Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"BROOKSIE" #7 gets 96 more Months with the INDIAN HEAD!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as Blackhawks Defenseman BRENT SEABROOK dba "BROOKSIE" #7 gets $55 million over 8 years from Team WIRTZ and Company!

The Chicago Blackhawks  might be cash strapped to a certain degree but they always reach back for the most part for key cogs in the Hawks Wagon and grab a few duffel bags for the Core Players. With that being said Hawks Defenseman Brent Seabrook and the Indian Head along with that Rocky Wirtz Wagon goes 8 years and $55 million for "Brooksie" #7!

"Brooksie" will earn a base of $5 million in the 2015-16 season and the next eight seasons $6.875 million...

That Hawks Nation is Dead Presidents well spent as "Brooskie" #7 will now finish his career in the Indian Head Sweater. I know what your thinking where was that Cash for Winger Brandon Saad and I have no idea but we must move on and "Brooksie" outside of D.K. dba Duncan Keith are the "Core" of the Hawks Run on multiple Parade Routes.

Let's take a look at "Broosie" #7 2014-15 Digits and Video:

"Brooksie" #7 dba D Brent Seabrook
2014-15 Digits

2K14-15 Season 82 Gms 8 G 23 A 31 Pts -3 in +/- 22:11 ATOI

"Fight 4 Lord Stanley" 2015 23 Gms 7 G 4 A 11 Pts 5 in +/- 26:17 ATOI

RIP City BLAZERS grab Team Options for Three Key Players!..."SQUEEZE the ORANGE" as McCOLLUM, "PLUMS", and VONLEH all get Team Option Portion of Contracts picked up by the "Only GAME in Town"! @CJMcCollum @MasonPlumlee @NoahVonleh @Blazers #RipCityBlazers #BlazerMania #TheONLYGameInTown

The Portland Trailblazers trying to not necessarily go rebuilding mode but break it down and quickly build it back up grabs Team Option Portion of contracts on three key players. The Blazers keep one of their own in PG CJ McCollum and also holds onto to two newly acquired players in Mason "Plums" Plumlee (Nets) and Noah Vonleh (Hornets).

McCollum in his 3rd season will get even more minutes and many minutes playing alongside Rip City Franchise Point God Dame Lillard. "Plums" will be a welcomed addition to that front line that lost both  Nic Batum (Hornets in Vonleh Trade) and LaMarcus Aldridge (Spurs via Free Agency). Vonleh still a "Work in Progress" will get his opportunity playing with the "Only Game on Town" as they get  season or two to see of the growth potential is real!

McCollum and "Plums" in their 4th year and Vonleh in his 3rd year...for Team Options!

The Blazers will be picked at the bottom of the Northwest Division and in the West as they follow the lead of one Dame Lillard...

@MasonPlumlee dbs "PLUMS"
Flatbush Nets Top Dunks 2014-15

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

D-ROSE injured on the MAYOR of the MADHOUSE 1st BULLS Practice!..."WEST SIDE Story Report" as DERRICK ROSE gets Fractured ORBITAL Bone in left eye due to an Elbow! @DRose @Bulls #WestSideStoryReport #BullsNation #TeamSeeRED

It didn't take long after D-Rose and that weird press conference yesterday for more new to surface. As the 2015-16 Bulls took to the practice floor today for See Red's Official 1st practice of the 2015-16 season Rose goes down again.

Rose suffers a fractured left Orbital Bone due to taking a left elbow to the face. Rose through numerous media outlets will now undergo surgery on "Hump Day" Wednesday September 30th to repair the injury and no timetable yet is set for his return. Not a good way to start the "Mayor of the Madhouse" in new Bulls lead man Fred Hoiberg's Tenure in just Day 1!  

Top 10 Plays 


College Football Poll Week 5 in "FALL SATURDAYS" as the BRUINS and the Fighting IRISH make a serious climb inside the Top 10!...The BUCKEYES and SPARTY On are on a mid-to-late NOVEMBER Collision Course!...Can The Baton Rouge U TIGERS handle the rest of the SEC WEST Gauntlet? #NCAAFootballWk4 #FallSaturdays #FBS #NCAAF

Not much changed in the polls from last week to this week as we start to get into some heavy collisions and road blocks in October that every team in the Top 25 must answer to. That Notre Dame visiting "Death Valley" Orange in Clemson, S.C. headlines Week the October 3rd Slate along with an SEC West vs SEC East collision in Athens, Georgia between Roll Tide and of course Dawg Saturday!

FBS College Football Poll Week #5

Note: Last weeks ranking in parenthesis

1. #Buckeyes (1) 4-0

2. #SpartyOn (2) 4-0

3. #HornedFrogs (3) 4-0

4. #OleMiss (4) 4-0

5. #NDIrish (9) 4-0

6. #DawgSaturday (6) 4-0

7. #GeauxTigersLSU (7) 3-0

8. #UCLA (12) 4-0

9. #BUBears (5) 3-0

10. #FSUNoles (8) 3-0

11. #DeathValleyOrange (10) 3-0

12. #RollTide (11) 3-1

13. #BoomerSooner (13) 3-0

14. #GigEmNation (17) 4-0

15. #RunninUtes (18) 4-0

16. #MenOfTroy (19) 3-1

17. #Northwestern (20) 4-0

18. #AWholeBunchOfBadgers (23) 3-1

19. #Stanford (25) 3-1

20. #Temple (22) 3-0

21. #OKState ((NR) 4-0

22. #UMWolverines (NR) 3-1

23. #CAL (NR) 4-0

24. #WVU (NR) 3-0

25. #SwampThingUF (NR) 4-0

#RunninUTES 62 #QuackAttack 20 F

Others receiving votes:


NFL Power Rankings 2K15 Week 3 in "A QB DRIVEN League"...PACK, PATS, ORANGE Crush, BIRD Gang, and WHO DEY "Rule the ROOST"..."RESTORE the Roar", PURPLE Browns, and the NOLA Gumbo SAINTS are in deep deep trouble at 0-3! #NFLPowerRankingsWeek3 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Green Bay Packers looks like the team to beat for the "Fight 4 George" as the Arizona Cardinals have arrived!  The AFC being dominated by the Pats as they are powered by Wilson Pigskins with air or no air! The Baltimore Ravens, Detroit Lions, and New Orleans Saints need a "W" before we end week 4 and it won't be easy!

"A QB DRIVEN League" 
NFL Power Rankings Week
September 29, 2015

Note: Last week's rankings in Parenthesis

1. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (1) 3-0

2. #PatsTalk (3) 3-0

3. #UnitedInOrange (4) 3-0

4. #BirdGang (5) 3-0

5. #WhoDey (6) 3-0

6. #RiseUp (9) 3-0

7. #PanthersPride (8) 3-0

8. #HereWeGoSteelers (7) 2-1

9. #12s (12) 1-2

10. #Cowboys (2) 2-1

11. #BillsMafia (13) 2-1

12. #BlueSwaggerColts (15) 1-2

13. #SKOLVikings (17) 2-1

14. #RaiderNation (20) 2-1

15. #GangGreen (10) 2-1

16. #RedFriday (11) 1-2

17. #STLRams (14) 1-2

18. #BoltsUp (16) 1-2

19. #AquaBoyz305 (18) 1-2

20. #FlyEaglesFly (26) 1-2

21. #BullsOnParade (30) 1-2

22. #NYFootballGiants (31) 1-2

23. #KHANstructionJags (21) 1-2

24. #ItsABucsLife (22) 1-2

25. #DawgPound (23) 1-2

26. #NinersEmpire (19) 1-2

27. #HTTR (24) 1-2

28. #MusicCityTitans (25) 1-2

29. #PurpleBrowns (27) 0-3

30. #RestoreTheRoar (28) 0-3

31. #GeauxSaints (29) 0-3

32. #BelieveInMonsters (32) 0-3


360 Degrees...

The #PurpleBrowns dba Baltimore Ravens must go to Heinz Field and beat the Steelers to avoid going 0-4 having lost inside the division last week to Cincy in the Big Crab Cake in B-More...

Niners Empire has given up 90 points in the last two weeks and QB Kap (who worked out with future NFL HOF Kurt Warner in the off-season) looks worse than he ever has not blaming Warner...

QB Staff might be out week 4 for #RestoreTheRoar dba Detroit Lions and that is not a good look...

#RedFriday dba Kansas City Chiefs has to travel to Cincy and good luck with that as the "Strawberry Rifle" Bengals QB Andy Dalton has been putting in work...

Dallas at New Orleans as the Saints try to avoid an 0-4 start and they will be given the 'Boys everything at the Pre-Game Meal from Crawfish Gumbo to Mother' famous Po'Boy Sandwich with "Debris" and all in between!

Will the Chicago Bears (hosting NFL Draft 2016) get the #1 overall pick as they host the Jack Del Rio Raiders? Remember you can't win the 2016 #1 Pick if you don't lose...

Are the Arizona Cardinals dba #BirdGang a real threat to the NFC Crown as Air Arians Vertical Passing Game with 60 year old QB Carson Palmer (who played with Anthony Munoz and Ickey Woods in Cincy and "White Lightning" Chris Collinsworth" gave the Niners Empire the 2k15 Sunday Business?  

Rise Up dba Atlanta Falcons WR and Steelers WR A.B. have been a highlight reel through week 3 can any Island in the "Shield" shut them down as they are an NFL Fantasy must-have?  

Monday, September 28, 2015

CHIEFS @ PACKERS in Monday Night Football NFL Week #3 in "A QB DRIVEN League"!...ALEX SMITH of #RedFriday Fame and Team LAMAR HUNT Family in a Throwback vs Green Bay PACKERS Lore in Lambeau against #1 NFL QB A-ROG! #MNF #KCvsGB #ChiefsPride #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football #Fight4Lamar #LombardiTrophy @AQBDrivenLeague

It might not get any more nostalgic than tonight as we get the Lamar Hunt Family and Chiefs Pride going up against the Vince Lombardi Lore "Pack". Just thing we have the AFC Trophy names after Hunt the Lamar Hunt Trophy and the Super Bowl Trophy names after Vince Lombardi.

Looking even closer into tonight's match up we get a Kansas City Team that should be 2-0 as they were last seen the Victim of "The Miracle at Arrowhead". The Denver Broncos shocked Arrowhead scoring 14 points in less than 15 seconds to beat the Chiefs.

The "Pack" at 2-0 just pasted the Seattle Seahawks last week at Lambeau and get a hurt K.C. Team that will get tested in more ways than one. QB Aaron Rodgers is simply delicious and the Chiefs must go after him right after kickoff.

(1-1, 2nd AFC West)


(2-0, 1st AFC West)

"Monday Night Football" NFL Week #3 
"A QB Driven League"
Monday September 28, 2015 @ 7:20m ET 
Lambeau Field in Green Bay

Key Figures in #KCvsGB 


QB Alex Smith
RB Jamaal Charles
TE Travis Kelce
WR Jeremy Maclin
NT Dontari Poe
OLB Justin Houston
OLB Tambi Hali
ILB Derrick Johnson
SS Eric Berry 


QB A-Rog
Any Packers WR
RB Eddie Lacy
RG TJ Lang
OLB Julius Peppers
MLB Clay Matthews 
RCB Sam Shields
FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix

What to watch for #ChiefsvsPackers

Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles cannot keep putting it on the ground...

Can the Chiefs contain Packers Coach Mac's Vertical Passing Attack all behind QB A-Rog?

Packers RB Eddie Lacy if he can stay in the game and get 25 carries....lookout!

Chiefs Red Jersey Collector's led by Houston and Hali can they get to Rodgers or even keep him the pocket?

James Jones can he be the X-Factor for the Chiefs to shut down as they need to make WR Davante Adams catch the Wilson Pigskin...

Can the Pack slow down Charles and keep Maclin from going off?

Kicking Game who wins?

Can Chiefs QB Alex Smith be a difference-maker or is that asking way too much?

Chiefs TE Travis he Live or a Poor Man's "Gronk"?    

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 232...Bam Bam KAM and 12's stars in "REUNITED and its Understood"!...WITTEN adds to the List of COWBOYS residing in the Training Room on Game Day!...and BREES says he is going in Week 3 despite Bum Shoulder! @Kam_Chancellor #SorryWeRLoud @JasonWitten #BoysNation @drewbrees #GeauxSaints

The Seattle Seahawks are going to meet with Safety Kam Chancellor as he continues to talk about his Wagon needing more duffel bags. Does he have the leverage I would think so considering not only his play on the field and being the "Boom" the Legion Of Boom" dba L.O.B. but his overall leadership with the guys. All that has a price and the Seahawks need him in that locker room in the worse way...stay tuned!  Can "Bam Bam" Kam play this well versus the yes he is like an Ready-Made Meal!

#BamBamKAM #31 of #12s 

Moving over to what has quickly become the Team with the most Key Cogs on the Injured-List and that would be the Dallas Cowboys. Now comes TE Jason Witten is battling two sore ankles and he may need to step back a week or two and try and regroup. The 'Boys look like a Mash Unit (No pun attended) but as through week 2 has a goose egg in the win column. Can they survive without Witten in the Line Up for an extended period of time...heck no they cannot!

Then there is Crawfish Gumbo and a Po'Boy Samich all laced up with some "Debris" from the famous Mother's Restuarant in Nawlins known for their Honey Baked Ham.  There is also Saints QB Drew Brees doing what he does but has a bruised Rotator Cuff in his throwing arm. He says he can play through it but as we go to press that's a Player who has been great for years and headed to Canton that sees the end near and has something left in the tank. I would not touch him in Fantasy Week 3....not all!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

BREWERS 0 CUBS 4 F...ARRIETA grabs win #20 and BRYANT gets Cubs Rookie HR Record #26 as the "PIWOWARZY" go down!..."A Cup of Joe in the Show Report" as the CUBBIES stay on the BUCCOS back side! #MILvsCHC #BrewCrew #NorthSiders #MaddonBall

The Chicago Cubs chasing both the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Cardinals in the NL Central shuts out the Milwaukee Brewers 4-0 to move to a robust 89-62. Cubs Ace RHP Jake Arrieta also brags win #20 moving to 20-6 as he goes complete job striking out 11.

The Cubs Offense came from one Rookie Kris Bryant and another in Kyle Schwarber as they both combined for 4 hits, three runs, and four RBI. Bryant also set a Cubs Rookie Record for Bombs with his 26th a two-run blast off Brew Crew starter Tyler Cravy who falls to 0-8.

Now the Cubbies with two weeks to play needs some help as the Pirates are still up 1.5 games up. The Redbirds up 5.5 games and four on the Buccos can clinch this week with Bucs and Cubs losses...  

NFL Power Rankings 2K15 Week 2 in "A QB Driven League"...PACKERS, COWBOYS, and PATS sit atop the Board but Injuries are playing huge roles in 2K15 as we try and clear SEPTEMBER Football!...COLTS, 12's, EAGLES, and Purple BROWNS free falling with huge games on tap for Week 3! #NFLPowerRankingsWeek2 #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Dallas Cowboys sit atop the NFL Week 2 Power Rankings with the Green Bay Packers and New England Patriots but with QB Tony Romo out at least 8 weeks it will be tough sledding. The Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and Baltimore Ravens are all looking for win #1 and face challenges moving forward into week #3. Steelers bounce back in week #2 playing "D". Chip Kelly has some explaining to do as the Eagles are 0-2 and look lost on Sunday! The NFL Week #2 Power Ranking are here:

NFL Power Rankings Week 2
September 22, 2015

Note: Last Week's ranking in parenthesis

1. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (1) 2-0

2. #Cowboys (2) 2-0

3. #PatsTalk (3) 2-0

4. #UnitedInOrange (6) 2-0

5. #BirdGang (8) 2-0

6. #WhoDey (11) 2-0

7. #HereWeGoSteelers (12) 1-1

8. #PanthersPride (16) 2-0

9. #RiseUp (17) 2-0

10. #GangGreen (20) 2-0

11. #RedFriday (5) 1-1

12. #12s (4) 0-2

13. #BillsMafia (13) 1-1

14. #STLRams (9) 1-1

15. #BlueSwaggerColts (7) 0-2

16. #BoltsUp (10) 1-1

17. #SKOLVikings (23) 1-1

18. #AquaBoyz305 (15) 1-1

19. #NinersEmpire (18) 1-1

20. #RaiderNation (28) 1-1

21. #KHANstructionJags (29) 1-1

22. #ItsABucsLife (30) 1-1

23. #DawgPound (31) 1-1

24. #HTTR (32) 1-1

25. #MusicCityTitans (25) 1-1

26. #FlyEaglesFly (14) 0-2

27. #PurpleBrowns (19) 0-2

28. #RestoreTheRoar (21) 0-2

29. #GeauxSaints (22) 0-2

30. #BullsOnParade (24) 0-2

31. #NYFootballGiants (26) 0-2

32. #BelieveInMonsters (27) 0-2

360 Degrees...

Look at the 0-2 Football Teams through NFL Week 2 simply amazing...

Watch the Rise Up Falcons as they get the Cowboys in Jerry's House in NFL Week 3...

Seahawks should hit the win column in Week 3 their home opener vs the Jimmy Clausen led Bears...

Ravens get Bengals for their home opener and Cincy could put a three game lead on the Purple Browns with a win...

Colts visit Titans an an interesting AFC South Battle as the Jags and Titans lead that division and it's early but....

The Lions might not have QB Matt Stafford for Week 3...

Redskins ran all over that Rams celebrated D-Line now St. Louis gets the Steelers and their dynamic Offense in NFL Week 3 with RB Le'veon Bell back in the fold...

Chiefs blew a gasket vs Broncos at Arrowhead and now they get the "Pack" in Lambeau for NFL Week 3 Monday Night...

Patriots still run the AFC East to no one surprise but that Jets Meeting is sizing up to be a little bit bigger than most expected...


Monday, September 21, 2015

JETS 20 COLTS 7 F...Team TODD BOWLES and that GANG GREEN "D" with Fireman ED screaming J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS smothers the COLTS taking away "Blue Swagger"!..."A QB Driven League" Monday Night Football Week 2 Recap as the N.Y. JETS is an Effective Team! #NYJvsIND #GangGreen #ColtsNation #Fight4Lamar

They always say if you can pack a "D" coming out of the Motel in the "Shield" you always have a shot at the winner's circle. Well the 2K15 New York Jets under new lead man Todd Bowles not only looks the part but is playing the part as they made the Indianapolis Colts picked by many to represent the AFC in Big Bowl  50 look really bad in prime time. Yes its #2 of 16 but you keep saying that and you will be playing and losing for a top draft pick in 2016!

It was all about the "D" as that Jets Secondary of Revis Island and Cro Island has other names that you may need to get familiar with. Like 2014 top pick Safety Calvin Pryor and Dawg Pound Castoff DB Buster Skrine who is far from a "Buster" and Dime Safety Marcus Gilchrist. Yes who needs Dee Milliner when he cannot stay on the field as they pick Colts QB Andrew Luck three times.

Luck had all sorts of issues but the Colts also coughed up the Wilson Pigskin as that Frank Gore fumble near the goal line was a microcosm of what kind of night it was for "Blue Swagger"!  Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick made just enough plays to keep the Jets out of the red and putting points on the scoreboard. That is the exact Blueprint the Dallas Cowboys will try to use without star QB Tony Romo and WR Dez Bryant moving forward in Big D!  

Forget talking the Fantasy Numbers as the Jets "D" if you had them ruled that outing. Now Gang Green moves to 2-0 as the Colts fall to 0-2 and travels to Music City on Sunday for a 1pm ET Tilt with the Titans. These Jets host the 0-2 Eagles in what should be a Litmus Test for Philly to see of they are still floating or the Titanic!

Jets brought the "House" a lot on 3rd and predictable and covered bump and run on the outside playing zero coverage a lot...and making it happen!

Colts missing three of theri top 4 DBs and lost Vontae Davis in the 3rd frame tonight...       

ANGELS @ ASTROS as we go 2nd and 3rd in the AL West both chasing the the leading RANGERS of North Texas Hardball!..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the AL West has two teams 4 games or under chasing TEXAS! #LAAvsHOU #Halos #StrosShow #ALWest2K15

As we go to press that series last week that Houston lost all four games to the AL West leading Texas Rangers is gone but if the Astros do not make October Hardball will be remembered. Now moving forward the 'Stros Show can make amends by sweeping the three-piece from the visiting Halos of Anaheim and then taking the next series as they have the Rangers coming in for a decisive three-piece. Where do the Halos stand in this on the outside (4 games back of TEX....2.5 games back of HOU) looking in but they can also get right back in it taking care of the 'Stros!

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim 
(76-73, 3rd AL West)


(79-71, 2nd AL West) 

"A Cup of Joe in the Show Report
AL West Contenders

Monday September 21, 2015 @ 8:10pm ET 
LAA Weaver (7-11) vs HOU Keuchel (17-8)

Tuesday September 22, 2015 @ 8:10pm ET 
LAA Santiago (8-9) vs HOU McCullers (5-6)

"Hump Day" September 23, 2015 @ 2:10pm ET 
LAA Tropeano (2-2) vs HOU Fiers (7-10)

The stage will be set tonight as Jered Weaver faces Dallas Keuchel and if they are both on lookout hitters. Its even on the Hill after those two on Monday...

"At the Dish" the 'Stros need to control the Millville NJ Meteor Mike Trout. They also need to pick their poison working against "EL Hombre" Albert Pujols. As for the 'Stros they go as Jose Altuve goes and Weaver needs to keep him off the base path and away from that power in the middle of that Houston line up!     

Millville NJ METEOR

YANKEES @ BLUE JAYS as the "PLOT" thickens in the AL East in "A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the BOMBERS arrive "North of the Border" 2.5 games behind the JAYS as this is their last meeting in 2K15! #NYYvsTOR #BronxBombers #BlueBirds #ALEastElite2K15 #ACupOfJoeInTheShowReport

This might be the 2K15 New York Yankees last stand to try and steal the AL East or take the lead with   two weeks to play. The Bombers won the Inter League Series with the rival Amazins' over the weekend and gained a game on the 'Jays.

Toronto trying to hold on as SS Troy Tulowitzki still is an unknown whether he will be back at all in 2K15 still has plenty of "Pop" in the offense and excellent starting pitching. Now a three-piece sweep of the "Bombers" would seal the deal. Losing two of three or getting swept the Crock Pot will be simmering heading into the weekend.

(82-66, 2nd AL East)


(85-64, 1st AL East)

"A Cup of Joe in the Show Report
AL East Leaderboard 2K15

JOEY Bats #19

Monday September 21, 2015 @ 7:07pm ET 
NYY Warren (6-6) @ TOR Price (16-5)

Tuesday September 22, 2015 @ 7:07pm ET
NYY Severino (4-3) vs TOR Estrada (13-8) 

"Hump Day" September 23, 2015 @ 7:07pm ET 
NYY Nova (6-8) vs TOR Stroman (2-0)   

"On the Hill" as the 'Jays come with David Price in game 1as the Yanks top 2 pitchers will miss the series in Jose Pineda and Masahiro Tanaka. The Yanks get the edge in the Pen with Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller. 

"At the Dish" no "Tulo" how about Josh Donaldson, Joey Bats, and Edwin Encarnacion and that is more than enough. Can the Yansk get solid hitting and pitching to steal the three-piece from Jays Nation?    

ROYALS DH Kendrys Morales goes Big FLY x 3 vs the Motor City KITTIES the VIDEO in "WORD around the WARNING TRACK!

The Kansas City Royals beat the Detroit Tigers on Sunday Afternoon in Comeria on "Get Away Day" by the score of 10-3. The lead story was Royals DH Kendrys Morales going "Yard" x 3 as we take a look at Morales' Day:

4 AB 4 H 5 R 3 RBI 3 HR 
Morales hits HRs in 3rd, 4th, and 8th 
All Solo HRs  

College Football Poll Week 4 in "FALL SATURDAYS" as "UPSET" Saturday was in full effect mode this past weekend!...'BAMA goes down again versus Ole MISS...BUCKEYES struggle versus MAC Powerhouse Northern Illinois..WAR EAGLES get smacked as expected...and the USC Trojans fall in L.A. to the FARM! #NCAAFootballWk4 #FallSaturdays #FBS #UpsetSaturday

The biggest surprise this past weekend talking the FBS College Football was the Stanford Cardinals going into L.A. and handing the Trojans an "L"! The Ole Miss Rebels beating 'Bama in T-Town wasn't a surprise considering the talent the Rebs have on both sides of the ball matching up with Roll Tide. Then there is the Ohio State Buckeyes platooning QBs as they almost get beat messing around in the Corner Store Snack Cake Aisle looking for Hostess Suzy Q's dba Northern Illinois Huskies a MAC Powerhouse!

FBS College Football Poll Week #4

Note: In Parenthesis is last weeks Ranking

1. #Buckeyes (1) 3-0

2. #SpartyOn (4) 3-0

3. #HornedFroga (3) 3-0

4. #OleMiss (12) 3-0

5. #BaylorBears (5) 2-0

6. #DawgSaturday (6) 3-0

7. #GeauxTigersLSU (8) 2-0

8. #FSUNoles (9) 3-0

9. #NDIrish (10) 3-0

10. #DeathValleyOrange (11) 3-0

11. #RollTide (2) 2-1

12. #UCLA (14) 3-0

13. #BoomerSooner (15) 3-0

14. #QuackAttack (16) 2-1

15. #DesertSwarm (17) 3-0

16. #Mizzou (18) 3-0

17. #GigEmNation (19) 3-0

18. #RunninUtes (20) 3-0

19. #MenOfTroy (7) 2-1

20. #Northwestern (22) 3-0

21. #RamblinWreck (13) 2-1

22. #Temple (23) 3-0

23. #AWholeBunchOfBadgers (24) 2-1

24. #UTVols (25) 2-1

25. #Stanford (NR) 2-1

Others receiving votes:


JETS @ COLTS as "A QB Driven League" goes MONDAY NIGHT Football Week 2 from LUCAS Oil in Indy!...The new GANG GREEN Jets looking impressive in Week 1 tackles the "Blue Swagger" COLTS who put up a Dud in the Bison City in Week 1!...#NYJvsIND #GangGreen #ColtsNation #MNF #AQBDrivenLeague

The New York Jets taking out the Cleveland Browns in NFL Week 1 last week gets the hungry Indianapolis Colts who have been picked by many to win the "Fight for Lamar" and get to the Big Bowl 50 in Santa Clara. The Bills Mafia didn't hear that last week as they completely shutdown Colts QB Andrew Luck and company.  Now we get a Jets Team that has Stars on both sides of the ball and has bought into new lead man Todd Bowles Style.

(1-0, AFC East)


(0-1, AFC South)

"A QB Driven League" goes Monday Night Football NFL 
Week 2
Monday September 21, 2015 @ 8:25pm ET
Big Pit Stop dba Lucas Oil Stadium

Key Players


QB R. Fitzpatrick
RB C. Ivory/B. Powell
WR B. Marshall
WR E. Decker
LT D. Ferguson
C N. Mangold
LDE M. Wilkerson
RDT L. Williams (2015 Jets 1st Rounder)
LILB D. Harris
LCB Revis Island
RCB Cro Island
SS C. Pryor


QB Luck
RB F. Gore
WR T.Y. Hilton
WR A. Johnson
TE D. Allen/C. Fleener
LT A. Castonzo
ILB D.Q. Jackson
OLB T. Cole
RCB V. Davis. 
LCB G. Toler  

What to watch for #NYJvsIND

Colts must stop the Jets Run Game behind Ivory and Powell to force QB Fitz to make plays...

Jets D-Front must get after Luck with at most a 4-man rush and drop at least 7 with Man Under Coverage...

Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall were good in Week 1 now they get Toler and Vontae Davis one of the best DB Tandems in the "Shield" can they be productive?

Where was former Texans great WR Andre Johnson in Week 1 as the Colts might be without T.Y. Hilton as he is probable (Knee)...

Takeaway Battle...

Kicking Game...

Both teams must stay in manageable downs and distance especially the Jets coming out of the Motel...

Jets Style coming from Bowles is attacking and physical can the Colts match that style on both sides of the Wilson pigskin?

Colts RB Frank Gore and the Colts O-Line will get tested versus a front with Wilkerson and the Rook "Big Cat" Leonard Williams...DT Sheldon Richardson suspended from his Autobahn Fiasco!

If the Jets keep it close they have they have the players to steal this one...

Luck and the "Blue Swagger" will come out blazing can Gang Green match that intensity and initial forward push?

Game Time...from Lucas Oil in Circle City 8:25pm ET

Sunday, September 20, 2015

SEAHAWKS 17 PACKERS 27 F...12's establishes themselves in the 3rd but too much A-ROG and the "PACK" Offense is it was better than that HAWKS "D" when it counted!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 2 Sunday Night Football as CHEESE HEADS > 12's on this night! #SEAvsGB #SorryWeRLoud #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football #Fight4George2K15 #AQBDrivenLeague #SNF

Is it "A QB Driven League" you bet it is as the Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson battled the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers with the "Pack" prevailing late as it was a game of Peaks and Valleys. Green Bay now moves to 2-0 having beat the Bears and Hawks as Seattle falls to 0-2.

It was the "Pack: with an excellent game plan against Wilson and that sometimes Rad Option and then the Seahawks Vertical Passing game or lack there of in the 1st half. A-Rog found WR James Jones for the first score a 29 yarder that put the "Pack" up 7-0. Mason Crosby made it 10-0 until Steven Hauschka kicked answered Crosby's 54 yarder with a 54 yarder of his own leaving it at 10-3 after one frame.

Green Bay would than add another Crosby FG right before the half as the Seahawks made a goal line stand making it 13-3 the "pack". The Seahawks made the proper adjustments after the break and came out firing in the 2nd half.

It was a 10 play 80-yard drive for Seattle in the 3rd capped off by a Fred Jackson 5 yard TD pass from Wilson cutting that "Pack" lead to 13-10. The 12's came right back in an offensive groove scoring again as Wilson found WR Doug Baldwin on a 13 yard TD pass making it 17-13 Hawks. The "Pack" completely out of sync in the 3rd adds a Crosby 44 yarder cutting the deficit from four to one at 17-16.

The "Pack" then got it going in the 4th creating turnovers as A-Rog went 10 plays and 80 yards on 12's early in the 4th to take a 24-16 lead as they made the two-point conversion. Crosby would later add another FG and the "Pack" goes onto win 27-17. A-Rog passes for 249 yards on 25 for 33 and two TDs. Wilson was 19 for 30 and 206 yards with two TDs and an INT. He also ran for 78 yards on ten attempts.

The Seahawks get "Beast Mode" Marshawn Lynch just 15 carries for 41 yards with Baldwin adding 92 yards receiving on seven grabs. "Pack" RB James Starks filling in for Eddie Lacy (Ankle Sprain 1st period did not return) ran for 95 yards on twenty carries  as WR Randall Cobb added 116 yards receiving on eight grabs.      

Seattle now moves on as they finally get some home cooking in Week 3 versus the 0-2 Bears. The "Pack" gets the Chiefs on September 28th Monday Night Football.  

COWBOYS 20 EAGLES 10 F...DALLAS wins the TAKEAWAY Battle and the game but loses QB ROMO to a Fractured Left CLAVICLE!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week Late Slate as Team WEEDEN is in the building as the Football Gods keep given Jerry's House the Business! #DALvsPHI #CowboysNation #FlyEaglesFly #NFCEastRivals2K15

The Dallas Cowboys are winning ugly but winning as they march into NFL Week 3 at 2-0 and host the 2-0 Rise Up Falcons of Atlanta next week. Yes they won the "Takeaway Battle" and Cowboys Clipboard Holder Extraordinaire Brandon Weeden even threw a TD Pass to Terrence Williams late to seal the victory 20-10. That Cowboys nation is all the good news.

The bad news on a freak play and normal play really Cowboys QB Tony Romo was hurried on a pass play as he took a hit with all his momentum on his left Clavicle and Collar Bone. Romo stayed down and when he got up was in some serious pain favoring his left shoulder area. After reports through numerous media outlets the injury is a Left Clavicle Fracture and that is the worst news the 'Boys could get at this juncture of the season.

Meanwhile the Philadelphia Eagles have stunk up the joint in consecutive weeks as the Eagles high-flying offense has been grounded through two tilts in the 2015 NFL season. Eagles RB DeMarco Murray ran for just two yards on thirteen carries and no scores as Philly ran for a net 55 yards for the game.

Eagles QB Sam Bradford threw for 224 yards and a TD but has two INTs. To make matters worse you can score if you do not have the Wilson Pigskin and Philly totaled just under 20 minutes of 60 with the pig. Where does #FlyEaglesFly go from here well Chip Kelly needs to figure it out as the "Explosive" Plays on Offense appear to be as far gone as Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy...really!

Now Dallas moves to 2-0 with Philly falling to 0-2 with the Cowboys needing a "Few Good Men" to step up and take charge on offense with all those important cogs gone for months or for 2015.          

CARDINALS 4 CUBS 3 F...REDBIRDS escape WRIGLEYVILLE U.S.A. grabbing game #3 avoiding a sweep as CARDS starer CARLOS MARTINEZ was good enough combined with REDBIRDS Pen and Captain Save-A-Game TREVOR ROSENTHAL!..."GET AWAY DAY" as the REDBIRDS restore order in the NL Central Race 2k15! #STLvsCHC #Redbirds #NorthSiders #NLCentralElite2K15

The St. Louis Cardinals Game Plan on Sunday was simple and that was jump, on Cubbies starter  Jon Lester early like in the 1st before he gets settled in. The Redbirds did that back to playing "Matheny Ball' and escapes Wrigleyville U.S.A. with a 4-3 win.

"Matheny Ball" did the damage in the 1st via the "Big Fly" as Tommy Pham went solo blast and Stephen Piscotty took Lester for a two-run shot for a quick 3-0 lead. Johnny Peralta would add an RBI single in the 3rd for a Redbirds 4-0 lead as the Cubbies came back in their half of the 3rd with an Anthony Rizzo two RBI single cutting that 3-0 deficit to 4-2. Lester would leave after six allowing four runs on six hits as he was on the hook for the "L" and took the "L" falling to 10-11.

Carlos Martinez went 6 2/3 allowing just two runs on four hits as the North Siders had something brewing in the 8th but could manage just a run cutting the Redbirds lead to 4-3. Trevor Rosenthal after giving up a lead-off single to Starlin Castro gets Castro's pinch-runner Quintin Berry caught-stealing as Jorge Soler strikes out on the very next pitch getting him out of what looked to be a real jam coming. That was a hit and run and Soler missed it and Berry was throw-out at 2nd.

The Cards move to 93-56 while the Cubbies fall to 87-62...  

PATRIOTS 40 BILLS 32 F...I have already said this, " The Loudest one in the ROOM better bring it" and they did not!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 2 Early Slate Recap as the BILLS MAFIA watches their Bunch get whacked and that is putting it lightly! #NEvsBUF #PatsTalk #BillsMafia #AFCEastElite2K15 #AQBDrivenLeague

The New England Patriots just went about their business throughout the week leading up to Sundays Game with the Bills in the Bison City. The Bills on the other hand chopped it up all week long as Bills lead man Rex Ryan didn't back down from talking Pats and why should he. Now there is a fine line between talking and backing it up and being the loudest one in the room and then comes game time and you show absolutely nothing!

Well after all that hollering and pre-game noise from the Bills and Bills Mafia they get whacked right into Lake Erie. The Patriots behind QB Tom Brady (38/59 466 yds 3 TD), TE Rob Gronkowski (7/113 TD), and WR/Gadget Julian Edelman (11/97 2 TD) go in on Bison City Football as they also go Fantasy Football Week 2 crazy for an astounding 40-32 win over the Bills and trust me it wasn't that close!

Buffalo down at the break 24-13 had a chance after the break but came out flat as the Pats padded that lead adding 13 in the 3rd to a 37-13 lead. Yes the Bills scored 19 points in the 4th to make it look good and for Fantasy put the route was on way earlier than that.

Bills QB Tyrod Taylor passed for 242 yards and 3 TDs but also had 3 INTs. RB "Shady" McCoy ran for 89 yards on fifteen carries but none of his runs had any impact on this one. WRs Sammy Watkins (6/60 TD) and Robert Woods (3/60 TD) had pretty good games but the Bills trailed by multiple scores when they started to get off.

Look Bills Mafia, Gang Green , and Aqua Boyz 305 its still going through Foxborough no matter how you slice it until I and NFL Heads see otherwise...

FALCONS 24 GIANTS 20 F..."Lighting" strikes again on the G-MEN as they lose to RISE UP with under two minutes remaining!..."A QB Driven League" NFL Week 2 "Early Slate" Recap #ATLvsNYG #RiseUp #NYFootballGiants #Fight4George

No they didn't as the New York Giants entered NFL Week 2 the thoughts of that bad loss in Dallas was still lingering and maybe had some lingering effects on this game. The Atlanta Falcons beating the Philadelphia Eagles last Monday Night had to be feeling good about their chances as they showed off their new "D" last week and in the "Shield" defense travels!

The Dirty Birds jumped out in the 1st with a 7-0 lead capped off by a 1-yard run by Rise Up Rookie RB Tevin Coleman of "Hoosier Hysteria". G-Men PK Josh Brown cut that lead to 7-3 after a made FG early in the 2nd as Falcons PK Matt Bryant matched him midway through for a 10-3 Falcons lead.

Then right before the break it was Eli Manning finding EA Sports Madden 16 Cover Boy Odell Beckham Jr. for a 67-yard TD as the G-Men added another Brown FG to take a 13-10 lead into the intermission.

New York then scored the lone TD in the 3rd on a 10-yard TD Pass to TE Larry Donnell making it 20-10 G-Men in what looked to be a commanding lead. These are the 2015 G-Men and for some odd reason under Coach Coughlin they have always been able to close well cannot in 2015.

Midway through the 4th a Leonard Hankerson 10-yd TD Pass from Matty Ice made it 20-17 G-Men as Met Life Blue was getting a little bit restless and irritated. Then with under the three minute mark the Falcons ran down the field as WR Julio Jones caught a 38-yard pass in what was first ruled as a TD setting up a Devonta Freeman 2-yard scamper for a Falcons 24-20 lead.

The G-Men trying to get down the field late with no time outs lose again as the Falcons..."Rise Up"... and escapes Met Life Blue at 2-0. The G-Men fall to 0-2 and wow have things changed for Coughlin's Group in a hurry...

Matty Ice threw for 363 yards on 30 for 363 yards while Julio Jones had 13 grabs for 135 yards. ODB Jr. went 7 receptions for 146 yards and a TD as Eli threw for 292 yards and 2 TD...     

49ERS 18 STEELERS 43 F...The MEN of STEEL puts the NINERS EMPIRE where they belong traveling EAST on a short week in the "L" Column!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as the "D" showed up matching the "O"! #SFvsPIT #NinersGang #SteelerNation #NFLWeek2 #TripleDiamondChronicles

The Pittsburgh Steelers last played September 10th back in Foxborough, Mass against the defending world champion New England Patriots. They had some ten days to prepare for the San Francisco 49ers who opened their season at home last Monday beating up the Purple People. Something had to give between the Steelers Offense and the 49ers traveling east on a short week not making any excuses.

Well after a Big Ben Roethlisberger TD Pass to Heath Miller late in the 1st frame and a successful two-point conversion the Steelers led 8-0. Between the 2nd and 3rd frames the Black and Yellow would outscore the Niners 21-3 to take a commanding 29-3 lead after three. Yes the Niners score twice in the 4th as former Steelers Killer and former Purple Browns deep threat Torrey Smith (6 rec 120 yds TD) and Anquan Boldin (6 rec 60 yds TD) both caught TDs as the Steelers erupted for two more scores as well.

The final a Steelers 43-18 win as Big Ben (21/27 369 yds 3 TD), Antonio Brown (9 rec 195 yds TD), and RB Deangelo Williams (20 car 77 yds 3 TD) all had huge Fantasy Days. The lead story was the Steelers "D" as they dominated the first three frames including a goal line stand late in the 3rd. That is refreshing to see since they looked out of place all, game long versus the Past in week 1.

Both teams move to 1-1 as the Black and Yellow will be in St. Louis next week vs the Rams...       

#15 OLE MISS 43 #2 ALABAMA 37 F...The REBELS make it back to back WINS over the CRIMSON TIDE as they win the all important Takeaway Battle 5-0!...Bluedude Sportstalk "FRONT LINE" for Sunday September 20, 2015 as OLE MISS > 'BAMA but if your going to take an "L" take it in September! #MISSvsBAMA #SECWestClashOfTheTitans #HottyToddy #RollTide #FallSaturdays #FBS

What a difference a year makes as the Rebels beat the Tide again in back to back years bit talking the QB for Ole Miss. The last two seasons I just didn't think 'Ole Miss could win the big one and stay on top with Bo Wallace at QB. This QB "Bloodline" Chad Kelly has that make-up Wallace never had and I am not taking shots just calling a "Spade a Spade"!

Kelly throws for 341 yards on 18 of 33 with no INTs and all those numbers were impressive.  Then throw in he connected with seven different targets as Ole Miss ran for nearly a hundo (92 yards)...The Rebels strike.

It was 'Bama and those 5 turnovers as Roll Tide QB Jake Coker had 3 TDs but two INTs. RB Derrick Henry ran for 127 yards on 23 carries and a score but 'Bama playing catch up for almost the entire night  hurt the ground attack.

At times it just looked like 'Bama  was losing up front on both sides of the Pigskin and that rarely happens. Ole Miss Star DT/DE Robert Ndemkiche is a man-child and he dominated for the most part as did that secondary playing zone for most of the night. It's not a shocker but shocking how well Kelly played as the Lights can get any brighter in September.

Looking ahead with a lot of football remaining if your going to lose lose in September or early October as 'Bama is still in it...

Saturday, September 19, 2015

SEAHAWKS @ PACKERS going "SUNDAY NIGHT" Football Week 2 in "A QB Driven League" as the HAWKS head to Appleton, Wisconsin to the MOTEL and then to LAMBEAU as the "PACK" can't wait! #SEAvsGB #12s #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football #SNF #AQBDrivenLeague #RussvsARog #Fight4GeorgeElite2K15

Is there such thing as a must-win in  Week 2 in the "Shield"? Well the Seattle Seahawks have to be thinking that after back to back Big Bowl Appearances the armor is cracked! Now they get a Packers Bunch looking to "Kick a Man when they are down" as Green Bay owes them dearly for those "House of Horrors" Trips to Century Link the past couple of seasons and the 2K15 "Fight for George"!

(0-1, NFC West)


(1-0, NFC North)

"Sunday Night Football" Week 2 goes "A QB Driven League
Sunday September 20, 2015 @ 8:30pm ET 
Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin
Key Players


QB @dangeRUSSwilson
RB Beast Mode dba Mr. Velvet Ropes
TE Jimmy Graham
WR J. Kearse
LT R. Okung
DE M. Bennett 
LB B. Wagner
SS "Bam Bam" Cam the "BOOM" in the "Legion of Boom"  
CB Sherm


QB A-Rog 
RB Lacy
WR James Jones
WR Randall Cobb
WR Davante Adams
RT Don Barclay (Replacing Bryan Bulaga)
DT B.J. Raji
OLB "Bloodline" Matthews Jr
OLB J. Peppers
CB S. Shields
Safeties x 2 Clinton-Dix/Burnnett 
What to watch for #SEAvsGB

G.B. must keep Russell Wilson in the Pocket....

Seattle needs to rush A-Rog up the middle...

Eddie Lacy who stops that?

Beast Mode needs 25 + carries to get going...

The L.O.B. vs the Packers WRs...who wins?

Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril on Packers LT Don Barclay the replacement for Bryan out "Pack"!

Hawks O-Line versus a solid G.B. Front...who wins?

Do the Seahawks need "Bam Bam" Cam Chancellor back into the fold as the Team not just the "D" appears to be missing a piece (Chancellor)!

Lambeau and the Cheese Heads needs to make it difficult for the Hawks on offense...

Takeaways...who wins?

Red Zone Trips...who gets 6s instead of 3s?

Vertical Passing Game who wins?

Carroll vs McCarthy as it feels like they play twice a year...

Who rises up in Prime Time as its the Packers turn against the Hawks?

Winner: Seahawks 30-24

STANFORD 41 #6 USC 31 F...Coach David SHAW, QB Kevin HOGAN, and "Bloodline" Christian McCAFFREY takes the "FARM" into the L.A. Coliseum...and the "FARM" prevails!..."FALL SATURDAYS" as Upset Saturday starts in Mid-September! #STANvsUSC #TheFarm #MenOfTroy #Pac12 #FallSaturdays #NCAAFWeek3

Most said the USC Trojans will beta Stanford but it won't be easy. A few said watch Cardinals lead man David Shaw he can get it done versus any team in the Pac-12 especially the favorites. Well just a few weeks after stinking up the joint in Evanston, Illinois versus a darn good Northwestern Wildcats Bunch here comes the Sanford Cardinals dba the "Farm"!

Team Palo Alto U dba Stanford University goes into the L.A. Coliseum heavy underdogs and shocks the "Only Football in Town" minus the Bruins 41-31 and once they got the lead at break 24-21 the Cards ran with it. QB Kevin Hogan (18-23 279 yds 2 TD) was the Kevin Hogan everyone on the "Farm" thought they was going to get for 2015. He was simply superb outplaying his Heisman Hopeful Counterpart USC QB Cody Kessler (25/32 272 yds 3 TD).

That wasn't the whole story as the "Farm" also followed the lead of one "Bloodline" RB Christian McCaffrey and if you do not know the name. Remember Billy McCaffrey (Duke, Vanderbilt Basketball) or even former Stanford WR Ed McCaffrey (Denver Broncos 2-Time Super Bowl Winner)...yes those McCaffrey's. Well Chris did work rushing for 115 yards on 26 carries keeping Stanford balanced and forcing that Trojans Defensive Front to lay both the run and pass.    

The lone bright spot outside of Trojans QB Kessler was dynamic Sophomore Ju Ju Smith-Schuster from L.A. Area H.S. Powerhouse Long Beach Poly as he had 8 grabs for 153 yards and a TD. Now the Trojans to get back into the mix will have to play it game by game and two losses puts you right out of the Final 4 in the FBS.

Both teams are 2-1 as Stanford moves to 1-0 in Pac-12 play and S.C. falls to 0-1...

NFL Week 2 "LATE SLATE" in "A QB Driven League" as we go 4pm and 4:25 pm ET start times!...AQUA Boyz 305 in J'Ville vs the KHANstruction JAGS in the "Battle of Florida"...PURPLE Reign in the Black Hole versus RAIDER Nation...and dem 'BOYZ of Big D hits the LINC and #FlyEaglesFly to see an old friend in RB DeMarco Murray! #MIAvsJAX #BALvsOAK #DALvsPHI #NFLWeek2LateSlate

NFL Week 2 "Late Slate" as we go to the "Battle of Florida", to the Black Hole near Planet Oracle, and to the Linc for Cheese steaks, Throwbacks, and an NFC East "Donnybrook"!

#AquaBoyz305 @ #KHANstructionJags 

The Miami Dolphins marches into J'Ville with a 1-0 record as they took care of Biz in D.C. last week. The new and improved "D" led by Ndamukong Suh with Cameron Wake has that Phins Front trying to take it up a notch. Jags QB Blake Bortles still needs a solid run game as we see the improvement. Can his Wide outs do damage versus CB Brent Grimes and company?

Phins QB Ryan Tannehill played well last week as the Phins look to make it 2-0 to start the 2015 season. The Jags and backer Paul Posluszny must take away the run game and Phins RB Lamar Miller to force Tannehill to throw the pig more than he wants to which plays into the Jags Hands. If they can execute that and get that Offense rolling enough lookout as the Battle of Florida" could be in the Jags Favor!

Winner: Aqua Boyz 305...23-17

#PurpleReign @ RaiderNation

The Ravens almost stole one in Denver as they were turned away in the end zone. Now they head further west to take on a Raiders Bunch that came out last week versus the Bengals and was put right into the bay. If Flacco and company can get RB Justin Forsett going and Steve Smith Sr. a little help in the passing game B-More should walk away 1-1.

For the Raiders its QB Derek Carr is he a go or not. Then you add that "D" are they going to show up at all as last week was inexcusable and lead man Jack Del Rio is quickly finding out turning around the Raiders will be no east feat! They just need all three phases to play as one and see what happens...really!

Winner: Ravens 34-23

#Cowboys @ #FlyEaglesFly

Expect this new Eagles RB DeMarco Murray going back to his "Boomer Sooner" Days on his ex-mates as he will go over a a hundo rushing. Now the Eagles must start faster than last week in Atlanta when they played a half and still had a chance or two to win the game. The Eagles "D" has to play like they did in the 2nd half on Sunday not the 1st half. The Cowboys "D" must slow down QB Sam Bradford and company and keep Murray in check as Murray keeps his "Peepers" on Jerry Jones Box...Lol thinking OU Norman > Woo Pig Sooie!

Then you look at QB Tony Romo with no #1 WR Dez Bryant and that should not matter. Romo is use to throwing the Wilson Pigskin all over the place and Sunday vs the Eagles will be no different. Watch both Cole Beasley and Terrence Williams and old man J-Witten do work. The Eagles must concentrate on getting to Romo and that Cowboys O-Line will make that tough all game long. If they don't lookout Eagles!

Winner: Cowboys 38-34  

#18 AUBURN 21 #13 LSU 45 F...FOURNETTE FOURNETTE FOURNETTE FOURNETTE and all that #GeauxTigers of Baton Rouge talent smacks them WAR EAGLES in Death Valley!..."FALL SATURDAYS" as Les Miles Group is for real in the SEC West! #AUBvsLSU #WarEagles #BayouBengalTigers #SECWestHappenings

He was the #1 Schoolboy Recruit in the Country in the Class of 2014 and was was a man-child in the scholastic ranks. Nothing has changed as he is a true sophomore at LSU doing the same man-child like things to opponents as he makes a serious bid for an invite to the Downtown Athletic Club in the NYC.

His name is Leonard Fournette and he is from of course NOLA where Les Miles and the Tiger have and should have a pipeline from Baton Rouge to the Big Easy. Fournette lit up the Stark Vegas Bulldogs last week and now he goes for $2.28 on just 19 totes and three scores against the War Eagles of the Plains. The final core of 45-21 isn't indicative on how things really transpired but the Tigers will take that crooked 45 over that bending 21!  

FOURNETTE's Run vs Wil Muschamp's "D"....yikes!

The Tigers ran up 411 yards running a country mile and passed for just 74 yards. Auburn QB Jeremy Johnson passed for two scores early an that was it as Auburn like many expected was exposed. That 2014 LSU Team that went 8-5 is a distant memory as though they played in 2004.

Now moving forward where does that leave the SEC West in the hands of both the Alabama Crimson Tide and Ole Miss Rebels as they both have to face the Bayou Bengal Tigers at some point. The Loser takes a step back after tonight with those #GeauxTigers lurking in the SEC 2015 Trek.

CARDINALS 4 CUBS 5 F...REDBIRDS Rallly falls short in the 9th as the NORTH SIDERS #1 UBER Driver KRIS BRYANT has a Day as does JORGE SOLER and STARLIN CASTRO as he stays on the WEBER Grill!..."WEEKEND BENDERS" as the CUBS will finish 2k15 on a 17-0 Run with 3 down and 14 to go! #STLvsCHC #BaseballTownUSA #NorthSiders #MaddonBall #NLCentralRace2K15

The Cubbies hit Redbirds Ace RHP Michael Wacha hard again as the "North Siders" go for the three-piece sweep on Sunday. The tide has turned quickly in this rivalry as the youthful Cubbies keep going at the heavy-hitters looking like heavy-0hitters themselves.

It was right-hander Trevor Cahill's scoreless three frames and some change that was huge for "Maddon Ball" in this one relieving one Travis Wood. The day though belonged to the Cubbies 31 Uber Driver and the Senior Circuit's #1 Donut-Runner (Rookie) in Sin City Nevada Native Kris Bryant.

K.B. 17 started things in the 1st with an RBI double scoring Jorge Soler and then scored on a Starlin Castro RBI single as Castor stays on the grill with the Kingsford Edge Match Light under him as it was 2-0 Cubbies after one.

In the 2nd Redbirds second baseman Kolten Wong goes sac-fly to score Redbirds LF Stephen Poscotty making It 2-1 Cubbies. In the 5th it was both Soler and Bryant again on Wacha going "Back 2 Back" Jacks for a Cubbies 4-1 lead and the Suds and high-fives were flowing at the "Friendly Confines". Cubbies Tommy LaStella added to the lead with an RBI single in the 6th and it was 5-1 Cubbies and that run little did we know then proved to be the winner.

Chicago then turned to the Pen and everything was going smooth until the 9th. Chicago reliever Zac Roscupp gave up a two-run HR to Matt Carpenter cutting the Cubbies lead to 5-3. Then "Yaddy" Molina goes sac-fly for a 5-4 Cubbies lead off Pedro Strop. Strop finally gets the last out a force out and here comes the North Siders moving to 87-61. The Redbirds fall to 92-56 and their lead is five games over Chicago.

The Pittsburgh Pirates lost last night as "Maddon Ball" is gaining ground on both and could it be Christmas early near Addison Clark and Waveland and Sheffield...just sayin'!                

YANKEES 5 METS 0 F...BELTRAN and "BOB the Builder" McCANN carry the BOMBERS through SYNDERGAARD as its 1-1 heading to Sunday Night Hardball!..."WEEKEND BENDERS" as PINEDA and that Yanks PEN was in Shutdown Mode for the Saturday Matinee at CITI Field! #NYYvsNYM #BronxBombers #Amazins #SubwaySeries

With both Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner getting base knocks to start the game off versus Mets starter Noah Syndergaard there was trouble in the air. Then with Mr. Clutch up in Carlos Beltran Mr. Syndergaard throws an express clocked at 100 mph and it left at 200 mph and just like that before Mets Nation could get all their fannies in the seats Yankees 3 Mets 0.  

That was all Yankees Starter Michael Pineda needed to see as the Yanks starter went into the 6th with a shutout scattering four hits and four strikeouts. Syndergaard would settle down and waiting for the Amazins' Offense for a frame or two of "Pick me Up" there was trouble looming in the 6th.

With a man on and Yankees back stop "Bob the Builder" McCann up he takes Syndergaard deep for a two-run blast and that rolled the credits on a Mets Offense that now had to go through the likes of Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller...not happening!

Syndergaard takes the "L" (8-7) as he had five runs on seven hits on his tab through six. Pineda moves to 11-8 in masterful work knowing if he can get a lead with some added insurance that back end won't fail.

Yanks move to 81-66 and the Mets fall to 84-64 with the "Rubber Game" on ESPN's Sunday Night Hardball...

49ers @ STEELERS as "TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" goes "A QB Driven League" Week 2 "Early Slate"!...So much for the NINERS Empire limping through the 17-Week Trek in the "SHIELD" as they looked part and played it in Week 1!...BLACK and YELLOW gets in front of the Home Folks and the Terrible Tizzle for the 1st time in 2015 but is that "D" fixed as HEINZ Field has some of the best BOSE Head Sets in the "Shield"! #SFvsPIT #NInersGang #SteelerNation #NFLWeek2EarlySlate #TripleDiamondChronicles

The San Francisco 49ers in what looked to be a possible Homecoming Game for the Steelers right after the schedule came out as the Niners were losing all their players. Now after NFL Week 1 and all those Naysayers looking back to see where they went wrong it's Pittsburgh Native and new Niners lead man Jim Tomsula arriving at Heinz Field as a slight underdog.

The Pittsburgh Steelers know communication will not be an issue at Heinz talking Bose Head Sets but the communication on "D" must improve or we will start grabbing Pitt Panthers DBs changing their Birth Certificates with players names like Rod Foodson, and Mel Rount and Donnie Well. Can the Steelers "D" slow down that somewhat dynamic Niners Offense?

(1-0, NFC West)


(0-1, AFC North)

"Triple Diamond Chronicles" going "A QB Driven League
Week 2 
"Early Slate"
Sunday September 20, 2015 @ 1pm ET
Big 64 oz Ketchup Bottle dba Heinz Field 

Key Players


QB Kap
RB Carlos Hyde #28
WR A. Boldin
WR Torrey Smith
LT Joe Staley
ILB Navorro #53
CB T. Brown
SS Antione Bethea


QB Big Ben
RB D-Will
TE Heaaaaaaaath
WR Wheaton
ILB Law Dawg 
ILB Shazier
OLB Jarvis J. 
CB Cortez Allen
S Will Allen

NINERS Empire vs STEELERS Nation 
going Madden 

What to watch for: 

Can the Steelers keep QB KAP in the pocket and no long runs?

Can the 49ers "D" corral Big Ben  and stop him from extending plays?

49ers RB Carlos Hyde will he play 1/2 Roger Craig and 1/2 Ricky Watters in Week 2 with a ditto of week 1?

Steelers WR Markus Wheaton is the missing link on offense...will he go "Biggie-Size" in week 2?

49ers O-Line can they create mammoth holes like they did in game 1?

Steelers Secondary is a huge concern and if Kap looks like Joe Montana we need more than just Killer Bee #26 Le'veon Bell back into the fold...

49ers WR Torrey Smith likes playing against the Steelers and he is a huge deep threat...will he get off on that Steelers Secondary?

Takeaways who wins?

3rd and getting of the field which "D" succeeds in this key category?

Steeler Nation bring the noise as we will need it...and the World's #1 Towel!

Navorro Bowman is the key to the Niners Empire moving forward can the Steelers go after him in the passing game all game long?

49ers D-Coordinator Eric Mangini vs Steelers O-Coordinator Todd Haley...huge chess match who wins?

Red Zone Efficiency who wins?

Kicking Game as Steelers Dri Archer needs to step up...

Steelers must read that Read Option to an almost exact science or Hyde and Kap will be at the Drake Relays!

Can the Steelers Offense put up 30 in this one and if they do they hit the Winner's Circle...and if they do not its on the ""D and Coordinator K-Butler!

Winner: Steelers 31-17         

NFL Week 2 "EARLY SLATE" Take 3 in "A QB Driven League" as we are in the BIG EASY on the Mississippi, MET LIFE Blue near the Meadowlands, and FED EX Field in D.C.! #TBvsNO #ATLvsNYG #STLvsWSH #NFLWeek2EarlySlate

NFL Week 2 the last of the "Early Slate" except Steelers hosting the 49ers as this is Take 3...

#ItsABucsLife @ #NOLAGumboSaints 

Tampa Bay QB Jameis Winston thought last week was a doozy wait until he sees that NOLA Gumbo Saints Tailgate entering the Big S Class AMG63 dba Mercedes-Benz Dome smelling that Crab Gumbo and Po'Boy Samiches laced with Crab and that is not taking shots.  Can the Bucs Offense do a complete 360 from last week against a hungry Saints Unit taht left plays all over the fiedl in last week's "L"?

Then on the other side of the field there is QB Drew Brees locked in as the Saints Offense will score points and RB Mark Ingram must step his game up as he is a more than willing pass catcher. Marquis Colston #12 in the Saints Program and on Saints Film Buccaneers must be stooped. Bucs DT Gerald McCoy and Backer Lavonte Davis must rise up in Week 2 as 0-2 is a hole but maybe not in the NFC South!

Winner: Who Dat! 38-24

#RiseUp @ #GMen 

We will find out if the Falcons packed that last Monday Night "D" or was that an Adrenaline Rush from playing in front of the home folks? Meanwhile Falcons WR Julio Jones along with Cowboys Dez Bryant and Steelers Antonio Brown are my Top 3 and shhhhhhhhhh on that and keep it moving! Can the G-Men Secondary slow down Julio or will Julio's Hamstring slow him down as he had treatment  all week long?

That G-Men Offense has to be thinking and a a team in general leave that Bad Dream back at Jerry's House. That Falcons "D" is younger and quicker than last season and Eli Manning needs an "All Hands on Deck" Approach as ODB Jr. needs to get it going or is waiting until Week 5?  This match up will be won upfront as the Falcons are looking to move to 2-0! The G-Men cannot fall to 0-2 as the Cowboys are 1-up on them holding serve!

Winner: Falcons 27-24

#STLRams @ #HTTR 

The Rams have all the confidence in the world having beat their NFC West Rival the Seattle Seahawks last week. They can score now with QB Nick Foles and RB Todd Gurley is doubtful. The 'Skins "D" showed up last week versus the 'Phins but fell a play or so short of victory. They must get to Foles and if they do not it will be another gloomy Monday in #HTTR Land!

Washington QB Kirk Cousins you must be wondering how long his leash is. RB Alfred Morris (121 yd rushing on Aqua Boyz 305) last week is his best friend. Cousins lost #1 deep threat Desean Jackson to a "hammy" for at least a month. The real; problem in this one is in order Rams DT Aaron Donaldson, DE Robert Quinn, and "Bloodline" Chris Long. Can the #HTTR Offense get anything going against that?

Winner: Rams 35-17          

NFL Week 2 "EARLY SLATE" Take 2 in "A QB Driven League" as we head to the JUNGLE on the Ohio, the DAWG Pound on Lake Erie, and TCF Bank Stadium involving the SKOL Vikings! #SDvsCIN #TENvsCLE #DETvsMIN #NFLWk2EarlySlate

NFL Week 2 "Early Slate" Take 2 in "A QB Driven League"...1pm ET Starts

#BoltsUp @ #WhoDey 

The Chargers took apart the "Restore the Roar' Lions last week at the Murph as they did it with Defense and Philip Rivers once they game settled down. Now they come across the Mississippi in three time zones to face a Bengals Team that is more than ready and tore up the Silver and Black last week in the Black Hole! Rivers must get a run game in this one and #1 WR Keenan Allen will face a stout Bills Secondary and most likely the feisty Artist once known as Pac-Man in Adam Jones.

The "Strawberry Rifle" Who Dey Nation QB Andy Dalton from Horned Frog Nation could not have had a better start to his 2015 season. That Bengals Run Game is difficult to slow down with Jeremy Hill of #GeauxTigers Baton Rouge with a slice of Giovani Bernard. TE Tyler Eifert is back and 100% and he is right there will all those great Pass-Catching Tight Ends. Can the Bolts "D" slow all that down as they can ill afford to get a slow start in the Jungle?

Winner: Bengals 30-10

#MusicCityTitans @ #DawgPound 

I know what your thinking Titans QB Marcus Mariota is better than "Famous Jameis" Winston and slow your dam* roll on that one. Mariota played extremely well last week as they put him in an offense that he was familiar with. Also that Titans "D" was all over the place and they made life tough for Winston. Now they get Johnny Football and they have to be licking their chops! That Browns Secondary is better than the Bucs Secondary and Mariota will rely on his Run Game led by Bishop Sankey!

The Browns Fans dba Dawg Pound has to be feeling really good about now as they get to See their man Johnny Football  get a start with no one behind him looking over his shoulder. Both RBs Isaiah Crowell and Rook Duke Johnson Jr. must be better than week 1. The Titans now under Dick LeBeau appears to be better on "D" and they will be loading the box forcing Manziel to throw the Pig giving him Rubix Cube like looks on "D". Good Luck Johnny and tell King James the Bluedude said the Bulls are coming in 2015-16!

Winner: Titans 13-9

#RestoreTheRoar @ #SKOLvikings 

By now Lions Nation should know what they have at QB in Matthew Stafford and I do not need to tell you anything. Having said all of that the Lions are still my team to finish 2nd in the NFC North but they need Backer Deandre "Milwaukee born and raised" Levy in that line up to do so. The Vikings will be coming downhill with their Twin Cities Avenger in "All Day" A.P. as he will be looking to balance a 31 yard week 1. Do the math he is going for 169 yards and at least two scores as he knows he is a Fantasy must-have. It will be up to the defenses and right now I am leaning towards the Purple People!      

Winner: Skol Vikings 31-27


NFL Week 2 "EARLY SLATE" Take 1 in "A QB Driven League" as we hit the BISON City, CHARLOTTE, and SECOND City as we go PATS visit BILLS Mafia, TEXANS face the PANTHERS, and BIRD Gang tackles BELIEVE in MONSTERS! #NEvsBUF #HOUvsCAR #ARIvsCHI #NFLWk2EarlySlate

NFL Week 2 "Early Slate" Take 1 in "A QB Driven League"...1pm ET Starts

#Pats @ #BillsMafia  

Rex Ryan vs Bill Belichick and Tyrod Taylor vs Tom Brady among others things going on in this AFC East Feast. The Bills Sports Store has loaded up the Air Pumps for purchase as the Bills and Rex have been talking all week.

Who stops "Gronk" as he sliced up the Steelers all game long. Then there is Edelman in the slot who has something to say every time he makes a grab as he had coverage (the Zebras) and its not like he is walking down a dark alley all by his lonesome!

Then there is QB Tyrod Taylor who can go vertical with the pass to all those weapons like "I live in Percyland USA" Harvin, or even the Ferrari F14 in Sammy Watkins. Something has to give in this one as Tom Terrific is 23-3 versus the Bills and that is putting the Bills and Bills Mafia in Lake Erie. C'mon Bills the loudest one in the room better bring it!

Winner: Bills 23-19

#BullsOnParade @ #BackInBlack

It took most of training camp covered by HBO's Hard Knocks to get the Texans #1 QB in Brian Hoyer. It took Hoyer just a half to lose his job to the "Texarkana Cannon" of Woo Pig Sooie Fame Ryan Mallet. Now we get the Texans visiting a stingy "D" in the Carolina Panthers led by Luke Kuechly if he passed all of his concussion tests this week. Will we see Texans Star RB Arian Foster?

Then the Panthers who played well enough to win last week in Jacksonville as QB Cam Newton guided that Panthers Offense. The Vet WRs in Ted Ginn Jr. and Jerricho Cotchery showed up big time but with 15 games left they need some of the young fellas top step up sooner rather than later. Can "Area 99" Texans DE JJ Watt slow down QB Cam and Company?

Winner: Panthers 27-17

#BirdGang @ #BelieveInMonsters

The Arizona Cardinals have the pieces to make a deep run in the "Fight for George" as they play well in Red Zone but have always struggled coming out of the Motel. QB Carson Palmer  and the offense performed at a B average in week 1. That Bears "D" played the "Pack" about as well as you can play them and had a shot at the end. Can they slow down Air Arians with future NFL HOF Larry "Fitz" Fitzpatrick in the slot doing what he does?

Its not all on Bears QB Jay Cutler as that week 1 game plan was simply delicious versus the Cheese Heads. A heavy dose of RB Matt Forte and TE Martellus Bennett helped calm down that Bears Offense in week 1 and now they face one of the better defenses in the "Shield" with a top shelf secondary. Will Da Bears go 0-2 out the gate at Soldier Field as #1 WR Alshon Jeffery is a game-time decision and that is not good!

Winner: Cardinals 20-16  

Top 5 COLLEGE Football Games Week 3 in "FALL SATURDAYS" powered by the "HOTTY TODDY" hits T-TOWN for Date Night with ROLL TIDE!...The Ramblin' WRECK arrives in South Bend to take on the Fighting IRISH!...The suspect WAR EAGLES hits Death Valley to take on Geaux TIGERS of Baton Rouge U!...The "FARM" is in the L.A. Coliseum to take on the MEN of TROY!...and The BYU Cougars in the Rose Bowl for a clash with the BRUINS of Westwood U! #MISSvsALA #GaTechvsND #AUBvsLSU #STANvsUSC #BYUvsUCLA #NCAAFWk3 #FallSaturdays

The NCAAA Football FBS is in Week 3 and some of those Lil Debbie Snack Cakes that were on the schedule have started to dissipate as the heavy-hitters and the conference schedule starts. Week 3 is powered by an SEC West Battle in T-Town dba Tuscaloosa, Alabama as the Mississippi Rebels take on the Crimson Tide of Alabama.

Then we stay in the SEC and the Auburn War Eagles limps into "Death Valley" to take on the LSU Tigers and that swarming "D". Georgia Teach tries their luck and the "Wishbone Offense near TD Jesus taking on Notre Dame with QB #2.

Out west in the Pac 12 the Trojans gets Stanford and the UCLA Bruins needs to slow down that aerial attack of the new BYU Cougars. Let' go to the previews of the top 5 college football games in week 3:

#14 #GaTech @ #8 #NDIrish 3:30pm ET 

Two things stick out in this one as the Irish needs to find a way to slow down that "Wishbone" Attack by the Ramblin' Wreck and QB Justin Thomas. Then Tech needs to attack new ND QB Deshone Kizer who played really well in relief of Malik Zaire. The new ACC is starting to make head waves.

#18 #Auburn @ #13 #LSU 3:30pm ET

Look everyone knows the War Damn Eagles needs to find out what in the Plains QB Jeremy Johnson is doing and who is he throwing to and why! The LSU Tigers Run Game led by true Soph Leonard Fournette is all the talk in the SEC and so is that new and improved ball-hawking Defense led by those super-athletic backers. Something has to give in this one and Auburn needs to show up at Kickoff or they will get blown out!

#Stanford @ #6 #USC 8pm ET

Stanford and Senior QB Kevin Hogan surprised everyone including Coach Shaw and blew two tires and axle and a a gasket at Northwestern in the opener.  Now they get an Southern Cal Team that is back on Google Earth looking like one of those Pete Carroll Squads. S.C. QB Cody Kessler is the real deal and the question is can Stanford match up with the Trojans at all levels?

#15 #OleMiss @ #2 #Bama 9:15pm ET

The NFL Scouts will be drooling over this one as Ole Miss LT Laremy Tunsil  headlines all NFL Prospects in this tilt.  The "Hotty Toddy" shocked the world last season near the Grove in Oxford, MS and handed the Crimson Tide an "L". Every season is different but don't think 'Bama lead man Nick Saban and his staff didn't remember. Defensive standouts in this one is Ole Miss DT/DE/RB Robert Nkemdiche and 'Bama DT A'Shawn Robinson and LB Reggie Ragland are all monsters. This should be a real good one as it will come down to QB Play and Takeaways that simple...

#19 #BYU @ #10 UCLA 10:30pm ET

This is all about the Freshman QBs in this tilt as it doesn't get any better than this . BYU QB Tanner Magnum and UCLA's Josh Rosen tangle inn what should quickly become right before kickoff must-see T.V.  Yes the Bruins as a whole might have better athletes but no one plays harder in the country than the Cougars who is riding a wave right out the gate.              

Friday, September 18, 2015

CARDINALS 3 CUBS 8 F...CASTRO goes BIG FLY x 2 accounting for 6 Ribbies as the NORTH SIDERS take another step closer to stealing the NL Central!..."WEEKEND BENDERS" as "MADDON BALL" continues to hit the Winner's Circle trying to finish with the NL Central Crown! #STLvsCHC #STLCardinals #Cubbies #MaddonBall #NLCentralElite2K15

The Chicago Cubs after ending a 7-3 Motel Swing vs the Redbirds, Phightin' Phils, and Buccos started a three-piece with the rival Redbirds today. Little did the St. Louis know it wouldn't be Kris Bryant or Anthony Rizzo they would have to worry about but one of the many talented Cubbies middle infielders!

Cubs second baseman Starlin Castro goes 3 for 3 with two bombs and six ribbies as the Cubs again stick it to the Redbirds 8-3. Castro had an RBI single in the 1st off of Redbirds starter Lance Lynn who of late has had his troubles. Then in the 5th with the score tied at 3-3 Castro takes Seth Maness deep for a two-run blast making it 5-3 Cubbies.

St. Louis in the 6th went with receiver Steve Cishek on the Hill as Castro tees off again hitting his 2nd of the day this time a "Big Fly of the three-run variety as Chicago led 8-3 . Cubs starter Dan Haren was lifted in the 5th and gets a no-decision.

"Maddon Ball" moves to 86-61 and the Redbirds fall to 92-55 as that lead is six games. The Buccos will get the Dodgers at Chavez Ravine as they will start the night 4.5 games back of St. Louis.

YANKEES @ METS as the "SUBWAY SERIES" goes "WEEKEND BENDERS" with both teams in the running for OCTOBER Hardball! #NYYvsNYM #SubwaySeries #BronxBombers #Amazins #MLBInterLeague

The New York Yankees will start Friday Night's "Subway Series' behind the AL East leading Toronto Blue Jays by 3.5 games. The Bronx Bombers are #1 in the AL Wild Card with a four game lead. They are in position to impact both but the Yanks you know as well as I do wants another AL East Crown.

Their "Big Apple" Rival the Amazins' of Flushing Meadows, N.Y. at 83-63 has a comfortable lead in the NL East over the Nats but we still have 16 games to play. The Nats are hot and as we go to press is  8 games back of the Mets. It would be safe to say this series is more important for the Bombers than  the Amazins' but oh don't think of the Mets can win the series and keep the Yanks from an AL East Crown that would not feel really good!

(80-65, 2nd AL East)


(83-63, 1st NL East)

"Weekend Benders" goes "Subway Series" 2K15

T.G.I.F. September 18, 2015 @ 7:05pm ET
NYY Tanaka (12-6) vs NYM Matz (3-0)

Saturday September 19, 2015 @ 1:05pm ET 
NYY Pineda (10-8) vs NYM Syndergaard (8-6)

Sunday September 20, 2015 @ 8:08pm ET ESPN Sunday Night Hardball
NYY Sabathia (4-9) vs NYM Harvey (12-7)

On the Bump as the Dark Knight will get another start vs a "Dead Arm" CC Sabathia on ESPN's Sunday Night Hardball. Watch the Kid Steven Matz going today vs Masahiro Tanaka he is another one of those Mets Young Arms in the stables. 

At the Dish as the Yanks have been doing it by committee and the Mets have been on fire since the middle of August. Yoenis Cespedes is all the rage but its not just him even though he has been doing major damage all by his lonesome...   

Thursday, September 17, 2015

BRONCOS 31 CHIEFS 24 F...The "MIRACLE at ARROWHEAD"....for the Visitors Locker Room!..."A QB Driven League" going Thursday Night Football Week 2 as KANSAS CITY is lucky there is always the ROYALS! #DENvsKC #UnitedInOrange #RedThursday #AFCWestRivals #TNF

Did you every think in your wildest dreams that Red Thursday could ruin Red Friday as that dream has become a reality as the Kansas City Chiefs in the last two minutes and some change stars in "Super Bad 3"...are we wearing Orange or Red!

A game that saw the Denver Broncos give the early parts of this one right to K.C. and the Chiefs never really answered. Not only is this a game that many will use to showcase when you let a team hang around in the "Shield" this can happen. Also you have to close folks out and until the final horn you still play every play to the freakin' whistle.

An Emmanuel "GO GO" Sanders TD and extra point tied the game up under 30 seconds. The kicker was a Chiefs Star RB Jamaal Charles dba "Unleash the Arrowhead Beast" fumbling the Wilson Pigskin on the ensuing possession by K.C. for a an Bradley Roby 21-yd fumble recovery for a TD...unthinkable!

The Chiefs at 1-1 must move on and they have a few extra days to think about this one and the District should be off limits. The Broncos on the other hand gets back to 5,280 feet 2-0 and once again dodges a bullet as they are a play and a play there from being 0-2.

"Any give Sunday" just turned into "Any given Knuckleheads"...#RedFriday you know better and that is putting it mildly!

Fantasy Winners


WR Go Go Sanders dba Team E10...8 grabs 87 yds 2 TDs
QB Manning Mile High 26/45 256 yds 3 TD INT
WR D. Thomas 8 grabs 116 yds


RB Jamaal Charles 21/125 TD Rushing 

Both Defenses put up numbers...

You cannot afford to have your QB and RB turning the Pig over 4 times and expect to hit the Winner's just can't! 

CUBS 9 PIRATES 6 F...In an OFFENSIVE EXPLOSION the Cubbies playing "MADDON BALL" takes Game #4 and takes the series three of four from #BUCN!..."GET AWAY DAY" and here comes the Boys from the "FRIENDLY CONFINES" down the stretch with the Inside Horse! #CHCvsPIT #MaddonBall #BUCN #NLCentralElite2K15

Kyle Hendricks of the Cubbies or Charlie Morton of the Buccos didn't last long in game #4 of a four-piece that the Pirates had to have more than the North Siders. Neither starter lasted past the 4th and the "Fireworks" were early and often.

Chicago jumped out to a 3-0 lead heading into the bottom half of the 2nd highlighted by two RBI doubles by Addison Russell and Tommy La Stella all off Morton. The Buccos came right back in their half of the 2nd with a Travis Snider solo blast and that would be a common theme for Hendricks who wasn't done giving up souvenirs.

In the bottom half of the 3rd it was a Gregory Polanco solo shot and a "El Toro" dba Pedro Alvarez two-run blast all of Hendricks that made it 4-3 Pirates in the lead after three. After a scoreless 4th Morton and Pirates would get touched up on the reliever Joe Blanton would get touched up for a crooked six as the Cubbies would jump out to a 9-4 advantage.

That six-run 5th was highlighted by an Anthony Rizzo two-run "Big Fly" and a Clayton Richards (Cubs Pitcher) two RBI Double. The Buccos would add two more in the 6th and lose 9-6 as the Cubbies (85-61) leave the 'Burgh just two games out of the #1 Wild Card Slot held by the Buccos (87-59).

More importantly the NL Central leading Redbirds of Baseball Town U.S.A. has a 4.5 game lead on Pittsburgh and a 6.5 game lead on Chicago as we have 13-14 games remaining...stay tuned!