Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Russell Westbrook starring in Why Not "0" for M.V.P.?...Regulators Report O.K.C. messing around going Triple Double for the month of November! @RussWest44 #ThunderUp @Jumpman23 #RegulatorsReportOKC

One thing everyone knew about the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Squad talking the 2K16-17 season is that there would be no problems figuring out the leader and driver and the #1 stunna for this team in the 82-game trek!

Now we fast forward to the end of November some 19 games into the 82-game trek O.K.C. and Jordan Brand Point God Russell Westbrook by way of Pauley Pavilion Hoops is on a tear that has not been seen in quite some time.

After Monday Night's dismantling of the Knickerbockers at World's Most Famous Arena going for 27 points, eighteen boards with fourteen helpers along with two thefts there is no argument who the #1 point god in the "Logo" is and it would be foolish to think of anyone else other than Why Not #0 in #ThunderUp Blue wearing the Jordan 31s.

Westbrook is averaging to date 30.9 ppg (2nd NBA), 11.3 apg (2nd NBA) and 10.3 rpg (12th NBA) and the only PG in the Top 40 doing so on the glass. No he wont's keep up averaging a Triple-Double but it will be fun watching Why Not #0 and his quest to do so.

The Digits through an 11-8 "Regulators Report" O.K.C. W-L for 2K16-17 Season:

Russell Westbrook
Why Not #0 

30.9 ppg 11.3 apg 10.3 rpg      

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings 2K16 in "A QB Driven League" powered by "Sunday Talk" as the Cowboys behind that O-Line and #1 Donut-Runners (Rookies) Dak and Zeke LLC rule the "Shield"!...The Seahawks make a huge statement beating Tom, Bill, and Bob in Foxboro!...The Silver and Black is back to the "Commitment to Excellence"! The Wild Card and some Divisional Races are still up for grabs with at least 18 teams alive in these categories! #NFLWeek10PowerRankings #AQBDrivenLeague #SundayTalk #CowboysNation #12thMan206

Forget the Tony Romo Talk and , "We are going to rise the hot hand" from Jerry Jones the 2K16 Dallas Cowboys have to be the Fav for the "Fight 4 George" (George Halas Trophy) and the NFC Participant in the Big Bowl 51!  

The Seattle Seahawks made a huge statement in beating the Pats near Bean Town as that Hawks-Cowboys NFC Title Game is starting to take shape. Imagine that in Jerry's House...simply delicious in late January 2K17! 

As for the "Fight 4 Lamar" (Lamar Hunt Trophy" New England has the edge but who will challenge them as the new Oakland Raiders are the real deal Holyfield! The Broncos and Chiefs along with the Raiders makes the AFC West the toughest division in the "Shield" with the NFC East coming up the rear. 

Let's go NFL Power Rankings Week 11: 

"A QB Driven League" 
"Sunday Talk"

Note: In parenthesis NFL Week 10 Power Rankings

1. #CowboysNation (2) 8-1

2. #12s (3) 6-2-1

3. #PatsNation (1) 7-2

4. #RaiderNation (6) 7-2

5. #RedFriday (9) 7-2

6. #OrangeCrush (7) 7-3

7. #GiantsPride (15) 6-3

8. #BullsOnParade (17) 6-3

9. #HTTR (10) 5-3-1

10. #RiseUp (16) 6-4

11. #PurpleBrowns (21) 5-4

12. #RestoreTheRoar (14) 5-4

13. #BirdGang (13) 4-4-1

14. #AquaBoyz305 (25) 5-4

15. #SKOL (4) 5-4

16. #FlyEaglesFly (8) 5-4

17. #MusicCityTitans (18) 5-5

18. #BillsMafia (11) 4-5

19. #WisconsinCheeseBrats&Football (5) 4-5

20. #ColtsNation (23) 4-5

21. #LARams (24) 4-5

22. #GeauxSaints (27) 4-5

23. #StillerGang (12) 4-5

24. #ItsABucsLife (19) 4-5

25. #BoltsUp (20) 4-6

26. #WhoDey (22) 3-5-1

27. #PanthersPride (29) 3-6

28. #GangGreen (26) 3-7

29. #BelieveInMonsters (30) 2-7

30. #KhanStructionJAGS (28) 2-7

31. #NinerGang (31) 1-8

32. #DawgPound (32) 0-10

360 Degrees

Top 5 Games in NFL Week 11

Ravens @ Cowboys
Cardinals @ Vikings
Eagles @ Seahawks
Packers @ Redskins
Texans @ Raiders

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Russ vs KD going #ThunderUp vs #Dubs in "Logo Watch" going "Regulators Report" O.K.C. on NBA on TNT!...@RussWest44 vs @kdTREY5 going must-see T.V. tonight! #OKCvsGSW #ThunderUp #DubNation #NBAonTNT

It was going to happen sooner rather than later as NBA Heads get the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Golden State Warriors talking Russell Westbrook versus Kevin Durant. They spent 9 seasons together with most of us who follow the NBA closely thinking they were air tight and that can't be further from the truth. Now we get the Thunder visiting G.S.W. and Planet Oracle on NBA on TNT with both facing each other for the first time in their careers...lookout!

Oklahoma City 
(4-0, #1 Northwest)


Golden State
(3-1, Tied 1st Pacific)

Projected Starters


PG Russ
SG Oladipo
SF Dre Roberson
PF Sabonis
C Steven from New Zealand


PG Steph
SG Klay-metheus
PF Draymon
C Za Za

Game Time 10:30pm ET on NBA on TNT 
Thursday November 3, 2K16 
Planet Oracle near the Black Hole 

2K16 Chicago Cubs are World Champions!..."Addison & Clark" 773 Hardball strikes a pose with a Chip for the Ages waiting some 108 Years...the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk salutes you and Cubs Nation all over the World! #FlyTheW #MaddonBall @Cubs #CubsNation #GoCubsGo #FriendlyConfines #NLPennant

Mr. Cub 
Mad Dog Maddux
Kid K 
the Ricketts
new Wrigley Field
Cubs Nation
103 W's
NL Pennant
World Series Champs


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cubs @ Indians Game #7 in "Addison & Clark" 773 Hardball!...Look what the wind blew in off Lake Erie as we get #FlyTheW vs #RallyTogether in a one game winner take all scenario!...It's Hendricks vs Kluber...#MaddonBall vs Tito...and 2nd City Hardball vs the "Mistake on the Lake"! #CHCvsCLE #WorldSeries #FlyTheW #MaddonBall #RallyTogether #FallClassic2K16

There is nothing more to say as the 2K16 Fall Classic moves into game 7 status as its winner take all. The Chicago Cubs seemingly "Dead in the Water" entering Sunday Night's Game in Wrigley had no life and it looked like a Cleveland Sweep at the Friendly Confines and another parade route for the Land!

Then the Cubs go it going Sunday for a 3-2 "W" behind Ace LHP Jon Lester and then rode Jake Arrieta and the Cubs Ash, Maple or Bamboo to a 9-3 smashing of the Tribe last night. The plot thickens tonight as the North Siders have yet to beat Tribe Starter Corey Kluber with his wing man Andrew Miller waiting in the wings.

In order for the Cubbies to bring it home they must get Kluber off the "Bump" and hit that Indians early  and often. On the other hand the Tribe needs to say patient at the "Dish" and get to Kyle Hendricks changing of speeds approach and get to that Cubs Pen.

Let's look at the "Tale of the Tape":

NL Pennant
AL Pennant

Game #7
2K16 World Series
"Hump Day" 
Wednesday November 2nd
the "Jake" dba Progresssive Field 

On the "Bump"

#CHC Kyle Hendricks (16-8, 2.13 ERA) vs #CLE Corey Kluber (18-9, 3.14 ERA)

Projected Line Ups


1 CF Fowler
2 DH Schwarber
3 3B Bryant
4 1B Rizzo
5 LF Zobrist
6 SS Russell
7 C Contreras
8 RF Heyward
9 2B Baez


1 DH Santana
2 2B Kipnis
3 SS Lindor
4 1B Napoli
5 3B Ramirez
6 RF Chisenhall
7 LF Crisp
8 CF Davis
9 C Perez

360 Degrees

Look for the Cubs to be aggressive versus Kluber early and often to avoid seeing Kluber after he settles in and if that happens that is tough sledding for the Cubs. The Tribe will attack Hendricks and the Cubs starter needs to be better than good. 

Its game #7 they said this is what you dream of growing up and it will be the team that embraces the moment but gets to playing their game first that will be victorious. Who wins this one...Pick'em?   

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cubs 9 Indians 3 F...After a first frame blunder and a Kris Bryant solo blast and an Addison Russell "Granny" the CUBBIES playing #MaddonBall flies the freakin' "W" to a Game #7!..."Addison & Clark" 773 Hardball as we have a Photo Finish in the 2K16 Fall Classic at the "Jake" dba Progressive Field! #GoCubsGo #FlyTheW #Cubbies #MaddonBall #Addison&Clark773Hardball #RallyTogether #Tribe #FallClassic2K16

After a Kris Bryant Solo Tater the Chicago Cubs get a huge gift as an Addison Russell routine fly turned into #ShaqtinAFool and the Cubbies scored two more runs for a 3-0 lead. That lead, behind Cubbies starter Jake Arrieta (W, 2-0) who went 5 and some change allowing two runs on three hits, held up a Russell then went "Granny" in the 3rd for a 7-0 Cubs lead and hey never looked back. Tribe starter Mike Tomlin was rocked giving up a crooked six runs in just over two frames.

Arrieta's only trouble was in the 4th as he allowed a Jason Kipnis run (on a Mike Napoli RBI single)  but then got out of a bases loaded jam to end that frame at 7-1 Cubbies. Kipnis was the only real factor for the Tribe as he finished going 3 for 5 with a solo HR.

Cubbies first baseman Anthony Rizzo then finished the night off with a two-run jack to right field for a final score of 9-3 Cubbies as the Tribe adds another run in their half of the 9th. Just like that we get a game #7 as Uncle Mo dba Momentum has completely turned in favor of the Chicago Cubs heading into game #7.

Looking closely at this the North Siders are playing on House Money after being down 3-1 but whoever gets out that gate fast and furious in game #7 will capture Uncle Mo and most likely get a parade route.

It will be Kyle Hendricks taking on Corey Kluber with both teams using all pitchers at their own disposal. With everyone hitting the off-season after this tilt both teams will be all out for a must-see t.v affair!      

Cubs @ Indians in Game #6 in the Fall Classic 2K16!...Addison & Clark 773 Hardball is back in another Elimination Game with 2K15 Cy Young Winner Jake Arrieta leading the Charge!...The Tribe behind Mike Tomlin as the Indians are trying to give the "Land" Parade Route #2! @Cubs @Indians #WorldSeries2016 #Clark&Addison773Hardball #FlyTheW #RallyTogether

Magic Number
11 W's

Here we go as the Chicago Cubs stopped a potential sweep and Shamp-Pag-Na in the Visitors Clubhouse on Sunday for a 3-2 "W" forcing a game #6. Cubbies Starter Jon Lester was good enough as he has been all post season long and now the North Siders stick Jake Arrieta on the "Bump" in another elimination game.

The Cleveland Indians with all the pressure shifting to their clubhouse has two games to get one but they cannot have that mindset or they will be talking MLB Winter Meetings and what could and should have been. Mike Tomlin who pitched magnificient in game #3 will be on the "Hill" for the Tribe as the Indians must get game #6 to stop even more pressure in that clubhouse if the Cubbies force a game #7!

NL Pennant


AL Pennant

Game #6 


Jake Arrieta
(18-8, 3.10 ERA)
Mike Tomlin
(13-9, 4.40 ERA)

Projected Line Ups


1 CF Fowler
2 3B Bryant
3 1B Rizzo
4 LF Zobrist
5 DH Schwarber
6 2B Baez
7 C Contreras
8 RF Heyward
9 SS Russell


1 DH Santana
2 2B Kipnis
3 SS Lindor
4 1B Napoli
5 3B Ramirez
6 RF Chisenhall
7 LF Crisp
8 CF Naquin (Davis a possibility)
9 C Perez

360 Degrees

The North Siders will get a huge boost moving back to the Junior Circuit Rules with Kyle Schwarber moving back into the DH. I also think OF Jason Heyward has been swinging the Ash, Maple or Bamboo better and he will get the nod in RF with Jorge Soler staying put on the bench. 

The Tribe gets better defensively as Carlos Santana moves back to DH only as he was never really tested in the field at the Friendly Confines. My sleeper for the Tribe is Coco Crisp and the Cubbies Pitchers must keep him off the base paths as well as Raji Davis who should play for Naquin in CF. 

Cubs 6 Tribe 2 F

Its going to come down to pitching and defense as neither team can ill afford to let the other play fast-pitch softball at the dish hitting and nocking everything in. I will go with the North Siders and Arrieta as those Cubs Bats might be alive all the way to that Parade Route in Chi-City...and yes the Bluedude went there Cubs Nation and the Land...Go Cubs Go!