Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BRAVES 1 PHILLIES 0...Who needs a BULLPEN?...#BravesCountry RHP TEHERAN and #PhightinPhils LHP LEE went Pitch 4 Pitch as TEHERAN wins 1-0 when they rolled credits at the BANK...ATL Back Stop GATTIS the Hero...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report as you won;t find a better Pitching Performance than tonight TEHERAN vs LEE going "MONSTERS on the BUMP" #ATLvsPHI #ChopShop404 #PhilsNation

Game One of this Three-Piece NL East Feast was cancelled last night due to inclement weather. Well after what transpired on the Bump tonight from both Starting Pitchers why don't they cancel "Get Away Day" on Thursday and we will play two at Citizens Bank later in the 162.

Braves RHP Julio Teheran goes Complete Job allowing just three hits and striking out four allowing no Runs or Free Passes as he gets the "W". The unfortunate Loser in this one Phightin' Phils LHP and Ace Cliff Lee goes Complete Job also allowing eleven hits and a run on a Evan Gattis Bomb in the 4th as the only run to cross the dish all night long. Lee also managed to strike out thirteen Braves Hitters as it was Hit or "Talk to the Braves Hitting Coach" facing Lee tonight.

Yes the Braves managed to get eleven hits off of Lee but didn't do much with any of them leaving some 21 ducks on the pond. What;s more impressive is that Teheran allowed just three hits and was perfect after that as he was three hits away from going perfect. Braves Back Stop Evan Gattis (who made former Braves Back Stop now Yanks Catcher Brian McCann expendable) went 4 for 4 as he hit the game-winning hit a HR.

Teheran moves to 2-1 as Lee falls to 1-2...with the Braves at 10-4 and the Phils dropping to 6-8...

PISTONS 111 THUNDER 112...Motor City PISTONS with no J-SMOOVE or "STUCK" had OKC on the Ropes but couldn't find the K.O. Punch...the NBA's only Reaper OKC's SLIM Reaper strikes for 42 inclduing the Game-Winner as @kdTREY5 and the NIKE KD 6 is well on their way to their 1st "Fight for MO" Trophy..."REGULATORS Report OKC" as @kdTREY5 caps his 2013-14 NBA M.V.P. Season aka "Fight for MO Podoloff" Trophy in OKC "Fight for LARRY" #2 Seed Style...REGULATORS...Mount Up!

The OKC Thunder knew the Pistons wee not going to concede anything as they were going to make the Highlights or Low Lights one way or another. The Pistons battled and battled as they went all the way to a "KD had to his the Game-Winner" to lose game #82 of 82 as OKC captures the NBA West #2 Seed 112-111 in the process.

The Pistons were up at the break 55-54 with Pistons Rookie SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope leading the way with 20 points. Detroit Basketball surprisingly stretched that lead to 87-79 and held onto a 109-104 lead with three minutes remaining in the 4th. OKC with all that Vet Moxie closed the game on a 8-1 run as Westbrook and D-Fish added four points to that eight with KD getting the game-winner a Dunk with just 16.5 seconds left. The Pistons messed the first play up and after a tie-up and a Jump at the Pistons Free Throw Line Brandon Jennings got off a potential game-winning heave that fell short.

KD ends his 2013-14 Campaign with 42 points and six assists on 14 of 30 shooting and 13 of 15 from the Stripe. There is no doubt in my mind he is the 2013-14 NBA M.V.P. and for some Trivia NBA Commish Adam Silver first M.V.P.. For once KD will not be 2nd and in the Shoe Game he might be #1 as the slick low-cut KD 6 is off the charts nice!

As for OKC winning the #2 seed if they had lost and the Clippers beat the Blazers OKC would have fell to #3 and would have had to play the #6 Golden State Warriors and that for OKC would not have been the best Opening Round Look.  

NBA East Seeds...BULLS fall to 'CATS...RAPTORS lose to KNICKS but grab Seed #3...NETS lose to CAVS and drop to #6...WIZ Kids D.C. moves to #5...LOGO WATCH shaking and shifting as the HEAT and PACERS sit atop the EAST #Fight4LarryEAST

Here we go as we get some moving and shaking in the East as the Bulls , Nets, Wizards, 'Cats, and Raptors all could have changed slots and a few did.

#BullsNation 86 #mikeCats 91 F OT
#Dinosaurs 92 #KnicksTape 95 F
#BKNets 85 #Believeland 114 F
#WizKidsDC 118 #Celts 102 F 

How the NBA EAST shaped out!

The Bulls could have helped themselves but they lose as the Raptors lost in World's Most Famous. Therefore the Bulls stay at the #4 slot and the Dinosaurs will stay at the #3 slot. Now who they will play changes as the Nets lose to the Cavs and will play the #3 Raptors dropping to the #6 seed. The Wizards move from #5 to #6 as they beat the Celtics.

The Nets get blown out as though they wanted no parts of See red and Jo All-Star in Round 1. The Wizards have had some success playing against the Bulls and that should be a solid series as Wall Star and Beal are coming on in the back Court.

The Charlotte mikeCATS stay at #7 as they beat the Bulls but the #6 Wizards win as they were two games behind the #5 Nets at the time. The 'Cats will get the Miami Heat and Big AL Jefferson and Kemba Walker should be a load to handle for the Champs.

The Knicks, Cavs, and Celtics 2013-14 Seasons ended as the Knicks are the only Team in the group with no Lottery Pick for the 2014 NBA Draft.

"All-LOGO WATCH Fusions" 2013-14 TEAM as we combine all Nine Teams the All-HOLLYWOOD Sign, All-NATURE Trail, All-RED RIVER, All-California VINEYARDS, All-SUNSHINE State, All-GREAT Lakes, All-SOUTHERN Hospitality, All-HUDSON River, and All-EASTERN Time Zone for a 1st TEAM and PLAYER of the YEAR #LogoWatchFusions2K14

Yes the Votes have been in for going on two weeks as the Bluedude and Staff go All-Logo Watch Fusions taking all Nine Teams and putting a 1st Team out there with the Logo Watch Fusion Player of the Year. It should be a no-brainer who is being considered for Player of the Year and the Order of the Top 5 in votes.

All-LOGO WATCH Fusions 2013-14 

Player of the Year

Kevin Durant #RegulatorsReportOKC
All-Red River P.O.Y. 
dba the SLIM Reaper on Twitter @kdTREY5
Nike Basketball KD 6

80 Gms 31.9 ppg 7.4 rpg 5.4 apg 1.4 stls

P.O.Y. Votes
Note: 100 1st Place Votes
Unanimous 85 Votes

1. OKC Slim Reaper #OKC 45
2. King James #MIA 25
3. Jo All-Star #CHI 15
4. Human Torch #GSW 7.5
4. Game Night w/Blake #LAC 7.5

1st TEAM All-LOGO WATCH Fusions

B. Griffin #LOBcity All-Hollywood Sign
L. Aldridge #RIPcity All-Nature Trail
K. Durant #OKC All-Red River
S. Curry #GSW All-California Vineyards
L. James #WhiteHot All-Sunshine State
J. Noah #SeeRed All-Great Lakes
A. Davis #NOLA All-Southern Hospitality
C. Anthony #KnicksTape All-Hudson River
D. DeRozan #Dinosaurs All-Eastern Time Zone

Congrats to all and you could make a case of the 2013-14 All-NBA Teams 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Team...real talk!

Checkout all these Teams in the Search Box at the top left-hand corner of putting in the Team like All-Hollywood Sign...etc.


Top 4 Games in the NBA WEST with significant impact on Playoff Seeds...DETROIT Basketball in THUNDER Alley OKC...MAVS at the GRIND House...ROCKETS at the Big SMOOTHIE in NOLA...and CLIPS in the ROSE City playing RIP City #DETvsOKC #DALvsMEM #HOUvsNOP #LACvsPOR

Top Four Games in the NBA West with Playoff Seed Implications...

#DetroitBasketball @ #RegulatorsReportOKC 8pm ET

The Pistons could play this like a Playoff Game or a Summer League Game and for the OKC Thunder they will be locked in trying to secure that #2 Seed in the West. If OKC loses and the Clippers win they would flip flop and that would mean the Thunder or Clips would see the Mavs or Grizz depending on who wins that match up with the Mavs at #7 and the Grizz at #8 as e go to press.  

#Mavs @ #Grit&GrindBealeStreet 8pm ET NBA on ESPN

This will have a "Fight for Larry"-like Feel and Tempo as the Mavs would rather see the Thunder then the Spurs. The Grizz on the other hand would probably tell you the Spurs are to are liking but it doesn't matter as Grit and Grind matches up with nearly everyone in the West maybe except the Spurs.  This game also impact that OKC Thunder game and Clippers @ Blazers Tilt.

#RedNation @ #PelicansNestNOLA 8pm ET

Be careful Rocket as there is no Eric Gordon or Ant Davis or even Ryan Anderson or Jrue Holiday and ask then Thunder what happened when they reached for their Smoothie? "Trap Game" or "Fool's Gold" as NOLA will be playing for Keeps and they want to go out in the 2103-14 season beating two of the top four Teams in the West for a nice 2014-15 82-Game Trek "MO" Builder. Rockets need to stay in the #4 seed so they have Home Court versus that Rip City Blazers Bunch with a gassed up and ready L-Train!

#LobCity @ #RipCity 1030pm ET NBA on ESPN

Both teams are playing for something tonight and the Blazers are playing for something a little bit more meaningful and that would be home court in Round 1 vs the Rockets. If the Rockets win the Blazers come out of the Motel in Round 1 vs Rockets. The Clips need to win but first and foremost needs the Motor City Pistons to play like they are capable and beat the OKC Thunder. If or when that happens NBA Western Conference we might have a huge Seed Shake-Up in game #82 of 82.

PIRATES 0 REDS 4....Mr. CUETO ties the Series at 2-2 as he out duels BUCCOS Hitters and Starter LIRIANO sending him to 0-3 in 2014..."GET AWAY Day" on the OHIO River #PITvsCIN #BUCS #RedLegs #Cueto5StarOnTheBUMP

The Pirates were up 2-1 in the series as they faced Red Legs Ace Jhonny Cueto with the Buccos sending then 0-2 LHP Francisco Liriano to the Hill. After the smoke cleared it was all about Mr. Cueto (1-2) as the Reds Ace goes Complete Job allowing just three hits and striking out a Dozen giving up not a run or a free pass.

The Red Legs get one in the first when Trouble (Reds OF Billy "Klepto Bases-Maniac" Hamilton) walked stole 2nd and reached 3rd on a Liriano Wild Pitch. Hamilton then scored on another wild pitch with the Reds leading 1-0 after one. That as all Cueto needed as he had Bucs Hitters off-balance all day long with Vintage "Jhonny be Good" Stuff. Bucs Starter Liriano (0-3) pitched well as he went six innings allowing three runs on six hits walking three and striking out seven. Those Wild Pitches he uncorked in Inning One came back to hurt him as well as a 7th Inning Two-Run Shot by Reds First Baseman Joey Votto to make it 3-0 Reds as they would tack on another in the 8th to cap the scoring at 4-0.

The Red Legs outscored the Buccos 25-18 in the Series but they did split four games right down the middle. Reds Legs move to 7-8 as the Buccos fall to 6-9...


CUBS 0 YANKEES 3...NORTH Siders get a Test from Japan's MASAHIRO TANAKA and they get an "F"...TANAKA gets 10 K's...BRONX Bombers take the first of a Double-Dip in the frigid BRONX Zoo...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report frozen at New YANKEE Stadium #CHCvsNYY #Cubbies #Yanks

The Chicago Cubs go Inter league for Two at Yankee Stadium as last nights game was cancelled due to inclement weather. They will play two today as one is already in the Book as Japanese Hurler Masahiro Tanaka dominated Cubs Hitters all day long through eight to get the win.

The Yankees Offense was jump started in Inning One as Yanks OF Carlos Beltran who continues to swing a hit bat took Cubbies Starter Jason Hammel deep to make it 1-0 Yankees. That was ll that Yanks Starter Tanaka would need as he goes eight allowing just two hits and striking out ten with one free pass as he dominated Cubs Hitters all day long. The Yanks did tack on two more runs in the 4th and 5th to beat the Cubs 3-0.

North Siders Starter Hammel didn't pitch all that bad as he just didn't have any Run Support. He went seven allowing three runs on five hits walking three and striking out five Yankees Hitters while giving up that Solo Shot to Beltran in Inning One. The Cubs fall to 4-9 while the Yanks move to 8-6.

The 2nd of the Double-Dip will feature Cubs LHP Travis Wood vs Yankees RHP Michael "Stick-Um" Pineda....7:10pm ET scheduled start.