Sunday, December 6, 2015

COLTS 10 STEELERS 45 F...No ONE Team wants the BLACK & YELLOW in "Winning Time" as Big BEN and Lead Man TOMLIN cuts right through INDY and Lead Man PAGANO!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" with a #HereWeGoSteelersHereWeGo! #INDvsPIT #ColtsNation #StillerGang #SteelerNation #SNF #TripleDiamondChroinlces

Where do you start as the Colts led 10-6 almost midway through the 2nd frame then Godzilla woke up!  That Pittsburgh Steelers Offense playing at an all-time level torched the Indianapolis Colts "D" after Indy led 10-6 some 39-0 and it was a good ole fashion butt whippin' the Colts received!

It was a total team effort as the Steelers and Coaches have to be really proud of the "D" who held Matt Hasselbeck and Company in check for most of the night. That Steelers "D" picked up 5 red jersey collections as James "Mr. Clean" Harrison had three of the five sacks. Stiller Gang also had two INTs one by @SacManJones_29 dba #DawgSaturday Jarvis Jones and fellow alum Steelers CB Brandon Boykins.

As for the Steelers Scoring Machine where do you start? Take a look at these Digits in #ColtsvsSteelers:

QB Big Ben 24/39 364 yds 4 TD

RB D-Will 26 att 134 yds 

WR A.B. 8 grabs 118 yds 2 TD

WR M. Bryant 4 grabs 114 yds TD

WR Wheaton 3 grabs 50 yds TD

PR A.B. 71 yd TD 

PK C-Boswell 3/4 FGs 4/4 XPs

The Steelers just put on a show from all angles and now the plot thickens for the AFC Wild Card with Pittsburgh visiting the "Jungle on the Ohio" next week in the AFC North leading Cincinnati Bengals.

Talking the Colts as lead man Chuck Pagano and Company have to be feeling like the "End" is near and its just speculation but "Expectations" were high and not even close to being met for the 2K15 season!    

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