Sunday, September 13, 2015

GIANTS 26 COWBOYS 27 F...Are you kidding me the 'BOYS in a Millisecond takes VICTORY away from the G-MEN!..."A QB Driven League" going Cowboys Locker Room...."How 'Bout dem COWBOYS"! #NYGvsDAL #GMen #CowboysNation #SNF #AQBDrivenLeague

The Dallas Cowboys seeming dead to right as the New York Football Giants could have and should have ran more clock. It was a game where the G-Men won the turnover margin (+3) and for the most part outplayed the Cowboys for 59 minutes getting all the breaks...well 58 mins 26 seconds!

Giants QB Eli Manning made arguably the biggest mistake to make as it was 3rd and goal for the G-Men and instead of taking the sack or even falling down he threw the Wilson Pigskin out of bounds. That not only stopped the clock but gave the 'Boys a minute and a half worth of playing time left to match down the field.

Here is how the game-winning Cowboys Drive played out: 

Cowboys Ball with 1:34 remaining
1st Play  RB Lance Dunbar catches a pass for 24 yards to NYG 48...

2nd Play RB Lance Dunbar catches a pass for 16 yards to NYG 32...

3rd Play TE Jason Witten catches a pass for 13 yards to NYG 19...

4th Play Romo to Beasley incomplete pass...

5th Play T-Will catches a pass 8 yards to NYG 11...goes out of bounds stopping the clock

6th Play J-Witten cathes a TD pass from 11 yds after Romo fumbles the snap

7th Play PK Bailey PAT good...Cowboys up 27-26

6 plays 72 yards in 1:27...

G-Men runs two plays game over after the Kickoff...

Stunning and if the G-Men cannot fix that "D" lookout as its a Loss but an NFC East Loss even though there is 15 more to play...


#NYG Eli 20/36 193 yds 0 TD 0 INT
#DAL Romo 36/45 356 yds 3 TD 2 INT

Stat of the Night for you Fantasy Heads

G-Men Receiving led by RB Shane Vereen (4/46)
Cowboys Receiving led by RB Lance Dunbar (8/70)

Not Odell Beckham Jr. or Dez Bryant...that's the kind of night it was!
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