Friday, July 30, 2010

Are the Boys in Big D in the driver seat?

A couple of years ago, Dallas Cowboy Owner Jerry Jones must have been thinking," wow! the cowboys will host the Superbowl in 2011'. Jerry probably also thought that the boys would have won a Superbowl by now to set himself up to win another about time they host in 2011. They have a top 5 defense an arguably the best LB i the game in Demarcus Ware of Troy, and the best tandem at tackle in Jay Ratliff of Auburn and Marcus Spears of LSU.

But then we talk about the offense and top 5 anointed QB tony romo. See the cowboys have weapons but they don't have a clear philosophy of what they want to do. Do we run the ball with the deepest 3 back tandem in the league with felix jones, Marion barber, and tashard choice or do we put the ball in the air with New Kim Kardashian Sidekick Miles austin as the #1 wr and Roy "legend" williams as #2 lol fool. And I didn't jus call him that , they called him that as a three-sport star at Odessa TX Perrmian HS look it up Dawg. SHHHHH i know he is WM, but he doesn't think so, and i hear the truck backin up to pick that S... up now. And a top 5 TE romo's BFF Jason "rocky top "witten. And u leave this in the hands of none other than Off Coordinator and yell in your face firecracker Jason Garrett, did i spell Garret right?

From the bluedude perspective just run the ball and let that top 5 D take care of the rest n the 'Boys will host their own tournament like the Duke Blue devils host their own tourney every march. That would be a wise desicion at this point but we r talking the cowboys. U know romo will play outside of himself somewhere n these three items r officially in the CrocPot for the 'Boys: Head Coach Wade "i will be here next year" Phillips 'Boys host the superBowl so don't f... IT UP ........U will and QB Tony romo.

If the 'Boys don't win the superbowl it will be whose fault? not mine I jus gave u the Blueprint 7. Sorry Jigga man

Thursday, July 29, 2010

AFC Picks to go to DALLAS Bull....! Let Game recognize Game

Its about that time for camps to start for the NFL and one thing is for sure every season in the NFL, and that is the HYPE for teams that have a track record of CHOKING. Yeah i said it, there are a bunch of pretenders and not contenders in the NFL. But you read all the magazines n all u hear is who has this, who is getting this, and if this comes together man that team will sure be tough. Really DAWG, I see teams like the chargers, jets, dolphins, and colts in a a lot of magazines and articles of the four teams to beat in the AFC, and I laugh because the chargers r really good off the charter, but u don't win games based on we look menacing coming out of the hotel.

Then there is the greatest thing since Joe Willy NAMATH, mark sanchez, WTF! really dawg, u think freeman mcneil, al toon, gastineau, klecko, marty lyons, and all the rest of that good group that played a shea stadium, is not better than the current group of jets. Check with the BLUEDUDE in December and Rex Ryan ain't starting at nose tackle, F..A.!

Lets go to the bottom u know the newest county in sports Wade county. Marino and the Marks brothers r back right, hell i couldn't tell, i know they have BIG TUNA and a really good coach, but chad henne and Ricky, pass me that ....., Williams who is forty and backed up earl campbell at Hook'em horns U, and an Average D, make that u-turn n get them heat tickets fool.
Oh not to mention the PATS and Tom Brady are in that division right, Enough said.

Peyton, Peyton, Peyton, and those man we need to rest, so lets let the J-E-T-S jets jets jets in the playoffs because we will Win the big one. INDY Colts are the Atlanta braves of Football, and if u do not win the big ONE, the next best thing is an undefeated season right, they obviously didn't think so. And then the greatest QB since UNITAS, will give it to u in the big game, ask Sharp 42, and that ain't no marker i am talkin about for dem saints," BE Patient Dawg", jus be patient, we will get him. Hey i saw the post game u did too, don't trip.

My four Picks r the Steelers, Pats, Titans, Ravens, and the first 2 have a remix with T-Pain on the single "All I DO is WIN WIN WIn no matter what".


sorry if I hurt Your feelings i have applications for real fans that roll with winners. LOL

Monday, July 26, 2010

T-MAC IN WIndy City

Remember 10 years ago a disgruntled kid out of central florida was a lottery pick for the Raptors and was packing his bags for free agent summer of 2000 to see where should he go. Now 10 years later and about 17,000 + points later the kid that turned the bulls down and went home to play with O magic has come full circle to want to play for the bulls. Interesting in that the NBA and its fans have been waiting for the summer of 2010 to see the best free agent class ever. Hold on there is one problem, did anyone mention Tracy McGrady as being one of those prized free agents in a list of guys who are before there 30's and in their prime. I know he is coming off Microfracture surgery, which has been performed on the likes of Cwebb, Penny(not LIL'Penny), STAT, JKIdd, and a few others. Some on that list came back with no problem and some as u see no longer had the S on their chest.

So having said all of that, I know T-Mac would be an assett to the bulls from a few perspectives: 1. he is still in my mind a pretty good scorer if not lead scorer on a pretty good team not option 1 but another perimeter scorer the bulls solely lack. 2. Just his presence alone on the court and in the locker room should give an edge to the bulls psyche. 3. 70% T-mac is better than 80% of the Guards in the association.

Whether its Auburndale Fla HS, the now defunct Mt Zion Academy in NC, The Raptors, Magic, or Clutch City, the bulls need to do themselves a favor and say its time to look up in the rafters for #7 and T-mac is a bona-fide piece of the puzzle to get them there.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


what if trailblazers take jordan instead of same bowie? what if patriots pass on QB from Michigan in the later rounds who started half of his senior year?what if Jalen rose went to THE 'CUSE n chris webber went to MICHIGAN STATE ? what if the brooklyn dodgers never left flatbush n ebbetts field? What if the NY Baseball giants never left the POLO Grounds? what if urban meyer never met jeremy foley would he be at the swamp? what if nick saban stays at michigan state would they be the best in the big ten? what if Beaumont Texas Clifton J Ozen HS product Kendrick perkins didn't tear his knee up in game 6 of 2010 NBA FINALS? what if the ABA was still a League would it have the best players and coaches? What if mark cuban never started n streaming video of Indiana hoosier games? what if the cubs would've closed the marlins in the 2004 NLCS would they be World champions?what if Larry Legends would've stayed at IU bloomington with the general would they have won a national championship? when they mention the best NBA Backcourts why do NBA Heads not mention my favorite of Gus Williams, Dennis Johnson, and Downtown Freddy Brown from those Seattle Supersonics? What if jerry jones doesn't fire his college alum Jimmy Johnson do the 'BOYS run off five or six INSTEAD of just two with Jimmy? What if Bucky Dent doesn't hit the dramatic HR at Fenway? what if les miles stays in stillwater? What if the late great Len Bias joined larry legend, mchale, chief, DJ,ainge, and the rest of the celtics, do they now have 20+ championships, instead of 17? what if The boston Garden, sportsman park, chicago stadium, forbes field, Cap Centre, Spectrum, Three Rivers, Riverfront, Cleveland Municipal, Orange bowl, and the Mecca still exists, would these teams still be able to compete in their respective leagues financially? what if David robinson doesn't have a devastating injury that cost him all those games and spurs get into lottery the following year and get #1 pick Tim Duncan, do they get any championships? what if there was no coach K at Duke, would BlueDevils be on the same plateau with in-state rival TarHEELS? And if Chicago Blackhawks don't draft Toews n Kane in back to back drafts do hawks win the cup in 2010?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

King James? King What? Decision Who Cares

See I know your tired of hearing about the decision. Well I too watched the decision and you know it doesn't take that long to come up with That kind of decision. Its not that LeBron had choices to go where he wanted but why did Lebron have to Drag it out like a 3hr movie with a WTF? ending.
You know by now Lebron, not king james, is top 2 player in the Association. The other player of course is the black mamba. So why does lebron have to take his crown off to join the prince of wade county and be his sidekick. You saw the movie "Troy" Hector didn't tell the trojans I am leaving and going to join Achilles and the Greeks. So I don't get it. Air Jordan, Birdman, Miller time, Magic, Dream, Patrick, Zo, Doc, Kareem, WILT, Walton, etc., would have never left their respective team after winning Two straight league MVP's.
NOW having said this The heat or "SUPER FRIENDS" i am hearing better win it all now and put up at least three to five. For every superman or SUPER FRIENDS there's Kryptonite, and u know who they are.