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LOGO WATCH #91.....Welcome to LOUD City San Antonio Spurs....I hope your STAY is a pleasant one....let us know if you need an L...THUNDERup halts the SPURS Win Streak....Spurs up the real CHESS MATCH has begun.

I said in My Playbook earlier today that Thunder Lead Man Scott Brooks missed some Halftime Adjustments in Game 2 and he we need to go Small to see if the Spurs still play their style of Ball.

The Thunder went Small like I said...they took Perk out and had Ibaka and Collison played major minutes and the Spurs never adjusted. 21 Turnovers and 42% from the field later.....San Antonio...WE need to make an adjustment.

I was thinking when they went small Spurs Lead Man Pops made the proper adjustment it was that his players didn't make the adjustment on the floor and the Thunder rolled. When KD, Westbrook, and harden combine for only 47 and the Thunder win...Coach Brooks and his Staff have done the right thing.

Now it is up to the Spurs to make the adjustments for game #4 as we have ourselves a Real Series and it will go 6 at least and most likely 7. The Spurs Core of Dunc, Manu, and TP9 only had 35 on 12 for 32 and they combined for 1 of the Spurs 21 My Bad's.

Everything on the Stat Sheet was about the same except the Spurs were -14 in turnovers and on the Road in the logo that will get you an L 95% of the time unless you shoot it from Deep and they don't.

With Sefolosha adding 19 points and Ibaka chips in with 14 the Thunder look like they are more balanced and they play to where now you have to guard everyone not just the Thunder 3.

The Logo is  Chess match you know what their going to do and they know what you going to do. The Question is can your players out execute their players and make enough plays to win the game that simple. High School and College are the same way except they are not the best players in the World so mistakes in the Logo are compounded and the best in the World will make you pay...hence the Thunder over the Spurs in Game 3.

Game #4 Saturday June 2, Loud City  

CAMPUS HARD COURT AAU Scene #1..Remember these Three Names... Jabari Parker (2013) Julius Randle (2013) and Andrew Wiggins (2014)....Leaps and Bounds above the Rest.

At the Nike EYBL Sessions there were plenty of Talent displayed on then Scholastic Scene from some of the Top AAU Programs Nationally and the Top Players in Classes 2012-2014.
Chi City)
Teams like CIA Bounce (Toronto Canada), Texas Titans (Dallas Texas) Mean Streets (Chi City), Mac Irvin Fire (Chi City), Deron Williams Elite AAU (Dallas Texas), and more.

Some of the Top Players at the HOOPS Addicts Classic:

Jabari Parker Mac Irvin Fire (Chi City) #1 Class of 2013...Duke and Michigan State among his favs. 6'9" 225 Silky Smooth with a game like Reston VA South Lakes Star Grant Hill. Also watch Coach Lorenzo Romar of Washington he played with Jabari's Dad Sonny Parker for the Golden State Warriors back in the day.

Julius Randle Texas Titans (Big D) #2 in Class of 2013...a 6'9" 225 lbs of Z-Bo and former Albany GA Westover HS Star Dontonio Wingfield..on the Block or on the Perimeter..Pick your Poison Rock Chalk, Tar Heel Blue, and Hookem' Horns among others

Andrew Wiggins CIA Bounce (Toronto Canada) #1 in Class of 2014 and arguably the #1 player in the Land. Former Houston Rocket Sniper Mitchell Wiggins is Pops and Ma was Marita Payne a former Track Star and Canadian Olympian in the 80s. The Bloodline is all over this Kid as he looks like he is jumping off of a trampoline. At 6'6" and 175 lbs. Reminds the BLUEDUDE of former Farragut Star Ronnie Fields in his jumping ability and plays like former Daytona Beach Florida Mainland HS Star Vince Carter. On every ones list including his own. He plays HS Ball in Huntington, West Virginia

Matt Jones Texas Titans (Big D) #15 rated in Class of 2013 and regarded as the Top Snipers in the Class. At 6'4" 180 lbs. Already signed with Duke. Reminds me of former Duke ALL ACC Performer and Sugarland TX Willow Ridge HS Star Daniel Ewing. Effortless Stroke and can get you off the Bounce. From Talent-Rich DeSoto TX HS in South Dallas.

Jahlil Okhafor Mac Irvin Fire (Chi City) The #1 Center in Class of 2014 a Man Eater. Has great size and hands to go along with ever improving feet. Has former Farragut Star and Oregon Duck Michael Dunnigan in him except bigger. Has Michigan State, UNC, UConn, Arizona, Illinois, and DePaul among others.....

Derrick and Erick Neal (Deron Williams Elite AAU) Two of the Best PGs in the Class of 2014. They hail from talent-Rich Dallas Lincoln....Chris Bosh (Heat) LaBryan Nash (Oklahoma St.) Bryan Hopkins (SMU) and Byron Eaton (Oklahoma St and older Cousin of Nash....Eaton was All-State Football as well) to name a few. The Neal Twins they have a 635 Handle with a &% Central Expressway Grip, and a South Dallas Dribble Drive.Add all that up and you will get crossed up more by them than the rest of the season so you have to have Ankle Wrap and Tape on Ankles playing them.  At 5'10" and 160 lbs. lightning quick reminds of St. Raymond Bronx NY and Pig Sooie Star Kareem Reid and Sugarland TX Willow Ridge Star TJ Ford. All Colleges will be on board and you will get 2 for the price of 1....

That's just some of the talent that you will see on Display in the next Big Mac Game as well as Jordan Classic let alone the 2012-13 Basketball Season. The BLUEDUDE has it covered and if your College Coach get at me on Linked In or NBA Scout......Real Talk.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE PLAYBOOK...THUNDER and KD, Uncle RUSS, and BIG GAME James 2.0 Southpaw Version..What they need to do vs SPURS Defensively and for a GAME 3 Win....The Thunder Big 3 accounted for 88 points in Game 2.

The Thunder Coaches and Players are not in Panic Mode they know they need to get back to playing their brand of basketball. In Game 2 they did that as their Bug 3 went for 88 points the problem was that they dug themselves such a hole they played catch up all night.

What I saw in Game 2 was that the Thunder made a concerted effort to attack the Rim and not settle for so many Money Balls like in Game 1. The Thunder were 7-18 in Game 2 and a poultry 8-24 in Game 1 from the Arc. Also they were only 17-25 from the Charity Stripe in Game 1 as oppose to 29-36 in Game 2. All these numbers were the improvements the Thunder were looking for accept the outcome of the game which was another loss.

Offensively the Thunder look like they are doing what they had intended to do in Game 2. Defensively lies in the Problem. There is a reason TP9 of the Spurs is always in the Top 5 -8 in the Logo in FG Percentage. He shoots High Percentage Shots via the Mid-Range or he gets to the front of the Rim on anyone. What the Thunder have to do and what they did in Game 2 was get back in Transition D and cut off TP9's One -Man Fast Break Opportunites.

The Half-Court Defense for the Thunder has been their Achilles Heel in this Series thus far. They are having real trouble with the Spurs Princeton Style 2-3 Sets as well as the Dribble/Drive Hand-Off as the Thunder Defenders are caught in no man's land a lot of the time.

What they have to do is play small so when they Switch or the Screeners Defender shows hard they can play the Ball. The Spurs are counting n TP9 or Manu to come off the Hand-Off and be isolated on a Thunder Big and they know they will win that mis match every time. They need to either Trap hard on everything to the Sideline or cutoff the Driving lanes and let the Spurs shoot J's all, night and if they get off and shoot a High Percentage so be it. The Thunder have to pick their Poison and the Spurs can't have both the Drives to to Cup and/or Open Looks from the Perimeter. But if the Thunder have to choose let Spurs shoot from the Perimeter.

Ibaka and Collison have to play the 5 Spot and they are going to have to move KD sometimes to the 4 on the Defensive End to stop the Spurs Offense. When they have 2 of the 3 in Perk, Ibaka, and Collison out there the Spurs are +16 in the Series When the Thunder have 1 of the 3 out there they Thunder are +8. They have to play small and if the Thunder keep attacking the Rim they will be in good shape for game 3 in Thunder Alley.

Squeeze the Orange PLAYBOOK is a Bluedude Sportstalk Exclusive.........Game 3 Tonight on TNT at 9PM ET in Thunder Alley.  

LOGO WATCH #90.....RONDO needed a StraitJacket to slow him down....King James misses potential Game-Winner in Final Frame...C's you want it...NO...Heat you take it...and take it they did...TEAM WHITE HOT up 2-0 now back to the HUB

If you would have told me King James gets 34, Wade County puts in 23, and Regular Mario (Not SUPER) chips in with 22 the BLUEDUDE would have told you the Heat blew the Green Team out of 305 and back to the Hub for Game #3.

But on the other side of that scenario Rondo goes off for 44....I would have said Rondo started the St. Patrick's Day Massacre...C's Edition 305. Rondo did get help from the Truth as he put in 21 and KG 18 but it was not enough although the game went into an extra frame.

The Heat go up 2-0 after all that Back and Forth and Drama as Rondo went to Planet King James and almost pulled the Shamrock out of his lid. 115-111 and did the C's expend too much energy trying to win this one and won't have enough left for Friday Night in the New Garden...we will have to wait and see.

I know LeBron will get hammered for taking a fade away 18 footer to win the Game on Rondo but let me make a valid point. King James is arguably one of the Greatest Players ever in the logo and as much as some of you hate it the Dude is Ridiculous and there is no other way to put it. Having seen King James in these moments he just is not a natural Closer and Wade County is but all of a sudden there is a Kink in Wade County's Armor as well. This might be the Heat's biggest problem in the Finals IF....they get there...closing.

At any rate the C's will have to dig deep to rebound from this one as they are now in a must-win situation and the Heat knows if they get Game #3 it will be Last Call for the New Big Three in the Hub.....roll them credits ASAP.

Note: Double R of the C's Stat Line......44 points, 8 off the glass, 10 I'll be your server tonight, 3 purse snatches, 3 whistles blown on him, and 3....My Bad was suppose to go there. I just sat back and said," the LOGO is a POINT GOD Driven League".....write it down take a picture an the BLUEDUDE sent you.

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LOGO WATCH #89...The first thing is to BLOCK the CP3 to the LAKEshow then to the BLAKEshow...then I will see if SAINTS Owner Tom Benson buys the HORNETS and I will give him the OVERALL #1....2012 DRAFT LOTTERYgate....JORDAN Gone MAD

The 2012 Draft Lottery was going in place all the way to though of this morning of the New Orleans Hornets are NBA Controlled or at least were until Saints Owner Tom Benson said he would shoulder the load.

Now the BLUEDUDE has been thinking all along with the Hornets having Two Lottery Picks in 2012 you wouldn't think would you. The Trickeration started at #4 and I saw it coming before that envelope was opened...the Cavs will move from 3 to 4 and the Hornets will move up into the Top 3.  Now stay with me BLUEDUDE Heads stay with m please. Hornets have been passed off reluctantly to the Saints Owner who really wanted nothing to do with them unless Stern sweetened the pot.

Here is Stern in his NY Offices with a big ol' fat Cuban in his trap (so much for being in a smoke-free environment):

STERN: Mr. Benson glad you could join me I have been thinking if you pick up the Hornets I can control the Top Pick but I will let your 2nd pick in the Lottery lay down where it lays down.

Mr. BENSON: Well we were not that good this past season and you think one guy can make a difference for the City of New Orleans and our Franchise?

STERN: Well I know you haven't seen Kentucky's Anthony Davis?

Mr. BENSON: Well I may have seen him or my Family I will check YOU TUBE Later and what is his Twitter Handle D-Nice?

STERN: (Shuffling papers then goes to his DROID Razor (take that Apple) on his Desk) Here it is you still there?...Mr. Benson..Well yeah after eating a Whole Bowl of Crawfish Gumbo (they both Laugh). Stern says...@AntDavis23 and you might also want to check out @TRobinson0 and @GilliesFanPage?

MR. BENSON: Who are they?

STERN: They are 2 Players that are in High regards and heck with a little bit of that WHO DAT? Voo Doo...and Stern Trickeration....that 2nd ball might come up 2 or 3.

MR. BENSON: Ok I will take them but I want an 8 Seed in Winning Time also?

STERN: That is too obvious.

Mr. BENSON: Ok get me the DAVIS Boy and put that 2nd Lottery Ball at least in the Top 10...OK Stern not playing...SAINTS already have the more Drama on my plate.

STERN: Done Deal

First it was the CAVS getting Hometown Hero LeBron James in 2003.

Then it was King James leaving in 2010 and then Cavs getting #1 in 2011 to get Kyrie for Mayor.

The Knicks have all kinds of issues in 1985 and the Biggest market get Hoya Paranoia Center Patrick Ewing.

The Hornets needed help but they get the #1 Pick when the BLUEDUDE would gave them 3 and 6 to make it look not fixed.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE....He had SAN JACINTO TX CC and ALLEGHENY MD CC on 100....the COLE Fieldhouse and the FIGHTING TURTLES players in the ACC...what happened to Stevie "FRANCHISE" Francis in the LOGO?

It is never a bad thing or end of the world when you have to go the Junior College Route to get to a 4-Year as a Student-Athlete. This is the path one Maryland Native Combo Guard Steve Francis took to get to the Logo.

The Journey was never in doubt as immensely talented as Steve was in the Maryland part of the DMV. He didn't have the grades to go to Maryland right away so his first stop was Texas to National Powerhouse San Jacinto Runnin' Ravens. They were from toughest JUCO Basketball Conference in the Country...the Texas Junior College Athletic Conference.

Steve was 1st Team All-American at San Jacinto TX and they went unbeaten. Then he was home sick and transferred back home to play for the Allegheny CC Trojans and led them to an unbeaten season and the 1st Ever player to do so in Junior College Basketball.  It wasn't like then Maryland Lead Man Gary Williams had to beg Steve to come to College Park, Maryland and play for the Terps as he had been on their radar since 8th grade.

Steve didn't disappoint at Maryland College Park as he went to work right away and led the Terps in Scoring and went All-ACC and AP All-American.

Then as he entered the 1999 NBA Draft he had told everyone that he would not be going to the Vancouver Grizzlies if they drafted him. As he sat their in the Green Room on Draft Night the Grizzlies came up at #2 and I remember to this day Commissioner David J. Stern calling his name, " With the 2nd Pick in the 1999 NBA Draft...the Vancouver Grizzlies select (by this time at Steve's table he had his face down in his hands as though they better not call my name).....Steve Francis...Guard...University of Maryland. the Whole time Steve hugged Grandma, Ma, family, and Agent...he was shaking his hand and crying as though I told them not to do it.

Francis did get his due when he was traded to the Houston Rockets right before his rookie season. He was Rookie of the Year with Bulls PF Elton Brand (who was the #$1 Overall in 1999) and Steve had All-Star Seasons in H-Town. From 2002-04 he was a West All-Star with Rockets Center Yao Ming. Steve was so good in the Rocket City he had garnered the nickname "Stevie Franchise" that until the Ming Dynasty took full affect.

Right before then 2004-05 Season Francis was traded with Partner in Crime..Sniper Cuttino "Cat" Mobley (Born and raised Philadelphia and starred in College for the Rhode Island Rams and Jim Harrick former UCLA Coach and Lamar Odom missed him as he attended URI in '99 Mobley in '98) to the Orlando Magic and they flourished. Then after Cat was traded to the Clippers the Following season that was it for Franchise as he wasn't the same player. Injuries among other Personal Issues had got to Steve and his career would be average at best.

Franchise went to the Knicks after the Magic and then back to the Rockets as he ended his career in  2009. The strange thing was as talented as he is and as fast as he arrived on the Major College and Logo Scene....POOOOOF....Stevie Franchise was gone in a flash.

I will always remember him as the Mythical Legend coming out of JUCO that the Fighting Turtles were getting and they were preseason ranked #2 when Steve came in with all that Hype and he never disappointed.

Steve "Stevie Franchise" Francis....San Jac TX CC, Allegheny MD CC MD, and Maryland College Park All-American as well as 3x Logo All_Star.  

SUNDAY TALK May 2012 Act #8....VIKES CB Allen calls it says 49ers LB Duo the Best in 2011....WEEDEN with 1st Team in Dawg Pound

From sources are saying only after 3 seasons Purple People CB Asher Allen, a Standout at Between the Hedges University in Athens, GA, has retired.

Allen was on the Inactive List last season for a few weeks due to Post-Concussion Symptoms. Vikes Lead Man Leslie Frazier was quoted as saying it was not Concussion related and the BLUEDUDE will start ILB for the Steelers this season. put out their Top 3 Linebackers for the 2011 Season and two of them reside in the Stick. The Niners place Patrick Willis (the BLUEDUDE thinks he is the Best ILB/MLB on Sunday) at #1, followed by teammate and fellow ILB Navarro Bowman at #2, and fresh off of a Flintsone Vitamins Bergen, Catholic NJ Alum Brian Cushing was at 3rd.

Willis and Bowman combined for some 240 Tackles which also tells me the Gold Rush was playing 11 on 5 must have made all the TACKLES.

Weeden reportedly has been taking Snaps with the 1st team in the Dawg Pound Camp is reporting. It just appears to me ever since Mr. Clean #92 of the Steelers knocked out McCoy in that game and the Browns Medical Staff let him back in the Game the Browns want to disassociated themselves from McCoy. Remember McCoy';s Father got in the fray by saying , " How could they let my Son back into that game knowing he had a Concussion". I would love to see what Dictator Mike Holmgren said about a Parent of a QB on his Team questioning his Organization about a Player playing with a known Concussion.

Then you wonder why they get Weeden one because of need and two....let's be done wit this McCoy BS....HAHAHAHAHA. Brownies the BLUEDUDE luvs ya and see you at the End of a Season for another BEAT DOWN.


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BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Auto Body Shop....GREEN TEAM needs Servicing.....SUGAR RAY in Shop.....the TRUTH needs a Tune-Up...KG Check Engine Light has been ON...and Rondo has the New Whip.....GREEN TEAM falling apart.

There isn't too many times the BLUEDUDE pulls out the Auto Body Shop for a Core of a Squad to get looked at. But after the C's were demolished in 305 on Monday and the Truth and Sugar Ray looked as though enough was enough..I got that call this morning from the C's Core Group.

This is what the Bluedude Auto Body Shop looked like on Tuesday Morning in 305:

Sugar Ray of Brand Jordan 2007 Celtics Whip: Probably needs Ankle Surgery in the Off-Season that's if he even plays anymore. Not seeing Ray at 100% and his Body finally starting to breakdown is not a good look for he or the C's. He will give it a go on Wednesday but the Keyon Dooling Train is up and running.

The Truth 1998 Celtics Whip: Can still get you Buckets in a hurry but that Sprained Knee is a lot worse than believed as the Truth has been anything but the Truth. To see Paul struggle vs Battier and LeBron among others and look even slower than he normally is or shall  I say Smoother than what he is is not by fault. The C's need at least 30 from P2 to have any shot on Wednesday night of winning.

The Big Ticket 2007 Celtics Whip: His Whip is a little bit more durable than Sugar Ray's because of the motor KG has in it. He has had flashes of his old self but Monday Night he looked gassed to say the least and he needs help if the C's want to get them a much needed W to get back in the Series.  KG still has some left but right now it looks like its He and Rondo doing all what they can do and that is not nearly enough.

Double R...Rondo 2006 Celtics Whip: He is the Heart and Soul of the Green team and they will go as far as Rondo will take them but he needs players to Score to be effective as well. Rondo can impact the Game in almost every way but Scoring. If the Truth and Sugar Ray cannot fulfill the C's need for Scoring it will be over in 4.

The Green Team's Tab........Sugar Ray recommended New Parts, the Truth a Tune-Up and looked at, KG a Oil Change and Check on everything, and Rondo normal wear and tear on a relatively new whip.

Green Team still in trouble playing King James and 305......

LOGO WATCH #88.....Like a PPV Middleweight Super Bout in the 70s and 80s.....SPURS go for KO and they end up in a 15 Round DONNYBROOK.....THUNDER lose but they didn't go down by PUNCH STATS or their VALENTINE....SPURS up 2-0..back to THUNDER Alley

Up 20 and it looked like a blow out as the Spurs flex their muscles early and often. But this isn't Boxing 2k12 this is Boxing in the 70s and 80s with the likes of Aaron Pryor vs Alexis Arguello....Sugar Ray Leonard vs Roberto Duran....and Thomas "Hit Man" Hearns vs Marvelous Marvin Hagler. Well the Hit Man only lasted 3 rounds but you get the picture right?

The Spurs had the thunder in the corner for at least 3-4 rounds and the thunder kept coming as though Adrian (Rocky Balboa's Squeeze) was in their Corner. The only one constant in this game was that F5 Tornado of a Point God and the BLUEDUDE thought my ADIzero Hero D-Rose was fast.

Tp9, the SPURS Point God responsible for the last 3 Chips, went NBA Jam...En Fuego....on Fire...Hottie Hot. Parker went 16-21 for 34 points and 8 helpers and id everything but run Gatorade and Towels to the Bench. KL of the Alamo City....Kawhi Leonard went double-double 18 and 10 with DG of East Babylon, NY by way of Franklin Street going for 10 and 5. The man who kept then Thunder at bay late was of course Manu Ginobili with 20 points including Dagger after Dagger late.

The Thunder stayed close with Durant 66 leading the way with 31. But it was Big game James 2.0..James Harden's 30 off Team Reinforcements that had the Big Land Line..the AT&T Center quiet through the middle of the 4th until the Spurs regained their composure to close it out.

Uncle Russ of Thunder Alley went for 27 points, 7 boards, and 8 helpers but why score 27 when you gave up 34 to TP9. And it wasn't all Westbrook's Fault but they are both 2nd Team All-Logo and they go Head to Head a lot. The Thunder might want to try something else because Uncle Russ can't stop the Eiffel Tower Blur...TP9.

Game 3 will be Thursday in Loud City aka Team We R One aka ThunderUP or what ever you call them. The Thunder need a W and they will respond in Game 3 look for Game 4 to be the more Pivotal game as the BLUEDUDE will take you into Squeeze the Orange PLAYBOOK Logo West Finals 2K12 on Thursday.

What a Series and just like LINKIN PARK.....Burn it to the Ground    

SQUEEZE the ORANGE....the SQUADS and PLAYERS from the LOGO with the MOST in RINGS....Players from 50s-60s CELTICS lead all

Enquiring minds Hoop Addicts need to know this kind of information if you don't know already. A Professional Athlete isn't measured by Championships but Multiple Chips help a Legacy Ten Fold. I know Stock and the Mailman of the Salt Palace Boys didn't win a Chip but there are Two of the Greatest Players ever in the Logo at their positions. Does not winning hurt their Legacy...No...would it have helped you darn right it would have.

The Celtics and Lakers have the most Logo Championships with 17 and 16 respectively and one would think their Players have the most championships.

The 50s and 60s C's led by players like Bill Russell, Sam Jones, current C's Radio Man Tom Heinsohn, and KC Jones among others have enough Rings for both hands.

The Lakers have a trunk full of players as well but their Success was spread out from the 70s - 2Ks with players like "the Logo" himself Jerry West, Magic, Coop, Big Shot Rob (In the Post before this the Robert Horry Story), KObe, Shaq, and D-Fish among others.

The List the BLUEDUDE is about to unveil consists of Player in the Logo with the Most Championship Rings..First by Teams...then individually by Players.

The Teams and Kings with the Bling is sponsored by.....One's Legacy isn't altered or changed by winning just gives you something to talk about at Reunions and before LAST CALL for Alco**l.

TEAMS with more than One Chip:

Celtics 17 Russell, Sam Jones, Heinsohn
Lakers 16 Magic, Kobe, Kareem
Bulls 6 Air Jordan, Mr. Pip 33
Spurs 4* Duncan, Manu, TP9
Nationals/Sixers 3 Attles, Barry, Dr. J, Moses
Pistons 3 Isiah, Joe D, Chuck D.
Warriors 3 Wilt, Attles
Knicks 2 Reed, DeBusschere, Holtzman
Rockets 2 Rudy T., Dream, the Jet, Big Shot Rob

PLAYERS with 4 or More Chips some of the more notable names:

Bill Russell Celtics 11
Sam Jones Celtics 10
Tom Heinsohn Celtics 8
K.C. Jones Celtics 8
Satch Sanders Celtics 8
John Havlicek Celtics 8

Bob Cousy Celtics 7
Roberty Horry Rockets, Spurs, Lakers 7

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Bucks, Lakers 6
Michael Jordan Bulls 6
Scottie Pippen Bull 6

George Mikan Mlps Lakers 5
Don Nelson Celtics 5
Magic Johnson Lakers 5
Michael Cooper Lakers 5
Dennis Rodman Pistons, Bulls 5
Ron Harper Bulls, Lakers 5
Steve Kerr Spurs 5
Derek Fisher Lakers 5

Jamal Wilkes Warriors, Lakers 4
Kurt Rambis Lakers 4
Robert Parish Celtics, Bulls 4
John Salley Pistons, Bulls 4
Horace Grant Bulls 4
Shaquille O'Neal Lakers, Heat 4
Tim Duncan Spurs 4

All those Rings from 11 on down to 7 is Celtic Pride those great 50s-60s Teams.

Big Shot Rob Horry has 7 right there with Celtics Point God Bob Cousy and the most of any player since 1963.

The great "Sky Hook" Kareem is in Great Company with Mike and Scottie of the West Side Story Report...da Bulls.

Players with 5 has those Great Minneapolis Lakers Teams with the late great George Mikan (DePaul Blue Demon All-American) leading the way with 2012 HOF Nominee Don Nelson mixed in with Showtime Lakers Magic and Coop a Loop along with LAKEshow Lakers Kobe and D-Fish. Also Two Bulls and former Pistons and Lakers "the Worm" Dennis Rodman and Miami Ohio Alum Ron Harper. In this mix also is Former Bulls and Spurs and Phoenix Suns VP of Ops and now TNT NBA Analyst Steve Kerr.

The Players with 4 Chips are Two from Showtime LA in Superman Rambis and Silky-Smooth Jamal Wilkes. "The Chief" Robert Parrish of the Bird led C's. "Spiderman" John Salley of the Bad Boy Pistons  and Bulls 2nd Run joins Bulls 1st Run PF Horace Grant. Shaq won 4 and 3 of them with the Shaq/Kobe led LAKEshow and 1 one with the Heat.

Tim Duncan is the last on the list but should move up after this Season as he and the Spurs are lined up to get Chip #5.

Numbers from



SQUEEZE the ORANGE.....He made BIG SHOTS in the LOGO for GAME-WINNERS in Winning Time....from ALABAMA and played College Ball at 'BAMA....7-Time World Champion....ROBERT HORRY...HOOP ADDICTS know him as "BIG SHOT BOB".

Outside of the Great Michael Jeffrey Jordan there probably is one maybe Two more players that you could say Hit Big Time Shots when it counted the most. One is Miller Time from Market Square Arena...Reggie Miller. The others player is who?....Hoop Addicts know him all too well and even then Sacramento Kings Center Vlade Divac was summoned to start Reading the Newspaper or something when he hit a Game-Winner on the Kings in Winning Time. The Story of Analusia, Alabama's Own Robert "BIG SHOT" Horry.

Horry grew up in Andalusia, Alabama and was a Standout Basketball Player there and in the State as he won Gatorade High-School Player of the Year his Senior year at Andalusia High School. Heavily recruited by the likes of All-SEC Schools including most heavily by Mississippi, Mississippi State, Auburn, and the Alabama Crimson Tide. Rob chose Coach Wimp Sanderson (and those Plaid Suit Coats) and Alabama over the other three schools.

At 'Bama Rob made his mark as a Hybrid Forward at 6'10"...he was too skinny to play Power Forward and maybe too tall to play Small Forward but had Perimeter Skills that suited the Small Forward. I remember the 1991-92 'Bama Team vividly when they had Milwaukee Washington HS Star and Three Rivers CC Missouri Transfer Latrell Sprewell, and Jackson, Mississippi Murrah HS Star and McDonald's All-American James "HOLLYWOOD" Robinson to go with Big Shot Rob.

The Roll Tide Attack was lethal as Robinson and Sprewell were the best Guard tandem in the Country that year as they were both Combo Guards and equally explosive at attacking the rim. Throw in Big Shot who could guard 3-5, Block Shots like the Big Ticket Kevin Garnett, and shoot the Three Ball like 'Zona All-American and Spurs Standout Sean Elliott.

Rob entered the NBA Draft in 1992 and his Draft Status took a hit because he was rumored not very coachable by Coach Wimp Sanderson. But surprised by even his own admission Bog Shot's name was called at #11 in the 1st Round by the Houston Rockets as they were building their Front Line and Rob they thought would have been a nice piece to go with "DREAM"..Hakeem Olajuwon and "OT" Otis Thorpe.

It took about 2 full seasons to realize that he was a Major Asset in H-Town and as he became a Key Cog in Clutch City's Back 2 Back Titles in 1993-1995. Rob made his name then for making Big Plays and Big Shots at the biggest moments in the games.

Then after a short stint in Phoenix where he even threw a towel at then Suns Coach Danny Ainge after Ainge pulled him in a game he joined the Lakers in 1997 through 2003.

Rob was a huge part of the Shaq-Kobe led LAKEshow Lakers and all he did was hit shot after shot. Then after 3 rings with the LAKEshow (Now Rob had 5 Rings and 2 of those from the Rockets) Coach Gregg Popovich of the Spurs knew Rob would be the perfect compliment for Duncan as he spreads the floor with his shooting.

Rob won 2 more Rings with the Spurs and hitting Shot after Shot with the Spurs. After the 2008 Season Bog Shot called it quits and has since been working Part-Time in Studio with the NBA Side of ESPN.

The BLUEDUDE has been hearing about Big Shot Rob since my days at Alabama A&M University where Rob's Best Friend the CF of the Alabama A&M University Baseball Team Bobby Jackson stayed across the hall from me. Jack used to tell me story after story of Rob in High School and growing up in Andalusia, Alabama.

Will Rob go to the Hall as he is the Only Player in the Logo from 1975 to have 7 Championship Rings. Jordan and Scottie have 6, Kobe and D-Fish 5, Duncan and Shaq 4. His Stats won't compare to a Hall Of fame Career but if you asked all the Great Ones that played with him they would say 1st Ballot.

Team 7 Chips....."BIG SHOT" Robert Horry 1992-2008


Monday, May 28, 2012

LOGO WATCH #87...VIDEO GAME JAMES + WADE County - GREEN TEAM over the Hill = up next for HEAT....SPURS or THUNDER....HEAT dominate up 1-0 in East Finals

I am only going to say this one more time if the C's don't get Big Time Production out of the Truth or Sugar can stick a Fork in the Green Team.

King James went Video Game James as he always does with 32 points, 13 boards, 3 helpers, 3 I-Phone Snatches, and 3 Da** bad...I should have thrown it over there. Wade County on a Holiday Stroll puts in 22 and 7 helpers as the Heat, who have always looked like the TEAM to BEAT, go up 1-0 on the less than stellar C's.

The C's looked gassed in the 3rd frame as the Big Ticket (23 and 10) and Rondo (16, 9, and 7) tried to hold down the Fort. The Truth adds only 12 and Sugar Ray 6 on 6 for 25 shooting...not going to get the Green Team a W in the Series with that kind of production.

The Heat had way too many Leak Outs and Rim Runs and if the C's do not stop those Heat easy transition buckets it is over.  In the Half Court Sets the Heat also took advantage of whoever is guarding James as he either takes Bigs Up or Smalls down.

The C's have to be way more efficient on their Plan of Attack or it will be a clean sweep...real talk. Doc will make the adjustments but so will Coach Spo and the Heat. Nothing like taking the Heat Opposition on a little Cruise sponsored by Carnival Cruise Line...of course.

Game 2 Wednesday May 30, 2012 in Miami.........        

MAKING NOISE....GOLD RUSH QB Alex Smith putting CAM NEWTON in his mouth...the same SMITH that was almost Selling INSURANCE a season ago...ALEX Clean your LOCKER before cleaning someone else's....You of anybody should know that firsthand....Mr. 49ER

A Sound Bite from none other than 49ERS QB Alex Smith who sounds like Coach Jimmy Harbaugh has rubbed off on him a little. Imagine that Alex Smith who looked like Ryan Leaf, Joey Harrington, and 10K other QB's that look like him running his mouth about nothing. If anything he should be giving 75% of his Direct Deposit to his Coach Jimmy Harbaugh and on a Ramen Noodle Diet or Butter Noodles.

ESPN is reporting that Alex Smith was asked about his Stats and he used of all people Cam Newton..the Rookie QB of the Carolina Panthers. Smith said this to on May 24, 2012:

"This is the honest truth: I could absolutely care less on yards per game," Smith said. "I think that's a totally overblown stat. Because if you're losing games in the second half, guess what? You're like the Carolina Panthers and you're going no-huddle the entire second half and, yeah, Cam Newton threw for a lot of 300-yard games, that's great. You're not winning, though." 

The BLUEDUDE: This is the same Alex Smith that no one knew in High School at San Diego HELIX HS (same as the Great Bill Walton) but saw him because of the Guy Smith was handing off to...Mr. Reggie Bush. That's right Teammates at Helix and one Urban Meyer was recruiting Bush and he had no shot so Urban picked up the crumbs Bush left behind in Alex Smith to QB the Runnin' Utes of Utah.

See the Blogging is one thing pure facts and evidence is another. The BLUEDUDE gets it and I am not trying to be always the Good guy sometimes you have to attack DUMBS**T and Smith should shut his mouth about Cam.

Didn't Jim Harbaugh save his Job and now he has all these Weapons it's your turn Alex. You were a Coaching Decision away from telling your Wife I am a Free Agent and the Iowa Barnstormers wouldn't have picked your LAME A** up.

Good Luck with all these Weapons like Str81ght Cash Homie Randy Moss, Super Mario Maize and Blue Edition, and Mr. Brandon Jacobs. Expectations are real and they are finally real in the Stick after 15 years of thinking Ronnie, Joe, Jerry, Keena, Hacksaw, Harris, and Charles were going to pop through that door and appear and go 13-3 and run down another Lombardi.

Your entitled to your Opinion Alex and the BLUEDUDE is entitled to mine and forget being Politically said it.....LAME be QUIET

NOTE: Now all of a sudden Mr. Smith want to POP OFF because he has a really good D and has weapons. There is a RULE....Talk when its ZERO to ZERO not when your up 13-3 and the game is to 14.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Playbook with a WEBER GRILLED Logo Watch #86...the 2012 LOGO EAST Finals Preview..GREEN TEAM vs KING JAMES and the 305 Collaboration

This could get real interesting now that Chris Bosh has thrown an Ostrich in the game or Raptor. The C's and the Heat battle to see who will represent the East in the 2012 Logo Finals.

All these Storylines....Danny Ainge vs Pat Riley.... Doc vs Spo....KG Choppin' it up with UD and vice versa....the Truth taking on Shane..the Heat calling for help vs Rondo...the C's calling anyone and everyone to Stop the King....and Wade County with either an Explosion or one to take on the Heat Dancers...WOWZA...and no PPV...just TNT or ABC.....don't touch that Remote.

All this brings us to the C's on 1 days rest after a grooling series with the upstart Seventy-Sixers. Don't be surprised if the Heat start the Memorial Day Grills early in this one with more Energy and Legs to blow by the C's in Game 1.

Speaking of Grills of the Cooking Variety, not the $20K Ones in your Mouth, let's check out the Squeeze the Orange PLAYBOOK for the Logo East Finals and see what the C's and 305 must do to stay in the W Ledger...sponsored by Wet Willy's Ocean Drive......C's when you take that L tonight...stay out there getting it in...Social Media is lurking:

the C's what they need to do to get W's

Obviously they need to keep the Heat out of Transition and Splash Plays as my Coach Mike Tomlin would tell me at Press Conferences. If the Heat are rolling and they are using thier Defense to get out in Transition you have no shot.

The C's must slow the pace and get good Offensive Sets in the Half Court and Jesus Shuttlesworth must get going to keep the Heat honest in doubling Rondo and the Truth on the ball.  Look for also the C's to get B-Dub..Brandon Bass and Ryan Hollins going as the Heat have no Bosh. KG will have all the mis matches in his favor over any of the Heat Bigs so look for he n Rondo or KG to be a part of all Screen and Rolls or Pops.

The Green Team are at their best when Rondo is at the controls and he has Breaks, Timeouts, talking to Officials, Sets, and Getting in them passing lanes in those large Hands of his that the BLUEDUDE calls Double R Shovels.

Remember in the Logo...when the Great Ones are going...there is nothing one can do but to turn off the other water and hope the Great ones have to go for the late great Wilt 20K...100 points.

the HEAT what they need to do to the 2012 Logo Finals

King James and Wade County have to have an impact in every frame and in every game in order for Team White Out to beat the C's. Coach Spo showed his genius in the Pacers Series when the Heat were down 2-1 by going to Battier in the Line Up and the Pacers never adjusted after that.

Wade County looks like after his trip to Bloomington, Indiana and entering Coach Crean's Phone Booth...Wade came out Half Marquette (Hungry like a Rook with something to prove and Half Flash (when he won his 1st Chip with Shaq Monster...doing what it do at all costs). Now if he can sustain that level of play the C;s have no one to guard him.

James will be James so the C's will have to make him a Jump-Shooter and hope that he misses. When James is going good and has all facets if his game going..the only thing that could possibly Stop him his the Avengers.....problem is this is no Movie and James doesn't take Mastercard.

Look also for the Heat to make a concerted effort to get Mario, J&J Three Ball..Sniper James Jones, and M&M Plains...Mike Miller involved Offensively and to spread the floor to make the C's pay for doubling Flash and the King.

Match Ups to Look for......

Rondo vs Chalmers

Wade County vs Bradley

KG vs Heat Bigs

King James vs Anyone wearing Green

Doc vs Coach Spo

the Truth vs Battier

C's Bench vs Heat Bench

I don't know who is going to come out of this Series representing the East but do you really want any of those Two Monsters in the West....Stay Tuned.



Sunday, May 27, 2012

LOGO WATCH #85....You heard the AT&T Center Loud Speakers at the End....Rihanna...We Run this Town....the SILVER & BLACK Give Back....and Give THUNDER Alley an L...SPURS up 1-0

A Tale of Two Halves it was at the AT&T Center in the Alamo City. The Spurs show off their 6th Man of the Year and one of the World's Best Closers in Basketball and Argentina's Own...Manu Ginobli and take a 1-0 lead over the OK City Thunder.

The Thunder had a nice Game Plan its just that these are not the 2011-12 Dallas Mavericks or LA Lakers.  The Spurs turn the ball over some 14 times in the 1st half and only 3 times in the 2nd half as it looked like the Thunder were trying to pull away.

@kdTREY5 led all scorers with 27 and Uncle Russ and Big game James 2.0 combined for 36 points but it wasn't enough as the Thunder get a Dose of the Logo's Best for the 2011-12 Season.

The Spurs were led by Manu's 26 and TP9 and Dunc combined for Only 34 points and then it was left for the Spurs Bench to do their part. Gary Neal and Tiaggo Splitter pumped in 12 and 9 respectively to offset Harden's 19 with 9 of those came in the last 2 minutes of the game.

The Thunder will have to shore up their Defense as the Spurs dissected them in the half Court Sets and the Thunder were picked apart when the Game tightened up in the last frame.

Spurs putting Captain Jack 1 on KD was the move of the game and just think the Warriors when they received Jack in a throw in for the Bogut to East Bay and Mississippi Lightning...Monta to Beer Town and no one knew but the Spurs. The traded RJ (Richard Jefferson to East Bay for the Captain for a little of nothing) for Captain Jack 1 as the Championship Organization that they are were 2 months ahead of everyone on this one.

With game #2 scheduled for Tuesday the Thunder have some work to do and they must figure out how they are going to defend in the Half Court.

Why your here check out one of the World's Best Kept secret on the Hardwood at  I wonder if Manu will play for Team Argentina in the 2012 London Summer Games if they have qualified?

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Draft Breakdown 2012...POWER FORWARDS....the #1 Pick in 2011 n 2012 and a TEAM USA Hopeful is at the TOP of this LIST...who joins UK's @AntDavis23

The Draft will start when we know who gets the Rights to add UK's and Sheed/KG Hybrid Anthony Davis of the 'Go to their Roster. The consensus #1 Overall will be an immediate impact on the Defensive End and although his Offensive Arsenal looked scarce he did what he had to do for UK to be highly successful.  Isn't that part of being a Step above the Comp in the Logo...knowing the Strengths and Weaknesses of your game and applying it where need be to the team?

The 2012 Power Forwards Class is not bad considering another Player that will go Top 5 is in this group. With a select few getting a chance at Anthony Davis the Consolation Prizes for picks 2-5 are right there.

The Top Power Forwards in the 2012 NBA Draft is sponsored by....Will UK's BIG Ant Davis "Put on for your City" the June 2012 Draft we will soon find out:

1. Anthony Davis KENTUCKY: I said this in a post last year he would have been #1 in the 2011 Draft if he were available. The kid is Scary Good and he has an Offensive Arsenal via the Perimeter but he can  play face up or back to the basket he is just light in the backside. His Impact already on the Defensive End has the Likes of the Wiz, Bobcats, Cavs, and Hornets among others drooling for his services. From a One and Done Season he Shoots the ball and plays Offensively like Sheed Wallace minus Sheed's Money Ball, Ant's Defensive Tenacity is straight out of the OBF (Original Block Family President South Carolina's Own Big Ticket Kevin Garnett) and you mix all that together you get the Next in Line at the Hybrid Power Forward in the Logo Anthony Davis. He will be #1 off the board as he has been for Two Years now.

2. Thomas Robinson KANSAS: This Kid will run through Walls and Move Mountains not like Usher Raymond but Godzilla. An absolute monster by every sense of the word and has been the Best player in Lawrence for 3 Years now. I had T-Rob ahead of both Morris Twins last year and if only Self knew the real Rotation they would have cut down the nest last season. He reminds the BLUEDUDE of former Southern Miss PF Clarence "SPOON" Witherspoon. A sculpted and athletic playing above the rim powerful player who will add a Mid-Range Game to his Arsenal soon. If picked by the right squad huge has a chance to get the Nod at PF from Day 1.

3. John Henson UNC: Ok many will look at this is say the BLUEDUDE is being biased. His Frame is that of the Plastic Man + Pink Panthers = Tampa Sickles HS John Henson...I get that. His upside believe it or not is nit far off of UK's Davis real talk. Henson will add some El Bees but his impact on the Glass, and on Defense will be accounted for on a nightly basis.  He reminds the BLUEDUDE of former Tar Hell..the Big Smooth..Sam Perkins minus the Money Ball. Long, lanky, and can be standing in Chapel Hill and touch the Hollywood Signs in LA....that long. He is basically Pistons Tayshaun Prince playing at PF....and that is not bad company.

4. JJ Sullinger OHIO STATE: With his recent issues to Injuries like Back and knees there is a Buyer Beware Sign attached to Sully. But he is a Space Eater and I just worry about him getting his Looks off with no Real Bounce. He will lose some Draft Slots if he weighs in less than 6'8" and his wingspan is under 7'. Would the BLUEDUDE draft him Lottery...No. Would I get him if he is sitting in the Low 20's absolutely. Reminds me of former Pig Sooie and 1991-92 Gatorade National Player (in front of C-Webb and J-Kidd) of the Year Corliss Williamson of Russellville, Arkansas.

5. Perry Jones III BAYLOR: I saw this Kid play at Dallas, Texas Area Power Duncanville, Texas. I though he was soft then and deferred and that was in the Scholastic Ranks. Now I have seen him for 2 Full Season in the Big 12 (that only has Kansas and Texas worth Mentioning) and he didn't even dominate with that Frame and Skill Set. I still think he could be just as good as Ant Davis but Jones III has a Propeller Jet Engine and Ant Davis has a 777 Engine. He reminds me of Robert Horry, yes Big Shot Rob, when he played under Wimp Sanderson in Tuscaloosa for Roll Tide and that is high praise coming from the BLUEDUDE. So what are you going to get when it is easy to tuck yourself on a Logo Bench and never develop. Jones III......Enquiring Minds want to know.....and Now not after that 1st Direct Deposit. The BLUEDUDE in a few years will tell you I am wrong if he pans out...but I don't see it and I am pretty close in my evaluations on talent...Real talk.  

6. Arnett Moultrie MISSISSIPPI STATE: Ok he is not former Bulldog Standout and Cap Killer Eric Dampier. What he is is former Pacers PF/SF Jonathan Bender with a healthy body and the ability to mix it up in the paint. This kid can play both Forward positions and his length causes all sorts of Problems on Defense. His face-Up game is what he likes but has a good enough game to play his back to the basket. One of the Best Offensive Rebounders in the NCAA/SEC. I would pick Moultrie over Jones III becasue Moultrie goes 110% all the time including the Lay-Up line and Stretching.

As you see the Power Forwards have Two Top 5's and then 2 late Lotteries or Middle Rounders. This Position has the least Depth right up there with Center.

I think all 4 Players will be Solid pros with Ant Davis and T-Rob being All Star Caliber and Ant Davis being the Next Big Ticket...and those will be some Scooby Doos to fill.

Others Players on the list.....

JaMychal Green ALBAMA
Ricardo Ratliffe MIZZOU


A CUP of JOE in the SHOW RETRO ACT #5....the FALL CLASSIC 1994.....EXPOS vs PALE HOSE......but it never happened....a LOOK IN at what would have been for OLYMPIC STADIUM and New COMISKEY

Strike by work stoppage undertaken in support of a bargaining position or in protest of some aspect of a previous agreement or proposed agreement.

The Show Strike of 1994 took away what have been arguably a World Series for the Ages. It would have been the Montreal Expos 1st appearance and the South Siders of Chi City's 1st appearance since the 1959 Go Go Sox led by Aparicio and Fox.

The 'Spos had all the makings of an Elite Squad in the Show led by Skip Felipe Alou. The Pale Hose were the most exciting team on the Junior Circuit and led by Skip Gene Lamont.

At the Time of the Wok Stoppage the 'Spos were leading the NL East by 6 full games at 74-40 and also had the best record in the Show. The Pale Hose were leading the AL Central by 1 full game at 67- 46 holding off the new-look Tribe le by Kenny Lofton and Albert Joey Belle.

Let's look at how the 1994 Fall Classic would have shook down...Pitching Match Ups and Lineups between the '94 Expos and '94 White Sox:

'SPOS Lineup

CF Marquis Grissom
SS Wil Cordero
RF Larry Walker
LF Moises Alou
1B Cliff Floyd
3B Sean Berry
2B Mike Lansing
C Darrin Fletcher


LF Tim Raines
2B Joey Cora
1B Frank Thomas
DH Julio Franco
3B Robin Ventura
RF Bo Jackson
CF Lance Johnson
C Ron Karkovice
SS Ozzie Guillen


Game 1
(MON) Hill vs (CHW) McDowell

Game 2
(MON) P.Martinez vs (CHW) Fernandez

Game 3
(MON) Fassero vs (CWS) Alvarez

Game 4
(MON) Henry vs (CWS) Bere

Games 5 -7 If Necessary.......


(MON) John Wetteland 25
(CWS) Roberto Hernandez 14

Expos All-Star in '94
Alou, Cordero, Flecther, Grissom, Hill

Pale Hose All-Star in '94
Thomas, Alvarez, Bere

The Expos and the Sox that Season were in the Top 5 Offenses in the Show and of course it would have came down to Pitching and Defense. Who would have Won...don't know. Would it have been an entertaining bet.

The '94 Fall Classic that never was....the 'SPOS and PALE HOSE.....only at BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK...A Cup of Joe in the Show RETRO ACT Exclusive

Note: Numbers and Stats from and

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Playbook with a Appetizer of LOGO WATCH #85.....the 2012 LOGO WEST Finals Preview....Team WE R ONE vs Team 4 CHIPS...the ALAMO City

This has the makings of being maybe even better than the 2012 Logo Finals. Before we talk its Spurs vs Thunder it is Spurs Management vs Spurs Management.

Current Thunder GM Sam Presti got his Wings from Spurs Lead Man Pops and Spurs Lead Post RC Buford. Now he has used the Spurs Blueprint in building Thunder Alley into the best Alley known to Mankind at least in the State of Oklahoma. Presti has hit big in the Draft in which Teams if they get 1 Superstar in 10 years and he is a Franchise Player that you can build around you have secured your services for at least 5 seasons.

Presti has hit Not One, Not Two, but Three Home Runs in getting Durant 66, Uncle Russ, and Big Game James 2.0...the South Paw Version via Thunder Picks in the Logo Draft. Reminds you of what the Spurs did in building their Core through the Draft in Duncan, TP9, and Manu. Oh to work for the Spurs or the Thunder the BLUEDUDE would fit right in....Real Talk.

Now all this brings us to the Match Up between the Thunder and the Spurs. Game 1 is Tonight May 27, 2012 in the Alamo City. The Spurs if they are favored it won't be by many as the Thunder have equally a chance to get out of this and into the Right to Larry O'Brien to your City for at least 10 Months or until the 2012-13 Winning Time commences.

Squeeze the Orange PLAYBOOK sponsored by....What ever Team comes out the East if your not Scared you Should be. The Spurs and Thunder are Top Shelf and in a Glass Case:

THUNDER....what they need to do to Win Series

They have to first of all find some kind of Inside Presence or attack the Rim on the Spurs. If the Thunder do not get out in Transition they will not have a shot. Not to say they need to be out there 24/7/365.....but the more they are in Half Court Sets...the less their Chances are at winning the Series.

Also the Thunder have Big Game James 2.0 James Harden off their Bench so look for the Spurs 2nd unit try to take him away and let one of the Other Thunder Players beat you like Collison or Cook. That will be a tough task though because everyone in Texas will know Harden is attacking going left.....but no one seems to be able to Stop him. Like they could Stop Big Game James in the Great Western Forum Right Hand....No.

Westbrook and Durant have to not settle for Jump Shots and stay aggressive and in Attack Mode. Turnovers, Rebounding Margin, Money Balls, and the most important Stat will be this series...Hustle Plays.

SPURS....what they need to do to Win Series

They must keep their Shooters spaced all over the Floor and TP9 will have his work cut out trying to take uncle Russ off the dribble all night long. The Spurs will run some Pick and Rolls everywhere on the Floor to free TP9 up so he can get into the lane.

Dunc will have his A-Game rolling and it is up to Perk, Ibaka, and Collison (you may even see Naz Muhammad every Blue Moon) to make Tim work on both ends of the Floor.

The Spurs also will pick their Spots getting out in transition with their 2nd Unit or the One-Man Fastbreak....TP9. Manu, Green, Kawhi, Captain Jack 1, and Neal all like to get out in Transition.

The Spurs Bench or 2nd Unit will also have to play Big as they have a distinct advantage over the Thunder with Manu, Captain Jack, Gary Neal, Tiaggo Splitter, DeJuan Blair, and Boris Diaw. The Thunder though have a nice Bench with the addition of D-Fish, with Harden, Collison, and Cook.

Manu Ginobli is arguably the Spurs best player and he comes off the Bench and it isn't who starts the game but who finishes. He will be  tough match for the Thunder all series long.

Match Ups to look for:

TP9 vs Uncle Russ...Two 2nd Team All Logo Guards

Durant 66 vs Kawhi, Captain Jack, and Danny G.

Duncan vs Perk, Collison, and Ibaka maybe even Nas Muhammad

Manu vs Harden, Uncle Russ, Thabo

Big Game James 2.0 Harden vs Danny G., Kawhi, and Neal

Uncle Russ vs Danny G., Kawhi, and Neal

Kawhi vs Big Game James 2.0 Harden

Winner: A Pick'em...this Series is as equal as it gets and like I have said before in the Logo. You know what the other Team is going to do...can you Stop it.

The Logo is a game of Chess, Checkers, and Runs...can you out think your opponent and turn their Water off when they are on a Run. If you need to call your Local Water Department to Stop any type of Run....its too late.

The LOGO so SIMPLE it's DIFFICULT.......the 2012 Logo West Finals are here


LOGO WATCH #84....Done messed up and got another TRIPLE-DOUBLE...C's POINT GOD Double R...Rajon Rondo leads the C's past Seventy-6ERS for GREEN TEAM Game 7 Lore....Up Next...Team WHITE HOT

I give the 76ers credit as they pushed the C's to the brink of elimination or more towards the reality of this is this current rosters last run.

It was 18 points, 10 helpers, 10 boards, leading the Pep Rally, leading the huddle, and ripping the Scooby Doo's right off the Sixers in C's Point God Rajon Rondo. As unorthodox as his game is he repeatedly takes all comers in showing that Rondo is in the Elite in the Logo.

I watched him closely at UK Lexington and it was his Superior Skill Set on D and his Physical build that made me think Rondo would be a good pro. I likened him in college as a longer former Sooner All-American Combo G and Hawk All-Star Mookie Blaylock. The ability to impact a game on so many other levels is how Rondo played at UK and he is doing it now on a nightly basis in the Logo.

The Sixers hung tough and if it weren't for a few tough Offensive possessions at the end the Sixers were right there to win it. Iggy kept the Broad Street Philly Contingent in the contest going 3-5 from Downtown. Jrue Holiday also went for 2 Moneyballs but it was Even Turner lack of play making that doomed the Sixers. When Turner is going Philly is running on all cylinders and when he is not they struggle in all facets Offensively. If the Sixers can take one thing from this series and learn from it is Shooting a better Percentage or getting out in Transition more to get easy buckets using their Youth and athleticism.

Now the C's will have one day off an travel to 305 Sunday to face a Miami Team that last played on Sunday. In order for the C's to have any chance they need a huge Dose of C&H Pure Cane. Not from Hawaii but from Dalzell, SC. by way of Storrs, CT. then Beer Town USA then out to the Space Needle near the Puget Sound, and back to Beantown......Sugar Ray of Brand Jordan....Mr. Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttlesworth.

C's and Heat Game 1 Monday Night May 28, 2012.....    

Saturday, May 26, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE....ALL LOGO Squads for 2011-12 is out.....KING JAMES and DURANT 66 lead the way...the Future at PF on 2nd Team...and No D-Will 8 the JOKER of the HUDSON, KG, or DUNC.

The NBA announced Today the All Logo Team and to no one surprise King James the 2011-12 Logo MVP and Runner-Up to the MVP Kevin Durant were the Top Vote getters.

The Black Mamba is on the 1st Team for the 10th Time including his 7th straight this season. Superman of Mouse Town ended up on the 1st team as dominate as he is he should be in Other Players receiving votes for being Run Tel Dat.

CP3 of Lob City Different Team ...Same Result as he gets the #1 Point God Belt he edges out TP9 of the Spurs and Uncle Russ of Loud City as they were 2nd Team in the Logo.

The Future at Power Forward is now as the BLAKEshow and the Lake Oswego Monster...K-Love of 10K Lakes are both on the 2nd Team. They are joined by the LAKEshow's Drew Bynum and look for both the Magic and Lakers to be active in trying to swap their Bigs around Draft Day or when Free Agency opens up in July.

The 3rd Team features a Gotham City Duo of 'Melo and Tyson. For Tyson Chandler that is 2011-12 2nd Team All Defense, 3rd Team All Logo, and the 2011-12 Logo Defensive Player of the Year. Mavs you should have paid him and that is the 2nd time Mavs Owner Cuban let someone walk and he regrets having them walk (2004 Nash-ty Suns, 2011 Tyson Knicks).

Speaking of Mavs...DIRKiliscious gets 3rd Team Nomination his 12th All Logo Squad and his 4th Third Team All Logo. Joining Dirk is Wade County of Team White Hot, whom by his own admittance has had an off year, and the C's Double R...Rajon Rondo who will be soon mentioned if not already with the Elite Point Gods in the Logo.

Other Players receiving Votes were as follows: LaMarcus Aldridge Blazers (55), Marc Gasol Grizz (52), Derrick Rose West Side Story Report (44), Josh Smith Hawks (33), Paul Pierce Celtics (31), Al Jefferson Jazz (30), Pau Gasol Lakers (27), Steve Nash Suns (24), Kevin Garnett Celtics (22), Tim Duncan Spurs (18) among others.

Dunc and Garnett are not All Logo for the 1st time since 1998 and the changing of the guard in the logo is underway.

ALL LOGO Graph below is from 24, 2012

PositionPlayer, Team (First Team Votes)Points
ForwardLeBron James, Miami (118)596
ForwardKevin Durant, Oklahoma City (117)591
CenterDwight Howard, Orlando (75)476
GuardKobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers (104)568
GuardChris Paul, L.A. Clippers (74)484
2011-12 All-NBA Second Team
PositionPlayer, Team (First Team Votes)Points
ForwardKevin Love, Minnesota (16)365
ForwardBlake Griffin, L.A. Clippers170
CenterAndrew Bynum, L.A. Lakers (33)400
GuardTony Parker, San Antonio (41)367
GuardRussell Westbrook, Oklahoma City (5)239
2011-12 All-NBA Third Team
PositionPlayer, Team (First Team Votes)Points
ForwardCarmelo Anthony, New York (1)154
ForwardDirk Nowitzki, Dallas136
CenterTyson Chandler, New York (4)60
GuardDwyane Wade, Miami (1)235
GuardRajon Rondo, Boston (4)142

Other players receiving votes, with point totals: LaMarcus Al

Friday, May 25, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE.....Arguably the BEST from Top to Bottom in the LOGO.....Peter Holt's San Antonio SPURS led by Coach Gregg Popovich and GM RC Buford have been the best for quite sometime now.

When they were handed a crushing defeat to the Memphis Grizzlies last season in Winning Time 2010-11 everyone said the Grizz have arrived and the Spurs were getting old. For most Organizations and Teams that would be a fair assessment but the Spurs under Pops and Buford that is far from the truth...and the truth hurts all the time in the Alamo City.

Larry O'Brien's in '99, '03, '05, and '07 and only to be out done in that category by the Zen Master and the LAKEshow. The Spurs have done it not with Smoke and Mirrors but just being the best Organization they can be from Top to Bottom that you can be. How does it go, " In order to be good at the top you have to be good at the bottom and everywhere in between and also surround yourself with the very best". The Spurs live by this creed and they have been successful not only on the Court but Upstairs as well. Coaches, GM's, Scouts, Player Personnel Guys, and Upper Management on the Business Side keeps this Train real sound and at the top of their game at all times.

POPS and RC Buford have been in San Antonio for sometime now and they all started under current SMU Lead Man and Coaching Nomad Larry Brown. Pops was lead Assistant and Buford was Assistant Coach with new Head Tulsa University Coach Danny Manning's Father Ed. None of that work so Pops also spent time under Hall Of Fame Coach Don Nelson in East Bay for the Warriors.

Then Pops came back to the Spurs as GM with RC Buford and under New Management, CEO Peter Holt,  the Spurs have taken off. The 1996-97 Season was a blessing as the Admiral (David Robinson) was hurt for the majority of the Season and the Spurs unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) would wind up with the 31 Overall Pick in the 1997 NBA Draft and that was Wake Forest's Tim Duncan as Celtics then Coach Rick Pitino tried everything in his power to move his Two Top 5 Picks to get Dunc to no avail.

The Spurs have had a combination of Good Drafts, finding the Right Guys for their System, Excellent Player Evaluations, and a Trade here and there to stay on Top of the Logo.

Here are some of the players in and around the Championships Years from 1998-99 to 2007:

The "Admiral" C David Robinson
Tim Duncan *
Avery Johnson
Sean Elloitt
"Big Shot" Rob-ert Horry
Mario Elie
Bruce Bowen
"Captain Jack" Stephen Jackson
Malik Rose
Manu Ginobli *
Tony Parker *
Brent Barry
Michael Finley

The one Constants for 3 of the 4 Chips are the Players with Asterisk (*) Dunc, Manu, and TP9. The Spurs have been fortunate enough for these Players to provide Stability, Leadership, and Continuity so when the young Guys come in it's the Spurs Way or you can play elsewhere.

Take a look at the Coaches, Front Office people, and Former Players that have come off the Pops and Buford Tree:

Danny Ferry: Started in Front Office with Spurs then became Cavs GM and now back as VP of Operations.

Avery Johnson: Led the 2005-06 Mavs to the NBA Finals currently Nets Lead Man

Bruce Bowen: ESPN NBA Analyst among other ventures

Sam Presti: Assistant GM under Buford now OKC Thunder GM

Monty Williams: Assistant Coach Spurs now Head Coach with NO Hornets

PJ Carlesimo: Spurs Assistant NJ Nets Assistant

Mike Brown: Spurs Video Man Assistant Former Lead man in Cleveland under then CAVS GM Danny Ferry now LAKEshow Lead Man

These are just some of the more notable Coaches and Execs that learned under the Pops and Buford Tree. The Spurs are going for #5 and they will meet the Thunder and Former Spurs Assistant Gm Sam Presti Squad.

One thing is for certain no matter if the Win or Lose the Chip this Season. As long as the Spurs have Pops and Buford they will always be in the running for a Chip. With those Two running the Show....Chairman and CEO Peter Holt can just worry about his other Big Venture...Caterpillar.

LONDON 2012 SUMMER GAMES.....Olympic Stadium is for the OPENING CEREMOINIES and TRACK and FIELD...where are the other London or Outside of LONDON?

The World's Best Athletes train for nearly 47 months and then it comes down to Olympic Trials to see who is on the team and who isn't, then the Opening Ceremonies, then Competition. Now it is time and we are officially 62 Days away from London 2012 and the Venues are ready to go.

So what Sports will be played in and around Venues in London:

ALL Events at OLYMPIC Park

Aquatics Centre -  All Swimming
Basketball Arena -  Basketball
BMX Track - BMX Riding
Copper Box - Handball/Modern Pentathlon

Olympic Stadium - All Track and Field
Riverbank Arena - Hockey*
Velodrome - Cycling Track
Water Polo Arena - Water Polo

LONDON VENUES (Venues already built)

Earls Court - Volleyball
ExCel - Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Weightlifting, Wrestling

Greenwich Park - Equestrian, Modern Pentathlon
Hampton Court Palace - Cycling Road
Horse Guards Parade - Beach Volleyball
Hyde Park - Triathlon, Swimming
Lord's Cricket Ground - Archery
North Greenwich Arena - Gymnastics Artistic, Trampoline, Basketball

The Mall - Athletics, Cycling Road
The Royal Artillery Barracks - Shooting
Wembley Arena - Badminton, Gymnastics Rhythmic

Wembley Stadium - Football (Soccer)
Wimbledon - Tennis (the Great Grass Courts)


Box Hill - Cycling
City of Coventry Stadium - Football (Soccer)

Eton Dorney - Rowing, Canoe Sprint
Hadleigh Farm - Cycling Mountain Bike
Hampden Park - Football (Soccer)

Lee Valley White Water Centre - Canoe Slalom
Millenium Stadium - Football (Soccer)
Old Trafford - Football (Soccer)
St. James' Park - Football (Soccer)

Weymouyh & Portland - Sailing

ROAD Events

Cycling - Road Race/Time Trial
Race Walk

Soccer leads all Sports being played in SIX Venues as expected.......

Some of the more notable Venues that the US is Familiar with is Wimbledon Tennis Club

Some of the more interesting Venues are all the Water Sports outside of Swimming like...Canoeing, Sailing, Canoe Slalom, Rowing, and Canoe Sprint

The Games are just 2 months away as the Athletes are finishing up Team Trials......

London 2012 is slated to start on July 27, 2012 - August 12, 2012

click the Icon at for more info......

Venue Locations from

SUNDAY TALK May 2012 Act 7.....the Sporting News May 24, 2012 rates the Lead men on Sunday 1-30.....where is your Sideline Rated?

May 24, 2012 Sporting News put their Sunday Lead Men on the Sideline and rated them 1-30. The BLUEDUDE has a pretty good idea who 1-5 is but after that who is in the Top Half of Coaching on Sunday.

Is it by Playoffs, Longevity with the same Team,Team Chemistry, Winning Percentage, Lombardi's,  and what other factors encompasses rating the Best?

The Sporting News Top 30....broken down by Top 25%

1. Tom Coughlin G-MEN: 2 Lombardi's in 5 Seasons
2.  Bill Belichek PATS: I know..I know
3. Mike McCarthy PACK: Innovative Offensive Mind
4. Mike Tomlin STEELERS: Best Motivator and Teacher
5. John Harbaugh #PurpleBROWNS: Responsible for RAVENS Identity

6. Jim Harbaugh GOLD RUSH: needs to work on Post-Game

8. Andy Reid the LINC: Players love him...
9. Lovie Smith da BEARS: Always on the Hot Seat for what?
10. Jeff Fisher RAMS: Just a Good ole Ball Coach
11. Marvin Lewis the JUNGLE: Needs to under 10 Year Deal
12. Gary Kubiak TEXANS: from Shanahan Tree good or Bad
13. Rex Ryan JETS: His Trap alone gets him in the Top Half
14. Ken Whisenhunt RED ZONE: Watches Steelers Roster too much

15. Mike Smith DIRTY BIRDS: Can he handle the BIRD CAGE?
16. Mike Shanahan 'SKINS: Needs to give Parts of Salary to Elway
17. Jim Schwartz the D: in the Jeff Fisher Mold Tennessee Titans of the NFC

18. Mike Munchak MUSIC CITY: Book still out......
19. Romeo Crennel ARROWHEAD: Off PATS Tree....a better D Coordinator

20. Norv Turner BOLTS: his Stay has been too long
21. Ron Rivera QUEEN CITY NC: Give him some time will be in Top 10

22. Pete Carroll 12 ZONE: Better College Coach...too Hyper on Sideline
23. Jason Garrett COWBOYS: Is he in too DEEP?
24. Chan Gailey CIRCLE the WAGONS: O-Coordinator ONLY
25. Mike Mularkey JAGS: Book on the Shelf
26. Pat Shurmur DAWG POUND: Is Holmgren have a connecting Head Set on game Day?

27. Leslie Frazier PURPLE PEOPLE: Needs Match Light Charcoal under him

28. Greg Schiano PIRATE SHIP Tampa: Already got rid of K2..Coach Slow your Roll..its Sunday not Saturday

29. Chuck Pagano COLTS 17K Followers on TWITTER: Good Luck..tell the Texans Hello for me

30. Joe Philbin AQUA Boyz: Great O-Coordinator...Book Coming out soon

That Top 10-12 is Legit. Coach Coughlin is in NYC and doing his thing under all kinds of NY Drama....Hats Off.

That 20-30 are unproven, new, or are the Clock to get something done.

For the most part the Sporting News hit a Double with an Error and runner advances to third. Or in Football Terms....completed 3rd and in the Red Zone looking to get into the Green Zone.

Coaches rankings from Sporting News May 24, 2012....NFL

the TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES Take 5...WEEK 1 of Organized Team Activities (OTAs)....New FACES...Same PLACES....Keenan Lewis says Pro Bowl....BIG BEN says Playbook Cool and we will adjust....#99 "Glad to be back at Work"...#92 "No one to eat with at Breakfast"

The only thing to look forward to as the BLUEDUDE'S Steelers get prepared for the 2012 Upcoming Season is who is going to Step Up and be Leaders and play Big.

The Leaders part is taken care of with the likes #99, #25, #7, #50, #92, and Twin #53. Now who will play Big is a whole different story.

We have heard a lot about PLAYBOOKgate and Big Ben and Coach Haley but I am willing to see Coach New Offense then see that WR Screen that I call from My Coach 10 times every Sunday.

RB Isaac Redman is more than willing to carry the load as Shard Mendenhall is at least 3-4 Months away from any contact.

WR Jerricho Cotchery Looks like the 3rd WR as he and Go Go Sanders battle it out for #86 position.

Another battle is at ILB with Veteran Leader Larry Foote of Maize and Blue to Battle 2nd year ILB Stevenson Sylvester and Rookie ILB Sean Spence.

#99 says ," it is good to get back working and the young guys battling it out for a Roster Spot". #92, " I had no one to eat with at Breakfast and I have called Potsie Farrior (Steelers ILB and Captain released this Off Season) a few times but change is sometimes good ".

With Bryant McFadden released, William Gay with Coach Whisenhunt (and who else would he go to), the Weak side Corner is open for Biz and one hopeful is 4th year man Keenan Lewis of the Quack Attack aka Swoosh University who said earlier in the week to the Pittsburgh Post Gazzette, "I will be the 1st pro Bowler since the Clinton Administration"...slow down your only as good as covering the WR in front of you and if you do that well all else will take care of itself.

The key Component that can't go unnoticed is the Leadership in the Locker Room the Steelers Way. Potsie and Hines will be missed but that's why all the Vets have shown up to OTAs like #43, #99, #25, #92, #50, #24, and more. look what happened to the Jets last Shaun Ellis and the Locker Room was like Housewives of NYC...not that the BLUEDUDE cares about Jets Business.

Like most Steelers see this young and powerful Offensive line is worth the wait and Big Ben has to be thinking wow a healthy Full Season and that could be Dangerous for Opponents.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA Draft Breakdown 2012.....Utility, Custodial, Jack-of-all-Trades.....the SMALL FORWARD....the Top in the 2012 NBA Draft

In Today's Logo this may be the most glorified position. The Small Forward where King James, Melo, and Kevin Durant pretty much call home.  This is by far where the most Talent is in the 2012 NBA Draft. Players like MKG, Harrison, T-Jones, and Jones III to name a few.

The Top Custodians aka Jack-of-all-Trades in the 2012 NBA Draft:
Note: All Prospects in order of Rank

1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist KENTUCKY: The most NBA Ready on the Defensive End I have seen a from a Big Time Prospect in years. His Length, Quickness, Tenacity, Smarts, and Anticipation all play a part in his Dynamic game. Yes he could be the #2 Overall to go it just depends who is picking in that slot. His Offensive Arsenal needs some work but I told you first he will be a 14 and 7 guy his Rookie season. Write it Down..Take a picture....he is that Good. Reminds me of right-handed Spiderman Stacey Augmon except bigger.

2. Harrison Barnes UNC: Probably the 1st Custodian takin' last season. He is silky smooth almost to a fault as many pick his game as being non-assertive at times. Mind you this he will get Buckets in the Logo because he already understands Gears which is important in the Logo as long as your playing hard. He will be a surefire Top 7 Pick and who ever gets him he is Pro.....a Pros Pro. Reminds me of the late Johnnies Star Malik Sealy except bigger.

3.  Terrance Jones KENTUCKY: He has Custodian Skill Set with a Power Forward Body. He can Blow by the Big Forwards and has a nice Stroke from deep. Excellent Hands and can finish around the rim with the best of them. He is a Lefty and that is part of his deceptiveness. Also his length gets hims a lot of Shot Blocks. Reminds me of a taller but more athletically skilled Anthony Mason of Tennessee State and the Knicks.

4. Moe Harkless St. JOHN'S: A little bit thin but highly-athletic and attacks the Cup relentlessly. Can do a lot...he shoots the three, really good handle, can finish in traffic, and rebounds and blocks shots well for his size and make-up. Had some big Nights in the Big East vs Top Comp. Reminds me of a better more NBA ready Darius Miles formerly of the Clips and Blazers.

5. Royce White MINNESOTA: His Stock is soaring and his ability at his size to handle is the makings of a point Forward at times. Excellent Back to the basket Game and really good footwork. A prototype as he takes Big off the bounce and posts up smaller players. Reminds me of Former Demon Deacon and Durham Hillside HS Rodney Rodgers aka Hot Rod from the Right Side...that kind of ability.

6. Jeffrey Taylor VANDERBILT: Ideal size for an NBA Custodian. He attacks the basket, Finishes at the Cup, and he is a Killer in Transition. he and john Jenkins former a nice 1-2 punch in the Sec and they were the only ones to beat UK in the SEC and and 1 of 2 teams all year. Reminds me of UNC's Jerry Stackhouse at the 3 instead of the 2.

7. Darius Miller KENTUCKY: Can play the 2G and SF and can defend either position as he is deceptively quick, versatile, and an underrated athlete to boot. He can post up smaller guards and he takes bigger forwards off the bounce. The guy jut plays within himself and has Mid Range and a Money Ball. Reminds me a little of Mitch Richmond of East Bay Fame..Run TMC and Manhattan, KS K-State from the Small Forward.
8. Draymond Green MICHIGAN STATE: The Lawnmower Man the BLUEDUDE called him in IZZONE. His game evolved as he was a hustling PF with only PF Skill Set. As the Years went on he developed into one of the Finest Forwards in the College Game. An excellent leader, nice IQ, and he can impact the game from hustle to defending your best scorer in the front court. If you asked Coach Izzo he would tell you one of his All-Time Favorites to coach Green was. Reminds me of a smaller former Alabama All-American and Supersonic and Pacer Derrick McKey.

9.  Quincy Miller BAYLOR: He hurts himself by coming out when he clearly isn't ready physically or mentally. he can shoot the three and handle from the perimeter. He plays smaller than his frame so why enter the draft. You hate to hammer a kid but reminds me of former T'Wolve HS Lottery Pick who signed with Arizona and never went...Ndubi Ebi out of Houston, TX Westbury Christian and he was a Big Mac.  Look him up and he is a perfect example I would tell all these Big Mac's and Jordan Brand All-Stars why not to come out early. NBA...the BLUEDUDE is waiting for his 2nd rip in the Logo.

10. Jae Crowder MARQUETTE: He is a play-alike of Bulls 2011 1st rounder Jimmy Butler. A little bit bigger Crowder is than Butler. Plays bigger than what he is. The reigning Big East Player of the year for the 2011-12 Season. This kid is a former JUCO All-American who is an excellent defender, high Basketball IQ, and his Physical nature helps him battle bigger players and on the Glass.

The Best of the Rest......

Kris Joseph 'CUSE
Robbie Hummel PURDUE
Quincy Acy BAYLOR
Chace Stanback UNLV
Bradford Burgess VCU
Alex Young IUPUI

There are some Gems in this Custodian Group. MKG, Harrison, T-Jones, and Harkless will battle it out for Lottery Status as MKG and Harrison go Top 10 Lottery.

My Sleepers are Royce White, Jae Crowder, Darius Miller, and Jeffrey Taylor

The 1st Custodian off the Board in 2012....MKG of UK...a Surefire Top 3

Thursday, May 24, 2012

LOGO WATCH #83....Diggin' in the CRATES...FLASH circa of JORDAN BRAND Fly Wade 3 goes for 41 to send Team GOLD SWAGGER to reassemble in the Off Season....Team WHITE HOT advances.

As though the Pacers had the Miami Heat Sniper Wade County in a Funk games 1-3. What does Wade do between games 3-4 in Circle City...goes down Interstate 65 South to Bloomington, Indiana to catch up with an old friend. Coach Tom Crean, Wade County's Marquette Coach, to talk about Life, Family, and Coach watch this tape to see what I am doing wrong. If the Pacers knew they would have had Indiana State patrol pull his Wheels over and Wade would have never got to Bloomington. Where is Bill Belichek when you need him?

Since that talk Wade County must have found some other Tapes diggin' in the Crates Circa 2005-06 when it was Flash and Shaq Diesel doing all the damage on South Beach Florida. D-Wade has been sizzling to the point he could slow himself down right now and that doesn't bode well for their next opponent whether it be the Sixers or the C's.

Wade went for 41 and 10 boards as they demolish the Pacers and the Gold Swagger never got the Swagger back after Game 3. Can someone in Naptown get the BLUEDUDE Paul George's Cell Number and tell him that don't talk to the Stars talk to the Role Players because they do not have an On and Off Switch.

James was rather quiet as he let Flash drive as he rode shotgun in Circle City for 28, 6 boards, and 7 helpers. M&M Plain, Mike Miller, went for 12 on all Money Balls as in the 2nd Quarter it looked like he was on his 3rd rack in the NBA All-Star Shootout.

The Pacers have some work top do this off season as they were led by their best player David West 24 and 5. They have something missing and the Circle City Strangler..D-Granger needs to get his All-Star Type game back and quit trying to be Dirty Harry in the Enforcer and just play ball.

Larry Legend called his bunch Soft after game 5 in 305 and what now Larry...Team Bass Pro Shop or Team Ice Fishing. The Pacers have a good nucleus they just need someone to take the lid off of New Market Square.

The Heat will at least have Friday Off as they prepare for the Winner of the Sixers and C's Series. Rest is on the Menu and they will have a Healthy ready to go U.D. for the next series and no matter if you like them or not Team White Hot has met the 2011-12 Expectations thus far. The real Challenge will be the Logo Finals with either the Thunder or Spurs as both are 2x as deep as Team White Out.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA DRAFT Breakdown 2012....GotShooters?...GotScorers?...the 2-Guard, Big Guard, and what the BLUEDUDE calls a SNIPER....the best in the 2012 Draft.

Outside of the Small Forward spot this is one of the more intriguing positions in the Draft with some Big Names and Big Game. Teams in the Logo know if they can find a Player who can Spread the Floor, get you Off the Bounce, and even spell PG Duties at times they have got them something.

Two of the Top 5 Snipers are from the High School Class 2011 and they almost played together at the University of Florida. The BLUEDUDE'S Top Snipers in the 2012 NBA Draft....who is the #1 Gunner:

Note: In Order in how they should go in the 2012 NBA Draft

1. Bradely Beal FLORIDA: @RealDealBeal23...oozing with Upside and talent the 2011 National Gatorade Player of the Year out of the LOU. He reminds me of Sugar Ray of the C's, a Hint of Allan Houston, and a Splash of Hornets Eric Gordon. Hidden Explosive with a Dribble Drive Game and a Textbook J. Also Built like a NFL Safety and can finish at the Basket. Wizards and Cavs could be landing spots for Beal. Imagine Beal and Kyrie for Mayor near Lake would be No Mistake then.

2. Jeremy Lamb UCONN: I don't think he is aggressive enough to garner Lottery Status but who is the BLUEDUDE to tell your team not to take him. He has more Range than anyone in the 2012 Draft and Athleticism. His Long Arms and reach also suggest that he can get off his shot whenever he wants to. Mid0Range out to 25 Feet is Lamb's range. Out of Norcross GA HS with the Likes of Sixers Jodie Meeks, Suns Gani Lawal, and Hornets Al Faraq Aminu. Reminds me of former 'NOVA Star Kerry Kittles of Nawlins.

3. Dion Waiters SYRACUSE: Philly Born-Raised and so his his rugged Game. At 6-4 ands around 220 El Bees he was the 'Cuse best player and it wasn't even close, Attacks the Rim with ferocity and on the Break a Highlight waiting to Happen. Also can Defend and for his Frame is rather quick. His Sidekick at 'Cuse..Scoop a lot of open looks because of Waiters. Reminds me of former Fresno State and Virginia Two..Courtney Alexander.

4. Austin Rivers DUKE: The All-Hype machine is right here in the 2012 Draft. An under-sized Scoring machine and Electric Game off the Bounce will get him a lot of minutes in the Logo in his rookie campaign. Has a Splash of Former San Jacinto TX/Allegheny MD CC and Terp Star Steve Francis and a Snifter of OJ Mayo. Neither as explosive as Steve or built like OJ but has some Game and DAD (Doc Rivers Celtics Lead Man) might have to make a Choice if he is on the Board when the C's pick.

5a. Doron Lamb KENTUCKY: Without his crucial play UK doesn't cut down the nest. A really good shooter and very deceptive Handle. Can play the point and has a dribble-drive Mid Range game if you crowd him. His stock went up becsaue of his ability to handle the Orange. Reminds me of Former W. Carolina Star and current Houston Rocket Kevin Martin.

5b. Terrance Ross WASHINGTON: Can stroke it with the best of them and has no conscience as I watched this Kid a few times in PAC 12 Games. Smooth and Long which helps him out on the Defensive End and ha s a lot of similarities of Oklahoma State Standout and current Spurs Sniper James Anderson. A former Teammate of UK's Terrance Jones at Portland OR Jefferson HS.

6. Will Buford OHIO STATE: A Lottery Lock in 2011 and stayed to team up with Sully (Ohio ST PF Jared Sullinger) to see if they could get a Chip for the Ages. He makes Shots and I can't put it in any other fashion. he is a 4-Year player which means he is Logo Ready which is rare these days.  The Best player out of Toledo, Ohio since Macomber-Whitney HS Product Jim Jackson. He plays like a 2 but has the build of a Logo 3. he will be a Steal and the Spurs, Bulls, Cavs, and Celtics have to be looking at this guy. Reminds me of Miami Ohio Alum Ron Harper minus the Knack of Scoring in a variety of ways.

7. John Jenkins VANDERBILT: the Best Pure Shooter in the draft. Lacks Athleticism but knows how and when to get his shot off. Has pretty good size for a 2 in the Logo you just worry about can he guard folks. He can be lethal in the program because of the Clean looks you get on a nightly basis in the regular season. He has has former Stanford Standout Casey Jacobson written all over him.  

8. Will Buford MEMPHIS: Minus his Lithe Fame he averaged around 8 boards per. he is what the call in the Logo...a the bounce Baskin-Robbins 31 flavors. The only thing you worry about with Will his his Frame physically but he can mix it up and loves attacking the rim. Reminds me  of Warriors SF Dorrell Wright except Buford is way more aggressive. From Talent-Rich Charm City..B-More on the Chesapeake.

Kim English MIZZOU
Hollis Thompson G'TOWN
Chris Allen IOWA ST
Jared Cunningham OREGON ST
Khris Middleton TEXAS A&M
Darius Johnson-Odom MARQUETTE
Marcus Denmon MIZZOU

I think @RealDealBeal23 the Gateway Arch Sniper Bradley Beal is the Clear Cut #1 at Sniper. With the 2011-12 Rookie of the Year and Kyrie for Mayor and All-Rookie PF Tristan Thompson...the Cavs have to get BEAL if they are at #2 or even #3 with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist salted to go #2.

UConn's Lamb is grossly overrated and he is the 2nd UConn Player in the 2012 Draft with Red with Buyer Beware all over him.      

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Front Line May 23, 2012....SUNDAYS is #2 on TWITTER Followers with a reported 3 Plus Million Followers...Who are the Top 5 Teams on Twitter?

With the Logo having a reported 5 Million reached around a week ago the NFL is 2nd in Sports Leagues with 3.3 Million Plus Twitter Followers according to

The LOGO is #1 with 5 million Followers just reached last week. From Street & Smith's Sports Business Daily (September 9, 2011) here is the Top NFL Teams on Twitter to their Official Team Site:

NOTE: Numbers from September 9, 2011

Twitter Top 5

1. Jets 188,731
2. Patriots 128,674
3. Steelers 127,514
4. Cowboys 118,499
5. Packers 97,437

Twitter Bottom 5

1. Colts 17,832
2. Jaguars 20,017
3. Rams 24,564
4. Buccaneers 29,231
5. Panthers 29,907

Facebook's Top 5

1. Cowboys 3,470,557
2. Steelers 2,858,532
3. Patriots 2,443,612
4. Packers 1,916,649
5. Bears 1,891,174

Facebook's Bottom 5

1. Rams 122,296
2. Falcons 186,761
3. Jaguars 204,627
4. Titans 240,130
5. Bills 277,129

Looking at the Twitter Numbers you would have to say Rex Ryan's Trap has a lot to do with the Jets being #1 on Twitter.

The Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots, and Packers have the most Social Media Crazy fans as they are all Top 5 on Twitter and Facebook and with the exceptions of the 'Boys...the other Three Teams have won a lot in the last decade and some of the most Marketable Players and Tradition Sundays.

Colts completely surprised me on the Twitter. Circle City doesn't have Tablets, PDA's, and Smart Phones...DA**.

The Jags and the Rams need to spend money on their Social Media Campaign and maybe that will rub off on the field. Players love when they can interact with the fans heck with the Jags and Rams Numbers those players are interacting with other teams fans.

The BLUEDUDE would love to run the Rams and Jags Social Media if I could wear My Steelers Jersey on Gameday and my Terrible Towel....Got6?