Thursday, March 10, 2016

BULLS @ SPURS as the "WEST SIDE STORY Report" w/PLAYBOOK goes NBA on TNT Game #1!..."SEE RED" at 32-30 and the #8 Slot in the East gets the 1st Leg of a back to back Motel/Home Series!...#SpursFamilia with an NBA Leading 30-0 Home W-L trails "DUBS" by just 3.5 games in the WEST! #CHIvsSAS #BullsNation #SpurWars #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch @NBAonTNT

The Chicago Bulls with everyone back into the fold including All-Star SG Jimmy Butler tries to make a late run to get inside that Top 3-6 in the East. The Bulls at 32-30 are just 3.5 games off the #5 Atlanta Hawks with 20 games to play. They have their work cut out tonight getting a Spurs Teams that has yet to lose at home.

Speaking of Spurs Familia they not the Golden State Warriors would be the talk of the "Logo" if "Dubs" wasn't on a World Beating Pace. San Antonio quietly is the 2nd best team in the "Logo" but that is splitting hairs talking them and "Dubs" as both teams are filled with Stars. Can the Spurs hold off a Bulls Team if Chicago plays their best game of 2K15-16 which they would have to do in order to have any shit off giving San Antonio "L" #1 at then house!

(32-30, 8th East)
(54-10, 2nd West)

"West Side Story Report" goes NBA on TNT Game #1
Thursday March 10, 2K16 @ 8pm ET
AT&T Center

the "See Red" Butler goes for 24 pts 11 rebs in Return vs Rockets March 5th, 2K16



PG D-Rose
SG Jimmy Buckets
SF "Bloodline" Dunleavy Jr.
PF Taj-manian Devil 
C Pau from Spain


SG D.G. of AT&T
SF Kawhi from #SDSUHoops
PF L-Train
C "Dunc"

PLAYBOOK #BullsvsSpurs

Bulls must get "Stops" and that means lock down "D" if its in the cards...

Spurs will play their game and the Bulls must keep #SpursFamilia dba #SpursFans on their fannies...

Bulls Bench Mob must match or even out play the Spurs dynamic Bench led by Patty Mills and Kyle Anderson among others...

"Points in the Paint"...who wins?

Scrums talking 50/50 Spalding Oranges...

Bulls half court execution must be on point to have any shot...

Transition "D" vs Transition "O" as the Bulls must get ball level before the Spalding Orange hits the mid court line to keep the Spurs from getting easy leak outs and rim runs...

Will Kawhi get Butler head to head or will they leave that chore to Danny Green? 

Hustle Board who wins talking the little things?

Spurs 30-0 at the house can the Bulls rise up and give them "L" #1 at the house?   

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