Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Amar'e Stoudamire calls it a career!..."Squeeze the Orange" talking S.T.A.T. of the Miami Heat, New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns calls it a career after 14 NBA Treks! @AmareIsReal #S.T.A.T. #ManAmongBoyz

He has completely slowed down and after 14 seasons in the Logo with numerous accolades the man that came straight out of a Cypress Creek H.S. in Orlando, Florida calls it quits.

The man they called after a few seasons in the Logo "S.T.A.T." (Standing Tall And Talented) will retire leaving a nice legacy as he almost brought a Chip to those talented Phoenix Suns Teams back in the day that featured Back to Back League M.V.P. Steve Nash, the Matrix dba Shawn Marion, and Joe Johnson even though J.J. left the nest early.

S.T.A.T. will be remembered as an athletic specimen that was raw but part of "Monsters eating Glass" at Bluedude Sportstalk. His sheer strength and athletic ability made him an elite player almost from the jump. His last season saw Amar'e as a role player on the 2nd Unit of the Miami Heat and a player far from what he use to be. He also had some great years playing home games at World's Most Famous for #KnicksTape!

Amar'e Stoudamire's Top 10 Dunks, Career Accolades, Career Digits and Career Earnings:    


Top 10 Posters of Career

As far as numbers here is @AmareIsReal 14 Seasons at a glance

S.T.A.T. Career Digits

846 Gms 696 Starts 
18.9 ppg 
7.8 rpg 
1.2 blks

S.T.A.T. Accolades

2002-03 NBA #1 Donut-Runner (Rookie)
5x All-Star
5x All-NBA
2006-07 All-NBA 1st team

S.T.A.T. Career Duffel Bags

$167,683,566.23...yes he can retire you would think very comfortable!   

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Top 10 NFL QB Salaries for 2K16 as "A QB Driven League" meets "Monsters of Direct Deposits"!....With "Blue Swagger" QB Andrew Luck getting an average of 25 million per we take a look at the Sunday Signal-Callers who are making Bank in 2K16! #AQBDrivenLeague #MonstersOfDirectDeposits #NFLQBSalariesTop10

The Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck grabbed all the headlines with his latest "Break the Bank" Deal getting $140 million over 72 months with an average of $25 million per season for the first three seasons. Then you throw in a $32 million signing bonus and $87 million guaranteed Mr. Luck has a nice "Chunk" of change coming his way.

Now moving forward as that might be the bar for the next wave of QBs like Jameis Winston, Marcus Mariota, Blake Bortles and Derek Carr to name a few we take a look at the Top 10 NFL QB Salaries for 2K16 led by of course Mr. Luck:

Top 10
QB Salaries 2K16

1. Andrew Luck #BlueSwagger $24.6

2. Joe Flacco #PurpleBrowns $22.1

3. A-Rog #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football $22

4. @dangeRUSSwilson #12s $21.9

5. Big Ben #StillerGang $21.8

6. #Eli Manning #GMen $21

7. Philip Rivers #BoltsUp $20.8

8. Caaaaaaaaam #PanthersPride $20.7

9. Matty Ice #RiseUp $20.7

10. Tom Terrific #PatsTalk $20.5

Note: 2k16 Salaries from Sportstrac.com

360 Degrees

Drew Brees in his last year of his deal is sitting at #11 and the Saints and Brees might do series of one year deals.... 

A-Rog of the Packers is in his 3rd year of a five-year deal and lookout Packers Shareholders...

That dynamic 2004 QB Draft Class of Big Ben, Eli and Philip all Top 7 as they have proven over time all three of those organizations didn't miss...

Kirk Cousins (#12 at $19.9) of #HTTR jumps way up inn  salary and deservedly so as he put on a clinic in the 2nd half of 2k15...


Monday, June 27, 2016

Team U.S.A. Men's Basketball Roster 2K16 of a Dozen...#GoldOrBust!..."LOGO WATCH" + "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" = Mr. Bigs dba Jerry Colangelo and Coach K puts the 12-Man Roster together for Gold or Bust for the 2K16 Summer Games in Rio! @USABasketball #TeamHoops #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange #SummerOlympics2016 #RioGames2016

 Well without further a due the Team U.S.A. Senior Team was put together quicker than a $3 car wash and there are a few players worth noting that said no! Before that let's get to the "Dirty Dozen" dba U.S.A. Basketball Senior Men's Team that will be going for #GoldOrBust in Rio starting in August:

Senior Men's National Team

Point God Kyrie Irving #AllIn
Point God Kyle Lowry #WeTheNorth
Sniper Jimmy Butler #WestSideStoryReport
Sniper DeMar DeRozan #WeTheNorth
Sniper Klay Thompson #StrentghInNumbers

Custodian 'Melo Anthony #KnicksVHS
Custodian Harrison Barnes #StrengthInNumbers
Custodian K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC
Custodian PG-13 #GoldSwagger
Custodian Draymond Green #StrentghInNumbers

Protectors Boogie Man Cousins #ForeverPurple
Protectors DeAndre the Giant #ClipsNation

360 Degrees

Talking Point Guards and Snipers Team U.S.A. looks to be really dynamic with Kyrie and Kyle running the show as opposites attract! Butler, DeRozan and Thompson brings both "D", shooting and off the bounce game. 

The Small Forwards dba "Custodians" has the "Bully" of MSG going for his 3rd Gold and that would be a Senior Men's National Team Record. K.D. and PG-13 brings star power with "Dubs" bringing the Blue-Collar workman-like approach with both Harrison and Draymond.   

The "Men in the Middle" as we go Offensive low-post presence with the Boogie Man and a 24-7-365 Block Party talking DeAndre. Remember in international hoops you can take the FIBA Orange right off the cylinder.  

Blue denotes Carmelo Anthony going for Gold #3 unprecedented 
Notable Players left off either by not wanting to play or Team USA's Decision:

King James #AllIn 
Dame Lillard #RipCity
the Brow #StateBirdOfLouisianaHoops
Mr. Drummond #MotorCityPistons
Mad Man dba Russell Westbrook #RegulatorsReportOKC
Human Torch dba Chef Curry #StrengthInNumbers
James Harden #RedNation
Kawhi Leonard #SpursFamilia 
L-Train dba LaMarcus Aldridge #SpursFamilia 
Wade County #HeatNation

Red denotes all 3 players told Team U.S.A. no deal... 

Team U.S.A. Men's Basketball Roster 2K16 of a Dozen...#GoldOrBust!..."LOGO WATCH" + "SQUEEZE the ORANGE" = Mr. Bigs dba Jerry Colangelo and Coach K puts the 12-Man Roster together for Gold or Bust for the 2K16 Summer Games in Rio! @USABasketball #TeamHoops #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange #SummerOlympics2016 #RioGames2016

 Well without further a due the Team U.S.A. Senior Team was put together quicker than a $3 car wash and there are a few players worth noting that said no! Before that let's get to the "Dirty Dozen" dba U.S.A. Basketball Senior Men's Team that will be going for #GoldOrBust in Rio starting in August:

Senior Men's National Team

Point God Kyrie Irving #AllIn
Point God Kyle Lowry #WeTheNorth
Sniper Jimmy Butler #WestSideStoryReport
Sniper DeMar DeRozan #WeTheNorth
Sniper Klay Thompson #StrentghInNumbers

Custodian 'Melo Anthony #KnicksVHS
Custodian Harrison Barnes #StrengthInNumbers
Custodian K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC
Custodian PG-13 #GoldSwagger
Custodian Draymond Green #StrentghInNumbers

Protectors Boogie Man Cousins #ForeverPurple
Protectors DeAndre the Giant #ClipsNation

360 Degrees

Talking Point Guards and Snipers Team U.S.A. looks to be really dynamic with Kyrie and Kyle running the show as opposites attract! Butler, DeRozan and Thompson brings both "D", shooting and off the bounce game. 

The Small Forwards dba "Custodians" has the "Bully" of MSG going for his 3rd Gold and that would be a Senior Men's National Team Record. K.D. and PG-13 brings star power with "Dubs" bringing the Blue-Collar workman-like approach with both Harrison and Draymond.   

The "Men in the Middle" as we go Offensive low-post presence with the Boogie Man and a 24-7-365 Block Party talking DeAndre. Remember in international hoops you can take the FIBA Orange right off the cylinder.  

Blue denotes Carmelo Anthony going for Gold #3 unprecedented 
Notable Players left off either by not wanting to play or Team USA's Decision:

King James #AllIn 
Dame Lillard #RipCity
the Brow #StateBirdOfLouisianaHoops
Mr. Drummond #MotorCityPistons
Mad Man dba Russell Westbrook #RegulatorsReportOKC
Human Torch dba Chef Curry #StrengthInNumbers
James Harden #RedNation
Kawhi Leonard #SpursFamilia 
L-Train dba LaMarcus Aldridge #SpursFamilia 
Wade County #HeatNation

Red denotes all 3 players told Team U.S.A. no deal... 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

D-Rose to the Knickerbockers!..."West Side Story Report" goes to World's Most Famous Arena and #KnicksTape as the FTD Man dba GAR & PAX sends Bulls former M.V.P. Derrick Rose dba ADIzero "West Side Story Report" Hero to Knicks for three Knicks Players! @DRose @Knicks @Bulls #WestSideStoryReport #BullsNation #KnicksTape #KnicksNation

It was going to happen as I have been calling this from last August as the Chicago Bulls sends their former "Fight 4 Mo" dba NBA M.V.P. Derrick Rose to the Knicks for three players. Bulls Execs Gar Forman and John Paxson do business with the Zen Master dba Phil Jackson as New York had to make a splash for 2K16-17 with Knicks Tickets at Super Bowl Prices Points for the 41 at World's Most Famous.

As for the trade...here its is with some Lemonhead-esque Details:

#KnicksTape gets:

PG DRose
SG Justin Holiday
1 2K17 second round pick

#SeeRed gets:        

Robin Lopez (A Jo Noah Clone)
Jerian Grant (Knicks 2K15 #2 first round pick)
Jose Calderon (Spain National Team Captain)

360 Degrees:

D-Rose brings flash and dash to that Knicks Squad who has not a big name Point God in quite sometime. Holiday was thrown in there to make it work as was that 2K17 second round pick.

The Bulls real steal I think is former ND Irish Combo Guard and "Bloodline" Jerian Grant who didn't see much time playing in his rookie season with New York due to a numbers game in the back court. He was one of three players the Bulls had on their board to draft last season n Gar and Pax have to be feeling good about getting Grant.

Lopez is solid as Pau Gasol is long gone and Jose Calderon brings stability to the backcourt as the Bulls now shows more of their hand for that 2K14 #14 pick which might be another Point God like Demetrious Jackson or Tyler Ulis...lookout Bulls Nation!

Derrick Rose
Dba ADIzero "West Side Story Report" Hero
Bulls Highlights

2010-11 NBA M.V.P. (Fight 4 Mo)
3x NBA All-Star (2010, 2011, 2012)
2008-09 NBA Rookie of the Year
All-NBA First Team 2010-11


Monday, June 20, 2016

King James, Kyrie and CAVS win it all!...Bluedude Sportstalk Front Line June 19, 2K16 as @CavsDan and the CAVALIERS hit the Phone Booth and out comes "Believeland" on Planet Oracle and defeats the nearly impossible odds versus #StrengthInNumbers dba #Dubs in a winner take all Game 7! #CLEvsGSW #CavsvsWarriors #CavsNation #DubPeatNo #NBAFinals #theLandGetsAChip

Where do you start with these headlines as the Cleveland Cavaliers down 3-1 in the NBA Finals and facing elimination in games 5-7 defeats the impossible beating the Golden State Warriors 93-89 on Planet Oracle for a Chip and a parade route for the Land!

Yes King James dba "Just a Kid from Ohio" grabs Chip #3 but this one was for his childhood dreams and the Stage of Ohio as well as the Land and Akron, Ohio.  He also grabbed the "Fight 4 Bill" dba Bill Russell Trophy as the M.O.P. In the 2K16 NBA Finals. His partner in crime Kyrie Irving made his name even bigger in this series as I thought he would share the Trophy with the King as no there can only be one King...right!

It was Kyrie's Triple with with the game tied at 89-89 with 53 seconds remaining that beat "Dubs" as the Splash Brothers for once went silent for the most part when the lights were brightest. James went triple-double with 27 points and eleven boards with eleven helpers as he almost went 'Melo Anthony (ISO Offense in the waning moments of this one) to lose a chance at the chip.

Irving was butter as he went for a cool 26 points showing why he is the best non-dunking finisher in the Logo repeatedly getting by folks with his 5pm ET rush hour NJ Turnpike Handle that is "Fresh 2 Death".

Look if it wasn't for @Money23Green dba "Just a Kid from Saginaw, MI" (32 points 15 rebs 9 asst including 6 for from deep) that Warriors would have gotten drilled in a winner take all game 7. Curry and Klay Thompson went a combined 6 for 24 from deep and had 31 points between them. "Dubs" was +27 in points from the stripe as it came down to getting to the rim and making the right play to put your team in position to grab a Parade Route!
Now the city of Cleveland rejoices as an NBA Championship Winning City and for Northeast Ohio and that Cleveland Fan Base the Bluedude salutes you wearing my Scottie Pippen 1998 NBA Finals Motel Red Jersey...Lol!

Congrats #AllIn and #CavsNation coming back from the "Logo" Dead at 3-1 in the series...  


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Keenan Allen and #BOLTSNation agrees to Duffel Bags!..."SUNDAY TALK" talking Cal Golden Bears Wideout Lucky #13 Keenan Allen as he reups with the Chargers!...#BOLTSnation WR Depth Chart heading into Camp!

The San Diego Chargers wasted no time securing the services on one wide out Keenan Allen. The Bolts and Allen agrees to a $44 million deal with guarantees somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 million.  

Allen a 3rd round pick back in the 2013 Draft has been straight Country Crock Butta from day one.  He and Bolts Franchise signal-caller Phillip Rivers connected on 71 grabs for 1,046 yards in his rookie campaign. Allen through the last three seasons has quickly become Rivers go-to-guy not talking red zone as that still belongs to TE Antonio Gates.

Career Digits  

2013 15 Gms 71 Grabs 1,046 yds 8 TDs 14.7 Yds/Rec

2014 14 Gms 77 Grabs 783 yds 4 TDs 10.2 Yds/Rec

2015 8 Gms 67 Grabs 725 yds 4 TDs 10.8 Yds/Rec *

* Denotes Allen injured in Week 8 vs #PurpleBrowns as he went on Season-Ending IR

Where does this deal put the Chargers WR Corps heading into 2K16 OTA's and Camp?

#BOLTSnation WR Corps 2K16


LWR Travis Benjamin 
RWR @Keenan13Allen
Slot/#3 Stevie Johnson

2nd Wave 

LWR Javontee Herndon
RWR Dontrell Inman

3rd Wave

LWR Isaiah Burse
RWR Tyrell Williams

Look the Bolts after you get passed WRs 1-2-3 lookout as their Depth is suspect. They still have RB Danny Woodhead who is super dynamic in the passing game. They could still ill afford to lose anyone one of those top 3 WRs especially Allen...

Monday, June 6, 2016

"WHAT IF" Sports Scenarios for JUNE 2K16 as the Infamous and Award-Winning "WHAT IF" Happenings covering the World of Sports! #NBAPlayoffs #NBAFinals #MLB #NFLDraft #NHLFinals #NBADraft #NCAAF #NCAABB #HSBB #Boxing and more!

It's back for the month of June 2k16 as we go the infamous and award-winning "What If" Sports Scenarios that have transpired in the last few months. Let's get after it...

"What If
Sports Scenarios  
June 2K16

"What If"...the Seventy Sixers and Lakers didn't get the #1 overall pick in the 2K16 NBA Draft and the Minnesota Timberwolves did...who would the 'Wolves dba TeamThibs grab at #1 Ben Simmons or Brandon Ingram or even package the pick up for a Superstar Vet?

"What If"...The Chicago Cubs dba #MaddonBall at 39-16 as we go to press meets all expectations and grabs the NL Pennant and Fall Classic will Chi-City call the Local Five-O or grab them the National Guard with Tanks and Ghetto Birds (Helicopters) to slow down a raucous and uncontrollable Wrigleyville and #CubsNation?

"What If"...The Pittsburgh Steelers had both CBs in Houston Cougars William Jackson III and their Pick Artie Burns from Miami Fla at #24 as well as #14 Raider Pick Safety Karl Joseph (Highlights below) from Morgantown U...would they still have chosen Burns? I am thinking Burns is still the pick...

"What If"...the Chicago Blackhawks and Pittsburgh Penguins were in the 2K16 Stanley Cup Finals would the NHL get the biggest TV Ratings with these two teams more than any other two teams?

"What If"...Team CP3 of the Nile EYBL Circuit (Currently 14-2 and #1 in the standings) wins the Peach Jam and the EYBL Champs for 2K16...with no Top 30 Recruit...would it be a huge shock or that's the way the AAU Circuit plays out at times?

"What If"...If Team USA Men's Basketball Core is Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Paul George, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, and Anthony Davis (Injured and not playing in 2K16 Olympic Summer Games)...would you agree there are 7 slots left to fill and heavily undecided?

"What If"...I said Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh is burning both ends of the candle as he is borderline a joke at this current moment in time...would you agree or disagree?

"What If"...I told you Canelo Alvarez and Triple G dba Gennady Golovkin would be the best fight in over 10 years if it happens...would you strongly agree or 50/50 or tell the Bluedude quit hitting the Medicine Cabinet?  

"What If"...I told you the best NFL RB in the South resides at LSU playing for the #GeauxTigers dba #TeamMadHatter in Leonard Fournette (Highlights below)...would you strongly agree or that's a huge leap Bluedude from lining up against the Southern Miss Golden Eagles and Atlanta Falcons...no way is Leonard the best RB?  

"What If"...I told you the L.A. Sparks and Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA (both at 7-0) are on a WNBA West Finals collision course and the winner of that series will be crowned WNBA Champs as the East can't compete is that True or False?

"What If"...The Chicago Bulls want to move a piece of that current roster and that piece is PG D-Rose...will they have serious suitors if they package that off with the #14 pick in the 2K16 NBA Draft?

"What If"...I said MLB misses #2 from the Bronx Zoo in Derek Jeter would you agree or say the Yanks Faithful misses him even more?

"What If"...Does anyone get how Jay-Z and "Ball and Chain" Beyonce Knowles markets their music as "Lemonade" didn't spark enough interest and intrigue as he Concert Tour followed suit as that is called Strategic Marketing and Planning...it's that simple!.."B" didn't mes up the Bluedude's Fav Lemonade and that would Cheesecake Factory Strawberry Lemonade....5-Star!

"What If'...I said Ocean Spray Cran-Grape Sparkling Drink was a must-have...would you go grab some ASAP...or wonder why this scenario is even in the mix?

"What If"...I said the best NFL Player as we go to press on the Planet is Steelers WR Antonio Brown dba "Business is Boomin'"...would you give him majority of the votes?

"What If"...I said the Air Jordan 12 "Black Nylon" which debuts in the Fall 2K16 is the best looking Jordan 12 or Top 5 Jordan 12 of all-time...would you agree or disagree? (It looks like a nasty piece)

"What If"...the 2k16 Kansas City Royals wins the AL Central again and grabs the AL Pennant could they beat anyone team from the Senior Circuit which might include the Cubbies and Gigantes for starters?

"What If"...#TeamTeal dba San Jose Sharks led by Captain Joe Thornton looking like "Grizzly Adams" come from down 0-2 and beat #TeamHappyFeet dba "Pens" of 'Burgh Ice Hockey Fame?

"What If"...I told you new Miami Hurricanes Lead Man Mark Richt will have the 'Canes back in two seasons in the Top 10...would you agree or disagree or ACC Football is not your thing?

"What If"...I said Dallas, TX HS BB Star in PG Trevon Duval (Highlights below) might be the best HS BB Player in the Class of 2K17...would you agree or disagree?  

"What If"...I said the Cleveland Cavaliers will get beat 4-1 in their series with "Dubs" would you agree or disagree and go 4-2 or even 4-3 in seven?

"What If"...I said LSU and projected #1 overall NBA Draft Pick Ben Simmons of Australia and LSU is highly-overrated and Brandon Ingram will be a better Pro...True or False?

"What If"...I said the best College BB Player for the 2K16-17 season will be two freshman in Duke PG Frank Jackson and Kentucky PG DeAaron Fox...True or False?

"What If"...the Boston Red Sox dba Carmines run the table the AL East...will "Big Poppi" dba David Ortiz (Highlights below) cement his legacy as one of the best Red Sox Players ever and is he Cooperstown N.Y. worthy?

"What If"...I said the 2K16 Chicago BBQ Fest (July 12-15) > the 2K16 Taste of Chicago (July 6-10)...would you agree or disagree?  

Checkout the next "What If" Sports Scenarios coming July 2k16 after the Holidays...


Sunday, June 5, 2016

CAVALIERS 77 WARRIORS 110 F..."DUBS" starring in #StrengthInNumbers goes NUT FACTORY on Planet Oracle vs the CAVS!..."Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" = DUBS needs 2 more for All-Time W-L Record for a Season and a Parade Route! #CLEvsGSW #Believeland #WarriorsGround #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch #NBAFinals

Where do you start with the hot shooting and everyone on the same page Golden State Warriors putting in a clinic? Or do we talk how lethargic the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing and looking as they head back to C-Land down 0-2 and with a lot of doubt?

After Cleveland weathered that expected initial storm in the 1st frame the Cavs led 21-19. Then all hell broke loose as G.S.W. would hit the phone booth and everyone but the next door Oakland Raiders and Athletics would hit the score book.

"Dubs" would go on a 33-23 binge in the second frame for a modest 52-44 lead at intermission and little did we know the 3rd frame would play out like it did.  A 58-33 2nd half by the Warriors led by former Sparty Star @Money23Green dba Draymond Green and his game-high 28 points including a sharp-shooting 5 for 8 fro deep getting his inner Splash Brothers on!

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson would combine to shoot 8 for 16 from deep as G.S.W. shot near 55% from the field and 46% from the arc. That Warriors Bench outscored the Cavs Bench 44-30 and it would have been worse than that if it wasn't for an inspired Richard Jefferson joining King James as the "Only" Cavs Player with some sort of urgency!  

Not pointing fingers but the Cavs have to dig really deep to find some sort of happy medium and compete and show some effort which takes no coaching...period! King James led "Believeland" with 19 points and nine helpers with eight boards.

Game 3 is back at the "Q" "Hump Day" June 8 at 9pm ET...

Saturday, June 4, 2016

MUHAMMAD ALI 1942- 2016

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee..the hands can't hit what the eyes can't see" - Muhammad Ali

1942 - 2016 

"Fight of the Century" 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

CAVALIERS vs WARRIORS as the "Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" w/Playbook goes "Believeland" vs "Dubs" Part 2!...Can King James and the @CavsDan Gang bring Confetti and a Parade Route to C-Land for the Love of Jim Brown and Lou the "Toe" Groza!...Can Chef Curry and Klay-metheus dba "Los Splash Hermanos" and #StrengthInNumbers send the Town into a frenzy going Back 2 Back behind nothing but Money Balls? #CavsvsDubs #Believeland #WarriorsGround #NBAFinals #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch

Here we go as many predicted this same match up from last seasons final. The Cleveland Cavaliers playing the 82-game trek hosting Eastern Conference Business under the "Q" Invite gets back to the "Fight 4 Larry" with King James arriving for his 6th consecutive finals appearance.

The Golden State Warriors come off of what many called a "Close Call" but others called it a wake-up call" as they sneak by the Regulators Report O.K.C. dba #ThunderUp coming back from the Logo Dead at 1-3 to win series 4-3 in miraculous fashion.

Now moving forward throw out the two 2K15-16 games as the Warriors won on Christmas Day and then put King James and the Cavs into frigid Lake Erie on the second time around. Both teams are playing at a high-level and this is it as we will crown a Champion after this series...

(12-2, East Champions)
(12-5, West Champions)

2K16 NBA Finals dba "Fight 4 Larry" inside "Logo Watch"
Series Format 2-2-1-1-1

Game 1 Tonight @ 9pm ET NBA on ABC 
Planet Oracle near the Black Hole

"Stars" on the Red Carpet


King James
Lake Oswego Monster


Chef Curry

"Extras" trying to get a Lead Role


"Get Shots" J.R.
Grandpa Frye
21 Shump Street 
Tristan T.


"Iggy" from Planet Oracle
Harrison from Ames
Brazilian Blur


Top 6 Items for both:

Money Balls
Transition Offense vs Transition Defense
Winning the end of quarters...
Small Ball vs Cavs Ball...
Don't settle for 23'9" as the Free Throw Line is and can be your best friend...
Lue vs Kerr...is Lue and his Clipboard ready 4 battle as Kerr and Company are a well-oiled machine?  

Cavs to win series:

King James must be a little more aggressive getting his buckets. Yes he also needs to be a facilitator but he needs to be really selfish at times. The "Lake Oswego Monster" Kevin Love must show up and Kyrie needs those NJ Turnpike Handles to be devastating towards "Dubs" and he needs to stay in Attack Mode and nothing else. 

J.R. Smith, Channing Frye and Matt Dellevedova must be "Big" throughout the series and if they can all make an impact throughout lookout then Cavs will need Cavs Dancers and 2% in the Victory Circle! 

Warriors to win series: 

Can anyone stop Chef Curry and Klay-metheus as they might be from "Area 51" or their respective Jumpers might be? "Dubs" knows they will be up for the challenge but who plays 3rd wheel? Draymond has to get back to being Draymond and leave the Bill Laimbeer Tactics back in Saginaw, Michigan! 

The Warriors Bench woke up late in the O.K.C. Series and who will lead the charge in this series. Harrison Barnes is a real treat as is Mo-Buckets win the big fella is going. Can the Warriors Bench outplay the Cavs Extras as this series might be Epic1       

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

MLB Power Rankings June 2K16 in "Word around the Warning Track" as the "CUBBIES" stay atop the heap with a #NATitude and #OrangeOctober holding the other top posts on the Senior Circuit!...The CARMINES of Fenway lead the Junior Circuit along with the Defending World Champs the ROYALS and the RANGERS! #WordAroundTheWarningTrack #ACupOfJoeInTheShowReport #MLBPowerRankingsJune2K16

The MLB Power Rankings are back for June 2K16 and the Chicago Cubs have cooled off slightly but holds a solid lead in the NL Central as "Expectations" couldn't be any higher talking Addison and Clark Hardball!

The Washington Nationals playing "Dusty Ball" is also in the mix as they lead the NL East with the Amazins' chasing in the rear. The San Francisco Giants have started to pull away in the NL West as the Dodgers and "Rox" battle for 2nd place.

Then over on the Junior Circuit the Boston Red Sox have the best W-L on the circuit as they try and hold off both the O's and Blue Birds. The defending world champion Kansas City Royals leads the AL Central as the South Siders have fell back to 2nd place after a hot start. The Rangers leads the M's as the AL West might be a two team race...now the MLB Power Rankings for June 2K16!

"Word around the Warning Track"
June 2K16
MLB Power Rankings 

Note: In Parenthesis the May 11, 2k16 Rankings
Bold Black denotes Division Leaders

1. #MaddonBall #NorthSiders #GoCubsGo 35-15 (1)

2. #Carmines #BoSox 32-20 (6)

3. #OrangeOctober #Gigantes 33-21 (17)

4. #DustyBall #NATitude  32-21 (7)

5. #NorthTexasHardball #Rangers 31-21 (9)

6. #Ms #EmeraldCity #Mariners 30-21 (5)

7. #KCRoyals #BeRoyalKC #Royals 29-22 (20) 

8. #BUCN #Buccos #Pirates 29-22 (11)

9. #Os #Orioles 28-22 (4)

10. #Amazins #Metropolitans #NYMets 29-23 (3)

11. #PaleHose #SouthSiders #VenturaBall 29-25 (2) 

12. #DodgerNation #DodgerBlue #LAD 28-25 (13) 

13. #Tribe #Indians #CLE 26-24 (10) 

14. #BlueBirds #JaysNation #Jays 28-26 (15)

15. #FishThatSavedThe305 #LittleHavanaHardball #Marlins 27-25 (12)

16. #STLCards #Redbirds #BaseballTownUSA 28-26 (14)

17. #PhightinPhils #Phils #Phillies 26-26 (8)

18. #BronxBombers #Yanks #Pinstripes 24-27 (24) 

19. #MotorCityKitties #Tigers  #DET 24-27 (19)

20. #Rox #5280Hardball #Rockies 24-27 (21)

21. #SwinginElephants #Athletics #As 26-29 (25) 

22. #Halos #LAA #Angels 24-28 (27)

23. #StrosShow #HarrisCountyTXHardball #Stros 24-29 (28)

24. #BrewCrew #Piwowarzy #Brewers 24-29 (23)

25. #ItsARaysLife #RaysNation #TBRays 22-28 (18)

26. #DBacks #AZDiamondbacks #PHXHardball 23-31 (16)

27. #Friars #Dres #Padres 20-33 (26) 

28. #RedStockings #RedLegs #RedsCountry 17-35 (22)

29. #BravesCountry #ChopShop #HOTlanta 15-36 (30)

30. #Twinkies #Twins #10KLakesHardball 15-37 (29) 

360 Degrees

The White Sox are a dismal 6-13 since May 11, 2k16...

The Giants are 16-3 since May 11, 2k16...

The Royals 14-5 since May 11, 2k16 getting back into their AL Central winning ways...

The Phils were 19-14 on May 11, 2k16 and has been 7-12 since coming back down to Planet Earth... 

#MaddonBall dba #GoCubsGo has the biggest divisional lead at 6 1/2 games but something  tells me that should be bigger...not getting greedy #CubsNation just saying!        

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The AFTERMATH talking "DUBS" and THUNDER starring "Los SPLASH Hermanos"!...Down 3-1 and facing the unenviable task of winning in THUNDER ALLEY in an Elimination Game #6 here comes the Champs holding Game 7 on their terms! #OKCvsGSW #ThunderUp #StrengthInNumbers #RegulatorsReportOKC #WarriorsGround #Fight4Larry #NBAWestFinals2K16

It took the Golden State Warriors nearly five games to get it going in the 2K16 NBA West Finals and now the heat has turned to both teams as we face a game 7 on Planet Oracle! "Dubs" didn't just win game 6 they took game 6 as Klay Thomspon dba "Splash Hermanos" #2 and Klay-metheus went H.A.M. on the Thunder going All-Star Saturday Night Three-Point Contest hitting an NBA record 11 money balls for a game-high 41 points!

Still in the post game everything deflects to Steph Curry when if it wasn't for Klay playing somewhere in the O-Zone Layer the Warriors would have been fishing this morning near Alcatraz Island. Yes the "Human Torch" dba "Splash Hermanos" #1 has 31 points and six money balls on his way to a near triple-double with 9 assists and ten boards.

"Los SPLASH Hermanos

They needed each other last night as the Media will never see it that way as Klay is just as important as Curry its just that Klay doesn't handle the Spalding orange as much as he is a true shooting guard and Curry's dynamic handle sets them apart not the shooting as they are both dangerous once they enter the building!

As for the Thunder going back to their old ways as the moment appeared to "Big" for one former M.V.P. and they went "ISO" Ball to compound matters and that cost them dearly. The trusting of teammates and moving the Spalding orange with Russ be effective at being a facilitator and score works best for his game and the Thunder.

Russ and K.D. shot a combined 20 for 58 including 1 for 13 from the arc as they must have been thinking we need to both go off to close when they really didn't have to. The other Thunder Players appeared to be all in on the defensive end with no rewards on the offensive end.

Will O.K.C. win game 7 on Planet Oracle I highly doubt it as numbers and history and Uncle Mo dba Momentum is all on the Warrior side. Can O.K.C. win the game well that's why they will play Game 7 near the Black Hole on Memorial Day 2K16...      

Friday, May 27, 2016

All-LOGO WATCH Fusions 2K15-16 as we combine the All-Hudson River, All-Red River, All-Eastern Time Zone, All-Sunshine State, All-Great Lakes w/10k Lakes, All-Southern Hospitality, All-Nature Trail, All-California Vineyards and All-Hollywood Sign!...Who was the All-Logo Watch Fusions Player of the Year...CURRY, King JAMES, K.D. or RUSS...who? #LogoWatchFusions2K15-16 #NBA #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange

The All-Logo Watch Fusions Squad for 2K15-16 is in the books as the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk is in their 3rd year with this entry which has never been seen before. Curry won the award last season as P.O.Y. and Kevin Durant won 2 years ago. Who will be the P.O.Y. this season and there is just one team...the 1st team!

All-Logo Watch Fusions

Player of the Year

Stephen Curry @StephenCurry30
"Human Torch" of "Los Splash Hermanos
#WarriorsGround #DubNation
#StrengthInNumbers #Dubs #GSW

P.O.Y. Votes 
Note: 100 Votes 1st place Votes
Unanimous a player needs at least 30*

1. "Human Torch" Steph Curry #Dubs * 50
2. "King James" Lebron James #Believeland * 35
3. "Human Turbo Button" Russell Westbrook #ThunderUp 10
4. @kdTREY5 Kevin Durant #ThunderUp 5

1st Team All-Logo Watch Fusions 2K15-16

"Human Torch"/Klay-metheus/Draymond #Dubs All-California Vineyards
Russ/K.D. #ThunderUp All-Red River
Dame Lillard #RipCity All-Nature Trail
CP3/DeAndre #Clips All-Hollywood Sign 
Paul Milsap #HighlightFactory404 All-Southern Hospitality
King James #Believeland All-Great Lakes w/10K Lakes
Kristaps Porzingis #KnicksVHS All-Hudson River
PG-13 #Gold Swagger DeMar #WeTheNorth All-Eastern-Time Zone
Wade County All-Sunshine State
Kawhi/L-Train #SpursFamilia All-Red River     

360 Degrees...

Congrats to all the players as the 2K15-16 Season in "Logo Watch" is almost in the books. Also congrats to a few NBA Dance Teams and Super Fans for making a few teams as its not alway about hoops! 

A dynamic trio in Steph, Klay and Draymond led the All-California Vineyards...as Stepg goes back 2 back Logo Watch Fusions P.O.Y....

Two Dynamic Duos resided on the All-Red River Squad in Russ/KD from O.K.C. and Kawhi/L-Train from Spurs Nation...

Another dynamic duo led the All-Hollywood Sign in CP3/DeAndre...

A rookie led the All-Hudson River Squad in the "Zinger Burger" dba Kristaps Porzingis...  

Wade County came back like "Flash" circa 2005-06 from Heat Nation to lead the All-Sunshine State...

"Dame" of Rip City gets major props here as he led the All-Nature Trail...

Paul George and DeMar DeRozan two of the best Shooting Guards/Wings in the "Logo" led the All-Eastern Time Zone Squad...

Paul Milsap had another quiet but stat-filled 82 as he led the All-Southern Hospitality Team...

Last but not least King James always playing above and beyond Earthlings gets his 3rd straight P.O.Y. and his 2nd straight on the All-Greta Lakes w/10k lakes Squad...   


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

WARRIORS 94 THUNDER 118 F...RUSS goes Triple Double with his Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus Act as O.K.C. takes a commanding 3-1 series lead over the team formerly known as #StrengthInNumbers dba "DUBS"!..."Regulators Report O.K.C." + RUSS + K.D. + the #ThunderUp Extras = BILLY BALL O.K.C.! #GSWvsOKC #DubNation #ThunderAlley #RegulatorsReportOKC #NBAWestFinals #OKCleads3-1

The Golden State Warriors are in trouble and there is no other way to slice it. I heard all that chatter about game 3 when they were blown out 133-105 that is was just one game and the real Warriors will stand up in game 4. Well after they rolled the credits in game 4 it looked like a replay of game 3 as O.K.C. took it right to the Champs for a convincing 118-94 "W"!

I am not going to get into all that M.V.P. stuff back and forth because Stephen Curry deserved that nit unanimously but 80% of the votes. That guy that finished 4th behind Curry, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James in Regulators Report O.K.C. Point God Russell Westbrook is making a strong case as an M.V.P. for the NBA West Conference Playoffs.

Russ goes massive digits tonight in 36 points and eleven assists with eleven boards. He dominated from the tip to the credits and if O.K.C. can get by the Warriors and head to the NBA Finals all that K.D. will test the free agent market and go somewhere else will be put in the Red River!

Durant added a smooth 26 points and grabbed eleven boards as all five O.K.C. Starters were in double figures. Where the Thunder and "Billy Ball" O.K.C. is winning is playing both Small Ball and forcing G.S.W. to try to play "Big"...and for some unforeseen reason they just cannot match up against the bigger and right now tougher Thunder Bunch!

Klay Thompson led G.S.W. with 26 points as he had "Dubs' first 19 points in the 3rd. He just could not keep it going and Curry never got it going as did the rest of the Warriors as that 73-9 season cannot be erased but getting back 2 back chips can!

Game 5 in Thursday Night May 26th at Planet Oracle and Warriors Ground has to be thinking it cannot end like this and quickly become Fan Appreciation Night!         

WARRIORS @ THUNDER with the "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." w/PLAYBOOK in the "Fight 4 Larry" = #StrengthInNumbers has Date Night with #ThunderUp!...Will it be a Horror Movie for "Dubs" or an Action Thriller with "Dubs" playing the Hero not the Villain! For O.K.C. will it be another night at the Thunder Alley Improv ending at KD's Southern Cuisine or a Hit Thriller will they are the Villain and not the Hero! #GSWvsOKC #DubNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #NBAWestFinals2K16 #Fight4Larry

Here we go as game #3 is in the books and the Golden State Warriors must take it as a loss and nothing else and come out swinging from the jump! The Oklahoma City Thunder needs to channel all those emotions and play their game and stay in "Attack Mode" and not get caught up in matching money ball for money ball with "Dubs" and "Los Splash Hermanos"!

Who joins Stephen Curry in this fight as "Dubs" has no choice but to grab a "W" as Warriors Nation awaits the game and the outcome? The Thunder needs a 3rd wheel as KD and Russ will do what they do but must trust their teammates to get it done again and we go game #4 preview with the award-winning Playbook only at Bluedude Sportstalk!


NBA West Finals 2K16
Tuesday April 24, 2K16 @ 9pm ET
Thunder Alley O.K.C.



PG Steph
SG Klay
SF Harrison
PF Draymond 
C Andrew


PG Russ
SG Andre
SF Kevin
PF Serge
C Steven


Draymond gets a Life Raft from Ki Ki in the NBA Offices and now needs to focus on @Money23Green with Beats by Dre' around his dome doing what he does and that is impacting Date Night in Thunder Alley!  

Steven Adams has been huge and the unsung hero in the Restricted Area for the Thunder...will that continue tonight in game 4 and if it does...trouble for "Dubs" is on the horizon! 

The Warriors might need to quit settling for money balls and get into Attack Mode...

O.K.C. and its Extras trying to get a lead role has been big all series long...and will that Thunder Bench outplay the Warriors Bench again?

Transition Defense versus Transition Offense as both teams must limit rim runs and easy transition buckets which also includes Transition Money Balls and those are Mo' Breakers and Mo' Makers as in Momentum! 

"Points in the Paint" as "Dubs" needs this to balance all those jumpers they take...O.K.C. "Big Ball" > "Small Ball" at this point and who wins playing this style tonight? 

Warriors Bench with S-Dot Livingston leading the charge versus the Thunder Bench with Mr. Waiters leading that bunch...who wins? 

Turnovers vs "Live" Turnovers for TDs as "Izzone" would call it....who wins?

"Execution" as we talk end of frames and late in the game...who will have the edge? 

The "Penalty" who gets to the line the most will probably win game #4....

Thunder Alley will be bringing it and its the Warriors Job from keeping all of the State of Oklahoma from going "Nut Factory" after game #4...they should be up for the challenge!

K.D., Russ, Stephen and Klay will all come to play...but on this day who will join the fray and maybe be the "Star" of the day you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose NBA Heads...it's game #4 grab your popcorn and put an umbrella in your drink (the Umbrella is Grown Folks Business...must be 21)...it's game 4 from Thunder Alley!            


Monday, May 23, 2016

CAVALIERS 99 RAPTORS 105 F...It's DISCO Night in the "6" as the RAPTORS head back to C-LAND all knotted up at 2-2!..."Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" = K-LOW and DeMar both has huge nights and BISMACK gets M.V.P. Chants I see you Hive Drive! #CLEvsTOR #Believeland #RaptorNation #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch #EastFinals2-2

I didn't see this coming and the Cleveland Cavaliers have woke up the Dinosaurs from the North and now we have a real series. Behind Kyle Lowry's game-high 35 points and DeMar DeRozan's 32 points the Raptors rode them to the finish line in game 4 and who needs the freakin' Maple Leafs? 

Toronto did it with "Guts" as the Cavaliers at one point in the 4th hits 11 straight shots before they missed. When the Cavs missed the game was all knotted up at 96-96 with just under five minutes to go.     "Believeland" went cold after that as the Raptors win 105-99. 

Bismack Biyambo erasing a King James dunk ....and no it was not a foul! 

King James had a team-high 29 points with nine boards and six helpers with Kyrie Irving adding 26 points and six assists. It was J.R. Smith and Kevin Love stunk up the joint as it cane down to the X's and O's and Raptors lead man Dwayne Casey picked Tyrann Lue's Pocket. 

Cleveland shoots another 41 Spalding Oranges from deep as the Raptors shot just 22 from deep. If C-Land wants to win game 5 they must attack the rim and quit settling for the "J"! That is a lost art nowadays as we get all (Dunk or Money Ball) or nothing! 

Game #5 back at the "Q" on Hump Day at 9pm ET...  

Sunday, May 22, 2016

WARRIORS 105 THUNDER 133 F...Thunder Alley explodes as #ThunderUp with @RussWest44 and @kdTREY5 leading the Charge dropping 30 plus apiece hammers the defending "Champs"!..."REGULATORS Report O.K.C." + "Fight 4 Larry" = you have to win four to win the series but O.K.C. is making a statement that is Thunderous and clear! #GSWvsOKC #StrengthInNumbers #ThunderNation #RegulatorsReportOKC #Fight4Larry #OKCLeads2-1

Yes its just game #3 of a possible seven but the Oklahoma City Thunder makes a thunderous statement loud and clear as they run away with a 133-105 victory as this game was over at the half. The alarming notion here is that both teams had nearly four days off between games and "Dubs"  gets handled rather easily!

Kevin Durant dba @kdTREY5 (33 pts 8 rebs) and Russell Westbrook dba @RussWest44 (30 pts 12 asst 8 rebs) did what they do but it was the Thunder "Extras" trying to star in a leading role. "Air Congo" dba Serge Ibaka scored 14 points while Andre Roberson chipped in with 13. Off that O.K.C. Bench it was Turkey's Enes Kanter dropping a double double with 10 points and dozen boards.

O.K.C. won nearly every category and shot an amazing 33 for 37 from the stripe. NBA M.V.P. Stephen Curry dropped 24 points but that entire "Dubs" Bunch after the scores was 40-40 midway through the 2nd frame when the Thunder went on a 32-7 run to close out the 2nd...ball game!

Then I see many chirping down Social Media Alley's the Warriors will comeback...no this is the new and improved Thunder Bunch that has made big time adjustments since the 82-game trek ended. With game 4 looming on Tuesday Night in Thunder Alley you will see a different Warriors Bunch but if this O.K.C. Bunch that showed up tonight appears in Tuesday's Game...call the Fire Marshall!  

Saturday, May 21, 2016

CAVALIERS 84 RAPTORS 99 F..."Runnin through the 6 with my RAPTORS" as DeMAR from Compton and BISMACK from the Congo leads #WeTheNorth to a game 3 victory!..."Fight 4 Larry" + "Logo Watch" as the RAPTORS makes this series as "Believeland" loses for the first time in "Winning Time" for 2K16! #CLEvsTOR #CabsNation #WeTheNorth #Fight4Larry LogoWatch #RunninWithMyRaptorsInThe6

The Toronto Raptors needed to find themselves and fast in game 3 as the Cleveland Cavaliers through games one and two have made quick work of the Raptors. "Believeland" came into game 3 believing they could not only win game 3 but get a sweep in the series and stay undefeated doing it in "Winning Time" for 2K16!  

All that cane crashing to a halt as the Raptors behind Demar from Compton's 32 points (12-24 FG) and Bismack from the Congo eating glass and more glass grabbing 26 vegetables including 18 off the defensive glass. Raptors Point God K-Low from the reigning National Champion Villanova Wildcats added 20 points shooting 4 from 8 from deep.

It was the Raptors "D" and the Cavs bailing them hoisting some 41 shots from behind the arc that put the Raptors in the winner's circle. LeBron James led C-Land with 24 points as "Get Shots" J.R. Smith added 20 points shooting 6 for 15 from deep. Kyrie Irving struggled shooting just 3 for 19 with 13 points.

Now its a series as the Raptors are just another win away in game 4 before heading back to C-Land all knotted up. The Cavs must grab game 4 to end it in game 5 at the "Q" as this is the most important game to date for the Cavs in "Winning Time" because they can put Toronto in elimination games starting in game 5 and because its the next game on the schedule.