot of "FIRE" and "ICE" to the ACC and College Basketball.

Now there is One Question left...are Rodney Purvis and Tyler Lewis..."FIRE" and "ICE" 2K12? The New NC State Backcourt that is among the Top Freshman Guard Duo in the Class of 2012...will just have to wait and see.

Note: Numbers from GoPack.com

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #68...The NL WILD CARD Race is a 5-Trick Pony with the BUCCOS and BRAVES in the Cat Bird Seat

On the Senior Circuit the Gigantes and Boys in Blue are battling for the NL West Crown as the Nats ands Red Legs play keep away from their respective Divisions.

Moving forward can the Dodgers with their recent addition in Hanley Ramirez and another possible addition in that Rotation by the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline solidify their chances to pass the Giants? The Reds seem to be hotter than anyone but the Pirates are exactly playing .500 Ball either as they are right on their tail. Look for the Nats to win the NL East and the Red Legs to win the NL Central but the Buccos to get one of those Wild Cards.

The 2012 NL Wild Card Race is sponsored by...we have Teams in unfamiliar territory and can they hold serve or will succumb to all the Pressure of leading a Division down the stretch in the Show.

The Top Teams in the NL Wild Card within 10 Games of the Wild Card Lead:

NL Wild Card Leaders

             W-L  GB
Buccos 58-43 -
Braves 57-44 -

In the Hunt for the Wild Card

1. Gigantes 55-46...2
2. Dodgers  56-47....2  Both tied for NL West Lead

3. Redbirds 54-48...3.5
4. D-Backs  51-51...6.5
5. Amazins' 49-53...8.5
6. Fish        47-54...10

Both the Dodgers and Giants are tied for the Lead in the NL West and that is why they are also siting in the Wild Card because who ever is not leading the Division will be 3rd in NL Wild Card.

If the Buccos and Braves continue like they should chase down their Division Leaders they will easily pull away with the Wild Card and force the Dodgers and Gigantes to have a Battle Royale for the NL West.

The Only other Team that his a legitimate shot are the 2011 Fall Classic Champion St. Louis Redbirds who 7.5 out in the NL Central but Only 3.5 out of the NL Wild Card. Watch those Redbirds they are due for a Good Stretch of Baseball.

Note: Numbers from MLB.com

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #67...THE WILD CARD Races are Heating Up...First Up...the JUNIOR CIRCUIT and don't look now the CARMINES are 4 Back..WOW!

MLB Fans you might have forgot the New Rules are in play as far as the MLB Wild Card is concerned. The Top 2 Teams in the Wild Card will play each other in a 1-Game Playoff to determine who moves onto the Divisional Playoffs.

Which means Teams that get in the Wild Card still have to be on their A-Game in order to advance into Extended Winning Time Play.

The 2012 Junior Circuit Wild Card Picture is sponsored by...Don't look now but after all that Drama over Boston King Crab, Clam Chowder, and Skip Bobby V and not the R&B Singer Bobby Valentino. The Carmines are Only 4 Back of the Wild Card...just 4.

The Top Teams at least within 7 Full Games of the Wild Card Spots in the AL:
                         W-L   GB
1. Swinging' A's 55-46 -
2. Halos           55-47 - Wild Card Leaders

3. D-Town 54-48...1
4. O's         53-49...2
5. Rays      53-49...2

6. 'Jays      51-50...3.5
7. Carmines 51-51...4
8. Tribe       50-52...5

The A's and Halos are in as of July 30th, 2012 and that is subject to change. The Tigers are within striking distance of the Pale Hose and just 1.5 Games out of the Al Central.

The O's, Rays, 'Jays, and Carmines are at least a Full 7 Games Plus back of the Bronx Bombers and it looks like they will more likely be trying to chase down Wild Cards but you never know. Watch the Rays and Carmines as they have Plenty of Firepower and the Ability to change by Tuesday July 31st  Trading Deadline.

The Tribe is still in the Race in the AL Central trailing the Pale Hose 5.5 and the Tigers by 1.5. If I were them chase down the Central and get in and why do all that work for a Wild Card for a 1-Game Playoff.

Note: Stats from MLB.com


LONDON 2012 TEAM USA Swim Team.....MEN's 4 x 100M EDITION....FRENCH say PAYBACK was on our MINDS....USA jump out EARLY only to LOSE on LAST LEG....and "Being the ANCHOR is NOT MY SPECIALTY"...HUH!

Deja Vu all over again as Team USA Men's Swim Team was suppose to be challenged again or challenging the Aussies and in the end it was the same Scenario as the 2008 Final 4 x 100M Relay with a an exact Opposite Outcome.

With Michael Phelps running the 2nd Leg and Cullen Jones the 3rd...Team USA went with Ryan Lochte as the Anchor and it ended up biting the US on the back Side.

After Phelps got  full body length lead the French played catch up with Jones cutting it to a half a body Lead for the Americans then it happened. Remember in 2008 when Jason Lezak ran down the French to help the US win Gold. Lochte looked as though after the First 25 Meters it was in the bag but it was the last 10-15 Meters when French Swimmer Yannick Agnel, an he is probably named after French Tennis Star and now Music Sensation Yannick Noah (the father of See RED Chicago Bulls  Center Joakim Noah), not only closed the gap on Lochte it was though Lochte wasn't even moving any more.

Yes...the French had stole the Gold or shall I say took it. And unlike 2008 you could have put the camera away for a Photo Finish because it wasn't even close.

Look I am not here to 2nd Guess anyone because the Bluedude isn't qualified to 2nd Guess a Swim Coach if any Coach in Olympic Competition. But if it isn't broke...don't fix it. Phelps should have went last and Team USA knows that now. Why not because he didn't Medal the night before in the 400 IM. Phelps is still King Kong far as I am concerned and his Specialty is collecting Golds.    

NBC Sports Sideline Reporter Andrea Kramer gets a Post Race Interviews with all the Swimmers and Lochte says, " Being the Anchor in the 4 x 100M isn't my Specialty", or something to that effect after the Other 3 Swimmers including Phelps said we tried our best. Lochte admit it Dude ran you down Period. Gold, Silver, or Bronze....own it.

It will probably be Phelps running you down Lochte from here on out......

Sunday, July 29, 2012

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012....the Bluedude's Pick to play TEAM USA the toughest...ARGENTINA...and they cruise past LITHUANIA as SCOLA (32pts), DELFINO (20pts) and MANU (21pts) lead the way for Team ARGENTINIANS

The Lithuanians had no shot as the Argentinians led by the Play and Leadership of e-MANU-uel Ginobli cruise to a 102-79 Victory.

The Game was see saw after the 1st Frame and then Carlos Delfino started shooting from Manchester England and got hot as his Money Balls and the inside play of Houston Rockets Amnestied and now Phoenix Suns PF Luis Scola.

For some reason the Lithuanians never did get their best Offensive Player involved in Current Raptors PF Linas Kleiza. Kleiza is best known for a 41-Point Outburst in the Logo, his stellar play at Mizzou, and being current Knicks Star SF Melo's, from Running with the BULLY in Barcelona Fame, Caddy in Denver.

Delfino was a blazing 6 for 9 from the Arc and Scola went 12 for 19 and led all Scorers with 32 Points. Manu did what Manu usually does by controlling the Tempo, getting the Orange in Teammates Hands where they are most comfortable, and Methodically breaking down Lithuania with his Patented EURO-Step to the Cup. Team Argentina led by 12 at the Half and extended that lead to 17 by the end of the 3rd frame.

Lithuania was led by the aforementioned Kleiza's 20 and former Wake Forest Demon Deacon Standout Darius Songalia's 11.

Now Argentina will get France and Lithuania against Nigeria on Tuesday July 31st.    

Note: Stats from London2012.com/basketball

LONDON 2012...MEDAL COUNT July 29, 2012....the People's Republic of CHINA out the GATE fast with TEAM USA

The Olympics are about People from All over the World having Fun and Competing and the Relationships that evolve will last a Life Time. Having said all of that they are still there to Win and even though Winning isn't in the Forefront it is still the Objective after nearly 4 Years of Training.

The 2012 LONDON Summer Olympics  Top 10 MEDAL Count as of 3:58 PM CT....

Note: Total Medals in Parenthesis..next number GOLD Medals

1. China (12) 6
2. USA ( 11) 3
3. Italy (7)  2
4. Republic of Korea (5)  2
5. Japan (5)
6. France (4) 2
6. Russian Federation (4)
7. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (3) 2
7. Australia (3) 17. Brazil (3 )1
7. Hungary (3) 1

Next Medal Count Wednesday August 1st, 2012

Note: Numbers from Official Medal Count at London2012.com/medals/medal-count/

A QUARTERBACK DRIVEN LEAGUE....Who is in the MIDDLE or Sideline to Sideline on your Defense...OK...WHAT LINEBACKER is the MAN on your SQUAD..2012 TOP LBs by Division on SUNDAY

They anchor most Defenses and they are like Sunday Signal Callers when you get yourself a Franchise Type like the Gold Rush's Patrick Willis.

Introducing the Man in the Middle and not the one from the Logo on the Hardwood but the one that blows up plays, goes sideline to sideline chasing the Pigskin, drops back in coverage, or runs down your Signal Caller as though he forgot about the Red Jersey and Officer Goodell.

The 2012 Best Linebacker on your 2012 Sunday Favorite and no this #1 Linebacker doesn't have to play the Middle he can be Inside or Outside. Forget the Man in the Middle and lets just say the one that needs to be Blocked first.

The 2012 Best Linebackers by Division on Sunday is sponsored by there might be a Tie on a few Teams and hold on to your Chin Strap because this Group has Cash allocated for Commissioner's Office.

The 2012 Best LBs

NFC East
1. D. Ware 'Boys
2. B. Orakpo 'SKins
3. M. Boley G-Men
6. D. Ryans Bird Gang

NFC North
1. Briggs Da Bears
1. Matthews Pack
3. C Greenway Vikes
4. S. Tulloch Ford Motor

NFC South
1. J. Beason Panthers
2. C. Lofton Who Dat?
2. S. Witherspoon Dirty Birds
4. Q. Black Bucs

NFC West
1. P. Willis Gold Rush
2. J. Luarinaitis Rams
3. B. Ruud the Q Puget Sound
4. D. Washington Red Zone the Desert

AFC East
1. D. Harris Gang Green
1. J. Mayo Foxboro
1.5 K. Dansby Aqua Boyz
4. N. Barnett Orchard Park, NY

AFC North
1. Woodley STILLERS
2. R. Lewis Purple Browns
3. D. Jackson Dawg Pound
4. R. Maualuga the Jungle

AFC South
1. B. Cushing Rocket City
1. D. Freeney Big Pit Stop
3. P. Pozluszny J'Ville
4. W. Witherspoon Music Titans

AFC West
1. T. Hali Arrowhead
1. V. Miller Orange Crush
3. R. McClain Silver and Black
4. S. Phillips Bolts

The Top 5 TEAMS of LBs on Sunday
1. Steelers: Wood, Mr. Clean #92, LAWdawg
1. 49ers: Willis, Bowman, A. Smith
2. Ravens: Lewis, Suggs, McClain

2. Colts: Freeney, Mathis, Angerer
4. Cowboys: Ware, Spencer, Lee
5. Chiefs: Hali, D. Johnson, J. Houston
5. Broncos: Miller/D.J. Williams

Its is a Tough Call across the board....but I had to make the call

Steelers...Wood n LAWdawg take the Lead...

Gold Rush...with the #1 Sunday LB Overall in Willis n watch Navarro Bowman..Boooom
Ravens...T-Sizzle will lead after Ray Ray goes AARP

Colts...Freeney and Mathis and didn't they play with Unitas and Berry in Charm City

Cowboys...Ware arguably the Best Pass Rushing Stretch DE/OLB on Sunday...and Spencer is coming into his Own

Chiefs... Hali a Monster and looks like one and Partner in Crime D.J. #56 can play as well...

Orange Crush Rook Von Miller of 12th Man with the Steve Urkle Joints on his Peepers...You have Jokes...Block Me Bluedude?

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012....USA starts slow then puts the GAME into OVERDRIVE as they put a 27 Piece on the FRENCH and no PASTRIES

Team USA started as though they were just filling the French Team out from a Game Plan Perspective. Then in the 2nd and 3rd Frames the US outscores the French and their Point God Tony Parker by 26 Points to put the Contest away.

Led by the Durantula's 22 Points, including 3-5 with the Money Ball, Team USA exploited what most Olympic Teams don't have...Firepower on the Perimeter.

After only a 22-21 advantage after 1 the Americans put a 15 Spot on the French led by Durant and KL of 10K lakes. Love had 14 points in 14 minutes including a Money Ball as the French were dumbfounded trying to check a Power Forward with that kind of Perimeter Game.

French NBA Players TP9 (10 pts), Batum (7 pts), Turiaf (7 pts), Diaw (9 pts), and Seraphin (3 pts) were never really a factor as they were just over matched. Their output of 36 Points was matched by Durant and KL's combined 36 points.

King James tallied 9 points and 8 helpers with the Black Mamba only the 3rd Player in Double Figures with 10.

Team USA was +16 on the Glass and +6 with the Money Ball. If your going to challenge Team USA you have to be close in both of those Categories and if your not Do Not Look at the Scoreboard.

Up next for Team USA...Tunisia July 31st at 1015PM ET......

Note: Stats from USAbasketball.com

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Sport Shorts Take 23 with a 2-SEAM Express of A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #66...PALE HOSE take a Risk...DODGERS sending a MESSAGE...RED LEGS n NATS join BOMBERS at Numero SESENTA

Pale Hose GM Kenny Williams isn't Trader JACK..McKeon that is but what he is is a Realist. MLB.com is reporting the White Sox trade for Struggling LHP Francisco Liriano and send Sox OF Eduardo Escobar and a Minor League Pitcher.

Yes Liriano is struggling this season at 3-10 with a 5 Plus ERA but the South Siders know him all too well. Now if this Trade works the Pale Hose will have Sale (lefty), Peavy (Righty), Liriano (Lefty), and Floyd (Righty) going down the Stretch. The Sox and Kenny Williams play by the Only Theory that matters in Sports....Just get into Winning Time then anything can happen.

A 3-Game lead and I said the Boys in Blue have to get it together as they were trailing the Gigantes going into the 3-Game Set in McCovey Cove. Now low and behold the Lead is 1 Game and the Dodgers have sent the Gigantes a message that we are here to stay and your going to have to go through us.

And just like the Dodgers Brass and Skip Donny Baseball...Don Mattingly have drawn it up...Kemp and Hanley Ramirez together will be Potent. The Dodgers hang a 10-Piece w/ No Smog on the Giants Today and blank them 10-0 behind RHP Chad Billingsley. Now the Giants might have to make a Move to get some more Offense as the Dodgers look like they are still Shopping before the July 31st Trade Deadline to get another Arm for the Rotation. Dodgers have only seen Cain and will not see Bumgarner or Lincecum in this 3-Game Set.

The Bronx Bombers finally get to the 60 Win Mark and the Red Legs and Nats join them as those 3 should and will be playing in October you would think barring some unforeseen drop off.

The Bombers have the biggest Margin up 8.5 with the Nats up 4 games on the Braves and the Red Legs only up 2 games on the Buccos.

Look for the Braves and Buccos to be the favorites to get the NL Wild Card as they keep chasing the Leader at .600 Baseball.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A QUARTERBACK DRIVEN League...Calling ALL SUNDAY TAILBACKS...who is the ELITE in their OWN Division?....ALL DAY AP, LeSean...LINC Edition, POCKET Hercules JAGS, and R2 of CRAB CAKE Fame Charm City

It is every QB on Sunday's Best Friend and if that Part of the Offense is going it clear sailing and probably a W.

The Best in Each Division from the Tailback Spot. We know the Top Backs on Sunday but what we don't know is where do the Other Backs in their respective Divisions rank.

Let's say the Top 5 Backs when healthy on Sunday are All Day AP, Mr. Foster of Harris County Texas, LeSean of the Linc, R2 of Crab Cake Fame, and Pocket Hercules of J-Ville. Two of these Backs are in the Same Division and there some pretty good ones not mentioned.

Top Tailbacks on Sunday by Division is sponsored by...Will All Day AP regain his form by the 2013 Season to keep Punishing all in his D*mn Way and can Mr. Foster of Harris County become the #1 RB on Sunday in 2012?

Top 2012 Tailbacks on Sunday by Division:

NFC East
1. LeSean by the Linc w/Bird Gang
2. B-Shaw G-Men
3. DeMarco/Jones 'Boys
3. Helu/Royster 'Skins

NFC South
1. Turner Burner Dirty Birds
1. Williams/Stewart Queen City Panthers
1. Thomas/Sproles Who Dat?
3. Blount Pirate Ship

NFC North
1. All Day AP Purple People
2. Forte Da Bears
3. Starks Lambeau
4. Best/LeShoue D-Town Playas

NFC West
1. Gore Gold Rush
1. S-Jack the Lou
1. BEAST Mode 12 Zone Space Needle..Skittle Me
4. Wells/Williams W2 of Red Zone

AFC East
1. F-Jack Bison City
2. BUSHman Aqua Boyz
3. Greene Gang Green
4. Vereene Off Welcome Back Carter..Pats

AFC South
1. Mr. Foster of Harris County, Texas
2. Pocket Hercules Jags
3. CJ28 Opry Land USA
6. Donald Brown Big Pit Stop in NAPtown

AFC North
1. R2 Crab Cakes
2. Benjarvis Green-Ellis Jungle
2. Trent Richardson Mistake on the Lake

AFC West
1. Run DMC Black Hole
2. Jamaal Charles Arrowhead
3. Ryan Mathews Bolts
4. W. McGahee Mile High

The Toughest Divisions to call are the AFC North after Ray Rice with A Rookie for the Browns, the Law Firm on a New Team in the Jungle, and RED Dawg of Steel City in uncharted territory.

The Back I am waiting to see explode is the Silver & Black's Darren McFadden. All that Talent and Speed if he can stay on the Field lookout for the Raiders and will help Past his Trojan Days Carson Palmer.

Donald Brown of UConn, now if he was playing with the Orange (Basketball) I would give him the benefit of the Doub, is on the Clock. So is CJ28 who looked like he was carrying that New Contract in his Nike Scooby Doo Cleats last season that's how ineffective he was.

Then there is the King of Tailbacks on Sunday in the NFC West....Gore, Beast Mode, and S-Jack of the Rams....meet me in the A-Gap.

Rating the Total Collection of Backs by Division:

1. NFC West
2. AFC South

3. NFC South
4. AFC West
5. NFC East
6. NFC North

7. AFC North
8. AFC East

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012...Team USA Womens Hoops....the CROATIANS gave Team USA Women's Basketball Team all they could HANDLE and a REALITY CHECK...Ladies that GOLD won't be EASY

Team USA Women's Hoop Team didn't get a Scare but now they know they will get every ones Best Shot in London. After only leading 31-28 at the Break and 53-47 after the 3rd Frame the Ladies put it in 4th Gear with a No-Look Assist from Coach Auriemma.

The Turning Point of the Contest is when Geno Team USA Line Change instead of substituting Player by Player and they left Fresh Legs for Team USA to turn it up on Both ends as they pull away 81-56.

Six Players had 19 or more minutes and a Total of Nine Player had 10 or more minutes as UConn and current Connecticut Sun Player Tina Charles led the Charge with 14 and 10 off the Glass. Rocky Top Tennessee Duo of CP3 Sparks Edition and NAPtown Fever's Catch #10 also went Double-Figures with 11 and 10 respectively. CP3 also went for a Game-High 13 off the Glass.

Former Louisville Cardinal Star and Atlanta Fever G All That Angle McCoughtry had 13 Points a a Game-High 3 thefts as Team USA needed all of her production. She is the One Player playing Team USA that if you can slow her Down they will beat you by 15 instead of 30 plus.

Up Next for Team USA Women's is Angola at 1015 PM ET Monday July 30th....  

A QUARTERBACK DRIVEN League...RATING the SIGNAL CALLERS by DIVISION on SUNDAY......Is BIG Ben, BREES, BRADY, and the MANNINGS a top their Respective Divisions? What about GABBERT in J'VILLE is he still Scared?...Don't Look now...HENNE is behind you... Or the KOLB Science Project in RED ZONE is it 86?

As we near the 2012 NFL Season the most important Question is who is your QB? Some Teams have the luxury of going with their Ace in the Hole as in Perennial Pro Bowl/All-Pro Type. Then their are some Teams who are hoping and wishing this is the guy. Then lastly the QB who is the Stop Gap or holdover until we get a QB in the next Draft.

The 2012 QB Ratings by Division is sponsored by....the Arizona Cardinals and how Expensive is your Science Project at QB...are K2 Project is Over Budget.

The Top QBs for 2012 by Division:

NFC East
1. Manning G-Men
2. M.Vick Bird Gang
2. T. Romo 'Boys
4. Bob 'Skins (that's what G-Men DE Osi Umenyiora called RG3)

NFC West
1. S. Bradford Gateway Arch Click
2. A. Smith Gold Rush
3. M. Flynn 12 Zone Puget Sound
4. K. Kolb Red Zone

NFC North
1. A-Rog Lambeau
2. M. Stafford Ford Motor
2. J. Cutler Monsters of the Midway
4. C. Ponder Purple People

NFC South
1. Brees Who Dat?
2. Matty Ice Dirty Birds
3. Cam WHAT? Queen City Panthers
5. J. Freeman Pirate Ship

AFC North
1. BIG Ben Stillers
2. Wack Job Flacco Ravens
3. Strawberry Fields Dalton the Jungle
7. B. Weeden Dawg Pound

AFC South
1. M. Schaub Energy Boyz Texas
2. A. Luck NAPtown
3. M. Hasselback Music City
8. B. Gabbert Jags...You Scared Gabby?

AFC East
1. Terrific Tom Pats
2. Fitz Circle the Wagons Squad
3. D. Garrard Fins
4. Sanchise + Tebowing = NY Daily and Post Monday Front Page

AFC West
1. Manning New Orange Crush  
1. P. Rivers Bolts
3. C. Palmer Black Hole
4. M. Cassell Arrowhead

What are Numbers like 5, 7, 8 Mean Bluedude? It just means your Closer than you think from going Door to Door selling Insurance..that's it.

Sanchise and Tebow made for Gotham City and Hard Knocks. Then you wonder why the Giants and Coughlin have won 2 of the last 4 Big Ones.

QBs on the Clock to make something happen as in we will stick with you...Gabbert Jags, Cassell Arrowhead, Hasselback Titans, Garrard Fins, and My Experiment in the Valley of the Sun..the Kolb Project...coming to a Science Fair near you.

Bob and Luck for the "Skins and Colts respectively will be much anticipated and all Eyes are on you Two QBs. Bob you better play like there is No Tomorrow as I see you on every Commercial which isn't a bad Thing. Because if your Akili Smith you might as well Cash In before you Flop that's if you Flop. Something tells me Bob and Andrew will be the Deal right out the Gate and Bob will be bigger than the Commander in Chief.

Look for my Dawg Big Ben to have a Career Year as he is loaded with Smurfs all around him a New O-Line. That Stairway to 7 is getting Old and We need to be chasing 8 for Steelers Nation Fate.  

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW #65....The easiest way to get a BASE RUNNER over...is for the BASE RUNNER to take the BASE himself....ALL-TIME THEFT Leaders on the BASE PATH...He's Stealing!

They talk about in the Show all the Time that this Team plays Small Ball and this Team plays the Long Ball. Growing up some 30 Years ago playing Little League we were all trying to Steal a Base forget trying to move over via Hit, Wild Pitch, or Sacrifice.

Now the Art of the Stolen Base seems to be somewhat lost and the Stolen Base King, Rickey "I do Love Me Some Me" Henderson with them Flourescent Green Mizuno Batting Gloves, Record seems to be nearly untouchable. How untouchable...let' take a look at the Top 25 Steals Leaders of All-Time in the Show and the Top 10 Active Leaders.

The SHOW's Leaders in Stolen Bases is sponsored by...Thou Shall Taketh if they Giveth To Me no matter whose Fault...the Bump or the Back Stop...Green Light:

The TOP 25 All-Time Stolen Base Leaders in the Show....

1. Rickey Henderson 1408... A's and Yanks
2. "Sweet" Lou Brock 938... Redbirds
3. Billy Hamilton 937
4. Ty Cobb 892 ....D-Town's Fav
5. Tim "Rock" Raines 808.... 80s Expos

6. Vince Coleman 752.. 80s Redbirds
7. Eddie Collins 744
8. Arlie Latham 739
9. Max Carey 738
10. Honus Wagner 722

11. Joe Morgan 689... 70s Colt 45s/70s Red Machine
12. Willie Wilson 668.... 80s Royals
13. Tom Brown 657
14. Bert Campeneris 649
15. Kenny Lofton 622... 90s Tribe

16. Otis Nixon 620.... 90s Braves
17. George Davis 616
18. Dummy Hoy 594
19. Maury Wills 586
20. Geroge Van Haltren 583

21. The "Wizard" Ozzie Smith 580.... 80s Redbirds
22. Juan Pierre 577.... 2K Rockies
23. Hugh Duffy 574
24. Bid McPhee 568
25. Brett Butler 558.... 80s Giants

Top 10 Active Leaders

22. Juan Pierre 577... 2k Marlins
54. Ichiro Suzuki 439... Ms
57. Carl Crawford 430... Rays
65. Johnny Damon 408... Royals
69. Omar Vizquel 403... 90s Tribe
73. Bobby Abreu 397... Phillies
78. Jose Reyes 393... Amazins'
80. Jimmy "J-Roll" Rollins 389... Phils
93. Luis Castillo 370... Marlins
112. Derek Jeter 346.... Bronx Bombers

Juan Pierre is the Only one Still Active on a Major League Roster in the Top 25. The Biggest Drop Off is at the Very Top with Rickey Henderson some 478 Stolen Bases above Brock. They say Records are made to be broken...good luck trying to get that Record.

Of the Top 10 Active Leaders one might say Ichiro and Jeter have Resumes to get to Cooperstown for sure.

NOTE: Number from Baseball-Almanac.com and MLB.com

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #12....No #17...STEELERS secure #84 the 2011 Pro Bowler for at least 5 More Seasons in the 'BURGH at a reported $42 Million

The Pittsburgh Steelers want the Player that is fits the Steelers Mold to stick around for Seasons to come. So when drafting if your Scouts are doing their homework every now and then you might see a Player and stumble upon another Player and this happens all the time. But the Player you stumbled on most likely if anything might be a Free Agent Camp Pick Up or Late Round (6-7) Pick.

Case in Point when the Steelers were going to checkout Central Michigan Chippewas QB Dan LeFevour they stumbled upon a Quick and Good hands WR named Antonio Brown from 305. Steelers never drafted QB LeFevour but did get Brown in the 6th Round of the 2010 NFL Draft.

Now after a promising Rookie Campaign and making Plays after Plays in the Passing Game and Kicking Game Brown has arrived in Only 2 Full Seasons. He arrived so much that NFL.com is reporting that the Steelers have inked Brown to a 5-Year $42 Million deal through Season 2017.

Under the Watchful Eye of Steelers WR Coach Scottie Montgomery and Hines 86 Sauce Brown has emerged as a Solid #2 on an all of a sudden Loaded and Talented WR pool.

Playing opposite of the Steelers #1 WR.."Da Kid" Mike Wallace...Brown has easily cemented himself in the Mold of Steelers Tough. Look at these Numbers last season and Sunday Record:

Over 1,000 Yards Receiving
Over 1,000 Yards Returning...the 1st Ever Feat in the NFL all in 2011

#84 was also named to his 1st Pro Bowl in 2011

Now the Steelers have even more Weapons , although unproven, in SEC Rookies Chris Rainey and Marquis Maze. That could limit Brown's Touches in the kicking Game if one or both prove to be worthy of handling the Kicking Game.

With Wallace out and a new Playbook..Brow will enjoy his Reps as the #1 with a Tight Battle for #2 for now with Jerricho Cotchery and Emmanuel "Go-Go" Sanders. If or when Wallace comes back Brown goes to #2 and Cotchery and Sanders will split time at the #3 WR.

Antonio Brown now is locked into the #2 WR and now has some Job Security from the Steel City and rightfully so. Once a Steeler always a Steeler #84...now Make More Plays.      

Friday, July 27, 2012

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW #64....BIG TIME 3 GAME Sets this Weekend in the SHOW that will Impact the Races to the PENNANT...PALE HOSE @ RANGERS...DODGERS @ GIGANTES...A's @ O's...and RAYS @ HALOS...Previews

As we move into the Month of August in the Show there are 4 Series this Weekend that could and should impact the Divisions in both the AL and NL.

I would love to talk about the Carmines and Bronx Bombers but the Yankees have a sizable lead on the Bo Sox so that isn't in the cards as of right now. Let's go to the 4 Most Important Series on Tap for July 27-29 2012.

Preview 1 Pale Hose @ Rangers: The White Sox lead by a 1/2 Game on the Charging Tigers and the rangers have put a little distance between them and the Halos. Both Teams need this Series as the Sox come in extremely hot and the Rangers trying to keep their lock on the AL West as the MLB Trade Deadline is July 31st.  

Pale Hose @ Rangers

July 27 CWS Sale (11-3) vs TEX Darvish (11-6)
July 28 CWS Humber (4-5) vs TEX Harrison (12-5)
July 29 CWS Floyd (8-8) vs TEX Oswalt (3-1)

Preview 2 Dodgers @ Gigantes: The Giants lead by a full 3 Games and the Dodgers Starting Pitching has not been good of late. They still need and want another Front Line Starter and the Dodgers will make that move before July 31st. The Giants have everything in place including that Grade A Starting Rotation that will drive them to the Finish.

July 27 LAD Fife (0-0) vs SF Cain (10-3)
July 28 LAD Billingsley (5-9) vs SF Zito (8-6)
July 29 LAD Kershaw (7-6) vs SF Voglesong (8-4)

Preview 3 A's @ O's: The Athletics have won their last 16 of 19 and they come to Camden Yards to take on a Baltimore O's Team that has slid back into being a possible AL Wild Card. With the A's right in the Middle of the Wild card as is the O's winning every Series is Pivotal to your Playoff chances in the Fall.

July 27 OAK Parker (7-4) vs BAL Britton (1-0)
July 28 OAK Colon (6-8) vs BAL Hunter (4-5)
July 29 OAK  Blackley (3-2) vs BAL Chen (8-6)

Preview 4 Rays @ Halos: Look the Rays are 8.5 back of the Yankees and the Halos are 5 back of the Rangers. The Focus shifts to playing good solid baseball and winning each Series and see where the Chips fall. The Reality is it will do you no good worrying about what others ahead of you are doing as oppose to just Playing Ball. Both are right smack dab in the AL Wild card Race.

July 27 TB Cobb (4-7) vs LAA Haren (7-8)
July 28 TB Moore (6-7) vs LAA Wilson (9-6)
July 29 TB Hellickson (5-6) vs LAA TBD

All 4 Series are Big especially in the Wild card Races in the AL. The Dodgers on the Other Hand have to win the Head to Heads that is where you make up considerable ground.  Seeing Cain in not good but missing Bumgarner and Lincecum is what the Doctor ordered.

The Chase for the Pennants are on and now is not the Time to shy away from competing at a a high level. Look for a Host of playoff-Caliber teams to be super active from here through the MLB Trade Deadline July 31st.

Note: Numbers and Schedule from MLB.com

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a NBA SEASON Package of LOGO WATCH #135....Top 12 GAMES on the BLUEDUDE's Logo Watch List for 2012-13

The NBA Season is close and the Bluedude will be short and simple as I unveil my Top 10 Games of the 2012-13 Season. Included Rivalries, ReMatches from 2012 Winning Time, New Faces in New Places, Draft Picks squaring off, and Putting on for your City.

The 2012-13 Top 12 Games in the LOGO

Note: In any Order....

October 30, 2012 Opening Night the C's @ World Champs: Jet vs Sugar Ray....or just Heat and C's seeing where they Stand as they will go in the 2012-13 Season as the Top 2 Teams in the East.

November 1, 2012 Knicks @ Barclays: "Opening Night for Both" move over MSG there is a NEw Hot Spot in NYC and this wasn't has No happy Hour but what it has is Plush Brooklyn/Flatbush Style Entertainment. Melo will get his chance to see what the Nets have been choppin' it up about. Meanwhile Flatbush/Brooklyn hasn't seen this much anticipation since Ebbet's Field in Flatbush and Branch Rickey's Dem Bums of '55....Brooklyn Dodgers.

November 2, 12012 LAC @ LAL: The Battle of Team Figueroa Street...LA County. The New-Look Clips are Loaded as though the Yankees are calling the Shots and the LAKEshow has NASHty....Made ONLY for Hollywood.

November 14, 2012 Heat @ Lob City: This will be a Measuring Stick to see where the Clipper are and a Test of Resolve for the Champs. Staples Red and Blue Nation never looked better as it maybe even harder to get a Clipper Ticket and saying that it has to be Buck Rodgers and the 25th Century.

Christmas 2012... 5 Games on Tap: C's @ Brooklyn, Knicks @ LAKEshow, LOUD city @ White Hot, LINsanity Harris County TX @ Team See Red,  and Nuggets @ LOB City.....that 5th Game Nuggets and Clips.....should have been played on December 32nd.

January 4, 2012....Battle of Staples Part 2...LAL @ LAC: This time the Fans will be wearing Red and Blue and Who Knew that the new CLIPjoint might have a better Record than the Lakers...just maybe.

January 30, 2012...Team White Hot in Barclays: Will Jigga Man be watching King James here or will he be looking at his own Team as though we have a Squad LeBron..we will Text later or I might get run out out of Flatbush choppin' it up with you in front of New Brooklyn Nets Nation and rightfully so. Jay you have a Home Now and this is your Team..(Aries Spears Voice)

February 8, 2012 Lob City @ World Champs: Now they get Test #2 Lob City does and have they learned anything from Test 1 back at Staples?

February 14, 2012...Heat @ LOUD City....Clips and Lakers Round #3 with Lavish Dinner Reservations all over LA County after this one and Show me your VALENTINE-Day a Double Set of Roses here.

March 1, 2012...Mavs and DIRKiliscious @ Brooklyn: in the Game that what could have been....D-Will 8 on the Mavs coming to Flatbush instead Dirk and Darren Collison..Who?.. gets the Nets and D-Will 8 in Brooklyn.

March 20, 2012 Brooklyn @ DIRKiliscoius and the Mavs: Will they Boo or will they be Bi-Partisan for Nets Point God and Dallas, Texas Native Deron Williams?

April 10, 2012 Brooklyn @ the C's: This could be for East #2 Seed and by then we will see where both Teams stand vs the Heat as we head toward Winning Time 2013.

So Amazing it's Bluedude Sporsttalk......Get your Cash right for the LOGO Package on your Local Cable Service Provider..It's On in the Logo for 2012-13

WEST SIDE STORY Report #39...No ADIzero SEE RED HERO D-Rose until at least ALL-STAR Break...BULLS Top GAMES in 2012-13...with LUOL, CAPTAIN Kirk, and JO KNOWS in the LEAD ROLE

The NFL Season is about to start but there is nothing wrong with looking ahead to Squeezing the Orange on the West Side Story Report's 2012-13 Schedule. With the ADIzero See Red Hero D-Rose out until at least 2013 NBA All-Star Break the Bulls will need all hands on Deck.

Led by Team Great Britain Captain Luol Deng, Sioux City, Iowa's Captain Kirk, and Hell's Kitchen's Jo Knows the Bulls will have to give 110% Effort and execute Coach Thibs and his Staff's Game Plan thoroughly.

The Key Games Month by Month for Team See Red is sponsored by...No More 3 Games in 3 Nights as we have a Full 82 with a few Back 2 Back Tilts worked in comfortably.

West Side Story Report 2012-13 Season Breakdown:

October 31st Halloween Night/Opening Night

vs SACtown Kings and REKEhavoc and Big Cuz


3 vs Hornets and Ant Davis and Austin Rivers
8 vs Thunder Alley and 0, 35, 13
12 vs the New-Look C's and KG, Rondo, P2
17 @ Lob City and CP3 and the BLAKEshow
21 @ Clutch City and LINsanity Harris County


8 vs Knicks and Melo, Stat, J-Kidd, n Tyson
15 vs Brooklyn Nets and JJ, and D-Will 8
31 vs mikeCATS and MKG and Kemba


4 @ Heat vs King James, Sugar Ray, Wade County
21 vs LAKEshow and the Black Mamba and NASHty
25 vs GS Warriors and Harrison Barnes and Klay-T


1 @ Brooklyn Nets 1st time at the BARCLAYS
11 vs Alamo City and TP9, Dunc, and Manu
13 @ the C's before All-Star Break
21 vs Defending World Champs in Town
24 @ LOUD City....


10 @LAKEshow
30 @ Big D and DIRKiliscious


4 @ Barclays and BK Nets Playoff Implications
11 vs Knicks and Playoff Implications
14 @ Heat and Playoff Implications

Looking at the Schedule See Red heads out West in November for a 4-Game Stretch from the Valley of the Sun, Lob City, Rip City, and Clutch City with the Bucks in Beer Town being the 5th Game. Also in November they will see Logo Heavy-Hitters Thunder Alley, Lob City, and the C's.

December they get a Heavy Dose of Gotham City sprinkled in with a visit from Brooklyn. January they get the Defending World Champs in 305 and get a Visit from the LAKEshow Back Court of NASHty and the Black Mamba who should be running on all cylinders by then.

February they open at the Barclays Center for the Bulls 1st Visit to the Nets new digs. Then Reality Check Time as they have visits from Alamo City and Team White Hot. They Bulls also have Road Games at the C's and Loud City. The Bulls toughest Month of the Season is by far February 2013.

March they are in Staples Purple and Gold and then end the Season on Playoff Implicated games with the a Gotham City Double-Dip and Team White Hot on the Back End.

Hopefully we will see D-Rose sometime in March and if the Bulls don't have him out there by then put the ADIzero See Red Hero up for the 2013-14 Season.  


LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012....Team USA WOMEN'S POOL Play Schedule...sponsored by...beating Teams by HALF a HUNDO leading up to the 2012 SUMMER GAMES...well something like that.

They are more loaded than the Men's Team and if they played the Men's Team USA they would be in it to win it....Real Talk and that D*rn Good.

Team USA Women's Team is in Pool A and the Chinese (FIBA Rank #7) will be there toughest Match along with the Czech Republic (FIBA Rank #4). The Group Play will be tough playing those Two Teams but the Women's Team maybe as talented as any I have seen except the 1984 Team with the Great Cheryl Miller leading the Way and yes Miller Time of Market Square Arena Fame's Sister. And she still is better than Reginald before and after she hung a 100 Plus on that HS Team in Cali back in the day.

The Team USA Women's London Pool A Play Schedule:

July 28....445 PM ET...Croatia

July 30...1015 PM ET....Angola

August 1....1015 PM ET...Turkey

August 3....1015 PM ET....Czech Republic

August 5....445 PM ET....China


Quarterfinals August 7

Semifinal August 9

Gold Medal Game August 11

Team USA will have its Hands Full at the End of Pool Play with the Czechs and Chinese. In the Medal Rounds they will ultimately Face either the Aussies or Brazilians and If I will roll with WNBA Star and Seattle Storm Aussie Center Lauren Jackson...Game recognizes Game.

And yes the US Women has Oodles and Oodles of Talented and the World's Best. Remember the Bluedude told you..USA Stretch Guard of the Atlanta Dream by way of the 'Ville...Kentucky Red is averaging 22.6 ppg as well as 5.7 Boards this season in the WNBA and she is a Fusion of Diana Tuarasi O with Tamika Catchings D...you get where I am going with this...My CHIC Angel is BAD..she BAD BAD BAD


LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012...TEAM USA MEN'S POOL Play Schedule....sponsored by....WE are HERE and Don't you RUN and HIDE

Almost time for the games to commence and the Orange is about to go in the Air for Team USA Men's and Women's Hoop Teams. Here is look at the Men's Schedule for London 2012 Summer Games:

July 29... 930 ET...France and TP9 and Nicolas Batum of Rip City Blazers and New Nuggets Sniper Kevin Fournier, Spurs PF Boris Diaw among others, and Best Team outside of Spain and Team USA

July 31... 515 PM ET...Tunisia from Africa

August 2... 515 PM ET...Nigeria and Garland, Texas Native Ike Diogu by way of the Tempe AZ Sun Devils (Pacers among others) and Al Faraq-Aminu of Norcross, GA by way of Demon Deacon Land and the Hive of NOLA....

August 4...930 AM ET...Lithuania and new Raptor BIG Jonas Valanciunas and soon to be Raptors Teammate Linas Kleiza as well as 2012 T'Wolve Pick-Up and former Jazz Star Andrei Kirilenko aka AK47

August 6...515 PM ET...the Best Game of the pool baring any Freakish Set Backs..Team Argentina and Luis Scola (Suns), Carlos Delfino (Bucks), Pablo Prigioni (Knicks 2012-13), Manu Ginobli (Spurs), and Former Bulls SF Andre Nocioni. They are better than Spain to the Bluedude.

All these Games will be followed by the All Important Medal Rounds....

Up Next the Team USA Women's Schedule

Thursday, July 26, 2012

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012....We are out of FRIES and MOZ Sticks...86 FRIES n MOZ Sticks...and while your at it...86 THREE STRIPES, PROTECT this HOUSE, and Team ZIG ZAG among others as TEAM USA Men's NATIONAL Team is all SWOOSH and 2 Shoe Boxes of JORDAN BRAND...LONDON Shoe Program #GameOnWorld

When Nike made the Deal all 12 Players on Team USA no matter what would have to wear Nike Basketball Scooby Doos or Jordan Brand if your on that Team.

Imagine the ADIzero Hero D-Rose and Super Man of Mouse Town Dwight "Make up your Mind" in some Zoom or FlyWire Technology looking FUSED Out....there would be a Good Ole' Tear da Club Up in Beaverton, Oregon.

Team USA has most of their Players in their Own Line of Shoes like King James in the LeBron 9, Durant 66 in KD IV, and Uncle Russ of Loud City in 2012 Nike Zoom Hyperfuse. And then there was Two as in the Dudes from the Other Building at Nike...Jordan Brand. CP3 and 'Melo have their Own Scooby Doos from that Building so for now we will leave well enough alone.

The London 2012 Summer Olympics will now have Two Treats on their hands as they get to see Team USA Dancing and Prancing like Donner and Vixen with the Orange and then there is Scooby Doo Lock Down...Team USA Men's Basketball...are those NIKES your Wearing?

MUSIC....U2...Streets have No Name....Everyone GET UP!...It's time for TEAM USA Shoe Game...AP COURSE....Studying Abroad on River THAMES

at the GUARDS....

CP3 Jordan CP3.5 run out there CP3...

the Black Mamba Nike Zoom Kobe VII

Uncle Russ Nike Zoom HyperFUSE 2012

D-Will 8 Nike hyperDUNK low

Big Game James 2.0 Nike HYPERdunk LOW

at the FORWARDS....

the Durantula Nike Zoom KD IV

Iggy of Broad Street Philly Nike hyperDUNK 2012

Lake Oswego Monster Nike hyperDUNK 2012 (361 DeGrees Shoes endorsed by)

King James Nike hyperDUNK+ 2012

Melo Jordan Melo 9 w/Flywire

at the BIGS....

MSG LandLord Tyson Nike hyperDUNK 2012

the ROOK of NOLA Nike hyperDUNK+

That is Studying Abroad with an AP COURSE Fusion of TEAM USA Men's Hoops + NIKE Basketball w/Jordan Brand (2) = play the US NATIONAL ANTHEM for the GOLD

the BLUEDUDE for Bluedude Sportstalk....AAAA-ttention

Special Consideration for MY Dudes...U2 and Bono

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #63...the BOYS in BLUE pick up a HOT CORNER in HANLEY Ramirez....but that was 1/2 of the DODGERS Equation of getting back into the NL WEST Race...They need a #3 to go with KERSHAW and BILLINGSLEY...ASAP...DEMPS...Who you WIT?

Yes the Boys in Blue have a realistic shot at getting to the 2012 MLB Winning Time and join the Chase to the Fall Classic 2012. Just like the Yankees, Carmines, and the Fightin' Phils to name a few if the Dodgers are close they will make a move to get better.

Now they make a Huge Move and Statement when they got Fightin' Fish Hot Corner Hanley Ramirez. The Dodgers now go 3-4-5...Kemp, Ethier, and Ramirez. But now the Big Money Question remains can Hanley regain his 2006-2010 Form and join forces with Kemp and Ethier to get Chavez Ravine back to the O'Malley Ran Boys in Blue Days?

As of late it hasn't been the Hitting that has doomed the Dodgers but the Pitching and as we head to September and Winning Time Pitching and Leather supersedes Ash, Maple, and Bamboo....right?

My thinking is all along to get another Bat in which they did with Hanley but that to me is 1/2 of the Dodgers Equation to get back in the race with the Gigantes. The other 1/2 is to get another Arm in that Starting Rotation as Ace and 2011 CY Young Award Winner Clayton Kershaw and Solid #2 Billingsley have looked worn down a bit as we hit the Summer back in June. The Dodgers have been rumored to get Cubs RHP Ryan Dempster and after this Road Trip with the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline looming they need another Quality arm. NL West Leader the Gigantes go 1-2-3 with Cain, Bumgarner, and Lincecum...and that spells Gloom and Doom for the Dodgers.

The Dodgers loss Tonight against the Redbirds puts them at 53-47 and now they trail the Gigantes by 3 Full Games. And look what the Show Doctor ordered this weekend in McCovey Cove....Dodgers @ Gigantes for a 3-Game Set. Dodgers must win the Series or Sweep it if they can and if they get Swept they will officially be in the Hole chasing all that San Fran Pitching...Ouch!

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012 with a NIKE Basketball FLY WIRE TECHNOLOGY of THUNDER ALLEY...@KDtrey5, @RussWest44, and #JHarden13...TEAM USA goes 12 = 5 + 7 = THUNDERup

The way FIBA Basketball is set up you would like some continuity within your Team so some players could mesh quicker than others. Like most Teams in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London have that in abundance as most of their Teams have been playing together for quite some time.

Team USA saw an Opportunity to get the Team to mesh quicker and they added the 3rd Piece in the OK City Trio that dominated the Logo in 2011-12. By Fault Team USA Men's Basketball had Three Players that have been playing together for a few Seasons and their Roles, Coach K and Mr. Bigs..USA Basketball Head and Phoenix Sports Mogul Jerry Colangelo, would be a perfect fit for Team USA.

Adding 2011-12 Logo All-Star Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was a No-Brainer and a Must for the Quest for the Gold Medal. By adding their 3rd Wheel and the 2011-12 6th Man of the Year in the Logo in James Harden none of their Roles would differ for Team USA. Hence you get Continuity and Players playing in the Natural Positions which means you will get Maximum Production out of the Three.

As we go to press Durant and Uncle Russ have been vital to Team USA on both Offense and Defense. James Harden aka Big game James 2.0 hasn't been so lucky as Coach K looks like he is trying to find a Nice Rotation going into the Olympics and Harden hasn't been used all that often. The good thing is that Harden's Role is no Different than he is used to because he comes off the Bench in OK City as well so he will be ready when called upon.

The One guy Team USA could think is Thunder Alley GM Sam Presti for drafting all these Players and slowly building the Team around them as their Games became steadily improved. Three Olympians on One NBA Team is for Team USA is unheard of and now you know why the Heat and Thunder battled to the O'Briens to their City for at least a Year if not longer.

As for who these Three Players represent Durant represents the DMV (Washington D.C, Maryland, and Virginia Metro Area), Hookem' Horns in UT Austin. Uncle Russ represents Long Beach, CA and the Bruins of UCLA, and Harden represents Lakewood California and the LA Area as well as Tempe, Arizona and the Sun Devils of Arizona State.

All Three represent NIKE BASKETBALL to the Fullest.....the KD IV, Uncle Russ Nike Zoom HyperFUSE 2012, and Fear the Beard..Harden is in the Nike HyperDUNK Low..... #GameON

LOGO WATCH #134....Point God NASHty is BYE BYE but THINGS starting to look up for the BOYZ in the VALLEY of the SUN....add SHANNON Brown and WES Johnson to SUNS Back Court..with Much-Improved Goran DRAGIC

The Phoenix Suns knew they would have to go in a Different Direction sooner or later and Point God Steve Nash knew as well.

The Suns immediately get some help in their Back Court and they sign PG Goran Dragic from the Rockets and draft Scooby Doo Addict @KButta5... Kendall Marshall of Franklin Street North Carolina.

Now they hold on to their Free Agent Shannon Brown of Proviso East HS Fame Maywood, Illinois after the Hive of NOLA matches the Max Contract that Eric Gordon was given to by the Suns.

NBA.com is reporting in a 3-Team Trade involving the Suns, T'Wolves, and Hornets the Suns get Sniper Wes Johnson and 2 Draft Picks as the Suns ship Brooks Lopez to the Hornets and the T'Wolves get Soon-to-Be retired Center Brad Miller and Combo G Jerome Dyson. The Suns bolster their back Court by Subtraction and Addition and the Youth Movement is on while not completely doing with Young Guys.

The Suns new Front Line is bolstered by Luis Scola, 2nd Year Stud Markeiff Morris, and a Hopefully New Lease on Life Stretch Forward in Michael Beasley aka B-Easy of the DMV. Throw in Channing Frye and Big Marcin Gortat the Suns have some pretty good pieces. They will be hovering at the 6-9 Spots in the West.

Watch for Wesley Johnson to blow up in the Desert as it was a Numbers game in 10K Lakes and he was the Odd Man out but he can get it with Size and Length.  Also B-Easy if he comes to play is as Talented as any young Stretch Forward in the League but its his Off the Court Doings that have held him back thus far.  

CSI BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK with a Slice of MEN of TROY Sunday Talk....A SUPER BOWL Promise? PANTHERS O-Lineman Ryan KALIL has a Legitimate BEEF....WHO DAT in a BOUNTY of ISSUES, DIRTY BIRDS Confused, and BUCS have FREEMAN at QB...

Out of all the things you here before the Season this one takes all the cake and then some. Carolina Panthers Pro Bowl Offensive Lineman Ryan Kalil went Straight CSI Bluedude Sportstalk with this one.

Kalil took a Full Page Ad out in the July 25, 2012 Charlotte Observer and and promised Panther Fans  that the Panthers will bring Home the Big One and not a W over Who Dat?

CRIME SCENE...Charlotte, North Carolina...the Big Full-Service Bank....Bank of America Stadium

Here is the Ad from Ryan Kalil he pout in the Charlotte Observer July 25, 2012:

I Will say this Mr. Kalil..I love the Passion and Confidence because your Suppose to think that. But to say it when there are Two Things going against you. One is your Defense couldn't Stop the NC State Wolfpack or Tar Heels...may be tar Heels. Two...your QB is heading for a make or Break Sophomore Season and he just missed being put on the Cover of the Sunday Jinxed Madden 2013 and MEGatron's Name was better than Cam's.

While your at it Kalil keep lil Bro' in Line in the Twin Cities with the Purple People and give him some Week to Week Pointers. The AD is Cute and thoughtful and everyone is watching the Panthers 2012 Season now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


They were arguably the Best of any Island to ever play on Sunday and they played for the Late Great Al Davis. Facing One was bad enough for Teams then they joined forces to dominate Sunday Play for 3 Years with A Lombardi at the Beginning of those 3 Seasons.

The Player , Corner Lester Hayes, drafted by the Raiders in 1977 was schooled by Legendary Silver & Black Corner Willie Brown. Known for a substance called Stickum he wore all over his Body..from his Hands to his Socks and to his Pants he dominated the Game. He was such a Lockdown Corner his nickname was the "Judge". What helped him become the Tackler that he was he played Linebacker in College Station for 12th Man...the Texas A&M Aggies.

In 1980 Hayes was NFL Defensive Player of the Year with 13 Picks and had 5 more Picks in Winning Time to lead his team to a Super Bowl 15 Win over the Bird Gang Eagles and their Star Trio of Ron Jaworski "The Polish Rifle", Wilbur Montgomery, and Super tall WR Harold Carmichael.

Then in 1983 a 6-Time Pro Bowl Corner Mike Haynes was picked up the Raiders and that Corner Duo became Legendary. Haynes was unique in a sense because he was gifted athletically...a 40" Plus Vertical, a sub 4.4 40 Yard Dash, 6-2 and just north of 200 el bees of "Throw it My Highway and I will take you down my Highway". Haynes was a real student of the game as his game was very Technical as Hayes' Game was more Instincts and naturally a Ball Hawk.

The Black Hole's Law Firm of, Hayes & Haynes, led the Raiders to the Super Bowl 18 Victory in the Old Sombrero in Tampa over the Redskins led by Joe Theismann and the Wr Corps..."the Smurfs" led by Art Monk and an O-Line called the "Hogs" led by Joe Jacoby, Arizona Cardinals' Assistant Head Coach Russ Grimm, and ESPN's College Football Analyst Mark May.

HAYES and HAYNES in my Mind have to be the #1 Duo of  Any Corners that placed on Sunday as they Covered like no other and equally adept at tackling as well. They had no Shortcomings to their games.

#22 and #37....Haynes & Hayes forever etched in Silver & Black Lore as well as Canton, Ohio in the NFL Football Hall of Fame.

CAMPUS HARD COURT...FRANKLIN Street LORE...Chapel Hill, N.C...Who was a better DUO?...SHEED and STACK or VINcanity and A.J....HOOP HEADS want to know

I could talk about UNC Tar Heel Men's Hoops until the Year 2100 and every year I am talking about them they are adding to the ledger. First Off the Legend Coach Dean Smith then a Host of Great Players like Phil Ford, Big Game James the Original, Air Jordan, Psycho T, the Jet of Arch Bishop Malloy HS, J.R., Jimmy Black, and so on and so forth. Today though the Bluedude has come to discuss the Top Two Duo's of the 90s for the 'Heels.

Who was better the 1993-95 Duo of Rasheed Wallace (Philadelphia Simon Gratz HS) and Jerry Stackhouse (Kinston, N.C./Oak Hill Academy VA) or the likes of Vince Carter (Daytona Beach, Fla Mainland HS) and Antawn Jamison (Charlotte, N.C. Providence HS).

Sheed and Stack were rated consensus #1 and #3 Overall in their 1993 Class by most Recruiting Services. Carter and A.J. were both Consensus Top 15 Players with Vince being a Consensus Top 5 Nationally in their 1995 Class.
Sheed was the best Center out of Philly since Philadelphia Overbrook HS's the Late Great Wilt Chamberlain. Was so good in HS Sheed was they used to play him a half because they were blowing out Teams and his Stats were watered Down because of that and not his Ability. Sheed had all the Tools to be a Dominant Big in the Logo as Sheed could block shots, face-up, back to the basket, an Array of Post Moves, and could step out and Knockdown Money Balls and did it on the Regular in the Logo from 23'9". Not Knocking Sheed but if he had Kevin Garnett's Motor he would be headed to the Naismith Basketball Hall of fame..That Good. His Rival in the ACC was Wake Forest's Tim Duncan.

Stack was the Next in Line of Great Tar Heel High-Flyers from Small Town USA Kinston, NC (2010  Big Mac and UNC Sniper Reggie Bullock from Kinston, NC) He dominated as Physically he was a Pro at UNC with a Unique Skill Set to play Bigger than what he was. Stack didn't have the Best Handle or Shot but what he had was the Knack for Being a All-Around Basketball Player. At times His Sophomore Year Stack would play the 4 with Sheed at the 5 and they would dominate the paint.

Right after they left, Stack and Sheed to enter the 1995 NBA Draft, the hosted Two Recruits that UNC picked up in the 1995 Class in Vince Carter and Antawn Jamison.

Carter was like Stack the Next in Line to be another Stack-Like Jordan-Like High-Flyer to lead UNC to a Chip. Vince was  Jack -of-All-Trades Player as he was Wing Forward and not a Shooting Guard like Stack but unlike Jordan. A Lead Band Major at Mainland HS in Daytona Beach, Florida Vince interest were all over the Place and like Stack and Jordan you saw glimpses as what they might be in the Logo but played under the Radar at UNC. Arguably the Best In-Game Dunker and Dunk Contest Dunker I have ever seen....It's Ova talking Half Man/Half Amazing.

A.J. was Blue-Collar hidden in a Unique Skill set built on Quick Hops, Runners, Sneaky Game off the Bounce, High Basketball IQ, and a Work Ethic 2nd to None. He played perfectly off of Vince because of his Ability to play the 4 at UNC and Rebound with the best of them. A.J. also had a Better Mid-Range Game than both Stack and Vince off a Set Shot. He just a had a Nose for getting Buckets and many of them.

Now who was the Best Duo on Franklin Street....it is a Tie. Stack and Sheed only played 2 Seasons and A.J. and Vince played 3 Seasons, Accomplished a little more at UNC, but combining Both Duo's they Both were as Similar as they were Different from Skill Set and Productivity on Franklin Street.

Campus Hard Court a Bluedude Sporsttalk Exclusive by the Bluedude..AJ Harris...Author/Writer/Blogger of Bluedude Sportstalk.

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Sports Shorts Take 22 with a HOT CORNER/STARTING PITCHER of CUP of the JOE in the SHOW Report #63...Phils' HAMELS last seen looking for BANK Depositories...FISH Hot Corner HANLEY Ramirez sent packing to CHAVEZ Ravine...is it MARLINS Fire Sale 3.0 without a CHIP to show for it?

With the MLB Trade Deadline looming July 31, 2012...some teams are already off to getting rid of or keeping their Most-Prized Possessions.

Citizens Bank Ballpark...Philly P.A....Fightin' Phils Starting Rotation: Left-handed Pitcher Cole Hamels says take that for leaving Philly as he reportedly agrees to a Whopping 6-years and $144 Million Deal that would enable him to be Minority Owner of the Phils when he hangs the Cleats up.

The 2nd largest Contract to a Starting Pitcher in the Show to the Yankees Ace C.C. Sabathia. Is Hamels worth that much Dough? The Phils think so as their once proud Staff has been decimated by Injuries, Roster Moves, and plain ole' ineffectiveness. Now the Phils can cut the Phone Lines as there will be no one calling them to acquire the Poor Man's Steve Carlton.

As for Hamels and Retirement you know what I meant....Liquid Assets...and Big Time
and Hamels' Squeeze or Ball and Chain has to be like...Your Awesome Cole!

New Marlins Ballpark...Liberty City, Florida...Orange Bowl Replacement Area: Just 4 Years ago he was suppose to be the Next in Line of Great ones from the Dominican Republic. Now a Dan Uggla Fake Donny Brook and 3 Years removed form that Season Hanley Ramirez finds himself the face of not the New Marlins with Partner in Crime Jose Reyes but the New Hot Corner in Chavez Ravine and Dodger Town USA.

Look at these Stats Hanley put up from 2006-2010 in Fightn' Fish Duds:

2006  17 Hrs 59 RBI .292 Avg

2007  29 Hrs  82 RBI .332 Avg

2008  33 Hrs  67 RBI  .301 Avg

2009  24 Hrs  106 RBI  .342 Avg

2010  21 Hrs  76 RBI   .300 Avg

Note: Numbers from MLB.com

Since those seasons Hanley has been slowed by Injuries hitting .244 and 10 Bombs with 45 RBI's on Average. Hanley looking at times not Locked In at All as though he needed a New Start. I can't blame the Fish here for moving an Asset that looked completely uninterested at Times and having one of the Largest Salaries on the Fish. Are the Fish throwing in the Towel who knows but they made a Huge Statement in that Clubhouse. You know Skip Ozzie Guillen is on Board with the Fact that if you don't perform your Livelihood is in Jeopardy.

I know one person who is Probably like I told you so Marlins...Braves 2nd Baseman and Former Fish 2nd Baseman and Dan Uggla.

TEAM USA WOMEN'S Soccer STRIKER Edition...Take 1...Team USA with the #1 FIFA Ranking and picked to win GOLD....What's Pressure?

The Team USA Women's Soccer has lofty expectations as they should being ranked #1 by FIFA the Governing Body of World Soccer. They have a Good balanced Mix of Veterans and Youth with excellent Coaching and everything is looking up for the young Ladies as they go for the Gold in London Summer Olympic Games.

Team USA will be led by these Top Players:

Goalie Hope Solo
Defense Christie Rampone
Striker Sydney Leroux
Mid Lauren Cheney
Striker Abby Wambach
Striker Alex Morgan
Mid Megan Rapinoe

The FIFA 2012 Women Soccer Rankings

1. USA
2. Germany
3. Japan
4. Sweden
5. Brazil

6. France
7. Canada
8. Korea DPR
9. England
10. Australia

Team USA's Road to the gold Medal will have to go through Germany, Japan, Sweden, and Brazil along with possible Draws with France, Canada, and the Host Country of England.

Today they had a Tune-Up with the French in Glasgow England and Group Play shall commence this Weekend as the Opening Ceremonies are Friday July 27, 2012.

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #62....I hit a lot of BOMBS and also miss a lot of the PELOTA....the ALL-TIME K Leaders at the DISH....STRIKE THREE and your OUT!

The List is filled with Whose Who among the Elite Hitters in the Show. Names like Mr. October, the Bash Brothers w/ Syringe, the Big Cat, Slammin' Sammy, Crime Dog, and a Host of others.

Most of these Players have two things in common as they hit a Lot of Round Trippers and they Grab some Bench Often via Swinging or Looking. One of the Top Players Today just hit the Top 5 as of Yesterday and you wouldn't think he was on the list considering how good a Hitter he was coming up.

The All-Time Strikeout Leaders At the Dish...the Top 25 in the Show that missed more than you did is sponsored by..Coming up Guys did you Strikeout a lot in Little League, High School, College, or the Minor Leagues because when you got to Play for Pay it was All or Nothing:

TOP 25 K Leaders at the Dish....
Note: L = Left Hand Hitter    R = Right Hand Hitter  * Still Active

1. R. Jackson aka Mr. October (L) 2,597
2. J. Thome (L) 2,530 *
3. Slammin' Sammy Sosa (R) 2,306
4. Andres Galaragga aka Big Cat (R) 2,003
5. Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez (R) 2,000 *

6. Adam Dunn (L) 1,955 *
7. Jose Canseco aka Bash Brothers (R) 1,942
8. Willie "Papa" Stargell (L) 1,936
9. Mike Cameron (R) 1,901
10. Michael "Jack" Schmidt (R) 1,883

11. Fred McGriff aka Crime Dog McGriff (L) 1,882
12. Tony Perez (R) 1,867
13. Dave Kingman (R) 1,816
14. Manny "Being Manny" Ramirez (R) 1,813 *
15. Bobby Abreu (L) 1,812 *

16. Ken "The Kid" Griffey Jr. (L) 1,779
17. Bobby Bonds (R) 1,757
18. Craig Biggio (R) 1,753
19. Dale Murphy (R) 1,748
20. Carlos Delgado (L) 1,745

21. Lou Brock (L) 1,730
22. Jim Edmonds (L) 1,729
23. Andruw Jones (R) 1,728 *
24. Mickey Mantle aka the "Mick" (R) 1,710
25. Derek Jeter (R) 1,708 *

Other Players in the Top 100 that are Active

52. Alfonso Soriano (R) 1,507
53. Jason Giambi (L) 1,501
68. Carlos Pena (L) 1,418
79. Scott Rolen (R) 1,388
82. David "Big Papi" Ortiz 1,384

83. Chipper Jones (R) 1,383 Tied with Hammerin' Hank Aaron as we go to Press

85. Torri Hunter (R) 1,377

Other Facts
Father/Son Combo

Bobby Bonds #17 /Barry Bonds #41
Ken Griffey Jr. #16/ Ken GrifFey Sr. #327

Note: Top 25 and Others Active Numbers from Baseball-Reference.com

FALL SATURDAY'S LABOR DAY Weekend Special.....The "M" CLUB needs your SUPPORT...and after September 1st, 2012...HAIL to the VICTORS....MAIZE & BLUE + ADIDAS = NEW JUMPOFFS for LABOR Day 2012

The Stage has already been set and the date is etched in Jerry Jones Memory as he gets a Good Ole' Fashion Fall Saturday Tune-Up in his own backyard.

On September 1, 2012 it will be for all the Nation to see the Maize & Blue travel to Big D to take on Defending National Champion Roll Tide in a Labor Day Smash. But look real close at what also is going on like on most Saturdays it will be Nike ('Bama) vs Adidas (UM) to see who has the Tightest Duds for the game.

Adidas is one up as they unveil the One Game Unis for the Maize and Blue and it looks like Nike Combat if I am not Mistaken. Not calling the Kettle Three Stripes but it is not much of Change but them Gloves look familiar.

As for 'Bama and Nike changing Roll Tide Unis'...Try it and the Late Great Paul "Bear" Bryant will be on that Big A** Scoreboard looking as though someone went offsides in Tuscaloosa. Tide you better be either White Top and Bottom or White Bottom and Crimson Top with Crimson Helmets, Gray Face mask, Numbers on the Side of the Helmet, and Black Nike Vapor Turf Scooby Doos....ROOOOOOOLL Tide!

I have always said Maize & Blue if your going to have the New Gear on you better Win the Fight or else it's like being Stood Up for Homecoming. The Bluedude knows nothing about that as some of my Dudes were stood up for the Big Dance and told me about the feeling back in the day.

UM don't disappoint as you represent the Big Ten and they have had hardly any luck in recent memory vs the SEC. Hail to the Victors!

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #61...A-ROD breaks Hand as Kid FELIX and the M's go BUSH League...A's Stay Hot...the EXPRESS throws a HEATER at the NATURAL...Josh HAMILTON of the RANGERS

I watched the Game and someone needs to go get Kid Felix of the M's and put him at the Plate and throw at his Head or would that be Bush League?

The M's won the Game in Seattle but not after Wild Pitch after Wild Pitch from Mariners Ace Felix Hernandez who now hits #2, then in the same Inning hits A-Rod on his Hand and now ESPN is reporting that it is a Broken Hand A-Rod suffered.

Now I can't wait to see what happens in Tomorrow Night's Game after all them Yankees get hit and they even hit Ichiro who is now a Bronx Bomber. Kid Felix pick your own Fight and if you were on the Senior Circuit those Pitches would have been for Strikes....Bush League Kid Felix...just Bush League.

Rangers Owner Nolan Ryan, the Express, on an Interview from KESN FM Dallas was quoted as saying (referring to Rangers OF Josh Hamilton...the Natural), " You're right some of his At-Bats don't seem very impressive as HAMILTON doesn't work himself Deep into the Count, he is swinging at a lot of bad Pitches, and he just doesn't seemed to be locked in at all".  This is a Contract Year for the Natural so Josh isn't locked in and then what Nolan. Not to make any excuses for Hamilton but it seems as though something is really bothering him observing from afar now.

As for the Express saying what he said. That is Nolan ryan and he will say what he has to say and it was like that for the '69 Miracle Mets and the '84 Astros.

So much for sweeping Bronx Bombers the Swingin' Athletics of East Bay are Officially Ruled a Junior Circuit Problem for all comers. Six Wins in a row and a 15-2 Record in the Month of July as their Only Losses were July 7th to the M's and July 17th to the Rangers. Don't look now Rangers and Halos but you have Company at the Top with the A;s jumping the Halos by Percentage points.

The New Rules are that there are Two Wildcard Team in the playoffs instead of just one and the Athletics have a Shot if they can stay the Course.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE ROOK Direct Deposits...the HIVE of NOLA's @AntDavis23 gets a 3 Year $16.1 Million Deal under ROOKIE SALARY Structure...The 2012-13 LOGO Rook Pay SCALE.

The #1 Overall Pick of the 2012 Logo Draft The Hive of NOLA's Anthony Davis gets a 3-Year $16.1 Million Deal and Teammate Austin Rivers gets 3-Year $5.9 Million. The 2012-13 Rookie Salary Structure is already in place and the Rooks can get between 80% - 120% of the Contract in the 1st Year. Most will take the 120% as Davis did and his Salary went up $720K north of the set amount. Davis will make just under $5.1 Million after a set amount for the #1 Pick of $4,287,000 Million.

The Rookie Salary Structure for the 2012-13 Season is sponsored by UNCLE SAM get his to so watch yourself Rooks and Relatives with your Mitts out:

M = Million K = Thousands

1. A. Davis Hornets $4,286,900 M (120% Value is $5.1 M for 2012-13)

2. M. Kidd-Gilchrist mikeCATS $3,835,600 M
3. B. Beal Wizards $3,444,400 M
4. D. Waiters Cavs $3,105,500 M
5. T. Robinson Kings $2,812,200 M

6. D. Lillard Rip City Blazers $2,554,200 M
7. H. Barnes Warriors $2,331,700 M
8. T. Ross Raptors $2,136,100 M
9. A. Drummond Pistons $1,963,300 M
10. A. Rivers Hornets $1,865,300 M

11. M. Leonard Rip City Blazers $1,772,100 M
12. J. Lamb Rockets $1,683,500 M
13. K. Marshall Suns $1,599,300 M
14. J. Henson Fear the Deer $1,519,400 M
15. M. Harkless Sixers $1,443,300 M

16. R. White Rockets $1,371,200 M
17. T. Zeller Mavs $1,302,600 M
18. T. Jones Rockets $1,237,500 M
19. A. Nicholson Magic $1,181,800 M
20. E. Fournier Nuggets $1,134,500 M

21. J. Sullinger C's $1,089,100 M
22. F. Melo C's $1,045,600 M
23. J. Jenkins Hawks $1,003,800 M
24. J. Cunningham Mavs $963,600 K
25. T. Wroten Grizzlies $925,100 K

26. M. Plumlee Pacers $894,400 K
27. A. Moultrie Sixers $868,600 K28. P. Jones III Thunder $863,300 K
29. M. Teague Bulls $857,000 K
30. F. Ezelli Warriors $850,800 K

Remember Rooks can increase these Salaries from 80% - %120 and most of them take the %120 like NOLA's Ant Davis did. The more your Contract is obviously the more the increase is.

Note: Numbers from NBA.com

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012...Running with the BULLS in Pamplona Spain...How about Running with the MSG BULLY in BARCELONA....'MELO and US smack SPAIN 100-78

Team USA has some weaknesses but I am going to tell you this for the First and Last Time. Team USA Men's National Basketball Team has the Best Player in the World and Players. They have the Best Scorer, the best Rebounder, the best Ball-Handler, the Best Coach and Coaching, the Best Scooby Doos, the Best Energy Drink, the Best Jerseys, the Best Socks, the Best Hotels, and the Best Travel, and the Lone Rookie is covering Team USA Meals half of the time.

Taking all that in I like Team USA's Chances and if this 100-78 Spain you go jump in River Thames Spanking didn't mean that much....your telling Myths.

The Bully of MSG...'Melo of Team 5th Avenue NYC took matters into his own hand and when going he is Certified and Verified the Best All-Around Get Buckets in the milky Way Galaxy. At one point Running the Bully in Barcelona had 18 points on 7-9 from the Field and Team USA had a combined 6-16 for 19 points and Melo was #Winning.

Spain looked Sharp from the On Set as I knew they would it's their Gym and Fans. Spain PG Calderon is one Crafty Player and at times he carries Jurassic park in Toronto as a Facilitator and Scorer. Off the Subject them Blue Duds (Jerseys) Spain was wearing , from Li-Ning Shoe Manufacturer of China, were Fashionably on time. Thinking thought USA saw them and didn't see the Customary Spain National Colors might of had them thinking it was France and not taking Shots at France....Ok so I did.

Now Spain needs to go back to the Drawing Board and the one thing they can take from this is No 2012 NBA All-Star Center Marc Gasol, of the Grind House on the Mississippi, was not available as he is nursing a Shoulder. Spain will have a Different look with Younger Gasol anchoring Spain in the Middle and Team USA will be more than ready.

King James also chipped in with 25 as he got going in a Pivotal 3rd Frame. Both Team USA and Spain are in different pools so look for them to both meet for the Gold barring some unforeseen Loss by Spain not holding up their End of the Bargain.  

TP9 of Alamo City Spurs you and the French are 1st up off River Thames on Sunday July29, 2012....and you have the Tape...Good Luck.

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #11... STEELERS Lead MAN COACH T is in tha Building for at least 3 More Seasons...STEELERS ink Mike TOMLIN through 2016

NFL.com is reporting Coach Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers is in Charge for at least 3 more Seasons through 2016 and Coach T has been nothing but Spectacular in the Steel City.

The Rooney's have to be proud to Keep their Guy for a few more years as Steelers Head Coaching Tenures will go forever if the results are Good on and off the Field.

Tomlin has sent 36 Pro Bowlers to Hawaii and Miami along with 2 appearances in the Super Bowl where he is 1-1.

Coach Mike Tomlin's Steelers Lead Man Stats

Steelers Coaching Career 2007-2011

55-25 W-L .688 %
22-8 vs AFC North .733%
3 AFC North Titles

5-3 Post Season
Super Bowl XLIII Champs
Super Bowl XLV Losers

Only 4 Teams Tomlin has a Losing Record to and they are all in the NFC....
Bears (0-1), Who Dat (0-1), G-Men (0-1), an Bird Gang (0-1)

Top 3 Records vs an Opponent
Dawg Pound (9-1)
the Jungle (8-2)
Aqua Boyz Dolphins (3-0)

Note: Numbers from NFL.com/Calculations from the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk

WEST SIDE STORY Report #38....Reports out of Chicago BULLS let Center OMER ASIK walk to CLUTCH City....and the BULLS fill the rest of their ROSTER with I HAVE No IDEA and 2012-13 Salaries for SEE RED

Team See Red has decided not to match the 3 year $25 Million Deal from the Houston Rockets for JV Center Omer Asik reports NBA.com. That doesn't surprise me at all considering what the Bulls Cap looks like for 2012-13. They had little Space to really take on any more Salary and when your Cap is Full you would hope your going to make a Run at a Chip which has yet to be seen.

As for the Bulls Roster here is what they are reportedly going to add fort the 2012-13 Season as though we may be Lottery Bound:

SG Marco Belinelli Hornets 11.8 ppg 2011-12
C Nazr Mohammed Thunder JV Center in OKC

Stretch Forward Vlad Radmonovic Hawks 4.6 ppg 2011-12
Combo G Captain Kirk Hinrich Hawks 6.6 ppg 2011-12

Put those 4 Players in the Core Mix with these Players included 2012-13 Salaries:

PG Marquis Teague $857,000
SG Rip Hamilton $5,000,000
SF Luol Deng $13,326,700
PF Carlos Boozer $15,000,000
C Joakim Noah $11,050,000
SF/PF Taj Gibson $2,155,811
SF Jimmy Butler $1,097,520

PG Derrick Rose * $16,402,522

The Bulls will have to make Ends meet as they will be without the 2010-11 MVP for at least until after All-Star Break. Look for the Bulls maybe to resign John Lucas III at the League Minimum and play Captain Kirk a lot at the point.

They had to make a move on either Asik or Taj and after Luol and Joakim...Taj is #4 most important on Team See Red and there are NO Arguments.

Note: Bulls Cap Numbers from Spotrac.com

LOGO WATCH LONDON 2012....THIS is a TEST...Only a TEST...the SPANIARDS are coming...the SPANIARDS are coming....HEAVY HITTERS Hoop Heads...TEAM USA Men's vs SPAIN

The Test of all Tests and Coach K and Team USA wouldn't like any other way as they renew acquaintances with Team Spain on Spain's Turf in Madrid.

If the Team USA Men's national Team were to lose this is the game you should lose that would have no Direct Ramifications in only that the US Psyche might be dinged a little bit.

The Spaniards are ready and they are loaded especially up front and Team USA knows all too well what could happen on the Glass in this one. Spain boasts the Gasol Brothers with a hint of Air Congo as in Thunder Alley's Serge Ibaka. Then you throw in a host of Back Court Players that make their Home in the LOGO for 82 Games and the US has a Deep Cause for concern and it is real.

The US were hammered on the Glass vs the Argentinians and you think Spain didn't see that. Whoa for a Splash of Super Man of Mouse Town and Bosh Spice right about now with a Mojito of La Marcus Aldridge of the Rip City Blazers....yeah Last Call for a Team USA Big Man.

The Match-Up will go down Today July 24, 2012 in Madrid Spain at 430 PM ET on ESPN2 in the States.

Let's take a closer look at Team SPAIN sponsored by The Spaniards will Throw Rocks at the Throne so be ready for a good ole'  Donny Brook from the Spaniards.

Team Spain 2012 for London 2012 Summer Games:

PF Pau Gasol Lakers
SF Rudy Fernandez Nuggets
PG Sergio Rodriguez Rip City Blazers

SG Juan Carlos Navarro Grizzlies
PG Jose Calderon Raptors
C Felipe Reyes Real Madrid

SF Victor Claver Rip City Blazers
SF Fernando San Emeterio
SG Sergio Llull Real Madrid

C Marc Gasol Grizzlies
PF Serge Ibaka Thunder
PG Victor Sada Barcelona Basquet

Yes I told you and all you LOGO Hoop Heads you are more than familiar with this Bunch. The Spaniards are coming in with the notion of Team USA has no BIGS that can handle Gasols, Ibaka, and other Spain Bigs.

Remember Pau Gasol plays way different than he plays with the Lakers as though if he plays bad for Spain the LAKEshow won't see him again and not saying anything Terrible but he plays with a Sense of Desperation and Urgency.

Watch also for the Spain Guard Play as they are more than comfortable playing against the Team USA Back Court.

These are the 2 Teams that FIBA and Olympic Supporters are hoping to see in the GOLD MEDAL Round in London.

Note: Roster from NBACircle.com

Monday, July 23, 2012

CAMPUS HARD COURT Circa 2003-04...ATLANTIC 10...Hometown Revered JAMEER and the PRIDE of the DMV DELONTE...ST JOSEPH'S (PA) HAWKS

They went 27-0 and ranked #1 in All Polls up to their Lone Loss in the A-10 Tourney to the X-Men of Xavier Ohio. They had the Nations Best Back Court and they played like Clockwork with one feeding off the Other and vice verse. They captivated an National Audience as they were doing it BIG at a Mid-Major but with Swagger like Us...the Majors

One was a Stocky-Looking Point Guard that had a Game only meant for the Streets of Philly as he was from Chester PA near Philly born and raised. The Other was a Crafty-Lefty Combo G who methodically tore you apart and was the Pride of the D.M.V.....D.C., Maryland, and Virginia Area.

The Nation and A-10 for sure thought they would get to the Final Four that season as one was Naismith, Wooden, and the Big O Trophy Winner and both were surefire Top Flight 1st Round NBA Picks.

The Point Guard, Jameer Nelson, and the Combo Guard, Delonte West, one of the Best Back Courts the Bluedude has ever seen on the Collegiate Level...ever.

Yes they advanced to the Elite 8 but they didn't get the Prize of the Final Four as they captivated a  Whole Nation that was behind the St. Joseph's Hawks as Cinderella but Cinderella had the Best Guards in the Nation.

St. Joseph's Coach then and now Phil Martelli to this Day would tell you I have seen Seasons and had Seasons that were Awe Inspiring but coaching that Team in the 2003-04 Season was indeed my Best Team and arguably a Top 5 Ever to represent Philly P.A..


St. Joseph's Hawks A-10 Conference 30-2 (16-0)
Coach Phil Martelli 6 Coach of the Year Awards

Jameer Nelson 6-0
2003-04 Season 20 ppg 5 Helpers 3 Thefts
1st Team A-10
1st Team All-American
Naismith Winner
Wooden Award
Oscar Robertson Award
2004 1st Round Pick #20 Denver Nuggets (Draft Day Trade to Orlando Magic)

Delonte West 6-4
2003-04 Season 19 ppg 7 Helpers

1st Team A-10
Honorable-Mention All-American
2004 1st round Pick #24 Celtics

It was the Show in Philly in 2003-04 as the Hawks were Front and Center dominating with their Electric Backcourt of Jameer and Delonte as both are still doing their thing in the LOGO.

Note: Numbers/Records/Awards from Espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball and SJUHawks.com

MAKING NOISE....The TOP DAWGS in the 2012 SIN CITY NBA ALL-SUMMER League TEAM.....Which Player distinguished himself from the pack and proved his STOCK worthy whether 2012 Draft Pick, European Player, NBADL Player, UnDrafted Free Agent, and so on and so forth?

Say it isn't so who needs to Stay in School or Play better Competition? Well neither Josh Selby or Damian Lillard listened to none of that as they wreaked Havoc on all comers in the 2012 Vegas NBA Summer League. Both crowned Co-MVP's and that bodes extremely well for Selby a former 2nd Round Pick out of Kansas who Memphis will get minutes now that OOJ Mayo is in Big D.

Now the 2012 Sin City NBA All-Summer League Team highlighted by Co-MVP's Lillard and Selby is sponsored by Rip City Blazers you hit a Granny and the Grind House Selby has graduated from the DNP List...get that Burner Minutos Muchos:
MVP Josh Selby Combo G Grind House
MVP Damian Lillard Rip City Blazers

PF/C Malcolm " In the Middle" Thomas See Red
2G B2 Chocolate City Wizards
SF Tobias Harris Fear the Deer
PF John "Plastic Man of Beer Town USA" Henson Fear the Deer

Combo G Silence of the Jeremy Lamb-s Clutch City
2G Dominique "DO-JO" Jones Big D Mavs
Combo G Corey Joseph Alamo City

2G/SF Jimmy "the Butler " of the West Side Story Report...See Red

PG Kemba Walker mikeCATS
C Donatas Motiejunas Clutch City
SF Jae Crowder Big D Mavs

The List has Six 2nd Year Players and of those 6 Players Five were 2011 1st Rounders...
4 Lottery Picks from 2012
Both Selby and Lillard led the Summer League in Scoring..Selby at 27.5 P.P.G. and Lillard at 26.8 P.P.G.
A very impressive showing for Henson who some thought wouldn't hold up Physically. Crowder of Marquette showed the Logo and the Mavs that he can play the Small Forward and he was 2011-12 Big East Player of the Year. DO JO of Big D will start to get Minutes in Big D as he just Scored and Scored some more.

Clutch City and UConn Sniper Silence of the Jeremy Lamb-s went In often and the Cavs get Waiters and the Wizards get Beal ahead of him. Lamb put his Case up to show he was also Worthy of that Top Shooting Guard drafted spot as well.

Note: P.P.G. from NBA.com