Wednesday, December 30, 2015

NBA Power Rankings Take #2 in "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" going Pre NEW YEAR'S EVE Day as #DUBS24-7-365 still has company in #SpursFamilia!...The "REGULATORS Report OKC" dba OKC Thunder might be the 3rd best team in the "LOGO"!..."BELIEVELAND" and KIng JAMES runs the EAST of the Mississippi as there is a Log Jam talking teams 2-8 with no separation! #NBAPowerRankingsTake2 #LogoWatch #WestSideStoryReport #RegulatorsReportOKC #SqueezeTheOrange

Welcome back NBA Heads and Logo Watch Fools as we revisit the NBA Power Rankings as Take #1 was before Turkey Day 2K16 and Dubs Nation looked like they were going to go 82-0. Now we fast forward to the start of the Calendar Year 2K16 and Dub Nation looks like it will go 81-1 as they are a robust and impressive 29-1 through the first three months of the 82-game trek.

Quietly lurking in the Western Conference is a Spurs Familia Squad that is no fried Bologna Sandwich with a side of home Fries checking in at 27-6. The West will go through those two but watch the "Regulators Report OKC" dba OKC Thunder as @kdTREY5 and @RussWest44 are doing what they do playing Crockett and Tubbs with Billy Donovan playing Lt. Martin Castillo.

Then there is the East of the "Muddy" Mississippi with King James and "Believeland" running things to no ones surprise but after them who do you root for.  The Hawks, Bulls, Pacers, Raptors, C's, Magic, Heat, Hornets, and the upstart Pistons are the same guy and what can separate those teams is the 2K16 82-game trek #1 question moving forward.

Now we get the NBA Power rankings Take 32 as the last Rankings were November 26th, 2K15...

"Squeeze the Orange
  NBA Power Rankings 
Take #2
Pre-New Year's Eve 2K15

Note: In parenthesis is November 26th, 2K15 ranking

1. #DubNation (1) 29-1

2. #SpursFamilia (2) 27-6

3. #RegulatorsReportOKC (7) 22-10

4. #Believeland (3) 21-9

5. #HighlightFactory404 (10) 21-13

6. #LobCity (19) 19-13

7. #WeTheNorth (8) 19-13

8. #GoldSwagger Rated PG-13 (5) 18-12

9. #TeamM.F.F.L. (Mavs Fan For Life) (12) 18-13

10. #WestSideStoryReport (4) 17-12

11. #GreenTeam (Celtics) (14) 18-13

12. #MouseTownMagic (20) 18-13

13. #HeatGang (6) 18-13

14. #ItsABuzzLife (Hornets) (9) 17-13

15. #GritGrindBealeStreet (11) 18-16

16. #MotorCityPistons (13) 17-15

17. #RedNation (Rockets) (26) 16-17

18. #WizKidsDC (Wizards) (17) 14-15

19. #SaltPalaceJazz (16) 13-16

20. #KnicksTape (15) 15-18

21. #RipCityBlazers (24) 13-20

22. #ForeverPurple (25) 12-19

23. #MileHighNugs (23) 12-20

24. #FearTheDeer (22) 12-21

25. #PHXhoops (18) 12-21

26. #10KLakesHoops (21) 11-20

27. #StateBirdOfLouisianaHoops (27) 10-21

28. #FlatbushBKHoops (28) 9-22

29. #LakerGang (29) 5-27

30. #SeventySixers (30) 2-31

#SpursFamilia @ #RedNation Highlights
Christmas Day 2K15

360 Degrees...

Spurs vs Dubs on a collision course...  

Surprise Team....the C's

Most Disappointing Team...Rockets

Best Coach...Luke Walton...Lol!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

KELLY gone from PHILLY!...Bluedude Sportstalk FRONTLINE for Tuesday December 29, 2k15 as CHIP KELLY goes from #FlyEaglesFly to #GoneEagleGone in a Broad Street Philly Minute!...It's BLACK MONDAY in the "Shield" getting a Jump Start from the Broad Street PHILLY Eagles! @Eagles @FlyEaglesFly #LINCilicious #86AirKelly #NFCEast

Well there is not many scenarios in the "Shield" where the Lead Man gets back to back 10 win seasons and hit "Winning Time" in that 1st season. Then gets shown the back door before Week 17 in the 3rd season as things might have gotten out of whack in Philly talking the Jeffrey Lurie Eagles!

Just in through numerous media outlets the Philadelphia Eagles and Lead Man Chip Kelly have parted ways as Black Monday gets kicked off almost a week before the list grows by the hour. The Eagles needed to make a change as that Roster is in flux as the main components of those back to back 10 win seasons are long gone and maybe Kelly thought he could win at a high level as his system was thought to be "Plug and Play" and have a high success rate as it was more about the system than the players in the system.

Well trades like QB Nick Foles for Sam Bradford and RB "Shady McCoy" and Picks for Bills LB the legend of Kiko" dba Kiko Alonso have not fared well. Then what about DeSean "Nestea Plunge" Jackson to the rival #HTTR for I don't know who and WR Jeremy Maclin as the list was big talking Ex-Eagles when Kelly was getting his so called "A Chip Kelly kind of Player"!

Now Philly already eliminated from "Fight 4 George" dba George Halas Trophy will certainly move forward and swiftly as they need a Lead Man in place for the NFL Combine in February 2K16 and the April 2K16 NFL Draft...

As for Chip Kelly he will be heavily sought after by College Football Programs and wherever he lands lookout as that system in the FBS is a winner...

Eagles Nation Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays as your wishes for the most part have been granted...         

Monday, December 28, 2015

CLIPPERS 108 WIZARDS 91 F...The CLIPS without the BLAKE Show shows some real resolve running past the WIZ Kids D.C. in the Nations Capital as WALL-STAR and PORTER Jr. were not enough!..."LOGO WATCH" with the CLIPS Motel Show! #LACvsWSH #ClipperGang #DCWizardry #LogoWatch

The L.A. Clippers appear to have adjusted to "Life" without Blake Griffin dba Blake Show as Griffin will be out with that upper quad injury for quite sometime. Meanwhile the "Logo" feels sorry for no team as the 82-game trek keeps moving and the Clips moved right past the home team on this night the Washington Wizards in convincing fashion 108-91.

Led by Clips PG CP3's team-high 23 points and seven helpers and @JCrossover of "206 Hoops Fame"  in Jamal Crawford's 21 points the Clips dominate the Wiz Kids D.C. from nearly start to finish. LAC lead 34-20 after one and 59-46 at the break. That lead ballooned to 86-71 after three and Team Wittman threw in the towel on this night. 

The Wizards All-Star Point God Wall-Star dba John Wall did not wave any towel as he goes for a team-high 23 points matching his counterpart CP3 while adding eleven helpers. Former Georgetown Star Otto Porter Jr. added w21 points off the bench as the Wiz Kids D.C. "D" let them down on this night allowing the Clips to shoot at a 52% plus clip.

LAC moves to 18-13 as the Randy Wittman Regime needs to get it going falling back to .500 at 14-14... 

NFL Power Rankings Week 17 in "A QB Driven League" as the PANTHERS "Bite the Dust" in the Georgia Dome for "L" #1 of 2K15!...GANG GREEN replaces STILLER Gang as the #2 AFC Wild Card Team!...BIRD GANG might be the best Squad in the "Shield" playing ARIANS Ball!...Here comes the SKOL Vikings in the NFC North!...and Who will be #1 Seed in the "Fight 4 Lamar" the PATS, BENGALS, or WHO DEY? #NFLPowerRankingsWk17 #TripleDiamondChronicles #MonsterSeries #TNF #SNF #MNF #SuperBowl50

As we head to the last week in the 2K15 Season in the "Shield" we know this..."Contenders" and "Pretenders" have sorted themselves out. Forget just getting in as the "Contenders" are already in and the "Pretenders" need help if you get my drift!

The Carolina Panthers {Pursuit of Perfection" goes away in the A.T.L. as Rise Up hits the Phone Booth and out came the Dirty Birds. The Panthers must refocus and get back to thinking in the big picture as its Big Bowl 50 or Bust!

The New York Jets took care of their own business sliding into the #2 slot in the AFC Wild Card as Mike Tomlin and his Steelers takes what could be the "L" that keeps them from getting onto the Playoffs and suffering a season sweep from the Purple Browns and QB Ryan Mallett of all Sunday QBs in game #2...that's Hog Wash Steeler Nation!

The 2K15 Twin Cities Vikings are on a mission and into the "Fight 4 George" as they enter the Playoffs and still has a shot at the NFC North in Week 17 and how 'bout them 10K Lakes?

Then there is the Patriots trying to stave off both the Broncos and Bengals for the #1 overall seed in the "Fight 4 Lamar" as its "Crunch Time" and nothing else in the Week 17 power rankings!

"A QB Driven League"
NFL Power Rankings Week 17
December 28, 2K15

Note: Last weeks rankings in parenthesis

1. #BirdGang (2) 13-2

2. #PanthersPride (1) 14-1

3. #RedFriday (4) 10-5

4. #PatsTalk (3) 12-3

5. #UnitedInOrange (10) 11-4

6. #GangGreen (9) 10-5

7. #SKOLVikings (12) 10-5

8. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (5) 10-5

9. #WhoDey (8) 11-4

10. #12s (6) 9-6

11. #HTTR (11) 8-7

12. #BullsOnParade (13) 8-7

13. #StillerGang (7) 9-6

14. #RiseUpFalcons (14) 8-7

15. #STLRams (15) 7-8

16. #RaiderNation (16) 7-8

17. #BillsMafia (18) 7-8

18. #ColtsNation (19) 7-8

19. #RestoreTheRoar (22) 6-9

20. ##GMen (17) 6-9

21. #NOLAGumboSaints (24) 6-9

22. #BelieveInMonsters (27) 6-9

23. #PurpleBrowns (29) 6-9

24. #KHANstructionJags (23) 6-9
25. ##FlyEaglesFly (20) 6-9

26. #ItsABucsLife (21) 6-9

27. #AquaBoyz305 (25) 5-10

28. #CowboysNation (26) 4-11

29. #NinersEmpire (28) 4-11

30. #DawgPound (30) 3-12

31. #BoltsNation (31) 3-12

32. #MusicCityTitans (32) 3-12

360 Degrees....Top 5 Tilts in NFL Week 17

#StillerGang @ #DawgPound..Steelers need Gang Green to lose

#GangGreen @ #BillsMafia...Gang Green wins the are in!

#MusicCityTitans @ #ColtsNation...Colts need Texans to lose to win AFC South!

#KHANstructionJags @ #BullsOnParade...Texans win they win AFC South!

#BoltsNation @ #UnitedInOrange...Broncos need a "W" or Chiefs "L" to win AFC West!

#SKOLVikings @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football...winner wins NFC North!


Sunday, December 27, 2015

STEELERS 17 RAVENS 20 F...The Texarkana Arkansas CANNON > Big BEN as the Purple BROWNS sweep the seasons series from STILLER Gang taking the BLACK & YELLOW to a special place...the No PLAYOFF Zone for now!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the STILLERS need "Help" in Week 17! #PITvsBAL #StillerGang #PurpleBrowns #AFCNorth2K15Business #RavensWeek

I didn't see this coming as maybe the Pittsburgh Steelers were lining up the New Year's Eve Festivities to bring in 2K16 as they forget to close 2K15 on a good note. The 2K15 Steelers take a hit at the Big Crab Cake in B-More as the Baltimore Ravens dba Purple Browns sweep the season series vs 'Burgh Football and may have ended the Steelers Hopes of getting to Santa Clara, CA for Big Bowl 50 in February 2k16!

It was Ravens QB and former Michigan Wolverines and Woo Pig Sooie Football Star Ryan in the Texarkana, Arkansas "Cannon" Mallett outplaying Steelers Pro Bowl QB Big Ben Roethlisberger as Big Ben ha his worst game of 2K15 and it happens in Week 16 with everything on the line!

Mallett unfazed all game long and always something to prove from an Alarm Clock Wake Up to reading defenses as he sliced and diced the Steelers Pass Defense for a cool 274 yards on 28 for 41 and a TD. His run game also weighed in at a robust 121 yards on 31 totes from Rook Javorious Allen and former Dawg Pound RB Terrence West.    

Big Ben threw for just 215 yards on 24 for 34 with 2 INTs as RB DeAngelo Williams carried the load again going for 100 yards on 17 carries and two scores. It came down to the Steelers making plays on both sides of the Wilson pigskin and they could not when it counted.

Now the Steelers "L" knocks them to the #7 slot behind the Jets as the Chiefs with the Steelers "L" clinched the #1 wild card slot in the AFC. Pittsburgh now needs to beat the Browns in Cleveland and hopes that the Bills Mafia puts a major hit on the Jets in Week 17 in order for Pittsburgh to get in.       

Friday, December 25, 2015

BULLS 105 THUNDER 96 F...The "WEST SIDE Story Report" starring in "The GRINCH stole one in THUNDER Alley" as the BULLS get after it in OKC beating the "REGULATORS Report OKC"!...#CHIvsOKC #BullsNation #RegulatorsOKC #WestSideStoryReport #RegulatorsReportOKC #ChristmasDayInTheNBA

It was the 2K15-16 Bulls top two players that had top perform and perform they did. Both Jimmy Butler (23 pts 6 rebs) and Pau Gasol (21 pts 13 rebs 6 asst) lead the Bulls to a convincing 105-96 "W" as the "West Side Story Report" stars in "The Grinch stole one in Thunder Alley"!

Chicago leading 32-26 after one maybe played their best game of any 1st half on the season as that six point lead led to just a 54-52 at intermission. The Bulls then hit overdrive in the 3rd as they outscore "The Regulators Report OKC" 32-16 after three and leading 86-68. That frame was capped by D-Rose (19 pts 6 PF), Pau, and Butler netting 20 of the Bulls 32 in that frame.

OKC could do nothing right as they went stone cold in the 3rd as they get as close as 99-93 late in the 4th but the Bulls by that time had gassed up the charter filled with Christmas Goodies from Thunder Alley for a 105-96 "W".

OKC was led by Kevin Durant's game-high 29 points on just 1 for 6 from deep. His partner in crime Russell Westbrook had 26 points with seven boards and eight helpers going 1 for 7 from deep. It was nit a good shooting afternoon for the "Regulators" and it cost them as they fall to 20-10...

"See Red" moves to 16-11 snapping a three-game skid as that skid had some bad losses in it from both the Knicks and Nets....go figure!        

Monday, December 21, 2015

NFL Power Rankings Week 16 in "A QB Driven League" as STILLER Gang moves into the AFC Wild Card #2 Slot!...BRONCOS free falling and the AFC West might be #RedFriday!...#BirdGang lose the HONEY BADGER as they are still playing inspired Football in the "Shield"! #NFLPowerRankingsWk16 #TripleDiamondChronicles #MonstersSeries #TNF #MNF #SNF

Just in...the Pittsburgh Steelers are explosive on offense and if they can get those Parts moving in sync on "D" lookout "Fight 4 Lamar" Trophy Teams! The Denver Broncos are free falling and the Kansas City Chiefs are just a game back of Denver with two games to play.

The Arizona Cardinals maybe the best team in the "Fight 4 George" but they lose an integral part of their "D" in Rover Safety Tyrann Mathieu dba Honey Badger as he gets a Torn ACL on an Interception with under a minute to play in meaningless minutes for the Red Zone Cardinals.

The Washington Redskins are running the NFC East and the division is theirs to lose and where in #HTTR is QB RG3 as he might be in the Potomac somewhere and that is not taking shots at the young man. Is he even on the sideline during games?

We are here NFL Power Rankings Week 16...

"A QB Driven League
NFL Power Rankings Week 16
December 21, 2K15

Note: Last Weeks rankings in parenthesis

1. #PanthersPride (1) 14-0

2. #BirdGang (2) 12-2

3. #PatsTalk (3) 12-2

4. #RedFriday (4) 9-5

5. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (5) 10-4

6. #12s (7) 9-5

7. #StillerGang (8) 9-5

8. #WhoDey (10) 11-3

9. #GangGreen (9) 9-5

10. #UnitedInOrange (6) 10-4

11. #HTTR (11) 7-7

12. #SKOLVikings (13) 9-5

13. #BullsOnParade (19) 7-7

14. #RiseUpFalcons (20) 7-7

15. #STLRams (21) 6-8

16. #RaiderNation (14) 6-8

17. #GMen (15) 6-8

18. #BillsMafia (18) 6-8

19. #ColtsNation (16) 6-8

20. #FlyEaglesFly (12) 6-8

21. #ItsABucsLIfe (17) 6-8

22. #RestoreTheRoar (30) 5-9

23. #KHANstructionJags (22) 5-9

24. #NOLAGumboSaints (23) 5-9

25. #AquaBoyz305 (24) 5-9

26. #CowboysNation (25) 5-9

27. #BelieveInMonaters (26) 5-9

28. #NinersEmpire (27) 4-10

29. #PurpleBrowns (28) 5-9

30. #DawgPound (29) 3-11

31. #BoltsNation (31) 3-11

32. #MusicCityTitans (32) 3-11

360 Degrees...Top 5 Tilts in NFL Week 16 

#StillerGang @ #PurpleBrowns
#PanthersPride @ #RiseUpFalcons
#PatsTalk @ #GangGreen
#WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football @ #BirdGang
#WhoDey @ #UnitedInOrange

NETS 105 BULLS 102 F..."SEE RED" loses JOAKIM and gets put in the "RED" by the now 8-20 Flatbush Nets from the BK!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the 2k15=16 BULLS officially hits Turbulence as the SEAT BELT SIGN is on until further notice! #BKNvsCHI #BKNets #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch

The Chicago Bulls lose their 3rd game in a row as it was the Nets of Flatbush in Brooklyn and that makes the Knicks and Nets in the last three days. It was the same old story that has followed the Bulls all season long and its called lack of Defensive Intensity and in "Logo" terms  getting "Stops" when "Stops" need to be in the building!
The Bulls were down 29-22 after one and 58-55 at intermission. They had plenty of chances in the 2nd half as it was turnovers and missed shots as they looked tired as Lead Man Hoiberg may have to go deeper into his bench to get quality minutes out of his starters.

Brooklyn led 85-78 after three as Chicago rallied late in the 4th to get to a 99-95 deficit late in the 4th. That would be as close as they would get as Jimmy Butler would hit a three-point shot at the 4th frame buzzer and Brooklyn wins 105-102.

Butler led with 24 points as Pau Gasol added 20 points and nine boards. The real story of the night was Bulls Center Joakim Noah going down in the 3rd with an apparent shoulder injury and we will have more on that later.

Brooklyn was led by six players in double figures including Brooks Lopez with a team-high 21 points and a dozen boards. It was a game of jump-shooting as Chicago gets to the stripe just 13 times to Brooklyn's 14. The Nets shoot 85% from the stripe with Chicago just over 50% and that was your ball game...

Chicago falls to 15-11 while the Nets move to just 8-20...

Sunday, December 20, 2015

BRONCOS 27 STEELERS 34 F...@_BigBen7 + @AntonioBrown + 2nd Half Steel Curtain = STILLER Gang survives the ORANGE Crush as the Black & Yellow moves into the #2 Wild Card Slot in "TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles"! #DENvsPIT #UnitedInOrange #SteelerNation #Fight4Lamar #StillerGangTriplets

The Denver Broncos as they head back to the Mile High City has to be thinking did we just play two games on two separate occasions as it was a tale of two frames and the Pittsburgh Steelers walked away doing damage in the most important frame...the 2nd half.

Behind 380 yards passing from @_BigBen7 on some 55 attempts throwing it around the yard and a huge game from A.B. dba @AntonioBrown hauling in 16 Wilson pigskins for 189 yards and a TD the Steelers survives a game effort from United In Orange and their QB Brock Osweiler.

Osweiler threw for 296 yards and three TDs but all that damage was in the 1st half as he wish he could have had the post game presser and called it a night at Heinz. His #1 target former Steelers Wide out Emmanuel "Go Go" Sanders dba Team E88 went of as well hauling in 10 Wilson pigskins with 10 grabs for 181 yards and a TD. He and Sanders along with Mike "Da Kid" Wallace (who is now a WR for the SKOL Vikings) formed a group called the Bugatti Boys back in the 'Burgh.

This new Stiller Gang Triplets of Martavis Bryant (10 rec 87 yds) and Markus Wheaton (6 rec 62 yds TD) along with Brown forms the best WR Trio in the "Shield" and you do not have to tell the Broncos Secondary that as they were simply torched inn the 2nd half.    

Steelers erase a 27-10 late 2nd quarter lead to score 24 unanswered points against the Orange Crush as Denver falls to 10-4. The Steelers move to 9-5 and to the #2 slot in the AFC Wild Card with two dates against the Ravens and Browns both out of the Motel coming up...stay tuned!   

Friday, December 18, 2015

PISTONS 147 BULLS 144 F 4/OT...The "WEST SIDE Story Report" goes Chicago/NBA Summer League SHIRTS & SKINS as the Motor City PISTONS prevail in a Tilt with absolutely no ""D being played....none! #DETvsCHI #DetroitBasketball #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport

Where do you start as the Chicago Bulls end their 4-game win streak against a youthful-looking and playing Detroit Basketball Bunch in four extra sessions 147-144. In a game with absolutely no "D" rivaling a high-octane NBA Summer League Tilt in Chi-City with all the big names the Bulls had plenty of chances and failed. Yes its 1 of 82 but where is this going as the "Issues" continue on that side of the hardwood for Team Hoiberg!

Bulls only get four players in double figures as Jimmy Butler (43 pts 8 rebs), Pau Gasol (30 pts 15 rebs), and D-Rose (34 pts 8 asst) combined for 107 of the Bulls 144 total output. Three players leading the Bulls over a hundo as the Pistons had six players put their hands in the cookie jar with Mr. Drummond dba Andre Drummond leading with 33 points and some twenty-one boards before fouling out.

Missed opportunities for the Bulls (15-9) as the Pistons (16-12) starting to head north in the Eastern Conference are making sure both Cleveland and Chicago are aware they will be a factor heading down the stretch in late March and early April 2K16...   

THUNDER 100 CAVALIERS 104 F...King JAMES and "BELIEVELAND" slide past for KD and RUSS and the "REGULATORS Report OKC"!...LeBRON messes around and almost got a Triple-Double! #OKCvsCLE #RegulatorsReportOKC #Believeland #LogoWatch @kdTREY5 @RussWest44 @KingJames

While everyone in Cleveland and Cavs Nation eagerly awaits the return of one Kyrie Irving and even his "Caddy" in Mo Williams Cleveland Basketball had enough in the ole tank to slip past a game Oklahoma City Thunder Team.

It was King James 33 points and eleven helpers along with nine off the glass that propelled six Cavs players in double figures. Tristan Thompson added a huge 14 points and fifteen boards off the glass as it came down to making plays or the "Play" to win the game and the Cavs made that or those plays.

Not to be outdone was 27 points and ten assists from OKC Point God Russ Westbrook with K.D. throwing in 25 points and "Air Congo" dba Serge Ibaka chipping in with 23 points and nine boards. It was the disparity between money balls and free throws that won this game.

OKC was +14 in points from the stripe while the Cavs were +18 in points from the deep. That was your four point differential as both teams were evenly matched in this one and the Cavs pulled it out. OKC falls to 17-9 while the Cavs move to 17-7 and yes they might be seeing each other again early in the summer...     

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

GRIZZLIES 85 BULLS 98 F...GRIT and GRIND Beale Street was non-existent at the MADHOUSE as "SEE RED" with a very methodical approach runs by #GnG!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS extend winning streak to 4 games! #MEMvsCHI #GritGrindBealeStreet #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch

It was billed up as Gasol vs Gasol as in Marc Gasol vs Pau Gasol as both brothers struggled all game long to get into the game or put their imprint on the game. Memphis took a 53-50 lead into the locker room at intermission playing their game as Chicago took it to them in the 2nd half with a very methodical approach.

With the game tied up at 56-56 with just under 9 minutes remaining in the 3rd "See Red" puts up an 18-10 run to lead at the end of three 74-66. Doug McDermott dba "McBuckets" hit a money ball at 1.9 left in the 3rd for that 8-point lead.

Chicago then cruised in the 4th leading by as many as a dozen for rather uneventful as far as action appears 98-85 "W"! Jimmy Butler led Chicago with 24 points with D-Rose adding 19 points and "McBuckets" chipping in off the Bulls Bench Mob with 17 points including for from deep! The Bulls shot as a team right under 45% as Memphis shot under 43% including 26% from deep.

Grit and Grind Beale Street was led by Courtney Lee's balanced game of 18 points and seven boards with six helpers. Memphis falls to 14-13 while the Bulls move to 15-8 playing solid basketball and holding opponents down on the defensive end.    


Monday, December 14, 2015

NFL Power Rankings Week 15 in "A QB Driven League" as the NFC East is all knotted up by three teams in #FlyEaglesFly, #HTTR and #GMen!...#BirdGang quietly lurking in the NFC!...Here comes STILLER Gang from the back of the AFC Contenders!...PANTHERS and QB Cam still going! #NFLPowerRankingsWk15 #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamondChronicles #MonstersSeries

As we enter the last three games of the 2K15 Trek in the "Shield" there are few good races to keep your "Peepers" on. The NFC East as the 'Skins lead but both the Eagles and G-Men are on stand-by!

Then there is the Pittsburgh Steelers still trying to win the AFC North just two games back of Cincy as both the Jets and Chiefs lead the "Fight 4 Lamar"! The Texans and Colts are in a solid battle with the Jags all of a sudden.

QB Cam and the Panthers keep rolling as the "Fight 4 George" will be going through them. The "Pack" gets Coach Mac on the Offensive Head Set and the Run Game takes off with that two-headed monster no one in the NFC "Winning Time" wants to see.  Now we get the NFL Week 15 Power Rankings with a little "Shake It Up" move over Taylor Swift...Lol!

"A QB Driven League"
NFL Power Rankings Week 15
December 14, 2K15

Note: NFL Week 14 Rankings in parenthesis

1. #PanthersPride (1) 13-0

2. #BirdGang (2) 11-2

3. #PatsTalk (5) 11-2

4. #RedFriday (6) 8-5

5. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (7) 9-4

6. #UnitedInOrange (3) 10-3

7. #12s (8) 8-5

8. #StillerGang (9) 8-5

9. #GangGreen (10) 8-5

10. #WhoDey (4) 10-3

11. #HTTR (17) 6-7

12. #FlyEaglesFly (19) 6-7

13. #SKOLVikings (11) 8-5

14. #RaiderNation (22) 6-7

15. #GMen (23) 6-7

16. #ColtsNation (12) 6-7

17. #ItsABucsLife (13) 6-7

18. #BillsMafia (14) 6-7

19. #BullsOnParade (15) 6-7

20. #RiseUpFalcons (16) 6-7

21. #STLRams (26) 5-8

22. #KHANstructionJags (27) 5-8

23. #NOLAGumboSaints (28) 5-8

24. AquaBoyz305 (18) 5-8

25. #CowboysNation (20) 4-9

26. #BelieveInMonsters (21) 5-8

27. #NinersEmpire (24) 4-9

28. #PurpleBrowns (25) 5-8

29. #DawgPound (32) 3-10

30. #RestoreTheRoar (29) 4-9

31. #BoltsNation (30) 3-10

32. #MusciCityTitans (31) 3-10

360 Degrees...NFL Week 15 Top 5 Games

#GangGreen (8-5) @ #CowboysNation (4-10)
#PanthersPride (13-0) @ #GMen (6-7)
#UnitedInOrange (10-3) @ #StillerGang (8-5)
#BirdGang (11-2) @ #FlyEaglesFly (6-7)
#BullsOnParade (6-7) @ #ColtsNation (6-7)



SEVENTY-SIXERS 96 BULLS 115 F..."SEE RED" puts Team LIBERTY Bells in the "RED" as the BULLS coast and Sixers #1 Pick and Chicago Born and Raised "Big JAH" from #DukeInTheNBA puts in work!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS win streak is at 3 games! #PHIvsCHI #76ers #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #SeeRed

The Chicago Bulls run their recent win streak to three games as they put the Philadelphia 76ers where they have been residing all season long in the "Red"! It wasn't easy as the Sixers playing behind #3 overall 2K15 Pick Jahlil "Big Jah" Okafor from nearby Chicago Whitney Young H.S. had a 56-51 lead at the break.

Then the Bulls after the break and Intermission went on a 34-12 run in the 3rd to take a 85-68 lead into the 4th and never looked back winning 115-96. Jimmy Butler led the Bulls with 23 points as Niko Mirotic added 17 off the bench and Tony Snell dropping 16 points and grabbing eleven boards.  Chicago shoots 50% plus from the field and 80% plus from the stripe.

Okafor led the Sixers with 22 points and eight boards while fellow Illinois native Robert Covington (Hillside, ILL Proviso West H.S.)  added 15 points including three money balls. Bulls move to 14-8 while the Sixers fall to 1-25 yes that is not a misprint...Da Bulls! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

NFL Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" Late Slate!...Silver & Black in Mile High vs the new Orange Crush...and the Cowboys in Green Bay at Lambeau vs the "Pack'! #OAKvsDEN #DALvsGB #RaiderNation #OrangeCrush #CowboyNation #PackerNation

NFL Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" Late Slate 4pm ET Games...

#RaiderNation (5-7) @ #OrangeCrush (10-2)

The Oakland Raiders still has a shot to get into the AFC Wild Card as they need help. First they need to help themselves vs the Broncos as QB Brock Osweiler continues to do his thing. The Raiders need this the most but the Broncos also want every team coming to Denver in winning time...

Winner: Broncos 27-17

#Cowboys (4-8) @ #PackerNation (8-4) 

The Cowboys still running on fumes but still in the NFC East Championship Hunt. The 'Boys can make a real leap if they can go into Lambeau and shock the Packers. Green Bay getting major help from the Bird Gang Cards of Arizona must cash in leading the NFC North by a 1/2 game coming in. No Romo as its Cassel vs A-Rog...

Winner: Packers 31-27  

NFL Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" Early Slate Take 3...Bills at the LINC vs Eagles...Lions visit the Rams...and Saints in Tampa vs Bucs! #BUFvsPHI #DETvsSTL #NOvsTB #AQBDrivenLeague #NFLWeek14

NFL Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" Early Slate Take 3...

#Bills (6-6) @ #FlyEaglesFly (5-7)

The Bills are still in the hunt for an AFC Wild Card. Former Eagles RB Shady McCoy is looking for anything playing on Chip Kelly's Team to hit!  The Eagles can still win the NFC East after all this but knowing who they are they won't and will probably lose this game!

Winner: Bills 23-19

#RestoreTheRoar (4-8) @ #STLRams (4-8) 

The Lions are surging but is it too late? The Rams are playing for lead man Jeff Fisher to keep his "gig" and he is safe but losing out won't help anything!

Winner: Lions 30-16

#NOLAGumboSaints (4-8) @ #ItsABucsLife (6-6) 

The Saints are heading nowhere and the Buccaneers are in the mix in the NFC Wild Card. Can the Bucs handle being the favorite in this one and maybe to grab a Wild Card Slot?

Winner: Bucs 27-24

NFL Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" Early Slate Take 2...Stiller Gang in the "Jungle on the Ohio" vs Who Dey...Colts vs Jags in J'Ville...Bolts in Arrowhead vs Chiefs..and Titans vs Gang Green! #PITvsCIN #INDvsJAX #SDvsKC #TENvsNYJ #NFLWeek14 #AQBDrivenLeague

NFL Week 14 "A QB Driven League" Early Slate Take 2...

#StillerGang (7-5) @ #WhoDey (10-2)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not in a must-win but with the Denver Broncos coming to Heinz Field next week in Week 15 lookout! The Bengals are looking for the 31 slot in the "Fight 4 Lamar" dba the Lamar Hunt Trophy and nothing else. This has the potential to be the best game in NFL Week 14...

Winner: Steelers 38-27

#ColtsNation (6-6) @ #KHANstructionJags (4-8)

The Colts must stay on pace with the Texans and the Jags could get in the race with a "W" here. "Indy" with last weeks loss in Pittsburgh is running out of time and they can still get in winning the AFC South...

Winner: Jags 34-31

#Bolts (3-9) @ #RedFriday (7-5) 

The Bolts are the biggest disappointment in the "Shield" to date and lead man Mike McCoy will be safe for now. The Chiefs have won six games in a row and leads the AFC Wild Card and a "L" here and a win by the Steelers and Jets shifts things heading into Week 15.

Winner: Chiefs 27-23

#MusicCityTitans (3-9) @ #GangGreen (7-5)

The Titans are playing for Jobs in 2K16 as they will be under a new regime next season. The Jets and lead man Todd Bowles are in the hunt for the Wild Card sitting at the #2 slot in front of the Steelers.

Winner: Jets 45-10

NFL Week 14 Early Slate in "A QB Driven League"...12's @ Purple Browns...Rise Up in Carolina vs Panthers...Redskins @ Bears...and 49ers Empire in the Dawg Pound! #SEAvsBAL #ATLvsCAR @WASvsCHI #SFvsCLE #AQBDrivenLeague #NFLWeek14

NFL Week 14 "A QB Driven League" Early Slate 1pm ET...

#12s (7-5) @ #PurpleBrowns (4-8)

The Seahawks are right in the middle of controlling everything in front of them and doing major damage in Winning Time. The Ravens are playing "Spoiler" at this point as QB Jimmy Clausen will be at QB vs the Hawks!

Winner: Seahawks 30-10

#RiseUp (6-6) @ #Panthers (12-0)

Atlanta has played two different seasons through 13 weeks and they can make up some of that bad stretch the last two months by beating the rival Panthers. Carolina is not only trying to go 16-0 but also grab the 31 slot in the "Fight for George" dba George Halas Trophy.

Winner: Panthers 27-24

#NinersEmpire (4-8) @ #DawgPound (2-10) 

The 49ers have may have found their QB for the 2K16 season in Blaine Gabbert. The Browns are still unfortunately evaluating QB Johnny Manziel and the Browns are a mess.

Winner: 49ers 23-20

#HTTR (5-7) @ #BelieveInMonsters (5-7)

The Washington Redskins are tied for 1st in the NFC East and that is enough in front of them to go after Chicago. The Bears are trying to get back in the Wild Card Hunt and a win for Chicago and a Redskins loss would stir the pot!

Winner: Bears 20-17

WARRIORS 95 BUCKS 108 F..."FEAR the DEER" gives "DUBS" dba #StrengthInNumbers "L" #1 of 2K15-16 but the Confetti coming down afterwards...c'mon Beer Town U.S.A. you have won absolutely nothing and your 9-15 below "EXPECTATIONS"!..."LOGO WATCH" as DUB Nation falls to 24-1 and that is still moving furniture everywhere! #GSWvsMIL #DUBS24-7-365 #FearTheDeer #LogoWatch

It was bound to happen as the 2K15-16 Golden State Warriors were not going to go 82-0 (don't tell them that) and the "L" was going to come at some point. The Milwaukee Bucks did the honor after passing out 24-1 Tees the run right past "Dubs" 108-95 and did it wire to wire.

Was it the Warriors coming off a "W" the night before in Boston in two extra frames or the Bucks playing their game as I say it was a little bit of both not making excuses for G.S.W.. All those Bucks young players like Jabari Parker (19 pts 7 rebs), Giannis Antetokounmpo (11 pts 12 rebs 10 asst), OJ Mayo (18 pts), M.C.W. (17 pts 5 asst) along with Greg Monroe (28 pts 11 rebs) that did the trick as they play inspired basketball moving to a disappointing 9-15.

The Warriors get 28 points and seven boards from Steph and 24 points and eleven boards from Draymond as they could never regain the lead in the 2nd half always chopping at a deficit. A 6-1 Motel Swing East though is rather impressive when everyone is gearing up for your squad.

As for the Confetti falling after the game Milwaukee Bucks watch yourselves as the NBA Gods are watching and don't be the loudest one in the room because if you are you better have game and be way north of the .500 mark!

Friday, December 11, 2015

JETS 0 BLACKHAWKS 2 F...CRAW-DAD shuts down "JETS on ICE" in and around the Blue-Paint as the Bison City BLUR dba KANER #88 sends Points Streak to 25 games and and still counting!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the HAWKS grab 2 points heading north in the Central #WPGvsCHI #JetsOnIce #FearTheINDIANHead #FrozenTalkHawks @88PKane

The Chicago Blackhawks shut down the Winnipeg Jets on Ice Friday Night at the Madhouse as the Indian Head prevails 2-0. It was not one but two Hawks Power Plays Goals by their two stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews as they shutout the Jets!

Captan Serious #19 score was in the 1st frame his 9th of 2k15-16 and the only score they needed on this night. Then it was Patrick Kane sending his points streak to 25 games midway through the 2nd frame scoring his 19th of the 2k15-16 campaign.

The Hawks out shot the physical Jets 31-25 as Winnipeg delivered 40 hits to the Hawks 20. The Hawks blocked some 23 shots compared to Winnipeg blocking just 8.  Chicago moves to 16-10-4 as Winnipeg drops to 14-14-2.

Chicago entertains the "Nucks" of Vancouver on Sunday December 13th at the Madhouse...      

HEYWARD and CUBS go 8-years $184 million!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" talking Jason Heyward to the MADDON Ball for nearly $200 mil and that might be a steal! #JHeyTwoTwo @JasonHeyward #MaddonBall #NorthSiders #CubsNation #LetsGo #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The St. Louis Cardinals and nearly seven other MLB Clubs had their hands on the Jason Heyward Pot and look who tops them all! The Chicago Cubs and Cubs President Theo Epstein doing what they do as the Farm System runneth' ova as they add versatile OF Jason Heyward with a huge deal.

Heyward and the North Siders go 8 years and $184 million which is a guaranteed annual salary of some $23 million. The kicker in the new deal is that Heyward can opt out of the total contract in 2018 or 2019 and that is a win win for the Cubbies moving forward and Heyward. He produces he stays at at just 26 years of age the North Siders thinking is his best years are ahead of him.

2K15 Digits w/Redbirds

154 gms 13 HR 60 RBI 79 R 30 2B 23 SB 

The book on #JHeyTwoTwo dba in the Twittisphere as @JasonHeyward is that he cannot stay off the injured list and is injury prone. The Atlanta Braves were banking on both him  and first baseman Freddie Freeman to carry the next Braves Squad into the next ten seasons but Atlanta got impatient as Heyward and his inability to play through injuries.

Now looking ahead that signing hurts the Redbirds and gives the Cubbies a middle of the order like this:

2K16 Projected #MaddonBall Opening Day Lineup 

CF Jason Heyward
2B Ben Zobrist
1B Anthony Rizzo
3B Kris Bryant
LF K. Schwarber
RF Jorge Soler
C Miguel Montero
SS Addison Russell

Now take that Line Up Cubs Haters for 2K16 under the watchful eye of Skip Joe Maddon playing Maddon Ball 2K16...

WARRIORS 124 CELTICS 119 F 2/OT...the 24-0 Golden State Warriors star in "ESCAPE from the GARDEN" featuring Chef CURRY and DRAYMOND with Co-Star the OLYNYK Clinic!..."LOGO WATCH" as DUBS 24-7-365 has a chance to end the 7-Game MOTEL Swing at an impressive 7-0 Saturday Night in Milwaukee! #GSWvBOS #StrengthInNumbers #GreenTeam #LogoWatch

Where do you start as the Golden State Warriors arrived at TD Bank North Gardens at 23-0 and 5-0 on their current 7-game Motel Swing. Many NBA Heads and Analysts thought going into the Motel Swing this might be the game to end the strength with the Celts back court and wings being their strength.  

Well after not one but two extra frames the Warriors star in "Escape from the Garden" as Stephen Curry led with a game-high 38 points including six money balls. Draymond Green chipped in with 24 points and eleven boards with eight helpers as Dubs 24-7-365 was without both Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson.

The C's get a huge effort from the Olynyk Clinic dba Kelly Olynyk as he goes for a team-high 28 points off the C's Bench. It just came down to making the "Shot" and getting the "Stop" and Boston couldn't do either when it counted.

Now G.S.W. heads to Milwaukee for a Saturday Night Tilt in the 2nd leg of a back to back and they will need both Klay and Harrison as the Bucks will be running at a torrid pace trying to push the pace on the Warriors who might be running on fumes...       

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

CRABTREE and the Silver & Black agrees on 4-yr $35 million extension!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the RAIDERS are building for QB CARR keeping Weapon #2 on the Outside in @KingCRAB15! #MichealCrabtreeBiz #RaiderNation @Raiders #Silver&Black

Former San Francisco 49ers WR and Texas Tech Red Raider All-American by way of Dallas, Texas Carter High School will be with the Oakland Raiders for at least 4 more seasons after the 2k15 season.

@KingCrab15 and the Silver and Black agrees on a $35 million deal through 48 months with guarantees totaling $19 million. Crab is on pace this season a bounce back season cleared of Injuries for once a 1K plus yards and 11 TDs. He as we go to press has 760 yards on 66 grabs with 7 TDs.

@KingCRAB15 vs #GangGreen a 36-yd TD catch and run

Now that Raiders Offense is building towards something as QB Derek Carr now has both Rookie Amari Cooper and "Crab" as his #1 and #2 targets. They need a RB and some help in that front seven to go with Khalil Mack on "D" and after that the Silver and Black will be back...100%!        

Steelers Wideout ANTONIO BROWN get fined for not Sticking the Landing!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as we cut the "CHECK" to ROGER for around $11K plus for Unsportsmanlike End Zone Celebration from A.B.! @AntonioBrown84 #SteelerNation #StillerGang #TripleDiamondChronicles

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown went off on the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football Week 13 at Heinz Field. A.B. totaled 8 grabs for 118 yards and 2 TDs. He also ran back a punt for a 71-yard TD in the 4th then this happened...

A.B. didn't stick the landing and it will cost him north of $11K as he was fined by the NFL today. Coach Mike Tomlin probably didn't appreciate that one but he was up 45-10 at that points and that 15-yard Unsportsmanlike Foul assessed on the Steelers Kickoff was no biggie I assume! 

Now lets get onto to "Bungles" Week in the 'Burgh! 

BULLS 100 CELTICS 105 F...ISAIAH THOMAS of the Green Team led a balanced CELTS Attack as JIMMY Buckets goes for a game-high 36 for Da BULLS!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as the BULLS are on a three-game skid! #CHIvsBOS #BullsNation #Celts #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls had the Boston Celtics right where they wanted them but could not contain Celts PG Isaiah Thomas of Tacoma, Washington by way of Washington Huskies Basketball. Thomas with the game 89-79 C's late in the 4th scored nine of his team-high 20 points as Boston had all five starters in double figures and three players off the bench in double figures as the C's win 105-100.

It was Bulls All-Star Jimmy Buckets dba Jimmy Butler going for a season-high 36 points as he was 0 for 5 from deep. Pau Gasol added 16 points and fifteen boards with D-Rose chipping in with a dozen and six helpers. Bulls did everything right in this one but was -8 from the stripe in makes and committed six turnovers.

Chicago fall to 11-8 and is currently on a three-game skid with the Clip Joint dba Lob City on the Madhouse on Thursday Night in the first game on a TNT Thursday Night double-dip! The C's move to 13-9 and you better watch these boys as they are guard heavy and can get "Stops". The Green Team will play host to the 23-0 Dubs 24-7-365 Motel Show on Friday Night and #StrengthInNumbers and #DubNation needs to watch themselves...

ZOBRIST joins "MADDON Ball" and the NORTH SIDERS!..."WORD around the WARNING Track" as the Cubbies grab Free Agent BEN ZOBRIST to play Second Base on a 4-yr $56 million deal! #BenZobristNews @Cubs #MaddonBall #NorthSiders #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Chicago Cubs got better in the middle of the infield yesterday as they strike a 4-year $56 million deal with former Rays Second Baseman Ben Zobrist. To make room for that deal the Cubbies move Starlin Castro to the Bronx Bombers as Zobrist has some real versatility.

Zobrist can hit and he will bring that plus a Clubhouse Leading Attitude to the North Siders as he comes off a 2K15 Championship Run with the Kansas City Royals. He hit .276 with 13 HR and 56 RBIs in 2K15 and that was near his career digits.

Ben Zobrist takes Blue Birds LHP David Price for a HR in Gm 6 of 2K15 ALCS

Where does this leave the North Siders Middle of the Infield...2K16 Projected Starters in Cubbies Infield:

1B Anthony Rizzo
2B Ben Zobrist *
SS Addison Russell
3B Kris Bryant

* Zobrist will also be listed in both Corner OF Slots in LF and RF...     

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PREDATORS 1 BLACKHAWKS 4 F...The BISON City Mullet KANER #88 gets a "GIFT" to extend Point Streak to 23 as the INDIAN Head > PREDS! ..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the HAWKS put down Music City Ice Games! #NSHvsCHI #PredsOnIce #FearTheINDIANHead #OneGoal #FrozenTalkHawks

The Chicago Blackhawks trying to find a streak in the "W" Column skates past the visiting Nashville Predators 4-1 as Hawks blue-paint tenant Corey Crawford was on his game stopping 36-37 SOG. It was the Hawks Ice Game all around on this night as the beat up the "Preds" in every facet of the game at the Madhouse.

The Hawks went up first on a Dennis Rasmussen score making it 1-0 at the end of one. It was an Andrew Shaw power play score that put the Indian Head up 2-0 as the "Preds" came right back with inside a minute to go on an Eric Nystrom score cutting the deficit to one at 2-1.

"Preds" blue-paint tenant Pekka Rinne stopped 20 of 23 SOG as Hawks Winger Tuevo Teravainen scored just 14 seconds into frame 3 putting the Hawks up 3-1. And with under two minutes remaining it was Patrick Kane netting an empty-netter for his 17th goal on the season and putting his Points Streak to 23.  

Chicago moves to 15-9-4 good for 3rd in the Central as the Dallas Stars continue to mow down the opposition leading the Central with 44 points. Nashville still right there falls to 14-9-5 with 33 points...

WARRIORS 131 PACERS 123 F...DUBS 24-7-365 moves to 23-0 as they run the PACERS right down I-65 heading South!..."LOGO WATCH" as "Los SPLASH Hermanos" accounts for 68 of 131 points for G.S.W.! #GSWvsIND #DubsGoingCrazy #StrengthInNumbers #GoldSwagger #PacersNation #LogoWatch



I do not know how to explain this other than the 2K15-16 Golden State Warriors are coming for that 72-10 and that 1995-96 Chicago Bulls Team put the SHAM-PAG-NA up as "Dubs" is coming for that record.

Behind a 30-point outburst combined from Klay Thompson and Steph Curry in the 1st frame as the Warriors scored 44 points on the Indian Pacers "Dubs" was in rare form on Tuesday Night in Downtown Indy!

A 79-60 lead at the break with "Los Splash Hermanos" combining for 45 points at the break the game was all but over. "Gold Swagger" Rated PG-13 does not have that kind of firepower as it was 111-83 at the end of three. Klay ends with a game-high 39 points (10-16 3pt FG) and Steph 29 points (3-11 3pt FG) as "Dubs" moves to 23-0. The Pacers falling to 13-7 gets 33 points from PG-13 dba Paul George but that wasn't nearly enough as he needed Reggie Miller, Chuck Person, Vern Fleming, and the "Flying Dutchman" Rik Smits in this one and maybe even the Davis Boys in Dale and Antonio!

Keep the W"s flowing "Dubs" as they are simply playing on another Planet and that Planet is Planet Oracle near the Black Hole and alongside the B.A.R.T.!        

NFL Power Rankings Week 14 in "A QB Driven League" as who wins the NFC East!...#StillerGang #GangGreen and #RedFriday battle for 2 slots in the AFC Wild Card!...QB CAM and #PanthersPride is the team to beat in the "SHIELD"!...Watch those SEAHAWKS coming through the Front Door after getting thrown out the BACK DOOR in September and early October! #NFLPowerRankingsWk14 #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamondChronicles

December Football is here and its Go Time or just freakin' Go Home! The AFC Wild Card is the race to watch in the AFC as well as who will be the #1 seed in Winning Time! Carolina and QB Cam Newton are doing big things week in and week out as the '72 Dolphins Palms are starting to sweat just a little bit!

Then there is the Seattle Seahawks and of there were two teams no one wants to play in "Winning Time" they played against each other in NFL Week 12  and that is 12's and the Black and Yellow! The Steelers smashed the Colts and may have the most explosive "O" in the "Shield" and now they get Who Dey Nation in NFL Week 14!

"A QB Driven League"
NFL Power Rankings Week 14
December 8, 2K15

Note: NFL Week 13 Rankings in Parenthesis

1. #PanthersPride (1) 12-0

2. #BirdGang (2) 10-2

3. #UnitedInOrange (3) 10-2

4. #WhoDey (5) 10-2

5. #PatsTalk (4) 10-2

6. #RedFriday (8) 7-5

7. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (10) 8-4

8. #12s (11) 7-5

9. #StillerGang (12) 7-5

10. #GangGreen (13) 7-5

11. #SKOLVikings (6) 8-4

12. #ColtsNation (7)  6-6

13. #ItsABucsLife (19) 6-6

14. #BillsMafia (20) 6-6

15. #BullsOnParade (9) 6-6

16. #RiseUpFalcons (14) 6-6

17. #HTTR (15) 5-7

18. #AquaBoyz305 (23) 5-7

19. #FlyEaglesFly (27) 5-7

20. #CowboysNation (24) 4-8

21. #BelieveInMonsters (16) 5-7

22. #RaiderNation (17) 5-7

23. #NYFootballGiants (18) 5-7

24. #NinersEmpire (30) 4-8

25. #PurpleBrowns (22) 4-8

26. #STLRams (25) 4-8

27. #KHANstructionJAGS (26) 4-8

28. #NOLAGumboSaints (28) 4-8

29. #RestoreTheROAR (21) 4-8

30. #BoltsNation (29) 3-9

31. #MusicCityTitans (31) 3-9

32. #DawgPound (32) 2-10

360 Degrees....NFL Week 14 Top 5 Tilts: 

#SKOLVikings @ #BirdGang #TNF
#StillerGang @ #WhoDey
#PanthersPride @ #RiseUpFalcons
#Cowboys @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football
#BillsMafia  @ #FlyEaglesFly

Monday, December 7, 2015

COWBOYS 19 REDSKINS 16 F...DALLAS keeps their NFC East Hopes alive sneaking by #HTTR in an ugly Monday Night Affair!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 13 Monday Night Football and if the COWBOYS win the NFC East the BLUEDUDE will jump off the Willis Tower...maybe! #DALvsWSH #CowboysNation #HTTR #NFCEast #AQBDrivenLeague #MNF

The Dallas Cowboys (traveling back to the "D" on the Charter tonight with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John) will be starring in "Staying Alive" in the Shield 2K15 if they comeback to win the NFC East.

The 'Boys in a game filled with "Goofs" everywhere escapes the Nations Capital with a 19-16 "W" keeping all things open for an NFC East Title Run in 2K15. The Funniest things about that division is no one wants to win and therefore isn't winning and the Cowboys finds themselves back a game of the Eagles, Redskins, and G-Men as they are all lucky there are not in the Big East Conference!

The game was 3-3 at the break and 6-6 at the end of three as the "Fireworks" started in the 4th with a Redskins FG from Dustin Hopkins making it 6-3 Washington. The Cowboys answered that with a Dan Bailey FG tying the game up at 9-9.

Dallas then scored on a short field on a Darren McFadden 6-yard TD Run making it 16-9 Cowboys. Washington less than a minute later as Kirk Cousins hooked up with DeSean "Nestea Plunge" Jackson on a 28-yard TD Pass tying the game at 16-16.  Jackson later would fumble setting up the Bailey 54-yard game-winning FG for a Cowboys 19-16 "W" and here comes Jerry's Gang defying all least through NFL Week 13!

Cowboys at 4-8 is right there with everyone else at 5-7... 

SUNS 103 BULLS 101 F..."SEE RED" blows a 16-point 4th Frame Lead and the KNIGHT RIDER and TELETOVIC went off in that frame for PHX Hoops!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" BULLS stinking up the MADHOUSE for no apparent reason! #PHXvsCHI #SunsBasketball #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls most recent home stand has not been a very good one as its called getting "Stops" and this 2k15-16 Bulls Outfit has plenty of trouble doing that. Up 16 points on the visiting Phoenix Suns to start the 4th (77-61) the Bulls "D" left the premises and PHX Hoops took over.  

The Suns Rally was led by former #BBN (Big Blue Nation Kentucky Wildcats Basketball) PG Brandon Knight as he scored 19 of his 21 points in the 4th. He wasn't alone  as former Brooklyn Nets Sniper Mirza Teletovic got hot as well scoring 7 of his 20 in the 4th as he and the Knight Rider dba Brandon Knight accounted for 26 of the Suns 42 points in the 4th rallying to win 103-101. Teletovic got the game-winning shot with .3 seconds left in the game.

Chicago was led by Pau Gasol's 22 points and ten boards with six helpers as they fall for the 2nd time in a row on their 5-game home stand. All five Bulls starers were in double figures but 20 turnovers against a team that is not known for "D" is purely unacceptable on all levels.

"See Red" drops to 11-7 as PHX Hoops moves to 9-13....

COWBOYS @ REDSKINS as "A QB Driven League" goes NFL Week 13 Monday Night Football from the Big PARCEL Package dba FED EX Field!...The ROMO-less Cowboys enters the Nations Capital to do battle with the NFC East leading #HTTR led by Sparty On's KIRK COUSINS! #DALvsWSH #CowboysNation #HTTR #NFCEastShowdown #AQBDrivenLeague #MNF

The Dallas Cowboys were looking to make a late run in the NFC East as QB Tony Romo returned the week before Thanksgiving. The 'Boys won their 1st game with Romo back but then lost Romo on Turkey Day 2K15 as the Carolina Panthers ended his season with the same injury he had before.

Now the Plot thickens as the Cowboys are playing "Spoiler" to the NFC East leading Washington Redskins as the NFC East winner needs to go 8-8 or at least 7-9...and is that some hog wash! Meanwhile the 'Skins are playing the part and if anything they are nearly impossible to beat in D.C. at the Big Parcel Package dba Fed Ex Field. Now we go Prime Time Monday Night from the Nations Capital with #HTTR in 1st place and the NFC East is theirs to lose...

(3-8, 2-2 NFC East)
(5-6, 2-1 NFC East)

NFL Week 13 going "A QB Driven League" on Monday Night Football
Monday December 7, 2k15 @ 8:30pm ET
Big Parcel Package dba Fed Ex Field in D.C.

#ItsABucsLife vs #HTTR Week 7 

Players to watch #DALvsWSH 


QB Cassel 
RB Run DMC/Michael 
TE Witten
WR Dez
LT Tyron S.
DT Tyrone C.
LB General Lee
LB A. Hitchens
SS Barry C.


QB Kirk C. 
RB Alfred M.
WR Pierre G.
WR DeSean "Nestea Plunge" Jackson
LT Trent W.
WLB Ryan K. 
CB Beshaud B. 
FS Dashon Golson

5 Things to watch #CowboysvsRedskins

Its not on the QBs but its on the QBs....Cassel vs Cousins

Ground Game who can get the A-Gap going in the right direction...Run Game? 

Vertical Passing Games vs the Secondaries...Dez for the 'Boys and D-Jack for the 'Skins...beware Islands and Safeties! 

Takeaways who wins this battle? 

"Stars" have to be "Stars" and there are plenty in this one... 


Sunday, December 6, 2015

COLTS 10 STEELERS 45 F...No ONE Team wants the BLACK & YELLOW in "Winning Time" as Big BEN and Lead Man TOMLIN cuts right through INDY and Lead Man PAGANO!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" with a #HereWeGoSteelersHereWeGo! #INDvsPIT #ColtsNation #StillerGang #SteelerNation #SNF #TripleDiamondChroinlces

Where do you start as the Colts led 10-6 almost midway through the 2nd frame then Godzilla woke up!  That Pittsburgh Steelers Offense playing at an all-time level torched the Indianapolis Colts "D" after Indy led 10-6 some 39-0 and it was a good ole fashion butt whippin' the Colts received!

It was a total team effort as the Steelers and Coaches have to be really proud of the "D" who held Matt Hasselbeck and Company in check for most of the night. That Steelers "D" picked up 5 red jersey collections as James "Mr. Clean" Harrison had three of the five sacks. Stiller Gang also had two INTs one by @SacManJones_29 dba #DawgSaturday Jarvis Jones and fellow alum Steelers CB Brandon Boykins.

As for the Steelers Scoring Machine where do you start? Take a look at these Digits in #ColtsvsSteelers:

QB Big Ben 24/39 364 yds 4 TD

RB D-Will 26 att 134 yds 

WR A.B. 8 grabs 118 yds 2 TD

WR M. Bryant 4 grabs 114 yds TD

WR Wheaton 3 grabs 50 yds TD

PR A.B. 71 yd TD 

PK C-Boswell 3/4 FGs 4/4 XPs

The Steelers just put on a show from all angles and now the plot thickens for the AFC Wild Card with Pittsburgh visiting the "Jungle on the Ohio" next week in the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals.

Talking the Colts as lead man Chuck Pagano and Company have to be feeling like the "End" is near and its just speculation but "Expectations" were high and not even close to being met for the 2K15 season!    


FALCONS 19 BUCCANEERS 23 F...Famous JAMEIS and the BUCS #FireTheCannons on that RISE UP Sinking Ship!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 13 Early Slate as the RISE UP Falcons have not risen from Week 5! #ATLvsTB #RiseUp #BucsNation #NFCSouth #AQBDrivenLeague

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers stay in the NFC Wild Card Hunt as they sneak by the imploding Atlanta Falcons dba Rise Up 23-19. Bucs QB Famous Jameis Winston has been stellar at times and Sunday versus the Dirty Birds with A.T.L. Football in urgency mode he delivered again!

Winston (18/27 227 yds TD INT) took the Bucs on a 12 play 80 yard drive as Bucs WR Mike Evans 6-yard TD grab was the winner as they #FireTheCannons in Tampa! Falcons QB Matty Ice Ryan was better going 30 for 45 for 269 yds and a TD with another INT. Star Rise Up WR Julio Jones grabbed 8 Wilson pigskins for 93 yards but didn't score as both the Falcons and Bucs are tied at 6-6 with four games yet to play.

The Carolina Panthers won the NFC South Division today with the Falcons "L" as the NFC Wild Card dba "Fight 4 George" is still in play for both!

Note: The "Muscle Hamster" Bucs RB Doug Martin's 95 yards on 25 carried and a score has been the recipe for success for Jameis and the Bucs they go as the "Muscle Hamster" goes and that Bucs run game!  

JETS 23 GIANTS 20 F/OT...Is HARVARD Football > Ole MISS Football as it was on SUNDAY as QB Fitz gives QB ELI and the G-MEN the Sunday Business in Extras!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 13 Early Slate as somebody is jumping into the Hudson on Sunday Night! #NYJvsNYG #GangGreen #GMen #AQBDrivenLeague

I hate to go here but it came down to the Kickers and one kicker failed after being straight Country Crock Original for on 25 previous attempts. The New York Jets win the "Battle at Met Life" talking Gang Green and G-Men Pro Football.  Jets PK Randy Bullock hit the 1st FG in extras as the Giants Josh Brown missed his when the G-Men got the Wilson pigskin his first miss in 26 attempts.

Meanwhile the real story was Jets QB Ryan Fitzptarick out dueling G-Men QB Eli Manning and I know you didn't see that coming you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose Nostradamus Head you think you are! "Fitz" passed for 390 yards and 2 TD. WR Brandon Marshall (12 rec 131 yds TD) went of and the G-Men Secondary knew he was going to be targeted heavy and did nothing. WR Eric Decker (8 rec 101 yds) and RB Bilal Powell (8 rec 91 TD) also did work in the passing game for Gang Green and down goes Met Life Blue!

Eli was 18 for 34 for 297 yards and a TD and INT. Odell Beckham Jr. didn't disappoint as he grabbed 6 Wilson pigskins for 149 yards and a score. It was that Gang Green Run "D" holding the G-Men A-Gap Game to 74 net yards and the G-Men looks to be on the outs talking NFC East Division Title as we go to press.

The Jets are real "Favs" for the AFC Wild Card at least one of those slots along with either Indy, Pittsburgh, or even the Chiefs...

SEAHAWKS 38 VIKINGS 7 F...The STEELERS woke up that struggling 12's "O" as they "STICK UP" TCF Bank Stadium the temporary home digs for the SKOL Vikings!..."A QB Driven League" Early Slate as the SEAHAWKS smack the VIKES! #SEAvsMIN #12thManSpaceNeedle206 #SKOLVikings #AQBDirvenLeague

It was a game after the first frame as the Seattle Seahawks led just 7-0. But after that it was all downhill for the Minnesota Vikings on this night as they lose at home 38-7. To compound matters the Hawks had a 100-yard rusher and to clutch wide outs in RB Thomas Rawls (19 att 101 yds TD) and Doug Baldwin (5 rec 94 yds 2 TD) and Tyler Lockett (7 rec 90 yds).

The Seahawks "D" with the back end dba the L.O.B. might be back in the building as they have won three game sin a row and they look better and better on offense.  The Vikes looked out of whack on both sides of the Wilson pigskin and now the Packers are moving into the NFC North catbird seat with some late heroics back on Thursday Night Football Week 13!

The Hawks now appear to be entrenched into that NFC Wild Card and no one team wants them coming into their house as they would be super dangerous. As for the Vikes they have plenty of word to do as that date coming here soon in Lambeau will determine the NFC North winner!

TEXANS 21 BILLS 30 F...The BILLS Mafia runs off 9 late points to send "BULLS on PARADE" back into AFC Wild Card Hiding!..."A QB Driven League" Week 13 Early Slate and here comes REX and Bison City Football down the AFC Wild Card Stretch! #HOUvsBUF #BullsOnParade #BillsMafia #Fight4Lamar #AQBDrivenLeague

The Buffalo Bills needed some late game heroics and yes that came from who else but Bills QB Tyrod Taylor. Taylor with the score all knotted up after a DeAndre Hopkins 19 yard TD pass from Brian Hoyer threw a game-clinching 40-yard pass TD to TE Charles Clay as the extra-point attempts failed!

Dan Carpenter then added some much-needed insurance late kicking a 36-yard FG for a Bills 30-21 victory. Both QBs played extremely well as Hoyer three for 3 TD passes and Taylor threw for two TD passes. Bills RB "Shady" McCoy ran for 112 yards on just 21 carries as the Texans had no answer for him.

Moving forward the Texans fall out of the AFC Wild Card and that may hold up depending on what the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts do tonight on Sunday Night Football.

Note: Former Clemson Tigers DeAndre Hopkins (5 rec 88 TD) and Sammy Watkins (3 rec 109 yds TD) were both off the hook...

Friday, December 4, 2015

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 239...The BRUINS dba Team Steve Alford upsets #1 Team Cal dba #BBN and #WeRUK!...The HEAT takes down the "REGULATORS Report OKC" as WADE County reaches back going vintage! #UCLA #BBN #HeatNation #OKCthunder #RegulatorsReport #SportsShortsTake239

The UCLA Bruins controlled the game from the Tip-Off as they upset the #1 Kentucky Wildcats 87-77 at Pauley Pavilion on Thursday Night. All five starters for UCLA were in double figures led by Center Thomas Walsh and his game-high 21 points and eleven boards.

It was the Bruins Ability to force UK to shoot from deep (8-25 3pt FG UK) and controlled UK PG Tyler Ulis (9 pts 2-12 FG) that enabled UCLA to control the game and play their game. UK Freshman Isaiah Briscoe led Kentucky with 20 points with fellow Freshman Jamaal Murray adding 17 including 5 money balls. UK falls to 7-1 while UCLA moves to 5-3...

The Miami Heat protects the A.A. 305 as they beat the "Regulators Report OKC" dba OKC Thunder 97-95 in dramatic fashion. It was Wade County dba Dwayne Wade going Vintage Nights of "Flash" leading all scorers with 28 points. It was Wade's two free throws with 1.5 seconds remaining that gave Miami the "W"!

OKC was led by KD and Russ as they both go for 25 points with KD adding nine boards and Russ dropping seven dimes. O.K.C. shot just 4 for 16 from deep and committed some 15 turnovers. The Heat shot nearly 50% from the field with Chris Bosh adding 16 points and eight boards.

Miami moves to 11-6 while the Thunder falls to 11-8...   

Thursday, December 3, 2015

BLACKHAWKS 3 SENATORS 4 F/OT...KANER #88 extends Point Streak to 21 Games but the SENS get the WIN and grabs 2 Points as they get the "W" in Extras!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the INDIAN Head loses to OTTAWA! #CHIvsOTT #FearTheIndianHead #SensNation #FrozenTalkHawks

The Chicago Blackhawks did pick up a point but from the start it looked like it would be an Ottawa Senators blowout! The home team the Ottawa Senators led by Star Erik Karlsson came out flying and led by the score of 2-0 after one. Scores by Mike Hoffman (12) and Bobby Ryan (9) as the Sens were going for the win early!

It was Hawks Star Winger Patrick Kane dba Bison City Blur #88 extending his point streak to 21 games as he goes power play goal (16) to cut the deficit to one at 2-1. Late in the 2nd it was Russian and Hawks up and coming Star Artemi Panarin with his 8th on the season tying the game at 2-2.

The Sens would comeback in the 3rd with a Mark Stone (6) power play goal moving up 3-2 only to see the Indian Head strike again behind Artem Anisimov and his 11th on the season tying the game at 3-3. Then in Extras just 30 seconds in Hoffman (13) from Karlsson gets the game-winner as the speed from the Sens then and all night long was impressive!

Chicago grabs a point moving to 13-9-4 with 30 points. The Sens move to 13-7-5 with 31 points...

The Indian Head gets Winnipeg on Sunday December 6th at the Madhouse...

Craig Anderson (11-6-3) out duels Craw-Dad Crawford (11-7-2) in and around the Blue-Paint...  


PACKERS 27 LIONS 23 F...The "DISASTER" at FORD Field as the PACKERS throw "CHEESE" in the last seconds at "RESTORE the ROAR" and "CHEESE" prevails!..."A QB Driven League" Thursday Night Football Week 13 as we go "HAIL MARY" is Successful on the last play of the game as it was RODGER to RODGERS going CAL to CAL! #GBvsDET #PackerNation #LionsDen #NFCNorthHappenings2K15 #AQBDrivenLeague #TNF

No the Green Bay Packers didn't come back from the Thursday Night Football Week 13 "Dead" did they? Down 17-0 at Intermission and 20-0 in the middle of Frame 3 somehow and someway Team Mac stays the course plugging away trying to stay in the hunt for another NFC North Division Title and finds a way to stun the Detroit Lions.

The "Pack" scored two TDs in the 3rd that got them right back into the game. They then scored scored another after the Lions kicked a FG to go up 23-14 at that point only to see the Packers 3rd TD cut that deficit to two at 23-21 Lions.

Then with the Packers receiving the Wilson pigskin with just 30 seconds remaining with no Timeouts they needed to get to the 38 yard line in Kicker Mason Crosby's Range to try a potential game-winning FG. Well all that never came to fruition as a 15-yard face mask penalty by the Lions at the end of the game gave A-Rog and Company one more shot with no time on the clock...then this happened...


Rodgers to Rodgers on a 61-yard Hail Mary TD for game set match the "Pack"!

PACKERS @ LIONS as Thursday Night Football goes "A QB Driven League"!...WIsconsin CHEESE & BRATS & Football hits the Big Model T Ford dba FORD Field to take on the surging "Restore the ROAR" Lions!...A-ROG vs STAFF going Prime Time! #GBvsDET #CheeseHeads #RestoreTheRoar #TNF #NFCNorth #AQBDrivenLeague

Looking on the NFL Schedule not even a month ago this looked like a bad match up and a horrible game for Thursday Night Football Week 13. Now we are here you get a Green Bay Packers Team that is playing below "Expectations" and their QB Aaron Rodgers has come back down to earth.

On the other hand the Detroit Lions just a month ago after firing both President and GM have caught fire. I have no clue if the Seat Belt Sign was turned of or they put their Thinking Caps on but the "Restore the Roar" Lions are doing nothing but "Restoring Order" in the win column.   Now we get Thursday Night Football with all sorts of ramifications going on in the NFC.

(7-4, 2-2 NFC North)
(4-7, 2-2 NFC North)

Thursday Night Football Week 13 going "A QB Driven League
Thursday December 3, 2015 @ 8:30pm ET
Big Model T FORD dba FORD Field

Top Players in #GBvsDET 


QB A-Rog 
RB Ed Edd Eddy Lacy
WR Jones/Cobb/Adams
OLB Clay M.
OLB J. Peppers
CB Sam Shields
FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix   
SS M. Burnett


QB M. Stafford
RB A. Abdullah
TE Jumbo Tron
WR Mega Tron
WR Golden Tate
DE Ziggy Ansah
LB S. Tulloch
CB Darius Slay
FS Glover Quin

Top 5 Things to watch #PackersvsLions

Can Aaron Rodgers hit the Phone Booth and come out A-Rog as we all know him?

Can the Lions Offense keep rolling? 

Did the "Pack" pack their Run Game?

Red Jersey Collectors like Packers Matthews and Peppers and Lions Ansah...can the O-Line slow them all down? 

Kicking Game...who wins? 

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

LAKERS 108 WIZARDS 104 F...The BLACK MAMBA hits the Big Cellular Kiosk dba VERIZON Center with 31 as #LakerGang beats the #DCRising!.."LOGO WATCH" Kobe's spectacular night didn't stop WALL-STAR from putting in work! #LALvsWSH #LakerNation #WizKidsDC #LogoWatch #LakeShow #DCRising

Well the L.A. Lakers gave the Boyz playing in Philly for the Seventy-Sixers their 1st "W" of 2k15-16 and on the 2nd leg of that back to back had the Washington Wizards. The Wizards were coming of a "W" last night in the "Q" as John Wall did "Believeland" wrong and frankly was back at it old tricks tonight vs Laker Gang!

After the "Intros" and the Black Mamba giving his thanks to the Wiz Kids D.C. Faithful Kobe went Vintage KB24 or is it KB8 on the #DCRising for a team-high 31 points on 10 for 24 shooting. Kobe wasn't the only one who was putting in work as Wall-Star goes game-high 34 points adding eleven assists and seven boards as he was not going down in his gym without the Wizards Faithful also saying, "Glad Wall-Star is on our side"!    

The Lakers leading 57-51 at the break led 78-75 after three. After Wall-Star hit two free throws late with just over a minute to go and a Wizards 99-98 lead the Black Mamba knocked down a cold-blooded Money Ball for a Lakers 101-99 lead as Kobe would add points 30 and 31 after the Wizards tied the game again.

Los Angeles would never give the lead up and walked away with a rather impressive 108-104 "W"! L.A. moves to 3-15 as the Wiz Kids D.C. trying to get to .500 falls to 7-9...    

NUGGETS 90 BULLS 99 F...The "SPANIARD" Pau Gasol of Bulls Nation gives 5,280 Blows to the Mile High NUGS as the BULLS get Victory!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" with "SEE RED" enjoying some good Ole MADHOUSE Cooking! #DENvsCHI #MileHighNugs #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #LogoWatch

The Chicago Bulls improving to 11-5 on the 2K15-16 Season gets a huge night from the "Spaniard" dba Pau Gasol as the Bulls roll to a 99-90 victory! It wasn't easy as the Bulls led 51-46 at the intermission only to see a cold 3rd frame and a 4-point deficit at 72-68.

It was Gasol's dozen in the 4th and 12 of his game-high 26 points that led the Bulls on this night. The "Spaniard" also grabbed nineteen boards as Jimmy Butler added 19 points and six boards with Derrick Rose going 3 for 17 with 12 points and nine helpers.

Denver had no answer for Gasol as they were led by Super-Sub Will Barton's 16 points off the bench. Danillo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried combined for 27 points and fourteen boards as the three other Nuggets Starters combined for just 16 points on the night.

Bulls move to 11-5 and 7-1 at the Madhouse. The Nugs fall to 6-13 as Denver's #1 pick in 2K15 Emmanuel Mudiay only had 4 points on 2 of 13 shooting.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

WILD 2 BLACKHAWKS 1 F...The BISON City Mullet #88 keeps his Streak alive moving to 20 but the INDIAN Head loses "Skating with the WILD"!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as the HAWKS lose a tough one to the rival WILD of Twin Cities Ice Games! #MINvsCHI #WildOnIce #FearTheINDIANHead #NHL #IceGames2K15

The Minnesota Wild goes into the Madhouse and gets a 2-1 victory over the Champs as Ryan Suter broke up a 1-1 tie in the 3rd for the Wild's 2-1 victory. It was Jason Pominville who started the scoring on this night beating Corey Crawford for a 1-0 Wild lead.

The Hawks came right back on the Power play as Patrick Kane scored his 15th on the season and extends his point streak to 20. The Wild though was not going to be denied on this night as Suter's Wrister beat Craw-Dad as Corey stopped some 34 of 36 SOG. The Wild's Devan Dubnyk stopped 30 of 31 SOG...

The Blackhawks now falling to 18-3 with 29 points heads over to Ottawa on Thursday Night. The Wild moves to 11-7-4 trailing Chicago by some three points...

Next up for the Indian Head gets the "Sens" of Ottawa On Thursday November 3 in Ottawa....    

LAKERS 91 SEVENTY-SIXERS 103 F...Former Hillside, IL Proviso West H.S. Star ROBERT COVINGTON leads the SIXERS to the Win Column at KOBE and the LAKERS Expense!..."LOGO WATCH" with the Basketball Gods showing Brotherly Love to LIBERTY Bells Hoops! #LALvsPHI #LakerGang #76ERS #SixersNation #SeventySixers #LogoWatch

The 2K15-16 Philadelphia 76ers won't be the butt of any more jokes and there was no way they could enter the new year with a Donut in the "L" Column. The Sixers had a tall order with Kobe Bryant bringing his Motel Show to the City that started him on his trek to "Greatness" in the Logo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

When the smoke cleared as the Philly Faithful gave Kobe plenty of Love it was Sixers best player and versatile Custodian Robert Covington leading the way as he was inserted into the Seventy-Sixers line-up on this night. "Cov" leads six Sixers into double figures with a game-high 23 points including shooting 5 for 1 from deep.

Los Angeles led at the break 58-50 as the "Black Mamba" had 16 of his team-high 20 points in the 1st half. Kobe was 7 for 26 and as he took some 17 money ball attempts. It was too much Sixers Youth Movement as both Nerlens Noel and Jerami Grant added 14 points each. Philly won going +18 from the arc...

Philly moves to 1-18 as the Kobe Show falls to 2-14...

WIZARDS 97 CAVALIERS 85 F...#DCRising Point God John Wall dba WALL-STAR says enough is enough about that "Dude" Chef CURRY!..."LOGO WATCH" as the WIZ Kids D.C. sticks up "BELIEVELAND" and the "Q"! #WSHvsCLE #DCRising #CavsNation #LogoWatch

The Washington Wizards have to be tired of hearing about Wiz Kids D.C. lead man Randy Wittman is losing control of his team. They also have to be tired of taking L's as they came into tonight's match up with King James and "Believeland" at 6-8.

So much for the above conversation as John Wall the Point God of Wiz Kids D.C. dba #DCRising in the Twittisphere as the Wizards shocks "Believeland" by the score of 97-85. Wall-Star was at it all game long going for a game-high 35 points on 14 of 24 from the field. He also waited on ten Wizards Tables (10 assists) while going 3 for 5 from Akron...yes Akron!

Wall had 21 at the break and 25 entering the 4th only to add 10 more points to finish with 35. Washington led by 11 at the break and 17 by the score of 80-63 at the end of three. The Cavs behind King James 24 points and thirteen helpers never got within single digits in the 4th and loses by a dozen.      

Wiz Kids D.C. moves to 7-8 as the Cavs fall to 13-5. Is Wall-Star and Bradley Beal the best back court in the "Logo" who knows? Can they give it to you big time in any given night in the world's best basketball league...yes sir and that is called focus and consistency! 

Red Sox and PRICE go 217 XXXXX-Large to play Home Games at Fenway!...Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE December 1, 2K15 talking Pre-2015 MLB Winter Meetings as the CARMINES draw first blood taking Lefty DAVID PRICE! @DAVIDprice14 @RedSox #Carmines2K15Business #BoSox #RedSoxNation

It didn't take long for any team to land one of the prized Free Agents of the 2K15 MLB Winter Meetings. What shocked some was how swiftly the deal came about with a week left until the 2K15 MLB Winter Meetings commence.

The Boston Red Sox and former Blue Birds Lefty David Price of Vandy Hardball agrees to a robust 7-year $217 million deal that will pay Price over $31 million per 162. That's right the Carmines going for it and in need of a true #1 at l;east for the 162 as they grab Price.

Now moving forward the former Vanderbilt Baseball Star has been stellar in the 162 with a career W-L of 104-56. The issues lies in October Hardball where they all count and everything is under the microscope as Price has went 2-7 with a 5.12 ERA in 14 games allowing 11 bombs. That's what the Carmines hope they are not getting and the past is the past until the past resurfaces...

Projected Starting Rotation  

LHP @DAVIDprice14
RHP Clay Buchholz
LHP Eduardo Rodriguez
RHP Rick Porcello
LHP Wade Miley
2K15 Blue Birds Highlights  

NFL Power Rankings Week 13 in "A QB Driven League" as the Wild Card Races are in full swing for both the "Fight 4 Lamar" and "Fight 4 George"!...Are the CAROLINA PANTHERS going to go 16-0?...Will the PATRIOTS hold onto #1 in the AFC as the BRONCOS and BENGALS are both right there? #NFLPowerRankingsWk13 #AQBDrivenLeague #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Plot thickens across the board in the "Shield" as we know the Favs for Big Bowl 50. What we do not know is the Wild Card Winners with 4 slots open for business and at least a dozen teams in the hunt if not more.

The Chiefs and Texans out of nowhere is leading the AFC Wild Card as we go to press. The Packers and Seahawks lead in the NFC Wild Card as they both will be dangerous if they can close on those slots for "Winning Time" The "Pack" is just a game back of the Vikes with a head to head coming to Lambeau here soon.

The Broncos with QB Brock Osweiler shock the Patriots helping not only themselves but the Bengals who is also sitting a game back for the #1 seed in the AFC. Its past "Crunch Time" and its deliver or prepare yourself for the 2K16 NFL Combine and Draft!

"A QB Driven League
NFL Power Rankings Week 13
December 1, 2K15

Note: NFL Week 12 Rankings in parenthesis

1. #PanthersPride (2) 11-0

2. #BirdGang (3) 9-2

3. #UnitedInOrange (4) 9-2

4. #PatsTalk (1) 10-1

5. #WhoDey (7) 9-2

6. #SKOLVikings (8) 8-3

7. #ColtsNation (10) 6-5

8. #RedFriday (11) 6-5

9. #BullsOnParade (12) 6-5

10. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (6) 7-4

11. #12s (14) 6-5

12. #StillerGang (5) 6-5

13. #GangGreen (17) 6-5

14. #RiseUpFalcons (9) 6-5

15. #HTTR (20) 5-6

16. #BelieveInMonsters (19) 5-6

17. #RaiderNation (25) 5-6

18. #NYFootballGiants (13) 5-6

19. #ItsABucsLife (15) 5-6

20. #BillsMafia (16) 5-6

21. #RestoreTheRoar (22) 4-7

22. #PurpleBrowns (28) 4-7

23. #AquaBoyz305 (21) 4-7

24. #CowboysNation (23) 3-8

25. #STLRams (24) 4-7

26. #KHANstructionJAGS (18) 4-7

27. #FlyEaglesFly (26) 4-7

28. #NOLAGumboSaints (27) 4-7

29. #BoltsNation (32) 3-8

30. #NinersEmpire (29) 3-8

31. #MusicCityTitans (30) 2-9

32. #DawgPound (31) 2-9

360 Degrees...

Top 5 Tilts NFL Week 13

Packers @ Lions #TNF
Jets @ G-Men
Seahawks @ Vikings
Chiefs @ Raiders
Colts @ Steelers #SNF  

SPURS 89 BULLS 92 F..."TEAM" was the Final Word in the BULLS "All Hands on Deck" Approach in a "W" versus SPURS Familia!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as "SEE RED" protects the MADHOUSE opening a Four-Game Home Stand beating "POPS" and Spurs Familia! #SASvsCHI #SpursFamilia #BullsNation #LogoWatch #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls in order to beat the San Antonio Spurs (#2 Team in the West by W-L coming into tonight's game vs Bulls) needed a total team effort and boy did they get it. After a sluggish first frame that saw the Bulls down six 23-17 after one "See Red" got it going!

A 32-25 advantage in the 2nd led Chicago to a 49-48 lead at the break. San Antonio was led by a hit handed LaMarcus Aldridge dba L-Train as he led everyone at intermission with 15 points. The Spurs led 73-70 after three as Chicago was led by Pau Gaol's 14 heading into the 4th.

The Bulls biggest lead in the 4th was 85-80 headed towards the six minute mark as Spurs Familia kept it close. It came down to San Antonio missing shots with at least five opportunities to tie the game as the biggest was Gasol's block on L-Train with just over 1 minute remaining. That Bulls "D" finally arrived to get stops as Chicago wins 92-89.

Gasol led with 18 points and thirteen boards and three blocks with five Bulls in double figures. San Antonio was led by Kawhi Leonard's 25 points and eight boards and L-Train's 21 points and a dozen boards. Spurs shoot just 2 of 14 from the arc as Chicago shoots 6 for 16.

Bulls move to 10-5 while the Spurs fall to 14-4...Bulls start the four-game home stand with a much-needed "W" starting in 3rd place in the NBA Central before tonight's game!