Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Pittsburgh Steelers are the 2K16 AFC North Champions as "Triple Diamond Chronicles" gets ready for what could be "Stairway 2 Seven"! @Steelers #Steelers #SteelersNation #SteelerNation #StillerGang #BurghTackleFootball #TripleDiamondChronicles #InCoachTomlinWeTrust

After what has been deemed the "Immaculate Extension" by many who follow Team 6 Parade Route and 6 Chips the Pittsburgh Steelers are back into "Winning Time"!. Stiller QB Big Ben Roethlisberger was the Goat and the Hero as his two INTs appeared to close the chapter on the 2K16 Steelers only for #7 to get back into the saddle and lead the Black and Yellow another comeback "W" and add to Big Ben's NFL leading 39 game-winning drives (most since 2004)!

How good was that Steelers comeback...darn good! Not only did it send the Stillers to an AFC North Title but to "Winning Time" and a 3rd seed in the "Fight 4 Lamar" dba AFC Playoffs. The Killer B's dba the Steelers dynamic trio of QB Big Ben, RB Le'veon Bell and WR Antonio Brown who all played a huge part in that 21-point 4th frame offensive onslaught.  Not to mention the other players that made plays like #81, #15, and #17 as we look into our Steelers Program for those names.

Now what does that Cheerleader-of-A-Coach in Steelers Mike Tomlin do now for week 17. Does he play all the starters as all indicators appear to be leaning towards a large amount of starters getting the week off.

I tip my cap to Coach Tomlin as he has reeled of some six W's in a row when most including myself thought that could not be done. Yes he is a helluva coach and a top tier in the "Shield"! Now that countdown Steelers Nation has been on for quite sometime might be attainable as that old slogan rears it's beautiful dome in "Stairway to 7" as only time will tell.


Coach I too loved Cowboys dynamic LB Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson but despised the Cowboys as I was rolling with the late great Chuck Noll and Mean Joe Greene and the gang from day one...go Steelers!    

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Cowboys @ Vikings as "A QB Driven League" (Dak vs Sam) NFL Week 13 goes Thursday Night Football from the swank U.S. Bank Stadium!...The 'BOYS riding a 9-game "W" streak while the VIKES try to survive on a Pop Warner-esque Vertical Passing Game with no Run Game! #DalvsMin #Cowboys #SKOL #TNF #Fight4George #AQBDrivenLeague

The Dallas Cowboys have two things going against them tonight as they come out the visitors locker room tonight in the Twin Cities! Its the U.S. Bank Crowd dba #SKOL Nation and the Vikes newest version of the "Purple People Eaters" D. Can that alone stop the best O-Line and Run Game in the business?

Dallas is in the drivers seat in the "Fight 4 George" (George Halas Trophy) as they have a balanced attack and no one is talking about the real Hero of the 2K16 Cowboys and that would be D-Coordinator Rod Marinelli and his Defense.

That Cowboys Secondary and Backers are their strengths on that "D" and the Vikings offensively cannot get the Wilson pigskin down field via the vertical passing game. The Game might be won right here as the best match up will be the Cowboys "O" vs that Mike Zimmer led "D". Coach Zimmer will not be at the contest due to eye surgery last night and the Vikes must rally the troops.

(10-1, 1st NFC East)
(6-5, 2nd NFC North)

Thursday Night Football December 1st @ 8:30pm ET
U.S. Bank Stadium dba Space Ship #1

Top 5 Things to look for #DalvsMin:

Dak and Zeke vs that #SKOL D...

Vikes QB Sam Bradford and the Vikes Passing Game...

The MVC dba Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders...watch out Cowboys Cheeerleaders!

the Kicking Game...