Monday, September 14, 2015

T-SIZZLE of Ball So Hard University out for 2015 with Torn ACHILLES!..."SUNDAY TALK" as the Purple Browns lose TERRELL SUGGS for the remainder of 2015 with Torn ACHILLES...RAVENS Depth Chart 2k15! #TSizzleBusiness2K15 @RAVENS #PurpleBrowns #BSHU

The Baltimore Ravens lose on two fronts yesterday in NFL Week 1 as the Denver Broncos escaped a Red Zone Chance by the Baltimore Ravens to beat the Purple Browns 19-13. It was the 3rd frame that will change the Ravens 2K15 season as Star OLB/DE and certified and verified Red Jersey Collector Terrell Suggs went down. Looking at the replay you could only speculate but the Injuries where no one is around are the worst ones.

After further review Suggs will miss the remainder of 2K15 with another Torn Achilles and for the Ravens that is devastating moving forward as Elvis Dumervil loses his Batman as he was Robin in that Ravens Dynamic pass rush. Now we look ahead at the Purple Browns 2K15 Depth Chart as T-Sizzle from Ball So Hard University (BSHU) hits Season-Ending Injured Reserve.    

2K15 LB Depth Chart 

3-4 "D"


OLB Za'Darius Smith (T-Sizzle) *
ILB CJ. Mosley
ILB Daryl Smith
SLB Courtney Upshaw

2nd Wave

OLB No one on Depth Chart as Smith moves up *
ILB Arthur Brown
ILB Albert McClellan
OLB Elvis Dumervil

Note * Smith a 2015 4th rd Ravens Pick will take Suggs Slot as GM Ozzie Newsome gets busy in finding a capable replacement on the Depth Chart but maybe even to split time with Smith...


Remember Suggs Tore his other Achilles in April 2012 only to comeback towards the end of 2012 and help the Ravens get their 2nd Chip...
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