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The RANGERS and ANGELS will battle for AL WEST Supremacy.......who else can challenge them in the WEST

The Texas RANGERS and Manager Ron WASHINGTON went all the way to the 2010 World Series only to come up a little short vs the San Francisco GIANTS....but captivated all of TEXAS including North Texas along the way.

The Los Angeles ANGELS will always be in the race as long as Mike Scoscia is managing them and Arte MORENO is cutting the checks.

The question is not about the RANGERS and HALOS but who can challenge these teams in the AL WEST and make a run for post season?....that's the 162 game question the BLUEDUDE will try to answer for you in the 2011 AL WEST Preview:

1. Los Angeles ANGELS aka HALOS aka the BIG A aka LA's 2nd Team PROJECTED Finish 1st AL WEST:

Look the HALOS always know if they stay competitive in the AL WEST....they always have a chance for post season....ALWAYS. So what do the ANGELS do this off season go get a BAT....a very EXPENSIVE One......But a damn good one in Blue Jays OF Vernon " I have to get out of the SKYDOME for health and HR Reasons" WELLS.....and VERNON......welcome to ORANGE COUNTY.....and natural grass.

Arte MORENO and MANAGER Mike Scoscia always sty on top of it and they hit another HR with adding Vernon WELLS and moving him to left for their top prospect and CF Peter BOURJOS.......and the HALOS are always bringing their guys along slowly so they just don't crash when they get to the SHOW.

Pitching wise the HALOS are right there with Jared WEAVER leading the way. Add Dan HAREN, Ervin SANTANA, Joel PINIERO, and LHP Scott "Lets get back to TB devil Rays #1 Status" KAZMIR.......the ANGLES are well on their way to the AL WEST Pennant.

Look MORENO and SCOSCIA wanted to blend in some of their young aspiring talent to go with experience and I think they id that for the most part.

2. Texas RANGERS aka WALKER......Texas RANGER.....JOKING....just joking......c'mon son where is your sense of HUMOR. PROJECTED Finish 2nd AL WEST:

Last year the RANGERS Pitching and Playoff Hopes fell on Trade deadline Pick-up LHP Cliif LEE and then the RANGERS took off.......Off Seaon the RANGERS tried to sweetin' the Pot for good ole know The RANGERS Brass taking the GULFSTREAM 5 down to CLIFFY'S Farm in AR KANSAS........and hanging out a few times.

The RANGERS thought and were out dueling the Bronx BOMBERS for his services...then Brown know UPS...with those PHILLY CHEESESTEAKS from PAT'S and GINO'S......with a note.....THE CHEESESTEAK and BROAD STREET NEEDS YOU...... and out of LEFT FIELD came those Fightin' PHILS with that cash ....all in a suit case.....LOL......LEE goes to the PHILS and the RANGERS are left with NO ACE on their STAFF but good young arms.

They did pick up BRANDON WEBB from the D-BACKS.......if he can get and stay healthy.....that's a PLUS.....and if they can't get him healthy..........move on with the ORIGINAL PLAN.

Everyone knows that the RANGERS play softball a a heckuva a lot of runs......if thy can get some pitching to go with those BATS......they could and can come out of the AL WEST.


If the BASH BROTHERS and LaRUSSA are not coming back......nor the GIAMBI'S.......there will be long east BAY


Man It seemed like yesterday when SWEET LOUUUUUU Pinella was manageing these guys and they were the best in not only the WEST but know.....john OLERUD.....Brett BOONE.......ICHIRO.....who is still manning Left Fiedl and their FIXTURE.......a young freddy GARCIA......a steady mike CAMERON....WOW....and all that GOOD PITCHING.

Now enter ICHIRO and KID FELIX , MicroSOFT, Puget SOUND, QWEST FIELD, and the SPACE NEEDLE........wish the SONICS were still there as well....OH!.....and not to be forgotten.........ken GRIFFEY JR is a coach for the M'S he can sleep during games.

As for where in BILL GATES' NAME are the M'S going to finish....the answer is in the TUNA at SEATTLE'S famous FISH of those fish has a number in it the first week of the season...and it's not a high number.....ohhhh around take that number an subtract that from 162 those are you r losses.......the BLUEDUDE a BAD TAX RETURN.

The BOAT SHOW and CHASE of ROCKY.......2011 Co-MR. BASKETBALL of ILLINOIS...who was 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Voting?

Ryan BOATRIGHT 32ppg 6 rebs 3 asts 3 steals E Aurora HS 24-6 and Conference Champs
Chasson RANDLE 22ppg 8 rebs 3asts 2 steals Rock Island HS 30-3 3A State Champs Schools 1st Boys Title in Basketball

And for the1st time in Illinois High School Basketball History......there will be CO-Mr. Basketball's in ILLINOIS.......and both of these young men are flat-out BALLERS....and can get it in BIG-TIME.

Let's take a closer look at the HOOPERS and the rest of the Mr. Basketball ILLINOIS Voting:

Ryan BOATRIGHT aka BOAT aka the BOAT SHOW: At 5-10 and about 165 depending on what Adidas Shoe he was wearing that day like the Derrick Rose AdiZERO or the Adidas Crazy 8 built for KOBE back in the DAY....the BOAT SHOW was made for VEGAS or Tinsel Town FA SHO.

The lightning quick guard from EAST AURORA Illinois High School located just 38 miles from Downtown Chicago going West was flat-out unguardable this season and everyone in his path paid dearly for trying to stop this kid one-on-one. Boat faced numerous double teams and triple teams and still went in on everyone involved. With high games of 63 vs Proviso West and 55 vs St Charles North.......and a robust and every shot contested 47 on the Relentless and powerful PEORIA HS ILLINOIS was simply entertainment at it's best.

Not voted for either the 2011 McDonald's All-American Game or the 2011 JORDAN BRAND All-American Classic.......the BOAT SHOW will make all the schedules stops from STORRS CONNECTICUT next year under Coaches CALHOUN, BLANEY, LAFLUER, and 13-year NBA VET Kevin OLLIE of LA Crenshaw HS, who played for Calhoun's HUSKIES 1991-95, who joined the staff this past season.

Joining BOAT as Mr. BASKETBALL of ILLINOIS is Chasson RANDLE of Rock Island HS ILLINOIS ROCKS who were Class 3A State CHAMPS as well. AT 6-1 170 with the ability to play Both Guard Positions as well as Being the COACH on the FLOOR. CHASE is simply the most well-rounded PLAYER in the STATE and he and BOAT did what their TEAMS and TEAMMATES ask them to do whether it was scoring, distributing, defending, rebounding, leading vocally or by example......these two young guys were there.

Heading to Coach Johnny DAWKINS and the HARVARD of the WEST.......the STANFORD CARDINALS......CHASE will be an immediate impact at STANFORD with Coach DAWKINS rumored to have him begin at the 2 Spot and working his way to the point.

Not so much a scorer like BOAT as he is just a true basketball player and competitor that gets after it on every possession. The 6-7 wingspan also helps on defense where he can just dominate from every angle on D.......on primary ball-handler, help side, in the middle of the press, weak side.........just dominant.

It also helps that CHASE is a 4.0 student.........that covers more angles than most.


BOAT and CHASE finished with 257 points (Votes) statewide .....1142 Ballots returned.....and 35 First-Place VOTES

Morgan Park HS Wayne Blackshear signed with Louisville had 198 points

Anthony Davis of Chicago Illinois Perspectives Charter signed with Kentucky had 120 points

David Sobolewski BENET Academy of Lisle Illinois signed with Northwestern had 90 points

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

AMERICAN LEAGUE Central Predictions.......TWINS and WHITE SOX at the TOP....with TIGERS close behind....ROYALS and INDIANS going Youth

The Best Division in BASEBALL the Favorite to win the WORLD SERIES out of the AL CENTRAL?......Maybe not......But there are three teams that can make a run at it if they are rolling.

The TWINS, WHITE SOX, and TIGERS all can make claim that they are the Best Team in the American League CENTRAL.....but the BLUEDUDE'S Prediction still has to rest with the PALE HOSE from the SOUTH SIDE of the WINDY CITY.

Taking a closer look at the AL CENTRAL RACE...2011:

1. Chicago WHITE SOX aka SOUTH SIDERS aka PALE HOSE aka GOOD GUYS aka CHI SOX Projected Finish 1st AL CENTRAL:

OZZIE GUILLEN...aka the LOUD ONE and i need a translator...LOL.....he and SOX GM Kenny " I don't care what you think" WILLIAMS have the SOX rebuilt and have some pieces in place and the main cog to the clubhouse was......"PAULIE" Paul KONERKO......signed to a #year deal that makes him a SOUTH SIDER for the rest of his career.

Looking at the Pitchers ...who else anchors the Left-hander Mark BUERHLE gets his SOX Record 8th or 9th straight opening day baseball and he joins 2 young established started in John DANKS and Gavin FLOYD. the Real question will be if Righty and injury prone Jake PEAVY can get over shoulder surgery fro last year as he as already went down again in Spring Training 2011.

The Closers role will be something that the SOX will have to work on as Left-hander Matt THORNTON, Chris SALE, and Sergio SANTOS...which makes the SOX a very solid but unproven BULLPEN from the ladder 2 guys.

Offensively the LINE-UP gets a boost from Left-hand Power Hitter Adam DUNN who was brought in for power and to protect KONERKO and/or Carlos QUENTIN. The SOX Core is built around Pitching and Defense that wins CHAMPIONSHIPS....and the SOUTH SIDERS are re-tooled in those FACETS.

2. Minnesota TWINS......aka TWINKIES aka TWIN CITIES Projected FINISH 2nd AL CENTRAL:

Lets start of course with the new Poster Boy of Major LEAGUE Baseball......Joe MAUER.....the best hitter in baseball and a Top 5 Talent in all of baseball. Put him in the line-up with Former AL MVP justin MORNEAU......and all this under Ron GARDENHIRE'S watch.....the TWINS will always be in the running not only for the division but the World Series.

The pitching staff anchored by Carlos PAVANO, who was resigned, Francisco LIRIANO...the left-hander that now looks more and more like Johan SANTANA. The BULLPEN is inexperienced but like I said before don't expect a lot of whole sale changes from this group ....they are never in dyer need of anything because they are so consistent.

If everything proves right and MORNEAU can stay off the DL.....the TWINS can easily be the front runner in the AL CENTRAl......but this might all depend on the TWINS BACK Joe NATHAN.....and that might prove to be too tough to overcome.

3. Detroit TIGERS...aka the TIGS Projected Finish 3rd AL CENTRAL:

Ok JIMMY LEYLAND........A couple of Questions.........Can the TIGERS and can Miguel CABRERA straighten himself out?........Adding Catcher Victor MARTINEZ is an A......Can the BULLPEN stay off the DL?.....the TIGERS Depth is better than anyone else in the Division and their starting pitching can be if everything falls into place.

Now after all that they are an excellent team it's that the other 2 teams, PALE HOSE and TWINKIES, are's as simple as that. The TIGERS are going to have to come out the gate swinging and never let their foot off the gas to be able to contend down the stretch with the CHI-SOX and TWINS.

If the TIGERS Starting Pitching holds up and BULLPEN stays upright and off the DL......ZUMAYA and name a few....the TIGERS could well be in the race as well. Also, Magglio ORDONEZ needs to also have a banner year and play at least 130 games or so for the TIGERS to reap the rewards of MAGS having a productive season....but it starts on the field first.

4. Kansas City ROYALS...aka KC Projected Finish 4th AL CENTRAL:

They traded their best aset and a #1 Arm in GREINKE......unless UL WASHINGTON, George BRETT, Willie WILSON, Willie AIKEN, and Frank WHITE are coming back.....KC is done......but for teams playing their...nothing better than a 3-4 game sweep and some Kansas CITY's the best.

5. Cleveland INDIANS aka the TRIBE Projected Finish 5th AL CENTRAL:

They are definatley rebuilding in CLEVELAND.......every time I watched them all you could here was that DRUM beating in the Left Field Seats...not good or hear the PEOPLE talking next to the Play-by-play booths......not good. That also tells the casual one is in the ballpark because the product is not good.......and/or the best teams in MLB are not in town.

Mark SHAPIRO is a good Team President and of course he has a plan so the BLUEDUDE will give them til.......SPRING TRAINING get it that too long.....heck look at the ROYALS...i gave them until Buck Rogers and the 25th Century.....SPACE AGE FOOLS

It's a 3 team race and this race will go down to late SEPTEMBER like it always does......and who ever wins will get a Post-Season prize of the PINSTRIPES, BOSOX, or RAYS....YIKES.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The AP...ASSOCIATED PRESS....named their 1st Team All-Americans Monday Afternoon.......nothing surprises the BLUEDUDE on this list...GRAND SLAM AP

The AP had probably an easier descisoin than most years of who was getting the VOTES on the 1st Team All-American it was a down year talent wise in College BAsketball....The BLUEDUDE is saying there is talent everywhere....just not a lot of guys seperating themselves from the PACK.


G Nolan SMITH DUKE SR..........ACC Player of the YEAR....20.6ppg 5 assts

G Jimmer FREDETTE BYU SR......MWC Player of the YEAR.....28.9ppg 4.3 assts

G Kemba WALKER UCONN JR.......No Big EAST Player of the YEAR...BS...23.9ppg 4.5 assts

F JaJuan JOHNSON PURDUE SR........Big Ten Player of the Year and Defensive Player of the YEAR.....20.5ppg 8.6 rebs

F Jared SULLINGER Ohio STATE FR.... 1st Team Unanimous BIG TEN.....17.2ppg 10.2 rebs

Fredette missed being unanimous by 1 vote as he recieved 64 out of 65 votes





F Derrick WILLIAMS ARIZONA SOPH....PAC-10 Player of the YEAR

F Marcus MORRIS KANSAS JR.....BIG-12 Player of the YEAR






C Kenneth FARIED MOREHEAD STATE SR.......Ohio Valley Player of the YEAR

Only 1 Freshman SULLINGER of OHIO STATE made the Team....but it could be these other 4 FRESHMAN Lottery PICKS not including SULLINGER:


All of these Freshman have a LOTTERY STATUS as the 2011 NBA DRAFT appears to be the weakest in true #1 PICK REALLY...these NBA TEAMS in this Draft will be drafting like NFL Teams......1st.......NEED......2nd..... Best player left on Draft BOARD .......3rd.......Package this pick for other picks or TRADE this will be interesting.....BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK will keep you tuned in........Put me in your FAVE 5......and I am with VERIZON......sorry T-FIZZLE.....T-MOBILE that is

BYU Sharpshooter JIMMER FREDETTE wins the Oscar ROBERTSON AWARD.....for Men College Basketball's Most Outstanding PLAYER

The Brigham Young University COUGARS Season might have come to a halt....but the AWARDS for their Sharpshooter of a GUARD.....JIMMER FREDETTE keep coming in at a MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE Record Pace.

The 6-2 , 195 pound SENIOR from Glen Falls, New YORK, had one of the more memorable seasons ever in college basketball and to his conference. He becomes only the 2nd MOUNTAIN West Conference Player to ever win the Award.....the first being UTAH'S Center Andrew BOGUT in 2005.......and shattered a lot of BYU'S Scoring Records along the way.

JIMMER sets a school record 1,068 points in a season......finished his career at BYU with 2,599 total points......averaged 32.7 in the 2011 NCAA Tourney and led the nation in scoring at 28.9 ppg. The Combo G also led the nation in SHOTS made from the mid-court his range is when he arrives at the GYM....unlimited........LOL.

The OSCAR ROBERTSON Trophy is names after one of the greatest College and PROFESSIONAL Players of our time. AS the "BIG O", as they called him on both levels, played and starred at CINCINATTI University for the BEARCATS. And the AWARD comes from the UNITED STATES BASKETBALL WRITERS ASSOCIATION.

Fredette seems to be in most MOCK DRAFT Boards a Consensus TOP 20 pick and i like his chances but buyer beware....he has a lot of former GA TECH ALUM Mark PRICE in him but also has some Gonzaga Alum in him as well.......namesakes like Richie FROHM and Dan remember them boys from the ZAGS don't the NBA.......they didn't remember.

The Comparisons to MARK PRICE are fair because PRICE was a gamer like FREDETTE and JIMMER is more athletic and bigger which should mean he will be able to with stand contact.....and that's huge at the NBA LEVEL. I see him going to a team that needs to spread the floor more and open it up for the BIGS and NY KNICKERBOCKERS

the AL EAST........BRONX BOMBERS, CARMINES, and RAYS will battle for at least the Division Winner and possible WILD CARD Berth

The American League EAST is the AMERICAN LEAGUE'S BEAST with 3 Top Heavy Hitters in the YANKEES, RED SOX, and RAYS. Last Year's Winner the RAYS only finished a game ahead of the BOMBERS, who were the AL Wild Card Team, and both teams finished 7 plus games ahead of the BOSOX in the EAST.

This year the shoe will definitely be on the other foot or should I say the SOX are on the other foot. The BOSTON Red Sox made no bones about getting better in the off-season by pulling off the best possible position player on the Free-Agent Board in RAYS Outfielder CARL CRAWFORD.

Not only did they upgrade their line-up but took away one of the main cogs of one of their Division Rivals in the RAYS. The YANKEES who were thought to bolster their Pitching by adding CLIFF LEE, the #1 Starting Pitching Free Agent, burned the YANKS up for what many thought would be the RANGERS, instead he chose the Fightin' PHILS....a choice that came out of the Visitors Dugout...literally.

After the PINSTRIPES lost out on LEE they thought thy could get Old reliable back for one more season in Left-Hander Andy PETTITE......and he of course said he was going into retirement after deliberating throughout most of the now the YANKS are stuck with a patch job in their starting rotation and must rely on some of their young prospects.

Let's check out the AMERICAN LEAGUE East as it stands for the Start of the 2011 Major League Baseball Season:


The RED SOX did their homework and bolster the best line-up in baseball with the addition of OF Carl CRAWFORD of the RAYS.

With a core offensively of Adrian GONZALEZ, Big PAPI David ORTIZ, Victor MARTINEZ, Kevin YOUKILLIS, CRAWFORD, JACOB ELLSBURY, JD DREW, and Mike CAMERON....not to mention Pinch-hitter and Club House Leader Mike LOWELL...the BOSOX are in good hands.

AN excellent Pitching Rotation led by Josh BECKETT, Jon LESTER, John LACKEY, Clay BUCHHOLZ, and DICE-K MATSUZAKA, the RED SOX probably bolster the best Rotation in the BIGS outside of PHILLY.

Then add Adrian BELTRE, Mike CAMERON, and Marco SCUTARO for Depth and insurance the CARMINES will be the BEST in the AL...hands down.


The RAYS capped off their season by winning the AL EAST in a tightly close race all the way down to the end of the SEASON with the BOMBERS. They lost key contributors in their most recent success in CRAWFORD and Pitcher Matt GARZA to the CUBS...but still have an excellent Ownership and couple that wiht MANAGER Joe MADDON...the RAYS are no 2 hit wonder...they are built to stay.

Pitching is being anchored by James SHIELDS the RHP and LH Power Pitching Phenom David PRICE. Then Add Jeff NEIMANN who finished 4th in the AL Rookie of the YEAR Voting along with either Wade DAVIS or Andy SONNANSTINE.

The LINE-UP still has some pop all over with the core guys of Evan LONGORIA, BJ UPTON, Jason BARTLETT, and Ben ZORBRIST. Free Agent pick-up Pat BURRELL has been a bust so far and now they added Kelly SHOPPACH of the INDIANS.

They still have a good balanced offense and very good young pitching and they will challenge the YANKS for the 2nd post in the AL EAST.


The loss of getting Free-Agent Pitcher Cliff LEE and Andy Pettite RETIRING was a big blow to the BOMBERS. The YANKEES now look to CC SABATHIA and AJ BURNETT to hold the fort down and they still have the SANDMAN....MARIANO RIVERA coming out of the PEN.

Phil HUGHES and Javier VASQUEZ are excellent 3-4 Starter to go along with some of the young arms they will have in spring training.

The LINE-UP still bolsters one of th best with Joe GIRARDI putting #2 in the 2 hole and having CF Curtis GRANDERSON in the lead-off spot. The put 3B Alex A-ROD RODRIGUEZ in the 3rd hole with 1B Mark TEXIRERA in Clean-up or he and A-ROD switch it is still formidable and then put the YANKS best Offensive Hitter ROBINSON CANO, who came into his own last year......dang there anywhere in that line-up and you have a top ML Offense. The Pick-Up of Free Agent Catcher Russell MARTIN from the BOYS in BLUE ( aka LA DODGERS) was a nice pick-up and the YANKS also have one of the MOLINA'S for insurance.

The YANKS still have a chance and need to stay healthy and get good starting pitching from jump street to have a chance.

TORONTO BLUE JAYS aka the JAYS PROJECTED FINISH 4th AL info at this something first

BALTIMORE ORIOLES aka the O's PROJECTED FINISH 5TH AL EAST.....need to show thge BLUEDUDE Somthing in the 1st month to be featured sorry BMORE....aka CHARM CITY.....a beautiful BALL put a winner in it

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The VCU RAMS and Richmond VA going BANANAS over their RAMS.......COACH CAL and his 'CATS get to the FINAL FOUR.....this time with a PERIMETER GAME

SHAKA SMART, the head Coach of the VCU RAMS , will be one of the sought after COACHES at the FINAL FOUR as well as BRAD STEVENS of BUTLER making his second straight Trip to the FINAL 4.

In only the 3rd time ever has an 11 seed in the NCAA Men's BASKETBALL Tourney went to the final four with the last being GEORGE MASON in 2006 when they shocked Final 4 favorite UCONN HUSKIES.

The RAMS led from the start and the only glaring weakness in the KANSAS JAYHAWKS Armor was their above average guard play. Well vs the RAMS they met their match and then some as the only JAYHAWK who had anything off the dribble and was effective enough in the half court set as well as in transition was Jersey City NEW JERSEY Native Tyshawn TAYLOR. The other JAYHAWK Guards were pretty much non-existent and the 3 that so many college teams use as their equalizer was not the equal today for the JAYHAWKS.

The RAMS and Coach SMART get a lot of credit because I was thinking all they heard in the last 40 some odd hours was how the RAMS BIGS are going to stop the Morris twins. SMART and the RAMS said SPELL..........JAMIE SKEEN....the transfer from WAKE FOREST who had a monster 26 points and 10 boards to go with some key defensive stops on the MORRIS BOYS.

It wasn't that the MORRIS BOYS were held in in point.....Marcus 20 points and 16 rebs and Markieff 13 points and 12 rebounds....both double-doubles......but it's that old cliche'....Don't tell me how many you what time in the game did you get them...and to VCU'S Credit they made the necessary plays at the necessary times to get by the #2 Seed overall in the TOURNEY.

Richmond VA had 2 teams in the SWEET 16....RICHMOND and VCU......and one of them are headed to ROCKET CITY....ENJOY RAMS and RICHMOND have earned this one BIG TIME.

In the other REGIONAL FINAL it was our transition game vs your transition game.........and how many 3 balls you knock down....and how may 3 balls will we knock down.......and in the end it was the UK WILDCATS that basically used the 3 ball as their weapon and NORTH CAROLINA could not match them.

The BLUEGRASS BOYS shot 12-22.....over 54%..... and the TAR HEELS shot just 3-16.....almost 19%. Add that up and it isn't ROCKET SCIENCE.......36-9 spread.......and the final score was 76-69.....+7 'CATS...there's your ball game PERIOD.

The 'HEELS looked like they were going up hill the whole game and never looked relax enough to get a hold on the game or Freshman COMBO G BRANDON KNIGHT aka KNIGHT he went for a cool 22, 7, and 4 he just hit big shot after big shot to rip the hearts right out of TAR HEEL Faithful.

COACH CAL finally gets back to the FINAL 4 and redeems himself from last year's Regional Final Debacle where the West Virginia MOUNTAINEERS and COACH HUGGINS aka Huggy Bear used their patented 1-1-3 half-court zone to make the WILDCATS Shoot from the Perimeter and they had no shooters. JOHN WALL and ERIC BLEDSOE couldn't hit a broad side of a BARN....let alone hit anything from 3 vs WVU....and this year's FRESHMAN KNIGHT, Doron LAMB, and Terrance JONES can knock it down with the best of them. LAMB led the SEC at almost a 49% clip from the ARC.

NEXT UP FOR VCU......the #10 Seed BUTLER BULLDOGS.........that should be a game of wills as you have 2 mid-majors that have been playing major roles in this tourney.......STAY TUNED.

And for Coach CAL and his boys.......the Best COMBO G in the EAST......and maybe National PLAYER of the YEAR KEMBA WALKER and the UCONN HUSKIES will meet and greet the CAL'S Bunch. This should be a game where UCONN pick their spots and the 'CATS try to make it a Semi-track meet........2 POWERHOUSE Programs and 2 of the best coaches in the business that have had some dealings with the NCAA unfortunately.......and this will be a MAALOX SPECIAL.

MR BASKETBALL of it the BOAT it ROCKY'S CHASSON...or is it ILLINOIS' 2 BIG MAC'S....or a SOPHOMORE....Who will it BE?

Mr. Basketball of the STATE of ILLINOIS describes the best High School Basketball Player in the STATE from start to finish. As a close observer to one of these candidates, as the BLUEDUDE is an High School Basketball Coach, I saw up close and personal most of these talented young men perform at a high-level.

To get this award one must display not only STATS but an array of things from........How DID the players team perform from a record the player well-deserving to represent the STATE of ILLINOIS with this award......and is the names STUDENT-ATHLETE come to mind with this basketball player.......I would think to qualify one must have no issues in the classroom.

This year the SENIOR CLASS is really deep with a lot of talented players and ILLINOIS has 8 TOP 100 ranked national players but only 2 represented at the McDonald's All-American Game at the United Center in Chicago Illinois this week........YEAH....Go figure.....the BLUEDUDE knows you can't take everyone but ILLINOIS should at least have 4....really......when you look at the POOL ILLINOIS is pulling from......TALENT TALENT TALENT.

Without further a due let's MEET and GREET the nominees:


Look when you grow about 9" over one summer and before you grew you could handle the ball like crazy...those guard skill and HANDLE go with you. From an upside standpoint...this kid, who has a long way to go physically, is a monster with his versatility and size. Averaged 32ppg. 18.7rebs, and 7 Blocks per and signed with the WILDCATS of KENTUCKY......and a consensus TOP 3 player NATIONALLY in everybody's book.


A very athletic G/F and I have seen him play personally a more than one occasion.....he is a SMALL FORWARD at the MAJOR level but darn good one. Can get you BUCKETS, can get you rebounds, can also get you a floor game that reminds me of a point forward. When I saw him he was somewhat lazy or non-interested......don't know if that has something to do with his injury late in the season. Averaged 32ppg, 15 rebs, 5 assts, and 5 blocks......signed with Rick PITINO and the CARDS of LOUISVILLE

Ryan BOATRIGHT aka BOAT aka the BOAT SHOW aka MACHINE GUN BOATRIGHT....that's what the BLUEDUDE calls him...

You will never see a guy at this height do the things that this young man did in one season of HS BALL. He played in the GYM the BLUEDUDE was at often and he didn't just live up to expectations....he exceeded them. I personally counted having seen all of his games at least 45 DUNKS this season let alone these averages......32ppg, 6 rebs, 5 asts, 4 steals and Game HIGHS of 63 and 55...and the Double Nickel was not with SPIKE LEE in the BUILDING. The most athletically gifted kid I have seen with my own eyes since Derrick POOH ROSE. Consensus Top 50 KID Nationally...signed with UCONN and Jim CALHOUN


They don't get any effortless or smoother than CHASE....the man that brought ROCKY ROCK ISLAND ROCKS back to prominence. Sometimes watching RANDLE you don't even know he is on the court because he is impacting the game from so many angles it is ridiculous. I don't know if he i a 3-D man...but CHASE is a TEAM PLAYER if I ever saw one and his BASKETBALL IQ is off the CHARTS......a TOP 50 Kid NATIONALLY... lead the ROCKS to ILLINOIS Class 3A State CHAMPIONSHIP this past season averaged 22ppg, 8 rebs, 3 assts......I know ROCK ISLAND Principal Booby Joe MASON is proud as he was a hecka of a basketball player in his own right at Powerhouse GALESBURG ILLINOIS HS SILVER STREAKS back in the day.........signed to play at the HARVARD of the WEST and JOHNNY DAWKINS...STANFORD......also #1 ranked student in his know STANFORD doesn't take crash dummies


The Class of 2013 is already his...and everyone knows it but will never see a young man this advanced in the concept of Team First.....and me talented as he is.....he lets the game come to him and he appreciates every aspect of the game. one can tell watching him play he has been taught at a very high level the game of BASKETBALL. Already was invited to see the DUKE Blue Devils take on UNC in Cameron back in Februrary as a SOPH. His first 2 years at SIMEON....2 State Championships.......has all the tools of an HANDY ANDY.......Off the bounce....back to the basket...face up.....handle.....rebounds......finishes in traffic......WANT MORE.......MR BASKETBALL never given to a SOPH in ILLINOIS.....but I have no problem if he get the NOD....SIGNING with the WHOEVER he wants.

That's the short list from the BLUEDUDE.....the VOTES will come in soon and i know this...the next ILLINOIS Class that kinda compares to this but maybe not on the NATIONAL LEVEL is the Class of 2013...with none other than JABARI PARKER Finally leading the WAY as a SENIOR.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Jeremy LAMB of UCONN and Shelvin MACK of BUTLER....Key Components to why their TEAMS are headed to the FINAL FOUR in HOUSTON

The UCONN HUSKIES and the BUTLER BULLDOGS are headed to the FINAL FOUR in Houston Texas next weekend as both come up BIG when they had to and both took two entirely different routes to get to this point as well.

The BUTLER BULLDOGS used a 2nd half surge led by their MVP Shelvin MACK with 27 points and 4 rebounds and the inside play of one Matt HOWARD to edge Billy DONOVAN, Kenny BOYNTON, Chandler PARSONS, and the FLORIDA GATORS.

The GAME went into overtime as both teams had chances to win in regulation but didn't knock down pretty good looks. I thought for FLORIDA was their inability to keep going to their two BIGS down low in Seniors Vernon MACKLIN (25 points) and Alex TYUS (14points) as their guard play was a little bit too selfish in BOYNTON and WALKER.

The BULLDOGS had a lot of trouble stopping the GATORS in the PAINT so for the GATORS back court to not utilize them in the OVERTIME was the BALL GAME.....and the BULLDOGS just wanted more and their BIG GUNS in MACK and HOWARD played well in regulation and in OT to get the W.

AT the HONDA CENTER in ORANGE CA, the Upstart Arizona WILDCATS led by PAC-10 POY Marcus WILLIAMS were set to play the UCONN HUSKIES and All-World Combo Guard Kemba WALKER from GOTHAM CITY.

It was a see saw affair in the 1st half with the 'CATS holding serve early and the HUSKIES with the play of back-up PG Shabazz NAPIER coming up big in the ladder moments of the 1st half outplaying Arizona PG MOMO JONES and it looked like NAPIER caught the 'ZONA PG off guard a little bit.

The 2nd half went to the 'CATS again early as they erased a 7 point halftime deficit to tie the HUSKIES about a little over midway through the 2nd half. The Turning Point in this one was the BIGS of UCONN......ORIHAKI, OKWANDU, and SMITH'S ability to negate the Drives and paint points from MARCUS WILLIAMS that Williams had been so easily getting in previous games.

It looked like the UCONN plan worked because at the end of the game WILLIAMS for some odd reason was settling for JUMP SHOTS rather than taking the ball off the bounce and getting in the paint to get 'ZONA easy points. Hats off to UCONN'S Coaching STAFF for recognizing from games and film that WILLIAMS, if he were to get his, it wasn't going to be in the paint doing damage....we are going to make him a jump-shooting beauty tonight.......and the HUSKIES DID.

MVP of the game was UCONN FRESHMAN Jeremy LAMB....and his consistent play on both ends to make the WILDCATS have to account for one more guy...not just KEMBA WALKER. I was thinking in the ladder parts of this game that UCONN was going to be really good next year and earlier in the season there was no way I would have said that. That's COACH Jim CALHOUN and his STAFF getting it done a tailor-making the offense around WALKER and relying on everyone Else to get better as the season went forward.

Out of all the years I have seen the HUSKIES......and usually when they get this deep in the TOURNEY the roster is absolutely loaded......and to CALHOUN and his STAFF'S Credit.......they have probably done their best coaching job to date considering how young and inexperienced their ROSTER really is........STORRS CONNECTICUT must be proud and CALHOUN also considering the SCRUTINY he and his program have come under in the last year.

MATTA and BUCKEYES can't close the DEAL.....TAR HEELS roll early.....VCU can play and SHAKA is SMART....KU smacks SPIDERS

In more SWEET 16 action the cream was definately on display in Friday Nights GAMES with High Seeds playing in OHIO STATE, KANSAS, North CAROLINA, and KENTUCKY.

The Heavy Hitter was the nightcap in JERSEY pitting the #1 Overall Seed in the Tourney the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES vs the Young but oh so talented KENTUCKY WILDCATS and their Charasmatic Coach John CALIPARI.

The Game features Four Top Freshman with KENTUCKY having 3 of those freshman:

Jared SULLINGER Northland HS Columbus OH
Terrance JONES Portland OR Jefferson HS
Doron LAMB Oak Hill Academy VA by way of Manhattan RICE HS NYC
Brandon KNIGHT Pine Crest HS Ft Lauderdale FL

These guys were all McDonald's All-Americans and ironically played at the game held in Columbus Ohio last year and the BLUEDUDE had attended that game as well. These guys are top notch talent and I wouldn't surprise me if 2 maybe 3 of the young guys left for the NBA........Are they ready for that leap?....Probably not....but you know the demo.

The most intriguing match up last night was the burly , athletic SULLINGER vs the unheralded Big man of Kentucky Josh HARRELSON, who for the mot part has made a name for himself in this tourney and without his play...the WILDCATS would've lost in the early rounds.

SULLINGER pulled out 21 and 16 boards but HARRELSON damn there matched that with 17 and 10 boards and 3 blocks. They cancelled each other out and then it came down to Ohio STATE'S Diebler, Lighty, and BUFORD vs the 'CATS Lamb, Jones, and Knight....and it was an even tilt until KNIGHT hit the game-winner with just over 7 seconds to go.

Both teams played well and now the BLUEGRASS BOYS have the very big and talented Tar Heels of FRANKLIN STREET in CHAPEL HILL NC........this will be a good one.

Speaking of 'HEELS.......MARQUETTE was never in it until it was way too late and they were just swallowed up by the massive length an size of the 'HEELS Front Line....Look at these stats from UNC'S version of the BIG 3:

Tyler ZELLER 27 points, 12 boards, 4 assists 3 blocks
John HENSON 14 points 12 boards 5 blocks
Harrison BARNES 20 points 9 boards 2 blocks

This is the main reason the GOLDEN EAGLES had no real shot.......and UNC had a lot of Rim RUNS (Lay-ups in transition to the front of the rim). The Eagles were down at half by 25 points ....40-15....and never really got their stride until they put a 2-3 zone up but by then it was way too late the FAT LADY had the piano out , a cup of tea, and waiting for her cue by then.

SHAKA SMART is showing his name sake and he went toe to tow with one of the best in game managers in the business in Florida STATE'S Leonard HAMILTON as VCU countered everything the 'NOLES DID and one upped them most of the time.

It was the play of the VCU wings and back court led by Joey RODRIGUEZ steady play at the point and and the shooting guard tandem of Bradford BURGESS 26 points and off the bench Brandon ROZZEL 16 points that kept the RAMS in it long enough to go into OVERTIME and win the game.

The RAMS have another daunting task as they now play the JAYHAWKS of Lawrence KANSAS who disposed of the SPIDERS of RICHMOND rather quickly.....especially after the pre-game half-donnybrook in the TUNNEL between the 2 teams.

The JAYHAWKS are and probably the most talented team in the TOURNEY left...there is nothing BILL SELF'S Crew can't do........and it's almost left to be said the only way the JAYHAWKS get beat....if they beat themselves.

A COMBO of the MORRIS TWINS and all those GUARDS starting with MORNINGSTAR and TAYLOR....prove to be too much for most teams and the RAMS will have their plated full dealing with these guys.

SELF has yet to lose in the ALAMODOME where he won his first NATIONAL Championship back in 2008 getting by JOHN CALIPARI, Derrick ROSE, yes that D ROSE, and the Memphis TIGERS to win the BIG ONE.

This current team kinda has the same make-up....power along the front line and balanced as anyone in the back court and on most nights if they are knocking down open threes as well...they could beat half the NBA CENTRAL Division.

Friday, March 25, 2011

WALKER, WILLIAMS, and PARSONS meet and exceed expectations in their SWEET 16 Wins......and the BUTLER BULLDOGS in ELITE 8 in BACK to BACK Seasons

EXPECTATIONS are WHAT? it something looked forward to, whether feared or hoped for.....WELL if that's the case these Gentleman......UCONN'S Kemba WALKER, ARIZONA'S Derrick WILLIAMS, and FLORIDA'S Chandler PARSONS met and exceeded EXPECTATIONS last night....for shizzle.

WALKER, a surefire LOTTERY PICK in the 2011 NBA Draft, shot a cool and methodical 12-25 and hit for a total of 36 points as he picked his spots to finally pull away from the stingy and relentless AZTECS of San Diego STATE. Walker let the game come to him as he made sure his teammates were involved and none were more involved than the freshman from that basketball factory in ATLANTS G A, NORCROSS HS in Norcross, Georgia G/F Jeremy LAMB.

LAMB the slender, sleek. an supebly athletic one built out of the same mold as former NORCROSS Stand-out and Current LA CLIPPER Forward by way of Wake Forest Al FARIQ-AMINU.

SAME array of Mid-range shots, can get you off the bounce with either hand, can play his back to the basket but would prefer to play on the wing and the perimeter, with game behind the ARC. His game and demeanor go hand in hand with how UCONN'S Main Man KEMBA WALKER game i suited for.

NEXT UP for the HUSKIES a young but Powerful bunch from the DESERT.........led by Man-Child and MATRIX Clone ( MANS F Shawn MARION) DERRICK WILLIAMS of the LA Metropolitan area. He Torched the BLUE DEVILS for 25 in the 1st half when no other WILDCAT could get it going and kept the 'CATS and Coach Sean MILLER in the game enough to get reinfrocements in the 2nd half to derail the DEVILS and end their season.

Williams was such a factor that at the halftime horn CBS Sideline reporter interviwed COACH K of the DUKIES and asked him, " Are you happy the way your guy KYLE SINGLER is playing (14 points at half).....COACH K shot back well DERRICK WILLIAMS is unbelievable an he single-handedly has kept them in the game.

See that's a COACH with a ton of experienxce shooting back a VISSER with a HOW COULD YOU ASK ME ABOUT MY GUY WHEN HE IS -11 IN THE HOLE......see SINGLER was guarding WILLIAMS to no avail and COACH K knows if Williams gets half of that production the DUKIES are up some 15 plus points and can go for the kill at the start of the 2nd half.

The 'CATS came out as though WILLIAMS stood up in the LOCKER ROOM and said, " OK.......I can't do this by who is getting on the 'ZONA TRAIN the 2nd Half so we can send these underlings to CAMERON with an L'....and that's exactly what happened.....the BLUE DEVILS were no match intensity wise or defensively as the 'CATS just swallowed them up with #23, DERRICK WILLIAMS Leading the way.

As though you had enough of those tightly contested games......SEC Player of the YEAR, Florida GATOR FORWARD Chandler PARSONS, with these numbers........11.5 ppg, 7.8 rebs/g, 4 assists/g, 1 steal/g...after looking at those numbers one would say how in the heck did PARSONS win the award.

CHANDLER is one of those guys that has such an impact on the game that most of those things he has an impact on isn't a stat. He is the ultimate performer.......he is your MVP, your Glue-GUY, your best post-defender, your best passer, and maybe your best perimeter shooter.....and when the GATORS need that play whther it is taking the game-winning shot, a defensive stop, a key rebound, a key steal........BILLY DONOVAN aka BILLY D looks no further than PARSONS.

And for those of you who remember PARSONS was the shoe-in recruit to get his highschool and McDonald's All American teammate Nick CALATHES to GAINESVILLE to play for the GATORS. And of course CALATHES is another sad story of getting the wrong advice from people who don't have your best interest and leaving school way too early and not even getting drafted....WOW....and for every one and out kid or straight out of HS kid.....there is more CALATHES Stories. ( CALATHES has since moved onto to play for his native GREECE and the GREEK NATIONAL TEAM).

BACK TO GATOR BALL and the beating of the COUGARS and their man JIMMER FREDETTE. It was a little payback from last year as the COUGARS beat the GATORS to move on in the BRACKETS last Year. But it was the overall play of PARSONS that BYU had no answer for and at 6-10 and a game more suited for the perimeter on the next level......PARSONS has definatley made a name for himself and you will here that same name come late JUNE in NYC at the NBA Draft.

The BUTLER BULLDOGS keep the train rolling after losing to DUKE in the NAtional Championship Game last year and losing their best player to the NBA Lottery and the UTAH JAZZ.

The BULLDOGS are as an consistent bunch as you will find left in the Tourney. They always lean on their best players and their best players always deliver.

Senior Center Matt HOWARD and Junior G Shelvin MACK had 20 and 13 points respectively as thy used a smothering no frills man to man defense to keep the methodically Offensively and Defensively Wisconsin Badgers and coach Bo RYAN. The BULLDOGS re lead by one of the best young coaches in the game in BRAD STEVENS, who I might add turned own a lucrative offer from SWOOSH UNIVERSITY aka the OREGON DUCKS to stay at BUTLER a Mid-MAJOR if that to build on what he has built.

And to STEVENS CREDIT he has made the BULLDOGS into the MIDWEST'S Version of the once up and coming GONZAGA BULLDOGS who are now a household name in College Basketball. Now up next for the BUTLER BULLDOGS in the ELITE 8 are the even stingier Florida GATORS and versatile Big guy Chandler PARSONS.

PRIME TIME has a Problem with Cowboys WR Dez BRYANT....and has quit mentoring the COWBOYS Young Talent......some reasons why might startle you.

The DALLAS COWBOYS were warned and all the other NFL TEAMS in the DRAFT were also warned by many about Oklahoma STATE Wideout Dez BRYANT'S troubled past and now things seem to be coming apart for the young COWBOYS Talent...DEION SANDERS has stepped away from the 'BOYS WR.

Sanders promptly had this to say about BRYANT," I don't have a problem with the man's dishonesty but when you are being dishonest to yourself than how can I help you".

BRYANT'S reaction is somewhat different than what PRIME TIME is saying in that the relationship was fine until Shoe and Apparel Company, UNDER ARMOUR, tried to close a deal with the talented but troubled WR last year before the season and BRYANT turned it down and after that saying the relationship turned for the worse after he didn't sign the deal with UNDER ARMOUR.

Imagine this now DEION'S Youth Programs are all outfitted with UNDER ARMOUR and you think maybe DEION told the Very POPULAR SHOE and APPAREL Company that getting DEZ is a Slam dunk coming through me......something to think about huh?

Well regardless of that incident DEION and DEZ have not spoken since the start of the COWBOYS Season last year and DEION has since told the COWBOYS that they need to put something in place to help the young STAR or else it spells DOOM like everyone said it would.

Here are some of the incidents of note with DEZ BRYANT this off-season:

* Cursing and using profanity as he cut in line at an APPLE RETAIL Location........YEAH that's what I said....PETTY S*** HUH?

* Just Recently escorted out of NORTHPARK MALL in DALLAS , he and friends, because their underwear was showing ( PANTS SAGGING)...RACIAL PROFILING if you ask JOHNNY LAW (the POLICE) didn't know who he was talking to.....they knew exactly who they were harrassing...isn't the 1st....won't be the me...not saying SAGGING is cool.....but pick your fights FIVE-O (POLICE).

Ironically all these incidents happened at one NORTHPARK MALL where BYRANT has since been BANNED from that MALL.....REALLY

These are minor issues but DEZ has to understand that when you are a High-Profile Athlete and you play for the DALLAS COWBOYS among other things.....everyone is watching and he just has to make better choices

As for the DEION Situation.....there are 2 sides to every story....maybe DEION is right about him toning it down and getting some counseling...also maybe DEZ is right about everything deteriorating after BYANT turned down the SHOW DEAL that more than likely has financial obligations to PRIME TIME...DEION SANDERS

I think DEZ just needs to stay the hell out of NORTHPARK MALL and concentrate on being a better Professional and conduct himself like it's not just HIM he is signed the CONTRACT DAWG....and with that signature comes a lot of obligations......LIVE UP TO THOSE OBLIGATIONS......because there is no doubting the TALENT is massive and he was in my mind the best COWBOYS WIDEOUT last year before the injury including MILES AUSTIN.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The PHILLIES sign Pitcher CLIFF LEE.....2011 NL CHAMPS and World Series CHAMPS...RIGHT?...2011 Spring INJURY BUGS..BIG TIME

WOW!....when they won the CLIFF LEE Sweepstakes that surprised everyone even the Clear Winner at the point in time the Texas RANGERS....everyone in baseball was like...WHAT?

LEE, HALLADAY, OSWALT, HAMELS, LIDGE closing......and everyone was like Meet and Greet the 2011 NL Pennant Winners and the 2011 WORLD SERIES Champion Philadelphia PHILLIES.

Now after that Off-Season........the Fightin' PHILS' Front Office and the Fans couldn't wait until this season started but they forgot one thing before CAMP started.....the BUG CATCHER......because the INJURY BUG is officially in the PHILS' Training Camp and not leaving until half that ROSTER is on the Disabled List at Season's start.

Just look at some of these names on the list:
3B Placido POLANCO

P Brad LIDGE****Always on this list like DAVID Sunflower Seeds in the CLUBHOUSE..ND IRISH

P Roy OSWALT.......scary getting hit by Line-Drive off of MANNY Being MANNY'S Bat...HOLMES COMMUNITY College BIG UPS

1B Ryan HOWARD.....Not Injured but.......Who's BA, HR'S, Walks, and RBI'S have declined in 4 straight Seasons...HMMMMMM...might need the HIT DOCTOR For him...BIG UPS to the LOU...ST. LOUIS that is

SS Jimmy ROLLINS......Not Injured either....AGE maybe catching up to J-ROLL......Big ups to EAST BAY

P Cole HAMELS...COLLEGE...NOPE.....#17 1st round out of Rancho Bernardo HS DIEGO CA....SAn Diego for those not from CALI

2B Chase UTLEY.....UCLA BRUIN fools

Want the BLUEDUDE to keep going...Not that any of this is self-inflicted because injuries aren't for the most part.....but OFFENSIVELY the PHILS' might need an upgrade sooner than later because if you look real close it is a ROSTER past it's PRIME.

But I think wants th season starts an all them Horses in that rotation will be too much defintely for the National LEAGUE EAST and the Fightin' PHILS' will get it crack-a-lackin....FA SHO.......and the CIT...that is CITIZENS BANK BALLPARK will be BANANAS with that huge NEON LIBERTY BELL lit up all summer and late fall...TRUST ME....GO PHILS'

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

BARRY BONDS up against the FEDS.......FEDS conviction rate is really high.....and BONDS' Trainer is in Jail as FEDS use him vs BONDS Again

The Barry BONDS Case is on Tap this week in Federal Courts in CALIFORNIA. The FEDS are really trying to prove that they have been and were mislead by Mr. BONDS denying he took STEROIDS. And boy does BARRY have his work cut out because you know the conviction rate when you go up against the FEDS and BARRY doesn't look like ROGER......ROGER THAT......and ROGER is WHACK.

It all starts from the BALCO LABORATORY based in the confines of somewhere in the BAY that being the BAY AREA ie SAN FRAN and OAKLAND CAL. The LAB was home to some of the best and most accomplished athletes in the late 90's thru the early 2K's. Athletes like Barry BONDS, Bill ROMANOWSKI, Marion JONES, Tim MONTGOMERY, and Jason GIAMBI of the more notable characters.

Let's look at BALCO closely.......BALCO stands for Bay AREA Laboratory's board consists of these gentleman:

*Victor CONTE Founder and President...which he and wife AUBREY originally started a Vitamin Shop in MILLBRAE CA. Later on surviving a divorce and several other mishaps CONTE was treating athletes for a lot of mineral deficiencies. Then came NFL Linebacker Bill of BALCO'S 1st Clients.

This is where CONTE started giving athletes undetectable drugs with an ILLINOIS Chemist named Patrick ARNOLD and run these specific Drugs thru trainer Greg ANDERSON.

Types of Drugs used were as states:

* Human Growth Hormone aka HGH:a protein-based hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and regeneration in humans and other animals. It is a 191 amino acid that is a polypeptide that is stored and secreted by cells thru the pituitary gland.

* Tetrahydrogestrinone aka THG aka the CREAM: is an anabolic ointment used as a masking agent to hide the use of ROIDS during testing. CONTE and BALCO came up with the CLEAR and the CREAM.

* Modafinil : a stimulant used to send and help an abnormal abundance of neurotransmitters to stimulate whatever the steroid user is trying to stimulate in this case STEROIDS.

So as BARRY Case starts this week the FEDS who had BONDS' Trainer Greg ANDERSON in PRISON fro some 24-36 months because he did not comply with the investigation and has never told on BONDS.....the FEDS have locked him up again for not complying this time around and Mr. ANDERSON will be in PRISON until the CASE with BONDS is over....talking about BLOOD is thicker than WATER.....ANDERSON and BONDS have something would say.

But BARRY as recently as this week has said and vehemently denied ever doing Steroids as he was quoted as saying, " I took FLAX SEED PILLS and Arthritis Cream........and the BLUEDUDE is the NEW RICK ROSS........C'MON SON....really BONDS if that gets you off and you beat the GOVERNMENT......more Power to you......BUT DAMN.......I take Flax Seed Pills for my VEINS and my late grandmother has arthritis cream........and I didn't work ant harder or do anymore than I regularly would at any other time...neither did my grandmother.........FOOL ASS.

The 2 San Francisco CHRONICLE REPORTERS Mark Fainaru-WADA and Lance WILLIAMS almost ruined the whole case for the FEDS as they wrote the BOOK OF SHADOWS to revel BONDS and BALCO in 2006. That evidence or non-proof BS in that BOOK almost stopped the FEDS from ever getting BONDS or BALCO in the Courtroom until VICTOR CONTE stepped up and said some of that INFO in that Book was true and I vouch for some of it.........UNBELIEVABLE...and the 2 reporters got off from the FEDS indicting them from CONTE'S Confession.

As for BARRY LAMAR BONDS vs US GOVERNMENT......Good Luck....the BLUEDUDE will be watching because this is what I do. As of Today BONDS nor GIAMBI have never been proven guilty in any of this although GIAMBI has admitted to taking STEROIDS from BONDS is treading WATER UPSTREAM.....for sure....STAY TUNED......and let's see what happens to all the BONDS his ex-wife and his JUMP-OFF who might play a role if he gets convicted.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SACRAMENTO KINGS Owners the MALOOF'S moving team to Southern California almost a done deal......Anaheim ROYALS or L.A. be the JUDGE..

Its a move unfortunaletly to the City of SACRAMENTO and it's Mayor ex- CAVS and SUNS Star KEVIN JOHNSON knew was coming sooner or later. The KINGS are always last in attendance in the NBA and playing in an arena that is way under NBA Standards is not what the MALOOF'S are in business for.

Recently the MALOOF'S trademarked 2 names the Anaheim ROYALS and the Los Angeles ROYALS for their most certain move to Southern California. And if they end up in the ARENA in Anaheim, the HONDA Center, the name has to be the Anaheim ROYALS by terms of the Anaheim City Council.

There are some things to point out for the move to Southern California for the KINGS:

1. The 4 Counties in and around Los Angeles that make up the LA Area are about 15 million in population and Orange County alone which the KINGS are moving to has 3 million people by itself. So from a fan support perspective the potential numbers are there for sure.

2. The Arena the KINGS currently play in has only 30 tiny luxury suites and the KINGS and MALOOF'S have been wanting to expand on those for years because of the increased revenue that SUITES bring teams. The HONDA Center has 80 Suites so that is a Plus 50 upgrade and if each suite has a 3 year lease of about $1.5 Million for those years......add that revenue up.

3. And if you have been paying attention the KINGS have been playing a lot of games in THROWBACK ROYALS Uniforms.........Now that is clearly sending a message to FANS in SAC-TOWN that they are not only moving but we have been playing in the NEW NAME all season.

Finally, People have been pointing out that the move is similar to the SEATTLE move....well it's not even close. The New Owner that took over the SONICS was a business man from OKLAHOMA CITY who had a brand new arena in place, The FORD CENTER, where the OK CITY THUNDER play in now, had a plan in place from the jump to move the team.

The KINGS and the MALOOF'S have been wanting to stay in SAC-TOWN because of the FAN SUPPORT but could never get the city on board to help finance a new arena and the MALOOF'S never wanted to move but with a chance to increase REVENUE and Team's Overall Value...the move now is almost certain.

Looking back on the KINGS when the MALOOF'S took over, the BLUEDUDUE will always remember the KINGS 1999-2003 with the like of Mike BIBBY, Bobby JACKSON, C-WEBB, PEJA, VLADE, CHRISTIE, and HEDO with Head Coach Rick ADELMAN who were all so close to bring the COW BELLS A TITLE to SAC-TOWN..........Now off to LA LA LAND...where all the STARS come out and the MALOOF'S will have Orage County Jumping and give that area a needed boost.

Monday, March 21, 2011

SWEET 16 Rankings.....BRUTUS and ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK...#1 and #2.....who falls in after these 2 shoe-ins to ROCKET CITY.

The BLUEDUDE is right on with this one........even if you have no idea what is going on or going to happen in the NCAA Tourney this week...the BLUEDUDE will enlighten you on what to look for so one is not blind and oblivious watching the games THURSDAY and FRIDAY.

I am going to rank the last 16 teams left in the TOURNEY.......or as wee put it......the SWEET 16......from 1 -16.....and the BLUEDUDE will give you the reasons for the Rankings.

Starting from the TOP:

1. OHIO STATE-#1 Seed overall-Big 10 Champs: Scouting them earlier you thought it was inside with SULLINGER then outside with a bevy of shooters. Now after watching them dismantle a good George Mason Team from jump street now what. They look about as locked in as an F14 on a MIG in a furious Fire Fight. The Reasons they will cut down the nest in HOUSTON:

* Sullinger can't be stopped one on one you must double him
* When you Double....Lighty, Diebler, and Buford will knock down 3's all night
* And great guard play....anyone know the freshman PG'S name......I guess we will by Tourney's end

2. KANSAS-#2 Seed overall-BIG 12 Champs: I was thinking the the ILLINI could pose a few problems with their BIGS Davis, Tisdale, and Leonard......but i didn't take one thing in account......the JAYHAWKS BIGS are NBA Futures and the ILLINI Bigs are GRADUATE Assistants...yeah I said it and born and raised in ILLINOIS. SELF and Crew are well-oiled with a nice balance in the Back-court as well led by TAYLOR and Morningstar. These Guys have been well-tested and only them playing bad stand in their way.

* MORRIS TWINS have to be contained they are to transformers running amok all over opposition
* Morningstar and TAYLOR are as solid as 1-2 punch in the back-court as any in the nation.

3. DUKE-#3 overall #1 seed-ACC Conference Tourney Champs-The scare came early from the MAIZE & BLUE and the BLUE DEVILS came out on top. One thing the DUKIES need to do is use their inside game to throttle their perimeter game. CURRY and NOLAN SMITH are playing at a high level but it would be a lot easier if the inside presence was there.

* Nolan Smith is the engine and to cut off the car you have to take the engine. SMITH is the KEY
* SINGLER has to show up for DUKE to go
* The PLUMLEE'S have to maintain their energy in the front court for DUKE to have BALANCE

4. UCONN-#1 overall #3 seed- BIG EAST Tourney Champs-Not just KEMBA WALKER like you thought...they have other weapons and the HUSKIES and CALHOUN have been locked in since the Big EAST Tourney. They have mixed a good defensive game plan and KEMBA'S offensive Prowess and it's a good mix.

* WALKER needs to keep motor running
* LAMB has to continue to come up BIG for the HUSKIES at the Small Forward
* Keep Rebounding Margin in the plus

5. UNC -#3 overall #2 Seed-ACC Season Champs-Freshman PG Kendall MARSHALL has been a god send as he sent Larry Drew II packing and the 'HEELS haven't looked back. The Other Freshman Harrison BARNES has came into what everyone thought he would be....maybe the best Pro Prospect in the College Game today. Marquette will not be easy and the 'HEELS need to contain their guards and get the GOLDEN EAGLES in Transition.

* BARNES and MARSHALL lead the 'HEELS if they go so do the 'HEELS
* ZELLER and HENSON play BIG and if they keep playing BIG UNC will go to HOUSTON
* They need to find a consistent 3pt threat STRICKLAND, BARNES, and McDonald

6. SDSU- #1 overall #2 seed-WAC Champion- STEVE FISHER is running this show and the AZTECS are ready to take the next step behind their star sophomore Kahwi LEONARD from Riverside CA. They finally beat BYU on the 3rd meeting and they are experienced enough to go to the Final 4.

* Slow the AZTECS Down and if you don't you will get an L
* As LEONARD goes so do the AZTECS
* AZTECS need to shoot from the ARC Better

7. FLORIDA-#3 overall #2 seed- 2nd best team in the SC behind KENTUCKY- WALKER the little engine that could from BROOKLYN is the KEY. he willed the GATORS to victory vs the BRUINS of UCLA. Billy D is one of the best game preparers in the business....and the GATORS will be ready for BYU and FREDETTE.

* Chandler PARSONS is the key for them as a key facilitator on the offensive end
* Kenny BOYNTON must get over his injuries and get back to hitting big shots and being a force off the bounce
* PARSONS, MACKLIN, and TYUS must play BIG on the front line

8. BYU-#4 0verall #3 seed-WAC Runner-up-Everyone knows about JIMMER FREDETTE and still no one seems to be able to stop the MARK PRICE CLONE. The GATORS and BILLY D will have a unique game plan for the COUGARS but they are not just a one-trick pony. The Loss of DAVIES was also suppose to derail them and have not.

* A Veteran Group led by FREDETTE
* Excellent Glue GUYS and coached very well
* A blue-collar work ethic that gets them all the hustle plays

9. KENTUCKY-#2 Overall #4 seed-SEC Tourney Champs- PG KNIGHT came up BIG vs Mountaineers and HUGGY BEAR let Coach CAL off the Hook. The WILDCATS need to get a consistent stroke from the ARC in MILLER, LAMB, KNIGHT, and even JONES. The 'CATS need to keep rebounding and defending the goal well.

* HARRELSON has been a monster down-low for the 'CATS if he continues to do so.....LOOKOUT
* PG KNIGHT must play well for UK to have any shot from here on out
* Where is All-SEC Performer Terrence JONES? he needs to start showing up ASAP

10. WISCONSIN-#3 Overall #4 seed-2nd best team in BIG TEN- Bo RYAN is one hecka of a coach and the BADGERS keep winning with their grind it out style like no other. Led by All-Big TEN Performer Jordan Taylor the Badgers are very discipline in their approach and their attention to RYAN'S plans are evident and to beat them you must cross the t's and dot the i's.

* Taylor is the key and you must be able contain him
* The BIGS are the same guy Blue-Collar and Hustle......Keep them off the glass offensively and defensively
* RYAN will be ready and playing against them......will you be

11.ARIZONA-#1 overall #5 seed- PAC-10 Champs- Derrick Williams Mr. PAC 10 PLAYER of the YEAR came up BIG and now going back to Southern CAL where he is from and he is a problem back to the basket, off the bounce, and face-up. The CATS also can shoot it from deep and they keep you off-balance under Coach Sean Miller's balanced attack.

* WILLIAMS must be the fascilitator offensively
* Shooters have to knock down shots when shots present themselves
* Rebounding.....the 'CATS must keep a PLUS in Rebounding

12. BUTLER- Can they keep grinding it out vs WISCONSIN next........OUCH......A painful game to watch final score 13-11

13. FLORIDA STATE- DANGEROUS Team.....and VCU Next.....beat DUKE and lost to UNC at BUZZER......'NOLES for real

14. MARQUETTE- D J O is lethal,,,,and add the rest of their back-court.....the Golden Eagles will be a problem from here on out

15. VCU- Coach Shaka Smart.....and the RAMS are taking no prisoners.....will be ready for anything...will you?

16. RICHMOND - A-10 PLAYAS......the SPIDERS on defense will put arachnophobia all over you...and then A-10 Player of the Year Kevin Anderson

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The EAST and WEST Brackets are what's expected...the Southeast Average...but the SOUTHWEST is Cinderella HEAVEN...10, 11, 12 make it to ALAMO CITY

One thing is for sure in the NCAA Tourney......the Overall #1 and #2 Teams in the COUNTRY will not be surprised anytime least by the BLUEDUDE'S Watch.

The BUCKEYES of OHIO STATE could've beaten everyone in the NBA Central on Sunday shooting like that except the BULLS. I told you last week if LIGHTY and BUFORD, and now throw in DIEBLER aka THREEBLER, STATE will not be challenged and a definite shoe in to go to ROCKET CITY for the FINAL 4.

The JAYHAWKS on the other hand used their POWER down low with the MORRIS TWINS and an excellent mix of Transition Offense as well as Offensive Half-Court Execution to demolish and demoralize the confused and unprepared ILLINI. If ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK plays the way they have been playing the BOYZ from LAWRENCE will have no problems getting to TEXAS and the FINAL 4 as well.

Further,ore just looking at the SWEET 16 there are going to be some surprises but if you would've told me that one of these brackets will have a 10, 11, and a 12 seed get into the SWEET 16......i would've said I got the cash, you buy the Airline Ticket, and VEGAS.......HERE WE COME.......playing these seeds like we know something.

But analyzing these seeds closely there is a reason these teams are still playing:

# 10 FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES......Opponents are only shooting 36% FG and 30% 3pt FG against them and they were first in the ACC in both categories and they are a +6 in rebounding......then you put Coach LEONARD Hamilton Behind those numbers in that is exactly the reason they DO WHAT THEY DO.....they will be a tough out from here on out.

#11 VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH RAMS.......First and foremost COACHED very well and Head Coach Shaka SMART will be Unfortunately for the RAMS Coaching somewhere else soon as he will be a hot candidate on a lot of AD'S Short List. They have 6 players that have made 25 or more 3pt FG'S...which equates to you must defend the ARC playing these guys.......and they are so fundamentally sound in their DEFENSIVE Principles..........RAMS are for real

#12 RICHMOND SPIDERS......One....they have A-10 Conference Player of the YEAR in Kevin ANDERSON from A T L. And they are a very confident team, coached well, and VERY SURE of what they need to do to win games...VETERAN BUNCH. They will give KANSAS all they can handle because one...every time KU plays a MID-MAJOR they seem to play unsure of themselves and against RICHMOND that mindset will hurt you.

Breaking it down I think the committee till did a fantastic job and we have 3 #1's and 3 #2's still left and out of the #2's...... FLORIDA probably playing the best with SDSU ans UNC a close 2nd.

The BIG EAST, which many said they deserve 11 teams in.....only have 2 left an one being MARQUETTE, who was the 11th team from the BIG EAST to get in.

The ACC with their 3 top teams DUKE, UNC, and FLORIDA STATE all getting into the SWEET 16 shows you that the ACC was TOP HEAVY like we all figured it was a 3 PONY RACE.

The BIG TEN had it's 2 top teams in OHIO STATE and WISCONSIN in the SWEET 16 and hats off to BO RYAN BABY....All he does is isn't pretty...but man he does it every year and is consistent as anybody in the business.

TOURNEY ACTION resumes this THURSDAY and FRIDAY with the WEST and SOUTHEAST Thursday Evening followed by the EAST and SOUTHWEST on FRIDAY Evening.

Friday, March 18, 2011

LOUISVILLE going home......UK CATS squeak by PRINCETON...ST. JOHN'S memorable run over... more NCAAA Tourney NEWS...BULLS 8 in a row

What did the BLUEDUDE tell you yesterday if you tuned in.......IF YOU PLAY 40 Solid Minutes anything can HAPPEN......and for MOREHEAD STATE......IT DID.....they send Rick Pitino and his Louisville CARDINALS home early with a game-winning 3-point shot at the top of the key with 4.2 seconds left to seal the CARDS Fate.

The key to the game was 6-8 Kenneth FARIED of MOREHEAD STATE who leads the nation in rebounding ( that stat alone had PItino and his staff worried as the CARDS were playing small all year with all sorts of injuries ) at 14.6 boards per outing to go along with 17.5 ppg.

The CARDS were out rebounded 33-27 in the game but the telling stat is 11-5 in OFFESNIVE REBOUNDING, which equates to extra possessions and extra shots and MOREHEAD had one extra possession left in them and hit a three to win it.......aftre that game....MARCH MADNESS....and your respective BRACKETS.....are officially on TAP.

The CARDS In-STATE Rival the KENTUCKY WILDCATS just get by PRINCETON 59-57 and the CATS looked like they were going to pull away at the beginning to only play the rest of the 30 plus minutes under the direction and tempo of the TIGERS of PRINCETON NJ.

What's even more fitting is that this was another #4 seed vs #13 seed as was the CARDS vs MOREHEAD STATE, abd the 'CATS almost bit the dust as well. Kentucky Center Josh HARRELSON anchored the UK Attack by netting 15 point to go along with 10 boards but it was his help side defense on the SIGNATURE Princeton Back cut OFFENSE that sealed the victory for UK.

In the TOURNEY no matter what your jersey says or who your opponent is.....just WIN th first' that simple.

When STEVE LAVIN left his post as an ESPN College BASKETBALL analyst to take the St. JOHN'S Job the BLUEDUDE was like UH-OH the JOHNNIES will be back sooner than later. WHAT I didn't know is that the JOHNNIES would finish in the middle of the PACK in the BIG EAST and get a #6 Seed in NCAA TOURNEY........HEY NYC.......your team is back...and now the MARK JACKSON'S and Chris MULLIN'S of the WORLD are feeling a lot better about their alma mater.

But it wasn't just Lavin taking over that was the key it was the STAFF he put together to get the ST. JOHN'S Program running on the fast track. Look at these names: MIKE DUNLAP via METRO STATE, Oregon, ARizona, and DENVER Nuggets......Gene KEADY the Assistant on the US national Team for years and PURDUE BOILERMAKER Legend, and Rico HINES, LAVIN'S 1st recruit at UCLA and former GOLDEN STATE Warrior COACH......that's what will get you on the FAST TRACK to Success in MAJOR COLLEGE BASKETBALL.....KUDOS to the JOHNNIES UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT and ATHLETIC Department for the HIRE......the RED STORM aka the REDMEN are back....and here to stay as long as LAVIN is at the CONTROLS.

The other surprises were how easily UCLA was handling the SPARTANS of MICHIGAN STATE and then how easily the BRUINS almost lost the game at the end.

Also, how the BEARCATS easily get by the TIGERS of MIZZOU and Coach Mike Anderson's 40 Minutes of RUN and JUMP Defense.

MOVING ALONG, the CHICAGO BULLS lead the EASTERN CONFERENCE and and have won 8 straight games and undoubtedly have the NBA'S MVP......DERRICK "POOH" ROSE of Memphis TIGERS by way of SIMEON CAREER Academy of CHICAGO ILLINOIS.

The BULLS were looking all along like they were going to be in the top 4 teams in the EAST just picking up BOOZER in the heralded 2010 NBA FREE AGNECY CLASS but to be 49-18 and looking more and more like the TEAM to beat in the EAST is just phenomenal.

HEAD COACH and 1st YEAR man THIBS as the call him, Tom THIBODEAU has done a masterful job and his DEfense first philosophy has worn onto the BULLS as every night they lay their hats on Rebounding and Defense. And if you want to hoist the LARRY O'BRIEN Trophy in has to be won by those 2 key factors.

BULLS and #2 Seed CELTICS HOME SCHEDULES going down the stretch:

BULLS 8 Road Games Left

Beale Street
Valley of the SUN

CELTICS 10 Road Games Left

Beale Street
Queen City
The D
Pat's or Geno's PHiily Cheesesteak
Nations Capital
Gotham City

The BULLS have the easier road schedule left and GREEN TEAM will be on the WEST SIDE APRIL 7th at the MADHOUSE on MADISON STREET......don't forget

Thursday, March 17, 2011

#1 Seed in the Southeast ......PITT vs #2 Seed......UNC of the EAST Regional battle for the NATIONAL Championship in H-TOWN....UNC WINS

Not that match-up that everyone was waiting for....but the #1 Seed in the Southeast....the Pittsburgh PANTHERS, led by Coach Jamie DUKES and all-world Back court of Ashton GIBBS and Brad WANNAMAKER, take on the #2 Seed North Carolina TAR HEELS of the EAST Regional for the NAtional Chgampuonship in Rocket City......HOUSTON TEXAS.

The match-up will be won if PITT can handle the slick guard play of FRESHMAN PG Kendall MARSHALL and contain the 'HEELS inside game of ZELLER, HENSON, and HARRISON.

The 'HEELS must contain the Offensive trebounding of the PANTHERS and their dynamic back court ledy by Playmaker 2G Brad WANANMAKER and PG Ashton GIBBS.

If both of these teams can contain these different optiuons or scenarios it will be up for grabs as it will come down to Execution and Free THrows.

The game starts out as the PITT back court makes the 'HEELS play back on their feet as Wannamaker and Gibbs are playing out of their mind and the PANTHERS are up 20-13 early 1st half.

In thje ladder part of the 1st half the 'HEELS start to create sominance in the paint as ZELLER and HENSON start to make the PANTHERS account for them and HARRISON BARNES starts to inside and out on the PANTHERS.

Panthers Coach Jamie DUKES knows for them to have a chance i this one ....PICK your POISON......take away HARRISON or the 'HEELS inside game.....'HEELS lead at half 39-36.

The 2nd half starts as the 'HEELS come out and dominate from the jump and take a 12 point lead as they take a 12 point lead 50-38 and are on a 11-2 run to start 2nd half.

The PANTHERS make their adjustmenst and WANNAMAKER and GIBBS start to get into the paint and in transition to cut the lead to 60-57 with under 5 minutes to go in the contest.

The 'HEELS start isolating the Freshamn BARNES and NBA SCouts are drooling over this MAn -CHILD as he starts to play his back to the basket and post up using his bosy and a myriad of up and unders and mid-range SHOTS.......the PANTHERS acn't handle them and the game has slipped away from they are forced to foul and hope that UNC misses and they don't.

The FINAL Score is PITT 68 - UNC 77 as BARNES and UNC Free throw shooting prove to be too much and HARRISON BARNES is FINAL FOUR MVP and cements himself as a TOP 3 PICK in the upcoming 2011 NBA DRAFT.

ROY WILLIAMS gets his 3rd National Championship in the last 7 yeras and the man that recruited one MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN out of WILMINGTON NC LANEY HS PIRATES is officially out of the DEAN SMITH SHADOW.....WOW.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 FINAL FOUR in Houston TEXAS....2 UNC vs 6 Georgetown...2 SDSU vs 1 PITT........SMELL what the BLUEDUDE is COOKIN'

WOW th BIG EAST will be well represented at the 2011 Final FOUR in Houston TExas as the BLUEDUDE predicts 2 out of the BIG BEAST, 1 out of the ACC, and 1 out of the WAC, who? what? how?....slow down and go back into my blog in the last 4 previous posts and when it comes to BRACKETOLOGY...the BLUEDUDE is like a SURGEON.....and I am playing with my money not house MONEY BRACKET FOOLS.

The first game in HOUSTON I have the West Regional Champs and #2 Seed the Sand Diego STATE AZTECS out of the WAC......and their little section goes NUTS....HEAR THEM.........Turn your radio down please.

The AZTECS will play host to the Southeast Regional Champs and #1 Seed, who could have re-named the whole bracket the THree Rivers Invitational, the PITTSBURGH PANTHERS.....and there somewhat larger crowd goes crazy as the BLUEDUDE sees QB And PITT ALUM Dan MARINO.....and STEELERS Head Coach Mike TOMLIN......WOWZA.

AZTEC ALUM and HOF RB Marshall FUALK is sitting in the AZTEC Section but you can barely see him under that TIGER WOODS Golf HAT by NIKE.

In the first half the jitters get to everyone and the PITT PANTHERS hold a slim lead but by now everyone in HOUSTON knows about Sophomore G/F KAHWI LEONARD of the AZTECS as he is pulling a game-high 16-8 by intermission.

The 2nd Half slows down and the GIBBS and WANNAMAKER Back court prove to be too much for the AZTECS as the PANTHERS will play for a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP on MONDAY beating the AZTECS 67-59....FINAL

As the band plays as CBS Announcer Clark KELLOGG is interviewing coach DUKES and PITT GUARDS Gibbs and WANNAMAKER........the 'HEELS and HOYA PARANOIA are out on the FLOOR....shades of 1982 in the SUPERDOME,,,,,,when one MICHEAL JORDAN was on one end and One PATRICK EWING on the OTHER end.

The 2nd game features EAST #2 Seed the NORTH CAROLINA TARHEELS vs the Souhwest #6 Seed Georgetown HOYAS by way of HOYA PARANOIA.

The game features the dynamic Back court of WRIGHT and FREEMAN of the HOYAS and the FABULOUS freshmen of MARSHALL and BARNES of the 'HEELS.

The GAME starts off to a fast pace and by midway thru the 1st half the HOYAS lead 23-20 with FREEMAN netting 12 and BARNES 11 for the 'HEELS. Then the 'HEELS go on to one of their tears led by their Freshman PG Kendall MARSHALL abd lead the HOYAS 45-38 at the half.......BARNES leads all scorers with 18.

As John Tompson the 3rd rallies the trops for the 2nd half is too late the 'HEELS use their superior youth and athleticism to blow the game wide-open and beat the HOYAS handely 83-68.....Barnes leads with 31 and Tyler ZELLER chips in with a double-double of 17-15...........NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME set....UNC vs PITT...........Check back Tomorrow for the FINALE.

the SOUTHEAST REGION is wide open....#1 PITT PANTHERS have no real road block.....Can the GATORS, COUGARS, or BADGERS beat them?.. Bracket BREAKDOWN

The PITT PANTHERS have by far the easiest stretch to the NCAA Final FOUR in the BLUEDUDE'S Mind. The other three top seeds are castoffs of other conferences that didn't even win the Season Conference Titles.

The #1 Question.......Can anyone...I mean Anyone beat the PANTHERS in this region?.....I think so.......and the BLUEDUDE'S answer might surprise you.


SITES: Washington DC, Tucson, Denver, Tampa FLA

16 UNC Asheville: Jamie DUKES and Company have ran the gauntlet in the BIG EAST and I am sure whatever ASHEVILLE Does thy have sen it three times

9 ODU: old Dominion has more athletes....BUTLER has a hecka of a coach and a difference a year makes...BUTLER bak at where they should be...middle of the PACK....A usual Tough 8-9 match up

12 Utah ST: the Aggies will be a tough out...ask the WAC Conference.....Can K STATE pull off it;s magi with COMBO MIDGET JACOB PULLEN from Fame Proviso EAST HS in Maywood Illinois (Micheal FINLEY, SHANNON Brown, Dee BROWN, and Glenn DOC RIVERS to name a few out of Proviso EAST) If PULLEN is PULLING...K STATE is and will be a dangerous tourney team

13 BELMONT: I think BELMONT has a chance....and before you look....what state are the located in? don't know an probably don't care...North CAROLINA.....the BADGERS might want to know...this will be one you can keep track of at the BOTTOM of your TV SCREEN....the BLUEDUDE will sure be watching it there

11 GONZAGA: Steven Gray vs Dwight HArdy.....2G vs Combo G...and both lead their teams in the question is.....who will rise up an be better teammates....the ZAGS....or the JOHNNIES

14 WOFFORD: Ok you know what I am going to many will JIMMER FREDETTE, averaging 28.5 ppg, get in this one? If WOFFORD can low down the other COUGARS in this one...they might have a chance...BYU'S loss of DAVIES will get to them sooner or later

10 MICHIGAN STATE: You always get punished if you are touted as a top tram PRESEASON and you struggle the whole SPARTY plays the BRUINS in 1st round Matchup....... IZZO was quoted as saying if my team gets my by Round 1...I will get them by Round 2....and coming from IZZO he isn't PLAYING one bit

15 UCSB: Santa Barbara GOUCHOS are back in it...isn;t the HILLS or 90210 filmed there or some other reality MTV Show.....anyway UCSB have you ever been to the SWAMP as GATOR BAIT....good luck...PARSONS and BOYNTON must get'em going early an often


9 ODU: ODU......nice run gentleman....but the BUCK stops here and JAMIE DUKES and company won't be playing with you either.....over early

5 Kansas ST
13 BELMONT: the JACOB PULLEN SHOW must go on.....his draft stock needs to get a hit or to after dropping a little during the season...PULLEN Will make big and big play until someone has the gut to stop MAYWOOD'S FINEST

3 BYU: Ok too much LAVIN and RED STORM.....FREDETTE will finally run into a wall as the JOHNNIES use their DEPTH and quickness to wear down the COUGARS....FREDETTE still a sure-fire LOTTERY PICK as he goes into the draft as Mark PRICE 2k11..the loss of DAVIES finally catches up to the COUGARS

2 FLORIDA: This will be a OT these 2 BASKETBALL Juggernauts throw haymaker after haymaker and the last man standing will be..............


5 Kansas STATE: too much GIBBS and WANNAMAKER for PULLEN the TRAIN runs out of GAS

10 MICHIGAN STATE: IZZO and LAVIN in another SPARTY-like tussel.........the JOHNNIES have too much depth and LAVIN and Special Assistant Gene KEADY enjoy this one


6 ST. JOHN'S: Jamie DUKES and company show why they were the BIG EAST Conference Season CHAMPIONS......a lot of quality depth and very good Guard play behind Leaders GIBBS and WANNAMAKER ( SOUTHEAST REGION MOP)


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bill SELF has ROCK CHALK peaking again......can ND, LOUISVILLE, or PURDUE beat the JAYHAWKS?......Southwest Bracket BREAKDOWN

Bill SELF and the JAYHAWKS have been playing at the top of their game all season. It also helps when you have two of the same guys.......the MORRIS TWINS anchoring the Middle for you and doing everything but keeping the STATS.

As the Southwest Bracket appeared there isn't really on potential game down the road that would scare the JAYHAWKS....but I think Notre DAME and LOUISVILLE will have something to say about this BRACKETS before it is all said and done.


Sites are in Tulsa OK, Denver CO, and Chicago Ill

16 BOSTON Univ: The JAYHAWKS are playing at a very high level and the winners of the BIG 12 Conference Tourney......the TERRIERS just have to roll the dice and see what happens......maybe they could sneak RONDO on the SQUAD

9 ILLINOIS: What a disappointing season for the ILLINI....What in the Land of Lincoln is coach WEBER Thinking......the REBELS should beat these guys even though they are giving up some size upfront

12 RICHMOND: VANDY has sharp shooter John JENKINS from Hendersonville, TN and you have to guard him once he steps foot off the charter BUS...the SPIDERS are a very good mid-major with the Conferences POY PG Kevin Anderson from A T L......has major game

13 Morehead ST: This is why PITINO loves the NCAA GAME......CRUNCH TIME......No other coach lives for these moments or prepares his kids harder than COACH RICK P.......Morehead has to come out blazing and let the CARDS know that it will take a FULL 40

11 VCU: If Chris Wright is healthy and back the HOYAS could get back on the roll they were on in the middle of BIG EAST Play......if not they could exit as early as ROUND 1

14 St. PETER'S: Purdue and Coach PAINTER will go as far as JaJaun JOHNSON and E'Tjuan MOORE take them....St PETER'S has a chance if the BIOLERMAKERS are having one of those moments...u know.....not hitting shots...and the 2 key players struggle

10 FLA STATE: the AGGIES have senior leadership......the 'NOLES need Chris SINGLETON......if they don;t have SINGLETON.....the 'NOLES are DUNZO.....if they do they can handle the up and down AGGIES

2 ND
15 AKRON: with Big EAST POY HANSBOROUGH at the controls and mike BREY doing one of his better coaching jibs to date.....the IRISH have come to far to go out early expect them in at least the SWEET 16


8 UNLV: Self vs KRUEGER.......the JAYHAWKS and Runnin' REBS match up pretty well.....speed wise the REBELS are just as quick in the back court than the JAYHAWKS....MORRIS TWINS will be the difference like they are always

4 LOUISVILLE: the SPIDERS and PG Kevin ANDERSON by now will be no secret to PITINO and the CARDS...the CARDS will have too much DEFENSE, DEPTH, and SPEED to overmatch the SPIDERS...but it will go down to the wire.

3 PURDUE: Wright and FREEMAN will be too tough for the embattled BOILERMAKERS as the LOSS of HUMMEL finally comes back to bite them in the BACKSIDE

2 ND: The size and quickness an having played a ACC SCHedule will benefit the 'NOLES...but the IRISH won a lot in the rough and tough BIG EAST and those battles build you for MARCH MADNESS




2 ND

WINNER: John Thompson III breathes again softly...take that one administration..G'TOWN


6 G'TOWN: HOYA PARANOIA is back in the building as G Austin FREEMAN is SW REGIONAL'S Most Outstanding PLAYER (MOP)


Monday, March 14, 2011

CAN the DUKIES be challenged......SDSU, UCONN, and TEXAS are the only 3 in this bracket....Looks like another DUKE INVITATIONAL

The WEST was won how?..........The BLUE DEVILS of DUKE travel WEST but have a distinct advantage in that they have by far the easiest bracket of the 4 BRACKETS.

The UCONN HUSKIES and the LONGHORNS of TEXAS are or will be formidable FOES if they get a shot at DUKE.


16 HAMPTON: .....NEXT...why do the BLACK COLLEGES have to be the 16 seed all the DAMN TIME

9 TENNESSEE: HMMMMMMMM.........Both teams still do not have any identity.......and is COACH PEARL on the HOT SEAT after NCAA Investigation.....UT has a little more firepower on the BLOCKS than UM ann arbor

12 MEMPHIS: Coach Pastner has had some issues off the COURT but no denying the TIGERS talent level.......well MEET And GREET DERRICK WILLIAMS of the 'CATS........MEMPHIS has to be disciplined in their approach and stop WILLIAMS in the INSIDE

13 OAKLAND: OAKLAND has a Lottery PICK at TEXAS Freshman Tristan THOMPSON will be up for the CHALLENGE since many think he is one and done. TEXAS WF Jordan Hamilton needs a BIG TOURNEY in order for the 'HORNS to go deep

11 MIZZOU: CINCY can't get out and run v Mike ANDERSON'S 40 minutes of HELL.....the NOLAN RICHARDSON Blueprint back in the days of TULSA and ARKANSAS.....MIZZOU has better players

14 BUCKNELL: hey BUCKNELL...word to the WISE stop #15.......the little short slim cat named KEMBA....and if you don't head to the Grocery Store for SNACKS this weekend.

10 Penn STATE: the BATTLE of PA........TEMPLE should win...but TAYLOR BATTLE of PSU might be aproblem and if h is.....the OWLS will be back in PHILLY with no more practices

2 San Diego ST
15 N COLORADO: SDSU is the real deal and they have half of Los Angeles on their roster......which simply means they can ball a little bit.


9 TENNESSEE: Duke has NOLAN a guard for the VOLS........and they have COACH K....hey I am jus sayin'

4 TEXAS: Hey Rick BARNES .......SEAN MILLER can X and O so don't get your pocket picked....a lot of young talent on display in this NBA Scouts Fantasy

3 UCONN: UCONN has to watch the will not out run a mike anderson team so be smart......the TIGERS have n edge if the tempo is up and fast paced

2 SDSU: Steve Fisher and his group will be household names after they destroy the OWLS in this ONE.


5 ARIZONA: finally the 'CATS run into a team just as deep as them on the frontline and MILLER will not out duel COACH K but this will be closer than you think

2 SDSU: Steve FISHER does it again as the AZTECS shock the TOURNEY by handling the HUSKIES rather it's time for CINDERELLA AGAIN vs DUKE


Sunday, March 13, 2011

#1 OHIO STATE in the EAST Regional played in NEWARK.........Who can challenge the BUCKEYES?....Plus 4 Play-In Game PICKS

The #1 Overall Seed in the Tournament hails from Columbus OHIO and Thad MATTA and his group should be primed and ready after handling the Big Ten Conference Season and the BIG 10 TOURNEY in INDY.

Looking at the BRACKETS who will challenge the BUCKEYES and who poses a Challenge out of the EAST o cut the NETS down in HOUSTON.

All these answers will come shortly after the BLUEDUDE breaks down the 4 Play-In Games and then the EAST BRACKET. The other 3 BRACKETS will be broke down Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for those playing BRACKETS.

DAYTON OHIO ( where the 4 Play-In games will be held)

Alabama STATE vs Hampton: The SWAC CHamps vs the MEAC will come down to who executes the best and turnover differential. The BLUEDUDE having graduated from STATE'S Rival Alabama A&M will have to go elsewhere with this pick.
WINNER: HAMPTON next up the OHIO STATE University

Arkansas-Little Rock vs Texas-San Antonio: Going with UALR because the RPI

VA Tech vs St. MARY's: TECH was thinking all along we are in...and they are....but a scrappy and very talented St. MAry's California Team that will pose problems for the HOKIES and Seth Greenberg. if the HOKIES are still feeling like they got hosed they will be at home THURSDAY tuning in like the rest of us.

USC vs Clemson: In the best play-in game in recent memory the TIGERS played in the rough and tough ACC while the Men of TROY played in the Less-than stellar PAC-10 and we shall see how this plays out. I am rolling with the DEATH VALLEY just because of what they saw during the Conference season as oppose to what USC Saw.

Let's get to it ......the EAST BRACKET with games played in Cleveland, Washington DC, and TAMPA

16 HAMPTON: The BUCKEYES will use this one as a TUNE-UP for the 2nd round

8 George MASON
9 VILLANOVA:'NOVA must get better guard play if they want to advance....The 'CATS have been in a funk since Mid-Season.....Can Jay Wright pull a Win out of the HAT

12 CLEMSON: U know HUGGY BEAR HUGGINS will have his team ready......never go against BOBBY in the 1st Round...NEVER

13 PRINCETON: They are TALENTED but young...they did win the SEC Tourney.....Can UK get to the PROMISED LAND......Order some Defense vs will need it.

11 MARQUETTE: 'QUETTE takes on the persona of their coach...NEVER SAY DIE......they survivied in the Rugged BIG EAST but XAVIER is the REAL DEAL out of the A-10.....and they have one of the best PG'S you never heard of.

14 Indiana STATE: Too much SIZE and SKILL and theat signature 2-3 Boeheim ZONE is always a factor.

10 GEORGIA: Playing off of a high the PAC-10 Tourney.......Lorenzo ROMAR can breathe a liitle more and his team might have woke up from the DEAD. Georgia is a scrappy bunch but coached very well.......PICK'EM

15 LIU Brooklyn: UNC has to start games better and they will have a practice game here to get ready for the BIG ONES ahead


9 VILLANOVA: the BUCKEYES have way too much fire power and won't be challenged until the EAST SEMI-FINALS...the 'CATS only chance is the FISHER and STOKES have to play out of their mind.

4 UK: looking for a little retribution from last year...the 'CATS will be primed and ready to go as none of their core players now even played in that game last year.

3 SYRACUSE: The 'CUSE have too much SIZE again and firepower.....the X-MEN must figure out the 2-3 zone to have any chance and slow down SCOOP JARDINE

2 UNC: I think the TAR HEELS are on a collision course to take on either O STATE or UK 'CATS in the REGIONAL FINAL


4 UK

2 UNC:

EAST REGIONAL CHAMP.......UNC and HARRISON BARNES (EAST Region MVP) cements himself as a LOTTERY PICK in the 2011 NBA DRAFT and maybe #1

Saturday, March 12, 2011

HUSKIES ride KEMBA until the Wheels Fall Off......AZTECS beat BYU and win MWC.....WASHINGTON turns it on LATE for W vs 'ZONA...NCAA possible #1 Seeds

UCONN rides Junior Guard KEMBA WALKER to the Big East TOURNEY Title with a dramatic win over Rick Pitino and the LOUISVILLE CARDINALS. Walker, who still has a shot at National Player of the YEAR, didn't even get the BIG EAST Player of the YEAR Honor for some unforeseen reason.

UCONN now has positioned itself to now only get into the BIG DANCE they might get a #3 Seed and that means the Committe will probably put them into the EAST Bracket with DUKE or UNC.

And just as Dynamic the BIG EAST Tourney is.......WALKER was that and then some......the Junior Guard out o the NYC knew the STAGE was set and he knows he is the #1 Gun and still rises to Newer Heights anytime he gets the chance. Not since Ben GORDON or Walter RAY ALLEN have a seen such a dominant end to end performance like WALKER displayed this week in MSG.

The San Diego STATE AZTECS made the 3rd time a charm in finally beating Jimmer FREDETTE and the Cougars of BYU in the Mountain West Tourney FINAL. SDSU came in as a #6 ranking nationally and the COUGARS were a #8 nationally. Now the AZTECS have got to cash in on at least a SOLID #2 Seed out WEST. And no one in their right mind wants these guys in the DANCE...coached by EX-Michigan Coach Steve FISHER.

The WASHINGTON HUSKIE and embattled Head Coach Lorenzo Romar figured everything out just in time for the TOURNEY and Isiah Thomas did the rest as he sank the Buzzer Beating Shot on the Left Elbow to send 'ZONA and HeaD MAN Sean MILLER back to TUCSON with a #4 Seed out EAST.

Other games deciding #1 Seeds:

UNC vs DUKE: ACC Crown on the LINE as the HEELS won the Regualr season crown and now it is up too ACC POY Duke G Nolan SMITH to get his troops up for one more battle wiht the HEELS and position themselves to a #1 SEED in the EAST or SOUTHEAST.

TEXAS vs KU: the JAYHAWKS held off a game and very talented TEXAS Squad that should still get a #2 Seed and the JAYHAWKS will surely get a #1 Seed and most likely be home or near the KU Campus.

Tommorrow Night chaeck into BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK to get the PICKS all the WAY to the SWEET 16 for MARCH MADNESS.

Friday, March 11, 2011

MIAMI 2.0 closes one out vs LAKERS thanks to KOBE......STAT and 'MELO get REALITY CHECK in BIG D.......KEMBA WALKER has to be Nat'l POY not FREDETTE

CHRIS BOSH backed up his words that he will play big tonight vs the LAKERS and put this one in the WIN Column. Well he backed up his talk with a 24 point and 9 Rebound outing and one KOBE BRYANT shot just 8 for 21 as he only had 24 points in the loss.

The LAKERS had every opportunity down the waning moment to win this game and just did not capatilize and to the HEAT'S Credit......the ball finally bounced in their favor. KING JAMES had an almost triple double with 19 9 and 8 with WADE County tipping in at a modest 20 5 and 5.

Bit the strangest thing happened after the game.....the BLACK MAMBA (KOBE BRYANT) went back out on the MIAMI HEAT Court and had a shooting workout that I have never seen or heard an NBA Player ever do. You think KOBE wanted to beat these MALCONTENTS....YOU DAMN RIGHT HE DID.....that's why the great ones are great....and he chose to take extra shots in of all places......M I there is nothing to get into after a game in SOUTH know where WADE and LEBRON were......and if you don't you better find out.

Amare' STOUDAMIRE, Carmelo ANTHONY, and the New-Look KNICKS took their show on the road in BIG get taken to the WOODSHED literally 127-109. The KNICKS were never in it and I have told you NBA Heads before.......The MAVS are for real and if you don't think they can come out of the WEST you better ask somebody.

Let me give you a few names from starters to the bench:

Jason KIDD
Rodrique Beaubois

And that last name is not a salad dressing nor a wine......that FRENCHMAN has some game at the POINT or shooting Guard. The MAVS are very deep with a lot of veterans and for guys like the JET, the MATRIX, J KIDD, and DIRK....the window isn't closing but DAMN there is barely light coming through it...THE MAVS no this has to be the YEAR they come out of the WEST.....and if they do.....remember the BLUEDUDE told you so.

If you haven't seen it you have to go back to look at the Big East tourney game between the UCONN HUSKIES and the PITT PANTHERS and the end of the GAME. All-American PG Kemba WALKER of UCONN gets the ball with :05 seconds and puts the PITT Center into a BLENDER.......he jabbed stepped the center so bad that the young man fell into the lane and the HUDSON RIVER.

WALKER has to be the clear favorite for MVP......he has been doing it the whole year and He plays in the toughest conference by far and nothing towards Jimmer FREDETTE of BYU.......the competition is not the BIG EAST day in and day out. Though not Fredette's fault......WALKER has not stopped since the MAUI Classic and if UCONN rides him out to the BIG EAST Tourney CROWN....he must be POY in the BLUEDUDE'S Book.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The ZEN MASTER at it again.....this time taking jabs at those CRY BABIES from SOUTH BEACH....Miami HEAT aka Miami THRICE

Imagine that LAKESHOW Coach Phil JACKSON taking shots at the MIAMI HEAT and Who is the HEAT President.........none other than PAT RILEY.

These 2 guys date back to when the ZEN MASTER was coaching Mike and Scottie and the KNICKS had their own Roster of studs with Ewing, Oakley, Houston, Starks, and MASON coached by the Best Dressed NBA Head Coach you will ever see....PAT RILEY aka RILES.

These recent media hits come from the HEAT losing to the BULLS on Sunday and HEAT Coach SPO telling the MEDIA that some of his PLAYERS were pretty emotionally spent after this one and some were actually crying...........COACH SPO you have to keep that in house and this is what the ZEN MASTER had to say about that, " This is the NBA: NO BOYS ALLOWED. BIG BOYS DON'T CRY but if you are going to do it do it in the TOILET where no one can see you".

Get'em PHIL.......KICK THEM FOOLS when they are down......and you know HEAT PREZ Pat RILEY is not going to set back on his hands and allow PHIL to just take a jab and laugh at his ball club. PHIL has done this numerous times to other teams trying to get in PLAYERS' HEADS. The LAKESHOW know the HEAT have lost 5 in a row at home and Guess who is in town THURSDAY to face the HEAT in 305..........PHIL and the LAKERS......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

GAME TIME 7pm ET on TNT and you don't want to miss this one as ALL EYES will be on the HEAT as they try to get out of this hole. The next few games coming up for the HEAT will make or break them as they have the LAKERS, THUNDER, and SPURS within the next week.......OUCH.

Phil was asked yesterday after they LAKESHOW beat the HEAT by a media member of HOW are you going to beat the HEAT THURSDAY PHIL......PHIL responded only like PHIL WOULD......STAY COOL