Monday, September 30, 2013

NORTH SIDERS terminate SKIP SVEUM and what about "In THEO We Trust"...CLIPS unveil New DUDS w/Sleeves...Bluedude SportsTalk FRONT LINE September 30, 2013 #CUBBIES #CLIPS

3600 West Addison Street (Wrigley Field Address)
as The Chicago Cubs have decided to go in a different direction as they end the services of Skip Dale Sveum Today as North Siders Manager. The Cubbies have decided to go in a different direction of reportedly getting a Skip who is going to develop their Farm hands. Well Sveum most likely was not going to be part of a Cubbies rebuilding Project as from the looks of things that takes decades not a Chicago Winter. Look Cubs Nation stop going to that Bull Sh** and maybe they will spend some quality cash on a quality free agent or two and move faster towards relevance in the NL Central. Do you really think they could make a move in the best Division in Hardball for The Red Legs are loaded for years, the Buccos have turn the Corner with their own as that took 21 years, and Baseball Town USA the Redbirds are what they are Winners. When is current Cubs President or GM or VP of Baseball Ops Theo Epstein going to be held accountable as he enters Year Three on the North Side. His work in Bean Town was cute when the Cubbies hired him and this is a "What have you done for me lately Society" and in Wrigleyville they need to stop saying , "There is always next year". Someone needs to tell Theo some things can't be fixed...real matter what the Game Plan is!

The L.A. Clippers are an easy pick to be the Winner in the LOGO in L.A. and now they are going to do it in style. The Sleeve Jerseys have hit Figueroa Street Gymnasium Blue & Red as the Clips will don Baby Blue (San Diego Clippers Colors) for the Jersey. That should be an instant hit for Lob City Nation but the Bluedude is back on his NBA Soap Box. Don't be the Loudest in the Room with all the fresh gear and getting your backside handed to you...Ok!  If anything the Ladies will love that Baby Blue...for the New CLIPjoint.      

GANG GREEN, PATS, and RAVENS Biz...JETS Scout Squad QB SAN-chise to have Season-Ending Surgery..."HOT PLATE" WILFORK of the PATS by way of the "U" ACHILLES Out for 2013...#PURPLEbrowns HARBAUGH using Motivational Tactics like only HARBAUGH Crab Cake Edition does...SUNDAY TALK with a QB, DT, and Lead Man Business #SundayBusiness

Imagine that Jets QB Mark Sanchez decides to have season-ending surgery on that Torn Labrum and I wonder if he made that decision or Jets current starting QB Geno Smith made it for him. SAN-chise turned back to Government Name made a cool $Million for this season and what's not to like. He will get on with someone else and if nothing fall through Coach Carroll of 12's would take him to be a good scout team QB for that Seahawks "D" and the "Legion of Boom". I wonder if any Model-Types or Big Screen Movie Stars are chasing Sanchez now...Lol!

I saw the play and Pats Fans when a Player playing any sport drags a foot and looks back like someone stepped on him or shot him in the back of the's most-likely an Achilles Issue. I didn't have top see Pats DT Vince "Hot Plate" Wilfork's brief Convo with Pats QB Tom Terrific to realize what it was. Shoe and Sock off and the Trainers looking at the back of the Ankle Area and then Big Vince got up and his first step...not good. The Pats will survive as Lead Man Belichik is a defensive mind but that is a huge blow when you get to "Fight for Vince" Time...real big. #75 is one of my favorite players to watch and hear in an interview.

On the backside of the Ravens loss to Sunday's only Mafia...the Bills Mafia #PurpleBrowns Lead Man Harbaugh apparently doesn't like the looks of things on the Offense as he sounds off at the Monday Presser. They have a new Center replacing Vet Matt Birk and they have an All-Pro OG in Kinnick Stadium Lore's Marshall Yanda so what's the problem on the O-Line? Then to compound matters they miss WR Anquan Boldin and TE Dennis Pitta in more ways then one. The Ravens know what they are doing but we will see if this latest _Calling Players Out" works in Harbaugh's Favor and it usually does. The Next three games for the #PurpleBrowns in order...@ Aqua Boyz 305, vs the CheeseHeads, and @ the 0-fer New Steelers. That Steelers Game throw out the records as its still a rivalry game. As for those 5 INTs Ordinary Joe threw...I could see maybe two but five and $100 Million...get it together Joe.    


Da BULLS Biz...WEST SIDE STORY Report "CAMP THIBS Open for 2013-14"...A look at the 2013-14 SEE RED Roster as they embark on that 82-Game Trek and a possible trip to the "FIGHT for LARRY"...#BULLSHoop #SeeREDNation #THIBSgang

After a year without the 2010-2011 "Fight for MO" Point God Derrick Rose aka the ADIzero "West Side Story Report" Hero the Bull struggled as predicted. The Bulls still managed to get to Round 2 led by Jo Knows, KRYPTOnate, and a solid years from C-Booz 5 no matter what the naysayers say about #5 in Black and Red. Now comes Expectations back into the Bulls Locker Room for 2013-14 and it's "Chip or Bust" on the West Side of the 'Go.

The Bulls are expected to be in the the Thick of things in the East as well as the Logo and Point God Derrick Rose is coming at everyone including himself. The Bulls didn't do too much to the Rosters as they get their own Free Agent Back in the ADIzero Three Stripes Hero Rose. They added a Sniper from "Fear the Deer" by way of Cameron Indoor in Durham, North Carolina, Two solid 2013 Draft Picks, and "See Red" is ready to roll no matter what your hearing and who your hearing it from.

The 2013-14 SEE RED Roster and get off your fannies Bulls Nation and let me get a Round of Applause!

Projected Starters

PG ADIzero Hero Rose #1
2G the See Red BUTLER #21
SF Luuuuuuuuuuu #9
PF C-Booz #5
C Jo Knows #13

the revamped Bench Mob

PG Young Teague #25
PF/C the TAJmanian Devil #22
SF Bloodline Dunleavy Jr. #34
PG/SG Captain Kirk #12
PF Murphy's Law #31
SF T-Snell #20
C Grand Father Mohammed #48

Free Agents

SF/PF Bad Vlad Radmanovic #77
SG D-Q Cook #14

Deng is still trying to get over that Health Issues that got to him in the ladder part of the 2012-13 Season and Winning Time.

Jo Noah was an All-Star as was Deng in 2012-13...

C-Booz 5 carried the load Offensively a lot in 2012-13...

the See Red Butler...Jimmy evolved into a Player for See Red as no Derrick Rose helped his game speed up... comes that Category 5 and beware for Point Gods like CP3 of Lob City, Kyrie for Mayor of C-Town, and Uncle Russ of Thunder Up among others.

The Bench is solid as Teague made some strides in 2012-13...

the TAJmanian Devil Gibson is 5-Star on "D" and maybe look for him to Start if Luol can't go at the Start of 2013-14...

Captain Kirk Hinrich is vital to that Locker Room, D-Rose, and Leadership....

Snell is an Athletic Wing and 360 Degrees the High School Teammate of one Kawhi Leonard of Spurs they played in the Los Angeles Area...Snell went with Steve Alford and the New Mexico Lobos and Leonard to Steve Fisher and the Aztecs.

Murphy is Solid and is "Bill Ball" Certified from the Gators...a Big who can step out in the Pick and Roll and go Mid-Range...

Dunleavy should get plenty of looks as the Bulls need a Sniper from the Arc to keep Defenses honest...

Mohammed is another player that is vital to that Locker Room and Veteran Leadership...can't put Money on his value like Captain Kirk...

Meet and Greet the 2013-14 Chi City Bulls...see you in June NBA World!


DOLPHINS @ SAINTS...A Monday Night Thriller should be on tap in the BIG EASY at the Big S550 AMG MERCEDES-BENZ Super Dome...the 3-0 AQUA Boyz 305 w/ FINS UP battle WHO DAT Nation and #GeauxSAINTS...A QB DRIVEN League Monday Night with 5-Star BREES and Young TANNEHILL heading to the ELITE #MIAvsNO

The Miami Dolphins come in 3-0 and thy have beat the 2-2 Browns and 3-1 Colts coming out of the Motel and slid by the Angry Birds 404 after a Home-Cooked Meal. Fins Up is for real and they will play the Sean Payton/Drew Brees/Rob Ryan led 3-0 Saints in NOLA as the Saints are back rolling again with a "D" better than their Super Bowl Year..real Craw fish right there! Fins Up and Fins Nation stay away from that Game Day #GeauxSaints Gumbo or you will be headed for an "L". Monday Night Prime Time for all to see...

Monday Night Football NFL Week 4 from the Big S550 AMG
Kick-Off 8:40pm ET

AQUA Boyz 305 #FinsUP @ WHO DAT #GeauxSAINTS in NOLA

Imagine this about five years ago Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill was a WR at Texas A&M playing for 12th Man. Now he is close to arriving as the Fins have themselves an emerging Grade-A Star in the Pocket. They will need all of his good play and an above average run game to beat a Saints Team that is playing Top-Shelf "D".

Tannehill needs RB Lamar Miller among others to get on their horse and be productive as Fins Lead Man Joe Philbin is quietly becoming a Big-Time Sunday General. WRs Brian Hartline and Mike "Da Kid" Wallace have played well and Tannehill to his credit has been sending the Pig everywhere to all available. Can the Aqua Boyz 305 move the Chains regularly and get 7's on that new and improved Saints "D"?    

The Saints have QB Drew Brees who has been doing this for a living for quite sometime. He is still dangerous but what make that Saints Offense even more dangerous Lead Man Sean Payton is back calling the Plays sponsored by Juice Fruit Chewing Gum by Wrigley's and he is one of the best Offensive Minds on Sunday.  Brees also has Targets everywhere in #1 Marquis Colston and #1B Jimmy "Big Red of NOLA" Graham who is not an Earthling judging the first three games. Graham has been torching all in front of him and that Fins Secondary led by ex-Falcons CB Brent Grimes is more than Solid. Can the Fins revamped "D" led by 2013 Free Agent Pick Ups at Backer Danelle Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler hold down that potent Saints Attack?

The Aqua Boyz 305 will be without Red Jersey Collector DE Cameron Wake and that hurts that Fins Pass Rush. Both teams have been efficient at what they do and the Fins are averaging just at 70 plus Yards rushing as the Saints are at just above 85 yards rushing. Passing is what they do as the Saints are above 318 yards per and the Fins are right below 250 yards per in the air.

Winner: Saints 27-23 as Brees and Company go Last Drive for Seven...the Saints at the Big S550 AMG too tough!


TRIBE get in as the RAYS and RANGERS have to go Sudden Death on Monday as the winner gets the TRIBE on HUMP Day...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report as the JUNIOR Circuit has come to this #TBvsTEX #FightForOctober

The Cleveland Indians roll of ten straight and capture the #1 seed in the AL Wild Card at 92-70 as the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers both fall a game short. Now we have "Sudden Death" between the Rays and Rangers as they will play near Jerry's World Texas on Monday Night at 8pm ET.

The Winner of the Rays/Rangers Tilt will then get another one-game playoff at Cleveland on Hump Day this week. To get in both the Rays and Rangers went 8-2 in their last ten games but the Rangers had to win seven in a row as the Rays went 6-1 in their last seven.

Junior Circuit "Sudden Death" at the Ballpark in Arlington, Texas

September 30, 2013 8:07pm ET

TB Price (9-8) vs TEX Perez (10-5)  

2012 AL Cy Young Winner David Price will go to the hill for the Rays as he will face Rangers young Left-Hander Martin Perez who has come on in September.

PATS hold off the DIRTY Birds turned ANGRY Bird 404 FALCONS and move to 4-0...MATTY ICE out duels TOM Terrific but TOM gets the "W"...Are the FALCONS in trouble? Are the PATS headed towards being the 2nd best Team in the AFC?...A QB DRIVEN League Classic between MATT and TOM...NFL SUNDAY Night Recap WEEK 4 #NEvsATL

The New England Patriots continue to make noise despite having a well-documented overblown no-name WR Corps for QB Tom Brady. It's though you don't hear enough about about Tom, Robert, and Bill as no one appears to be able to stop them. Falcons dug themselves a hole late but managed to get back in the game and make a run late. The Pats hold them off in four downs in the Red Zone to gets a 30-23 "W".

Brady was Brady throwing for 316 yards on 20 for 31. An emerging #1 Target for Brady in Rookie WR Kenbrell Thompkins grabbed six pigs for 127 yards and a score including a spectacular 49-yard grab.  To keep the Dirty Birds at bay the Pats Run Game was supplied by Legarette Blount and Stevan Ridley who combined for 117 yards on 20 carries and a score.

The Falcons find themselves in a tough spot as they fall to 1-3 but not before QB Matty Ice and the Peach Drop 3 do what they do. Ryan threw for 421 yards on 34 for 54 and two TDs. Future Gold-Jacket Bearer Gonzo caught twelve pigs for 149 yards as anything he does is Tony being Tony. Julio slowed earlier had 108 yards on six grabs. The Falcons "D" was their Achilles Heel in 2012 and it continues to be as they need help at Backer...period.

It doesn't get any easier as the Pats head to the Jungle on the Ohio in Week 5 and the Falcons hose another Prime Time Affair next Monday Night vs Gang Green..the Gotham City Jets.      

Sunday, September 29, 2013

BRONCOS go Parking Lot on EAGLES and hang a 52-Piece Family Pack...BOLTS hit up the COWBOYS at the MURPH...#HTTR downs RAIDER Nation...TITANS hit all High Notes in Music City on GANG GREEN...A QB DRIVEN League Late Slate Recap #3

Eagles Lead Man Chip Kelly said earlier in the week he would play Manning and the Broncos in the Parking Lot and that's where they played it. The Broncos put a 52-piece Family Pack on the Birds as the Broncos have the New Offense everyone is raving about. Manning threw for 327 yards on 28/34 and three TDs as Denver wins 52-20. The Eagles QB Mike Vick managed to go 14/27 for 248 yards and no TDs or INTs. The Eagles with the loss fall top 1-3 and the Broncos to 4-0.

The Sand Diego Chargers erase a 21-13 halftime deficit to beat the Cowboys 30-21 as it was defiantly a tale of two halves. The 'Boys scored all twenty one points in the 2nd frame as Romo and the Offense found a rhythm that they could not regain in the 2nd half. The Cowboys again went away from the Run as RB DeMarco Murray had 14 carries for 70 yards. Bolts QB Phillip Rivers was blazin' throwing for 401 yards on 35/42 as the Cowboys Secondary could not stop him or them especially in the 2nd half. The Bolts and Cowboys are 2-2 on the 2013 season.

The Washington Redskins get off the 0-fer as they beat the Matt Flynn-led Raiders 24-14. 'Skins QB RG3 had a solid outing throwing for 277 yards on 18/31 and a TD. The Raiders put the Pig in the hands of Flynn when they should have run the Pig more. Flynn was 21/32 for 27 yards and a TD and a INT. The Redskins are back in the NFC East hunt at 1-3 a game behind the Cowboys and tied with the Eagles.

The Tennessee Titans need to be talked about more and more as their Defense put a whippin' on the Jets and Rookie QB Geno Smith 38-13. I saw this coming as the Titans Physical Style has all of a sudden garnered some attention across the league. Titans QB Jake Locker was having a day going 18/24 for 149 yards and Three TDs. Then Locker was carted off with an apparent Hip Injury and that is never good when they bring the cart out. Jets QB Geno Smith threw two Picks but also was 23/34  for 289 yards and a TD. The Jets fall to 2-2 as the Titans move to the Top of the AFC South at 3-1 with the Colts.         

VIKINGS 34 STEELERS 27...TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles Game Day Recap Week 4 from LONDON in the UK....BRITS get a CASSEL and a SKOL going ALL-DAY (AP) as the STEELERS fall to 0-4 their worst start since 1968 #STEELERgang #3DiamondChronicles #NFLWk4

This time the Steelers get nice offensive production from Big Ben and the Unit but defensively the Steelers get handles by the Twin Cities Avenger #28 and that Skol O-Line. The Vikes win 34-27 after leading 34-17 midway through the 3rd frame.

The Men of Steel knew coming in it was going to be a tall order as they had to get a "W" and to compound matters  stop the NFL's #1 Running Back. They didn't achieve either as Skol Nation walks off with the "W" and English Draft Cider and get their 1st win of 2013. (pictured right a 1968 Steelers Helmet the last time this was worn the Steelers started the Season 0-4)

The Vikings Offensively vs the Steelers moved the Pig like Clockwork as QB Matt Cassel went 16/25 for 248 yards and two TDs. Both Top WRs Jerome Simpson (7 grabs 124 yds) and Greg Jennings (3 grabs for 92 yards 2 TD) had a field day on the Steelers Secondary. Throw the Air Attack in with a 140 yard day from All Day A.P. on 23 carries...Steelers had no shot on this day.

Big Ben was 36/51 for 383 yards 1 TD and 1 INT but none of that matters as they have yet to put one in the right column which is the Win Column. Steelers WR Jerricho Cotchery had five grabs for 103 yards whole Tone 2.0...Antonio Brown had twelve grabs for 88 yards. An encouraging sign was Rookie RB Le'veon Bell had 16 carries for 57 yards and Two TDs on the ground.

The Steelers came in just giving up 298 Total Yards but gave the Vikes 348 total yards. Now comes the Bye Week as the Steelers have to be thinking when does a "W" come and how does it come as they are at the bottom of the NFL through Week 4 in a lot of categories.            

TEXANS lose to #12s and need to lose SCHAUB n KUBIAK...BUCS and SCHIANO implodes with that Game Plan late...#REDfriday > #MetLifeBLUE...A QB DRIVEN League NFL Week 4 Recap #2

The Houston Texans I am convinced cannot take the next step with Kubiak running the ship and Matt Schaub at QB as scary as he is in Clutch Moments. The Texans Offense did it again by imploding late as Schaub throws a Pick 6 to the Seahawks CB "Sherm" to tie the game last at 20. The Hawks then win it on a FG 23-20 to get out of H-Town with a rare "W" playing out of the Motel. Winning Teams and Organization just don;t play bad in key junctures of any game when expectation are high. Talking "Clutch" as Seahawks QB Russell Wilson put the Hawks on his back late an he made plays with his arm but more with his feet. Texans RB Arian Foster ran for 102 yards as 12's RB BEAST mode ran for 98 yards. Schaub threw for 355 yards but don't tell me how many yards you threw..when did you throw them. A bad loss for the Texans as they move to 2-2 and the Hawks stay undefeated and move to 4-0.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should have just run the game out up 10-3 late and with the "Muscle Hamster" in the backfield why not. Instead Bucs Lead Man Greg Schiano and the O-Coordinator get cute and throw a Pick. that led to the game-tying score an the Cards beat the Bucs 13-10 as the Bird Gang scores all 13 in the 4th and final frame. That loss will hunt the Bucs for the rest of 2013 and for Schiano moving to 0-4...where do you draw the line as you have to start looking at yourself in the mirror. Imagine the Bucs were 7/18 on #rd down and the Cards 1/10 and the Bucs still lose the game!  

The Final Score does it illustrate how close a game it truly was as the Chiefs beat the G-Men 31-7 as #RedFriday moves to 4-0. Chiefs QB Alex Smith played well except for those two INTs as he threw for 288 yards and three scores. The Giants are not a good team right now and they must start putting it together or games 5-16 will be just as bad or if not worse. Eli threw another INT and Cruuuuuuz caught a 69 yard TD Pass as he also had ten grabs for 164 yards on the afternoon. The Chiefs are 4-0 as the Broncos try to move to 4-0. The G-Men fall to 0-4 as they go back to work on Tuesday. It is safe to say the NFC East is the Cowboys Division if they want it!    


LIONS "Restore the ROAR" on Da BEARS...Ordinary JOE throws 5 INTs to #BILLSmafia...DAWG Pound runs OHIO...A QB DRIVEN League NFL Week 4 Recap #1

The Detroit Lions hung 30 on the then 3-0 Bears as the Lions prevail 40-32 as the Lions "D" pulled a Bear Numbers in creating Turnovers. Lions RB Reggie Bush give the Lions a Back they have never seen and he is a huge reason why the Offense isn't just Staff to MEGAtron every rip. Staff threw for 242 yards and Bush ran for 139 yards as that off set Bears QB Cutler's 317 yards (most in Garbage Time) as he also fumbled for a Lions Score and those Three INTs. That Lions Front of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley played well and created havoc in the trenches. With the Packers idle and siting at just 1-2 the Lions help them as both the Lions and Bears are 3-1.

Purple Browns QB Ordinary Joe Flacco threw Five INTs as the Ravens had their chances but lose in Orchard Park, New York 23-20. The Recipe for a Ravens Loss well Ray Rice rushed for 17 yards and Bernard Pierce seven. That is not going to get it done and the Ravens had their issues with Bills Big Boys Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus as they won up front for that Bills D-Line. Bills Rook QB E.J. Manuel threw Two Picks himself but when the other QB throws three more than you your day was not bad at all. Bills RBs Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller combined for 164 yards on 39 carries and that's how you get it done. Both Teams are 2-2 in 2013.

Someone tell me what in Who Dey is the Bengals Offense doing week in and week out. The Browns win 17-6 as the Bengals Offense looked anemic. The "Strawberry Rifle" Andy Dalton continues to be what he is mediocre and the Bengals will find out in 2013 what I already know it's either him or O-Coordinator Jay Gruden that has to go and you know who will be let go.  Again Browns QB Brian Hoyer out performed his Counterpart in this case Dalton some 269 yards to 206. Hoyer threw two TD Passes and Dalton no TD Passes and an INT. I can't believe I am saying this but the Browns, Bengals, an Ravens are 2-2 as the Steelers are 0-fer a the Black and Yellow head to the #2 and #34 pick in 2014.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

PATRIOTS @ FALCONS...and FALCONS Lead Man MIKE SMITH has to be the hottest SMITH in the 404 and the next one up to see the PRINCIPAL...PATS come in 3-0 and who cares what it looks like as they have TOM TERRIFIC...MATTY ICE needs RODDY from the "PEACH DROP 3" and they also need to go to HOME DEPOT and get something to stop that LEAK in the FALCONS "D"...A QB DRIVEN League of course 5-Star with TOM and MATT #NEvsATL #NFLWk4 #NFLSundayNightFootball

The Falcons have key injuries across the board but no excuses. The Pats have key injuries as well and they come into Sunday Night's Tilt 3-0 as Tom Brady keeps the Train moving like good Fiber in a Solid Diet. Can the Falcons get a huge "W" and avoid that 1-3 mark after the Expectations are through the Georgia Dome Roof? Will Tom and the Pats just come in and make it Biz as usual?

#PATS @ the Georgia Dome vs the #ANGRYBirds404

NFL Sunday Night Football

Keys for #PATS

They have Tom and keep him clean Pats O-Line....

That Run Game led by RB Stevan Ridley will have to be above average for the Pats to get out of the 404 with an "W"...

Does it matter who catches the Pig from Tom as there will be no "GRONK" or Amendola....

The Pats Front will have to account or Falcons RBs like Quizz Rodgers and Jason Snelling...

Can the Pats roll coverage to control Julio Jones as CB Aqib Talib will get that assignment...

Win the Turnover Margin...and MLB Jerod Mayo is the Key to that Pats "D" is DT Vince Wilfork....

Keys for the #FALCONS

QB Matty Ice has to not throw ant INTs...and take care of the Pig....

RB Quizz Rodgers needs to be dynamic like only Quizz can be...

Falcons need to find #2 WR and and Harry Douglas has to be the WR to step up...

Will Falcons Center Peter Konz be a No-Go and if he is trouble is lurking...

Can the Falcons Front get enough pressure on the Brady and that Offense? Where is Osi Umenyiora?

Young Falcons CBs Desmond Trufant and Robert Alford will be tested by Brady and are they ready?        

Falcons have to play Desperate but a controlled frenzy...cannot be 1-3 after 1st quarter of 2013 with Who Dat rolling and already beating ATL in Week 1...

Winner: FALCONS 27-24 as Matty Ice to Julio is the Sunday Night MARTA on this
night...Dirty Birds Nation jump on!

Game Time 8:30pm ET...

JETS @ MUSIC City...EAGLES @ ORANGE Crush...'SKINS @ the BLACK HOLE...and COWBOYS @ the MURPH...A QB DRIVEN League...MANNING Mile High with VICK, ROMO, RG3, and RIVERS cool...JAKE and GENO Ughhhhhh! #NFLWk3

NFL Week 4 Late Slate 4pm ET or after....

#GangGREEN @ Music City #TITANS

The Titans Recipe is line up and win in the Trenches and they say it's a physical brand of football...ok! The Jets will get tested in this one as that Titans "D" is looking for real as that Secondary has Pollard all over. Can Jets New RB Bilal Powell keep the chains moving vs a stingy Titans "D"?  Can the Jets force QB Locker to make plays instead of hiding behind that Titans Run Game and where is CJ2K turned back to Government Name..Chris Johnson.

Winner: TITANS 23-9 as they make Geno look like a Rook....


Vick and Company will score but that Eagles '92 "D" with the Seth Joyner and the Late Reggie White and the Late "Jerome Brown" would have trouble stopping the Broncos in this one. The Eagles need to go by the best Defense is your Offense and keep Manning Mile High of the field. Eagles RB "Shady" McCoy is a "Monsters inside Tackles" but he might be the only viable option as this might get our if hand.

Winner: BRONCOS 48-24...Fireworks in the Denver Sky

#HTTR @ the Black Hole vs #RAIDERnation

RG3 vs Terrelle Pryor and one is coming off Major Knee Surgery and the other a Concussion. The Raiders are not that bad and the 'SKins are maybe worse off than they look. This is a tough call as the Run Games will dictate who wins this game. Run DMC < = > Big Al Morris. The 'Skins Passing game is better but they need to start fast. The Raiders need to put the 'SKins in the hole and see how they react as they have yet to comeback in 29013 from a deficit.

Winner: RAIDERS 23-20 in OT....

#COWBOYS @ #BOLTup from the Murph

Just thinking the Bolts will win when they build a new stadium as the Ghost of "Air Coryell" still looms large as does QB Fouts and TE K1...Kellen Winslow. The Bolts will be tested but the Cowboys are a shell of themselves coming out of the Motel. Can that Bolts "D" put it on the Arm of Tony Romo? DeMarco Murray has to be thinking the Defense is wearing Blue and Gold and it's the Rams in San Diego! Chargers QB Phillip Rivers has to make plays when  "Clutch" is on the Bolts Sideline. Can Bolts RB Ryan Mathews help the Bolts establish the Run to off set Rivers' Passing Attack? Romo vs Rivers or will it be Cowboys "D" vs Bolts "D"?

Winner: COWBOYS 34-31 as I see something in them 'Boys for 2013...get new "Digs" Bolts and the Bluedude would have saddled up with Bolts Up!      

VIKINGS vs STEELERS from the U.K....TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles Game Day Week 4...Can the STEELERS turn all this misfortune around on Unfamiliar Territory but with a somewhat Familiar Opponent?...Will QB CASSELL and the TWIN Cities AVENGER #28 spoil the BLACK and YELLOW Party in LONDON? #PITvsMIN #NFLInternationalSeries2K13 #NFLWk4

Enough with all the Pic and what's going on outside Wembley Stadium in London as the Steelers and Vikings have turned a Trip that looked like a Win/Win Situation for everyone into a must-win situation. Both Teams come in 0-3 and they have plenty of work to do and the Vikes are a lot closer than the Steelers in getting W's so lookout.

#SKOLnation vs #MENofSteel from Wembley Stadium in London U.K.

Keys for #SKOL

Give it to Vikes RB All-Day A.P. and get the heck out of the way...

Can QB Cassel play Turnover Free Football..he played well at the 'Burgh in 2012 with the Chiefs?

Will 1st Round KR/PR/WR Cordarrelle Patterson torch the Steelers in Special Teams?

Vikes DE Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, and others have to be thinking that Steelers O-Line is Laughable and have you ever sacked a Clock?

SS Harrison Smith is a good one as can he and that Vikes Secondary create some Turnovers on Big Ben?

Keys for #STEELERS

No TURNOVERS...and create some TURNOVERS!

Big Ben air it out and use the Pass to set up that Run Game....

Rookie 2nd Rounder RB Le'veon Bell is in his first game and what kind of impact will he have?

What O-Lineman will stand up versus Jared Allen and Brian Robison? Kelvin Beachum, Marcus Gilbert, or Mike Adams?..most likely Heeeeeeeeath Miller

Heath Miller will be a Target for Big Ben and that Offense as he looked real go last Sunday Night as did TE/FB David Johnson...

Can the Steelers D-Line and Front with Backers included stop All-Day AP #28 or at least contain him?

If the Steelers do not create one Turnover they will lose the ball game most likely....-9 Turnover margin leads the AFC and tied with NFC Leader the NY Giants.

Game Time from LONDON 1pm ET...


G-MEN @ ARROWHEAD...COLTS in J'VILLE vs JAGS...and CARDS @ TAMPA...A QB DRIVEN League as we have a MIXED BAG of QBs here and One is getting his 1st Start and One is going through the JERSEY Turnpike with a Flat Tire #NYGvsKC #INDvsJAC #ARIvsTB #NFLWk3

The New York Giants have all sorts of issues and heading to Arrowhead is not a place you want to be unless your Team Business is Air Tight. The Colts are riding high after they exposed the 49ers in NFL Week 3 at the Stick. Then there is the Arizona Cardinals struggling at 1-2 playing at 0-3 with a New QB behind Centre. That Bird Gang "D" has to be licking their chops but be careful.

#MetLifeBLUE @ #REDFriday

The New York Football Giants better had packed their best punch for Sunday at Arrowhead or it will get embarrassing rather quickly. Eli is throwing to the wrong jerseys, the O-Line is suspect, no Run Game, and what ever happened to that D-Line and "Nascar Package"? The Chiefs come in with Red Jersey Collector #1 in OLB Justin Houston and that Chiefs "D" is for real. Can the Giants stop Jamaal Charles when #RedFriday unleashes the Arrowhead Beast? Eli and Company have to find way to survive Sunday and not look ahead as they have the Players. That G-Men "D" and Coordinator Perry Fewell has to be familiar with the Scheme from "Big Red" Andy Reid as its just different players. Imagine the Chiefs 4-0 through September...and the G-Men 0-4 and that is the reality of this game.

Winner: #REDfriday 30-13 as the Giants look to be in the Smoker...

#BlueSwaggerCOLTS @ #JAGS

Can the Jags come up with a Game Plan that can at least low down Colts QB Andrew Luck and that new look Colts "D". They rose up last week vs the Niners and smacked them and the Jags need to be worried about that New Run Game in Ahmad Bradshaw and Trent Richardson. If QB Blaine Gabbert is a go on Sunday can he make plays in the Vertical Passing Game and not turnover the Pig? This game looks and smells lopsided as the Colts try to move to 3-1. The Jags are trying to put a nice half together let alone get a "W".

Winner: COLTS 38-17 as Luck and Company hold steady and move out...

#BIRDgang @ #ItsABUCSLife

Where do we start as the Card can't score and the QB Carson Palmer Experiment is blowing up in the Cards Face. The Bucs have their own QB Issues as QB Mike Glennon was drafted to be the Starter from Week 1 so why didn't the Bucs tab him the starter? Can that Bird Gang Front get after Glennon in Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell? The Cards need a run game and RB Shard Mendenhall is not the answer as there is a reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers let Players go who are relatively young.             What gives in this one Glennon wheeling and dealing at QB? Or that Cards Offense finally waking up and scoring points? WR Fitz vs CB Revis Island is worth the price of admission. Only problem is "Fitz" lines up everywhere in Bruce Arians Offense. The Bucs are 0-3 and the Cards 1-2 and someone has to be the loser.

Winner: #FireTheCANNONS 30-24 as Glennon looks and plays the Part to make Schiano look like a genius in Week 4....  

SEAHAWKS @ TEXANS...look at what the Sunday PIGSKIN Doctors ordered for #BULLSOnParade some #12s and not talking SHOES for the Whip!..Is this a PREVIEW of the 2014 SUPER Bowl Enquiring Minds need to know...well at least FANTASY Heads...A QB DRIVEN League just like his Twitter Handle for SCHAUB we still need Answers #SEAvsHOU #NFLWk3

The Seattle Seahawks roll into H-Town like the "Beatles", the "Rolling Stones", and the "Jackson Five" straight Rock Stars they are. The Texans roll in with a wounded Ego and that "Pretenders" Tag has resurfaced again after getting their backside handed to them near the Chesapeake last week. The Hawks do not play well out of the Motel and the Texans are "Dream" and the Clutch City Rockets circa '94-'95 in Reliant and something has to give in this one.

#12thManSpaceNEEDLE206 @ #BULLSonParade going 5-Star Match Up...

Keys for #12s

The Seahawks need to amp it up on Offense coming out of the Motel and that has a lot to do with that Seahawks Run Game on the Road which isn't the same as when the Hawks are Home.

Can QB @dangeRUSSwilson light up the Texans Sky with Texans Safety Ed, Edd, and Eddy playing Center field and the other Safety Daniel Manning on the other side?

BEASTmode what you gone do when "Area 99", Cush, and that Texans Front comes for you?  "86" Skittles will be the Texans Moniker for this one.

The Seahawks Front gets a huge lift (like they needed one) in certified and verified Red Jersey Collector Chris Clemons..Uh-Oh!

The "Legion of Boom" (Cam, Sherm, E.T., and Brandon) watching film on Texans QB Matt Schaub can't wait to for the game to start as they have to be licking their chops.

Watch Arian Foster, Ben Tate, and Dre "the U" Johnson and the Seahawks should be in the clear...

Keys for #Texans

Establish the Run with Arian Foster and Ben Tate with that really good O-Line led by Left Tackle Duane Brown.

Schaub must take care of the Pig and he can't be timid or he will melt right there on the field if the Seahawk Defenders see him running scared. Schaub stand Tall for once!

Can 2013 Texans 1st Rounder DeAndre Hopkins get loose on either Sherm or Browner as Andre Johnson needs help from a #2 in this one?

Can "Area 99" JJ Watt and Backer Brian Cushing among others stop BEASTmode and contain QB Russell Wilson and stop hi from using his legs?

That Texans Secondary has to be alert as they should be able to handle the Seahawks WRs but the threat of Wilson getting loose has to be in Texans Safeties Ed Reed and Daniel Manning's Minds. It's called "SPY" if you can use one...

Texans TE Owen Daniel has to be the "Secret Weapon" for the Texans as he can expose those backers of Seattle in Space...

Winner: SEAHAWKS...19-13 as the Hawks are just too poised for the Texans  

RAVENS @ BILLS Mafia...Battle of OHIO...and BEARS @ LIONS...A QB DRIVEN League well FLACCO and CUTLER lead but RED Rifle, HOYER, E.J., and STAFF making moves...NFL WEEK 3 Early Slate #NFLWk3

The Ravens take their 201 Record minus the Charm City Express #27 to Orchard Park as the NFL's Only Mafia...the Bills Mafia has played well after a home-coked meal. The Battle of Ohio features the Red Rifle Dalton vs Cleveland Native Brian Hoyer and the Browns might have something cooking for Team Katy Perry..."let me hear you ROAR". Then the Bears travel to Rival Detroit for a Early Slate Tilt vs the Lions as the Bears come off pasting the Steelers and the Lions beating RG3 and #HTTR in D.C..

#PurpleBROWNS @ #BILLSmafia

The Bills limp into Game four on the schedule 1-2 and they have had plenty of chances in Week 1 vs Pats and in Week 3 vs the Jets. Rookie QB E.J. Manuel looks the part but RB CJ Spiller has to get back healthy as that is their lone home run threat. The Bills "D" will be busy trying to stop Flacco and Company who put one together on Team Bulls On Parade and sent the Texans back to Harris County Texas with another set of Varsity Letterman Jackets. Will Ravens RB Bernard Pierce be the difference in this one. Can Manuel and the Bills Offense move the Pig don and get 7's versus a stout Ravens Front led by Haloti Ngata and Bookends Elvis Dumervil and Terrell "T-Sizzle" Suggs? Is Bills WR Stevie Johnson healthy or does he have more leg issues?

Winner: RAVENS both D's show up and hit folks right in the kisser!

#TeamKatyPerry @ #DAWGPound

Yes Bengals Nation was upset in Week 2 vs the Steelers on Monday Night when the Bengals were making a run and they hear Katy Perry's New Hit Single (the Bengals 2013 Anthem) "Roar" and you know you like it!

Now back to the Gridiron the Bengals get lucky vs the Packers but Luck on Sunday also means you have something big cooking on the stove and it could be the Bengals Year. Dalton has been better than average but it's the Parts around that have the Bengals doing things and the Browns worried on Sunday. Rookie RB Giovanni "Pizza Delivery Man" Bernard has been as good as advertised. TE Tyler Eifert likewise and then there is that "Monsters on the Outside" Fixture AJ Green doing what it do. Browns CB Joe Haden will be marking Green as they go back to the "World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" in J'Ville with that rivalry. Can Browns QB Brian Hoyer play lights out again well score 31 like he did vs Skol on the Bengals? The Bengals know the Browns Run Game is just Window Dressing and they should be challenging the Browns early and often in this one. This is a big game for both and not just for the State of Ohio but for the State of both Franchises moving forward. Bengals Browns TE Jordan Cameron is the new flavor of the Month of September...check him!

Winner: BENGALS 31-13 too much balance on Offense for Team Katy Perry as Hoyer struggles....

#BelieveInMonsters @ RestoreTheRoar

Ditto the Browns/Bengals Tilt as what is the state of both Franchises. The Bears are out the gate with new Lead Man Marc "Moon roof" Trestman and Jay Cutler finally has a handler he respects at least this far. The Bears "D" has been all over as they are #2 in Turnovers forced and QB Staff and MEGAtron among others need to find some Illegal Stick um 2K13. Can the Lions establish a run game on the Bears to soften those Bears Blitz Packages?  Can the Lions Front of Suh and Fairley among others slow down the Bears RB Matt Forte and out the Pig firmly in QB Cutler's Hands to make the key plays? This game has a lot of Chess Game to it as the Lions are looking to get back to Winning Time in the rugged NFC North and the Bears know they can put a big dent in Lions Dreams early.

Winner : BEARS 34 - 30 as Cutler and Company on Offense carry the Bears this time...    


OLE MISS heads to T-TOWN for what the hope is D-DAY as the REBELS are Young but a Loaded BAKED Potato...'BAMA comes in like every week the HUNTED and they will be ready as QB McCARRON is a Gamer and a Big-Time WINNER...FALL SATURDAY's from off I-20 in TUSCALOOSA...#MISSvsALA

This might be as talented a bunch the rebels have brought into Tuscaloosa, Alabama in years and they have already been battled tested. The Rebels have a veteran QB in Bo Wallace and they have talent all over the place at his disposal. The Tide come in not only battle tested but they also have great veteran Leadership from their Star QB AJ McCarron. He has Top flight talent around him as well in WR Amari Cooper and RB TJ Yeldon. 'Bama has struggled upfront in the trenches an the Rebels have capable bodies to handle 'Bama up front.

#21 OLE MISS @ Bryant-Denny vs #1 'BAMA

September 28, 2013 6:30pm ET

Note: Rankings from AP Poll

The Crimson Tide will attack the rebels from the gate in the trenches to see how the Rebels handle it. Ole Miss Backer Denzel Nkemdiche will lead that side of the Pig for the Rebels. He also has his younger brother in 2013 #1 HS Football Player Robert Nkemdiche playing Defensive End for the Rebels he the younger Nkemdiche has played well in his first month.

The Tide have veteran Players like Backer CJ Mosely and SS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix to weather any storm created by Ole Miss QB Bo Wallace. Wallace is magnificent in space as he can run as equally as he can pass. Freshman #1 2013 HS WR LaQuan Treadwell of Crete-Monee HS, IL is one of his leading Targets and he is as talented as they come fresh off Prom.

'Bama will come with TJ Yeldon on the ground and Amari Coper in the air. Can the Rebels stop those two important cogs behind QB McCarron. The one noticeable difference in 'Bama in 2013 is that their O-Line is as dominant as they one that had two Top 10 Picks and 3rd round pick. With Texas A&M laying the ground work on how to score on 'Bama Ole Miss has to be thinking they can go into T-Town and pull one out. Only problem is watching that 'Bama vs Aggies Tape is there is no Johnny Football at Ole Miss but Wallace is one tough kid.

Winner: 'BAMA 38-34 as they have another SEC Shootout...  

BOOMER SOONER heads to South Bend as the REDEEM Team as they take on the Fightin' IRISH of N.D....Who will play better...BLAKE BELL or TOMMY REES?...FALL SATURDAY's in South Bend with the IRISH #OKvsND

Last Season in Norman, Oklahoma the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish shocked the then undefeated Sooners who had a veteran ball club led by current Steelers QB Landry Jones among others. Now it's Irish QB Tommy Rees' turn to give "Boomer Sooner" an "L" as the Sooners play on the road looking for a little retribution and to to leave South Bend being called the Redeem Team.


#14 Boomer SOONER @ #22 Fighting IRISH

September 28, 2013 at 3:30pm ET

Note: Rankings from AP Poll

Oklahoma Sooners QB Blake Bell has played well but is he ready to take on the Irish in South Bend in an hostile environment? Bell will use his legs as well as Running Backs Brennan Clay and Damien Williams. The Sooners will also have to be balanced to get a "W" in South Bend as the Sooners Air Attack has been solid under Bell. The Sooners must pay big attention to Notre Dame's D-Lineman in Stephon Tuitt and Louis Nix III. Sooner Center Gabe Ikard an All-Big 12 Pre Season Selection will be responsible for leading the charge upfront.  They control the Middle and free up those Irish Backers to make plays all over the Field.

The Irish have thrown for a lot of yards as QB Tommy Rees has already thrown for over 1,100 yards.  He has two fine targets in DaVaris Daniels and TJ Jones as they both have over 300 yards receiving on the season. Can that Sooner Secondary hold up and that Front get pressure on Rees? Look for Sooners Aaron Colvin their Top DB to have a hand in Irish Business when they go to the air.

It will be won in the Trenches as the Irish dominated the game in 2012 along the fronts. Overall speed might go to the Sooners as overall power to the Irish as it will come down to Turnover Margin as well.

Winner: Boomer SOONER 27-23....Blake Bell uses his legs and that's the difference...

Baseball Town USA rejoice as the REDBIRDS clinch the NL CENTRAL after smashing none other than the NORTH SIDERS...LYNN on the BUMP and YADIER at the DISH..."WEEKEND BENDERS" REDBIRDS last grabbed the NL CENTRAL Crown in 2009 #theLOUHardball

The St. Louis Cardinals wasted no time as they can have a Weekend to relax as they finally close out the NL Central by hammering the Cubbies 7-0. The Crown came with a a steady diet of W's and a loss by the Buccos in the last week and which they did lose.

Redbirds Starter Lance Lynn picked up his 15th win of 2013 as he cruised past Cubs Hitters going six and allowing just four hits and nine strikeouts as he didn't give up a free pass or a run. The Redbirds Offense was supplied by Solo Shots by David Freese and Matt Holliday and a Three RBI Night from the Redbirds Back Stop Yadier Molina.

The Cubbies get 2013 All-Star Travis Wood an inning worked as he nets 200 Innings pitched for 2013 but he was walloped in the process.  Wood gave up three runs on four hits as he struck out one and gave out two free passes. The Cubs at least for the 2nd straight season won't get to 100 Losses and for that Clubhouse it has to be rough and even rougher on Skip Dale Sveum.

The Redbirds now await the Red Legs and Buccos Wild Card Saga to come to a conclusion on Tuesday Night to see who they will play in the NL Divisional Round.

Congrats Redbirds and Redbird Nation on being the 2013 NL Central Champions!

Friday, September 27, 2013

BADGERS @ BUCKEYES...this might be the biggest Test for the BUCKEYES as they head into Big Ten Scheduling...Prime Time at the SHOE with QB BRAXTON MILLER back in the saddle...FALL SATURDAY Nights coming from near High Street in Columbus OH...#WISvsOHSt

Where do we start as both the Wisconsin Badgers and Ohio State Buckeyes come into Saturday Night's Tilt with one thing on their mind...a Big Ten Chip and a shot at a BCS Bowl. The Badgers picked up that controversial "L" in Tempe vs the Sun Devils and the Buckeyes have played Lil Debbie, Hostess, and your Mama's Pound Cake all nestled in between a down and out Cal Bears Outfit. Something has to give and the Game will be won in the trenches and that's it...

A Whole Bunch of #23 BADGERS @ the Show vs the #4 BUCKEYES

September 28, 2013 at 8pm ET in Columbus, Ohio
Note: Rankings from AP Poll

The Badgers come in arguably the 2nd best Team in the Big Ten behind the Buckeyes as they might be the most balanced. Wisconsin features a Two-Headed Monster in the backfield with RBs Melvin Gordon and James White. They also have really sneaky Passing Attack led by WR Jared Abbredaris and White is the 2nd leading WR in that bunch as well. The Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Senior will be one to watch for the Buckeyes. Defensively the Buckeyes have to be concerned about their Linebackers (OLB Ryan Shazier All-Big Ten Pre Season) and if they lose the battle in the trenches it could be a long night for the Buckeyes...Real Talk. The Buckeyes Strength is that Front and that Secondary with all those Athletes including All-American Bradley Roby.

The Buckeyes will feature All-American Candidate QB Braxton Miller coming off of a Knee Sprain and we will see early as the Badgers will be putting Hats on him if he is ready and willing. The other cause for concern for the Badgers on "D" is Buckeyes RB Jordan Hall and Ezekial Elliott. Watch for true Freshman Dontre Wilson as well as Elliott is also a true Freshman. Buckeyes OL Andrew Norwell is a good one. WRs Devin Smith and Corey Brown lead the Air Attack and the Badgers have to be most concerned with the Option. They must make the Buckeyes air it out and beat them in the trenches with Badgers DT Beau Allen and ILB Chris Borland.  

This game might be a lot closer than one might think as the Badgers have already been tested and should have come out with a "W".

Winner: BUCKEYES 34-31...last second FG

BLUE BIRDS hang Crooked Numbers up on the AL Wild Card leading RAYS and just like that...We have a Tie between the TRIBE and the RAYS with the RANGERS now in the Backseat instead of the Rearview Mirror..."WEEKEND BENDERS" TGIF Recap #2 "RAYS don't blow up now" #ALWildCardBiz

The Rays had everything going as they came in one game up on the Tribe and two games up on the Rangers with three games to play. Rays First Baseman Ben Zorbrist and OF Delmon Young both went Solo Shots in innings one and two to give Tampa a "Ray of Hope" early on and things just unraveled after that.  

The Blue Birds after being down 2-0 early to the Rays and Pitcher Jeremy Hellickson put on their Spoiler Hats and went to work. The Rays put up a crooked four in the 4th and a crooked two in the fifth behind prized 2013 Free Agent Pick Up Jose Reyes who scored twice. All that action in those frames allowed Blue Birds Starter R.A. Dickey to go seven strong after early turbulence in the first two frames. Dickey finished going 7 1/3 innings allowing those Two Solo Shots on five hits as he walked one and struck out three as the Blue Birds win 6-3.

Rays Starter Hellickson wasn't as fortunate as one error led to another error and then a total of three errors doomed him and the Rays. He went 4 2/3 innings allowing six runs on six hits as he walked two and struck out five. The Rays pending the outcome of the Rangers and Tribe Games will be tied with the Tribe and a game ahead of the Rangers with just two games to play. AL Wild Card down to the last out in 2013.

BURNETT and the BUCCOS quiet the RED LEGS as ZOLTAN moves quietly through GREAT AMERICAN Ballpark on Friday Night ...PIRATES win 4-1 and need at least a Split in the last two games to get Tuesday's Game back in the 'BURGH..."WEEKEND BENDERS" TGIF Recap #1 "RAISE the Jolly Roger" Fools #BURGHhardball

Pirates Vet RHP AJ Burnett picked a dandy of a time at the Red Legs expense to go Vintage Burnett as he closed the doors on the Red Legs Friday Night with a 4-1 "W". 'Burgh Hardball now gets closer to hosting that Playoff Game on Tuesday.

Burnett went eight strong allowing just one run on five hits as he struck out six Red Hitters and handed out just one free pass. Red Legs Starter Homer Bailey was in and out of jams and it cost him as Two Bucs Hitters (Marlon Byrd and "El Toro" Pedro Alvarez who combined to go 6 for 8 w/ 4 RBI and 2 runs scored) did him in on this night. Byrd opened up the scoring with a two-run single in the 3rd. Then after Red Legs Hot Corner Todd Frazier took Burnett deep in the 4th for a Solo Shot (Burnett's only Mistake of the night) "El Toro" Buccos Hot Corner Pedro Alvarez goes Two-Run Big Fly in the 6th with Byrd on to put the Pirates up to stay 4-1 and that was the final.

Back to Bailey he went five innings allowing four runs on four hits including the Big Fly to "El Toro" in the 5th and he just didn't have his best stuff. Homer also walked four and struck out four but in and out of jams with heightened October-Like Hardball wasn't good for his arsenal on this night. Now the Buccos need to spilt the last two or win Saturday to host the Red Legs in a One-Game Playoff in the 'Burgh on Tuesday. That is bad news for Red Legs Nation moving forward.  


#GEAUXTigers travel to ATHENS for an Afternoon SEC Picnic with the UGA IX and the UGA DAWGS...FALL SATURDAY's with a Big One in the SEC, National POLLS, and the BCS #LSU #UGA #SEC

Look what the wind blew into Athens as the LSU Tigers and Lead Man Les Miles tackle the Georgia Bulldogs and Lead Man Mark Richt. The Bengal Tigers come in with a whole new attitude and passing attack to go with a mean ground game with a plethora of running backs. The Dawgs come in with four-year starter Aaron Murray and that slick Ride from North Carolina called "Gur-Shall" in Running Backs Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall. I know they don;t ant to be called that but the Dawg is out of the bag on that one.

Note: Rankings from AP Top 25

#6 #GeauxBengalTIGERS "Between the Hedges" vs #9 #UGADawgs

Sanford Stadium..Athens, GA as Game Time is 3:30pm ET

The LSU Tigers and the Georgia Bulldogs along with maybe the Florida Gators and USC 'Cocks are the only Teams in the SEC that can possibly challenge the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers have claim to the fact having beatin' 'Bama Twice in the last five seasons.

The Pick up of the Year in the SEC wasn't a Recruit but ex-Ravens O-Coordinator Cam Cameron as he has come to LSU and worked wonders with QB Zack Mettenberger. Mettenberger's Numbers for 2013 are impressive as is that 10 TD's and only 1 INT. WRs Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry are his two top WRs that UGA and its Secondary need to pay close attention to.

LSU's Running Backs are a load as well led Jeremy Hill, Terrence Magee, and Alfred Blue among others. Can the 'Dawgs stopped this once lop-sided now very balanced physical attack?

The 'Dawgs have four-year Starter in QB Aaron Murray as they lost their #1 WR in game one at Death Valley Orange in Clemson. Murray's Air Attack has at least six recipients that over 100 yards receiving led by WR Justin-Scott Wesley. Can Murray and his WRs get open vs LSU's Secondary led by All-American SS Craig Lotson.

The UGA Ground Game has the #1 RB in the land in True Sophomore Todd Gurley and his Side Kick Keith Marshall. Gurley has been punishing everyone and the Tigers will come with the best tandem in the trenches in Anthony "Booger" Johnson and Ego "Single Digit 8" Ferguson and they are only juniors as they are spending their last semesters in Baton Rouge. The One concern for the 'Dawgs is that "D" that has been exposed and the Tigers are more seasoned at key areas.

The Tigers have one win in the SEC West vs the Auburn War Eagles and the 'Dawgs have one vs the 'Cocks of Columbia, South Carolina. Georgia can ill afford to have two L's before we hit October Football.

Winner: #GeauxTIGERS 37-27....



Pittsburgh Steelers...TRIPLE DIAMONDS Chronicles Take 124 going "FISH n CHIPS n CIDER"...STEELERS and MINIONS arrive Friday in LONDON with Good News in the OFFENSIVE Backfield...#SKOLnation to have QB CASSELL calling the Shots...UK It's the BLUEDUDE and #STEELERSnation taking over LONDON #3DiamondChronicles #STEELERgang

Yes Sunday's International Series has arrived in the U.K. and the Steelers are more than ready to get off the 0-fer. The Vikings also come in with nothing but L's and a new QB under center. Heck everything has changed the QB, the Cuisine, the Stadium, but not the Steeler Nation and the Terrible Towel as London has to be going crazy for that coolest gadget for Sunday Football.    

On the Steelers Front Rookie and 2013 2nd round Pick RB Le'veon Bell will get his first duty as an NFL Running Back as he claims he is 100% despite what Big Ben Says. Big Ben stay in your lane and quit throwing picks as your no Trapper John M.D.. Bell still needs holes as OG Ramon Foster assumes that O-Line Leadership and we will see what happens against a front led by Red Jersey Collector Royalty in DE Jared "Sack in the Box" Allen and DT Kevin Williams.

On the Purple People Front Starting QB Christian Ponder looks to be a scratch and who knows if that is good or bad for the Vikes. He will be replaced by Ex-Pats QB and #REDFriday Scrub Matt Cassell...and yes scrub. He is what he is and if it looks like one and plays like one then he is one. The Steelers have to stop the Twin Cities Avenger #28 to force Cassell and the Vikes to put it in the air. Imagine that the Steelers come from London with another "L" at the hands of SCRUB-iliscious Matt Cassell...that worse than can getting beat by the Browns.

More to come on #Steelers and #SteelerNation and Steeler Minions going Fish n Chips n Cider and the Terrible Towel!    

NFL Passing Yard Leaders "MONSTERS Inside the POCKET" through NFL Week 3...The Top 10 Passing Yard Leaders and no one can slow down #UnitedInORANGE and #ORANGECrush QB MANNING Mile High as he continues to be the best -ever in the 16-Game TREK...#NFLTop10Passers

The Top Passing Yards Leader though NFL Week 3 is no surprise as the Broncos with their Plethora of Wideouts and Tight Ends have Manning Mile High on fire. The Usual Suspects are in there as well as some QBs who have gaudy numbers but are very misleading numbers.

The Top 10 NFL Leading Passers in Passing Yards through NFL Week 3:

Note: Yards in Parenthesis

Player Team Comp PCT Yards TDs

1. Manning #UnitedInORANGE 73% (1,143) 12
   (pictured right)

2. Bradford #STLRams 58.8% (1,093) 7

3. A-Rog #CHeeseHeads 66.4% (1,057) 8

4. Brees #GeauxSaints 63.8% (1,021) 6

5. Stafford #RestoreTheRoar 63.6 (1,020) 6

6. RG3 #HTTR 63.3% (975) 5

7. E. Manning #GMen 58.8% (931) 5

8. Matty Ice #AngryBirds404 68.1% (909) 6

9. Kaepernick #FortyNiners 58.1% (856) 5

10. Big Ben #MenOfSteel 60.4% (848) 4

Note: Bradford and Kaepernick have NFL Week 4 Numbers as they played last night in the Thursday Night game...

Manning Mile High is the only one who can slow him down as Decker, Thomas, and Welker among others are the proud receipients of the Mile High Air Show.

Bradford struggled mightily vs the Niners and if he doesn't get a run game his numbers will start to head north...

Aaron Rodgers needed a Bye Week and gets one but they will be right in the middle of the NFC Race and NFC North as A-Rog has the 2nd best Trio of WRs right behind Manning Mile high.

Brees #1 used to be Marquis Colston and now it's TE/WR Jimmy "Big Red" of Nola and he is the #1 TE in the NFL hands down...

Staff has MEGAtron but losing Burleson was huge as we will see in Week 4 how they handle the Bears "D" without Nate B.....

RG3 is a product of playing from behind weekly and their run game is non-existent...

Eli Manning don't know where to start with Super "E" as he and the G-Men collectively are in the NYC Gutter...quit throwing Picks might be one place to target in on.

Matt Ryan misses Roddy of the Peach Drop 3 as Teams continue tom roll coverage to Julio and take away Tony coms the Pats on Sunday Night..Uh-Oh!

Kaepernick got his mojo back in the 'Lou last night as he led a balanced attack...and that Ground Game is key for him and the Niners moving forward...

Big Ben knows they can't run the Pig and so should O-Coordinator Todd Haley as they need to air it out just like in the Bears Game as they use the Pass to get the Run going...Will London turn things around for the Steelers?

Note: Numbers from


SHAQramento KINGS extend their Favorite BOOGIE Man in @BOOGIEcousins...B-Ham Native DeMARCUS COUSINS as the Summer of 2014 continues to lose its Thunder...SQUEEZE the ORANGE with New Regime KINGS Business and @BOOGIECousins Future Direct Deposit #NBAbiz

Through a few media outlets the SHAQramento Kings have signed their #1 Players to an extension in Big DeMarcus Cousins and at Twitter @BoogieCousins.  That signing is huge considering he was one of a handful of players to top that 2014 Free Agent List and now the Kings solidify what they think is a move in the right direction and I agree.

@BoogieCousins is a unique player and getting Shaq Fu to come on board as a minority owner was icing on the cake for the Kings. Shaq could be a mentor for Cousins moving forward as Cousins Thinking Cap isn't always air tight off the floor or on it.

At just 23 years of age and a variety of moves @BoogieCousins has more Moves in his Arsenal than almost all Bigs outside of Duncan and KG and is just as versatile. He can play face-up, back to the basket, mid-range, can eat glass with the best of them, and can handle which makes him a tough cover away from the rim on the bounce. His numbers last season were around 17 plus points per and just under ten boards an outing and that was an off year.

With Cousins off the Board Teams like the Lakers and even the Bulls might be left scrambling to get a Prized-Recruit in the Summer of 2014 to get them back into contention or stay in contention.

Cousins reportedly will sign for 4-years just north of $62 million and he could have gotten the max his UK Teammate and Wiz Kids Point God John Wall received in 5-years $80 million.     

BUCCOS @ RED should be a FIREWORKS Display on the Ohio as the PIRATES and REDS battle for the NL Wild Card Game One-Game Playoff Home Field..."WEEKEND BENDERS" October Hardball in September on the OHIO #BUCSbiz #REDSbiz #NLWildCardbiz

The Pittsburgh Pirates come into Cincy just one game up on the Red Legs with three to play and the comforting thing is they are both into the October Hardball. The back drop to all of that is they have to play the One-Game Playoff and they are still fighting for home field. Imagine this a team plays 159 and you fate is still somewhat undecided...welcome to the "Fight for October". Buccos and Red Legs it doesn't get any better than this.

PIRATES @ REDS on the Ohio a Three-Piece NL Central Feast

September 27, 2013 7:10pm ET
PIT Burnett (9-11) vs CIN Bailey (11-11)

September 28, 2013 1:05pm ET
PIT Morton (7-4) vs CIN Arroyo (14-11)

September 29, 2013 1:10pm ET
PIT Cole (10-7) vs CIN Cueto (5-2)

The Reds will miss Pirates 16 game -winner Francisco Liriano and 2013 All-Star Jeff Locke but they will see the other three top arms including Rookie Garrit Cole and Vet AJ Burnett. The Reds have Bailey, Arroyo, and just in case it comes down to Sunday's Game it will be "Johnny Be Good" Cueto.

Players to watch at the Dish...


CF Cutch 22 .318 20 HR 83 RBI 95 R 38 2B
3B EL Toro 34 HR 97 RBI
LF Marte .283 avg 40 SB 82 R 26 2B 10 3B
2B Walker 14 HR 60 R 24 2B  


1B Votto .304 avg 24 HR 73 RBI 100 R
RF Bruce 30 HR 107 RBI 42 2B
2B @DatDudeBP .260 avg 18 HR 102 RBI
CF Choo 106 R 21 HR 34 2B 20 SB

Note: Schedule and Numbers from

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 133...49ERS puts RAMS in Mississippi River...AL Wild Card Race stays pat...YANKS CANO wants north of $300 Big Ones

The San Francisco 49ers will be the talk of the NFL all they way up to Sunday Week 4's Slate. The Niners out the Rams in the muddy and cols Mississippi River 35-11 in what looked to be a good test for the 49ers through the first frame. Niners RB Frank Gore went bezerk on that Rams Run "D" for 153 yards on just 20 carries. QB Kaepernick went "Colin got his Groove Back" with a steady 15 for 23 and 167 yards and Two TDs and no INT's. The gam,e was won upfront as the Niners rushed for 219 yards and the Rams some 18 yards...and who won the game? Niners move to 2-2 while the Rams fall to 1-3.

The AL Wild Card Race stayed in place with no changes as the Tribe beats the Twinkies, the Rays blank the Yankees, and the Rangers comeback on the Halos. Something has to give as all are in action on Friday with the Rays headed "North of the Border" to face the Blue Birds. The Tribe stays in the Twin Cities for three more as the Rangers host the Halos for three more. The Rays lead the Tribe by one game as the Tribe leads the Rangers by one game if any of that makes any sense.

At the ripe age of Thirty Yankees Second Baseman Robinson Cano is trying to get what he thinks will be Market Value. Through numerous Media Outlets Cano will be reportedly asking for A-Rod Money in the neighborhood of ten years and north of $300 million. The Yankees no the scope of long-term deals from that age on up and that wouldn't be a good look for any team. Ask the Halos Owner Arte Moreno who is saddled with some terrible contracts and has yet to get a Chip. A-Rod
's Contract is the worst maybe ever in Hardball History. Maybe the Yanks could pay Cano $30 Million per for four to five years but beyond that it would be cash wasted...based on what we see from those players aging and those behemoth deals. Good Luck Robbie as someone will get close...Lol!    

BROOKLYN and MANHATTAN get the 2015 NBA All-Star Game...the BK on Saturday Night going APP...MANHATTAN on Sunday Night going ENTREE...LOGO WATCH with a NO-LOOK Dime at the 2015 LOGO All-Star Gala...#NBAAllStar2K15

The NBA Commissioner David J. getting some key decisions in before he exits for retirement announces through numerous media outlets that Gotham City has been awarded the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. Now based on what the Barclays has brought to the Logo in it's short stint maybe they should have been awarded the Gala all on by its lonesome. The Knicks have a legitimate beef in that Madison Square Garden's Renovations will be over by then changing what the World's Most Famous Arena's Face for the future. Here is the quick breakdown for the 64th Annual NBA All-Star Game in  2015...

Saturday's Festivities to be held at the Barclays:

Rising Stars Game
Celebrity Game
Skills Challenge

Sunday's Festivities at New MSG:

the 64th Annual NBA All-Star Game

One would think why wouldn't you have that switched around awarding the Barclays the All-Star game and giving NYC the Saturday Stuff. Well imagine the rift New York City would give the NBA if MSG was the Appetizer to the Entree on Sunday...that would be a no-go. Someone also tell "the Truth" Paul Pierce (the newest Nets Player) the "BK" is cool but it's New York Knicks as in New York City and nothing is bigger than the NYC including the Brooklyn Borough.

I still say give the whole darn thing to the BK Nets with that Gem of a building the "Barclays"...

49ERS @ RAMS...NFL WEEK 4 Thursday Night Football...will QB KAP and GORE run the Pig to get the NINERS Offense going?...The RAMS don't have a Run Game but in QB SAM we trust...Both DEFENSES struggled in Week 3 and with HARBAUGH "Fisherman's Wharf" Edition and FISHER "Gateway to the WEST" Edition on the Sidelines...expect it to be a Nasty Affair sponsored by FED EX Envelopes...A QB DRIVEN League KAP and SAM good ones...#SFvsSTL #NFLWk4 #ThursdayNightFootball

The 49ers and Rams expected to at least be north of .500 coming into this one and the tide has turned quickly as they both are struggling to find themselves. The Niners get it handed to them at home and all of a a sudden they are losing the battle in the trenches. The Rams "D" their strong suit got lost in Mammoth Jerry's World in Texas and that Rams Offense needs something that resembles a run game. Something will have to give on Thursday night Football Week 3 and the loser goes to a woeful 2013 and that is extreme cause for concern.

#FortyNINERS @ the #RAMS 

September 26, 2013 NFL Week 4 8:25pm ET

For San Fran they have to get back to their Identity and that is smashing folks in the trenches and a heavy dose of RBs Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter and QB Colin Kaepernick feeding of of that. They will have to contain Rams Bookends in Bloodline Chris Long and Robert Quinn. Can QB Kap also get Niners WR Anquan Boldin back into the Passing Game with some help from TE Vernon Davis who has a tender hamstring and that might linger for 16.

The Rams have no Run Game and the Niners have to be in the thought process of coming to no end and bringing the Kitchen Sink on nearly every play. Can Rams QB Sam Bradford make enough plays in the Passing game and can he get a resemblance of a running game to keep that Niners Front at bay? Both Teams have Big-Time Backers and those Backers will play an integral part in whose "D" is dominant in this one.

Neither Team can ill afford to fall to 1-3 through the 1st quarter of 2013. The Team that does is officially in the hole and must go at least 3-1 or 4-0 to get back to even keel in the 2nd quarter. This is not a Panic Mode Game but for the loser it will be panic in NFL Week 5.

360 Degrees.... Rams played the Niners the toughest in 2012 outside of the Seahawks.  A 24-24 Tie at the Stick. A 16-13 Rams near the Arch. Niners know who they are playing and so do the rams who are not the least bit intimidated by Harbaugh's Squad.    

Winner: RAMS 17-13 as the Rams out physical the Niners again....

HALOS @ RANGERS...Texas Hardball put themselves in this Position but there is work to do and "HOPE" is in the Scoreboard..."WEEKEND BENDERS" RANGERS take care of your Business and let the RAWLINGS Hardball fall where it may #TEXASSizedHardball

The Rangers like the Tribe are in the midst of the most important Series in 2013 as it has come down to this. For the Rangers a late August and early September  Collapse allowed the Swingin' Athletics to swing their way to the AL West Crown and that is back to back for Team Black Hole Hardball. The Rangers made two huge moves that in hindsight still will work in the long-term but they needed a boost in the short-term. Those moves were getting RHP Matt Garza from the North Siders and Alex Rios from the South Siders. Now they face the Orange County Hardball as the "Spoiler Alert" is all over Arlington, Texas like Texas Summer Heat. Rangers you have to rise up like them Dirty Birds in the 404 and show some "Valentine" for this series.

LAA Hardball vs North TEX Hardball...from the Ballpark near Jerry's World

September 26, 2013 8:05pm ET
LAA Williams (9-10) vs TEX Garza (10-6)

September 27, 2013 8:05pm ET
LAA Wilson (17-7) vs TEX Ogando (7-4)

September 28, 2013 8:05pm ET
LAA Richards (7-7) vs TEX Holland (10-9)

September 29, 2013 3:05pm ET
LAA Vargas (9-7) vs TEX Darvish (13-9)

Can Garza and Ogando get the W's and put it in the hands for their Rangers one and two in Yu Darvish and Derek Holland? They will not have to face Halos #1 RHP Jared Weaver but face #2 and 17-game winner and Ex-Ranger CJ Wilson and that is not good. Rangers keep the Hardball away from that Halos "TnT" Dynamite in Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo as well as Josh "the Natural" Hamilton.

Hitting Stars in this one...


LF Trout .324 avg 26 HR 92 RBI 108 R 39 2B 33 SB
1B Trumbo .233 avg 34 HR 99 RBI 85 R
RF Hamilton .248 21 HR 76 RBI 73 R


3B Beltre .317 avg 29 HR 90 RBI 85 R 31 2B
C Pierzynski .271 avg 17 HR 66 RBI
1B Moreland 23 HR 59 RBI 60 R

Note: Numbers and Schedule from

TRIBE @ TWINKIES...the Cleveland Indians start the most important series to date in 2013 sandwiched in between the RAYS and the RANGERS..."WEEKEND BENDERS" Mama said it wasn't going to be easy #TRIBEhardball #ALWildCard

The Cleveland Indians are a game behind the Rays whose at the Bronx Zoo going for the 4-Piece Sweep over the Pinstripes and trying to stay number one in the Wild Card. The Rangers on the backside of the Indians trying to overtake the Tribe who is in the 2nd slot as the Rays are the leader. We have turbulence all over the AL Wild Card and the Seat Belt Sign will be on until late Sunday Afternoon. Mama said it wasn't going to easy but this is over the top...Ma!

TRIBE @ Target Field vs TWINKIES 4-Piece AL Central Treat....

September 26, 2013 8:10pm ET
CLE McAllister (9-9) vs MIN Albers (2-4)

September 27, 2013 8:10pm ET
CLE Kluber (10-5) vs MIN Hernandez (3-2)

September 28, 2013 1:05pm ET
CLE Kazmir (9-9) vs MIN De Vries (0-1)

September 29, 2013 2:10pm ET
CLE Jiminez (12-9) vs MIN Diamond (6-12)

The Tribe should have clear sailing if your counting on the Bump. The Twins had Three Men and Truck go to the Twinkies Tripe A and Double A Affiliates an get some Arms.

Hitting Stars in this one....


2B Kipnis .278 avg 17 HR 81 RBI 81 R 34 2B 29 SB
CF Bourn 73 R 21 2B 5 3B 23 SB
1B Swisher 21 HR 61 RBI 72 R 25 2B


2B Dozier 18 HR 65 RBI 72 R 33 2B
C Mauer .324 avg 35 R 47 RBI

Note: Schedule and Numbers from        

NFL Leading Receivers "MONSTERS on the OUTSIDE" NFL Week 3...The Top 10 Leading Wide Outs in Receiving Yards led by "J2" of the "PEACH DROP 3"...Is he the next $100 Million Man at Wide Out? Where in TARGETS is MEGAtron, DEZ , and AJ are they in the Top 10? #NFLTop10WRs

The Top Receiving Yard Leaders is a no-brainer as one should know by now especially playing Fantasy Football who is doing work and will do work on the 2013 16-game trek. Out the gate Falcons WR Julio Jones is all that and putting up huge numbers as Sunday Secondaries continue to roll coverage to him with No Roddy of the "Peach Drop 3" as he is injured. Where is Dez of Jerry's World, AJ of the Jungle on the Ohio, and MEGAtron of Swoosh Football and Restore the Roar?

The Top 10 NFL Leading Receivers through NFL Week 3:


Player Receptions (Yards) Yds/Grab

1. J2 #AngryBirds404... 27 (373) 13.8

2. D-Jack #LINC-liscious 19 (359) 18.9

3. Big RED of NOLA #WhoDat 23 (358) 15.6

4. Tone 2.0 #MENofSteel 20 (324) 16.2

5. D. Thomas #UnitedInOrange 20 (307) 15.4

6. R. Cobb #AirRodgersLambeau 21 (290) 13.8

7. J. Nelson #AirRodgersLambeau 18 (289) 16.1

8. A. Boldin #Quest4Six 19 (282) 14.8

9. P. Garcon #HTTR 23 (280) 12.2

10. C. Shorts #Jags 19 (276) 14.5

Julio Jones is the other side of Calvin "MEGAtron" Johnson and is so physical at the point of attack as well as Jets on the Go Routes...Falcons "Mr. Bigs" Arthur Blank get your check book out as "J2" is going to set you back a few Dead Presidents.

D-Jack of Eagles Offense called LINC-iliscious is a product of that Offense the Eagles Run that put all their Playmakers in space and to D-Jack's Credit he has come through.

Jimmy Graham of #GeauxSaints is the new #1 Tight End and the Only TE in the Top 10 through NFL Week 3 as he has been my #1 TE for going on three seasons as he was banged up in 2012. An absolute Monster on 3rd Down and in the Red Zone.

Antonio Brown of the Steelers "Tone 2.0" blew a gasket and the Bears Secondary and "Peanut of Halas Hall" away on Sunday Night. Can the Steelers open it up even more with TE Heath Miller getting his groove back?

Demaryius Thomas is so talented and now has Manning Mile High throwing him the Pig...Broncos Record Books beware!

Cobb and Nelson are 6 and 7 on the List and that my Sunday Heads show you how prolific a passer A-Rog and that Packers Passing game is...the Truth and the best on Sunday hands down. Add WR James Jones who is 29th at 212 yards and they are right behind the Broncos as the 2nd best WR Corps on Sunday.

Boldin isn't a surprise considering the Niners have "Crab of Fisherman';s Wharf" out. Now Boldin has been locked up the last two games as most of those yards were vs the Packers Secondary in Week 1. For Fantasy Heads for Week 4 he is going up against Rams CB Cortland Finnegan..sit'em!

Garcon is RG3's #1 WR and the 'Skins better be prepared to go elsewhere as Secondaries will start to pay attention to Garcon as the 'Skins continue to struggle in 2013!

Shorts has taken over in J'Ville as they go to him as WR Justin Blackmon is out. Another product of Divison lll Powerhouse Mount Union also the home of the #9 WR Garcon. NFL Scouts need a WR head to Division lll Mount!

Note: Numbers from

* MEGAtron Johnson of the Lions is #14, Dez of Jerry's World is 34th, and AJ of the Jungle on the Ohio is 19th.


AL WILD CARD Race between the RAYS, TRIBE, and RANGERS will go to the last 3-4 Games of 2K13...they all post W's on "GET AWAY" Day for the RANGERS and TRIBE which was Hump Day Hardball...RAYS finish Thursday in the BX...DRAMA on the Junior Circuit #TBhardball #CLEhardball #TEXhardball

It just doesn't get any better than this as the Tampa Bay Rays lead the Cleveland Indians which lead the Texas Rangers and they are all separated by one game in the AL Wild Card. The Rays lead as they finish their series in the Bronx Zoo on Thursday. The Indians will travel to the Twin Cities and the Rangers will host the Halos as the Twinkies and Angles try to play Spoiler.

The Rays took care of the Yankees on Hump Day 8-3 as 2012 CY Young Winner David Price went seven allowing two runs as he had plenty of run support. Rays Star Hot Corner Evan Longoria had a Three-Run HR and a Solo Shot in the "W".

The Cleveland Indians took care of the Pale Hose which is their 95th Win vs the White Sox in 2013 versus one loss. Tribe RHP Danny Salazar went 5 1/3 and allowed two runs as the Tribe win 7-2. Tribe RF/1B Nick Swisher goes Two-Run HR as the Indians try to get to the Post Season and if they do they are a Sleeper as look whose managing them...ex-Carmines Skip Terry Francona...Imagine That and you thought it was just the Red Sox Players...yeah right!

The Rangers finish the sweep of the In-State 'Stros of H-Town as they win 7-3. The Rangers one would think would have already made their move but the Rays and Tribe have won six in a row apiece. Youngster Martin Perez of the Rangers went seven innings allowing six hits and three runs and a free pass while striking out eight. Texas 2B Ian Kinsler gos Solo Shot plus 2 for 4 with two RBI and two runs. Rangers will be idle on Thursday as they watch the Rays and Indians both out of the Motel in action.  

"Mad MAX beyond COMERICA Park" was eating TWINKIES at TARGET as the he gets "W" #21 and the TIGERS grab the AL CENTRAL Crown..."GET AWAY" Day with a did you pack your Swim Goggles for the SHAM-PAG-NA...#MotorCityHardball

The Detroit Tigers fittingly clinch the AL Central with their Ace on the mound and hands down the Junior Circuit Cy Young Winner for 2013 in "Mad Max beyond Comerica Park" Scherzer. The Tigers blanked the Twinkies at the Big Box Store...Target Field 1-0. The win keeps the Tribe in the Wild Card Slot and gives confirmation of the dominance by Tigers Skip Leyland and Company in the division in the last few seasons.

Scherzer picks up win #21 against only three losses as he allowed just two hits through seven innings as he struck out ten Twinkies but gave out six free passes. Those six walks the Twins were allowed they couldn't take advantage of as that is above and beyond out of the strike zone for Mad Max. Tigers Captain Save-A-Game Joaquin Benoit gets his 23rd save in 24 chances. The Lone RBI in the game was provided by Tigers OF Torii Hunter who has been one of the best Free Agent Pick Ups for 2013 and the Halos huge loss especially in that Clubhouse looking at Win/Loss.

The Tigers now await the scheduling of the AL Divisional Round as the Tigers have more than what it takes to be dominant. They have Arms (Scherzer/Verlander/Fister/Sanchez/Porcello) who all have between 13 to 21 wins in 2013. They have Miggy n Prince in that middle of that Tigers Line Up. They also pack some good leather and will get 2013 All-Star SS Johnny Peralta of suspension in the Postseason.

Congrats to the 2013 AL Central Division Winners...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NFL Leading Rushers "MONSTERS Inside TACKLES" NFL Week 3...The TOP 10 Leading Rushers and it's all about that "SHADY Character" from that Offense called LINC-iliscious in LeSean "SHADY" McCOY...Where did he he go...Where did whoooo goooo? #NFLTop10Rushers

The Top NFL Rushing Yards Leaders are led by Eagles Running Back LeSean "Shady" McCoy who in space is as slippery as an Earth Worm in mud. He has Company and the Top Back in the Twin Cities Adrian "the Twin Cities Avenger #28"Peterson where does he rank through the first three weeks?

The Top 10 Leading Rushers through NFL Week 3:

Key: Player  Attempts  (Yards)  Yards/Attempt

1. Shady McCoy #Eagles 62 (395) 6.4

2. Muscle Hamster #ItsABucsLife 73 (297) 4.1

3. D. Williams #Panthers 62 (291) 4.7

4. D. Murray #JerrysWorldTX 58 (286) 4.9

5. Twin Cities Avenger #28 #SKOLnation 69 (281) 4.1

6. CJ2K #MusicCityTitans 69 (256) 3.7

7. B. Powell #GangGreen 52 (226) 4.3

8. M. Forte #BelieveInMonsters 55 (225) 4.1

8. Big Al Morris #HTTR 40 (225) 5.6

10. the Arrowhead Beast J.C. 52 (224) 4.3

McCoy is the most important piece in that Eagles Offense and that New Offense puts him in space with one on ones a lot and you know who wins with those Feet, Vision, and Explosion?

Doug Martin isn't the problem in Tampa and he is going to get his Yards but the problem isn't now Scout Team QB Josh Freeman either.

DeAngelo Williams has life now that former O-Coordinator Rob Chudzinski is off on Lake Erie....Imagine That!

Murray just needs touches and if the 'Boys follow the Blueprint of the Bears and I have been saying this for a few seasons give it to the RB in the Run and Passing Game and not your Fake Franchise QB you will win games.

A.P. could get 1500 plus Yards in his sleep but QB Ponder is going to have to show his worth sooner rather than later with 53 loaded up in the box.

Chris Johnson is the beneficiary of what's in that Titans "Ring of Honor" HOF Center Bruce Matthews and HOF OG and Titans Lead Man Mike Munchak's Run-Blocking and Grade A Lineman Work on Sunday.

Powell has exploded on the scene and protected Rookie QB "Geno 4 Gang Green Starter" and that laughable Jets Camp is now the best Team playing near the Hudson...and from the looks of things for 2013.

Imagine that the Bears and New Lead Man and O-Coordinator Marc Trestman trying to establish the Run Game instead of letting Jay "90210" Cutler do his thing for 60's not Algebra/Trig or Basket's Recess Period!

Al Morris needs "RG3" to run the Pig and of "RG3" isn't running the 'Skins will continues to look vastly difference on's that simple.

Jamaal Charles is now a Household Name as #RedFriday is evolving into an AFC Contender to the Throne. An electric Running Back with a Football/Track background from Scholastic Days in Lake Charles Louisiana and Hookem' Horns U he is the other side of Shady McCoy.

Note: Numbers from

* Two QBs in the Top 15 are Raiders Terrelle Pryor #12 with 198 yards and Mike
Vick of Eagles at #14 with 187 yards.

NORTH Siders RF McDONALD treats a LIRIANO Offering in the 6th for a Three-Run TATER and that proves to be the difference as BUCS take a costly loss..."GET AWAY" Day the BUCCOS couldn't keep the CUBBIES away #WrigleyVilleHardball

The Pittsburgh Pirates saw the News on the Cubs Scoreboard and if they beat the Cubbies on Wednesday it would have taken them to s step closer to hosting that one-game playoff vs the Red Legs. The Cubs to the Buccos demise also saw the scored and they played spoiler after that and won as a night out in Wrigleyville feels a whole lot better playing Spoiler and winning.

Behind a solid outing from RHP Jake Arrieta (6 IP 4 H 1 R 2 BB 1 SO) and a Three-Run Tater by RF Darnell McDonald of Buccos Ace Francisco Liriano proved top be all the Cubbies needed for a 4-2 win. That win sent 'Burgh Hardball to the Banks of the Ohio just one game up on the Red Legs.

Liriano pitched well enough to win and he made that costly mistake to McDonald and in the Show to Major League Hitters that's all it takes as your cruising then you let a "Get Me Over" Slide Piece loose and it instant souvenir. First Baseman Justin Morneau and Pinch-Hitter Jose Tabata had an RBI each for the Buccos in he loss.

Now with just three games to play the NL Central Wild Card Home Field Advantage for the one-game playoff is on the line and neither the Buccos or Red Legs are playing like World Beaters right now.  

REDBIRDS put pressure on the BUCCOS who are Scoreboard Watching as the BASEBALL Town USA Hardball inches closer to the NL Central Crown..."GET AWAY" Day and there goes them REDBIRDS #CARDSBiz

The St. Louis Cardinals are rolling right into October Hardball as they finish a sweep of the Nats who have no NAT-itude left as they have been out of the NL East Race for quite some time. The Redbirds win 4-1 as now they lead the Buccos by 2.5 as they are in a fight with the North Siders as e go to press.

The Redbirds get a six inning four-hit  on run gem from Starter Shelby Miller as the Nats could only muster one run on five hits the entire afternoon on the Cards. Redbirds back Stop Yadier Molina nets two RBI and Matt Adams and Matt Carpenter get an RBI Each as the Redbirds await the score from the Pirates/Cubs Tilt at Wrigley.

Nats 19 game-winner Jordan Zimmerman went seven but allowed six hits and four runs and he struck out just two Cards Hitters. The Nats were making a final run at the NL Wild Card but just ran out of time and didn't take care of Business sooner. This is a season that Nats Nation will try to forget as they could not get Gio and Stras on that consistent run they had in 2012.

The Redbirds will be a factor in October like they always are and hats off to underrated Skip Mike Matheny as he has more than filled the Scooby Doos of Skip Tony LaRussa.

the AMAZINS go circa '86 on the RED LEGS on the OHIO crushing hopes of CINCY Hardball FALL CLASSIC 2K13 Dreams..."GET AWAY" Day RED LEGS Misery with the BUCCOS coming for SKYLINE Chili #AMAZINShardball

The Red Legs started out the Three-Piece vs the New York Metropolitans winning game one as they stayed tied with the Buccos for the NL Wild Card Lead as it's a two-trick pony. Now comes the Amazins playing spoiler as they take the last two including a 1-0 "W" in "Get Away' Day in Cincy.

The Mets get a Cy Young-like Performance on the Hill from Japanese RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka as he pitched seven scoreless tying up Red Leg Hitters at the Dish. He allowed four hits and walked two as he struck out six. The Reds get a helluva an outing from Starter Mat Latos as he allowed just one run on four hits as he struck out seven and gave up two free passes. The Red Legs needed this one as they are one game behind the Buccos who are at Wrigley trying to put another game between them and the Red Legs before they hit Cincy. Mets OF Eric "E.Y.2" Young gets the lone RBI in the game.

As we go to press the Red kegs are 1.5 games back and with a Buccos "W" that would be two back with just three to play. The Pirates are also hoping the Nats beat the Redbirds as there is still a chance for the Buccos to get the NL Central Crown as they are two back of the Baseball Town USA Hardball.


"FEAR the DEER" trying a new look with no "Beer Town LEFTY" B-JENNINGS or "MISSISSIPPI Lighting" Monta ELLIS unveil a New Hardwood ushering in the Colonel Larry SANDERS, the Beer Town BUTLER, and "PLASTIC Man" Henson ERA...SQUEEZE the ORANGE checking out "FEAR the DEER" Doings on the ROSTER & HARDWOOD #BUCKSBiz #BeerTownUSAHoops

They are trying to change face in the Logo and trying not to be that doormat of a franchise as they continue to plug away to turn the corner. This is the NBA Central just above average Milwaukee Bucks and in Winning Time they go by "Fear the Deer" but don't tell that to See Red, White Hot, or Knicks Tape as they see it as Road Kill among other things.

The Bucks in the Off-Season had a players opt out of $11 million to become part of Mavs Nation and their favorite Bubble Gum DIRKiliscious in Sniper Monta "Mississippi Lightning" Ellis. They also found a suitor for Point God Brandon "Beer Town Lefty" Jennings  after Bucks new Lead Man Larry Drew tried to get Jeff Teague from the Highlight Factory 404 to run that new Bucks Show. Then they paid Big Larry "Colonel" Sanders even after he misspelled a Tattoo to signal the direction the Bucks are going into. The final piece was getting nearby Racine, Wisconsin Native Caron "the Lob City" Butler from the "Valley of the Sun" by way of UConn in Storrs to be the face of the turnaround.

We had all those changes and there was one big change left as the Bucks unveiled it yesterday for all Logo Heads top See...the new "Fear the Deer" Hardwood. Yes if you look at it closely it has some feel of the Old Bucks Rubber Floor from the "MECCA" home to Lead Man Don Nelson and those early 80s Bucks Teams led by Sidney Moncrief, Junior Bridgeman, Brian Winters, Randy Breuer, Alton Lister,  and Paul Mokeski among others.

Who knows if that will change the way the Bucks Play but there is nothing wrong with Painting the Old House...right!

Note: Bucks need a New Arena to get it really going especially from a Revenue Standpoint as your not going to be able to compete just selling Milwaukee (not knocking Beer Town USA the World Headquarters for Miller Brewing and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles) there has to be another Sticking Point for Free Agents to sign and call home.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BEARS, SEAHAWKS, and CHIEFS lead the NFL in Takeaways in 2013...the TOP SIX NFL Teams in TAKEAWAYS and Turnover the Math and most Teams with a + Differential have multiple W's...SUNDAY TALK with a PICK IT or TAKE the Pigskin from your Opponent #NFLBiz

It's the biggest stat on Defense in the NFL outside of Point Against and your Points Against directly correlates to this stat. It's called Takeaways and all 32 say it but few can do it as #BelieveInMonsters the Bears and the #LegionOfBoom have it down like a NASA Scientist. Through NFL Week 3 is their a direct correlation between thou' shall giveth or taketh away.  The Top Six Teams in the Takeaways and Turnover Differential and you know the Bears and Seahawks are at the top of that Food Chain.

Top 6 Teams in Takeaways

Note: INT = Interceptions FUM = Fumbles and in Parenthesis Total Takeaways

1. #BelieveInMonsters  (11) 5 Int 6 Fum

2. #LegionOfBoom (10) 5 Int 5 Fum

3. #SkolNation (10) 6 Int 4 Fum

4. #RedFriday (9) 5 Int 5 Fum

5. #Cowboys (7) 3 Int 4 Fum

5. #RestoreTheRoar (7) 5 Int 2 Fum

6. #Panthers (6) 3 Int 3 Fum

6. #GeauxSaints (6) 4 Int 2 Fum

Top 6 Teams in Turnover Differential ( Takeaways - Giveaways = TO Diff)

Note: Giveaways in Parenthesis

1. #RedFriday (0) +9

2. #BelieveInMonsters (5) +6

2. #LegionOfBoom (4) +6

4. #MusicCityTitans (0) +5

5. #BlueSwaggerColts (1) +4

6. #Cowboys (4) +3

6. #RestoreTheRoar (4) +3

The Stats are amazing the only team on this list that has a below.500 record is the Panthers and Skol Nation Vikings.

Teams 3-0 on the List...Bears, Seahawks, Chiefs, and Saints

Teams with no Giveaways...Chiefs as they are +9 in Turnover Differential and Titans +5

It's not Rocket Science that the 18 Teams are at zero or plus in Turnover Differential and there are 14 Teams that are minus and only two are above the .500 mark and that is NY Jets and #BullsOnParade Texans.

Note: Takeaway and Giveaway Numbers are from but the Breakdown is by the Bluedude for

360 Degrees...Steelers are the worst in the AFC at -9 and the only team of all 32 with not one Takeaway in 2013...the G-Men are the worst in the NFC at -9 as well and both Teams are 0-3....Imagine That! That's why Teams and Defenses stress we have to win the Turnover Battle.

D-ROSE and Three STRIPES...WEST SIDE Story Report 2013 with the ADIzero SEE RED Hero D-ROSE and he is ALL IN for the 'GO....see me KYRIE for Mayor, D-WILL, TP9, License to LILLARD, CP3 and RUSS of JORDAN BRAND, and Double R of the GREEN Team...He will get his VENGEANCE in this SEASON or the Next...#DRose #ThreeStripes #BULLSnation #HOOPSbyTheHORN

All you so called best Point Gods in the Logo you have had around 18 months to get your game right and your mind right now the Point God with a "Fight for MO" Trophy is back on the scene and what you gone do when he comes for you?

Are you ALL in 312, 773, 630, 224, 331, 847, 815, and 708 for the BULLS and the ADIzero SEE RED Hero D-ROSE....coming to an NBA Arena near you this Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer  

RAYS take their 9-3 in their Last 12 Games ACT to the BRONX ZOO as the #1 AL Wild Card Team...YANKS running on Fan Appreciation Week for ANDY & MO & the 2013 PINSTRIPES and this ones for the SANDMAN...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report can the RAYS hold it down in the BX? #TBvsNYY

Rays Skip Joe Maddon and the Rays have come together at the right time as for awhile it looked like a an August/September Swoon that was going to keep them from a shot at the "Fight for October". Now the Rays head to the Bronx Zoo with Skeletons in that Clubhouse everywhere. They will face a Yankees Bunch that is running "Big Tex" Andy Pettitte and the "Sandman" Mo Rivera calling it quits for the Bombers ending a whole Era of Yankees Hardball. They also will not see CC of Jordan Brand as a Hamstring has shut him down for 2013. Everything is in the Rays Favor they just have to play sound October-Like Hardball.

RAYS @ the BRONX Zoo vs the PINSTRIPES a Three-Piece

September 24, 2013 7:05pm ET
TB Moore (15-4) vs NYY Kuroda (11-12)

September 25, 2013 7:05pm ET
TB Price (8-8) vs NYY TBD

September 26, 2013 7:05pm ET
TB Cobb (10-3) vs NYY TBD

The Rays are not taking anything for granted as they are bring the Boys on the Bump with hr Big Boy Pants on. The Yankees like most when your out of the Pennant Race might bring up some of those "Down on the Farm" Arms to see what they have in a pressure situation as the other team is going all out as they are in a Pennant Race.

Players doing damage at the Dish...


3B Longoria 29 HR 77 RBI 83 R 36 2B
RF Myers .294 avg 13 HR 51 RBI
1B Loney .296 avg 13 HR 71 RBI 28 2B


2B Cano .314 avg 27 HR 105 RBI 80 R 38 2B
LF Soriano 17 HR 50 RBI in 205 AB's
1B Overbay 14 HR 58 RBI

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Pittsburgh STEELERS...TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles Take 123 with a Winning INJURY Report...the BLACK and YELLOW head to LONDON in the UK for a Tilt with the PURPLE PEOPLE...the STEELERS might have all the TROOPS for this one...WEMBLEY Stadium #HereWeGo #STEELERnation #3DiamondChronicles

What could be good news as we head to the U.K. after Thursday's Practice and thee will be no sight seeing as e have business to attend to. The Steelers will play the Minnesota Vikings as both Teams will be on foreign soil with an 0-fer and for promotional purposes for the NFL that can't be a win.

The Steelers get good news though on the injury front as it was good to see Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetah Miller back and making plays. They have also cleared for full participation this week CB Cortez Allen (Ankle) and Rookie RB and 2013 2nd Round Pick Le'veon Bell (Foot) and that is welcome news for that Run Game. Now is there any help on that O-Line because we could bring back Franco, the Bus, Rocky, and Willie among others and they wouldn't get anywhere with that O-Line.

The Steelers will face a Team that has a struggling QB but the best Running Back in the game the Twin Cities Avenger #28..Adrian Peterson of Boomer Sooner. That Vikes "D" has the likes of DE Jared "Red Jersey Collector" Allen and Backers Chad Greenway (Kinnick Stadium Lore Iowa City) and Erin Henderson (Fightin' Turtle U College Park) and they will be formidable. The Vikes 2013 1st Rounders of WR/KR/PR Cordarelle Patterson, DT Sharriff Floyd, and CB Xavier Rhodes are all making an impact.

Looking forward to seeing the Steelers playing in London that Black and Yellow Brand is Top Shelf and all them Terrible Towels. Can Wembley Stadium be HEINZ Field over the Big we need a "W".

TRIBE 4.5 games behind the Motor City TIGERS and holding down the #2 Slot in the Wild Card host the SOUTH Siders of the 'GO...A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report "INDIANS trying to get to Winning Time" #CWSvsCLE

The Cleveland Indians are a game ahead of the Texas Rangers as the #2 AL Wild Card Team and they are a game behind the Tampa Bay Rays who beat the Charm City Orioles on Monday. Everyone from the Tigers, Rangers, Rays, and Indians are on high alert ready 5 as we head into the final six games of 2013. Can the South Siders of the 'Go play spoiler and ruin the Tribe's trek to that one-game playoff scenario and possible Hardball in mid to late October?

SOUTH Siders @ TRIBE a Two-Piece w/AL Playoff Sides from the JAKE

September 24, 2013 7:05pm ET
CWS Santiago (4-9) vs CLE Jimenez (12-9)

September 25, 2013 7:05pm ET
CWS Axelrod (4-10) vs CLE Salazar (1-3)

The Tribe will finish up in the Twin Cities with all the pressure of winning out as the Rays and Rangers are the only other teams worth noting for Junior Circuit October Hardball.

Hitters to Watch


1B/DH  Dunn 32 HR 83 RBI
SS A. Ramirez .280 avg 30 SB 39 2B


2B J. Kipnis .277 avg 17 HR 80 RBI 80 R 34 2B
C Santana 19 HR 69 RBI 70 R 34 2B

Note: Schedule and Numbers from