Monday, September 14, 2015

VIKINGS @ 49ERS in "Monday Night Football" Gm 2 goes "A QB Driven League!...The Twin Cities AVENGER All Day A.P. #28 and QB Teddy B. of #SKOLnation hits LEVI Stadium to take on QB KAP and Backer Navorro B. of the NINERS Empire! #MINvsSF #VIKES #NINERgang #MNF #AQBDrivenLeague

The Minnesota Vikings all equipped with the complete package now that Running Back Adrian Peterson dba the Twin Cities Avenger All Day A.P. #28 is back into the fold. Vikes QB Teddy Bridgewater now has a run game to compliment that Vertical Passing Game with Mike "Da Kid" Wallace the Aqua Boyz 305 Castoff running three routes...Go Route, Skinny post, and the 9 route which are all vertical routes.

The San Francisco 49ers come in with players retired and no longer with the Niners Empire. That 49ers Cup still does runneth' ova with talent as QB Colin Kaepernick still has former FAU 'Noles QB converted to WR in Anquan Boldin from the Muck City Bowl (put that in my search box and see what comes up). They also have 2nd year RB Carlos Hyde from Buckeyes of Ohio State in that run game.  That "D" lost Patrick Willis but still has Backer Navorro Bowman (Kevin Durant's neighborhood dude back at Prince George County Maryland near D.C.). This tilt has  late start but should be better than any Nightcap you usually go to...well maybe!

(NFC North)


(NFC West)  

"Monday Night Football" going "A QB Driven League" Gm 2
Monday September 14, 2015 @ 10:20pm ET on ESPN
Big 501 Bell Bottom Fit dba Levi Stadium

Key Players #MINvsSF


QB Teddy B.
RB Twin Cities Avenger #28
LT Matt Kalil
TE K. Rudolph
WR Mike Wallace
RDE Everson Griffen
SLB Anthony Barr
WLB Chad Greenway
FS Harrison Smith


QB Kap
RB C. Hyde
RB Reggie Bush
TE Vernon Davis
WR A. Boldin
WR Torrey Smith
LT Joe Staley
LOLB Ahmad Brooks
RILB N. Bowman
SS Antoine Bethea

What to watch for: 

Vikes and Mike Zimmer's "D" led by Backer Chad Greenway of Kinnick Stadium Fame (Iowa Hawkeyes) how do they slow down that Read Option of QB Kaepernick?

Vikes Run Game as All Day A.P. is "Fresh to Death" and the 49ers must get multiple hats to him when he has the Wilson Pigskin...

49ers Vertical Passing Game as Torrey Smith is now in the fold and can QB Kap throw that deep ball accurate enough for Smith to run under it?

Bridgewater's Safety Valve is former ND Irish TE Kyle Rudolph can the Niners Safeties and Backers keep him under wraps?

3rd Down Defense who gets off the field more?

Takeaway Battle...who wins?

Will that 49ers "D" still be solid with #53 Navorro Bowman back in the middle of it?

Red Zone Efficiency who gets TDs?

49ers new Gadget Reggie Bush how effective will he be in that San Fran Offense?

Vikes newly acquired WR Mike "Da Kid" Wallace can he get deep running the only routes he knows on the Route Tree?

Time of Possession...who wins?

This should be a good one with all sorts of Headliners as both teams have added to the roster with impact players...

Winner: 49ers 27-17

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