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Top 10 Active NBA Career SCORING Leaders led by the BLACK MAMBA as he catches AIR JORDAN January 2015 for #3 All-Time..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" talking serious BUCKETS! #GotGame?

The Active NBA Scoring Leaders Top 10 led by one Kobe Bryant dba as Vino and the Black Mamba. Bryant will catch Air Jordan who is just 592 p...

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Celtics @ Bulls as the "West Side Story Report" w/Playbook gets lift off for the 2K16-17 Season!...Wade County makes his home debut as the Green Team dba the C's are rolling on some lofty "Expectations" for the 82-Game trek in 2K16-17! @Celtics @Bulls #WestSideStoryReport #SeeRed #Bullsnation @NBAOnTnt

Here we go as the 2K16-17 Chicago Bulls with an entirely different look on the roster makes its 2K16-17 debut as they host the new Boston Celtics led by that back court of Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley both from the great northwest near the 206.

Chicago in its 2nd season under the "Mayor of Hilton Magic" Fred Hoiberg loses both Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah but adds Miami Heat G.O.A.T. and Chi-City Native Dwayne Wade to the mix as we ll as some really good supporting actors trying to get a lead role from #KnicksTape in Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant to name a few.

The C's under the watchful "Peepers" of one "Trader" Danny Ainge (Celts President of Basketball Ops) has lofty expectations as they should turn the corner adding a huge piece in Big AL Horford formerly of the Highlight Factory off Peachtree Street in A.T.L..

(0-0, Atlantic Division)
(0-0, Central Division)

Thursday October 27, 2K16 at 8pm ET
Madhouse on Madison 

Projected Starters


PG Isaiah Thomas 
SG Avery Bradley
SF Jae Crowder
PF Big Al Hordford
C Olynyk Clinic

Top Reinforcement: Marcus Smart/Jaylen Brown


PG "Double R" Rondo
SG Wade County
SF Jimmy Buckets
PF TAJmanian Devil
C Robin Lopez

Top Reinforcement: B-Portis Time/McBuckets


C's back court of Thomas and Bradley must make Wade and Rondo work defensively and get buckets...

Bulls Players must play to their strengths offensively and they will get the Spalding Orange from Rondo...

Transition "O" vs Transition "D"...

Hustle Board...who wins?

Bench Points...who wins? 

Wade vs Bradley is must-see T.V.

Big Al Horford was a huge get for "Trader" Danny and the C's the Bulls must contain that dynamic mid-range game of Horford's...

Rookies Jaylen Brown (C's) and Denzel Valentine ( Bulls) should make an impact at some point on this game if given the chance...

The Money Ball...who is more efficient? 

Stevens vs Hoiberg a that is Butler vs Iowa State talking March Madness....Lol!     


Cubs 5 Indians 1 F...#FlyTheW @JArrieta34 took the "Bump" and was in charge all game long as #MaddonBall heads back to the "Friendly Confines" all knotted up 1-1!..."Clark and Addison 773" Hardball as we have a series in the Fall Classic 2K16! @Cubs @Indians #AddisonAndClark773 #FlyTheW

We have a series talking 2K16 Fall Classic as the Chicago Cubs even up their series with the Cleveland Indians at 1-1. Cubbies Skipper Joe Maddon went with @JArrieta34 for game #2 and he and the North Siders were dead on.

Jake from the "Friendly Confines" was dealing as he goes 5 and 2/3 frames striking out six and walking three. Then Tribe didn't get their first base knock until the Jason Kipnis double in the bottom half of the 6th. The Cubs then went to the Pen as they led 5-0 before Kipnis racked up his two-bagger.

Kris Bryant started things in the  1st with a single only to be knocked in by an Anthony Rizzo double as they led 1-0 after one. Then Kyle Schwarber's single knocked in Rizzo in the 3rd for a 2-0 Cubs lead. The North Siders then ran up their tab to 5-0 in the 5th highlighted by a Ben Zobrist RBI triple and a Schwarber RBI single.

The Tribe scored in the 6th on a Arrieta (WP) Wild Pitch as Mike Montgomery and Aroldis Chapman joined forces to close out the night with a Cubs 5-1 victory.

Game 3-5 shifts to the North Side of Chi-City starting Friday October 28th as the Cubbies will have Josh Tomlin for Cleveland and Kyle Hendricks for the Cubbies.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the Cowboys make a serious move led by Donut-Runners (Rookies) Zeke and Dak!...The Pats have Tom Terrific back and lookout in the "Fight 4 Lamar"!...Where will the Steelers be after the return of Big Ben as they eye a difficult stretch coming up? #NFLPowerRankingsWeek7 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #COwboysNAtion #PatsTalk #StillerGang

The NFL Week 7 Power Rankings are led by the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots as we head to the middle of the 16-game trek. Injures have impacted things moving forward as the Steelers have been dealt a huge blow losing Big Ben Roethlisberger.

Now we move forward with big match ups in NFL Week 7 as it is headlined by the Pats visiting the Steelers and the Vikings raveling to Philly to take on the Eagles. Let's get to the NFL Week 7 Power Rankings:

"A QB Driven League"
"Sunday Talk"

NFL Week 7 
Power Rankings

Note: In parenthesis is NFL Week 6 Power Rankings 

1. #SKOL (1) 5-0

2. #12s (4) 4-1

3. #CowboysNation (5) 5-1

4. #PatsTalk (7) 5-1

5. #HTTR (11) 4-2

6. #BillsMafia (11) 4-2

7. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (2) 4-2

8. #StillerGang (2) 4-2

9. #RaiderNation (6) 4-2

10. #OrangeCrush (8) 4-2

11. #RiseUpFalcons (9) 4-2

12. #FlyEaglesFly (10) 3-2

13. #BullsOnParade (15) 4-2

14. #BirdGang (14) 3-3

15. #RedFriday (21) 3-2

16. #LARams (16) 3-3

17. #PurpleBrowns (13) 3-3

18. #RestoreTheRoar (18) 3-3

19. #GiantsPride (20) 3-3

20. #MusicCityTitans (23) 3-3

21. #ItsABucsLife (19) 2-3

22. #KhanStructionJags (24) 2-3

23. #GeauxSaints (28) 2-3

24. #BoltsUp (29) 2-4

25. #WhoDey (17) 2-4

26. #BlueSwaggerColts (22) 2-4

27. #AquaBoyz305 (30) 2-4

28. #GangGreen (27) 1-5

29. #PanthersPride (25) 1-5

30. #BelieveInMonsters Bears (26) 1-6

31. #NinerGang (31) 1-5

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-6

360 Degrees

Top 5 Tilts for NFL Week 7

#GiantsPride @ #LARams

#SKOL @ #FlyEaglesFly

#PatsTalk @ #StillerGang

#12s @ #BirdGang 

#BullsOnParade @ #OrangeCrush   

Monday, October 17, 2016

Steelers remaining 2K16 Schedule as Big Ben might be lost at least until November or even December!..."Triple Diamond Chronicles" with a look at the Landry Jones Project as Big Ben's History with the Injury Bug continues to plague him and the Black and Yellow! @BigBen_7 #Steelers #LandryJonesProject #StillerGang #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday took it on the chin down in the 305 and to make matters worse #7 dba Big Ben Roethlisberger goes down again this time possibly for an extended period of time. Ben through numerous media circles has a slightly Torn Meniscus that requires what has been deemed as a clean-up not full Torn Meniscus Surgery as Stiller Gang enters the its first of two of its toughest stretches in the 2K16 schedule.  

Steelers back-up QB Landry Jones will get the nod and there is no reason why Pittsburgh should scale back the playbook as he has been in the system for quite sometime. Yes he is somewhat limited but the Weapons around him are not. Let's checkout the 2K16 Remaining Schedule for the Men in Black and Yellow as that Week 8 Bye Week might be a huge blessing for Coach Tomlin and the boys!

#StillerGang (4-2, 1-0 AFC North)
2K16 Remaining Schedule

Note: Red denotes 50/50 games for Steelers to win or lose

Week 7 vs #Pats

Tom Brady is back and putting up Neighborhood Backyard Football Digits and the Steelers "D" is coming off a huge "L" from of all QBs Ryan Tannehill and the Aqua Boyz 305...

Week 8 Bye Week

This is much-needed as the Bengals and Purple Browns (Ravens) continues to take L's and the Dawg Pound is where they always reside...in the basement! Couple that with Big Ben getting two weeks to heal before the next game and a week during Pats Week lookout as we never count #7 out....

Week 9 @ #PurpleBrowns

It's a Rivalry Game and Division Game and nothing else needs to be said and no its not the Mike Wallace Game who is that?

Week 10 vs #Cowboys

The new Dallas Cowboys rolling with Emmitt Smith's O-Line 2K16 and two Donut-Runners (Rookies) in QB Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott who is always eating. Don;t forget about Rod Marinelli's "D" they are a major surprise in 2K16 getting excellent secondary play....

Week 11 @ #DawgPound

This is Cleveland's Super Bowl beware Steeler Nation...

Week 12 @ #ColtsNation

Thanksgiving Night lookout as we get maybe Indy with an Interim Head Coach...

Week 13 vs #GMen

Eli and Company will come to play as they will be right in the middle of the NFC Wild card...

Week 14 @BillsMafia 

Rex and the Bills might never lose again and run the table...a dangerous game that should have all sorts of "Fight 4 Lamar" (AFC Conference) Implications....

Week 15 @ #WhoDey

The Bengals might be on the rebound or looking to wreck the Steelers Playoff Hopes...

Week 16 vs #PurpleBrowns

The Ravens on Christmas Day 2K16...hmmmmm!

Week 17 vs #DawgPound

BBQ Chicken is served...  

Look its not next man up but this remaining schedule hinges big time on QB Big Ben Roethlisberger and his health...will he play again in 2K16 and in what week will he comeback to start?  

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NFL Week 6 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as #SKOL reigns supreme atop the newest poll with that ferocious "D"!...Is it safe to say the Pats and Stillers are the two best in the "Fight 4 Lamar" as we will find out in two weeks?...Can the Falcons, Cowboys, Packers or Seahawks derail #SKOL in the "Fight 4 George"? #NFLPowerRankingsWeek6 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

As teams start to separate themselves as we get into Halloween Football in the "Shield" here soon one things is for certain, "If your QB can play you have a shot". Yes its a QB Driven League and we all know that as Tom Terrific of the Boston Patriots showed us that fresh off his world tour that "Game recognize Game"!

The common theme moving into NFL Week 6 is that the creme is starting to rise to the top as we have a few surprises and disappointments. The Bengals lead major disappointments while the Raiders, Vikings and Falcons lead the surprises.

Let's get to NFL Week 6 Power Rankings powered by, " What's on the Waiver Line that could help your team ASAP"!  

"A QB Driven League"
"Sunday Talk" 

NFL Week 6 
Power Rankings

Note: In parenthesis is NFL Week 5 Power Rankings

1. #SKOL (2) 4-0

2. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (4) 3-1

3. #StillerGang (5) 4-1

4. #12s (6) 3-1

5. #CowboysNation (7) 4-1

6. #RaiderNation (8) 4-1

7. #PatsTalk (9) 4-1

8. #OrangeCrush (1) 4-1

9. #RiseUpFalcons (12) 4-1

10. #FlyEaglesFly (3) 3-1

11. #HTTR (15) 3-2

12. #BillsMafia (16) 3-2

13. #PurpleBrowns (Ravens) (10) 3-2

14. #BirdGang (19) 2-3

15. #BullsOnParade (11) 3-2

16. #LARams (13) 3-2

17. #WhoDey (14) 2-3

18. #RestoreTheRoar (22) 2-3

19. #ItsABucsLife (25) 2-3

20. #GiantsPride (17) 2-3

21. #RedFriday (18) 2-2 

22. #BlueSwaggerColts (28) 2-3

23. #MusicCityTitans (31) 2-3

24. #KHANStructionJags (23) 1-3

25. #PanthersPride (20) 1-4

26. #BelieveInMonsters (24) 1-4

27. #GangGreen (21) 1-4

28. #GeauxSaints (26) 1-3

29. #BoltsUp (27) 1-4

30. #AquaBoyz305 (15) 1-4

31. #NinerGang (30) 1-4

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-5

360 Degrees

Top 6 NFL Games in Week 6

#FlyEaglesFly @ #HTTR

#WhoDey @ #Pats

#RedFriday @ #RaiderNation

#RiseUp @ #12s

#Cowboys @ #Packers

#PurpleBrowns @ #GiantsPride

Monday, October 3, 2016

NFL Week 5 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the #OrangeCrush #FlyEaglesFly and #SKOL stay unbeaten through NFL Week 4!...#PatsNation gets "L" #1 before TB 12 is back into the fold...#StillerGang wallops #RedFriday n more shuffling as we head to Quarter #2 in the 2K16 NFL Trek! #NFLPowerRankingsWeek5 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

The three unbeatens as we enter NFL Week 5 is the Broncos, Eagles and the Vikings with all three playing at a high level on Deeeee-fense! The surprise as we head into NFL Week 5 is the Panthers, Cards, Colts and Jets stumbling and fumbling out the gate.

As we head into quarter #2 in the 2K16 NFL Trek the Steelers and Ravens lead the AFC North with the Bengals one game back. The Pats lead the AFC East with Bills Mafia being the only real threat. The AFC South is led by the Texans with no real threat from anyone else. The AFC West is all about the Broncos and who else!

Then in the "Fight 4 George" dba George Halas Trophy the NFC the Eagles lead the NFC East by one game over the Cowboys. The Falcons are trying to runaway with the NFC South. The Rams and Seahawks are tied up at 3-1 with the Cards two games back. Then in the NFC North the Vikes and Packers are on a collision course.

Now we get the NFL Week 5 Power rankings powered by ,"There were Only three left with Donuts in the "L" Column":

"A QB Driven League" 
"Sunday Talk"

NFL Week 5
Power Rankings

Note: In parenthesis NFL Week 4 Rankings

1. #OrangeCrush (2) 4-0

2. #SKOL (3) 4-0

3. #FlyEaglesFly (4) 3-0

4. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (6) 2-1

5. #StillerGang (7) 3-1

6. #12s (8) 3-1

7. #CowboysNation (9) 3-1

8. #RaiderNation (10) 3-1

9. #PatsTalk (1) 3-1

10. #PurpleBrowns (Ravens) (5) 3-1

11. #BullsOnParade (15) 3-1

12. #RiseUpFalcons (15) 3-1

13. #LARams (17) 3-1

14. #WhoDey (18) 2-2

15. #HTTR (21) 2-2

16. #BillsMafia (22) 2-2

17. #GiantsPride (13) 2-2 

18. #RedFriday (14) 2-2

19. #BirdGang (11) 1-3

20. #PanthersPride (12) 1-3

21. #GangGreen (19) 1-3

22. #RestoreTheRoar (20) 1-3

23. #KHANStructionJags (30) 1-3

24. #BelieveInMonsters (31) 1-3

25. #ItsABucsLife (23) 1-3

26. #GeauxSaints 27) 1-3

27. #BoltsUp (24) 1-3

28. #BlueSwaggerColts (25) 1-3

29. #AquaBoyz305 (26) 1-3

30. #NinerGang (28) 1-3

31. #MusicCityTitans (29) 1-3

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-4

360 Degrees

Top 6 Games in NFL Week 5

#HTTR @ #PurpleBrowns in the "Battle for the Beltway"
#RiseUp @ #OrangeCrush
#WhoDey @ #CowboysNation
#NYGiants @ #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football
#BullsOnParade @ #SKOL
#GangGreen @ #StillerGang

NFL Week 4 the "Aftermath" in "A QB Driven League" as we talk #PanthersPride in Trouble...Dak doing big things for the #Boys...Arians losing his Mojo with #BirdGang...#StillerGang Le'veon didn't lose a step...the new Raiders are no joke...and more! #theAftermathNFLWeek4 #SundayTalk #PanthersPride #Cowboys #StillerGang #RaiderNation

the Aftermath in NFL Week 4...

#Colts (1-3) 27 #KHANstructionJags (1-3) 30 F

I don't care where they played the game Colts QB Andrew Luck will not last past October if its a jail break every time he snaps the Wilson pigskin that Colts protection was atrocious.

#PanthersPride (1-3) 33 #RiseUp (3-1) 48 F

Two things here...Julio Jones was pissed off as one of his Falcons teammates told him A.J. Green went off Thursday Night and he is better than you Julio...the answer 12 grabs 300 yds and a TD...and shut up QB Matt Ryan I know you told him that! ILB Sean Weatherspoon hits season-ending IR with a Torn Achilles and that is bad news for the Falcons but more for "Spoon" as is 6 seasons he has only finished one full season.

Secondly did it or did it not look like Panthers QB Cam Newton was about to stykle and profile into the end zone was he was blasted causing a concussion...just sayin' and now QB Cam is out for NFL Week 5 possibly with Carolina reeling at 1-3!

#12s (3-1) 27 #GangGreen (1-3) 17 F

So much for @dangeRUSSwilson having a bun knee as the Seahawks anihalted the Jets. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown 9 INTS in 2 weeks and now in NFL Week 5 he visits the Steelers at Heinz...good luck with that and where is Geno Smith?

#BillsMafia (2-2) 16 #PatsNation (3-1) 0 F

Rex Ryan if only he could play the best teams week in and week out the Bills might run the table and go 14-2. A masterful approach on "D" as Rex picked that Pats Offense apart as Ne England finally gets exposed without Tom Brady behind center. Now TB12 is back at the facility ready to go after his mini World Tour that included throwing at the Big House with Jim Harbaugh before the Wolverines took the field.

#Cowboys (3-1) 24 #NinerGang (1-3) 17 F

'Boys QB Dak Prescott 245 pass yds and RB "Zeke" Elliott 138 rushing yds TD as QB Tony Romo might as well get ready for a backup role or call it a career...real talk. Blaine Gabbert over Kaepernick...please as you let Chip Kelly in and now you have to deal with all that "Stuff"!

Niners Captain and Heart Navorro Bowman hits season-ending IR with a Torn Achilles...and that is horrible news!

#RedFriday (2-2) 14 #StillerGang (3-1) 43 F

If that Steelers Bunch that showed up last bight shows up the remainder of 2K16 the "Fight 4 Lamar" (AFC Lamar Hunt Trophy) will go through Heinz. Chiefs looked awful after beating up the Jets or was it more of the Jets making them look like Sunday world beaters?

#RaiderNation (3-1) 28 #PurpleBrowns (3-1) 27 F

That Raiders Bunch is resilient and that comes from both Lead Man Jack del Rio and 2nd in Charge Ken Norton Jr. as "Crab" grabs 3 TDs and QB Derek Carr is a #4 Jersey of "Awesomeness"!. Those Ravens are better than most thought and both the Steelers and Bengals better pack their hard hat playing these dudes as the AFC North is a three-trick pony!  

#OrangeCrush (4-0) 27 #ItsABucsLife (1-3) 7 F

The Broncos keep rolling as rookie QB Paxton Lynch will starts at least NFL Week 5 with Siemian going down with a shoulder injury. The Bucs will get it going at some point but when?  

#LARams (3-1) 17 #BirdGang (1-3) 13 F

Uh-Oh is that Bruce Arians Magic running thin as the Cards find themselves in a hole in the NFC West two games back off both the Hawks and Rams. The Rams after NFL Week 1 Monday Night looking like the San Jose State Spartans have turned it around 360 degrees...

Giants @ Vikings as #MNF NFL Week 4 in "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"!...The New York Football Giants travel to the Twin Cities to play #SKOL and that ferocious Vikes "D" in the "swank" new US Bank Stadium!...Eli vs Sam and Odell vs the "X-Man"! #NYGvsMIN #GMen #SKOL #MNF #GiantsvsVikings #NFLWeek4 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

Something will play out as we get an exciting Monday Night match up featuring QB Eli Manning and the N.Y. Giants vertical passing game versus arguably the best "D" in the "Shield" for 2K16 in Mike Zimmer's new Purple People Eaters going Space Age Pimpin' in the "swank" new US Bank Stadium.

The G-Men come off a disappointing outing at home versus the rival #HTTR dba Washington Redskins as they gave them their 1st loss in the NFC East and their 1st "L" of 2K16. The Vikes smashed Cam and the Panthers last week in the Queen City as everyone has taken note of that Vikes "D" playing in and around the O-Zone Layer talking the 2K16 NFL Trek. Now we both of these teams with a lot on the line as we near the end of quarter one of the 2K16 season.

(2-1, 0-1 NFC East)
(3-0, 1-0 NFC North)

#MNF going "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk" 
Monday October 3rd, 2K16 @ 8:30pm ET on ESPN
Big Bank Branch Twin Cities dba U.S Bank Stadium

Key Players 


QB Eli
WRs ODB Jr/Cruuuuuz/ "Bloodline" Shepard
LT Ereck Flowers
OLB Olivier Vernon
RCB Janoris J. 
SS Landon Collins


QB Bradford
WR S. Diggs
TE K. Rudolph
RT A. Smith
#SKOL Defense dba Breakfast Club

For #GiantsPride to get "W"

Eli Manning and company must find some sort of ground game or it will be a long night. NYG RB Rashad Jennings is capable but he needs that O-Line to carve up some gaps against that aggressive "In  your Mug" "D". 

That G-Men "D" must contain WR Stephon Diggs and get after that Vikes run game with no Twin Cities Avenger #28 dba Adrian "Boomer Sooner' Peterson" nowhere in sight and out with a Torn Meniscus. Make Vikes QB Sam Bradford beat you with his arm and his "Audibles" as the G-Men Secondary is solid with the D.R/C. one of the better Islands in the "Shield"!

For #SKOL to get the "W" 

The Offense still needs to do their part but 20 ppg might be more than enough as the Vikes newest version of the "Purple People" Eaters is no joke. RB Jerick McKinnon has help as the Vikes went out and grabbed free agent Ronnie Hillman to back up 2nd stringer Matt Asiata. 

That Vikes WR Corps led by Mr. Diggs need Vikesd 2K16 1st rounder @SuccessfulQuon to start practicing hard and get on board to add to that Weaponry of #SKOL as Lead Man Zimmer needs to see you get after when the Lights are not bright so game speed is the only speed you know.

The Vikes "D" has Stars as the the brightest on all three levels is RDE Everson Griffen, OLB Anthony Barr and FS Harrison Smith. Both Griffen and Barr are certified and verified Red Jersey Collectors and "Zim" has Smith playing everywhere on the field but sideline judge. Can they get to Eli and slow down that G-Men Passing attack and if they can't the Seat Belt Sign will be "Red" until the finish at US Bank Stadium!


#SKOL 23 #GiantsPride 13 F

I just cannot go against the Vikes at this point playing that ferocious "D" and playing at home. Eli is the one to watch as the bigger the game the bigger he plays and he has two Big Bowl Rings...remember that!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bulls 2K16-17 Depth Chart in the "West Side Story Report" as "SEE RED" saw northing but "RED" in the 2K15-16 season as no more D-ROSE and JO and in comes WADE County and "Double R" Rondo!...They also add Sparty All-American Denzel Valentine from the Draft and pick up #KnicksTape Extras in the D-Rose Trade! @Bulls #BullsNation #TeamBulls #WestSideStoryReport #BullsDepthChart2K15-16 #BullsExtrasInALeadRole #SqueezeTheOrange #LogoWatch

The 2K16-17 Chicago Bulls Camp is underway as both John Paxson and Gar Forman have rebuilt that Bulls Roster in one summer. Yes it will be almost an entire new look except for holdovers Jimmy Buckets dba Jimmy Butler and the Tajmanian Devil dba Taj Gibson.

The Bulls looked dead in the water after the D-Rose Trade to the Knicks getting Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant but quickly rebounded via the 2K16 NBA Draft adding Michigan State All-American Denzel Valentine as their only pick in the 2K16 NBA Draft.

Then came the "Splash Play" as the Miami Heat for some unforeseen reason dibbled and dabbled with their Franchise's G.O.A.T. in Wade County dba Dwayne Wade and low and behold Wade came home and I know its at 34 years of age but calm down. They also added mercurial Point God Rajon Rondo (who led the Logo in Helpers in 2K15-16 at 10.8 apg) as both players have reiterated its Jimmy's Team...don't hold your breathe on that!

Let's take a sneak peek at the 2K16-17 "West Side Story Report" Depth Chart with a nice mix of Oldies but Goodies and young dudes:


Projected Starters

PG Rajon Rondo
2G Wade County
SF Jimmy Buckets "C"
PG Tajmanian Devil
C Robin Lopez

#Extras trying to get a Lead Role 1st Wave

PG Isaiah Canaan
2G Tony Snell
SF McBuckets
PF Niiiiikola 
PF B-Portis Time

SF/SG/PG Denzel Valentine
C C. Felicio 
PG Spencer Dinwiddie

"C" denotes Team Captain


The Bulls Starters will rely heavy on Butler buts it Wade and Rondo's Job to keep a heavy workload off Jimmy Buckets and I am very confident they can do that... 

The two most important cogs in the 2k16-17 season will be Bobby Portis and Doug McDermott and how far they have come along into making a real presence felt in that Rotation and in the Stat Book...

Watch "Bloodline" Grant (Who never really got a chance in NYC in his rookie season), Valentine, and Dinwiddie as well as Canaan as that Bulls 2nd Unit for guard play could be fantastic with an infusion of young and athletic legs...  

"See Red" is really thin on the front line as they need to add another serviceable body in the middle behind Lopez...Felicio can do the job but Portis would be out of position playing Center for an extended period of time...  

Dolphins @ Bengals as "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk" goes #TNF from the "Jungle on the Ohio"!...The Aqua Boyz 305 at 1-2 has a tough task taking on a surprising 1-2 #WhoDey Bunch that can ill afford to lose another game in the AFC North! #MIAvsCIN #PhinsUp #WhoDey #TNF #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #NFLWeek4

The Miami Dolphins arrive in Cincy with a disappointing 1-2 W-L on the 2K16 season as they are chasing who else the 3-0 New England Patriots. The Cincinnati Bengals on the other hand  favorite to repeat in the AFC North is at 1-2 a game behind the AFC North leading Baltimore Ravens and the second place Pittsburgh Steelers. Something has to give as rain is in the forecast and Defense and a solid Run Game travels in the elements...

MIAMI (1-2, 0-1 AFC East)
CINCINNATI (1-2, 0-1 AFC North)

#TNF going A QB Driven League + Sunday Talk
Thursday September 29th, 2K16 @ 8:30pm ET
"Jungle on the Ohio"

Key Players


QB Tannehill
RB Arian Foster
WRs Still/Landry
C Twin Pouncey #51
DT Suh
DE Wake
LB Alonso
SS R. Jones
CB B. Maxwell


QB Dalton
RB Hill/Bernard
WR A.J. Green
LT Whitworth
DE Dunlap
DT Atkins
LB Maualaga
CB Pac-Man Jones
FS G. Iloka

For #AquaBoyz305 to get the "W"

They must establish RB Arian Foster and a run game. Also WR Kenny Stills must win his matchup as the Bengals will do everything in their power to limit Jarvis Landry underneath and in the intermediate passing game. 

On Defense limit AJ Green and slow down Jeremy Hill in the run game and Giovanni Bernard in the short passing game. QB Dalton needs to be pressured and hurried as those two elements are in most cases better then the red jersey collection itself.   

For #WhoDey to get the "W"

The Bengals must win the turnover battle and get off the field on 3rd down on defense. Keep #WhoDeyNation into the game as they lost their home opener last Sunday to the Broncos. The Bengals passing game must be more than Green and Bernard in order for them to win big. 

That Defense is still solid as the Broncos last week exposed their secondary when Dre Kirkpatrick went down early and never returned. 



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

NFL Week 4 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the Broncos hold serve in the "Jungle" vs #WhoDey...#PatsNation still rolling without Tom...Stiller Gang is another casualty for Team Wentz and #FlyEaglesFly...and here comes Zim and #SKOLnation! #NFLPowerRankingsWeek4 @AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #UnitedInOrange #FlyEaglesFly #SKOL

It was a weird NFL Fantasy Sunday as the big numbers came in with no consistency. One thing we found out in NFL Week 3 is that new QBs or young QBs can handle the pressure and if he looks the part and plays the part...then he has the part.  

Broncos QB Trevor Siemian and Eagles Rookie QB Carson Wientz played really well as their respective teams move to 3-0. Both the Bengals and Steelers were on the losing end of facing these QBs as the surprise Baltimore Ravens move into #1 in the AFC North.  Tom Brady will be back next week as the Pats have not missed a beat.

Then in the "Fight 4 George" dba NFC the Minnesota Vikings were all over Cam and the Panthers on their way to 3-0. Look the Vikes will eventually need a run game but that Mike Zimmer "D" might be the best in the "Shield" for 2K16.

"A QB Driven League"
"Sunday Talk"

NFL Week 4
Power Rankings

Note: In parenthesis is NFL Week 3 Ranking

1. #PatsTalk (2) 3-0

2. #UnitedInOrange (3) 3-0

3. #SKOLvikings (6) 3-0

4. #FlyEaglesFly (9) 3-0

5. #PurpleBrowns (10) 3-0

6. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (11) 2-1

7. #StillerGang (1) 2-1

8. #12s (12) 2-1

9. #CowboysNation (16) 2-1

10. #RaiderNation (17) 2-1

11. #BirdGang (4) 1-2

12. #PanthersPride (5) 1-2

13. #GMen (7) 2-1

14. #RedFriday (18) 2-1

15. #BullsOnParade (8) 2-1

16. #RiseUpFalcons (20) 2-1

17. #LARams (23) 2-1

18. #WHoDey (13) 1-2

19. #GangGreen (14) 1-2

20. #RestoreTheRoar (15) 1-2

21.  #HTTR (25) 1-2

22. #BIllsMafia (26) 1-2

23. #ItsABucsLife (19) 1-2

24. #BoltsUp (21) 1-2

25. #BlueSwaggerColts (27) 1-2

26. #AquaBoyz305 (28) 1-2

27. #GeauxSaints (24) 1-2

28. #NinerGang (22) 1-2

29. #MusicCityTitans (31) 1-2

30. #KHANStructionJags (29) 0-3

31. #BelieveInMonsters (30) 0-3

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-3

360 Degrees

Are the Pats and Broncos on another "Fight 4 Lamar" dba AFC Championship Game Collision Course? 

Who is the team to beat in the NFC...can it be the Eagles behind their rookie QB Carson Wentz? 

Are the #PurpleBrowns dba Baltimore Ravens for real in the AFC North? 

Can the Vikings run the NFC North behind that ferocious "D"? 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Steelers @ Eagles as "Triple Diamond Chronicles" goes Philly Cheese Steak + Mitchell & Ness Throwbacks + Carson Wentz = the Black and Yellow is in town "Prepare Yourself" #FlyEaglesFly!...Both teams march inot NFL Week 3 at 2-0 and something has to give as Phillt Faithful are starting to believe in rookie signal-caller Wentz!...Big Ben and Company will score but its Keith Butler "D" that has been getting rave reviews! #PITvsPHI #StillerGang #FlyEaglesFly #NFLWeek3 @Steleers @Eagles

We will start this one where every game always starts and that is in the pocket. Big Ben Roethlisberger will take his high-flying act into the "Linc" at 2-0 to take on Eagles rookie signal-caller Carson Wentz the pride of North Dakota State.

The Eagles run game will need to get going against that stout Steelers Run "D" in order for Wentz to have any success.  Butler and company will give him a myriad of different looks and the rookie will have to make the proper calls all game long.

The Steelers add WR Markus Wheaton to the deepest and best WR Corps in the "Shield" and that Eagles pass rush and secondary must get red jersey collections and turnovers in order to have any shot at beating Big Ben and the black and yellow.

(2-0, 1-0 AFC North)
(2-0, 0-0 NFC East)

"Triple Diamond Chronicles" goes Sunday Week 3 Late Slate
"Linc" in Philly

Key Players


QB Big Ben
RB DeAngelo
WRs/TEs #84 #17 #14 #81 #85 #11   
O-Line led by Twin #53
DT/DE Lil Ironhead Heyward/Tuitt
LBs #50 #94
SS Mitchell 
CB Cockrell


QB Wentz
RBs Ryan Mathews/Sproles
WRs/TEs Jordan Matthews, Agholor, Ertz
LT Mr. Peters
C Kelcey
DT Cox
DE Barwin
DE Graham
OLB M. Kendricks
FS M. Jenkins

PITvsPHI Outlook:

The game will be won on how the Eagles Offense handles the Steelers Pressure and scheme and how the Eagles Defense matches up with that Steelers Offense. Can Carson Wentz continue to look and play like a Vet? Can that Eagles front get pressure and sack Big Ben?

Steelers need to do what they do establish the run with DeAngelo and continues to spray the Wilson pigskin around to everyone.  Can that Steelers Offense explode for 40 plus in this one?  Defensively it will be hard to get to Wentz as Pederson's West Coast Hybrid Offense has #11 getting rid of the Wilson pigskin quickly. Steelers must force turnovers...and get off the field on 3rd down. 

Winner:  STEELERS 38 EAGLES 24 F

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Texans @ Patriots as #TNF Week 3 goes "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"!...OSWEILER vs BRISSETT with Jimmy G. on Ready Alert 5 for #PatsNation!...Can #BullsOnParade Offense get to that #PatsTalk Defense as the Chess Match here should prove to be the outcome of the game! #HOUvsNE #BullsOnParade #Pats #Texans #PatsTalk #TNF #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk

This should be a very interesting game with a few story lines that should favor the Houston Texans one would think. With the New England Patriots going to QB #3 in Jacoby Brissett with Jimmy Garoppolo playing behind him on "Ready Alert 5" that Texans "D" might have a slight advantage.

Throw in the Texans WRs of @NukDaBomb dba former Clemson All-American DeAndre Hopkins coupled with Notre Dame Rookie Will Fuller that Pats Secondary will have its hands full. Can Texans QB Brock Osweiler get them the Wilson pigskin with no issues and if he can with RB Lamar Miller being efficient it should be Texans all the way.

The Pats will go with a heavy dose of RB LeGarrette Blount and a trio of short to intermediate routes featuring WRs Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan with TE Martellus Bennett doing his work all over the middle of the field. Can Brissett play above "expectations" and if he can the Pats at home might hit the winner's circle again with Tom Brady just weeks away!

(2-0, 0-0 AFC South)
(2-0, 1-0 AFC East)

#TNF going "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"
Thursday September 22nd, 2K16 @ 8:30pm ET
The Big Straight Razor dba Gillette Stadium


Key Players


QB Brock O. 
RB L. Miller
WRs @NukDaBomb/Fuller
DEs #99/#90
DT "Hot Plate" Wilfork


QBs Jacoby/Jimmy G.
RB the RV dba Mr. Blount
TEs Martellus/Gronk (game-time decision)
WRs Edelman/ Amendola/Hogan
RDE J. Sheard
LB J. Collins
LCB Malcolm Butler

Texans win if:

Houston must establish the ground attack with RB Lamar Miller. If they can get him going that vertical passing game with WR DeAndre Hopkins dba @NukDaBomb (a Top 3 WR in the Shield) and rookie Will Fuller should flourish once again. Watch another rookie in former Ohio State QB Braxton Miller as he has yet to get loose talking YAC! 

Secondly can Area 99 dba JJ Watt and Jadaveon Clowney get pressure on the Pats QB and slow down Blount in the run game. That Pats short passing attack is lethal and Brissett will be looking to get rid of the Wilson pigskin quickly. 

Pats win if:

New England must give as much as help to Pats QB Jacoby Brissett as possible. That will rely heavy on Blount and TE Martellus Bennett. Will the Pats give Brissett most of the playbook to use to be effective enough to give the Texans what they are expecting a scaled down version of the Pats offense?

That Pats "D" will be ready on a short week and they must be right on in this one as New England is relying heavy on the "D" to put them into the winner's circle. Edelman is my key and the Texans must take him away from the jump...

Winner: Patriots 23 Texans 19 F

Its the Patriots "D" and a little bit of Brissett as Osweiler and company turn the Wilson pigskin over one too many times...    

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the GREEK Freak and BUCKS agrees on $100 XXXXXL!..." Squeeze the Orange" + "Logo Watch" = the GREEK Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo agrees on a 4year $100 million extension!...Will the GREEK Freek flourish at Point Guard under Bucks lead man J-Kidd? @Bucks @Giannis_An34 #FearTheDeer #GreekFreak #LogoWatch #SqueezeTheOrange

It was only a matter of time or maybe even a formality that the Milwaukee Bucks and Star "Plastic Man" dba Giannis Antetokounmpo aka the Greek Freak would agree on an extension that would keep the slender one playing home games in Beer Town U.S.A. for years to come.

The deal is $100 million 5XL for over 48 months as the "Greek Freak" also moves to point guard not even point forward. Yes it was the right move for Milwaukee with that young nucleus and Giannis leading the way.

Let's checkout some digits and video on the "Greek Freak":

2015-16 Digits

80 Gms 79 Starts 16.9 ppg 7.7 rpg 4.3 apg 1.5 thefts

Moving forward the Bucks have a real shot at getting a Top 5 seed in the east and should finish no worse than 3rd place in the NBA Central. The Greek Freak along with Jabari Parker, Khris Middleton, John Henson, M.C.W. and Rookie Thon Maker will be a tough out!  Now the question is will the Greek Freak be All-NBA and get to his first NBA All-Star Game?  

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NFL Week 3 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the Stillers, Pats, and Broncos keeps the "Fight 4 Lamar" the best conference in 2K16!...The Kirk Cousins Experiment is going through the "Ghost of RG3" Phase and he and #HTTR may not get out of that!...Is the #BirdGang Cardinals along with the Carolina Panthers and the #SKOL dba Vikings as well as the G-Men are the best in the "Fight 4 George"? #NFLPowerRankingsWeek3 #SundayTalk #StillerGang #PatsTalk #UnitedInOrange

After NFL Week 2 one thing is for certain..."Deeee-fense travels and the good teams have good QBs it's that simple. The Stillers, Pats, Broncos are doing what they do as all three are riding a solid Defense with Big Ben leading the way in QB Play. The Pats will get tested moving forward in the next two weeks with Jacoby Brissett. The Broncos have Von Miller and you don't and on most Sunday if not every Sunday he dominates.

As for the "Fight 4 George" dba NFC the Carolina Panthers< Arizona Cardinals, and Minnesota Vikings are moving in the right direction. All three of those respective teams has "D" with a solid scheme. The N.Y. Football Giants spent a lot of money this off-season on "D" and its appears to be paying some of the bills.

"A QB Driven League"
"Sunday Talk"

NFL Week 3
Power Rankings 

Note: In Parenthesis is NFL Week 2 rankings

1. #StillerGang (1) 2-0

2. #PatsTalk (2) 2-0

3. #UnitedInOrange (6) 2-0

4. #BirdGang (7) 1-1

5. #PanthersPride (9) 1-1

6. #SKOLvikings (11) 2-0

7. #GMen (14) 2-0

8. #BullsOnParade (12) 2-0

9. #FlyEaglesFly (19) 2-0

10. #PurpleBrowns (13) 2-0

11. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (3) 1-1

12. #12s (4) 1-1

13. #WhoDey (5) 1-1

14. #GangGreen (16) 1-1

15. #RestoreTheRoar (18) 2-0

16. #CowboysNation (21) 1-1  

17. #RaiderNation (8) 1-1

18. #RedFriday (10) 1-1

19. #ItsABucsLife (15) 1-1

20. #RiseUpFalcons (25) 1-1

21. #BoltsUp (28) 1-1

22. #NinerGang (24) 1-1

23. #LARams ( 29) 1-1

24. #GeauxSaints (20) 1-1

25. #HTTR (17) 0-2

26. #BillsMafia (22) 0-2

27. #BlueSwaggerColts (23) 0-2

28. #AquaBoyz305 (26) 0-2

29. #KHANstructionJags (27) 0-2

30. #BelieveInMonsters (30) 0-2

31. #MusicCityTitans (31) 0-2

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-2

360 Degrees

Seahawks score 3 points in NFL Week 2 in L.A. versus the Rams...

Redskins out the gate 0-2 and now travels to Jersey to play the rival and 2-0 G-Men...

Chuck Pagano is 0-2 in Indy...watch out Chuckster

Broncos might need to start scoring more points but that Secondary and OLB and certified and verified Red Jersey Collector Von Miller is "Monsters Inside QBs" on the Discovery Channel...

Pats lose Jimmy G and now they get Jacoby B...for the next 2 weeks

Vikes standing tall at 2-0 but All Day A.P. with a Torn Meniscus...not good

Chargers win but lose as Gadget RB Danny Woodhead heads to season-ending I.R. with a Torn ACL and add him to Keenan Allen...wow!

Top 5 Games in NFL Week 3

Texans @ Pats #TNF
Steelers @ Eagles
Broncos @ Bengals
Vikings @ Panthers
Falcons @ Saints #MNF


Eagles 29 Bears 14 F in "A QB Driven League" #MNF Week 2 as #FlyEaglesFly > #BelieveInMonsters as Team WENTZ and Team PEDERSON is gaining on the Philly Cheese Steak and Rocky Balboa! #PHIvsCHI #MNF #FlyEaglesFly #BearDown #NFCEast #NFCNorth @cj_wentz

Don't look now Cleveland Browns Fans or L.A. Rams Fans as Philadelphia Eagles #1 Donut-Runner and #1 QB on the 2K16 Eagles Depth Chart Carson Wentz is putting in work. I know its only week 2 but the young man looks the part and plays the part pretty darn well as the Eagles hammer the Bears 29-14.

That Eagles Offense is also catering towards Wentz as he learns the ropes as its all the West Coast Offense as its short to intermediate routes with the QB making quick reads and getting rid of the Wilson pigskin quickly. That Bears "D" which I thought out the gate in 2K16 would be better is not as the Offense behind Bears QB Jay Cutler also continues to struggle.

After a 9-7 lead at the break by the Eagles Philly let loose in the 3rd frame as they hung up 13 points to take that commanding 22-7 lead after three. Wentz was 21 for 34 for 190 years and a TD Pass as the Eagles right now have no clear cut #1 at WR or RB but doing it with that "All Eagles on Deck" Approach"!

Bears QB Cutler threw for 157 yards on 12 for 17 as Cutler injured his throwing hand and will be reevaluated on Tuesday. Meanwhile #FlyEaglesFly is flying high as they will host the 2-0 Pittsburgh Steelers in what is shaping up to be a headliner in NFL Week 3 called the "Battle of the Keystone State"!

Chicago will get the Cowboys in Jerry's House on Sunday Night and one has to think with no Jay Cutler possibly lookout Bears Nation versus the 'Boys...

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bengals 16 Steelers 24 F as the "Triple Diamond Chronicles" + Big Ben + DeAngelo + Stillers "D" = another "W" over #WhoDey in rainy Pittsburgh!...DeAngelo leads the "Shield" in Rushing as he almost grabs a "Hundo" on that Stingy Bengals "D"!...Stillers D-Coordinator Butler and the "D" gets a Wilson pigskin! #CINvsPIT #Stillers #WhoDey #AFCNorth #TripleDiamondChronicles #CinvsPit

It wasn't going to be pretty as the Pittsburgh Steelers the 2K16 version hits the win column again this time as the Cincinnati Bengals expense. Yes Stillers QB Big Ben Roethlisberger threw the Wilson pigskin to the Bengals x 2 but it was that balanced Stiller Attack that sliced and diced down Heinz FIeld that played significant part in this one.

Throw in that all of a sudden Stillers "D" that is quickly turning the corner lookout as they created a few turnovers on the Bengals including the game-winner on what looked to be a game-tying drive. #92 in black and yellow created that game-changing play as the Stillers move to 2-0 on the season but more importantly 1-0 in the rugged AFC North.

Big Ben threw for 259 yards and 3 TDs but had two INTs as he was just 19 for 37. The Strawberry Rifle Bengals QB Andy Dalton threw for 366 yds and a TD with no INTs as both All-Pro Wide outs A,J. Green and Antonio Brown were non-factors.

It was Stillers RB DeAngelo Williams that was the difference as he rushed for 94 yards on 32 carries behind what is an improved O-Line under 2nd-year and NFL HOF O-Line Coach Mike Munchak. Now Pittsburgh tied with the #PurpleBrowns of B-More Football at 2-0 will get the #FlyEaglesFly on Sunday September 25th in NFL Week 3 at the Linc.

Cincy will get their home opener and host the defending World CHampion Denver Broncos (2-0) as they will be without OLB/DE DeMarcus Ware who fractured his forearm in their "W" in Week2 vs Indy...  


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jets @ Bills as "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk" = #BillsMafia of the Bison City going Thursday Night Football vs #GangGreen of Gotham City!...The Jets must stick to FORTE and go "Ground and Pound"!...Bills must get that "Shady" Character going and find a vertical passing game as the loser in this one falls to 0-2! #NYJvsBUF #GangGreen #BillsMafia #TNF #AFCEast2K16

This game kicks off what will be another interesting season in a long line of seasons talking Thursday Night NFL Football. Both the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills took disappointing losses in week 1 and must bounce back rather quickly.

That Jets "L" was highlighted by their inability to stop the then visiting Bengals Passing Game. That coupled with #GangGreen QB Ryan Fitzpatrick's lack of throwing the deep ball led to their home opening loss. The "D" played well enough to win but could not stop the Bengals late when it really counted.

The Bills were just a "Hot Mess" putting it mildly versus the Purple Browns dba B-More Ravens as they could do nothing right on either side of the Wilson pigskin. #BillsMafia QB Tyrod Taylor ran for his life most of the game and the passing game was nonexistent. To have any success they must get Lesean "Shady" McCoy going on the ground as the #BillsMafia will be expecting big things in Buffalo's home opener.

(0-1, 0-0 AFC East)
(0-1, 0-0 AFC East)

#TNF going "A QB Driven League" + "Sunday Talk"
Thursday September 15, 2K16 @ 830pm ET
Big 59/50 dba New Era Field

NFL Week 10 in 2K15 

NFL Week 17 in 2K15

Key Players 


QB "Fitz"
RB Forte
WRs Decker/Marshall
C Mangold
LT Ryan Clady
MLB D-Haris
CB Revis Island


QB Tyrod
RB "Shady"
TE Clay
C E-Wood
LG Incognito
DT K-Will
OLB Hughes
CB Gilmore
SS A. Williams

#GangGreen Keys to victory

Establish the run and take that what should be a raucous crowd right out of the game. The Jets D-Line should dominate this one based on what happened last week to the Bills O-Line versus the Ravens Front... 

#BillsMafia Keys to victory

Their top two picks of 2K16 are out along with DT Marcel Dareus. They must get "Shady" going and WRs Sammy Watkins (nursing that bad foot that was surgically rep[aired in the off-season) must get help from both WR Robert Woods and TE Charles Clay. QB Taylor also needs to be better than last week as the Bills and Rex Ryan are all in with Tyrod that's why they "Paid him in Full"...

Loser in this one falls to 0-2 and more importantly 0-1 in the AFC East...

Winner: Jets 27 Bills 23 F

In the end too much Jets RB Matt Forte and the Jets D-Line...Buffalo has trouble all game long getting the Jets Offense off the turf all game long...

Note: Look for those cool NFL Color Rush Jerseys

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NFL Week 2 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the Steelers sit atop the Rankings with #BirdGang taking an "L" and 12's looking lethargic in a "W"!...The Pats, Packers, Bengals, Broncos, and Raiders are all in the Top 10! #NFLPowerRankingsWeek2 #SundayTalk #StillerGang

It's too early to say the Top 10 Teams in the NFL Power Rankings week 2 will still be holding serve down the stretch but after week 1 we found out a few things about the 2K16 season. One is if your QB is not proven and there is no stability at that position you need to lose to get into the Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes! Next up is where is the "D" and if anything travels later in the season it will be this side of the Wilson pigskin. Last but not least in that top 8-10 teams they all have a common theme...we have good solid QB Play its that simple!


NFL Week 2 
Power Rankings

Note: In parenthesis is week 1 rankings

1. #SteelerNation (3) 1-0

2. #PatsTalk (5) 1-0

3. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (6) 1-0

4. #12s (2) 1-0

5. #WhoDey (7) 1-0

6. #UnitedInOrange (8)

7. #BirdGang (1) 0-1 

8. #RaiderNation (9) 1-0

9.  #PanthersPride (4) 0-1

10. #RedFriday (10) 1-0

11. #SKOLvikings (11) 1-0

12. #BullsOnParade (16) 1-0

13. #PurpleBrowns (17) 1-0

14. #GMen (19) 1-0

15. ItsABucsLife (21) 1-0

16. #GangGreen (12) 0-1

17. #HTTR (13) 0-1

18. #RestoreTheRoar (23) 1-0

19. #FlyEaglesFly (24) 1-0

20. #GeauxSaints (27) 1-0

21. #Cowboys (14) 0-1

22. #BillsMafia (15) 0-1

23. #BlueSwaggerColts (18) 0-1

24. #NinerGang (32) 1-0

25. #RiseUp Falcons (20) 0-1

26. #AquaBoyz305 (22) 0-1

27. #KHANstructionJags (25) 0-1

28. #BoltsUp (26) 0-1

29. #LARams (28) 0-1

30. #BelieveInMonsters (29) 0-1

31. #MusicCityTitans (30) 0-1

32. #DawgPound (31) 0-1

360 Degrees...

Big Ben and A-Rog after NFL Week 1 might be poised for a huge year in the pocket...

Not jumping on the Jimmy G. (Lol) or Trevor Siemian Bandwagon just yet let that thing play out as Jimmy G. has a 4-game season and should go 4-0...

Bills most disappointing in NFL Week 1...you could also throw in the Colts and Cardinals 

Watch the new AFC West as the Chiefs have arrived and the Raiders are officially back with that big-time QB in Carr...

My sleeper team to watch is in the AFC South in the Jags as that "D" will only get better now if they can get QB Blake Bortles to throw to someone other than jersey #15 they might head north in the AFC...

Rams looked the worse in week 1 and Jeff Fisher must turn that thing around and go with #1 overall 2K16 pick Jared Goff...he has no choice!