Friday, May 31, 2013

SUNDAY TALK with a look at 41-50 in the Top 100 of 2K13...the LIST gets worse as we move to the Expensive Lockers...#C'MonNFLPlayers

The List was bad to begin with and now its gets worse as the number one island was revealed in numbers 41-50. A two-time winning Super Bowl QB, another QB that had a terrible 2nd half of the season. Also two Tight Ends that are real close to calling it quits well by 2012 production one would think not. A Top 10 Player in 2012 slipped all they way back to 41-50. Then a Linebacker no one knows even some Kansas City Chiefs landed in the Top 50.

41 TE Jason Witten #Cowboys....I know he is slow but he keeps getting open and making plays but is #41 too high when the 49ers TE Vernon Davis isn't even on the list? Too High

42 DT Haloti Ngata #PurpleBrowns...Injuries plagued him all season long as one of his Knees needed surgery but he opted to play through the rest of 2012. Bengals Geno Atkins has taken his place as the premier DT on Sunday. Perfect Number

43 QB Eli Manning #GMen...Ok Eli was somewhat sporadic and someone tell me how in Nike Authentic Pro Football Jerseys is he in front of Steelers QB Big Ben Roethlisberger? Too High

44 WR Wes Welker #Pats...maybe should have been higher as he is still a monster in the slot as we will see what he does for the Orange Crush in 2K13. Could have moved up slightly

45 RB LeSean McCoy #Eagles...was number 18 last season and he was injured in 2012 a lot...not a bad ranking as he is one of the top five Backs on Sunday. Good Spot

46 QB Cam Newton #Panthers....I don't know about Top 50 but he is a good one and will be a real treat in a year or two. slightly too high

47 TE Tony Gonzalez #DirtyBirds..the Ageless one as he continues to catch Pigskin after Pigskin and 47 might be too low...Real Talk. Still Top 50 and almost Jelly Belly's right there

48 LT Duane Brown #Texans...I think he is the best Left tackle in the game and they give him #48...yes better than the Browns Joe Thomas...Needs to be Top 25

49 OLB Justin Houston #KCChiefs...Houston is a baller but to put him Top 50 in front of teammate Derrick Johnson....don't understand that one. Should be 80 or worse....

50 CB Richard Sherman #Seahawks a Better Corner and the Bluedude will show you the "Fountain of Youth" forget he talks all the time as he is suppose to when you can do what he does inside the chalk...Should be Top 20...Haters everywhere!...the "Legion of Boom" coming to Eight Stadiums in 2K13.

Note: List from NFL Network Top 100 of 2013...they better not do a 2014 List.

The Battle of the .600 CLUBS in the NL Central...the Cincy RED LEGS travel to PNC for a "Battle Royale" with the New they both trail the REDBIRDS in the Central...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #CINvsPIT 3-Game Set Preview

If I told you three out of the top four teams record-wise in the Show come out of the NL Central would you be shocked. Well two of those teams will hook up this weekend as the 2nd place Cincinnati Reds travel to PNC Park to play against the 3rd place Pittsburgh Pirates. The Reds struggled a bit losing their last two games before winning the first two vs in-state rival the Cleveland Indians. The Pittsburgh Pirates come off of taking three of four vs the AL Central leading Detroit Tigers. Both Teams as we go to press are chasing the number one team in the show the St. Louis Cardinals of Baseball Town USA.

3-Game Set @ PNC Park in the 'Burgh

May 31 7:05pm ET

CIN Cueto (2-0) vs PIT Rodriguez (6-2)

June 1 7:15pm ET

CIN Leake (4-2) vs PIT Liriano (3-1)

June 2 1:35pm ET
CIN Latos (5-0) vs PIT Gomez (2-0)

In game one its Reds Ace Johnny Cueto looking good coming off that stint on the D.L. a week or so ago vs emerging Start from the Bump Rodriguez who leads the Buccos Staff with 6 wins.

In game two the Reds send solid starter Leake who is #2 in the Reds Rotation vs Buccos 2K13 Free Agent Pick up from the Pale Hose and former Twins Farmhand LHP Francisco Liriano.

In the rubber match it will be undefeated Latos vs a 2-0 Gomez in what should be a good one.

What to watch for...Relievers Aroldis Chapman (13/15 Svs 2.63 ERA) of the Reds vs arguably the Best Closer outside of Mo Rivera in the Buccos Jason Grilli (22/22 Svs 1.09 ERA). If your losing in the Ninth you might want to think Line up Card for next game facing these two.



Thursday, May 30, 2013

Imagine that!...NORTH Siders and AMAZINS' sweep the Home and Home Series vs the SOUTH Siders and BOMBERS respectively...BUCCOS take care of TIGERS winning Three out of Four...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #CrossTownClassic2K13 #SubwaySeries2K13 #DETvPIT

The Chicago Cubs needed healthy diet of Pale Hose as they sweep the Crosstown Classic 2K13 in three games (One game suspended due to in climate weather). They outscore the Chi-Sox some 24-6 and they did it by all three games being a landslide. Game one was 7-0, game two was 9-3, and the finale was 8-3. The only thing bailing out White Sox Nation is the Chicago Blackhawks are in the Western Conference Finals on their chase to the cup. The North Siders chased a then 6-3 Jake Peavy after four inning as he gave up six runs on eight hits. Travis Wood for the Cubs went a solid six innings and allowed just two runs on five hits. The Pale Hose now fall 4 1/2 off the AL Central lead held down by the Tigers. The Cubbies get out of the NL Central Basement as they trail the 3rd place Red Legs by ten full games.

The New York Mets need to see the Yanks in the NL East as the Bombers lose again Today by the score of 3-1. Its not like the yanks were not getting solid starting pitching it was the Mets make the plays late to win the games. The Amazins outscore the Bombers 16-7 in those three games with the only blow out coming on Wednesday where the Mets won 9-4. The Yanks now lose ground in the AL East an fall behind the Carmines some two full games for 2nd. The Mets have won five in a row (including four of them vs the Yanks) but are still trailing the NL East leading Braves by nine full games.  

The Pittsburgh Pirates won three out of four versus the rugged AL Central leading Detroit Tigers and they won in extras in Thursday's game. The Pirates outscored the Tigers in the home and Home set 12-9. The Buccos in two of those games won in extras by the score of 1-0. The Pirates are as we go to press 2nd in the NL Central by two full games behind the Redbirds of Baseball Town USA. The Tigers are holding onto a 1/2 game lead over the Tribe in the AL Central.

LOGO WATCH Champs 305....WHITE Hot goes RED Hot in the 3rd Frame...King JAMES gives GOLD Swagger a snippet of Game 6...HEAT Gang win going away 90-79...#ECF #HEATbiz #PACERSbiz...HEAT up 3-2

The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers Series has turned in favor of the Heat but until how long. The Heat get a big third frame and open the game up vs the Pacers and win 90-79. King James had a big 3rd frame as the hoops world knew he would and finished with a game-high 30 points to go along with eight rebounds and six helpers. Rated PG-24 of Gold Swagger led the Pacers with a cool 27 points, eleven boards and five assists. Both Top Guns played well but it was the Actors in a Supporting Role that rose to the occasion of failed miserably.

Earlier in the day I said the Pacers Success from my vantage point largely looms on their back court of Hill and Stephenson. Look closely in game five Hill goes for 1 point and Lance for four points. With PG-24 getting 27, Area 55 adding 22 points, and D-West 17 points and eight rebounds you would have said that was plenty to get a game five win. Throw in the Heat's Chalmers, Cole, Wade, and Allen they combined for 33 points now do the math...a +28 from the Heat back court. That will not get it done for the Pacers and that has to be the game plan moving forward for the Heat in game six to take away the Pacers back court.

The Heat also played well enough on the defensive end to hold the Pacers to under 50% from the field and under 40% from the Arc. Pacers had seventeen turnovers and was -6 with the Money Ball. Now the Heat head to Indy for a game six on Saturday Night for an Elimination Game. The Pacers have to now win two in a row and the last of two in Dade County.         

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 105...SHANEgate in #ECF...Whose the #1 NBA Prospect in the upcoming 2K13 NBA DRAFT? #NBAnews

The Indiana Pacers are now accusing Heat SF Shane Battier of going after the knees of Pacers Players. That's par for the course as Battier plays borderline All Out/ Dirty. Watch the games he is plays in as he is the one flopping, causing collisions, and just plain ole' trying to get under the opponents skins. He did at Duke and everyone thought it was cool that's the "Duke" Way and it's not basketball what he does. I would say this the Pacers did the right thing by going public now all eyes will be on Battier including the Zebras. As for all this whining and crying let's just go back to the old Rules of NBA Play you know Hand-Checking, no Flagrant Fouls its just a hard foul, and until someone draws blood play on. Soft, Soft, Soft the Game is now....

The 2013 NBA Draft is near and many NBA People have Ben McLemore of KU the overall #1 Prospect...please. The way he ran and hide during the NCAA Tournament what is he going to do with a large Direct Deposit and playing 3rd or 4th option in the Logo when it is easy to run and hide? The Top Five Prospects from the Bluedude are as follows in any order:

PF Nerlens Noel #UK
PG Michael Carter-Williams #Cuse
SF Anthony Bennett #UNLV
SF Otto Porter Jr. #GTown
SG Victor Oladipo #IUBloomington

A Prospect to watch is Dennis Schroeder of Germany as at the combine was oozing with athleticism and ability and reminds me of current Thunder Point Guard Reggie Jackson of the Thunder but just a tad bit smaller.

As for the #1 Prospect if I had to pick one it would be Nerlens Noel even though he will be coming off of ACL Surgery or Bennett or Carter-Williams as that is my Top 3.    

LOGO WATCH #ECF Gm 5...the See Saw Affair will take a different look after Game 5....which PACERS Team shows up Gold SWAGGER or Blue COLLAR? Which HEAT Team shows up WHITE Hot or Team HOLLYWOOD? #INDvsMIA #ECF #NBAonTNT

The Pivotal Game 5 when the series is 2-2 is on tap tonight. The Heat find themselves in the same predicament as last season and what will they do. The Pacers still have work to do but 2-2 is what the Doctor ordered after four games. Can the Heat slow down "Area 55" by now they now it's not Top Secret and its exist? The Pacers have to know they are getting into King James Territory and are they prepared for James to go O-Zone Layer and stop others from joining?

May 30, 2013
8pm ET
AA 305

#GoldSwagger PACERS @ #WhiteHot HEAT


Its all about in-game adjustments and that's it there is not a whole lot that's a secret after four games...Coach Vogel vs Coach Spo from here on out.

Can the Heat do anything to stop Queens, New York Native by way of Hoya Paranoia Roy "Area 55" Hibbert...anything? Looking like Patrick and Zo....

The Heat Role Players must take a bigger initiative and play "Big" and make plays when they present themselves...

Pacers Back Court is the Key other than Hibbert and the Heat have to do a better job of not letting Hill  get going offensively and Lance of the BK from his One-Man Run outs or leak a nutshell the One-Man Fast break.

Where is Wade County and Bosh in the Losses as we see them in the Wins as they have to play consistent and quit relying on King James.

Quit Flopping Kids...I see its contagious

If King James has to guard D-West that is an advantage for the Pacers as they took advantage on the Glass in Game 4.

Where is the White Hot Bomb Squad Unit of  Shane, Sugar Ray, M&M Plain, and even J.J. of 305....James Jones...can the Heat and James incorporate them within the Offense and get the "White Hot Bomb Squad" going? Right now they are somewhere near Margaritaville USA with Jimmy Buffet.

"Pace" is everything in Winning Time and who controls it?

It's about who wants it the most, how big is your Valentine, and who wins the 50/50 Spalding Oranges.

The Heat cannot go back to Circle City down 3-2 and the Pacers know to win the Series they have to win one of two Games in 305...this is the one ripe for the taking as they will not win a game seven on Heat Terms.

Game Time 8pm ET NBA on TNT Tonight!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Did someone order "Three BIG FLIES"...ZIM has an NATitude vs O's and CUBBIES NAVARRO goes Triple Scoops on the South Side HIT MEN...MAKING NOISE in the SHOW

The Neighboring O's win the game in late innings but the damage had been done. Nationals Hot Corner Ryan Zimmerman goes "Big Fly Thrice" as the Nats Offense still didn't score enough to win the ball game.  Zim goes Solo in the first, fourth, and Two Run Big Fly in the 5th inning. The Nats led 6-3 after the 5th inning only to surrender a crooked 6 in the bottom half of the 8th to lose to the O's by a final 9-6.

Over to the North Side of Chi City the Cubbies Back Stop Dioner Navarro's Three Bombs propel the Cubbies past the South Siders 9-3. Navarro goes Solo, Two-Run Bomb, and Three-Run Bomb as he accounted for six of the Cubbies Runs. With a make-up game on the menu the Cubs have hit up the Sox for 16 runs in two games while the Sox have only scored three runs and the first three runs were in today's loss. The Cubs will go for the sweep with Peavy going for the Sox and Wood for the Cubbies.  

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison....SEEEEEEEEEABROOOOOOK...the HAWKS win the Original SIX Classic Series 4-3...SEABROOK the Game-Winner...HAWKS Net Minder CRAWFORD goes O-Zone Layer on WINGS...HAWKS Advance #FrozenTalkHawks #OneGoal #WCF

I know what your thinking Hawks Nation and it happened right before the end of the 3rd period but the "Frozen One (Puck) doesn't Lie". Hawks Defenseman Brent Seabrook scores the game-winner at 3:34 in Extras to give the Blackhawks the win. A miraculous turn of events considering the game should have been over 20 minutes prior to him scoring.

The Blackhawks now will face the #5 seed in the West and defending Lord Stanley Cup Champions the L.A. Kings aka "Royalty" and the "Monarchs". What a series back and forth and hopefully the Blackhawks learned their lesson and just in the nick of time started playing their game instead of the Wings dictating how games were to be played. Both Net Minders Jimmy Howard of the Wings (Game 7...33/35 Svs) and Hawks Cory Crawford (Game 7...26/27 Avs) played out of their minds. Crawford has caught his stride and he will need it vs the GAA Leader in 2013 Winning Time and 2012 Conn Smythe Winner Goalie J-Quick of the Kings.

"What If" will ring through this one for tonight but the Hawks won. If they hadn't won that disallowed goal in the 3rd would have resonated through Blackhawks Nation until the Puck dropped for the 2013-14 Season and beyond.

Another Classic as the Wings and Blackhawks archive another great head to head in Winning Time. As for the Wings packed for their Trip to L.A. who wants to go back to the "D". Your packed for a week head somewhere tropical and let Wings Management foot the bill and make sure you get the Western Conference Finals on your Tablet, Phone, Lap Top, or Hotel T.V.....Kings and should be another classic.

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES Take 100..."99 QUESTIONS and Coach TOMLIN isn't one" Episode...STEELERS finish 2nd Set of OTA's...TEAM Building, SCHEME Building, and SUNDAY Teams are built in the Off Season for the 16-Game SPENCE Report

The Pittsburgh Steelers have finished their 2nd Set of OTA's and for the Vets this time around its a little more than a formality as their are New Faces all over the place. Yes the Steelers deal with at least 40 new faces every season but this season is much different. The Roster has turned over as for the first time in years there will more than a few 1st and 2nd year Players that will be counted on heavily.

Questions entering the 2013 Season after going 8-8:

Without Deep Threat Mike Wallace will the Steelers still be explosive at Wide out?

Running Back and 2013 2nd rounder Le'Veon Bell of Sparty will be the Day One Starting Back and will he be up for the Task?

The O-Line barring any major injury in pre season is intact and can Big Mike "Sumthin Serious", the Puget Sound Bully, Twin 53, Foster of Rocky Top, and Gil of the Swamp can they become more than just a Solid Group to protect the Steel Curtain's over-sized Clock...Big Ben?

The D-Line is largely depended on players like "Big Steve" McClendon (NT), Ziggy of Mizzou (DE), and Lil Iron Head Heyward of High Street Columbus....can they become solid not dominant but just solid? #99 "Fear the Beard" Keisel is still the Man anchoring things.

The Steelers Offense under Todd Haley should be better in the 2nd Year and way more fluid but can A.B...Antonio Brown aka Tone 2.0 handle being the #1 Wide Out?

The Steelers never start Rookies can Jason Worilds of "Beamer Ball Blacksburg" hold off Steelers 2013 1st Round OLB Jarvis Jones of "Between the Hedges U" to be the Day One Starter?

Will Troy and Big Ben play all 16 games in 2013 and if they do will the Steelers win the AFC North?

Is 3rd Year Corner Cortez Allen ready to be the Starter at Corner opposite if "I Like Ike" Swaggin' U?

Can OLB LaMaar Woodley of Jordan Brand "Become Legendary" in 2013 and get back to Old Form the Bluedude said he was over weight in the Locker Room last season?

Back Up QB Bruce Gradkowski might be the most important Players on the Roster and can he win if Big Ben goes down?

Can Larry Foote lead that Defense back to its prominent days with young guys all over the place making contributions?  


ILB Sean Spence the Steelers 3rd round pick of famed Miami Northwestern HS and the "U" reportedly looks good in OTA's. Steelers Backers Coach Keith Butler through numerous media outlets said Spence was a long-shot to play in 2013. Coach Tomlin and Spence believe he will play in 2013. He is penciled in at Starter RILB Larry Foote's Slot at backer on the Depth Chart.

Spence a tackling machine for the University of Miami Florida Hurricanes is fast and explosive. Yes he will lose some of that explosiveness but his instincts are something you can't teach. It should be real interesting to see him develop as he reportedly is coming along well. Playing him Inside in the LeBeau 3-4 Zone Blitz he still has to be rangy and he is getting plenty of Mental Reps as we speak.  


"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison...GAME 7 Episode...any Questions, Comments, or Concerns?....Original SIX Twist of RED WINGS @ BLACKHAWKS

The Blackhawks and Red Wings will hook up for the last time in the 2012-13 Season but this one is for all the marbles. The Right to play the defending "Lord Stanley Cup" Champion L.A. Kings and then possibly join in for the "Fight for Lord Stanley". The Wings were just flying high last week as the Hawks were seeing the Shrink trying to figure out what is Easton Hockey Sticks has happened to our President's Trophy-Like Game.  Now its a Game 7 and how did we get here:

Game 1...Hawks 1-0

Hawks win 4-1 as they get three in the 3rd period and take a 1-0 series lead

Game 2....Tied 1-1

Wings win 4-1 after the Hawks had a 1-0 lead after the 1st period as the Momentum starts to change in the Wings Favor

Game 3...Wings 2-1

Wings strike with two in the 2nd period and Hawks Patrick Kane makes it 2-1 in the 3rd then Datsyuk strikes...Wings go onto win 3-1 and the Series is now 2-1 Wings.

Game 4...Wings 3-1

Wings blank Hawks 2-0 as Wings Net Minder Howard plays Dominik Hasek...the "Dominator"

Game 5...Wings 3-2

Hawks say not in the Madhouse on Madison as the Captain Toews gets his first Goal of Winning Time...Hawks play with that Desire and Blue-Collar Game that got them here.

Game 6...Tied 3-3

Hawks go into the Joe and get a 4-3 Win and the Magic Number for the Hawks is scoring four goals. Now the Wings are in trouble...big-time trouble.

Game 7 Tonight May 29 at 7pm ET at Madhouse on Madison...

For the Wings Zetterberg and Datsyuk have to come up big....

For the Hawks their 2nd - 4th lines must outplay the Wings Lines and then the more shots on goal the better...."Pace" is everything  

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with look whose back in the VALLEY of the SUN as Lead Man for the Phoenix SUNS....Ex-Jazz Great JEFF HORNACEK #SUNSBasketball

The Phoenix Suns terminated then Coach Alvin Gentry and had an Interim Tag on Lindsey Hunter. They moved quickly right after the season termination GM Lance Blanks  and letting Interim Coach Hunter he won't be back. The Suns have a lot of work to do to get back to respectability forget getting back to the Glory Days where it was NASHty, Matrix, and S.T.A.T..

Suns New GM Ryan McDonough has made the first move the right move in hiring Jazz Assistant Coach and Ex-Suns Draft Pick from the 80s in Jeff Hornacek. Hornacek played on those great Jazz Teams led by Coach Jerry Sloan and Stock and Malone. He was also around that Phoenix Suns Drug Scandal his Rookie Season in the late 80s after he was drafted by the Suns. Hornacek wasn't part of any of that but it was a huge black eye for the Suns as multiple players were indicted. That is neither here nor there but in a nutshell he has seen a lot in his time in the NBA an that should only benefit him in his first Head Coaching Job in the Logo. Not bad for a Kid from LaGrange, Illinois Lyons Township High School who walked on at Iowa State led by the great Head Coach Johnny Orr and later to become a NBA 2nd round pick.

The Suns have a few bright spots moving forward into the 2013-14 season as they get the 5th and 30th Picks in the upcoming NBA Draft. Hornacek has some nice young pieces on that Roster as Hornacek is going to have to make the puzzle fit.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ICE GAMES KINGS/SHARKS Recap...GAME 7 goes to the Defending "Lord Stanley Cup" Champion "ROYALTY" of L.A. as they hod off Team TEAL 2-1....KINGS now await the BlackHawks/Wings Winner #JQUICKisAllThat

They went at it in the 1st period as no one drew blood...scoreless after the first frame. Kings strike quick in the 2nd frame with both goals from Right Winger Justin Williams and that would be all the Kings needed with 2012 Conn Smythe Winner Goalie Jonathan Quick(pictured right).

Quick stopped 25 of 26 shots including a barrage of shots late as the Kings couldn't get the Frozen One out of their end. The Kings played excellent defensively as did the Sharks as they just couldn't get anything by Quick. Quick will have to stay dealing as he will get either the Blackhawks or the Red Wings in the Western Conference Finals.

The Sharks Net Minder Antii Niemi stopped 16 of 18 shots but it was just his run towards the middle of the 2nd frame that will haunt him in the off season as those are shots Niemi usually stops front and center. Sharks did make it interesting getting a goal around the 5:34 mark from Defesneman Dan Boyle. This was a series that pitted #5 seed vs a #6 seed and no Team could win away from their building and that spells gloom and doom for the Kings as the Blackhawks or Wings can get it done anywhere.

The defending Stanley Cup Champion Kings are still in it and they await the Blackhawks or Wings.

LOGO WATCH NAPtown Hoops...And just like that back to the "Bottom 305" all tied up...PACERS come up Big late...King JAMES gets Disqualified... PACERS 99 HEAT 92

The Pacers set the tone early and like most Games in the logo in Winning Time it means something later not right then and there. The Heat uncharacteristically stumble down the stretch and then Ref Joe Crawford called a boo boo on King James and it was an illegal Screen but King James has only fouled out some two games )counting this one) in 128 games. The Pacers win 99-92 and they played big as did "Area 55" as he went for 23 points and twelve rebounds and the Heat Bigs couldn't control him.

Behind Hibbert of "Hoya Paranoia" Performance the Pacers get a "All Hands on Deck" Performance as all five starters hit double figures. I told you in the pre game that the Pacers back Court is just as important if not more important than the Pacers Bigs hence G-Hill 19 points, six rebounds, and five helpers and BK's Lance adding 20 points and five rebounds. Pacers PF D-West played big on the glass as he added 14 points and twelve rebounds.

The Heat just didn't close like they had hoped now they find themselves in a backyard boogie with "Blue Collar" turned back to "Gold Swagger" once again. King James had a game-high 24 points, six rebounds, and five helpers to go along with six personal fouls. Regular Marion played Super Mario in game four as he had 20 points with some nifty buckets at the rim. It was Wade County's nonchalant play that I couldn't figure out. Yes he has a bad wheel (Knee) but that I am going to turn it on in spurts is for the Birds. What he looks like is a shell of his former self and if the Heat are going to get to the "Fight for Larry" and win it they need an aggressive "Flash" circa 2005-06. Wade netted 16 points and six helpers but costly plays down the stretch and indecisive plays cost the Heat.

The Magic Number the Pacers shoot 50% from the field Heat shoot just over 39%. The Pacers made only three money balls to the Heat's eight. That is an even trade off and it came down to who makes the plays in the end. Both Teams shot it well enough from the Stripe to win.

The Heat now head back to 305 tied up at 2-2 as the Series again takes an odd turn and the Pacers know they have a shot and that is all the confidence you need.

Game 5 Thursday May 30 at 830pm the AA 305    

ICE GAMES Staples BLACK and SILVER vs Team TEAL...Game 7 is here as the West boast Two Game Sevens....Can the ROAD Team finally come through with a "W" in the SERIES #SJSharks #LAKings Gm 7 #IceGamesWestWinningTime

Game 7 means a couple of different things but in the Sharks and Kings Series it means someone has to win on Ice that isn't home ice in the Sharks Case. The Kings look at it as taking care of business at home and that is what home ice advantage is. Well the plot definitely thickens as we get to Game 7 at Staples tonight and what else is there to talk about with steady Sharks and the defending Lord Stanley Cup Champion Kings.

May 28, 2013
9pm ET
Staples Silver & Black

The Game has coke down to this as the Stars have come out an it will come down not to the Forwards, Centers, or Wingers but Scheme and Net Minders. The Sharks have Center Joe Thornton and Logan Couture the anchors for Team Shark Tank. The Kings have a few Players but namely Mike Richards and Drew Doughty. They must put pressure and the Frozen One at the Net to see if these top Shelf in Glass-Cased Net Minders will succumb under the immense pressure of a game 7 and a barrage of Frozen Pucks.

Antii Niemi of the Sharks has been just as good as his counterpart Jonathan Quick of the Kings. Niemi is 7-3 in the 2013 Playoffs and his 1.85 GAA is amongst the best. The Sharks have to keep the pile up from the Net and help Niemi as much as possible playing intelligently and at the Kings Blue Line.

Quick gets a slight edge here as his GAA is 1.54 and he is almost impossible to beat at Staples. The Kings must put pressure on him as much as possible sending folks to the net. The Kings will be super-aggressive as they know whoever has gotten out early in the games has won. Two Scores should win this one and the edge goes to the kings because they are at home.

Players to Watch


Thornton (+5) Leaders +/-


Voynov (+7) Leaders +/-

Game time 9pm ET NHL on NBC...SHARKS @ KINGS Game 7

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a New Lead Man for the HIGHLIGHT Factory 404 from of course the SPURS Tree...BUDENHOLZER will be named HAWKS New Coach #ATLHawksBiz

The Atlanta Hawks didn't resign then Lead Man Larry Drew and he knew was "Fired NBA Coach walking". The Hawks GM Danny Ferry has a plan in place and remember he is off the Spurs Front Office Tree and when those Ex-Spurs Employees leave the Tree they like to grab Spurs Employees to follow. That is a credit to Spurs GM R.C. Buford and Lead Man Popovich and the culture they have created while winning multiple chips while running Middle Market Franchise.  Having said all of that look what the Wind blew into Atlanta.

Danny Ferry and the Hawks from numerous Media outlets are reportedly going to make 17-year Spurs Assistant Mike Budenholzer their next lead man. Budenholzer has been on that Spurs Bench under Pops for all four championships and is well-respected around the Logo. The Spurs Tree once again strikes and expect Budenholzer to name one of his assistants Ume Idoke (Spurs 2nd Year Assistant) to come along as lead assistant to him. This is the Bluedude's speculation but it would be a solid call for both Budenholzer and the Hawks.  

Hawks GM Ferry was the Mastermind of getting the Cavs and King James Group into the Finals as well as putting Cavs Basketball on the map. He had hired then Spurs former assistant Mike Brown to run that ship. Ferry later left and back to the Spurs Office as Brown took the Lakers Gig and and Ferry has since stepped right back into the fray taking the Hawks Job last off season.

Hawks Business ends up being Spurs Business......

Tuesday MARQUEE Match Ups...KURODA faces the Next AMAZIN' Great from the BUMP...Matt HARVEY..CUBS JACKSON faces PALE HOSE Ace SALE...HALOS BLANTON up against CHAVEN Ravine's and KOREAN Import RYU...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report "Marquee Match Ups"

Citi Field will be abuzz tonight as the Yankees, who lost game one 2-1 to the Amazins, will throw Kuroda versus the Mets New Ace Matt Harvey. Kuroda comes in with a 6-3 record and a sparkling 2.67 ERA. Harvey has been as good as advertised with a 5-0 record an a poultry 1.93 ERA. The Yanks are in 2st place in the AL East and to them its another game of the 162 as they have bigger fish to fry. For Amazins' Fans, who are way back in the NL East, its brings them joy to beat the "Evil Empire" anytime they get a chance. Harvey throwing in game two adds to the Subway Series 2K13.

North Siders RHP Jeff Samardjiza pitched a gem in game one as the Cubbies ran away with a 7-0 "W". Tonight the Cubs will throw their $50 million plus RHP Edwin Jackson and he will face Pale Hose Ace LHP Chris Sale. Jackson come sin 1-7 with a 6.11 ERA and don't think the White Sox hitters are thinking slow-pitch softball at the dish tonight. Sale is 5-2 with a 2.53 ERA as he and Chi-Sox RHP Jake Peavy are carrying the load in the Sox Rotation as we hit June Baseball.

The Dodgers comeback and shock the Halos with a 8-7 victory as both teams continue to struggle. The Angels will throw 2013 Free Agent Pick Up Joe Blanton as he comes in with a 1-7 record and a bloated 6.19 ERA. The Dodgers have #2 Arm and Korean Import LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu as he is 5-2 with a 3.30 ERA. Both teams are striving to get to the .500 mark and then after that you hope to play good baseball and stay above that mark. Both Skips Scioscia (Angels) and Mattingly (Dodgers) have been told their Jobs are safe...for now.

LOGO WATCH #ECF Game 4..."Can the PACERS Blue-Collar Attack Stop CHAMPS 305" Episode...PACERS need to find answers quick as the HEAT blew the Doors off the Fieldhouse with Coach TOMLIN, HARBAUGH "Stick Edition", and Coach CREAN watching among others...#MIAvsIND #NBAonTNT

The Miami Heat answered all those questions for those fake Heat Followers questioning the Heat after their first two games at Staples Southeast...the AA 305. Look the Bluedude never questioned my Bulls when they had  rough go of it time to time. Remember we had Michael Jeffrey Jordan and now you have King James..."Keep Calm"...Glad he's on our side". The Pacers need to find answers and pick up some of their backside that the Heat chewed off on Sunday. "Area 55" and D-West have to play Crockett and Tubbs and get the Bad Guys which is the Heat. I need to hear race cars at the Indy 500 and not Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight".

May 28, 2013
830pm ET 
the House Miller Time 31 built..New Market Square...Bankers Life Field house

#WhiteHot HEAT @ #BlueCollar PACERS

Put those Shirts up Pacer nation that say "Blue Collar and Gold Swagger" and just go Blue -Collar as the Pacers need a blue-collar effort to get game 4. There is No Swag and getting your Doors blown off at the house.

Heat came with a game plan of getting everyone involved Bosh stayed on the perimeter, Heat Shooters had their Calling Cards back from the Land of Plenty, and "Mr. 305" U.D. went Mid-Range to death....I need a duplicate and that Charter should be off the hinges back to 305.

Pacers forget Game 4 and stay "Big" with "Area 55" and D-West and do not fall behind early as you need to have Pacer nation locked and in and behind you for the duration of game 4.

Heat need to attack the Paint like in Game 4 and keep the floor spaced and all that is to their advantage as the Pacers couldn't pick their poison.

Pacers have to slow down "King James Entourage" and force King James to carry the whole load. U.D., Bosh, and Wade County can't all be involved like in game 3.

Coach Spo and the Heat had the Orange moving and the unselfish play by the Heat propelled them to a game 4 "W". Can they use that same Spalding Orange "Share Plan" for game 4?

Paul George need help guarding King James and if James is in the Post that should be an automatic double for the Pacers...get that "Orange" out of #6's hands and make someone else beat you. Pacers must double James or they will get that other half of their back side handed to them that the Heat missed on Sunday.

Where was the Pacers Back Court of Hill and BK's Lance? They must show up all over the Stat Book and with occasional "Splash Plays". Regular Mario and "Hollywood" Cole outplayed them in Game 3.

Heat's Bench was big-time in game three and can the Pacers get anything from their Bench besides the production from "Psycho T" and Augustin?

A Chess Match that Coach Spo won in game three and it's Vogel and Pacers Associate Head Coach Brian Shaw's turn.....make a move or head back to the Bottom 305 facing elimination.

Keep Floor Spaced
Spalding Orange Share Plan
Get in those Passing Lanes for "Splash Plays"
Shooters knockdown Open looks

Double Kings James
Play Inside (D-West/Area55) then out
Pacers Back Court needs to step up for Game 4
Run Heat Shooters off the Arc

Who wins the "SCRUMS" or the 50/50 Oranges....wins game four

Game time 830pm ET NBA on TNT....


SUNDAY TALK with a stop off at MUSIC CIty and OPRYLand USA for some TITANS and MUNCHAK Biz...the TITANS 2013 Draft Picks and Grade #TitansBiz

The Tennessee Titans promise to run the pigskin a lot in 2013 and they will have a refreshed presumably CJ2K and a revamped O-Line. Is QB Jake Locker the answer as the titans went and picked up ex-Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick. The "D" picked up hard-hitting Bernard Pollard and DE Kamerion Wimbley. The Titans should have a new attitude adding some of the new pieces especially Pollard.

2013 TITANS Draft Picks and Grade

Round Pick Position Player College

1 10 OG Chance Warmack #RollTide

2 2 WR Justin Hunter #RockyTopUT

3 8 CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson #UConn

3 35 OLB Zavier Gooden #Mizzou

4 10 C Brian Schwenke #Cal

5 9 DE Lavar Edwards #GeauxTigers

6 34 CB Kahlid Wooten #NevadaWolfPack

7 42 FS Daimion Stafford #BigRedLincoln

Warmack was an excellent pick a many though he was the best Interior O-Lineman in the 2013 NFL Draft. He should create some nice holes for Back like CJ2K who like to stay outside. Warmack is penciled in at RG with RT David Stewart.

Hunter will be a better pro then teammate and Vikes 1st Round Pick Cordarrelle Patterson. He is more of a complete WR at this stage than Patterson and a freak athletically. Reminds of former Bear and Titan WR Justin Gage with his body type. Another excellent pick for the Titans but whose throwing to him?

Wilson is one of Five Players off that UConn "D" that went into the Draft and is a big corner at 6'2" just under 200 el bees. He is more of a Cover 2 Scheme Corner but can play press man or Bump and run. He will be behind Titans Starter for now at Weak side Corner Alterraun Verner.

Gooden from Mizzou has a chance to be a real good one as they might put him Inside. He is a three down Backer that is real fluid in pass coverage with size and ran the fastest 40 for a backer at the Combine...4.47. For a 6'2" and just north of 230 el bee's backer that is fast fast. As we go to press he is penciled at Weak side Backer behind Zach Brown. Could be a major asset on Special Teams with that speed.

Schwenke of Cal adds to important depth at Center as they Titans try address an above average O-Line in 2012.

Edwards is another LSU Tigers Defender that was selected and the most a. He is somewhat raw but he flies to the Pigskin and is athletic. He is right behind former Ramblin' Wreck All-American Derrick Morgan and should see snaps on that D-Line day one.  

Wooten is buried behind McCourty and Sensabaugh on the Depth Chart at Strong Side CB. He should be able to contribute right away on Special Teams if he makes the Team.

Stafford is a long shot to make it as the Titans are loaded up at Safety and with Pollard joining Michael Griffin. Staff has a shot as he has to make a lasting impression in camp and on Special Teams in the pre season.

Overall the Titans had a solid draft and the Warmack and Hunter Picks along with Wilson and Gooden gives them a solid B. Warmack and Hunter should be 2013 Impact Players for the Titans.


Monday, May 27, 2013

LOGO WATCH Team 4 CHIPS Advances...SPURS make incredibly Quick Work of the GRIZZLIES 93-86...Point God TP9 continues to play on the O-ZONE Layer and S.A.S. sweeps the Series 4-0....#AlamoCitySpursbiz

The "Tony Parker Show" on Beale Street concluded tonight with TP9 going for 37 points and six helpers to help the San Antonio Spurs eliminate the Grizzlies 4-0 in the series and a 93-86 "W" in Game 4.

The Grizz were simply outmatched and out played four straight games and it was evident early in game four as the Grizz fell behind 24-14 after frame one. Dunc added 15 and K.L. 11 points but it was a total team effort all series long and the Spurs had the Blueprint on how to stop the Grizz Bigs (Z0Bo and Gasol) at least for this series. Conley Jr. led the Grizz with 22 points, Gasol 14, and Z-Bo 13 but they just didn't have enough firepower to beat the Spurs.

Excellent Game Planning buy Pops and Company and like I said before the series started there is not too much he and his staff have not seen. Now the Alamo City Spurs await the winner of the Heat/Pacers Series that is just in game four on Tuesday Night with the Champs 305 leading 2-1.

Back to Tony Parker's Play which has been elevated all season long as TP9 is in his prime and going for it as he realizes Manu and Dunc don't have much more Hoop in them. Parker carried the Spurs tonight to victory and he will have a decisive advantage on the Heat Point Guards event though they have rose to the occasion. Remember that Spurs @ Heat Regular Season Game where Pops sent all his Star Players home and got fined by David J. Stern. Well not counting the Eggs before they are hatched but imagine the match up as maybe Pops didn't want to give too much Spurs Playbook out for the Heat to dissect if they meet in the Finals.   

Spurs sweep series 4-0....

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison...BLACKHAWKS go off in the 3rd Frame... WINGS you need anything for your Trip back to the MADHOUSE on MADISON...CHI City DEEP Dish, GARRETT'S Popcorn, some OCTOPI, or PARKING Passes at the U.C...HAWKS win 4-3 and GAME 7 on May 29 #FrozenTalkHawks #OneGoal

When the Detroit Red Wings went up 2-1 in the 2nd frame my thought process was the Blackhawks will come out that Locker Room and make some plays to get back in.

The Star of the 3rd period was all Hawks as Center Michal Handzus scores not even a minute into frame three. The Captain and Hossa assisted Bickell on the 3rd goal (2n of the 3rd Period) to give the Hawks the lead 3-2 they would never relinquish. Right Winger Michael Frolik then scored on a backhand Penalty Shot to make it 4-2 as the Wings score late to make the final score 4-3. The Blackhawks have found their playing style, lines, and toughness to tie the series at 3-3 with the game seven on Wednesday May 29 at the Madhouse on Madison.

Hawks Net Minder Cory Crawford was sensational to say the least as he stopped some 35 of 38 shots as the Wings kept putting the Frozen One on Net. Wings Net Minder Howard stopped 24 of 28 but it was his horrendous third frame that spelled gloom and doom for the Hockey Town USA. It was definitely a tale of two teams as the Hawks controlled the first period, wings controlled the 2nd, and the Hawks controlled the third.

Stay tuned for Game 7 on Wednesday May 29 as it's Game 7...enough said!

LOGO WATCH #WCF Game 4..."Win it for the GRIND HOUSE" the GRIND and GRIT Episode...GRIZZ down to their last hurrah as they face the SPURS down 0-3...SPURS want Rest and need Rest...#SASvsMEM #NBAonESPN

The San Antonio Spurs have put the Grind House in a bad situation and if they win tonight put them in a "Special Place"  for the Fishing World to see. The Grizz are down 0-3 and just like that fighting for their Logo Winning Time Lives. If your going to lose the series don;t lose it on your home court. Yes the Grizz have to go Fan Appreciation and and "Not in the Grind House" in one swoop.

May 27, 2013
9pm ET
the Grind Fed Ex Forum

#Team4Chips SPURS @ #BealeStreetHoopsClub GRIZZLIES


Can the Grizz stop Spurs Point God TP9 and Dunc....anyone anyone anyone and it's not the shoes!

The Grizzlies need to have their best effort on Offense in Game 4 at all costs...

Spurs keep playing with "Pace" like between Speedy Gonzalez and Mr. Magoo...

Grizz slow the game down to where it is almost Super Slo-Mo where the Grind House Bigs can put their stamp on Game 4...

The Spurs need to keep knocking down Money Balls as the Grizz have no answers...

Can the Grind House Bench outplay the Spurs Bench in One Game in the Series?

The Spurs do not want to play a Game 5 back home as they want to hit the River walk and soak up some of that Glory before the Finals...

Grizz will see what they are made of as they will face elimination from here on out...can they comeback from 0-3?

What a Run for both and if the Spurs win they will be more than formidable vs the Champs 305....and Heat Nation (Yes that Heat/Pacers Series is a Formality from here on out)

Game time 9pm ET on NBA on ESPN...from Fed Ex Forum

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison..."Operation get "ONE" in the JOE"...BLACKHAWKS are up against the Wall but may have found themselves in Game 5...WINGS do not need to head back to the MADHOUSE for a Game 7...#HAWKSbiz #WINGSbiz Gm 6...RED ARMY up 3-2

The Chicago Blackhawks got back to playing their brand and maybe it will game 5 play will springboard them into a game 6 win at the "JOE" tonight vs the Wings. The Wings were trying to end the series and maybe should have tried harder as they may have woke up the Blackhawks Run to the "Fight for Lord Stanley".

"Happy Memorial Day to All"

May 27, 2013
8pm ET
the JOE in the "D"


Keys to HAWKS "W"

The Captain's inspired play has to carryover to game 6 for the Hawks and use all of what #19 gave you in Game 5...

Andrew Shaw's all out hustle Game is the "Gift and the Curse" and in Game 5 it was the Gift...if he can manage to stay out of the Box his line could be the difference again...

Hawks Defensemen need to stay on the Attack below the Red Line and be the aggressor...Keith led the charge in game 5 and don't expect anything different from #2 wearing the Indian Head...

Coach "Q" going back to the Original Lines was extremely effective in Game 5 especially having Seabrook back with Keith and that could be a major plus for the Hawks having them Two playing Top Notch Hockey....

Can the Hawks keep the Frozen One on Net in front of Jimmy Howard as the barrage of Shots on him in game 5 wore him down....

Hawks must strike first to keep that Wings Crowd and the Octopi out of the Game...minimize the mistakes or the Hawks will go home with an "L"...

Help Hawks Net Minder Crawford as the Puck needs to be out of the Hawks End as much as possible....which ever goalie gets the mots pressure will lose this one kits just the fact of the matter...

Can the Hawks get Game 6 with the Wings playing with urgency mixed with desperation which could be a combustible mix not in the Wings Favor...

Hawks need to worry about these four players for the Wings...Jersey #13, #40, #8, #24...Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Ablekader, and Brunner

Game Time 8pm the Joe in the Motor City.....winner plays the winner of Sharks/Kings


SUBWAY SERIES 2K13...the BRONX Bombers spilt a Four Game Home and Home with the AMAZINS'...#PINSTRIPES #METROPOLITANS

The New York Yankees will start their four game Subway Classic at Citi Field the home of the 2K13 Mid Summers Classic. The Mets have a bright future especially on the Hill with Young Ace Matt Harvey. As we go to press the Yanks are atop the AL East and the Mets are 4th in the NL East and a whole week and a half out of first place. The Four Game layout for the Bombers and the Amazins':

Subway Series 2K13...."Battle of Gotham City Hardball"

Games at Citi Field

May 27 7:10pm ET
NYY Hughes (2-3) vs NYM Niese (2-5)

May 28 7:10pm ET
NYY Kuroda (6-3) vs NYM Harvey (5-0)

Games at the Bronx Zoo

May 29 7:05pm ET
NYM Hefner (0-5) vs NYY Phelps (3-2)

May 30 7:05pm ET
NYM Gee (2-6) vs NYY Nuno (1-1)

The Yanks will throw Phil Hughes who has been better than great his last few starts. Niese has struggled and maybe going up against the Yanks will get him going.

Kuroda had been the most consistent of all the Yanks Starters including Sabathia. The Mets will have everyone in the building as they get to see the future Matt Harvey go up against the Bombers for the first time in his career.

Hefner needs to get off the win less streak and Phelps is another Yanks Arm that has rose to the occasion.

Gee and Nuno will be game four as Gee is another Mets Arm that is young but struggling. Nuno has been a surprise for the Yanks but comes in with a 1.93 ERA...Ouch!

CROSSTOWN Classic 2K13....with a FOUR Game Split right down the middle..PALE HOSE making their move in the AL Central...CUBBIES playing cellar dwellers...#SOUTHsiders #NORTHsiders

The Show is doing something real interesting this season with inter league play as its a four game set with a home split right down the middle. The Cubbies open up playing the Chi-Sox for two on the south side. Then on Wednesday the Pale Hose travel to the Northside for two. That is all around the show as the fans will really like this scheduling instead of waiting a whole month between the series.

The Cubbies come in having lost seven of their last ten and they are in the cellar in the NL Central. The Pale Hose have caught fire and winners of seven of ten including a three-game sweep of the Fightin' Fish of 305 over the weekend. Let's see how they shape up for this four-game set split right down the middle.

Games at the Cell on the South Side

May 27 7:10pm ET
CHC Samardjiza (2-6) vs CWS Quintana (3-1)

May 28 8:10pm ET
CHC Jackson (1-7) vs CWS Sale (5-2)

Games at the Friendly Confines in Wrigleyville

May 29 2:20pm ET
CWS Danks (0-0) vs CHC Feldman (4-4)

May 30 2:20pm ET
CWS Peavy (6-2) vs CHC Wood (4-3)

The Cubs will have power right-hander Samardjiza going against Quintana in today's game which should be a good one as every one is on edge knowing the Blackhawks are in the Motor City with a Must-win tonight at the Joe in Ice Games Winning Time 2013.

Jackson gets the call on Tuesday for the Cubs and everything that has gone wrong for Jack has went wrong except his direct deposit. Sale is the Sox Ace and he has the clear advantage on Tuesday.

As the Scene shifts to Wrigleyville on Wednesday Feldman will have the upper hand on Danks. Feldman has pitched well and Danks is coming off a few arm problems.

Peavy has been huge for the Sox and has been the Engine he and Sale behind the Sox resurgence of late. Wood has joined Feldman as the Cubs Glue in the rotation.

Sox come in 24-24 and 3rd in the AL Central and the Cubbies come in 19-30 and last in the NL Central.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

ICE GAMES Recap from the "SHARK Tank"...Team TEAL forces Game 7 with KINGS...SHARKS Net Minder NIEMI shines for a 2-1 San Jose "W"...Game 7 May 28 at STAPLES "Silver and Black" #IceGames

The San Jose Sharks have yet to lose at home in the 2nd round and that continued on Sunday Night as they get by the L.A. Kings 2-1. Sharks Royalty Center Joe Thornton scored as did Defenseman T.J Galiardi to help the Sharks force a game seven at Staples Silver and Black.

The Sharks sat on the 2-1 lead from late in the 2nd frame when Kings Right Winger Dustin Brown made it 2-1. Again both goalies were just magnificent as Antii Niemi outlasts the Kings Jonathan Quick. Niemi stopped 24 of 25 and Quick 24 of 26 as  both offenses have found a common theme score early and hit after that.

All six games have been low scoring and this one was no different. Both teams have been hitting as this has been the most physical series of the four in the 2nd round. The Kings now face immense pressure to close out the Sharks in their building as the defending Stanley Cup Champions. The Sharks have the daunting task of not having won in their building yet and in order for the Sharks to move they must get a "W" in Staples on Tuesday Night May 28.

The Western Conference Hockey is mounting up to be a good one as both series have gone six games with one going seven.  

"GET AWAY DAY"...PALE HOSE sweep FISH 305...REDBIRDS take two of three in CHAVEZ Ravine...BUCCOS two of three from BREW CREW ...#CWS #STL #PIT Biz

The Chicago White Sox have won nine of of twelve and all of a sudden they are at the .500 mark after sweeping the Florida Marlins. The Pale Hose have done it with Hitting, Pitching, and Defense while CF Alex Rios stays hot. The Sox now will face the Crosstown Rival Cubbies as they split the four game set this week with two on the south side and two on north side. The Sox have since elevated themselves from the basement in the AL Central to just 2 1/2 games back of the AL Central leading Tigers.

The St. Louis Cardinals have to keep pace with with the other two teams in the NL Central tat are playing .600 ball. They take two out of three in Chavez Ravine versus the struggling L.A. Dodgers as they get to Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw today in the rubber match. The Redbirds have Arms galore on the Bump in 2012-13 and the only team that rivals that kind of quality in Starters is the Gigantes of #OrangeOctober.

The Pittsburgh Pirates stay on the winning track as they take two of three over the Brew Crew in Milwaukee as the Buccos are in a heated race in the Central with the Red Legs and the aforementioned Redbirds of St. Louis. The Pirates are doing it with a mix of youth and vets with a young starting staff that is starting to emerge.  They have won eight out of ten and now they will get a real test starting this week as they get the Tigers in a four game split home and home.

LOGO WATCH "RACERS and PACERS" Edition...HEAT raced around the PACERS in NAPtown...CHAMPS come out with the 2012 "Fight for LARRY" Blueprint and throttle GOLD Swagger 114-96...HEAT up 2-1 #SPObiz #VOGELbiz #ECF

The Miami Heat in the last 48 hours have been under the microscope from all parties involved from Heat Nation, Heat Writers, and Heat Detractors. The only ones not listening to all that and was control of everything were the 2012-13 Heat Playoff Roster. After hearing others besides King James need to step it up the Heat get the message.

Behind and onslaught of scoring punch from U.D. (17 pts 7 rebs) and Regular Mario (14 pts 4 assts) the Heat dominate the Pacers and run away from them early. The Magic Numbers in Logo Winning Time...50-40-80 Club was exactly what the Heat did. As they shoot over 50% from the field, 40% from the Arc, and over 80% from the Charity Stripe as they get a large amount of that 114 points in the paint as well. King James had 22 points and Wade County had 18 points and eight helpers as he showed "FLASH-es" of his former self throughout. The Heat did everything they were suppose to and for the Pacers this might be reality moving forward.

The One Big Issue involving Gold Swagger was their Defense and Defensive Philosophy in game three. They never once ran a double team at King James. They allowed way too many points in the paint to the Heat. Then they when they closed down the paint the Heat Shooters got loose. Bosh, Battier, Allen, and Cole all hit Money Balls and that definitely loosened up the Heat Players and Coaches in this one. Vogel and Company have to pick their poison as I would rather see someone else beat me than the given...King James.

The Pacers were led by D-West 21 points and 10 rebounds with "Area 55" adding 20 points and seventeen rebounds. The Pacers are not built for a Team that can play from behind and that showed tonight. The Heat had to be thinking let's jump on them like they jumped on us at home in games one and two to see how they react. Hill netted 19 points and Paul George went for 13 points and eight boards.

Now Game 4 will be back in Indy on Tuesday May 28 with the Champs 305 up 2-1 and the Pacers with major adjustments to make.    


Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE May 26, 2013....COACH K to stay with Team USA...what will the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Summer OLYMPIC GAMES Squad look like?

The Men's National Basketball Team gets their guy back as Duke Coach Mike Kryzewski will be Lead Man once again when Team USA stats their Trek towards the gold Medal for the Summer of 2016 Rio Games. Coach K is 62-1 record with Four Gold Medals with Two FIBA and Two Summer Olympic Medals. Now the real question is who will be on that 2016 Summer Olympic Team and that is wide open for at least 4 slots.

The Bluedude's 2016 Team USA Men's Team Projection

F @kdTREY 5 Thunder
F @KingJames Heat
F Rated PG-24 Pacers

C "Dwight of Three Stripes" Rockets
C K.L. T'Wolves

G CP3 Clips
G Uncle Russ Thunder
G Young Steph Dub Nation

The other four slots to me are up for grabs and you can make a case for a few players but here are the four that will be most likely be added by the Team USA Men's Committee headed by Jerry Colangelo.

G ADIzero Hero D-Rose Bulls
F "Fear the Beard" #13
F Melo Anthony Knicks
G Kyrie Irving Cavs

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Note: Dwight Howard has Rockets by his name...enquiring minds want to know?

ICE GAMES in the SHARK Tank...can L.A. "ROYALTY" beat Team TEAL in the TANK where they haven't come close the last two games? KINGS @ SHARKS Tonight...Gm 6 #IceGames #Fight4LordStanley

The L.A. Kings will trying to eliminate the San Jose Sharks tonight at the Big Shark Tank as either team has been able to win away from home. If that holds true the Sharks will have to get Game 7 in L.A..    

Goals in this series have been hard to come by and that is a credit to the Defenses and most of all the Net Minders. The Kings have Jonathan Quick who has a 1.50 GAA through rounds 1 and 2. The Sharks have Antii Niemi who boasts a 1.95 GAA and the Frozen One has not been able to get past either one of them in the series often.

How good are the Sharks in the Shark Tank...26-2 in twenty-eight regular season and post games. The Kings were the ultimate road warriors on their way to Lord Stanley last season and now they have hit a major bump in the road. The Sharks have scored 7 goals the whole series and four of the seven have been in the Tank. The Kings have scored 11 goals and of the eleven...nine have been at Staples.

The Pressure will be on the Sharks more than the Kings with he Sharks not having lost at the tank in Winning Tine and just twice all year. For the Kings Centers Mike Richards and Jeff Carter have to be the key. The Sharks will have to get great play from Thornton and Center Logan Couture and Left Winger Patrick Marleau.

It has come down to two games and the Sharks need to get this one and turn all that pressure onto the defending Lord Stanley Cup Bearers...the L.A. Kings for a game 7.

Game Time 8pm ET on NHL on NBC Tonight...

SUNDAY TALK with a Trip to the BLACK HOLE and RAIDER Nation..."Just Win Baby" and did the RAIDERS pick right Baby in 2013...SILVER & BLACK Draft Pack and Grade for 2013 #RaiderNationBiz

Yes they go get Matt Flynn of the Hawks Nest in Seattle to be their starting Sunday Signal-Caller. The Wind just blew in former Raiders 1st Rounder and All-Time Favorite Son Charles Woodson. He still has something left in the tank and the young guys around the Silver & Black will learn from him instantaneously. The Raiders had need but some glaring ones at Corner, Wide Out, O-Line, and Backer. Did they address any of those needs in the 2013 Draft with Ten Picks. Can the Raiders start to turn the Corner with some of the best Sports Fans in the World and Top Flight Tailgating....The "Commitment to Excellence"...get right for Al.

2013 SILVER & BLACK Draft Picks 2013

Round Pick Position Player College

1 12 CB D.J. Hayden #UHCougars

2 10 OT Menelik Watson #Noles

3 4 OLB Sio Moore #UConn

4 15 QB Tyler Wilson #WooPigSooie

6 4 TE Nick Kasa #UCBuffs

6 13 RB Latavius Murray #UCF

6 16 TE Mychal Rivera #RockyTopUT

6 37 DT Stacy McGee #BoomerSooner

7 3 WR Brice Butler #SDSU

7 27 DE David Bass #MizzouWestern St

Hayden might have been a reach at #12 in Round 1 but he was moving up draft boards at light speed. If the Raiders were right this Draft by just having Hayden worthy of a 1st round pick would be deemed a good draft. Having Woodson back into the Fold is a huge plus for that Raiders Back End. Hayden is a ball-hawking bump and grind corner and maybe the best corner in the 2013 Draft.

Watson has a chance to start as right now he is penciled in behind 9-year Vet OT Khalif Barnes. Watson is really raw but has excellent feet (former Basketball player) and real fluid at the point of attack.

Moore will start from Day One and was that leader on that UConn Defense. Not highly-athletic but a football players that makes a lot of plays and tackles. I could see Moore eventually being a Captain on that D in year two. As we go to press 9-year NFL Vet Kevin Burnett is ahead of Moore.

Wilson might be a steal in the 4th round and don't just hand the starting job to Flynn yet as Wilson has a chance but can the Raiders afford to start a Rookie QB. Wilson Physically its all there and he most likely will be #2 in front of even Terrell Pryor.

Kasas is a converted DE to Tight End and is still very raw. But he is athletic and he should be the #2 TE on the Depth Chart behind Richard Gordon.

Murray will get some looks but he would be at least the #3 back on the Depth Chart behind Starter D-McFadden and Rashad Jennings a FA pick up from J-Ville.

Rivera adds to the TE Depth and possibly Special Teams...

McGee will get Snaps from Day One as the Raiders might be the weakest up front on the D-Line...

Butler will be at least 3rd on the Depth Chart as the Raiders also picked up Joshua Cribbs of the Dawg Pound...Raiders Starting WRs Duo of Moore and Jacoby Ford is Faster than Fast...

Bass another Body to try out on that D-line...Raiders will be actively looking for Help if current Depth Chart on the D-Line doesn't workout through camp...

Raiders added some pieces via Free Agency but the Overall Grade is a C as Hayden has Boom or Bust Potential but the Watson, Moore, and Wilson Picks make a ton of sense.  


LOGO WATCH #ECF Game 3...WHITE HOT has to find answers in Game Three in the FIELDHOUSE...PACERS in a real Good Spot and as confident as ever...Will the TIDE turn in the SERIES for the HEAT or BOLD Swagger? #MIAvsIND #ECF #NBAonTNT

The Basketball Gods have spoken and the time has come for the defending Champs to answer the bell or find themselves back to the drawing board. Imagine if King James doesn't make that game-winning lay-up in game one. The Pacers have out played the Champ in two games and unfortunately for them they are tied at 1-1 instead of up 2-0. Game Three will be the game that tells the tale of where the Pacers are at and where the Champs are at.

May 26, 2013
8:30pm ET
New Market Square...Bankers Life Field house

#Champs305 HEAT @ #BlueCollar PACERS


The Heat have to play their game an not let the Pacers dictate what's going on on both ends of the floor.

The Pacers have to stay "Big" going inside to "Area 55" and D-West until the Heat show they can stop it.

Where are the Shooters for the Heat..Sugar Ray, Shane, M&M Plain, Regular Mario, Hollywood Cole...they must start finding the bottom of the net in Game 3.

Pacers back court of George Hill and "Lance of the BK" outplayed the Heat back court in game two and they must continue to contribute heavily at both ends of the floor.

Wade County and Bosh must step up and play a bigger role if the Heat are to advance as the Heat Role Players are struggling to say the least.

Rated PG-24...Pacers All-Star Paul George has been putting in work all over the Stat Sheet and can the Heat contain him as King James can't guard him or D-West.

The Heat must get out into transition more and create more "Splash Plays" to get them going via taking the Elevator and open Looks especially from the Arc.

The Pacers need to keep hitting the Glass an out rebounding the Heat as it is starting to add up for the Pacers..."Numbers don't lie".

Coach Spo has to be concerned but remember if the game is close the Heat have King James and the Pacers do not.

Can the Pacers win game three and put all the pressure on the like in 2012 but this year seems to be a little different as the Pacers are gaining ground on the Heat.

Whose going to join King James and Rated PG-24 for Game Night on the O-Zone Layer in game three?

Game time 830pm ET NBA On TNT ....Tonight


Saturday, May 25, 2013

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a Stat Watch of "When the LIGHTS are the Brightest"... LOGO Winning Time LEADERS in BUCKETS, GLASS Work, and HELPING your Teammates...PTS, REBS, and ASSTS #IWantStats

The "Fight for Larry" is getting near and who are the top Five Players in Points, Rebounds, and Assists left in the NBA Playoffs by averages? In Scoring the "Bully of New MSG", @kdTREY5, Fear the Beard #13", Young Steph of DUB Nation amongst others are all gone. What about helping your teammates Assists Leaders with CP3, Ty of Mile High, and the COO of the Barclays all gone. Then there is Glass Work like "Dwight of Three Stripes" Reggie of Brooklyn, and Jo Knows of See Red amongst others all vacationing. Who is left of the Top Four Teams still fighting for the right to get to the "Fight for Larry" and is you win that Parade Route....Imagine that!

2013 NBA Playoff Leaders
Note: Qualifications you must still be playing

Top 5 Scoring in Winning Time

1. @KingJames #WhiteHot 25.6 ppg
2. TP9 #AlamoCitySpurs 21.9 ppg
3. Rated PG-24 #GoldSwagger 19.9 ppg
4.  DUNC #AlamoCitySpurs 18 ppg
5. @MacBO50 #GrindHouse 17.7 ppg

Top 5 in Rebounding in Winning Time

1. @MacBO50 #$GrindHouse 10.1 reb/g
2. Area 55 #GoldSwagger 9.6 reb/g
3. DUNC #AlamoCitySpurs 9.3 reb/g
4. Gasol #GrindHouse 8.7 reb/g
5. Lance of the BK #GoldSwagger 8.4 reb/g

Top 5 in Helpers (Assists) in Winning Time

1. TP9 #AlamoCitySpurs 7.3 assts/g
2. @KingJames #WhiteHot 7.2 assts/g
3. Conley Jr. #GrindHouse 7.1 asstys/g
4. WAde County #WhiteHot 5.3 assts/g
5. Rated PG-24 #GoldSwagger 5.1 assts/g

Ironically enough King James just misses the cut of being in all three categories with a 6.4 rebs/g average.

TP9 of the Spurs has been dominant and now you know the #1 A dude to stop on the Spurs but its too late as they are heading to the Finals most likely. Teammate Dunc still doing what Dunc does...amazing at his age

Z-Bo aka @MacBO50 a double-double machine walking as he and Gasol have had some Winning Time 2K13 Run

Rated PG-24...Pacers Paul George has been making his name in the Playoffs and not just through the 82-game trek...Mr. Versatility he is as he reminds me of Former Nike Basketball Pitch Man and O-Magic Star Guard Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway...PG-24 has that type of game and a lethal defender.

Note: Numbers from  

LOGO WATCH #WCF Recap Game 3...NO THEY DID NOT!...SPURS go into the GRIND House and put up the "W"....that doesn't mean WEST Side either...SPURS up shockingly 3-0 with that Championship GRIT and GRIND #SPURSbiz #GRIZZbiz

The Memphis Grizzlies didn't see this coming nor did a lot of folks in the know. The San Antonio blew the Grizz out in Game 1, get a "W" in Extras in game two, and now win game three on the Grizz' Home Court in the Grind House...remarkable.

The Spurs beat the Grizz 104-93 in Extras again to take a commanding 3-0 lead and the Grizz are deep deep Grizz droppings. Dunc goes "Retro Night" with 24 points, ten boards, and five helpers on a day where everyone hears the bad news of Duncan's Family Situation. He is a Hall Of Famer to be and that "Stuff" won't bother Timmy at all as he is a Professionals Professional. Spurs Point God TP9 (with a supposed bad wheel a Calf issue) 26 points and five helpers. And of course Manu Ginoboli doing what Manu does at this time with 19 points, seven rebounds, and five helpers in just under thirty minutes. The Spurs go into the Grind House and shoot some 50% from the field and the Bench played big with Manu's 19.

The Grind House Grizz are officially in the Hole and if they fall there will be no one to pick them up. They can't shoot below 40% from the Field and the Arc (even though they do not shoot the Money Ball well anyway) and under 75% from the Charity Stripe after a home-cooked meal and expect to get a "W". Couple all of that and their bench gets outscored's time to head to Beale Street for "Last Call". Conley Jr. continues his rise amongst the Point God Elite in the Logo leading the Grizz with 20 points. The Grizz Bigs tried to play their favorite movie and they would have played it with a "W". Z-Bo nets 14 points and fifteen boards while Marc Gasol (with Big Bro Pau in the Luxury Suites tuning in) added 16 points, fourteen boards, and five helpers. Too much Spurs Championship Grind and Grit...what else.

Game 4 will be on Memorial Day Night at 9pm ET on NBA on ESPN...      

ICE GAMES Golden SPOKES Advance Episode...BRUINS spot BLUE Shirts early and then score the next THREE to put GOTHAM CITY's Hockey Club up for the Summer...BRUINS Advance to play PENS

The Boston Bruins and New York Rangers Series could be characterized by one word.."Defensemen". The Spokes absolutely destroyed the Rangers poor Puck Play in their own end and on the Boards as for the most part that 4-1 series win is putting it mildly what really happened.

The Bruins spotted the Blue Shirts in Game 5 early as Rangers Defensman Dan Girardi scored in the 1st frame to make it 1-0 NYR after one. Then the Bruins did what the Bruins do and they stayed on the attack and the Blue Shirts just broke. Rangers Net Minder Henrik Lundqvist all series long was fighting off shot after shot as the Spokes kept putting the Frozen One on net.

The Spokes got it started by 22 year old Defenseman by way of "Sparty" of East Lansing, Michigan Tory Krug gets the first Bruins goal at the 4 minute mark of frame two. Then the Bruins strike again as Center Greg Campbell scores to make it 2-1 with 6 minutes still to go in period number two. The Scoring stopped in the last frame as the Spokes put it away on a Empty Netter by Campbell again to eliminate the Blue Shirts.

The Damage for Lundqvist...29/31 as again the Bruins Rask took 28/29 shots attempts. The Bruins now move onto to face the Mighty Pens and all that Offense which should be interesting with the Spokes "D". The Rangers have to sure things up not by Personnel but Scheme and who ever that is on.

Golden Spokes Advance....    


MAKING NOISE...HAWKS win! HAWKS win!...SHAW 65 almost goes Hat Trick as BLACKHAWKS get closer with a 4-1 win over RED WINGS...#FrozenTalkHawks

The Chicago Blackhawks looked as though they might have found their Mojo and Hockey Game back in game 5. They get two scores from Andrew Shaw, the other from the Captain, and one from Bickell to force a game 6 back at the Joe in the Motor City.

The Blackhawks were aggressive from the jump as the defensemen were playing deep into the Wings end attacking inside the Wings Red Line as their motto for game five was we have to be the aggressors and find the net as the net hasn't found us. The Wings appeared to be on their heels all night long and it showed. Hawks Net Minder Crawford gets back on track stopping 25of 26 while Wings Net Minder Howard took on some 45 shots stopping 41. A complete onslaught of Hawks Aggression and they need to play that way in the "D" on Monday Night and you never know.

Back to Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews that was his first goal of the Playoffs and now he has to feel like I can be me. He played the Captain's Game tonight and didn't get caught up in the Wings Shenanigans. Hawks Defenseman Duncan Keith also had two assists as one was his slap shot redirected by Shaw for a Shaw Goal. The other was assisting the Captain as Toews went off of Howard's face Mask for the score.

The Wings will have to turn the page quickly as Game 6 is Memorial Day Night in the Joe. Both Brunner and Zetterberg each had 4 shots on goal to lead them as Datsyuk had two shots on goal. Wings still lead 3-2 but that pressure to close just got thrown back on them as they must do it on their ice.


SUNDAY TALK with a Big Bowl of GUMBO, Smoked CRAWFISH, a Cold HURRICANE w/a mini WHO DAT Umbrella, and Coach PAYTON back in Camp...SAINTS 2013 DRAFT Picks and Grade...#WHoDatBiz

Yes it was an year not to remember for the Saints in many ways including the biggest...the "Bounty Scandal". They had a new D-Coordinator in Steve Spagnuolo and who couldn't stop himself and no Lead Man Payton and that Juicy Fruit Gum by Wrigley flowing near the Head Coached Ear set. The Saints scored but that "D" wouldn't stop you as every team they played has a Who Dat Toll Pass. What did the Saints do to stop all that bleeding on "D" as the "O" is locked in and ready to go as long as they have Mr. Brees in the Pocket.

2013 "WHO DAT" Draft Picks and Grade #GotCrawfish

Round Pick Position Player College

1 15 SS Kenny Vaccaro #HookemHorns

3 13 OT Terron Armstead #ARKPineBluff

3 20 DT Jonathan Jenkins #BetweenTheHedgesU

5 11 WR Kenny Stills #BoomerSooner

6 15 DE Rufus Johnson #TarletonST

Vaccarro was the first Safety off the board in a draft loaded with quality safeties. A thumper to day the least and has to improve his angles in coverage but the best safety in the 2013 Draft. Now the Saints sign Roman Harper back look for Who Dat to use all three Safeties at the same time as FS Malcolm Jenkins can cover the Slot or Tight End. The Saints and Steelers were looking at the same to guys and if the Saints took Steelers #17 Pick UGA's OLB Jarvis Jones...Steelers would have taken Vaccarro. Both get the Picks right as they needed more with what they drafted.

Armstead was unknown until Combine and he is massive and athletic. Word out of Saints Camp is that he may be a day one Starter and I liken him too a little of former Saints OT and 2012 NFL HOF from La Tech...Willie Roaf. Saints might have found themselves a gem at Tackle.

Jenkins was a 1st rounder at least on the board earlier in the 2012 College Season. He anchored that talented UGA D that had three backers, both Safeties and Corners, and two down linemen go including himself. That is Nine of the eleven starters getting drafted. He is an immovable force and athletic and agile for a Man that size and should help that Saints "D" up front especially with DT Sedrick Ellis of the "Men of Troy" leaving in free agency. Day One Starter for that Saints D.  

Stills was a steal in the 5th round as the Saints Weapons are getting older and they keeps Brees an NFL-Ready Type and Saints-Type WR that can run routes and blow by you. Reminds me of Former Irish and current Seahawks WR Golden Tate.

Johnson a Defensive End adds to the Depth and most likely will move inside behind the likes of 2013 FA Pick Up Victor Butler from the Cowboys and 3rd year Saints Backer Martez Wilson of the Fighting Illini.

Overall the Saints get three Day One or "Plug and Play" Starters in Vaccaro, Armstead, and Jenkins with Still getting on the Field a lot...Overall Grade A- and all
four are super-talented.    

LOGO WATCH #WCF Game 3...SPURS try to put the GRIZZ in a Bad Situation...GRIZZ need Game Three and nothing else...TP9 ailing with strained Calf...GRIZZ played well in Game Two...#SASvsMEM #NBAonESPN #WCF

The Spurs ran away with game one and the mark of a well-coached team is what they in losing the first in response. The Grizz rose up and answered the bell with another loss but this one in extras. The Spurs have played well and their Shooters have shot the Orange extremely well. The Grizz figured out something in game two and that should lead them to play even better in game three under the "Grind House Rules of Engagement".

May 25, 2013
9pm ET
The Big DVR...AT&T Center

#SilverAndBlackGiveBack SPURS @ #GrindHouse GRIZZLIES


Game Two the Grizz found their stride and came back from a large deficit to lose in extras...its called "Making the Proper Adjustments on the fly in Winning Time". Credit that to Grizz Lead Man Hollins the L. A Clippers New Head Coach soon. Thanks for the Extension Memphis New Ownership.  .

The Spurs will have to try to find another ball-handler as TP9 has a bad wheel. Will they try to lessen his minutes and go with Manu, Cory Joseph, or even Patty Mills?

Expect that movie to played tonight that was played in the last two series.."Night out with the Grizz Bigs"...Gasol and @MacBO50 will be in full effect mode tonight.

Spurs Shooters, specifically Bonner, Neal, Manu, D.G., and Kawhi, need to stay locked in as the difference in the Game has been the Money Ball +/- in favor of the Spurs.

Can The Grizz get anything from the Tayshaun Prince close to maybe ten points...they need production from him to offset K.L.'s Spurs Production?

The Spurs know they must play a more uptempo game in the Grind House and if they get caught up in that Grizz Tempo it will be 2-1 Spurs...Period...Pick your spots in play free but organized and Shooters do what you do and don't be shy.

Grizz Bench of "Q" Pondexter (17 pts in game 1), Bayless (18 pts in game 2), and Arthur must keep up the scoring production for the Grizz to offset the Starting Unit

Spurs Bench of Neal, Joseph, Diaw, and Manu have outplayed the Grizz Bench and that must continue...

Winning the "SCRUMS" (50/50 Oranges) will be vital in this one...

"Points in the Paint"...

"Transition Buckets"

Make them pay the the "Charity Stripe"

Spurs on a roll...Grind House Believes...and now something has to give in Game 3...9pm ET NBA on ESPN.


"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison..."Only way to go and that's get GAME 5" Episode...BLACKHAWKS on the brink of Elimination at the Madhouse for Game 5...WINGS don't want any part of going back to the JOE for Game 6...#DETvsCHI Game 5 #IceGames #FrozenTalkHawks

The Chicago Blackhawks picked the right time to get on a streak albeit the wrong streak as in a three-game skid. The Detroit Red Wings woke up in the Anaheim Ducks Series and they fell to the Hawks in Game and since then the Old Wings are back and have been dominating. So many questions heading into Game 5 with so little answers for the Hawks and what do they do?

The Blackhawks had the right game plan for game 4 its just that they could not find the net in frame one. That led to Wings Lead Man Babcock adjusting to what the Hawks were trying to do stretching the Ice and they shut that down from frames two through three. The Hawks didn't counter with anything after the Wings adjusted and that was the game..

Key Factors in the Series that must change for the Blackhawks:

* Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews must get loose from Zetterberg and whoever else is trying to check him and make plays scoring or assisting.

* Follow the game four game plan and keep putting the Frozen One on net and sooner or later that has to break Wings Net Minder Howard....offensively stay busy.

* Hawks Lead Man "Q" made line changes for game four and they still didn't score but had more activity so will he keep the line ups from game four or scrabble them again?

* Hawks Net Minder Crawford was solid in game one but since he hasn't played bad its just that Howard of the Wings has played lights out. Craw needs to be better than just good from here on out starting tonight.

* Hawks Power Play needs to some "Get Right Juice" ASAP...they have to put it in the Net on all Power Plays with an advantage.

* Hawks Lines three and four have been outplayed since game one and that has to change tonight...

* Hawks have to get a Game and not worry about the daunting task of winning three in a row. Get this one and then we will worry about game six.

* Hawks need to play for that Locker Room and each other and the Madhouse on Madison will follow as its three solid periods of Ice Time not in Spurts...110%

Game time 8pm ET on NHL on NBC Game the Madhouse on Madison...Blackhawks Nation and Frozen Talk Hawks Heads...Stand Up!  

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 104...PENS eliminate SENS...HARPER back at Safety for WHO DAT?...BOLTS OLB INGRAM out with Torn ACL

The Pittsburgh Penguins unfortunately for e real good Ottawa Senators Team have bigger fish to fry as they eliminate the Sens with a resounding 6-2 smack down in the 'Burgh on Friday. Penguins Left Winger James Neal just missed a Hat Trick in Game 4 in Ottawa get one tonight. He has been blazing hot as have the Pens. Defenseman Kris Letang adds to his Ice Games Winning time Points lead with 17 points adding three more tonight. Pens Net Minder Vokoun stopped 29 of 31 shots on goal.  The Pens now await the winner of the Blue Shirts and Spokes Series. Will that be a Career for Sens Great Right Winger and Swede Daniel Alfreddson?

The New Orleans Saints many believed were going to send SS Roman Harper packing after drafting Hookem' Horns U Saftey Kenny Vaccaro 1st round. Well the Saints thought process was Two Top Flight Vet Safties and Rookie Safety is better than a Vet and a Rook only. New Saints D-Coordinator will most likely use Harper in the Box, play Rook Vaccaro at Free Safety, and put Jenkins (a converted Safety in the Pros from Corner at The Ohio State University) as a Nickel Corner. Excellent move for the Saints as that back end is the strength of their "D".  Now Rook Vaccaro can learn from both Safeties and won't get put right into the fire.

The SAn Diego Chargers lose 2nd year 1st Round Pick of 2012 OLB Melvin Ingram to a Torn ACL suffered in OTA's and he will most likely be out for 2013. Ingram was coming on and fighting Vet OLB and Former Raven Jarrett Johnson for that Left OLB Slot. Now the Chargers signing of DE/OLB Dwight Freeney looks like a stroke of genius. Playing behind Johnson will be former Carolina Panther Thomas Keiser of Stanford.

Who said "AREA 55" didn't exist and with a Lefty Hook...VROOOOOOOOOM!... that's the sound of GOLD Swagger playing BLUE-Collar Hoop leaving the "Bottom 305" with Home Court Advantage...White HOT Nation and HEAT Players the Seat Belt Lights are on and remain in your Seats as we have some unexpected Turbulence! LOGO WATCH "PACERS 4 Real" #CircleCityBiz #Champs305Biz

Who would have thought that the Indiana Pacers would be just a left-handed game-winning lay-up away from being 2-NIL up on the Miami Heat. And how many angles did game two take on from the Pacers "Area 55" looking like the "Flying Dutchman" Ex-Pacer Rik Smits to Rated PG-24 and King James going Mano y Mano. Both teams had their chances in the end as the Pacers force the Orange out of King James hands and he turned it over....twice in a row! Final..Pacers 97 Heat 93...

Behind 29 points and ten boards from Pacer Big Roy "Area 55" Hibbert and super back court play from George Hill (18 pts 5 rebs 3 assts) and Lance of the BK (10 pts 8 rebs 5 assts) the Pacers stayed the course throughout and now force the Heat to make a move quickly. The Pacers stuck to the same game plan as in game one and concentrated more on staying out of foul trouble and getting Hibbert involved and it worked to a tee.  The 50-40-80 Club (50% FG 40% 3pt FG 80% FT) coming out of the Motel is a perfect recipe to get a road game in the Logo in Winning Time. The Pacers did just that while the heat go 40-30-60 Club and that is a bad numbers after a home-cooked meal for the Heat.

King James and Pacers Star Paul George went O-Zone Layer as James had surprised company and a few others are the only card-carrying members we have in the NBA Today of playing on that Layer. George had 22 points and six rebounds including a few "Splash Plays" including a pretty hammer on "Birdman".   James had 36 pts, eight rebounds, and three assists but more importantly James had five turnovers and two costly ones on back to back possessions late in the 4th frame. Even the best player in the World can play better than anyone on the floor and still make a costly mistake or two. King James was the reason the Heat were still in the game and the Orange has to still go through him. James will be the Leader of hat he hopes in Indy on Sunday Night will be the "Heat Redeem Team". Bosh chips in with 17 points and Wade County 14 points, six rebounds, and five assists.

Game 3 is set for Sunday May 26th at 830pm ET at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Nap Town Indiana...  

SUNDAY TALK with a SPY GATE look at FOXBORO Biz...what did BILL and Mr. KRAFT do in the 2013 NFL DRAFT for the PATRIOTS and the Big Straight RAZOR Blade...GILLETTE Stadium #PatsBiz

The New England Patriots are usually on point around this time missing nothing while occasionally moving, acquiring, and even drafting a player or two. They have always been able to get the right players while acquiring more picks in future drafts to ensure the talent level stays at a "Fight for Vince" Status. Well the 2013 Pats Draft Picks were a bit puzzling to say the least but as we all know there will be a Player or two or three out of this group contributing right away somehow and someway.

2013 PATS Draft Picks and Grade

Round Pick Position Player College

2 20 OLB Jamie Collins #USMeagles

2 27 WR Aaron Dobson #ThunderingHerdU

3 21 CB Logan Ryan #StateUofNJ

3 29 S Duron Harmon #StateUofNJ

4 5 WR Josh Boyce #HornedFrogs

7 20 DE Michael Buchanan #Illini

7 29 ILB Steve Beauharnais #StateUofNJ

O know this whoever was scouting for the Patriots and put all their Good Tapes on the Scarlet Knights Players you had better they can play. If not LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will get you another Look at Scouting for someone in the NFL.

Collins has a chance as he is a Monster on Tape and reminds me right away of former Ramblin' Wreck OLB and "Dome Patrol:" Great Pat Swilling. Explosive at the Point of Attack and super-athletic. Right now you would assume playing in the 4-3 Collins would be behind Jerod Mayo at Weak side Backer.

Dobson is another talented WR who ate up the Comp playing for Marshall. He is most likely behind Pats 2013 FA Pick Ups Danny Amendola (Rams) or Michael Jenkins (Vikes). Can he get trough the learning curve quickly.

Ryan (CB) and Harmon (SS) was a helluva duo on that Back End for the Knights as All-American Backer and Bears 2013 4th round Pick Khaseem Greene played in front of them. Ryan has nice size and he deemed as a Zone-Cover Corner. Harmon is a thumper a Rodney Harrison-Type who is a read and react Belichik type Safety.

Boyce will also add to the Pats WR Depth as he will be behind Jenk and Ex-Bills WR Donald Jones at least as we head to training camp. A sub 4.4 player with a rather thick frame and he is in that Ex-Bills WR Eric Moulds build.

Bucahanan is a 4-3 DE that could maybe later transition into a 3-4 Backer. Then Pats are real deep on that front line and it would hard to make it there as he is most likely a target for Specials Teams and will have top work his way up.

Beauharnais is another candidate for Special Teams and he must make his impression on that unit to stick around. An ILB with descent size and and athletic ability.

The Pats did draft players but caught a lot of people in the know off guard. We will see if these player turn out at least their Top Picks of 2013. Just going on what's on paper its a D+. All you Pats Fans and Belichik Lovers will say Bluedude you will eat your words when these Draft Class is all over the Pats Roster. Well I need Ketchup, Mayo, Onions, Lettuce, and Mustard to go with that.

LOGO WATCH #ECF Game 2...The PACERS let Game One slip...will they rise up for GAME 2 and steal Home Court?...the HEAT got away with one and now will they try to send GOLD SWAGGER a message? #INDvsMIA Game 2 #NBAonTNT #ECF

The Pacers last play will be discussed for an eternity and if the Pacers get blown out the Series it won't matter. Now if the Pacers make it a Series like almost everyone is expecting that Game 1 loss will loom large. King James showed again why he is the best player in the game and in the world with a game-winning lay-up and a triple-double for starters. This will be a big game in terms of the chess match as both Teams need to make minor adjustments.

May 24, 2013
8:30pm ET
AA 305

#BlueCollar PACERS @ #WhiteHot HEAT


The Pacers need to keep playing "BIG" using both "Area 55" and D-West... 

Heat need to get Shooters on Target and look for M&M Plain (Mike Miller) and maybe J.J of 305..James Jones in Game 2 and even Shard Lewis...

George Hill must take care of the Orange as he looked like in Game 1 a Division III HS Prospect against Elite HS Talent...Fumble Rooski it was. Hill take care of it or you will be sitting next to the Bluedude.

Can the Heat get anything from Regular Mario as "Hollywood" Cole has assumed Point Guard Duties?

Pacers Lead Man Vogel and his Reel Associate Lead Man B-Shaw must make the right adjustments tonight as its coming from Coach Spo and that Heat Staff.

Would the Heat put King James on Pacers PF D-West to slow him  down and make life difficult for him if he is not on the block?..Battier, U.D., nor Bosh can guard him

Can Gold Swagger get anything from the neighboring town called "the Land of Plenty"..23 feet nine inches?

Will the Heat's New Big.."BIRDMAN" Chris Anderson get an even bigger Role as the Series moves forward?...16 huge points in Game 1?

Will the Pacers try to execute that same game plan as it was solid. King James is going to get his but you can't let Bosh, Wade, and Cole and even Birdman get big numbers.

Will the Heat change their game plan as they knew coming in "Area 55" and D-West would be their biggest problems? The Heat have to attack the rim to get the Pacers Bigs in Foul Trouble and in the Penalty.  

Game 2 at 830pm ET on NBA on TNT.....

Game 1 Leading Scorers...Pacers Rated PG-24 27 pts...Heat King James 30 pts

ICE GAMES in the "BURGH....PENS trying to eliminate the SENS Episode....Can the SENATORS slow down that PENGUINS "O" that appears to be running on all cylinders? PENS must stay focused and finish the deal #OTTvsPIT Game 5

The Pittsburgh Penguins showed in Game 4 that when you put all then pieces on the same page and they play as one you can go to the O-Zone Layer ion a Frame. The Lens tallied four goals in that huge 3rd period that closed out the Sens in Game 4. They have been getting scoring from all over as Sid, Iginla, Malkin, Dupuis, and LeTang have been dominant. Now Winger James Neal is trying to join the party as the Pens come in waves.

The Senators have been in every game and that one frame or moment in the game where the Pens strike and the Sens look as though that moment is too big for them. Sens Great "Daniel "Alfie" Alfreddson has carried the Offense and that is way too much to ask from your captain playing against a team is loaded as the Pens. The Sens are just not generating enough Offense and their Power Play has been inept as best. It will be a tall order tonight in the Burgh for the Sens to beat the Lens in an elimination game for the Sens.      

Players To Watch form SENS:

RW D. Alfreddson
D E. Karlsson
C K. Turris
G C. Anderson (2.66 GAA in 2013 Playoffs)

Players to Watch for PENS:

C S. Crosby
C E. Malkin
D K. LeTang
RW J. Iginla
RW P. Dupuis
G T. Vokoun (1.82 GAA in 2013 Playoffs)

All Five Pens Players above are 10 points or more in Winning Time for 2013...

Pens scoring and Vokoun along with Fluery have been lights out in Net....

Sens need to bring the Rain in order to stave off elimination...

Game Time Tonight at 730pm ET...from Consol Energy Center in the 'Burgh

MAKING NOISE with a Top 100 of SUNDAY TALK..@DangeRUSSwilson at Number 51 in the NFL Network Countdown...CRUZ of the G-MEN #58...T-SIZZLE #56...JARED ALLEN #60...April Fools has been over!

The NFL Network's Top 100 of 2013 will have some players fired up for the 2013 Season as the numbers 51-60 were unveiled last night and look where these players are listed.

#51 QB @dangeRUSSwilson #LegionOfBoom...Seahawks had a great year and Russ Wilson had a phenomenal year bit let's see a larger body of work as the one year means the Hawks Nest might have something special and that's it. way too high.... and who cares he tied Peyton Manning's Rookie Record of TDs thrown in a season...its still one season.

#52 WR V-Jack #FireTheCannons...who can stop him as he may be the best at going to get the Deep Ball in Coverage and coming down with the Pigskin. Jackson is rated way too low in my estimation.

#53 CB Champ of the #OrangeCrush...he is still above average but to put Champ Bailey here after PurpleBrowns WR Torrey Smith made him look like teammate and Safety Rahim Moore on more than one occasion...Champ is a shell of his former himself...way Too High.

#54 DE Julius Peppers #BearDown...he is still formidable as he didn't look as dominant in 2012 as he was when he first came over and he was still organizing that $30 Million Signing Bonus he was paid by the Bears. You still have to account for hi on every play and that is a sign of your a problem-child for the "O"...Agreed ranking

#55 DE "R U Down with J.P.P." #GMen...Yes Paul is still a problem as he didn't seem as interested in 2012 as he was in 2011. J.P.P. is the main reason the G-Men go to their Nascar Package is he is a verified and certified Red Jersey Collector at Bluedude the Tape! Agreed ranking

#56 OLB T-Sizzle #PurpleBrowns...are you kidding me as he cane back late in the Season and was a shell of his former self as well and they have the nerve to put Sizzle in the top 60...absolutely atrocious that is and way too high of a ranking

#57 RB "Muscle Hamster" #ItsABucsLife....from East Bay to Blue the Big Pirate Ship in the Bay to running over your "D"  to in your End need to go to your Local Petland and ask them you do they have the "Muscle Hamster"...he should be in his cage working out and he is too low of a ranking

#58 WR Cruuuuuuuuuuuz #GMen...maybe Cruz should have took some of those initial offers from the Met Life Blue as the Giants after seeing this have leverage..Lol! Cruz with a healthy Hakeem Nicks of Franklin Street N.C. U Football are "Cape Crusaders" at Wide out and Cruuuuuuz is too low of a ranking

#59 ILB D.J. of #ChiefsPride...Solid as they come and it took a few seasons as he was all of that coming out of Hookem' Horns U Austin. Johnson is underrated because the Chiefs haven't won enough but put on the tape and #556 in Red and Yellow is all over your T.V. on Sunday, and Thursday, and Monday. Agreed ranking

#60 DE Jared "Jack in the Box" Allen #SKOLnation...he has fell off a notch or so but is still formidable and where he is at in the top 60 is Agreed...  

The AL Central leading TRIBE with Ex-BO SOX Skip Terry FRANCONA travels to FENWAY to take on the 2nd place AL East CARMINES...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #CTown #BeanTown

The AL Central leading Cleveland Indians take their blazin' May 2013 Show to the Hub to battle the feisty Carmines of Boston. The Tribe is led by Ace RHP Justin Masterson (7-2 with a 2.83 ERA) and power-hitting 1st baseman Mark Reynolds (12 HR 40 RBI .261 Avg). The Tribe have come from the middle of the oack in the Central at the start of May to take the lead over the Tigers. And look whose back in Fenway ex-Bo Sox Skip Terry Francona (pictured right as Tribe Skipper) and they will be standing for at least an Hour honoring him.

The Red Sox come in on the heels of the Bronx Bombers as the Duo of Clay Buchholz (7-0 with a 1.73 ERA) and Jon Lester (6-1 with a 3.15 ERA) lead the Red Sox on the Hill. At the dish its "Big Papi" David Ortiz (8 HR 34 RBI .351 Avg), Dustin Pedroia (2 HR 22 RBI .330 Avg) and Back Stop Mike Napoli (7 HR 35 RBI .263 Avg). The Red Sox have been holding steady after they jumped out in April to an early lead. The only concern for the Bo Sox is their Closing Duties moving forward without Closer Hanrahan.      

Three Game Set at Fenway...May 24-May 26

TRIBE (27-19 1st AL Central) vs CARMINES (28-20 2nd AL East)

May 24 7:10pm ET

CLE Masterson (7-2) vs BOS Lackey (2-4)

May 25 1:35pm ET

CLE Kazmir (2-2) vs BOS Lester (6-1)

May 26 1:35pm ET

CLE Kluber (3-3) vs BOS Doubront (3-2)

Masterson and Lackey is a solid match up to start the series off as Lackey lost some El Bees in the Off Season as he is still trying to find the Halos Dominant Lackey. Lester goes to the Hill on Saturday and Tribe Hitters need to jump on him early as Cleveland throws Former Rays #1 Prospect LHP Scott Kazmir....and look what the wind blew in. The finale will be Kluber vs Doubront in the Get Away Game on Sunday.

Bot Squads are in excellent position heading into June Baseball and they are exactly where you need to be with more Inter League play ahead starting next week.  

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