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What a YEAR it was in 2011 for BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK 1st Full Calendar Year SPORTS BLOGGING. Before I get into some of my TOP STORIES for the YEAR 2011 the BLUEDUDE wants to think everyone who tuned in to CHECK me out. The VIEWS are greatly appreciated as I try to keep it as FRESH as those JORDAN CONCORD Scooby DOOS as well as that SUBWAY BMT loaded with ANCHOVIES.....GOT FISH? on your EATS.

The BLUEDUDE thinks all of the CONTINENTAL US as well as OVER 100 Countries Around the WORLD who has checked in and the BLUEDUDE will miss some but the list (in PARENTHESIS the HIGHEST RATED countries outside of the US and the Top 20 LIKE #1 CANADA):


BERMUDA and the TRIANGLE oh yeah the BLUEDUDE gets down

CANADA (1) the highest Country on VIEWS at BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK
CHINA (10)
Costa Rica
Czech Republic

Dominican Republic

HONG KONG (city but #11)
IRAN (19)
IRAQ (18)

JAPAN (10)

New Zealand
Puerto Rico

SYRIA (13)
Trinidad and TOBAGO



And there is more but in 2011 the NFL CROWNED the SUPER BOWL 45 CHAMPS the Green Bay PACKERS and it looks like they may repeat.

The NCAA Football crowned the AUBURN Tigers and Heisman Winner Cam NEWTON. The NCAA Basketball crowned the UCONN HUSKIES and Coach Jim CALHOUN.

The NBA ALL STAR GAME saw the BLAKEshow become the replacement for the LAKEshow. The NBA also had their youngest NBA MVP in Derrick ROSE of the CHICAGO BULLS.

MARK CUBAN and the DALLAS MAVERICKS, in which the BLUEDUDE called home for the 1999-2000 Season marketing for the MAVS, WON their 1st Larry O'BRIEN Trophy putting COWBOYS Owner Jerry JONES on the CLOCK. NBA Finals MVP Dirk NOWITZKI of GERMANY showed the WORLD he may be the BEST EUROPEAN NBA Player ever.

The NFL Draft saw Cam NEWTON of AUBURN go #1 and the NBA Draft saw DUKE's PG Kyrie IRVING go #1 to CLEVELAND and PLANTATION OWNER Dan GILBERT.....LOL.....the BLUEDUDE loves you GILBERT but your FATHEADS is what gets it really CRACK-A-LACKIN.

The NFL saw a WORK STOPPAGE as cooler heads prevailed and then it was the NBA's Work STOPPAGE and NBA Commish David J. STERN threw everyone on the PLAYERS Side in the HUDSON but the SPALDING BASKETBALLS.....but they finally salvaged their SEASON going 66 instead of 82.

Then there was Kim KARDASHIAN with her WEDDING HOAX on NETS F and DUMBA** Kris HUMPHRIES.....LOVE U HUMPS with your SQUARE PEG A**.

Then there is the COLLEGE Football season with those BAYOU BENGALS and the MAD HATTER Les MILES doing their thing but unfinished BIZ awaits them in the 600 V12 SUPERDOME in NAWLINS vs ROLL TIDE and MICHAEL JACKSON and AL GREEN FAN Nick SABAN with a side of HOT GRITS and SH**...ROLL TIDE and GEAUX TIGERS for another CHIP for SEC DOMINANT FOOTBALL.

What about the Atlanta BRAVES and the BOSTON Red SOX Monumental Collapses at the END of the 201 MLB SEASON. The BRAVES just fell apart and the RED SOX said if we are to go down it will be with BEER and CHICKEN and Chris BRIDGES aka LUDACRIS. That's what I am talkin' about where in SPORTS during a CONTEST you can go to the LOCKER ROOM and GET A COLD ONE and a WING, BREAST, a side of RED BEANS and RICE, and a BOSTON CLAM CHOWDER HOT while your team is getting their A** handed to them.....Beautiful FENWAY PARK.

Speaking of BOSTON oh for the LOVE of an earthquake to sink the PATS, CARMINES, the C's, BRUINS, MIT, HARVARD, Northeastern, BOSTON COLLEGE. and BOSTON U, and FOXBORO....the BLUEDUDE loves the NUB aka BUMS.

SPEAKING of BEANTOWN those BRUINS get a CHIP and for the NORTHEAST as they beat the Vancouver CANUCKS and CANUCK FANS but their TEAM on EBAY after they lost the STANLEY CUP like I am going to put MY BULLS on EBAYB if they lose to WADE COUNTY, QUEEN JAMES , and Bosh SPICE again in WINNING TIME....starting with the BENNY the BULL and the LUV-A-BULLS 1st.....CHI CITY STOP the BLUEDUDE and see what you get...FRO-ZONE FOOLS....ICE-SCAPADES.

Then there is your CRIME SCENES.....BOSOX LOCKER ROOM, the DREAM TEAM in PHILLY, the LAKEshow getting put off the AIR by BIG D in 4 straight, SHAQ retiring and going to TNT, ELWAY not liking TEBOWmania until he is seen at one of his car dealerships TEBOWING, BEAST MODE killing the RAVENS, RAVENS sweeping my STILLERS (STEELERS) see you PURPLE PUNKS in the PLAYOFFS, DeSean JACKSON acting like he is in KINDERcare, the BEARS 7-3 now 7-8 5 in a ROW MELTDOWN, the CARDINALS taking out the @theRealTPLUSH and the BREW CREW, NL MVP Ryan BRAUN on DEER ANTLER (you will find that in BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK DECEMBER 2010 or JANUARY 2011 ARCHIVES), and last but not least.....KOBE in SPLITSville USA but NO WORRY the PLAYBOY MANSION is HP and a SKIP from my 24th Floor PENTHOUSE at the DOWNTOWN LA Ritz CARLTON...go check him out and tell him the BLUEDUDE sent you.

WHAT a year for the SPORTS WORLD and CONGRATS to all the WOMEN SPORTS as well like the WNBA CHAMPS Minnesota LYNX, STANFORD's WOMEN SOCCER, the NORTHWESTERN WILDCATS made it 6 in 7 YEARS with their JUGGERNAUT in the NORTH LAKESHORES of the 'GO and many more.

HATS off to my CREW.....


Research the BLUEDUDE



and last but not least MY THOUGHTS and VIEWS are my SH** PERIOD.............

AS for the NEW YEAR have a HAPPY ONE and the BLUEDUDE will see you JANUARY 1st 2012 and hopefully back on TWITTER with a BANG on JANUARY 4th 2012...LOVE all my followers and COUNTRIES that follow BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK


It has all come down to this....the FINAL NFL SUNDAY and for some of those it will be the last time they play this season and for OTHERS...WINNING TIME is on TAP. The RACE for the LOMBARDI will start soon and WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for YOUR TEAM LATELY will be the Question.

The COWBOYS couldn't close the NY FOOTBALL GINATS weeks ago now they have to WIN at MET LIFE BLUE to win the NFC EAST and a PLAYOFF SPOT.

The BENGALS are 9-6 and if they WIN in the JUNGLE they are in WINNING TIME and the STEELERS get the #2 Overall seed in the EAST. If the BENGALS Lose they are out the PLAYOFFS and the RAVENS get the #2 SEED Overall in the PLAYOFFS.

The RAIDERS and BRONCOS have that same kind of scenario and the AFC WEST is up for GRABS. Will TEBOWmania get to WINNING TIME or will the SILVER and BLACK get to pay tribute to late OWNER AL DAVIS as they begin their QUEST to another LOMBARDI.

NFL WEEK 17 sponsored by MUST-WIN NFL WEEK 17 or get off the PORT-A-POTTY:

JANUARY 1st 2011

LIONS @ PACKERS: Will the PACK sit KEY PLAYERS or PLAY IT OUT?.....Will the LIONS sit QB MAtt STAFFORD and KEY PLAYERS because they already they are the WILD CARD. Any way you slice it it is WEEK 17 for SUNDAYS and it has come down to these last 4 Quarters for some.

The LIONS have nothing to prove to the PACK and VICE VERSA and if they see each other in the PLAYOFFS it won't be in the 1st round.
WINNER: PACKERS if they play everyone....24-20

TITANS @ TEXANS: The TEXANS have to get QB YATES back on track for the PLAYOFFS and they have to go through the TITANS who are still alive for a WILD CARD Berth.

Will it be the BATTLE of the RUNNING BACKS in the TEXANS Foster and the TITANS CJ28?....Or will it be 2 Teams that have to WIN the GAME for the SAKE of winning and getting into a rhythm.
WINNER: TITANS...CJ28 goes off.....TITANS 20-17

COLTS @ JAGS: They should forfeit to save the EXPENSES on both sides......

JETS @ MIAMI: This is trouble for the JETS and the FINS had these guys on the ROPES weeks ago. The JETS have to WIN to have any hope of the PLAYOFFS and they need some help. The FINS to their Credit with a LAME DUCK Coach have come to lay the last few weeks and they are as dangerous as anyone in the AFC right now.
WINNER: DOLPHINS....JETS got KICKED out of their OWN STADIUM last week and have not recovered...27-13


BILLS @ PATRIOTS: The PATS need to work on their DEFENSE and the BILLS are trying to beat the PATS to put either the STEELERS in the #1 Seed or the RAVENS in the AFC. This game is one of 2 TYPES. The BILLS keep it close or the PATS blow them right out of gillette.
WINNER: PATS 31-10....CIRCLE THAT Bison City

PANTHERS @ SAINTS: Who made the SAINTS Schedule all these FREAKIN' Home GAMES. They need to watch out for CAM because he wants to go out with a BANG. BREES is ALL THAT and a DOCK of FRESH CRAWFISH

REDSKINS @ EAGLES: Is this SHANAHAN or Andy REID's LAST GAME? other than that this BLACKOUT in LOCAL MARKETS all over it

49ERS @ RAMS: So the RAMS get the DIVISION WINNER for FAN APPRECIATION DAY and hold that thought for RAMS Coach SPAGS as he will probably be landing the EAGLES Defensive COORDINATORS Job by NEXT WEEK. NINERS are about BUSINESS as they are fine tuning their ENGINE for WINNING TIME
WINNER: 49ERS 23-17


SEAHAWKS @ CARDINALS: THIS will be some BULL**** right here.....LOSERS

BUCS @ FALCONS: FALCONS get an easy one you would think to get into the PLAYOFFS. That A** WHIPPIN' they took from the SAINTS Monday Night. You would think SANTA and Mrs. CLAUS would give the FALCONS some DEFENSE in their STOCKINGS for Christmas 2011.
The RAHEEM MORRIS Watch is in full effect and look for him on FIRING SQUAD #2 coming soon.

RAVENS @ the JUNGLE: It should be and probably will be rockin' and I can't wait to see JOE FLACCO and what he does his BIT** A**. Then you say BLUEDUDE keep it clean....LOOK if that DUDE doesn't have a STEELER in front of him....the BENGALS should get the AVERAGE JOE with that 1970's PORN MUSTACHE ON his face....BOW CHICH CHICH BOW WOW.

The BENGALS will get it CRACK-A-LACKIN' and they have to WIN to get into the POST SEASON which would be so monumental for the BENGALS Young players. This has CHEESE and a TRAP all over it.....WHICH RAVENS....the STEELERS Ravens or the CHARGERS Ravens that go their BACKSIDE handed to them.
Winner: BENGALS 24-19 and they are in WINNING TIME......DALTON JERSEYS and a half case of STRAWBERRIES for EVERYONE in the JUNGLE that is down with #14 in the SPIKE LEE JERSEY Orange and Black.....METALLICA....Enter the STRAWBERRY Patch DAMN Enter the SANDMAN

STEELERS @ BROWNS: At this point the STEELERS hate the OHIOP TEAM they will play on SUNDAY and love MARVIN LEWIS' BOYS vs the RAVENS. If their ever was a time the STEELER FAN needed to root for the BENGALS....pull that MUNOZ or ICKEY SHUFFLE Jersey out of the SHED and put candles around it.....and USHER IT...LET IT BURN.

The BROWNS would love nothing else but to give the STEELERS an L so they have to WIN at least 2 road games to get to NAPtown. BROWNS Fans get a LIFE...and I know playing the STEELERS is your SUPER BOWL.....but QUIT playing for us and PLAY for the LOMBARDI....beating the STEELERS Sunday doesn't get you anything but a FREE ROUND at the ESTABLISHMENT on SUNDAY NIGHT.....MONDAY in the CLEVELAND Plain DEALER it will read....BROWNS send STEELERS to 5th SEED in AFC...3 WEEKS from then it will read...those STEELERS have done it again....and it will be the 49ers and STEELERS in NAPtown for all he MARBLES....and the BLUEDUDE went there.

CHIEFS @ BRONCOS: The TEBOWmania has to WIN or if the RAIDERS WIN and they lose...the SILVER and BLACK are in. The CHIEFS D is no joke and has been playing at a high level for WEEKS now. This game if your a BRONCOS FAN has to have you worried.

CHARGERS @ RAIDERS: RAIDERS just have to WIN and hope they get a blessing form the CHIEFS on SUNDAY. The BOLTS and NORV TURNER are done.
WINNER: RAIDERS 27-24...and they get into WINNING TIME.

820PM ET

COWBOYS @ G-MEN: Forget the STORY LINES...IT IS WHAT IT IS....the 'BOYS didn't BEAT the GIANTS weeks ago and now they MUST WIN SUNDAY NIGHT.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Another one of the BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK's Exclusives....SQUEEZE the ORANGE NIGHTS....the TOP NBA Action of the NIGHT and sponsored by TWITTER JAIL...You DON'T KNOW until YOU are in the KNOW.


CHARLOTTE NC...Time-Warner CABLE ARENA aka MIKE JEFFREY JORDAN's HOUSE..the HEAT pulled out another WIn and this time vs a CHARLOTTE's BOBCATS Team that was up,on the HEAT the WHOLE GAME and sometimes BIG. But it was the END of the GAME when LeBron JAMES, who had 35pts, 6 rebs, and 7 assts deferred to WADE COUNTY Dwayne WADE to finish off the BOBCATS with a MID-RANGE BANK SHOT from the left side of the FLOOR.

Wade had been struggling all night and to hit that shot was huge but it was after the SHOT that the GAME went into the OTHER STRATOSPHERE. With Carolina PANTHERS QB Cam NEWTON sitting courtside the HEAT DUO of WADE COUNTY and KING JAMES went over to KILLAH CAM and did the CAM NEWTON Touchdown Celebration. The one where CAM opens GRABS his SHIRT from the left and the right and spreads their SHIRT OPEN to display WHAT ELSE...the S on my CHEST.

The NEW RIVALRY in the WEST is upon us featuring the OKC THUNDER and the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES. This one tonight was no different as the THUNDER walk out of the FED EX FORUM with a SAME DAY AIR Package with a W on it.....98-95 THUNDER.

The DURANTULA had 32 points to lead the THUNDER ad the GRIZZLIES were led by Z-BO with a his usual double-double of 24-12. And now looking at the WEST it seems as though the POWER is SHIFTING among the the ELITE as the THUNDER lead the GRIZZLIES, NUGGETS, and CLIPPERS in the NEW WEST.

The New York KNICKS took it on the CHIN in ORACLE as the WARRIORS without Steph CURRY defeat the KNICKS 92-78 to go to 2-1 on the YOUNG SEASON. New WARRIORS Coach ACTION JACKSON, mark jackson that is, has his team believing that on every night they have a chance and the PLAYERS along with their STARS...MONTA and STEPH...have bought in and it is working.

Kinda of a surprise on the YOUNG NBA Season....the GREEN TEAM and the MAVS are both WINLESS and the way the SCHEDULE is set up they need to watch themselves before they look up and they are 0-10.

The C's are feeling the effect of the loss of Jeff GREEN and the MAVS are feeling the effect of the CHAMPIONSHIP and the BACK to BACK on Opening Night.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The 2011 NFL Pro BOWL-ERS.....the PATRIOTS and 49ERS lead with 8....RAY LEWIS in his 12th and 8 TEAMS have only 1 going to HAWAII

It's half PLAYING and HALF.....well a REPUTATION here...and SEAL there....and then we HAVE LOOK the PART over there. The 2011 NFL PRO BOWLers from the AFC and NFC.

RAVENS MLB Ray LEWIS gets into ELITE Company with his 12th Selection. BRADY and RODGERS usual suspects. BIG BEN finally gets his due as one of the ELITE in the NFL at QB.

Some real quick facts on the PRO BOWL for 2011:

PATRIOTS and 49ERS get 8 PRO BOWLERS each with BRADY and WILLIS leading

4 ROOKIES get in and 3 from the AFC with BENGALS ROOKIE WR AJ GREEN and BRONCOS OLB Von MILLER leading


THE FASTEST Player in the NFL STEELERS WR Mike DA KID WALLACE starts his 1st Pro Bowl

Troy POLAMALU and ED REED continue their DOMINANCE at Safety for the AFC

SAINTS only had 5 and NO WR's but TE Jimmy GRAHAM made his 1st Pro Bowl


The LIONS only have 1 in WR MEGATRON Calvin JOHNSON

The ONLY TEAM that had 1 PLAYER going and #1 at his position overall....BROWNS T Joe THOMAS







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NFL WEEK 16 RUNDOWN....CRUNCH TIME for those IN...OUT...and Trying to see WHAT it is all about...PLAYOFF TIME is near

NFL WEEK 16 RUNDOWN can be simply stated....YOU HAD YOUR CHANCES and you BLEW IT. Those are the sentiments of not LOSERS but those that have their last SHOT at WINNING TIME, those depending on others to get to WINNING TIME, and those who have just lost it and playing for NFL DRAFT 2011.

The NFL WEEK 16 RUNDOWN is sponsored by.....GIRLS and BOYS HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Holiday TOURNEYS.....its all about these YOUNG STUDENT ATHLETES:

TEXANS @ COLTS: COLTS making a last ditch effort to save their HEAD COACH who should be gone.....I say the COLTS need a FRESH START everywhere. The TEXANS need to WIN in WEEK 17 before entering WINNING TIME....REAL TALK.

BROWNS @ RAVENS: It's FUNNY Hearing T-SIZZLE choppin' it up about the RAVENS PRO BOWL Snubs and they will be SUPER BOWL BOUND.....better tell FLACCO to get in your SHIP t-SIZZLE. The BROWNS to their credit have played HARD but they come up EMPTY once again...a disappointing season on the MISTAKE on the LAKE.

BRONCOS @ BILLS: No way did the BILLS get the TEBOWmania MEMO hey destroyed the ORANGE BLUSH...and yeah I said it. The BILLS are done and I have no IDEA what they are playing for but the BRONCOS need a WIN in week 17 or the RAIDERS take their place....MOTIVATION.

BUCCANEERS @ PANTHERS: I hope RAHEEM MORRIS gets one more go from COACH of the YEAR to a FIRED Head Coach has never been done.....except MORRIS is not the NORM. Having said that CHUCKY was nothing but AVERAGE after he won the SUPER BOWL with DUNGY's TEAM...GLAZERS I have seen this UGLY PICTURE go ahead and do what you wanted to do from DAY 1. CAM NEWTON is nothing more than SENSATIONAL and the PANTHERS Offensively look in good hands under CAM's WATCH.

CARDINALS @ BENGALS: The BENGALS held on and now are in a ONE GAME PLAYOFF with the RAVENS..WIN or GO straight to the DRAFT. The CARDINALS have been their usual self...7-9..8-8..and have no chance at PLAYOFF TIME.

RAIDERS @ CHIEFS: They have kept HOPE ALIVE in the BAY and the RAIDERS if they get in could be a PROBLEM. The CHIEFS have some DEFENSE and is ROMEO their next HEad Coach...CHIEFS be CAREFUL...he is a COORDINATOR only..TRIUST ME...ask the BROWNS.

DOLPHINS @ PATRIOTS: The FINS were up 17-0 at half and knew the PATRIOTS would come out like GANG BUSTERS and the FINS did nothing to STOP it. The PATRIOTS better have FIX that DEFENSE before the PLAYOFFS as REGGIE BUSH of the FINS went to the PRO BOWL on them in a HALF of FOOTBALL.

GIANTS @ JETS: Guess who was talking all week and who wasn't?....You guessed it..the JETS CHOPPIN' IT UP about what they are going to do and what they did do is get an ANGRY G-MEN's OUTFIT and get an L. The JETS are done for 2011 and the REX RYAN Show will have one more year in the BIG GRANY SMITH. MEANWHILE the G-MEN have their ONE GAME PLAYOFF Sunday....if the BEAT JERRY's TEAM..they are IN..that simple.

RAMS @ STEELERS: RAMS knew what was on that other sideline.....GROWN FOLKS BIZ...and the STEELERS this time of year are not plying with is WINNING TIME and the CURTAIN is WINNING TIME CERTIFIED.

JAGS @ TITANS: It may be too late for the TITANS but they have played real hard to the FINISH. CJ28 found his stride and the MUNCHAK Era in its 1st Season has been alright. The JAGS need to get JONES -DREW some help.

VIKINGS @ REDSKINS: Only thing out of this one.....VIKES lose ALL DAY Adrian PETERSON #28 to MCL and ACL Tear......8-9 months recovery...that is not good for the VIKES 2012-13 Season. 'SKINS and SHANAHAN you SUCK.

CHARGERS @ LIONS: For the 1st Time in 10 seasons the LIONS go to WINNING TIME with a WHIP. The BOLTS and the NORV TURNER Era has been over years ago.

EAGLES @ COWBOYS: NOW the EAGLES want to play. The 'BOYS should have and could have knocked the G-MEN out a few weeks ago now they have to go to the BIG APPLE to WIN or NO PLAYOFFS again.

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS: The NINERS keep doing what GOOD TEAMS the CLOSE ONES. the HAWKS could have had a CHANCE again at WINNING TIME...but fail and looking at the GAME EVEN CLOSER it was STANFORD vs USC.....HARBAUGH vs CARROLL.

BEARS @ PACKERS: Just a FORMALITY...BEARS have been done...PACKERS played them because they were next on the SCHEDULE.

FALCONS @ SAINTS: 45-16 and the FALCONS think they are READY.....SAINTS are on a MISSION only problem is the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME is OUTSIDE with below freezing TEMPS....HMMMMMM

SPORTS SHORTS TAKE 11....the NBA and NFL Edition....MAVS getting hammered...the WILD NFL WEEK 17 Scenarios...n more

The BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK SPORTS SHORTS Take 11 has plenty to offer and lets get to it.........

The Defending WORLD CHAMPION Dallas MAVERICKS get their BLING and their BANNERS and get SMACKED by the HEAT as expected. What the MAVS FANS didn't expect was the SHELLACKING they took from the NUGGETS tonight in BIG D and let me explain.

One...the MAVERICKS get rid of 3 Great TEAMMATES on the FLOOR and in the LOCKER JJ BEREA, Caron BUTLER, and Tyson CHANDLER. They lose RUDY FERNANDEZ to the NUGGETS and they have almost conceded to the FACT that they will be using their CAP SPACE for next season and DERON WILLIAMS.

Two....the PARTIES after they get their RINGS and their BANNER goes up goes into the WEEEE HOURS of the NIGHT and the NBA schedules the MAVS on a BACK TO BACK...C'MON COMMISH...let the MAVS soak in that remarkable RUN for at least 2 DAYS after their CEREMONY. Next up for the MAVS....the THUNDER....and they will be 0-3 after that.

The CHICAGO BEARS continued their slide SOUTH of .500 as they take it on the CHIN in LAMBEAU. To say the BEARS would lose a few of those GAMES is right on but to go 0- and a possible 6 isn't right.

QB Jay CUTLER means a lot to that OFFENSE as does RB Matt FORTE but all the BEARS had to do was go .500 vs the BRONCOS, CHARGERS, CHIEFS, SEAHAWKS, PACKERS, and RAIDERS..and couldn't do it......DISAPPOINTING to say the LEAST.

The AFC NORTH is still up for grabs as the RAVENS who own the TIEBREAKER vs the STEELERS have to travel to the JUNGLE in CINCY to take on the BENGALS. The RAVENS win they get the #2 SEED Overall in the AFC. They lose and the STEELERS win the RAVENS fall to the #5 Seed, the BENGALS get a WILD CARD, and the STEELERS get the #2 SEED OVERALL. The RAVENS are officially on the CLOCK and they have not been playing that well of late. The STEELERS travel to CLEVELAND for their FINAL GAME.

The COWBOYS blew an 11 POINT LEAD a few weeks ago at HOME vs the GIANTS would they could have knocked them out of the PLAYOFFS. NOW LOOK what is on TAP for SUNDAY......the COWBOYS at the GIANTS and MET LIFE BLUE for the NFC EAST and the NFC WILD CARD SPOT. The BOYS no better and they can only blame themselves.

The DETROIT LIONS are 10-5 and they clinch a PLAYOFF BERTH this past SUNDAY with a WIN over the BOLTS. The LIONS will be a WILD CARD Team that NO ONE wants to play against with all that TALENT, TEAM Speed, and youth-ism........DAMN BLUEDUDE is that a WORD?.....It is now.

The NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS almost took a surprising loss to the DOLPHINS but cam away with a last minute 27-24 WIN over the AQUA BOYZ of 305. The BIG PICTURE is this....PATRIOTS FIX that D or it will be a LONG OFF-SEASON after this 1 PLAYOFF GAME and an L.

Can the BRONCOS QB and SUPERman Tim TEBOW WILL his team to a VICTORY on SUNDAY and a PLAYOFF BERTH.....this is the TIME you really make your name.....WEEK 17 PLAYOFF FOOTBALL is coming your way on SUNDAY.

Monday, December 26, 2011

NFL WEEK 17 Power Rankings...SANTA and the GRICH Edition....Who has to WIN in WEEK 17.

The last week in the NFL Season and there are DIVISIONS and SEEDS in Winning TIME undecided. The PACKERS might be the ONLY TEAM in the NFL in WEEK 17 that doesn't have to WIN or doesn't have to play for any type of SCENARIO to dictate whether they go UP or DOWN.

The NFC EAST is up for GRABS and the COWBOYS and GIANTS enter MET LIFE BLUE....where ONE TEAM enters...and ONE TEAM will EXIT right into NFC EAST Champs and the PLAYOFFS.

The AFC's Top SPOT is held by the PATRIOTS but the RAVENS must beat the BENGALS in the JUNGLE to hold onto #2 and if they lose the BENGALS get a WILD CARD Spot and the STEELERS go from #5 to #2 Seed as the RAVENS will drop to #5 Seed....the GRICH could be in CHARM CITY and SANTA in CINCY.

NFL WEEK 17 Power Rankings....sponsored by WINNING TIME...Has your TEAM been NOTTY or NICE?:

1. PACKERS (1) 14-1: they have held the TOP SPOT ALL YEAR like the LSU TIGERS in COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Now WInning Time is upon us.

2. SAINTS (2) 12-3: Rolling along and punished a FALCON Team that is heading to the WINNING TIME.....BREES is the BUSINESS with another NFL Record

3. 49ERS (3) 12-3: They won another one at the END and that is not LUCK on SUNDAYS that is sheer believing in what the GOAL is....WINNING at all COSTS

4. PATRIOTS (4) 12-3: It took them a WHOLE HALF to figure out that the AQUA BOYZ really didn't want them.....BRADY and that OFFENSE can't be the ONLY ONES in WINNING TIME...that PATS D needs some fixing and quick

5. STEELERS (5) 11-4: To their CREDIT they took out the HAPLESS RAMS and did it with QB Charlie BATCH and now the DEFENSE is turning into WINNING TIME Form.....KEY GAME in WEEK 17 if RAVENS LOSE

6. RAVENS (6) 11-4: They almost got bit again by the BROWNS and not hating on the RAVENS but they don't look like they are playing their BEST FOOTBALL right now.

7. LIONS (9) 10-5: They clinched for the FIRST TIME since 1999 and the LIONS will be a dangerous bunch in the PLAYOFFS

8. TEXANS (7) 10-5: TJ YATES can't get them over the HUMP in PLAYOFF TIME and it is starting to show a little

9. FALCONS (8) 9-6: Tried to use the SAINTS as a BAROMETER but instead got a SERIOUS REALITY CHECK.....NOT READY for the BIG BOYS once again

10. BENGALS (14) 9-6: They have been battling ever since they took them 2 losses in a row to the STEELERS and RAVENS and now they get the RAVENS in the JUNGLE for a possible PLAYOFF BERTH.....WOWZA

11. GIANTS (13) 8-7: They didn't do any talking and the JETS PAID for their talking.....meanwhile the G-MEN get to HOST the COWBOYS for the NFC EAST Crown and a BERTH into WINNING TIME

12. COWBOYS (10) 8-7: It has come down to this when they should have beatin' the G-MEN a few weeks ago up 11 with a little over 4 MINUTES to go.....KARMA on SUNDAYS is a BIT**

13. RAIDERS (NR) 8-7: Hanging on for dear life and look who is watching over the RAIDERS on SUNDAY...the LATE OWNER...AL DAVIS....JUST WIN BABY to get into WINNING TIME

14. BRONCOS (11) 8-7: The BILLS didn't get the TEBOWmania MEMO and the BRONCOS didn't look the part either. CAN the BRONCOS get into WINNING TIME is the QUESTION?

15. JETS (12) 8-7: Almost eliminated and the RAN their mouth about the GIANTS like their coach POPS OFF and they all will have to go HOME come WINNING TIME.

16. TITANS (NR) 8-7: SCOREBOARD Watching is not a thing of BEAUTY on SUNDAYS and the TITANS have to HOPE and WISH after all that OFF-SEASON Work


BEARS 7-8 5 in a row after the CUTLER INJURY


CARDINALS 7-8 they will always be 8-8 it's their CULTURE in the DESERT

CHARGERS 7-8 Always waiting until the END cost them and their COACH

EAGLES 7-8 What could have been as NOW they start playing

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The FRONTLINE CHRISTMAS NIGHT...the LOGO EDITION...MIAMI sends the MAVS nothing...the KNICKS get by C's without telling TRUTH...BULLS n THUNDER WIN

What other news is on CHRISTMAS with BIG NBA GAMES all day. It's the Bluedude Sportstalk FRONTLINE CHRISTMAS DAY...the LOGO EDITION as in the NBA LOGO.

Not wasting anytime this NBA MINI's are sponsored by BABY CHICKENS...WHEN was the last time you ate a CORNISH HEN....GOOD STUFF and by XBOX 360 and NINTENDO 3DS'ed to get a NIGHT CAP:

The KNICKS used 17 PUNTOS in the 4th from the BIG BULLY.....MELO....and a missed shot by the BIG TICKET at the BUZZER to beat the GREEN TEAM in 1st PHASE DONE MSG.

It was the NEW-LOOK KNICKS with a new BACK COURT, new CENTER, and a nice looking rookie that gave the C's their 1st L of the SEASON. But not forgotten is the BEST PLAYER on the FLOOR Performance in the C's POINT GOD RAJON RONDO aka DOUBLE R....ROUGH RIDIN'.

The KNICKS had no answer for him all day and he is just a disruptive force every time he steps on the FLOOR on both ends of the FLOOR. I usually don't make excuses but the GREEN TEAM on OFFENSE looked a little bit out of sync because of the absence of SF Paul PIERCE....let the TRUTH set you FREE.

Will the KNICKS do anything in the early to tell. When the CELTS get it together they look like a possible 3 seed in the EAST.

The HEAT call themselves sending a MESSAGE to the rest of the LEAGUE when they need o get the VIDEO on the MICHEAL and SCOTTIE led BULLS on what they looked like on BANNER and BLING NIGHT.......BOO BOO.

So the MAVERICKS get beat on Christmas Day after CHRISTMAS with FAMALAND, all the HOOPLA surrounding the RING and BANNER CEREMONY before the GAME, and the PARTIES after the GAME. After all that you are suppose to get beat by a half a HUNDO.

The MAVERICKS had one thing going for them TODAY...No matter what the HEAT did TODAY....that BANNER and those RINGS are a DONE DEAL.

KING JAMES went for 37 and WADE COUNTY 26 and then what. The KING had a SHOW Called in WINNING TIME last season called DISAPPEARING ACT.....and their might be a SEQUEL......BUM A**.

The BULLS made up a 8 point deficit in the last 2 minutes of the GAME to get by the LAKEshow in STAPLES. And boy did the BLACK MAMBA look out of SYNC or is it that there is more on KOBE'S Mind then we are led to believe. I tell you this much..thee is not a DUDE out there if they had KB24 CASHOLA....they wouldn't be concerned if they didn't have a PRENUP...OK KOBE...your are TIGER WOODS.

BULLS I still think with Rip HAMILTON have enough FIREPOWER to get by the HEAT in WINNING TIME. The LAKEshow will be alright remember they played TODAY's Game with out Center Andrew BYNUM so there is HOPE in LAKERland.

AS for the BULLS they are HUNGRY and that A** WHIPPIN' they took at the HANDS of the HEAT Last season....PAY BACK will be a BI***.

Dwight HOWARD and the MAGIC lose to the THUNDER by 11 in OKC and DWIGHT has to be wondering why can't I have the same SUPPORTING CAST as DURANT 66.

The THUNDER are going to be a tough out and that 1-2 PUNCH of WHY NOT #0 and the DURANTULA looks to good to be TRUE and everyone out WEST will be checkin' in at the OKC THUNDER Hotel before getting to LARRY O'BRIEN'S Room.

The CLIPPERS and WARRIORS still going but the STORY LINES on that one....Mark ACTION JACKSON.....CP3 at the POINT and BIG SHOT at the 2 with a 2nd SHIFT of MO and RANDY....and of course the MAIN COURSE..the BLAKEshow.....with preceded by the DeANDRE Show......CLIPS for REAL. MONTA ELLIS quit sending PICS on your PHONE of MR. MAN to female EMPLOYEES and then lying to your WIFE that you are not
The WARRIORS will be actively looking to move ELLIS and his SIDE SHOW like me on that.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the BLUEDUDE and this 5-STAR BLOG.....bacause your reading it.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

NBA's OLD ST NICHOLAS Line-Up..MSG at CELTS...305 at BiG D...BULLS at LAKEshow...CLIPjoint at EAST BAY..n to all a GOOD DAY

I'mmmmmmm BAAAAAAAAACK...the NBA is all over the FLAT on CHRISTMAS DAY as SANTA drops TOYS for the 18 and UNDER and GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS for the 21 and NORTH of that crowd.

A bevy of CONTENDERS to the MAVS Throne will be on display including a FINALS Rematch with the MAVS getting a HUGE SURPRISE from Owner Mark CUBAN and that is worth seeing all by its LONESOME.

A lot of QUESTIONS going into this NBA SEASON as the shortened version includes BACK to BACK to BACK Games which means teams with a VETERAN ROSTER will need a full 8oz of MONSTER with a SHOT of that ORANGE FLAVORED METAMUCIL.....that will SYZURUP on the SHELF for those who get down like that.

The LAKERS start the SEASON with their ONLY 3 Games in a row all season and without CP3 as he has the BLUE and RED locker Room in STAPLES with the BILLY CRYSTAL FATHEADS on them. MAGIC and Diane CANNON have go to be LIVID and can't wait to see the HORNETS OWNER David J.-Walkin' STERN.....JUST FOUL how you did LAKERnation HOME BOY...FOUL.

So with this being the SEASON for GIVING who is going to GET THEIR BACKSIDE AKON-ED on the 25th of December...that's right...SMACK THAT....all on the FLOOR SMACK THAT.....give me some more...SMACK THAT.....ok BLUEDUDE enough is enough the SPORTSTALK is rated BSH...for the Bluedude Sportstalk Head.

the NBA GAMES on CHRISTMAS Day are sponsored by MY DEBIT CARD was on EMPTY before the BLUEDUDE....which mean I had to TURN in before i looked like .......ERYKAH BADU Please.....BAAAAAGGGG LADY and HAPPY HOLIDAY from BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and the BLUEDUDE:

December 25th 2011
12PM ET on TNT

the GREEN TEAM @ 1st PHASE DONE-MSG: SO what is the STORYLINE here....the New KNICKS Front line with TYSON CHANDLER vs the Revamped and ut together like HUMPTY DUMPTY C's Front line. Ant takers on the BIG TICKET getting into it with TYSON CHANDLER before HALFTIME?

Can the KNICKS slow down the DOUBLE-R and SUGAR RAY Back court of the CELTS? and CAN the KNICKS slow down the BIG BULLY from taking everyone is GREEN LUNCH MONEY?.

It will be DOC RIVERS hard-nosed DEFENSIVE STYLE vs Mike D'Antoni's 2K11 Version of NUGGETS 1980's Coach Doug MOE's Organized CHAOS minus ALEX, KIKI, FAT, DANNY, BILL, T.R., and DOLPH.....and those OFF THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN JERSEYS......SUPER HOT.
WINNER: KNICKS.....Too Much MELO and STAT and FIELDS and DOUGLAS come up BIG

230PM ET on ABC

305 BOYZ @ BIG D: Just in case the HEAT needed a little motivation remember COUGH GATE and JAMES and WADE making fun of DIRKILISCIOUS like he was faking being SICK. Well guess who gets the LAST LAUGH......@swish41 you IDIOTS WADE n JAMES. YEAH the BLUEDUDE went there right before Christmas 2011 and CHECK what's in your STOCKING from my BULLS a few LUMPS of RED COAL from the BULLS, BENNY the BULL, and yours TRULY the BLUEDUDE.

This one should have a PLAYOFF-Type Atmosphere with OLD PAT RILEY in the GOOD SEATS seeing the REACTION of his players of what could have been. Anyone think GABRIELLE UNION will be there cheering on her BOO WADE COUNTY...MAYBE. What about JAMIE FOXX who joined MAVS Prez USSERY for the PARADE ROUTE and was around the MAVS about as much as ME and BENNY the BULL.

Players to watch the HEAT's Shane BATTIER and the MAVS LAM LAM and KHLOE KARDASHIAN..............
WINNER: the know as well as I do the TEAM who CELEBRATES Last Year's Chip and the RING CEREMONY is nowhere in the ARENA from a MIND Standpoint.....they are WORRIED about the PARTY and Reflections after the GAME during the GAME.


BULLS @ LAKEshow: Who is going to CHECK the NBA's 2010-11 Reigning MVP POOH ROSE?....KOBE let the BLUEDUDE warn you...if your HURT STAND DOWN because if you go out there for the sheer fact you have to put them NIKE ZOOM 7's CHEETAH's on for the PR will get beat by 25 and the BLUEDUDE told you so.

The LAKEshow can not hold a TEE to the BULLS new BACK COURT in RIP and ROSE but the BULLS also have to tend to DREW and the it might be somewhat of an even trade off.

The BIGGEST thing to watch in this one is what will the LAKERS be running OFFENSIVELY because new coach MIKE BROWN can get it DEFENSIVELY and does he have KOBE's Full Attention as illustrated in the PHOTO to your LEFT...NO.

The BULLS Bench is also one of the BEST in the NBA and that could pose a HUGE THREAT to the LAKERS staying close because KOBE is no longer that GUY that an carry them a GAME but only in SPOTS.



O-MAGIC @ OKC THUNDER: SUPERman of MOUSE TOWN gets a first hand look at what a TEAM that is CONTENDING for a TITLE LOOKS like. The THUNDER is loaded and they have all the TOLS in the SHED and that one piece to CLOSE OUT like the PINSTRIPES K.D. aka DURANT 66, aka the DURANTULA, aka BABY ICE.

The MAGIC will have to slow down WESTBROOK and HARDEn let alone DURANT. Then inside they have PERK 2.5 the SLIM-Downed Version that is a TOP FLIGHT Low Post Defender if I ever saw one. So the MAGIC will have to have JAMEER and J-RICH try to slow them down by making them work on the DEFENSIVE END.

MAVERICK and GOOSE...OKC's COACHES Scotty BROOKS and MO CHEEKS....have a WHIP and they are experienced to get to the TOP in the WEST but it starts on CHRISTMAS DAY with DWIGHT and his SQUAD coming to town.

PLAYERS to watch...MAGIC's BIG BABY DAVIS and the THUNDER's Slim Down K.P. 2.5 from BEAUMONT TEXAS........

1030PM ET on ESPN

the CLIPjoint @ ORACLE in EAST BAY: I though I would never say this in a 10 CENTURY's....but the CLIPPERS are the REAL DEAL and they are absolute LOADED at every position with a Proven NBA GEM. The GUARDS CP3 and Mr. BIG SHOT and watch CHAUNCEY play the SHOOTING GUARD id DEl NEGOR knows what he is doing and that might be the BIGGEST ACHILLES HEEL....VINNY.

Then you go FRONTLINE...the BUTLER as in CARON at the SMNALL Forward, the BLAKEshow who needs no intro... and DeAndre JORDAN who is on the CUSP of STARDOM and he n BLAKE look like TUMBLERS on a TRAMPOLINE when they get out on the BREAK.

The WARRIORS have TWO STUDS but they are not in UNIFORM in new COACH Mark ACTION JACKSON and WARRIORS new PREZ Jerry WEST the LOGO. Having said that they have STEPH CURRY and MONTA...who needs his CELL PHONE takin' away before he gets inside the ARENA. That sending SHOTS of your LOWER EXTREMITIES to an EMPLOYEE is not a GOOD LOOK DAWG.

The WARRIORS will have their work cut out as the CLIPPERS are not the LAKERS but the B-LAKERS and they will be the TOP ROAD SHOW in every NBA Arena this season. GOOD LUCK WARRIORS on FRIDAY...SANTA needs to DROP you a +20 Spot in ORACLE ARENA's Chimney.
WINNER: the B-LAKERS by a MILE..too much BUTLER, BLAKEshow, CP3, Mr. BIG SHOT, and DeANDE......that whole state of CALI is in trouble seeing these GUYS.


Friday, December 23, 2011

The GREEN TEAM, The BOSTON 3 PARTY, the C's, the SHAMROCKS, the CELTS......BOSTON CELTICS 2011-12 Report

There comes a time in SPORTS when you have that GREAT RUN and you start to feel as though not only is the COMPETITION catching up it has passed you in one fell swoop. Well the BOSTON CELTICS, loaded with a SUREfire THREE PLAYERS going to the NAISMITH, have kinda reached that plateau and this is it for the BIG TICKET, SUGAR RAY, and the TRUTH.

Three years ago when TICKET and RAY arrived they had a hug question at the POINT GUARD Spot. CELTICS Coach then and current Dictator Glenn DOC RIVERS right out the gate made Kentucky WILDCAT Rookie Rajon RONDO , who was born and raised in LOUISVILLE....imagine that, the STARTER and his development to getting that CHAMPIONSHIP was monumental. Now look how the TIDE has turned the BIG 3 who used to get all over RONDO now it is DOUBLE R's Outfit and he has all the controls at his fingertip.

Then as a GREEN TEAM Fan would probably ask current CELTS Prez Danny AINGE....Can we get to the LARRY O'BRIEN or our we fulling ourselves in thinking this team as better than they really are?

To their AINGE and DOC's Credit...the C's have not stayed the same as far as the ROSTER goes as they are ever trying to RE-TOOL around the BIG 3 as well as trying to give RONDO someone to play with in the future. Now have the CELTS most teams do. The BIGGEST Blunder was the PERk for Jeff GREEN ands obviously if we knew what we know now that TRADE absolutely would have never happened.

Now what DIRECTION are the CLAM CHOWDER Boyz going into.....they have WORK to do as there are at least 3 teams right now better than them the MAGIC, HEAT, and the BULLS with the HAWKS in that 4-5 range.

The C's Roster for 2011-12 looks like this:

POINT GOD Rajon RONDO the leader of the GREEN TEAM moving forward
G Ray ALLEN aka SUGAR RAY the NBA's ALL-TIME leader in 3's MADE
SF Paul PIERCE aka the TRUTH the LEADER from DAY 1 and LA's Best
PF Kevin GARNETT aka the BIG TICKET was the PROTOtype into the Millenium

G Avery BRADLEY when will he come of AGE.....multi-talented
G Marquis DANIELS will help the GREEN TEAM if he can stay healthy
G E'Twuan MOORE ROOKIE from Purdue..true point

F Brandon BASS Nice Pick Up for BIG BABY DAVIS....underrated at the 4
F JaJuan JOHNSON ROOKIE from Purdue could be a POOR MAN's KG really good player
F Micheal SWEETNEY Former KNICKS 1st Rounder n HOW ROUND is he know?
F Chris WILCOX will help that C's FRONTLINE in the ATHLETIC Department

C Jermaine O'NEAL How much is left in his tank?
C Greg STEMSMA ROOKIE from WISCONSIN could surprise some folks

If you look at their ROSTER they have a lot of QUESTION MARKS.....the WHAT IF? and the WHO is THAT? Variety. Nut DOC and DANNY have been known to go after no name VETS and they will sometimes surprise some folks.

So where will the 2011-12 GREEN TEAM end up at the end of the NBA Season?.....the BLUEDUDE is thinking they will be a 4 SEED because of the dysfunctional A** Atlanta HAWKS. Then after that WHO KNOWS....because the BEAST in EAST is NO LONGER in the NORTHEAST in the NBA's Eastern Conference.

TIME SQUARE...5th Avenue MSG....MELO n STAT....the 2011-12 NY KNICKERBOCKERS Report

If you would have told me last year that the NEW YOK KNICKERBOCKERS would miss out on KING JAMES I would have said that is a HIGH POSSIBILITY. Then if you would have said the KNICKS will miss out on DERON WILLIAMS I would have been 50/50. But to tell me the KNICKS miss out on JAMES, D-WILL 5, CP3, and DWIGHT is unfathomable. Is this a tell tale sign that the KNICKS are no longer one of the more coveted spots for an TOP FLIGHT NBA Free Agent?

With those names pretty much off the MSG and YES NETWORK Area....the KNICKS still have two of the TOP 15 PLAYERS in the ASSOCIATION and it is safe to say the KNICKS are in a a lot better position than they were 2-3 years ago.

Enter Carmelo ANTHONY and Amare STOUDAMIRE 2 of the BEST FORWARDS in the LEAGUE that are as different as they are similar in that they are WINNERS with NO CHIP. That is motivation alone than you look at how the EASTERN CONFERENCE stacks up they will need MAJOR HELP eventually.

MELO is arguably in the BLUEDUDE Mind the best All-Around Scorer in the a BURLY 6'8" and North of 250 EL BEES...MELO has the OFF the BOUNCE Game...the MIDDLE Game...I can get to the RIM GAME and use this BODY to fend off would be DEFENDERS and Shot Blockers...I can shoot from the ARC..can finish in TRANSITION with the BEST of them.....and can play FACE-UP or BACK to the BASKET with some of the best POST PLAYERS in the NBA. The one drawback that MELO gets labeled with is that he doesn't defend very well and there are a lot of NBA Scorers that don't do that very well if not at all.

His Partner in Crime...STAT...Standing Tall And Talented....Amare STOUDAMIRE is a man amongst boys ever since he set foot in the LEAGUE straight out of High School in LAKE WALES Florida. A mix between Otis THORPE, Buck WILLIAMS, and Charles BARKELY..STAT is virtually unstoppable in Transition and now that he has added that MID-RANGE Game to his arsenal....18 and in....BUTTA.

More comfortable Facing Up but can play his BACK to the BASKET....STAT is the perfect compliment to MELO as they BOTH do NOT REBOUND like they should but collectively both of them on the GLASS is better than SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN's Career Rebounding Game.

Now the KNICKS are starting to have an IDENTITY it STOPS with those two stars as KNICKS Head Coach Mike D'ANTONI Philosophy is Offense 1st and Offense 2nd...then we will worry about getting STOPS later. Not knocking COACH its just who he is and that PHILOSOPHY almost WON him a CHIP in the DESERT. But the KNICKS play in the EASTERN Conference and if you DO NOT lay your HAT on won't last in WINNING TIME. So in short COACH is not the RIGHT MAN to lead the KNICKS and they KNOW IT so it's just a matter of time to the GARDEN PARTY falls apart.

Looking at the rest of the KNICKS ROSTER sponsored by PHASE 1 of the NEWLY RENOVATED MSG is DONE...PHASE 2 starting in MAY 2012 when the KNCIKS get bounced in the 1st Round:

G Mike BIBBY...he has been done since his last days in SACtown
G Baron DAVIS...he needs to be in SHAPE to help the KNICKS
G Toney DOUGLAS..easily the BEST POINT GUARD n camp
G Landry FIELDS...will start with DOUGLAS to FORM the WTF? Knicks Back Court
G Iman SHUMPERT...Highly ATHLETIC and really raw but DEFENSIVELY NBA Ready
G Bill WALKER.....Can be a HUGE SURPRISE if he can get down to 215

F CARMELO ANTHONY aka the know what it is
F Renaldo BALKMAN...FORMER Isiah THOMAS 1st Rounder now u know why ZEKE is GONE
F Jared JEFFRIES....Can play multiple Posititons for the KNICKS
F AMARE STOUDAMIRE aka STAT.....the REASON the KNICKS will be way North of .500
F Chris HUNTER....WHO?...this is why 2nd PHASE of MSG starts in early MAY 2012
F Steve NOVAK..can shoot it from DEEP....former running mate of D-WADE Marquette

C Tyson CHANDLER...will be complaining early on that NO ELSE REBOUNDS
C Jerome JORDAN....TULSA....ANYONE heard of him..NY DAILY you know DUDE?

This is one of those STOP GAP rosters that leads me to believe that the KNICKS will be going after someone or OVERPAYING SOMEONE next season as they have a lot of EXPIRING CONTRACTS on Board.

Just like MADISON SQUARE GARDEN...MSG....the ROSTER still needs to be built around STAT and MELO as it is really unfinished and the KNICKS will be around the 4-6 SEEDS in the EAST and most likely the LADDER. They don't even come close to the HEAT and BULLS as they are 2 of the TOP 3 TEAMS in the NBA.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

NFL WEEK 16 Schedule Breakdown....CHRISTMAS EVE Edition...BATTLE of METLIFE by the HUDSON...FALCONS at WHO DAT?..PHILLY at BIG D n more

The NFL WEEK 16 CHRISTMAS EVE Schedule has some BURNERS on it and all these games will be played on SATURDAY but 2. The THURSDAY NIGHT Tilt between the TEXANS and COLTS and the CHRISTMAS Night TILT with the BEARS at LAMBEAU. NFL the NBA is ON and your ratings will suffer because the BEARS didn't hold their end of the STICK up losing 4 in a row.

The MOST Interesting GAMES are on SATURDAY with the EAGLES traveling to BIG D to play the COWBOYS and 'BOYS Owner Jerry JONES had this to say about the EAGLES....."They SCARE ME"...and there is a ringing endorsement of what JONES thinks about his team.

The other HUGE Game on SATURDAY is the JETS and GIANTS...loser of this one will be watching the other in WINNING TIME. Both Coaches have said this week it Doesn't Get any better than this......can't wait to see which one loses and then hear their comments.

NFL WEEK 16 Schedule Breakdown sponsored by NFL SATURDAY FULL SLATE of GAMES and OLD ST. NICK.....go to bed or your team will be DEAD when it is all said with RUDOLPH and your SLED:

THURSDAY December 22, 2011
820PM ET

TEXANS @ COLTS: The TEXANS must treat this like a PLAYOFF game and get QB TJ YATES fine tuned for WINNING TIME. Last time I looked at the AFC that #2 seed is still up for GRABS and the STEELERS are hoping that both RAVENS and TEXANS lose again and they win out to get that #2 SEED. The COLTS are just playing as a formality and the MONKEY is off their back as they have finally WON a GAME.
WINNER: COLTS...#2 30-27 as they come to play again

SATURDAY December 24, 2011

BROWNS @ RAVENS: The RAVENS need to give the ball to RAY RICE and limit NON-Chalant QB Joe FLACCO from throwing PICKS than let that D go to work. The BROWNS will be no PUSH OVER as they can play spoilers to to both RAVENS and STEELERS.
WINNER: RAVENS 24-20..RAY RICE....the TAKE OVER for #27

BRONCOS @ BILLS: What in CIRCLING he WAGONS has happened to the BUFFALO BILLS. It can't be the GHOST of Marv LEVY's BOYZ..can it? They have took the TURN for the WORSE and at this point they can play SPOILERS if they want to. the BRONCOS have way more BUSINESS to attend to and TEBOW is thirsty for getting the BRONCOS into Winning Time.
WINNER: BILLS....23-20 as BILLS QB FITZ says take that TEBOWmania

BUCS @ PANTHERS: You HATE to see a TEAM QUIT on a young promising COACH but the BUCCANEERS have done just that to current HEAD COACH Raheem MORRIS. And a large part of that equation is QB Josh FREEMAN SOPHOMORE Slump. Now they have to see NFL Offensive Rookie of the YEAR in KILLAH CAM CAM CAM. The BUCS are in trouble.

CARDINALS @ BENGALS: 7-7 CARDS at the 8-6 Trying to get into WINNING TIME BENGALS. The STAKES are really high as the BENGALS know if they win out and included in that is a HOME GAME next Week with the RAVENS....they could make some noise in the PLAYOFFS. The CARDINALS have a slim chance but they are in the NFC WILD CARD Picture until mathematically eliminated and NO ONE in the NFC wants it.

RAIDERS @ CHIEFS: What is this game really isn't the PLAYOFFS and I hate to BURST the SILVER and BLACK Bubble.....but the BRONCOS will win the WEST. CHIEFS trying to build for NEXT SEASON and that D is CRAZY GOOD.

DOLPHINS @ PATRIOTS: The PATS need to be careful and jut handle BUSINESS. That PATS D needs to STOP the RUN or REGGIE BUSH will go SOUTHERN CAL on you from back there. The PATS got a HUGE WIN in DENVER last week to build onto what they have been trying to do the last couple of YEARS..Play their best football in DECEMBER.

G-MEN @ J-E-T-S: Who ever wins this one will be in thick of the WILD CARD RACE...and who ever might be MATHEMATICALLY DONE. All the STAKES and it is CHRISTMAS in the BIG APPLE and the BLUE is at GREEN MET LIFE. If you just going on QB's.....the GIANTS will win easily...but it is not that easy.
WINNER: G-MEN...24-19

RAMS @ STEELERS: Weird GAME here..they say BIG BEN is PLAYING and if he looked as bad as he looked MONDAY NIGHT in SAN will be tough. The RAMS are not playing their #1 QB in BRADFORD but they do have RB Stephen JACKSON and that may be enough to stymied the STEELERS for a little bit. The STEELERS know they still have a SHOT at the #2 Seed in the AFC.

JAGS @ TITANS: Those Christmas EVE tickets of Mo JONES-DREW vs CJ28 is worth the price of admission alone but after's a MUSIC CITY Winning WEEKEND

VIKINGS @ REDSKINS: I kinda a wish McNABB was playing at a high level in this one to light SHANAHAN and his Son up. Don't expect a lot of people in the NATIONS CAPITAL to be going to this one and it is Christmas EVE. Look for PERCYland in PURPLE...a one-man SHOW since ALL DAY AP has been sidelined.

405PM ET

CHARGERS @ LIONS: This is a real good one between to of the HOTTEST Team in the NFL with the BOLTS blazing and trying to catch the BRONCOS. The LIONS are trying to stay ahead in the WILD CARD and this game impacts a lot of the RACES in both CONFERENCES.

EAGLES @ COWBOYS: COWBOYS will be going into MET LIFE Blue in GOTHAM next week tied with the GIANTS. The EAGLES will go into the WEEK 17 a game back of want some THEATRE.

49ERS @ SEAHAWKS: BEAST MODE vs that NINERS D and RUN DEFENSE. ALEX SMITH looked really good vs the STEELERS last week and HARBAUGH, with the help from JOHN in CHARM CITY, slowed that 3-4 ZONE BLITZ of LeBeau down. The HAWKS have BEAST MODE and they have some players on the OUTSIDE as well....this will be a a really Good Game.
WINNER: 49ERS 20-16

820PM ET

BEARS @ PACKERS: all the luster of this one is out.....ONE because the BEARS 4-game losing skid....TWO the PACKERS are no longer undefeated....and THREE it is Christmas Night with the NBA starting and having 100 Games on the 25th.
WINNER: PACKERS 30-27...BEARS came to play after getting some of that WHIP A** Sauce in their STOCKINGS on CHRISTMAS EVE.

MONDAY December 26, 2011
830PM ET

FALCONS @ SAINTS: A good old fashion DONNY BROOK will break out in this one as the FALCONS try to stay on pace for that WILD CARD and a chance to get another CRACK at the NFC Elite. WHO DAT is primed and ready to take off for the PLAYOFFS and they need to WIN to stay pace to get the #2 SEED in the NFC....This will be a BIG-TIME Game for both.
WINNER 34-31....WHO DAT loses to FALCONS

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the BLUEDUDE, BLUEDUDE Sportstalk, and MY TEAM of WRITERS..which is just me...REAL TALK..REAL SPORTS BLOGGIN' in REAL TIME..ALL the TIME....OPEN 24 HOURS...365 DAYS....7 DAYS a week.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

BULLS will win the CENTRAL but who will be a DISTANT 2nd?....BUCKS, PACERS, PISTONS, CAVS

The BULLS will win the CENTRAL at least the NEXT 5 years or maybe until D-ROSE is traded to the LAKERS in 2027. Meanwhile the DIVISION looks to be of the NBA's Weakest in 2011-12 and the only team that can give the BULLS fits is the PACERS..I said FITS not LOSSES....2 different things.

Just glancing at the CENTRAL the PISTONS have players..a the same position. The CAVS have KYRIE who will surprise a lot of folks. The BUCKS have BLOODline3 and the AUSSIE. The PACERS have D-GRANGER and COLLISON. They have NO SHOT competing with the WEST SIDE of the 'GO.....NONE.

How the NBA Central DIVISION will STACK UP..sponsored by IS THERE any POINT GUARD in the CENTRAL that will STICK UP D-ROSE?:

1. BULLS...they will win close to 55 and might go 53-13. They have all the right pieces with the addition of RIP HAMILTON. Then they have one of the BEST and most experienced BENCHES in the NBA that is somewhat young in KEY AREAS. Put all that with the REIGNING NBA MVP in D-ROSE1 and the REIGNING NBA Coach of the YEAR in COACH THIBS..the BULLS are officially a PROBLEM and that PROBLEM will be the New LAKEshow called the SIDEshow all of a SUDDEN as the CLIPS OWN the STAPLES.....Yeah the BLUEDUDE went there before you did.

2. PACERS...they gave the BULLS a well not a scare but made them look at the FILM in the 1st round of the EASTERN CONF. Playoffs last year. They have nice pieces starting at the SMALL FORWARD with ALL-STAR Danny GRANGER, PG Darren COLLISON, and Ceter Roy HIBBERT. Then PACERS President, the HICK from FRENCH LICK...LARRY LEGEND...kept the services of Coach Frank VOGEL then they added LAKERS CASTOFF Brian SHAW as an assistant. Look for 2nd year SG/SF Paul GEORGE to be a factor as well as FA Pickup David WEST. They look like a possible 6th SEED at best.

3. BUCKS....they have the 1 and the 5 with Brandon JENNINGS aka BLOODline3 and the Big AUSSIE Andrew BOGUT. Now they add a very good veteran in WACKO JACKO Stephen JACKSON who gives them that Mr. TOUGH GUY Look. They have rough edged COACH in SPARTY's Scott SKILES and they could be the SURPRISE in the EAST. Look also for DREW GOODEN, Larry SANDERS, and Carlos DELFINO.

4. PISTONS....they freed RIP now they have a HUGE LOG JAM in the back court and someone may need to go. Rookie BRANDON KNIGHT I though at this particular time for the Motor CITY was a stretch with STUCKEY and GORDON already in the FOLD. Don't quite know what JOE DUMARS is doing in the D but he is definitely going young with guys like Greg MONROE, Austin DAYE, and rookies Vernon MACKLIN, Brandon KNIGHT, and Kyle SINGLER. The PISTONS will take their LUMPS in the next few seasons but DO NOT Have a BAD Contract on the CAP..which is good spending.

5. CAVALIERS....remember when OWNER Dan GILBERT was crying foul when KING JAMES broke Camp. Well the NBA fix the LOTTERY and the CAVS had 2 TOP 5 PICKS and they went out and got them a DRIVER in future POINT GOD Kyrie IRVING and Young BUCK WILLIAMS play alike in TRISTAN THOMPSON. The CAVS will have to get their FAITHFUL back slowly but surely but they are headed in the RIGHT Direction with those 2 solid picks. Look for BOOBIE GIBSON, Anderson VARAJEO, and Antwaan JAMISON to carry whatever LOAD the CAVS may have.

6-TIME WORLD CHAMPS...MADhouse on MADISON 2.0...2010-11 NBA MVP...EASTERN CONFERENCE FInalists...the BULLS HOOP 2011-12

The CHICAGO BULLS Battle Cry this SEASON...we have to BLOW BY...the 305... as in the MIAMI HEAT. The BULLS knew they had a SHOT but was minus an SOLID OFF GUARD to go with the 2010-11 NBA MVP POOH ROSE. Their luck finally ran out as COACH SPO, RILEY, and the MIAMI HEAT STAFF and PLAYERS figured that if you slow down and contain will probably slow down the 2010-11 CHICAGO BULLS and that is exactly what happened.

But what will the BULLS do for an ENCORE....they drafted SOLID WING Jimmy BUTLER of the Marquette GOLDEN EAGLES but the BULLS had one HUGE THING on the SHOPPING LIST....a SHOOTING GUARD to offset ROSE having to SCORE so much.

Well MERRY CHRISTMAS CHI-CITY the BULLS have delivered as the PISTONS FREE RIP and the BULLS get their guy in 6-7 BIG TIME PERFORMER in Richard RIP HAMILTON. What does RIP bring to the TABLE. Well one he has a lot of experience and a CHIP from the 2003-04 NBA CAMPAIGN when the PISTONS beat the LAKERS handily.

What else does RIP BRING....Reggie MILLER 2.0...constant motion, perhaps the BEST MID-RANGE Game in the NBA, on the break he will use that MID -RANGE instead of getting to the RIM, and his MARKSMANSHIP frees up LUOL, C BOOZ 5, and all the other BULLS PLAYERS GAMES because he will command DEFENSIVE attention. You throw that game in with ROSE...and you have Peanut Butter and Jelly, FISH n CHIPS, and CHI CITY's FAVS.....LOU MALNATI's PIZZA, GARRETT's POPCORN, and ELI's CHEESECAKES n more. And check those out at to order you some....REAL TALK and REAL WEBSITE hurry up to get it for the HOLIDAYS.

Now the BULLS are equipped to handle or offset..WADE COUNTY 305, what ever the MAGIC throw out there, the HAWKS Joe JOHNSON or MARVIN WILLIAMS, and the KNICKS LANDRY FIELDS..LOL..among others...C'MON KNICKS you have to be better than that.

Put all that in the MIX with the 201-11 NBA Coach of the YEAR Bulls COACH Tom THIBODEAU aka THIBS...the BULLS are primed and ready to go down to MIAMI for a little retribution. The BULLS have done an excellent job of making sure they keep improving the ROSTER as well as the TEAM and they will be at the TOP of the ASSOCIATION all season and ready to make another DEEP RUN into WINNING TIME.

the 2011-12 BULLS PROGRAM sponsored by some of your CHICAGO FAVORITES for HOLIDAY 2011:


G CJ WATSON 2nd YEAR BULL excellent relief for ROSE
G John LUCAS III 2nd YEAR BULL excellent in locker room can play

G/F Jimmy BUTLER ROOKIE BULL excellent athlete

* F Carlos BOOZER (C) 2nd YEAR BULL 19-10 walking has to play BIGGER n PLAYOFFS

C Omer ASIK excellent BACK-UP CENTER for JO underrated
C Joakim NOAH (C) a TOP RATED NBE CENTER built on HUSTLE, DESIRE, and 110%

The BULLS Roster is stacked wit VETERAN LEADERSHIP , MOXY, POIUSE, Experience, and the WILL to OVER COME anything at all coast which SPELLS...BANNERS....I don't know when...but the ANSWER is in the RAFTERS.

Can the BULLS win the EAST and win a CHIP...YES...who will they have to go through....the HEAT, HAWKS, MAGIC, and maybe the KNICKS. And in the WEST....MAVS, THUNDER, GRIZZLIES, LAKERS, and maybe the the CLIPjoint CLIPPERS.



MAKING NOISE....the OHIO STATE FOOTBALL Program took a hit today by getting handed a REDUCED FOOTBALL SCHOLARSHIPS and a surprising at least what the OHIO STATE OFFICIALS reported as....NO BOWL GAME for 2012.

Now hat this means at least from URBAN MEYER and his recruiting efforts..KIDS must buy into what URBAN is telling them or they will lose even more recruits. Also the UNIVERSITY must have NO CONTACT for at least 5 YEARS with QB Terrell he was then ONLY PROBLEM and the Former OHIO STAGE Football Coach Jim TRESSELL just moves onto the NFL with HANG UPS or REGRETS. Pryor didn't mess OHIO STATE is called INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL....and 18-22 YEAR OLDS are not SOLELY responsible for that.

MAKING NOISE.....The Chicago BULLS Basketball Club surprised NO ONE when they inked POINT GOD and reigning NBA MVP Derrick ROSE to a 5 YEAR $94.8 MILLION DEAL that will keep ROSE in a BULLS UNIFORM until his next BIG CONTRACT from the BULLS. Rose is due to make just SOUTH of $7 MILLION in 2011-12, just NORTH of $9 Million in 2012-13, and then the BIG ONE kicks in the 2013-14 SEASON......almost $18.8 Million per.....

ROSE in his first 3 season with the BULLS has not disappointed anyone and has exceeded any expectations the BULLS BRASS had on him as he would probably tell you i only put expectations on myself and if the BULLS don;t get where they are suppose to can put it on ME. Someone in the EAST is in trouble...REAL TALK.

MAKING NOISE....Look I hate to put peoples FAMILY BUSINESS out there because I wouldn't want NO ONE to PUT the BLUEDUDE's out there. But the KOBE BRYANT SAGA is getting better and better as his soon to be EX-WIFE Vanessa BRYANT was brought up to be GOLD DIGGER reportedly coming from her former STEP-DAD.

Now having heard that there are always 2 SIDES to a STORY....and who is to believe the STEP DAD as he has been probably CUT-OFF from SOME of that GOOD VANESSA BRYANT CASH months and even a few years ago. But one real question.....There a lot of GOLD DIGGERS out there so she won't be the FIRST or the LAST. But KOBE is in the RIGHT TOWN to get it on.....LA LA LAND is NO JOKE.

MAKING MORE NOISE.....SPEAKING of KOBE...DID he see what I SAW MONDAY night in STAPLES or was he DREAMING. The CLIPPERS sent a DIRECT MESSAGE to the LAKESHOW basically saying your the SIDE SHOW not the MAIN SHOW CP3, DeANDRE, the BLAKEshow, and Mr. BIG SHOT went off on the LAKERS and it would be safe to say the CLIPPERS will be a force to reckon with come NBA PLAYOFF TIME..IT's AMAZING SO AMAZING...STAPLES CENTER

It was an ARRAY of DUNKS, ALLEY HOOPS, and FAST BREAKS that made the LAKERS almost look like they WANTED to tell CP3....CAN we still have your services as the CLIPS kept COMING and COMING...NOT GOOD for the all.

THE last MAKING NOISE...the AFC....who wants to REPRESENT the AFC in SUPER BOWL 46....the PATRIOTS, RAVENS, STEELERS, and/or the TEXANS. The PATS lead at 11-3 followed close by the PATS, RAVENS, and STEELERS at 10-4. Forget HOME FIELD Advantage...SOMEONE will be going home WHO WILL be MAKING the MOST NOISE in the END?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


NFL WEEK 15 RUNDOWN...the HEAVY HITTERS all take an L...the PACKERS lose their 1st one, the RAVENS get BEAT DOWN by the BOLTS, the STEELERS lose out on a chance to get 1st PLACE in the AFC, and the TEXANS have work to do before WINNING TIME.

Now that some of the DUST is starting to settle....there are plenty of GAMES in the last 2 Weeks to IMPACT Both Conferences and the SEEDS except for the PACKERS can still change dramatically.


JAGS @ FALCONS: 41-18 FALCONS...The JAGS fired their coach Del RIO the week before and what did you expect....the FALCONS were all over these FOOLS and the only one that showed up and always shows up for the JAGS is POCKET HERCULES. The FALCONS can still make some noise in the NFC before WINNING TIME.

COWBOYS @ BUCCANEERS: 31-15 COWBOYS...the RAHEEM MORRIS Train is about to be PULLED off the TRACK and forget derailed. What a difference a year makes as the BUCS have lost 8 straight and the BIG PIRATE SHIP has SUNK. The COWBOYS need to just take care of their HOME this week before they are TIED with the G-MEN and they have to go to MET LIFE BLUE in WEEK 17.

DOLPHINS @ BILLS: 30-23 FINS....REGGIE BUSH has adjusted to his surroundings in the LAST half of the SEASON and went off on the BILLS for 2 plus BILLS. The BILLS have been done for sometime now and WILL they ever fix that FRANCHISE that seems to always be missing a FEW THINGS.

SEAHAKWS @ BEARS: 38-14 HAWKS...talkin' about ruining CHRISTMAS...the SEAHAWKS came to CHI CITY an embarrassed the BEARS in every phase. QB HANIE has yet to fix his PROBLEMS of turning the BALL OVER and the HAWKS took full advantage of his mishaps. BOTH TEAMS are 7-7 and they are mathematically still in the HUNT but NEED HELP.

PANTHERS @ TEXANS: 28-13 PANTHERS...and TJ YATES meet KILLAH CAM CAM CAM....the NFL OFFENSIVE Rookie of the YEAR and the PANTHERS Franchise QB for at least 10 years and maybe more. The TEXANS have to fix some of those ISSUES and SHORTCOMINGS that in WINNING TIME will come back to hunt you.

TITANS @ COLTS: 27-13 COLTS...And all the TITANS had to do was WIN and they couldn't even do that as COLTS Coach Jim CALDWELL might have saved his JOB. The TITANS are in it but not by much. TITANS RB cj28 had his worse game in a month in INDY.

PACKERS @ CHIEFS: 19-14 CHIEFS...the PACKERS might have got a blessing here as they HOST the BEARS on CHRISTMAS NIGHT and the Pressure is kinda off now that they have LOST. Now they can concentrate on the PLAYOFFS and they have HOME FIELD Advantage throughout the PLAYOFFS. CHIEFS D-COORDINATOR Romeo CRENNEL has done a masterful JOIB with that young talented D and maybe a candidate for the HEAD Coaching JOB in KC.

SAINTS @ VIKINGS: 42-20 WHO DAT?...the SAINTS are so powerful on OFFENSE I would like to see them vs either the PACKERS or 49ERS or BOTH in the PLAYOFFS. The VIKINGS season has been over but that BRIGHT LIGHT is Percy HARVIN and QB Christian PONDER.

REDSKINS @ GIANTS: 23-10 'SKINS..and G-MEN's RB brandon JACOBS after the game said they didn't want it the LAST TIME they played then "SKINS or this time..REALLY DAWG. The REDSKINS were more than HAPPY to beat the GIANTS and maybe KEEP them out of the PLAYOFFS. If the GINATS win in week 16 and the COWBOYS brings us the WEEK 17 match....'BOYS @ G-MEN.

BENGALS @ RAMS: 20-13 BENGALS...and the BENGALS needed that one and that MIGHT put them over the top as they have a HUGE WEEK 17 Game that may decide their fate...the RAVENS come to town and if the BENGALS are 9-6 and in a out RAVENS. The RAMS are playing HARD for maybe soon to be fired COACH Steve SPAGNOLIA but they must travel to PITTSBURGH next...NOT GOOD.

LIONS @ RAIDERS: 28-27 LIONS...and the LIONS are 9-5 and looking good to get to at least 10-6 and get the NFC WILD CARD. The RAIDERS have faded fast and the STATUS of RAIDERS Head Coach Hue JACKSON has to come up. The LIONS on the OTHER HAND help their cause to get to WINNING zTIME for the 1st Time in a LONG TIME.


PATRIOTS @ BRONCOS: 41-23 PATS....and WHAT NOW...BRADY and the PATS gave the BRONCOS a REALITY Check of what is to COME in WINNING TIME if they get there....ANY QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, or CONCERNS

NY JETS @ EAGLES: 45-19 EAGLES and the JETS Playoff hopes are in JEOPARDY as the EAGELS are mathematically still in it and need major help. The JETS find themselves in desperation as the 7-7 AFC Teams are LURKING. A TERRIBLE Showing for the JETS and their QB Mark SANCHEZ....TERRIBLE

RAVENS @ CHARGERS: 34-14 CHARGERS....and it was thought the RAVENS were never in the GAME and it's partly DUE to the FACT that QB Joe FLACCO has yet to assume leadership on the RAVENS TEAM. These DUDES have so many SPACE AGE moments in GAMES where they look like they are NOT INVOLVED and DON'T GIVE a HOOT. the BOLTS always play their best in DECEMBER but this time that 6 GAME SKID will cost NORV TURNER his JOB.

STEELERS @ 49ERS: 20-3...49ERS..the STEELERS have work to do on D and the help to JIM HARBAUGH goes to his brother JOHN for all those STEELERS Cliff Notes. The STEELERS and BIG BEN could do nothing right on MONDAY NIGHT and it COST THEM DEARLY. The 49ERS look like WORLD BEATERS but they have top go through either the SAINTS or the PACKERS or BOTH.....tough sleddin' right thtere

NFL WEEK 16 POWER RANKINGS...STEELERS lose out on #1 Seed in the AFC....PACKERS have HOME FIELD Throughout...n more

NFL WEEK 16 Power Rankings are a MESS especially in the MIDDLE to the BOTTOM. The RANKINGS are officially called this week...IN DISARRAY.

THe STEELERS lose out on a chance for HOME FIELD Advantage Throughout the AFC PLAYOFFS by laying an EGG to the UPSTART GOLD RUSH. Which also means that the RAVENS and PATRIOTS will be sitting at home waiting for 2 Teams in the 2nd Round.

The PACKERS lose to the CHIEFS at ARROWHEAD just means that they will not go undefeated. Other than that the NFC has to go through COLD and SNOWY LAMBEAU.....and that my friends is not a GOOD THING.

NFL WEEK 16 sponsored by that PATRIOTS FAN on my TIMELINE WISHING and HOPING he was BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK....talking GOOGLE and WIKIPEDIA don't know me....better start reading your local PAPER or something:

1. PACKERS (1) 13-1: They lose and what....OK the '72 DOLPHINS win this week as they remain the ONLY NFL Team to go undefeated then WHAT?

2. SAINTS (2) 11-3: They will play the PACK for the NFC REP to the LOMBARDI.....the FALCONS and 49ERS won't beat them.

3. 49ERS (5) 11-3: They are really tough on D...and if they can get BALANCE on O like last night they will be a tough out in WINNING TIME.

4. PATRIOTS (6) 11-3: They are in the SADDLE now the AFC might have to go through TOM in WINNING TIME and there are 2 TEAMS they don't want to see....TRUST ME.

5. STEELERS (2) 10-4: Missed out on a great opportunity last night..NOW they have to WIN OUT and hope the RAVENS stumble again..TOMLIN 0-3 vs the HARBAUGH's in 2011...He needs to see both of them again and might.

6. RAVENS (4) 10-4: You say how does the STEELERS get ranked higher than the RAVENS if they hold the tiebreaker...WHOSE BLOG is it....NOW YOU KNOW.

7. TEXANS (5) 10-4: Can they finish strong and it looks like the STEELERS might get a chance to avenge a WEEK 3 Loss to the TEXANS in RELIANT.

8. FALCONS (9) 9-5: The SAINTS and the DIRTY BIRDS.....who WINS in the the BIG QUESTION.

9. LIONS (11) 9-5: They needed that W in the BLACK HOLE and NOW the LIONS will be in POSTSEASON for the FIRST Time since the MODEL T FORD...well something like that.

10. COWBOYS (14) 8-6: They need to win their last 2 Games so that the rest of the NFC EAST can make RESERVATIONS for 18 HOLES.

11. BRONCOS (7) 8-6: A little REALITY CHECK for the New ORANGE CRUSH....TEBOWmania has hit the SKIDS now get back to WINNING FOOTBALL in a HURRY because WINNING TIME is upon us soon.

12. JETS (9) 8-6: Destroyed by the EAGLES and it doesn't look good for REXY and the BOYS

13. GIANTS (10) 7-7: They looked like they really don't want nothing to do with WINNING TIME....the REDSKINS beat the G-MEN for the 2nd TIME this season...completely unexplainable...COMPLETELY

14. BENGALS (15) 8-6 Showed some resolve last week and now they have what it takes to get to WINNING TIME...RAVENS in WEEK 17 could be for PLAYOFFS and the RAVENS could be playing for the #2 Seed

15. SEAHAWKS (NR) 7-7: UH-OH...12 ZONE making a run and they still have a SHOT at the WILD CARD in the NFC

16. CARDINALS (NR) 7-7: All of a SUDDEN the NFC WEST has become RESPECTABLE instead of looking like the PAC-12.....CARDS just have to WIN OUT and see where they stand.


BEARS (11) 7-7...they lose 38-14 to CHI-CITY

TITANS (16) 7-6..HAD SHOT and they LOSE to then to the 0-13 COLTS

RAIDERS (12) 7-7 WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT to the SILVER and BLACK.....they are reeeling now

Monday, December 19, 2011

FRONTLINE...NBA EDITION for December 19, 2011..the FAKE B-DIDDY in your PLATE...STUCK stays in the D...n more

I know it's a FOOTBALL SUNDAY and there was a lot of action going on but the NBA also is taking some of the headlines as games start on XMAS DAY.

The NEW YORK KNICKERBOCKERS surprise everyone by picking up 7 YEARS AGO RUCKER PARK Sensation Baron DAVIS of then the New ORLEANS HORNETS. Now an OLD COUNTRY BUFFETT and PONDEROSA LATER....he lands at MSG. So what will the KNICKS GET....the slim down version of BARON like the late LITTLE LUTHER VANDROSS or they get B-DIDDY that came to CLIPPERS CAMP last season that looked like he ATE the STAPLES CENTER and the POLICE stopped him from eating the KODAK THEATRE across from STAPLES.

What are the KNICKS trying to prove...Landry FIELDS and Toney DOUGLAS Backcourt doesn't have Tom BROKAW and CONNIE CHUNG excited in the MSG Expensive Seats. Heck I could see if the KNCIKS were in a SCHOLASTIC BOWL....then LANDRY would get them to ROUND 2....but FAT A** B-DIDDY.....KEEP him away from GOOD EATS and the SPOTS KNICKS or your going to have Vince WILFORK's CUZ at the POINT.

The Detroit PISTONS as expected gave COMBO G who is really a 2G Rodney STUCKEY aka STUCK a 3 years deal NORTH of $24 Million. Stuck an EASTERN WASHINGTON Product and a former PISTONS 1st Rounder is a good fit now that Brandon KNIGHT can run the POINT and STUCK can be the 2. WHERE does this leave BG7......on 8 MILE looking for WORK.

Jamal CRAWFORD looks like he will reap the BENEFITS of all of a sudden retired BROY 7 in RIP CITY. CRAWFORD, a SEATTLE WASHINGTON Native who starred at fame RANIER BEACH HS with Nate Robinson aka KRYPTOnate, will be asked to play DEFENSE...RIGHT. Do they realize that putting CRAWFORD on the FLOOR with a pretty unselfish team is like putting Howard SCHULTZ, the CHAIRMAN and CEO of STARBUCKS Coffee and THUNDER Owner Clay BENNETT in the same room.....please do not leave them unattended.

CRAWFORD never has taken a shot he didn't like and I just hope they have enough BALL RACKS in the ROSE CITY.

Nick YOUNG of the WIZARDS finally re-signs with the WIZ as they kept him in the DARK literally for about a week to a week and a half and JOHN WALL needs a running mate and YOUNG can get it.

the LA CLIPPERS have sold out STAPLES CENTER for the SEASON and BILLY CRYSTAL wonders how many bandwagoners.

the CLIPS Center DeAndre JORDAN changes his number to 6 in HONOR of Bill RUSSELL...nice gesture but you still are not better than the BLAKEshow or CP3..heck D-NICE you could have climbed the RAFTERS at STAPLES and pulled down that #13 in purple and GOLD and what is your 100 to the LATE GREAT WILT's 20,000......STOP IT.

BAD NEWS out the GRIZZ CAMP...SLIM SHADY Darrell ARTHUR might be done for the SEASON as it looks like an ACHILLES INJURY. NBA TEams need to worry bout those types of injuries due to players lack of conditioning and the amount of games in succession.

MAVS OWNER MARK CUBAN predicts on TMZ in about 3-5 YEARS there will be an OPENLY GAY NBA PLAYER..............

AGENT ZERO sys he wants to sign with the KNCIKS, HEAT, or LAKERS......or any team that gets DWIGHT so they can continue PLANKING......

The LAKESHOW signs TROY MURPHY who helped the CELTS a lot last season and they also tell the LA MEDIA OUTLETS that TRADING PAU Gasol right now is slim to think....if you did that it would be a MATT BARNES, DEREK CARACTER, and DREW Frontline....and KOBE would be miserable if he isn't already.

In 10K will be Ricky RUBIO to a host of T'WOLVES...WES JOHNSON, K-LOVE, B-EASY, and rookie DERRICK WILLIAMS..not to mention Anthony RANDOLPH...the WOLVES have pieces but they also have DAVID KAHN who knows about as much about T'WOLVES HOOPS a my 7 YEAR OLD..... not much

Jamal CRAWFORD has already started him being a GOOD TEAMMATE.....reportedly CRAW shells out 12K for his number 11 that Luke BABBITT was wearing....MERRY XMAS Luke..the BLUEDUDE is wearing your new number...DNP Coach's Decision

I wish someone will tell me the REAL STORY on what happened to the LAKERS getting CP3 and the LEAGUE stepping in...this is the beginning of the end for perhaps one of the TOP 3 PROFESSIONAL SPORTS Commissioners ever.

WORD around the WATER COOLER KOBE was getting it in with PLAYBOY MODEL Jessica BURCIAGA..and reportedly spending MILLIONS on her.....WONDER if JESSICA saw the BLACK MAMBA on the WEEKENDS.......BOOM BAM

HOT NEWS all the time..............follow me on TWITTER @bluedudesports

STEELERS at the STICK..49ERS on MNF...Will BIG BEN play YES because RAVENS Lost...and the 49ERS need another MEASURING STICK.

HERE WE GO STEEEELERS....HERE WE GO CLAP know the DRILL now everything is in front of us and IF we WIN out we will be the #1 SEED in the AFC because we beat the PATRIOTS already.

But enough is enough as We LOSE TWIN at CENTER, NO WOODLEY, and now from reports from the BAY..BIG BEN would play if the RAVENS LOST. WHAT HAPPENED in SUNDAY NIGHT Football...the RAVENS lost and BIG BEN is suiting up.

What's this mean for the 49ERS better be ready because we PASS FIRST and SECOND and have a SPRINKLE of the RUN. I just can't wait to see being close to the HOLIDAYS how many STEELER FANS will be at the STCIk for this one...WE REPRESENT EVERYWHERE.

As for the 49ERS they have looked average at best the last couple of weeks because TAPES of what you are DOING get out quickly and TEAM adjust this is the NFL not POP WARNER or your Local High School. So QB Alex SMITH and the OFFENSE had trouble with the ARIZONA CARDINALS BLITZ PACKAGES and they are not even half of that vaunted 3-4 ZONE BLITZ from the MASTER in Coach LINE-UP and let's see.


STEELERS 10-3 and as of right now AFC SEED TBD with RAVENS Loss to BOLTS last night and STEELERS want the #1 SEED in the AFC

49ERS 10-3 and they have lost 2 of 3 but have clinched the DIVISION already they need a TOP 2 SEEDS in the NFC with the SAINTS lurking



21.7 ppg (19th) 371.6 YDS (12th) 257.1 PASS YDS (8th) 114.5 RUSH YDS (17th)

23.6 ppg (14th) 309 YDS (25th) 182.1 PASS YDS (29th) 126.9 RUSH YDS (8th)


15.2 (2nd) 276.1 TOTAL Yds (1st) 179.1 PASS YDS (1st) 97 RUSH YDS (6th)

14 (1st) 305.1 TOTAL Yds (4th) 234.5 PASS YDS (19th) 70.5 RUSH YDS (1st)

As you see the NUMBERS that really jump at you is on the DEFENSIVE SIDE of the BALL....the STEELERS are #1 in TOTAL YARDS and PASS YARDS per outing. The NINERS are #1 in POINTS and RUSH YARDS pre GAME which tells you POINTS will be hard to come by and if yo get into the REDZONE....they have to be 7's.

THE SKINNY.......the STEELERS know now that the GAME they gave the RAVENS on that last second TD is for not if they can BEAT THE 49ERS and get back the #1 SEED in the AFC. That is HUGE considering NO ONE wants to see the STEELERS let alone at the BIG KETCHUP BOTTLE.

The 49ERS have already clinched their DIVISION but do they want a ROAD GAME at the SUPERDOME...REAL TALK. The STAKES are HIGH for them as well as being as inexperienced as they are at KEY POSITIONS they need some HOME COOKING.


NOTE: the STEELERS and COACH mike TOMLIN are 0-2 vs the other HARBAUGH in CHARM CITY so going 0-3 vs the HARBAUGH's for 2011 is not a GOOD LOOK for anyone in the STEEL CITY.




WILLIS probably is a NO GO because it is a HAMSTRING and they need him in WINNING TIME


Sunday, December 18, 2011

CAMPUS Hardcourt for December 18, 2011...'CUSE rolls...O-STATE loses SULLY to an injury and UK CATS pounce UT Chattanooga

CAMPUS HARDcourt for December 18, 2011.....


#1 SYRACUSE ORANGE get 31 from 2G Dion WAITERS, 21 from SF Kris JOSEPH , and 16 from PHILLY's Scoop JARDIN to get past a game WOLFPACK Club from NC STATE as Mark GOTTFRIED Bunch just wouldn't go away. SO the 'CUSE stays put at #1 at least through CHRISTMAS 2011 despite all the SCRUTINY from the Former Assistant Coach Bernie FINE's Investigation.

#2 OHIO STATE Buckeyes get 31 from SOPHOMORE DeShaun THOMAS and 17 from Toledo Native 2G Will BUFORD to outlast the GAMECOCKS in COLUMBIA SC. ALL-AMERICAN PF Jared SULLINGER left the game with a reported BONE BRUISE. The BUCKEYES are not getting close to defending their BIG TEN TITLE soon.

#3 KENTUCKY Wildcats put a 25 piece on UT CHATTANOOGA although STAR SOPHOMORE PF Terrance JONES (the cousin of MIGHT MOUSE and current MEMHIS GRIZZLIES ASST Damon STOUDAMIRE) to an apparent FINGER Injury. SOPHOMORE 2G Doron LAMB led the CAT with 24 and Do-IT-All-FRESHMAN Michael KIDD-GILCHRIST continues to fill up the stat sheet with 17 pts 8 rebs and 6 assts.

#4 LOUISVILLE Cardinals beat the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES despite a valiant effort from SUPER FORWARD Will BARTON of MEMPHIS who poured in 28 pts and 16 boards. Russ SMITH of the CARDS led a balanced 'VILLE attack leading the way with 24 pts and they had 7 players in double figures.

#6 UNC TAR HEELS beat APP STATE by 15 as UNC Center Tyler ZELLER pours in 31.

#7 BAYLOR goes to BYU and steals one as SUPER SOPH Perry JONES III goes for 28pts 8 rebs and 4 assts on 11-16 from the field and 2-2 behind the arc

#11 MARQUETTE Golden Eagles go to 10-0 on the season as they get 5 people in double figures.

#13 FLORIDA Gators get 54 points from the TRIO of BOYNTON, WALKER, and SUPER FRESHMAN BEAL as they beat #22 TEXAS A&M Aggies by 20

#19 ILLINOIS gets a reality check as they lose for the 1st time this season to UNLV by 16 points. UNLV was led by F Mike MOSER's 17. ILLINOIS gets 19 POINTS from DJ RICHARDSON a native of PEORIA ILLINOIS by way of FINDLAY Prep NEVADA

DECEMBER Coach of the MONTH...VCU's Shaka SMART is at it again as the RAMS are 7-3 with only losses to SETON HALL, the RAMBLIN' WRECK, and #13 ALABAMA. SMART passed up a reported $2 Million Plus from the WOLFPACK of NC STATE to return to VCU where his salary went from $360K to just north of $1 MILLION per year annually....I would have stayed to as you don't want to see DUKE and UNC among others in the ACC as a steady diet.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


SPORTS SHORTS TAKE 10...and the BLUEDUDE will get right to it.......

Former San Francisco OF Barry LAMAR BONDS got his sentence TODAY in Federal COURT and he is ONLY found guilty on OBSTRUCTION CHARGES which gets him 30 DAYS House Arrest and 2 YEARS Probation....WTF? The FEDS conviction rate is around 99% and BARRY only gets this.....someone better RUN DOWN his ATTORNEYS that is CRAZY.

Real TALK and SERIOUS the BLUEDUDE is knocking the FEDS at all because they do what they do...but there had to be some kind of LOOP Hole in the CASE for BARRY LAMAR BONDS to get that SENTENCE. His 2nd Wife left him...his DIP testified against him calling he had ROID RAGE and BARRY used to brag on taking the CLEAR and the DREAM not the CREAM.

The BLUEDUDE is dumbfounded at this one and CHECK BARRY at the STAPLES CENTER come early JANUARY 2012.

SORRY ESPN 30 for 30...but WHAT IF I TOLD YOU I had NO PRIORS....and Model STUDENT-ATHLETE at NORTHERN ILLINOIS University for the HUSKIES, and my current NFL SALARY is around $4.1 MILLION...WOULD YOU say life is good or would you say I WANT MORE?

Well Soon to BE FORMER Dallas COWBOYS and BEARS WIDE OUT Sam HURD and took the ladder and wanted more to the TUNE of 9 KILOS of YAYO and over 1,000 EL BEES of GREEN. That's right for those counting at home and reportedly told the UNDERCOVER that sold him the DEAL that it will be gone in a WEEK. So first HURD wants to be the best BEARS WR he can be and next he wants to be NINO BROWN and New Jack CITY and the CARTER.

Now the REPORTS are coming out of TEXAS that HURD supposedly supplied more than a FEW NFL PLAYERS and if you are on that list...SANTA will be coming but there will be no REINDEERS or will simply be...You have the RIGHT to remain want to come with me so we can talk....of that VARIETY.

There is a whole lot WRONG with this picture. If you are making $4.1 MILLION this year what in WILSON PIGSKIN's would you want to risk all that on a GINORMOUS DRUG DEAL and you don't even know what your doing. Now HURD has to sit in the JOINT and tell his cell mate I am In for trying to distribute MAJOR WEIGHT and his cell mate says you played in the NFL TO....DAMN DAWG..I have 5 BODIES on me.... and they have found 3. That's what kind of enviroment HURD is about to put himself in.

CAVS ROOKIE POINT GUARD Kyrie IRVING did what it do.....he looked every bit the PART of a #1 NBA PICK but does he realize if he ever tries to leave the PLANTATION...CAVS Owner DAN GILBERT will cut off his FEET. Someone in KYRIE's CIRCLE better tell him.....GILBERT lost KING JAMES and then he tells on the LAKERS....PUNK.

I hate to go here but NBA MEGA STAR and LAKER STAR Kobe BRYANT's WIFE files for DIVORCE an she reportedly asks for her privacy. But you see that isn't in the CONTRACT because once you sign up to be a NBA WIFE of a SUPERSTAR all that other BS follows.

Reportedly KOBE's WIFE filed on DECEMBER 1st and KOBE followed December 7th. They have 2 Daughters 8 and 5. This story could go under a couple of the BLUEDUDE's Umbrella's but I have skeletons like everyone leave it alone BLUEDUDE.

I know this....KOBE being on the MARKET in L.A. is like KRISPY KREME's when they were HOT...literally speaking. Now the BLAKEshow has some real the VIP.

Mississippi RIVER...the USA's BEST BBQ...BEALE STREET....FED EX Headquarters....and the MEMPHIS of the NBA's Best..WHAT?

Sitting along the shores of the MISSISSIPPI River is a CITY and AREA known for its High School and COLLEGE BASKETBALL let alone its BBQ. It is also the WORLD HEADQUARTERS for one of the WORLD's LARGEST Mail Carriers..FED EX. But all of sudden they are becoming known for something else.....and FOLKS in San Antonio and Oklahoma City already know where I am headed.

The Surprise of the NBA Playoffs last season and a REAL THREAT to the WESTERN CONFERENCE Throne let alone the LARRY O'Brien....Look up at the SCOREBOARD and MEET the 2011-12 MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES NBA Basketball Club. They beat the SPURS in the 1st round and Put the THUNDER on the ROPES for a half a round then the GRIZZ became Tommy HEARNS and got KNOCKED OUT.

Having said all that the GRIZZLIES are so loaded with TALENT at almost every position...someone in the 2010-11 PLAYOFF Rotation is going to lose major minutes because they had the RUN without their BEST Offensive Player in BEST PLAYER Small Forward Rudy GAY.

But before you start on GAY there is that DUO of a FRONTLINE that put in MAJOR Work in WINNING TIME Last season and now they are back for encore. Power Forward Zach "Z-BO" RANDOLPH and Marc "lil SPANIARD" GASOL (the younger BROTHER of Laker Forward/Center Paul GASOL) are as good a DUO as you will see on any NBA FRONTLINE considering what they mean to their TEAMS SUCCESS.

Z-BO, of MARION INDIANA High School FAME (you remember one of the BEST BACK COURTS ever to lace them up in INDIANA High School HOOPS.... Jay EDWARDS and Lyndon JONES..that MARION INDIANA and the GENERAL Bob KNIGHT had both of them at IU BLOOMINGTON), is virtually unstoppable on the BLOCK as he showed you in the PLAYOFFS. The Only thing that has stopped Z-BO from ever getting his due is his TAG of being a ME GUY 1st through 5th and he will argue with you why he isn't the 6th either. Plus his off the COURT Indiscretions has put Z-BO under that RADAR.

The GRIZZLIES thought so HIGH of him that they extended ZACH some 4 years and $71 Million even though he had the INCIDENT of BEATING Up the GREEN MAN when he was trying to make a GREEN Delivery. For those of you at home that is COLLARDS and TURNIP GREENS....LOL.

Then along side ZACH is one of the more underrated CENTERS in the NBA in MARC GASOL who is BIGGER, MEANER, and way TOUGHER than OLDER Bro PAU. He is the perfect compliment to Z-BO because he is a TEAM GUY and an EXCELLENT Rebounder and LOW-POST Defender.

The HEAD on this monster is 4th Year POINT GUARD Mike CONLEY JR of INDIANAPOLIS LAWRENCE NORTH HS Fame by way of the OHIO STATE University. He has started to come into his own and the GRIZZLIES are happy to have this POINT as he is 75%-25% PAS to Shoot and not your typical 2k11 POINT who SHOOTS first and asks QUESTIONS LATER.

All this was put together by on the FLOOR by Coach LIONEL HOLLINS who Coaching Style and DEMEANOR fits this roster to a TEE. SPEAKING of ROSTER...let's MEET the BOYS from FED EX Forum close to MISSISSIPPI:

G Tony ALLEN HS Teammate of THRILL Will BYNUM
G Jeremy PARGO younger brother of Jenero PARGO
G Josh SELBY next in line from the CHARM CITY
G Greivis VASQUEZ teammate of KD TREY 5 in HS

F/G Sam YOUNG PITT Teammate of DeJuan BLAIR
F Rudy GAY another in a long line out of the CHARM CITY
F Zach RANDOLPH 1 and DONE at SPARTY w/ Marcus TAYLOR (Both 1998 McD's ALL-AMERICANS)
F Brian SKINNER his 9th Professional Team and 8th NBA TEAM


Hollins has two excellent ASSISTANTS who were fabulous POINT in the NBA in MIGHTY MOUSE Damon STOUDAMIRE and Henry BIBBY, the FATHER of MIKE BIBBY, who manned one of my favorite TEAMS of all time the 1976-77 SIXERS with DOC, CHOCOLATE THUNDER, and GEORGE McGINNIS.

Will the GRIZZLIES win all 66 GAMES...NO WAY. Will they be a FORCE to reckon with in the WESt and NBA...YES SIR. Can they beat the DALLAS MAVERICKS in a 7 GAME PLAYOFF SERIES...that's a GOOD QUESTION or the THUNDER for the fact of the matter.

No matter HOW you SLICE it....the GRIZZ is SPICIER and HOTTER than MEMPHIS RIB RUB and BBQ.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Feeling the HEAT from the BOTTOM MI-YA-YO...STAPLES CENTER EAST...the 2011-12 Miami HEAT NBA BALL Team

You remember LeBRON at the HEAT's little presentation last season when he said NOT FIVE, NOT SIX, NOT SEVEN, and so on. How about this KING JAMES....getting A in ONE TITLE. Then after ONW count with me LeBRON.....there is TWO....then THREE...maybe FOUR RIGHT...RIIIIIIIGHT.

Now the AFTERMATH of getting beat by the MAVERICKS shouldn't serve as a HANGOVER but simply MOTIVATION. In a 66-Game NBA Season the HEAT know all too well the WORK it took to get to the MAVERICKS and the 2nd Time around it always tougher.

Have the BOYZ from 305 gotten better?...Well yes because of having played together for a FULL SEASON, and the UPS and DOWNS of the NBA SEASON as well as the devastating loss in the FINALS...only the GREAT ONES bounce back with positive reinforcement and with WADE COUNTY, KING JAMES, and BOSH 1...they have what it takes to get back to the SCENE of the CRIME.

Not only do the HEAT have HATERS around the GLOBE they have the one GUY who could MOTIVATE DEAD PEOPLE....SORRY for the OLE RILES himself...HEAT PRESIDENT of EVERYTHING HEAT including CONCEESIONS and PARKING...Mr. KENTUCKY WILDCAT himself....PAT RILEY. So for the GUYS who were on the ROSTER last season just seeing RILEY around the FACILITY everywhere is MOTIVATION enough. A stone-cold calculated WIN-AT-All-COST kinda Coach and PRESIDENT. The HEAT know what's at STAKE now for the 2011-12 season with their MANTRA being.....FIGHT...or all the FANS of 305 will CRY.

The Overwhelming FAVORITES to get to the LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy....the HEAT have simple 2 of the TOP 3 PLAYERS in the ASSOCIATION and perhaps NUMERO UNO in LeBRON JAMES aka KING JAMES or QUEEN JAMES depending on who you talk to.

Just in case you were ever wondering if KING JAMES was the PERFECT NBA PLAYER well in the NBA Finals not only did he look like at times the 4th or 5th best player on the FLOOR he deferred to WADE COUNTY and BOSH 1. That might have been the most SHOCKING TELL TALE Sign on KING JAMES. Never once did he defer to anyone in CUYAHOGA COUNTY OHIO much less make the PLAY. So LEBRON 305 2.0 Edition must improve or those HATERS will be right back on SOUTH BEACH telling everyone I told you KING JAMES was a BUM.

But JAMES' shortcomings only added to the FOLLOWERS of PERHAPS the BEST PLAYER in the GAME as well...Dwayne WADE aka WADE COUNTY and the only CHAMPIONSHIP in MIAMI the artist formerly known as FLASH, what SHAQfu called him, didn't disappoint.

I have been telling NBA Heads for years that WADE COUNTY is something else and for all you detractors there is nothing in his game this DUDE can't do.....nothing..and his SQUEEZE is reportedly Gabrielle UNION aka know who she is MIKE LOWERY's CHICK on BAD BOYS 2....and Marcus BURNETT's (Martin LAWRENCE) Sister SID. Heck WADE probably has in his I-POD somewhere that LUDACRIS REMIX....MY CHICK BAD ..MY CHICK better get somewhere BLUEDUDE HEADS..ARE you NOT ENTERTAINED?

Having said all that the so called 3rd OPTION on the HEAT is quite a player himself its just that WADE and JAMES are so spectacular it SEEMS like BOSH is the FAT GIRL around 2 HELLA BAD DIPS. Not that he is not flawed.....


And confronting ESPN's Skip BAYLESS about being called BOSH SPICE..the BLUEDUDE calls your little SENSITIVE A** that all the TIME and if you come at me I am going to the GLOVE BOX....LOL. But BOSH ATE the BULLS and who ever they put in front of him and he didn't disappoint when it came to WINNING TIME...the DALLAS LINCOLN HS and RAMBLIN' WRECK Alum ROSE UP like KING JAMES couldn't and wouldn't.

Enough of Miami THRICE let's check out the SUPPORTING CAST for the HEAT and if they win a CHIP it will be in large part of what the GUYS do outside of the BIG 3....OCEAN DRIVE Ensemble.

2011-12 BOYZ of 305:

G Terrell HARRIS Rookie OK STATE
G/F Derrick BYARS

F CHris BOSH aka CB 1
F Udonis HASLEM aka U D
F Juwan HOWARD played with BIG E and UNSELD at CAP Centre for BULLETS

C Eddy CURRY yes that EDDY Mr. F*** YOU MAN not ED, EDD, EDDY

And they are Coached by one of the more scrutinized 1st YEAR NBA Caches in HISTORY Coach SPO who has a staff that has been in tact through the BABY JORDAN, Willie BURTON, Glen RICE, Bimbo COLES, and Rony SIEKALY Days in 305..with COACH ROTHSTEIN, COach McADOO, and Coach ASKINS.

The CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE QUESTION of the DAY...CAn the HEAT beat the HEAT as in the BULLS, MAGIC, HAWKS, KNICKS, and who ever else the EASTERN Conference throws at the BOYZ from 305.....that answer is TBD.


the CAMPAIGN of UNFINISHED BUSINESS starts now for the HEAT........LET's GET IT

OKLAHOMA CITY Weather OUTLOOK for the 2011-12 NBA SEASON....SUNNY with a CHANCE of DURANT and THUNDER...Can they WIN IT?..WHY NOT #0

They say you make your name in Winning Time..IE...the Playoffs. If that is the case the Oklahoma City Thunder of 2010-11 made not only a name but have pretty much told the rest of the might have to start coming through us to get to that Larry O'Brien.

The Dallas Mavericks did go through the Durantula, Why Not #0, and the rest of the supporting cast but not without a big ole' week and a Half Donnybrook. The Mavs to a man would probably tell you outside eliminating the Heat...the Thunder was the next toughest outfit including the Lakeshow.

So what do the Thunder do for an Encore...keep the Roster as is, take what they learned in Winning Time and apply that to this season, and from the Jump let the Opponents know that the Thunder is one of the NBA Favorites to Throw Rocks at the Mavericks Throne.

The Thunder Franchise also has been blessed to have a Top 5 Player grace their presence in the 6'9" Combo SG/SF/WF/Point Forward Kevin Durant aka the DURANTULA aka DURANT 66 aka K.D. or even @kdTREY5 his Twitter Handle. Like the BLUEDUDE doesn't know better follow me on Twitter @Bluedudesports or become a member of BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK and a  potential BLUEDUDE Head.

It was reported before last season the NBA Owners, General Managers, and Team Presidents did a Poll on an array of topics but the main topic was this...Who would you start your Franchise with if you had to pick One Player. It was unanimously voted Kevin Durant and the BLUEDUDE agrees and I will tell you why.

In a League that is based on High-Flying Acrobats and Athleticism and sometimes lost in all of that is the Fundamentals. The League is also based on who can consistently knock down the Open Jump Shot. When DURANT 66 showed off his arsenal you saw that Rucker Park NY Display....almost all jumpers from the Hudson River...K DEEEEEEE TREEEEEEEYYYYY 5 from DEEEEEP as they would say.

Then you add a player like Durant to one of the most athleticism and skilled Point Gods in the Association in Russsell Westbrook a Los Angeles California Product aka Mr. Why Not #0 his NIKE Handle.

From a standpoint purely on getting out on the break....the only thing that compares to this Oklahoma City Tornado is NBA MVP D-ROSE of the BULLS. Add a deft Crossover Dribble and almost unstoppable getting where ever Brook wants to get to. He and Rose are the Best at when they are going from the Point you hope they trip on a Line or Something because it is over.

I love what Thunder GM Sam Presti, a former Spurs Exec, has done with the Thunder mixing in Durant and Westbrook with Supersonic Holdover PF Nick Collison, added Celtics Center Kendrick Perkins aka K P, and James Harden and Eric Maynor via the Draft, a few Vets like Center Nazr Mohammed, and has the Thunder right in the middle of Title Conversation.

Throw in a Staff led by Scotty Brooks, who needed a Wing Man like he is Maverick and Lead Assistant Mo Cheeks is Goose. The Perfect Reel for the Thunder and they are the most Dangerous Squad to the Mavericks in the West not the Lakers.

Take a look at the 2011-12 OKC Thunder Roster:

G Russell Westbrook aka WHY NOT? #0
G Erick Maynor
G James Harden
G DaQuean Cook aka D.Q.
G Reggie Jackson Rookie Boston College
G Nate Robinson aka KRYPTOnate
G Thabo Sefolosha aka Swiss Heat

F Kevin Durant aka K D TREY 5 aka DURANT 66 aka the DURANTULA
F Lazar Hayward
F/C Serge Ibaka aka I BLAKA
F/C Nick Collison

C Cole Aldrich
C Kendrick Perkins aka K.P. aka PERK
C Nazr Mohammed
C Byron Mullens

Looking at their 2011-12 Roster there is so much Versatility which in essence makes the Thunder are a tough cover because they are interchangeable everywhere. Looking at the Western Conference the only team that matches up with the Thunder right now are the Mavs and Grizzlies. I really don't think the LAKEshow can play with the Thunder without LO 7.

The Clips are all of a sudden loaded which means nothing in the NBA as the Nuggets were loaded a couple of years back and could get nothing done and out of the 1st round of the Playoffs.

So you know what it is....the Forecast in Oklahoma City..Bring your Rain Gear and an Umbrella because it may start Raining Shots as well as some lightning and Thunder along the way.

OK City and the Thunder...enjoy the Ride you have earned this one.