Monday, September 7, 2015

#1 OHIO State 42 VIRGINIA Tech 24 F...CARDALE JONES got the start at QB but the BUCKEYES put us in the hit movie "BRAX to the FUTURE" as BRAXTON MILLER goes Lead Role!..."FALL SATURDAYS" I see you BUCKEYES and all those Weapons! #OSUvsVaTech #GoBuckeyes #BeamerBall #Big10 #ACC

The Ohio State Buckeyes came out in frame one like the 31 team in the land to no ones surprise. The only surprise to maybe a few was the Buckeyes going with QB Cardale Jones who to me is clearly the #1 QB at Ohio State not named Braxton Miller as we will get to "Brax to the Future" in a bit!

Ohio State went up 7-0 after Jones found WR Curtis Samuel for a 24-yd score making it 7-0o. Then Heisman Hopeful RB Ezekial "Got my Game Face Poppin" Elliott went pay dirt on a 8-yd scamper and just like that Lane Stadium went from Metallica's "Enter Sandman" crazy to the Va Tech Public Library.  

That 2nd frame though belonged all to "Beamer Ball" Blacksburg as Hokies QB Michael Brewer found FB Sam Rogers for a 51-yd TD pass making the score 14-7 OSU. The Hokies were not done as they kicked a FG making it 14-10 OSU and then right before the half Brewer found mammoth TE Ryan Malleck for a 1-yd TD pass and just like that it was 17-14 Hokies at the break.

Buckeyes showing why they are the best team in the land pre-season outscores "Beamer Ball" Blacksburg 28-7. That 2nd half was powered by the Buckeyes one time QB turned Five-Star Custodian doing everything but putting the chalk on the boundary and the Pylons in the end zones Braxton Miller dba "Brax to the Future"!

Miller's highlight reel in the 3rd frame consisted of a 54-yd TD pass from Jones and a 53-yd run that included putting two Hokie Defenders in to the Oster Brand Professional Blender. That 2nd half also was powered by Hokies starting QB Michael Brewer getting hit on a play and it looked like a shoulder injury of some sort as he never returned. That one play changed the game for the Hokies and that was your ball game.

The Buckeyes would tack on two more TDs in the 4th as the Hokies score a TD late for good measure and a final score of 42-24 Buckeyes...

That Buckeyes "D" will be even more menacing when All-American DE Joey Bosa comes off suspension from Team Cheech and Chong...

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