Tuesday, December 8, 2015

WARRIORS 131 PACERS 123 F...DUBS 24-7-365 moves to 23-0 as they run the PACERS right down I-65 heading South!..."LOGO WATCH" as "Los SPLASH Hermanos" accounts for 68 of 131 points for G.S.W.! #GSWvsIND #DubsGoingCrazy #StrengthInNumbers #GoldSwagger #PacersNation #LogoWatch



I do not know how to explain this other than the 2K15-16 Golden State Warriors are coming for that 72-10 and that 1995-96 Chicago Bulls Team put the SHAM-PAG-NA up as "Dubs" is coming for that record.

Behind a 30-point outburst combined from Klay Thompson and Steph Curry in the 1st frame as the Warriors scored 44 points on the Indian Pacers "Dubs" was in rare form on Tuesday Night in Downtown Indy!

A 79-60 lead at the break with "Los Splash Hermanos" combining for 45 points at the break the game was all but over. "Gold Swagger" Rated PG-13 does not have that kind of firepower as it was 111-83 at the end of three. Klay ends with a game-high 39 points (10-16 3pt FG) and Steph 29 points (3-11 3pt FG) as "Dubs" moves to 23-0. The Pacers falling to 13-7 gets 33 points from PG-13 dba Paul George but that wasn't nearly enough as he needed Reggie Miller, Chuck Person, Vern Fleming, and the "Flying Dutchman" Rik Smits in this one and maybe even the Davis Boys in Dale and Antonio!

Keep the W"s flowing "Dubs" as they are simply playing on another Planet and that Planet is Planet Oracle near the Black Hole and alongside the B.A.R.T.!        
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