Tuesday, April 30, 2013

BICKELL with the Game-Winner...CRAWFORD playing 24-7-365 LOCKDOWN in the Net "ICE Program"...Forget "Drive Home Safely"...hit your Local Water-Hole then drive Home safely...HAWKS Win! HAWKS Win!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison..HAWKS up on WILD 1- NIL

The Blackhawks will make you go through all the refreshments, the cooler, and whatever else you had at your BlackHawks Game 1 Party. In the end it was all worth it as the Hawks go up 1-0 on a feisty Wild Bunch winning on a Bickell Goal more than halfway through the 1st overtime period.

The Blackhawks knew coming in it was going to be tough as the Wild struck first just 5 minutes in frame one. Hawks Winger Marian Hossa then struck in Period two and tied the game up. Then both goalies were going at it stop after stop as the Wild Goalie Josh Harding wasn't even suppose to play if it wasn't for starting Wild Net Minder Niklas Backstrom getting hurt during warm-ups. That was fool's gold for Hawks Nation as Harding more than rose to the occasion stopping some 35-37 shots and that second on that went in was inevitable.    

The Hawks Net Minder Corey Crawford like during the season played "Warden of the Madhouse on Madison" stopping everything but the Suns flowing from Concessions. Crawford stopped 26 of 27 shots as the Hawks will go to Ray Emery for game Two as the Hawks have been telling everyone in Ice Games all season..."Two Net Minders are better than your one".

The game played out like both suspected tight checking and fundamental play in the zones and that's Ice Games Winning Time Hockey to boot. No Team will give you an easy one and if they do and you capitalize that same problem will not happen the rest of the series. Hawks out shot the Wild 37-26 including a barrage of the "Frozen One" in the 3rd frame.

Hawks now will face the Wild in Game two on Friday May 3 at 930pm ET...at the MAdhouse on Madison.

#FrozenTalkHAWKS only at Bluedude Sportstalk from the Bluedude     

NUGS lead from start to finish and hold serve as GSW makes a run late...IGGY, TY, and the MANimal go Double-Double for the Big 2-Liter Nation...#NUGSbiz Gm 5 Recap...Back to Planet Oracle for Game 6

The Denver Nuggets didn't need a "Rudy Speech" nor did they need their Captains to stand up as it was all out in front of them versus the Warriors tonight.

After jumping out to their largest lead midway through Frame 2 the Nugs hold on from a late #DUBnation surge to beat the Warriors 107-100 as six Nugget Players hit double figures. Iggy of Mile High goes man-sized with 25 points, twelve rebounds, and seven assists. Following his lead on the Stat Sheet was Ty Lawson with 19 points and ten assists with the "MANimal" Faried adding 13 points and ten rebounds. 2013 hot free agent to be Wilson "Dr. Chandler" Chandler also went for 19 points as the Nugs needed to get him going as well as the "Brew Crew" Corey Brewer. The Nugs for once in the Series played physical hoop and matched the Warriors from the Arc making ten money balls to GSW's 11 money balls. That was the big difference as the Warriors have been the more physical team.

GSW was led by Rook Harrison Barnes 23 points and nine boards with Jack adding 20 points, Klay-T 19 points, and Young Steph 15 points and eight helpers. The Warriors didn't help their cause in the 1st half being down 14 after one and 20 at he break. They played a way better 2nd half but by then they expended too much energy try to cut the deficit. Now there is more work to do as they must close the Nugs out at Planet Oracle or winning a game seven and their 2nd game of the series on the #1 Home Court in the Logo will virtually be impossible.

Nugs handle biz and now the pressure is definitely on the Warriors in Game 6....        

SUNDAY TALK with a Draft Board of #BirdGang in RED ZONE...the 2013 Draft Picks of the ARIZONA CARDINALS #ISeeAHoneyBadger

The Arizona Cardinals usher in the Bruce Arians Show as the #BirdGang shock the 2013 NFL Draft by doing something no Team would have done until at least the 4th round. We will get to that but since Arians has come over he solidified the QB Slot by getting Former Black Hole QB Carson Palmer and getting rid of that on-going Red Zone Science Project commonly known at Bluedude Sportstalk as the "Kevin Kolb" Red Zone Science Project. Then the Cards go get Ex-Steelers RB Shard Mendenhall has he tries to resurrect his career as Arians had him in the 'Burgh.

The Cardinals has needs at Backers, Corner, Safety, D-Line, and O-Line as Palmer at QB solved their QB issues for now. Taking a look at the 2013 Inaugural Draft for New Lead Brice Arians and the #BirgGang.

Round Pick Position Player College

1 7th OG Jonathan Cooper UNC #GoHeels

2 13th ILB Kevin Minter LSU #GeauxTigers

3 7th CB Tyrann Mathieu LSU #GeauxTigers

4 6th DE Alex Okafor Texas #HookemHorns

4 19th OG Earl Warford James Madison #JMU

5 7th RB Stepfan Taylor Stanford #Farm

6 6th WR Ryan Swope #12thMan College Station

6 19th RB Andre Ellington #DeathValleyOrange

7 13th TE D.C. Jefferson Rutgers #ScarletKnights

Yes Cooper is right there on the Draft Board with 'Bama Top OG Chance Warmack and an excellent pick as the Cards will establish a run game inside the tackles.

Minter is one of eight players selected in the 2013 NFL Draft from LSU and he is the most productive as he was the Tigers Tackles lead two years in a row. A late 1st round to early 2nd draft grade.

Yes the Cards made all the noise here as they selected the often-troubled "Honey Badger"..LSU's Tyrann Mathieu who has value all over the place from the Kicking Game to Nickle Corner and even some Safety in Packages. Teammates Patrick Peterson (Pro Bowler and Top 10 2011 Cards Pick and #1 CB off the Board) and Minter also from LSU will pay close attention to Mathieu as he has a Mentor in Peterson.

Okafor was the best Texas Player in that Front Seven once OLB Jackson Jeffcoat (projected Top 15 Pick in 2014) went down. A 4-3 Technique who will be asked to play in the 3-4 technique but he is versatile.

Warford arguably the best Guard in the Colonial Athletic and another Guard as Arians eyes the Run game to soften up that middle of the D bringing Safeties up and making room for WR Fitz and Company to do some damage.  

Taylor was one of the more Complete Backs in the draft who can run, catch, and pass protect as he is a steal in Round 5.

Swope was Johnny Football's #1 Target and is had a mid-3rd round grade by many as he fell all the way to the 6th round. He is complete WR
and at 6' about 200 el bees can pick them up and put them down.

Ellington played off off big Clemson QB Taj Boyd (projected Top 30 Pick in 2014 NFL Draft and one the Nations Top QBs)  and 2013 Texans 1st round WR DeAndre Hopkins. A Shifty and thick back who can run the gap and get to the 2nd level and take it to the house. Having both Ellington and Boys gives them young talented backs to go along with Mendenhall who will be 18 months removed from ACL Surgery when Camp starts.

Jefferson is a run blocking Tight End first and he will fit in well in what the #BirdGang Offensive Philosophy is in 2013.  

The NFC West is hands down the 31 Division on Sunday as the Cards might be picked last in the division and still go 8-8 or 9-7...Real Talk. That "Honey Badger" pick took some "Sweetbreads" but they pulled it off.  

Can the GRIND House make STAPLES Blue and Red the PLAYHOUSE and head back to FED EX World Headquarters and the GRIND House up 3-2?...LOB City needs to stop the Bleeding caused by Two Bites by GRIZZLIES near the MIssissippi...#GRIZZnation @ #LOBcityClips #NBAonTNT Gm 5

The L.A. Clippers need to get back to the basics and Clips Lead Man Vinny Del Negro "VDN" needs to make the proper in-game adjustments to handle the Grizz. The Grizz need to ditto games three and four the only disadvantage they will coming out of the Motel and not coming from a home-cooked meals. The Pivotal Game 5 "W" is vital for whose looking to move into the 2nd round.

April 30, 2013
1030pm ET
Figueroa Street Gymnasium L.A....Staples Blue and Red



The New Clip Joint Front Line has to find something to slow down the Grind House Body Guards...Z-Bo and Gasol

The Grizz need to play at their pace controlling their Pace and that starts with Conley Jr. going at CP3 offensively and staying in front of him defensively

Where is that "Tribe called Clippers Bench"?...Jamal 206, Birmingham's Bledsoe, Gloria's Squeeze...Matt Barnes, Lam Lam of Khloe & Lamar, and Ryan Hollins

Can the Grizz stop all "Splash Plays" to get Staples Blue and Red's Roof to come off?

Clippers shoot a high percentage from the Arc it could be Winning Time for Game 5 as the Grizz have no Money Ball Shooters...

"Points in the Paint" and guard it like Fort Knox off Interstate 65 near Louisville, Kentucky...who will protect it the most wins Game 5.

Who puts who in the "Penalty" first and keeps attacking the Paint will have another leg up on Game 5.

Can the Clips get anything from any of their "Bigs" besides the BLAKEshow...like Holllins and DeAndre the Lob City Giant must step up and challenge @MacBO50 and Gasol

The Pivotal Game 5 and you know what its going to take...now who wants it the most?

For the Clips..."Operation STOP @MacBO50 and GASOL and get Game 5"

For the Grizz..."Operation Grindhouse takeover Staples Blue and Red"

Game Time Tonight at 1030pm ET...NBA on TNT  

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison...BLACKHAWKS vs WILD Series 1...let the ICE GAME Winning Time begin #FrozenTalkHAWKS #MINvsCHI

The Chicago Blackhawks Second Season starts tonight as they will entertain the Minnesota Wild in Series 1. The Hawks have all the makings of an eventual Lord Stanley Cup Bearer but they will need to put the same stamp in Winning Time as they did in the Regular Season capturing the President's Trophy. The Wild coming in as the eight and final seed in the West have nothing to lose and will try to use the proverbial "Shock the World". Bling Bling....

April 30, 2013
8pm ET
the Madhouse on Madison

#TwinCitiesHockey WILD @ #FrozenTalkHawks BLACKHAWKS

The Hawks will have everything in motion starting with a healthy Wingers Patrick Sharp and Marian Hossa. They have arguably the best Scoring Duo in Ice Game for 2012-13 in Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. The Vezina Trophy going to the best Net Minder in Ice Game would go to either Corey Crawford or Ray Emery but the Hawks' Cape Crusaders didn't start 30 games each to qualify for winning the Trophy.    

The Wild Key Off-Season Acquisitions of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter are good but the Wild lack enough scoring and Defense to stay with the Hawks. This is bad match up for the Wild but that's why the game will be handled on the ice. The Wild will need their 3-4 lines to come up big vs the Hawks back lines that have been lights out for the 2012-13 season. They also will need some Vezina Trophy like Net Minding and whole bunch of luck.    

The Hawks won the season series 2-0-1 and they will be looking to make quick work of the Wild, keep everyone healthy, and move onto round 2. If the Wild are to make any noise they must get Game One and that seems to be a tall order but it can be done.

Note: the Hawks has the best GAA (Goals Against Average in Ice Game for 2012-13) and only allowed 102 Goals in 48 games and do the match. Couple that with Top Fives in Shots allowed and Penalty Killing...you have "One Goal"...#FrozenTalkHawks in Winning Time.

Game Time Tonight 8pm ET......

NUGGETS hope to get the Good 2-LITER of PEPSI Center and not that Bad...#DUBnation up 3-1 @ the #NUGS for an Elimination Game for the Mile High Contingent starring TY, IGGY of Mile High, and Young STEPH #GSWvsDEN #GSWbiz #NUGSbiz #NBAonTNT

The #1 Team in the Logo after Home-Cooked Meals the Denver Nuggets find e on the bad end of an Energy Drink Dream down 3-1 as they host the GSW Warriors who have won three in a row in the series. #DUBnation will be looking to close the door on the Nuggets and the Nugs will be looking to go back to Planet Oracle to give some back what the Warriors have been putting out...Winning Time W's.

April 30, 2013
8pm ET
the Big 2-Liter...Pepsi Center

#DubNation WARRIORS vs #MileHighNuggets NUGS


The Warriors have to be able to weather all that Energy in a raucous crowd at Pepsi Center and stay the course.

The Nuggets need to channel all that energy from being down 3-1 and playing after a home-cooked meal to play smart and realize they can't get back into the series at 3-3 in one game.

Who on the Nugs can slow down "Playing on One Bad Wheel" Young Steph "Wet to Death" of #WarriorsGround?

GSW needs to slow down Ty Lawson and keep him out of the lane and force another Nugget to beat them into the paint.

The Warriors Small Line Up has he Nugs dazed and confused and can Nugs Lead Man George Karl get his Boys to snap out of this funk in time to save Game 5?

The Nugs need to force the GSW's Hand by playing the "MANimal" Faried and Javale and play "Big" on the Warriors and force that strategy.

Can GSW close the Series out and in doing so stay within striking distance the whole contest and then let GSW Play makers like Steph, Jarrett, and Klay-T do what they do with that Spalding Orange.

The Nugs need to put the pressure on the Warriors to close rather than then playing to stave off elimination. "Organized Chaos" and Former Nuggets Coach Doug Moe's Theory needs to be in the building playing helter skelter to a fault. Nugs take it back to Old McNichol's Arena on the Warriors in Game 5...Final Score Nugs 156 GSW 136.

The Nuggets have more pressure on them to get the "W" in this elimination game than the Warriors have in closing the Series. Now if the Nugs can get the "W" that's when the pressure will swing to GSW to close the Nugs out in Planet Oracle. Must-See T.V. it is in Game 5 Tonight in the Pepsi Center.      

Game Time 8pm ET NBA on TNT...

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 95 with ICE GAMES...the AVS of Colorado win the 2013 NHL Lottery Balls now will it be Defenseman SETH JONES of the Portland WINTERHAWKS as their #1 Pick #RocNationSports

The Colorado Avalanche win the 2013 NHL or known as "Ice Games" at Bluedude Sportstalk Draft Lottery over the #2 Florida Panthers and #3 Tampa Bay Lightning. The Number One consensus Player in the upcoming draft is a former NBA Player's So who was a star at the Mid-Collegiate level.

Current Brooklyn Nets Assistant Coach Popeye Jones of the Murray State Racers by way of the Dallas Mavericks among others in his playing days Son Defense man Seth Jones (pictured right) is the #1 rated North American Prospect in many circles. Jones is playing with the Portland interhawks of the WHL (Western Hockey League based in the Western Part of the US and Western Canada) as he could go number one to the Avs or at least one would think he wouldn't get out of the Top 5. The Hawks behind Jones was 1st in the WHL and for the 3rd straight season.

Now with Dad, "Popeye", being a Brooklyn Nets Coach and Sean Carter (former Nets Owner and Hip-Hop Mogul Jay-Z) starting his Roc Nation Sports Firm there has been a reported link that young Seth might sign with Jay-Z's Sports Firm. Now within a blink of an eye Hov gets Two Established Stars in Yankees Second Baseman Robbie Cano and then G-Men WR Victor Cruz and now maybe the #1 Overall Pick in the 2013 NHL Draft.

Bluedude Sportstalk and he Bluedude will be watching this closely      

Monday, April 29, 2013

YOUNGER...FASTER...FEARLESS...at least on this night #REDnation...the ROCKETS pull a "W" out of the TOYOTA Center as they head back to OKC...#YoungGunzOKC still in control of Series...REGULATORS Report OKC #Game4biz

The Houston Rockets stave off elimination pulling out all the stops including a #REDnation Tee that read, " Younger...Faster...Fearless...Rockets Basketball" good for a "W" in Game 4. The Thunder had their chances at the end as @kTREY5 tried to go "HERO" in the end and a point blank tip-in miss by "Air Congo" Thunder PF Serge Ibaka was for not. Rockets win 105-103.

Led by Chandler "Parsons in #REDnation Tree" Parson's 28 points, ten boars, and eight helpers as he played Star in a Leading Role for the Rockets Tonight. "Fear the Beard #13" had more than an off night with 15 points and ten my bad's (Turnovers) to boot. All that was bailed out by Big Omer Asik's 17 points and fourteen rebounds and PG Patrick Beverley16 points. All the Rockets Players in Supporting Roles played extremely well hence there will be a Game 5.

The Thunder get 18 points from 2nd Year PG Reggie Jackson of Chestnut Hill Mass Lore and 16 points for K-Mart of Loud City but that wasn't nearly enough. Where was Ibaka or Sefolosha's Production and those guys will be key moving forward. KD was not nice as he went for 38 points, eight rebounds, and six helpers. Thunder Vet D-Fish has 12 points and I thought you would put him to the Ball Side to the Wing at the Arc or weak side corner for a Money Ball if KD couldn't get a clean look. But that didn't happen as the Rockets put lanky and athletic Francisco Garcia on KD and he nearly turned it over.

Now there will be a Game 5 on Wednesday May 1, 2013 back in Thunder Alley as the Thunder need to get to Round 2 ASAP...

LOGO WATCH Winning Time Biz...NETS behind #BLACKOUT Nation hold serve vs #SeeRED...HAWKS taking PACERS Gold Swagger and ties it up 2-2...#NETSbiz #HAWKSbiz

The Brooklyn Nets seem to get a game effort from the Chicago Bulls until the last frame where it looked like the Bulls had nothing left. The Nets runaway from See red late to post a 110-91 "W" as the Bulls now will get much-needed rest for Thursday Nights Tilt at the Madhouse on Madison.

The Nets only up 87-84 after three frames used a 33-18 last frame to seals the deal and I said it and will say it again. If you lose in a Series don't lose the last game of the series in your house and that's exactly what the Nets did. Led by 28 points and ten rebounds from All-Star Big...Lopez and 23 points and ten helpers from the COO of the Barclays..D-Will 8 the Nets kept their composure and stayed the course.    

The Bulls get a balanced attack and a short rotation for a Team that looked like they played a few overtimes the last time they played. KRYPTOnate scored 20 points and eight assists and the See Red Butler...Jimmy was right behind Nate with 18 points but it just wasn't the Bulls night. Now they must try to get Healthy and get Captain Kirk back into the Folds for Game 6 on Thursday.

Switching Gears down to Fulton County Georgia the Atlanta Hawks tie up their Best of Seven with the "Gold Swagger" Pacers turned back into their "DBA"... Indiana Pacers Basketball Club as the Hawks win 102-91. Led by J-Smoove's Huge Double -Double of 29 points, eleven rebounds, and four helpers. Throw in 19 points by Creighton Great "K2" Kyle Korver and Big Al of the Highlight Factory Al Horford...the Hawks head back to NAPtown all knotted up.

The Pacers won't win another Game in this Series until they get back to shooting a better percentage from the field, playing sound fundamental half court and transition "D", and not committing so many fouls. Pacers All-Star Paul George led the Pacers Charge with 21 points and twelve rebounds. The pivotal Game 5 will be on Wednesday May 1 at the New Market Square Arena in Indy.  

#REDnation tries to hold on to their Winning Time LIFE...YOUNG Gunz OKC try to move onto Round 2 as Life without Uncle RUSS gets tougher...REGULATORS Report OKC Rd 1 Game 4 #OKCvsHOU #NBAonTNT...OKC up 3 - NIL

The Rockets will be running on all cylinders as its do or go home as they are in an elimination game vs OKC tonight. The Thunder is adjusting on the fly without Super Point God Russ Westbrook and if they sweep the rockets tonight the road gets even tougher in round two. "Fear the Beard" will be letting it loose tonight as will former teammate "KD is not nice" for OKC. Game 4 tonight from the Big 2014 Rav 4...the Toyota Center in downtown Rocket City.

April 29, 2013
930pm ET
Toyota Center

#RegulatorsReportOKC THUNDER vs #RedNation ROCKETS


Thunder Offensively need to get a more even flow instead of watching KD go to work and KD needs to get his teammates need keep his teammates involved. "Hero Ball" in Winning Time worked back in the 80s...but not now.

Rockets need to stay on the Attack and not settle for Jump Shots as getting to the line in the Penalty is just as good.

OKC Point Guards...Reggie and D-Fish just need to play within themselves as OKC needs no "Out of Body Experience" from neither.

Rockets front line of Asik and Parsons among others need to win the battle on the Glass as Lead Man McHale needs to go to Terrence Jones and what about PG Aaron Brooks if LINsanity is a no go?

Thunder and Rockets need to knockdown Open Looks as they are at a Premium in Winning Time...

Rockets Francisco Garcia played well but can he continue that Offensive Output (18 pts 4 asst in Game 3 and get some help from other Rockets Role Players?

Thunder needs someone else on that front line other than Serge "Air Congo" Ibaka (17 pts 12 rebs) to give the Thunder Numbers to even out the Starts Productivity.

Rockets need to keep #REDnation locked in with Money Balls and "Splash Plays" and even "Taking the Elevator" every now and then as they need the Hole Folks to crank it up.

The Rockets want to head back to OKC if its going to end you never want the last game of the season to be your home court so for the Rockets there is one would think some Rockets Pride on the Line. The Thunder need to get a sweep and start working with there New Rotation so everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Game Time 930pm ET NBA on TNT Tonight....

Will the #BLACKOUT BK Nets have a carryover from that stunning loss at the MADHOUSE on Madison?...Can the BULLS avoid the #BLACKOUT and "Roll the Credits" on the BARCLAYS for 2012-13 Inaugural Season? #CHIvsBKN #NBAonTNT #SeeRedbiz #BLACKoutbiz

The BK Nets have to forget what happened in Game 4 on the West Side Story Report and worry about going back to Chicago to get back into this Series. The Bulls stole them one and they need to capitalize on Game 4 with a huge "W" as the Champs 305 (getting rest) are waiting for their next opponent. Nets had the right game plan just didn't close the Bulls out. Bulls gave up way too many points and they need to get back to that See Red Smothering Winning Time Lead Man Thibs Defense...and that' all folks.

April 29, 2013
7pm ET

#SeeRed DaBULLS vs #Blackout NETS


Bulls must get back to Defensive Principals and not let Nets put up points like they did in Game 4 as Bulls magic numbers if 85 for Nets.

Nets have to continue the game Plan from Game 4 and this time close the deal running the COO of the Barclays...D-Will 8 and Lopez on every offensive set.

Hinrich, Nate, Marco, and even Rip Hamilton must match the Bets Offensive Output in Game 5 for the Bulls to have a chance. Bulls Front Line of Booz, Jo, and Luol will do their part.

Joe Johnson must stay aggressive from the Center Jump and quit trying to pick his spots. When he is engaged the whole 48 minutes which is hardly ever...the BK Nets are a force Offensively.

Bulls have to get the edge on the Glass...

Nets have to have an answer for Lex Luthor and KRYPTOnate....as both D-Will 8 and CJ Watson must play the Cape Crusaders on Nate....

Bulls must shoot at a 40% plus from 23 feet 9 inches..and if they do that lookout...

Nets Bench has to outplay the Bulls New "Bench Mob" 2013 and Watson, Blatche, Stack, Bogans, and Brooks in particular must make be productive behind Nets Starters...

Bulls stay on the Attack and force the Nets to put you in the Penalty early...don't settle for Jump Shots

Nets #BLACKout Nation must be "Loud and Proud" instead of "Wine and Cheese" to get their Boys back to Chi City for Game 6...Nets get out and get multiple "Splash Plays" to keep Nets Faithful engaged into Game 5.

Bulls do not want to go back to Chi City for Game 6 they would rather like to breakdown Game 1 Film for the Miami Heat. The Nets are backed into a Co
rner so do they come out like a "Honey Badger" or a NY "Pack Rat" and run....Pivotal Game 5 starts at 7pm ET on NBA on TNT.  

SUNDAY TALK with a 2013 Draft Board of #SKOLnation...the PURPLE PEOPLE load up in Round 1 as they run a TAB of hopefully heading North in the rugged NFC NORTH....#PurplePeoplebiz #SKOLNationbiz #GoVIKES

Purple People GM Rick Spielman and Lead Man and former Bears Super Bowl Champion Leslie Frazier had a game plan for round 1 and they executed as about as flawless as the Twin Cities Avenger #28...All Day A.P. hits the A-Gap. Everyone knew they had picks 23 and 25 in Round 1 but they picked some ones pocket with that #29 pick towards the end of round 1 that might have vaulted the Vikes into some NFC Winning Time.

#SKOLnation needed help and has glaring needs at D-Line, Corner, and WR. Yes they picked up ex-Packer WR Greg Jennings but they needed to fill the void of CB Antione Winfield and PercyLand USA Harvin and they did just that. Now being Rooks from a productive standpoint obviously you won't get the same production but its a whale of a start for the Vikes.

2013 #SKOLnation Draft Picks and Stand Up! Twin Cities and Vikes Nation...

Round Pick Position Player School

1 23 DT Shariff Floyd Florida

1 25 CB Xavier Rhodes Florida State

1 29 WR Cordarrelle Patterson Tennessee

4 23 OLB Gerald Hodges Penn State

5 22 Punter Jeff Locke UCLA

6 28 OG Jeff Baca UCLA

7 7 ILB Mike Mauti Penn State

7 8 OG Travis Bond UNC

7 23 DT Everett Bond Florida State

Floyd will immediately step in a presumed starter as he will be under the tutelage of former Stillwater Cowboy All-American and Perennial Pro Bowler Kevin Williams and should make an immediate impact on the Vikes D-Line.

Rhodes is the Prototype Big Corner who can run and played at CB "U" FSU with that Top 5 Nationally ranked Defense. After the Vikes lost Winfield it was inevitable to get a Corner but I think Linebacker was more of a Need as I had either ND's T'eo or UGA's Ogletree.

Patterson was all that in the Kansas Jayhawk Conference the #1 Ranked Juco Football Conference and set all kinds of Records and then went onto to Rocky Top Tennessee and ate up the SEC. Not a route Runner but a "YAC" and Explosive Player who is very elusive for his big frame. He is a Rich Man's Dwayne Bowe of the Chiefs.  

The other Picks are Depth Players except the Penn State Backers Hodges and Mauti who should get a shot at the weakest position on the Vikes D...Linebacker.

Punter Locke should be a day One Starter as well but we are talking about the Kicker now...

#SKOLnation needed talent and got some Big-Time talent on the front end....Grade A+  

"WE ARE WARRIORS" and they are now up 3-1 on the NUGGETS...#DUBnation Strikes as does Young STEPH "Wet to Death"...GSW 115 NUGS 101 #GSWbiz #NUGSbiz on #WarriorsGround

The Denver Nuggets are officially on "Ready Alert 5" as they are down 3-1 to the Golden State Warriors as they have been hit with a heavy dose of Steph Curry and a barrage of other Warriors.

Led by Point God Steph Curry's 31 points and seven assists and 21 points, nine assists, and five rebounds from Jarrett Jack the Warriors handle the Nugs 115-101. Throw in "Splash Plays" from Draymond Green and Drew Bogut the Warriors played the part forget looking the part. The Nuggets just couldn't stop or keep the crowd out of the Game. The Nugs get another stellar game from Point Guard Ty Lawson (26 points 6 helpers) and Iggy of Mile High (19 pts 8 rebs) but that wasn't nearly enough as they needed both Brew Crew and Dr. Chandler to step up and neither did.  

What doomed the Nugs was 14 My Bad's (Turnovers) in the 1st half. They ended up with 23 turnovers for the game and that was it. Couple all of that and they were -15 from the Arc and the Nuggets worst nightmare has unfolded and they are in serious trouble. Again GSW goes above 50% from the field and 40% from the Arc and that just can't happen for three game in a row or you will lose three in a row and that's what has transpired in Planet Oracle.

The Nugs and Warriors resume the Series Tuesday Night in the Big 2-Liter in Mile High City. #DUBnation riding that Wave...that Steph Curry Wave.        

LAKERS #1 SOAP..."As DWIGHT Turns" Dwight ejected, LAKERS swept, and Roll Credits Episode...SPURS make quick work of the LAKERS and move into the SEMIS...LAKEshow has 99 Problems...playing in JUNE isn't one #SPURSbiz #LAKERSbiz #DWIGHTbiz

The Lakers ended arguably their most frustrating season in Team History with expectations so high. The Spurs come into Staples Purple and Gold and do the Lakers 103-82 for the sweep and it was expected kinda sorta.

Led by the play of their star Point God TP9 of France the Spurs rolled the Lakers in four games and what else is their to say. The Lakers "Man in the Middle" Dwight Howard they needed for game four was ejected in then third frame. The Lakers were already down twenty points and one has to wonder did he exit on purpose prematurely. The Spurs move onto play the winner of the Grizz/Clips Series and he Lakers go home.

For the Lakers it has been one of them season that most wouldn't want to remember. Now the prospects of "Dwight of Three Stripes" leaving is real and its almost like Lakers Nation doesn't give a Spalding Orange what Dwight does. The Lakers have the most money to sign Howard but even they have to be thinking can he handle the "Lakers Mystique" and the 405. Kobe will be ready most likely in April 2014, NASHty a year older, Pau wondering in the paint looking for help, and GM Mitch and Lakers Decision-Maker Jim Buss pondering "What If" or "What do we do now".

As we roll the credits on the 1st season of Lakers #1 Soap "As Dwight Turns" its has been a fantastic year for Lakers Nation and the one thing you have going for you its Lakers 16 Clips Nil. Meanwhile the Lakers were led by Gasol's 16 points and eight rebounds in game four.  

Sunday, April 28, 2013

WHITE HOT stays RED HOT playing Red Heat Jerseys and advances after putting "FEAR the DEER" in Lake Michigan...King JAMES and SUGAR Ray Allen the Difference-Makers in Round 1 #Champ305biz

The Miami Heat made quick work of the Milwaukee as we go to press I hear crickets over in Brandon "Beer Town USA Lefty" Jennings Locker Stall and so much for predictions. The Heat advance after a methodical "Sunday Stroll" through the New MECCA...the BMO Harris Bradley Center with a 88-77 pasting of the Bucks.

King James effortlessly put up 30 points, eight rebounds, seven helpers, and three thefts. It looked like he didn't even have 20 points watching the game unfold. Sugar Ray Allen was next in line with 16 points including 4 of 7 from the Arc. U.D. and Bosh added 13 and 10 respectively as the Bucks had no answer for the Heat.

The Bucks in turn got nothing from Brandon Jennings as though he had "Two Men and a Truck" waiting at his Downtown Milwaukee Penthouse waiting for him as they head back to the Home of Jennings on the west coast right after the game. The Beer Town USA Lefty was 1 for 3 with three points and played just under 22 minutes. "Mississippi Lightning" Monta Ellis led the Bucks with 21 points, eight assists, and five rebounds. The two Bucks Shooters Dunleavy Jr. and Redick were the only other Bucks in double figures with 17 and 10.

The Bucks played as though the series was long over due to be over and every time the Bucks made a run to get a lead it went no where as the Heat stopped the run before it got out of hand. Now the Heat advance to the Eastern Conference Semifinals to play the Winner of the Bulls/Nets Series. Champs in four over Bucks.

#KNICKStape #1 Soap..."GOTHAM LIGHT" Broom and Dust Pan Episode... the C's say you might win the Series but not in "OUR HOUSE"...the TRUTH and J.G. and JET Terry playing CESSNA 617 outlast #KNICKStape and the BULLY in Extras...CELTS 97 NYK 90...KNICKS up 3-1 and back to New MSG

The Knicks came with the intent of ending the Series between them and the Celts but the Celts show all kinds of resolves riding that Celtics Pride Wave and the Truth to a 97-90 "W" in Extras. The Knicks picked up for the absent "Get Shots" J.R. Smith as Raymond Felton and 21 "SHUMPstreet picked up shots for J.R.. In the end it was Pierce getting much-needed Offensive help from "CESSNA" Terry and Hoya Paranoia's J.G. of now 617.

The Knicks knew they were going to get Vintage P2 of Inglewood, California by way of Rock Chalk and if he got going could they stop Green and whoever else was going to get going. That answer through 48 minutes then an extra frame was and emphatic "NO".  Pierce knew he had the Keys to the C's moving to Game 5 and led the Celts with 29 points, eight rebounds, and six assists.  J.G. went 26 points and six rebounds as "Cessna" Terry chips in with 18 points. The C's played that Doc Rivers Patented Half Court "D" and got enough "Stops" to slow down the Knicks enough to get this one.

The Bully of New MSG...'Melo Anthony had a game-high 36 points on a ridiculous 10/35 FGs including a Donut from the "Land of Plenty" as he played "Get Shots" J.R. as you have to always be thinking the next one is going to hit Nylon. The Knicks also get "Everybody loves Ray of New MSG" with 27 points and four assists. 21 Shump Street also added 12 points and twelve rebounds coming off of an ACL Tear last Spring around April showing Bulls Nation he is more than a good Knicks Teammate.

Through all the madness the C's "Big Ticket"...Kevin Garnett went for 13 points, seventeen boards, and six assists. Knicks shoot under 35% from the field and they out rebounded the Celts +14. Now the scene shifts to Gotham City for Game 5 as the Knicks will be looking to close out the C's and get ready for either the Pacers or Hawks.      

Bluedude Sportstalk Exclusive..."Give me the RIGHTY or LEFTY" Numbers from the BUMP....Top Starting Pitching DUOS through April 27, 2013 in W's

Another Bluedude Sportstalk Exclusive as there are at least 100 more Exclusives that I should get to within the next 10 years or so. "Give Me the Righty or Lefty" Numbers from the Bump is a Category for Sub-Categories like Pitching Wins, Saves, ERA, and Strikeouts. Today we talk Top 2013 Starting Pitching Duo's out the gate as we head to the end of April.

A few surprises but these numbers directly correlate to the Teams that are in front as we get to May Baseball. The Carmines are off to a nice start as many observers were saying watch the Bo Sox they could surprise some folks and that they are doing. The Redbirds from Baseball Town USA are leading the Central on the Senior Circuit and they have Two "Monsters on the Bump". Don't expect the Dodgers to be on the List as Ace Clayton Kershaw unfortunately for Dodgers Blue is the only Pitcher in that Rotation healthy.

The Top 4 Starting Pitching Duo's through April 27, 2013 in W's:

1. BUCHHOLZ and LESTER #Carmines combined 9-0 with a combined 1.73 ERA....they have been dynamite as the Red Sox are the leaders in the rugged AL East.

2. MOORE and COBB #Rays combined 8-1 with a combined 1.47 ERA...the Rays are getting excellent work from their #2 and #3 and just think when reigning 2012 Junior Circuit Cy Young Winner David Price gets going.

3. LYNN and WAINRIGHT #Redbirds 8-1 combined with a combined 2.51 ERA as Lynn has a 3.10 ERA but is getting good run support in his starts. The Redbirds will be there as they have not skipped a beat under 2nd year Skip Matheny.

4. SABATHIA and KURODA #BronxBombers 7-3 combined with a combined 3.09 ERA as Sabathia has had two rough starts but he is a Horse as he eats Innings, will get you 15-18 plus W's, and in Winning Time "Straight Cash Homie". Kuroda has been what he Yanks were hoping he would be with Old Reliable Pettite (3-1 2.22 ERA) doing his thing.  Now Yanks have Three dependable Starters.

Three of the Four Duo's are ironically in the Rugged AL East as many analysts were going with the New Blue Jays (Key Injuries), the Yanks, and O's as the front runners. Through the end of April it has been all Rays and Bo Sox.

Note: Numbers from MLB.com     

NUGS enter Planet ORACLE in a Must-Win Situation...GSW can apply a KNOCKOUT Punch...TY vs Young STEPH Part 2 maybe? #DENvsGSW Gm 4 #NUGSbiz #GSWbiz #NBAonTNT

The Denver Nuggets stay in the "Town"...East bay has not been a pleasant one and the Plot thickens tonight as they try to avoid going down 1-3 to the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors smell the Upset and they know if they go back to Denver 2-2 it will almost insurmountable to get Two wins in Mile High. The law of averages states they had the best Record after Home-Cooked Meal in the Logo in 2012-13 therefore you would be lucky to get one. GSW has one "W" under their belt in Mile High and now they just have to Win the next two games at home and they advance. We will see what Player or Players step up for the Nugs as Lead Man Karl says they have no "Stars".

April 28, 2013
930pm ET
Planet Oracle Arena near the Black Hole...East Bay 

#MileHighNugs NUGGETS vs #DUBnation WARRIORS


The Nuggets cannot continue to let GSW shoot well over 50% from the Field and almost 50% from 23 feet 9 inches and think they will win....

The Warriors must follow their Blueprint as Warriors Lead Man "Action" Jackson has been right on with In-Game Adjustments...

Nuggets Ty Lawson will need help and the Trio of Iggy, Brew Brew, and Dr. Chandler must play "Big" for the Nugs to have a chance on both ends of the floor...

GSW has to keep the Crowd in it and they must not play to the Crowd and get out in Transition to force the Nuggets Hand as much as possible...

Can McGee and the "MANimal" shut down the Paint and win the war on the Glass?

Can the Best Shooting Duo in the "Milky Way Galaxy" keep filling it up for the Warriors in Young Steph and Klay-T?

Has the Nuggets "Bend but Fast Break after Live Turnovers" Defense caught up to them?

The Warriors know they will get a desperate Team in Game 4 trying to put them away can they stay on course through Nuggets Runs...

The Nuggets will come out the Gate flying and the Warriors will need top weather the Nugs "Perfect Storm" and stay the course. Can the Warriors keep Nugs PG Ty Lawson out of the paint? Can the Nugs keep Young Steph from going O-Zone Layer as he has been living there since his All-Star Game Snub?  

Game Time 930pm ET...You smell what #DUBnation is cooking?

The GATEWAY to the 2013 NFL DRAFT went through the Jeff Fisher Group and the RAMS...The "LOU" Grown Man Tackle Football Club gets a GRAB PAN of Potential Starters everywhere #RAMSbiz #NFCWestbiz

The St. Louis Rams have to be tired of hearing about the Gold Rush (49ers) and 12th Man Space Needle (Seahawks) as they have been a force in the NFL Free Agency Period. Then you throw in the Red Zone Tackle Football Club known as the #BirdGang on Twitter...the Arizona Cardinals and New Lead Man Bruce Arians the Rams have been back page until now.

Enter the 2013 NFL Draft and for most Teams you might have heard of maybe Three of their drafted players but in the Rams Case all these names are too familiar. They address their need to get Franchise QB Sam Bradford some Weapons on the outside as well a Center that might be the best Center out of the 2013 Draft. They also needed to plug in at Backer and the Secondary (particularly at Free Safety and Nickel Corner) on D and they fill these voids with big-time talent. Rams GM Les Snead and Lead  Man Jeff Fisher have the Powerful 1999-2006 Tennessee Titans and they will need all this talent in the new Beast on Sunday...the NFC West.

The 2013 RAMS Draft Class with Potential Pro Bowlers almost at every Pick:

Round Pick Position Player College

1 8th WR Tavon Austin Morgantown U

1 30th ILB Alec Ogletree "Between the Hedges" U

3 9th S T.J. McDonald Men of Troy

3 30th WR Stedman Bailey Morgantown U

4 16th OC Barrett Jones 'Bama (pictured right)

5 16th CB Brandon McGee the "U"

5 27th RB Zachary Stacy Vandy

The Rams get Gang Green and 39th Pick of the 2013 Draft Geno Smith's Two Top Targets known as the "Morgantown 2-Pack" at Bluedude Sportstalk in Austin and Bailey and that playing surface in the "Lou" plays super fast. Bradford has Two Weapons and so much for WR Danny Amendola they get increasingly better.

Ogletree is a converted Safety from High School and plays all position at Backer Inside/Outside as he was Robin to Steelers #17th Pick in the 2013 Draft Jarvis Jones as they led that rugged 'Dawgs D in the SEC East. Add Ogletree to players like Chris Long, James Laurinaitis, and Robert Quinn..lookout NFC West.

McDonald is Bloodline and is the son of Former 49ers Safety Tim McDonald who is Rangy and athletic who will now join the mix Corners Finnegan and 2012 2nd Round CB from the Swamp...Janoris Jenkins. Throw in Corner McGee from the "U"they need all those capable bodies in the NFC West.

Mr. Jones was all that in Tuscaloosa as he started out at Left Tackle, moved to Offensive Guard, and then Center his projected position playing for the Rams. This will be a perennial pro bowler for years to come an just solid. Is he former Titans and Houston Oilers under Jeff Fisher in HOF Center Bloodline Bruce Matthews..No. But he will be as solid a pick as they come being the Voice of that O-Line. Remember the Rams picked up former Aqua Boys 305 Left Tackle by way of the Maize and Blue...Jake Long.

Stacy will give them much needed help in the Running Game as Tavon Austin will also be a gadget to use in that Offense.

It's a Win Win Situation for the Rams as they traded up last season to stockpile Starters for 2012 and then with two 1st Rounder and no 2nd Rounder they hit Home Runs all over the Place as they moved up to get Austin and still got Ogletree their Guy on D at Pick #30 1st Round. Snead and Fisher were wheeling and dealing and left the 2013 Draft with more than a few Duffel Bags of talent.

NFC West 49ers and Seahawks you have Company...2013 Rams Football the "Gateway to the NFC West".

YOUNG Gunz OKC without their favorite "UNCLE"...Point God Uncle RUSS hold the fort down and escape the Big TUNDRA..the TOYOTA Center with a 104-101 "W"...@kdTREY5 playing "SOLE PROPRIETOR" #OKCbiz #KDIsNotNiceBiz...REGULATORS Report OKC Round 1

The Thunder were up some 26 points early in the 1st half and the Logo is filled with Runs but who would've expected the Rockets to come back and make it a "Maalox Special". The Thunder escape Game Three 104-101 but let this game be a prelude to what's to come when the Opponent is much better than #REDnation.

The Thunder needed a Big Night from the "Plastic Man of Thunder Alley" @kdTREY5 and he delivered with a 41 point 14 rebound performance. Watching the game KD though didn't need to be super-aggressive on the hardwood as he could have played facilitator as well and been just as effective but the Thunder "Actors in a Supporting Role" need to play much better moving forward. Serge "Air Congo" Ibaka went 17 points and eleven boards with Reggie Jackson adding 14 points with K-Mart of Loud City going for 12 points.

The Rockets played  a better game when they made it a game but expended so much energy doing so they couldn't close the game out when given the chance. "Fear the Beard" came with it as expected with 30 points, eight rebounds, and six assists. His "Partner in Crime" Chandler "Parsons in REDnation Tree" added 21 points and seven boards. SG Carlos Delfino (Manu Ginoboli's Sidekick on Argentina National Team) added 11 points with Francisco Garcia going for 18 points in 32 minutes. The Rockets had the game within their grasp but they couldn't make the "PLAY" or the Shot to get over the hump.

Now the Thunder will go for the Sweep on Monday and it will be tough as the Thunder (not thinking ahead have to be thinking we might be in trouble in Round 2) must close out the Rockets first.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison "STARS need Rest" Episode...HAWKS play Eight ROOKIES and lose to BLUES 3-1 in last game of Regular Season...ICE GAMES Winning Time is on the Menu #FrozenTalkHawks

The Chicago Blackhawks wanted to get out of the last game of the season with nothing catastrophic as far as injuries concern. The Hawks for their last game of the season played eight rookies in St Louis vs the Blues on Saturday and took it on the chin 3-1. The Blues needed  "W" to secure Home Ice in at least Round 1 and that's exactly what they achieved.

The Hawks will now face the Minnesota Wild in Round 1 with the first two games at the Madhouse on Madison. The Detroit Red Wings avoided playing the Hawks by winning on Saturday but getting the Mighty Ducks is no Consolation Prize for Hockey Town USA.

The Hawks will be raring to go with both Net Minders (Crawford and Emery) ready to go as well as no major injuries to anyone on the Hawks Roster. Game 1 Preview vs Wild coming before game time as the Hawks will be getting Schedule here shortly.

2nd Season is about to start #BlackHawksNation and follow "Frozen Talk" 1901 West Madison all the way to the "Fight for Lord Stanley" 2K13.

GOLD SWAGGER..Yeah Right!...GOLD Team...as the HAWKS put a 21 Piece 404 Family Pack on PACERS....Series 2-1 PACERS...and the PACERS want WHITE HOT....Yeah right! #HAWKSbiz > #GoldSwaggerbiz

The Pacers come out with all, this "Swagger" specifically "Gold Swagger". Look!...the Bluedude has told you time and time again that the "Loudest in the Room" better bring that A-Game. I would put the so called "Gold Swagger" on Crime Scene but I have another call tomorrow afternoon in Beer Town USA...Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

If the Pacers were in a Store Front Window it would have been a "Smash and Grab" Hawks as they annihilate "Operation Gold Swagger" 90-69. The Pacers put twenty points up in just one frame. The other three frames they didn't make it to twenty points and that's what kind of night it was for the Pacers. I would put it on Pacers lead Man Frank Vogel but now with his Reel being "B-Shaw"( Ex-Lakers Assistant Brian Shaw from the "Town"...East Bay) just can't do that as Shaw will be the Lakers next coach write it down take a TWITpic or INSTAgram.

The Hawks get 26 points and sixteen rebounds from Big Al Horford as he went man-sized on that Pacers Front Line led by "Area 55" and X-Men Ohio Alum David West. J-Smoove 5 and Teague added 14 and 13 points respectively. The Hawks led 75-49 after three frames....75-49..really Pacers! As for who did the scoring for the Pacers you don't need to know as Game 4 in ATL on Monday Night the Pacers Equipment Manager should take the names off the back of the Jerseys.

It's Indiana Pacers not "Operation Gold Swagger" until further notice...and the Pacers and Pacers Nation want the Heat....Lol! Straighten that out Indy!...Go Highlight Factory 404 it's your Birthday!

MAKING NOISE but the WRONG NOISE...#KNICKStape and Logo SIXTH Man of the Year 2012-13 SUSPENDED for Game 4 #ThxGetShotsJR...Luv Ya!

Before we start "Get Shots" J.R. Brain (pictured right) courtesy of theKnicksTape.tumblr.com....

The #KNICKStape Knicks have been playing and winning and all that under the "Right Way". Up some fifteen points in the 4th frame of Game 3 the C's Sniper "Jet" Terry was a little aggressive although nothing maliscious about his D as he swiped a few times at Knicks Bi-Polar Sniper "Get Shots" J.R. Smith who after the Jet Terry caught Terry with a Chicken Wing...aka Elbow.

The "D" Terry was playing is Par for the Course just good hard NBA Defense. Smith's El
bow was anything but a "Let me create some Space Chicken Wing". Now as the dust has settled on the situation NBA Enforcer Stu Jackson has weighed in and his view of it counts as the NBA has suspended the John Starks Wanne Be Knicks Guard. Now it's nothing if the Knicks go ahead and beat the C's in Game Four for the sweep. If the Knicks lose it's not so good.

The Knicks have been played clean and good-hard Knicks Hoop up to those point and "Get Shots" J.R. now with the Knicks up 2-0 getting ready to go up 3-0 want to be "Mr Tough Guy". Wood, "Melo, J-Kidd, and whoever can get the J.R. in that Knicks Locker Room get at him and tell him no more. It's Winning Time and let's put all our energy towards the "Fight for Larry". Dufensmirtz that was "Get Shots"...straight Benny Hill. No more Flare Ups J.R....None.


KNICKStape #1 Soap Author...the Bluedude for Bluedude Sportstalk Dot Com  

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES Take 93...STEEL CURTAIN 2013 Draft is in the BOOKS on the Southside Steelers Complex...what's the Grade and where do they Impact? #STEELERSbiz

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2013 NFL Draft is done and in the books and now with Blades of Grass to cover OTA's are next up. Assessing the 2013 Steelers NFL Draft from Round 1 to Round 7:

2013 Steelers Draft Class 

Round Player School Position


2 Le'VEON BELL Michigan State RB








The Steelers get their Man at #1 in @SacManJones_29 as he had 28.5 Red Jersey Collections in Two Season in the SEC.

Bell was the Best RB in the Big Ten in 2012 as the Columbus, Ohio Native is only 21 years of age with plenty of Tread on his Tires.

Markus Wheaton "Fast is Faster than your Fast" as he will give the WR Corp a Deep Threat and help in the Kicking Game

Thomas is being compared to former Iowa Hawkeye and Colts/Bolts S Bob Sanders and his Ball reminds me of former Steelers Safety Tyrone Carter when Carter tore up the Big Ten playing for the Gophers.

Jones was a Top 10 QB in 2011 and then he fell back into the Pack but has some ability as the Steelers obviously could take a chance on a Science Project in the Pocket.

Hawthorne was the Illinois; Bowl Game MVP as he is definitely a Zone-Cover Corner and is a little stiff in the Hips.

Brown was productive at Boomer Sooner as he caught passes from Jones and played opposite of 2013 Boomer Sooner WR and 5th round pick Kenny Stills who went to the Saints

Vince Williams is from Backer "U" and the 'NOLES had ate least 6 draft picks in 2013 off that 2012 Defense...as the 'Noles and Georgia Bulldogs were stacked on "D" in 2012.

Kyle Williams led that charge upfront from Small School Samfpord but geting a 3-4 DE with an Upside is what your looking for in Round 7.

Overall Grade B+....with Impact Players by 2013 or 2014 in Jones, Bell, Wheaton, and Thomas and hidden gems maybe Vince and Kyle Williams

GASOL and @MacBo50 ditto Game Three and play, " Night Out with the GRIZZ BIGS in the GRIND House" 2.0...GASOL and Z-BO go in on the CLIPS Front Line and just like I thought...CLIPS Lead Man VDN has a Leak in his Coaching Philosophy...Series knotted 2-2...#CLIPSbiz #GRIZZbiz

The Clippers knew coming in after Game 3 they had to stop both Gasol and Zach Randolph or the Series would be tied 2-2 and no one watched the Film or payed attention to the Clips and Lead Man Vinny Del Negro. Less than 48 hours after Game 3 the Grizz tie the Series up 2-2 with a resounding 104-83 "W" and back to Staples Blue and Red where the Plot has definitely thickened.

The Grizz get 24 points and nine rebounds from Z-Bo...and 24 points and thirteen rebounds from Marc Gasol and dominate the "Play in the Paint" as the only Big for the Clips to show up was the BLAKEshow as he had 19 points and ten rebounds. The Grizz a a whole wanted it more an that starts from the Locker Room then the Hardwood. I question Clips leadership and togetherness after that lethargic and meaningful games.

Adding fuel to the fire the Grizz also get 15 points from and 13 helpers from PG Conley Jr. and 15 points and six rebounds from Tayshaun Prince. "West Side" Tony Allen and "Q" Pondexter also both chipped in with 10 points apiece. Clips shot 4-21 from the Arc and only 41% from the field. Couple all of that and get out rebounded by +17 rebounds...that's a problem!

Game 5 will be in L.A. with the Series still in the Clips Hands but they must win Game 5 and then try to close pout the Grizz. A loss in Game 5 would spell gloom and doom for Lob City headed back to the grind House. CP3 and Jamal 206 were the only other Clips in Double Figures with 19 points and 12 points respectively.  

LEX LUTHOR and KRYPTOnate strike the BK NETS in Three Extras...NETS find themslves in a #BLACKOUT Situation down 3-1...Back to the BARCLAYS with SEE RED thinking "Keep BK in the Dark" #SeeRedbiz #BKNetsbiz

Words can't describe what I just saw as it looked like a Pint-Sized Michael Jeffrey Jordan doing his thing on a Nets Team who had no answer for Bulls PG Nate Robinson went he got going. After 4 Frames of Regulation and Three Extra Frames...the Bulls get a 142-134 W as Chi City and 1901 West Madison Nation parties like it's 1999.

The Bulls now put the BK Nets in a real tough situation and Nets GM Billy King (who just received an extension yesterday) and Nets Owner Mikhail Prokhorov have to be sick at the prospects of being down 3-1 and facing elimination in the Barclays. Bulls on the other hand are putting all their money where their Mouth is and cashing in with that Lead Man Thibs Blue-Collar Approach that has See Red Nation not even thinking about the What If...and you know where I am going with that.

KRYPTOnate flashed and dashed his way to a game-high 34 points and led the charge in Extras. Captain Kirk though he was back in Phog Allen Field House and See Red Nation singing "Rock Chalk Chant" as he went 18 points and fourteen helpers. Boozer had 21 point and eight rebounds, Jo Knows 15 points and thirteen rebounds, the See Red Butler 16 points, and Luol 15 points and eight boards, and six assists. The Bulls cuffed them like the "God Hands People" and showed their "Valentine" in this one.

The Nets will be thinking as their visiting Modell's Sporting Goods "Gotta go to Mo's" what could have been and the series got away in Game four in Chi City. Before the BK Nets took an "L" the COO of the Barclays...D-Will 8 had his way throughout the contest scoring 32 points and dishing ten helpers. All-Star Big Brooks Lopez (doing his Best Tim Duncan "Shooting off the Glass" Impersonation) added 26 points and eleven boards while JJ chipped in with 22 points, "Fake Tough Guy" Reggie Evans (who wouldn't even have a Roster Spot with those "Bad Boy" Pistons) went 15 points and thirteen rebounds. Nets Small Forward Gerald Wallace had his best Playoff Performance of the season with 17 points, nine rebounds, and four helpers as the Nets did all that and head home down 3-1 feeling that the series is 2-2.

Game 5 will be in the Barclays on Tuesday and the Nets will try to stave off elimination as the Bull will be trying to get to the 2nd round to play the Champs 305.      

NUGS play #DUBnation in Planet ORACLE and find themselves in the neighboring BLACK HOLE of RAIDERS Nation...GSW 110 NUGGETS 108...GSW stands on #WarriorsGround 2-1 #GSWbiz

The Denver Nuggets are in trouble and maybe the absence of SF Danillo Gallanari is taking its toll not making any excuses for the Nugs. The Battle was fierce but the Warriors hang onto win 110-108 as they move up in the Series 2-1. The Game was definitely one of the better game you will see in NBA Winning Time but the Point God Match Up was Pay-Per-View for sure.

Nuggets Point God Ty Lawson and GSW's Young Steph Curry both go O-Zone Layer in the Same Jet Pack and took on all comers. The Numbers Lawson vs Curry:

LAWdawg 35 pts 10 assists 3 rebs 11/22 FG 12/12 FT

Young STEPH 29 pts 11 assts 6 rebs 8/17 FG 4/7 3pt FG 9/9 FT

The Nugs also get 16 points from Corey Brewer and 15 points from the "MANimal" Faried. While GSW and Curry get 23 points from Jarrett Jack and 19 points from Barnes. As evenly matched that match up was the game was even better as the Nuggets took a 66-54 lead at the break then the game slowed down as both teams played a little defense and imagine that..."D" in an NBA Game in Winning Time aka "Stops". The Warriors came right out in the 3rd frame and took the lead after three closing a 33-18 3rd frame to make it 87-84.

The Nuggets stayed close as it went back and forth until Iggy of Mile High 40-footer hit the front of the rim an bounced off and GSW goes up 2-1. Thirty-Nine Turnovers is not going to get it done and the only reason the game wasn't 140-138. Now the Nugs need to go back to the drawing board and they must have Game 4 or the series might be over.


Alamo City SPURS give the LAKEshow a 31 Piece FAMILY Pack 120-89...SPURS look to close out LAKERS Sunday to end LAKER Gang Misery 2012-13 #SPURSbiz #Team4Chips

Was there ever any doubt what the Spurs had in mind for the Lakers in Game 3? Forget what they don't have and concentrate on the task at hand and move onto to the next series as the Spurs run over Staples Purple and Gold 120-89.

Led by Tim Duncan's 26 points and nine rebounds and Spurs Point God TP9's 20 points and seven helpers the Spurs were dominant all night long. With a 55-44 lead at the break they came right out and pout the game away in the 3rd frame with a 30-18 advantage and led after three 85-63. The Spurs shot an amazing 61% from the field and out rebounded the Lakers by +14. Spurs Role Player DeJuan Blair chipped in with 13 points and seven rebounds.

The Lakers were again shorthanded and with no NASHty or Meeks and the Real BLAKEshow it was tough sledding for the Lakers. "Dwight of Three Stripes" led the LAKEshow with 25 points and eleven boards. Starting Guard Tandem of Darius Morris (24 pts 6 assts) and Andrew Goudelock (20 pts) gave the Lakers what they had but it wasn't nearly enough. Too much firepower out for the Lakers had them doomed before the jump.

Now the Spurs will go for the sweep on Sunday as they intend to use the down time between series to get rest. Lakers disappointing season is coming to an end and a whole bunch of questions are coming for the 2013-14 season.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Same KNICKS Time...but Different KNICKS Channel...#KNICKStape comes out throwing Haymakers an cruise over the downtrodden CELTS...#KNICKS go up 3-0 and look to Sweep on Sunday #KNICKSbiz is on #KNICKStape and "GOTHAM Light"

Cassette Players coming to Bluedude Sportstalk for $9.99...soon with Hits like..."Running with the Bully of New MSG"...and "I Need more Shots than 'Melo"...also Woodson Remix called "What ISO Offense"...and Prigioni taking it back to Argentina with K-Mart with hit Single "#KNICKStape in Argentina".

The Knicks are playing back at that November 2012 level where everyone was doing their Job and locked in defensively and all of a sudden the Gotham City Knicks have woken up looking like those Riley Knicks of old. They come out in Game 3 vs the C's with no intentions of letting the Celts do anything nor get that Garden Crowd going.

Behind the Bully's cool 27 points, 15 points and ten helpers from Raymond, and 15 from "Get Shots" J.R. (who hit the Jet right in the Cockpit and Smith hit the Showers in Mid 4th frame) the Knicks dominated and put their stamp on the game from the defensive end. The Knicks never let their feet off the gas and the C's looked like shell of their 2007-08 selves and lose 90-76. Knicks led 47-31 at the break and the C's after the break still couldn't get it going.

The C's were led by Jeff Green of "Hoya Paranoia" with 21 points and nine rebounds while the big Ticket added 12 points and seventeen boards. The Truth had 17 points but no Celtics Players could come close to putting a stamp on this one. Knicks now go to close out the C's on Sunday as they will await the winner of the Pacers/Hawks Series.

Knicks J.R. Smith most likely won't get suspended for Game 4 but he will be lighter in the wallet.

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES Take 92...STEELERS go SPARTY RB Le'Veon Bell with their 2nd Round Pick...WR Markus Wheaton of BEAVER Nation in 3rd Round #Day2SteelerGang

The Steelers miss on Drafts like everyone else but rarely do they miss in the first three rounds of any draft. The Board stayed true agin on Day 2 and the Steelers were looking to add a Running Back and they go get Michigan State RB Le'Veon Bell. Then in the 3rd round with Two WRs on the Board I am sure the Steelers would have drafted going right before them in Cal's Keenan Allen and Hookem' Horns Marquise Goodwin...the Steelers tab ultra-quick WR Markus Wheaton of Beaver Nation in Corvallis, Oregon.

Le'Veon Bell (pictured left) was in intriguing pick simply because the Steelers also had Alabama Powerful RB and Stud Eddie Lacy on the board. I will never second guess what the Steelers do on Drafts because they throughly do their homework and I think Lacy's Injury History might have made the Steelers take Bell. A Powerful back who can catch the Pigskin out of the back field and he shredded up the competition even though it was the Big Ten. I look at a Kids workout and what I see on Tape and his numbers. Bell had 377 attempts and some 1,793 Yards on the ground while also amassing 32 grabs in the air for 167 yards mainly on Screens. He should fit well in Todd Haley's Offense as Bell goes downhill 24-7-365.

Markus Wheaton of the Oregon State Beavers is in that mode of current Steelers WRs Go Go Sanders and Tone 2.0 Brown. Fast and great seperation from defenders and elusiveness. Really good route runner and football savvy. With Rainey out of the mix the Steelers most likely have plans for Wheaton in the Kicking game in all aspects from returns to gunner. In 2012 Wheaton has 91 grabs for 1,244 yards but only hit the end zone twice. He did have a 13.7 Yards per Grab. He should be in the Mix and added Depth for now as the Steelers held onto Go Go Sanders.  

Note: Bell and Wheaton's 2012 Numbers from Sports-Reference.com

For all the CHEESE n BRATS in WISCONSIN...the PACK ink their "DUDE" to the Richest Contract in Grown Man Tackle Football History...A-ROG Just Got Paid and It's Friday Night..A QB DRIVEN League #PACKbiz #LAMBEAUbiz

Cheese Head Tony of Jerry's House and Ordinary Joe of the Purple Browns do you feel as though you have been slighted or maybe waited after A-Rog' Deal? The Green Bay Packers through multiple Media Outlets and Packers Signal-Caller Aaron Rodgers have agreed on a 5-Year $110 Million Deal through 2019. Tony and Joe whatever you inked and inked more.

Reportedly A-Rog will make $40 million of that in 2013 and the $62 Million of the Contract is guaranteed. Rodgers Cap Numbers will average throughout the duration of the deal some $21 million. Thinking A-Rog hasn't been the best since 2008 look at these numbers:

A-Rog Packers 2008-2012

21,332 Yards most by any NFL QB in his first Five Season as a Starter....
170 TDs 45 INTs
52-26 W-L Record as a Starter
105.7 QB Rating
1 Lombardi
1 Super Bowl MVP
3-Time Pro Bowler

All those Numbers definitely correlate to the big bucks and A-Rog has been the best in the last four seasons and it hasn't been close...Real Talk.

Note: Stats from Pro-Football-Reference.com    

LAKERS #1 Soap..."As DWIGHT Turns"... Looking for a Few Good Guards Episode....SPURS looking to make a quick visit in STAPLES Purple and Gold...LAKERS need Players to step up #SASvsLAL #NBAonESPN Gm 3

Lakers are down a probable NASHty and Meeks with no Real BLAKEshow and Darius Morris getting inn where he fits and hopefully they leave Chris Duhon over there with the Ball Boys. The Spurs are coming in to end the Series as quick as possible to get some rest for Round 2. Dwight and the "Spaniard" Gasol will have to come up as the "Cape Crusaders" if the Lakers are going to win Game 3.

April 26, 2013
1030pm ET
Staples Purple and Gold

#AlamoCity SPURS vs #LAKEshow LAKERS


Spurs need to stay aggressive from jump street with Point God TP9 leading the way...

Lakers might have NASHty and Meeks but Morris and Duhon must be game-ready as they will get minutes...

Dunc and Splitter need to stay on the Attack vs Dwight and Gasol to wear them down...

Lakers have to make smart decisions and pick their Spots in Transition and pound the Orange into the Paint with Dwight and Pau...

Can the Spurs shoot it from Deep with consistency and force the Lakers hand?

A.J., M.W.P., and Earl Clark all must play big and look for maybe Earl and MWP to move to the Big Guard slot....

Lakers Bench must outplay the Spurs Bench to have any chance in Game 3...

If Meeks and Nash go the Lakers will still need other Guards as Darius Morris needs to play one of his better games as a Laker. The Spurs on the other hand ned to play Spurs-Like Ball and keep everything in front of them and stay close and then go for that "W" late.

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE April 26, 2013...WESTBROOK out with Torn MENISCUS...Uncle RUSS has a Torn MENISCUS in Knee out Indefinitely...REGULATORS Report OKC #BadNewsEdition...@RussWest44 out

Young Gunz OKC lose Point God Uncle Russ to a Torn Meniscus in his Knee suffered in Game Two. Westbrook has never missed a game as he had 394 Regular Season Games in a Row.  Westbrook reportedly hurt knee when #REDnation PG Patrick Beverly under cut Russ on a Time Out Russ was getting ready to call. Wasn't a cheap shot and a lot of players do it.

Now @kdTREY5 will step up an average 40 per outing write it down take a picture. What the Thunder Lose in Winning Time from Uncle Russ in his career:

23 ppg 5.5 assts 6.1 rebs

Now without Russ look for 2nd Year PG Reggie Jackson to take over Point Guard Duties and then slide over Vet Derek Fisher as they will definitely miss Russ moving forward when they get past the Rockets.

Terrible News in Thunder Alley OKC....

#KNICKStape #1 SOAP..."GOTHAM Light"...KNICKS need to treat Game 3 like its Closing Time Episode...GREEN will be on their A-Game #NYKvsBOS Gm 3 #NBAonESPN

The New York could put the Celts on Ice tonight if they can weather the "Perfect Storm" because its coming and it will be Green on the radar. The Bully and "Get Shots' J.R. will be ready as will the Truth, Big Tickets, and the rest of Green as its win or season is over in April....Wow! Can the Knicks take Multiple Runs, Daggers, and Splash Plays from the C's in the New Garden and get a "W"? Can the C's slow down the onslaught from the Bully of New MSG..'Melo Anthony and force someone other than Him and J.R. to beat them as that's the recipe for a game 3 "W"?

April 26, 2013
8pm ET
New Boston Garden...TD Bank North

#GothamLight KNICKS vs #GreenTeam CELTICS


The Knicks have to be disciplined in their Approach to Game 3 or they will in a Hole early...

C's need to come out running on all cylinders but play at a nice pace because after the first minutes of the game everything back to it's Game Three and 48 minutes...

Can the Bully play at an Efficient Pace and shoot around 50% and not so much the Volume of Shots?

Celts need to attack the paint and get out in Transition to force the Knicks Hand early and often?

Both Teams will have to play stringent half court D and it will come down to Offensive Execution...

The Knicks need to stay aggressive and not fall in love with the Money Balls as I said before 25 attempts or less is that Magic Number.

Can the C's get "Monster Games" from both Bass and Green to go with a Productive KG?

Which Celts Guard or Guards will step up...Bradley, Jet Terry, Crawford, or Courtney Lee?

Knicks just need to keep it close so they can hit that track"Enter the Sandman" from the Bully of New MSG as he will close it out for #KNICKStape...Sorry Amazins' Nation!  

Both Teams knows ' at stake and we will see which Team down the stretch wants it more as the C's either make it a Series or they will be playing Sunday to stave off elimination.

Game Time 8pm ET...NBA on ESPN   

SUNDAY TALK...with a Top 26 PLAYERS on the Draft Board left for Round Two starting at 630pm ET Today April 26, 2013...#WhoNeedsGREENRoom

There will always be a Player here or there getting snubbed out of the 1st Round of the NFL Draft and that's the law of averages. This Draft is a little bit different than past Drafts just because the Talent Drop-Off isn't as significant from round one to round three or four. The Bluedude has a quick assessment of last night's draft of Players left on the Board for an exciting round two.

The Top 26 Players left on the Bluedude's Board for Round Two (and you will see at least 5 Wide Outs go in Round Two):

QB Geno Smith WVU
RB Eddie Lacey 'BAMA
WR Justin Hunter TENN
SS Jonathan Cyprien FIU (pictured right)
ILB Arthur Brown K-State

WR Keenan Allen CAL
OG Larry Warford UK
WR Quinton Patton La Tech
CB Jonathan Banks Miss State
QB Matt Barkley USC

WR Robert Woods USC
DT Jesse Williams 'BAMA
ILB Manti Te'o ND
ILB Kevin Minter
DE Margus Hunt SMU

DE "Tank" Carradine FSU
CB Jamar Taylor Boise St
SS D.J. Swearinger South Carolina
OG/OT Terron Armstead Ark-Pine Bluff
TE Zach Ertz Stanford

QB Ryan Nassib 'CUSE
DE Damontre Moore Texas A&M
DE Alex Okafor Texas
DT Johnathan Hankins Ohio State
ILB Khaseem Greene Rutgers (pictured right)
CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson UConn

As you see there is Late 1st Round and 2nd Round Grades on most of these Players and this is one of the best 2nd Rounds in Years as there are some "Plug and Play" Players on this Board.    

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a look at MONEY BALLS Made in Winning Time...the All-Time NBA Leaders in 3 POINT Field Goals Made in Playoffs...SUGAR RAY, MILLER Time, and THUNDER Dan...the Top 15 SNIPERS #HittingDAGGERS

Yes Sugar Ray Allen of Team White Hot passed the Great Pacers HOF Reggie "Miller Time" Miller last night vs the Team that drafted Ray in Money Balls made in Winning Time. Ray is hitting the Record Books all over with the Money Ball Rack and is truly a Jordan Brand Endorser "Become Legendary".

Now having said all of that let's take a look at some of the best to ever do it in Playoff Time when the Game is in the line these Top Fifteen Players came through. At least half of their Made Money Balls were "Daggers" you know stopping runs, starting runs, lead changers, and game changers. Players the Bluedude can recall in the last Twenty or so years like Starks of Riley's Knicks, Thunder Dan of the Valley of the Sun, Mr. Big Shot of the Pistons, Big Shot Rob, and Manu to name a few. What do most of them have in common...Nicknames...as you make your name in Winning Time not in the 82-Game Trek.

The Top Fifteen Players in the Logo in Made Money Balls in Winning Time in the Logo is sponsored by..."Don't tell the Bluedude how many Money Balls you made...when did you make them"...Daggers!

Top 15 Players in 3-Point Field Goals Made in the NBA Playoffs:

Note: Team is where they made their name at not necessarily their last Team they played on as most players on the List have multiple teams they played for.

1. "Sugar Ray" Allen #theCs 322

2. Reggie Miller "Miller Time" #GoldSwagger 320

3. Black Mamba aka "VINO" #LAKEshow 292

4. Mr. Big Shot..Billups #Pistons 266

5. Big Shot Rob #ClutchCity 261

6. D-Fish #LAKEshow 252

7. J-Kidd #MAVS 236

8. MANU #AlamoCitySpurs 228

9. the Truth #theCs 210

10. Mike "FINdawg" Finley #MAVS 200

10. Scottie "Mr. Pip 33" Pippen #Team6Chips 200

12. "Sheed" Wallace #RipCity #Pistons 190

13. "Thunder" Dan Majerle #SunsNation 181

14. Steve "NASHty" Nash #SunsNation 178
15. John Starks #RileysKnicks 176

Ray Allen has been "Money" since his days at Dalzell, South Carolina Hillcrest HS and in Storrs University..UConn...taking over the Record Books in Money Balls.

Reggie Miller one of the All-Time Greats and just think Pacers Nation wanted current UCLA Coach and Hoosier Great Steve Alford in the '87 Draft...and how did that play out?

the Black Mamba will be all over the Record Books and that Arc is looking even better as "Father Time" has set in...

Chauncey Billups was a Lottery Pick of the Celtics under the Rick Pitino Regime and it took him three stops after that for Current Pistons President of Basketball Operation Joe Dumars to believe in him...1993-94 NBA Champs as "Mr. Big Shot" made his name.

Clutch City's "Big Shot Rob" was once in the "Dog House" in "Bama under Legendary Coach Wimp Sanderson and he didn't stop in H-Town as he carried that to the Lakers and the Spurs.

Derek Fisher was a hidden gem picked by the "Logo" himself current #DUBnation President and Mr. West didn't miss on D-Fish.

J-Kidd you wouldn't think Money ball but he is also Top 5 All-Time in Money Balls made in the Regular Season...1st Ballot to Springfield Mass.

There is a reason why the Spurs have had Three Chips in the last 11 years and one of the Top Clutch Players in the World is "MANU" Ginoboli...

Paul Pierce will go down into C's Lore as one of the Greatest regardless of where he is rated and is "Money" in Crunch Time hence...the "Truth"

The Bluedude watched this Sniper/Slasher "FINdawg" Finley do his thing up close and personal during the 1999-2000 as he carried the Mavs from the Basement to the Main Floor...U-Dub Madison Royalty...Wisconsin Badgers Stand Up!

Scottie Pippen labeled as Robin to Batman was all that and he did his thing where ever the Bulls needed him to do it and one of the best On the Orange Defenders in the Game...Clutch isn't even a word describing Scottie!

Philly's Finest and one of the Best 7-Footers in the last Thirty Years in the Logo and is one of three NBA Players with over 100 Money Ball and 100 Blocks in a Season. Te Other two Players...Big Shot Rob and the Matrix 31...Shawn Marion.

Dan Majerle was all that in his days in Phoenix next to Kevin "You have 24 seconds" Johnson of React Juice Converse Scooby Doos. Talking Range on Money Balls...Thunder Dan routinely shot from Tucson and Tempe while the Suns were on the Floor.

Nash started his Trek to Greatness in the 2001-02 Season with the Dallas Mavericks playing with "FINdawg" and DIRKiliscious Nowitzki. The Best left hand I have ever seen in the Logo...Real Talk.

Starks was the Other 'Money Man" for the Knicks outside of Patrick Ewing and he almost brought the Knicks a Chip....More "Clutch" than Bonehead Starks was playing for Riley's Knicks.    

Note: Money Ball Numbers from Basketball-Reference.com

@MacBO50 and Big GASOL play "Night out with GRIZZ Bigs in the GRIND HOUSE"...GRIZZ hold serve and beat CLIPS 94-82...#LACvsMEM #GrindHousebiz Gm3 Recap

The Grizz are tough to stop on any night where they are going Inside and Out from Zach Randolph to Marc Gasol and everyone else in between as they get back into the Series beating the Clips 94-82. The Grizz made a concerted effort to play "D" and they held the Clips under 40% from the Field and the Arc.

Grizz Power Forward Z-Bo or on Twitter @MacBo50 went in on the BLAKEshow and Lob City depositing 27 points and eleven rebounds. The Spaniard "Big Gasol" (the 2012-13 Logo's Defensive Player of the Year) went 16 points and eight rebounds as both combined to make life miserable on Beale Street Tonight. The Grizz shot a horrible percentage but when you put the Opponents on 24 Second Shot Clock Lock down...who needs to shoot a high percentage.

The Clips were led the BLAKEshow's 16 points, 12 points from Barnes, 11 points from Mr. Big Shot...Chauncey Billups, and 10 points apiece from the Lob City Butler and Jamal 206. The Clips just got hit with a Right Hook from the Mississippi and never recovered. They must answer the call on Saturday as the Grizz have life and you know now it will at least go five if not more.

The Ratio that tells the story on most nights is Assist to Turnover and the Clips had 16 TO's to 14 Assists while the Grizz had 10 TO's to 18 Assists. It was a Negative Ratio for the Clips and they stay in the "L" Column.  

Walter "SUGAR RAY" Allen of the Original JORDAN Brand Players goes former BUCKS Lottery Pick on "FEAR the DEER"...HEAT one game from advancing to 2nd Round #MIAvsMIL #WhiteHotBiz playing #RedHotBiz

Bucks rode what energy they could find as they went onto game three vs the Champs 305 as though it was an elimination game and in hindsight that was exactly what it was. The Heat stayed close like only Champions do early in Winning Time versus a inferior foe and strike in the 3rd frame after some minor adjustments from Coach Spo and Staff to beat the Bucks 104-91.

It wasn't just King James or Wade County in this one but the ageless one Walter "Sugar Ray" Allen felt at home (Allen a 1996 Bucks Lottery Pick out of UConn) where it all started as he led the Heat and had a game-high 23 points including 5 for 8 from the Arc.  King James added 22 points, six assists, and five rebounds. Wade County had Custodial Duties as he did everything but take down the Rims in the Bradley Center with 4 points, nine boards, eleven helpers, five thefts, six my bad's, and two blocks.

The Bucks played tough but it was the 3rd frame that got them in trouble as the Champs down 50-48 at the break closed the 3rd frame 30-18. That was the ball game right there. "Fear the Deer" had six players in double-figures  led by Brandon Jennings and "Colonel" Sanders 16 points apiece, 15 points and eight boards from Ersan Ilyasova. Now the Bucks will come back on Saturday and try to give it all they have as they face the Champs in an elimination game.

TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES Take 91 with a TERRIBLE Towel Welcome to New STEELER and UGA BACKER JARVIS @SacManJones_29 JONES...RED Jersey Collector he is...STEELERS Nation that is a "Big Fly" at PNC Park #BLACKandYELLOW

The Pittsburgh Steelers were waiting...and waiting...and waiting as the Players they had #1 or #2 or 1A on their Draft Board for 2K13 fell right to them after WHO DAT with some Voo Dat took "Hookem Horns" Safety Kenny Vaccaro at #15. The Steelers wasted no time in getting their guy and for the most part Steelers Nation agreed on the Pick.

Now its time to put your Mitts together and throw your Terrible Towel up for Jarvis Jones and @SacManJones_29 on Twitter of your Nasty! The once heavily coveted SEC Red Jersey Collector had teams afraid of his Condition called "Spinal Stenosis" which is the narrowing of the Spine. He has been cleared Medically after playing at the Men of Troy his Freshman Year and them finding the injury and never clearing him again. All that is in the past as the former High-School All-American and 2012 AP 1st team All-American and All-SEC 1st Teamer has been dominant "Between the Hedges".

Jones was a "Monsters Inside QBs" with 14.5 Red Jersey Collections, 85 stops, 24 stops for loss, 7 forced Pigskins, 2 Pigskins recovered, and 1 Int in 2012. The only thing he didn't do was walk UGA Bulldogs Mascot...UGA IX
...back and forth to the Hedges. He will fit right into the Steelers Scheme and as of right now Steelers OLB Jason Worilds of "Beamer Ball" Blacksburg is on the Clock to play opposite of Lamar Woodley. Jones will challenge him to play right away as a Rookie.

Congrats to the Newest Steeler OLB @SacManJones_29....Jones Presser Friday and Time TBA at Steelers.com      

Thursday, April 25, 2013

BK NETS don't have a #BLACKOUT now especially on the WEST SIDE..."BENNY the Bull" don't play that!...C-BOOZ 5 and LUUUUUUUU go O-Zone Layer...BULLS go up 2-1 #BKNvsCHI #SeeRedbiz #SeeRedStormTROOPERS

The last two games in the Bulls and BK Nets Series has been played at the Bulls Pace even though tonight the Nets showed signs they take a 79-76 defeat and the Bulls go up 2-1 in the series. The Bulls do it with smothering See Red Winning Time D like they only know how sprinkled with Coach Thib's Scowl...Angry Bird he is.

Behind 22 points and sixteen rebounds from C-Booz 5 and 21 points and ten rebounds from Luuuuuuol Deng the Bulls are one step closer to playing the Champs 305 as White Hot some 75 miles north of the Madhouse on Madison disposed of the Bucks and put them in "Fear the Deer in the Headlights" for game 4.  The Bulls hit their Magic Number again by holding the Nets to under 35% from the field and under 30% from the Arc. BK will not win another game shooting those numbers.

The Nets were led by All-Star Big Brooks Lopez' 22 points and nine rebounds. The COO of the Barclays added 18 points and four assists and JJ chipped in with 15 points. The Nets now have a quick turnaround as they come back and play Noon Central Time on Saturday at the same See Red Time and the same See Red Channel.

360 Degrees: Game had 1 lead change and two ties as the Bulls got the lead in the 1st frame and never relinquished it.

Pace is everything and that''s exactly what the Bluedude tells Young Kids to play at a Pace but it is so hard to do as some of the best players in the Milky Way Galaxy can't play at a Pace or don't understand it.

BUCKS have tried "ME Ball" and "WE Ball" and now they will host "WHITE HOT" playing CHAMPS 305 out the MOTEL in front of a Pro BUCKS Crowd and Pro JAMES and HEAT Gang Crowd...GAME 3 #MIAvsMIL #HEATbiz vs #OperationFEARNoHeat #NBAonTNT

Just think what the feel would be if we were playing this back in the Old "MECCA" (Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center and Arena) with that Hard -Rubber Floor with the Diamond-Shape Patterns that housed them 70s Bucks Teams led by NBA HOF Don "Nellie" Nelson. Well this Bucks Teams doesn't have what Nellie had in Junior Bridgeman & Sidney Moncrief & Paul Mokeski & Jack Sikma & Brian Winters. What they will need though is to play out of their mind like its the "Fight for Larry" Game 7.  It's King James and the Heat Gang vs "Fear the Deer" on NBA on TNT.

April 25, 2013
7pm ET
the BMO Harris Bradley Center

#WhiteHot HEAT vs #FearTheDEER BUCKS


The Bucks must stop all the Heat Theatrics period (Splash Plays, Money Balls, Looking in the Crowd...all of that Garbage) Bucks its your Show so do something about it.

Heat stay the course as there will some Turbulance just stay patient and weather that Early Bucks Storm....

Bucks "Beer Town Lefty" and "Mississippi Lightning" must strike early and often and that would be Brandon Jennings (headed to the Dallas Mavericks Summer 2013) and Monta Ellis (headed to the Atlanta Hawks Summer 2013).

Heat needs to execute in the half Court with Spacing and Ball Movement and let Shooters like...Sugar Ray, M&M Plain, and Regular Mario.

Bucks need to establish and inside and out consistency and attack the Paint on the Heat instead of settling for Jump Shots which leads to easy Transition Buckets for the Heat in run outs, leak outs, or rim runs.

Heat have to contain at least one of the two between Jennings and Ellis...both cannot go to the O-Zone Layer and the Heat be expected to win.

Bucks Bi-Partisan Crowd will be following former Bucks Lottery Pick out of UConn Walter "Sugar Ray" Allen and Marquette Alum Dwayne Wade. "Fear the Deer" use all those Heat Jerseys in the Stands and get after it....like B-Jennings would say wearing Under Armor Scooby Doos "Protect this House".

Heat just need to stay close through three and a half frames then let Wade County and King James direct traffic....Game Time!

Bucks can ill afford to be down 0-3 and if they are to make it a Series they need Game 3 by any means necessary. Heat you want some rest and go fishing between games in Lake Michigan...give Game 3 and Coach Spo 110% and umbrellas in every ones drink in Beer Town USA.    

CLIPS arrive in the GRIND HOUSE with the Upper Hand..can they go up 3-NIL?...GRIZZ are in a Must-Win Situation as the GRIZZ need to play with "URGENCY n DESPERATION"... #LACvsMEM #CLIPSbiz #GRIZZbiz #NBAonTNT

The L.A. Clippers look the part through the 82-Game Trek and now they are playing the part as they are up 2-0 on the Memphis Grizzlies with Game 3 on the Menu Tonight from the Grind House. Clips get late-game heroics from Point God CP3 to beat the Grizz in Game Two and that might have taken the air out of the Grizz. The Grizz on the other hand have to realize the Clips did what they were suppose to do and that a to protect home court advantage. Still they are on the Clock tonight they lose they go home down 0-3.

April 25, 2013
930pm ET
the Grind House...Fed Ex Forum the Big Parcel on Beale Street

#LobCity CLIPPERS vs #GrindHouse GRIZZLIES


The Grizz must find a way to keep the BLAKEshow out of the Paint...

The Clips have to get Marc Gasol (NBA's 2012-13 Defensive Player of the Year) out of the Lane on D to create Openings to the Rim on Offense...

The Grizz have to contain CP3 and putting "West Side" Tony Allen on him would be the first thing in the defensive game Plan for the Grizz...

The Clips have to control the Glass in Memphis or Z-Bo an company will be heading into Game 4 down 2-1...

The Grizz need to have solid Transition D and keep the Clips off the Elevator for "Hammers"....

The Clips need to keep Mike Conley Jr. out of the paint and stop him in Transition as end to end with the Orange he is one of the top 3 in the Logo...Real Talk

Can the Grizz shoot a good enough percentage from the Arc to make a difference in the Game...as Sixth Man Jerryd Bayless needs to find a way to get going...

If the Clips can knock it down from Deep at a high percentage the Grizz might be in trouble...

For Both think "Attack Attack" as the Penalty and Charity Stripe is your friend....

The Grizz and Lead man Lionel Hollins must play their best game of 2012-13 as the Clips see the Broom and Dust Pan. Two Words for the Grizz on the Chalkboard Tonight..Urgency and Desperation.

Game Time 930pm ET NBA on TNT...


BULLS try to take CHARGE of the Series over the BK NETS...#SeeRED and No #BLACKOUT in the MADHOUSE on Madison...Pivotal Game 3...WEST SIDE STORY Report #BKNvsCHI #NETSbiz #BULLSbiz #NBATV

The Bulls put their stamp all over Game 2 in the BK and now its time for an Encore as the pivotal Game Three is upon us. Neither Nets Big Guard Joe Johnson or Bulls Center Joakim Noah is 100% but its Winning Time. The Nets must figure out how to attack the Bulls suffocating D as they collapsed on D-Will and the Nets didn't adjust. The Bulls must play at their pace and defend each and every possession as they are the Grind House of the East.

April 25, 2013
830pm ET
Madhouse on Madison

#BrooklynHasAHomeTeam NETS vs #WestSideStoryReport BULLS


Nets have to find a way to maybe play D-Will 8 off the Orange to free him up for more Offense...

Bulls need to sat in attack mode in the Half Court on Offense...

Outside of D-Will, Lopez, and JJ...who else on the Nets can give them Major Production..Wallace, Watson, Bogans, Stack, or K-Humps?

Bulls Bench came up Big vs Nets in Game 2 can they keep that same level of play in Game 3?

Nets need to out hustle the Bulls on the Hustle Board as they need to get every 50/50 Orange...

Bulls Transition D was excellent in Game 2 as they need Ditto for Game 3...

D-Will 8 must get out in Transition to create opportunities for himself as the Bulls Half Court D was the difference in Game 2...

Bulls need to get the Madhouse on Madison Contingent involved early and often...

Nets must limit Bulls "Splash Plays" and Money Balls from the Arc in order to control See Red nation...

Both the Nets and Bulls know the winner of this game has a leg up on the Series. As form the Bulls you do not want to give home court right back to the Nets after working so hard to take it away. Game Time 830pm ET on NBA TV...  

"FROZEN TALK " 1901 West Madison...BLACKHAWKS give Chicago their 2nd PREZ Trophy as they beat #HereComeTheOILERS #FrozenTalkHAWKS #ICEGames

The Chicago Blackhawks have a reason to celebrate at least on their way back to Chi City to take on the Calgary Flames on Friday Night at the Madhouse on Madison. The Hawks finish the job and beat the Oilers 4-1 to capture the Blackhawks 2nd President's Trophy in Franchise History.

The Hawks now have control of Home Ice throughout Winning Time in the 2013 Ice Games Pose Season play. The Pittsburgh Penguins were right there trailing the Hawks by Three Points but when the Hawks lost and the Pens lost in their last games that opened the door for the Hawks to just win without a scenario involving the Pens.

"Citizen Kane" 88 led the Hawks with one goal and two assists tonight as the Hawks led 2-1 after Frame One and never looked back as they get two more in the Net in the 3rd frame. With the Prez Trophy in Tow the Hawks still have unfinished Business as its will be time to "Fight for Lord Stanley" in less than a week with another Chip on their minds.      

With Three points tonight Kane moves within 4 points of the Point Leader for 2012-13 Martin St. Louis of the Lightning who has 58 points. Hawks finish up with Flames on Friday and then make the short trip to St Louis to play the Blues for the Finale on Saturday.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MAKING NOISE...BARRYliscious Sanders edges out #SKOLnation A.P. for MADDEN Cover 25... NFL DRAFT 1 "Word around the Water Cooler"...Yeah Right!

Its was a tough hard race but what are the odds of the Detroit Lions getting to a Super Bowl or the "Fight for Larry" oppose to Back to Back Madden Covers....someone please tell me.

Well wait no longer as the Lions have made it Two Years in a Row as Lions HOF RB Barry Sanders beats out Vikings ORB Adrian Peterson for Madden Cover 25.  Sanders reportedly got 58% of the 700K Total Votes for the Cover as AP Took to Twitter to congratulate Sanders like what other Social Media Platform was he going to use Real Time:

Congrats to my guy Barry Sanders for winning the 2013 Madden Cover! Any other guy to take me down... it would've been a problem! Salute

Now the Lions have back to back Cover Boys (Lions WR MEGAtron was the 2012 Cover Boy) is the "Madden Curse" Live or Memorex. MEGAtron shattered the Yards by a WR in One Season but the Lions didn't make the Playoffs. Still good stuff for Lions Nation as they try to #RestoreTheROAR in the Motor City.

Here we go with all the movement and Teams trading up, out, and around as NFL 2K13 Draft Day is upon us. The Latest Rumor..Bills stalking Men of Troy QB Matt Barkley for the #8 pick overall and didn't the Bills have Rob Johnson back in the day from "Men of Troy".  What about the Jets talking "Quack Attack" DE Dion Jordan and Notre Dame Hybrid TE Tyler Eifert at #9 and #13.  QB Geno Smith to the Jags at #2 instead of one of those Top Tier Offensive Left Tackles. It's all Drama as it start to unfold and keep tabs on ESPN, NFL Network, Local Media, as well as Social Media from here on through Saturday April 27 when the Draft ends.      

LOGO WATCH Double-Dip...#REDnation does everything right but get the "W" vs OKC...GOLD Swagger up 2-0 on Same Old HIGHLIGHT Factory 404 #NBAGm2Recaps

The Rockets had the right game plan and almost stole on in OKC but they didn't make the play that would have defined a Victory and stunned the OKC Thunder and Thunder Alley.

Behind 29 points from both KD and Uncle Russ the OKC Thunder head to the Big Tundra...the Toyota Center up 2-0 as Game Two was anything but easy. The Rockets had the Thunder where they wanted them but couldn't make the necessary plays in the last Three minutes to close the deal. James Harden left a lasting impression on OKC with 36 points, eleven rebounds, and six helpers as he continually went to the line and ended the night 17-20 from the charity stripe. The Rockets no-name PG Patrick Beverly went for 16 points, twelve rebounds, and six helpers as he led the Rockets on the Glass.

The Thunder escape with the "W" but not before a Reality Check of "You better bring your A-Game  in Winning Time every night" Mentality or you will get an L. Rockets won everywhere but on the scoreboard...everywhere.

The Hawks have absolutely nothing for "Operation Gold Swagger" right now as the Pacers go up 2-0 behind a 113-98 "W". Pacers led by the 2012-13 NBA's Most Improved Player Paul George (27 points 8 rebounds) and George Hill's 22 points they won every frame on their way to an easy win as the Hawks look dead in the water to say the least. The Hawks get 17 points from PG Devin Harris, 16 points apiece from Teague and J-Smoove 5, and 13 points and ten boards from Big Al Horford but that wasn't nearly enough. Pacers Bench outscored the Hawks Bench 38 to 27 and that was the difference in the game.