Thursday, February 28, 2013

#13 of SEE RED done messed up and got a TRIPLE-DOUBLE...What kind of party is it?...A Block Party...BULLS beat 76ERS 93-82 and put JO KNOWS into SPRINGFIELD Mass...WEST SIDE STORY Report Game #58 of 82

What a night Kids and Ladies and Gents Jo Noah of Team See Red had as he is a prime example of you don't have to be the fastest, jump the highest, and dribble the best, but dog gone if you just have to want it . Tonight Bulls All-Star Center Joakim Noah did just that like he always does blue-collar with an expensive Lunch Pail.  

Behind a career night of 23 points, 21 boards, and 11 No No's (Blocks) Bulls Center Joakim Noah dominated the Seventy-Sixers in every way possible as the Bulls get a much-needed 93-82 win. The Crowd, the Bulls Roster, and even the Sixers had to feel the energy of See Red Royalty as #13 displayed what it is to be an All-Star and bring your hard hat on every night. Not to be outdone and he has been doing for the most part going on two solid months was C-Booz 5 with 21 points and 12 boards. The Sixers did get 22 points from All-Star Point Guard Jrue Holiday and a 20 point 15 rebound effort from Spencer Hawes after Sixers Coach Doug Collins through him under the Bus just a day or so ago.

Now the Bulls stay a game behind the idle Brooklyn Nets and 2 1/2 games ahead of the Green Team as we are officially in March Hoops in the Logo. Now See Red can really make a charge as they face the Nets (5th Seed as the Bulls are the 6th Seed) and the Pacers (the NBA Central Leader) Back to Back Saturday and Sunday. The Nets are in Chi City and the Pacers are in Circle City. The Bulls can get right back into the Thick of the Eastern Conference's Top Four Seeds in a 48 hour period.

LOGO WATCH LAKEshow w/PLAYBOOK...La PISTOLA, Russian SHVED, Montenegro's PEKOVIC, and D-WILL 10K Lakes Edition visit Staples PURPLE and GOLD, the BLACK MAMBA, make it NASHty, and "DWIGHT of Three Stripes" ....LAKERS need to win every game and T'WOLVES playing for Pride and 2013-14... #MINvsLAL #NBAonTNT

The Minnesota Timberwolves come into Staples with no Kevin Love aka the "Lake Oswego Monster" and a hard 20-34 W-L record that was expected to be higher. That word "expectations" can be the gift and the curse depending on how things turn out as you can ask the Lakeshow that one.

The Lakers come in two games under .500 and 2 1/2 games behind the #RedNation Rockets. Lakers Lead Man MDA and the Crew know that Time is of the essence and its draw a line in the sand or they will have two feet in the sand and an umbrella in their drinks.

February 28, 2013
1030pm ET
Figueroa Street Gymnasium..L.A.

10K Lake Boyz T'WOLVES @ LAKEshow LAKERS


The Lakers are on the Clock and have been since first Top back in late October and Early November 2K12. The T'Wolves had expectations with a New Roster and one of the top Young Starts in the Logo Kevin Love. Fast Forward to Late February 2013 and all that is for not as both Teams find themselves in a position they never thought they would be in.

The Lakers Back Court will get tested tonight by PGs Luke Ridnour (12.2 ppg 4 assts), "La Pistola" PG Ricky Rubio (8 ppg 7 assts), and Russian Import Rookie Alexey Shved (10 ppg 4 assts). NASHty as well as the "BLAKEshow" Lakers Edition in PG Steve Blake and Chris Duhon will have to answer the call. Now who will get the "Kobe System" is a whole other animal. The Black Mamba should get Shved as well AK47...Andrei Kirilenko and possibly a little Derrick Williams. Lakers must limit the Wolves in Transition and keep their Peepers on "La Pistola" especially in the open Court.

In the Front court the Lakers with M.W.P., Dwight of Three Stripes, and the "Earl of Staples" will be challenged by Derrick Williams (10.5 ppg 5 rebs) who has been the Wolves leading scorer the last few games as well as Montenegro's Nikola Pekovic the Best Big in the Logo you haven't heard of. Pekovic leads the Wolves 16 ppg and 9 rebs and is former Washington Bullets PF and Iona University Coach Jeff Ruland. Strong at the point of Attack and almost impossible to move in the paint. Kirilienko has had a nice comeback year and is 2nd in scoring with just over 13 ppg and 6 rebs. He can still defend and and still athletic but not a quick and nifty as he once was.

This is a better than you think match up vs the Lakers and the theme for the LAKEshow in 2012-13 is to make everything interesting. Look for Kobe to be aggressive and you haven't heard that before but the T'Wolves are playing Prime Time with nothing to lose as this is their "Fight for Larry"...NBA Finals 2013.

Game time 1030pm ET...NBA on TNT  


The Dysfunctional SEVENTY-SIXERS get SEE RED and the BULLS are looking to get back on the W Train...SIXERS vs BULLS on the WEST SIDE STORY Report #PHIvsCHI

Sixers Lead Man Doug Collins says he out of answers for a Team that made a Blockbuster Trade and yet none of those Parts from the Trade to help the Sixers are even playing. Those Sixers Parts are G Jason Richardson aka J-Rich and Big Drew Bynum who is closer to serving Gatorade and folding towels than donning a Sixers Jersey and getting on the Hardwood. I wonder hoe Philly Nation feels now when they were screaming at Drew's Press Conference not knowing that it was the Fake but Real Drew Bynum. The Bulls just need to make quick work of these underlings and move on.

February 28, 2013
8pm ET
Madhouse on Madison


Forget PLAYBOOK...the Facts

The Sixers are done and like Kenny the Jet Smith said on NBA TV Last Night the Sixers players have one foot in the Sand and the Bluedude will say this and One Foot Sin City for a little recreation and rehab.

The Bulls are headed in that direction as well as they just look drained and tired as they have no one Player that can shoulder a load and make it easy for the Bulls Roster. We know that Man but he can play but it looks as though he is holding out because he doesn't want that load on that repaired Wheel right now. I can't blame him as the Bulls could have made moves but they think they are a Championship Contender and maybe the Bulls are looking for a #1 Seed in the NCAA Tourney. The Bluedude is the biggest Bulls Supporter but it stops on the Hardwood as the Guy who runs the Bulls is an admitted Baseball guy and you can ask Jordan and Pippen about that after we won Six and could've won more than that. (pictured right Sixers Only Bright Spot..East All-Star PG Jrue Holiday)

The Sixers Nation has to be frustrated imaging what could've been. Then on the flip side Bulls nation has to be thinking do we want to challenge the Heat and the Thunder or Spurs? You think Reggie Rose, Derrick Rose's Brother, frustration of saying the Bulls didn't make any moves since D-Rose was hurt and he wonders if the Bulls are committed to putting a Championship Outfit together wasn't a shot at Bulls Brass. Yes the Bulls Brass played it off but its reality and of course D-Rose is going to say everything is cool as he gets ready for 2013-14...and see ya Bulls! (pictured right Bulls All-Star Luol Deng)

The Bulls are starting to look like the Cubs as we always have next year. As for the Sixers will they sign that Misfit Drew Bynum as they have nothing else to go on as Iggy. Mo Speights, and Vucevic are long gone. Left with Players like a 7-Foot Shooter in Spencer "Boss" Hawes and Lavoy Allen. Dr. J and Moses have to be looking for their Jerseys.

NBA on TNT ...Sixers @ Bulls 8pm ET  

LOGO WATCH "Operation GOLD SWAGGER Indy" w/PLAYBOOK...look who rolls into CIRCLE City...the LOB City CLIPPERS as the PACERS will be without AREA 55...#LACvsIND #CLIPSnation #GoldSwagger

The L.A. Clippers roll into Circle City for a End of February Showdown that features the # 3 in the West vs the #3 Team in the East. The Clips will have a distinct advantage as Pacers Big Roy Hibbert aka Area 55 will be out due to his suspension in the #DUBnation/Gold Swagger PPV Fake Donnybrook this past Tuesday. Both Teams come in relatively hot and they are chasing down #2 as well as being chased by four, five, and six.

February 28, 2013
NBA Local Listings
7pm ET
@ Bankers Life Field house

LOB City CLIPS @ Gold Swagger PACERS

The Clips will be looking go dominant the Paint Tonight vs the Pacers as Pacers Big from "Hoya Paranoia" Roy Hibbert will be out Tonight and the Clips will be ready. Both DeAndre the Lob City Giants and the BLAKEshow will make a conscious effort to attack the Pacers Front court and take control of the glass. Pacers PF David West and players like "Psycho T" Tyler Hansborough and Ian Mahinmi will try to keep the Clips Front court from becoming Lob City. The Pacers do have an advantage at Small Forward with All-Star Paul George and the "Circle City Strangler" D-Granger as he continues to press forward coming off minor Knee Surgery.

The Back court of the Pacers George Hill and Lance Stephenson will be challenged as they will get a a heavy dose of CP3 and Mr. Big Shot. It doesn't stop there though as when the Clips go to reinforcements it will be Jamal 206 and the "Birmingham Baron" Eric Bledsoe. Can the Pacers match up with the Clips Bench and slow down that powerful 2-Pack of starting and back-up guards?

The Clips are 7-3 in their Last 10 games and the Pacers are 8-2 in their last 10 games including a current 5-game win streak. It doesn't get any better than this as we head to March Hoops in the Logo as both teams are heading to winning time in the top half of their respective conferences.

Game time 7pm ET Tonight...check Local Listings or on the NBA Package    

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CRIME SCENE...REGULATORS Report OKC...YOUNG Gunz OKC give HORNETS a 43 Piece LOUD City Family Pack with Free Condiments...STING!...what Sting? OKC 119 NOH 76

I have been telling these Players, COaches, and Organizations when you do it do not let the Bluedude find it. Bluedude Sportstalk OKC we go Loud City for Hornets @ Thunder.

Crime Scene...OKlahoma City...Chesapeake Energy Arena...Approx. Times between 7 pm CT to 10pm CT...Suspects 2012-13 Young Gunz Roster OKC...Victims Bee Keepers from NOLA

Prime Suspects: @KDtrey5 and @RussWest44

Score 96-60 after Three Frames....

Thunder shoot 27/28 from FT

Thunder out rebound Bee Keepers 48-25... +23

KD messed up and got a triple-Double 18 pts, 11 rebs, 10 assts

Uncle Russ 29 points in just over 25 minutes...

Bee Keepers shoot 27-77 FG....

Bee Keepers had no Eric Gordon or Anthony Davis and it wouldn't have mattered...

Don't get me wrong Hornets Lead Man Monty Williams has done an excellent job with the young Hornets but when you meet NBA Royalty in their house and you ant to come in and not compete this is what happens. A Super Bowl PArty Pack breaks right out in front of your Peepers. No Bus to the OKC Airport...make them Boys walk 43 Miles they got a learn.

OKC is now 1 1/2 Games back of the Idle Spurs and this is where the Plot thickens in the West.


KNICKS #1 SOAP.."GOTHAM LIGHT" BABY FACE Bomber Edition...KNICKS get a W but Young STEPH goes O-Zone Layer from the LAND of 'bout 11 of them BOYS from 23'9"...No "General" D-LEE for GSW and KNICKS escape 109-105

I have always said this and for my New Bluedude Heads I will say it again now that NBA Winning Time is near, "You Make your Name in Winning Time but if you do it in the Regular Season it better be in the Wold's Most Famous Arena". Yes Air Jordan has done it, Mike's Shadow the Black Mamba did it, the Bully of MSG plays Home Games and does it on the regular, and now enter Steph "Babyface Bomber" Curry to the mix.

Curry went off and I know Pops, Dell Curry the current Bobcats TV Color man, had to be smiling from eye to ear. The Knicks did everything in their Power to to stop curry and to no avail. Yes the "Bully of MSG" went off for 35 points and 8 boards and "Get Shots" J.R. added 26 points but that was the side show Tonight. Curry's Numbers vs #KnicksTape were awe inspiring and take a peak:

All 48 Minutes Curry played....

18 for 28 FGs....11 for 13 with the Money Ball which accounted for 33 points

7 for 7 from the Charity Stripe...

Then Curry had the nerve to go get 6 boards and add 7 helpers....

The Bully..Melo Anthony had 35 on Two Less Shots as Melo shot 10 for 26...

The Knicks move to 34-20 but they need to tighten up that D in the Back court for sure moving forward. The Warriors lose another one minus all the Fireworks and find themselves 3 full games back of #5 Denver who in Rip City taking on the Blazers as we go to press.

Knicks Nation brace yourselves as the Knicks D is looking spotty heading into the most important time of the season.

This has been another Episode of the Knicks #1 Soap..."Gotham Light"


SQUEEZE the ORANGE Top 10 ROOKIES in SCORING as we head into March 2013...RIP City's Rookie POINT GOD D.L. of #BLAZERMania still holding it down..WAITERS n BEAL making a charge #NBARookieGrabMyStatSheet

The Top Rookie Scorers in the Logo through February 26, 2013 is still led by Rip City Rookie Point God Damian Lillard as he continues to impress all the way to the Finish Line. He now gets some much-needed help as the Blazers pick up Thunder PG Eric Maynor.

As John Wall came back to the Wizards off of injury the #RealDealBeal23 has showed up and has been Butta the last few weeks showing himself among others that  he was worth a Top 5 Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft.

Then there is South Philly's Finest Dion Waiters of the Cavs aka Mitch Richmond 2K13 starting to get acclimated to his surroundings as well as playing with East All-Star Point God Kyrie Irving. Now you ask yourself where is the Kentucky and North Carolina Boys and are any of them in the Top 10 in Scoring in the logo as we head down the stretch?

The Top 10 Rookies Scorers in the Logo (through February 26, 2013) is sponsored by...almost done picking up ridiculous Restaurant and Motel Room Service Tabs, making PB&J Samiches, running Errands on the Road, and carrying absurd Backpacks.

The Top 10 Rookie Scorers in the Logo as we go to Press:
Note: NBA Overall Rank in parenthesis

1. DAMIAN LILLARD #RipCity 18.3 ppg (20th)

2. DION WAITERS #theQ 14.6 ppg (64th)

3. BRADLEY BEAL #WizNation 13.9 ppg (73rd)

4. ANTHONY DAVIS #HiveDriveNOLA 12.5 ppg (99th)

5. ALEXEY SHVED #TWolves 10.3 ppg (148th)
(pictured top right)

6. HARRISON BARNES #DUBnation 9.0 ppg (167th)

7. Michael KIDD-GILCHRIST #mikeCATS 9.0 ppg (169th)

8. KYLE SINGLER #Pistons 8.8 ppg (174th)
(pictured right #25)

9. ANDREW NICHOLSON #Magic 8.2 ppg (186th)

10. TYLER ZELLER #CTownNation 8.1 ppg (187th)

The Two surprises on the list are Shved of the T'Wolves and Singler of the Pistons. Shved filled in nicely as a Combo G as he can play the point or Big Guard and has a Super-Feel for the Game. Singler actually played the 2011-12 Season in Spain as this is his 2nd Year in Professional Hoops but his 1st in the logo. The Pistons have found him minutes and part of the reason they shipped off longtime Piston Favorite Prince and former 1st Rounder Austin Daye.

Lillard continues his Scoring as he just looks the Part and plays the Part of an Seasoned NBA Point Guard.

Waiters and Beal were the Two Best Shooting Guards on the 2012 Draft Board and for the most part have not disappointed anyone.

Davis the #1 Overall has had a Bad Wheel but is starting to pick it up as we head into the Stretch of the 2012-13 season. You see glimpses of what A.D. will become and he is Garnett and Sheed wrapped up into One...high praise but real talk.

Both Barnes and MKG were the Two Best Small Forwards on the Board and they are finding their way as Barnes will make it to the Playoffs and MKG will try to see hope after his rookie season with the "Cats.

Zeller slipped out of the Lottery but I knew he would be a Solid Pick and is durable and for NAB Big that is half the battle.

Note: Numbers from

KNICKS Nation #1 SOAP w/PLAYBOOK..."GOTHAM LIGHT"...Welcome to MSG #DUBnation Episode...the KNICKS try to stay ahead of the BK and GOLD SWAGGER as they get a Talented and Youthful WARRIORS Bunch led by the THOMPSON, CURRY, and the "GENERAL" D-LEE of Run T.L.C. #GSWvsNYK

The Knicks know its past crunch time and the Warriors are also watching the Western Conference Standings as they head into March as well. The Knicks are trying to win the Atlantic over the Nets and C's while getting the #2 Seed from the Pacers. The Warriors are not going to win the Pacific but catching the Grizz and Nuggets are on the Agenda as they try to get a Top 4 Seed in the West. NBA Drama is starting unfold as we get close to Winning Time in Mid-April.

RUN T.L.C.                                                                                  #KNICKStape

February 27, 2013
8pm ET
"World's Most Famous Arena"...New MSG

#WarriorsGround GSW @ #KnicksTape KNICKS


The Warriors come off of a PPV "Fight Night" with "Operation Gold Swagger" as GSW's PF David Lee and Pacers Big "Area 55" Roy Hibbert started a Mini-Donnybrook. No one was injured and no fans entered the Fray as the Warriors suffered the loss on Both Ends.

Now comes the enviable challenge of playing a Knicks Team that is Bi-Polar but rested with the Warriors on the 2nd Leg of a Back 2 Back Motel Swing. GSW is going to have to take advantage of their Back Court Players of Curry, Thompson, and Jack and go right after J-Kidd, Raymond F-Dawg, and get Shots" J.R.. If the Warriors have an advantage its in the back court. Can the Knicks control the Arc as the Warriors have "Mad Bombers" from the Land of Plenty and Two of the Top Three Players in Made Money Balls at the All-Star Break in Curry and Thompson?

The Front Court the Warriors will have to decide how they will play the Bully of MSG..Melo Anthony. GSW Rookie SF Harrison Barnes will get 1st rip but who else will they go with PF Carl Landry and Rookie SF Draymond "the Lawnmower Man of Sparty" Green? The Warriors must make is difficult for 'Melo and if he gets 30 plus make it a hard 30 before GSW gets caught up in "Running with the Bully of MSG" on NBA TV and Sports Center. Yes Pamplona Spain is one thing but watching your Tablet or Phone of you getting in on the wrong side of the Highlights is a Tweeting or Facebook Animal.

David Lee and Carl Landry will get S.T.A.T. and Tyson of MSG and those might be the Four Players that decide this match up with their Play in the paint. The half Court Sets will be key and who ever can hold down the Glass, win the Points off Turnovers, and play solid Transition D will win the game.

Key Match Ups for #PlanetOracle vs #KnicksTape

S. Curry vs Ray Felton

H. Barnes vs The "Bully of MSG"

D-Lee vs S.T.A.T.

J. Jack, C. Landry  GSW Bench

"Get Shots" J.R., Pregioni KNICKS bench

Game time 8pm ET NBA on ESPN.....  

TOP FIVE from the BUMP on the JUNIOR Circuit...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report 2013 Position by Position...EXPRESS or LOCAL?

The Best of the Best from the Bump on the Junior Circuit is led by the Best Starting Pitcher in the Show from the Motor City and you know who he is if you follow the Show closely. That same Pitcher didn't win the 2012 AL Cy Young but a Lefty from the AL East did as he is one of the Top Five from the Bump in the Show as well. If you had to start an All-Star Team who would be your Top Five from the Bump on the Roster?

The Top Five Pitchers in the American League are sponsored by...we have to face Nine Hitters and no Pitchers so the challenge is much more on the Junior Circuit...GotDH?

The 2013 Top Five Pitchers in the AL (in order):

1. JUSTIN VERLANDER RHP Detroit Tigers #Tigers...The Man, the Myth, the Legend is a classic Throwback Power Pitcher and Horse. He has the Best Stuff a Show Contract could buy and eats up Innings while mowing Hitters down like its Junior Hardball. His W-L Record didn't wow many but those numbers are deceiving as he is the #1 Pitcher in the Show let alone in the AL. 17-8 in 2012 with a 2.64 ERA on 239 Ks 60 BBs and a 238.1 IPs. Dominant in every sense of the Word as he and Teammate Max Scherzer are the Top Duo in the Show in Combined Strikeouts for Teammates.

2. DAVID PRICE LHP (pictured left) Tampa Bay Rays #Rays...the 2012 AL Cy Young Award Winner was dynamite in 2012 and it also goes to show you some time that #1 Pick Overall does pan out with the law of averages. Price was 20-5 in 2012 with a 2.56 ERA on 211 Innings pitched. He struck out 205 and walked 59. Crafty he is who just knows how to pitch and can bring the Express as well. Out of all those Rays Arms from 2009 like Shields (Royals), Kazmir (Out of MLB), and Garza (Cubs)..Price has been the Man they build around.

3. FELIX "KID FELIX" HERNANDEZ RHP Seattle Mariners #Ms...they just paid him all what the Mariners had in the Disposable Account and it was well worth it. His numbers have been on the decline the past few years but he is a True #1 with #1 Stuff. He obviously didn't get a lot of Run Support but still posted eye-popping numbers. Kid Felix was only 13-9 in 2012 but had a 3.06 ERA, 223 Ks, and only 56 BBs. The M's must get more Offense but Felix will definitely lead the Staff.

4. JERED WEAVER RHP Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim #Halos...I used to think older brother Jeff was better when i first saw Jered and boy was that a mistake. If it wasn't for a couple of Bumps in the Road due to minor Injuries Weaver could have been the 2012 AL Cy Young Award Winner. The Ace of the Halos Staff posted in 2012...a sparkling 20-5 W-L Record, 2.81 ERA, 142 Ks, 45 BBs, and pitched 188.2 Innings. He is not a Strikeout Pitcher by any stretch but he is always around the plate and is your classic ground ball pitcher.

5. C.C. SABATHIA LHP (pictured right) New York Yankees #BronxBombers...He was still the Workhorse as he will continue to be. 15-6 in 2012 with a 3.38 ERA while getting 197 Ks, and only 44 BBs in 200 Innings pitched. The Yanks get Pettite back along with Hughes, Kuroda, and Nova. Both Kuroda and Hughes were 16-Game Winners in 2012 and the yanks will need more of that to stave off a Top Heavy AL East with the Jays, Rays, and O's lurking.      

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #81 with a 40 Yard Dash of SUNDAY TALK...STEELERS Stars restructuring Contracts...49ERS QB ALEX SMITH a CHIEFS March 12, 2013...Where is Ex-PACKERS WR Greg JENNINGS going?

The March 12th NFL Free Agent Period is coming fast and so is the deadline for NFL Teams to have 51 Roster Players under the Salary Cap for 2013. Having said that the Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to save Fate and doing what most teams do with Star Players in the Fold with Big Cap Hits.

The Steelers have restructured bit QB Big Ben Roethlisberger and ILB LAWdawg Timmons for the 2013 Season to save Cap Space. That was a move that was more of a formality than a shock. The next move is to either restructure OLB James Harrison or cut him and #92 should know by now he has no leverage and no market but the Steelers need him as they are a better D with him than without him. Stay tuned as the Steelers are all over BYU DE Ansah as their #17 Pick and it looks like he won't be at #17.  

The San Francisco 49ers are taking a page out of the Bill Belichik way of thinking. The 49ers already have a plethora of picks in the 2K13 Draft and now they add a 2nd round pick in 2013 and an unconditional pick in 2014 as they trade QB Alex Smith (pictured right) to the Chiefs. Chiefs new lead man Andy Reid was not going into the 2013 season with Cassell or Quinn and the Chiefs made the move. Are the Chiefs better ell they are better at the QB Slot.

Ex-Packers WR and A-Rog's #1 Target Greg Jennings has a market but it will be a tiny market. Reportedly the Aqua Boyz and Lead man Philbin want no part of Jennings as Philbin was Packers QB Coach before taking head coaching job with the Phins. The Market for Jennings I would venture out to say is the Bears, Seahawks, Bengals, and maybe even the Patriots. The Bears and Seahawks could use him the most and the Bengals will have plenty of Cash to spend on Players come March 12th Free Agent Period.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

KING JAMES and WADE County go O-ZONE Layer but the SACtown KINGS go up in SPACE with them as MARCUS "MACHINE GUN" THORTON goes Shooting Clinic...RED-HOT wins 141-129 in Two Extra Frames

The Miami Heat didn't see this coming as the SACtown Kings played their "Fight for Larry" NBA Trophy Game tonight in the AA 305. Talking numbers on the scoreboard this game looked like a Sports Ticker gone mad.

Yes there was a combined 270 points cored in this one and the Heat aka Red Hot scored 141 of them. Not to be outdone the Kings put up a fight for 5 frames and scored 129 points. The Checks as both Teams Tab out for the night:

SACtown Kings:

Combo G Marcus Thornton 36 pts (8-12 3pt FG)
2G REKEhavoc Evans 26 pts (11-19 FG)
Big @BoogieCousins 24 pts 15 rebs (10-17 FG)

Kings shoot 27 money balls and hit 14.....

Red Hot HEAT:

SF King James 40 pts (14-23 FG) 16 helpers 8 rebs
SG Wade County 39 pts (19-28) 7 helpers 8 rebs
SG Sugar Ray 21 pts (5-10 3pt FG pictured right)

Heat shoot 23 money balls and hit 10...

The Bluedude trying not use any Gun References had to ABA with this one. Remember San Diego Conquistadors' G Travis "Machine Gun" Grant that's what Kings Gunner Marcus Thornton of Geaux Tigers reminds me of when he gets into Games a Volume Shooter that his next shot is the best shot.

The Heat with the win move to 41-14 and 2 1/2 games back of the Spurs for the Logo's Best Record....Kings waiting on the Green light to have "Two Men and a Truck" move them to 206...Seattle Washington.

CAVS take SEE RED to a Dark Dark Place and now the BULLS are struggling to stay afloat...CAVS win 101-98...BULLS 3rd straight Home Loss...WEST SIDE STORY Report Game #57 of 82

The Bulls had their chances but the writing is definitely on the wall Derrick or no Derrick they are not good enough to win a Chip let alone be a factor in the East. While the Bulls stay status quo teams like Gold Swagger Indy and even the Knicks are moving towards the Champs 305.

Well Tonight a Low Blow that the Fight Doctors didn't see coming the Cavs without All-Star PG "Kyrie for Mayor" Irving still beat the Bulls with their Two All-Stars. With somewhat of healthy roster as the TAJmanian Devil Gibson will be out for two weeks with Knee Issues the Bulls did nothing to the Cavs.

Led by Rookie Combo G Dion Waiters' 25 points and 15 points from much-traveled PG Shaun Livingston the Cavs beat the Bulls 101-98. Without their Point Guard the Bulls only forced the Cavs into Ten Turnovers. Leading the Bulls Charge was C-Booz 5 with a Monster Night 27 points and Luol added 26 points but that wasn't enough on this night. The Cavs made plays at the end of the game to win the game. To be honest the Bulls look like they are tired or sick and tired of being tired with limited Players on the Roster that can create for self and others. That is the beauty of Basketball in the Logo which is predicated on Team Defense but at times the Player who can create for his Own Shot or for Teammates and they are normally under the Umbrella of NBA Star. To date the Bulls have one player who does that and that is KRYPTOnate Robinson...real talk.

With the loss the Bulls in the 6th hole trailing One Game for the 5th hole and the Bucks are four games back in the 8th hole. That is how close See Red is getting to be the 8th Seed in the East and it could happen. The Cavs are playing for Lottery Balls and mind you this...."You can Win (the Lottery)...if you Don't Lose". Cavs quit winning games and get you more Lottery Balls in the Machine...Dufensmirtz.

Note: Bulls 62-12 at Home with Derrick Rose from 2010-2012 which is Two Full Seasons. This Season they are 15-14 on the West Side. One Man...c'mon Gar and Pax fix this.      

TOP FIVE on the SENIOR Circuit from 60'6" in the SHOW for 2013....A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report Position by Position...What you want the 2-SEAMER of SLIDE Piece?

The Top Five Pitchers on Senior Circuit or National League for 2013. It was close but the Votes are in for the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk. What comes to mind when thinking of an Ace on a Staff. Durability and the willingness to take the Stitched one every 4th or 5th day. Grade A Stuff and can go to any of his Pitches at anytime in the Count. A Bulldog mentality and challenges Hitters where need be. Most of all the bigger the game the better the stuff you get from your Ace on the Staff.

The Top Five Pitchers in the National League is sponsored by...what's your out pitch your bread and butter to get out of a developing situation....2-Seamer, Cut Fastball, Off Speed Stuff, Change, Curve, Split, Slide Piece, 4-Seamer, or just the Good Ole Express and dialing it up upper 90s?

The 2013 Top Five Pitchers in the NL:

1. CLAYTON KERSHAW LHP LA Dodgers #BoysInBlue....2012 Numbers (14-9) 2.53 ERA 229 Ks 63 BBs 227.2 IPs..A Monster and he eats Innings, Has an excellent Strikeout to Walk Ratio and is a Big Game Pitcher. He is the best in the NL and the unquestioned Ace on the Dodgers Staff that has RHPs Chad Billingsley and 2012 FA Pick Up RHP Zack Greinke.

2. STEPHEN STRASBURG RHP (pictured right) Washington National #NATitude...2012 Numbers (15-6) 3.16 ERA 197 Ks 48 BBs 159.1 IPs...If only the Nats would unleash the "Potomac Beast" and the Right Side of the "Potomac 2-Pack" along with LHP G2...Gio Gonzalez. After Tommy John he has been good as advertised and he looks like a young Rocket Roger Clemens. He needs to develop more changing of Speeds and that will come with time. The #1 Pitcher on a Staff with two number ones.

3. MATT CAIN RHP San Francisco Giants #Gigantes...2012 Numbers (16-5) 2.79 ERA 193 Ks 51 BBs 219.1 IPs...he is the Ace of the Best Staff in the Show with Bumgarner, Lincecum, Vogelsong, and Zito. Cain is more consistent than anyone else on the staff and his Stuff is just as good as the others. A Big Game Pitcher and a big reason why the Gigantes are the Fav again in the NL West and NL. As Pitching and Defense wins Chips...nothing else matters.

4. COLE HAMELS LHP Philadelphia Phillies #PhightinPhils...2012 Numbers (17-6) 3.05 ERA 216 Ks 52 BBs 215.1 IPs...Hamels carried that Big Contract and validated everything on it as both Doc Halladay and Cliff Lee broke down. Now moving forward he is the Ace of a Staff that has a lot of questions heading into 2013. Hamels has some former Phils LHP Steve Carlton of the 80s and former Redbirds LHP Ace John Tudor of the 80s. Another 4 to 1 Strikeout to Walk Ratio.

5. ZACK GREINKE RHP (pictured left with Dodgers Minority Owner Magic Johnson who is on the right)) LA Dodgers #DodgerNation...2012 Numbers ( 15-5) 3.49 ERA 200 Ks 54 BBs 212.1 IPs...Greinke was a the Big Fish at the Winter Meetings as the Dodgers were determined to get his services. He has good stuff and eats up innings. he was dealt from the Brewer to Halos and gave the Rangers one last rip for his Services before conceding to Dodger Blue. He and Kershaw along with Billingsley should be a Nice 3-man Rotation when they get to Wining Time.  

MAKING NOISE with a CONVO on KING JAMES Heavy to Light SIGNATURE Shoes from Summer through the Season...#LeBronX #LeBronZoomSoldier #NikeBasketball...A Must Read and really interesting stuff!

The Bluedude on this snowy afternoon in the West Skirts had to drop the Old Squeeze off at a notable Chi City Steakhouse for a Company Luncheon. The Bluedude then took a stroll to North Riverside Mall to the Infamous Shoe Store which is like your Squeeze entering a Victoria's Secret, Coach, Kate Spade, or even their favorite Department Store to do a little to grab me something. (Picture right is the LeBron X Cork Edition for the 2012-13 Season)

The Bluedude, being One that likes to engage in Convo a lot, started talking King James and why he the best player in the Game. Then the Topic came up about his Scooby Doos and I was shocked at what the articulate and intelligent saleswomen and men were telling me about how King James wears his Scooby Doos from the start of the season through the end of the season. This will have you floored and I am sure some of you might know this but you would have to be in the know like the Bluedude.

This Shoe Stores Personnel were telling me that Nike makes King James Shoe heavy at the beginning of the season to get his Wheels (legs) in shape.  Not saying the King James X isn't already heavy enough but a weighted shoe to get strength in the Legs for the long haul. As the Season moves on Nike makes his Signature Lighter and Lighter as his Legs continue to get stronger (picture left is the King James 2012 Zoom Soldier a Light Shoe he wore for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games). By the end of the Season King James is wearing a shoe that has went from a Few El Bees to Ounces. The whole conversation was mind-bottling and I am pretty adept at the Shoe Game and what these players wear.

Then the Bluedude asks after that in the Summer or Of Season what does King James do? He will wear a really light shoe like the King James Zoom Soldier as he doesn't need to have legs in the Summer as he is giving his body n legs rest time. The things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm! Does any of this have anything to do with the Numbers and Work he puts on display on nightly basis I doubt that. But what "Food for Thought" or shall I say what "Shoes for Thought".

Another interesting Post from the Bluedude as you never know what might happen on the Internets #1 Sports Blog....Lol. Real Talk!


Logo Watch "Operation GOLD SWAGGER 317" w/PLAYBOOK...#DUBnation and RUN T.L.C. take on the 2nd best Team in the EAST...PACERS and Operation GOLD SWAGGER.. #GSWvsIND

The Golden State Warriors have found their Stride once again as they beat the #1 Team in the Logo at least by record in the San Antonio Spurs and now they will get the #2 in the East...the Indiana Pacers and Operation Gold Swagger. The Pacers are trying to pull away from the Knicks whom they laid a Family Pack on right out of the Break.

February 26, 2013
NBA Local Listings
Area 55...NAPtown

#DUBnation WARRIORS vs #GoldSwagger PACERS


The Golden State Warriors come into tonight's contest having won three in a row and the Pacers four in a row and something has to give tonight. The Warriors will be up against one of the best Defensive Teams in the Logo in the Pacers. The Pacers are also a Big Team in the Back Court especially with Paul George and Lance Stephenson between the two and the three.

Warriors PG Steph Curry will contend with Pacers PG George Hill and Lance Stephenson will get Klay Thompson which should be solid match ups all the way around. What the Pacers will have to watch for is when GSW goes to PG Jarrett Jack which gives them a completely different element to their game. Watch for the Pacers to use PG-24 as the Big Guard and guard Thompson or even Curry as PG-24 is long-athletic.

The Front Court Warriors All-Star D-Lee (picture above right) face a tough former All-Star PF David West (pictured right in yellow). The Pacers will have to match D-Lee's Blue-Collar Style and that's where Big Roy Hibbert comes in. Area 55 of Gold Swagger has a decided advantage on Rookie Big Festus Ezeli for the Warriors and the Pacers must try to exploit that match up.  Warriors Rookie SF Harrison Barnes will also have to be on his A-Game is he will get All-Star Paul George.

The Warriors are trying to keep pace in the West with the #4 Seed Memphis Grizzlies. The Pacers are trying to hold onto the Central and by chance past the Knicks up for that #2 Seed in the East. Remember if the Pacers are a two or three seed they won;t have to play the Champs 305 until the East Finals. The Warriors are #6 and matched up with the Clips but could get in that Four and Five where Memphis and the Nuggets are residing. NBA Drama is unfolding as we head into at-bat March, on deck April, and Winning Time in the hole.

Game time 7pm ET Tonight...    

TOP 5 BACKSTOPS in the SHOW for 2013...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report Position by Position...Who is on #OrangeOctober Back Stop BUSTER POSEY's Level #ControllingTheStaff

The Top Five Catchers in the Show for 2013 is the easiest position to evaluate simply because the good ones stick out immediately and there are usually no arguments. The Best of the Best is led by Gigantes All-World Backstop Buster Posey and then you would most likely go to Redbirds Nation or Baseball Town USA for #2. Followed by a Phigtin' Phils Backstop that got caught taking Illegal Wilma and Fred's (Flintstones Vitamins). After those Three its not much that separates the Heap.

The Top Five Back Stops in the Show for 2013 is sponsored by in my Backstop as a Starting Rotation "We Trust" and shake me off until you know it's the Right Delivery.

The 2013 Top Five Backstops in the Show (in order)

1. BUSTER POSEY San Francisco Giants #Gigantes #OrangeOctober...At just 25 years of age and having delivered Two Chips for the Gigantes while those Accolades were sandwiched by an Nasty Broken Leg in 2011. He also delivered an NL MVP and he is becoming the Face of the Show ass Derek Jeter of the Bronx Bombers is near Rolling the Credits. Buster's Numbers 2012...24 HRs 103 RBIs .336 Avg, an OPS of .957, the Silver Slugger Award, and the Hank Aaron Award. He also parked Cars and was a Suds there no One Else...I am Buster Posey.

2. YADIER MOLINA (pictured right) St. Louis Cardinals #Redbirds #BaseballTownUSA...the Best of the 27 Starting Molina's in the Show for 2012. Yadier came out of nowhere with his Lumber Company as he was already a Top Flight Defensive Backstop and the Best in the Show defensively. Now he enters uncharted water as Molina and Holliday are expected to carry the Offensive Load with Carlos Beltran. Molina's 2012 Numbers were excellent...22 Bombs 76 Ribbies a .315 Avg an OPS of .874 while netting his 5th Straight Gold Glove. Most say we live in a  World of Backstop Buster Posey. In Baseballtown USA and Redbird Nation they say we live in a World of the Best of the Molina Brothers...Yadier.

3. JOE MAUER Minnesota Twins #Twinkies...It's like he has been playing forever and at just 29 years old he may not be the Best Backstop but he is off the Charts as a Player in the Show. Ultra-smooth and consistent Mauer is as he hit a quiet .319 with 10 HRs 85 RBIs and an OPS of .861. Eventually one would see him moving to 1st base after Justin Morneau is finished. Athletic as they come as the Bluedude being a little bit Biased towards the FSU 'Noles I would have loved to see Mauer QB at Florida State back in the day.

4.  JONATHAN LUCROY (pictured left) Milwaukee Brewers #BrewCrew...He is a hidden gem unless you follow the Brew Crew in Beer Town USA. Lucroy was putting up some Career-High Numbers until he broke his hand in 2012. With Prince long gone the Brewers have found someone to protect Ryan Braun as Lucroy and Corey Hart are just what the MLB Doctor ordered for the Brewers. With 12 HRs 58 RBIs and hitting .320 with an OPS of .881 Lucroy hasn't even scratched the surface. He should have a an even Bigger Year in 2013 and he is only 26 years old as we go to press.  

5. WILIN ROSARIO Colorado Rockies #Rockies...who is this Bluedude well he could have been NL Rookie of the Year and he is all that at the Ripe Age of 23. Yes he has a Few Holes in his Mitt as he isn't sound defensively yet but his Power might be better than any backstop in the Show. While the Dodgers load up through Free Agency, the Gigantes win Chips, the Rockies are implementing a Youth Movement that will most likely surface in 2013 in the Show. Rosario hit only .270 in 2012 but had 28 Bombs and 71 RBIs while netting an OPS of .843.

Note: I could have went with D-Backs Backstop Miguel Montero but went with Power from the Dish instead on Rosario.

Monday, February 25, 2013

LAKERS #1 SOAP..."As DWIGHT Turns" Can WE Reach the .500 Mark Episode in Mile High"....DWIGHT goes Double-Double, BLACK MAMBA nets 29 but NUGGETS run away from LAKEshow 119-108...LAKERS miss the .500 Mark again #LAKEshowImpossible

"As Dwight Turns" has officially turned into not "Mission Impossible" but "LAKEshow Impossible" as the Lakers missed a huge opportunity to get to the .500 mark in Denver.

Both Teams shoot over 55% but it was the Speed and Athleticism that was on display as the LAKEshow Lakers just can't reach back and grab that extra Boost and not an Energy Drink or Deer Antler but that something that put you over the Top. Yes the Black Mamba at 33 can do it on some nights but the he can't do it night in and night out. The Lakers Tab at the Big 2 Liter..the Pepsi Center:

Lakers FT 14-31....17 missed Free Throws

the Black Mamba 29 points...Lakers other Starters 54 points...Lakers Starters outscored Nuggets Starters 83-79

Lakers Bench 25 points...Nuggets Bench 40 points

Lakers -8 on the Boards...

Lakers 21 helpers Nuggets 30 helpers

Unknown/Wild Card...Nuggets Wilson Chandler 23 points in place of Nuggets SF Danillo Gallanari and that was huge for the Nuggets

Dwight of Three Stripes and Star in "As Dwight Turns" 15 pts, 14 rebs, but 3-14 from the Charity Stripe...he missed 11 FTs and Nuggets beat Lakers by 11 and not blaming it on Dwight there were six other misses from the line as well.

Lakers a Legit #8 Seed...Nuggets a legit #4 Seed...Real Talk

Lakers 28-30 and the Nuggets move to 36-22....

This has been another Episode of the Lakers #1 Soap..."As Dwight Turns"

Roll the Credits and play "Apologize" by One Rebublic...  

Laker Nation the Magic Number isn't the Winning Time it's right...

Than it's Winning Time

LOGO WATCH Monday Night Recap #1...HAWKS get Big Nights from TEAGUE, J-SMOOVE , and Big AL in win over PISTONS...Rook SNIPER BEAL letting it losse as WIZ beat a Feisty Pack of DINOSAURS North of the Border #NBASoftMonday

The Atlanta Hawks continue to move forward after the Trade Deadline and it may have gave new life to one Josh Smith of the Hawks. With so much speculation and Drama leading up to the NBA Trade Deadline and the Hawks making no moves things are looking better in ATL.

Behind 23 points and 7 rebounds from J-Smoove, 23 points and 22 rebounds from Big Al Horford, and Jeff Teague going 20 points and 12 rebounds the Hawks dismantle that Car in Detroit and get a  resounding 114-103 win. The Hawks led by 10 at the Break and then put the metal, to the pedal in the 3rd Frame opening the game up to lead by 18 at the end of three. Rodney Stuckey led the Pistons with 22 points and Swede Jonas Jerebko chipped in with 21 points.

The Hawks had a +33 advantage from the Arc and that was the ball game. The Hawks stay in the 5th Seed in the East right in front of the Bulls who are now 1/2 game back of ATL. Pistons headed to the Lottery but beware of all that young talent sooner than later.

The Washington Wizards are starting to get things right in ATL and no they are not the Late 70s Washington Bullets with the Big E, Wes, Grievey, and Ballard along with the Cap Centre in Landover. The Wiz have taken shape for the good ever since John Wall came back and with Rookie Sniper Bradley Beal (pictured right) getting more and more comfortable the Wiz have let Mama know they will be moving out of the East Basement.

Tonight the Wiz beat a Hot Dinosaur Bunch 90-84 behind Beal who had 20 points on an efficient 8-13 shooting and 2-3 from the Arc. Martell Webster, who has to be up for Comeback Player of the Year , chipped in with 12 points as did Back Up PG AJ Price. Wall filled the Stat Sheet with 10 points, 7 helpers, and 5 assists.

The Dinosaurs "Rudy the Raptor" cooled off tonight as he couldn't buy a bucket shooting 1-11 from the Field and finishing with 7 points. His Partner in Crime though Raptors 2G DeMar DeRozan had a game-high 25 points for the Raptors and kept them in the game. Shooting at 37% from the field cost the Raptors this one and some timely Turnovers down the stretch and missed opportunities. The Wiz are about two years away but this is a nice start to what they can eventually become. The Raptors Goal is to try and finish at the .500 mark and they have major work to do.          

TOP 5 FIRST BASEMAN in the SHOW for 2013...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report ...Position by Position...Who u wit? PRINCE of the D, EL HOMBRE of HALO Nation, JOEY V of the RED LEGS n more....

The Top First Baseman in the Show for 2K13 will be a tight race with Big Names as they all have Big Sticks and Chicks dig the Big Fly and the Stick. MVP Trophies are in abundance on this List and who will be the #1 First Baseman in the Show for 2K13 as we are in Spring Training Mode as we go to press.

Just think if that Back Stop from #OrangeOctober moved to 1st Base would he be considered the #1 First Baseman? How about the "El Hombre" of Halo Nation Big Albert Pujols who had an off season in 2K12 you think he would go back to back off seasons? The Top 5 First Baseman in the Show is sponsored by...which piece of Lumber do you prefer for your Work at the Dish...Maple, Ash, or Bamboo?

The 2013 Top 5 First Baseman in the Show (in order)

1. JOEY VOTTO Cincinnati Reds #RedLegs...He only had 375 At-Bats in 2012 but he is a Monster both in the Field and at the Dish. Votto his .337 with 14 bombs and 56 ribbies playing in just 111 games in 2012. He and Red Legs 2nd Baseman Brandon Phillips are the Heart and Soul of the Reds and a Top Flight right side of any infield in the Show. Look for Votto to have an MVP-Caliber Season in 2013. Did I mention he had a 1.041 OPS in 2012..Ouch!

2. "PRINCE of the D" FIELDER Detroit Tigers #ComericaNation...How does a Player in the 4-Hole hit 30 bombs and knock in 108 ducks on the pond when the Man in the 3rd Hole wins the Triple Crown? That's how goo a hitter Prince Fielder is and now you see why Brew Crew OF Ryan Braun had such success hitting behind Fielder in Beer Town USA. He also managed a .313 average and an OPS of .940. Those Numbers might even be higher in 2013 as Miggy of the D is due to slide after achieving the Triple Crown in 2012.

3. ALBERT "EL HOMBRE" PUJOLS Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim #Halos...he had a terrible 1st half and started to put it together in the 2nd Half. Thinking around .250 with 25 bombs and 75 ribbies...Buzzzz! Wrong Answer. El Hombre still manage to hit 30 HRs and 105 RBIs while hitting a respectable .285 which would be a horrible Year at the Dish by Big Al's own admission. There won't be a Round Two headed South as he should put up Huge Numbers with "the Natural" Josh Hamilton on board.

4. ADRIAN "A-GON" GONZALEZ Los Angels Dodgers #BoysInBlue....was getting acclimated to his new Dodger Surroundings quite nicely at the end of 2012. If you combine his Numbers for 2012 between the Carmines and Dodgers they would have been 18 Big Flies 108 RBIs and a .299 avg. with an OPS around .800. Now give him a healthy Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Hanley Ramirez, and Carl Crawford Dodgers Nation has to have a lot of optimism as to why they can't win the Whole Enchilada in the Fall of 2K13. Gonzo if healthy should be back into his Big Numbers for 2013.

5.  EDWIN "E-DUB" ENCARNACION Toronto Blue Jays #Jays...these are the Numbers Mr. Encarnacion put up for 2012 without a healthy Jose Bautista...42 HRs 110 RBIs with a .280 avg and a robust .940 OPS. One would have to think with the Jays Pitching Staff and Jose Reyes at the Top of that Hitting Line Up lookout for E-Dub to have even bigger numbers in 2013. Can the 'Jays with a healthy E-Dub and Bautista make enough noise in the AL East to beat the Top Heavy Teams of the Yanks, O's, and Rays?                

SUNDAY TALK DAY 3 of the On-Field Workouts...IRISH TE'O Combine Workout not good...MIZZOU LB SEAN WEATHERSPOON 2.0...LSU DE KI KI MINGO Fastest in D-LINE 40 Time

They will scrutinize this Kid all the way to probably the end of hi Sunday Career. The Bluedude is not adding to the Fire but pointing a few things out on Irish Backer Manti Te'o (pictured left). He weighed in at only 240 el bees and for a middle Backer on Sunday not good. Then you say never mind the el bees what did he run in his 40 time? Ok he ran a 4.80 40 yd dash and the Player getting a 1st Round Grade like Te'o is UGA ILB Alec Ogletree who ran a 4.7 40 yd dash. Put on Tapes of Te'o minus the 'Bama Game and he was all over the coverage, sideline to sideline, in the A Gap wreaking havoc, and blitzing. The "Bama Game does matter though because that was against ND's Best Opposition all year but it's just one game also. I still think the young man will land 1st Round and be careful about these Combine Workouts as they can also be Fools Gold.

Mizzou OLB Backer Zaviar Gooden might not have been on anyone radar for the 1st Two Rounds even Three Rounds but you run a 4.47 40 yard dash and you weight just over 230 El Bees they will be running to look at the tape.  Obviously something is there because he was invited to the NFL Combine as the List is a lot shorter than one would think. Remember that name on Day Two April 26, 2013 of the 2013 NFL Draft.

LSU's DE/OLB didn't disappoint in the Combine and that would be Barkevious "Ki Ki" Mingo. He ran the fastest Time of all D-Linemen 4.58 40 yard dash. He is a surefire Top 10 Pick and will not get out of possibly the Top 5. Mingo's LSU Teammate and Leading Tackler for 2011-12 MLB Kevin Minter ran a 4.8 40 yard dash. Like I said watching Tape on some these Productive Players on the Collegiate Level that 40 yard dash means absolutely zilch.   

SQUEEZE the ORANGE the TOP GLASS EATERS through February 24th 2013....No "LAKE OSWEGO Monster" K. L. of the T'WOLVES...who is #1 in the LOGO at getting the ORANGE off the Glass? #LogoGlassEaters

Yes the Best of the Best when it comes to helping your Team out in the all important "Rebound the Vegetable" Category...Got Glass Eaters? The Logo lost its perennial #1 Glass Eater in K.L. aka the "Lake Oswego Monster" of 10K Lakes for the season. The Lakers have a banged up Dwight but he still seems to eat Glass at will. What about these Names...Pekovic of the Wolves, Asik of #REDnation, or even Vucevic of the O-Magic are they Top 10 in eating Glass in the Logo for the 2012-13 Season?

The Top 10 Glass-Eaters in the Logo through February 24, 2013 is sponsored by who needs Glass-Cleaner when we need Condiments like Ketchup, Honey Mustard, and Hot Sauce among others:

Note: Defensive Rebounds in Parenthesis

1. "As Dwight Turns" LAKEshow 11.9 (8.5)

2.  Z-Bo GRIND House Memphis 11.7 (7.4)

3. Omer Asik #REDnation 11.5 (8.1)

4. Nikola Vucevic #OMagic  11.4 (7.9)
(pictured wearing Sixers Jersey from 2011-12)

5. JO Knows #SeeRed Da Bulls 11.3 (7.4)

6. Tyson of MSG #KnicksTape 11.1 (6.6)

7. The General D-Lee #DUBnation GSW 11 (8.1)

8. JJ Hickson #BLAZERmania #RipCity 10.4 (6.9)

9. @BoogieCousins #SACtown #Kings 10 (6.8)

10. Big AL #HighlightFactory404 9.7 (7.3)

Bad Right Shoulder and all Dwight of Three Stripes continues to grab the Orange and 8.5 is #1 in the Logo on the Defensive Glass

Z-Bo collects Boards like its his Hobby and its all in the "Positioning of the Body" and watching the "Flight of the Orange" as he could couldn't jump over a Penny...Real Talk

The Bulls sure do miss Omer Asik but bad Contracts notably to C-Booz 5 cost them a Legit Big and the pursuit to the "Fight for Larry as he is a Nice Piece for the Rockets moving forward.

Vucevic was with the Sixers and closer to the Towel Boys and Equipment Manager than getting Playing time now look. Drew Bynum may never get healthy, Iggy is in Mile High, you have an All-Star at the Point bit no Big because he resides in Mouse Town....Karma

Joakim reached his 1st All-Star Game and He and Nugget Kenneth Faried are all about Hitting the Clock before you and Putting it in Overdrive.

If only Lead Man Mike Woodson could have STAT n MELO watch Tapes of Tyson rebounding the Knicks would be a real threat to the Heat and Pacers...notice I said Gold Swagger Indy.  

Hickson is not a pleasant surprise I thought when he played with King James in C-Town he was the Cavs 2nd Best Player so what is everyone looking at evaluating these players? Marietta, Georgia Wheeler H.S. stand up for another Solid NBA Player in Hickson.

DeMarcus @BoogieCousins is all that with no "Thinking Cap". He still has time and if he does put it on Tight lookout and All_Star walking and a Franchise-Type Players that Talented but has Lindsey Lohan and Courtney Love in him...not quite a Full Blown Picnic.

Horford is just efficient and there are no other Words to describe him. Where would the Hawks be without Big Al 404 Edition as you can put him down for 17 and 7 all day long.
Note: Numbers from

LOGO WATCH from the Big 2 LITER in MILE HIGH w/PLAYBOOK....LAKEshow on a 2nd Leg coming out of the MOTEL taking on the New NUGGETS led by TY n IGGY of Mile High #LALvsDEN ...LAKEshow trying to get to .500...NUGGETS trying to get to #4 Seed in the WEST

The Lakers had to beat the Mavs yesterday knowing they had to face the #5 Seed in the West Mile High Nuggets 5,280 Feet above seas level. Yes the Lakers took care of Business but they will need the Black Mamba and Nash on 5-Hour Energy Drink as well as a Few Good Lakers to keep the Nuggets out of the Win Column.

February 25, 2013
NBA on Local Listings
The Big 2 Liter..Pepsi Center

Laker Nation LAKERS @ Mile High NUGGETS featuring "ROCKY" the Mascot


The Lakers have the .500 mark within reach and the Mile Nuggets (the #5 Seed in West at 35-22) stand in their way as the Jazz and Rockets both lost in their last outings. Can the Laker muster up enough Offense and slow down the Ultra-Athletic and quick Nuggets and PG Ty Lawson? Can the Nuggets hit the LakeShow early for the Knockout punch and coast the rest of the way?

As we move into Playbook this is a bad match up for the Lakers even for Kobe as he will get Iggy of Mile High draped over him as well as Wilson Chandler and Corey Brewer. The Nuggets will force the other Lakers including Nash to make plays and Baskets as Kobe might get thirty but it will be a Hard thirty. 

Nash will need help in slowing down the "Little Engine that runs Team Nuggets" in Ty Lawson. Lawson has been the Nuggets most consistent player in the last month and arguably their MVP to date. The Lakers will throw the BLAKEshow "Fighting Turtles" Edition in PG Steve Blake and possibly Chris Duhon at Lawson. If Lawdawg tries to go to the O-Zone Layer the Kobe System is on Ready 5 Alert.

In the Front Court "As Dwight Turns" is playing with Pain but should be able to take advantage of the weakest part of the Nuggets. Howard should get touches right away to see how the Nuggets are going to play him. M.W.P. will have Gallanari and the "Earl of Staples" will have the "MANimal" Kenneth Faried. Its is imperative that Clark keep Faried of the Glass and match is Energy especially in Transition. The Nuggets love "Splash Plays" and the Lakers have to keep the Nuggets from getting those easy Rim Runs or Leak Outs.

Top 3 Key Match Ups

PG NASHty vs LAWdawg Lawson

2G Kobe System vs Iggy of Mile High

PF "Earl of Staples" vs the "MANimal" Faried

Other Match Up to Watch that can become Combustible for either Squad....M.W.P. vs Gallanari


TOP 5 SECOND Baseman in the SHOW for 2013...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report Position by Position Breakdown...Does your 2nd Baseman have POP at the Dish and LEATHER in the Field?

The Cup of Joe in the Show Report 2013 marches on as we have covered the Outfield and 3rd and Shortstop for 2K13. Now we round up into 2nd Base where the Top that play the Right Side Hole are a mix of grit, toughness, excellent hitters, and leaders for their respective teams. One of the Best players in the Show let alone at 2nd base hails from the Bronx Zoo and is already the Next in Line for Yankees greatness. Another is a Top Flight Infielder who can rake and calls the Arlington Clubhouse his Clubhouse as he is the unquestioned leader of the Rangers. The Other Three are definitely worthy of mentioning but let's get to the List.

The 2013 Top 2nd Baseman in the Show (in order):

1. ROBINSON CANO New York Yankees #Pinstripes #BronxZoo #BronxBombers...are you kidding me who else would you put here as you will probably see Robbie Cano in the 3-Hole in the Yankees Line Up on Opening Day. He finished 2012 Top 5 in AL MVP Voting with these Numbers... .313 avg. 33 Bombs 94 Ribbies 48 2-baggers and an OPS of .929. He is now the Heart and Soul of the Yankees and as we go to Press the Yanks Brass is checking how many Duffel Bags they have in the Checking Account for Cano. Or shall I say how many Armored Trucks they can get to Cano's News Conference.

2. AARON HILL Arizona Diamondbacks #DBacks (pictured left)...this man can flat out play and can hit as good as any 2nd Baseman in the Show. Arguably the D-Backs best Offensive Player and its Top Player Hill is Certified and Verified in the Show playing 2nd base. The 2012 Numbers were dynamite.... 26 HRs 86 RBIs a .302 avg. and an OPS of .882. His best Season in the Show was with the 'Jays in 2009 where he hit 36 HRs, knocked in 108, and hit .286. Hill has always had Power Numbers and now with Justin Upton now gone in the Desert Hill will have to carry more of the load.

3. DUSTIN PEDROIA Boston Red Sox #Carmines #BoSox...he is the BoSox Dynamite and Leader as he plays harder than anyone at all times. Don't let that 5'8" 165 el bees fool you as he has plenty of Pop and Moxie in that frame. Yes the Carmines had a disappointing 2012 but Pedroia didn't as his number for 2012 were... a .290 avg, 15 Bombs, 65 Ribbies and an OPS of .797. Yes his best year was 2011 where he hit .307 with 21 bombs and 91 ribbies. Not making any excuses for Pedroia that Red Sox Rosters and Clubhouse last season was Toxic. D.P. will be back for bigger numbers in 2013.

4. BRANDON PHILLIPS Cincinnati Reds #RedLegs (pictured right)....the #1 Guy and Leaders in hat Reds Clubhouse as he is an extension of Skip Dusty. The Longest tenures Reds Player and the Fan Favorite and can I tell you he is all that with the Leathers and with the Bamboo, Ash, or Maple at the Dish. B.P. had another Year that was on Par with a18 bombs 77 RBIs and a really good .281 average. His OPS was also .750 and then you throe in 30 2-baggers. He has alot left in the Tank for a loaded and better Red Legs Outfit that should be the Cream of the Crop in the NL Central once again.

5. IAN KINSLER Texas Rangers #Rangers...Kinsler now has a few Rangers that are gone and now the Offensive Load will be up to He, Beltre, Andrus, and Nelson Cruz. He can hit with the best of them and playing in that Hot North Texas Heat propels the Lumber even more as the Stitched One just flies like a Golf Ball in that heat. The 2012 Numbers for Kinsler were also Par for the Course considering he had Beltre and Hamilton covering all ducks on the pond. Kinsler hit 19 HRs, knocked in 72 RBIs, but hit a somewhat disappointing .256. That will have to be at least 30 points higher in 2K13 if the Rangers are to be efficient on Offense.

Note: Looking real close at these 2nd Baseman most of them come from being Shortstops in the Majors. Another Key Element is that 2nd Baseman are more Offensive-Driven compared to the Shortstop as the SS carries better leather.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

CSI in THUNDER ALLEY....BULLS See Red as REGULATORS Report OKC put YELLOW Tape all over BULLS Locker Room #Wow!

The Bulls have hit a low point in the Season and its not that they lost to the Thunder but how they lost to the Thunder. Yes the Young Gunz OKC have the #1 Scoring Duo in the Logo, the Logo's 3rd best record, 2nd best player, and they have arguably the loudest Gymnasium in the Logo. Having said all that let's go to the Tape...the Yellow Tape:

Victims: See Red Roster

Suspects: Young Gunz OKC

Crime: Assault with the an NBA Spalding Orange on the Hardwood


Bulls score in the Teens in 3 Frames and just Twenty in another...

Bulls shoot 29% FG...

Bulls leading Scorers Nate and Luol get 13 points....

KD 19 pts and 16 rebs...Uncle Russ 23 pts

Bulls shoot 22% 3pt FG...

Bulls lose by 30 pts..102-72

#theReturn has been delayed until further notice and you know why....

Bulls Nation its your call....

Bulls face Pacers and Nets this Week and they must get it together quickly or they will be the Seven Seed in a hurry....

the Regulators Report OKC and the Young Gunz are innocent until proven guilty....

KNICKS #1 Soap..."GOTHAM LIGHT"...S.TANDING T.ALL A.ND T.ALENTED Episode...S.T.A.T. goes for a Season-High and the BULLY does what he does as the KNICKS beat the 76ERS to halt a 4-Game Skid #AmareIsReal ...what about #KNICKStape being Real in the EAST?

The New York Knicks needs to start kicking it in high gear as Gold Swagger and Champs 305 are in 5th Gear as we head down the stretch. The Knicks have the Atlantic Division Title in front of them  well as a #2 Seed in the East in Winning Time if things hold true.

The Knicks handles Biz tonight versus a Sixers Team that was expected to do big things in the 2012-13 season but things just haven't materialized. A 99-93 #KnicksTape win as they get a Season-High 22 Points from S.T.A.T. (pictured right) and 29 points from the Bully of MSG...'Melo Anthony as he made a living tonight at the Charity Stripe. Both "Get Shots" J.R. and "Everybody loves Raymond of MSG"..Ray Felton each chipped in with 14 points as the Knicks try to start heading North in the East.

The Sixers are a Team in disarray as they get 30 points and 5 boards from All -Star PG Jrue Holiday. They also get Evan Turner to chip in with 21 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 helpers. Without Big Drew Bynum the Sixers are in flux with what they want to do heading into the 2013-14 Season as Bynum is due to become an Free Agent. Sixers have hit the bottom of all bottoms with the Deal that cost them Iggy of Mile High.

Meanwhile the Knicks did shoot 33 times from the Arc and they need to stop settling for the Money Ball and attack more especially in the half courts set. K-Mart of MSG didn't play DNP-Coach;s Decision but we will see soon enough if that pick up helped the Knicks here as we come down the stretch. Knicks now 1/2 game behind the idle Pacers for the #2 spot in the East.    

This has been another Episode of the Knicks #1 Soap..."Gotham Light".

LOGO WATCH Sunday Recap #1....DUBnation gets BIG PRODUCTION from JJ and LANDRY to beat 10K LAKES...WADE COUNTY plays Wonder Dog.."HERE I come to save the Day" as the HEAT beat CAVS #NBADrama

The Golden State Warriors will look back on the 2012-13 Season and say that was the season we arrived and it was also the season where Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry held us together when things fell apart in games.

Behind 23 points and 8 helpers from GSW's PG Jarrett Jack and 19 points and 8 rebounds from PF Carl Landry (pictured left) the Warriors hang on to beat the T'Wolves 100-99 in Target Center on Sunday.  In a turnover-filled affair the Warriors win the Rebound Margin and was +18 with the Money Ball and that was the difference in the 1 point spread.

The T'Wolves get a tremendous effort from PF Derrick Williams with 23 points and 12 rebounds but that wasn't nearly enough. Both teams combine for 39 My Bad's with GSW committing 22 of the 39.   The T'Wolves had all their Starters in double-figures as Pekovic added 21 points and Ricky Rubio chipped in with 16 points and 11 helpers. The Warriors are poised to make a move at the Grizz but can they catch the Pacific leading Clips?

 Wade County has his explosion back as he and King James continue to play Tag Team on the Opposition. The Heat withstand a nice effort from Cavs Rookie 2G Dion Waiters (26 points) and 19 points from SF CJ Miles to clip the Cavs in the end 109-105. King James led all scorers with 28 points.

What the Heat have been able to do a little bit before the All-Star Break is win the rebounding Battle and that is a Huge Stat going into March and April Basketball in the logo. They are also being rumored into the Greg Oden Sweepstakes so go figure. The Cavs also get 17 points and 5 helpers from All-Star Kyrie Irving.

Don't look now but the Miami Heat with all those documented Early struggles in the 2012-13 Season are now 40-14 and only some 2.5 games off the Spurs for the NBA's Best Record now how about those Granny Smith's.

LAKERS #1 SOAP..."As DWIGHT Turns" AMNESTY the BLACK MAMBA Episode...DWIGHT Hanging in there and playing through Severe Pain...KOBE and NASHty combine for 58 of LAKERS 103...MAVS couldn't stop the KOBE SYSTEM...LAKERS 103 MAVS 99 F #KobeSystemInTact

The Dallas Mavericks get Vintage Kobe and he shredded the Rip City Blazers for 40 points and now hist Team @MCuban for 38 and the Black Mamba went O-Zone Layer like only KB24 can.

The Mavs played as though they wanted to get back into the Playoff Hunt for 2012-13 and they put up a good fight. @Swish41 went circa 2005-06 when he won the NBA MVP Trophy aka the "Fight for MO" Trophy as he led the Mavs with a Late Great Rick James "Cold-Blooded" 30 points. It was all for not as the Kobe System kicked into Gear in closing time foe 14 points of his 38 in the last frame. LAKEShow Point God NASHty added 20 points including a huge Money Ball as they closed on Kobe late in a possession when the game was close to "Rolling the Credits". The Mavs also get a combined 29 points from Club Social Security in VINcanity and "Brand X"....Mavs PF Elton Brand.

The LAKEshow get 9 points and 13 boards from "As Dwight Turns" as he continues to play the Star in a leading role on Bluedude Sportstalk as the Black Mamba has no say here as does MDA (Lakers Lead Man Mike D'Antoni) or Jimmy Buss. Jamison added 13 points and Meeks chipped in with 11 points. Now the Lakers smell the .500 Mark and they might just make that Big leap into the 6th or 7th seed in the West. The Mavs for the most part are history as they still have unsettled pieces.

Two Days prior to the Lakers/Mavs Tilt in Big D Mavs Owner Mark Cuban chimed in on LAKEshow Business telling reporters," the Lakers might want to entertain the thought of Amnesty Clause on the Black Mamba". Cuban you got the Lakers in the 2010-11 Season in Winning Time and won the "Fight for Larry" Now don;t you think you should say things like that after you have found out the Mavs don't play the Lakers in the 2012-13 Season anymore? Leave well enough alone @MCuban....leave it alone.

Lakers move within 2.5 games of #REDNation Rockets for the #8 Seed in the West.

This has been another Episode of the Laker Nation #1 Soap.."As Dwight Turns"  

SUNDAY TALK....the 40 YARD Dash at the COMBINE with the FAST Dudes...QBs Class 2013 is "Right Turn CLYDE"...CHIPPEWAS OT FISHER moves up on BOARD

The Combine is about a few things in 2013 its about Manti T'eo and "Catfishing", with the Real #1 QB in the 2K13 NFL Draft stand up, "Blow your Mind" Workouts which means a little something, and whose Fast is faster than your Fast?

With the Offensive Side of the Pigskin all done in Indy on broke current Titans RB Chris Johnson's 40 time but was real close. WR Marquis Goodwin (Texas pictured right in London 2012 Summer Olympics in the Triple Jump) ran 4.27 as CJ2K ran a 4.24. Auburn RB Onterio McCalebb, WVU WR Tavon Austin, and 12th Man WR Ryan Swope all ran a 4.34. That is picking them up and putting them down. Goodwin was also an 2012 US Olympic Team Qualifier in the Triple Jump.

Enough of whose Fast will the Real 2013 #1 NFL QB at the Combine stand up or is it Morgantown's Geno Smith? All the QBs looked all over the place throwing the Pigskin even Geno missed some throws and the Tape won't lie drafting any of these QBs. Smith is the only QB in most Top 10 Mock Drafts which means on Draft Day absolutely nothing.

Not a shocker here but Central Michigan Chippewas OT Eric Fisher graded out higher than Consensus #1 OT Luke Joeckel of 12th Man College Station. Fisher had been in almost every ones Top 15 and after Saturday's Performance he almost certainly locked up being the 2nd Tackle off the Board and some might even say he could be before Joeckel. I tell you this every team needs a Left Tackles that can be a 10-year or more staple on an Offensive Line. Fisher's Pro Day is slated for March 11th 2013.

WEST SIDE STORY Report vs REGULATORS Report OKC....See RED vs YOUNG Gunz OKC...It happens Twice a Year at Bluedude Sportstalk...#OKCvsCHI #CHIvsOKC #NBAonESPN Game #2

The Bulls get a Test of all Tests as they head to Thunder Alley to meet the Regulators of OKC. Can the Bulls slow down OKC in their House as KD and Uncle Russ are waiting? In turn the Bulls must slow the Game down to their Pace and force the Thunder to make Plays in the Half Court instead of in Transition which favors the Thunder.

February 24. 2013
930pm ET
Loud City...Chesapeake Energy Complex

See Red DA BULLS vs Young Gunz OKC THUNDER


It is what it is as the ADIzero Hero D-Rose looks as though he has pushed #theReturn back to the start of the 2013-14 Season and Three Stripes get back to the Drawing Board. As for See Red Real Business worrying about the Players who are playing in the 2012-13 Season this will be a tough one.

The Bulls will need big production out of their front court in Luol, Jo Knows, C-Booz 5, and the TAJmanian Devil Gibson. Luol Deng (pictured right) will get the unenviable task of covering @KDtrey5 (pictured below right) but Luol is one of the Top Defenders in the Logo in the front court. C-Booz 5 will get Air Congo and Serge Ibaka is a Load on both ends. While Jo Knows will get Fake Tough Guy Kendrick Perkins yeah I went there.

In the back court it will be all about slowing down that Monster from Westwood in @RussWest44...Point God of Jordan Brand Russell Westbrook. Can the Bulls force him into a now and then bad shooting night? Can they also some how limit Uncle Russ' touches in the half court set forcing some one else to make a play off the bounce. All those Options are easier said than done. KRYPTOnate, Marco, and Rip City Hamilton will have to have their best Game on both ends to negate Russ' Production and Thabo "Swiss Army Knife" Sefolosha, and K-Mart the Thunder Alley Special in 2G and Neighborhood Driveway Shooter Kevin Martin.

Bulls must keep Thunder from "Splash Plays" in Transition, off the Offensive Glass, and semi-control (Keep both under 30 points) KD and Uncle Russ.

The Bulls are right behind the Nets as the #5 seed in the east as the Thunder are trying to stay within striking distance of the NBA's Best Record in the San Antonio Spurs.

Game time 930pm ET...NBA on ESPN from Thunder Alley OKC....    



LOGO WATCH in the BK w/PLAYBOOK...GRIND House meets "BROOKLYN has a Home Team"...Z-BO and Lil GASOL vs LOPEZ "Barclays Edition"...CONLEY Jr. vs D-WILL 8 #MEMvsBKN #NBAonESPN Double-Dip Game 1

The Grizz come in throwing blows and dropping the grind House Style on the opposition. The Brooklyn Nets have have been up and down like Wall Street and they are a Over the Head No-Look pass away from the Bulls catching them for the 4th spot in the East. Can the Nets get out and plat free or will they be GRINDING out each possession.

February 24, 2013
the Barclays in the BK

Grind House GRIZZ @ "Brooklyn has a Home Team" NETS


The Grizz are trying to not only keep grasp of the 4th Spot in the West but trying to catch the the CLIPS in the 3rd slot. The Nets know they can get the 3rd slot or even the 2nd slot as they are chasing Two Division Leaders in the Knicks and Pacers while trying to hold off the Bulls.

The Dynamic Front Court Duo of Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol is a Problem for almost on every night when playing the Grizz. That's where the Grind House Mentality starts in the paint. Can Nets All-Star Center Brooks Lopez along with a few helping hands like Reg, Dray, and K-Humps match the of the Grizz Front Court? The Grizz also have SF Darrell Arthur along with Mo Speights as they have Quality off the Bench not just Quantity.

The Back Court will start with Conley Jr. for the Grizz and the COO of the Barclays...Deron Williams for the Nets. Both of these Players have the Keys to their Respective High-End Machines and whoever plays better will have a huge advantage to who wins the Game. Joe Johnson will have his hands full as he gets "West Side Chi City" Tony Allen and Cell Block #9. Allen is one of the best "On the Orange" Defenders in the Game today. The Grizz just need to make JJ work for it on both ends.

This is the first Trip to the Barclays for the Grizz and the Nets need to start making a stand at home as they are just 20-11. The Grizz are 4 games over .500 on the Road and they love the challenge of coming out of the Motel and getting it in.

Key Match Ups

Gasol vs Lopez

Conley Jr. vs D-Will 8

T. Prince/Tony Allen vs Joe Johnson

Z-Bo vs Mr. Evans....this one should be MMA PPV

Game time NBA on ABC at 7pm ET.....    

LOGO WATCH w/PLAYBOOK Deep Ellum Big D...LAKEshow in DALLAS County to take on DIRKiliscious, Half Amazing/Half AARP VINcanity Carter, and the MAVS....LAKERS 27-29 trying to make a Charge and 2-0 after BREAK...MAVS just trying to keep "HOPE ALIVE" #LALvsDAL #NBAonABC Matinee

The LA Lakers have a tough on today as they are 2-0 after the Break with this being their First Motel Trip after the Break. The Mavs are trying to keep Hope Alive and stay alive in the Playoff Hunt but they are well off #RedNation and slightly off the Lakers as we go to press.

February 24, 2013
New Reunion Arena...the AA 214



The Lakers are right there and with the Rockets taking one on the chin in the Big Phone Booth (the Verizon Center D.C.) last night its time to move North again in the Western Conference. The Mavs have former All-Star @Swish41 coming off of Knee Surgery and it looks like DIRKiliscious won't be the "Diggler" until the 2013-14 Season. Having said all of that they tip-off in Big D for a Matinee Brunch as the Lakers look to try to get to .500 in the next two games counting this one.

The Lakers have been getting excellent Production for the Forwards and that's something the Mavs will have to key on. M.W.P., the Artist formerly known as Ron Ron of Queensbrdige NYC, and the "Earl of Staples" have been lights out in front court "As Dwight Turns" (Lakers #1 Soap on Bluedude Sportstalk). Mavs Shawn Marion , the Artist formerly known as Matrix 31 from UNLV by way on Vincennes Juco (Vincennes the only Juco in the State of Indiana with Alum like Tyrone Nesby, Keon Clark, and Ricky Green to name a few) will get the Assignment of trying to slow down Artest.

The Back Court the Mavs have the Youth and Athleticism but the Basketball IQ and Know How goes to the Lakers. Can the Mavs Darren Collison and OJ Mayo slow down the Black Mamba and Mr. Drummond...Steve Nash aka NASHty (Remember DIRty and NASHty for the Mavs...Dirk n Steve...with FINdawg...a Banger back in the dearly 2Ks)?  The Lakers also have to be aware of the Mavs Transition game as they will like to slow this one down and pick their spots.

Off the Bench the Mavs have Daytona Beach Mainland HS Alum by way of Franklin Street Hoops NC U's VINcanity Carter and he is back to some of his old tricks. Once called Half Man/Half Amazing and now the Bluedude simply calls him Half Amazing/Half AARP as he can still Dunk but not with the reckless abandon. Go to Youtube and put in Vince Carter Top 10 Dunks and you will see what the Mr, Carter was cooking back in the Day. Can the Lakers Bench match Carter and the Mavs will be the Lakers biggest hurdle.

Key Match Ups:

the Black Mamba vs OJ Mayo

M.W.P. vs the Matrix 31

"Earl of Staples" vs DIRKiliscious

Lakers Bench vs VINcanity

Tip-Off 1pm ET... NBA on ABC