Monday, February 28, 2011

KNICKS show up PRIME TIME to beat HEAT......and the EAST and the HEAT should be worried about Mr. BIG SHOT directing TRAFFIC for the KNICKS

Sunday Night Prime Time Game on ESPN with the New-Look KNICKS going against the Miami HEAT and not the BIG 3 but MIAMI 2.5 Version and the BLUEDUDE will tell you why.

The KNICKS used their Points in the PAINT Game to swallow up the New-Look HEAT as the KNICKS once again exposed why the HEAT will not be as potent a factor in the playoffs than one might think.

The KNICKS used timely shooting and a new found defense in the half court to stifle and somewhat make MIAMI a Jump-Shooting Team and that's what they are.

LOOK HEAT FANS and NBA FANS.........Chris BOSH should have stayed in CANADA with the RAPTORS because looking at the last 10 games or so he is even shooting a lot of Perimeter shots and the HEAT need and thought they were getting a mix of face-up and back -to - the basket player that could give them somewhat of an inside presence.........JUST IN...........BOSH is not the answer at all. This is why the HEAT will have trouble in the PLAYOFFS because they are merely a Jump-Shooting Team and that's it.

On the other hand the KNICKS will be a factor for 2 reasons and ONE HUGE FACTOR in PLAYOFF Basketball.

One they have Carmelo ANTHONY who the BLUEDUDE thinks is the best all-around scorer in the Association. Two they have STAT 2.0 which this version has a mid-range game that has almost made him impossible to guard.

But the Biggest factor in the KNICKS chances is in the PLAYOFFS rely on Mr.BIG SHOT......Chauncey BILLUPS....Mr. Basketball 3 times in high school at Denver George WASHINGTON HS, a 1995 McDonald's All-American, a 1t team All-American at Colorado Boulder as he decided to stay close to home and play ball for the BUFFALOES.

Then Boston CELTICS Coach Rick Pitino drafted BILLUPS in the TOP 5 but he was a scoring guard not a PASS First guard and that was where NBA Coaches and PERSONNEL were not seeing in BILLUPS' Game right away so he was moved to 3 other teams after BOSTON until that call from one of the best GM'S in the Association in Detroit PISTONS President/GM JOE DUMARS.

DUMARS saw in CHAUNCEY what CHAUNCEY saw all along.......let me be both ......SCORE and Distribute.....and if you look at all the lead GUARDS Today what do they do?......just what MR. BIG SHOT was trying to do when he was first's called in NBA TERMS NOW.....the COMBO you have the Prototype NBA POINT GUARD and the Prototype WINNER.

The KNICKS Will only go as far as MR. BIG SHOT takes them and remember he lead the PISTONS to a World CHAMPIONSHIP and 8 straight Conference FINALS which minus getting rings is almost mind-bottling to play at such a high-level at the highest level in basketball year in and year out.

All these Accolades About CHAUNCEY just shows that he is a flat-out WINNER in every sense of the WORD and KNICKS FANS enjoy him because you got the GUY you wanted in 'MELO Anthony but it will be MR. BIG SHOT that controls GOTHAM CITY'S Destiny and he was basically a throw-in in the DEAL.

GO KNICKS..........and the GARDEN will be jumping MID-APRIL......and no one in the EAST in their right mind wants to see the GOTHAM CITY'S Version of the BIG 3......called KNICKERBOCKERS powered by BIG SHOT.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

WOODEN'S Great GRANDSON last basket at PAULEY.....JULIO JONES and AJ GREEN star at Combine....GUILLEN takes on JENKS....BARON #85 for GRANDPARENTS

The Late LEGEND OF WESTWOOD John WOODEN'S Great Grandson scored the last basket ever at UCLA'S Pauley PAVILION this past Saturday before renovations. Tyler TRAPANI, a little-used walk-on JUNIOR, grabbed an air ball by JACK HALEY JR. and put the lay-up in with just over 20 second left in the game to score the last hoop at PAULEY......HOW FITTING is that.

SUNDAY'S NFL Combine News is centered Wideouts JULIO JONES of 'BAMA and AJ GREEN of GEORGIA. Both WR'S put on a display of elite athleticism as JULIO won in all facets beating AJ in most of the measurables in the Broad Jump, VERTICAL Jump, and a 4.43 40 yard dash when most scouts thought he was a little slower.

AJ GREEN fared like most thought he would and I still think he is the most polished and the first wideout off the board. Blazing Speed and his knack for separation on most tape is phenomenal. Just has a great feel for the game and will be a very nice NFL WR.

Chicago WHITE SOX Manager Ozzie GUILLEN and former White Sox CLoser now RED SOX Closer Bobby JENKS have been back in forth in the news trading barbs to the POINT of Red Sox Manager Terry FRANCONA having to step in text Ozzie and get to the bottom of what's going on and move on.

Imagine that OZZIE talking about a player after he is gone or heck even on the current roster......Man I HAVEn'T seen that before.......have you? And what is the matter over......none other than some BULL****.

Recently traded CLippers Guard BARON DAVIS will wear #85 for the CAVALIERS in tribute to his late grandparents who raised him on 85th Street in South Central Los Angeles.......See something good coming out of trade instead of ll the negative backlashing.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

WHATS WRONG in the D.......PISTONS Guard RIP Hamilton reportedly blocks deal that could have sent him to BULLS or CELTICS

It's a known fact in professional SPORTS....when you are winning everything goes....everything comes easy...and when you are losing you blame everyone but the FANS....even Trainers get thrown under the bus.

Having said all that what in FORD and CHRYSLER is going on in PISTON LAND in Auburn Hills Michigan. They have a roster that isn't really that bad and on paper I think they can be a 7-8 seed and scare some teams......FAST FORWARD to REALITY and you have team MUTINY against the HEAD which one player in particular Richard "RIP" HAMILTON called PISTONS Head Coach John QUESTER a career assistant and supposedly just recently led Missed team shoot around scheduled the morning of the CAVALIERS Game that night.

Like I was saying when you lose nothing is right but like anything.......a long friendship gone, divorce, job loss etc., there is always two sides to a story.

If the PISTONS want to get rid of RIP HAMILTON call him into PISTONS President Joe DUMARS' Office and tell him here are the options....give him some damn options and tell him we are definitely shopping you and out of respect where would you like to go and we will see if we can accommodate that scenario.

Don't give a former All-Star 30 DNP's (DID not PLAY) Coaches' Decision and expect a happy camper. Just like the Head Coach and PISTONS Brass are handling this like a circus RIP has every right to make it a circus on his end.......RIGHT? you shoot back and say 2 wrongs don't make a right......hell so Give them a taste of what they are giving you......And the BLUEDUDE isn't promoting this .....I am just calling it like I see it.

RIP reportedly turned down a chance to go to the CAVS and they were either going to buy his contract out right away or play him all the way to the end of the year and then buy him out. My SOURCES say that the BULLS and CELTICS got wind of this and tried to get RIP and the BULLS were reportedly going to start him....and HE SAID NO.......DAMN RIP.....REALLY.......LOOK you have givin up most of your rights to shoot back at them now they have tried to get you out of town and the CAVS were maybe going to give you up so you can get to play for another CHAMPIONSHIP.

THIS is bad NEWS all the way around and this isn't the RIP HAMILTON everyone is accustomed know the QUIET SNIPER that he used to be.....a REGGIE MILLER CLONE......hitting daggers.....and now we have to witnes this.......NOT GOOD RIP......or the PISTONS for that MATTER.

Friday, February 25, 2011

TOP 10 Players at NFL Combine......NEWTON and FAIRLEY of the NATIONAL CHampion AUBURN TIGERS could go 1-2......Corners PETERSON and AMUKAMARA are 3-6

The NFL Combine starts SAturday and for a lot of players this will be their first JOB interview. Players go through a bevy of tests with their future employers both physical and mental.

Most of the so-called sure-fire top picks will go through the interview process but will not go through too many if any at all the Physical testing like running, throwing, lifting, and jumping etc.

But here are the BLUEDUDE'S Top 10 Players in this year's NFL Draft and the NFL Draft Order from 1-10:

1. CAROLINA-Cameron NEWTON- Auburn: They have stop-gap QB'S on their roster now and I am not completly sold on QB Jimmy CLAUSEN moving forward. Cam might be a reach here but the PANTHERS were a Top 10 Defense last year and they still have RB'S Williams and STEWART.

2. DENVER-Nick FAIRLEY-AUBURN: A beast of a DT reminds the BlUEDUDE of the LATE EAGLES DT Jerome BROWN of the U. Motor alway running and will need a double team every rip or MEEET you at the QB. Broncos need to start building from inside out and FAIRLEY would be a good start.

3.BUFFALO-Da'Quan BOWERS-CLEMSON: Cam could go here and he and BOWERS could swap spots. The BEST HS Player coming out just three years ago in the Country. A one-man SACK MACHINE and pure RUSH END in the mold of STEELERS JAmes HARRISON.

4. BENGALS- AJ GREEN- GEORGIA: With so much speculation of where CARSON PALMER might land they also have issues at WR and this is the BEST WR and a TOP 10 football player in the draft. Reminds the BLUEDUDE of a Taller DeSean JACKSON and an absolute threat all over the field. Will work good with BENGALS Youngsters GRESHAM and SHIPLEY.

5. ARIZONA- PAtrick PETERSON-LSU: They have RODGERS-CROMARTIE on one side and putting PETERSOMN on the other side makes the CARDS funneling everything to the MIDDLE with all-world safety Adrian WILSON. They could also use OLB Von MILLER of the Texas A&M.

6. BROWNS- Prince AMUKAMARA-NEBRASKA: Imagine Joe HADEN patrolling one side of the FIELD and PRINCE on the other. Now you can leave them one on one and get more bodies to the QB. Peterson might be the best Corner in the DRAFT but PRINCE is right there......I rate them 1A and 1B.

7. 49ERS-Blaine GABBERT-MIZZOU: If NEWTON is gone and should be this is the safe pick for Jim HARBAUGH and Company. SMITH and SMITH are not the answers and this is a QB Driven League period. GABBERT has some nice qualities in him...a la Sam BRADFORD.

8. TITANS-Marcell DARIUS-'BAMA: If they need a QB if both Newton adn Gabbert are gone they will go Defensive and get the 2 nd best DT in the DRAFT in DARIUS from BAMA. Reminds me of former Florida STATE All-American Corey SIMON. Will demand a double team and is stronger than an OX. A key to the TIDE'S Run Defense the last couple of years.

9. COWBOYS- Jimmy SMITH- TEXAS: They need a Corner and SMITH from UT AUSTIN is and probably will be the ticket. Will challenge Peterson and AMUKAMARA at the COMBINE and will turn some heads.

10. REDSKINS- Robert QUINN-UNC: An OlB/DE type can play 3-4 or 4-3 and this what the scouts like about him his versatility. He would be a WELCOME Edition to the 'SKINS having ORAKPO already doing damage on one side already.

OTHERS who might Crack the TOP 10:


Just some of the possible Top 10 Picks in the COMBINE and the NFL DRAFT ......TUNE IN the NFL Network for the 2011 COMBINE from SATURDAY through WEDNESDAY.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WEST-All STAR and JAZZ PG DERON WILLIAMS traded to NETS ........ST LOUIS PItcher Adam WAINRIGHT might be done for season...NBA Trade DEADLINE NEWS

If the 'MELO to the KNICKS wasn't enough to get all the NBA Headlines for the 2011 NBA Trade Deadline.....the JAZZ and NETS pull off their own version of Let's Make a DEAL by the NETS acquiring Point Guard Deron WILLIAMS and the JAZZ getting Point Guard Devin HARRIS, Power Forward Derrick FAVORS, 2 Picks, and $3 million in cash.

The NETS still have work to do to try to extend WILLIAMS but can't do so until July 9, 2011 to begin them talks. But with Russian BILLIONAIRE Owner Mikhail Prokhorov at the controls the NETS will be in it until they win it.

Now looking at the NETS you have a All-Star at PG and a future All-Star at PF/C in Brooks LOPEZ. So with the 1 and 5 solidified the net will have plenty of ammunition moving forward as they move to BROOKLYN in 2013 and a lot of free agents will want to play for a guy who has deep pocket and wants to win, a new stadium on the horizon, and playing with D-WILL.

My Sources are telling me that Jazz newly Acquired PG Devin Harris will likely be on the move to DALLAS before Tomorrow's Deadline.......STAY TUNED.

On the HOT STOVE........Bad News out of ST LOUIS CARDINALS Camp.......Pitcher and CY YOUNG Award Runner-up Adam WAINRIGHT might have torn a ligament in his throwing arm in Spring Training earlier today. This is really bad news for the CARDS as they were my pick as well as the REDS to be in contention to win the National League Central this season.

With a line-up that features Albert PUJOLS and Matt HOLIDAY and a 1-2 punch of Pitchers WAINRIGHT and Chris CARPENTER they are one of the better teams in the LEAGUE. Tak out one of them pieces and the CARDS are in the middle of the PACK.

reportedly this is the same elbow ligament WAINRIGHT had surgery on in 2003 that kept him out all of that season.

Just IN........Nets send Power Forward Troy MURPHY to the Golden State WARRIORS for PF BRENDAN WRIGHT and CASH COnsideration

BULLS send Forward James JOHNSON to the RAPTORS and the BULLS pick up the 2011 1st round Pick that the RAPTORS recieved from the MIAMI HEAT in the BOSH Deal

STAY TUNED for more NBA Trade Deadline News....DEADLINE over at 5pm ET Thursday February 24, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'MELO is the HEADLINER in the DEAL...but Mr. BIG SHOT....Chauncey BILLUPS might be the Chip that puts KNICKS into #4 or #5 Seed in the EAST

The Trade has finally happened and the KNICKS have put themselves in a position to win later and not necessarily win now. They have basically gutted the young core of the TEAM to make a run in about the 2 seasons.

The KNICKS are now going to have to pull off maybe a key free agent or two next summer and the CLASS of 2012 will have what the KNICKS NEED.....POINT GODS......DERON "D-WILL" WILLIAMS and CHRIS "CP3" PAUL if they choose to opt out. And the look of them opting out is pretty enticing if STAT and 'MELO are on the line telling you to run the show for them in the biggest stage....MADISON SQUARE GARDEN....M S G.

But the deal came with 3 other pieces and 1 piece might be the ticket in Chauncey BILLUPS aka Mr. BIG SHOT. The man who is maybe the calmest sniper in the game and all he does is hit key shots.

The PROJECTED LINE-UP and Reserves for the KNICKS looks like this:

G Chauncey BILLUPS







Not a lot of depth in the Front Court and the KNICKS will lean heavy on Mr. BIG SHOT, STAT, and 'MELO to carry them and I think they can catch the HAWKS in that #5 Spot.

We will see how this plays out but the GARDEN hasn't jumped like this since the PAT RILEY led KNICKS with all that star power EWING, STARKS, MASON, OAKLEY, HOUSTON etc..

Monday, February 21, 2011

NBA Trade Deadline to end Thursday at 5pm.........'MELO probably a KNICK....but the KNICKS are losing young talent......also....OTHER possible TRADES

The NBA Trade Deadline is upon us and the BIG FISH in the POND is CARMELO ANTHONY of the Denver NUGGETS. Here is the proposed trade that wound send 'MELO to MSG:


F Timofey MOZGOV

Looking at that trade the KNICKS will be starting all over again as GALLINARI and CHANDLER are 2 promising young players that the KNICKS have reportedly been reluctant to give up at this point.

The KNICKS BRASS of OWNER james DOLAN, President Donnie WALSH, and Head Coach Mike D'ANTONI will or have already come to the conclusion of 'MELO and STAT (Amare' STOUDAMIRE) are better than the Guys in the TRADE moving forward.

STAY TUNED....................the NETS are reportedly still in the HUNT for the back end of the trade that wound send maybe GALLANARI and/or CHandler and FELTON to the NETS for 1st round Draft Picks.

the BOBCATS and JORDAN are actively shopping Gerald WALLACE and STEPHEN for the Rockets and BLAZERS as possible destinations or maybe even the BULLS for WACKO JACKO JACKSON

the KNICKS are also reportedly in the HUNT for ROCKETS disgruntled PG Aaron BROOKS.........that will solve who is going to replace RAY FELTON at PG for the KNICKS

Even if the NUGGETS deal or DO NOT DEAL 'MELO the ROCKETS are really going after NENE' of the NUGGETS and offering really nice pieces

And last but not least the NETS Forward TROY MURPHY is waiting to be thrown into the 'MELO Deal and look for the ORLANDO Magic GM Otis SMITH to grab him to help solidify the MAGIC Front Court since the loss of GORTAT.......another possible desitnation for MURPH is the SPURS........WATCHOUT WEST

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SPURS proving that the WEST comes through THEM.....GREEN TEAM showing the EAST who is the CREAM of the CROP.....NBA POWER RANKINGS

Showing that the first 2 months of the NBA Season was no joke...the SPURS and POPS (Head Coach Gregg POPOVICH) are in it for real and the WEST will have to go through the least for now.

The GREEN TEAM on the other hand dealt another loss to the HEAT and are proving that they may be one of the oldest teams in the Association but collectively speaking the EAST will have to come through BEANTOWN.

With the other team in the HUNT let's check out the BLUEDUDE'S Power Rankings for the NBA All-Star BREAK:

1. SPURS 46-9: A runaway train and have their own version of the Big 3 in PARKER, MANU , and TIM....#1 seed in the WEST No Doubt

2. GREEN TEAM 40-14: Already won the season series with the HEAT......need to get healthy for the PLAYOFFS....DOC and COMPANY last run to the TITLE

3. HEAT 41-14: Their version of the BIG 3 has come together....need solid PG Play and Front line Help for PLAYOFFS

4. BULLS 37-16: COACH THIBS Defensive Prowess has the BULLS at the HEELS of the CELTS and HEAT.......NOAH back a welcome edition for the 2nd half

5. DALLAS 38-16: 9-1 in their last 10 and UNDER the RADAR in the WEST...KIDD, MATRIX, DIRK, TERRY, and CHANDLER..will be a factor in the PLAYOFFS.....write it down

6. LAKERS 38-19: 5-5 in their last 10......Coach Jackson already mumbling bad things....KOBE can't find buttons.....only thing going in LAKERS LAND is the VAULT Store in STAPLES CENTER (KOBE and NIKE'S Version of a HIGH-END Shoe Retailer) BLACK MAMBA STYLE

7. OK CITY THUNDER 35-19: Only getting better and have 2 closers in the DURANTULA and WESTBROOK...get' em Scottie BROOKS

8. MAGIC 36-21: DWIGHT and a New ARENA should be automatic.......well not so.....BLOCKBUSTER DEAL has not paid any BILLS YET...especially in the win/loss column

9. HAWKS 34-21: I Like JOE, AL, and JOSH...but something is still missing...1st year head man LARRY DREW is doing a nice job

10. HORNETS 33-24: Moving FORWARD......must sign F DAVID WEST to have any shot at signing CP3....New Head Man MONTY Williams having a pretty good season thus far.

11. TRAILBLAZERS 31-24: With Roy missing so much time one has to wonder how the BLAZERS are doing it....can you say ALL-STAR SNUB PF LaMARCUS Aldridge.....Dallas TX by way of suburban SEAGOVILLE TEXAS Native is on a TEAR.....KEVIN LOVE ALL-STAR HMMMMMMMMMM

12. NUGGETS 31-25: Not bad for a TEAM that has to hear about it's disgruntled star at every turn.......LOOK DENVER....QUIT the BS and trade 'MELO.....and quit asking other TEAMS to gut their team to get him......he plays no D......NONE

BEST of the REST looking to get lower seeds in the PLAYOFFS

JAZZ 31-25: A mid-season change at All-Star Break not good......Ty CORBIN must hold the fort.....But having DERON, AL, PAUL, and AK47 does help ease the burden a little

GRIZZLIES 31-26: losing RUDY GAY for a month will almost kill their playoff hopes unless they get Scoring Punch from other guys at the SMALL FORWARD

KNICKS 28-26: STAT is finding out that he needs a CADDY in GOTHAM CITY....forget pulling your own CART...KNICKS need to make 'MELO Trade happen yesterday...C'Mon Donnie and MIKE


76ERS 26-28: don't let the record fool you.....Young Guards in HOLIDAY and WILLIAMS......and LEADERSHIP from Coach COLLINS, IGGY, and BRAND will have the BOYS on BROAD STREET in the wait and see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

CARDINALS have no more options for #5.....FRANCHISE ME....NFL Teams TAGGING Everyone but FANS....MADOFF and METS Owners PONZI SCHEME....HMMMMMMM

Well the CARDINALS were probably saying OK 8 Years and a little over $200 Million should put us in good standing and ALBERT PUJOLS will not turn this one down........HORN PLEASE........Didn't he say 10 Year deal REDBIRD Nation.....and it looks like the CARDS and ALBERT will have to go through Free Agency and guess who is Lurking?.......And it isn't the Hickory Crawdads or Toledo MUD HENS......It will probably be the PINSTRIPES and CARMINES to lineup first with the OLD WELCOME WAGON of CASH.

Look also for the CUBS, HALOS, and Defending World Champion GIGANTES to take a look at the Hottest Free Agent since EVA LONGORIA PARKER.

The NFL created the FRANCHISE TAG so that Teams can hold onto to their most prominent ASSET........but did you think that TEAMS would also use the TAG as Leverage in Negotiating New Contracts......Something here has to change.

GUYS who were do a Big Pay Day will probably have to wait at least until the New CBA or if there will be a NEW Collective Bargaining Agreement this year to CASH IN.

The FRANCHISE TAGS have been handed out to some of the TOP Free AGENTS to be in the GAME:


SOME TEAMS reluctant to use TAGS because of expiring CBA


Some of these teams probably will not offer a TAG to these PLAYERS for reasons like injury-prone, Salary to high, age etc.

SHIFTING GEARS.....BERNARD MADOFFF is back in the NEWS and NOW SPORTS NEWS....FEDS are looking into a Possible PONZI SCHEME by NEW YORK METS Ownership Group lead by Fred WILPON connected to BERNIE MADOFF.

SOURCES say that MADOFF has said that the METS BRASS knew nothing of a the PONZI SCHEME and that it was all his doing.

ISN'T MADOFF the same guy that said his SONS and WIFE knew nothing of the PONZI SCHEME and they shouldn't be responsible for his doings......YEAH RIGHT.....and I am taking SOUTHWEST AIRLINES to the MOON Saturday......You just don't recieve a few million Dollars in your account a brush it off as I knew that was coming.

The METS had to know something was wrong and MADOFF probably old them it's alright and I will take care of it and if I go down you won't go with me......No wonder MY AMAZINS' can't get into the WIN COlumn often.....there is a bunch of BS going on at the top.......Should have stayed in SHEA STADIUM

Monday, February 14, 2011

The HIGHEST Recruit since Da'QUAN Bowers in the STATE of South Carolina to stay home......CLOWNEY chooses COCKS over 'BAMA and CLEMSON

The #1 rated High School FOOTBALL Recruit Defensive End Jadeveon CLOWNEY from Rock Hill South Carolina South Pointe HS chooses the GAMECOCKS and Steve SPURRIER over 'BAMA and in-state rival CLEMSON and DEATH VALLEY.

Clowney, a monster and Hybrid of a Defensive End, will make an immediate impact at USC COLUMBIA and it's a great day for SOUTH CAROLINA when you can keep the best of the best in state and this usually impacts other guys in the state of South Carolina when the GAMECOCKS come calling to say, " If the #1 Rated HS Football Prospect can got to USC Columbia, why do I have to look anywhere else if I am one of the best in the state of South Carolina".

CLOWNEY says the reason for staying is that FAMILY gets to see all of his HOME GAMES and all of his friends signed with the in the end he said it was the right decision.

LESSON #1 in Recruiting in COLLEGE at all DIVISIONS I, II, and III ........Recruit Guardians first..... whether it be Mom, dad, uncle, grandparents, and so on....and if you can get their full might get the Big FISH in the BIG POND.....CONGRATS GAMECOCKS.....and watch out SEC EAST.

LAKERS get tapped at Charlotte by 20....COACH Phil said he was embarrassed....heck the LAKESHOW isn't the best team in the WEST nor a TOP 5 in NBA

Like the last week's trade rumors of LAKERS Center Andrew BYNUM didn't stir up the POT...getting hammered on the road by Mike Jordan's BOBCATS in the QUEEN CITY will definitely get it STIRRING.

Being a veteran-laden team in the ASSOCIATION means a lot to coaches and organizations as far as the ability to stop losing streaks, bad games, terrible quarters, and stopping runs by teams within a quarter. The LAKESHOW, only down 49-43 at the break.....came out in the 3rd and laid a flat-out egg getting outscored by a team led by Stephen JACKSON and Gerald WALLACE by 12 points and going into the 4th down some 19 puntos.

Are you serious....the LAKESHOW with Caoch PHIL, the BLACK MAMBA, the SPANIARD, and the BEST NBA Bench on paper in the association......completely and unmistakingly unacceptable for a CHAMPIONSHIP Caliber Team. And I know everyone is looking at KOBE and PHIL to stop the bleeding but the LAKESHOW have an even bigger problem.

The LAKERS are a horrific 2-7 vs the TOP 5 team in the ASSCOCIATION.......that being the SPURS, GREEN TEAM, BULLS, HEAT, and MAVS...that my friends tells the BLUEDUDE 1 of 2 things.......You are hgeaded for an early exit in winning time (the NBA PLAYOFFS), and/or NUMBERS will eventually catch up to you...REALLY.

Right now if the LAKESHOW had a 7 game series with the MAVS or SPURS...the edge would hands down go to the TEXAS 2-STEP. An if they were to play the HEAT or the CELTS in the FINALS...they will get an L for shizzle.

Last Year and the Year before that they had something to prove having just lost to the CELTICS in the NBA they have won BACK to BACK Championships they seem to have no motivation......ARE YOU bout Coach PHIL going for his 4th 3-PEAT and the BLACK MAMBA getting ring number 6 to pass MAGIC and equal MICHAEL JEFFREY JORDAN. I know those two scenarios are dealing with personal or individual accolades but if that is not enough motivation for the other LAKERS...then what is.....because the SPURS, MAVS, and the BEASTS of the EAST are waiting for the no one is feeling sorry for the the DEFENDING World Champions.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

OHIO ST loses in MADSION....KANSAS and TEXAS on a BIG 12 Collision Course.....PITT the Beast in the BIG EAST...DUKE #1 in ACC

It is almost MARCH and that means.........MARCH MADNESS.........and nothing FOOTBALL......Spring Training in BASEBALL......HOCKEY.......NBA Basketball........and nothing else.

Now let's get to the MEN'S Basketball Poll as of today February 13, 2011:

1. OHIO ST 24-1: Suffered 1st loss in UW Madison......still a favorite for a FINAL FOUR Appearance

2. KANSAS 24-1: The MORRIS TWINS paying big dividends for Bill Self and CREW.......Must beat TEXAS

3. TEXAS 22-3: Maybe the BEST Wing Player in the LAND in Jordan HAMILTON.....who can flat out get BUCKETS from anywhere

4. PITT 23-2: Jamie DUKES has the best team in the BIG EAST...must handle Big East Tourney before BIG DANCE

5. DUKE 22-2: Needed a 3rd Wheel for SMITH and SINGLER......enter Seth CURRY younger bro of STEPH CURRY and DAD DELL

6. SAN DIEGO ST 25-1: Can you say TOUGH OUT in any Tourney.....these guys can play and enter Coach STEVE FISHER

7. BYU 24-2: FREDETTE FREDETTE FREDETTE & FREDETTE.......could, should, and probably will be National Player of the YEAR

8. NOTRE DAME 21-4: MIKE BREY and Company forgotten...except in the NIG EAST......LIL HANSBOROUGH is a PROBLEM

9. VILLANOVA 19-6: Need another scorer on the WING....HELLO STOKES or CHEEKS....can you answer your phone

10. UCONN 18-5: Can be a TOUGH OUT with help for KEMBA...may have found it in 6-5 Freshman Jeremy LAMB of highly acclaimed NORCROSS HIGH in Georgia

11. GEORGETOWN 19-5: Don't look now...the BLUEDUDE Told you.....WRIGHT and FREEMAN are the best backcourt in the BIZ

12. SYRACUSE 20-6: So goes SCOPP JARDINE and KRIS goes the's that simple

13. WISCONSIN 19-5: They do what they do and BO RYAN does what he BEAT US

14. PURDUE 19-5: Only if MOORE and JOHNSON had HUMMELL........they would be FINAL FOUR Bound...REALLY

15. ARIZONA 19-5: Watch SEAN MILLER and Thad MATTA Clone.......JOSIAH TURNER of SAC TOWN reporting in FAll 2011

16. LOUISVILLE 19-6: PITINO and the CARDS need toi get HEALTHY and FAST before they look up and it's the KENTUCKY DERBY in town

17. FLORIDA 20-5: BILLY D riding out SENIOR Big Men PARSONS and TYUS...and rightfully so

18. MISSOURI 19-6: Only if TEXAS and KANSAS were in another Conference,,,,STILL Coach Anderson and his group poised to make a run

19. KENTUCKY 17-7: FRESHMAN need to buy into playing TEAM DEFENSE....forget scoring the BALL....GET A STOP 'CATS

20. UNC 18-6: Youth Movement paying off......MARSHALL, BARNES, and HENSON starting to show why they were 5 STARS

OTHERS in the BLUEDUDE'S consideration:


MARCH MADNESS around the CORNER...if anything needs FIXIN'......better FIX IT

Friday, February 11, 2011

DIALING 2,561 from DOWNTOWN......CELTICS GUARD Ray ALLEN gets NBA Record for 3pt. Fg'S Made..2,561 passing PACER Great REGGIE MILLER

WALTER RAY ALLEN of the Boston CELTICS passed the GREAT Indiana PACER Guard Reggie MILLER for the all-time leader in 3pt. FG'S made with 2,561last night vs the LOS ANGELES LAKERS.

I remember when Ray was a promising Recruit out of Dalzell, South Carolina HILLCREST HS rated Top 40 in all of high school basketball. A sweet-shooting prospect that the Connecticut HUSKIES and JIM CALHOUN Landed as their #1 Recruit that year.

Ray was an absolute star the minute he landed on the CONNECTICUT Campus in Storrs, CT. He was an All-American and was 1995-96 1st Team All-American and Big East PLAYER of the YEAR. The most prestigious honor RAY received that year was USA BASKETBALL'S Male Athlete of the YEAR Award.

Drafted in 1996 by the MInnesota TIMBERWOLVES and traded on Draft Day to the Milwaukee BUCKS for the T'WOLVES rights to Stephen MARBURY......360 Degrees If RAY wasn't traded on Draft DAY he would have played with 2nd Year T'WOLVES Player and now Teammate Kevin "BIG TICKET" GARNETT.

Steph and Kev were top 5 PLAYERS in the USA in 1995 High School CLASS and McDonald's All-Aemricans with STEPH starring at Brooklyn NY LINCOLN HS and KEV starring at Chicago FARRAGUT HS by way of MAULDIN SC HS his first 3 years. Ray was not a MCDONALD'S All-American coming out of HS but a TOP 40 Prospect in the Country and lead HILLCREST HS to a STATE Championship.

He has always been a favorite of the BLUEDUDE'S simply because he is a fundamentally sound Ball Player with the Best shooting Strokes I have ever seen. They get no smoother then RAY aka Sugar RAY (That's what BRAND JORDAN calls Him) and/or Jesus SHUTTLESWORTH (the name given to him in the SPIKE LEE Movie...HE GOT GAME).

Ray attributes his Shooting Style to his condition of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder but it his Lifestyle that is not a prototypical Professional Athlete.

Not calling all professional Athletes bad people but Ray is a FAMILY Man, a Professionals Professional, and his non-stop work of his CHARITIES that makes him one of the best in the ASSOCIATION....PERIOD....One of his Charities is for the JUVENILE DIABETES FOUNDATION in which RAY'S Youngest SON has this condition.

As WALTER RAY ALLEN adds to his Record, passing Future Hall Of Famer REGGIE MILLER of the Indiana PACERS, he has one more year at about $10 Million that is a PLAYER Option with the CELTICS....and I am Sure if the Win a CHAMPIONSHIP......the man Brand Jordan calls SUGAR RAY and SPIKE calls Jesus SHUTTLESWORTH will be back in the BUILDING next year.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

DUKE tops UNC after down 16.....'MELO might be in DENVER after all...BULLS get JAZZ in BOOZ Return...KNICKS and CP3 2012..YEAH RIGHT

The Youngsters on the University of North Carolina's Men's Basketball Team are starting to figure it out. The HEELS, starting 2 freshman, 2 sophomores, and a junior, took it right to the Host BLUE DEVILS and were leading by 16 at one point only to give the lead up and lose to DUKE 79-73.

Tyler Zeller lead the HEELS with 24 and 13 while DUKE All-American and all everything Guard Nolan SMITH lead the DEVILS with a career-high 34 points. It's disappointing for the young HEELS because that is huge confidence builder if they could've won the game.

COACH K and his Group now have a 2 game lead a little over halfway through the ACC Season.

CARMELO ANTHONY has now backtracked a little in his statements of wanting to be traded as he says he is OPEN to signing the $65 Million offer the NUGGETS proposed to him last summer. YEAH RIGHT ' must have had a relative call you n they have no JOB and are looking for work. I know you want to win but in this economy $65 Million is over the top and hard to pass up.

But the realization of this whole 'MELO I WANT TO GET OUT OF TOWN FAST Scenario is that 'MELO has realized he isn't LEBRON and there will be no more DECISIONS Made with a NATIONAL TELEVISION Audience......SIGN the CONTRACT DAWG

In his first time back to where he established himself as one of the best young POWER Forwards in the game, BULLS F CARLOS BOOZER and with a little help from Derrick ROSE, beat the JAZZ in the Energy Solutions Arena 91-86 to quiet all the BOOS that were aimed at BOOZER.

See Booz was a really good player in UTAH but it's the games missed over 6 seasons that had the JAZZ crowd on edge and rightfully so. Now the BULLS get back on the winning track to try to make their AFTER THE ALL-STAR Break Push.

ONLY IN NEW YORK CITY.....the KNICKS still think they will be the favorite in the SERVICES for one New Orleans PG CHRIS CP3 Paul in the 2012 Free Agent Signing Period.

Look KNICKS.......before you get to that point there will be a whole lot of red tape or should I say TEAL Tape.The biggest Piece to see if CP3 is even testing the MARKET will be if Partner in Crime F DAVID WEST decides enough is enough and he leaves. When WEST leaves then the KNICKS will be on the CLOCK....if he doesn't.....KNICKS pick another store to shop at....the one in the NAWLINS' is closed for Business.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Temporary Seating Sections, Long Security Lines, and very POOR STADIUM MANAGEMENT made SUPER BOWL 45 a Complete Wreck for most FANS.

Over 1,250 were displaced as the Temporary Seating Area of COWBOY STADIUM was not available for some unforeseen blunders in putting the seats together.

The FANS also were saying that the Security Lines, and some tickets had to be activated at locations outside the stadium , and the area of Temporary Seating was not completed and deemed unsafe to the general public.

This is NOT JERRY'S World and now there is a Class-Action Suit of about 1,000 Fans saying they were decieved in not getting seats or inadequate seats.......WOW........One fan was reportedly saying he spent about $800 apiece for 2 tickets and never got to his seats and was never givin' anything by any NFL OFFICIALS Free as once reported by the NFL.

Basically the law-suit states people did not get what they were told they were getting. The Suit is about $5 Million in actual damages for the plaintiffs. my Sources say that that number can triple by state's trade law.

Initially the NFL said that those Fans were to get 3 times that value of the tickets to be totaled at $2,400 and a trip to Next Year SUPER BOWL along with free merchandise and food.

But JERRY JONES promised FANS that they would have the best sight lines in the History of Super Bowls and they got nothing close to that. What a mess.......and you know what they say everything is Bigger in TEXAS.........F*** TEXAS.

And I guess if you were a PACKER FAN and that happened to you all is well right......BUT if you are a STEELER FAN like the BLUEDUDE.........this S*** only happens in COWBOY'S LAND...AMERICA'S TEAM...and just like the Good OLE' US of A...we can mess up a WET DREAM Sometimes.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ALBERT and CARDS need to get Deal DONE......'MELO will be in LA or NY by week's end.....PACKERS extend Contracts ...HALLE BERRY what now BOO BOO?

The BLUEDUDE'S Bulletin to the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS........get ALBERT PUJOLS under Contract or you will be average at best for a long time.

Arguably the best BASEBALL Player if not HITTER in all of Baseball can't get a deal done with his team and ALBERT has said all along we need to get something done before the Season or I will be Opening up to FREE AGENCY next season.

Potential Suitors for PUJOLS Services are as follows:

BRONX BOMBERS: Lost out on LHP CLIFF LEE and didn't get another prized free-Agent this season

BO SOX: Last year contracts for J. D. Drew, David ORTIZ, Jonathan PAPELBON, Adrian BELTRE, and Tim WAKEFIELD....will have DOLLARS to spend on PUJOLS

NORTHSIDERS: CUBS have bout $60 million coming off the book at the end of Season.....and the RICKETTS' said they will spend if it's right.....PUJOLS would kill REDBIRD NATION with that signing

HALOS: LA MARKET is HUGE and SCOSCIA and the ANGELS are very enticing as ALBERT has said he like SOUTHERN CALI

DODGERTOWN: LA MARKET Again.....and one of the Most Historic Franchises in the GAME ....MANNY, FURCAL, and and trade to get 1B JAMES LONEY outta there would put ALBERT with a core of ETHIER and KEMP...not too bad

AMAZINS': METS will have the CASH....well if the Recent PONZI SCHEME between the OWNERS won't kill them....good spot for ALBERT...GOTHAM CITY

REDBIRDS you are officially on the JUMBOTRON in CENTERFIELD........LET'S make a DEAL to keep ALBERT in the LOU

MOVING ON.......LAKERS need to shake something up and they know, players know it, and the FANS know it. Not you don;t make deals because the FANS want a deal but the LAKESHOW may have something here that could give the whole NBA a MEGABUSTER Deal before this month's TRADE DEADLINE.

Lakers want to send Center ANDREW BYNUM to the NUGGETS for CARMELO ANTHONY......LAKERS would also throw in either RON RON ARTEST or Lamar ODOM....NUGGETS want neither....

KNICKS get wind of what the LAKESHOW is trying to do and OWNER/PRESIDENT James DOLAN who is never in the Forefront of negotiations is personally talking to NUGGETS Owner Stan KROENKE about a DEAL for 'MELO that would include Wilson CHANDLER and other KNICKS, and Probably the Timberwolves and Rockets...

'MELO is only going to the 3 Biggest Markets....CHI-TOWN, LA LA LAND, or GOTHAM CITY....PERIOD...c'mon BULLS.....make something happen...NOW....Tommorrow is not promised....RIGHT....either are Larry O'BRIEN Trophies

Reports out of GREEN BAY have the PACKERS extending contracts of Head Coach Mike MCCARTHY and General MANAGER Ted THOMPSON.......what a SUPER BOWL RUN and let me ask this question.........

Is THOMPSON the same guy that wanted FAVRE to move on and pushed him out the Door.....LOOK PACKER FANS......THAT'S why these guys get paid the BIG BUCKS they seem to know what they are doing and QB AARON RODGERS was behind FAVRE some 3 FULL SEASON before getting his shot......THAT WAS THE PLAN ....LEARN From FAVRE....and we will go with AARON in ABOUT 3-4 SEASONS.........

That move got the PACKERS a LOMBARDI and they are not done....WOW....CHICAGO doesn't look good for the FUTURE......REALLY......LAMBEAU BOYS are loaded and primed to make a run for years to come.

ACTRESS HALLE BERRY is at it again......this time a nasty CUSTODY BATTLE over DAUGHTER......I am going to leave the KIDS out.....But hear me out:

LESSON 1: Don't threaten an EX when you are done with him and he gos to someone else

LESSON 2: PULLING the RACE CARD now.....saying Daughter's DAD doesn't want her to be called BLACK.....HALLE you get no sympathy here BOO BOO

LESSON 3: 1st time ACCIDENT....2nd time MISTAKE........3 or more of the same issues.......YOU NEED TO LOOK YOURSELF in the MIRROR and SAY SELF I need to be BETTER PERSON and quit WHINING about every little thing...But you won't HALLE...BECAUSE you don't get it...... BEAUTY is only SKIN DEEP HONEYSUCKLES.......has it ever occurred to you that you are the PROBLEM...because you are.....

NOW back to real world S*** She is always complaining about NUTHIN.

Monday, February 7, 2011

15 players on Injured Reserve........Needed Wins in Weeks 15, 16, and 17 to get in WORLD CHAMPS.....THE PACK

Everyone was picking the PACKERS to win the Super Bowl anyway. So for most of the Steelers Doubters the STEL CURTAIN played right into most people's perception of the game....HIGH SCORING....PACKERS WIN......LOW SCORING....STEELERS WIN.

I will say this....IT'S REAL SIMPLE PEOPLE.....when you lose the TURNOVER BATTLE and one of them turnovers leads right into the will lose every time in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE........and that's simply what happened.

You can say PACKERS Recievers dropped a lot of passes, and the PACKERS Injuries to WOODSON and DRIVER were devastating to the point that the PACKERS should have lost to the MIGHTY STEELERS........NO.......those 2 things are not TURNOVERS.

The BLUEDUDE is not blaming BIG BEN Roethlisberger who I think is a TOP 5 QB and the BEST QB with the ball in his hands under 2 minutes........... and it isn't even close. But that's the way the BALL bounces sometimes.......and HATS OFF to the PACKERS.....they are one helluva football team and built to make more runs.

To MIKE McCARTHY, Ted THOMPSON, and Mark MURPHY I believed in you 4 years ago when you made that move....YOU KNOW WHAT MOVE the BLUEDUDE is talking about.......EARTH doesn't revolve around 1 guy and never will #4. I knew they had something in RODGERS and just didn't know what that something was............NOW as a HUGE STEELER FAN.....I KNOW NOW.........he is HELLA TIGHT and HELLA COOL for CALI KID playing up in LAMBEAU.

LOOKING to next year for the PACK when they get all those guys that were hurt back.....they are the BLUEDUDE'S FAVORITE for the NFC Crown again...and looking at the rest of the NFC...........YOU BETTER START OTA'S NOW....the PACK is in the BUILDING to STAY...and now they have the LOMBARDI back's going to HARD to get that thing back outta there.

PACKERS CORE of RODGERS, JENNINGS, MATTHEWS, RAJI, COLLINS, a really good OFFENSIVE LINE that might lose Tackle CHAD CLIFTON....the PACK will do some damamge and will go 13-3 mext year....write it down.

COUNTING.......4 LOMBARDI'S....and 13 World CHAMPIONSHIPS all together counting the 9 from the old NFL....simply MAGNIFICIENT PACK.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


It will be a good game but I don't think it will be as close as everyone is predicting. The Green Bay PACKERS march into SUPER BOWL 45 with a very hot Offense and a stellar DEFENSE. They have Aaron RODGERS who in my opinion is a TOP 5 QB in the LEAGUE.

Take that in consideration and a very stout and hungry to prove something DOM CAPERS Outfit on D the PACK will be a tough out. But hold on CHEESE HEADS have you seen the REAL STEELERS in Crunch Time? is a sight to be hold...ask them CRAB CAKE Boyz over in MARYLAND......heck if we weren't doing what we do RAY LEWIS would be working on his 3rd TITLE.....REAL TALK.

Now here are the TOP 10 reasons the STEELERS will have their 3rd LOMBARDI in 7 Seasons:

10. PACKERS BRATS and CHEESE Trucks are stuck in the Snow back in the MIDWEST at an undisclosed location and waving YELLOW TOWELS for HELP.

9. PACKERS should have switched Hotels on SATURDAY ...FIRE ALARM goes off SUNDAY at 5am at their hotel in IRVING TEXAS.....some onlookers say they saw LeBEAU and CAPERS at a LATE Dinner in LOWER GREENVILLE AREA of DALLAS

8. PACK COACH Mike MCCARTHY is caught by TMZ with a TERRIBLE TOWEL in his Back POCKET ( A native of the 'BURGH) eating with his FAMILY

7. Clay MATTHEWS is upset on game day because their is no HEAD & SHOULDERS to wash his HAIR in his Hotel ROOM.

6. AJ HAWK admits to a Hotel Employee he was a huge STEELER Fan growing up in OHIO.....and came to OSU because of SANTONIO ex-STEELER.......hmmmmmm

5. DOM CAPERS has his HAIR Toupee off to the left on the BUS RIDE over to STADIUM and doesn't realize it until he takes off the Fresh KANGOL he is sporting when he sees Jerry JONES........JERRY SAYS to CAPERS," Everything is WIG in TEXAS". Jerry laughing and CAPERS is looking like.........Your Team ain't it FOOL.

4. CHARLES WOODSON gets his wish and Meets PRESIDENT OBAMA......but WOODSON meant at the WHITE HOUSE not New COWBOY STADIUM..... DAMN BARACK you got to be BRIGHTER THAN THAT DAWG WOODSON says to himself.

3. Nose Tackle BJ RAJI drops an ounce in front of his locker and PACKERS BRASS see's wrapped up in BOSTON COLLEGE PAPER.........HMMMMMMMM...I wonder what that ounce is....BJ did fail a DRUG TEST at B C didn't he? ......LOL

2. Rumor gets out via TWITTER that the PACKERS Super Bowl PLAYBOOK is on the SMOKING GUN dot com...of course TMZ is reporting more BS

AND THE #1 REASON the PACKERS will LOSE SUPER BOWL 45........PACKERS Equipment Managers see the STEELERS BUSES Pull up and then run back to the PACKERS LOCKER ROOM and Yell,"GUYS! BIG BEN is HERE and he is F***** Laughing at something as He got off the BUS", Equipment Manager looks at PACK COACH McCARTHY and says," what are we going to do", COACH Says," GIVE HIM THIS".............the TERRIBLE TOWEL McCARTHY has had all week in his back pocket

GO STEELERS................the BLUEDUDE doesn't need any CHEESE....... but it is 7 before 11 not 7 ELEVEN......BLACK AND YELLOW

Running Back MARSHALL FAULK leads the CLASS of 2011 into CANTON..... Thanks to the AZTECS of San Diego STATE University who saw RB not DB

The CLASS of 2011 for the NFL Hall Of FAME was announced early Saturday Evening and 1st Ballot Inductees were Marshall FAULK and Deion SANDERS. The rest of the Class was no slouch starting with Tight End Shannon SHARPE, Defensive End Richard DENT, NFL FILMS Founder and PRESIDENT Ed SABOL, and Linebackers Les RICHTER and Chris HANBURGER.

Leading off with a kid from New Orleans that was being heavily recruited by All Major Division 1's as a Defensive Back and only one school promised him he would be a TAILBACK, Mid-Major San Diego STATE University AZTECS.

From the time he stepped onto the stage at SDSU he was light out and on his way to become an All-American and a 1st round selection in the NFL by the Indianapolis COLTS.

He was a COLT for Peyton MANNING'S rookie year in 1998 but then traded away to the St. LOUIS Rams so the COLTS could make way for one EGDERRIN JAMES. An excellent Running Back at INDY and was vital to them becoming respectable before MARSHALL LEFT for the LOU.

In ST. LOUIS little did we know that he would become the focal point of an outfit called "The GREATEST Show on TURF". Lead Actors Marshall, Kurt WARNER, Isaac BRUCE, Az-Zahir Hakim, and Tory Big GAME HOLT with Executive Producer Mike MARTZ now the Chicago BEARS Offensive Coordinator.

The GREATEAST SHOW on TURF brought the RAMS and MARSHALL a SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONSHIP Win over the Tennessee TITANS and almost a BACK to BACK CHAMPIONSHIP if it wasn't for an UPSET in the next SUPER BOWL by some Guys named Tom BRADY, Bill BELICHEK, and the NEW ENGLAND Patriots.

Marshall was the First to become the Prototype Complete Back that was a factor in both running and the passing games. #28 still holds the NFL Record For Yardage from Scrimmage with over 2,500 yards in 1 season. Just a simply one of the best runners you ever saw with the VISION and the best Reciever on that team with his route running and other back has yet to match MARSHALL'S Impact except maybe Ex-EAGLE and now 49ER Brian WESTBROOK, who in his Prime was a little like MARSHALL in a sense he was the EAGLES Best Running Back and Wide Reciever.

Well-Deserved for the kid from the N O that at least in most recruiters eyes was a Defensive Back..........thanks to the AZTECS of San Diego STATE University..........they saw something in MARSHALL others had no feel for.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We all would like Super Bowl 45 to start off with a bang and be very entertaining. But watching these TEAMS closely it's QB Play but more so the DEFENSE dictates the game for both of these teams.

We start at the TOP with 2 guys who served on STEELERS then Head Coach Bill COWHER and his Staff on DEFENSE. In 1992 COWHER had PACKERS DEFENSIVE Coordinator Dom CAPERS as Defensive COORDINATOR and one Dick LeBEAU as the Defensive Backs Coach. This is where the 3-4 Zone Blitz started to make its name.

CAPERS implemented the 3-4 style Zone Blitz with LebEAU being a SECONDARY guy when he played with the Detroit LIONS started to employ the BACK END tactics in the 3-4 zone-blitz. Put those 2 minds together you have what many think now the PROTOTYPE Defense to stop Multiple WR, Multiple Formations, and SPREAD Offensive Sets.

Remember just like Offenses become innovative o do the Defenses and they are always trying to catch up with each other. And if you look at the STATS for both of these Defenses the print doesn't lie.

STEELERS very stout against the RUN (#1 in the NFL Against the Run 62.8 YPG) and what the STEELERS want to do is make you as an Offense one dimensional where they now can dictate what you do Offensively.

The PACKERS are giving up around 114 Plus YPG on the ground but rank 5th against the PASS with only giving up 194.2 YPG in the air. So the PACK do it a little differently as their back end is the strength of the SQUAD led by Pro-Bowlers CB Charles WOODSON and S Nick COLLINS.

But to have these Defenses be efficient and work it starts with the 3 Down lineman and the 4 Line backers.

The STEELERS roll with the 2 Rush LB in James HARRISON and Lamar WOODLEY with NT Casey HAMPTON manning the middle. Pro Bowler Brett KEISEL at one Defensive End who is a a duel threat against the PASS and the RUSH. The STEELERS also have their captain and 14 year Vet MLB James FARRIOR and 4th year Breakout LB Lawrence TIMMONS who will be the fastest LB on the FIELD SUNDAY counting both squads.

The STEELERS D is anchored by 2010 NFL Defesnive Player of the Year S Troy POLAMALU and the last time these 2 teams hooked up for a 39-38 STEELERS Victory TROY was not available for that game. The STEELERS D is way more efficient and have a huge turnover margin when he is in there.

The PACKERS do it with NT BJ RAJI and 2 stellar Defensive Tackles in Cullen JENKINS (Brother Kris JENKINS is NT for the JETS put on IR the 1st Game of the SEASON vs RAVENS with torn ACL) and 2005 Free Agnet Pick up from the RAMS and OHIO STATE Buckeye Ryan PICKETT.

The STAR of the Defense or Difference Maker is 2nd Year OLB/Rush End Clay MATTHEWS of USC fame. But don;t forget the 2 inside guys in AJ HAWK and DESOMD BISHOP who have playing at a high level all season long. MATTHEWS was runner-up in the NFL Defensive Player of the YEAR Award Race and is a true non-stop, always motor running don't stop until you hear the whistle Linebacker. DAD CLAY the Second played for the BROWNS and FALCONS for 100 Years and Hall of FAME UNCLE Bruce played 200 the BLOODLINE is there and Younger Brother CASEY (OREGON DIUCK) will be one of the Top OLB'S drafted this get where the BLUEDUDE is going with this one.

In a NUTSHELL the game will be decided by which DEFENSE can make the most plays or get that important stop. They say CAPERS and LeBEAU have at least one Lunch together every year at the Scouting Combine.....You think they will be hanging out at the COMBINE after this one......Sure they will......LOSER PICKS UP THE TAB

NFL HEAD and BLUEDUDE HEADS ............the 3-4 ZONE-BLITZ will be on Display in its PUREST FORM Sunday.....from the ORIGINATORS and INNOVATORS.............ENJOY

Friday, February 4, 2011

BLUEDUDE'S Favorite recipes for SUPER BOWL 45......Not the USUAL SUSPECTS.....including some RESTAURANT Picks

I know everyone is looking for Something different for the SUPER BOWL as far as Food and Snack Ideas. Here are some of the Recipes straight from the BLUEDUDE for SUPER BOWL 45.......not included measurements........requirements......need to know how to get down in the KITCHEN........


GROUND BEEF 2lbs (80-20)
NACHO CHEESE DIP in a jar (4 jars) approx
TACO Seasoning for meat
Refried BEANS in a can (3-16 oz CANS) preferred Traditional

On the SIDE
Jalapenos (Sliced)
Tomatoes (Sliced and Diced)
Sour Bream
Shredded Lettuce
Nacho CHIPS (Preferably CORN CHIPS ie Tostitos Brand Etc)

Directions: Brown the 2lbs or so of ground beef in a skillet. Drain meat in strainer. Add Packets of TACO Seasoning to meat and cover and simmer.

Open RefRIED BEans in the CAn and add salt and black pepper for flavor in a saucepan or in a plastic bowl for MICROWAVE. Using a Square Deep dish Rectangle PAN put Refried BEANS around the edges and sides of the PAN and then fill rest of beans in the Middle. POUR in GROUND BEEF starting in the Middle and spread to sides and edges. Then Pour over NACHO CHEESE QUESO covering the top. READY TO SERVE.



4-6 Boxes of Seasoned Southwestern Chicken STRIPS
FLOUR TACO SHELLS around 40 Shells..... not FAJITA or BURRITO
Real Oscar Meyer BACON BITS in PACKAGE
32 OZ bag of CHIHUAHUA Cheese or Monterrey Jack ........the More CHEESE the better
GREEN and RED Chile Sauce

Mix the CHEESE, SLiced ONIONS, SLICED JALAPENOS, and BAcon BITS in a plastic bowl. DICE CHICKEN up seperatley and put it in it's own bowl.

Use a flat skillet with oil and lay down one flour shell in skillet adding about a handful of cheese mix bowl contents in the center of shell. using about a enough chicken to cover the middle of shell and spread out over the shell and then put another shell over the ingredients. Brown on one side then flip to other side browning that side.

Remove QUESADILLA from skillet and then cut into 4 parts. Put QUESADILLA on plate setting with your shredded lettuce, sour cream, guacamole, and tomatoes......READY TO SERVE


5 slabs of pork BABYBACKS
SOAK slabs overnight in FRIDGE in water/apple vinegar solution over night. 4 parts water 1 part vinegar APPROX 8-12 Hours
Remove SLABS from FRIDGE and place on cutting boards


RIB RUB from anywhere NEELEY'S, FAMOUS DAVE'S, MOO & OINK etc. at your local grocer ( I cheat sometimes to cut down on PREP TIME with RIB RUB)
The BLUEDUDE'S RIB RUB usually consist of BRWON SUGAR, Kosher SALT, Paprika, Garlic, Chili POWDER, Lemon PEPPER, Black Pepper, Basil, Thyme



Place RIB RACK inside of GRILL
Set SLABS one by one in RIB RACK SLOTS

MAKE A BOWL of the RIB RUB, BROWN SUGAR, and SEASON SALT mixed in WATER for occasionally wetting RIBS DOWN TO KEEP THEM MOIST. about every 25-30 minutes. Occasionally turning SLABS every 1:15 hr on other side.

With a good fire apprx cook time 4-5 hrs

Some of the BLUEDUDE'S FAVORITE'S now Some Nice CARRY-OUTS for the BIG GAME:

WING STOP 475 different locations in US and MEXICO
Seasoned fresh-cut fries, Yeast Rolls, Cajun Flavored Wings

deep dish pizza

Party trays


SOME of the BLUEDUDE'S Favorites but you might have to be in the CHICAGO LAND AREA to get some of these but the recipes ENJOY

SUPER BOWL 45.........STEELERS VS PACKERS....or is it ROETHLISBERGER vs RODGERS.......QB Breakdown.....and who I think has the edge moving forward

The Super Bowl comes down to 2 key things but is one more important than the other. I would think considering if that one thing your talking about is Quarterback Play.

This Super Bowl has 2 stifiling Defenses but in the end it will come down to which QB can make more plays than the other. Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben Roethlisberger both have been through the fire with Rodgers and the Brett Favre Saga and BIG Ben through some well-documented issues off the field.

Perhaps looking at both QB'S let's get the Statistical Breakdown and who has the edge in the BIG GAME:

Aaron RODGERS 6-2 225lbs Throws Right Age 27

54 Games 1,611 Attempts 1,038 Completions 64.4% pct Comp

12,723 total yards 235.6 YPG 87 TD'S 98.4 QB Rating 124 Sacks


2009 4,434 Yds Passing 277.1 YPG 30 TD'S 103.2 QB Rating

NOTE: Has been the hottest by far QB in the PLAYOFFS with the ability to go outside the Pocket and make plays and also an uncanny ability to make throws across his body which most QB'S are told not to do. Maybe the Quickest release in the Game today just a pure nightmare for opposing defenses.

Has arguably the best WR Corp in the Game today with Jennings, Driver, Jones, and Jermichael FINLEY (who is on IR for the Season)

Had the luxury of sitting behind and learning from the great Brett Favre from 2005-2007 seasons. And came right into the fire in 2008 throwing for over 4,000 yards and erasing any doubters of the Favre-Less PACKERS.

BIG Ben ROETHLISBERGER 6-5 250lbs PLUS Throws Right Age 28

99 Games 2,800 Attempts 1,766 Completions 63.1% pct Completion

22,502 total yards 227.3 YPG 144 TD'S 92.5 QB Rating SACKS 274 Leads Planet EARTH


2009 4,328 Yards Passing 288.5 YPG 26 TD'S 100.4 QB Rating

NOTE: For what ever reason BIG BEN is never or not often enough mentioned with the elite QB'S in the BIZ. Maybe because he does it BACKYARD SANDLOT Style it is nvere or hardly a petty piece of work but all he does is WIN at a very HIGH Level and has 2 Lombardi's and working on a 3rd in just 7 seasons. Who else has done that feat outside of Tom BRADY.

Leads PLANET EARTH in being SACKED 274 times but 35% of those sacks are from his STYLE of holding the BALL too long and the POCKET Finally collapsing.

But to the STEELERS Credit that style has worked for BIG BEN and the STEELERS to the Tune of 60-26 Regular Season record and 8-2 in the PLAYOFFS....NUMBERS DON'T lie.....and BIG BEN has 2 Rings to show for that record.

So NOW THE QUESTION IS WHO WINS SUNDAY'S BIG GAME?......... The BLUEDUDE is rolling with the GUY with Unflappable Confidence and an UNHUMANLIKE ability to make the PLAYS when need be under all kinds of duress....BIG BEN....Rodgers has arrived but for this stage BIG BEN will take it to another level and at the end of the day.....BIG BEN will join AIKMAN and BRADY as the only 3-Time Super Bowl Winners

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CARMELO, CP3, CARON BUTLER, and ZACH RANDOLPH to name a few.......not the total impact of 2010 CLASS....but there are some PIECES

Looking at the 2011 NBA Free AGENT Class it is not by any means the 2010 NBA Free Agent Class.....but with the right fit...there are some pieces in this class.

The Biggest Fish in the POND is CARMELO ANTHONY of the Denver NUGGETS. A few weeks ago he was surefire to go to the NJ NETS but the DEAL was taking to long to transpire and NETS Owner Phrokorov killed the deal by saying just that.

"MELO will have some options as he is an EARLY TERMINATION Contract Player and is due to make next year $18.5 Million. He has already turned down some $20 plus million per for the next 3 years the NUGGETS put on the TABLE last summer. There will be a few suitors for MR. ANTHONY and without a doubt they will be in the EASTERN CONFERENCE.

The BLUEDUDE list by Position of top 4-5 Free AGENTS for the Summer of 2011:

Point Guard:

1. Aaron BROOKS Houston Restricted $3 million Qualifying Offer for next season
2. Rodney STUCKEY Detroit Restricted $3.9 million Qualifying Offer for next season
3. Mo WILLIAMS Cleveland $8.3 Early Termination option for next season

Shooting Guard:

1. Ray ALLEN Boston Player Option $10 million
5. Arron AFFALO Denver Restricted $2.9 million qualifying offer
6. CJ MILES Utah Team Option $3.7 million
7. Wilson CHANDLER New York $3.1 million Qualifying offer

Small Forward:

1. Carmelo ANTHONY Denver $18.5 Early termination Offer
4. Thaddeus YOUNG Philadelphia Restricted $4 million qualifying Offer

Power Forward:

1. Tim DUNCAN San Antonio $21.1 million Early Termination Offer
2. David WEST New Orleans $7.5 million Early Termination Offer
3. Zach RANDOLPH Memphis Unrestricted
4. Jeff GREEN OK City $5.9 million Qualifying Offer
5. Glen DAVIS Boston Unrestricted


1. NENE Denver $11.6 Early Termination Offer
6. Greg ODEN Portland Restricted $8.8 Qualifying Offer

As mentioned before not the class of 2010 but there are some nice pieces. The Impact positions are Small Forward and Shooting Guards.