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"Fight for VINCE" #48 talking the BACK END...Center Fielders, ISLANDS, "Loose Change" NICKEL an DIME, and Fake BACKERS in the Box...will it be SHERM, THOMAS III, and CAM dba as the L.O.B....or the D.R.C. and the CHAMPster who played with the 70s ORANGE CRUSH and 80s #HTTR...Who has the Edge? #SEAvsDEN #SuperBowl48 #LegionOfBOOM #UnitedInORANGE

This is is the last of the groups and the Edge has gone as expected to the Broncos on Offense and the Seahawks on Defense and that trend stays the same talking the Back End. As good as Manning Mile High and he is Great he will be tested by Sunday's only Legion and that is the "Legion of Boom" commonly referred to as the L.O.B. if your rolling with #TGIBF. At the same token Wilson will be thoroughly tested by a Vet that has seen 16 years of Sunday Work in Champ Bailey and a Pro-Bowler from his Rookie Season Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie dba D.R.C. (Tennessee State) and the cousin of Jets Antonio Cromartie (Florida State). Let's get to business...

#TGIBF Secondary vs #OrangeCrush Secondary

#LegionOfBoom Starters w/Nickel-Dime CB

Key = Tackles TCKL Sacks SCK Forced Fumbles FF Interceptions INT

Note: All Numbers 2013 Regular Season

LCB Richard Sherman 48 Tckl 8 Int
SS Cam Chancellor 99 Tckl 2 FF 3 Int
FS Earl Thomas III 105 Tckl 2 FF 5 Int
RCB Byron Maxwell 28 Tckl 1 FF 4 Int
Nickel/Dime Jeremy Lane 25 Tckl

The #1 Pass Defense and Takeaway Secondary in the NFL in 2013 the Seattle Seahawks and the "Legion of Boom". Yes they miss CB Brandon Browner but they still have the Core of Sherm, Earl III, and Cam. The weakest of the Bunch who will most likely have Decker or even slide onto Wes Welker is Byron Maxwell #41 in your Seahawks Program. Manning is going to have to beat them but the "Legion of Boom" has its work cutout if the Zebras call it tight and I am sure they will. That "Sherm" vs Demaryius Thomas is worth the price of admission alone.

#OrangeCrush Starters w/Nickel-Dime CB

LCB Champ Bailey 14 Tckl (pictured right)
SS Duke Ihenacho 73 Tckl 3 FF
FS Mike Adams 64 Tckl 1 Int
RCB D.R.C. 31 Tckl 3 Int
Nickel/Dime Quentin Jammer 14 Tckl
Nickel/Dime Tony Carter 13 Tckl 1 INT

The Broncos have some moving parts as they will miss #1 CB Chris Harris Jr. who tore his ACL vs the Bolts in the Divisional. Honestly like most your Secondary is more times than not as good as your Front is as stopping the Run and getting after the QB in Passing Situations. This Broncos Secondary makes up for what is excellence Pass Coverage with Smarts as Bailey is a Future HOF and D.R.C. is a good one. They must be cautious about the Deep Pig as the Seahawks have three legitimate Go Route or Nine Route Players in Tate, Baldwin, and Percy Harvin.

Edge: The "Legion of Boom" and going against Omaha Omaha himself Manning Mile High should be a Chess Match to the end!

Note: Numbers from


THUNDER 120 NETS 95...OKC rolls past #BrooklynHasAHomeTeam dba #BrooklynHasNoDefense as of January 31st 2014...The KD 6 and "Air CONGO" Ibaka "Iblocka" go Hard as does the REGULATORS in a Supporting Role...REGULATORS Report OKC "The TWITTIsphere was all over this one" #THUNDERup...REGULATORS...Mount Up!

Well KD's January ends as he breaks his streak of 30 points per as the OKC Thunder make quick work of #BrooklynHasAHomeTeam dba Tonight as of January 31st 2014 #BrooklynHasNoDefense. It wasn't just KD doing work everyone wearing OKC Thunder Alley White had a hand in this one.

A 63-35 lead at the break turned into a laugher as Durant ends up with 26 points on 10 of 12 from the field and an PKC 120-95 "W". Hold on the night belonged to "Air Congo" Thunder PF Serge Ibaka as he goes for 25 on 12 of 12 from the hardwood an OKC Record. Those two led six Regulators into double figures as they shoot for a team nearly 64% from the field.

The only bright spot for Brooklyn is that the Super Bowl Parties will be somewhere on Sunday and with the Game in nearby Jersey and the buzz picking up The Nets should be back page in the local Newspapers on Saturday...maybe! Shaun Livingston led Brooklyn with a smooth 16 with a struggling Deron Williams adding fourteen and some unforeseen uncharacteristic turnovers.

The Thunder move to a Logo Best 38-10 and have won ten games in a row. The Nets have cooled of a bit but still a red-hot January saw them win 10 of their last 13 as they fall to 20-24.

Those "Wanted" Posters should start showing up in an NBA Arena near you looking for the #1 Regulator Kevin Durant with an alias @kdTREY5, Slim Reaper, Durantula, the Plastic Man of Thunder Alley, Baby Ice, or just simply KD 6 of Nike Hoops.          

NBA's Top 3 GAMES on TGIF January 31st, 2014...Team GRIT & GRIND hits Target...THUNDER has "Date Night" in the BARCLAYS going Prime Time...and DINOSAURS playing 5,280 Feet above Ocean Water #TGIF in the LOGO on the "SLIM REAPER" Watch #MEMvsMIN #OKCvsBKN #TORvsDEN

The Top Three Games in the Logo on a relative light TGIF Night on Big Bowl 48 Weekend....

#Grit&GrindBealeStreet @ #TWolves 8pm ET

The Grizz are playing at their highest level in 2013-14 as that 9-1 in their last Ten Games and four wins in a row coincide with the return of the 2012-13 NBA Defensive P.O.Y Marc Gasol. Also the quiet acquisition of Courtney Lee at the Shooting Guard giving them more offensive pop has paid huge dividend while staying athletic.

The T'Wolves are 23-22 and they are riding the wave set by 2013-14 West All-Star Starter Kevin Love the "Lake Oswego Monster". They acquisitions of both Kevin Martin and Corey Brewer has given them a reliable 2nd Scorer behind Love and a lethal Defender and Open-Court Player in the "Brew Crew". Interesting to see what Love and Pekovic have for a "Night out with the Grind House Bigs" Z-Bo and Gasol.      

#RegulatorsReportOKC @ #BKNets 8pm ET NBA on ESPN

The real show is in town and after lighting up the Heat and King James on Hump Day the OKC Thunder and Nike Basketball's Slim Reaper and only Reaper rides into the Barclays. The Nets are riding high with East All-Star Reserve Joe Johnson having a monster 2014 and things looking up for the Nets. The Thunder comes in with the NBA's Best W-L and @kdTREY5. The Nets come in the #7 seed in the East but three games back of the Dinosaurs with the Knicks miraculously back just five games. KD leads the Logo in scoring at a robust 31.3 per...Regulators OKC...Mount Up!

#Dinosaurs @ #MileHighNUGS 9pm ET

The Raptors come in 24-21 with two All-Stars in DeMar Derozan and Kyle Lowry but one recognized and that is DeRozan. They are 24-21 and that is your leader in the Atlantic Division. They also are getting top notch play out of Bigs Amir Johnson (Out with Sprained Ankle) and Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas as well as SF/PF Patrick Patterson. Lowry though has been the catalyst as he is arguably the best PG in the East on a nightly basis.

The Nugs average at 22-22 and 5-5 in their last ten games. They go as their PG Ty Lawson goes and he is a monster in Transition. SF Wilson Chandler and PF JJ Hickson outside of Law Dawg have been their most consistent as there will be a MAN-imal Sighting at some point in this one talking Nugs high-flying Kenneth Faried. Nugs come in just 11th in the West and they need to get on their horse as that #8 seed the Mavs is at 26-21.  

"Fight for VINCE" #48 "MONSTERS Inside QBs" Edition...Yes the MAN-EATERS or D-LINE chasing the Money or the Sunday Signal-Caller like its nobody's business...Who has the EDGE? #SEAvsDEN #SuperBowl48 #TGIBF #ORANGEcrush

Al the talk for Super Bowl 48 has been Manning Mile High's Legacy, Sherm's Infamous Rant, Beast Mode talking Town Business (East Bay Stand Up!), and Ducks and not the "Duck Dynasty". We always as NFL Heads are caught up in "Glamour and Glitz" and we forget about the Boys upfront on the Defensive Line who can turn a Game or an Offense in a Single Bound into "Superbad".

Super Bowl 48 has moved to the Defensive Side of the Wilson Pigskin and its all business. The Broncos have made it clear that that so called sup-par "D" that gave up a whopping 48 to Romo and the Cowboys is no longer inn existence. The Seahawks on the other hand revolve around the "Legion of Boom" when  its starts up front with the "Puget Sound Bullies" of Avril, Mebane, Clemons, and Bennett to name a few. That is not the "Nascar Package" but its certified and verified Red Jersey Collectors (Sack Men).


Key: Tackles = Tckl Sacks = Sck Force Fumble = FF Interception = INT 

#TGIBlueFriday D-Line 4-3 


LDE Red Bryant 30 Tckl 1.5 Sck
LDT Tony McDaniel 53 Tckl 2 Sck
RDT Brandon MeBane 45 Tckl
RDE Chris Clemons 24 Tckl 4.5 Sck 1 FF


Depth Chart

LDE Michael Bennett 31 Tckl 8.5 Sck 1 FF
LDT Jordan Hill 7 Tckl 1.5 Sck
RDT Clinton McDonald 35 Tckl 5.5 Sck 1 Int
RDE Cliff Avril 20 Tckl 8 Sck 5 FF

Blue Friday was all that during the Regular Season as they were #1 in Total Yards Allowed, Pass Defense, Turnovers, and Point Allowed. That has changed a bit in Winning Time as they have given up 358.5 Yards to the Broncos 289.5. They also have only Three Sacks compared to the Broncos Six Sacks but had 44 during the Regular Season compared to the Bronco 41 sacks.  Bennett (8.5 Sck), Avril (8 Sck), Clemons (4.5 Sck), and McDonald (5.5 Sck) are "Monsters Inside QBs" and its not just getting home to Manning Mile High its the Hurries and Pressures getting him off balance. That Broncos O-Line has its work cutout led by All-Pro OG Louis Vasquez #65 in your Broncos Program.      

#OrangeCrush D-Line  4-3


LDE Derek Wolfe 16 Tckl 4 Sck
LDT Sylvester Williams 19 Tckl 2 Sck
RDT Terrence Knighton 31 Tckl 3 Sck 1 Int
RDE Shaun Phillips 35 Tckl 10 Sck 2 FF 1 INT


Depth Chart

LDE Malik Jackson 42 Tckl 6 Sck 1 FF
LDE Jeremy Mincey 17 Tckl 2 Sck
RDT Miych Unrein 20 Tckl
RDE Robert Ayers 29 Tckl 5.5 Sck 1 FF

The Broncos have done an excellent job in the Post Season as the "Meeting of the Broncos Defensive Minds" Jack Del Rio and John Fox have definitely tightened that Broncos "D" up looking like the 2014 Orange Crush. Broncos are #1 against the Run in Winning Time with a 64.5 yards per and that is stout. Seahawks in turn are giving up 134.5 yards per and Moreno with manning and the Play-Action...something has to give for both. Both though have lockdown in the Red Zone just giving up 16 ppg. Ex-Bolts DE/OLB Shaun Phillip has filled in admirably for OLB Von Miller and he is one to watch with 10 Red Jersey Collection in the Regular Season as is DT Sylvester Williams.

Edge: SEAHAWKS as its the Pass Rush as that Broncos "D" though is playing at a High Clearance Level 5. It's the Pass Rush aka the "Puget Sound Bullies" up front getting after Manning Mile High in this one.

Note: Numbers from


Thursday, January 30, 2014

"FIGHT for VINCE" #48 talking the BODYGUARDS...the Biggins' that keep MANNING Mile High and @dangeRUSSwilson clean, open the A-GAP for BEAST Mode and KNOWSHON, and make the TRAINING Table look like your Local BUFFET...Diggin' in the TRENCHES and who has the edge wearing Big Boy PANTS? #TeamUNGER or #TeamVASQUEZ #SEAvsDEN #SuperBowl48

Say what you want when NFL Teams come off the Charter the Fans or the Airport Workers are always star-gazing not for Stars only but the Big Boys. That's right the Biggins' that make it happen in the Trenches so everyone else can look good at the Podium or in front of the mic. Manning has excellent protection and so does Wilson and it will come down to who can dominate who in the Trenches.

"If your Nasty"

#12s O-Line (44 Sacks/7 Sacks)
* Denotes Pro Bowl or ** All-Pro

LT Russell Okung
LG James Carpenter
C Max Unger * (pictured right)
RG J.R. Sweezy
RT Breno Giacomini

The Anchor of the O-Line is Pro-Bowl Center Max Unger regarded by many as one of the Top 3 Centers in the NFL. Okung is a Franchise LT and was hurt part of the 2013 Season. Carpenter and Sweezy are man-eaters opening up holes for Beast Mode. Giacomini is a solid RT as this O-Line is one of the youngest in the NFL and that is scary! They must take care of Broncos Pass-Rushers like Shaun Phillips and Robert Ayers among others.

#UnitedInOrange O-Line (18 Sacks/0 Sacks)
* Denotes Pro Bowl or ** All-Pro

LT Chris Clark
LG Zane Beadles *
C Manny Ramirez * (Alternate Pro-Bowl)
RG Louis Vasquez ** (pictured right)
RT Orlando Franklin

The Broncos O-Line is much more decorated with All-Pro RG Louis Vasquez leading the way. They are solid as Chris Clark has filled in nicely for the best LT in the NFL Ryan Clady (Boise State) who is on IR. Franklin is a monster RT who will have his hands full with Seahawks Pass-Rushers like Michael Bennett, Cliff Avril, and Chris Clemons. Manny Ramirez has done a yeoman's job considering he was on his couch down in the Houston-Area when h got the call from the Broncos. He replaced Pro-Bowl Center Dan Koppen who went on IR in Training Camp in August 2013. The O-Line is as solid as it comes considering who they lost.

Seahawks QB Wilson was sacked 44 times in the 2013 Regular Season and seven times in the Playoffs. Manning was sacked just 18 times in the 2013 Regular Season and wasn't sacked once in the playoffs.

360 DeGrees....both Ramirez and Vasquez played at Texas Tech together for the Red Raiders.

Edge: Team Vasquez and the BRONCOS with a slight edge as they have kept Manning cleaner but Wilson isn't a Pocket-Passer as he moves around. Run-Blocking is the Seahawks but overall the Broncos get the edge on the O-Line slightly.  

KNICKS 117 CAVALIERS 86...KNICKS could have went Intrasquad Scrimmage called "Meet KNICKS TAPE" rather than play the BelieveLand CAVALIERS...and yes I went there..."BELIEVE-land"...Please! CAVS get it together that was embarrassing!...KNICKS Tape #1 Soap "GOTHAM LIGHT" "Roll the Credits before the's the CAVS we are playing" Episode #KNICKSnation #KNICKStape

That was the worst NBA Game to date for the 2013-14 Season and Cavs Lead Man Mike Brown has lost that Team and there is now way he makes it past All-Star Break or past the 2013-14 Season. The Cavs are a young team but young teams at least have "Effort". That display from the Cavs tonight vs the Knicks was utterly embarrassing. I don't care how many All-Stars (Kyrie Irving 24 pts on 25 shots)  they have where is the Leadership as that supersedes all individual accolades in team sports. I see "Believe-Land" on a lot of Twitter Profiles and it's cute then what! If it wasn't for Skip Francona and the Tribe...

Meanwhile the Knicks make super-quick work of "Believeland" 117-86 as the "Bully" stuck up the Cavs for Per Diem with Rookie Tim Hardaway Jr. as they each go for 29 points. Hardaway probably said after the game he thought it was the Minnesota Gophers when he was playing for the Wolverines. "Get Shots" J.R. Smith (19 pts) does what he does getting some You Tube Moments on Cavs Rook Anthony Bennett and 3rd-year PF Tristan Thompson. The Knicks goal has to be get to .500 before we hit 30 L's and that is definitely within reach sitting at 19-27. Knicks finish their 8-Game World's Most Famous Stand Saturday February 1st vs the Heat. They are currently 4-3 on the home stand as we go to press.

The Cavs fall to 16-30 as the Andrew Bynum Experiment blew up and now to is the Mike Brown Experiment #2 without King James.

360 Degrees...the "Bully" of Jordan Brand 'Melo Anthony becomes only the 50th Player to reach 19K Points and before he is done he should be well north of 25K..."Become Legendary" Melo M-10!        

As for "Believeland" Pitchers and Catchers report in Two Weeks....go Tribe!

SUNS 102 PACERS 94...PHX Hoops gives GOLD Swagger Loss #2 after a Home-Cooked Meal...Both NBA All-Star Game Snubs DRAGIC of PHX and LANCE of NAPtown go O-Zone Layer...LOGO WATCH as the "Valley of the SUN" strikes PACER Nation #PHXhoops #SUNSnation

The Phoenix Suns go into Bankers Life Fieldhouse right after Bankers Hours and do what only one team has been able to do..beat the Pacers after the Pacers go Home-Cooked Meal. The Story Line was that Pacers 2nd Home Loss and two players from each team not getting good news before the game or the news they didn't want to hear.

The Suns up 66-49 at the break as they had Gold Swagger backed in the Corner with the Fight Doctor Bernie Pacheco yelling "Throw the Towel". To the Pacers Credit they came out with a little more Swagger in their step in the 2nd half an got within one point late in the 3d frame. That was the closest they would get as the Suns follow the lead of their All-Star Game PG Snub Goran Dragic. Dragic lit up Gold Swagger for 28 points as he waited on seven Suns Tables. The Morris Twins went Double your Pleasure as they combined for 31 points, nine boards and four helpers. That inside play from the Twins off the Suns Bench off set what "Area 55' and D-West was doing for Gold Swagger. Suns Shooting Guard and former Pacer Gerald Green gets 16 points as he continues to play big at the two.

Roy "Area 55" Hibbert of Hoya Paranoia led the Pacers with 26 points and six board with D-West adding 18 points but it was Pacers All-Star Snub Lance Stephenson who came out firing. With his Logo leading 4th Triple-Double (14 pts 10 asst 10 rebs) "Lance of the BK" was illustrating all night long why he was worthy of getting sent to NOLA for All-Star Weekend by the NBA and the Pacers. As for this game 1 for 15 from the Arc and that huge Pacers Deficit at the break was too much to overcome. All five Pacer Starters hit double figures as they get zilch from the Pen.

The Suns move to an impressive 28-18 while the Pacers fall to 35-10 and suffered only their 2nd loss at home.  


NBA All-Star RESERVES for the WEST...SQUEEZE the ORANGE talking NOLA 2K14 ASG #WestReserves #RipCity #ForeverPurple #RedNation #PelicansNestNOLA #SpurWars #MileHighNugs

The Starters for the West are the Black Mamba (Out for ASG), Human Torch of G.S.W., Thunder Alley's Slim Reaper, the Lake Oswego Monster of 10K Lakes, and the Blake Show of Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up. The All-Star Reserves will be announced at 7pm ET on TNT and here are the Bluedude's Picks for the Left Coast:

2k14 West All-Star Reserves

PG "License to Lillard" #RipCity
PF L-Train #RipCity
C @boogieCousins #ForeverPurple
C "Dwight of Three Stripes" #RedNation
SG "Fear the Beard" #13 #RedNation
PF Ant Davis #PelicansNestNOLA (pictured right)
PG TP9 #SpursCommunity
PG Ty Lawson #MileHighNugs (Kobe's Replacement)

Lillard and L-Train have carried Rip City to a 33-13 Record as L-Train has starred in "Unstoppable 2" starring himself, Damian Lillard, Nic Batum, Wes Matthews Jr., and Robin Lopez. Batum and Matthews could also make a case but the West is crowded...

DeMarcus Cousins arguably the best Offensive Big in the Logo is simply dominant on most night when he can control his emotions and yes he is putting Numbers up on bad team but there is no denying he is an All-Star...

Dwight and Harden are the Two you have to game plan for facing Clutch City as they are a lethal One-Two Combo. Be careful though they have two other players for Future Consideration in "Parsons in a Red Nation Tree" and Me and Mr. Terrence Jones.

Anthony Davis is a nightmare and the numbers he puts up on both ends there is no denying his Stamp to play for the Home Folks All-Star Weekend in NOLA. He is also one of the Key Pieces for Team USA through the 2024 Olympic Summer Games in Leeds, Alabama...take that Chuckster!

TP9 is the the Lil Engine that is for the Spurs and he is a Top-Flight PG...and the Spurs currently doing what Team S.A.S. does at 33-13

CP3 replace Kobe if he is bale to play and if not I would go with Nuggets Ty Lawson as he and Raptors Kyle Lowry are the two most underrated PGs in the Logo always doing work..  

NBA All-Star RESERVES for the EAST...SQUEEZE the ORANGE talking NOLA 2k14 ASG #EastReserves #Dinosaurs #SeeRed #GoldSwagger #HighlightFactory404 #DCWizardry

The Starters are already in the game and for the East it was King James, Wade County, Rated PG-24, the Bully of World's Most Famous, and BelieveLand's "Kyrie for Mayor". The All-Star Reserves will be announced at 7pm ET on TNT and here is what the Bluedude is cookin':

2k14 East All-Star Reserves

PG John Wall #DCWizardry
2G DeMar Derozan #Dinosuars
C Joakim Noah #SeeRed
C Area 55 #GoldSwagger
SF Lance Stephenson #GoldSwagger (pictured right)
PF Paul Milsap #HighlightFactory404
PG Kyle Lowry #Dinosaurs

Wall has been dominant as the Wizards are 2-23 and he is fast becoming an Elite PG and at Bluedude Sportstalk a Point God...not on the 28-Man USA Select Team..Wow!

DeRozan and Lowry have been the most consistent back court and the best back court in the Eastern Conference. They are equally effective defending as putting the Orange in the hoop...the Dinosaurs lead the Atlantic Division.

Joakim Noah easily the #1 Garbage Man in the Logo doing all the dirty work and one of the best Passing B
igs in the Logo. The Bulls are nowhere close to .500 without Jo...and they know!

"Area 55" and Lance are the Catalyst for the Pacers behind All-Star Starter and Pacers Teammate Paul George. Roy Hibbert aka "Area 55" maybe the best Big in the East or tied with Jo and Stephenson is a Point Forward even though his starts at the Big Guard and is lethal in Transition.

Milsap is a Monster and he and Al Jefferson took the Money instead of going to s contender last summer but he can flat out play and is now the Focal Point of ATL now Al Horford is done for 2013-14.  

"Fight for VINCE" #48 WR/TE Edition...Broncos DEMARYIUS & JULIUS & WES & ERIC vs Seahawks GOLDEN & PERCY & DOUG & ZACH....WRs/TEs who has the Edge? #SEAvsDEN #SuperBowl48

As we get closer and closer to Kickoff for Big Bowl 48 we start to analyze the Play makers. The Wide Receivers and Tight Ends who make these Offenses go. The Broncos like to go to Thomas & Thomas in the Crunch but Wes is more. The Seahawks found WR Doug Baldwin in the NFC Championship Game a lot but now they have Percy Harvin their most explosive weapon back. The Broncos Demaryius Thomas will go up against the Seahawks Top CB Sherm and the Broncos need to know where Percy Harvin is lined up at all times as the Decoy might be on as well.


#UnitedInOrange Winning Time Numbers 
(Playoff Numbers)
Note: Numbers in 2 Games

WR D. Thomas 15 Pigs 188 Yds 12.5 Yds/Rec 2 TD
TE J. Thomas 14 Pigs 161 Yds 11.5 Yds/Rec
WR W.Welker 10 Pigs 76 Yds 7.6 Yds/Rec TD
WR E. Decker 7 Pigs 105 Yds 15 Yds/Rec

The Broncos haven't scored as much during Winning Time because they have not needed to the way their "D" has been playing. Manning Mile High likes D. Thomas the most but he can throw to any of the four above and they can make a play in any situation. All four are also "YAC" Guys as they eat up Yards after the Catch so tackling is a huge key when facing the Orange Crush.  This makes the Broncos on Offense so dangerous as they have an answer for whatever the Defense wants to do. In the Red Zone pick your poison as well as all are capable and it will be up to who checks TE Julius Thomas will it be Big Cam "Beamer Ball Blacksburg" Chancellor or the hard-hitting but pint-sized Earl "Hookem' Horns" Thomas. This is the Key Match Up besides Sherm vs Demaryuis on the outside.      

#SpiritOf12 Winning Time Numbers
(Playoff Numbers)
Note: Numbers in 2 Games

WR D. Baldwin 8 Pigs 136 Yds 17 Yds/Rec
WR G. Tate 5 Pigs 44 Yds 8.8 Yds/Rec
TE Z. Miller 4 Pigs 36 Yds 9 Yds/Rec
WR P. Harvin 3 Pigs 21 Yds 7 Yds/Rec

They Air Attack did nothing versus the Saints as Beast Mode was in full effect mode. It picked up vs the Niners because it had to and WR Doug Baldwin was huge in that game. No Baldwin the Niners move onto to Big Bowl 48. Having said that the Seahawks can adjust to any style but be careful here as the Broncos and Defensive Brain Trust Jack Del Rio (D-Coordinator) and John Fox (Head Coach) will try and force Wilson to beat them with his Arm and take away Beast Mode and that is the obvious plan of attack. Percy Harvin (pictured right #11) who played vs the Saints and not the 49ers is huge here as he is the big "Unknown" but "Known" and he is Top 5 not counting this season in All-Purpose Yards in the NFL. The Hawks will attack deeper in this game testing out the Broncos Secondary and will use Harvin as a Decoy in key Situational Football. The Key match Up is knowing where Harvin is Pre-Snap.

Edge: Broncos with their Plethora of Weapons and Game Breakers. TE Julius Thomas might be the biggest "Pain in the Backside" but watch out for Harvin something tells me we will see SKOL Nation Harvin and that will be a Problem!  

Note: Numbers from

JIMMY GRAHAM and #GeauxSAINTS Business...What will the NOLA SAINTS do with "Big RED of NOLA" as its FRANCHISE or Pay Him and the SAINTS have Major Cap Issues heading into 2014....SUNDAY TALK talking Who Dat? TE/WR JIMMY GRAHAM #GeauxSAINTS #WhoDAT

The New Orleans Saints have a dilemma and some Teams do regarding the 2014 Salary Cap. The Saints know they must keep TE/WR Jimmy Graham and with the Saints $13.6 Million over the Cap right now it may look like a Franchise Tag. Now is "Big Red of NOLA" Jimmy Graham a WR or TE as he lined up more at WR in the Slot the he did at Base TE and this is where things get dicey to say the least.

Jimmy Graham's Franchise Tags

Note: If Graham goes in a Franchise Tag Scenario it would cost the Saints more a WR than at TE so how would they classify him? Let's get down to what it would cost #GeauxSaints to play him at both.

Franchise Tag is to pay the Player in the Top 3 at his position.

Top 3 2014 NFL WR Salaries

1. Mike Wallace aka Ocean's 11 #Phins $15 Million

2. Larry Fitzgerald aka Fitz #BirdGang $12.75 Million

3. Percy Harvin aka I live in Percyland USA #12s $11 Million

That would cost the Saints around $10.6 Million Base Salary to pay Jimmy Graham at Wide Receiver. 

Top 3 2014 NFL TE Salaries

1. Marcedes Lewis #Jags $6.7 Million

2. Heath Miller aka Heeeeeeath #MenOfSteel $6.02 Million

3. Greg Olson #BackInBlack $5.25 Million

That would cost the Saints around just north of $6 Million to pay Jimmy Graham if he classified at Tight End. 

What will the Saints do as they may need like most Teams to ask players to restructure Monies paid put to fit Graham under the Cap one away or another. #80 in Black and Gold is as dynamic as they come and it will be interesting to see how they pay Graham or if they Franchise him and does the NFL give him WR Rights or TE Rights?

Note: 2014 Salaries from

BLACKHAWKS 5 CANUCKS 2...HAWKS down 2-0 early CUFF the CANUCKS like the Good Hands People and grind out a much-needed "W"..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison "VANCOUVER is a Beautiful City " Episode #BlackHawkNation #FearTheINDIANHead #OneGoal

Things couldn't have started any worse for the Blackhawks on their current Six-Game Motel Swing through Canada and the Left Coast. They lose in OT to the Flames and then on the 2nd leg of a back to back found themselves down 1-0 just 16 seconds into their game with Canucks in beautiful Vancouver, B.C.. behind a backhand by Chris Higgins.

That 1st goal was the only goal in period one and a 1-0 Canucks lead. The Canucks then get goal #2 just under three minutes into Period two to make it 2-0 as Tom Sestito scores for the 'Nucks. The Hawks then go on a 2nd frame terror as they get goals from Hossa (24), Saad (16), Captain Serious Toews (18), and Sharp (27) to make it 4-2 Hawks and boy did they need that. Hawks net minder Crawford stopped 29 of 31 Canucks shots and he put a lid on them 'Nucks after goal #2. 'Nucks longtime Net Minder Roberto Luongo stopped 35 of 39 shots and takes the "L".

The Hawks get a empty-netter from Brandon Saad his 17th and #2 on the night and the Hawks hit the Win Column finally and now escape Canada for California with three out of a possible four points. The Hawks now face the San Jose Sharks Saturday February 1st in the Shark Tank in San Jose for Game #3 on the trip that has Fear the Indian Head at 1-0-1 with 3 points.    

CLIPPERS 110 WIZARDS 103...What do you get with the Top DUNKING Duo in the LOGO, Two Certified and Verified SNIPERS, and a solid NBA Back-Up PG...the 2013-14 CLIPPERS with Moving Parts as they take the WIZ KIDS D.C. to Staples for Supplies and an "L"...LOGO WATCH at STAPLES w/LA SPORTS Arena Set-Up #CLIPSnation #NewCLIPjoint

The Clippers just took care of business versus the New Washington Wizards as the Wiz Kids D.C. just hung around and around until the Clips put them away late. Tonight at Staples with L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up the Clips Starting Five took the Wiz Kids D.C. to Staples for NBA Supplies and another "L"  as the Wizards lose another chance at the .500 mark. They might be allergic to playing above that mark!

Behind a game-high 29 points and nine boards the Blake Show continues his assault in the front court on Clippers Opposition. Maybe someone needs to tell him he is getting traded to the Knicks again for 'Melo Anthony. Blake's "Partner in Crime" DeAndre "the Lob City Giant" Jordan (Who leads the Logo as we go to press with 125 Dunks not counting any Dunks tonight) added 14 points while grabbing seventeen Oranges. Both he and Blake have ran with Doc Rivers Messages of going inside than out. Both Clips Sniper JJ Redick (20 pts) and Jamal 206 (21 pts) as well as PG Darren Collison (16 pts 9 asst) have picked up the slack left by CP3.

The Wizards had their chances as their exciting back court of John Wall (19 pts 11 asst) and Bradley Beal (20 pts) played well enough to put the Wiz in the Winner's Circle. They just didn't get enough help from their front court of Ne Ne (14 pts 8 rebs), Trevor Ariza (13 pts 6 asst) and Center Marcin Gortat (8 pts 5 rebs) to negate the efforts from Blake and DeAndre.  Shooting 3 of 22 from the Arc and -25 in FT Attempts was way too much to overcome.

The Clips making their move to that 3rd Seed in the West at 33-15 just a game and a half behind the Spurs. The Wizards with the loss fall to 22-23 and a game behind the Bulls at 23-22.  

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

BULLS 96 SPURS 86...Seven BULLS Players take over the AT&T Center as "SPURS WARS" was without Four Key Players...WEST SIDE STORY Report the "DISNEY on ICE" Trip putting the "SPURS on ICE" #BULLSnation #DaBULLS #TeamTHIBS

The Chicago Bulls know firsthand what its like to be without Key Players as their former NBA M.V.P. has been out the last two seasons. Now when your playing the Spurs or the Bulls they really do work on the "Next Man Up" Theory an it works a lot and that is a credit to Lead Man Pops and Thibs. Having said that let's talk See Red and Spurs in the Alamo City as the Bulls start their Six-Game "Disney on Ice" Trip.

Luckily for the Bulls they get Captain Kirk and Jo Knows back into the line up and the Bulls get seven players in double figures as they beat the reeling and five players out of the rotation Spurs. The "See Red Butler" led the Bulls with 19 points while Carlos Boozer added 16 points and twelve boards. The Bulls also get 15 apiece from the D.J. Augustin and the TAJ-manian Devil as the Bulls only have seven turnovers. They also beat the Spurs up on the Glass with a +7.

The Spurs without Kawhi Leonard, Tiaggo Splitter, Danny Green, and now Manu Ginoboli (Hamstring) can't keep going to the well as it is starting to run dry. Nineteen Turnovers was the big numbers for them as there needs to be no explaining that coming from a well-disciplined outfit like Spurs Community. PG TP9 had a game-high 20 points and six assist as Duncan chipped in with 17 and twelve but the turnovers killed the Spurs on this night. Patty Mills 12 points was the only other Spur in double figures as they have fallen on hard times.

The Bulls move to 1-0 on the Six-Game Motel Swing and 23-22 in the Central. The Spurs fall to 33-13 and only lead the Rockets by just three games falling back into the Southwest Division Pack.    

ROCKETS 117 MAVERICKS 115...MAVS get 38 from @swish41 but RED Nation gets everyone but Mascot "CLUTCH" to hit the Books...RED Nation's #1 Soap "As DWIGHT Turns" Big D Episode #REDnation #CLUTCHcity

The Mavs put up a fight as their #1 Weapon went Throwback Night as Dirk Nowitzki was Vintage DIRK-iliscious scoring 38 points. The Rockets at the same token had seven in double-figures including Chandler Parsons and Dwight Howard leading the way to a 117-115 victory.

The Mavs to their credit hung tough down just 63-57 at the break at home and had to be feeling good about themselves. The Mavs then tie the game on a Dirk Money Ball at 75-75 and that would be the last time the Mavs would be tied with the Rockets. The Rockets then surged out to a lead late in the 3rd frame only to weather everything the Mavs had coming at them to beat Big D 117-115.

Rockets SF Chandler Parsons led the Clutch City with 26 points with "Dwight of Three Stripes" adding 21 and Mr. Jones 16. The play of Rockets PG Jeremy Lin has been a huge key to the Rockets Success lately as he went 18 points, seven helpers, and seven boards as he has clearly outplayed both the Spurs Parker and Mavs Jose Calderon on successive nights. Shooting a blistering 55% plus from the field helps.

The Mavs were led by the aforementioned 38 by the "Germanator" Dirk Nowitzki as he also grabbed 17 Oranges. Vince Carter who has been sipping from the "Fountain of Youth" damn some Gatorade added 22 points with DeJuan Blair 13 points and Devin Harris 14 points. It was the Clutch City Starters out scoring the Mavs Starters 92-60. If the Mavs Bench led by VINcanity doesn't show's a Slaughter by Red Nation.

The Rockets move to 30-17 while the Mavs falling back into the pack to 26-21 and that is good for 8th in the West a game ahead of the Grind Hot Grizzlies! 

Note: Rockets SG James Harden didn't play again nursing a Thumb Injury...   

2014 Big MAC All-American BOYS Team dba McDONALD's All-American Team announced Today January 29, 2014...TOBACCO Road dominates as does #WeRUK and the #BBN...SCHOLASTIC Dayz with the BOYS H.S. All-Americans Edition #BigMACAllAmericans2K14

The Best of the Best of Boys Basketball Ranks were announced right up the Street from Bluedude Sportstalk Headquarters and there were no surprises. All Three Top Chicago Players made it including consensus #1 Overall Jahlil Okafor from Chicago Whitney Young H.S. (Duke), Cliff Alexander Chicago Curie (Kansas), and Tyler Ulis from Matteson, Illinois Marian Catholic H.S. (Kentucky). This team is extremely talented in the Middle with Bigs and excellent Big Guard and Wing Play.

Games April 2nd 2014 at United Center 

2014 Boys Big MAC All-Americans EAST Team
Position Player Name Height College

PF Cliff Alexander 6-9  Kansas *
SG James Blackmon Jr. 6-2  Indiana
SF Justin Jackson 6-7  UNC
PG Tyus Jones 6-1 Duke
PF Kevon Looney 6-8 UCLA *
SF Theo Pinson 6-6 UNC
SG D'Angelo Russell 6-4 Ohio State
C Karl Towns Jr. 6-11 Kentucky *
PG Romelo Trimble 6-2 Maryland
C Myles Turner 6-11 Undecided *
SG Isaiah Whitehead 6-4 Seton Hall
SF Justise Winslow 6-6 Duke

2014 Boys Big MAC All-Americans WEST Team
Position Player Name Height College

SG Grayson Allen 6-4 Duke
PG Joel Berry 6-0 UNC
SG Devin Booker 6-5 Kentucky
SF Stanley Johnson 6-6 Arizona
PF Trey Lyles 6-10 Kentucky *
PG Emmanuel Mudiay 6-5 SMU
C Jahlil Okafor 6-10 Duke *
SF Kelly Oubre 6-7 Kansas
PF Reid Travis 6-8 Stanford *
PG Tyler Ulis 5-9 Kentucky
SG Rashad Vaughn 6-6 Undecided
C Thomas Welsh 6-11 UCLA *

* Highlighted the Bigs from Power Forward to Center extremely talented mix of Players led by Okafor heading to Duke and Turner Undecided...True Bigs

Duke has Okafor, Winslow, Jones

UNC has Pinson, Berry, Jackson

Kentucky has Ulis, Lyles, Booker, Towns Jr.

Kansas has Alexander, Oubre

The Above Four Schools have the consensus Top Classes coming in and all that would change if the #2 Overall Player Center Myles Turner of Euless Trinity HS in Bedford, Texas decides on Kansas as he has Ohio State, Oklahoma State, SMU, and Texas as well. His last known visit was to OK State on January 28th 2014...

Congrats Student-Athletes...Girls Team on Thursday January 30th



THUNDER 112 HEAT 95...Slow your roll it's 1 of 82 in the TREK but @kdTREY5 dba the "SLIM REAPER" of NIKE Basketball gives the HEAT and King JAMES " A NIGHTMARE on 601 BISCAYNE Boulevard"...REGULATORS Report OKC with the KD 6 in Motel BLACK and ORANGE! REGULATORS...Mount Up! #ThunderNation #ThunderUp #RegulatorsReportOKC

The Heat up 22-4 early in what look like a Family Outing on a Saturday Afternoon on South Beach quickly turned into "Nightmare on 601 Biscayne Boulevard".  Yes and no Freddie was in sight it was all Kevin Durant and his march to the "Fight for MO" and that would be the NBA Trophy the Maurice Podoloff Trophy. The Thunder go on a 108-73 Run to close out the Champs and convincing fashion with no Uncle Russ of Jordan Brand...scintillating to say the least!

The Thunder after being down 18 early did what a Top Flight Team in the Logo is suppose to do just stay the course and weather the storm.  The Heat came out like the "Hitman" Tommy Hearns only to figures out after the 1st round it was "Marvelous" Marvin Hagler they were hitting and take this "L" with you Champs. KD ends up with 33 points shooting from nearby Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida to as far as Muck City the Belle Glades/Pahokee Florida Area. The "Slim Reaper" also dropped five dimes and grabbed seven Oranges to boot and made King James look like he was at Yankee Stadium for Blue Shirts/Isles Tilt....on Ice! Air Congo dba Serge Ibaka and Jeremy "Silence of the Lambs" 18 as OKC improves to 37-10 and their 9th straight "W".

The Heat lost it somewhere in the 2nd frame and could not get back to just playing Heat Basketball. Too much Mano y Mano and not enough "We Ball" as King James got caught up trying to match KD and that was a no no! James still ended up with 34 points as he was more bent on staying with KD in the Books then being the best All-Around Player in the Milky Way Galaxy. Bosh added 18 and nine with Wade County dropping just 15.

The Heat falls to 32-1 and they play in the East so they should be north of 56 W's by seasons end. Back to the Regulators as they are getting valuable minutes for B-Team while putting check marks all over the win column.

Regulators....Mount Up!

P.S. maybe the Heat should have been White Hot instead of Motel Throwback Black...Hmmmm!        

"FIght for VINCE" #48...BEAST Mode vs MORENO...Where do you want it at the A-GAP, the BOUNDARY, SCREEN Pass, DRAW, BLITZ Pick-Up, or in your GRILL...who has the Edge in RUNNING Backs? #SB48 #SEAvsDEN #BEASTmode #KNOWshon

The Two Running Backs responsible for their teams success on the ground is held by just two men. Two former 1st Rounders as one played at Cal Berkeley and loves Skittles and the other from NY/NJ played with Lions QB Stafford and Bengals WR AJ Green "Between the Hedges" U. One is playing with his 2nd team making it happen in a big way and the other is proving worthy of his 1st round status. Neither ducks the crowd as they like contact and pick up of plenty of blades of grass after such. Now its the biggest game of their respective careers and its now or never for the Ring!

Super Bowl 48 RBs Match Up 

#BlueFriday "BEAST Mode" 
#UnitedInOrange "the BX/JERSEY Turnpike" MORENO 

#SpiritOf12 RB Marshawn LYNCH #24

2013 Rushing (16 Gms) 301 Att 1,257 Yds 12 TD
2013 Receiving (16 Gms) 36 Pigs 316 Yds  2 TD

2013 Winning Time (2 Gms)
Rushing 50 Att 249 Yds 3 TD
Receiving 1 Pig 3 Yds

Beast Mode is a load wherever he is on the field. He can get to Pay Dirt with surprising speed at the 2nd level and also get go Earl Campbell on you in the A-Gap to the Boundary and in the Secondary. He needs multiple Hats put on him and wrap him or it is a lost cause dealing with him. No one talks about him being a threat in the Short Passing game but he is very valuable in the Screen Game. The Seahawks run a Power Back Set Single Back Attack unless of course its short yardage. The other RB you will see is Robert Turbin who is Broncos Rookie RB Montee Ball-Like. Nice Frame with a powerful lower half and speed to get in and out the A-Gap quickly.    

#OrangeCrush RB Knowshon MORENO #27

2013 Rushing (16 Gms) 241 Att 1,038 Yds 10 TD
2013 Receiving (16 Gms) 60 Pigs 548 Yds  3 TD

2013 Winning Time (2 Gms)
Rushing 37 Att 141 Yds 1 TD
Receiving 3 Pigs 34 Yds

Moreno is a no-frills back but a punishing back in his own right. Surprising toughness and escapability in the A-Gap with strength coming from his lower half. Doesn't have 2nd level breakaway speed but extremely tough in the open field to get down. Like Beast Mode you have to wrap him up with solid techniques or you will be the one crying. Excellent Pass-Catching RB in the Screen Game and the 5th Weapon in the Air for United in Orange and Manning will drop it off to him in a blink of an eye. He will be most important in Blitz Pick-Up when 12's bring Bennett, Clemons, and Avril for a Red Jersey Collection.  The other RB you might see is Rookie Montee Ball who is capable but poor Blitz Pick-Up Tendencies might keep him sidelined.    

Edge: Seahawks Beast Mode are you kidding me as he is more vital to the Seahawks Offensive Attack  than Moreno is to the Broncos. You want some Nasties..."Taste the Rainbow" is coming at you Downhill in your Grill!

Note: Numbers from


THUNDER @ HEAT w/PLAYBOOK...Will this be the 2014 "Fight for LARRY" as the REGULATORS OKC goes into the AA 305 to tackle HEAT Business...CHAMPS finding their stride as we head into All-Star Break 2014...REGULATORS Report OKC "the SLIM REAPER vs King JAMES" going NBA on ESPN Hump Day...enough said! #OKCvsMIA #THUNDERup #HEATnation

The build up is rather slow but building quickly as we head into Big Bowl 48 as there is some major business to attend to near South Beach Florida. Weighing in at 36-10 Regulators OKC in the Blue Corner taking all comers arrive in the AA 305 for their much-anticipated meeting with the Champs 305 weighing in at 33-12 for this NBA on ESPN Tilt for NBA Heads to see.

Kevin Durant dba the "Slim Reaper" and releasing his KD 6 NOLA Gumbo League Scooby Doos on Valentine's Day 2k14 has been on a tear like no other. Yes 'Melo Anthony had to throw his name in the Biltmore Brim with 62 to stay relevant but no one does it as efficiently as KD and his team is winning.        

King James on the other hand continues to do what the King does and that is fill the Stat Sheet up on a game by game need basis. The LeBron 11 is also in the Nike NOLA Gumbo League Back looking like it has Crawfish and Skrimps on the side and yes the Bluedude went Skrimps not Shrimps. Those are also available on Valentine's Day and tell your Squeeze to get in lone and grab them joints.

January 29, 2014 
7pm ET
Staples Southeast dba AA 305

#RegulatorsReportOKC THUNDER (36-10)
#WhiteHot HEAT (33-12) 

Key Match Ups

PG Reggie-J vs Regular Mario

SF Slim Reaper vs King James

PF Air Congo vs Photo Bomb C.B. #1 


The Point Guard play for the Thunder will be huge as Reggie Jackson needs to have a nice Assist to Turnover Ratio...take care of the Orange young snapper!

Rebound Margin...all bodies on the Glass

Can the Heat contain KD and will King James get that assignment?

Can the Thunder contain King James and will KD guard him?

Transition Offense vs Transition Defense

Limit Splash Plays

Guard the all shooters off the Three-Point Line...

Stay Aggressive on Offense and stay in Attack Mode...get to the Free Throw Line

If KD and LeBron are going....Stop the Game....and let's go 1 on 1 first one to Fifteen!....Loser wears a Tee for a whole week saying either "LeBron is the Best in the Logo" or "KD is the Best in the Logo" now that is worth fighting for!

Game Time 7pm ET NBA on ESPN...  

360 Degrees...what do you Biltmore wearing fools know about that Biltmore Chicago Fur Felt Fedora?


BULLS heading West at 22-22 on a Six-Game "DISNEY on ICE" Motel Swing ...Can they answer the Bell and come back 3-3 or better?...WEST SIDE STORY Report "Pack heavy BULLS and let's get after it out WEST" Episode #BULLSnation #DaBULLS

The Chicago Bulls will embark on one of their longest trips of the season commonly referred to as the "Disney on Ice" Trip as Mickey and the Gang take over the Madhouse for some Ice Time. Meanwhile the Bulls will head out West to play the Top-Heavy Western Conference as they are 22-22 and that is good for #6 in the East.

The Itinerary for the Bulls "Disney on Ice" Trip

Hump Day January 29th #SpursCommunity

Saturday February 1st #PelicansBest

Monday February 3rd #ForeverPurple

Tuesday February 4th #SunsNation

Thursday February 6th #WarriorsGround

Sunday February 9th #LakerNation

The Spurs are the #1 Team in then Southwest at 33-12 and that game will be televised Tonight on ESPN at 930pm ET...

Pelicans are every improving and thy have the best Player in the Logo no one talks about in 2012 #1 Overall Pick Anthony Davis from #WeRUK by way of Chi-City... NOLA 19-25

The Kings on Monday as they might see both Kings Big DeMarcus Cousins and Rudy Gay both out now with Ankle Injuries...Kings are lightning in the Back Court with Isaiah Thomas and Marcus Thornton...Record is currently at 15-29

The surprising Suns at 26-18 with a plethora of young players are led by New Lead Man Jeff Hornacek and PG Goran Dragic and former Gatorade Slam Dunk Champion SG Gerald Green...2nd in the Pacific as they leap frog G.S.W...

The Warriors on TNT and you know what is it is as they are currently 3rd in the Pacific with West All-Star Starting PG Steph Curry along with Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala, and David Lee among others...currently at 27-19

The dismal Lakers who are in rebuilding mode or shall I say #Tank4Jabari Mode as they are 16-30 and thankfully for the Bulls no healthy Kobe Bryant but Gasol, Swaggy P, and @kbutta5 should be more than enough...

This Trip is sponsored by "Disney on Ice" and if your in the Chicago Area from now until February 9th Tickets are right here at Ticket City at Bluedude Sportstalk as its two shows per day Afternoon and Night February 2nd -9th.  

WIZARDS 88 WARRIORS 85...The WIZ Kids D.C. shock Planet ORACLE and G.S.W. on WARRIORS Ground and WIZ PG JOHN WALL strikes with the Game-Winning MONEY BALL...LOGO WATCH out West with some D.C. WIZARDRY #WIZARDnation #WIZkidsDC

A nip and tuck affair out in Dub City as Wizards PG John Wall is still steamed at being left off the Team USA 28-Man Team with four Warriors Players on it not taking away from them. With that being said it was a game-winning Money Ball from Wall that stunned G.S.W. on this night.

The Wiz get just 15 points but eight helpers and five boards from PG John Wall as Wiz Shooting Guard and a member of the 28-Man USA Team teammate Bradley Beal goes 20 points and seven boards to lift D.C. past G.S.W. 88-85.  Wall hit the game-winner with well over a minute to go as Iggy missed a Three and Steph Curry dba the "Human Torch" missed two Money Balls for a potential tie. The Wizards trying to get over the .500 mark in John Wall's Wizards Tenure moves to 22-22. PF Ne Ne Hilario chipped in with 16 points and seven boards.

Curry had 23 points to lead all scorers but on just 8 for 23 from the field. Klay-T added 13 and D-Lee just 11 as they were the only three Warriors in double-figures. Surprisingly enough the Wiz hit 10 of 22 from the Arc and G.S.W. 7 of 23 and that echoes Wizards "D" running Warriors Shooters off the Arc all night long. G.S.W. falls to 27-19 as they are now 4.5 games back of the Clippers. Have to win the Games after a home-cooked meal your expected to or all those unsuspected L's will get you a lower seed in Winning Time in the end.      

GRIZZLIES 98 BLAZERS 81....Team GRIT & GRIND goes into RIP City and goes to Work not looking for a Dozen ROSES in the ROSE City...LOGO WATCH in GRIND Mode with Team #GnG Beale Street #MEMGrizz #GRIZZnation

If anyone in the logo needed a Player back from In jury it was the Memphis Grizzlies and Marc Gasol has showed the Logo how much he means to his team coming back off in jury. The Grizz go into Rip City in the Rose Garden turned Moda Center and put Grit & Grind all over the Blazers like Lex Luthor put Kryptonite on Clark Kent in his Blue and Red Jersey. The Grizz walk away with a resounding 98-81 "W" and will the real Team Grit & Grind Stand Up!

Behind 23 points and ten boards from @macBO50 who probably has heard enough about the L-Train as Z-Bo was doing it in Rip City long before him. Mike Conley Jr. added 19 points and seven boards with Gasol chipping in with 15 points and eight boards the Grizz rolled right through the Rose Garden. The Grizz leading 61-46 at the break put the game away in the 4th with a 20-12 3rd frame and a 81-58 lead after three.

The Blazers couldn't find the rim shooting just 4 of 24 from the Arc and under 35% from the field. L-Train LaMarcus Aldridge scored 27 points and grabbed sixteen Oranges. "License to Lillard" added 16 points and Robin Lopez 14 points as this was just one of those nights for the Blazers.

The Grizz moves to 23-20 and the Blazers fall to 33-13 and back three games of the OKC Thunder in  a wink of an eye!              

FLAMES 5 BLACKHAWKS 4 F OT...Fear the INDIAN Head cannot put the FLAMES Out..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison HAWKS in scramble mode as they need to see "GET RIGHT" Doctors on Ice #BlackHawks #OneGOAL #FearTheINDIANHead

The Chicago Blackhawks 6-Game Left Coast Swing and Pre-Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games Trip has started off on the wrong foot as Hawks Lead Man "Q" has to be concerned. The Hawks go into the New Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta the Home that Al MacInnis and Jarome Iginla built and lose to the Flames 5-4 in an Extra Frame.

The Hawks found themselves in trouble early and often in this one down 1-0 in the 1st frame  Citizen Kane 88 gets his 25th. Then down again 2-1 in tonight's reoccurring theme Marian Hossa gets his 22nd to end Period One 2-2. The 2nd period started just like the first as the Flames get goals from Matt Stajan and Mikael Backlund to go up 4-2 only for the Hawks to get right back in it. Hawks Ben Smith strikes and then with under two minutes to go in frame two Boss Hoss #81 strikes gain with #23 a shorthand goal. Teams hit intermission all knotted up at 4-4.

In the 3rd and final period it stayed gridlock as Hawks Net Minder Corey Crawford replaced Starter Antii Raanta in the 2nd frame. Then in OT the Flames get a wrap-around winner T.J. Brodie to roll the credits on the Hawks on this night. The Hawks lead Ice Games 2013-14 with 13 games on Extra Frames.

Crawford unfortunately takes the "L" as he falls to 19-8-9 relieving Raanta who stopped 11 of 15 shots before being pulled. Craw-Dad stopped 13 of 14 as the OT Goal gets by him.

The Hawks now get a well-rested Vancouver Canucks on Hump Day January 29th at 1030pm ET and on Saturday February 1st vs Joe Thornton and the Fins of San Jose before heading into L.A. for two.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

ROCKETS 97 SPURS 90...Who needs JAMES HARDEN?....RED Nation rides "DWIGHT of Three Stripes" and Me and Mr. JONES to beat the SPURS Community on a LOGO Watch after shooting 26-47 from the Stripe...#RED Nation #1 Soap "As DWIGHT Turns" CLUTCH City > ALAMO City Episode #ROCKETgang #CLUTCHcity

The Houston Rockets had no James Harden and there is no time for excuses in the Logo at this time of year or at anytime of man up! The Rockets answer the bell as "Dwight of Three Stripes" goes Vintage Mouse Town Dwight Howard as the Rockets get by the Spurs 97-90.

The Rockets down 46-39 at the half go on a 33-18 third frame and took it right to the Spurs who surprisingly enough had no answers for the Rockets in this one or in the 2013-14 Season (Rockets 3-0 vs Spurs). Dwight had 23 points and sixteen boards but a crazy six turnovers. He was joined by Terrence "Mr. Jones" who had an efficient 21 points on just 9 of 12 shooting and grabbed nine Oranges. It was the PG Play of one Jeremy Lin who carried the Rockets in pivotal moments late in the 4th as he went right at Spurs Point God TP9 with 18 points and eight helpers.

The Spurs showing sings of missing Tiaggo Splitter, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green need one or two of them back if not all of them as the Spurs Depth is wearing thin. Lead Man "Pops" will never make excuses but I will make one for him...Leonard is that Key piece missing right now no matter how you slice it. Spurs PF Boris Diaw led Spurs Community with 22 points and eleven boards. TP9 had 17 points as he had his hands full with the Red Nation's Trio of Points, Lin, Patrick Beverley (11 pts), and Aaron Brooks. Dunc added 12 points and grabbed fourteen boards as both teams shot poorly from the field and the Arc. How the Rockets won shooting just 26-47 from the Stripe is beyond me. Those numbers will bite you right in the backside come "Fight for Larry" Time.  

Rockets move to 29-17 and the Spurs 33-11 as Team S.A.S. has a firm grip on the Southwest make no mistake about it.  

KNICKS 114 CELTICS 88...KNICKERBOCKERS back on that Roller-Coaster as they hand the C's an "L"..."Get Shots" J.R., J-TYLER, Bloodline HARDAWAY Jr., and the Landlord of World's Most Famous TYSON all join the "BULLY" in Double-Figures...KNICKS Tape #1 Soap "GOTHAM LIGHT" There is No Boston CLAM CHOWDER served at New MSG #KNICKSnation #KNICKSgang

The New York Knicks are starting back north after falling back south and if they keep it up they are headed for a 36-46 #7 Seed in the East. They follow the lead of Carmelo Anthony and throttle the Green Team 114-88 as the Garden Concessions do not serve Boston Clam Chowder as NY Style Pizza was a hit.

The "Bully" scores 24 points and grabs nine Oranges as the Knicks attacking the Paint not settling or that "J" shoot 50% from the Field and the Arc to beat the Green Team. Knicks Center Tyson Chandler the Landlord of New MSG joined 'Melo as the only other NYK Starter in double-figures with 12 points and thirteen boards.  It was the Knicks Tape Bench that them going tonight with J.R. Smith 17 and Jeremy Tyler adding 17 points each and Tim Hardaway Jr. 16 as the Knicks Bench outscored the C's Bench 63-50.

The C's in turn get 14 points and seven boards from Jeff Green as no other C's Starter was in double-figures. Kris Humphries added 12 points with Jerryd Bayless 10 points as they shot just under 40% from the field. The Celts also had 17 turnovers and shout under 28% from the Arc and that put them right in harm's way in this one. C's Star Point God Rajon Rondo had 7 points and five helpers in just under 28 minutes on 3 of 13 shooting.

The Knicks move to 18-27 and 3-3 on the 8-game homestand. The Celts fall to 15-32 and line themselves up with oodles and noodles of Lottery Balls and take that C's Haters!    

PELICANS 100 CAVALIERS 89...Who flew over the PELICAN'S Nest?...It's the ANTHONY DAVIS Show as the #1 PELICAN takes down the CAVS in the "Q"....I need All-Star Consideration ASAP...LOGO WATCH with A.D. flying in the "Q" #NOLApelicans #PELICANSnest #PELICANSnation

He probably won't make the All-Star Team as he will be on the 2014 Team USA Squad that tackle the World in Spain at the FIBA Word's. Regardless if he does this or that Pelicans #1 Man Anthony Davis is starting to show the Promise that made him the 2012 Overall #1 in the NBA Draft.

Davis led the Pelicans to a 100-89 "W" over the Cavs in the "Q" behind a 30 points, eight boards, and seven block performance in what appeared to be a quiet storm. The Cavs didn't know what hit them and Davis has all the ability to make him the "Next in Line" out of the the 312 Chi-City. Pelicans Max-Contract Shooting Guard Eric Gordon also got in on the act with 20 points, nine helpers, and seven boards as he displayed a floor game that hasn't been seen in quite sometime. It was the 30-15 Pelicans 2nd frame that spelled gloom and doom for the C-Town.

The Cavs get 23 points and five helpers from PG "Kyrie for Mayor" Irving and 21 points and 4 helpers from Shooting Guard Dion Waiters as they still appear to be an odd fit. 2013 #1 Overall Pick Anthony Bennett had a career-high 15 points and eight boards off the bench. The Cavs just succumbed to the play of Davis in the paint blocking shots and the overall speed and quickness of Team State Bird of Louisiana.

The Pelicans move to 18-25 while the Cavs fall to 16-28. They say Jabari Parker will be the next great one out of Chi City ion the Logo. Well the Logo already had the next big thing out of the 'Go and he plays out of the Pelicans Nest...Anthony Davis!    

MAKING NOISE...Nike's NOLA GUMBO League...Scooby Doos 2014 NBA All-Star Collection from KD 6, KOBE 9 "Elite Maestro", and LeBron 11...

For all you sneaker heads out there the Swoosh has done it again and it should not surprise. With the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans Nike has released it's Top 3 Sneakers from King James, the Black Mamba, and the "Slim Reaper" @kdTREY5 in what Nike is calling the NOLA Gumbo Collection.

From left to right featuring the KD 6, Kobe 9 "Elite Maestro" and the LeBron 11...If that isn't enough Nike even went Art Work detailing King James,  Kobe, and KD (Below)

When Nike Strikes...the Sneak World listens! 

Valentines Day Release   

Top 20 Players for the JOHN R. WOODEN Award and WOODEN All-American Team 2013-14...CAMPUS Hardwood talking the late "Legend of WESTWOOD" Awards #NCAAB

The Best Players in Men's College Basketball will be decorated with an assortment of Awards but none of them are as big as the John R. Wooden Award and Wooden All-American Team. The Award and Team named after the late great UCLA Bruins Men's Basketball Coach John R. Wooden annually boasts the Nation's Premier Basketball Players.

The 2013-14 Top 20 WOODEN Award Candidates from Bluedude Sportstalk:

* the only returning Wooden All-American

1. SF Doug McDermott #Creighton

2. PG Marcus Smart #OKState
    (pictured right)

3. SF Jabari Parker #Duke

4. C Joel Embiid #KU

5. PG Shabazz Napier #UConn

6. PF Julius Randle #UK

7. PG Tyler Ennis #Cuse

8. SF CJ Fair #Cuse

9. SF Aaron Gordon #Arizona

10. SG Andrew Wiggins #KU

11. PG Kyle Anderson #UCLA

12. SF Cleanthony Early #WichitaState

13. PG Aaron Craft #OhioState

14. PG Keith Appling #MichiganState

15. PG Gary Harris #MichiganState

16. PG Chaz Williams #UMass

17. SG Nick Johnson #Arizona

18. PG Russ Smith #Louisville

19. SG Nik Stauskas #Michigan

20. PF Shaq Goodwin #Memphis

McDermott could be Three-Time Wooden All-American joining UNC's Tyler "Psycho-T" Hansborough. His 24.9 ppg (2nd in Nation) and 7.1 rebs.

Freshman on the List include Parker (Duke), Wiggins and Embiid (Kansas), Randle (Kentucky), Ennis (Syracuse), and Gordon (Arizona). All but Ennis is projected Lottery Picks and four of the six are projected 1-2-3-4 in Parker, Embiid, Wiggins, and Randle.

Smart is the best Point Guard on the board at any position as he is a "Winner" and will try to win at all costs...

Arguably the best Conference in the Land the Big 10 has four players representing led by Michigan's Nik Stauskas...

Chaz Williams is 3rd in the Nation in Assists at 7.4...

Freshman Randle of Kentucky is Top 10 in Rebounding at 10.5 rebs per...

The Bluedude's First Team Wooden All-American Team for 2013-14

SF Jabari Parker Duke
PF Julius Randle Kentucky
C Joel Embiid Kansas
PG Marcus Smart Oklahoma State
SF Doug McDermott Creighton

March Madness is coming soon and checkout Campus Hardwood as Bluedude Sportstalk chronicles the NCAA Men's Hoops...

MANNING Mile High vs @dangeRUSSwilson "Fight for VINCE" #48..."A QB DRIVEN League" Comparing the SIGNAL-CALLERS...the Elite of the Elite MANNING vs 2nd-Year Stud RUSS who has the edge in BIG BOWL 48? #DENvsSEA #SuperBowl48

With Media Day all over the T.V. let's break down the match ups bits by bits and pieces by pieces as we start with the most integral part the QB. Denver Broncos Peyton Manning brings multiple NFL M.V.P. Awards as well as its "A QB Driven League" Brain Power like no other. Wilson brings the uncanny ability at barely 6' tall to make plays inside or outside the Pocket with a Cannon-Like Arm and nifty quick feet. We have the Prototypical Pocket-Passer vs  "A Night at the Improv" and it's all going down for all to see in Jersey at Met Life on Sunday February 2, 2014.

The Match Up

MANNING Mile High vs @dangeRUSSwilson

#UnitedInOrange QB Peyton Manning

2013 Numbers (16 Gms) 450/659 Comp/Att  5,477 Yds  55 TD 10 INT  115.1 QB Rating

2013 Winning Time Numbers (2 Gms) 57/79 Comp/Att  630 Yds  4 TD 1 INT  107 QB Rating

Manning is just super-dangerous and he is like the World's Best Surgeon and yes I went there. If he gets time there is nothing you can do to stop and the Seahawks know this. The Defensive Adjustments on the fly are huge when playing Manning as he goes Hurry-Up and No-Huddle to set the fast-pace. He also has more weapons then he has even had including all those Monsters in Indy like Marvin, Edge, Dallas, and Reg. It's not his Arm-Strength but his overall Football IQ that sets him apart. If you love QBs and how they dissect Coverages and have a Manning Mile High Crush in Orange.

Manning's Top 4 Targets:

TE Julius Thomas
WR Demaryius Thomas
WR Wes Welker
WR Eric Decker

#HawksNest206 QB Russell Wilson

2013 Numbers (16 Gms) 257/407 Comp/Att  3,357 Yds  26 TD 9 INT 101.2 QB Rating

2013 Winning Time Numbers (2 Gms) 25/43 Comp/Att  318 Yds 1 TD 0 INT 89.1 QB Rating

Wilson is the Hybrid as he is a two threat QB with his Arm and his Feet. If your going to get to him you have to trick him as he is super-elusive and when he gets out the Pocket he is the Seahawks 3rd Best in the open field behind Beast Mode and Percy Land USA. His can make all the necessary throws with a huge arm and adding WR/KR/RB/PR Percy Harvin to his Weapons will only enhance the Game Plan with Wilson. If you love QBs who can run around like the great NFL HOF Fran Tarkenton for 1 minute then make a play down field with their Arm or get on their horse with them dawgs...@dangeRUSSwilson is your Dawg! A night at the Improv staring Russell Wilson of Blue Friday!  

Wilson's Top 4 Targets

WR Doug Baldwin
WR Golden Tate
WR/RB Percy Harvin
TE Zach Miller

The EDGE: It will go to Manning Mile High of the Broncos but the edge is not overwhelming and Wilson is fabulous under duress and that Broncos "D" must stay discipline and stay on their Keys.

Next Break Down the Running Backs....


Monday, January 27, 2014

TIMBERWOLVES 95 BULLS 86...The Lake OSWEGO Monster" hits the MADHOUSE and "BENNY the Bull" for 31...No Captain KIRK or JOAKIM for BULLS Nation...WEST SIDE Story Report "Twin Cities LOVE Strikes" Episode #TWolvesNation #BULLSnation

On a night where the Chicago Bulls needed Big Joakim Noah the most he was unavailable which means the "Lake Oswego Monster" was free to move around the Madhouse. The 'Wolves blue-collar effort was more than the Bulls blue-collar effort and Team Target Center wins 95-86.

Kevin Love ended up with 31 points and eight boards not showing his whole repertoire on this night and it wasn't like he had to. 'Wolves Bench Players Ronny Turiaf (14 pts) and Chase Budinger (the best Volleyball Player in the Logo 12 pts) came up big as Corey Brewer was the only other 'Wolves Starter in double-figures. The 'Wolves went to the line ten more than Se Red and shot nearly 48% from the field.

The Bulls already offensively challenged on most nights gets 20 points and fourteen boards from Carlos Boozer and 19 points and six boards from PG D.J. Augustin. The "See Red Butler" Jimmy added 16 point and eight boards as the Bulls just could not get a lead over the 'Wolves all night long. "Pace" was definitely in See Red's Corner but they could not capitalize on it.

Bulls with the "L" fall back to .500 at 22-22 as the 'Wolves move to the .500 mark at 22-22...

THUNDER 111 HAWKS 109...Can you smell what @kdTREY5 is cookin'? the "SLIM REAPER" strikes ATLANTA with a furious 4th Frame and OKC wins! REGULATORS Report OKC and give KD the M.V.P. #ThunderNation #THUNDERup...REGULATORS...Mount Up!

The Atlanta Hawks came to play and that gave all what they had in a 111-109 defeat to the OKC Thunder. The only problem Atlanta had tonight like others who face the Thunder...OKC has Kevin Durant and you don't!

After a 87-79 leads after three the Hawks had put themselves in good position to win and they knew @kdTREY5 was coming and could do nothing about it. KD had a game-high 41 points on 15 of 25 shooting (5-7 3pt FG) after all the smoke cleared. He had 12 in the 4th including the game-winning step-back "J" as the Hawks were not surprised but relatively stunned. The Thunder also 18 from Reggie Jackson and 14 from Jeremy Lamb but it was the "Will" of KD that put his Team in the Victory Circle.

Hawks Paul Milsap led ATL with 23 points and eight boards. Mike Scott added 16 off the bench with  Shelvin Mack 15 and seven helpers. The Hawks were without Starting PG Jeff Teague on a night where you need 100% of your Roster and your Lead Guys to have a chance in Thunder Alley. The Hawks matched OKC hitting 12 to OKC's 13 from the "Land of Plenty". It just came down to the 2013-14 NBA M.V.P. known to Bluedude Heads as the "Fight for Mo" the Maurice Podoloff Trophy.

The Regulators OKC move to 36-10 as the Hawks fall to 23-20...       

RAPTORS 104 NETS 103...BROOKLYN PG D-WILL goes Turnover Crazy late as the DINOSAURS stun the BARCLAYS...LOGO WATCH "Was GODZILLA in the Barclays or was it just a RAPTOR" Episode

The Toronto Raptors who need more than just luck on their side after years and years of misfortune stun the Brooklyn Nets late in the Barclays. The Raptors Hero wasn't Kyle Lowry, DeMar Derozan, or Terrence Ross. But Bucks Shooting Guard OJ Mayo's HS Teammate Patrick Patterson the well-traveled Patrick Patterson.

With the Nets up 103-102 it was Patterson's Steal of Nets PG Deron Williams and a Paterson "J" that gave the Raptors a 104-103 lead. The Nets drew it up and the "Truth" Paul Pierce Money Ball missed as the Dinosaurs put another game between them and the 2nd place in the Atlantic Division Nets.

The Dinosaurs get 31 points and seven helpers from Lowry who clearly outplayed all Nets PGs including D-Will. Thy also get 20 and 13 from Lithuanian Big Jonas Valanciunas with Patterson adding 15 points off the bench. It was the plays at the end and Lowry's five thefts that put Toronto in a position to get the "W".

The "Truth" had 33 points as he carried the Nets in the 4th as they were down at one point by nine points. Joe Johnson added 12 and Andray Blatche 's 20 points and six boards were huge for the Nets staying close. The Dinosaurs Starers outscored the Nets Starters 69-65 as it just came down to getting Stops or making the play to win the game and that went to both Patterson and Lowry of the Raptors.

The Nets with the loss fall to 20-23 and the Raptors move up to 23-21 just 2.5 games up on the Nets. Brooklyn could have really put some pressure on Toronto with the win.

SUNS 124 SEVENTY-SIXERS 113...SUNS Fantastic Backcourt of DRAGIC & GREEN take a Cold Evening Stroll down Broad Street Philly and paste the SIXERS...PHILLY drops to 14-30...LOGO WATCH as the SUNS will rise in the EAST #SUNSnation #PHXbasketball

After a blistering 1st frame in which the Phoenix Suns were at a 40-26 advantage the Suns cruise on Broad Street Philly with a decisive 124-113 "W". The Suns have been playing well all season long under New Lead Man Jeff Hornacek and it continued tonight in Philly.

The Suns Back Court has been all the talk as they lost Eric Bledsoe (Torn Meniscus)  as he and Goran Dragic were the Duo then. Now it's Dragic and Gerald Green and Green has taken off. Green goes for 30 points tonight including 4 of 5 with the Money ball. Dragic added 24 points and waited on seven Suns Tables as Sixers Starting Back Court of Rook M.C.W. and James Anderson were no match.

The Sixers get huge production from their Starters as M.C.W. goes 22 points and eleven helpers. Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young both added 21 points and As E.T. phone Broad Street" Turner also grabbed six Oranges. A rather sloppy affair as both Teams combined for 40 turnovers with he Home Team Philly accounting for twenty-one of them.

The Suns move 25-18 as they beat the Cavs last night in the "Q" as Twin Markeiff Morris went 27 points and grabbed fifteen Oranges. The Sixers fall to 14-30 and they will be active at the February Trade Deadline one would think.    


DUKE 80 PITTSBURGH 65...PITT was right in the thick of it until the 2nd Half as it was too much PARKER, JEFFERSON, and HOOD from the DUKIES..."CAMPUS Hardwood" with Duke visiting PITT #BlueDevils #PittPanthers

The Duke Blue Devils are trying to get back on that winning track and put a few W's together in the ACC as they go into Pitt and beat the Panthers 80-65. A tale of two halves as both Teams played well in the 1st half with the Blue Devils leading 34-32. Duke Freshman Sensation Jabari Parker had 15 of his game-high 21 points in the 1st half. Parker showed some 20 NBA Scouts his NBA-Ready Game with the Money Ball, Back to the Basket as well as Face-Up Moves, to go with some Mid0Range off the Bounce, and he also took the Elevator. They talk about Drew Wiggins and Julius Randle as well as Joel Embiid...Ok! Parker and fellow Arizona Freshman Aaron Gordon NBA Game as Gordon might be the most versatile of all the Freshman.

The second half was a different story as it was the Trio of Duke's Rodney Hood ( 13 pts 4 asst), Amile Jefferson (14 pts 10 rebs) , and Parker's 21 pts and eleven boards that was too much for the Pitt Front Line. Shooting 13 of 25 from the Arc as Duke did will also get you in the Winner's Circle on the road. Pitt was led by Smooth-Shooting Guard Lamar Patterson's 14 points.

The Blue Devils move to 17-4 and 6-2 in the ACC. The Pitt Panthers fall to 18-3 and 6-2 in the ACC locked up with Duke.  


"FIGHT for VINCE" 48...How the "ORANGE Crush" the Denver BRONCOS arrived at MET LIFE Stadium and Gotham City #BroncosNation #BroncosCountry #OrangeCrush #UnitedInOrange #ChargersSuck #MileHighOrange #BroncosGang

On March 5, 2013 one Denver Broncos Player by the name Von "Steve Urkel 2.0" Miller declared the Broncos would win the Big Bowl 48. I hope Von put his money where his mouth was as the Broncos are one game away from putting their Mitts on Vince #3 and this ones for "United In Orange". An easy pick to get to Big Bowl 48 as they have rode the wave since day one and they have set Records on the Offensive Side of the Pig along the way. Recapping the Denver Broncos Memorable 2013 Season with soon to be 5-Time NFL M.V.P. Peyton Manning.

Denver Broncos      
Owner: Pat Bowlen & the Bowlen Family
Practice Facility: Bowlen's Bronco Center
Arapahoe County, CO
Home Digs: Sports Authority Stadium
Hash Tags: #BroncosNation #UnitedInOrange #OrangeCrush #BroncosCountry #MileHighSalute #BroncosGang

Denver Broncos  2013 Season Week to Week (15-3)

* denotes Loss

Wk 1 Broncos 49 Ravens 27 (1-0)

Wk 2 @ NYG Broncos 41 Giants 23 (2-0)

Wk 3 Broncos 37 Raiders 21 (3-0)

Wk 4 Broncos 52 Eagles 20 (4-0)

Wk 5 @ DAL Broncos 51 Cowboys 48 (5-0)

Wk 6 Broncos 35 Jaguars 19 (6-0)

Wk 7 @ IND Colts 39 Broncos 33 (6-1) *

Wk 8 Broncos 45 Redskins 21 (7-1)

Wk 9 BYE

Wk 10 @ SD Broncos 28 Chargers 20 (8-1)

Wk 11 Broncos 27 Chiefs 17 (9-1)

Wk 12 @ NE Patriots 34 Broncos 31 (9-2) *

Wk 13 @ KC Broncos 35 Chiefs 28 (10-2)

Wk 14 Broncos 51 Titans 28 (11-2)

Wk 15 Chargers 27 Broncos 20 (11-3) *

Wk 16 @ HOU Broncos 37 Texans 13 (12-3)

Wk 17 @ OAK Broncos 34 Raiders 14 (13-3)

The first game of the season Manning Mile High goes for Most TD Passes in a Single- Game vs the Purple Browns. Manning and the Broncos were cruising until Manning went back to where it all happened. The Colts and Luck hit them with an "L" in NFL Week 7 . The Broncos then didn't get Loss #2 until Week 12 after they gave up a 24-0 lead to the Pats in Foxboro.  Loss #3 didn't some until the Broncos surprised them on a Thursday Night in Mile High giving United in Orange it's 1st and only loss after a home-cooked meal. They captured the most Points scored in a Season (589) beating Brady and the Pats (556) from 2007.

AFC Divisional 

Broncos 24 Chargers 17

AFC Championship Game

Broncos 26 Patriots 16

The Broncos were dominating the Bolts until late but still went onto to win quite comfortably. The Patriots were suppose to march in and take Manning and the gang apart and it was just the opposite as the Broncos led 20-3 going into the 4th frame as United In Orange's "D" was all that!

Good Luck Broncos Nation and United In Orange is on the way!


"FIGHT for VINCE" 48...How the "PUGET Sound Bullies" the Seattle SEAHAWKS arrived at MET LIFE Stadium and Gotham City #12s #SeahawksNation #SpiritOf12 #TGIBF #GoHawks #SeahawksSalute #Louder #BlueFriday #PugetSoundBullies #12thManSpaceNeedle

They were the pick to win the George Halas aka the "Fight for George" through the first ten weeks of the season. Then everyone jumped onto the San Francisco 49ers Bandwagon aka Quest for Six late in the season and deservedly so as they reeled off eight wins in a row including the two in the Winning Time vs the Pack and Panthers. Now the Seahawks have answered the bell with one more bell to answer and the biggest bell of them all. Recapping the 2013- Season for the Seattle Seahawks by the numbers...

Seattle Seahawks
Owner: Paul Allen (Microsoft Billionaire also owns Rip City Blazers)
Practice Facility: Viginia Mason Athletic Center
Renton, Washington
Home Digs: Centurylink Field Seattle, Washington
Hash Tags: #HawksNation #12s #SeahawksNation #SpiritOf12 #TGIBF #GoHawks #SeahawksSalute #Louder #BlueFriday

Seattle Seahawks 2013 Season Week to Week (15-3)

* denotes Loss

Wk 1 @ CAR Seahawks 12 Panthers 7 (1-0)

Wk 2 Seahawks 29 49ers 7 (2-0)

Wk 3 Seahawks 45 Jags 17 (3-0)

Wk 4 @ HOU Seahawks 23 Texans 20 (4-0)

Wk 5 @ IND Colts 34 Seahawks 28 (4-1) *

Wk 6 Seahawks 20 Titans 13 (5-1)

Wk 7 @ ARI Seahawks 34 Cardinals 22 (6-1)

Wk 8 @ STL Seahawks 14 Rams 9 (7-1)

Wk 9 Seahawks 27 Buccaneers 24 (8-1)

Wk 10 @ ATL Seahawks 33 Falcons 10 (9-1)

Wk 11 Seahawks 41 Vikings 20 (10-1)

Wk 12 BYE

Wk 13 Seahawks 34 Saints 7 (11-1)

Wk 14 @ SF 49ers 19 Seahawks 17 (11-2) *

Wk 15 @ NYG Seahawks 23 Giants 0 (12-2)

Wk 16 Cardinals 17 Seahawks 10 (12-3) *

Wk 17 Seahawks 27 Rams 9 (13-3)

Through the Bye in Week 12 the Hawks dominated (10-1) taking just one loss in Indy to Andrew Luck and the Colts. On the back end of the schedule after the Bye Week with just five games left they lost to NFC West Opponents the 49ers at the Stick and the Bird Gang at Century Link which was QB Russell Wilson 1st home loss in his career.

NFC Divisional

Jan. 11th Seahawks 23 Saints 15

NFC Championship 

Jan. 18th Seahawks 23 49ers 17

The Hawks were all over the Saints as Who Dat made a late run. The 49ers vs Seahawks "Battle Royale" was a monster from start to finish as "Sherm" makes the play to save the Seahawks Day leading to that infamous "Sherm Rant"...#12s until your Blue in the Face!

Good luck Seahawks Nation and #TGIBF is on the way!  



Sunday, January 26, 2014

NETS 85 CELTICS 79...the "TRUTH" and the "Big TICKET" return to where they got a CHIP as the BK NETS also took care of Biz...LOGO WATCH with a Blog Post Tribute to the "TRUTH" & "KG" #CELTSnation #NETSnation

The Brooklyn Nets knew this would be a tough one to get as the C's knew both Kevin Garnett and longtime SF Paul Pierce were coming in as Celts Nation couldn't wait to see them both. That 2008 Chip seems to be so long ago yet like it just happened. They were a Kendrick Perkins Torn ACL away from a possible Chip #2 in 2010 and that was the last of the Runs that Core Group of Jesus Shuttlesworth, KG, the Truth, and Lead Man Doc Rivers would be an "Effective Team".

As for the game the Brooklyn Nets have been blazing since the Big Apple dropped in Times Square and they eke out a hard-fought 85-79 "W" over the C's tonight with the Nets Bench playing huge. Behind 17 points from Andray Blacthe and eleven points from AK-47 Andrei Kirilenko the Nets outscore the C's Bench 45-27 and that was a big key to victory for the Nets. Nets Shooting Guard Alan Anderson was the lone Nets Starter in double figures with 11 points.

The C's had their chances late but the Nets "D" which has been key to their current run got the all important "Stops" they needed to secure victory. Brandon Bass' 17 points and eight boards led the C's with Rajon Rondo ( with more than a little fire under him seeing KG and Paul) nearly went Triple-Double with 13 points, eight boards, and eight helpers. Fittingly enough it was KG's steal of Rondo that iced the game late.

The Nets move to 19-22 as the Celts fall to 15-30...          

JETS 3 BLACKHAWKS 1...WINNIPEG ignores the No-Fly Zone posted at the MADHOUSE and beat the INDIAN HEAD..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison "HAWKS looking to 6-Game Motel Swing gets surprised by JETS" #OneGoal #BlackHawkNation #FearTheINDIANHead

The Chicago Blackhawks needed to create the same type of atmosphere that is going on outside the Madhouse in the Chicago-Area and that would be a Winter-Storm Watch with all the fixins. After scoring the first goal of he night off of a Brandon Bollig nifty wrap-around the Hawks appeared to be headed for the Winner's Circle. Then the Winnipeg turned on the Jets in the 3rd and final frame.

With the lead 1-0 Hawks going into the 3rd period the Jets hit them with a snap shot, wrister, and another wrister via the empty net variety. The Hawks lose 3-1 headed into the West Coast Gauntlet 6-Game Motel Swing that includes the NHL Leader in Points the Ducks, Flames, Canucks, Kings, Yotes, and Sharks. All those games will be before the Sochi 2014 Winter Games.

The Hawks put 34 shots on net as Jets Net Minder and Chicago Native Al Montoya stopped 33 of them. The Hawks Crawford stopped 18 of 20 as he was hit within five minutes apiece for the 1st and 2nd goal in the 3rd frame. More important business is the Hawks head West leading the Blue Notes of St. Louis by just 1 point at 76-75. The San Jose Sharks who the Hawks will see on the Trip is at 74 points as all three are chasing the red-hot Mighty Ducks the NHL Leader at 83 points.

How the West is won as the Hawks embark on their most important trip of the 2013-14 season by far...and good luck Men!  


KNICKS 110 LAKERS 103...the "BULLY" gets some much-needed help as the KNICKERBOCKERS beat the LAKE Show turned L.A. LAKERS...KNICKS Tape #1 Soap "GOTHAM LIGHT" All Hands on Deck Episode #KNICKSnation

After a record-setting 62 points the last time 'Melo Anthony laced up the Jordan Melo 10's the Knicks get "All Hands on Deck" vs the visiting and road-weary Lakers. Behind a quiet or what appeared to be a quiet 35 points from 'Melo the Knicks cruise past the Lakers 110-103.

The Knicks up 83-81 after three gets a big lift from Rook Tim Hardaway Jr. (18 pts) and "Get Shots" J.R. Smith (16 pts) while they combined to shoot an efficient 6 for 9 from the Arc. Knicks PG Ray Felton backed up 'Melo with 20 points while Tyson Chandler did his part battling Pau Gasol with 14 points and grabbing thirteen Oranges. I have said this before when the Knicks are shooting right at 25 Money Balls per and they go to the Free Throw Line around twenty-five times they are a solid bunch.

The Lakers had their chances but didn't make the necessary plays down the stretch to win. Jodie Meeks led the Lakers with 24 points while Gasol added 20 points and thirteen rebounds. 10-Day Contract Pick Up Manny Harris added 18 off the bench for the Lakers as they looked like a Team that has been playing out of the Motel for going on two weeks.

The Knicks move to 17-27 while the Lakers fall to 16-29...  

HEAT 113 SPURS 101...SPURS Community gets hit with SHUTTLESWORTH, B-EASY, Hollywood COLE, REGULAR Mario, and WADE County used as a Reinforcement as CHAMPS cruise...LOGO WATCH "Sunday Afternoon near SOUTH Beach" Episode #HEATnation #HEATgang

A game that gradually the Home Team uses a methodical approach and over time the Visiting Team finally succumbs to that approach and a 113-110 Heat "W" wasn't as close as it looks.

It wasn't the usual helping of the Heat's Miami Thrice with Bosh (24 pts), King James (18 pts 7 rebs 6 asst), and Wade County (8 pts and used as a Reinforcement) but the Players in a supporting role for the Heat that beat the Spurs on Sunday.

The Heat's 58-50 lead ballooned to a 91-71 leads after three frames as Heat PG "Regular Mario" Chalmers goes 16 points and seven helpers. PF Michael "B-Easy" Beasley added 12 and B-Team PG "Hollywood Cole" goes 11 with Jesus Shuttlesworth of Jordan Brand coming up the rear with 10 as the Heat get a total team effort. Shooting nearly 60% from the field and 95% from the Stripe the Spurs had no shot coming out of the Motel with the Home Team as locked in as the Champs 305.

The Spurs with no Kawhi Leonard or Danny Green or Tiaggo Splitter started Cory Joseph at the Shooting Guard and Boris Diaw at Center. They played well through to the half and then that 3rd frame cost the Spurs. The Spurs shot 50% from the field and above 80 from the Stripe but they just did not have enough firepower to overcome the Heat's Wing Players. Dunc led with 23 points and Diaw 15 points as they fall to 33-11. The Heat moves to 32-12 as they try and keep a little pressure on the Pacers.            

SPURS @ HEAT...The Scene of Game 6 and Game 7 "Fight for LARRY" 2k13 in which SPURS Community had a collapse never seen under the POPS, R.C., and DUNC Administration...HEAT get the Repeat but the MEMORIES of them facing another FINALS Defeat was vivid for Team REPEAT...LOGO WATCH "Fight for LARRY 2k13" Rematch #SASvsMIA #SPURwars #DontHateMIAMI

The Game should be played like it is Mid-June 2k14 as the San Antonio Spurs return to the scene of the crime of that horrid Game 6 Defeat then the Game 7 Defeat. Nothing hurts us more than what could have been and for the Spurs that Summer 2k13 after that defeat had to be the worst Summer ever for longtime Spurs like Dunc, Pops, R.C., TP9, and Manu. Now the Plot thickens as its a new season with the Spurs doing what the Spurs do through the 82-Game Trek with only thing on their mind.

The Miami Heat cruising one again as they have hit a few bumps or more bumps in the 82-game Trek than they would have liked thus far. Having said that they are #2 in the East behind the Indiana Pacers  by just three games. The Heat repeated in the 2012-13 season but that last minute before they went into an extra frame after the AA 305 emptied was a classic reminder that in the Logo a Minute left to play is an eternity. The Heat had nine lives that night and they were not going to get a 2nd chance in Game 7 as they went out and won that game decisively. The East is "Bottom Feeder-Heavy" and its the Pacers and Heat World with all those Teams in the West lurking as the Spurs are the Team the Heat knows wants a shot again to become the "Fight for Larry" Redeem Team 2K14.


January 26, 2014
1pm ET
AA 305

#SpursCommunity S.A.S (33-10) 
#HeatNation MIA (31-12) 

Key Match Ups

PG TP9 vs Cole Train or Regular Mario

2G Marco B. vs Wade County

SF Manu vs King James

PF Dunc vs C.B. 1

Spurs come in with the Logo's Best W-L out of the Motel at 16-3 but a puzzling 17-7 in the Alamo City. The Heat comes in with the 3rd best W-L after a home-cooked meal but a 13-9 Road Record...go figure! The Spurs 16-9 playing Teams over .500 and the Heat 12-4 but remember the Heat plays in the East.

Spurs Kawhi Leonard (Fractured Right Hand) and Danny Green (Fractured Left Hand) both out for San Antonio...

Heat Dwayne Wade missed the last six games due to Knee probable for Sunday vs Spurs...Mario Chalmers nursing a Sore Achilles is also probable.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

CLIPPERS 126 RAPTORS 118...CLIPS go "North of the Border" and go L.A. DREW League in the DINOSAUR Museum...RAPTORS ROSS goes "Half a HUNDO" on LOB City...LOGO WATCH with the CLIPS and the Grammy Motel Swing #NewCLIPjoint #CLIPSnation

The L.A. Clippers took care of the Chicago Bulls last night in the Madhouse on Madison and then took out the Raptors in the Dinosaur Museum "North of the Border" on Saturday Night. All this on a night when an unexpected Dinosaur tried to eat all the Oranges and puts up 51 points on the Clips.

L.A. locked in playing sound Ball out of the Motel followed the lead of Jamal "206" Crawford as he went for 37 points and eleven helpers with 15 of that 37 from the Arc. The Clips had one thing in mind and that was go L.A. Drew League and we will sort them out after the credits. The Blake Show added 30 while JJ of #DukeInTheNBA chipped in with 18 as the Clips shoot 55% from the Field and the Arc. They also hit nearly 90% from the Stripe. A total domination from a Team who had Summer League on their mind.

Not to disappoint as the Raptors get 51 points from 3rd-year Shooting Guard Terrence Ross as he went 16 of 29 from the field and an eye-popping 'Melo-esque 10 of 17 from the Arc. Ross has always had this in him even when he starred at Portland, Oregon's Jefferson H.S. right alongside current Rockets SF Terence Jones. Ross starred at U-Dub Seattle for the Huskies and Jones at #WeRUK Lexington for the Wildcats. Lithuanian Big Jonas Valanciunas  added a double-double 17 and 12 but the Dinosaurs didn't bring any "D" hence they gave up 126 points to the Clips shooting red-hot from everywhere on the floor.

Clips move to 31-15 as they start putting a little daylight between them and the 2n place Warriors in the Pacific. The Dinosaurs fall to 22-21 and something tells me they might not be first ion the Atlantic division come All-Star Weekend.  

BULLS 89 bobCATS 87...Will the Real D.J. AUGUSTIN stand up!...D.J. along with JO who messed around and almost went TRIPLE-DOUBLE beats the 'CATS...WEST SIDE Story Report "Free AUGUSTIN" Episode #BULLSnation

The Bulls at 22-21 in the 2013-14 season battled all night long with Team Air Jordan and former Bobcats Lottery Pick now PG D.J. Augustin took it right to his old mates when it counted.

I have told many no one cares how many pints your scored but when  did you get the points in a blowout or a meaningless time frame in the game. Bulls Augustin had a team-high 28 points and went off in the 4th scoring 15 of that 28. He also added 6 of 12 from the Arc getting his inner West Side Story Report Hero D-Rose out. It was also East All-Star Reserve to be Joakim Noah who messed around and nearly got a Triple-Double with 11 points, grabbing ten Oranges, and dishing out eight assists. Ten TAJ-manian Devil chipped in with 13 points and seven boards as well. The Bulls never shoot a high percentage but when you lay your foundation on the defensive end you always have a shot to hit the Winner's Circle on every night in the 82-game trek and that Bulls Nation is Bulls Basketball aka Thibs Basketball.

The 'Cats without Star PG Kemba Walker of "Protect this House" Scooby Doos of Under Armour gets a game-high 32 points and thirteen boards from Big AL Jefferson. Little-used Janero Pargo ex-Bull and former Whoo Pig Sooie Star added 15 points off the bench as the 'Cats get no production from the Starters but Al. In a game played closely it came down to See Red wanting it more than the 'Cats. The Bulls were coming off a loss last night at home to the Clips and they answered the bell on a tough Back to Back Home/Motel Swing.

The Bulls again go over the .500 mark at 22-21. The 'Cats falling slowly but surely at 19-27...


Top 4 NBA Games for Saturday January 25th, 2014...LOGO WATCH...CLIPS take a DINOSAUR Trip...CLUTCH City at the GRIND House for a Back 2 Back Home Series...INDY 5,280 Feet above Ocean Water w/Oxygen Tanks in Tow...T'WOLVES in RIP City #SaturdayNightInTheLOGO

The Top 4 Games on Tap in the LOGO for Saturday Night January 25th, 2014...

#NewCLIPjoint @ #DINOSAURS 7pm ET

The Clips are coming off a Friday Night "W" over the Bulls in the Madhouse on Madison and will face the Atlantic Division Leading Toronto Raptors. Raptors coming off a win in Philly last night as well and they have the Nets right in the Rear view Mirror. The Clips gain a game on the Warriors as GSW went down vs the 'Wolves Friday. Clips Front Court vs Raptors Front Court is the Key Match Up.

#REDNation @ the #GRINDHOUSEBealeStreet 8pm ET

The Rockets will try avenge last nights loss to the Grizz in the Toyota Center as Rockets SF Chandler Parsons had 34 points including 30 points via the Money Ball. Courtney Lee led the Grizz along with Zach Randolph as the Grizz try to make some noise in the Southwest Division as Marc Gasol is back and in full effect mode.

#PACERnation @ #MileHighNUGS 9pm ET

Indy gets by Forever Purple in Sac-Town last night in an Extra Frame not after East All-Star Starter PG-24 goes for 36 points. The Pacers coming off a back to back must slow the "PACE" down as the Nugs are well-rested having played Thursday Night in a loss to the Rip City Blazers in the Rose City. Nugs love playing at a 5,280 Feet above Ocean Water Pace to see what kind of Wind the Visitors are bringing!

#TWolves @ #BLAZERmania 10pm ET on NBA TV

The 'Wolves had about an hour and a half to celebrate as they walked out of Planet Oracle with a "W" to the Charter for the short flight to Rip City for the 2nd Leg of a Back to Back with the Blazers. 'Wolves Front Line played well now Homeboy Kevin Love aka the "Lake Oswego Monster" gets to tangle with the West All-Star Reserve to be L-Train Aldridge and his 44 points and thirteen Oranges he grabbed on the Mile Nugs on Thursday Night. "La Pistola" 'Wolves PG Ricky Rubio will have his hands full with "License to Lillard" in the match up of PGs. Blazers trying to keep pace with Northwest leading OKC. The 'Wolves trying to move north of .500 and get into that Top 8 in the West.