Monday, March 14, 2016

BLACKHAWKS in the "MIX" with 13 games to play!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN HEAD could be 1st in the WEST or 5th at the end of 82!...Remaining Schedule plus Key Games left! @Blackhawks #IndianHead #OneGoal #HawksNation #FrozenTalkHawks #FearTheINDIANHead

The Chicago Blackhawks find themselves on this Monday March 14th with the Green St, Patty's Day Jerseys up next in 3rd place in the Central and 4th place in the West with 13 games to play. This past week the Hawks lost to the Blue Notes in a Shootout picking up a point and got blasted in Big D to the new Stars 5-2.

The Blue Notes beat the Stars in a shootout on Saturday Night prompting a two-way tie in the Central between them and putting the Indian Head at the #3 slot in the Central. In turn the Hawks sitting also #3 in the West will get the "Monarchs" dba L.A. Kings tonight at the Madhouse as the Kings sit 4th in the West with 85 points trailing only the Hawks at 88 points for 3rd.  

Now let's get a sneak peek at the Hawks Remaining 13 Games on Ice and where the Potholes are at:

(41-20-9 91 pts, 1st West)

(41-20-9 91 pts, 1st West)

(41-22-5 88 pts, 3rd West)  

Remaining Schedule 2K15-16 Season 

Monday March 14th vs #Monarchs 
Wednesday March 16th vs #FlyGuys 
Friday March 18th @ #JetsOnIce
Sunday March 20th vs #SkatingWithTheWild 
Tuesday March 22nd vs #Stars
Saturday March 26th @ #Flames
Sunday March 27th @ #Canucks
Tuesday March 29th @ #SkatingWithTheWild

Friday April 1st @#JetsOnIce
Sunday April 3rd vs #Spokes
Tuesday April 5th vs #Yotes
Thursday April 7th vs #BlueNotes
Saturday April 9th @ #Jackets 

Highlighted in "Red" denotes Impact Game  

360 Degrees....

The Hawks still have a game each versus Central Division Co-Leaders the Stars and Blue Notes... 

The Wild will be lurking with 2 games left versus the Indian Head...

Huge Game tonight at the Madhouse as the surging Kings are in town and the Barometer os out for the Hawks...

The Jets twice should be nice...

That "Spokes" Outing dba Boston Bruins will be another tough one and out of Conference... 

Hawks should grab 2 points versus the Jets, Fly Guys (Flyers), Flames, Canucks,  Jackets, and Coyotes...

With 13 games left the Indian Head with all that experience is sitting in the nice slot...#OneGoal #FearTheIndianHead and Go #HawksNation...  
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