Thursday, February 20, 2014

WARE and AUSTIN of the COWBOYS Salaries are looming large in JERRY'S World...what will the COWBOYS do with #94 and #19 as they both carry Major Cap Hits in 2K14...SUNDAY TALK from Valley Ranch #CowboysBusiness #JerrysWorldTX

They have had an impact on the Dallas Cowboys for quite sometime as one is headed to Canton, Ohio in a Cowboys Uniform. The other a non-drafted Free Agent that has made it big in Big D. Now things have changed for both DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin as their Talent and recent injuries might not out weigh the Check and Balances for the Cowboys.

2014 Ware and Austin Base and Cap Hits

$12.25 Million Base $16 Million Cap Hit 

$5.5 Million Base $8.249 Million Cap Hit

Ware will be the most interesting as the Cowboys are currently $25 million over the Cap but they could get under it quickly. Ware might be asked to Restructure his contract and if he says no that would save the 'Boys $7.4 million in Cap Space. Ware is only second to Cowboys QB Tony Romo who has a Base salary of $13.5 million and a Cap Hit in 2014 of a whopping $21.7 million. Ware had Elbow Surgery this month and "Father Time" is catching up to #94 a little!

Austin if he is a Post-June 1st Cut he would save the 'Boys around $5.5 million. With his Track Record of staying in the Training Room more than on the field the Cowboys most certainly have to move on.

Doing the Math of Ware and Austin are both gone ad the Cap Hits...$24.249 million off the Books as its Decisions Decisions in Big D in Jerry's World.  

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