Wednesday, March 30, 2016

NHL Power Rankings March 2K16 as "WORD around the BOARDS" goes last ranking before the "Fight for LORD STANLEY"!...The "CAPS" of Nations Capital Ice Games runs the East and it goes through them!...The STARS and BLUE NOTES run the West with the MONARCHS of City of Angels Ice Games lurking and the INDIAN HEAD of Second City Ice Games in 4th! #NHL #NHLPowerRankingsMarch2K16 #WordAroundTheBoards #FrozenTalkHawks #Fight4LordStanley

The Washington Capitals at an NHL Leading 113 points and leading the Eastern Conference by a country mile knows all is forgotten if they don't cash in. Russian Hockey Royalty Alexander Ovechkin and Company knows its #CupOrBust and nothing else. Do the Blue Shirts, Spokes or even the Bolts of Florida Ice Games dba Tampa Bay Lighting among others pose any threat to Ovi and the Caps as only time will tell!

As for the west there isn't a new Sheriff  but there are the Dallas Stars rolling atop the west with the St. Louis Blues at 101 points. Both lead the central and defending Stanley Cup Champion the Chicago Blackhawks as the Hawks struggling by their own admission is at 95 points. The L.A. Kings who I think is the only team in the west that gives the Hawks fits in "Winning Time" is also at 95 points with all arrows pointing north. Can the Stars and Blue Notes dominate the West like they have in the 82-Game Trek will be the real question as Teams #3 and #4 have been in Parade Routes the last two seasons?

"WORD around the BOARDS"
"Fight for Lord Stanley"
NHL Power Rankings March 2K16

Note: February 1st Rankings in Parenthesis

1. #CAPS 54-16-5 (1) 113 pts

2. #StarsOnIce 46-22-9 (3) 101 pts

3. #BlueShirts 43-24-9 (7) 95 pts

4. #BlueNotes 46-22-9 (4) 95 pts

5. #Monarchs dba L.A. Kings 45-26-5 (6) 95 pts

6. #FearTheIndianHead dba Chicago Blackhawks 44-26-7 (2) 95 pts

7. #TeamHappyFeet dba #Pens 43-25-8 (15) 94 pts

8. #BoltsOnIce dba T.B. Lightning 44-27-5 (8) 93 pts

9. #TeamWebbedFeet dba #MightyDucks 42-23-10 (22) 42-23-10 94 pts

10. #PanthersNation 42-25-9 (5) 93 pts

11. #TeamTeal dba S.J. Sharks 43-28-6 (14) 92 pts

12. #Isles 41-25-9 (12) 91 pts

13. #Preds 39-25-13 (13) 91 pts

14. #Spokes 40-29-8 (11) 88 pts

15. #WildOnIce 38-28-11 (16) 87 pts

16. #PhlyGuys dba #Flyers 37-25-13 (24) 87 pts

17. #HockeyTownUSA dba #Wings 38-28-11 (9) 87 pts

18. #Devs dba #NJTurnpikeIceGames 37-32-8 (17) 82 pts

19. #Avs 39-34-4 (10) 82 pts

20. #Canes 33-28-16 (18) 82 pts

21. #Sens 34-33-9 (21) 77 pts

22. #FlyingFrenchmen dba #Habs 35-36-6 (20) 76 pts

23. #Yotes dba #ValleyOfTheSunIceGames 34-35-7 (19) 75 pts

24. #Sabes 31-35-11 (27) 73 pts

25. #FlamesOnIce 32-38-6 (26) 70 pts

26. #JetsOnIce 31-38-7 (25) 69 pts

27. #Jackets 30-38-8 (25) 68 pts

28. #Nucks dba #Canucks 27-36-13 (23) 67 pts

29. #Leafs 28-37-11 (29) 67 pts

30. #HereComeTheOilers 30-42-7 (28) 67 pts

360 Degrees...

The Ducks, Pens, and Flyers have made the biggest jump since February 1st...

The Blackhawks will have to win "Big" coming out of the Motel as they sit at the #4 slot in the West...

The Florida Panthers have cooled off considerably and we will see here soon how real that 1st half was...

The West will run through the Stars and Blues for now and can they handle the pressure?

All the pressure is on the Caps to win the East but they should be up for that task as its long overdue talking Caps Ice Games....



Tuesday, March 29, 2016

THUNDER 119 RAPTORS 100 F...The "REGULATORS" turns the HOUSE that VINCanity made famous into THUNDER Alley as Billy Ball strikes "North of the Border"..."REGULATORS Report O.K.C." as KD and RUSS go L.A. Drew League on #WeTheNorth for a good old fashion Summer League beat down! #OKCvsTOR #ThunderUp #DinosaursOfTheNorth #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch

I know they take some heat as they have looked at times in the 4th frame of a lot of games dysfunctional but the Oklahoma City Thunder have started to plus things together. They are 8-0 on their current streak and K.D. and Russ have let bygones be bygones and went to work here in March as they run right through the house that Vince Carter made famous.

Behind another triple-double from Russ Westbrook (26 pts 11 rebs 12 asst) and a game-high 34 points with eight boards and eight assists from @kdTREY5 the Thunder rolls the Raptors 119-100. Yes they turned the Air Canada Center into the L.A. Drew League in a Oklahoma City Minute (which means slow and methodical in he approach) as Toronto had no answer all game long.

O.K.C. in Motel Orange led 61-48 at the break and 97-74 at the end of three. Raptors All-Star "D2" dba DeMar DeRozan led Toronto with 19 points as Nick Powell added 18.  O.K.C. with the win moves to 52-22 while the Raptors dba Team Drake Drizzy falls to 49-24.

Who wants to play O.K.C. in "Winning Time" in April through May and maybe June will have to bring it. The Raptors are right there playing in the east as they need to get back into a solid groove as they are #2 in the east!  

Monday, March 28, 2016

FINAL 4 is set for H-TOWN!...The 'HEELS and 'CUSE make it happen on Sunday as they both join BOOMER SOONER and 'NOVA!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" as the FINAL 4 has just one #1 Seed and UNC has to be the favorite! #OU #UNC #CUSE #NOVA #CampusHardwood #MarchMadness #NCAATournament

The lead story has to be Jim Boehiem and his Syracuse Orange out of nowhere as they "Shock the World" as they beat the #1 seeded Wahoos of UVA Charlottesville Hoops.  The only #1 to survive the field thus far is the UNC Tar Heels who displayed all facets of their games as they come in waves of Quality not Quantity.

Back to the 'Cuse they get a huge boost from Malachi Richardson midway through the 2nd half as the Orange was down 54-39 with just under ten minutes to go.  The 'Cuse then went to that elite guard play from Michael Gbinije and Trevor Cooney. The Wahoos methodical slow down "Pace" plays into the opposing teams hand when they need "Buckets" as they struggle when playing from behind and that was the case late Sunday evening in the Madhouse.

The 'Heels were in a street fight vs the Irish of Notre Dame as it cane down to the 'Heel superior depth and talent. UNC All-American Brice Johnson was clicking in the 1st half but then it was Kennedy Meeks and Isaiah Hicks in the 2nd half along with former CP3 All-Star Star Theo Pinson coming alive.    

It was Pinson who Coach Roy Williams calls the "Ring Leader" as he crashed the glass for offensive boards and made plays off the bounce as UNC pulled away late foe 88-74 "W". Now they will get the 'Cuse it what should be a game of contrasting styles and something has to give.    

Saturday, March 26, 2016

BULLS 89 MAGIC 111 F...CHICAGO playing with no "URGENCY" falls to the Mouse Town MAGIC at the swank AMWAY Center!..."WEST SIDE STORY Report" as the BULLS "Fight 4 Larry" Hopes maybe a PIPE Dream! #CHIvsORL #BullsNation #OMagic #WestSideStoryReport #MouseTownHoops

The Chicago Bulls playing with absolutely no "Urgency" as though they are playing with nothing on the line comes out versus the home team the Orlando Magic and blows a Gasket, two Tires and a Trans as the Bulls lose 111-89.

Orlando led from the jump and after one frame 36-22 and the Bulls never got back into the game. It was that O-Magic Bench led by former 1st round picks Jason Smith and Andrew Nicholson both netting 14 points. The Bulls down 68-50 at the break just folded up a lawn chair and it that juncture in the 82-game trek they have to be thinking Lottery Picks and nothing else.

Chicago was led by Taj Gibson's 16 points as the "Mayor of the Madhouse" Fred Hoiberg Experiment in year didn't win, show or place. "See Red" is now two games off the pace in the East for the #8 seed behind the Motor City Pistons. Orlando moving to 30-43 on the season and 11th in the East will make its annual trip back to the Lottery and home is home for them.

Can the Bulls rise up and grab the #8 seed and face C-Land in Round 1 as LeBron and Company have ti be licking their chops...


#2 OKLAHOMA 80 #1 OREGON 68 F...DUCK...DUCK...BOOMER Sooner as Everybody's All-American BUDDY HIELD goes NBA Jam..."He's on FIRE" and down goes the QUACK Attack Eugene!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" as the SOONERS win the WEST Region and advance to the Final 4!...#OUvsORE #BoomerSooner #DUCKS #Big12 #Pac12 #WestRegionFinal

The Oregon Ducks were riding high after they eliminated the Duke Blue Devils on Thursday Night but maybe forgot the best player in the Region and maybe in the NCAA this past season was Oklahoma's sharp-shooter Buddy Hield.

Well after the smoke cleared in Anaheim, California in the Finals of the Wets Region  Mr. Hield had totaled 37 points including 8 money balls and has the NBA Scouts drooling. The Ducks never really countered on Hield defensively as their thought was he has to start missing at some point. Heck Hield rarely missed through the season and the Ducks paid for it.

Oregon was battling uphill all game long as they get 24 points from Elgin Cook as Duke Killer Dillon Parker struggled with foul trouble all game long and ended the night with just 7 points. The difference in the game was the Sooners shot 12 for 24 from the arc and the Ducks just 4 for 21 and that was a +24 points for the Sooners. Throw in everybody's All-American in Buddy Hield it was long over before the credits and Sooners celebration.

Now Oklahoma will await the winner of Kansas/Villanova as the Jayhawks try to get another crack at Hield and the Sooners. Hield was also the West Region's M.O.P. and who else were they going to give it to.     

Friday, March 25, 2016

Top Seeds advance in the SWEET 16!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" going MARCH MADNESS as the "QUACK ATTACK" Eugene and ROCK CHALK Jayhawk advances as Top Seeds and 'NOVA and BOOMER Sooner gets is done as #2 Seeds! #DucksHoops #KUBasketball #NovaBB #OUBB #CampusHardwood #MarchMadness

The NCAA Committee has been getting it right from the start of the 2K16 NCAA Men's Basketball Tourney. Yes there was plenty of upsets and madness in the round of 64 and 32 but the real cream is starting to rise to the top. Let's go to the respective venues and see the results:


The #3 Miami Florida Hurricanes shot nearly 60% from the field and the arc and with those digits should have won. The #2 seed Villanova Wildcats though shot a blazing 60% plus from the field and arc and sustained that shooting throughout to blow the doors off a solid 'Canes Bunch 92-69. A balanced scoring attack pushed 'Nova into the Region Finals where they will get arguably the best team in the Tourney the KU Jayhawks.

Speaking of KU grabbing an historic 100th "W" ran their 2K15-16 campaign to 3-4 as they methodically took apart a really good Maryland Bunch 79-63. The Jayhawks led by 17th year Senior Perry Ellis (who played with both Reaf LaFrentz and Paul Pierce in the late 90s at Phog Allen) led the charge again as he is averaging 21 ppg in the tourney. KU will have its hands full versus 'Nova.  


With the Black Mamba in attendance OU All-American SG Buddy Hield became the facilitator as he dished out 10 helpers and scored 17 points as "Boomer Sooner" beats Gig'Em Nation 77-63. It wasn't what the Aggies didn't do but what OU did as his partner in crime in the backcourt Jordan Woodard had a game-high 22 points. The 3rd wheel for OU in guard Isaiah Cousins was off shooting just 1 for 8 and he cannot ditto that versus the Ducks on Saturday Afternoon.

Speaking of the "Quack Attack" Eugene their style of play overwhelmed the Duke Blue Devils as the Dukies never looked settled into to this one. That 82-68 final score wasn't nearly indicative of how the game really played out. Canada's Dillon Brooks showed his stripes by scoring 22 points leading a balanced attack as the Ducks shot nearly 50% from the field and 45% from the arc holding Duke to just 44% from the field and just over 30% from the arc. Duke Freshman Brandon "Plastic Man" Ingram  from Powerhouse Kinston, N.C. High School Buccaneers (4 State Championships in a row when he was there)    had a game-high 25 points in his last game for Duke before he hits the Green Room.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

ROCKETS 107 THUNDER 111 F...Behind @RussWest44 monster Triple-Double and O.K.C. in the White Tees the "REGULATORS REPORT O.K.C." gets past CLUTCH City in Thunder Alley!..."BILLY Ball" O.K.C. can it do damage in the "Fight 4 Larry"? #HOUvsOKC #ClutchCity #ThunderUp #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch

The Oklahoma City Thunder trying to stay the 3rd best team in the west behind both the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs goes back and forth with the Houston Rockets and pulls a "W" out of the hat!

Behind a monster Triple-Double from Russell Westbrook (21 pts 15 asst 13 rebs) and a smooth and subtle 23 points from @kdTREY5 dba the Easy Money Sniper on the "Gram" wins 111-107. The Thunder looking at the digits should have lost this one as it came down to making the right play finally down the stretch and O.K.C. did that on this night.

Clutch City Star James Harden led all five starters in double figures with 24 points and a game-high 16 helpers as the Rockets fall a game under the .500 mark. That seed is a dead seed and will most likely get "Dubs" on Planet Oracle for a quick exit. Remember you can't win the NBA Draft Lottery if you don't lose" and that is putting it mildly.

The Thunder moving to 49-22 is staying in front of the #4 seeded Clips as they try and get a 2-3 second round match up instead of getting "Dubs" in round #2...  

STARS 6 BLACKHAWKS 2 F..."STARS on ICE" 4th Line puts "STARS" all around the HAWKS with a 4-Piece in the 1st Frame for a STARS Runaway "W"!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters need a Self Check after this! #DALvsCHI #StarsOnIce #FearTheINDIANHead #OneGoal #FrozenTalkHawks

The Dallas Stars had other ideas on Tuesday Night at the Madhouse as they pummel the home team 6-2 and it was even that close. The Stars 4th line scored 4 goals in the 1st frame including the first two 15 seconds apart. The main culprit one Vernon Fiddler (2 Goals in 1st Frame)  as he is only a household name by Stars Nation and that is no knock versus a guy playing in the World's best Hockey League.

The Stars simply dominated in every facet against the Hawks as the Indian Head Sweater's Check Engine Light is on and needs servicing ASAP! Andrew Shaw scored the Hawks 1st goal in frame two cutting that 4-0 deficit to 4-1 but the Stars bounced right back at the end of the 2nd for a commanding 5-1 lead heading into the 3rd on a Radek Faksa goal.

Heck last time the Stars did anything the Bluedude was residing in Dallas and working in Reunion Arena for the Mavs but that is neither here nor there seeing the likes of Mike Modano (A Top U.S. Born Hockey Player of All-Time), Brett Hull, and Sergei Zubov to name a few.

Now the Stars move to 97 points increasing their lead over the Indian Head Sweater by six points. The Hawks stay at 91 points with still plenty to do and I just hope that 2nd wind is coming near the end of 82 and just in time for the "Fight for Lord Stanley"....real talk!

Next up for the Hawks @ Calgary on Saturday March 26th...

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 243...BLACKHAWKS meets head on with Central Division leading STARS!...Former #HTTR RB MORRIS inks with Cowboys! #FrozenTalk1901WestMadison #StarsOnIce @Trey_Deuces #CowboysNation

The Chicago Blackhawks still in the mix for a Central Division Title and the Western Conference #1 Seed will get a chance tonight at the Madhouse to make a huge move in both directions. The Hawks will entertain the Central and Western Conference leading Dallas Stars in what looks to be a make or break in either direction for both.

Hawks at 91 points trails by four as the Stars are at 95 points. The L.A. Kings out of nowhere is tied with the Blue Notes of Muddy Mississippi Ice Games at 93 points. The Hawks will also have Scott Darling starting for the 4th consecutive game in the blue-paint and the Stars powerful offense will be in attack mode!

Moving to "Sunday Talk" the Dallas Cowboys in dire need of a proven RB inks former Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris to a two-year deal. Reports are the deal is worth $5.5 million with a nice base of $3.5 million. The 'Boys have just Darren McFadden on that roster as Jerry and Stephen Jones might be putting their hand out there passing on Ohio State RB Ezekial Elliott in the 2K16 NFL Draft.    

STEELERS #2 WR is Markus Wheaton's to lose!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" with @TheBestUNO dba Martavis Bryant out for the 2K16 Season the #2 Slot has Markus Wheaton written all over with some stiff "COMP" to go with that! @Steelers #TripleDiamondChronicles #SteelersNation #Steelers#2Wideout

At the NFL League Meetings this past week Pittsburgh Steelers lead man Mike Tomlin eluded to the fact that the Steelers #2 WR slot is a wide-open race (#2 WR Martavis Bryant sitting out 2K16 on suspension). Who is he fooling as he is just not going to hand the job over and wants a healthy competition for the job.

That brings me to believe the job will be 3rd year to be and former Oregon State Standout WR and Track Man Markus Wheaton to win the job. You don't remember in last years camp one QB Big Ben Roethlisberger singing the praises about Wheaton as having the best camp of all the wide outs not named "Business is Booming" (referring to WR Antonio Brown).

Now the Steelers will have 2nd year to be Sammie Coates their middle round pick from 2K15 in the mix along with new re-signed Special Teams Star Darrius Heyward-Bey. Throw in a pick or two and Free Agent pick up TE LeDarius Green the Steelers Offense should be ever better in 2K16.

The Competition will start at who will be the #3 WR in the mix and that could be a job that fits Coates perfectly as this stage in his development...stay tuned!   

Monday, March 21, 2016

ACC dominates March Madness as "Campus Hardwood" goes 7 ACC Teams Sweet 16 Field and just think if LOUISVILLE was in the Field another ACC Powerhouse! #ACCBasketball #MarchMadness #NCAATournament

The Atlantic Coast Conference was arguably the best NCAA Men's Division Conference in the 2K15-16 Season and now there is no argument. The ACC made a clear statement this week as they dominate the 64-Team Field and low and behold gets seven teams into the Sweet 16.

Yes those 7 teams makes the run to the Final 4 look like the old ACC Tourney played in Greensboro, North Carolina the Coliseum for years with all those great teams and players. Let's breakdown the ACC Teams in the Sweet 16 and take a closer look:


#1 Seeds...UNC and Virginia makes the Tournament Committee look like geniuses as many thought UVA should not have gotten a #1 seed after losing to UNC in the ACC Tourney Championship

#3 Miami Florida looks really good as they net an impressive "W" over the "In your face Defense" of the Wheat Shockers of Wichita State...and here comes Coach Larranaga again!

#4 Duke dodges a feisty Yale Group but Blue Devils Star SF Brandon Ingram is making a case to go #1 in the 2K16 NBA Draft...

#5 Maryland as they have the best big Lead Guard in the field in Melo Trimble as he goes the Fighting Turtles go it's that simple...

#6 Notre Dame gets by Stephen F. Austin and Mike Brey has it going in South Bend and who need TD Jesus...

#10 Syracuse...under the radar in ACC Play this season they have no real big names but the Orange is back into the Sweet 16 where they belong!

* Now just think if Rick Pitino and his Cards of the 'Ville were eligible to play in the Big Dance that would make 11 teams into the Tourney for the ACC as they finished the regular season in the upper echelon inn the ACC...   

WILD 3 BLACKHAWKS 2 F/SO...TWIN Cities Ice Games is the HAWKS Kryptonite as they hit the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters right in the "KISSER" in a Shootout!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison if the HAWKS are to make a move in the WEST it has to happen starting this Tuesday vs the STARS at the Madhouse! #MINvsCHI #WildOnIce #FearTheINDIANHead #OneGoal #FrozenTalkHawks

The Minnesota Wild knows this if they can somehow get the Chicago Blackhawks in "Winning Time" dba the Stanley Cup Playoffs the Indian Head might be in serious trouble. The Wild gets two points as the Hawks get one point as Minnesota wins in a shootout.

The Game was scoreless through one as both teams would score in the 2nd twice.  Erik Haula opened that scoring up for the Wild with his 11th making it 1-0 Minnesota and that was just 50 seconds into frame two as he beat Scott Darling of the Hawks. Nino Niederreiter gets his 18th as the Wild was up 2-0.

Not even two minutes after that Andrew Shaw scores his 11th on the season cutting that Hawks deficit to 2-1. Richard Panik then tied the game up five minutes and some change after Shaw as they beat Wild Blue-Paint Tenant  Devan Dubnyk of the Wild.

The game went scoreless in the 3rd as they went to a shootout. The Hawks Captain Serious dba Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Artemi Panarin all were stopped by Dubnyk as Charlie Coyle beat Darling in the Wild 1st attempt for a Shootout "W"!

The Hawks moved to 91 points as they are 4 points behind the Central leading Stars (Game tomorrow night at the Madhouse Stars vs Hawks) and two points behind the Blue Notes.  Minnesota at 34-28-11 and 79 points is in the 9th slot just a point behind the Avs fighting for that last slot at #8 held down by Colorado.         

Sunday, March 20, 2016

March Madness 2K16 going "CAMPUS HARDWOOD" and with the "QUACK ATTACK" Eugene join the other #1 Seeds into the Sweet 16 as the Lower Seeds have their CINDERELLA Scooby Doos on and in full force? #MarchMadness2K16 #UNC #KU #UVA #BracketBusters

The NCAA Tourney Committee has to be elated that three of the four #1 Seeds (UNC, Kansas, Virginia) have all advanced to the Sweet 16. The Seeds running 5 through 9 have had no luck as parity throughout has paid huge dividends.

The Zags led by former Kentucky Wildcat and McDonald's All-American Kyle Wiltjer and Domantas Sabonis (yes the Son of former Russian Royalty Hooper and Rip City Blazer Arvydas Sabonis) is into the Sweet 16 as they beat up the Runnin' Utes last night. Coming in at #11 they are really a #4 or higher considering the Schedule of Strength and what hurts them is they play in the underrated West Coast Conference.

Moving on every ones Bracket must be in a "State of Emergency" as both Michigan State and Kentucky go down (UK not a shock as Hoosier Hysteria is real). Teams to lookout for on Sunday is Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Xavier Ohio, and the Hawaii Rainbows.  

The Oregon Ducks the Pac 12 Champs can punch their ticket to the Sweet 16 as they get the mighty Red Hawks of Team Phil Martelli dba St. Joseph PA University. Every time I hear that name St. Joe's I think of Martelli's five-star back court of years back Delonte West and Jameer Nelson...straight margarine they were! The "Quack Attack" must not overlook these dudes or they will be going back to Eugene on permanent Spring Break on the Hardwood!    

The Bluedude will be on his way to the Midwest Region Semis and Final held in Chi-City this week as the Wahoos (UVA) , Zags (Gonzaga), and Hilton Magic dba the Iowa State Cyclones are already in...stay tuned! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

#12 #SHOCKERS 65 #5 #ZONA 55 F..."Campus Hardwood" locked in going "MARCH MADNESS" as Wichita State swarms the WILDCATS of U of A Tucson and wins going away! #WSU #UofACats #MVC #Pac12 #ShockNation #WheatShockers

I had this one on all my brackets and this is not a bracket buster but the Arizona Wildcats just falling into what was a #3 Seed at worst case scenario the Wichita State Shockers. Look I watch the Shockers as I reside in or near the Missouri Valley Conference and my guy Fred Van Fleet from Rockford Auburn H.S. (and a former Illinois Class 4A 1st Team All-State) is good and has been for quite sometime.  Then you throw in his "Partner in Crime" Ron Baker the Wildcats had no shot and that is just being honest.

The Shockers led from that 14 minute mark in the 1st half until they rolled credits and it was that nasty "D" that contained the 'Cats from end line to end line. Van Fleet led the #WheatShockers with 16 points and five thefts as Baker added 13. Arizona just ran into the wall as they could not buy a bucket and a lot of that was consistent with #ShockNation playing Transition "D"and their half court "D"!

Now Wichita State with arguably the best back court in the tourney will get a tough an rigged ACC Bunch the Miami Hurricanes who will come to play and will not be surprised by anything the Shockers do on Saturday.

'Zona's Run ends and a pretty disappointing season but they lost two Lottery Picks from the 2K15 NBA Draft and that is really tough to replace when you didn't replace either one of them in Stanley Johnson and Rondae-Hollis Jefferson and that is not making any excuses for Team Sean Miller.    

NETS 102 BULLS 118 F..."SEE RED" in St. Patty's Day "GREEN" runs right past Team FLATBUSH led by the new "McBUCKETS" and the "WEST SIDE STORY Report" BUTLER dba Jimmy Butler!...BKNvsCHI #BKNets #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch

If the 2K15-16 Chicago Bulls do not make the "Fight for the Larry O'Brien come April all will not be lost this season. The Bulls 2K14 1st rounder Doug McDermott dba "McBuckets" came in with a lot of hype and the 2nd-year Pro is starting to live up to that hype.

In a Bulls 118-102 "W" over the Brooklyn Nets "McBuckets" goes for a team-high 25 points in Bulls St. Patty's Day Green as he leads the Bulls for the 3rd straight game in getting "Buckets"! All-Star Jimmy Butler added 22 points and grabbed seven boards as the Bulls move right back in front of the then 8th seeded Detroit Basketball Pistons.

Brooklyn falling to a dismal 19-49 and looking not only towards the 2K16 NBA Lottery but a Roster complete overhaul maybe was led by Import Bojan Bogdanovic's game-high 26 points. Thad-Ex dba Thaddeus Young from Memphis, Tennessee Booker T. Washington High School and the Powerhouse Atlanta Celtics of the Adidas Gauntlet added a double double of 16 points and fourteen boards.

At 34-33 the Bulls move a 1/2 game in front of the Detroit Pistons in the East with 15 games to play...     

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

CLIPPERS 87 SPURS 108 F...#SpursFamilia "DUNC" passes "HONDO" from the C's moving to 14th Place on the NBA All-Time Scoring List!..."LOGO WATCH" as "SPUR WARS" moves quietly to 57-10 in the West! #LACvsSAS #ClipNation #SpursFans #DUNC #LogoWatch

His Career Scoring Average will take a hit and keep taking a hit as long as he keeps playing. Bit that's just numbers as San Antonio Spurs future NBA Hall of Famer in Power Forward Tim Duncan scores 6 points and grabs seven boards on his to passing Boston Celtics Great John Havlicek for 14th on the NBA's All-Time Scoring List.

The Spurs celebrated that and also celebrated a 108-87 thrashing of the L.A. Clippers as Kawhi Leonard (20 pts) and L-Train Aldridge (17 pts 6 rebs) led the Spurs Charge as San Antonio has retooled nicely around their former Big Three of "Dunc", Manu Ginoboli, and TP9 of France Hoops for what appears to be a record-breaking season.

Chris Paul led the Clips with 22 points and eight helpers as a 37-17 4th frame outbreak by #SpursNation playing #SpurWars was the big blow in this one. DeAndre Jordan added 16 points and grabbed fourteen boards for the Losers as the Clips fall to 42-24 as they are in a street fight with the OKC Thunder for the #3 slot in the west as we head for a mid-April Photo Finish.

Again Congrats to "Greatness" in Spurs and former Wake Forest Demon Deacon Stars Tim Duncan as the Accolades keep coming and the only one that matters to him and the Spurs is that decorated Trophy Case with all those Parade Routes!       

Monday, March 14, 2016

BEARS grab "BACKERS" Freeman and Trevathan to bolster "D" the FANGIO Way!..."SUNDAY TALK" as #BelieveInMonsters quietly is trying to get back to the "MONSTERS of the MIDWAY" starting with the Defensive Side of the WILSON Pigskin! @Bears @JerrellFreeman @Grindin_59 @#BelieveInMonsters #MonstersOfTheMidway

Don't look now but Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace and Lead Man John Fox have a plan and that plan is to stop the opposing offense and then eat! Bears Nation has to be giddy about the haul Pace and Fox have brought in via Free Agency as they are shopping at Whole Food Markets instead of the local Corner Store if you will...

The Bears in the first week of Free Agency inks former Indianapolis Colts Backer Jerrell Freeman (3 yrs $12 million) and then grabs former Broncos Backer Danny Trevathan (4 yrs $24.5 million) who reunites with his former lead man in Fox when he was with the Orange Crush. How does that Bears new Backers Corps look?

Talking Vic Fangio's 3-4 "D"...the current Depth Chart:

LOLB Pernell McPhee
LILB Jerrell Freeman (Colts)
RILB Danny Trevathan (Broncos)
ROLB Lamarr Houston 

That is a serious upgrade as that might be the best 3-4 Backers Unit on Sunday not counting the Pittsburgh Steelers and may even be better than the Black and Yellow! Throw in DT Akiem Hicks from the Pats for the next two seasons as you need big booties upfront to keep the Backers clean to make plays...lookout!

If QB Jay Cutler can stay upright and 2nd year WR Kevin White is as good as advertised as the new "D" will bring it then the Bears might have themselves and NFC Playoff Squad and a team to get after both the Pack and Vikes!


BLACKHAWKS in the "MIX" with 13 games to play!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN HEAD could be 1st in the WEST or 5th at the end of 82!...Remaining Schedule plus Key Games left! @Blackhawks #IndianHead #OneGoal #HawksNation #FrozenTalkHawks #FearTheINDIANHead

The Chicago Blackhawks find themselves on this Monday March 14th with the Green St, Patty's Day Jerseys up next in 3rd place in the Central and 4th place in the West with 13 games to play. This past week the Hawks lost to the Blue Notes in a Shootout picking up a point and got blasted in Big D to the new Stars 5-2.

The Blue Notes beat the Stars in a shootout on Saturday Night prompting a two-way tie in the Central between them and putting the Indian Head at the #3 slot in the Central. In turn the Hawks sitting also #3 in the West will get the "Monarchs" dba L.A. Kings tonight at the Madhouse as the Kings sit 4th in the West with 85 points trailing only the Hawks at 88 points for 3rd.  

Now let's get a sneak peek at the Hawks Remaining 13 Games on Ice and where the Potholes are at:

(41-20-9 91 pts, 1st West)

(41-20-9 91 pts, 1st West)

(41-22-5 88 pts, 3rd West)  

Remaining Schedule 2K15-16 Season 

Monday March 14th vs #Monarchs 
Wednesday March 16th vs #FlyGuys 
Friday March 18th @ #JetsOnIce
Sunday March 20th vs #SkatingWithTheWild 
Tuesday March 22nd vs #Stars
Saturday March 26th @ #Flames
Sunday March 27th @ #Canucks
Tuesday March 29th @ #SkatingWithTheWild

Friday April 1st @#JetsOnIce
Sunday April 3rd vs #Spokes
Tuesday April 5th vs #Yotes
Thursday April 7th vs #BlueNotes
Saturday April 9th @ #Jackets 

Highlighted in "Red" denotes Impact Game  

360 Degrees....

The Hawks still have a game each versus Central Division Co-Leaders the Stars and Blue Notes... 

The Wild will be lurking with 2 games left versus the Indian Head...

Huge Game tonight at the Madhouse as the surging Kings are in town and the Barometer os out for the Hawks...

The Jets twice should be nice...

That "Spokes" Outing dba Boston Bruins will be another tough one and out of Conference... 

Hawks should grab 2 points versus the Jets, Fly Guys (Flyers), Flames, Canucks,  Jackets, and Coyotes...

With 13 games left the Indian Head with all that experience is sitting in the nice slot...#OneGoal #FearTheIndianHead and Go #HawksNation...  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

CAVALIERS @ LAKERS as Game #2 in "LOGO WATCH" w/PLAYBOOK going NBA on TNT!..."BELIEVELAND" leading the EAST by the slimmest of margins as King JAMES hooks up with the BLACK MAMBA for the last time in 82!...KOBE with a bum Shoulder will play as the LAKERS Young Core is getting it going as LOTTERY BALLS are ahead for #LakerGang! #CLEvsLAL #CavsNation #LakeShow #LogoWatch @NBAonTNT #KingJamesvsKobe

This should be a solid game for more reasons then one as the Los Angeles Lakers young core of D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Julius Randle have started to come full circle for the Lakers. This is unfortunately for the Cavaliers vs Lakers is the back drop as we get King James vs Kobe for the 2nd and last time in 82.
Kobe with an ailing Shoulder has to be on board for tonight as he might be 5-16 versus King James in 82 but is 5-2 against James on the real board and that would be Chips and Parade Routes. Having said that these are two teams going in two entirely different directions. Now we get the drama unfolding on NBA on TNT will all NBA Heads to see...King James vs Kobe for the last time!

(45-18, 1st East)
(14-51, Ben Simmons Dreaming)

"Logo Watch" going NBA on TNT Game #2
Thursday March 10, 2K16 @ 10:30pm ET
Staples 16 Chips Set-Up 



PG Kyrie
SG 21 Shump Street
SF King James
PF Lake Oswego Monster
C "T2"


PG D-Russ
SF the Black Mamba
PF J-Randle
C "Area 17" Hibbert

PLAYBOOK #CavaliersvsLakers 

King James vs Kobe for the last time...priceless even Kobe gives us a Half!

Kyrie vs D-Russ worth every bit of 10:30pm ET to 1pm ET...

the Arc...who shoots it for a solid percentage? 

"Splash Plays" who lights up Staples 16 Chips on Figueroa Street in Downtown City of Angels? 

Who sitting court side in this one...the Watch Birds will be lurking? 

Lakers have nothing to lose and they should give "Believeland" all they want considering the Cavs are coming off a "W" last night in Cow Town versus #ForeverPurple...

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers...who wins? 

BULLS @ SPURS as the "WEST SIDE STORY Report" w/PLAYBOOK goes NBA on TNT Game #1!..."SEE RED" at 32-30 and the #8 Slot in the East gets the 1st Leg of a back to back Motel/Home Series!...#SpursFamilia with an NBA Leading 30-0 Home W-L trails "DUBS" by just 3.5 games in the WEST! #CHIvsSAS #BullsNation #SpurWars #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch @NBAonTNT

The Chicago Bulls with everyone back into the fold including All-Star SG Jimmy Butler tries to make a late run to get inside that Top 3-6 in the East. The Bulls at 32-30 are just 3.5 games off the #5 Atlanta Hawks with 20 games to play. They have their work cut out tonight getting a Spurs Teams that has yet to lose at home.

Speaking of Spurs Familia they not the Golden State Warriors would be the talk of the "Logo" if "Dubs" wasn't on a World Beating Pace. San Antonio quietly is the 2nd best team in the "Logo" but that is splitting hairs talking them and "Dubs" as both teams are filled with Stars. Can the Spurs hold off a Bulls Team if Chicago plays their best game of 2K15-16 which they would have to do in order to have any shit off giving San Antonio "L" #1 at then house!

(32-30, 8th East)
(54-10, 2nd West)

"West Side Story Report" goes NBA on TNT Game #1
Thursday March 10, 2K16 @ 8pm ET
AT&T Center

the "See Red" Butler goes for 24 pts 11 rebs in Return vs Rockets March 5th, 2K16



PG D-Rose
SG Jimmy Buckets
SF "Bloodline" Dunleavy Jr.
PF Taj-manian Devil 
C Pau from Spain


SG D.G. of AT&T
SF Kawhi from #SDSUHoops
PF L-Train
C "Dunc"

PLAYBOOK #BullsvsSpurs

Bulls must get "Stops" and that means lock down "D" if its in the cards...

Spurs will play their game and the Bulls must keep #SpursFamilia dba #SpursFans on their fannies...

Bulls Bench Mob must match or even out play the Spurs dynamic Bench led by Patty Mills and Kyle Anderson among others...

"Points in the Paint"...who wins?

Scrums talking 50/50 Spalding Oranges...

Bulls half court execution must be on point to have any shot...

Transition "D" vs Transition "O" as the Bulls must get ball level before the Spalding Orange hits the mid court line to keep the Spurs from getting easy leak outs and rim runs...

Will Kawhi get Butler head to head or will they leave that chore to Danny Green? 

Hustle Board who wins talking the little things?

Spurs 30-0 at the house can the Bulls rise up and give them "L" #1 at the house?   

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OLIVIER VERNON to G-MEN as OV leaves the Aqua Boyz 305!...G-MEN Depth Chart 2K16 before Mini Camp and the 2K16 NFL Draft!..."SUNDAY TALK" as PHINS Red Jersey Collector OLIVIER VERNON grabs $85 million over 60 Months including $52.5 fully guaranteed from GIANTS! @OlivieVernon50 #NYFootballGinats #GMen #AquaBoyz305 #RedJerseyCollectors #SundayTalk

The New York Football Giants with all that Salary Cap Space and smooth GM Jerry Reese behind that has wasted no time in getting proven players and paying them Wells Fargo Wagons of cash! Now you can add Miami Dolphins DE Olivier Vernon dba O.V. to that list as he gets 5-years $85 million with some $52.5 million guaranteed from the New York Football Giants.  

The Giants did re-sign DE Jason Pierre-Paul to a one year deal but needed an upgrade as J.P.P might be a shell of himself after seeing what he did at the end of 2K15. How will that G-Men "D" look with Vernon on board as well  as former Rams CB Janoris Jenkins?

#GMen 2K16 Projected Starters on D-Line 

LDT Markus Kuhn
RDT Johnathan Hankins

The G-Men could re-sign players like Cullen Jenkins and Robert Ayers still as Olivier's Signing has significant impact on whether they come back or walk. CB Janoris Jenkins is a huge upgrade in the Secondary as Prince Amukumara has struggled from day 1 and is a free agent. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"MEGATRON" calls it a Career for "RESTORE the ROAR"!...Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE March 8, 2K16 as WR Calvin Johnson Jr. of the Detroit Lions moves on from the "Shield" effective immediately! @CalvinJohnsonJr #MEGAtron #RestoreTehRoar #MotorCityFootball #LionsNation #RamblinWreck

Former Georgia Tech All-American and current Pro-Bowl Wide out Calvin Johnson Jr. has called it a career playing for the Lions in the NFL. After a brilliant nine season and Highlight Reel plays in every game Calvin Johnson Jr. will walk away from Football and the Detroit Lions and eligible for Canton in 2020.

Let's take a peek at the Digits the Man they call "MEGAtron" of the "Restore the Roar" Detroit Lions put up in 9 seasons...

#RestoreTheRoar Detroit Lions
#RamblinWreck Ga Tech

30 yrs old
Height: 6-5 Weight: 240 lbs 

9 Seasons 135 games 130 starts

1,312 Targets 731 Grabs 11,619 yds 83 TD 

Best Season: 

2012 16 gms 122 Grabs 1,964 yds 5 TD 122.8 Y/G

Just think that 2020 NFL Hall of Fame Class is shaping up as you add MEGAtron to Peyton Manning and Charles Woodson among others #GoldJackets 

Lions Nation to all the Great Detroit Lions Players "MEGATron" to me is right there with Barry Sanders as All-Time Top 5 Detroit Lions and you could make a case they would be 1 and 2...    

Monday, March 7, 2016

HEYWARD-BEY inks 3 more Seasons with the Black & Yellow at $3.8 Million!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" talking a Key Member of Special Teams and Depth on the STEELERS WR Depth Chart gets 3 more season with STILLER Gang! @theDHB85 @Steelers #StillerGang #SteelerNation #SteelersWRDepthChart2k16

The Pittsburgh Steelers always or appearing to do the right thing with Vets keeps former Oakland Raiders 1st rounder in WR/Special Teams Standout Darius Heyward-Bey into the fold for three more seasons. @theDHB85 as he is in the Twittisphere is a key cog in Special Teams along with back up Safety Robert Golden.

@theDHB85 also had o a solid year when called upon to grab the Wilson pigskin as he caught 21 for 300 plus yards and two scores. Heyward-Bey is a solid #4 WR playing behind the dynamic trio of Antonio Brown, Markus Wheaton, and Martavis Bryant. That is the Steelers Top 3 on the 2K16 depth chart as we enter the NFL Free Agency Period and the 2K16 NFL Draft.

Heyward-Bey reportedly gets $3.8 million over 36 months as the Steelers look to make a good on a solid 2K15 Campaign as 2K16 is shaping well if they can stay away from that dreaded injury bug!    

Rockets LAWSON ends up with the BIRD Man and #GoldSwagger!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as former UNC National Champion and All-American TY LAWSON maybe gets his last shot with the PACERS and Larry Legend! @TyLawson3 #RedNation #PacerNation #GoldSwagger

The Indiana Pacers trying to stay in the NBA East Arms Race as the Miami Heat grabbed Joe Johnson from the Brooklyn Nets. This pick up won;t get much fan fare but actually might work. Larry Bird and the Pacers pick up former UNC All-American and National Champion and Denver Nuggets 1st rounder PG Ty Lawson to give them some quality depth in their back court.

Lawson will back up both "Mississippi Lightning" dba Monta Ellis and George Hill but on that 2nd unit he could really be a significant boost. Ty is fresh off being bought out by the Houston Rockets who just traded for him over last summer. Lawson is most effective when he has the Spalding orange in his hand and with the Rockets that is just not reality with James Harden leading the charge.

If Lawson pans out for Indy they might be the 4th best team in the East as the Cavs, Dinosaurs, and Heat are in my top 3...

Lawson must get back to form as you would think his chances are running rather thin at this point in his career... 

#Phins grab MAXWELL ands ALONSO from #FlyEaglesFly!..."SUNDAY TALK" talking two 2K15 Key Free Agents for Team CHIP KELLY shipped off to the 305! @Dolphins #AquaBoyz305 #LegendOfKiko #BMax #PhinsUp #FlyEaglesFly

After the Shield's (NFL) new year of business starts the Philadelphia Eagles will finalize a trade that will send two players in huge deals from the Eagles to the Miami Dolphins. Yes both players were coveted by then Eagles lead man Chip Kelly (now 49ers lead man) as new Eagles lead man Doug Pederson wanted know part of that!

The deal  essentially will send CB Byron Maxwell formerly of the L.O.B.  and MLB Kiko Alonso to the Aqua Boyz 305 as the Dolphins will get Draft Compensation. Imagine that the Eagles sent RB "Shady" McCoy for Alonso and now Alonso walks and Kelly has been gone. They spend big time free agent Duffel Bags to get B-Max from the L.O.B. and he didn't look like a #1 CB as they were no Earl Thomas or Bam Bam Kam Chancellor to cover behind B-Max and that is not taking shots at Eagles Safeties.

For the Phins moving forward it look Ok on paper. For the Eagles and Owner Jeffrey Lurie he can't get rid of Team Kelly fast enough as that roster for Philly needs some reshaping and fast. B-Max will play opposite of Pro-Bowl CB Brent Grimes., And Alonso will join a young unproven group and will be expected to lead them at Backer!

#FlyEaglesFly Nation the Seat Belt Sign is on already and we haven't even started mini-camp or drafted anything...hmmmmmmmmm!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

RED WINGS 1 BLACKHAWKS 4 F...Both Captain SERIOUS and KANER #88 gets Goals as CRAW-DAD in the Blue-Paint was VEZINA Trophy-Eque again and down goes HOCKEY Town U.S.A. again!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN Head leads the WEST with 87 points holding the tie-breaker with the STARS! #DETvsCHI #HockeyTownUSA #FearTheINDIANHead #OneGoal #Road2LordStanleyHawksNation

Then Chicago Blackhawks after giving one up to the "Spokes" on Thursday Night gets back into the Winner's Circle with an impressive 4-1 smashing of the Detroit Red Wings. At this juncture in the 82-game trek it might be safe to say the Indian Head Sweaters are getting their 2nd wind as they eye another Parade Route and Chip!

The game starting around Dinner Time Central Time might have been over 21 seconds after they dropped the "Frozen One" as the Wings off all Hawks Players lets Patrick Kane net goal #38 on the season making it 1-0 Hawks. Then it was D.K. the reigning Norris Trophy Winner netting his 9th on the season a Power Play Goal making it 2-0 Hawks.The Wings bounced back in the 1st not even two minutes after D.K. "Lit the Lamp" it was Gustav Nyquist netting goal #16 cutting that 2-0 deficit to 2-1.    

With no scores in the 2nd and both net minders Jimmy Howard (Wings) and "Craw-Dad" Crawford (Hawks) holding the blue-paint down the game went into the 3rd still 2-1 the Indian Head! Then just a minute over the half way point it was Artem Anisimov scoring goal #19 with Captain Serious just over a minute behind him scoring goal # 24 as the Hawks would go onto win 4-1.

With the "W" the Hawks move to 41-21-5 with 87 points tied with the Dallas Stars but leading the West and Central by the tie-breaker. The Wings falling to 32-22-11 with 75 points as they are going to get into "Winning Time" in the East.

Hawks get the "Blue Notes" on Hump Day this week in a huge Tilt in the West and Central...

MANNING Mile High Retires and OSWEILER mulls a huge offer from #7 and #UnitedInOrange!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the BRONCOS must get OSWEILER now that #18 is hitting the Links and Fishing Holes! #ManningMileHighRetires #OsweilerCamp #UnitedInOrange @Broncos #SundayTalk #OrangeCrush

Now that Peyton Manning has informed the Denver Broncos of his decision and it wasn't like the Broncos had #18 in the plans and that is no disrespect to Manning Mile High and his Camp but the stage is set now.

With Manning due this week a $19 million guaranteed sum if he was on the roster the Denver Broncos let the Manning Camp know they Duffel Bags they threw at Manning's 2K15 Caddy Brock Osweiler. A three-year $45 million P.O. for the former Tempe Football Sun Devil which gave me the impression that #7 dba John Elway (Broncos EVP and GM) and the Orange Crush was moving on from #18 and putting all the Broncos Equipment and Helmets in the Brock Osweiler Movement.

Now we will just wait and see if Osweiler is looking for more Duffel Bags knowing Manning is no longer on the roster and if he could get an even sweeter deal. Look young fella that's a lot of money for a player that has 7 career starts and if I were you I would be on the first thing burning from Frontier Airlines riding coach to get to that Contract...just saying!    

WARRIORS 95 LAKERS 112 F...CLARKSON and RUSSELL do their best "SPLASH BROTHERS" Impersonation as LAKER Gang shocks "DUBS" at Staples 16 Chips Set-Up!...."LOGO WATCH" as the LAKERS Back Court of JORDAN and D'ANGELO is prepping for a big time 2016-17 trek! #GSWvsLAL #DubsNation #LakerNation #LogoWatch #NBAonABC

The Golden State Warriors picked a Sunday Matinee Game which was Game #61 for then to shoot ice cold and the Los Angeles Lakers took advantage of that with a resounding 112-95 "W"! The Lakers led from end of the 1st frame all the way to Stage Left and that Laker gang Back Court of Jordan Clarkson and D'Aneglo Russell is showing signs of maybe becoming elite on the "Logo" Circuit sometime soon!

"Dubs" shoots 4 for 30 from deep and couldn't have made anything today even of the game was held as Manhattan Beach, California right next to the Pacific. The "Splash Brothers" combined to shoot 1 for 18 and this was the game normal Earthlings have every 5th game not every 61st game.

Clarkson led the charge with 25 points shooting 4 for 6 from deep. Russell coming completely out of the Byron Scott Lockdown added 21 points shooting 3 for 7 from deep as the game is starting to slow down for the young fella like I knew it would at some point as he is way too talented.

Throw in that Laker Gang Bench led by Swaggy P and Brand Bass netting 13 points each with Marcelo Huertas 10 points and nine helpers the Lakers grab victory #13 of 64 tilts. The Warriors just put this game in the Luggage and moves onto game #62 at a NBA Record 55-6 as their magic number is 18 in the win column and that is finishing 18-3 in their last 21 games...and that can be done!  

Laker Nation rush the court and tear Staples Up!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

THUNDER @ WARRIORS as the "REGULATORS Report OKC" w/PLAYBOOK goes Game #2 on NBA on TNT!...Can The REGULATORS overcome a devastating "L" from the CLIPS as they bkew a 22-point lead in the 4th to give #DUBS playing with #StrengthInNumbers behind them their 1st "L" on Planet Oracle?...The WARRIORS at 54-5 and 25-0 on Planet ORACLE will be without "IGGY of Planet Oracle" but Chef CURRY will have his APRON on with the Crock Pot simmering!...#OKCvsGSW #ThunderNation #Dubs24-7-365 #NBAonTNT #RegulatorsReportOKC #LogoWatch

Where do we start as this game would way more interesting if O.K.C. had a Captain Save-A-Game in the Bullpen to close out games...or do they? That 22-point lead they blew to the L.A. Clippers at Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up could be "the Straw that broke the Camel's back"...or something like that!  Now the Thunder gets a well-rested Warriors Bunch that watched the collapse last night on an off night!

"Dubs" beat the Atlanta Hawks in Extras without Chef Curry and that was -30 ppg they were losing in that one and still pulled it off. Now they get the Thunder for the 3rd time in two and a half to three weeks and the Warriors stole the one in Thunder Alley and closed the game in Extras at Planet Oracle. Something tells me this rivalry will continue well into May 2K16 as the real Regulators O.K.C. needs to make a stand somewhere!

(42-19, 3rd West)
(54-5, 1st West)

"Logo Watch" going NBA on TNT Game #2 
Thursday March 3, 2K16 @ 10:30pm ET 
Planet Oracle near the "Black Hole"
Town Business 



PG Russ
SG A-Rob
PF Air Congo
C "Steven from New Zealand"


PG Chef Curry
SG KLAY-metheus
PF Draymond
C Andrew from "Down Under" 

PLAYBOOK #ThundervsWarriors

O.K.C. can create the "Perfect Storm for three frames then its the Bermuda Triangle in the 4th...those same Demons will arrive tonight and they must exercise those Demons to get a "W"...

Curry is well-rested and will be going for it as "Dubs" plays at a World Beating "Pace" with the Logo's #1 Chef...

Russ from O.K.C. must be a controlled frenzy and I don't know how that happens at this stage in the game but the Thunder needs a calming influence and it starts with the man who handles the Spalding Orange more than others...

Thunder Bench vs Dubs Bench and Super-Sub "Mo Buckets" dba Mo Speights...OKC must contain the him out of the Bullpen! 

"Protect the Arc" O.K.C. and I know what your thinking NBA Heads talking Money Balls from G.S.W. in Game #60 of 82...just get on it Thunder! 

48 Minutes from the Thunder as Billy Ball must believe they can overcome that 25-0 Start at Home from "Dubs"...

There is no Moral Victories in the 82-Game Trek but O.K.C. needs this for more reason than a few...

Harrison Barnes is that Quiet Storm for "Dubs" and O.K.C. must slow him down as he is smooth customer and Ames, Iowa made....

Anthony Morrow needs more P.T. and Dion Waiters needs to be waiting to get some P.T. as I can't put it any more clearer than that! 

"Pace" and nothing else....who controls the most will get the "W"! 

The Seat Belt Sign is on for O.K.C. and its up to then to get through all the turbulence and take the Seat Belt Sign's game time ! 

Regulators...Mount Up! 

#DubNation I am starting to see 74-8 as I thought all along the '72 Dolphins Record would come down before the 1995-96 Bulls...are you kidding me NBA Heads and #BullsNation as we are losing "Big" at both ends in the 2K15-16 season! 

SPURS @ PELICANS as "Logo Watch" w/PLAYBOOK goes NBA on TNT Game #1!...#SpursFamilia playing #SpurWars travels to Post Mardi Gras Territory to face the "BROW" and State Bird of Louisiana Hoops in a State of nay making the 2K16 NBA Playoffs! #SASvsNOP #SpursNation #PelicansNest504 #LogoWatch #NBAonTNT

The San Antonio Spurs on the 2nd leg of a back to back as they traveled to the Big Easy top face the New Orleans Pelicans after a 97-81 victory last night at the home digs over Detroit Basketball. At a robust 51-9 clip and everything looking in order heading into March Hoops in the 82-Game Trek the Spurs will be challenged on this night.  

Tonight's Challenger is the 23-36 NOLA Gumbo Pelicans (Coming off a 100-95 defeat from the Rockets) who is still a huge threat on a nightly basis regardless of that less than stellar 23-36 W-L. Anthony Davis hopes to put his imprint on this one as the Spurs are plotting and planning and resting (Players that is" for the bigger picture and that is G.S.W. dba #WorldBeaters!

(51-9, 2nd West)
(23-36, Bottom Feeding in the West)

"Logo Watch" going NBA on TNT Game #1
March 3rd, 2K16 at 8pm ET 
Smoothie King Center in NOLA

Pelicans vs Spurs back on February 3rd, 2K16
L-Train 36 points 



SG D.G. of AT&T
SF Kawhi from the #SDSUAztecs
PF L-Train
C "Dunc"


PG Norris Cole
SG E-Gordon
SF "Dante the Inferno" Cunningham
PF the Brow of NOLA
C "Perkilicious"

Key Match-Up highlighted in "Red"


First and foremost the Spurs need to attack the Painted-Area to wear down a thing group in the Pelicans Front Court.... 

Spurs also needs to hope Anthony Davis is off and they need to not double him to see if he gets off early he is going to have to stay on and beat the Spurs all by his lonesome getting 100 points as San Antonio will let know one other Pelican beat them... 

Spurs Bench vs Pelicans Bench...keep your "Peepers" on Kyle Anderson for #SAS and Ryan Anderson (No Relation) of the NOLA Pelicans...

Transition Offense as the Pelicans needs to play in 4th and Overdrive...Spurs needs to control
the all important "Pace"...

Both Teams on a back to back as the Pelicans should have the edge...

Defensive Rotations must be solid and know your Keys and Personnel...

"Rebound the Vegetable"..who controls the glass?

"Painted-Area" who gets the most points in this area will win the game...  

"Urgency" as the NOP has nothing to play for but being professional and putting out 100% is expected...the Spurs will bring it regardless! 

The Spalding Money Ball Racks...who shoots the best percentage from the Arc? 

"Hustle Board" including the 50/50 Scrums...a huge Key to victory who wins this board?  

STEELERS Draft who at #25?..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the 2K16 NFL Draft Process is well on its way to Chicago for the April 2K16 Date...and who do the STEELERS grab at CORNER?...The current STEELERS Depth Chart at CB!...@Steelers #SteelerNation #StillerGang #Steelers #MenOfSteel #TripleDiamondChronicles #SteelersDraft2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers "D" turned the corner upfront talking the Line and Backers as they were collectively #3 in Red Jersey Collections behind the Broncos (52) and Patriots (49) with the Steelers at a solid 48. Now that plot thickens as the troubled area on "D" is in the secondary talking Islands.

Who in the 2K16 NFL Draft will the Black and Yellow tab at #25 as All-World Island and Safety Jalen Ramsey will go in the Top 5 or at #6 to the Purple Browns dba Baltimore Ravens? Also Gator Chop #1 Island Vernon Hargreaves III is a Top 10 lock as well!  Plus a sneak peak at the Steelers current Depth Chart going into Mini Camp as we go to press...

March 2K16 
CB Depth Chart


LCB Will Gay*
SS Will Allen*
FS Mike Mtchell
RCB Antwon Blake*

2nd Wave

LCB Brandon Boykin
SS Shark Thomas
FS Robert Golden*
RCB Cortex Allen

* denotes 2K16 Free Agents

LCB and 2K15 2nd round pick the Hotty Toddy "Ball-Hawking" All-SEC Island Senquez Golson will be a huge addition as he aws put on season-ending IR August 2K15 with a Shoulder Injury. 

Golden can play Safety and showed really good flashes as he is the Captain on Special Teams as well and thats double value! 

Blake is a Slot CB as is Boykin and the Steelers missed on Cortez Allen who has been a "bust" since paying him in Full...talking Monies they might cut him if he isn't too much against the 2K16 Salary Cap... 

Safety Will Allen can still play at a high level and I expect him to be resigned and start at SS again as Shamrko "Shark" Thomas might be the odd man out if a Rookie can beat him out...

2K16 Top 3 
Draft Prospects at CB

#1 Option "Bloodline" Kendall Fuller #BeamerBall Blacksburg
(Video below)

The younger brother of Lions WR Corey Fuller and Bears #1 Pick CB Kyle Fuller as this version was a surefire Top 10 Pick if he had not Torn an ACL in the 2K15 season. Two questions moving forward will he be at #25 when the Black and Yellow is on the board. Two...can the Steelers draft another player who won't be ready for the 2K16 season as they need a Plug and Play Island? 

#2 Option  Mackensie Alexander #DaboBall Clemson 

He can flat out play but is he a product of those two Top 15 Picks in 2K16 in Shaq Lawson and Kevin Dodd bringing the heat off the edge or can he just cover. I will pick he can cover as he is a physical CB and maybe just what the Steelers need as Clemson played a lot of Zone Blitz Cover Schemes and that fits what the Black and Yellow is about!    

#3 Option Eli Apple #UrbanLegendFootball Buckeyes

He is an early entry and out of that talented Ohio State Junior Crop. He might have an edge as the Steelers have a nice track record drafting Ohio State Buckets #1 (DT Cam Heyward and Ryan Shazier) plus the Buckets run a 3-4. Apple also is a Zone cover Island but I don;t think he is as versatile as Aelxander and I might be wrong but he would be a solid fit playing Home Games at Heinz!   

Sleeper Pick: Xavien Howard #BUBears Baylor

He is moving up in the Draft Boards and just think he had to cover Wide outs in that wide-open Big 12 putting up Basketball Scores. He would be a reach but the Pro Day will be the tell tale sign on him! 

Steelers also need a Safety watch Ohio State Vonn Bell is he is there in Round #2 or Boise State's Darian Thompson...  

Also watch Ole Miss DE Robert Nkemdiche as he is suppose to slide to #26 and Pete Carroll and the Seahawks...if he is there would the Steelers go against their track record and grab this Specimen with some off the field issues!  

NBA Power Rankings Take #4 March 2K16 in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as we go March 2K16 Happenings with G.S.W. dba #Dubs24-7-365 on a record pace!...SPURS quietly playing "SPUR WARS" lurking as the #2 Squad in the "LOGO"!...The REGULATORS Report O.K.C. is right there but with major Closing Issues!...The East belongs to King JAMES and "Believeland" but its still up for grabs who challenges LeBRON and Company!...Watch the RILEY Group dba #HeatGang #TeamSpoelstra as they grab "Quiet Storm" J.J. from the Flatbush Nets! #NBAPowerRankings #LogoWatch #WestSideStoryReport #RegulatorsReportOKC #SqueezeTheOrange

The Golden State Warriors will entertain the Regulators Report O.K.C. dba Oklahoma City Thunder again as they are sitting at an NBA Record of 54-5. They will have Chef Curry but not "Iggy of Planet Oracle" as the Thunder comes of of blowing a huge lead in the Clip Joint last night and losing.

Now we get the NBA Power Rankings of March 2K16 and #Dubs24-7-365 still is sitting atop the rankings. The Spurs quietly playing "Spur Wars" through 60 is at 51-9 and the clear favorite to possibly knock off Dubs in "Winning Time". The Thunder maybe Team #2 in that same boat but must figure out how to Stage Left with Credits in their favor.

Then there is the Eastern Conference turning into the C-Land Invite as the Cavs and King James lead this disgruntled pack of malcontents with the Dinosaurs and now the Heat the two teams that might have some lethal Venom for "Believeland"! The NBA Power Rankings for March 2K16 as we at least 12 teams fighting for Lottery Slots and they need to keep losing...

"Squeeze the Orange"

NBA Power Rankings
Take #4
March 2K16 

Note: In parenthesis is January 26th, 2K16 Rankings

1. #Dubs24-7-365 (1) 54-5

2. #SpurWars (2) 51-9

3. #RegulatorsReportOKC (3) 42-19

4. #Believeland (4) 42-17

5. #WeTheNorth (5) 40-19

6. #ClipperLandUSA (6) 40-20

7. #GreenTeam dba #Celts (10) 37-25

8. #GritGrindBealeStreet (9) 36-24

9. #HeatGang (14) 34-26

10. #TeamMFFL dba #MavsNation (11) 33-28

11. #HighlightFactory404 (7) 33-28

12. #RipCityBlazers (21) 33-29

13. #ItsABuzzLife dba #Hornets (16) 32-28

14. #GoldSwagger (15) 32-29

15. #DetroitBasketball (13) 31-30

16. #WizKidsDC (18) 30-30

17. #WestSideStoryReport dba #Bulls (8) 30-30

18. #ClutchCity (12) 30-31

19. #SaltPalaceJazz (22) 28-32

20. #MouseTownMagic (19) 27-33

21. #FearTheDeer dba #Bucks (23) 25-36

22. #ForeverPurple (20) 24-35

23. #KnicksVHS dba #KnicksTape (17) 25-37

24. #MileHighNugs (24) 24-37

25. #StateBirdOfLouisiana dba #Pelicans (25) 23-36

26. #10KLakes dba #TWolves (27) 19-42

27. #FlatbushNets (28) 17-44

28. #PHXHoops (26) 15-45

29. #LakerGang (30) 12-50

30. #SeventySixers (30) 8-53

#Cs Defensive Highlights vs #Bulls

360 Degrees...

Celtics playing Stevens Ball is on a tear and Isaiah Thomas was an All-Star and thank you very much Phoenix Suns..."Deeeeeeee-fense wins Chips and Stevens and his Players know that! (watch above Video)

The Rip City Blazers behind the best back court in the "Logo" in Dame spitting 15 Bars and C.J. and yes I went there is on pace to get into "Winning Time" and do damage as no one team wants to play them with those two playing the Cape Crusaders...    

What has happened to the Bulls at one time during the season was 22-12 and since 8-18 and they have one  feet as we go to press in frigid Lake Michigan and the other in Secaucus, New Jersey near the 2K16 Draft Lottery Machine trying to fix that to get the #1 overall pick...oh my! 

Can the Raptors or the Heat derail the Cavs with mercurial Point God Kyrie Irving wanting to get the first thing smoking out of Cuyahoga County, Ohio? 

If the Bucks get in they will go to the 2nd round but that is a huge What If and can J-Jidd keep his gig for the 2K16-17 season? 

Rockets falling apart as they waive newly acquired PG Ty Lawson and are on the outside looking in talking West "Winning Time" that a Gig for Tom Thibodeau or Mark Jackson or even Luke Walton as Defensive Minds want an answer? 

Lakers and Sixers need Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram...will the "Logo" treat them these two franchises with delicious 2K16 Draft Lottery Treats (w/Buttercream Icing not Whip Cream) like they always do?    

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BLACKHAWKS 5 RED WINGS 2 F..."Rookie of the Year" to be ARTEMI PANARIN "Lights the Lamp" x 2 as the INDIAN Head beats up Hockey Town U.S.A. in the JOE!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the HAWKS break up a three-way tie in the WEST for best W-L! #CHIvsDET #FearTheINDIANHead #HockeyTownUSA #FrozenTalkHawks #OneGoal

The Chicago Blackhawks might be peaking again at the right time as they follow up a stellar performance on Sunday over the East leading Washington Capitals with a "W" at the Joe versus the rival Detroit Red Wings.

Led by Art Ross Trophy Winner to be Patrick Kane (unless Kaner somehow finds a way to hit a major slump) and his goal and two assists the Hawks were all over the Wings 5-2. Hawks Defenseman Brent Seabrook led off the scoring with the only score in the 1st making it 1-0 Indian Head.

In the 2nd it was Panarin knotting his 23rd score of the year followed by Kaner's 37th goal and the Hawks were up 3-0 after two frames. "Craw-Dad" in the blue-paint as on his game like he has been for the majority of the 2K15-16 season stopped 31 of 33 SOG including shutting out the Wings through the first two frames.    

Ex-Hawks Winger Brad Richards did score for the Wings making it 3-1 Hawks as Andrew Ladd added another score for Chicago making it 4-1 Hawks with Panarin scoring his 24th behind that for a 5-1 lead as the final was 5-2 Hawks.

Chicago moving to 85 points breaks up a three-way tie for the lead in the West with the "W" as they will get the "Spokes" tomorrow night  in Bean Town on the 2nd leg of a back to back.

BULLS 89 MAGIC 102 F...The Mouse Town MAGIC International Duo of Montenegro's VUCEVIC and Croatia's HEZONJA sends BULLS sliding right into the #10 Slot in the East!..."WEST SIDE STORY Report" might be eyeing the 2K16 NBA Draft Lottery which wouldn't be a bad thing! #CHIvsORL #BulllsNation #OMagic #WestSideStoryReport #NBADraftLottery2K16

The Chicago Bulls keep sliding and losers of the last 10 of 14 as they take another "L" in the Sunshine State. Not even 24 hours after giving up 129 points to the Wade County and Joe Johnson driven Miami Heat the Bulls get smacked close to International Drive in Mouse Town 102-89.

It was the O-Magic's International Duo of Nikola Vucevic (Montenegro) 24 points and seven boards and Mario Hezonja (Croatia) 21 points that led the Orlando Charge as the Bulls "D" still appears to be "Lost in Space" somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Chicago was down just 60-50 at intermission as that lead turned to 84-67 Magic after three frames. D-Rose led the Bulls with 16 points as Chicago lead man Fred Hoiberg was without both Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler again. Nikola Mirotic most likely won't play the rest of the 2k15-16 season out with an illness.    

Now looking ahead as "See Red' is 30-30 sitting in the #10 slot in the East they will host the Clutch City Rockets playing nothing near a Clutch City Level on Saturday Night. Neither squad hangs their hats on the defensive end  as this tilt might have an NBA Sin City Summer League Game twist to it playing the 1's!  

Bulls Nation we still have the 2K16 NBA Draft Lottery and , " You can't win the Draft Lottery if you don't lose"!