Friday, February 28, 2014

WARRIORS 126 KNICKS 103...the HUMAN TORCH messed around and got a Triple-Double as G.S.W. turns World's Most Famous to WARRIORS Ground...KNICKS Tape #1 Soap "GOTHAM Light" We Fight...We Fight! Episode #DUBNation #KNICKSnation

I saw this one coming and so id the Warriors creeping into the World's Most Famous Arena on Prime Time NBA on ESPN as the Knicks looked like a fresh Skrimps (and yes I said Skrimps not Shrimps)  from Fisherman's Wharf smoked through the night for G.S.W. Dinner. After all the smoke cleared with the Warriors playing Pick-Up Basketball "Whose got next"? With the Knicks going from playing lethargic NBA Basketball to Tyson Chandler trying some MMA...the Knicks lose again as forget fixing it...time to move them out of New MSG and to the Meadowlands and Continental Arena!

Warriors All-Star as effortless as it gets goes Triple-Double 27 points, eleven assists, eleven rebounds as Dub Nation turns New MSG into Warriors Ground before the break. Steph's Running Mate Klay-Metheus Thompson goes for 25 points as they combined to shoot 10 for 21 from Syracuse and Buffalo. The Warriors just had no resistance Offensively as the Knicks let them have their way and Knicks Coach Wood is suppose to be a Defensive Coach...and the Bluedude is lined up to coach the Lake Show in 2014-15. Mo Speights added 12 points with D-Lee 10 points.

The Knicks right now have to play for Pride and the City of New York as well as all those who have worn that Knicks Jersey before them. The last time I saw a Knicks Outfit like this they had Starbury at the Point from Coney Island and "Zeke" Isaiah Thomas running the Show. Must I mention 'Melo had 23 points and grabbed sixteen Oranges or talking Knicks in the Scoring Book at this point is obsolete?  Bloodline Hardaway Jr. added 22 points with "Get Shots J.R. Smith 17 points. Smith get a technical Foul and goes to the Bench as all the Knicks give him High-Fives as though that was for the team...puzzling to say the least. Tyson Chandler gets after Warriors PF/C Mo Speights in a mini-scuffle and that was cool also. That Offense looking like an AAU Team as in whoever gets the defensive rebounds takes it down and shoots it...child please! With all that Jazz going on Ownership has not changed...Imagine That!

Warriors move to 36-23 and the Knicks fall to 21-38 and they can still get into Winning Time with a Spurt. Can someone takes Knicks Games off the T.V. for Prime Time...what's the point? On NBA on ABC Sunday it will be Knicks @ Bulls 1pm ET...go figure!       

BULLS 100 MAVS 91...BULLS keep grinding in BIG D and pull a "W" out of the HAT behind the TAJ-manian Devil and the "See Red BUTLER"...WEST SIDE Story Report as SEE RED > MAVS Nation #BULLSnation #DaBulls #BullsGang

The Dallas Mavericks came out like wildfire as they took it right to the Chicago Bulls in frame leading 32-20. The Bulls then like only a Coach Thibs Led Team can outscore the Home Team 80-59 the rest of the way including a huge 4th and final frame to get a big win in Big D versus the blazin' Mavs and their favorite Bubble Gum DIRK-iliscious dba @swish41.

The Bulls only trailed the three at the break 54-51 and then went to a draw in the 32rd frame 22-22 to make it 76-73 Mavs after three. The Bulls then reach back like very fee can and get "Stops" and at the same time deliver blows executing offensively down the stretch. Bulls Power forward Taj Gibson led See red with 20 points and fifteen boards as he continues to look like the Bulls other All-Star. The "See Red Butler" #21 added 19 points along with seven boards with Captain Kirk netting 17 and "Fundamentals" Bloodline Dunleavy Jr. with 16 points, eight boards, and four helpers. A total Team Effort versus a Mavs Team that was the
#6 in the West coming in.

Dallas eventually gets 20 points and five assists from Shooting Guard Monta Ellis but no one else really stepped up. Dirk Nowitzki had his troubles being guarded by an array of Bulls Defenders from Taj to Jimmy to Rook Tony Snell all long and athletic to take his game away off the bounce. @swish41 still managed to add 15 along with Vince Carter's 15 pints an seven helpers. The Bulls shooting 11 more free throws and connecting on seven more helped put them in the "W" column.

The Bulls with the win moves to a season-high six games over the .500 mark at 32-26. The Mavs fall to 36-24 as every win or loss is crucial for them playing in the top-heavy West.


Top 4 NBA GAMES on TGIF February 28th, 2014...GRIT & GRIND Beale Street arrives in THUNDER Alley...the HUMAN TORCH and G.S.W. at World's Most Famous...BULLS have "Date Night" with the MAVS G.O.A.T...and State BIRD of Louisiana in the "VALLEY of the Sun" #MEMvsOKC #GSWvsNYK #CHIvsDAL #NOPvsPHX

The Top Four NBA Games on T.G.I.F. February 28th, 2014...

#Grit&GrindGRIZZ @ #RegulatorsReportOKC 8pm ET

The Grizzlies come into their match up with the Thunder poised to stay on track in the West at the #9 seed making a move into that Top 8. OKC has other issues dropping their last three ball games and trying to find themselves as PG Russell Westbrook has thrown off the OKC Rotations slightly. The Grizz are just a 1/2 games behind the Suns in the Western Conference for the #8 slot. OKC the #1 Team in the West is just 1.5 games up on Spurs Community the #2 team in the West. OKC adding Bucks SF Caron Butler and that should give the Thunder some Pop off the bench.

#DubNation @ #KnicksTape 8pm ET on ESPN

Last time the Warriors were in World's Most Famous Young Steph Curry had a night...and that night was 54 points. Now the plot thickens as they are the #7 seed in the West and 2nd in the Pacific sandwiched in between the Suns and Clips. The Warriors are coming off a loss to the Bulls on Hump Day. The Knicks are back in MSG as they took a 26-Point Beat Down from the Heat last night and they go Prime Time again trying to not get embarrassed forget winning. Knicks are playing through a lot of "Stuff" and Lead Man Mike Woodson has to be thinking when will it end as March is near. Knicks just 5.5 games back of the #8 seed Atlanta Hawks in the East. NYK are a whopping 23.5 games back of the East leading Pacers!    

#SeeRed @ #MavsNation 830pm ET

The Bulls are 31-26 and to most folks surprise only the Heat and Pacers might be playing better in the East. See red has been playing excellent hoop and the move to get ex-Dinosaur PG D.J. Augustin was gold. The Mavs are equally as hot in Big D as they are making a major surge in the West. At 36-23 and just 3.5 game behind the #5 seed Rockets in the Western Conference Standings and in the Southwest they could get up into that Top 5.

#StateBirdOfLouisiana @ #SunsNation 1030pm ET on ESPN

The Pelicans will have no All-Star in Anthony Davis and it looks like PG Jrue Holiday might be out for the remainder of the 2013-14 season. They are making strides but still a season or tow away from making a major step in the West. Meanwhile the Suns Future is now behind the likes of PG Goran Dragic, Gerald Green, and the Morris Twins. They have slipped a little since the break ended but are the #8 team in the West just ahead of the Grizzlies. They should be easy pickens for PHX as they must win the games they are expected to as we hit March.    



STAFFORD, PITTA, and Eagles Bodyguards JASON & JASON Business...STAFF Just Got Paid...Again!....PITTA gets Long-Term LOVE from PURPLE Browns...KELCE & PETERS staying put in front of EAGLES #1 Signal-Caller FOLES and RB that SHADY Character...SUNDAY TALK talking strictly WELLS FARGO Wagons #RestoreTheROAR #PURPLEbrowns #BirdsOfPHILLY

NFL Business as it's the last day of February and we are talking Wilson Pigskins imagine that! The Bluedude Sportstalk GPS Tracker following that Wells Fargo Wagon takes us to three locations on TGIF February 28th...The Motor City, B-More, and the City of Brotherly Love!

The Motor City....through numerous Media Outlets #RestoreTheRoar Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford gets a $17.5 million which is reportedly part of his mammoth $27.5 million signing bonus he received last season with his $53 Million extension. Now you would hope with that $17.5 million comes some QB Discipline in the pocket as Staff is right there on the cusp of putting himself in that Top if he came tone it down. Perhaps the Lions will make a move on Clemson WR Sammy Watkins as he is worth moving up to get. Imagine Watkins and MEGAtron....Stafford wouldn't know what to do. Meanwhile Matthew Stafford...what's in your wallet?

The Baltimore Ravens from the B-More dba as the Charm City re-ups with QB Flacco's #1 Target TE Dennis Pitta as the Purple Browns move the Chains and the Salary cap all in one swoop. The deal is reportedly five-years for $32 million. That deal comes on the heels of the Purple Browns releasing FB Vonta Leach and LB Jameel McClain and saved themselves $5 million on the Cap yesterday. Pitta might be the one Raven that makes a huge difference in how Teams play WR Torrey Smith. As for signing Pitta that still doesn't put the ravens ahead of anyone in the AFC North as its the Bengals Division to lose as we go to press.

The Philadelphia Eagles knows their Offense starts up front like any Sunday Offense. They make a huge leap and take care of their two Top Monsters on the O-Line in Center Jason Kelce and Left tackle Jason Peters. Kelce gets a six-year $41.5 million deal which includes a reported $13 million. Peters inks a five-year $51.5 million with guarantees in upwards of $19 million. It was a no-brainer since they also blocked for the NFL Leading Rusher in 2013 in Birds RB LeSean "Shady" McCoy. I will go out on a limb and say the Eagles have to be the easy pick to win the NFC East in 2014 as they are the most stable of the four teams in the division.    

NETS 112 NUGGETS 89...NUGS dig themselves a hole early and all 13 NETS Players hit the Scorebook...LOGO WATCH with BK NETS Business #BKNets #NETSnation

The Denver Nuggets score eight points in frame one as you would have though a High School Game broke out on their end. The Brooklyn Nets with all their Vets stayed the course and hammered the Nugs as the Nugget Faithful headed home early.

Behind a 59-36 lead at the break and a 53-53 draw in the 2nd half the Brooklyn Nets beat up the Denver Nuggets 112-89. Nets Starters combined for 49 points as they made extremely quick work of the Nugs from the jump. Brooklyn shot nearly 83% from the Stripe and nearly 48% from the field. They forced the Nugs into 24 turnovers hence that 8 points first quarter for Denver. The "Truth" Paul Pierce led the Nets with 18 as thirteen players had at least three points for Brooklyn.

The Nugs 24 turnovers spelled gloom and doom as they were led by 15 points from Combo Guard Randy Foye. J.J. Hickson and Kenneth the "Manimal" Faried each scored 14 as they combined to haul in fifteen boards. The Nugs shot under 40% from the field an under 30% from the Arc and under 70% from the Stripe as they could do nothing right.

The Nets move to 27-29 as they creep closer and closer to that .500 mark. The Nugs fall to 25-32 as they might be in the 2014 NBA Draft Lottery and they might need it.              

HEAT 108 KNICKS 82...KNICKS Tape gets hit with WADE County and the Man with the BLACK MASK who looked like LeBRON JAMES...LOGO WATCH "3rd Frame HEAT put the KNICKS on Blast" Episode #HEATnation #Champs305 #FearTheBlackMask

With all what's going on with the New York Knicks Basketball Club in 2013-014 it was refreshing to hear about something other than Basketball with the Knicks in the 305 playing the Champs. I am referring to the Mask as the Man in the Mask hit the Knicks Tape up for a game-high 31 points. The Knicks were in the game until after Heat and Heat Nation hit replenishments between the 2nd and 3rd frames the it was a wash.

LeBron James 31 points, four boards, and four helpers was the side show as his Black Mask and Wade County playing "Flash" circa 2005-06 did damage on Knicks tape. Wade was 10 for 13 from the field and 3 for 4 from the Stripe as he had an efficient 23 points. With the score just 55-50 Heat at the break the Champs came out running on all cylinders turning up the "Heat" as they go on a 32-14 run to put the Knicks where they the gutter. Heat shooting a blistering 60% plus as the Knicks didn't bring any "D" and with no "D" there will be no Stops and with no Stops the Heat's Run continued through timeouts and commercial breaks.

Carmelo Anthony led NYK with 29 points an seven boards. Tyson Chandler went biggie-size with 19 points an sixteen boards with J.R. "Let's go to Funland" Smith adding eleven points as he had no shoe tying or headband scrapes. They were the only Knicks in double figures and for Knicks Nation it can't get any worse as they have the Blue Shirts and the Bronx Bombers and Amazins' coming up the rear.

The Miami Heat moves to 41-14 as they are locked in trying to run down the Pacers. The Knicks fall to 21-37 and what did they think they were getting when they hired Lead Man Mike Woodson coupled with that Roster from H*ll!


ARKANSAS 71 #17 KENTUCKY 67...HOGS cause an e-RUPP-tion in LEXINGTON as they sweep the 'CATS in the SEC Season Series...CAMPUS HARDWOOD with Coach ANDERSON getting HOGS Hoops Lore back #WhooPigSooie #HOGS #UK #WeRUK

The Arkansas Razorbacks needed this one for a resume builder for the NCAA Tourney and they knew it. The Kentucky Wildcats knew they had to go to work but to what extent as they just have something missing like a Players who can get them out of most situations and Anthony Davis isn't walking through them door anytime soon!

The Hogs had nine players in total hit the books and some timely play making and shooting. The Razorbacks shot 16 for 16 from the stripe and behind all the theatrics that's what put them in the Winner's Circle. Leading 37-30 Arkansas came out rather flat in the 2nd half as Coach Mike Anderson used his Timeouts well enough to stop three UK Runs in the 2nd half when it looked like the 'Cats were going to run away with the contest. Kentucky in turn shot 12 of 22 from the Stripe and that was the difference in the game. The 'Cats managed to tie the game up but in the need could not make enough plays in Extras to get to the Winner's Circle. The Harrison Twins struggle and they struggled again tonight in key situations.

The Hogs gets a team-high 14 points from Guard Michael Qualls (the same player that beat UK in Hog Heaven in Fayetteville at Bud Walton on a Tip-Dunk at the Buzzer in the first meeting). PG Rashad Madden added 12 points and Coty Clarke chipped in with eleven points. The Hogs also shot 7 of 19 from the Arc with UK shooting 3 of 11. 'Cats Freshman Star Julius Randle had another double-double 14 and ten boards and only if he had a face-Up Mid-Range Game to boot he would be 25-15 walking every game night. Super-Soph Willie Cauley-Stein led UK with 16 points and grabbed thirteen boards as he quietly dominated in the paint. If UK went inside the paint more to the Bigs they would be a way better team and that is on their poor guard play.

The Razorbacks move to 19-9 and 9-7 in the SEC as UK falls to 21-7 and 11-4 in the SEC as we head into March.    



Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top Two Games on THURSDAY Night February 27th...A Double-Dip on NBA on TNT...KNICKS Tape in South Beach to clash with HEAT...and BK NETS with O2 Tanks meet the Mile High NUGS after getting blasted in RIP City on Hump Day #NYKvsMIA #BKNvsDEN

Top Two Games on Thursday Night NBA on TNT....

#KNICKStape @ #Champs305 8pm ET on TNT

Things cannot get any worse in Knicks Nation as J.R. Smith is still doing his Antics, Ray Felton has a much bigger issue riding dirty, and the "Bully" keeps Scoring as though the only thing worth having or even remotely in reach is a Scoring Title. Having said all of that the Knicks are in Miami to face the Heat with a well-rested but mask wearing "Cape Crusader" in LeBron James. The Knicks have lost all three games since All-Star Break and are eleven games back of the Atlantic Leading Dinosaurs and six back of the BK Nets. The Heat comes in at 40-14 and just two games back of the Indiana Pacers for the best W-L in the East. I hate to say it but tune in as there is more to watch than Basketball watching the most Dysfunctional Team in the Logo in the NY Knickerbockers and I am just calling it lie I see it and blame Mr. Bigs!

#BKNets @ #MileHighNUGS 1030pm ET on TNT

The Nets are just five games back of the Atlantic leading Toronto Raptors and now they face the Mile High Nugs after the Nets lost to Rip City last night by 44 points. Yes they may need to check their backside before putting on Unis tonight in Denver to see what is left or what was left back in Rip City. The Nugs come in having lost all three games since All-Star Break and they are six games under the .500 mark which means "Death" in the West. They are 7.5 games out of the 8th seed which will be virtually impossible to make up that kind of ground. The Nets need to get to that .500 mark that has eluded them from early November. I like the Nets chances landing in the middle of the pack in the East. "Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel" or the "David Letterman Show" would also be a great alternative to this tilt!

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 158...Hangin' with MR. COOPER re-signs with BIRDS...the "Beer Town USA BUTLER" CARON and the "CIRCLE City Strangler" D-GRANGER are Major Targets for NBA PLayoff Teams #EaglesBusiness #Butler&GrangerBuyoutBusiness

The Philadelphia Eagles wasted no time in re-upping with WR Riley Cooper as he had a career year and his a big target and a vital part of the Eagles Offense. "Hangin' with Mr. Cooper" Eagles Edition will get a five-year deal worth $25 Million reportedly which put Eagles WR Jeremy Maclin on a one-year deal as he has to show and prove his worth in that  Eagles Offense. In 16 games in 2013 "Coop" caught 47 Pigs after 87 targets for 835 yards and eight of those 47 Pigs were in your End Zone! Since being in the NFL since 2010 he has hauled in a combined 46 pigs for after being targeted 99 times for       679 yards and just five in your end zone. Now that's turning your career around quickly.

To the Logo as two huge Contract Buyout have occurred as the Sixers bought out Danny Granger and now through numerous Media Outlets the Bucks have bought out SF Caron Butler. The "Circle City Strangler" Danny Granger looks to headed to the L.A., Clippers as that is where he resides in the off-season in L.A.. Butler on the other hand will have major suitors as well and look for a few teams to get in the mix foe his services maybe the Spurs who have been linked to Granger and a few more teams looking to fortify the roster moving into March and April and possibly winning time. Could the Mavs be a landing spot for Butler as he won a Chip in Big D?

BLACKHAWKS vs BLUE SHIRTS..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison hits WORLD's MOST FAMOUS Arena as "FEAR the INDIAN Head" start their Quest for a REPEAT vs the RANGERS #OneGoal #BlackHawkNation #FrozenTalkHawks

They will start the 2nd half of Ice Games just three points off the NHL's best W-L the Mighty Ducks (87 pts) but the Hawks are also tied with the Blue Notes in the Central at 84 points. Before the Sochi Winter Olympics the Hawks Trip out west ended with a loss to the Phoenix Coyotes after beating both the Ducks and Monarchs in the L.A. Area.

Now comes the 2nd half as they will take on Silver Medal Winning Net Miner Henrik Lundqvist of Team Sweden as Lundqvist will be facing six Blackhawks Players that also played in the Gold Medal Game (Oduya, Kruger, and Hjalmarsson played for Sweden). The Hawks have top start fast tonight as they go home for a festive atmosphere outside on Saturday to play the Pens and "Sid the Kid" at Soldier Field which is part of the 2014 NHL Stadium Series. First thing is first as they want to take the Rangers out and head back to Chi-City with a little Mo!

#FearTheINDIANHead @ #BlueShirts

February 27, 2014 at 7pm ET
World's Most Famous Arena

BlackHawks Key Numbers heading into the 2nd Season:

#88 "Citizen Kane" 63 pts (27 G)
Sharpie #10 58 pts (28 G)
#81 Boss Hoss 50 pts (24 G)
#19 Captain Serious 55 pts (19 G)
#2 Captain Keith 48 pts (45 A)
#20 Saad 40 pts (18 G)

#35 Craw-Dad 39 gms 22-9-10...54 pts
#31 Raanta 17 gms 12-2-3...27 pts      

 Top Four Players +/-

#81 Boss Hoss  +26
#7 Brooksie +24
#20 Saad +22
#19 Captain Serious +21

Hawks have 10 of 22 Games left playing out of the Motel with a heavy dose of the East and Central Division...


CLIPPERS 101 ROCKETS 93...CLIPS take care of RED NATION who was on the 2nd Night of a Back to Back MOTEL Swing coming from SLEEP TRAIN..."Late Night with BLAKE" has turned into "Game Night with BLAKE" as B.G. 32 keeps putting up "Fight for MO" or Maurice Podoloff NBA M.V.P. Like Numbers...LOGO WATCH "Date Night" with the Pacific Division Leaders #NewCLIPJoint #CLIPPERnation #CLIPS

The Rockets took care of Sacramento last night but they knew game #2 was going to be a whole different animal. The Clips trying to stay atop the Pacific Division and land in that Top 4 in the West when Mid-April comes is starting to take care of business.

The Rockets led throughout until the 4th and final frame that's when the Wheels started to come off. Behind another monster night with Jordan Brands B.G. 32 dba "Game Night with Blake" the Clips took control late in the 4th and drove right into Victory Lane. Griffin not to be denied anything in 2013-14 led the Clips with 23 points as he hauled in sixteen Oranges. Back-Up PG Darren Collison hasn't stopped playing at a high-level since CP3 came back as he added 19 points as he and CP3 have been playing a lot together in one of Lead Man Doc Rivers new wrinkles. CP3 went 14 points and nine helpers as DeAndre Jordan went double-double with 13 points and ten rebounds with four block shots.

The Clips won the game simply by taking care of the Orange (11 turnovers Rockets 20 turnovers) and executing down the stretch as well as getting "Stops". That's Playoff Winning Basketball it's as simple as that as there was no dress rehearsal and Teams need to start getting to that level as we head into March.  

The Rockets had plenty of Fuel as Harden (43 points last night vs Forever Purple) didn't even play in the 4th quarter. The Rockets did a horrible job of not executing and making the right play as they looked a little helter skelter late in this ball game. "Dwight of Three Stripes" led Red Nation with 23 points and he also reeled in eleven Oranges. Harden ended the night with a somewhat quiet 18 points with newly-acquired and L.A. Native by way of Hookem' Horns Jordan Hamilton adding 16 points. Those three were the only Rockets Players in double figures. Simply those twenty turnovers put them in harm's way.

The Clips move to 40-20 as they become the 6th Team to reach the 40th win plateau as Rip City reached it about an hour before the Clips did Wednesday Night. The Rockets fall to 39-19 as they were trying to hit the 40 win mark as well.

360 Degrees...the NBA West will most likely have seven Teams hit the 40-Win Plateau before the NBA East puts their 3rd team up with 40 W's.    

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

#19 NORTH CAROLINA 85 N.C. STATE 84...In ACC Battle of Carolina BLUE vs Carolina RED it was BLUE that prevailed in Extras...'HEELS PAIGE vs 'PACK WARREN goes N.C. PRO-AM...CAMPUS HARDWOOD from the RESEARCH Triangle #TarHEELS #WolfPACK

The North Carolina Tar Heels started the ACC season 1-4 and since have been on a tear. The 'Heels have their Rotations down and with all Bodies involved knowing their responsibilities the 'Heels are making their move. The N.C. State playing at PNC Arena had a March Madness Bracket "Statement Game" in front of them and they could cease the opportunity.

They went into Extras as UNC Point God Marcus Paige and State's Small Forward T.J. Warren went Pay-Per-View as what ever you can do I can do better. Watching it it look like a heightened NC Pro-Am League Game. UNC down 12 at the break 34-26 made it a game by outscoring the 'Pack 45-37 in the 2n half as Wolfpack Star T.J. Warren tied the game with one second sinking both of his Free Throws. Fittingly enough it was Paige with the game-winning basket a lay-up as the clock struck zeroes in the 1st OT.

UNC Paige vs NC State Warren Breakdown

PAIGE 35 pts  11-21 FG 7-12 3pt FG 6-8 FT 6 rebs 5 asst 2 stls

WARREN 36 pts 13-25 FG 1-4 3pt FG 9-13 FT 3 rebs 34 mins 41 mins

They both had an impact at the end of regulation and overtime...UNC moves to 21-7 overall and 11-4 in the ACC. State falls to 17-11 overall and 7-8 in the ACC as they now need to win out and make a deep run in the ACC Tourney.  

Key Players in a Supporting Role


TOKOTO 16 pts 10 rebs 5 asst
B. JOHNSON 10 pts 4 rebs


R.TURNER 16 pts
ANYA 10 pts 4 rebs

Upcoming Schedules 

UNC @ Va Tech March 1st

NC State vs Miami March 1st



MAVERICKS 108 PELICANS 89...MAVS stay hot in the SouthWest as they take out the visiting "State BIRD of Louisiana" Pro Hoops...LOGO WATCH in Dallas County with what will the COWBOYS do with WARE? #MAVSnation #COWBOYSnation #CUBANgang #JerrysGang

Nothing like a Hump Day NBA Recap Fusion in Big D talking Mavs and Cowboys. The Mavs are as hot as anyone in the Logo winning 8 of their last 10 and on a current four game win-streak. They took care of the New Orleans Pelicans as "State Bird of Louisiana" continues to rebuild. As for the Cowboys dba Big D's Grown-Man Tackle Football Team DE DeMarcus Ware and his 110 plus Rex Jersey Collections might be a Salary Cap Casualty and unfortunately for Jerry's Gang...that Star will move on.

Back to the "AA 214" dba the House the Mavs G.O.A.T. built @swish41 the Mavs take care of the Pelicans 108-89. Dirk goes for 18 points as "State Bird of Louisiana" gets hit by "Mississippi Lightning" Monta Ellis. Monta gets a game-high 23 points and dishes out seven assists with Vince Carter adding 17 out of the Pen. The Mavs led 49-44 at halftime and just 78-67 after three. They pulled away in the 4th as they shot 51% from the field and 91% from the Line.

The Pelicans falling to 23-24 gets a team-high 19 points from Eric Gordon and 17 from PG Brian Roberts. NOLA's All-Star Anthony Davis was knocked out early in the 2nd period with a shoulder injury after getting 6 points and grabbing nine boards. The Pelicans played tough and in the end just didn't have enough to catch Dallas without Davis.

The Mavs move to the #6 seed in the West after sitting in the #8th seed for quite sometime. They also  move within four games within the 2nd place Rockets in the Southwest.                

CAVS 114 THUNDER 104...BELIEVELAND strikes the REGULATORS Report OKC & THUNDER Alley...OKC goes down again after a Home-Cooked Meal this time to @CavsDAN Team...LOGO WATCH with a CAVS Nation "Follow Me KYRIE and order a FAT Head" Episode #CAVSnation #CAVS #Believeland

Oh no they didn't and yes they did as the Oklahoma City Thunder are reeling playing after home-cooked meals. The Cavs go into Thunder Alley with Believeland Tees on and smack OKC right in the Kisser and that one is for C-Town Sports Nation...the Dawg Pound Nation, the Tribe Followers, and Fat Head throw some Dog Bones!

Cavs do it by Superstar PG Kyrie Irving who is slowly becoming "Dat Dude" at the Point in the Logo real talk! If you needed a PG to start your squad right now who would you go with...Uncle Drew of Mountain Dew and Nike Basketball! Kyrie goes for a game-high 31 points going right at Russell Westbrook while dishing out nine helpers. Jarrett Jack added 21 points with newly-acquired Boss Hawes going 19 points and seven helpers with front court mate Tristan Thomspon's double double 11 and 11. The Cavs did it by executing offensively in the 4th frame as OKC could not get a Stop and that had a lot to do with Uncle Drew.

OKC gets 28 points, ten Oranges, and nine helpers from @kdTREY5 wearing the Nike KD 6 and dba the "Slim Reaper" of KD's Southern Cuisine. His partner in crime Jordan Brand's Russell Westbrook added 24 points and nine helpers with "Air Congo" Serge Ibaka the only other Thunder Player in double figures with 16 points and thirteen assists. OKC looks out of sync as Westbrook has mixed up the minutes and rotation a little and OKC has to make another adjustment with Russ back. They cannot get out of the West without Westbrook no matter how you slice it!

The Cavs trying to make a move in the East and Central moves to 23-36. The Thunder falls to 43-15 and that is just a 1.5 games ahead of Spurs Community.  


BULLS 103 WARRIORS 83....the WEST SIDE Story Report opens it up in the 3rd Frame on G.S.W. as the Weather outside had something to do with the "W"...WARRIORS Ground isn't this COLD!..."BULLS don't play on WARRIORS Ground" Episode #BULLSnation #DaBULLS #LuvABulls #BennyTheBull

All that Steph Curry dba Human Torch and Klay Thompson dba KLAY-metheus you can put all that non-sense up playing the rugged See Red at the Madhouse on Madison. With Blackhawks Nation getting revved up for the start of the 2nd half of the NHL Season post Sochi 2014 Winter Games...the Bulls smack the Warriors.

Behind a 56-45 halftime break and a 80-59 lead after three frames the Bulls laced up in their Running Shoes running Dub Nation right outside into the frigid streets (Current Weather is a Polar Vortex w/Wind Chill at -15) of Chi-City. The Bulls in fact put the Warriors on ice with the TAJ-manian Devil leading See Red with 21 points. The "See Red Butler"...Jimmy added 16 points with Carlos Boozer going for 15 points and grabbing thirteen boards. Bloodline Dunleavy Jr. dba "Fundamentals" (Bulls TV Color Man Stacy King calls Bloodline Junior that
) chipped in with 15 after getting 22 points an eight boards last night in the Highlight Factory 404.

The Warriors didn't look the part tonight or play the part and that had a lot to do with the Bulls "D". This is a "Stat of the Night" for you Warriors Starter was in Double Figures...Yikes! Steph (5 pts) Klay (8 pts) as they combined to shoot 3 for 9 from the Arc. Jordan Crawford led G.S.W. with 16 points with both D-Lee and Harrison Barnes adding 11 apiece. Shooting at a 24% clip from Three isn't Dub All Day Hoops.

Bulls move to 31-26 as they make a move in the East. The Warriors will wish they had this one later as they fall to 35-23 and that is a game ahead of the Suns and 3.5 back of the Pacific Leading Clips.    

#16 MICHIGAN 77 PURDUE 76...the MAIZE & BLUE avoid blowing the Big 10 Lead as JOHNSON & JOHNSON for the BOILERMAKERS had a Night...CAMPUS HARDWOOD as UM stays ahead of SPARTY

It went back and forth a typical Big 10 Conference Game as you can throw out all the records as Student-Athletes are putting in work trying to get to some kind of post season. The Wolverines came in leading the Big 10 by one game and will leave West Lafayette, Indiana leading but not after a major scare in Extras!

Behind the Wolverines Starting Five they had just enough to put the Boilermakers in the "L" Column. After Purdue top Freshman Kendall Stephens missed the front end of a One and One the Wolverines called timeout. Out of the T.O. they run a play and Bloodline Glenn Robinson III goes game-winner as Pops Glenn Robinson Sr. was all that back at Purdue (under Big Ten Coaching legend Gene Keady) in the early 90s as G-Rob Sr. aka the Big Dogg hailed from rugged Gary, Indiana Roosevelt H.S.. G-Rob III led the Wolverines with 17 points and eight boards. Super-Soph Nik Stauskas added 15 points with Caris Levert 14 points and Big Jordan Morgan going double-double 13 points and ten Oranges.

The Boilermakers were coming right at UM as the Brother and Guard Duo of Johnson & Johnson went off. Both from Basketball Rich Map Town Terone had a game-high 24 points including 4 for 8 from deep. Ronnie Johnson added 21 points and waited on eight Boilermaker Tables as they combined for 45 of Purdue's 76. Fab-Freshman Kendall Stephens who could have put the game away missing that front end of a one and one had ten points. Known for his Marksmanship coming out of High School in St. Charles, Illinois East HS he shot just 2 of  9 from deep.  Fair enough that missed Free Throw was Purdue's first on the night (17-18).

With the Win the Wolverines move to 12-3 in the Big Ten and stay one game ahead of Rival Michigan State. The Boilermakers are playing to get into the March Madness having to win the Big 10 Tourney at 5-10 in league play and 15-10 overall.      

#12 VIRGINIA 65 MIAMI FL 40...the WAHOOS are taking the ACC by Storm and who knew as they slap the 'CANES of the "U"...CAMPUS HARDWOOD in Charlottesville V.A. with the ACC Leaders the 'HOOS #UVA #CAVS #WAHOOS

WAHOOS 2013-14 Hoops...Warning...stay away from the BENNETT Gang

If someone would have told you the Team leading the ACC will be 24-5 and have a robust 15-1 ACC Record you would have said Duke or the 'Cuse hands down. In reality it's neither as that record belongs to the Virginia Cavaliers and take that Tobacco Road and Syracuse.

The Cavs made quick work tonight of the visiting Hurricanes of Miami Florida University...Coral Gables dba the "U". The balanced attack saw the Cavs Three Guard Attack of Malcolm Brogdon (15 pts), London Perrantes (15 pts), and Joe Harris (11 pts) as they combined for 41 of the 60 almost single-handily out scoring the 'Canes all by their lonesome. The Trio also combined to shoot 7 for 10 from 19'9" as Perrantes was 4 for 4. I have told you already the secret for making out your brackets as Guard Ply is paramount and the Cavs run on three of them. Secondly they have Lead Man Tony Bennett the Son of former Wisconsin Steven's Point University, University Wisconsin Green Bay, Wisconsin Badgers, and WAZU (Washington State) Lead Man Coach Dick Bennett. Tony was drafted back in 1992 by then the Charlotte Hornets. Bennett like his Pops is a Monster with the X's and O's and on the Recruiting Trail.

The 'Canes get 13 points from Erik Swoope and 12 points from Rion Brown as they were just over matched tonight vs the 'Hoos. Couple being over matched with shooting under 30% from field and o for 12 from the Arc...the 'Canes gave themselves no shot at a hint of hitting the Winner's Circle.

The Cavs are the Leader in the ACC and it will come down to them , the 'Cuse, Duke, and maybe UNC in the ACC Tourney...maybe. Expect the 'Hoos regardless of the ACC Tourney Outcome to land a Top 4 Seed in a Region and that is good enough.

360 Degrees....Dick Bennett while coaching at Wisconsin Steve's Point coached the great Terry Porter of the Rip City Blazers.

DAWG Pound cuts ILB D'Qwell JACKSON and saves $5.23 Million on the Cap...#52 in BROWN & ORANGE will have major suitors...SUNDAY TALK with the DAWG Pound losing the HEART & SOUL of their "D" #BelieveLand #Brownies #DawgPound

Ok his Salary is not in the "Trump of Cards" moving forward for the Dawg Pound and I get that but be careful when you move a Player like the 30 year-old D'Qwell Jackson who has meant so much to the Browns and their quest to get out of Mama's Basement. His production on the field is half of what he is in that Locker Room so Browns good luck with that.

Meanwhile the #1 Team knocking the door down for an 3-4 ILB or a 4-3 as D.Q. is really versatile will be with the Salary Cap accommodating is the Packers. They need an upgrade as they have A.J. Hawk and Clay Matthews Jr. but adding Jackson would be a tremendous addition as they have Major cap Space to get him. The Packers have to be players on D.Q.! Falcons could also use him with Sam Backer Sean Weatherspoon and DE/Will Backer Kroy Biermann both coming off season-ending injuries in 2013.

D.Q.'s most productive season was just three seasons ago in 2011 where he had 158 tackles (116 Solo), 3.5 Red Jersey Collections, and nine tackles for loss. In 2013 he had 141 total tackles (75 Solo) so the production is still there as he has had better players around him ion the last two seasons.

The only other player joining D.Q. on the free Agent Market that is hotter than him is Bolts ILB Donald Butler. Butler is younger and more explosive as well and the Bolts need everything in their power to keep #56 in Lighting Bolts! Regardless of what happens D'Qwell Jackson would be a nice piece to add to the Field and Locker room moving forward as that Backers Free Agent Pool 2014 just got deeper with D.Q. in  the mix!


ROCKETS 129 KINGS 103...FOREVER Purple gets hits by "Fear the BEARD" #13 of NIKE Basketball and RED Nation as HARDEN goes for 43 in ROCKETS "W"...LOGO WATCH and it's all about #13 in Clutch City RED #REDnation #CLUTCHcity #ROCKETSgang

For starters the Visiting Team comes out of the Motel and hits you with a 42-Piece Family Pack in frame one. They then take a 69-51 lead into the Break as both Teams get replenishment. Red Nation then comes out and extends the lead to 104-77 after three. The Final Score with the Rockets putting Blue and Red back on the Kings from their Kansas City Kings Days 129-103.

After all the smoke cleared Clutch City All-Star James Harden wearing the Nike Zoom Crusader PE (Player Exclusive) in Rockets Red and Black hangs 43 points on Forever Purple. Harden shot 11 for 20 from the field, 6 for 9 from Deep, and 15 of 16 from the stripe. He exploded on the Kings as they threw everyone at him but the Kings Mascot "Slamson".  Joining then Red Nation Scoring Books with Harden was "Dwight of Three Stripes" adding 20 points and grabbing eleven Oranges. The Rockets go 180 on Forever Purple 50% FG and 3pt FG with an 80% from the stripe.

The Kings get 25 points and six helpers from "Rudy the Monarch" and 16 points and six boards from a uninterested @boogiecousins. The Kings dug themselves a huge hole then didn't shoot the Money ball well and that put them right in Red Nation's Way for an "L".    

Clutch City moves to 39-18 joining the Rip City Blazers as the Kings fall to 20-37 and look for another Lottery pick as they need a big leap in the standings in 2014-15.

#2 WICHITA STATE 69 BRADLEY 49...the Wheat SHOCKERS move to 30-0 as they smack the BRAVES of BRADLEY University in Peoria...CAMPUS HARDWOOD on the Road in the MVC with #SHOCKnation #WSUShockers #MVC

They are only the 2nd team since 1991(1990-91 UNLV Runnin' Rebels) as the Bluedude has been watching closely as I live near MVC Country. The Wichita State Shockers move to 30-0 on Tuesday Night in Peoria, Illinois as they made quick work of the Bradley Braves. They are also 17-0 in the MVC and this isn't a Team you ant to be dealing with in March and I don't care what name is across the jersey.

Behind a balanced attack the Wheat Shockers up 35-25 at the break cruise past the Braves 69-49 and was never threatened. It was the Shock Guard Play that will get them back to the 2nd straight final Four Appearance as they did work tonight,. The Trio of Rod Baker. Fred Van Fleet, and Tekele Cotton combined for  39 points, sixteen boards, and a dozen Helpers. They also combined to shoot 8 of 13 from deep and that is getting maximum production from your back court and they can guard end to end. Shock SF Cleanthony Early , who maybe the most talented of the bunch and an NBA Draft Pick in June 2k14 added 12 points and four rebounds.

The Braves get a game-high 18 points from Walt Lemon Jr. as he led only three Braves in double figures. They were just over matched versus a top 5 Team in the country and I can put it any more simplistic than that. Braves Forward Tyshon Pickett had 13 points and grabbed fifteen rebounds as if there was an Achilles heel to the Shockers is they do not have height and they are not big in the paint.H
360 Degrees...this was one of the premier games back in the early 80s as the Braves had Sixers 1st Rounder Mitchell "J.J." Anderson and Pistons 1st rounder David Thirdkill. The Shockers had a trio of long-time NBA Players in the Atlanta Hawks Cliff Levingston and Antoine Carr as well as the Seattle Supersonics Xavier McDaniel dba the "X-Man"....Bluedude giving you some MVC History on the Hardwood.  

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

TrailBLAZERS 100 NUGGETS 95...RIP City taking the BUS as L-TRAIN is not In-Service holds on to beat the Mile High NUGS...LOGO WATCH A Mile Up with the TRAILBLAZERS #RipCity #BLAZERMania

The Portland Trailblazers started off on a good foot and was blowing put the Nugs only to see them in one possession battle down the stretch. The Blazers are getting use to life without the NBA's only Train...the L-Train in LaMarcus Aldridge as Blazers PG Damian Lillard will have you forget all about Aldridge. The Nugs get a monster night from underrated PF JJ Hickson but in the end fold up like an Ole Lawn Chair to the Blazers 100-95.

The Blazers up 52-45 at the break move to an 82-69 after three only to see that lead shrink to two on a few occasions down the stretch as Lillard, Matthews, and Batum bail out the Blazers. "License to Lillard" had a game-high 31 points, nine helpers, and seven boards as the 2nd year PG turned Point God and West All-Star is all that and a bowl of scattered an smothered Grits. Batum added 16 points and six boards as Matthews only had eleven points but his impact on the game late was big. Rip City was +24 from the Arc and that put them in the "W" Column. Blazers Big Robin Lopez had seven blocks to go with a double double 12 points and ten boards.

The Nugs get five players in double figures as PF/C JJ Hcikson off the bench goes for 16 points and grabs over two dozen Oranges (25) with "Foye Boy" leading the Mile High Pro Hoops Charge with 17 points. Both Aaron Brooks and Russian Timofey Mozgov each chipped in with 14. The Nugs not only didn't shoot the Money ball well they did not get to the line. A -12 in Free Throw Attempts and -15 in Made Free Throws they should have gotten beat by 40.

Rip City moves to 39-18 as they try to beat become Team #5 or #6 to get to 40 W's in 2013-14.  The Nugs Woes continue as they fall to 25-31 as Lead PG Ty Lawson is out with (Fractured Ribs).  

RAPTORS 99 CAVS 93...Compton's #1 NBA All-Star DeROZAN of the DINOSAURS drops 33 Big Ones off near Lake ERIE, the JAKE, and ROCK & ROLL Museum...DINOSAURS take a Bite of C-Town...LOGO WATCH taking over the ATLANTIC Division with RAPTORS Hoops...and slide over LEAFS it's not just your show anymore! #RAPTORnation #DinosaursNorthOfTheBorder

The Toronto Raptors are worried about what the other teams in the Atlantic are doing as they take care of home. While the BK Nets are making a slight run, the Knicks are registering no Wins or Heat, the C's are rebuilding, and the Sixers are lost with no GPS on the NJ Turnpike...Dinosaur Mania is taking over Toronto.

The Raptors go into C-Town near the frigid banks of Lake Erie and hit the Winner's Circle  99-93 behind first year NBA All-Star DeMar DeRozan of Compton, California by way of "Men of Troy". "D2" of Nike Basketball had a game-high 33 points on 12 of 25 from the field and 9 of 13 from the Stripe. Dinosaurs SF Terrence Ross added 19 points and Point God Kyle Lowry added 13 points, waited on nine Raptors Tables, and grabbed five Oranges off the glass. Grevis Vasquez came out the Pen to get 15 as the Dinosaurs are going to win the Atlantic and Nigerian-born GM Masai Ujiri might get his 2nd NBA Exec of the Year Trophy in a row.

The Cavs swallowed up in "Hope" and aren't we all gets 25 points and nine helpers from All-Star Game M.V.P. Kyrie Irving. Newly-Acquired Spencer "Boss" Hawes from the Sixers added 15 points and seven boards. Tristan Thompson grabbed nine Oranges to go along with thirteen points as the Cavs were -15 from the Arc. Their inability to shoot the Deep Ball on a nightly basis around 35% had put the 2013-14 Cavs Version in harms way a lot.

The Raptors now lead the BK Nets in the Atlantic by 4.5 games. The Cavs at 22-36 are headed as we go to press where they have been it seems all Post-King James Era back to the Lottery.


BULLS 107 HAWKS 103...BULLS behind a huge effort from C-BOOZ 5, Bloodline DUNLEAVY Jr., and All-Star JO slide past the HAWKS in ATL...WEST SIDE Story Report as "Captain KIRK finishes off HAWKS" Episode #DaBULLS #BULLSnation

The Bulls started slow but after period one picked it up and took it right to the Atlanta Hawks. Trailing 30-20 after one the Bulls go on a 34-21 2nd frame binge with major production from Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy Jr., and Jo Noah the Bulls Starting Five in this one. The Hawks hanging close behind PG Jeff Teague huge outing as the Bulls in the end prevailed 107-103.

After a 54-51 Bulls lead at the break they led 80-75 after three with sharp-shooting again from Dunleavy Jr. and Captain Kirk. It was back and forth in the 4th until a Dunleavy Jr. lay-up put See Red ahead to stay at 101-100. Captain Kirk then finished off the Hawks in the Highlight Factory as he scored the Bulls last six points.

Dunleavy Jr. led See red with 22 points as he grabbed eight Oranges. Jo Noah added 20 points as he hauled in a dozen Oranges with Carlos Boozer chipping in with 17 points and eleven boards. Captain Kirk , who came up big in pivotal moments in the game, had 14 as did Taj Gibson who also had eight boards. The Bulls just tightened up on the defensive end and the hawks couldn't get quality sets or looks.

Atlanta PG Jeff Teague led all scorers with 26 points as he had seven helpers. Former Bulls Sniper Kyle Korver added 16 as he was 4 for 9 from the Arc. Shelvin Mack chipped in with 17 as the Hawks are filling the ill-effects of No All-Star PF in Big AL Horford.

The Bulls move to 30-26 while the Hawks fall to 26-30 and are currently in the 8th slot just three game ahead of Deeeetroit Basketball! Bull shave the 4th slot on lock as they are ahead of the Wizards by 1.5 games.      

PACERS 118 LAKERS 98...The new look GOLD Swagger gets a Semi-Tough Test from LAKER Gang but cruises late...LOGO WATCH with the Eastern Conference Best W-L in PACER Nation #GoldSwagger #PACERnation

The Indiana Pacers 2nd Unit looked like a Starting unit that could win 50 plus in the East in an 82-game trek. CJ Watson was at the point, Lance Stephenson at the Shooting Guard, "E.T. Phone Circle City" Evan Turner at the Small Forward, Luis Scola at the Power Forward, and Ian Mahinmi at Center. Heat Nation you need to build a 2nd Unit that can slow these boys down as Lance and Evan on the Wings is frightening.

The Pacers leading just 57-54 at the break could not find 5th gear to get rid of the Lake Show. The Lakers SF Kent Bazemore who had a game-high 23 points along with Wes Johnson (15 pts) was keeping the Lakers close. It wasn't until midway through the 3rd frame the Lakers started being the 2013-14 Lakers and the Pacers had a lot to do with that.

Gold Swagger All-Star PG-24 led with 20 points as he also had seven boards and six helpers. Pacers PG George Hill added 14 points with Evan Turner and Lance Stephenson combining for 26 points, fifteen boards, and five assists. That production will erase King James Production on a nightly basis in Winning Time and the Heat will have to find water elsewhere. The Pacers out rebounder the Lakers some 62-42 and welcome to the new Glass Company in the NBA dba Indiana Pacers.

Pacers move to 43-13 with the Heat hot on their trail. The Lakers fall to 19-38 as Mitch and Jimmy back in L.A. dream of as many Lottery Balls as possible. I have the Lakers Problems figured out. They get the #1 Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft they grab Duke's Jabari Parker and then get Point God Kyrie Irving from Cleveland. Then you Amnesty Kobe and give  'Swaggy P ' four-years $28 your 2014-15 Laker Gang...Lol!

P.S. you like that Amnesty "Vino" didn't you...yes you did!  


#1 FLORIDA 57 VANDERBILT 54...GATORS do what they do and get a tough Road "W" in Music City at VANDY...CAMPUS HARDWOOD traveling with the Nation's #1 Men's Basketball Show "BILLY BALL" from the Swamp #GATORchop #UF #SEC

They will not get any style points but they are effective at what they do. To make matters worse to beat them you better come with 110% effort and take away their outstanding guard play. The Florida Gators fresh off being names the #1 Outfit in Men's College Hoops get a tough road win in Nashville, Tennessee versus the Commodores.

Behind Sophomore SF Dorian Finney-Smith's 19 points including three money balls the Gators go into Music City and take down Vandy 57-54. Vandy had plenty of chances after trailing at the break 32-25 as they had two good looks and the first a Three-Point Try to no avail. Gators Senior PF Patric Young was the only other Gator in double figures with 12 points as he grabbed seven boards.

To Vandy's Credit they took away that Gator 5-Star Trio of PG Scott Wilbekin, SG Michael Frazier II, and Casey Prather. They combined to shoot 9-23 and had six turnovers. The Commodores got their scoring from Shooting Guard Dai-Jon Parker (11 pts) and Small Forward Rod Odom (12 pts). Those were the only two Commodores in double figures as they plays a Vandy-Like Pace but just didn't get it done.

The Gators now move to 15-0 in the SEC and 26-2 overall. Vandy falls to 15-12 and 7-8 in the SEC.      The gators have that looks that is 64-32-16-4 and pick'em...and you know exactly what I am talking about!

Top SAFETIES and DBs at the Combine on Day 4 of the Field Drills...SUNDAY TALK as 32 TEAMS prepare their Draft Boards #NFLCombine

The talent is deep in the Secondary unlike in the 2013 NFL Draft. If there is a need to get a Corner or Safety in the 1st round this is your draft as they maybe at least four to five with 1st round grades. The Top 5 Prospects at Safety and Corner and the Top 5 Teams that might pull the trigger on one or the other.

Top 5 Corners/Safeties in the 2014 NFL Draft

1. CB Darqueze Dennard #Sparty 4.51 40 yd dash

He is a bump and run in your mug CB that is physical playing that Michigan State Physical Style at the point of attack. He ran good enough to arguably be the #1 CB taken.

2. SS Calvin Pryor #UofLCards 4.58 40 yd dash

He is a violent-physical safety that is more of a Box-Safety but played Free at the 'Ville. Could be the first Safety off the Board but has Company.

3. CB Justin Gilbert #OKState 4.37 40 yd dash

He is faster than Dennard and gives you more value as he is a Monster in the Kicking Game as well. His sub 4.4 puts him on the Top of the CB Draft Board.

4. FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix #Bama 4.58 40 yard dash

A true Center Fielder and he is too smooth on the hash and can slide down and cover the Slot or even the Outside. Like Pryor, Dennnard, and Gilbert the "Plug and Play" Play Makers on the back end Clinton-Dix is.

5. CB Kyle Fuller #BeamerBallBlacksburg 4.49 40 yd dash

Coming out of Va Tech ...enough said. DB/Safety U has another one and that 4.49 40 yard dash was fast. Now he can maybe lock up late 1st or early 2nd Slot at his Pro Day.

Others CBs/Safeties worth mentioning....

CB Jason Verett #TCU 4.38 40 yd dash
CB LaMarcus Joyner #FSU 4.55 40 yd dash
CB Bradley Roby #OhioSt 4.39 40 yd dash

Teams needing CBs/Safeties

Draft Number Team

#10 #RestoreTheRoar...Lions need immediate help at Safety as they key Vet Safety Lou Delmas test Free Agency

#11 #MusicCityTitans...With Michael Griffin gaging they need another Safety to go with him on the back end as CB Alterraun Verner is the truth.

#12 G-Man...They need a Backer or Two but they also need an influx of youth in the Secondary at both Safety and Corner.

#14 #BelieveInMonsters...the Bears Safeties are horrible even Major Harris and they need to get Clinton-Dix or Pryor if they are there and with Peanut Tillman walking they might even go Dennard or Gilbert in an huge area of need.

#15 #SteelerNation...Clark has to be gone and #43 might have a season or two left as does Ike Swaggin' U. They Steelers Zone-Cover Scheme really doesn't warrant a high pick at CB but it does at Safety. In 2013 if the Saints didn't pull the trigger on Hookem' Horns Safety Vaccaro he would have been a Steeler.

Remember DBs/ Safeties have a lot of value as they are all over the Kicking Game as Gunners, Return Teams, and Kickoff Teams...    


Monday, February 24, 2014

CLIPPERS 123 PELICANS 110...Too many CLIPS in the PELICANS Nest NOLA at once as LOB City drinks a few SMOOTHIES and grabs a "W"...LOGO WATCH ordering SMOOTHIES at the SMOOTHIE King Center in NOLA with the CLIPS #CLIPPERnation #CLIPPERgang

I have that feeling Lead Man Doc Rivers of the Clips has talked to his Clips about making a strong push headed towards Winning Time and the "Fight for Larry". With two losses after the Break back to back to Spurs Community and Grit & Grind Beale Street the Clips have now beatin' OKC and now the Pelicans.

Behind a balanced effort of seven Clippers in double figures with Jamal 206 leading with 24 and "Game Night with Blake" going 22 points and grabbing four rebounds. DeAndre the Lob City Giant grabbed 16 Oranges to go with fourteen points as the Clips rolled the Pelicans after drinking all those darn Smoothies. Going 180 on the Pelicans Nest (50% FG 50% 3pt FG 80% FT) that spelled the "L" Column for the Pelicans. CP3 doing his usual damage back where it all started for him as he and Pacers David West did some magical things in NOLA had 19 points and thirteen helpers.

The Pelicans get 26 points and eleven boards from"Next in Line" All-Star Anthony Davis as that sounds like its going to fit for the next decade. Pelicans Big Alexis Ajinca added 19 and hauled in a dozen Oranges as the Pelicans let the Visitors get too comfortable in what they were trying to accomplish. Each team has just nine turnovers as they took care of the Orange. NOLA misses All-Star PG Jrue Holiday (Stress Fracture) a lot.

The Clips trying to become only the 5th team in the Logo for 2013-14 to hit the Winner's Circle 40 times moves to 39-20. The Pelicans going through growing pains but not that far off falls to 23-33...

WARRIORS 104 PISTONS 96...G.S.W. digs deeeeeeep in the WARRIORS Ground Crates to get by the MOTOR City PISTONS...LOGO WATCH with WARRIORS must make up ground in the Pacific Division #DUBSAllDay #DUBcity #WarriorsGround

It never has to be a Picasso coming out of the Motel in the Logo but where it has to land is in the Winner's Circle. The Golden State Warriors had to reach back into the Warrior Ground Crates like looking for that "Beatles" or "Jackson 5" Vinyl to get by an athletic and big Pistons Bunch trying to get out of NBA Central Mediocrity.

Behind five Warrior Players in double figures and three starters putting in work G.S.W. holds onto to beat the Deeeeetroit Basketbaaaaaaaall 104-96. With the score 95-94 G.S.W. with just over four minutes to go the Warriors out score the "D" 9-2 behind the Duo of the "Human Torch" and "KLAY-metheus scoring 7 of the nine. They both had 19 points (including 5 of 12 from the Arc) to lead G.S.W. in scoring with Jermaine O'Neal adding 16 and grabbing ten rebounds as he gets inspired by getting that AARP Card last week in the mail as "Father Time" is near. Jordan Crawford led the Warriors out of the Pen with 15 as the Pistons could not get any offense down the stretch.

Pistons get a game-high 23 pints an eight boards from Greg Monroe who was the one Big Man Teams were inquiring about at the NBA Trade Deadline. J-Smoove continues to play mad adding 18 points, eleven boards, and seven helpers. The Pistons starting 6-8 Kyle Singler from #DukeInTheNBA at the Shooting guard playing just over 44 minutes netting 18 points. Singler has been that versatile since his Scholastic Play back in Medford, Oregon playing for South Medford and two State Titles against current T'Wolves PF Kevin Love from Lake Oswego HS in Oregon. The Pistons lost the game at the Arc as they were - 27 hitting just four to the Warriors thirteen.

G.S.W. moving to 35-22 can now concentrate on catching the Suns and Clippers in the Pacific. The Pistons are four games back of the #8 Hawks with a Top-Heavy 2014 NBA Draft coming up...#TankForJabari!

MAVS 110 KNICKS 108....the "BULLY" hits a game-tying MONEY Ball for 44 Big Ones only to have the Night belong to the MAVS as REUNION Arena and the "AA 214" G.O.A.T. @Swish41 strikes WORLD's Most Famous as the Clock strikes Zeroes...LOGO WATCH as the "GERMANATOR from NIKE Basketball > KNICKS Tape" Episode #MAVSnation

You were all forewarned at least Knicks Nation with  Tweet around 5pm Central as the Mavs were playing at World's Most Famous. I told Knicks Tape and Knicks Nation be leery of Big D's favorite Bubble Gum "DIRK-iliscious" coming in all Flavors...Money Ball, Mid-Range, Back to the Basket, Face-Up, Fade away "J", and the "Transition Dagger" from Deep.

Knicks Star and soon to be Laker (Lol!) Carmelo Anthony made it 108-108 when he hit a game-tying Money Ball with just under a minute remaining. Then the Navs Carter missed a Money Ball and for some odd reason ":Get Shits" J.R. trying to be the Hero and get Carte Blanche at the Night Spot Tonight missed a "J" with eleven seconds remaining as the Mavs call Timeout and set the game-winner up. Someone tell why J.R. Smith thinks he is a Front Line Player and that play right there is  a microcosm of what Knicks Tape has become in 2013-14...Boo Boo!

With 10.6 to go the Mavs inbound the Orange...and DIRK-iliscious for the Win...Hanes Cool Comforts and the Final..110-108 and Knicks Nation you can jump at anytime! The G.O.A.T. @swish41 strikes as he hits just two of his 15 but none no bigger than that one. It was the Mavs Back Court Fusion of "Jose from Spain" and "Mississippi Lightning" to "Upper Greenville" we go with an Umbrella in the Drinks. They combined for 42 points, twelve helpers, and a half dozen Oranges. The Artist formerly known as Half Man/Half Amazing now Vince Carter with a Key to the City of Daytona Beach, Florida added 23 points including a Sprite Money Ball Rack plus 1 from Deep and that would be seven.

The Knicks played well enough to win and they just keep heading south as though a berth in Winning Time in the horrid East is that way. The only thing they will fins heading south is a Lottery Machine with new NBA Commish Adam Silver standing near it with no Knicks Lottery Picks for 2014. The Knicks "Bully" from Jordan Brand had a "Just Another Manic Monday" in the Logo High of 44 points and grabbed nine boards. If anything he is worth part of the price of admission to the most expensive Ticket in the NBA at New MSG. "Get Shots' J.R. Smith added 15 including 1-7 from Deep and Bloodline Hardaway Jr 10 with Tyson going double double with 12's running wild.

The Mavs move to 35-23 and playing top-notch NBA Ball as they have bigger Fish to Fry playing in the West as beating Knicks Tape was a formality. Knicks fall to 21-36 and what is the over and under they lose 50 games with 25 games to play?


BUCKS 130 SEVENTY-SIXERS 110...I know what your thinking talking BEER Town USA PRO Hoops and BROAD Street Philly PRO Hoops...LOGO WATCH with a FUSION of Watching PAINT Dry and a few Episodes of MASH equalling #MILvsPHI #NBABottomFeeders

For the love of 80s NBA Hoop when there was the likes of the Good Doctor, Andrew Toney, Moses, Sir Charles, Mo Cheeks, Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters, Sidney Moncrief, Paul Mokeski, and Randy Bruer to name a few. The Old Joints like the "Spectrum" in Philly with the late great Spectrum P.A. Announcer Dave Zinkoff saying, " Juliuuuuuuuuuuuus Errrrrrrrrrrrrving...the Good Doctor! Then there was the "MECCA" (Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center and Arena) in Milwaukee with the Rubber Floor with Diamonds Shapes all over it looking like Old Carmichael Arena in Chapel Hill, NC. ...where has this 80s Rivalry gone?

Now we fast forward to some lean times as both the Bucks and 76ers came into tonight's tilt a combined 25-86 and to Sixes Nation Credit they still got 12K to see it least that's what they count at then gate as where were a whole bunch of empty red seats.

The Bucks blew the doors off the Sixers 130-110 as O.J. Mayo led "Fear the Deer" with 25 points and now you know who he plays for. The best NBA Players you never here of Turkey's Ersan Ilyasova added 20 points as the Bucks need to let him put another suit on. The "Knight Rider" PG Brandon Knight added 15 as the former Pistons Lottery Pick can't wait ti get back to South Florida where he resides. Bucks shot lights out nearly 60% from the field and 60% from the Arc.

The Sixers are in disarray and they wish they could hit the Fast Forward Button and get top Mid-April as this will be one of the worst Seasons the Sixers have had ever. They get a game-high 28 points and seven assist from Thaddeus Young who would give the Sixers a few Direct Deposits to put another Jersey on. Rook PG M.C.W. added 20 and Tony Wroten Jr. 19 points with five helpers. There were some 40 turnovers in this one and they counted what was dropped in the Stands as well.

NBA Action here is not Fantastic...not at all!      

"BILLY Ball" from the SWAMP #1 in the new AP Poll for Men's College Basketball...Mid-MAJORS if you want to call them that are all over the AP Top 10...CAMPUS HARDWOOD talking AP Poll February 24th, 2014 #NCAAB #MarchMadness

It didn't surprise me one bit to see the Gators after beating UK in Rupp then winning a hard fought tilt at Ole Miss to get the #1 ranking. It also doesn't surprise me that whatever the Mid-Major Players do has no bearing whatsoever on how the Polls looks the the Kansas and Duke's of the world as they will always reign supreme. Having said that 'Cuse gets two L's in one week after knocking down 25 in a row and sometimes moving forward that is healthy..."Stay Calm Orange...and in Ennis and Fair we Trust". What's lurking is two teams that made it ti the Final Four in 2013 and one of the two Teams won it all...and doing it rather quietly.

AP Poll Top 10 for Monday February 24th, 2014...sponsored by finish Conference Play strong heading into Conference Tourney Play and those March Madness Seeds will take care of themselves!

1. #BillyBallSwamp (25-2) SEC

They have great guards in Wilbekin and Prather and a nice Big in Patric Young. They also have all the pieces back from and Elite 8 Bunch from 2013. The best team in the SEC and its not even close.

2. #WheatShockers (29-0) MVC

They beat a talented Buckeyes Team to go to the Final 4 in 2013 and all those pieces are back as their Top 3 might be as good as any in PG Fred Van Fleet, SF Cleanthony Early, and SG Rod Baker and for Wichita State in Coach Marshall we trust!

3. #UofACats (25-2) Pac-12

They play "D" in the half court and in transition and they have 5-Star Talent across the board with Lead Man Sean Miller flanked by "Might Mouse" Damon Stoudamire the 'Cats are for real. Unfortunately the loss of PF Brandon Ashley was a huge blow to a Team that was destined to get to the Final 4.

4. #Cuse (25-2) ACC

Not a bad run for their first run through ACC Play and it's no secret talking about the Orange. They go as far as PG Tyler Ennis and and that 'Cuse Front goes as they have no Depth behind that Starting Five...none!

5. #RockChalkJayHawk (21-6) Big 12

Maker no mistake about it they are young and as talented as anyone 1-5. In March you need big time Guard Play and that's where the questions lie. Can PG Naadir Tharpe play a solid Lead Guard for KU and get those Monsters (Selden Jr., Wiggins, and Embiid) the Orange where they can succeed at a high level? A huge plus is they have Bill Self and you don't...sing that victory song KU Nation! A real threat in Winning Time.

6. #Dukies (22-6) ACC

I do not and have not liked their Guard Play but it is improving as we head into March. What they do have is the 2014 NBA Draft #1 Pick in Jabari Parker and an underrated sidekick in Rodney "Southpaw" Hood to go with slick H-Town Sniper Rasheed Suliamon. In the end they have Coach K and sometimes that is all you need...Sleeper!

7. #theVille (23-4) AAC

Talking about flying under the Radar as Kentucky Blue gets all the attention the Defending National Champion Kentucky Red keeps knocking them down and taking names. They are still in the Bluedude's Fav 5 and they have Coach Pitino who is a "Monster on the Sideline". Can Combo G Russ Smith and Montrezl Harrell carry U of L back to "One Shining Moment"? That KFC Yum Center is to die for...and Adam Silver the NBA needs Team #32 in Louisville and Team #31 back in Seattle for what that's worth!

8. #Nova (24-3) Big EAST

WHat in Jay Wright and Nike Oranges is going on in Philly as the 'Nova 'Cats are 24-3 and no one talks about them. I am aware of Brooklyn's Top 30 in the Class of 2011 in JayVaughn Pinkston. After that I am even lost and as we go to press they trail only the Creighton Blue Jays in the Big East by a half game and every body's All-American Doug McDermott. Watch these boys as 24-3 is real!

9. #CreightonBlueJays (23-4) Big EAST

Didn't want to use the Hash Tag #BlueJays because everyone or most would have been lost. Instead I will just say what I said talking the 'Nova 'Cats Doug McDermott. Yes the Blue Jays Head Coach's Son is straight Parkay from anywhere and ask is HS Teammate at Ames HS in Ames, Iowa and current G.S.W. Warrior SF Harrison Barnes as the Senior McDermott was Lead Man then at Iowa State. The thing about Creighton is they have excellent guard play, they can all shoot (even the Cheerleaders) and they have the equalizer of all equalizers in Doug McDermott. Filling out Brackets you have been warned! McDermott is my National P.O.Y. and it isn't even close as he is a mix between Utah's Keith Van Horn and Duke's Kyle Singler with a splash of former UCLA Bruin and NBA Money Ball Champ (2007 Vegas NBA ASG) Jason Kopono of Lakewood, California Artesia HS...that's all Bluedude right there and you better tell somebody!

10. #SLUBillikens (25-2) A-10

Yes the St. Louis Billikens for those who need help as former IU Bloomington Hoosier Lead Assistant Jim Crews has done a wonderful job taking over for the late great Rick Majerus. The Cup runneth' over at the new Chaifetz Arena and the Talent is all over. Led by Guard Jordair Jett and former Naperville, Illinois Nequa Valley HS Star Dwayne Evans the Billikens are filled with experience and just like Creighton will be in the Sweet 16...write it down or take a an Instagram!

The Top is filled with a "Thanks Bluedude for the info filling out my Bracket next month". When in doubt you must roll with Top-Level Guard Play in the Tourney moving forward!                    


JADEVEON CLOWNEY dba @clownejd did what he was suppose to do at the it should be a No-Brainer regardless of the TAPE...#BULLSonParade your on the CLOCK...JERNIGAN, DONALD, HAGEMAN, NIX III, and EALY turned some Heads...SUNDAY TALK choppin' it up about #7 from the 'COCKS and some DT/DE Company #Texans #STLRams #Jags #DirtyBirds404 #Silver&Black #DawgPound #COCKS #SEC #ClowneySundayBusiness

6'6" 266 El Bees 
South Carolina Gamecocks
Tested at Area 51: Summarized as not an Earthling
Part AVP    

I was laughing this morning watching Alien vs Predator "Dat Dude" Jadeveon Clowney who ran 4.47 40 yard dash. Someone tell Josh Scobee concentrate on making all his FGs and until he is a GM or Player Personnel Director...get somewhere with that Tweet...the Kicker!
 run the 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine. Seeing the Tweets from fellow NFL Players about "

At 6-6 and 266 el bees and only five Running Backs ran faster at the 20134 NFL Combine that is something to behold. That 21 reps at 225 pounds wasn't as impressive as the average is 24 times but unlike what Josh said he is by far the best Player on the 2014 NFL Draft Board. That doesn't mean Clowney goes #1 as it's all about needs but sometimes you have to reach for the Special Piece and for the Houston Texans who hold the #1 Pick that Reach better be right.

Let's take a close look at the Top 6 Teams Picking in the 2014 NFL Draft:

1. #BullsOnParade...They have JJ Watt and need Defensive line help in the worst way. New Lead Man Bill O'Brien has to be thinking he can fix QB Matt "Cotton" Schaub so Clowney should be the pick.

2. #STLRams...they reside in the rugged NFC West who plays on an Island and then the other 28 Teams play on another island. QB Sam Bradford and that Run Game needs O-Line help and that help is in mammoth Auburn Left Tackle Brian Robinson or Texas A&M's Jake Matthews as Matthews Dad is the great Bruce Matthews. Clowney would look nice playing alongside Bloodline Chris Long and 18.5 Red Jersey Collector in 2k13 Robert Quinn. But do they really need Clowney? It would be shocking to say the least but those three up front...the Mississippi River would run out of the St. Louis!

3. #JVilleJags...they need a QB in the worst way and the Blaine Gabbert Science Project needs to be shelved as it won no awards in J'Ville. QB Chad Henne is a solid Back Up but no Starter. My consensus here is a QB and Johnny Football or Blake Bortles might be the Ticket. Clowney if he doesn't go #1 could drop to #6 to the Falcons and that would be scary!

4. #DawgPound...they need a QB as that Browns "D" is more than solid. They will go with Bridgewater or Bortles or even Johnny Football.

5. #Silver&Black...No need for Clowney here as they will go QB or the best WR in the 2014 NFL Draft in CLemson's Beats Mode Sammy Watkins.

6. #DirtyBirds404...the Bucks stops right here and if if the Texans pass on Clowney and go QB there is no way he gets by the Atlanta Falcons. More intriguing is do the falcons have any leverage to move up to get Clowney at after the Rams? If Texans pick a QB what do the Jags, Browns, and Raiders do...think Clowney or QB?

Other Top DT/DE

#Noles Timmy Jernigan 5.06 40 yd
#Pitt Aaron Donald 4.68 40 yd
#Gophers Ra'Shede Hageman 5.02 40 yd
#HookemHorns Jackson Jeffcoat 4.63 40 yd
#FightingIrish Louis Nix III 5.42 40 yd
#Mizzou Michael Sam 4.91 40 yd
#Mizzou Kony Ealy 4.92 40 yd
#FightingIrish Stephon Tuitt DNP
#GeauxTigers Anthony Johnson 5.24 40 yd

Note: 40-Yard Dash Numbers from 

In a nut shell Clowney could fall past the top 5 right into the Falcons hands...but he has some good company...

Advice for #BullsOnParade this isn't former Texans Top Pick Super Mario Williams of NC State Wolfpack...better...and Williams was real good! 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

ROCKETS 115 SUNS 112...Like being at your Favorite AMUSEMENT Park as RED Nation and SUNS Nation go Roller Coaster for Roller Coaster...RED Nation's #1 Soap "As DWIGHT Turns" Having FUN in the "Valley of the SUN" Episode #CLUTCHcity #ROCKETgang

This was he most entertaining game of the day or night as the Rockets and Suns went up an down the hardwood as though there were no Refs, Fans, or Scoreboard...first to 115 by ones. The Rockets escaped but not after the Suns Back Court of Dragic and Green play "PHX Tag Team" on Red nation.  

The Rockets get the "W" with former Chicago, Illinois Marshall HS Star and Arkansas Razorback PG Patrick Beverley hitting the game-winning three with under a minute to go to seal the win. Pat had 20 points with all five Rockets Starters in double figures led by Dwight of Three Stripes 25 points and nine boards. "Fear the Beard" #13 had 23 points and dropped seven assists with Me and Mr. Jones adding 15 and seven rebounds and Parsons chipping in with 13 points, six boards, and seven helpers. The Rockets 28-32 from the stripe saved them as Dwight was 5-7 from the Free Throw Line.

Clutch City was clutch when they needed to be but Suns PG Goran Dragic has been clutch for most of the 2013-14 season. He goes for 35 with 25 ion a blazing 1st half including five Money Balls. His "Partner in Crime" Gerald Green added 23 as he went "A Night at Improv" or shall I say "A Night at US Airways Center" with 18 of his 23 in the 3rd frame. Markieff Morris also had a big night gathering 21 points and grabbing seven boards. The night and game came down to which Team had the Orange late and made the play to win the game and that was Houston. Dragic missed a potential game-tying Money ball in the waning seconds.

Red Nation moves to 38-18 as the Suns fall to 32-22...Rockets learning to play with Dwight is a cool thing to watch!        

BK NETS 108 LAKERS 102...Let the "TRUTH" be told as the NETS never trailed in Staples 16 CHIPS Set-Up...LOGO WATCH w/ Jason Collins on a 10-Day Nets Contract #NETSnation #BrooklynHasAHomeTeam

The Lakers never led and the Nets came out like gangbusters as the Real Paul Pierce stood up back in his hometown of L.A.. The Nets also get their former All-Star PG D-Will 8 going O-Zone Layer and signed the first openly gay active player in Professional Sports Leagues of the Big Four in Jason Collins.

The Nets led 63-47 at the break and never turned back as the Lake Show got as close as four on a few occasions in the 2nd half. Nets PG D-Will 8 led all scorers with 30 points and also waited on seven Nets Tables. The "Truth" Paul Pierce back home where it all started in the "City of Angels" had 25 points and grabbed seven boards as he hit four Money Balls. The Nets also get 10 points from AK 47, All-Star JJ, and Dray Blatche as they nearly 50% from Deep hitting 12 of 25. Collins finished with 0 points, two boards, and five fouls as his role is playing "Big" as the nets are real thin up front.

The Lakers get a team-high 22 points and eleven boards from Pau Gasol and 19 from Sniper Jodie Meeks. Newly-acquired Kent Bazemore added 17 with Jordan Hill netting 11 points and Swaggy P dropping ten points. The Lakers are officially going Lottery Winnings and they need to get Jabari Parker as he is clearly the best Player on the 2014 NBA Draft Board and NBA make it happen as nothing is bigger on Twitter than Laker Nation except Twitter itself and that is more than 140 Characters in this sentence!  

Nets move to 26-28 as the Lakers fall to 19-37...Brooklyn at one point in December was 10-21 and do that arithmetic!

Nets and Jason Collins solid NBA Business as the Nets needed to fill a Roster Slot and Collins was more than qualified to get that Slot.      

Final MEDAL Count for the SOCHI 2014 Winter Olympics...RUSSIAN Federation is #1 and Imagine That!...AMERICANS, CANADIANS, and the DUTCH made a serious push #SochiOlympics #FinalMedalCount

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics ended tonight and the final Medal Count is in. The US had the 4th most Gold medals (9) and 2nd in total medals (28) with Russia winning the most Gold medals (13) and total medals (33). The Canadians fared extremely well taking home 10 Golds and Norway led the talented Scandinavian Countries with 8 Golds and 26 total medals. The Dutch had their way Speed Skating like always.

Total Medals for 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
Note: Gold Medals in parenthesis

Top 10 Countries

1. Russian Federation 33 (13)

2. U.S.A. 28 (9)

3. Norway 26 (11)

4. Canada 25 (10)

5. Netherlands 24 (8)

6. Germany 19 (8)

7. Austria 17 (4)

8. France 15 (4)

8. Sweden 15 (2)

10. Switzerland 11 (6)

The Russians had 15 of their 33 medals in Cross-Country, Figure Skating, and Short Track...

The Americans tallied 17 of their 28 in Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, and Snowboarding...

The Norwegians grabbed 17 of their 26 medals in the Biathlon and Cross-Country...

The Canadians had 15 of their 25 in Freestyle Skiing, Figure Skating, Short Track, and Two Gold Medals in Men's and Women's Hockey...

The Dutch dominated Speed Skating tallying 23 of their 24 Medals and the 24th medal in Short Track...#DutchInOrange

The Germans grabbed 11 of their 19 medals in the Luge, Alpine Skiing, and the Nordic Combined

The Austrians tallied 9 of their 17 medals in Alpine Skiing...

The French hauled in 9 of their 15 medals in Freestyle Skiing and the Biathlon...

The Swedes tallied 11 of their 15 medal in Cross-Country and the Silver Medal in Men's Hockey...  

The Swiss hauled in 8 of their 11 medals in Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country, and Snowboarding...

Note: Medal Numbers from and the breakdown by the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk dot com...

RAPTORS 105 MAGIC 90...that DINOSAUR Back Court of LOWRY and DeROZAN smack MOUSE Town...LOGO WATCH at the Dinosaur Museum "North of the Border" #RAPTORnation #DINOSAURS

After a slow start the Atlantic Division leading Toronto Raptors slowly and methodically put the Moue Town Magic away behind the best back court in the East and yes I went there. The Magic played tough as one of their youngsters Tobias Harris Talents keep heading in the right direction.

The Raptors up only 44-41 at the break get some separation in the 3rd frame behind a 36-24 run that saw both Kyle Lowry (28 pts 6 asst) and DeMar DeRozan (24 pts 4 asst) lead the charge. Arguably the best Guard Tandem in the East they both had help as Terrence Ross added 16 points and Amir Johnson 12 points and eight boards. The Dinosaurs were just more efficient as they almost went 180 (50% FG 50% 3 pt FG 77% FT). The Magic for the most part could not slow down Lowry and DeRozan once they got it going.

The O Magic gets 28 points and six boards from former Tennessee Volunteer Tobias Harris as he led five Magic Players in double figures. E'Twuan Moore had 16 points off the bench and Nikola Vucevic and Victor Oladipo added eleven points apiece. The Magic are building something as their Core is under 25 years of age.

The Raptors move to 31-25 and that is four games ahead of the 2nd place BK Nets in the Atlantic. The Magic looking to load as many Lottery Balls as possible have to remember the key to winning the NBA Draft Lottery..."You can't win...if you don't lose"            

SMU 64 #21 UCONN 55...Mustangs "PONY UP" in STORRS Lore and beats UCONN to stay 3rd in the AAC...the "Flying NIC-K's" out duel the HUSKIES NAPIER and BOATRIGHT...for SMU "Twice is Nice" CAMPUS HARDWOOD from STORRS U #PonyUp #UConn AAC

The SMU Mustangs get a Statement Game as Logistically speaking this Conference the AAC makes no sense but who am I to judge. The 'Stangs "Pony Up" and get a 64-55 "W" as they held the exciting UConn Back Court to an 8 for 28 Shooting Night and 3 for 8 from the Arc.

We know this that SMU is as tough as nails in Transition Defense and the Half Court Defense and they made UConn work for all them 55 points. "Pony Up" was led by their heavily underrated back court of  the "Flying Nic-k's" in Nic Moore and Nick Russell as they both dropped 15 pints each facing UConn's Napier and Boatright. 'Nova Transfer Markus Kennedy added 13 and grabbed seven boards as the UConn Front Line was non-existent. For the Mustangs they sweep the season series with UConn and how 'bout them Apples!

With the win SMU (22-6 overall) moves to 11-4 in the AAC good for 3rd behind Cincy and the 'Ville. UConn (21-6 overall) falls to 9-5 in the conference. Both Teams will be something to be reckoned with in March because of their outstanding guard play. Expect Cincy, the 'Ville, Memphis, UConn, and SMU to all be factors in the Tourney and the only five to get bids from the new AAC.        

HEAT 93 BULLS 79...No King JAMES the HEAT's C.B. 1 and WADE County step up and handle SEE RED...JO NOAH goes All-Star along with the TAJ-manian Devil for the WEST SIDE Story Report...LOGO WATCH "HEAT's 3rd Frame the Difference" Episode #HEATnation #BULLSnation

The Miami Heat didn't have LeBron James and that didn't matter as it took the Heat two frames, replenishments, and an Samsung Galaxy Tablet Talk by Coach Spo to get by the feisty West Side Story Report 93-79 on Sunday. The Bulls were right in line to make this a 48 minute affair as they ran into some turbulence in the 3rd that cost them as they had to put the Seat Belts on.

Behind Chris Bosh's 28 points and ten boards and Wade County's 23 points, ten boards, and seven helpers the Heat shoot just 42% and 39% from the Arc but bailed themselves out in the 3rd. The Game was tied 40-40 at the break when the Heat used a 25-12 springboard in the 3rd to the sometimes Offensively-Challenged Bulls. PG Mario Chalmers added 12 points and dished out nine assists in a strong night at the point.

The Bulls 3rd quarter stretch where they missed what seemed like at least 6-7 minutes cost them dearly. The Heat took them out of Transition Offense and forced the Bulls Play Makers or lack there of to make plays and that is See Red's Achilles Heel. All-Star Jo Noah always playing his game because it runs on Effort and Smarts had 20 points, grabbed fifteen Oranges, and swatted four more Oranges. The TAJ-manian Devil also added 20 to go with ten rebounds as the Bulls shot under 30% from the Arc. Dunleavy Jr. chipped in with 13 and Captain Kirk 10 and six boards as the Bulls 5-game win streak is over.

The Heat move to a rather quiet 40-14 as they are the 4th Team in the Logo to hit 40 W's. The Bulls, fall to 29-26 as they are still the #4 seed in the East. If the Winning Time started tonight the Heat would get the Highlight Factory and the Bulls the Wizards.  

CLIPPERS 125 THUNDER 117...CLIPS get 36 from JAMAL 206 as the "SLIM REAPER" goes for 42 but OKC still stumbling out the Blocks in the 2nd half...LOGO WATCH as the CLIPS erase 0-2 Start after All-Star Break #CLIPPERnation #NewCLIPjoint #LAC

The L.A. Clippers having problems of their own stumbled into Thunder Alley where OKC's "Check Engine" Light might be on after losing to the Clips 125-117. Lob City dictated the "Pace" all game long as OKC was right there but could stop the Clips Starters namely Jamal Crawford dba Jamal 206 in Staples Blue and Red.  

Crawford led all five Clipper Starters in Double Figures with a team-high 36 points and 15 of the 36 was from the 'Land of Plenty". Matt Barnes starting at the small forward added 24 points and grabbed seven boards with Blake going for 20 points, seven boards, and six helpers. The Clips Starters combined to out score the Thunder 116-86 and that was too much for OKC's Bench to overcome. Clips also shot nearly 52% FG and went to the line with a 39-24 advantage and for the Visiting Team to establish those numbers put them in the win column.

OKC gets a game-high 42 points and ten assists from KD but it was the play of Russell Westbrook that ha thrown OKC out of sync. Meaning getting back acclimated to Russ dominating the Orange as well as the OKC Rotation. Westbrook had just 13 points and six helpers as Ibaka added 20 points and six boards.

OKC is now 0-2 after the break losing to the Clips today and the Heat this past Thursday. The Clips erase their 0-2 start losing to the Spurs and Grizzlies buy beating OKC. OKC falls to 43-14 and the Clips move to 38-20...

Clips reportedly get word Big Baby Davis will be joining them as he received a Buyout from the O-Magic this past weekend...        

YANKEES hand OF GARDNER $52 million extension...YANKS OF Depth Chart Opening Day 2K14...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report with BRONX Zoo Business #Team27Chips #YANKS #Pinstripes #BronxBOMBERS

Everyone is wondering what the Carmines are going to do with Infielder Stephen Drew as some have suggested the Yanks grab him for insurance for Derek Jeter. Meanwhile the Yanks Free Spending continues although this makes a ton of sense as this young man brings some serious Leather to the Park every 162.

The Yankees have through numerous media outlets agreed to a four-year contract worth a reported $52 million to OF Brett Gardner. Gardner just 30m years of age has spent his last six seasons with the Bombers and his homegrown. The Deal will kick in in the 2015 season as the Yankees have signed lucrative deals to Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Bob McCann, and Masahiro Tanaka to name a few this off season.

Now Gardener is a CF by Trade but can play all OF positions as the Yankees 2014 Opening Day Depth Chart should look like this in the Outfield:

Starters LF Gardner CF Ellsbury RF Beltran

Reinforcements LF Soriano CF Gardner RF Suzuki

Gardener will spell Ellsbury when Jacoby gets a day of or hits the D.L. and that is coming Yanks Nation and it's like I am the "Bear of Bad News". Soriano and Ichiro are not everyday players but they will DH and occassionally spell Gardner or Beltran in the OF.

Gardner his .277 hit 2013 with 24 Thefts and scoring 81 runs with 33 Two-Baggers....            

#20 MICHIGAN 79 #13 MICHIGAN STATE 70...the MAIZE & BLUE sweeps SPARTY behind STAUSKAS from "North of the Border" and LEVERT...WOLVERINES now lead Big 10...CAMPUS HARDWOOD from UM Ann Arbor #GoBLUE #UM #Wolverines #Big10

The Michigan Wolverines have the Michigan State Spartans numbers as they give their In-State Rivals another "L" sweeping the Season Series 2-0. The Game was nip and tuck all the way until Nick Stauskas took over in the 2nd half as Sparty had no answer for the "North of the Border" Combo Deluxe Guard.

State led at the break 36-34 as they were playing a Sparty-Like Pace. The Game turned in the middle of the 2nd half with State up 48-43 Stauskas and Caris Levert took over. They erased a five point deficit and made it a 59-52 UM lead in a blink of an eye. Stauskas led UM with a Game-high 25 points and Levert added 21 points. They both combined to shoot 6 for 10 from deep as Glenn Robinson III got in on that act chipping in with 15 including a "Splash Play" Lob from Stauskas in closing time.

Sparty gets 21 points from Gary Harris, 13 points  and eight boards with six helpers from Combo Guard Denzel Valentine, and a double double 13 points and a dozen Oranges from Adreian Payne. Sparty was - 8 in Free Throws Made and had 13 turnovers to UM's three. Those two numbers spelled the Loser's Locker Room as Sparty PG Keith Appling with that troubled wrist just isn't close to what he normally is and the Spartans are paying for that.

Michigan with the "W" moves to first place in the Big 10 at 11-3 and 19-7 overall. Sparty falls to 11-4 in the Big 10 and 22-6 overall. The Wisconson Badgers are chasing both at 9-5 in the Conference Play.      

CANADA 3 SWEDEN 0...the CANADIANS make it Back 2 Back GOLD behind the HABS PRICE in Net and "LAMP Lightings" by Captain SERIOUS of Team INDIAN Head and the PENS Two-Pack of "SID the Kid" and KUNITZ...SOCHI 2K14 WInter Games HOCKEY Gold Medal Match #SochiOlympics #TeamCANADA

Was it ever in doubt as the Canadians made it look it easy on then back end but had some bumps in the road in the front end. Carrying 11 of the Top 14 NHL Scorers on the Roster put together by Steve Yzerman of the Tampa Bay Lightning Team Canada goes back to back Gold Medals as they dominate the Swedes 3-0.

Goals by Blackhawk Captain and Canada's Alternate Captain Jonathan Toews dba "Captain Serious" and Chris Kunitz and "Sid the Kid" Crosby of the Pens sealed the deal. Toews struck in the 1st period off of a redirect for the only score in the first frame. Canada's Captain "Sid the Kid" gets a breakaway backhand in the 2nd frame to make it 2-0. Then ion the third frame with the Swedes being careless at their Blue Line Pens Chris Kunitz make them pay with a Wrister to make it 309 to cap the scoring for the game.

For Toews and Crosby they "Lit the Lamp"  for their first goals of the 2K14 Olympics as was Kunitz Goal. Montreal Canadians Net Minder Carey Price recorded his 2nd shutout of the Olympics stopping all 24 shots by Sweden. The Blue Shirts Henrik Lundqvist stopped 33 of 36 shots but wasn't as sharp as he has been in previous outings especially in the Semis vs Finland. The Swedes unfortunately played without the Henrik's (Sedin and Zetterberg both Injured didn't make the Trip) and Niklas Backstrom was a late scratch and the Top Three Centers on the Swedes wee out...that was a huge.

As for now the Top Country in the World in Hockey is Canada as they will try to go for Three-Peat in 2018 and before that there will be four more Lord Stanley Cup Winners...imagine that!

Congrats to Team Canada and Lead Man Mike Babcock and Staff as both Hockey Gold's reside "North of the Border"...

Top 3 NBA Games going Prime Time on SUNDAY February 23rd...CLIPS @ REGULATORS Report OKC...the WEST SIDE Story Report near OCEAN Drive at the AA 305...and CLUTCH City in the Valley of the SUN #LACvsOKC #CHIvsMIA #HOUvsPHX

The Top Three Game in the NBA for February 23rd, 2014...

#LobCity @ #RegulatorsReportOKC on ABC at 1pm ET

The Clippers are coming off of an "L" to the Grizz in Memphis as they let one slip away late. "Late Night with Blake" along with DeAndre the Lob City Giant has become one of the Top 5 Duos in the Paint in the NBA. Now they face the OKC Thunder coming off an embarrassing loss to the Heat on Thursday and they have had plenty of time to marinate on that one. Clips 1st in the Pacific with the Thunder 1st in the Northwest. OKC #1 record in the West lead the #2 Spurs by three games. Clips the #4 seed as we go to press trail Clutch City by a game and leads G.S.W. by three games.

#WestSideStoryReport @ #Champs305 on ABC at 330pm ET

The Bulls have taken off since the trade of All-Star Luol Deng and they are sitting at the #4 slot in the East as they took care of the Denver Nuggets on Friday Night. At 29-25 and 7-3 in their last ten games. They are still some twelve games off the #1 Seed in the Eats and Central Indian Pacers. The Miami Heat come off a 5-1 Motel Swing West that saw them lose to the Jazz in Salt Lake. Meanwhile in the Final game of the Motel Swing King James gets a broken nose and is probable for Sunday's Game. Wade County looked like a man possessed as he torched OKC on Thursday Night.

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The Rockets finally got cooled off in Planet Oracle vs the Warriors as they have been en fuego. Rockets are the #3 seed in the West and just 2.5 games back of the Spurs in the Southwest.    Learning how to play with Howard and the emergence of a Plethora of Players like Terrence Jones, and Chandler Parsons has made Clutch City rather formidable in the West. The Suns have been the surprise of the 2013-14 NBA Season and they are going nowhere and here to stay. They come in the #6 seed in the West and #2 in the Pacific ahead of G.S.W. by a 1/2 game.        


Saturday, February 22, 2014

MAVERICKS 113 PISTONS 102...J-SMOOVE went Highlight Factory Crazy but it wasn't enough as DIRK-iliscious, VIN-canity, and MISSISSIPPI Lightning went "Everything is Bigger in TEXAS"...LOGO WATCH with Team Shark Tank of Big D > Deeeeeetroit Basketbaaaaaaall #MAVSnation #G.O.A.T.ofBigD@Swish41

The Detroit Pistons were off an running and if they all ate and drank what Josh Smith had this story would have a Detroit Sports Nation happy ending! Having said all of that the Mavs just have their Stiff together and that stuff later on prevailed and was too much for Detroit Basketball.

Behind 24 points from Germany's Favorite Son Dirk Nowitzki and 18 points from Half Man/Half AARP Vince Carter the Mavs hit the Winner's Circle in Big D. The Mavs total Team effort negated a 32 points performance through three frames by Pistons 2013 Prized Free Agent Pick Up Josh Smith dba J-Smoove. Dallas also gets 12 points and thirteen helpers from Monta Ellis dba Mississippi Lightning with the Pride of Haiti Sam Dalembert throwing in 12 points and hauling in eleven Oranges as the Mavs move to 7-2 in February and take that Grit & Grind Beale Street.

The only other Pistons in double figures was Greg Monroe netting 17 points and seventeen boards with West Side of the Chi City's "Will the Thrill" Bynum of Crane Tech by way of Desert Swarm and the Ramblin' Wreck also adding 17. The other Pistons were a no-show and the night before four Pistons had double-doubles....too much pre-game meal!

The Mavs move to 34-23 and will be in Winning Time while the Pistons fall to 23-33 and the search for a New Lead man will continue far past the 2013-14 season.  

HAWKS 107 KNICKS 98...KNICKS lighting up the HIGHLIGHT Factory only to give KNICKS Nation nothing but LOW LIGHTS in the 4th...HAWKS Explosion in 4th puts NYK away...LOGO WATCH in ATL with everyone cheering for the VISITORS and Imagine That! #ATLHawks #HighlightFactory404

This is it as Melo blew gasket or was ready to blow one as he had the "Wood Face" in the 4th when  Atlanta decided they were better than this Knicks Team. Knicks up 73-63 after three get pushed right down Peachtree to Lenox Mall for Timeout as the Hawks explode as though "Smitty" and "Mookie" were dialing it in.

The Hawks hit Knicks tape up with a 39-25 closer that featured Wahoos Alum Mike Scott getting his inner Joe Johnson on with a career-high 30 points as he grabbed eight boards. Hawks PG Jeff Teague who ordered Two Men and a Truck on NBA Trade Deadline Thursday only later to find out he as staying put (for now) added 28 points and waited on six Hawks Tables. Even former Grizzlies 1st Rounder and Mizzou Star Demarre Carroll got in on the act giving NYC Hoops 24 points including 12 of that 24 from deep.

As for the Knicks they could not stop the Hawks in the 4th and if they are not going to play "D" then its time to make a change. Everyone has tuned out Lead Man Woodson and Wood might have even tuned out himself. The "Bully" nets 35 then what and how many times do you have to be told 'Melo Anthony led NYK in scoring? It's won;t be very difficult to fix this they just need to make a Trade to get a Lottery Pick in 2014 and the NBA will fix it for them. That was one of the worst displays of Defense i have seen this Season in the NBA...real talk!

Hawks needed that one as they move to 26-29 while the Knicks at 21-35 will most likely hit 40 L's before 30 W's.




#5 DUKE 66 #1 SYRACUSE 60...'CUSE Foul Trouble and No MONEY BALL Threat spells Gloom and Doom in Cameron as the DUKIES even the Score...a Rivalry...NO! CAMPUS HARDWOOD from K-VILLE #BlueDevils #Orange #ACC

The Syracuse Week started back in the Carrier Dome losing to B.C. and now the Dukies hang an "L" on the 25-0 then and 25-2 now Syracuse Orange. Amazing how  a bad week and two straight losses can put things in perspective.

Duke's Zone Offense and attacking that vaunted 'Cuse Zone was the big story along with the Orange's Foul Trouble to their Bigs not Jim Boehiem's Technical Foul. Both Jabari Parker (19 pts 10 rebs) and Rodney Hood (13 pts 7 rebs) led the Charge as 'Cuse again could do nothing about Parker the best Freshman and arguably best college player in the land. PG Quinn Cook came of the Duke Bench to hit two big Money Balls as he chipped in with 9 points and some steady play at the point.

'Cuse will be alright as they only took nine attempts from Deep and Rakeem Christmas being in foul trouble early in the 2nd half put that 'Cuse Zone Defense in a more than vulnerable position. Jerami Grant led the Orange with 17 points and eight boards with C.J. Fair adding 12 points and seven boards. Lack of Offensive Aggressiveness which is also a direct correlation to 'Cuse Foul Trouble led to them only taking 14 attempts from the stripe. Syracuse was playing well all the way up to when Duke tied it going into the half and the 2nd half was all Duke as the Orange hung close.

Is this a can be but it's way too early in ACC Play for Syracuse to call it that. What it is though is two National Powerhouses that are always loaded meeting twice per season and that is good for the ACC, College Basketball, and two Greats in Coach Boehiem and Coach K.

Duke after losing to UNC earlier in the week moves to 11-4 in the ACC and 22-6 overall. The 'Cuse falls to 12-2 in the ACC and 25-2 overall as they try to end a two-game skid this Monday @ Maryland and a huge one vs the Wahoos on March 1st.

#18 KENTUCKY 77 LSU 76...#GeauxTIGERS put a Charge and a Scare into the #BBN as UK behind the CLASS of 2013 go Biggie-Size to beat TIGERS in Extras...CAMPUS HARDWOOD at RUPP with Big BLUE Nation and some Anxiety #WeRUK #UKCats #LSU

It went to extras and it involved a lot of drama with the UK Freshman playing big, a Pint-Sized Kentucky Native wearing Purple making "Splash Plays", and bog play after big play. In the end the 'Cats Freshman Star Julius Randle grabbed an Offensive Rebound (one of his seven offensive rebounds on the day) for a put back lay-up with just over 3 seconds to go to preserve the Win for the 'Cats.

Kentucky gets 21 points from Aaron Harrison and 20 points from James Young as they kept UK in the game offensively. Randle grabbing fifteen Oranges also had eight points but had a huge impact on the game that doesn't show up in the score book. I still think UK is headed for a disaster with limited Shooting from the Arc as you need that to spread the floor for your Play makers and Bigs. UK shot just 1 for 9 from the Arc and they need to find a Shooter before the SEC Tourney. Offensive Rebounding bails them pout and erases a lot of shortcomings this UK Team has.

Kentucky Native and LSU Combo Guard Anthony Hickey delivered blow after blow as he had 20 points including some Dagger-Like Money Balls. He was joined by LSU Big Johnny O' Bryant's 20 points in the paint and Mid-Range as he grabbed a dozen Oranges. LSU had plenty of chances to close them out and didn't and that Loss might cost them a shot at the NCAA Tourney as they need a deep run in the SEC Tourney. The Tigers +18 from Arc almost put them in the Winner's Circle as they let UK grab 17 offensive rebounds.

UK moves to 21-6 and 11-3 in the SEC as the Tigers fall to 16-10 and 7-7 in the SEC....expect the #BBN to hit the Top 10 in Monday's AP Poll.


#2 FLORIDA 75 Ole MISS 71...."BILLY BALL" survives Mr. HENDERSON, the REBS, and #HottyToddy...GATORS in the SEC Drivers Seat...CAMPUS HARDWOOD hanging out with Landshark at OLE MISS #GatorChop #BillyBall #OleMISSRebs

The Ole Miss Rebels might look back on this weekend and say those two home Tilts that were losses to UK and UF got us ready fore the SEC Tourney and the NCAA Tourney. The Rebs played tough but no matter how you slice it they take another "L" this time from the Best the SEC has to offer.

The Gators knock down 12 Money Balls and shot nearly 80% from the Stripe and in the end they followed their leaders and that strong back court. Gators PG Scott Wilbekin led UF with 18 points and seven assists as fellow teammate and back court mate Michael Frazier II added 17 as the Gators tied 42-42 at the half edge the Ole Miss Rebels 75-71. Gators PF Patric Young chipped in with 12 points and five boards as Wilbekin is the key factor for the Gators. As he goes "Billy Ball' goes its that simple as he was also instrumental versus UK last week at Rupp in the Gator's Victory.

The Rebs get 22 points from Sniper Marshall Henderson as he shot 5 of 16 from the Arc. They also get 20 points and four helpers from Jarvis Summers as the rebs hung tough and played the Rebs better than they played the UK 'Cats earlier in the week. Ole Miss SF Anthony Perez added 10 as the Rebs fall to a tough 7-7 in the SEC and 16-10 overall.

The Gators moving to 25-2 and 14-0 in the SEC have to be a clear favorite to win the SEC Tourney and get to the Final 4. They lead the #2 Tea in the SEC Kentucky by 3.5 games at UK is 10-3 in the SEC.


#11 LOUISVILLE 58 #7 CINCINNATI 57..."RUSS-Diculous" as the "Battle of the AAC" goes to the U of L CARDINALS as they beat CINCY near the Ohio...CAMPUS HARDWOOD in Queen City OHIO at 5/3 Bank Arena #UofLCARDS #CINCYCats

Senior Russ Smith dba "RUSS-diculous" of the defending National Champion Louisville Cardinals lives for moments like this and he will go down as one of the best U of L Players of All-Time and yes the Bluedude went there. With the likes of "Dr. Dunkenstein" Darrell Griffith, "Never Nervous" Pervis Ellison, Milt Wagner, Wes Unseld, Billy Thompson, Lancaster Gordon, Jeff Hall, and the McCray Brothers (Rodney and Scooter) to name a few.

The Cards get a game-winning "J" from Smith with three seconds remaining and the 'Cats had to know he was the man to get the Orange and make a play or the Shot or both. The Win keeps the Cards at the top with the 'Cats of Cincy in the New AAC and if Cincy would have won they were up two game sin Conference Play...a huge loss for the Bearcats.

Smith only had 10 points but that last bucket was worth a 30-piece. Cards PF Montrezl Harrell led Louisville with 21 points as he grabbed ten Oranges. Terry Rozier added 10 points and grabbed five boards, and dished out six assists as he kept things in order for the U of L Back Court. The 'Ville almost lost the game at the Free Throw Line shooting 11 of 22 and that in March Madness will get you an exit sooner rather than later.

The 'Cats get a game-high 28 points from AAC P.O.Y. Fav Sean Kilpatrick but he only shot 9 of 26 including 3 of 14 from the Arc. He was the only player in double figures for Cincy and limited ball movement and execution letting Kilpatrick will spell gloom and doom moving forward. They must incorporate his Scoring within the Offense and it has to be a give and take through Kilpatrick and his Teammates. Shooting 20 of 25 from the Stripe almost put them in the Winner's Circle as they shot a horrid 16 of 56 from the Field and and 5 for 20 from the Arc after hitting your own Training Table for Pre-Game Meal is not getting it done.

Louisville is quietly at 23-4 and 12-2 in the AAC and a 1/2 game back of Cincy who falls to 13-2 in the AAC and 24-4 overall. The way these two play "D" in the Half Court and in Transition and how they are coached expect them into the Sweet 16...March Madness Heads.