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MAKING NOISE with a SQUEEZE the ORANGE of...There is NOT a lot of PARITY in the LOGO when it comes to Winning LARRY in the Last 33 YEARS...Check these Numbers!

Since 1980 in the Logo how many Different Teams you think have won Championships? Ok how many Teams since 1980 have won Multiple Championships and who would be your Teams in the Decades of 80s, 90s, and 2Ks? The Numbers the Bluedude is about to unveil is absolutely and unequivocally unmatched in Professional Team Sports.

First we will count How many Different Teams have won a Chip since 1980. Then we will look into who has the Most Chips since 1980. Then we will talk Dynasty Mode for a Few Franchises as they reeled off more than a Few in a Single Decade. Lastly we will talk about why the Parity between Franchises is in Despair and how it may still stay the same.

Note: Since 1980 in the LOGO 33 Championships

Teams that have won at least One Chip since 1980:

Only 9 Teams
Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Pistons, Spurs, Rockets, Mavericks, Heat, Sixers

Which Teams have the Most Chips since 1980:

Lakers 10
Bulls 6
Celtics 4
Spurs 4
Pistons 3
Heat 2
Rockets 2
Mavs 1
Sixers 1

Dynasty in the 80s: Both the Lakers with Showtime and the C's with the Big 3 (Bird, McHale, and Chief) dominated the 80s winning 8 Chips between them.

Dynasty in the 90s: Air Jordan, Mr. Pip 33, and the Zen Master with 6 Chips and they broke them up after 6 for no apparent Reason..well Money.

Dynasty in 2Ks: Lakers and Spurs won 8 between them with the Lakeshow 5 and Spurs with 3. (Spurs also won the Chip in the 1999 Strike-Shortened Season)

Looking at these Numbers is startling as arguably the Best Players ever graced the Logo in these last 33 Years. Back then the Biggest Sticking Point was that the Free Agency and the Cash wasn't crazy and Teams stayed Together forever. Then King James opens up a Can of Worms when he and Bosh decide to go join Wade County in 305 for the Super Team in the Logo. Now to stop that the New CBA has agreed to throw in that Huge Luxury Tax Hit when you go over the Cap. Teams will either be fiscally responsible or you will be cutting Checks so Big your Franchise will be in the Red.

Case in Point the James Harden from the Thunder Blockbuster Trade. The Thunder knew they could only offer so much money with @kdTREY5 and Uncle Russ having signed Max Contracts already. The Thunder were hoping that the Loyalty and Friendships would have kept Harden in Thunder Colors but last time I looked $80 Million is greater than $52 Million. This almost reminded me of the Boozer Deal a Few Years back when $36 Million was offered from the Cavs and at the last minute the Jazz came in with $68 Million. Booz took $68 Million and he was called a Trader because there was a Hand Shake Deal in place...Yeah Right! Like Both Sides always's a Business and treat it as such with No Hang Ups No Regrets.

Now with the New Luxury Tax Threshold Teams will start to look like the Teams from the Past as Free Agency for Players and Teams won't be as easy as it use to be.

Back to the Numbers up Top...

9 Teams
33 Championships
Lakers and Bulls accounting for 16 of the 33..
Celtics and Spurs have 8 Between them...  

24 Chips Won between the Bulls, Lakers Celtics, and Spurs out of 33 Chips Possible....

And who is back at the Top with the Heat...the Lakers, Celtics, and Bulls if Derrick Rose was Healthy....

The Heat have Two as they try to join an Elite Class if they can at least get to 4-5 Chips...

Note: Total Chips from done by the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk..


SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a Whose the ODDS on FAVORITE to win the 2013 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP?...Team WHITE HOT has to be the Favorite with the REGULATORS Report and the LAKEshow coming in behind them...Enquiring Bluedude Heads want to know!

Since the 2012-13 NBA Season tipped off Last Night with the Heat looking like the Team to Beat and Repeat and the Lakers looking like Fakers vs a Mavs Team who was missing its leading Shaker DIRKiliscious. Having said all of that who would be the Teams to have Odd close behind the has to be Favorite Miami Heat for the 2012-13 Season.

Let's take a Quick Look at the latest Odds on the 2013 Fight for the Larry Trophy:
Note: Odd are out of Sin City Nevada....where else

1. EL HEAT 9/4 and they add Sugar Ray and Shard and they have King James and you don't....

2. LOS LAKERS 11/4 Last Night was 1 of 82 but that Princeton Offense will get them 40 L's...LOL

3. REGULATORS Report OKC 17/4 losing Big Game James 2.0 @JHarden13 is a Huge Blow...

4. GREEN Team 16/1 just watching that Heat Game last night they have plenty of Potential and Doc is 5-Star..

5. LOS BULLS 16/1 these Numbers are Slim Shady with no ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero D-Rose....

6. LOS SPURS 16/1 they will be in the Running in the West because of Pops, Dunc, TP9, ans Manu

7. LOB City 25/1 All that Talent with Vinny coaching I give them 50/1 and what will they be running on Offense the Flex...

8. "DEM BUMS" in the BARCLAYS 28/1 just to see the Nets anywhere in the Top 10 is Success already...

9. SODA POP Boyz Mile High 28/1 Iggy brings HOPE...and Coach Karl brings 5-Star and Credibility....Sleeper

10. GOLD SWAGGER Indy 30/1 Sleeper with Area 55, G-Hill, D-West, Rated PG 24, and the Circle City Strangler D-Granger...they should be higher than the Bulls Real Talk...

11. GRIND HOUSE Beale Street TN 35/1 I pissed off Rudy, Z-Bo looking to get on the Redeem Team, and the Spaniard of Beale Street...Marc Gasol...Serious Squad here...

12. MSG Pro Basketball Tenants 35/1 Stat out 6-8 Weeks, 4 Players in, around, or over Zeke (Isiah Thomas) still there calling the Shots?

13. CUBAN's Collaboration Big D 40/1 they may have Opened some Peepers last night beating up the LAKEshow without DIRKiliscious and Kaman #TeamGERMANY

14. SEVENTY-SIXERS 50/1 Big Drew Bynum has yet to get on the Floor but they will be better with Brand and Lou Williams gone...

15. HIGHLIGHT Factory 404...75/1 they will be anchored by J-Smoove 5 and Big AL Horford...

16. ROCKETS 75/1...@JHarden13 himself vaults them possibly into the Playoffs...

Why talk about Teams 17 on Down when there is 16 Playoff Spots and 8 of them on the Back End have no Shot at even the Conference Finals.

The Parity doesn't exist in the Logo and the Same Teams, Same Bat Channel, and Same Trophy will be on Tap in June 2013.      

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE Halloween 2K12 Edition...ROCKET City HOOPS Team locks up the BEARDED One @JHarden13...KNICKS vs NETS Barclays cancelled...BULLS have until MIDNIGHT Tonight to sign the "TAJmanian Devil" GIBSON Long-Term...Oh! Bulls do the Right Thing!

RESPECT the BEARD H-Town and ROCKET Nation...Here James comes to save the Day...

The Rockets waisted no time in giving the Keys to the Toyota Center and the Key to Houston by locking up their New Prized Pupil in James Harden @JHarden13 or Big Game James 2.0 Harris County Texas.

The Rockets sign Harden to a reported 5 Years $80 Million and to get a Franchise Player at this Age is almost unheard of and he is somewhat a Proven Commodity James Harden is.  Yes the Rockets will build around the 23 Year Old and it will take Time but the Rockets are a Top 5 Market in the Logo and Harden now runs the Castle.

KNICKS @ NETS clash at BARCLAYS cancelled and rightfully so.

The Catastrophic Storm that has wiped out the Atlantic Coast up and Down has also affected the Sporting Events to be played in and around the NY Metro Area. Mayor Bloomberg with all the NYC Transit Systems in Down an In Flux has cancelled the Highly-Anticipated Brooklyn Nets Home Opener due to the Fact that Logistically it just can't happen at this time. With it being the Season Opener for both the Logo will move the Game onto another date and most likely one would think in November. The Barclays is in Great Condition it's just that a High Percentage of Gotham City is under water. Good Call Mayor and the Logo...Spike Lee Calm Down you too Jigga Man...

BULLS have until MIDNIGHT Tonight to sign PF TAJmanian Devil GIBSON Long-Term....

Team See Red of the West Side Story Report has until Midnight Tonight to sign Bulls PF Taj "the TAJmanian Devil" Gibson to a Long-Term Deal and knowing the Bulls they won't get it done. They let SG "Hot Sauce" Korver, SG and Whoo Pig Sooie Alum Ronnie Brewer, and back Up Center Omer Asik get it out Town to get Cap Space to supposedly sign Taj and go after a Piece in 2013. Now we have to wait and see or until the Clock strikes Twelve Literally and Figuratively Speaking. Oh Bulls why are we always treading Water it seems and can we at least Sign one of our Top 5 Players and grab some of the Pale Hose Cash they don't need it.  WEST SIDE Story Report needs a TAJmanian Devil on the West Side....WADE COUNTY 305 Posturized by TAJ (right)

"MONSTERS Inside QBs"...Top 10 Sunday RED JERSEY Collectors through WEEK 8...New QB Viruses attacking Sunday Signal-Callers like 49ERS DE A-SMITH and RED ZONE's ILB D-WASHINGTON

Area 99 of Reliant and Bloodline 52 of Lambeau still are the Top Two QB Viruses through Week 8. With at least 12 Players ranging from 6 to 7.5 QB Kills who will separate themselves from the Pack?

The 49ERS have one of the more Feared D's on Sunday and the Baby Face Red Jersey Collector DE Aldon Smith has arrived finally in the Top 10. Not to be outdone is OLB Daryl Washington of Red Zone in the Desert as he is in the Top 10 as well.

The Top 10 QB Viruses trying to become by Week 17 a Bluedude Sportstalk Super Germ is sponsored by...the Dog Days of Sunday is almost here and who has enough Gas in the Tank to keep putting up Red Jerseys?

The Top 10 "Wanne Be" Super Germs through Week 8 on Sunday Signal-Callers

1. AREA 99 Texans 9.5

2. BLOODLINE 52 Packers 9

3. D-WASHington Red Zone 8

4. D-WARE Cowboys 7.5

4. ALDON Smith Brothers 49ers 7.5 (pictured)

4. WAKE Up! Aqua Boyz 305 7.5

7. JARED Purple People 7

7. ATKINS Diet Jungle on the Ohio 7

7. CLEMONS Hawks Nest 7

7. J-ABRAHAM Dirty Birds 7

7. R. QUINN Rams 7

Watt was on a Bye Week...

Bloodline was terrorizing the Jags O-Line...

Washington is a Nice Piece on that Talented Red Zone D...

D-Ware will be in the Top 10 until he decides to hang them up...

Aldon is 1/2 of the Smith Brothers Duo with Justin just as capable...

Wake is a Big Reason why the Aqua Boyz 305 are 4-3 and look the Part...

Jared Allen is a Real Monster for the Purple People...

Atkins was on Bye Week...

Clemons has slowed since the Green Bay Game...7 QB Kills misleading

Abraham is just One on that Falcons Front that is having a Career Year...

Quinn and Long will be the NFC West Duo of the Future....

Note: Numbers from


WEST SIDE STORY Report Opening Night 2012-13 plus PLAYBOOK...BULLS start the 82 Game LOGO Trek Tonight on the West Side vs the SACtown KINGS and REKEhavoc and BIG Cuz...#SeeRED #LUUUUol #KRYPTOnate #CAPTAINkirk #RipCity32 #TAJmanianDevil #JOknows #CBooz5 among other BULLS playing in a LEAD Role...

The West Side Story Report Day View starts Tonight on the West Side of the 'Go as the New-Look Bulls start the 82-Game Trek without the ADIzero SeeRed Hero...D-Rose as the Bulls anxiously await #theReturn. Until then the Bulls must hold the Fort down and right now as we go to Press I like the Bulls Chances.

The Bulls still have their Nucleus in Tact led by SF Luol Deng and Big Joakim Noah (pictured Right). Now they add Captain Kirk back from the Highlight Factory or Dead Factory in Atlanta to solidify the See Red Locker Room, Leadership, and the Back Court. The Bulls will still have Defense as their #1 Calling Card as Lead Man Thibs plays no other way.

Tonight's Match Up is against the Young and Hungry can they finally start heading North...SACtown Kings minus those annoying Cow Bells. Yes like all NBA Teams the Kings are no different as they have Grade A young Talent but can the Leadership and Accountability start to surface them. The Kings are led by Talented Big Guard Tyreke Evans aka REKEhavoc (Chester, PA from American Christian Academy PA where he is the Author of a Pennsylvania State Record 3,000 plus Points in HS) and Big DeMarcus Cousins aka BIG Cuz (pictured below Left). The Kings also have a bevy of other Talented players like 2012 1st Round Lottery Pick Thomas Robinson aka T-Rob the Mass Street Gladiator of KU Hoops Lawrence, KS, Sniper Jimmer Fredette, PF Jason Thompson, Combo G Marcus Thornton, and Point Guards Isiah Thomas and Aaron Brooks.


The Bulls will have their Work cut out Tonight as the Kings as Super Fast in the Back Court and Super-Talented on the Wings. What Team See Red has to do is Transition Defense is Key with a Young-Athletic Team. They will play Reke off the Orange with Two Solid Points in Thomas and Brooks. Big Cousins is a Top 5 Center and he just reached his 22nd Birthday in August. The Bulls will play him with Jo Knows and Taj singled-out as Coach Thibs rarely doubles Players especially in the Post as Taj and Jo are excellent Low-Post Defenders. Shooters Thornton and Fredette have to be accounted for at the Arc or the Kings will shoot the Money Ball until the Clock strikes Zero. Keep Rookie T-Rob and Thompson off the Glass for Extra Possessions and Shots for the Kings.

The Kings on the other hand know without Rose the Bulls Back Court is somewhat vulnerable and look for them top attack the Bulls Guards on Both Ends on the Floor. They also have to be aware of the Bulls Shooters like Rip City Hamilton, Deng, Hinrich, and KRYPTOnate among others. The Key for the Kings is to force the Tempo to see if they can make the Bulls play their Game. Bulls are not as quick without Derrick although when Nate is in the Game the Bulls can be semi-quick in Transition. The Kings know they must beat the Bulls on the Glass and keep players like Jo Knows and the TAJmanian Devil off the Offensive Glass.

Game Time 8pm ET SACtown KINGS @ the U.C. vs #SeeRED BULLS

Happy Halloween from the BLUEDUDE and Bluedude Sportstalk NBA Heads....    


"MONSTERS Inside TACKLES" ...Sunday's Leading RUSHERS through WEEK 8...You knew eventually he was going to get to the who can catch the Twin Cities AVENGER "Super PURPLE PEOPLE #28"...All Day AP of the VIKES...#1 through Week 8 on the Ground

It was a matter of time and with Arian Foster of the Texans on a Bye Week the Twin Cities Avenger "Super PURPLE PEOPLE #28" has taken control of the NFL Rushing Lead through Week 8.

The Vikes did lose to the Bucs in the Metrodome last week but the Avenger #28 could not be stopped getting 153 Yards and a Score. All this after tearing an ACL back in late December vs the Redskins in D.C.. Not only is he back but he is back with a vengeance and the All Sunday Defenses have been put on Ready 28 Alert facing #28 in Purple.

Two more backs have joined the Fray in Lighting of the G-Men RB Ahmad Bradshaw and "What you talkin' 'bout Willis" McGahee of the New Orange Crush. Now you know why the Play-Action works so well in Mile High because their is a Top 10 Back by Yards at least playing behind Manning of Mile High.

"Monsters Inside Tackles" through Week 8 is sponsored by...the Twin Cities Avenger through the A Gap, B-Gap, 2nd Level, and next up in your End Zone. It's Foster, It's BEASTmode...NO!'s the Avenger #28 in Nike Combat Gear running Violently through your Defense.

Top 10 Sunday Rushers through Week 8
Note: Attempts in Parenthesis

1. the Twin Cities AVENGER #28 Vikes (151) 775

2. BEASTmode Hawks Nest (159) 757

3. Big AL 'Skins (151) 717

4. #foxboroRIDLEY (150) 716

5. Mr. FOSTER (168) 659

6. GORE Forty-Niners (119) 656

7. CJ2K Music City (131) 595

8. the ARROWHEAD Beast Chiefs (120) 595

9. LIGHTNING G-Men (126) 570 (pictured)

10. Mr. McGAHEE Orange Crush (123) 554

the Avenger will get 1500 plus and that's like saying there will be a Week 17...

BEASTmode has been the One Constant for 12th Man Space Needle

Big AL has been doing work until he ran into that Steel Fence last Sunday...

Ridley has give the Pats that Run Threat they haven't had since Maroney and Faulk..

Foster will be raring to go coming off the Bye Week...

Gore will have to be real good in Winning Tine for the Niners to have a Chance...

CJ2K of Tennessee is back in the Saddle and them Jets are still Faster than your Fast...

Chiefs Charles hardly got any Carries Last Week...are they shopping the Arrowhead Beast?

Who needs Thunder when Lightning is always abound...B-Shaw has been Cash for G-Men...

Broncos McGahee gets those Big Yards playing with #18 and all those Nuances that come with Manning Mile High.

Note: Numbers from


LOGO WATCH Opening NIght 2012-13...KING JAMES and Company have no Problems with GREEN TEAM...MAVS have No DIRKiliscious and KAMAN #TeamDEUTSCHLAND...and they still Lace them up with the LAKEshow and Dominate...HEAT and MAVS look impressive...Slow your Roll...Its a MARATHON..not a SPRINT...1 of 82

The Miami Heat looked like they maybe from another Planet as they dispose of the Celtics 120-107. The Game wasn't that close and both Teams will make adjustments but it is 1 of 82 and that's how you have to look at it.

The Mavericks tell the LAKEshow and #LakerNation we don't need DIRKiliscious nor Kaman to go into Staples Purple and Gold to Dominate and that's what they did on their way to a 99-91 Victory.

Look it's early and you can't get to high or too low but what the Heat did with Bosh playing Center most of the Night and the Mavs did with Elton Brand playing the Five all night was simply impressive. Is this the Evolution of Nelly Ball 2K12 as Teams are not afraid to match up with Larger Teams with the Small Line Ups as the Small Line Ups seem to be More Athletic and Quicker at the Point of Attack.

The Celtics plated well in spurts as the Truth had 23 and Double R..Rondo had 20 points, 13 helpers, and 7 boards. It was too much not King James or Wade County but "Regular Mario" Chalmers as he had 8 points and 11 Helpers. The Anchorage, Alaska Bartlett HS Alum started where he left off in the 2012 Finals as he dominated the Game where it needed to be dominated as he has joined the Heat Big Three in importance. Now teams playing the Heat have to account for Chalmers as well as he can beat you also.

Out West the Mavs shock the LAKEshow led by UCLA Alum and Mavs Point Guard Darren Collison's Team Leading 17 Points. The Lakers showed that the Princeton Offense should be maybe 25% of what they do as they looked Slow, Old, and Out of Sync. The Mavs on the Other Hand looked like the Young Team, Athletic, and Something to play for as they simply took it to the LAKEshow. The Spaniard and Dwight combined for  42 Points and 23 Boards and the Black Mamba  had 22 points but the Mavs had 6 Players in Double Figures to combat that.

Look NBA Fans no need to jump the Gun but the Lakers need some getting use to with all those New Pieces. The Mavs look like they are the Perfect Match together and it will only get better with DIRKiliscious and Kaman.

The Heat and Celtics is that East Rivalry as they will battle throughout the 2012-13 Season and like I always say it 1 of 82...a Long Season.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

LOGO WATCH and PLAYBOOK Opening Night 2012-13....MAVS travel to Staples PURPLE and GOLD with No DIRKiliscious and KAMAN...LAKEshow have a less than a 100% Black Mamba SNAKE but they have DWIGHT in the PAINT ready to SHAKE and BAKE...#DALvsLAL Tonight Game 2 on TNT

The West 82 Trek starts Tonight at Staples Purple and Gold and where else. The Dallas Maverick come in looking like they are at All-Star Break with No @Swish41 and Big Man Kaman. The Lakers will have a Black Mamba Snake that needs to see the Vet sooner or later but reportedly will give it a go. You know Kobe can't let Dwight take all the Opening Night Thunder.

2012-13 Opening Night Game #2 #MAVSnation @ #LAKEshow Game Preview

October 30, 2012 10:30pm ET @Staples Purple and Gold

Los Angeles, California 


MAVS to Win: The Mavericks limp into Staples without #1 Gun PF Dirk Nowitzki and may not have Center Chris Kaman as he is doubtful. That is a Tall Order since they will be playing against LA's New Exhibit in the New LAKEshow star-studded with Stars in a Leading Role with limited Supporting Actors. Having said all that the Mavs have Upgraded and by doing so they got young in a Hurry.

New Mavs Back Court of PG Darren Collison and SG OJ Mayo. They still have the Artist formerly knows as the @Matrix31 now Government Name Shawn Marion at the SF. They have the French Pastry PG Rodrigue Beaubois if he can stay healthy. Dominique Jones led the Mavs in Summer League along with 2012 2nd Round Steal and 2011-12 Big East Player of the Year Jae Crowder. PF Brandan Wright gives them a Shot-Blocker and Rebounder on the Front Line. Vince carter formerly known as Half Man /Half Amazing now Half Man/ Half AARP is a 15 minute Player off the Pine. Elton Brand was amnestied by the Sixers as he still has something left in the Old Tank.

The Mavs without DIRKilscious and Kaman will have to play Small Ball which might help them if they can somehow even out the Glass Work and get out in Transition. Dwight and the Spaniard will have a Decisive Advantage on that Front Line but the Mavs on the Perimeter have an Edge in Age and Speed. Look for Mavs Lead Man Carlisle to go Up Tempo and force the Lakers Bigs especially to play out on then Perimeter which should free up the Paint her and there. Since its Game 1 of 82 there is No Pressure for the Mavs to play out of themselves but Carlisle will see what he has in working Parts Tonight shorthanded. This maybe a God Send for the Mavs as when Dirk and Kaman get back the Rotations will be somewhat be in Place.

LAKERS to Win: Kobe is less than 100% as the Lakers will let Point God NASHty control the Game Offensively and let him dictate the Offense. Dwight and Gasol will be and should be nearly unstoppable Tonight as the Mavs will play Brand, Wright, and the Newly-Acquired Eddy Curry on both Dwight and Pau.

The Lakers also have an interesting 2nd Unit with Steve Blake at the Point and 2012 FA Pick Up Sniper Jodie Meeks who should have a Career Year as they will double Dwight, Kobe, and Gasol on most nights.  Ron Ron Artest now Meta World Peace will be the Glue Guy like he always is. PG Duhon will also get Minutes relieving Nash's Minutes especially later on in the Season. Antawn Jamison is an Added Scorer from Mid-Range and In as the Lakers have all these Different Parts at their disposal.  Bigs Robert Scare and Jordan Hill will backup both Gasol and Dwight or play with one or the Other.  

In Playbook the Lakers have to get back in Transition as the Mavs will not have much of a Low Post Presence with Dirk and Kaman out. They have to get out on the Shooters and Slow then Game down to force the Mavs to play at a Slower pace. OJ, Collison, Jones, and the Rookie Crowder are the 4 Players I would focus on on the Defensive End. Brand will give them a little something down low but Dwight and Gasol should negate anything the Mavs have in the Paint.

Interesting Chess Match with Two entirely Different Rosters playing Tonight.

The Mavs should be able to get into that Top 4-5 in the West and the Lakeshow might be the Team to Beat with James Harden moving to Rocket City Texas that helps the LAKEshow. Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb...Please Presti.

LOGO WATCH and PLAYBOOK is BACK..."DELETE my DIGITS" Round 1...the BIG TICKET deletes SUGAR RAY of 305 Number..COOL!..See Me KG Tonight...CELTICS @ HEAT...NBA Tip-Off 2012-13 #305RingCeremony #KingJamesRing#1 #Heat2ndBanner plus the PLAYBOOK..what Both the C's and HEAT have to do to get a Game 1 WIN of 2012-13.

Logo Watch is Back and this Year it is a 82 Game Gauntlet filled with all kinds of Goodies. The Heat reload and the East will have to see the Ocean Drive Click once again to get the "Fight for Larry" in June 2013. Celtics get Younger and Lead Man Doc Rivers knows its a Marathon and Not a Sprint. Sixers get Drew, Knicks spend time in Camp Dream in Harris County, Texas, and Brooklyn has "Dem Bums on the Hardwood" as the Logo hit the Barclays and the New Nets.

More Story Lines all over the Logo but let's tackle Opening Night in the Logo with 3 Games on Tap Tonight. The Headliner is the Celtics travel to 305 to take on the Miami Heat and the Biggest Stories is the Rings and Banner along with a Team White Hot Standing Ovation for Sugar Ray Allen when he checks into the game for the Heat. The C's counter that with a Sniper of their own in Jet Terry.

2012-13 LOGO Opening Tip-Off... #Cs @ #WhiteHot Game Preview

October 30, 2012 8pm ET @ AA 305

from Miami, Florida aka the Bottom 305


CELTICS to Win: The Celts come in like the Heat the Two Best in half-Court D and Transition D and they both will be on it Tonight. The Play from jump Street will be right out of Winning Time and expect some Flagrants, Words, and a few Ref Clean Ups.

The C's still have the Truth and KG anchoring everything but the Huddle and that is led by Glenn "Doc" Rivers. The Man for the C's now and in the Future is Logo Certified and Verified Point God "Double R"...Rajon Rondo. Rondo will dictate everything he can the Offense, the Flow of the Oppositions Game, and on the Break. He will impact everything Tonight or try to except when the Heat get the Rings and raise the Banner.

The C's New Additions start with Sniper and Money Ball Maker Jet Terry. Terry still gives them the Sugar Ray Factor and the he will get mucho Looks playing with Double R. Avery Bradley and Courtney Lee should be dynamite especially on the Defensive End and the C's 2nd Unit will be Dynamite on the Perimeter. Throw in 1st Round Steal "Sully from High Street Columbus, Ohio" and we get the Perimeter covered and a Glass Eater. Don't forget about Forwards Brandon Bass and Jeff Green and the C's will be around 55-58 Wins and right there knocking on the Heat Door. They must stop the Heat in Transition and Regular Mario, Bosh, Shard Lewis, and Sugar Ray can't beat them with Wade County and King James doing work.

HEAT to Win: The Toughest Game the Heat will play in the 1st Month is Tonight. The Rings, Family, the Banner going up, Movie Stars, the Parties after the Game, the Players Drive to the Arena, and the Ticket Requests is all a distraction. Now where else can you get that Info from or is that Obvious....Lol.

The Heat added Ray Allen and Shard Lewis to keep the Floor Spaced out Offensively. What is also does keeps Lanes wide open for Wade County 305 and King James to operate. Bosh has move to Center and that can become a Weakness playing against the C's with KG Manning the Middle of that Defense. The Heat must match Intensity at which the C's will be playing at early or they will be playing from behind all night. Chalmers is a Huge Factor if he can continue his play from the Playoffs and the Finals. He gives the Heat another Perimeter Option you have to account for.

Defensively the Heat must contain Rondo and keep him out of the Lane and in Transition they must get back with numbers and watch the Arc. The C's have Jet, Courtney, and the Truth that will run to the Arc off the Primary and Secondary Break and Double R will find everything Open. The C's arguably may have put the Perfect Pieces together to get to Larry and past the Heat.

Celtics Nation and Heat Nation slow down this is 1 of 82 but it has a lot of intriguing Story Lines and barring and Major Injuries or Setbacks expect these Two to be Fighting for a Chance to Play for Larry in June 2013.

NBA on TNT is Back and it doesn't get any better than this....Game Time 8pm ET

Note: Tune in Early as the Heat get Rings and Banner #2 goes up in the AA 305....    

"MONSTERS Inside the POCKET"...the Top 10 Sunday Signal-Callers QB Rating through Week 8...SIX QBs have a QB Rating of 100 or Higher led by PEYTON'S Place #18 in Mile High

Peyton continues to impress and the Broncos will win the AFC West with the Chargers being dysfunctional and the Raiders not having Enough Talent right now to get them over that Hump of playing Week to Week Good.

Rodgers wasn't himself vs the jags and that may have been because no Jennings or Nelson on the Outside not making excuses for #12 in Green and Gold. Matty Ice of the Dirty Birds will be at the Top All Season as he is Locked in like I have seen the Falcons QB. Niners Smith played well last Season but is only averaging 207 YPG. Big Ben is having his Best Year ever and the New Offense now has a Ground Attack led by Junk Yard Dwyer of Ramblin' Wreck 404. Brady si Brady and RG3 is beyond his Years even though he failed last Week's Course called ,"3-4 ZB Scheme by HOF LeBeau". RG3 didn't know it was an AP Course he though it was a Rookie 100 Course. Schaub does what he has to do in Houston with Mr. Foster Insurance behind him. Brees will put up Numbers despite the Saints already out of Winning Time presumably.

The Top 10 QB Ratings through Week 8 is sponsored by...Which one of you QBs will get into Winning Time and Do a #2 on yourself as the Pressure is too much?

Top 10 QB Ratings through Week 8....

1. PEYTON'S Place Broncos 109

2. RODGERS Packers 107.9

3. MATTY ICE Dirty Birds 103

4. A. SMITH Niners 102.1


6. TOM TERRIFIC Foxboro Edition 100.6

7. RG3 'Hail to the 'Skins 97.3

8. J. FREEMAN Bucs 93.3

9. SCHAUB Texans 93.1

10. BREES Who Dat? 93

Manning Mile High is on Fire and they will be playing in January....

A-Rog had a Bad Outing vs Jags but he might have to go a few more Weeks with Jones and Cobb as 1 and 2

Matty Ice and the Falcons are rolling but what will happen in January....

Alex of Gold Rush will have to make Plays with his Arm in order for the Niners to get to #47

Big Ben has Weapons Galore and now you give him a Ground Game...Open the A Gap to the Stairway to Seven

Brady has Wes n Gronk and don't worry D we was #31 Last Season and we were a Drive from another Chip in #46...

RG3 got a Lesson Last Week in what the Steelers Mystique is all about without Troy 43....

Freeman is starting to take that Next Step and Williams and Jackson are "Monsters on the Outside"...

Schaub has played Well All Season and barring a Major Injury Reliant will host the AFC Championship...

Brees minus the Win Column will be winning in the Stat Book in 2012 like every Year...


"MONSTERS on the OUTSIDE"...SUNDAY Leaders in RECEIVING Yards through WEEK 8...BLUE SAWGGER'S WR Reggie WAYNE knew something about LUCK we didn't...WES is MORE of Foxboro continues to do MORE.

In the Off-Season when Reggie Wayne decided to stay in Naptown to play with Rookie QB Andrew Luck we thought Reggie was going to take a Statistical Hit. What we know now as Wayne leads Sunday WRs in Receiving Yards is that he believed in the Rookie Sunday Signal-Caller and they have been Money through Week 8.

Wes is More continues to do such as Welker leads the Pats in Receiving Yards and he is a Masking Agent for WR Brandon Lloyd who has yet to come Full Circle as Tom Terrific (Foxboro Edition) #1 Deep Threat.

Sunday Leaders in Receiving Yards through Week 8 is sponsored by which one of the Top 10 WRs will catch over 1500 Yards for 2012?

The Top 10 Possible Super Germs on the Outside through Week 8 in Receiving Yards:
Note: Grabs in Parenthesis

1. WAYNE Blue Swagger Indy (54) 757

2. WESisMore #PatsTalk (60) 736

3. D. THOMAS #OrangeCrush (39) 679

4. MARSHALL of Cook County #DaBears (50) 675

5. PERCYland USA #SKOLnation (60) 667

6. CRUUUUUUUUZ G-Men (52) 650

7. MEGAtron #LionsNation (41) 638

8. AJ GREEN #Jungle (44) 636

9. V. JACKSON #BucsNation (29) 626

10. RODDY W. Peach Drop 3 (40) 591

Wayne continues his onslaught for Blue Swagger Indy...

Wes is More important than any WR in Foxboro...

Thomas gets the Yards but Teammate Decker doing work also...

Marshall is the only WR Cut will go to in the Clutch...Defenses

Percy is all that and will be the 2nd NFL after Steelers WR/PR Antonio Brown to have 1K Yards in both Receiving and Returning....

Cruuuuuuz is Manning's Reel and the JINTS are working on a New Pay Day for #TeamSalsa80

Calvin Johnson aka MEGAtron has been non-existent in Some Games this Season and still a Top 10...

AJ Green of the Jungle on the Ohio had a Bad Game vs Steelers but that was Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden's Fault...Creativity and being Innovative is what they call it Jay.

V-Jack has 626 Yards on only 29 Grabs...Efficient is the only Word and Bucs QB Freeman "I go Deep Only" says V-Jack...

Roddy White is Matty Ice's Target #1A in the Peach Drop 3 as #1B is TE Gonzalez and #1C is Julio...Explosive they are.

Note: Numbers from

SUNDAY POWER RANKINGS Week 9...A QB Driven League...DIRTY BIRDS, G-MEN, and BEARS continue to reel in the W's...STEELERS, BRONCOS, and PATRIOTS align themselves up to pull away from the Pack...the Midway Point...Is it Winning Time or Draft Time?

The NFC is Top Heavy as the Falcons, Giants, and Bears continue the Course of playing January Football for a Chance at Lombardi #47. Falcons make quick work of the Eagles in the Linc. G-Men hold off the Cowboys to take complete control of the NFC East. The Bears come from the Sunday 4th Quarter Dead to beat the Panthers as the Panthers beat themselves first but for the Bears its a win.

The AFC had the Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots taking care of Business with the Two Top AFC Teams, Ravens and Texans, on a Bye Week. The Steelers put RG3 in their Pocket. The Broncos had the Saints saying Who Dat givin' us that Whippin'. The Pats spot the Rams 7 in London them they go KO in the UK.

Sunday Power Rankings for Week 9 are sponsored by the proverbial "CREAM is starting to Rise to the Top" and the Usual Suspects are starting to catch their Stride.

Top 16 Teams for Sunday Power Ranking Week 9
Note: In Parenthesis Last Weeks Ranking

1. DIRTY BIRDS (1) 7-0: Rolling don't Peachtree with not a Care in the World...We got this!

2. Da BEARS (2) 6-1: Easy now Ladies n Gents it was the Panthers that had us 19-7 midway through the 4th the End of the Day it will be another Bears W for the Ages.

3. GOTHAM City BLUE (3) 6-2: A Tale of Two Halves but they come out on Top and so much for the Eagles and Cowboys winning the NFC East...Its Ovaaa!

4. TEXANS (4) 6-1: Bye Week....and Teams win every time

5. FORTY-NINERS (5) 6-2: We play for the NFC's #1 Overall Seed not the NFC West...

6. #PURPLEbrowns (7) 5-2: Bye Week...and did they figure out Life after #52?

7. PACKERS (8) 5-3: They struggled but No WRs Nelson or Jennings...a Donald Driver Siting..Wow!...Old Man #80 went Pay Dirt.

8. PATS (9) 5-3: They made Quick Work of the rams in the UK but is that D good enough to get through the AFC Winning Time?..Or should they worry about that with Tom Terrific?

9. STEELERS (10) 4-3: They seem to have fixed the Problems on D and Big Ben has been Lights Out from Day 1.

10. BRONCOS (11) 4-3: Peyton Manning comfortable in the Offense and the Broncos D coming of Age...Fast and Furious

11. VIKES (6) 5-3: Stumped by their Play vs the Bucs as they get Out muscled and Out hustled....

12. DOLPHINS (13) 4-3: They play Sound D and they are a well-rounded Bunch and how about Philbin for Sunday Coach of the Year.

13. COLTS (NR) 4-3: Luck and Blue Swagger have played well enough to garner some attention..

14. HAWKS NEST (12) 4-4: 0-3 in the NFC West is not good and 4-4 at the Midway Point a Double Slap....

15. BUCS (NR) 3-4: A +31 Point Differential is Cause for the Bucs to be a Tough Out down the stretch.  

16. LIONS (NR) 3-4: Who else am I going to put in that Spot. Yes the Lions lost to the Bears beat they have beat the Eagles and Seahawks #BirdKill

Top 12 Teams get into the Playoffs...12

Note: Records from  

Monday, October 29, 2012

RED ZONE goes 0-Fer in 0-ctober as Pretenders in the NFC West...GOLD RUSH smash CARDS 24-3 and send a Message to the Others in NFC West...Everyone was right it stills comes through us..."WHO HAS IT BETTER THAN US...NOBODY"..except the GIANTS...#MNF Recap

It was what I expected the Loss and not a Blowout. The Bluedude also didn't factor in they 86 the Red Zone Science Project Kevin Kolb for the Tonight's Game. All that didn't matter as the 49ers take care of some NFC West Bizzzzzzzzzzzz.

Niners QB Alex Smith threw 18/ for 19 for 232 and 3 TDs in the Red Zones Red Zone. RBs Gore and Hunter combined for 26 Carries for 98 Yards and the San Francisco 49ers made quick work of the QB Depleted Arizona CArdinals as the Game was over quickly. Niners WR Michael CrabTree had 5 Grabs for 72 and 2 Scores and Randy Moss adds to his Collection of Career TDs with a 47 Yard TD with at least 35 plus Yards of YAC.

The Game was as simple as the Niners were Balanced with over 100 Yards Rushing and 200 Yards Passing. The Cards had just over 100 Yards passing and Net 7 Yards Rushing...7...Numero Siete. Now the Cards continue their Month of Horrors just in time for Halloween as they have pulled an 0-fer in 0-ctober. Thats No Wins and 4 Losses as they started 4-0 with everyone Drinking Red Zone Punch with the Umbrellas. Now the Red Zone Punch is in the Lab with Kevin Kolb Science Project.

As for the Niners they move to 6-2 and they now are tied with the Rams at 2-0 in the NFC West as the Cards move to 1-2 in the Division and the Seahawks are a surprising 0-3 in the NFC West....Ouch.


SUNDAY TALK...If the NFC PLAYOFFS started Today...whose IN and whose looking towards the OFF-SEASON?..BEARS and DIRTY BIRDS on a 1st Round Bye Week...NINERS and G-MEN host NFC Wild Card Games...VIKES and PACKERS hit the Road Jack!

The NFC Playoff Picture is a much clearer than the AFC Playoff Picture as the NFC Teams have Eight Teams above .500 and the AFC Seven.

The Monsters of the Midway and the Dirty Birds Falcons of the 404 are King of the NFC Hill through Week 8. If the NFC Winning Time started Today who would be the Favorite and who would be the long Shot to get to the Big V12 600...the Mercedes Benz Super Dome in NOLA for #47?

1. DIRTY BIRDS (7-0): They are clicking on All Cylinders as they get the Edge over the Bears because of Matty Ice and that Offense is better than the Bears and there is no argument Jay.

2. Da BEARS (6-1): If the Offense can be 75% of what that Defense is the Bears would be the Favorite over the Falcons but that might be settled on the Field in Late January 2013.

NFC Wild Card

3. GOTHAM City BLUE (6-2): They have an Elite D and have Super Eli...
6. PACKERS (5-3): They are doing it without Top Weapons from Both Sides    

4. FORTY-NINERS (5-2): Waiting on Alex and what else the D is 5-Star
5. PURPLE PEOPLE (5-3): That Lost to the Bucs opened some Peepers #Pretenders

The Wild Card Games would be Top Notch as the Packers at N.Y. G-Men Blue. The Vikes have that Spot for now but they looked like a 8-8 Team vs the Bucs last Thursday Night.

The Falcons and Bears maybe on a Collision Course and the Falcons know all them Demons from the Past will resurface so how will they respond to that Demon. The Bears have Confidence like Money Mayweather and that Defense plays like Five-O on a High Speed Chase. "You took something...Yes you did and we need it back.

Three NFC North Teams in the Playoff and the Vikes might be replaced by the Lions at Seasons End.

Note: Records from and Playoff Picture Line Up from the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk.

SUNDAY TALK...if the AFC PLAYOFFS started Today...whose IN and whose OUT?...TEXANS and PURPLEbrowns on a Playoff Bye...PATS and BRONCOS hosting AFC Wild Card Games..STEELERS and AQUA Boyz on the ROAD Again.

Almost past the Midway point in the 2012 Sunday Season and it is never too early looking at where all Teams would stack up if Winning Time was now.

The Baltimore Ravens and Houston Texans reign supreme in the AFC but who are the Other 4 Teams  in the AFC Side of the Super Bowl 47 in NOLA Bracket?

1. TEXANS (6-1): It might have to go through Reliant and for any AFC Team that will be super tough...1st Round Bye

2. #PURPLEbrowns (5-2): They come off of a Bye Week and with that Defense struggling vs the Run we will see if they Patched things up in the Bye Week..1st Round Bye

AFC Wild Card

3. PATS (5-3): The D is still Average at Best...but the O is NFL Royalty
6. STEELERS (4-3): Rounding into Form and will be amongst the Top 4 Seeds

4. ORANGE Crush (4-3): They have Peyton and D is starting to get an Identity
5. AQUA Boyz 305 (4-3): Look what the Wind blew in...PHINS Nation

7. BLUE SWAGGER Indy (4-3): you would be ahead of the Steelers but a -35 in Point Differential...Pretenders not Contenders and this is a Steelers Nation Blog #Team6Chips

The Match Ups in the Wild Card Round would be very Competitive as that Steelers at Foxboro is a Must See Floor-Model T.V.. The Dolphins D has been stellar and Coach Philbin for Mayor of South Beach and Ocean and Washington Drive you know Coach likes the Glamour and Glitz.

All these will be subject to change as the Pats and Steelers start to make their Moves to the Top of the AFC.

Note: Records from and the Winning Time Match Ups from the Bluedude for Bluedude Sporstalk.    

the FORTY-NINERS head to the VALLEY of the Sun to take on the KEVIN KOLB Science Project and the RED ZONE Contingent...NFC WEST Battle...CARDS try to stop 3-Game Skid...A QB DRIVEN League WEEK 8 #MNF #SFvsARZ

Another NFC West battle as the Niners are still the Team to beat even though through Week 5 the NFC West was all above .500. This Game also features to QBs who were and possibly still are close to knocking on your door selling Home, Health, and Life Insurance...Real Talk. Don't get mad at the Bluedude your Team has Facebook, Twitter, and all the other Social Media Accounts voice your displeasure with them not me.

October 29, 2012

Week 8
Monday Night Football
NFC West Battle

                                                 Kevin Kolb Science Project                                               


FORTY-NINERS to Win: It's no secret that the 49ers want to get back to that Tough, Physical, hit yo Mama in the Grill Football that had everyone talking the First 4 Weeks of the Season. I tell you this do it for 4-5 Years and we will give you the Mr. Tough Guy Award because that Award is in Gotham City Blue...and who would agree let me see a show of Hands. Forget the Defense they are what makes the Niners it's the Alex Smith Exhibit that has Stick Nation all giddy about not getting to NOLA for #47.  The Problem is that he was 13-3 last season but then again it was that Defense he is what he is and he fits in the same category as about 10 Signal-Callers as they tease you One Week and look like Tim Couch and Akili Smith the next.

The Niners have to get back to RB Frank Gore getting at least 25 Touches. They also need to get the Artist formerly known as the "Super Freak" now Government Name WR Randy Moss. Teams are waiting on the "Predator" TE Vernon Davis and CRAB 15 of Fisherman's Wharf to get their Grabs. Harbaugh must use them as Decoys just as much as he is throwing to them. All this and Alex Not so Great has to make plays.

Defensively it starts with the Backers and the Smith Brothers, no relation, and the "Carbon Copy" Stick Edition. Backers Willis and Bowman along with Aldon and Justin have to take away the Cards Run Game and make that Kevin Kolb Science Project for the 1st Time win a Science Fair decisively. The Cards Best back 2nd Year RB Ryan Williams of Beamer Ball is on IR for 2012. The Niners Secondary led by Corner Carlos Rogers (of the Plains the Plains..Auburn) and Safety Tandem Whitner and Goldson are one of the Better Secondaries on Sunday. It's a Simple Formula make Plays Offensively, take care of the Pigskin, get the Lead, and let that Niners D go to work.

CARDINALS to Win: Lead Man Whisenhunt has to be disappointed as the Cards let a Buffalo Bills Team Circle the Wagons in Red Zone and get a W when the Cards had the Game in their grasp. It's Sunday Football let's forget that and now to end a 3-Game Skid they have to take out an NFC West Divisional Foe and it's the Niners. A Tall Order for a Team that had an Identity and has lost it in the 3-Game Skid.

Kolb needs to make Plays and WR Fitz (Cards WR Larry Fitzgerald) needs to be a Part of and the Decoy. The Cards Other Play Makers need to step up and make Plays as the Cards are limited if they have No Run Game. I bet most of you have No Problem running a Go Route to your Mailbox after Game Week seeing that Direct Deposit Slip...Make a D**n Play don't wait on Fitz.

Defensively they are a Super Bowl-Caliber as far as Personnel and Scheme. Ray Horton (former Steelers Defensive Back Coach) has done more than a Yeoman's Job and he has Swag. They are 5-Star on the D-Line and Secondary. Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell are Big Time. They will be responsible for Frank Gore and Others as they need to slow the Niners Run Game down to make Alex make plays. The Secondary has All-World Safety Adrian Wilson in the Mold of Troy and Ed. Then you have an Up and Coming 5-Star Island that will be on the Apple Vacations Catalog soon in Hollywood, Florida's and LSU Tiger All-American Patrick Peterson. He is a Threat anytime he is on the Field on Defense and in the Kicking Game.

The Cards will have to pull out all the Stops and they can win the Game its on their Turf and then QBs in this one...Alex and Kevin...will have to Stand Up to get the W. 49ers comes in 5-2 and Cards 4-3.

WINNER: 49ers 23-20 and it will Nip and Tuck and not the Series.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

OPERATION SPEEDO Swim Goggles...GIGANTES ...Pop CHAMPAGNE...Pop CHAMPAGNE...the SF GIANTS get their 2nd CHIP in 3 Seasons by beating the TIGERS 4-3 in Game 4 for the FALL CLASSIC Sweep and what do the GIGANTES want at the CARRY OUT Window...SCUTARO to GO...McCovey Cove and Fisherman's Wharf..GO ABSOLUTELY out of your BASEBALL Mind CRAZY!...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report Fall Classic Edition FINALE

It took them 10 Innings but what another Run for the 2012 MLB World Champion SF Gigantes. Look at these Hurdles before the Chip....

Starting Rotation is 5-Star led by Matt Cain
A Healthy Back Stop in Buster Posey
Lose Closer Brian Wilson to 2nd Tommy John Surgery
Lincecum has his Worst Year in Career
Overcame Dodger Blockbuster Trade Deadline Deals
Battled the Dodgers for the NL West until Mid-September
Down 3-1 to Red Legs and win all 3 in Cincy to clinch NLDS

Down 3-1 to Redbirds in NLCS and win Game 5 in STL and Win 6 & 7 to get 2012 NL Pennant

Sweep the 2012 AL Pennant Winners Detroit Tigers 4-0 to capture 2nd Title in 3 Seasons.

1954 NY Baseball Giants in the POLO Grounds with the "Say Hey Kid" Willie 2010 and 2012 in AT&T Park Fall Classic Titles....

Skipper Bruce Bochy and GM Brian Sabean are Two of the Best in the Show at their Respective Positions...

Gigantes Hot Corner "Kung Fu Panda" Pablo Sandoval aka PANDA SMASH (pictured right) is 2012 Fall Classic MVP....

The Series was won and lost at the Dish with the Giants Starters shutting down the Tigers Hitters notably th 2012 AL Triple Crown Winner Miggy Cabrera and the Prince of the D...Prince Fielder. Not saying its all their Fault but they carried the Offensive Load all Season so inn turn they should carry it in the Post Season and failed to do so. It wasn't all on them look at what the Tigers hit for the 2012 Fall Classic as a Team:

TIGERS' Hitting 15/91 .165 Avg, 3 Runs, 2 Doubles, 1 Big Fly, 9 Free Passes, and 24 K's

GIGANTES' Hitting 32/132 .242 Avg, 16 Runs, 4 Doubles, 2 Triples, 4 Big Flies, 9 Free Passes, 41 K's

The Giants in those 4 Games had an additional 41 Extra At-Bats....

The Tigers only score 3 Runs in 4 Games...Gigantes 16 Runs scored

Tigers get 3 X-Base Hits..Gigantes get 10 X-Base Hits including 4 of those via the Big Fly....Tigers only get 1 Big Fly...

In a Nutshell the Gigantes Pitchers pitched better than the Tigers Pitchers. In a Series where both Teams are hitting the Tigers Pitching Stats are Darn Good if the Tigers were able to score Runs but they were not.

Congrats to the 2012 Fall Classic and MLB World Champion SG Giants and Gigantes Nation...Tear Da Club Up!

Note: Numbers from and X-Base Hits calculated by the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk

SUNDAY TALK with a NATIONAL LAMPOON'S "Jerry's House in Texas" Volume 1...1st half from the COWBOYS...and then the 'BOYS have the CHAMPS, N.Y. G-MEN Blue, on the ROPES with nowhere to go only to have a KO in the LAST SECONDS....Noooo...Boys' WR DEZ BRYANT's Hand was Out of Bounds and the NY Football GIANTS are saved by the BELL...29-24 G-Men...Wow!

I am going to run some Quick Stats and Tidbits by you before we get into the Giants vs Cowboys NFC East so meet you at Corner Store....It's On!

G-Men up 23-0 before Half
Cowboys score 24 straight to take 24-23 Lead by 3rd Quarter
Cowboys 6 Turnovers
Romo a Pick 6 to J.P.P.
Eli throws for 192 Yards
Romo throws for 437
Romo throws 4 Picks
Eli's October Record All-Time 27-5
Cowboys Sponsor National Lampoon's
G-Men Sponsor "We luv the Patriots in Winning Time"
Witten 18 Grabs for 167 Yards
G-Men 3/15 on 3rd Down 20%
Cowboys 7/14 on 3rd Down 50%
G-Men Rushing Yards 103
Cowboys Rushing Yards 19
G-Men Red Zone 1/4 25%
Cowboys Red Zone 3/4 75%
G-Men 28 Mins T.O.P. *
Cowboys 32 Mins T.O.P.*

Most Important Item for G-Men in last 12 Months Lombardi Trophy
Most Important Item for Cowboys in Last 12 Months Mo Claiborne Pick

Final Score..Cowboys blew the Jints (G-Men) out right?...G-Men 29 Cowboys 24

Looking at all those Stats what in the Late Great Tom Landry and Jimmy "How bout dem Cowboys" Johnson is going on in Big D. They get themselves in a Hole down 23-0 and cut it to 23-10 at the Break. G-Men did everything in their Power to lose the Game and almost did at the end. Romo throws 4 Picks and the 'Boys have 6 Turnovers for the Game and still had a Chance to win. Super Eli has won 4 Straight in Jerry's House. This whole Post if your a Cowboys Fan stinks to Sunday Heaven.

The 'Boys now move to 3-4 and they have a Sunday Night Date with Mattyc Ice and the "Peach Drop 3"...Julio, Roddy, and Gonzo. The G-Men have a 4:15pm ET Kickoff at Home in Met Life Blue vs those Steelers...not the Weeks 1-6 Steelers. As the Plot thickens all over Sunday...Who wants to go to the NFL Playoffs let the Bluedude see a Show of Helmets.

Note: Game Numbers from

#GEAUXSaints and New Lead Man JOE VITT fresh off TIME OUT from ROGER That....tackles PEYTON'S Place in MILE HIGH and the New ORANGE CRUSH...and you want STATS...Must-See Floor Model T.V...SUNDAY NIGHT Football Week 8

Look what the Sunday Night Schedule has blew in as the Saints take their 2-Game Win Streak to Peyton's Place in Mile High to tackle the Broncos. The Saints will have Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt on the Lead Headset in this one. The Broncos are coming off of a Bye Week and a Comeback for the Ages if it wasn't against the Bolts at the Murph but that's what they do under Norv Turner. Anyway the Broncos come in 3-3 trying to take Sole Possession of the AFC West at 4-3.  

October 28, 2012
Sunday Night Football

8:30pm ET

Mile High

Who Dat NOLA @ Peyton's Place and the New ORANGE CRUSH

NOLA to Win: The Saints seem to have found common Ground and the Defense is the Side of the Pigskin that the Saints had to fix and they didn't fix it but like a Start Up Company the Website is 100% Done but its up and running. The Saints come in not surprisingly #1 in Passing Yards per Outing and #3 in both Points and Total Yards per outing. The Broncos D will be under Immense Pressure unless Von Miller and Dumervil have something to say about it and they usually do at some point. Why the Saints are not at least .500 my thinking is they are ranked #32 of 32 in Rushing Yards per Contest. With RBs like Thomas and Ingram and a 3rd Down Back like Sproles they have to get at least 25-28 Carries on the ground.

Defensively the Saints have had their Problems with the Pass Rush but DE Will Smith has helped in that Category. ILB and Captain Jon Vilma has also helped the Saints D with his Leadership and he is the Saints Defender that calls all the Plays on Defense and that also is a Huge Lift. Manning and his Craftiness along with RB McGahee coming downhill with Moreno the Saints have to pick their Poison. They cannot let Peyton sit back in the Pocket and go through Progressions or it will be a Long Night for the Saints.

BRONCOS to Win: The Broncos Passing Number are all Top 10 as well with 290.8 Passing Yds per Outing #4 on Sunday. Total Yards they are 6th at 384.7 and 7th in Points scored 28.7 per Outing. Manning's Top 4 WR/TEs are Thomas, Decker, Tamme, and in Go-To-Situations Slot Man Brandon Stokely. Manning has gotten in sync with all his Targets and the broncos are starting to Run on Offense like a Well-Oiled Machine.

Defensively they have Miller and Dumervil coming off the Edge and they will get Pressure on Brees. The Broncos Secondary is Good as the Safeties are the Weakest Bunch in the Back End and maybe on this Defense. Former Saints CB Tracy Porter is all to familiar with what Brees is trying to do and the Broncos might be in some places most Teams normally are not playing the Saints. Champ Bailey will also be busy but No Saints TE Jimmy Graham works heavily in the Broncos Favor.

Winner: BRONCOS 34-31 as I still don't rust the Saints Defense and they look at times like they don't trust themselves...  

Note: Numbers from  


SUNDAY TALK Early Slate with a 46 DIVE Trips LEFT WAGGLE Rocket on Three...CARDIAC Kids all over SUNDAY...BEARS sneak past PANTHERS...FALCONS eat a EAGLE..No Joke.. AQUA Boyz 305 take MET LIFE Green Hostage...LIONS take SKITTLES, BEASTmode, and HAWKS Nest to Town...COLTS have LUCK in MUSIC City

Would you know it in the "City of Big Shoulders" it might be Time to strike up the that Tune. The Panthers with Victory oh so close and leading the Whole Game get careless at the End and lose complete control of this one losing to the Monsters of the Midway 23-22 as Bears PK Robbie "Gould Foot" hits the game-Winner.

Yes the Bears were outplayed Offensively but it was the Bears D again coming up with the Plays at the End and they may have something Special brewing along the Shore of Lake Michigan in the 'Go. The Bears CB Tim Jennings, who might be an Early Favorite for NFL Defensive Player of the Year gets the Pick 6 to turn the Tide. Word to the Wise if the Bears are going to get to NOLA for #47 Cut and the Bears O better start to be productive or that Sound bite coming will be disturbing from Cut.

On Animal Planet would you Tune into an Episode of a Falcon from Georgia eating an Eagle from Philly? Well on Sunday T.V. that's exactly what happened and believe it or not the Falcon didn't just go in for the Kill methodically dissected the Eagle to a Slow Death. In a Nutshell the Falcons beat the Wings off the Eagles 30-17 and that Train that came to pick up former Eagles D-Coordinator Juan Castillo it might be doubling back to get Two More Passengers in Handy Andy and Marty. Falcons QB Matty Ice and the "Peach Drop 3" look like the Jackson 5, Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and the Eagles Secondary looked like Milli Vanilli and Vanilla Ice...#1HitWonders

I told you earlier in the Morning Ryan Tanneyhill would outplay Mark Sanchez and the Jets and that's exactly what he did. Forget the Numbers look at the Score...30-9 Aqua Boyz 305. Tanneyhill looks the Part and Sanchez looks like a QB that has Topped out as far as Growth. What is it with QBs under Pete Carroll at SC aka Men of Troy. They get all the Coeds a Student-Athlete could want but when it's time to Play for Pay they get kicked out of the party. Unacceptable and the Jest not going for the Win last week killed them and now Heads will Roll in Gotham City Green Land.NY Daily and NY Post tweet me that Headline @Bluedudesports. A quick question is Sanchez on there with Eva Longoria instead of a Playbook, IPad, and Game Film in his Hand?

The Detroit Lions aren't Dead yet as they somehow find a way to beat the all of a Sudden 2 Losses in a  Row Seattle Seahawks. The Football Gods will humble you and it was up to the 12 Zone Defense to stop the Bleeding and they didn't. The Lions are trying to get back into the Wild Card Picture and the Hawks are trying to stay afloat in the NFC West and stay close to the Gold Rush..Forty-Niners. Its a Big Win for the Lions a a Huge Loss for Coach Carroll and his Bunch because it puts them at .500.

It wasn't pretty but who said he was a Rookie as Colts QB Andrew Luck with statistically his Best Game as a Starting Sunday Signal-Caller stays the course and gets a W in OT. Yes CJ2K gets 99 Yards but Colts RB Brown almost matched him with 80 yards on only 14 totes. The Difference in the Game was the Colts 171 Net Yards Rushing to the Titans 112 and the Colts simply shoved the Pigskin right down the Titans Mouth in OT like a Good Slice of Chopped Beef Brisket from Neeley's BBQ in Music City...Umm Umm Good! The Colts move to 4-3 and the Titans move to 3-5.



TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #48...SKINS this isn't the EAGLES in's the STEELERS...What RG3 Does LOL...NO!...WHAT BIG BEN Did...STEELERS all over 'SKINS y'all take this L back to the Nations Capitol and don't comeback #HeinzKetchupTwinPack4Skins

RG3 this...RG3 that...The Steelers D is washed up or they are not the Steelers of Old. Did you once think 53 Years of Football from Our Guy HOF Dick LeBeau was going to get put on a Burner by a Gimmick Offense? The Steelers dominated the 'Skins and What the 3-4 Zone Blitz's puts you in your place.

Behind Heinz Field's Lead Sunday Surgeon Big Ben Roethlisberger cutting up the 'Skins D and the Heinz Field's Junk Yard Dwyer the Steelers put a 64oz Bottle of Heinz Ketchup all over that Redskins Helmet and Eat. 27-12 is your Final and Big Ben was 24 for 33 222 Yards and 3 in the 'Skins End Zone. The Heinz JYD had 107 Yards on 17 Carries and ran all over the 'Skins looking like not the Bus but the Steelers RV with as Wagon on the Back. You want more....

RG3 and Big Al combined for 19 Carries 57 Yards with Long Runs of 12 and 7 respectively. Dick LeBeau had this planned out all along and that Steelers D was stifling and Ohhhhhhhh we smell Blood in the Water and the Black and Yellow may run of 11 in a Row which would put us in NOLA in them Streets after a #47 Victory. Slow Your Roll Bluedude and you know what it is.

The Steelers were uncharacteristically unsuccessful on 3rd Down Conversions coming into Today at a 53.8% 3rd Down Conversion Rate they were only 4 for 11. The 'Skins at the same token was 3 for 12 on 3rd Down. The Steelers D hold the Sunday Leading Ground Team almost 92 Yards under their Average. This was a Statement Game for the Steelers on both Sides of the Pigskin and moving Forward who wants to play the Black and Yellow now.....Nobody.        

Big Ben adds to his Total of 11 Passing TDs to 14. The Steelers Defense is starting to round into form with #43 on the Bench. The Redskins 53 Man Roster get s Heinz Gift Set after the Game a Twin Pack of the World's Best Ketchup and an Original Terrible Towel. We appreciate y'all for coming to Retro Day 'Skins and Skins Nation...Good Day.

Note: NUmbers from ..Combined Numbers calculated by the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk.    

N.Y. G-MEN Blue travel to JERRY'S House to take on ROMO and B-WARE of D-WARE and the "BOYS...the NFC EAST Divisional Get Down...NFL WEEK 8 Late Slate #NYGvsDAL

Last Time these Two Teams hooked up the Cowboys surprised everyone but themselves and beat the Defending Super Bowl Champs with Big Plays from RB Murray and on the by WRs Ogletree, Miles, and Bryant. Things have changed sine that Win on Both Sidelines.

October 28, 2012
4:25pm ET
@ Cowboys Stadium
NFC East

N.Y. G-MEN BLUE @ Jerry's House vs the COWBOYS

G-MEN to Win: First the Offensive Numbers...29.3 ppg (4th), 295.3 Yds Passing (3rd), 116.3 Rush Yds (12th), and 411.6 Total Yds (2nd). Look these are clearly not those Opening Night G-Men  from September and they have gone 5-1 since the 'Boys beat them. G-Men QB Super Eli hasn't even ha his Option 1B in the Passing Game WR Hakeem Nicks and he is still putting up crazy numbers. RB Ahmad Bradshaw has been Solid along with RBs Andre Brown and Beamer Ball Rookie RB David Wilson. The Giants also find themselves a TE in Cowboys Cast Off Martellus Bennett.

Defensively the G-Men do what they do because of a Top 3 Front in all of Sunday. DT Justin Tuck along with DEs J.P.P. and Osi are dominant at times and the Cowboys will have to control the Line of Scrimmage to have any shot. The Back End is a little Banged Up as FS Kenny Phillips is a Game-Time Decision. They need to stop the 'Boy Run Game and make Romo make plays with his Arm. No Balanced Attack is in the G-Men's Favor.

'BOYS to Win: The Offensive Numbers don't tell the Real Story as the 'Boys under the "Romo Watch" has always had Glitches and Power Outages from Series to Series, Frame to Frame, and Game to Game. This Season is no different as they are only averaging 18.3 ppg on Offense and that is 25th on Sunday. That Points per is a misleading Number when you look at the Passing Yards per game  at 277.7 (7th) and the Total Yards per Outing at 374.8 Yards per Game. That lands in the Top 10 as well. With the Cowboys and most Teams its all about the Red Zone Efficiency and the #rd Down Conversion rate and that's where the 'Boys need Work. No RB DeMarco Murray in this one but Former 1st Round Pick Felix Jones is more than Capable. WRs Bryant, Austin, and Ogeltree must be able to make Plays down field. TE Witten isn't what he use to be but a 75% Witten is better than 85% of the TEs on Sunday.

Defensively they must get after Eli and get him off his Rhythm. DEs DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer must get pressure on Eli not just on 3rd Down but throughout the Game. We will also see effects of the 'Boys D without Star MLB and Defensive Play-Caller Sean Lee of Happy Valley PA. The Secondary for the most Part has played well and Rookie CB Morris Claiborne has been electric and is as good as advertised. Can the 'Noys stop the Giants Run Game and force Eli to go somewhere else than WR Cruz has to be the Top Things on the Cowboys Defense To-Do-List.

Winner: GIANTS 31-27 as the loss of DeMarco Murray and Sean Lee is Huge in this one...    


TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #47... the RG3 CIRCUS is in Town with all the FIXINS...but before we talk RG3 vs Coach LeBEAU...'SKINS did you fix that SECONDARY?...BIG BEN is waiting for you in his HOUSE...SKINS @ STEELERS in RETRO Bowl at HEINZ Field

The Headlines will read as Both Teams enter the Stadium...Beware Defenders both Signal-Callers in this one are arguably the Two Best in extending Plays and I know RG3 is a Rookie but Big Ben is the Master of that and hat 'Skins D you better be ready for Trickeration from Todd Haley as well.

October 28, 2012

NFL Week 8
@ Heinz Field
1pm ET

RG3 and the 'SKINS @ BIG BEN and the STEELERS

'SKINS to Win: They have the Best Run Game on Sunday in Average per Game with RG3 escapability and 'Skins RB Big Al-fred Morris running behind the Zone-Block Scheme. The Major Problem for the 'Skins will be they have Major Play Makers out for this one. WR Garcon out, TE Fred Davis on IR, and DE/OLB Brian Orakpo on IR with his 2nd Torn Triceps in Consecutive Seasons. RG3 is a Pure Weapon as he can get out of the Pocket, beat you with his Arm, and that Pistol Attack with a hint of Spread Option spells gloom and Doom if you don't stay Disciplined in your Gap Control.

Defensively for the 'Skins where do I start. They have given up a Ton of Points and look for the Steelers to grind the 'Skins D out with a Solid Run Game with RB Jonathan Dwyer with Rainey and Batch getting their Number called here and there. The 'Skins are Dead Last at #32 in giving up 328.4 Passing Yards per Game. They are 7th vs the Run at 85 plus Yards given up. they are 29th in Totals Yards given up at a whopping 413.7 Yards which means nothing of Teams are putting up numbers. Numbers you say the 'Skins are 28th giving up 28.6 Points.

Now the Question becomes forget the Steelers stopping RG3 he can't beat the Steelers if he isn't on the Field. Big Ben and Company are 6th in Passing Yards with 282.2 Yards per game. That 'Skins Secondary will be tested Big Time with the "Young Money Crew" featuring TE Heeeeeeeeath Miller. The Steelers also lead Sunday on converting 3rd Downs which is a Huge Problem Area for the 'Skins in getting Teams off the Field on 3rd Down.

Can the Steelers stop the 'Skins Running Game? Can the 'Skins stop any Part of the Steelers Offense especially the Passing Game? One Team will have a Problem Area on Sunday and the Numbers are pointing to the 'Skins.

Winner: STEELERS 38-17 as Big Ben and that Offense explode and the Steelers D is starting to take Shape....Uh-Oh in a Wide-Open AFC Race..What RG3 take an L back to DC with him.

Note: Numbers from

NFL WEEK 8 Early Slate Part 2...TANNEYHILL vs SANCHEZ...DIRTY BIRDS @ the LINC...RAMS vs PATS over the BIG POND... CJ2K @ BLUE SWAGGER Indy...1pm ET Part 2 Game Previews

Week 8 Early Slate Part 2 is filled with Divisional Dandies, Conference Clashes and Dip into the UK for the AFC East and NFC West.

The Aqua Boyz 305 and that WR/QB Combo Tanney-Line takes on Gang Green and QB Sanchez. The Dirty Birds travel to the Linc in Philly where Handy Andy doesn't lose coming off of a Bye Week. The Pats need to stay ahead in the AFC East as thy get the Physical Rams in the UK...London. Last but not least the Blue Swagger tackles the Music City Contingent that all of a sudden is playing Jigga Man in the Locker room..." Got My Swagger Back"... at least CJ2K does.

October 28, 2012
Early Slate Part 2
1pm ET

AQUA Boyz 305 @ Met Life Green vs GANG GREEN

The Dolphins come off a Bye Week where they saw both the Bills and Jets lose and the Pats win. It's not Rocket Science to say the Phins need to stay pace with the AFC East Division Leading Patriots. The Jets on the Other Hand need to stay close to both of them to have a Shot at Winning Time in January.

Tanneyhill (pictured Left) has surprised some Folks but in the Bigger Picture what Lead Man Joe Philbin has done with the Dolphins in a Couple of Months is remarkable and that Phins D is for real. They need to get RB Bush involved with Tanneyhill going down field. The Jets want to slow the Run Game and make Tanneyhill beat them in the Air.        

The Jets want to have a Solid Run Game and Sanchez looks like he has found 2 main Targets in Kerley and TE Keller. The Phins D is one of the Best vs the Run and they will try to make then Jets Sanchez beat them also via the Passing Game.

Winner: PHINS 17-13...Tanneyhill out duels Sanchez and the Rumblings in NYC continue...



The Lost last week but it was the Jets they were playing and they didn't ant it. The Pats need to play better and they will not have their most Versatile Playmaker in TE Aaron Hernandez and that will hurt them again. The Pats need to establish the Run and use their Plethora of Backs to get it done. Pats WR Brandon Lloyd needs to step up and get it done or that is a Huge Gamble on Belichek and the Pats Brass that didn't or isn't working out. The Rams Secondary will challenge the Pats WR to beat them and Rams CBs Finnegan and Rookie Jenkins are Tenacious to say the least.

The Rams need a Heavy Dose of RB Steven Jackson and can QB Bradford get the Ball Down Field to any one of the Rams Play makers?  The Rams strong Suit is their D and they will be a Tough Task for the Pats to handle. These are not those 2010 Rams these are the Jeff Fisher led Rams.

Winner: PATS 27-10...the Rams still have trouble Scoring even vs the Pats D...


Two Story lines in this One. Can Colts Rookie QB Andrew Luck be consistent and not turn the Pigskin over? Can the Colts D stop the New CJ2k of the Titans that has his Swagger back?

This is back to the Old AFC south Donnybrook Days when it was Dungy vs Fisher and it was Knockdown Drag Out. The Titans have played well enough to win after beating the Steelers a few weeks ago. The Colts have played relatively well with some Bad Spots here in there. This will come down to Turnover Battle and who control the Clock which is more like saying whose Run Game can establish them,selves and be dominant throughout.

Winner: TITANS 30-24 as CJ2K gets loose and Loose and Loose again...with the Remix of his TD Celebration

DIRTY BIRDS @ the Linc vs the EAGLES

The Falcons are 6-0 and they want it stay that way and this is a Firm Test for them and they know it. The Eagles are coming out of a Bye Week with a Bad Taste in their Mouth from all people the Detroit Lions beat them at the Linc right before the Bye.  

The Dirty Birds are winning games at the End but that is a Mark of a Good Team and not luck. Sunday has no Luck and if it did then everyone would be Lucky. The Eagles and Andy Reid don't lose the 1st game out of a Bye Week but they have a Bigger problem. Closing games out as at least 2 Games in 2012 has slipped from right out under them in the waning Minutes of Games. Something has to give as the Eagles need to make a Run to the NFC east now or the Falcons send a Message to all NFC Parties involved...See you in January 2013 in ATL Georgia.

Intriguing Match Up

Eagles Backers and Secondary vs Matty Ice and the Peach Drop 3.....

Winner: EAGLES 26-19 as Lead Man Andy Reid does it again after the Bye Week...          

GIGANTES call the ICE and SPIRITS Company..take a 3-0 Lead in the 108th FALL CLASIC...TIGERS still can't get a hold of the LUMBER Company as they 86 MAPLE, ASH, and BAMBOO in Tigers Clubhouse...Gigantes win 2-0 in Game 3..A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report FALL Classic Edition

It never fails and you always here it that better Pitching always better than better Hitting in October and the SF Giants are living by that Creed.

The Gigantes take a 3-0 Series Lead in the 108th Fall Classic and as they beat the Tigers in Comerica in Game 3...2-0. Behind Ryan Vogelsong's 5 and 2/3 allowing 5 hits, 4 free passes, and striking out 3 then a valiant effort from the Giants Pen the Tigers can't get anything going.  Tigers Starter Anibel Sanchez went 7 Innings allowing 2 to cross the Dish, on 6 Hits, 2 Free Pass, and he struck out 8 Giants. The Tigers look like the Team that chased the Pale Hose all Summer 2K12 until the South Siders kinda folded themselves. Blanco and Crawford for the Giants knocked in a run each.

Don't think the Tigers are struggling look at the 2012 AL Triple Crown Winner, Young the 2012 ALCS MVP, and the Prince of the Motor City Fall Classic Averages:

Miggy 3B 2/9 .222 avg  0 HR 1 RBI 1 K

Prince 1B  1/10 .100 avg 0 HR 0 RBI 2 K

Young OF 3/10 .300 avg 0 HR 0 RBI 1 K 1 R

Collectively the Gigantes Starting Staff has neutralized the Tigers Meat of the Order to a Pulp. A Combined .207 avg 0 Bombs, 1 RBI, 4 Strikeouts, and 1 Run. Not blaming the Whole outcome on the Series thus far on the Big Boppers but there is a Reason why the Tigers are plying in the 108th Fall Classic and it isn't solely on the Pitching Staff. Meanwhile Pence, Posey, and Sandoval Numbers for the Fall Classic are:

Pence OF 3/10 .300 avg 0 HR 1 RBI 1 K 2R

Posey C 3/11 .273 avg 0 HR 1 RBI  3 K

Sandoval 3B 7/11 .636 avg 3 HR 4 RBI 3 R

Combined you get .406 avg 3 Bombs, 6 RBI, 4 Strikeouts, and 5 Runs... that's what the Middle of the Line Up should be doing although Sandoval is carrying the Weight.

Game 4 October 28, 2012
8pm ET

SF M. Cain vs DET M. Scherzer

Will the Gigantes be planning the Parade Route on the Charter back to the Bay in the Wee Hours of the Night as the Tigers are scuffling to the Point that if they get swept they may not remember they wee in the World Series it happened so fast. #theGameWillHumbleYouAtAnytime

Note: Numbers from and Combined Calculations from the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

REGULATORS REPORT Take 5 with a LOGO WATCH of BLOCKBUSTER Deal...BIG GAME JAMES 2.0 of THUNDER Alley tells THUNDER Brass..TRICK or TREAT Smell my Feet ...Give me a MAXIMUM Deal to Eat...Uh-Oh...Wrong House...ROCKETS get HARDEN and send Oft-Injured JORDAN Brand Sniper Kevin MARTIN and 2012 1st Round Pick "Silence of Jeremy LAMBS" of UConn to Thunder Alley

It was going to happen and Thunder GM Sam Presti told himself we will never Tease anyone especially our own so when the Thunder offered Big Guard James Harden about $8 Million under the Max Deal he was allowed Harden had to move on.

The Houston Rockets get into the Deal that gives them 23 year old James Harden (pictured left) of Thunder Alley and in return the Houston Rockets get 29 year old Kevin Martin (pictured below right) and 20 year old NBA Rookie Jeremy Lamb. The Thunder was under duress due to the Fact that they have to get under the Luxury Tax Threshold before the 2013-14 Season when it moves from Dollar for Dollar to for Every Dollar Over Teams pay the League $2.25. Having signed Uncle Russ and @kdTREY5 to Max Deals and committing at least $52 Million to Air Congo Ibaka and Perk over the next 3 Seasons the Thunder had no choice.

Who wins well looking at the Money the Thunder saves it would be easy to say OKC. But in terms of getting a Spectacular Big Guard with 3 Full Years in the Logo and he just turned 23 Years Old...the Rockets get this Victory. Martin is a Nice Talent and a Solid Piece but Injury Prone is the Story of his Life in the Logo. Lamb has an Upside like most Lottery to Middle 1st Round Picks do but he will be in Limited Duty to a Loaded Team with all its Major Talent in the Back Court.

Looking ahead the Rockets will have a New Back Court and now LINsanity has went from lighting up Gotham City to playing alongside Big Game James 2.0 in One Fell Swoop. What do you get with LINsanity + Big Game James 2.0 = Southwest Division Back Court "FRESH 2 DEATH" Rocket City Edition and its all Nike Basketball PEs. The Rockets also get the Thunder's Aldridge, Cook, and Heyward. The Thunder in return also get 3 Future Draft Picks.

Harden now should get that $60 Million Max Deal he was looking for from the Thunder with the Rockets. The Rockets now have LINsanity, Harden, Parsons, T-Jones, Royce White, Patterson, Asik, Toney Douglas, Shaun Livingston, Twin Marcus Morris, and Rookie Center Dontas Motiejunas of Lithuania.

Not to be out done the Regulators add Lamb, and Martin to Uncle Russ, KD, Perk, Air Congo, Thabo, Maynor, Collison, and Rook Jones III to name a Few...and Rook Thompson.    

NFL WEEK 8 Early Slate PART 1...CAM has to face BEARS #1 D...BOLTS go to New DAWG Pound...Motor City MEGAtron vs OPTIMUS Prime in HAWKS vs LIONS...Homecoming Week at LAMBEAU....A QB DRIVEN League WEEK 8

Week 8 as we are at the Midway Point and if your Team has some lingering Issues chalk it up and start watching College Football for your Future Potential Draftees.

In Week 8 Panthers QB Cam Newton though he had Problems now he travels to Soldier Field to take on Sunday's Best D...the Chicago Bears and they have to licking their Chop at adding to the NFL's Best in Takeaways. The Bolts go to a Browns Team that believe or not steadily improving. The 12th Man Puget Sound takes that Secondary up to Detroit to take on MEGAtron and Staff. Then the Jags travel to Lambeau as it is Homecoming Week in Green Bay and no better time than now to see the Jags with no Pocket Hercules.

October 28, 2012
Early Slate PART 1
1pm ET Games


Panthers are having all types of Issues and Former Bears LB and Panthers Lead Man Ron Rivera needs to get it right in a hurry. The Panthers come in 28th on Sunday in Points scored. Bears come in 1st in Points Allowed and Rushing Yards allowed. This is Oil and Water and Ike and Tina and somebody is going to get Hit. (pictured right #26 T.J. and Peanut #33)

Bears on the Other hand haven't been a juggernaut of an Offense but they are Winning and they have Loads of Potential on that Side of the Pigskin. The Bears are 8th in Points Scored and 9th in Rushing. The Panthers on Defense is 20th in Points allowed and 19th in Rushing Yards allowed. If it looks like and smells like than it is a Blowout in the making.

Winner: Bears 37-17..Bears will move to 6-1 and the Panthers might get kicked out of the ACC....


Don't laugh as the Browns all of a Sudden have this tiny bit of swagger and you can barely see it on the Jersey but its there. Word to the Wise Chargers you come into the Dawg Pound on Sunday like its a Sunday Stroll in La Jolla, California your Trip back will be filled with Bottles of Clean "Mistake on the Lake Water from Lake Erie". The Browns have been playing well and QB Weeden has been improving only if his WRs could catch. Namely that Dude #15 that they keep saying is a Physical Specimen and so was the Predator and they ended up Blowin' his Ugly A** up to.

This game will come down to Execution and who wins the Turnover Battle. The Chargers come off of a Home Loss where they blew a 24 Point Halftime Lead. The Browns come off a Tough game in Naptown vs Luck and the Colts but were in the Game all the way up until the End. I have a Shocker here.

Winner: DAWG POUND 24-16...and the Browns are trying to Starts somewhere and No Place like Home.

HAWKS NEST @ Motor City vs the LIONS

One thing about the Hawks of Space Needle Fame they love talking or choppin' it up before they play their Opponents which is what your suppose to do. CB Richard Sherman was quotes as saying earlier in the Week..I will be Optimus Prime (left Hawks CB Richard Sherman)  vs MEGAtron and they all got a chuckle out of that in the 206. Here is what has to get done on Both Sides for either the Hawks or Lions to win this one.

Hawks need to have a 5lb Bag of "Taste the Rainbow" for BEASTmode and Rook QB Wilson needs to make plays down field. That Defense needs to make Staff beat them and stop that minute Lions Run Game.

The Lions need to stop BEASTmode and let the Rook Wilson beat them. They also need to put the Pigskin in the End Zone as Staff and Company have struggled mightily in that Category. Of Staff and the Lions O can't Run they will put themselves in a vulnerable situation dealing with that Hawks D.

Winner: HAWKS NEST 20-10...too much 12th Man D and a "Taste of the Rainbow"...BEASTMode...Skittle Me Space Needle Contingent


Homecoming Week out at Lambeau the Floats and Parade are at 9am..Game at 12pm CT...and Dance in Lambeau Hall at 7pm CT. Tuxedos welcomed as well as Brats and Cheese Holiday Kits. NBo Pocket Hercules and that Jags D is atrocious.

Winner: PACKERS and I will give the Jags 24.....


SQUEEZE the ORANGE...We Need You!...the MAN in the MIDDLE...thew ANCHOR of both the Offense and there ONE in the LOGO for 2012-13?...The TOP 7 Centers in the LOGO for 2012-13

Wilt 20K, Russell Team 11 Chips, Sky Hook, Dream Shake, the Admiral, and Shaq Diesel. Who is Next in Line to be the Best Big in the Logo? Dwight Howard thinks he is as he leaves Mouse Town for Tinsel Town. What about the Grind House Spaniard on Beale Street manning the paint. Or the Landlord of MSG...Tyson,  Big Cuz in SACtown, or even Drew of Broad Street Philly in his New Location. He needs Cheesesteaks and from Physique Point of View...Bag It Big Time. No not that many Samiches...86 Cheesesteaks.

Forget all that nonsense the Best Bigs in the Logo for 2012-13 is sponsored by..Can any one of these Bigs challenge Dwight in Purple and Gold..the Throne of being the Best Big in the Logo for 2012-13?  

The Top 5 Centers in the Logo for 2012-13

1. Government Name "Dwight Howard" until he gets a Chip on Figueroa Street Purple @DwightHoward 20.6 ppg 14.5 boards 2.1 No-No's  & Gold  LAKEshow: Now Dwight has no more excuses as it is Win or Shut Up. He has the Black Mamba, NASHty, the Spaniard, and Ron Ron to go out and get it done. He is the Best Defensive Big in the League and now he has worked with DReam and currently Sky Hook....Oh My!

2. Marc Gasol @MarcGasol 14.6 ppg 8.9 boards 3.1 helpers...Grind House...Grizzlies: His Numbers don't blow yo away but a Space Easter and he is Highly-Skilled and unlike some he plays every night. I put him in front of Drew just because of that and Gasol has yet to park in any Handicap Spaces on Beale Street.

3. Big Drew Sixers 18.7 ppg 11.8 boards 2 No-No's...No Twitter I should knock you down to Honorable Mention: He has yet to get up and don the Floor with his new mates. I can't wait to see him pull a Money Ball on Coach Doug Collins Watch. He will be sitting court side with Phightin' Phils SS J-Roll before you know it. Drew can be the Next biggest Thing behind Dwight but its also the Mind as well and Drew is a DNP away from that.

4. Tyson Knicks @TysonChandler 11.3 ppg 9.9 boards 1.4 No-No's the MSG Landlord: Considering his Draft Class consisted of Kwame Brown and Eddy "Mr. F**k You Man" Curry Tyson has had a Stellar NBA Career. He mans the paint and is an excellent Post Defender as well as Weak Side Shot Blocker. If the rest of the Knicks can follow his Lead on that End it could be the Knicks playing close to Memorial Day.

5A. Big HIBBERT Area 55 @Hoya2aPacer 12.8 ppg 8.8 boards 2 No-No's Gold Swagger Pacers: He went to his 1st All-Star game in 2011-12. He is the Next in a Long Line of "Hoya Paranoia" Centers. He and Paul George are the Future of "Operation Gold Swagger". Can he elevate his Game to become one of the Elite Bigs in the Logo and he is real close.

5B. Jo KNOWS See RED @JoakimNoah 10.2 ppg 9.8 boards 1 No-No The Anchor of the Bulls Defense and the Heart and Soul along with D-Rose. They play no harder than Jo Knows and he will be a Bull as long as Derrick is as he is #2 of Importance in See Red's Chain of Command.  

5C. DeMarcus Cousins Kings @BoogieCousins 18.1 ppg 11 boards 1,5 No-No's SACtown: They enter the Logo Talent unlike Big Cuz. If he can get subtle Issues within his Game on and Off the Court he has a chance to be Great. The Kings know he is coming around just look at the 2011-12 Numbers an he is no where where he needs to be...BigCuzGotGame? Everybody in B-Ham Alabama Stand Up for @BoogieCosuins!

PERK ThunderUp 5.1 ppg 6. Boards 1 .2 No-No's
DeAndre the LOB City Giants 7.4 ppg 5.2 boards 2 No-No's
Big Ausie Bogut Warriors 11.3 ppg 8.3 boards 2.3 helpers

Note: Numbers from