Monday, December 31, 2012

BLACK MONDAY in the National Football League....As Expected the FIRING SQUADS are out and this Time its also the Guy who shops for the GROCERIES as well....and there will be more #GotLinkedIn

The Firings in the National Football League has already started and after wide speculation and no Surprises at least from My Point of View here is the List thus far as of High Noon Central Time.

#AZCards: Coach Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves met this Morning with Cards Brass including Owners the Bidwell Family. Bad QB Selections have doomed the Whisenhunt Era since QB Kurt Warner has left. An excellent Hirer in D-Coordinator Ray Horton has been the Only Diamond in the Rough in Red Zone.  Status on Both Graves and Whisenhunt have yet been determined but at least GM Graves has to be gone.

#BEARDown: I though a Few Years ago Former Bears Lead Man Lovie Smith was in Trouble but after a 7-1 Start and a 3-5 Finish and no Playoffs...Gone. Yes it has to be a Shock to his Assistants but not so much Lovie. As the Game played itself out he knew it was a Packers Win and he gets to Fulfill his Last Year of His Contract and a loss they will pay him to walk. Excellent Players Coach and Defensive Mind and might land a Head Coaching Job in 2K13...#RealTalk.

#BIRDS: 14 Full Seasons and a 130-93 Overall Record and 1 Super Bowl Appearance but Former Eagles Coach Andy Reid did his Damage between 1999-2004. His Good Years were then but since the 2005 Season its has been Downhill for Reid. Off the Mike Holmgren Tree from the Packers and before that the 49ers Reid will most likely take a Year Of and be back in the Saddle..a Football Guy in every sense of the Word.

#DAWGpound: It was coming since Jimmy Haslem III bought the Team and the Buy was Official. Browns Team President Mike Holmgren knew he was leaving when they told him Your not the Man Around here. Homlgren hit the Streets before Turkey Day. Both Coach Shurmur and GM Heckert were given Pink Slips and what's new in Cleveland as they will make a Splash in their Next head Coach but can the Change what's going on in C-Town between those Boundaries.

#BOLTup: Norv has been gone in Chargers Nation Minds  for a long time. The Bolts made a Huge Mistake by bringing him back for the 2K12 Season. The Team has even regressed more. GM AJ Smith is let go as well but look for Turner to be hired as an Offensive Coordinator soon as that Part of his Pedigree is Outstanding. Look for the Dallas Cowboys to reach back and get an Old Friend on Norv Turner who was O-Coordinator in the Jimmy Johnson Era.

#BILLSmafia: Bills Lead Man Chan Gailey was gone when Bills WR Stevie Johnson said after a Game, " Chan needs to give up Play-Calling". Dare would Johnson say that about a Head Coach who has the Respect in that Locker Room and would pull Mr. Johnson aside and tell him my Office Door is Always open. Having said that the Bills need to stop the turnstiles in Coaching and get The Guy.

#ChiefsPride: Romeo Crennel is fired and GM Scott Pioli has to be next one would think. ArrowheadNation needs to starts a Real Chiefs guy instill what it is to wear the Red and Gold and eat KC BBQ.

#GangGreen: The Owner loves Rex Ryan but no so much the Man who wrote all the Bad Checks and made Critical Errors in Roster Moves. Jets fire GM Mike Tannenbaum but keep Ryan. Now what for #JetNation as a GM. As long as QB Mark Sanchez is behind Center the Jets will be Boo Boo and they need to upgrade that Talent on that Roster.

#BAGuars not #JAGuars: They let go of GM Gene Smith who was with the Organization in the Coughlin Days from 1994. The Jags need an influx of Something and that Something might not be within a Year or Two Time Frame.

Black Monday is never cool and the Players go through Hot Monday in August Roster Moves and the Coaches and GM go through the Same Anxiety in January.


How many Ex-Patriot Coaches and Execs will end up back in the Nest in Foxborough as they can't stay away too long?

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 51..."HAIL to the REDSKINS...FIGHT for Old D.C."...'SKINS win NFC East...LOB CITY goes ends DECEMBER 16-0 and on a 17-Game Win Streak

Yes the Redskins will enter the Playoffs on a Hot Streak at 7 and counting as it wasn't the RG3 and Three Stripes Show..."What Light Does" but it was Young Alfred from Florida Atlantic that dooms the Cowboys Playoff Hopes.

After a 33 Carries and 200 Yard Running Performance the 'Skins NFC Wild card Opponent will take note, 12th Man Space Needle, and will try to stop the 'Skins #1 on Sunday Run Game. The Cowboys weren't up to speed Tonight ad they can blame it was the "Same Old Tony" who threw Three Picks but without Tony they would have been closer getting the #1 Overall Draft Pick than the #4 NFC Playoff Seed.

The Cowboys D-Coordinator Rex Ryan had a Game Plan one would have thought to slow down the 'Skins Running Attack but they had No Clue. The 'Skins combined to put up some 260 Yards Plus on the 'Boys on the Ground and you couple that with Romo's Picks and the Inability to close out the Saints last week in Big D...that lost them this Game.

The LA Clippers go through the Month of December with an Unthinkable 16-0 Win/Loss Record and a 17-Game Win Streak dating back to November 28th with the 1st Win of the Streak vs the T'Wolves. Tonight was no different as the disposed of the Utah Jazz and Tonight belonged to the Lob City Butler...Caron who led the Clips with 29 points. CP3 and Jamal 206 added 19 apiece as the Jazz need Injured Point Guard and former Clipper Mo Williams back into the Line Up. The Clips are a Logo Best 25-6 and Two Games in the Win Column above the Thunder.

NINE YARDS Away but #SKOLnation lives to play another DAY...VIKES head to the "FIGHT for VINCE" in the NFC while the BEARS needed the CHEESE HEADS to get a W...and they didn't... #NFCPlayoffImplications #BEARSCoacheshitBlackMonday

The Twin Cities Avenger only needed Nine Yards to get Eric Dickerson's Record and he didn't as the Clock stopped him the Pack didn't. Important enough the Vikes are in the NFC Playoffs after a 37-34 defeat of the Packers. The Packers now fall to the #3 Seed in the NFC and now will have to face the Vikes in Lambeau next week.

All this News didn't bode well for the Navy and Orange from the "City of Big Shoulders" as the Bears are eliminated by the Vikes Win. Now Black Monday awaits the Bears and there could be some Heads rolling as the Bears finish 10-6 after a 7-1 Start...someone has to be on the Chopping Block.

All Day AP #28 (pictured Right) had 17 carries for 91 Yards at the Break. AP went all the way to end of the CLock as Former Rams and Raider RB Eric Dickerson went to the Edge of his Sit then to the Bottle of Bubbly as AP finishes with 199 Yards on 34 Carries and One TD by Land and One TD by Air on the Pack. Surprising Enough Vikes 2nd-Year QB Christian Ponder has come back to Life or was it the Nuptials last week? At any rate he sliced and diced a Packers Secondary for 16 of 28 and 234 Yards and Three TDs. He was on the Mark all day and if the Vikes can get Ponder to play that well with a Healthy Twin Cities Avenger #28 that #SKOLnation @ #CHEESEheads NFC Wild Card Match shall be a good one.

A-Rog of the Pack 28 for 40 and some 365 Yards and Four in the Purple End Zone but all that Sunday Signal-Caller Mastery for Not as the Pack do not get a Bye Week.  

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE December 30, 2012....LOB CITY goes for a 16-0 December and 17th Straight dating back to November 28...Can the CLIPS finish off the JAZZ in STAPLES Blue and Red as JAZZ go #PLayoffIntensity #JAZZvsCLIPS

With Two Wins this Month already at the New Salt Palace...the New CLIPjoint ...LA Clippers have One more Game Tonight standing in their way to make it a Perfect December at 16-0 and add to a now 16-Game Winning Streak.

The Clips beat the Jazz in Utah on December 3rd...105-104 and a Huge Comeback for the Ages on December 28th 116-114 and now they will get a Jazz Team one might expect to be in April Playoff Mode. The Clips have been blowing Teams out on the Streak except the Jazz and imagine the New Years Eve Celebration if the Clips can pull this off. A few Years Back the Clips Private Party was Public with General Admission Prices and now they have went Sponsors, Red Carpet, and Dress to Impress to get a Night with the New Clip Joint.

As for Tonight's 930pm ET Tip-Off at Staples Blue and Red

Key Players

PG CP3 Clips

SG Foye Boy Jazz

PF Paul Milsap Jazz vs the BLAKEshow Clips

C Big Al Jefferson Jazz vs DeAndre the Lob City Giant

Jazz Hayward, Carroll, Kanter, Favors

Clips Jamal 206, Barnes, Lam Lam, E.B., Ronny

Jazz (15-16) Clips (24-6)

Keys for Jazz Win: They must keep CP3 from dictating the Tempo. Contain Clips Run Outs or Leak Outs as Staples craves the Lob City Splash Play. Keep the Clips Bench from Huge Production. The Jazz did it in the Last game but let the Clips Starters have their way.

Keys to Clips Win: They have to contain Randy Foye aka Foye Boy who is averaging some 23 plus ppg vs his Old Mates. Can the Clips Front Court keep Milsap and Jefferson from going off on a Huge Night? Force the Tempo and get out in Transition as much as possible. The Clips Bench knows when it plays well the Clips are virtually unbeatable.

Who wants the NFC EAST Crown?...It has come down to this...JERRY'S Gang Texas visits RG3 and HAIL to the REDSKINS for the NFC East Crown and an NFC Playoff Berth...SUNDAY NIGHT Football doesn't get any better than this #DALvsWSH #SNF

As we go to press it looks as though the Bears will beat the Lions and if they do the Bears eliminate all NFC East Hopefuls but the Winner of the 'Boys/'Skins Game. Tony Romo and the 'Boys have had Late Game Heroics in December in their Favor but will that run out Tonight in the Big Same Day Package...Fed Ex Field? The 'Skins have been riding their Pro Bowl Rookie QB and now the Clock strikes Twelves...will the 'Skins be In or's all up to them? This maybe the Hottest Ticket since the Seattle Supersonics and Washington Bullets in the NBA Finals in the Late 70s at the Cap have no idea Sunday Heads.

December 30, 2012
NFL Week 17
Sunday Night Football
820pm ET

Jerry's Gang Texas COWBOYS @ Fed Ex Field vs RG3 and REDSKINS...Winner takes the NFC East Crown.

The Cowboys let that Saints Game last Week slip away and you can't look back now as you must look forward but beating the Steelers the Week before that meant nothing. Now they have to travel to the Nations Capitol and to not take on the Fiscal Cliff but to tackle something Worse...RG3 and that Dynamic 'Skins Offense.

The 'Boys do not have Numbers in their Favor in Week 17 Games as they have been the Worse Team since 2000 in that Category. Now all that can be erased as the Cowboys have 60 Minutes of Sunday Tackle Football and that Separates them from going to the Postseason if they can beat the Redskins in D.C..

A Healthy RB DeMarco Murray will be a Huge Plus as it appears when he is on the Field the Cowboys Run Game is Legit so Play-Action is a Killer for Defenses. WR Dez Bryant has overcome the Broken Index Finger and played extremely well and having a Pro-Bowl Caliber Season. Can the 'Skins D contain Murray and slow down Romo when things breakdown? TE Jason Witten is a Problem for every Defense and the 'Skins must try to take him away from moving the Sticks as well as a Red Zone Target.

'Skins Rookies QB RG3 and RB Alfred Morris have been doing it all Season and now its down to Can they carry the Load vs the Cowboys right to the NFC East Crown and a Playoff Berth? The "Skins WRs...Garcon and Moss in particular must also make plays as well as Hankerson and Morgan. The Cowboys have to pick their Poison and they must stop RG3 nd Morris Run Game first and foremost. Then force RG3 to make plays in the Passing game as the more the Pigskin is in the Air the more time the Cowboys have chances to get Turnovers and not worry about RG3's Feet.

Both Teams will know what needs to be done by Kickoff and of your a Real Playoff Contender you control your Own Destiny and not waiting on other Teams to see what they do. Forget the Bears and Vikings and both the Cowboys and Redskins need to settle it on the Field.

Winner: RG3 and the 'Skins 27-23 as HOPE in Redskins Nation Turns into heading to the "Fight for Vince" #47.            

Saturday, December 29, 2012

CSI in BEER TOWN USA...HEAT get hit with FEAR the DEER...the Beer Town LEFTY, DUNLEAVY Jr., Mississippi LIGHTNING, COLONEL SANDERS, and LUC too much for CHAMPS 305 #YellowTapeCSI

They didn't have Wade County Last Night so what's the excuse Tonight...Its too Cold to play with the Orange. I have had enough with #WhiteHot Up and Down Play for the 2012-13 Season.

Crime Scene...Beer Town USA...Milwaukee Wisconsin...Bradley Center...Downtown Beer Town...Home of the NBA's Bucks and Marquette University Warriors

HEAT 85 BUCKS 104 Final

The Aftermath

King James 26 pts 6 rebs 7 assts
Wade County 24 pts 6 rebs 4 assts
C-Bosh 1 12 pts 16 rebs

Heat Bench 15 Pts including 2 pts from Sugar Ray and 3 pts from M&M Plain...Mike Miller

Fear the Deer
Beer Town Lefty Jennings 25 pts 7 assts
Mississippi Lightning Monta 14 pts 9 assts
Dunleavy Jr. 18 pts 9 rebs 6 assts
Colonel Sanders 16 pts 11 rebs 4 No No's
Luc Mbah a Moute (slow your roll he played at UCLA) 19 pts 7 rebs

The Disappointing part in all this if your rolling with Heat Nation...the Heat were leading after Three Frames 71-69 until they get hit with a Beer Mug compliments of the Beer Town Lefty...B Jennings and all but forgotten and tucked off into Beer Town USA and Former Dukie Mike Dunleavy Jr..  

The Heat just can't have lapses like this and its Early but pretty soon its going to All-Star Break and then when they have a Lapse what do you say?

REGULATORS REPORT Game #29 of 82...I wonder what @JHarden13 will think of his Old Mates now...BUSINESs is BUSINESS as the THUNDER put a 30 Spot on #REDnation and no Free CARL's Jr Tonight in ROCKET City, Texas

Not soon after the Intros at a raucous Toyota Center in Downtown Houston the visiting OKC Thunder aka the Regulators wasted no time this time with former Teammate James Harden. The Thunder used a 37-24 2nd Frame Advantage to run away with the Victory as Uncle Russ 28 points, 8 helpers, and 8 off the Glass. His Partner in Crime William H. Durant (not William H. Bonney...aka Billy the Kid) goes for 26 points as the Thunder cruise to a 124-94 victory.

The Rockets were in it until the 2nd Frame when the Thunder hit Astro Boy Status and shot to Overdrive. Harden didn't disappoint as he gets 25 and Twin Morris adds 24 points and 6 boards. But the Rockets just got beat by the #1 Team in the West as the Regulators start to separate themselves from the Pretenders to the Heat Throne.

The Rockets don't have to look far as they were out rebounded by +17 and the Game was sloppy at best with a combined 45v Turnovers. Not to be forgotten in all this Harden Stuff but former Rocket Kevin Martin went for a Quiet 19 points with Five Money Balls added to that list. The Thunder are putting it together for the All-=Star Break Run and look for them to be way north of 40 Wins and closer to 50.

The Rockets fall to 16-14 after a 7-1 in their last Eight have now dropped Two in a Row. The Regulators are 23-6 on the 2012-13 Season and 8-2 in their Last 10 as they look the Team to Beat in the West...or you knew that right?    

NFC WEST Business..."How the WEST was Won"...the GOLD RUSH and 12th MAN SPACE NEEDLE...both have to Win on Sunday but if the NINERS LOSE and the HAWKS win its gets Real Interesting and if the NIERS and PACKERS both Lose...KING COUNTY jump into the Puget Sound...NINERS must take care of Biz...#AZvsSF #STLvsSEA Late Slate Week 17 Drama #HAWKSGoBlueOut

The Scenarios get even thicker talking NFC West and the Packers are indirectly involved in this one as the Hawks and the "Immaculate Interception" could come all the way 360 Degrees and bite the Pack where the Sun don't shine. The Niners have to take care of their Own Biz and juts win their Game and everything else will follow suit. The Gold Rush also sent the Twin Cities Avenger #28 a Fisherman's Wharf Dry Ice Package that read..."Shrimps and Salmon are more Tasty with an NFL Record and Playoff Bound"...enough said and eat well #28.

December 30, 2012
NFL Week 17
Late Slate 4pm ET

Jeff Fisher Group RAMS @ 12th Man Space Needle SEAHAWKS

The Rams D is No Pushover and they beat the Niners and Tied the Niners as now they look to send a Clear Cut Message to the Hawks  saying, " Put us in the NFC West Mix with you and the Niners". What the Rams have in front of them Sunday is to keep the Hawks in the Wild Card with no Shot of being the NFC West Champ or a 1st Round Bye. To get the Bye Two Teams need to lose the Niners as well as the Packers and if that happens the Bluedude is rolling with the Jags to win #47...on Madden 2K13 Only...slow your roll....slow your roll.

Can the Rams and QB Bradford along with RB Steven Jackson rise up and meet the Hawks who are playing in essence a Playoff Game in Week 17? The Hawks D received really good news on Friday with No Suspension of Soon to Be Expensive Sherman Island...and anyone want to but Stocks on #25 in Hawks Blue and Green?

As for the Hawks they might be the Hottest Team in the NFC along with the AFC's Hottest the Orange Crush. Can the Hawks sustain that level vs the Rams on Sunday as well as in Winning Time will be the Question? The Hawks D vs the soon to Recognized Rams D which has been playing for the most part 4-Star all season long.

Winner: HAWKS 24-13...too much to play for but the Rams didn't give up 40 Plus either

Bird Gang CARDINALS @ the Stick vs FORTY-NINERS

The Niners are playing like the Little Honey Dips that you wanted to take to the Senior Prom and when is the Right Time to go all in and ask her to the Prom but every other Week your not sure as her Friend looks the Part to (her Friend being in this case the Seattle Seahawks). One week they are handling the Pats (at least in the 1st Half) and the Next Week they are getting demolished by NFC West Rival the Hawks Nest and getting thrown into Puget Sound off the Ferry on its way to Merritt Island Washington.  What's the Niners Deal and does DT Justin Smith of the "Smith Carbon Copy of the Stick" (Justin and relation) have Torn Triceps?..This won't be the First Time a Harbaugh has hid Injuries. The Niners lose and Hawks win the Niners are the NFC Wild Card and not good. Well at 10-4-1 they still look like the Team to Beat or one of the Five so that's a Good Thing.

As for the other Sideline where do I start. The Kevin Kolb Science Project that never entered into any Science Fairs but with those Large Direct Deposits could be him a Few Inventions but No Sunday QB Play. Is Lead Man Whisenhunt gone out the Desert. You know if it wasn't for D-Coordinator Ray Horton the Cards would have been beat by 40 plus per outing. Is Bird Gang GM Rod Graves out? I know this the Valley of the Sun loves their Cards and leave the Cards Cheerleaders as is.

Winner: NINERS 38-3 and Three Men and Truck is heading to the Cards Headquarters for Black Monday.

#PURPLEbrowns travel to the JUNGLE and with nothing to really play for so do you play at FULL STRENGTH or sit KEY Players? #BALvsCIN

The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are in the Tourney but with nothing to gain from Winning or Losing this One as Rhythm and Continuity on both sides of the Pigskin is important.

December 30, 2012
NFL Week 17
Early Slate 1pm ET

#CrabCakes RAVENS @ the Jungle on the Ohio vs BENGALS

The Ravens are sitting where they want to be sitting at the #4 Spot in the AFC and as of right now if the AFC Playoff Alignment holds up the Ravens wouldn't be forced to see the Pats or Broncos until the AFC Championship Game. The Broncos need to Win as do the Texans and the Patriots. If the Texans lose they will swap place and the Texans will host the Bengals in the Wild Card. As of right now the Ravens host the Colts and Pats host the Bengals.

The Bengals are playing extremely well and have been for at least one and a half to almost Two Months. I think for Both Teams Phsyce it is important to win in Week 17 to keep that Winning Edge going into the Playoffs as both Teams will have no Weeks off.

Can the Ravens begin where they left off last week thrashing the Champs on Offense? The Bengals D held Serve with the Steelers D and a Mistake here and a Mistake there look who is going into the Playoffs? This would be the Bengals 2nd Trip in a row and is the AFC North turning towards a Black and Orange Division? The Ravens will not have Ray Lewis for NFL Week 17 although he is slated to be on the Roster for the Playoff Run and they were 25th with him...go figure.

Winner: BENGALS 20-17 and they play Full Throttle....

TEXANS need to put on BIG BOY Pants and get a Much-Needed W in INDY... #CHUCKstrong is back on the SideLine and the COLTS are Ready to Win this one for PLAYOFF MO #HOUvsIND #AFCsouth

The Texans are going into the Playoffs sliding on the Rear Ends and they epitomize a Team that may have peaked too early and is looking for its Second Win. The Colts get their Man Back in Coach Chuck Pagano aka #CHUCKstrong and the Colts will be looking to give the Texans yet another Loss and knock them out of Home Field Advantage.

December 30, 2012
NFL Week 17
Early Slate 1pm ET

Harris County Texas TEXANS @ Lucas Oil vs BLUE SWAGGER COLTS

The Check Engine Light has been on in December for the Texans and they may need to get serviced and no other way to get serviced than at Lucas Oil Field aka the Big Pit Stop in Indy. The Texans a Few Weeks ago looked to be in Safe Mode and resting their Players in Week 17. Now with 2 Losses in their Last 3 Games lookout as they need to Win in Indy to get a 1st Round AFC Playoff Bye. Texans Lead Man Gary Kubiak is barely above .500 in his Coaching Career in Houston and Numbers always resurface at Winning Time.

The Colts get back Lead Man Chuck Pagano as he has finished successful Cancer Treatment and Interim Coach and Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians was 9-3 in his absence and the Colts didn't skip a beat. They are cemented in as the #5 AFC Team as the AFC North Baltimore Ravens are locked into the #4 Seed and they will play at Cincy.

The Texans need to start RB the Philosopher..Arian Foster off on the Right Foot and get him some Touches. In the Texans Losses No Run Game makes them One-Dimensional and there Play Action Passing Game is predicated on Mr. Foster's Run Game as he is so Dynamic and the #2 Back in all of Football. You probably won't see TE Owen Daniels as he fights Injuries and they need him for the Playoffs. Can the Colts D slow down the Texans or will they have to?

The Colts are playing on #ChuckStrong, a Playoff Berth, a Dynamic Rookie Stud Signal-Caller, and they are looking to ride all of that trough the Texans and right into the 1st Round of the AFC Playoffs. Can the Texans D get back to their Old Self and slow down Mr. Luck an Company or is it bigger than the Texans?

Texans will be pulling out all the Stops in this One as they need top be Home to face anyone of the AFC Teams minus the Broncos who are #1 Seed in AFC as we go to Press.

Winner: BLUE SWAGGER Indy 30-16 and Luck and the Colts look Dangerous going into the AFC Tourney and the "Fight for Vince".

NFC NORTH Business #NFLRecordBreakingSunday...Its Simple...BEARS need to take out the MOTOR CITY Lions...VIKINGS Need to WIN vs PACKERS in LAMBEAU...if Bears Win Vikes Lose Bears are In...if Bears Lose Vikes Win...Vikes are in...If the Both Lose and Cowboys Lose the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS are in...GO Figure

It has come down to this as the Bears were at One Point 7-1 on the Season like Bears Nation needs to be reminded. The Vikings on the Other Hand have gotten Hot behind their All Milky-Way Galaxy RB the Twin Cities Avenger All Day A.P. #28. The Lions host the Bears with nothing to play for but Pride and they HATE the Monsters of the Midway. The Packers though, who host the Purple People, if they win get a 1st Round Bye in the NFC Playoffs. Would you want this any other way Sunday Heads?...NFL Week 17...No...Drama-Filled NFL Week 17.

December 30, 2012
NFL Week 17
Early Slate
1pm ET

Chicago Da BEARS @ Ford Field vs LIONS 

This Match Up isn't as easy for the Bears as it appears as the Lions Front on Defense will be licking their Chops to get at their Favorite Red Jersey...Cutler #6. The Bears Front with Two Starters going to Hawaii in Peppers and Melton also like Red Jersey #9 in Stafford. If they both were Meals Cutler and Staff they would be Swanson T.V. Dinners.

The Bears are in or have to be in Playoff Mode as they are fighting for a Playoff Bid, Coach Lovie Smith's Job, and for some Roster Invites for 2K13. This Match Up has become the nastiest in the Last Two Years as the Lions thought they had jump the Bears in the North to become Team #2 behind the Pack. This has Drama written all over it and for the Bears unfortunately you have to pull for the Packers to handle their Business vs the Vikes.

Can Cutler find anyone other than WR Marshall to throw to? Can the Bears also establish the Run Game with a Banged Up Forte and Michael Bush? For the Lions MEGAtron needs 108 Yards for 2K Yards and an NFL Record but Peanut of Halas Hall will be in front of him. Can Staff and the Lion move the Pigskin on a Desperate Bears D to win in Week 17? The Game will come down to the QBs...Cutler and Staff period.

Winner: BEARS 20-17 as they wear Packers Boxers underneath Bears Uniforms...T.M.I. Bluedude...T.M.I...MEGAtron goes for 10 Grabs 200 Yards    

Purple People VIKINGS @ Lambeau vs PACKERS

This is the Biggest Game in Vikes Lead Man Leslie Frazier's Tenure but the Good Thing it is all in the Vikes Hands. The Not So Good Thing they have to go through a Packers Team that is looking to get Home Field Advantage in the NFC.

The Vikes also have a Motivated RB in Adrian Peterson who needs a Huge Day on the Ground to get Eric Dickerson's Rushing Record. AP needs 208 Yards to break the Record and the Packers will be playing Big Time Run Defense to stop #28 in Purple. The Vikes did go through a Test last week in Houston and beat the Texans up and down. Surprisingly enough the Vikes have been playing their Best Football right now and they have a Real Good Shot to beat the Packers.

The Packers know how difficult it is to win a Playoff Game let alone get to the Super Bowl. They win they will at least get One Home Playoff Game and maybe Two on the Road to #47. With possible Match Ups vs the 49ers, Seahawks, Redskins, Bears, Vikes,  Falcons, and even the Cowboys the Pack  would like to be in Lambeau for one of them Games in the Elements.

Look for the Pack to slow down AP and force Vikes 2nd Year QB Ponder to beat them. Ponder played well last week at Houston and made enough Play in the Passing Game to beat the Texans. The Vikes will have to pick their Poison but a Solid Secondary behind Rookie Safety Harrison Smith and CB Antione Winfield gives the Vikes Hope. Vikes win they are in and they lose the Bears Win...the Bears are in. Packers want Home Field Advantage and a Week off to rest some Banged Up Bodies.

Winner: PACKERS 27-17..Peterson goes off for 225 Yards on the ground

LOGO WATCH Friday Night Take 2...KNICKS hear COW BELLS in SACtown...CLIPS make it Sweet 16...LAKEshow takes down #BLAZERmania...RUN T.L.C. runs by 76ERS #LOGOFridayNightFULLslate

From the Knicks Point of View this could only happen in an Arena called Sleep Train Arena as the Knicks were in the Sleeping Car for at least 2 and a Half Full Frames in this one.

The Logo is about Runs and the Sac Town Kings and their Cow Bells Nation was up some 27 points  and at some Point the Real Kings were going to stand up and the Knicks came with a Full Assault. Led by 28 points from Sneaker Addict "Get Shots" J.R.'s 28 points and 23 points from MSG's Version of .."Who done It" by PF Chris Copeland the Knicks came all the way back from the Logo Dead on the Road to almost win this one. Its was a James Jones (2009 1st Rounder of the Bulls) with a not a Hail Mary but a Hail Money Ball and everything just stopped...Knicks Coach Mike Woodson looking as though that has a Chance..."Get Shots" JR running by Kings Shooter Johnson as though if it didn't go in it was his 28 and JR's "Fly By Night" D that gets the Knicks in the W Column..and the Maloofs' looking as though..."Our 1st Sell-Out and we need this one" the Words of Knicks Network Lead Analyst and NBA on ABC Lead as well...Mike Breen...Baaaaaang! Kings Win. The Kings were led by Gunner Marcus Thorton's 18 points. Knicks fall to 21-9 and Cow Town hits Double-Figures in Wins with 10 but 19 in the Wrong Column.

To the Energy Solutions Arena aka the New Salt Palace we go and the Utah Jazz have to be thinking One Thing playing the Clips. One we Have Two Shots in Three days to end their Win Streak and Two our Best Shot in Tonight.  Up some 19 points in the 3rd the Old Clips from 2011-12 all the way back to the Clip Joint...the LA Sports Arena Clippers would have folded like an Old Lawn Chair and stick it in the Garage. But the New 2012-13 Clips led by CP3 and the BLAKEshow if there is Time on Clock you will get caught. Behind a Furious Rally from CP3 and the Clips Starters as the Clips come all they way back on the Road in arguably a Top 2 Toughest Place to Play in the Logo to beat the Jazz 116-114. Clips Starters account for 91 of the Clips 116 with CP3's 29 points. The Jazz Starters 71 points  and led by Former Clips Big Guard Randy Foye aka Foye Boy 28 points. The Clips now will host the Jazz Sunday Night at Staples Blue and Red as their the Only Team standing in the Clips way from going Undefeated through a Whole NBA Month and 16-0 in December.

The LAKEshow make quick work of the Rip City Blazers 104-87 behind the Black Mamba's 27 points and Dwight in Three Stripes' 21 and 14 off the Window. The Blazers were never in this one down 62-48 at the Break and 88-66 after 3 Frames. The Blazers were led by All-Star PF the L-Train...LaMarcus Aldrigde's 26 points.

With Run T.L.C. combining for 50 points of the Warriors 96 and 18 boards, and 10 helpers the Warriors hold off a late rally from the Sixers and get the W 96-89. This one is one the Sixers would like to play again as they force the Warriors into 18 Turnovers while only committing 9 themselves. They Shoot 5 for 20 from the Land of Plenty and the Warriors shoot 7 for 17. The Game was lost simply on the Warriors Best Players making Plays down the Stretch as the Sixers Top Players did not.  Warriors PF David Lee led the Warriors with 25 and 10 boards. The Sixers were led PG Jrue Holiday's 21 and 10 helpers and Thaddeus Young aka "Thad Ex from Memphis" with 19 and 10 boards. The Warriors move to a sizzling 20-10 and the Sixers to 14-16.        

LOGO WATCH Friday Night Take 1....HEAT get hit with WILL the THRILL of the 'GO...PJ 1-0 with BROOKLYN...HAWKS still going...GOLD SWAGGER keeps SUNS in the Dark

The Miami Heat went into the Motor City to take on the then 9-22 Pistons with Wade County suspended due to his Shortcomings and take an L. The L from the Pistons wasn't from Tay. or Stuck, or the KNIGHT-rider, not even G-Money Monroe but from Back Up PG Will "the Thrill" Bynum. Bynum hits #TeamWhiteHot for 25 points and 10 assists while fellow Pistons Bench Mate Charlie Villanueva goes for 18 points and 6 boards in the win. The Heat get 35 points, 6 boards, and 5 helpers from King James and 28 points and 9 boards from C-Bosh 1 but that wasn't enough. On a Night where the Heat needed their Bench to do a little bit extra the Pistons Bench destroyed the Heat's Bench...64-20 Pistons. The Heat fall to 20-7 and the Pistons move to 10-22 and try to start off the New Year with a Bang and a Few in the Left Column.

D-Will 8 and Jo Jo of "Brooklyn has a Home Team" combined for only 35 Points but coupled with an outstanding Night from Nets Big Brooks Lopes leading the way with 26 points and 11 boards the Nets take care of the Charlotte mikeCATS 97-81. Nets Interim Coach PJ Carlesimo get his 1st W being the Nets Interim Head Coach and the mikeCATS are heading into the Wrong Direction again. Its though the Cays have been stuck on 7 Wins since Last April. PF Hakim Warrick led the Cats with just 13 points.

I saw this coming and why wasn't he playing in the first place his Rookie Season. Hawks Starting point Guard Jeff Teague had a Night as he brought his A-Game (Did y'all hear that Teague brought his A-Game) and he needed every bit of it Tonight facing the Cavs and their Electric Point Guard and 201-12 NBA Rookie of the Year Kyrie Irving. Hawks win 102-94 but Teague vs Kyrie....Teague gets 27 points and 8 helpers with Kyrie leading the Cavs with 28 points, 6 boards, and 5 helpers. These are Two Top Future Elite Point Guards in the East write it down and take a Twitpic.

Gold Swagger shows the Suns the Aftermath of a Snowstorm and an L on the Road. Led by Pacers PG George Hill's and a Balanced Front Court Attack led by D-West the Pacers down the Suns 97-91. The Suns get 19 points and 6 boards from all people Bassy Telfair remember him the ballyhooed HS Baller from NYC that signed with Rick Pitino and Louisville or did you forget about him. I know Kentucky Red did. Well he got off because the Pacers found themselves something in Former Brooklyn Lincoln Star (where Telfair also starred in High School) Lance Stephenson who has been injected into the Line Up and flourished. Stephenson's Output vs the Subs...10 points, 9 boards, and 5 helpers. A big Guard with a somewhat unorthodox approach but can guard the PG through SF. Nice Call Gold Swagger Lead Man Frank Vogel and Lead Assistant Brian Shaw.  Suns fall to 11-19 and Gold Swagger moves to 17-12 and the Lead in the NBA Central.   

Friday, December 28, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE...the TOP 10 TEAMS in the LOGO in POINT there a METHOD to their Madness or is it just going have got to EARN IT?...also the W-L RECORD behind the Top DIFFERENTIAL #CLIPjoint #THUNDERalley

There is No Secret that the eventual NBA Champion will lead in some Important Defensive Statistic or Category that correlates to getting Stops, Opponents FG% (2pt and 3pt), and Win/Loss Record...its not Rocket Science.

Its no Mistake the Top Teams in the Logo are at the Top for a Reason and the ones that are not. Look at these Records and wonder where they rank among Point Differential...OKC Thunder, LA Clippers. Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, and Manhattan Knicks to name a few. All of them have over Twenty Wins and they all play Top Notch Half-Court and Transition Defense.

The Top 10 Teams in the Logo in Point Differential with W-L of December 28, 2012
Note: W-L Record in Parenthesis

1. LOB CITY Clippers +10.3 (23-6)

2. REGULATORS Report Thunder +8.2 (22-6)

3. ALAMO City TX Spurs +7.9 (22-8)

4. WHITE HOT Champs 305 +6.3 (20-7)

5. MANHATTAN Knicks +5.5 (21-8)

6. GRIND HOUSE #GrizzNation +4.9 (18-8)

7. ROCKETS #RedNation +2.8 (16-12)

8. HIGHLIGHT FACTORY #ATLHawks +2.4 (18-9)

9. LAKEshow Lakers +2.3 (14-15)

10. RUN T.L.C. #GSWarriors +1.9 (19-10)

A Startling Stat here take the Lakers out and the Other Nine Teams are an amazing 4Plus Wins over .500 or better with the Clips and Thunder 17 and 14 respectively. and they are One and Two on the List.

The Clips have been doing it with a Rotation that is 10 plus Deep....

The Thunder have been doing it with the Emergence of Air Congo PF Serge Ibaka and Neighborhood Driveway Shooting K-Mart Thunder Alley Special.

The Spurs will always hang their Hat on playing the Defensive End and there is a Reason they are always in it the Running in the "Fight for Larry".

The Heat are getting back to what got them the Chip...DEEEEEE-fense as Coach Spo let the Boys play Dade County Summer League Shirts/Skins for about a Month or so.

The Knicks have slowed but their Leader 'Melo is playing D and Rebounding and when your supposed Leader does that everyone follows suit...Imagine how that works.

They call it the Grind House for One will have to Grind Out Possessions on the Offensive End vs the Grizz hence a Top 10 in PT Differential and an 18-8 Start.

The Main Reason the Rockets are playing D...the Man in the Middle that Turkey...Omer Asik and his Big Body and the Rockets will funnel everything to the Middle form a reason.

The Highlight Factory is doing it with Vets and Athleticism as their Wings and Guards can get our and Defend and get in those Passing Lanes...Big Ups to Coach Larry Drew's Scheme on D #ItsWorking

Lakers Stats can be misleading but they can';t seem to slow anyone Down and they are not playing the Proper D with those Two Big Bodies in the Middle and 3-Time Logo Defensive Player of the Year "Dwight in Three Stripes"...What in Sunset Strip is going on with the LAKEshow?

Action Jackson of the Warriors of Planet Oracle has them going and the Roster is filled with Youth, Young Legs, and Excellent Depth and the Whole System is predicated on Passing Lanes and Transition Offense with Certified and Verified Logo Shooters...A Must See is the New RUN T.L.C..

Note: PT Differential Numbers from  

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 50....SILK WILKES go up in STAPLES Purple and Gold and well-deserving...NETS Coaching Search should be Two COACHES and none of which have the First Name PHIL #BShaw from the TOWN

The L.A. Lakers have always done the Right Thing in the Organization and Tonight they add to the List. The SHOWtime Lakers are putting #52 in the Rafters in a Ceremony Tonight and for all who don't know that is SILKY-Smooth SF Jamaal Wilkes.

Silk joins a Plethora of Lakers that played in the SHOWtime Era under the direction of One Pat Riley. A Silky-Smooth Players off the Bounce, with a Behind the Head kind of Round the Head Jumper, and just moved gracefully on the Hardwood.  Silk won Four Championships and the First One was with the Al Attles led Golden State Warriors with Star SF Rick Barry and PF Nate Thurmond. Silk was a Rookie on that Team coming off of Two NCAA Championships an Two All-American Teams playing for the Late Great John Wooden at UCLA.

Inducted in the 2012 NBA Hall of Fame Silk is now a Proud Member of the Rafters in Staples Purple and Gold and will join Teammates Sky Hook, Magic, and Big Game James to name a few. Congrats to Silk #52 from the Bluedude.....

Brooklyn has a Home Team for going on Two Months now and now they will need a Head Coach. Look the Only way the Zen Master is coming back is to Coach Kobe, King James, or KD and the Thunder and that is not happening. All NBA Teams leave Phil alone in his Cabin in Montana he has the NBA Package on Direct TV and will let you know if he wants to coach. Now having said all that Nets GM Billy King should go no further than Pacers Lead Assistant Brian Shaw or NBA on ABC Commentator Jeff Van Gundy who spent close to 15 Season with the Knicks Organization and under the Tutelage of One Pat Riley. Shaw has Great Relationships with Players and he would be a Huge Help to D-Will 8 and Jo Jo Johnson from a Standpoint that Shaw played at a High Level and he has coached the Great Black Mamba in his Hay Day.

Van Gundy I am thinking the Only way he gets back into Coaching is its in the Gotham City Metro Area and there are Two Teams...the Manhattan Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. One thing going against the Nets here is Van Gundy has been doing TV for quite sometime and on TV you are always you never lose.

MAKING NOISE with the "GAME Played ABOVE the RIM"...the Top 10 Leaders in the LOGO in FLUSHES...the Bluedude Sportstalk's DUNKiliscious it the LANDLORD of MSG TYSON or SHAQTIN' a FOOL's JAVALE or even the BLAKEshow? #GotHighPercentage

It was only a matter of Time until the Bluedude unveiled his Top Dunkers but in fairness I let the Real High Percentage Stalwarts of the Logo get their Legs and Dawgs under them before I assemble the List. Now we are almost Two Months in there is no better time than now to go Top 10 in Flushes or Dunks in the Logo. Yes you have seen plenty of these on Highlight Reels but this for some is a Key Component to their Game as they have nothing else to give..No Back to the Basket, No Mid-Range, and some can't even collect from the Charity Stripe and those are free.

The Top 10 Dunkers by Made Flushes in the Logo through December 27, 2012

1A. PF the BLAKEshow Clips 77

1B. C JAVALE of Mile High Nuggets  77 (pictured right n Gold)

3. C Landlord of MSG TYSON 74

4.  C DWIGHT of Three Stripes LAKEshow 68

5. C DeANDRE the Giant of Lob City 60

6. SG IGGY of Mile High Nuggets 49

7. PF TRISTAN Thompson Cavs 45

8. SF @kdTREY5 #RegulatorsReport  43

9. PF the MAN-imal FARIED Mile High Nuggets 40

9. SF J-SMOOVE 5 Highlight Factory Hawks 40

Right off the Bat if you want to see the Game played above the Rim you need to travel to New McNichols Arena...the Pepsi Center in Denver to go see the Nuggets and their Acrobats with Iggy, Javale, and the Manimal Faried a combined 159 Dunks which is 318 Points on the Arithmetic.

The BLAKEshow might be the Most Explosive Dunker since Vince Carter and his Air Canada Days. Simply a Monster and at 6'9" around 240 el bees a Freak of Nature. Imagine if he had a Mid-Range and Back to the Basket Game...Illegal the BLAKEshow would be.

Javale McGhee of the Nuggets if he can ever put it together he would be a Monster in the Paint but that is a Big "IF"

Tyson Chandler is the main Reason why the Knicks are off to their Fabulous Start and look at the Mavs since he has left.

Dwight's Total will go up with Mr. Drummond in the Building but where is the LAKEshow D as far as cutting off the Paint?

DeAndre the Giant of Lob City is the SIDEshow to the BLAKEshow but will also take the Elevator up to the Penthouse and built like a Daddy-Long Leg Spider...All Legs

The Only Non-Big on this List which shows Andre Iguodala's Athletic Ability and how explosive he is especially on the Break. In High School at Springfield, Illinois (Bart and Homer Simpson from here) Lanphier HS was All-State in Basketball and Track.  Never gets mentioned with the Likes of King James and Durant and Westbrook on finishing the Break with the Flush as Iggy is a Royal Flush.

Tristan Thompson was a Lottery in the Same Draft as Teammate and Current Cavs Point Guard Kyrie for Mayor and he is doing something...I guess

@kdtrey5 Kevin Durant known for his Scoring Prowess from anywhere in the Gym ...Scores Table, Luxury Suites, Parking Lot A, B, and C, and the Dunk. Yes the Plastic Man of Thunder Alley can also take the Elevator Up.

Dennis Rodman 2K12 or Ben Wallace 2K12..Nuggets Kenneth Faried just lives to seek out the Orange and Grab It, Dribble It, and his Favorite...Dunk It.

Who Else from the Highlight Factory but J-Smoove 5 of Three Stripes Nation with Hops like Bunny Rabbit or Kangaroo Jack.

Note: Dunk List from

LOB CITY aka the New CLIPjoint goes PPV FIGHT and 15 and counting and take the GREEN off the SHAMROCKS 106-77...Y'all ain't Ready Y'all ain't Ready...Can the CLIPS beat the JAZZ Twice in 3 Days to go 16-0 for December and 17 in a Row for a New CLIPS Record? #LAKEshowItstheBLAKEshow...Yeah the Bluedude went Bottoms Up

The Celtics with Fake Tough Guys like KG and Rondo tried to muscle up Lob City and they get stripped of the Color Green and leave with Blake Griffin McFarlane SportsPicks Series 20 in Away Red....check them out CLIPS Nation at and

The C's tried to throw with the an Up and Coming Fighter and got slapped around as the Clips runaway with the Game in the 3rd and 4th Frames 106-77. Again the Clips were led by Two Players off the bench in Barnes' 21 Points and Jamal 206's 17 points. It is No Secret that the Clips Bench is Major League and they outscore the C's Bench 53-29. The C's were led by Shooting Guard Courtney Lee's 12.

On a Night where CP3 goes for 8 points and 11 helpers and the BLAKEshow adds 15 and 8 boards you would have said the Celts blew the Clips right out of Staples Blue and Red but not this Clips Squad.  Want to know how balanced the Clips Machine is rolling...the Starters net 53 points as does the Bench. Name One Team in the Logo that if their Starters don't have a Good Night their Bench can bail them out with No Starters in that 2nd Unit? Meet and Greet the Logo's New Monster...the LA Clippers and I don't care what the Lakers do the Clips are the Real Deal and have that Clips in the 2K13 Western Finals Feel.  

KG led the Shamrocks with 16 and the Truth added 12 points. The C's were simply outmatched and Athletically couldn't compete with the Clips in any Facet of the game. C's Point God Rondo had 10 Points and 6 helpers and he and CP3 didn't really trade any Blows as it was Others involved that took the Show. The Clips move to 23-6 and the C's 14-14.

REGULATORS REPORT Game #28 of 82...THUNDER go through Extras and a Hot MAVS PG COLLISON'S 32 Points to beat the MAVS 115-111...KD goes Mr. INCREDIBLE and nets 40 Points #LoudCity REGULATORS...Mount Up!

The Dallas Mavericks with a Fresh and somewhat Healthy @Swish41 DIRKiliscious Nowitzki did everything in the Power except win in Thunder Alley Thursday Night. Mavs PG Darren Collison woke up from Pine Oil DNP Coach's Decision to a whopping 32 Points on 13 of 22 Shooting. The Kamanator Mavs Center Chris Kaman went 17 and 8 boards while the Artist formerly know as the Matrix 31 now Government Name Shawn Marion almost gets Poor Man's Triple-Double adding 14 points, 9 rebounds, and 7 assists. The Mavs played tough and on any other Night they are not playing the Thunder, Heat, or even the Clippers and Spurs they win but this was in Thunder Alley vs KD, Uncle Russ, and the New OKC Thunder....the Regulators.

Kevin Durant known as @kdtrey5 on Twitter and the Durantula or the Plastic Man of Loud City played Mr. Incredible Tonight like on Most Nights as he hit Mark Cuban's Outfit for 40 points, 8 boards, and 5 helpers. Uncle Russ had a tough Night shooting but ended with 16 points, 10 helpers, and 6 boards. Air Congo did his Damage in the paint with a 19 points, 17 boards, and 5 Block Shots as he made Life on the Hardwood rough for the Mavs @Swish41.

The Game turned at least for the Mavs into a Turnover Festival down the Stretch late as Combo G OJ Mayo turn the Orange over repeatedly in Key Moments as the Mavs were trying to nail down the Win. Not throw salt on Mayo's Wounds but then fouled on a Money Ball and he missed the first Two Shots of Three from the Charity Stripe. The Mavs then get outscored in the Extra Frame some 13-7 to lose 115-111. The Mavs move to 12-17 and the Regulators 22-6.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

LOGO WATCH STAPLES Blue and Red...the GREEN TEAM led by DOUBLE R..RONDO have a Date with LOB CITY aka the New CLIPjoint Tonight on TNT #RONDOvsCP3 #KGvsBLAKEshow #CLIPSBench

The Boston Celtics come into Staples Blue and Red at 14-13 to take on the Hottest Team in the Logo and it is no the Lakers. The L.A. Clippers are on a Tear and they might go Undefeated through December. As of right now they are on a 13 Game Streak in December as the 14-Game Streak started vs the T'Wolves back on November 28.  

The Celtics are still trying to find their way through Rotations and who they can Trust down the Stretch around Rondo, KG, and the Truth. The Clippers are a Scary Unit as their Bench is just as Potent as the Starting Five and on most nights that's the Clippers Difference in the Win. The Clips host the C's then go to the New Salt Palace in Utah and then host the Jazz as they try to go 16-0 in December...and take that Staples Purple and Gold or the Other Tenant at Staples.

Christmas Day an Night both Teams get wins as the C's beat Brooklyn 93-76 and the Clips hold off the Nuggets 112-100. Tonight's Key Match Ups for C's @ Clips....

Point Gods   RONDO vs CP3...arguably the Two Best point Guards in the Logo and they both do it an extremely Different Way with Same Results...getting Teammates the Orange...and putting up W's at any cost...Scoring, Passing, or Defending.

SF the TRUTH vs Lob City BUTLER....Both have fallen off although the Truth Paul Pierce can still get it going at anytime. Butler is Solid and he doesn't have to do anything but Defend and make Plays from the Wing as Barnes and Lam Lam spell him off the Bench.

PF the BIG TICKET KG vs the BLAKEshow....Old School vs New School if I can say that. KG will make Blake take a lot of Jumpers and why not. The Key to Blake's Game is in Transition and you have to limit the Splash Plays or else Lob City will be on 100. KG has to make him work on the Defensive End and bring him out of the Paint to open the Rim Area.

BENCH...C's Bench vs CLIPS Bench....The Celtics Jeff Green, Sully, and Jet Terry have to be productive vs the Best Bench in the Logo in Lam Lam, Jamal 206, Barnes, B'Ham's Beldsoe, and Ronny of Eiffel Tower Hoops Lore. The Game will probably be win here like on Most Nights when you play the Clips.

Game Time GREEN TEAM vs LOB City NBA on TNT at 1030PM ET December 27, 2012

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #75 STEELERS PRO Bowlers, MVP Award, JOE GREENE Award, and The CHIEF AWARD along with a TOP 9 SNUBS on 2K13 PRO BOWL Rosters...STEELERS place CENTER TWIN #53 starts AFC Pro Bowl...HEEEEEEEEEEEATH Behind GRONK on AFC Pro Bowl Team...Where are these NINE Players on the PRO BOWL Team 2K13?

The Pittsburgh Steelers disappointing 2K12 Season was all that bad for Two Players and One who was the Offensive MVP for the Steelers and possibly the Team MVP in 2K12.

Center Maurkice Pouncey landed his 3rd Straight Trip to the Pro Bowl after having a Semi-Pro Bowl Season. Hey you know Reputation is everything when it is Borderline voting Players in. Steelers Tight End Heath Miller arguably a Top 3 Favorite Steelers Home and Road was voted in behind Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski. Miller had Career Highs in Yards, Receptions, and TDs before last Week tearing a reported ACL, MCL, and PCL of the Left Knee.

Miller was also named MVP of the Steelers in 2K12 along with DT Casey Hampton (The Chief Award), and Rookie OT Mike Adams (The Joe Greene Great Performance Award). The Chief Award is given to the Steeler who cooperates with the Media the Best and the Joe Greene Award is the Steelers Top Rookie.

There is Work to do in Steeler Land for 2K13 as the Naysayers and NFL Analysts will have the Steelers down in the AFC North with the Cleveland Browns with the Ravens and Bengals making the Playoffs again. Steelers Nation you know the Drill but sometimes you take Two Steps back to take Three Steps forward.

The Bluedude's Top 9 Pro Bowl Snubs....

1. WR Roddy White Falcons....Teammate Julio Jones made it but Roddy you can count on every game as the Voters must be counting Splash Plays all of a sudden.

2. ILB Lance Briggs Bears...Clay Matthews missed Four Games and throw out the Sacks he isn't on the Same Level as Briggs I don't care how you slice it.

3. CB Richard Sherman 12th Man Space Needle (pictured Right)....Ok Peanut of Halas Hall and Mr. Jennings of Lake Forest Illinois...I get it. But CB Patrick Peterson ahead of Sherm the Voters were smoking Sherm picking P2 over Sherm.

4. QB Drew Brees Who Dat...Yes he makes it look easy and Luck and RG3 had Spectacular Years but Brees just doesn't get the A-Rog, Brady, or Peyton Manning Treatment...not even close.

5. WR Dez Bryant Cowboys...Are you serious this Man is Anquan Boldin on Madden Power Up...a "Monster on the Outside" and his Reputation Off the Field precedes him in this one.

6. ILB Daryl Washington AZ Cardinals...He dominated the Middle of a Defense that as Top 10 most of the Year. Navorro Bowman of the Niners gets by D-Wash on Reputation alone but Wash is the Deal...and #58 in your Program.

7. DEs Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson Bengals...Geno Atkins of the Bengals made the Pro Bowl but his Two D-Ends are Monsters and there was a reason why the Bengals led Sunday in Team Sacks.

8. SS Ryan Clark Steelers...they put Jets Safety LaRon Landry on the AFC Pro Bowl Team for what "Muscle Magazine" . Clark held that Steelers Unit together along with Kiesel and Timmons and was One of the Top Safeties on Sunday doing so.

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE December 27, 2012 with a CSI in the BARCLAY ...after an Embarrassing Christmas Day Loss to the GREEN TEAM...NETS FIRE Lead Man Avery Johnson...after Johnson put up with Two Years in Jersey #NETSBlameEverywhere

The Brooklyn Nets wasted no time in letting everyone know if you don't do your Job you will be kicked out the Borough and that's putting it mildly.

Crime Scene...Brooklyn NY...Barclays Center...Avery Johnson Office...Head Coach of Brooklyn Nets...Billy King Office...GM of Brooklyn Nets

Nets Head Coach Avery Johnson, the NBA's November Coach of the Month, was having a Bad December and after Christmas it got much worse. is reporting that the Nets have informed Coach Avery Johnson will be let go as Coach of the Brooklyn Nets after he coached Two Years in Jersey with hardly No Team and a Month in the Barclays. Whose to Blame as Russian Billionaire and Nets Majority Owner Mikhail Prokhorov wants a Winner and it needs to happen on his Time and Yesterday.

An 11-4 November and now a 3-10 since that Record has the Nets at 14-14. The Nets on Offense don't look the Sum of their Parts. Point God Deron Williams at Times looks lackluster playing in Johnson's Offense, D-Will and Joe Johnson are not on the Same Page, Avery's Rotations on most nights are dismal at best, and the Nets look like they need New Direction. Having played 16 Games at the Barclays and a 9-7 Overall Record will not win over Management. Couple that with the Manhattan Knicks stealing the Show in the Gotham City Metro at 21-8...the Boiling Pot in the Barclays Runneth' Over.

Johnson once led the Dallas Mavericks to the 2006 NBA Finals and blew a 2-0 Lead in that Series to the Eventual Champion the Shaw and Flash now Wade County 305 Miami Heat. There has to be more to this Story as its not the First Time Deron Williams has voiced his displeasure about a Coach and that Coach either was Fired (in this Case) or simply step down (like in Utah Coach Jerry Sloan citing the Inmates can't run the Prison). At 14-14 and 54 More Games to be played the Nets will mot likely turn to Interim and Johnson's Lead Assistant P.J. Carliesomo.

Are there any takers on where Johnson will the Alamo City with Coach POP and GM RC Buford or Bean Town with Doc.    

SUNDAY TALK with a GOLD RUSH on the NFC PRO BOWL Team 2K13...NINE 49ERS hit the Pro Bowl and they just got hit with a 40 Piece in the HAWKS NEST...Go Figure...BEARS FIVE Pro Bowlers Starters #NFCRoyalty2K13

The NFC Pro Bowl Team for 2K13 was announced Yesterday and the Sn Fran Forty-Niners dominate the NFC Team on Defense. Six Starters on that side of the Pigskin led by OLB Aldon Smith. Eight Starters in all counting on the Offensive Side Niners OG Mike Iupati and OT Joe Staley. The Bears get Five Pro Bowlers and they are all Starters including WR Brandon Marshall. You would be Pro Bowl Bound as well if your Number got called every play and not taking anything away from Marshall but you get what I am saying.

#SKOLnation Vikes get their Backfield in the Twin Cities Avenger #28 All Day A.P. and his Reel...Fullback Jerome Felton.  The Lions get the Only Players deserving from that Roster in All-Milky Way Galaxy WR Calvin Johnson aka MEGAtron. OLB Clay Matthews joins Teammates A-Rog and Center Jeff Saturday despite missing Four Games.  The Angry Birds 404 get Two of the Peach Drop 3 in Julio and Gonzo but no Roddy...Wow along with QB Matty Ice. G-Men get Cruuuuuuuuz, J.P.P., and OG Chris Snee. #FireTheCannons gets former 1st Round Pick Gerald McCoy in for the 1st time.

The Seahawks get BEASTmode, Earl Thomas, and Leon Washington in as Reserves. Starters for the Hawks are on the Unheralded O-Line led by Center Max Unger and OT Russell Okung. The #BirdGang gets Corner Patrick Peterson in as the Lone Cardinal. The Cowboys get DeMarcus Ware and TE Jason Witten. Last but not least the Redskins get OT Trent Williams, Special-Teamer Lorenzo Alexander, and the Lone Rookie on the Pro Bowl Team...QB Robert Griffin III.


NFC Offense

QB Aaron Rodgers Packers
RB Twin Cities Avenger #28 Vikes (pictured right #28)
FB  Jerome Felton Vikes

WR MEGAtron Lions (pictured right #81)
WR Brandon Marshall Bears
TE Tony Gonzalez Falcons

OT Joe Staley 49ers
OG Mike Iupati 49ers
C Max Unger Seahawks
OG Jahri Evans Saints
OT Russell Okung Seahawks

P Thomas Morstead Saints
PK Blair Walsh Vikes
KR Leon Washington Seahawks
Special Teamer Lorenzo Alexander

NFC Defense

DE Jason Pierre-Paul Giants
DE Julius Peppers Bears
DT Justin Smith 49ers
DT Henry Melton Bears

OLB Aldon Smith 49ers (pictured Right #99)
OLB DeMarcus Ware Cowboys
ILB Patrick Willis 49ers

CB Peanut Tillman Bears (pictured right #33)
CB Tim Jennings Bears
FS Dashon Goldson 49ers
SS Donte Whitner 49ers

NFC Reserves on Offense

QB Matt Ryan Falcons
QB RG3 Redskins

RB BEASTmode Seahawks
RB Frank Gore 49ers

WR Julio Jones Falcons
WR Victor Cruz Giants
TE Jason Witten Cowboys

OT Trent Williams Redskins
OG Chris Snee Giants
C Jeff Saturday Packers

NFC Reserves on Defense

DE Jared Allen Vikes
DT Gerald McCoy Bucs

OLB Clay Matthews Packers
ILB NaVorro Bowman 49ers

CB Patrick Peterson Cardinals
FS Earl Thomas Seahawks

Note: List from


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA POWER RANKINGS Post Christmas...LOB CITY making a huge move North...KNICKS Free Falling a little...NASH has LAKEshow at .500 Mark...OKC and ALAMO City holding steady...HAWKS still playing Tough #NBAPowerRankingsPostChristmas

The LA Clippers are a Runaway Train as we go to Press and who can stop Staples Blue and Red? The Knicks have struggled in the Last Two Weeks but they will get STAT back soon. The LA Lakers get Nash back and immediately get a Boost and are at the .500 Mark. The Atlanta Hawks are playing their Best basketball out the Gate in Years and they will have Major Cap Space in 2K13.

The Spurs and Thunder will be there in the End as they are playing Steady "Its a Marathon not a Sprint" NBA Hoops. The Golden State Warriors are legit and they are Dangerous on any night no matter whose in front of them.

Top 16 Teams in the Logo on 12-26-12...Post Christmas Logo Rankings

1. #CLIPPERnation (6) 22-6...won 14 in a Row and their Bench is just as good as their Starters

2. #WhiteHot (5) 19-6....starting to round into Heat Championship Hoops playing Defense

3. #REGULATORSreport (3) 21-6...was Blazing and just came off of a Double Digit Win Streak

4. #AlamoCityTxHoops (1) 21-8...they will be a Tough out but I still don't think they can beat the Thunder

5. #GothamCityKNICKS (3) 20-8....they have slowed down a little and it will be interesting to see what happens when they get STAT back for Better or for Worse

6. #GRIZZnation (4) 18-7...55 Plus Wins and they will be barking come Winning Time

7. #GSWarriors (7) 18-10...Exciting and Well-Coached and they are Legit and they will only get better along the 82-Game Trek

8. #ATLHawks (8) 16-9...The Bench Play is the Key led by Lou Williams and Devin Harris

9. #GoldSwagger (NR) 16-12..Can the Pacers head North and Stay North until their All-Star SF the "Circle City Strangler D-Granger" gets back for the Playoff Run?  

10. #REDnation (NR) 15-12..stellar Play from Big and 2012 FA Pick Up Omer Asik has them playing well along with #13 helps

11. #BULLSnation (9) 15-12...they have their Nights and its expected but they have played well for the Most Part in December.

12. #FEARtheDEER (14) 14-12...Some Nights Jennings and Ellis are Sensational and other Nights...the "Lost Fear the Deer Chronicles"

13. #BROOKLYNnets (11) 14-13...A Fabulous November and a Horrible December has them 3-9 in their Last 12 Games....Lead Man Avery Johnson was November Coach of the Month.

14. #GreenTEAM (12) 14-13...will thy get better or what you see now will be what you see later...on Most Nights they look Slow.

15. LAKEshow (NR) 14-14...remember this Record on 12-26-12 and take a look at it on 2-1-13...that will tell the Tale of the 2012-13 Lakers and what they will do in Winning Time.

16A. #TWolvesNation (NR) 13-12...a lot to be excited about in the Twin Cities with Rubio back and Imports Pekovic and Shved playing Lights Out

16B. #ROCKYtheMascot (16) 15-14...waiting for them to Take Off and they have maybe as much Talent as any NBA Team hovering around the .500 Mark #RealTalk  

Note: Records from

SUNDAY TALK with a Free ROUND TRIP to the PRO BOWL...the AFC Team was announced and the Houston TEXANS dominate with EIGHT Players...led by DE JJ WATT aka AREA 99, the PHILOSOPHER RB FOSTER, and WR DRE 305...Andre JOHNSON...

The AFC Pro Bowl Roster was announced about an Hour ago and the Houston Texans dominated the Roster as well they should. The put Eight Players on the Roster including Five Starters. The New England Patriots put Seven on the Roster led by Tom Terrific and Hot Plate Wilfork. The Purple Browns of Charm City put Six Players on the Roster led by Ray Rice and Ed, Edd, and Eddy Reed. The Denver Broncos put Five on the pro Bowl Team 2K13 led by Manning of Mile High and Von Miller. The Chiefs had Five Players led by the Arrowhead Beast RB Jamaal Charles and Safety Eric Berry.

The 2K13 AFC Pro Bowl Roster sponsored by I wonder who had the Largest Incentive in their Contract for the Pro Bowl?..You know its a QB Driven League.


AFC Offense  

QB Peyton Manning Broncos (pictured Right #18)
RB Arian Foster Texans
FB Vonta Leach Ravens

WR AJ Green Bengals
WR Andre Johnson Texans

TE Rob Gronkowski Patriots

OT Joe Thomas Browns
OT Duane Brown Texans

OG Logan Mankins Patriots
OG Marshal Yanda Ravens

C Maurkice Pouncey STEELERS (pictured Right #53)

Punter Dustin Colquitt
PK Phil Dawson Browns
KR Jacoby Jones Ravens
Special Teamer Matt Slater Patriots

AFC Defense

DE JJ Watt Texans (pictured right #99)
DE Cameron Wake Dolphins

DT Geno Atkins Bengals
DT Vince Wilfork Patriots

OLB Von Miller Broncos
OLB Tamba Hali Chiefs

ILB Jerod Mayo Patriots

CB Champ Bailey Broncos
CB Jonathan Joseph Texans

FS Ed Reed Ravens
SS Eric Berry Chiefs

AFC Reserves on Offense

QB Tom Brady Patriots
QB Matt Schaub Texans

RB Jamaal Charles Chiefs
RB Ray Rice Ravens

WR Reggie Wayne Colts
WR Wes Welker Patriots

TE Heath Miller STEELERS (pictured Right #83)

OT Ryan Clady Broncos
OG Wade Smith Texans
C Chris Myers Texans

AFC Reserves on Defense

DE Elvis Dumervil Broncos
DT Haloti Ngata Ravens

OLB Robert Mathis Colts
ILB Derrick Johnson Chiefs

CB Antonio Cromartie Jets
SS LaRon Landry Jets

Note: List from

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

C's play in "GRINCH stole a W in the BARCLAYS"...Who said a 38 Year Old NBA PG can't handle an EXPENSIVE Whip as NASH has LAKERS seeing the ROAD Again n W's...KING JAMES out duels KD and the REGULATORS Report in #REDhot Win...LOGO WATCH December 25th 2K12

After a Back and Forth 1st Frame and down 24-22 the C's come out in the 2nd Frame playing the Grich that stole a W in the Barclays as the Nets might have been looking forward to a Christmas party.

Behind a 34-18 2nd Frame and Big Production from Jeff Green aka David Banner 15 points and High Street Columbus' PF JJ Sullinger aka Sully's 16 and 7 the C's rolled through Flatbush like a Station Stop and that Train left with a 93-76 win. C's Point God Double R led the way with 19 points and 5 helpers and the Nets were never in it.

The Nets struggled and the Big Two...the COO of the Barclays D-Will 8 and JJ of Jordan Brand combined for 22 points, 6 boards, and 8 assists and the that is normally a Stat Line for One of the Other. It looked as though they were looking forward to getting back to the House to get at the Christmas Tree and some Eats. Both Lopez and Wallace led the Nets with 15 apiece. Twenty Turnovers at Home will beat you every time and Merry Christmas Nets and clean that up before New Years Eve.

Say what you want to but the LA Lakers are playing desperate and Point God Steve Nash has made the Laker   s halfway looking like they are the LAKEshow. Yes the Bully of MSG 'Melo had 34 as did the Black Mamba and that's like saying the NBA is playing on Christmas Day Biggie-Sized. In just over 37 minutes Nash had 16 points, 11 to feed the Children as only Mr. Drummond knows how, and 6 rebounds as the Gotham City Gazette Reads for December 26th, 2012..."Gotham City KNICKS turned away on Christmas Day by NASHty not the Black Mamba or Dwight of Three Stripes". The Funny Thing is 'Melo took 23 Shots and "Get Shots" J.R. , who thinks he is a Star as well and maybe on Twitter, took 23 shots also and Knicks if he does that he will be John Starks Circa 1995 minus Winning Time...shooting the Knicks right out of Key Games.

Metta World Peace came off the Bench and played just over 39 minutes and added 20 Big Points to the Lakers Gift Basket to Lakers Nation. The Knicks also had another Bad outing from Raymond Felton and tell him to push away from the Christmas Dinner Table as he looks more like he is Thunder to Bradshaw's Lightning.  Lakers now move to .500 at 14-14 and the Knicks are 20-8 and slowly turning into those Knicks and wait until STAT gets back who said earlier last week, " I am coming back to do Damage"...Ok Stat and it took you 11 Years to get to Camp Dream.

Someone tell me that the Thunder and Heat won't meet for the "Fight for Larry" Part 2 of their Saga? They go after one another with the Heat fending off the Thunder as the Thunder in the Last Two Minutes of the 4th Frame attacked #TeamRedHot like some Red Belly Piranhas from the Amazon. The Regulators Report @kdTREY5 led all Scorers with 33 and King James followed suit with 29 points, 8 boards, and 9 assists and probably road his Cycle right down Biscayne Boulevard to the Game. The Thunder shot 32-38 from the Charity Stripe and on most Nights that gets Teams in the Logo a W. Not on this Night as the Heat shoot 19 for 19.

Uncle Russ of Thunder Up added 21 points and 11 rebounds while Wade County added 21 points and 5 rebounds for the Heat. These Teams are going to be tough outs in after Mid-April and don't be surprised if the Thunder and Heat meet in June 2K13...Same Thunder Time...Same Heat Channel.

SUNDAY POWER RANKINGS NFL Week 17...Now that we know who is ion the TOURNEY on the AFC Side....the RANKINGS take quite a Different Turn...BENGALS beat STEELERS...HAWKS smack 49ERS... #SKOLnation quietly beat TEXANS...WHO DAT gives Big D VOO DAT...Will the REAL SLIM SUNDAY...Please Stand Up!

The Plot really thickens in the NFC as the Tourney Teams are still undecided at least in the Wild Card Slots. The AFC is all done and the Six Teams that got in the AFC Tourney belong and for some Fans its a Bitter Pill to swallow.

A Wild Weekend culminated by the Bengals and the Strawberry Rifle shock the Steelers in Steel City..and what in Wilson Pigskins happened to to My Steelers. The Saints came into Jerry's House in BIG D like Gang Busters and took everything but the Gigantic Scoreboard. The Texans didn't help their Cause as they looked inept on Offense and the Defense couldn't stop for the most part Vikes QB Christian ponder....Uh-Oh Texan Nation. The Bears took care of their Business and the Bird Gang is just not a Professional Level Outfit as a whole. The Seahawks gashed the Niners at their Own Game...being Physical, Trash-Talking, and a BEASTmode of a Run Game coming downhill all night.

Sunday Power rankings NFL Week 17...sponsored by...With Dasher and Dancer...Prancer and Vixen...Comet and Cupid...and Donner and Blitzen...who is getting Playoff  Tickets for the "Fight for Vince #47"? Merry Christmas from the Bluedude and to all my Bluedude Heads...Good Day!

1. ORANGE CRUSH (1) 12-3: Who will stop them...maybe a Horrible Snow Storm off the Rockies but the Broncos have an App for that. Manning Mile High with that New Broncos D led by OLB Von Miller....what's Tebowing now? Yeah...Right

2. ANGRY BIRDS 404 (4) 13-2: They continue to answer the Call and will the Angry Bird Falcons take over Bourbon Street the "Fight for Vince #47" featuring Matty Ice and the Peach Drop 3.

3. PATS (5) 12-3: Can the Pats overcome a Solid Offense in Winning Time with their Just Above Average D....Tom Terrific Foxborough is a Ring Collector.

4. PACKERS (6) 11-4: And just like that after the Immaculate Interception in 12th Man Space Needle the Pack are Back and steering towards getting Healthy.

5. 12th SPACE NEEDLE Hawks (7) 10-5: They are the Only Team averaging above 40 in the Last Three Weeks as Pete Carroll thinks he is back at Men of Trot Nation rolling over the Pac 12...Hawks play well at Home but nevertheless looked Menacing vs Gold Rush  

6. 49ERS (2) 10-4-1: They were Paper Champs after beating the Pats in Foxborough and then they go to Seattle and star in "Dumped Off a Ferry in Puget Sound"....Get it Together Harbaugh Stick Edition...Let's Go as your only as good as your next outing.

7. TEXANS (3) 12-3: Even with House Money....Hmmmmm...and before I place A Wager....Give me Another One

8. BLUE SWAGGER Indy (8) 10-5: Luck and the Colts are Dangerous and are you thinking what I am thinking....a Deep Run in the "Fight for Vince" AFC Tourney.

9. 'SKINS (9) 9-6: They beat the Cowboys they are in...Lose and the 'Boys are in...Biggest Game in New RFK...Fed Ex Field since Jordan left Wizards...or does that count.

10. #SKOLnation (11) 9-6: Vikings are for real and the Packers an Vikings Sunday Week 17 Match Up will be an Old NFC North Drag Out Knock Down Juggernaut.

11. BENGALS (12) 9-6: They go into the 'Burgh and muscle the Steelers behind the Best DT in the Game....Geno Atkins aka the Atkins Diet. Has the AFC North turned into Ravens and Bengals...H*ll No and won't. You boys try to grab #47 and we will be back in the Lab for 2K13....

12. #RATBIRDS (13) 10-5: The Giants have every reason to fall off the horse ....didn't they win #46 and the "Fight for Vince". Ok the Ravens ran over them but they are going where?

13. #BEARdown (15) 9-6: They still have a chance and they must beat the Lions to have any at all....

14. COWBOYS (10) 8-7: #BeatTheSKINS Week gets no bigger than this....

15. G-MEN (14) 8-7: They are not Done Yet but the "Jelly is Jiggling and almost in the Fridge"....Late Great LAKERS announcer Chick Hearn

16. Jeff Fisher Group RAMS (NR) 7-7-1: We will see what the Rams go out like in the HAWKS Nest...This one will be physical.