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A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Retro Act #6....LA CRENSHAW HS and LA FREMONT HS....'86 AMAZINS '96 '98 '99 BRONX BOMBERS and '90 REDS......STRAW and E. DAVIS

They grew up in inner city Los Angeles and were childhood friends and they had a lot in common especially Baseball. One was from L.A. High School Baseball Powerhouse Fremont HS and the other from LA Football and Basketball Powerhouse Crenshaw HS. They were both billed as the next big things in the early 80s in the Show and the Bluedude use to wear #18 in honor of one an have his Mitchell and Ness 1986 Home Pinstripe, Jersey with the name Tag in my possession.

They were a part of the resurrection of African-American Baseball Players in the Show and in the mid-late 80s they both had stretches of Dominance. L.A. Crenshaw's amazing RF Darryl Strawberry and the 5-Tool One L.A. Fremont's Eric Davis. Fittingly enough Fremont as also home to Dr. Dre and Crenshaw 'bout them L.A. County Nuggets.

They both put L.A. High School Baseball on the Map in the inner city and they were Phenoms coming up. Straw was this 6'6" 200 long and lanky Right Fielder who could throw, hit for Average, hit for Power, and for a big guy could Run. E. Davis was a Five Tool Specimen if I ever saw one in the mold of a young NY Baseball Giant CF the "Say Hey Kid" Wille Mays...that good. Hit, Run, Throw, Steal, and Patrol (Catch) Center Field like a Red-Tail Hawk looking for something live for a snack. Davis was athletically-built and proportioned to a tune of 6-1 around 195 and when he first came up it was like seeing the Next in Line to be the Great CF in the Show as was Straw in RF who reminded many of the "Cobra" Dave Parker except Straw was more athletic and fluid in RF.

Let's compare the Career Numbers of Straw and E. Davis as they both were World Champions as well:

.259 BA 335 HRs 1,000 RBIs
8x All Star
4 Time World Champion '86 Mets '96 '98 '99 Yanks
#1 Overall Pick out of HS in 1980 MLB Draft
1983 NL Rookie of the Year

.269 BA 282 HRs 934 RBIs
3x Gold Glove Winner
2x All Star
World Champion '90 Reds

Note: Both Straw and E. Davis were 30-30 Club in 1987....Numbers from


LOGO WATCH #111....BROOKLYN BRIDGE...NETS in the BK Edition....@DeronWilliams News....2012 Nets Draft Pick TyShawn Taylor of Mass Street near PHOG

It is almost that time...40/40 Club in Barclays, Opening Night 2012 Barclays Center, 1st Concert of Course you know who, Brooklyn is Alive, take that MSG, New Logo, New Duds, and all that except...Where will @DeronWilliams D-Will 8 and hopefully the JOKER of BARCLAYS heck MSG has their Batman Jeremy Lin...sorry 'Melo he didn't get 50 plus on you on the 5th Avenue Gymnasium.

When the NBA Free Agency Period opens up the Nets will be right on @DeronWilliams Door Step with Lead Man Avery Johnson, Jigga Man...Jay-Z, Prohkorov aka Mr. Bigs, Barclays Stock Portfolio, Barclays Duffel Bags of Cash, and of Course the norm...Suite Mid-Level at Barclays Center for Famaland, access to Prohkorov's 777...LOL, A Captain on your Jersey, and a Big Fathead on the Front of the Barclays Center for the Season. D-Will I don't think Big D and Cuban can make you an offer that Sweet but don't count Ice Cube Big D Edition out. Let's Make A Deal and Mr. Shark Tank Mavs Owner Mark Cuban will be at the Neighbor's Digs waiting for the Nets to Leave.

J-Kidd on the Other hand has been reported as saying wherever D-Will goes...he will back him up. That means Nets are in the House, Cuban is at the Neighbors to get an Inside Track on what D-Will would want from his next team, and J-Kidd is waiting in a Smart Car around the Corner for D-Will to hit him up to see where they are both going. Imagine everyone wants you and you already have a Stash House (Logo Cash Only keep it clean Bluedude Sportstalk is Rated B for Bluedude Heads) from the Jazz and Nets...@DeronWilliams doing what it do.

From the Colony Texas to Champaign-Urbana, Illinois and the Fightin' Illini to Salt Lake City to Newark, New Jersey and possibly to Brooklyn or back home to Big D...@DeronWilliams D-Will 8 is about that the Logo.

Oh in case the Joker of the Hudson wants to be Half Point God/ Half Sniper for the 2012-13 Season...the Nets picked up Jersey City, New Jersey Native TyShawn Taylor of Mass Street Lawrence, Kansas and the Phog to be your Caddy and Errand Runner and he can occasionally as a Logo Rook get a Double-Double...he can play and one of the more expensive Caddy's on the Green.

@DeronWilliams where will it be...BK or Big D...whatever it is the Logo Lunatics all over the Milky Way Galaxy will be wearing the #1 Selling Jersey in the Logo for 2012-13 Season...and just imagine those HyperDUNK Low Scooby Doos BK or Big D Colorway from Beaverton, Oregon...the Swoosh Basketball Complex...Guns and Butta.

LINsanity aka Batman of MSG...@DeronWilliams has you on Speed Dial...pick up and don't give the Joker the One Ring Voicemail Joint...remember 50 in MSG.

Joker get at the Bluedude at Bluedude Sportstalk and you too Nets and Mavs Fans...There can only be One JOKER of the HUDSON and BLUEDUDE...Know That

D-Will hit me up @bluedudesports or at my cell # 1-Drop50LIN...and forget being responsible for starting they going to Stop the Joker at his new DIGS 2012-13. Don't forget Wells Fargo in London, England in July 2012...GotGoldMedal?

LOGO WATCH #110....FIGUEROA Street PURPLE and GOLD Talk....the LAKEshow pick up D-J-OHHHH of Marquette Warriors Fame....Is GASOL on the move?...LAKEshow 2012-13 Payroll.

The Lakers didn't have any 1st Round Picks in the 2012 NBA Draft but still went out and did what they had to do in getting quicker with the Trade with the Dallas Mavericks in getting Darius Johnson-Odom of Marquette aka D-J-OHHHHH.

D-J-OHHHHH they call him on Campus is an Athletic get in your face Lefty with Range, extremely quick off the bounce and has the size and strength to guard the Point and Sniper in the Logo. The LAKEshow also pick up 7-Footer Robert Scare of Zags Fame in Spokane, Washington with their Only Pick of the 2012 NBA Draft at #60.

Sacre will be a Space Eater that will enable Drew to get a Breather and also play Big with the 2nd Unit as the Lakers are still trying to trade the Spaniard Gasol to any takers and he is almost certain to be on the move when Free Agency starts in July.

A reported Trade involving Gasol to join lil Bro in Memphis was nixed by the Grizzlies as they were to send Z-Bo as he will be in the 1st Year of a 3-yr $71 Million Deal signed last summer. C'mon Grind House and he beat up the Green Delivery Man. Grizz you need a P.I. for Z-Bo and it's all in front of you.

Now taking a look at the Lakers Payroll they will have to shave something off of it by the 2013-14 Season as the Cap Penalty goes from Dollar for Dollar to for every $1 over the Team will have to pay $2.50 and that will get even the Logo's Salary Cap Monsters to pay full attention. Say fro instance if a Team is $20 Million over they will have to ante up $45 Million...take that CFO if your listening and you will be at least next season.

LAKEshow 2012-13 Payroll sponsored by Glamour and Glitz and everyone wants to play for the Lakers even the BLAKEshow and he is lying if he told you different and get a Post Up Game and a Go-To Go-To Move LOB City #32 forget them Dunks last time I checked they are only 2 Points and maybe # with an And 1...Danny C call that:

Black Mamba $27,849,000 #1 in the Logo for 2012-13 $$
the Spaniard $19,000,000
Drew $16,473,072
World Peace $7,258,960
Professor Blake $4,000,000
Mc Lovin' Mc Roberts $3,135,000
Eyenga $1,174,080

Ebanks $1,054,389 (Qualifying Offer)
Morris $937,195 (Qualifying Offer)
Goudelock $762,195 (Team Option)

Total: $75,755,042 $15 Million over the Cap for 2012-13

Gasol on the Move but at a $19 Million Slot they can virtually add anyone or get under the Cap for the 2013-14 Season and an Expiring Contract with a nice piece would be lovely at this juncture in the game.

The Black Mamba will be the Logo's Highest Paid Player for 2012-13 Season and it is being reported out of LA from Bluedude Left Cost Sources that Kobe n Squeeze Vanessa have reconciled....CHEAPER to KEEP HER KOBE but that Playboy Model among others was off the Pacific and Valley Explosively Beautiful. Can the Bluedude say that...just did.

Note: Salary Cap for 2012-13 from but the Bluedude Glamour and Glitz talking Figueroa Purple and Gold....Priceless.

Join Bluedude Sportstalk through Google Connect if your low in your Inbox, at Google Plus AJ Harris Sports Blogger, and on Twitter @bluedudesports and Facebook Anthony aj Harris.....need Laker Friends....#Winning.


LOGO WATCH #109....Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, Music City Miracle...OH!...and Vandy COMMODORE BASKETBALL...VANDY puts 3 in the LOGO including Two 1st Rounders...take that UK and UNC

I have been saying this for years that if  the Vanderbilt University Commodores ever lose Lead Man Kevin Stallings their Hoops Program will suffer dramatically. Stallings and Vandy were 1 of 2 Teams that beat the Six 2012 Draft Pick loaded Kentucky Wildcats. Stallings of the Gene Keady (Purdue) and Roy Williams (Kansas) Tree of coaching and his longest tint as a Head Coach has been in Nashville, Tennessee at Vandy having been in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois at Illinois State University.

Remember these Commodores...Dan Langhi (1st Round Pick Houston Rockets), Billy McCaffery (Younger Brother of yes...Stanford Alum and Former Broncos WR Ed McCaffery), Shane Foster, Derrick Byars (2011-12 Spurs). Matt Freije, Ronnie McMahan, and arguably their greatest player of all and former World Champion with the Bulls Will Perdue who is now the Color Man on ESPN's NBA Radio.  

The Commodores had lofty expectations this past season as they had 3 of the Top 15 Players in the SEC and 3 of the Top 35 in the Country coming back and they all ended up being Top 31 Picks in the 2012 NBA Draft. Sniper John Jenkins, Custodian Jeffrey Taylor, and Big Estus Fezeli. Jenkins may be the best shooter in the Country, Taylor was the 2nd best defender in the SEC behind MKG of UK (and the both get drafted to mikeCATS), and Ezeli was arguably the best Center in the SEC and the 4th Center in the 1st Round of the 2012 NBA Draft taken.

Taking a look at the Three Commodores that were taken in the 2012 NBA Draft sponsored by have you ever seen Memorial Gymnasium on the Vandy Campus where the Teams Benches are under the Baskets and not on the conventional sideline and arguably a Top 5 Toughest to play in the Country let a lone the SEC:

#23 Overall Atlanta Hawks John Jenkins 6-4 Sniper: The best shooter in the 2012 NBA Draft and can catch and shoot with the best of them. Needs to obviously work on his Game from the bounce like most College Snipers coming into the Logo. He will really help the Hawks spread the floor with his range an deft shooting touch.

#30 Overall Golden State Warriors Festus Ezeli 6-10 Big: The Monster in the middle with brut strength and excellent hands. Will be a Solid Rebounder and Defender in the Logo and he is a Space Eater. The Commodores would play Denial D and funnel everything to Ezeli and he would clean it up. Will help the Warriors as they need David Lee and Jeremy Tyler to play the 4.

#31 Overall Charlotte mikeCATS Jeffrey Taylor 6-7 Custodian: Was the 2nd best defender in the SEC behind MKG of the UK Cats and this dude can play. Can beat you of the bounce, nice mid-range game, and reminds me a little of Current Raptors Sonny Weems coming out of Pig Sooie Fame Fayetteville, Arkansas and Taylor can take the Elevator as well. The mikeCATS needed Wings who were athletic and can get out and defend and finish in transition and they get him along with MKG.....#GotScoutinSEC?

If you didn't know now you know about the Vanderbilt Commodore Basketball Program and its History. This is by far no One Trick Pony and expect more Commodores Basketball to make noise in the SEC and Nationally as well as more Vandy Players to be drafted into the Logo in the Future.


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London 2012 WATER WATCH #1....there is the ORCA and GREAT WHITE SHARK...then there is Ryan LOCHTE and Michael PHELPS....who wants to get in the WATER with those 4? Team USA Top Swimmers......

Its is a matter of time until we have to set our Alarm Clocks to watch the much anticipated duel between US Swimmers Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps. The World and London, England is waiting for the Water to explode as though Shamu or Jaws is in the Water.

Lochte has gotten for the most part a leg up in the Swim Trials on phelps in that past week or so. But a Swimmer with 8 Gold Medals from the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, China can afford to sandbag a little and taking nothing away from Lochte but he will get Mr. Phelps best punch over the Big pond in London  in less than a month.

Note: US Swim Team Oylmpic Trials from June 25, 2012 - July 2, 2012 Omaha, Nebraska

Let's see the Tale of the Tape for Phelps and Lochte:

Phelps Maize and Blue Michigan
Lochte Florida Gators

Phelps North Baltimore Aquatic Club Baltimore, MD
Lochte Gator Swim Club Daytona Beach, FL


Phelps: 200 Free, 100/200 Fly, 200 Individual Medley

Lochte: 200 Free, 100/200 Backstroke, 200/400 Individual Medley

Note: Both are also on the Same Team USA Relay Team for all these strokes as Phelps collected Gold in All 8 in 2008.

Let the London Summer games begin with 2 of the Globes Top Fish competing for the Gold at every turn....Gator Ryan Lochte and Wolverine Michael Phelps

Note: Stats and numbers from the Official Team USA Swim Team Site


MAKING NOISE with a 24oz of LOGO WATCH #108....ROOKIE SCOOBY DOO Game in the LOGO...the Bluedude tries to tackle what SNEAKERS the Top 15 1st Round Picks will wear in the 2012-13 NBA Season..My GUESSTIMATION perhaps

Never duplicated but often imitated or something like that Ok Ok Ok Ok...enough is enough. The Bluedude follows the Sneaker Game pretty close and before watching the 2012 NBA Draft last night it came to me. What in Scooby Doos will the 2012 NBA Rookie Class be wearing on their Dawgs for the 2012-13 NBA Season. After careful consideration from AAU Teams they played on, High School Scooby Doos they wore, and College Sneakers they had on it is an Educated Guess. So Scooby Doo Outfitters don't get ticked off if the Bluedude misses because it happens look at the 2012 Mock Drafts by the Big Boys...jacked up.

The 2012 Logo Draft Class SCOOBY DOO Game is sponsored by the most important piece of equipment minus the WHIP (Automobile) you pull up in to the Arena is your Scooby Doos. The right ones kids and Sneaker Heads love you and buy them forever. The wrong ones they will just buy your Jersey:

1. Anthony Davis Hornets: Nike Basketball or Jordan Brand played at UK where they get as many Scooby Doos as the Knicks Equipment Manager.

2. MKG mikeCATS: just like mikeCATS it might be and should be mikeJORDANS aka Brand Jordan...again UK Players wear the Swoosh

3. Bradley Beal WIZ: in HS at Chaminade Prep Nike....Billy Ball in the Swamp Nike....Wizards Nike Basketball

4. Dion Waiters @CAVSdan: A Life Center NJ Prep in HS they wore Kobes and at 'CUSE they wore everything Nike made Orange...Nike Basketball and Teammate Kyrie for mayor is Nike Basketball

5. T-Robinson COW bells in SACtown: Wore Adidas at KU in Lawrence and a pretty good feel it will be Three Stripes in the 916 Sacramento, CA

6. Damian Lillard Blazers: Wore Three Stripes at Weber State and I know Nike World Headquarters are in Beaverton, Oregon close to the the Big Floral Shop the Rose Garden but Adidas US Headquarters are there as well. DL wearing Three Stripes

7. Harrison Barnes Warriors: He was one of the UNC Players that had Mike mad when the Heels played in mikeCATS house and Barnes was wearing Kobe VI last season Carolina Blue. I have a good feeling Barnes will be wearing Nike Basketball and not Brand Jordan.

8. Terrence Ross Raptors: UW Huskies are a Nike School but he went to Montrose Christian in Maryland which is a Jordan School....maybe Nike Basketball

9. Andre Drummond Pistons: An Adidas Nation Guy who went to Nike Powerhouse UConn....I suggest Adidas on him.

10. Austin Rivers Hornets: He played at Nike U Duke University but his HS Winter Park Florida was a Huge Under Armour outfit. Look for "Protect This House" to go all out for Rivers and then put Rivers and the Beer Town Lefty by way of Compton, California Brandon Jennings in a nice commercial together.

11. Meyers Leonard Trailblazers: Played fro MaC Irvin Fire a Nike Outfit and the #1 AAU Team in Chi City and wore Nikes at Illinois. Pretty good bet he will be Nike Basketball.

12. Jeremy Lamb Rockets: wore Nike at Atlanta, GA Powerhouse Norcross High School and at UConn. Safe bet he will be Nike Basketball.

13. Kendall Marshall Suns: HS O'Connel in VA was Under Armour, AAU Boo Williams was Nike, and UNC was Jordan Brand and Nike. He may go with Under Armour out of Charm City.

14. John Henson Bucks: He wore Nike at Tampa FL Sickles HS and Brand Jordan ay UNC. Look for Nike Basketball to scoop him up.

15. Moe Harkless Sixers: wore Nike for the Johnnies and at South Kent Prep in CT. Could be Nike Basketball for Harkless in Philly.

The Rook 2012 Scooby Doo Game is a combination of the Shoe Game from HS, AAU, and the College Ranks topped with an Educated Guess from Yours Truly......the Bluedude and Bluedude Sportstalk.

Note: All these Scooby Doo Endorsements are subject to Change because most would wear anything when CASH is heavily involved.        

LOGO WATCH #107....UK SUPER FRIENDS...@AntDavis23 + @MikeGillie14 + @TerrenceJones1 + @Marquis_Teague = I have that LOGO tatted on my CHEST....UK CATS send the FOURcats into 1st Round Logo History like UNC's Franklin Street FOUR.

Coach Cal might have been thinking but for a Team to win the National Championship and put 4 Players in Round 1 and 6 overall is utterly ridiculous from a standpoint of Talent. Six Draft Picks is a Logo Record in the Modern Era of the Logo 'bout that Kentucky Blue instead of Kentucky Red.

Sniper Doron Lamb and Wing Forward Darius Miller join the UK FOURcats as they all should make their Rosters as Lamb and Miller will go 2nd Round non-guaranteed until they get a Deal of around the $500K mark and most 2nd Rounders who Teams like get a 2 yr deal worth $1.2 M. GM's and Owners love this Guys because they are Cost Effective.

Here are the FOURcats of UK Lexington and what they bring to their respective teams:

#1 Overall PF @AntDavis23 the Hive in NOLA: Davis will have lofty expectations but Lead Man Monty Williams and the Brains behind the Hive D2...Mr. Dell Demps will throttle the expectations part of it down and Davis will just go with what he has now. Transition Offense, Supreme Shot-Blocker, and a pretty good Mid-Range Game to boot wit a hint of off the bounce with the Orange. Davis also has some of the expectations forwarded on his fellow #10 Draft Classmate Austin Rivers to do some work as well. Both will take in the Nervous Energy together but they have that Logo Swagger that I belong in the Logo and they have top notch Work Ethic. No one can't teach a Logo Rookie that.

#2 Overall SF @MikeGillie14 mikeCATS: Mike and his Brass pulled a smokescreen and then with #2 Pick they get their guy MKG and no one saw this even the Bluedude even though I had MKG as my #2 prospect behind Davis.  Now with Gerald Henderson Jr. and MKG on the Wings Mike can start his build out. Remember Brass + Philosophy then Coaching Staff and Scouting, and then Drafting the Players within that Umbrella, and all that puts Good Organizations in Winning Time. Mike in previous seasons didn't have a Philosophy of what they wanted or an they are starting to take both with MKG and New GM Rich Cho from the Sam Presti School of Logo GM's.

#18 Overall SF @TerrenceJones1 Clutch City Texas: This guy can rebound, get it off the bounce, see the floor, finish, and post defend and take all that with a excellent Basketball IQ and he is a Bouncer in the Locker Room....aka Mr. Tough Guy. Mr. Jones UK Lexington Edition has had some run-ins with Coach Cal because he cares and he has this nasty streak in him. He like the UNI Brow sacrificed their games a little for the Good of that UK Team and the end result a Chip. He will be a nice edition to a Houston Team that Needs some Muscle and Toughness as well as an Athletic skilled Big Forward.

#29 Overall PG @Marquis_Teague See RED: The Bluedude watched the Draft Board and saw that Teague 2.0 was sliding like White Castles on a Stick and said he better not get to #29 and he did. Team See Red wasted no time and in selecting Teague and now they will pull a Doc Rivers with playing Rose and Teague like the C's play Double R and the Avery Bradley.  Now Team See Red can take their time with the ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero D-Rose.


#42 Overall SNIPER @DLamb20 Fear the Deer: With Monta and Brandon he will be a nice fit and look for Doron to come right in spread the Floor for both so that defenders have to stay home. Excellent 2nd Round pick with this Kid who can also play the Point and move Brandon to th Sniper and you know what Monta can do.

#46 Overall WING FORWARD @UKnum1 the Hive in NOLA: He can shoot, post up, and he likes to bang , and can run the floor a sneaky 2nd Round Pick who will slowly get into that 2nd Unit. I E...Mr. Miller can player and he is 6-7 around 235 el bees...lookout another Worker Bee that will be on Hive #2 not #1.  

SQUEEZE the ORANGE 2012 NBA DRAFT REPORT Cards...the Above Average Edition....C's take MELO and SULLY...but Rip City BLAZERS pass on ZELLER for LEONARD

What did Teams get on Draft Day that didn't get an A. Teams like the C's, Warriors, and Rip City Blazers.

Teams in the Above Average Grade Edition of the Bluedude Sportstalk 2012 NBA Draft Breakdown after it Broke Down sponsored by some Teams had Picks staring at them in the Face and they looked the Other Way....and there might be a Collision of Sorts somewhere down the Line during this  Season for avoiding the Obvious:

the Wiz of D.C.: They get Bradley Beal and I still don't give them an A because Jordan Crawford is right there at the Sniper an he is no Beal but has Game. I was looking more towards Barnes or even T-Rob to help them on the Glass. They did Average at best I just don't like Beal going here when they need more help in the Front Court.

Rip City Blazers: After drafting PG Damian Lillard they were heading for an A Grade then instead of getting the Obvious (Teams had Picks staring at them in the Face) they reach for Joel Pryzbilla #2 with a hint of Cole Aldrich which means Blazers are on Draft Bust Watch picking Meyers Leonard. It's not that Leonard isn't or won't be a Solid Big in the Logo the Blazers don't have time for Science Projects and should have taken the proven Big in Zeller. They had the Arizona Football Cardinals Kevin Kolb Science Project Manual on that pick.

C's: They get Jared Sullinger which I thought was a Really good pick at where they got him and the subsequent Red Flags on his Back Issues. Fab Melo has an Asterik simply because I just don't know but one thing is for certain #5 will be in his Mug all day everyday and he will have to work or get embarrasses. With JaJuan Johnson only in his 2nd Year and the C's 1st Pick last season they passed on Both Jones III and Moultrie and rightfully so....same guys.

Warriors: Headed for an A Grade or at least a B Grade and the Warriors dip into Music City and Vandy looking for a Physicists or a BIG. The chose the Big and Festus Ezeli is a 1st Rounder and the Warriors might see something I don't but he is Solid and he was the Only Big left at that Spot. He looks like former Warrior and Orlando Magic Exec Colgate's Adonal Foyle.

Grind House Memphis: I told people if he stays another season and matures more he is easy a Top 5 Pick and the 1st point off the Board. The Grizz get multi-talented Combo Tony Wroten Jr. and they have to now get rid of Z-Bo who might have him everywhere but in the Gym where Wroten Jr needs to be. Would have been an A Pick if the Leadership was Solid in Memphis.

Bucks: Solid pick in Henson I would have went for the Big in his UNC Teammate Zeller. Now the Bucks still need a Center as Henson is a PF by every sense of the Word except his weight. He is very skilled but the Bucks need someone to clog up that Paint Area with Size.

LOGO WATCH #106....the 2012 NBA DRAFT presents....BARNES, MARSHALL, ZELLER, and HENSON...the FRANKLIN Street FOUR....coming to an NBA ARENA near you FALL 2012

The North Carolina Tarheels are all about Hoops and they proved it last night at the 2012 NBA Draft. Four Heels went in the 1st Round and Coach Roy Williams has to be elated that all Four of his Guys went the 2 year Guaranteed Contracts Route.

Breakdown of the Franklin Street 4:

#7 Pick Overall SF Harrison Barnes Warriors:  Was suppose to go at least Top 7-8 and he did at #7 to Warriors Prez the Logo Jerry West and Lead Man Action Mark Jackson. He gets to play off of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. His Mid-Range Game is Clean as a Whistle and a standing Vertical Jump of 38" at the Chi City Pre Draft Camp shows me he is very explosive. A real nice piece for the Warriors with in the Front Court with workhorse David Lee.

#13 Pick Overall PG Kendall Marshall Suns: NASHty is all but gone and the High-Octane Suns need a Facilitator for that Offense and Marshall is their guy. Arguably the best passing Point in Years in the College Ranks all the Suns need now is Athletes on the Wings and Bigs to go with Certified and Verified Snipers. Also Suns help that young man get to some Sneaker Stores as he is the Franklin Street Sneaker Addict....Scooby Doos for Days.

#14 Pick Overall PF John Henson Bucks: Mississippi Lightning and the Beer Town USA Lefty by way of "Protect This Bradley Center" of Under Armour Fame Brandon Jennings will love the Bradley Center Plastic Man especially as they funnel everything to the Rim. Henson was just finding his Offensive Game when he decided to leave Franklin Street and his Upside is tremendous. A real Nice Piece for Lead Man Skiles and the Fear the Deer Brass.

#17 Pick Overall C Tyler Zeller (Mavericks select him and then send Zeller in a Proposed trade to the Cavs): I thought the Mavs got them a Nice Big for the Future but they still have Brendan Haywood. They move Zeller in a proposed Trade to the Cavs and now the Mistake on the Lake is on the Take of the NBA East Central Division. Zeller with Tristan Thompson and a back court of Waiters and Kyrie for Mayor...they would blow the Rucker EBC with those 2 Jets at guard. The most NBA Ready of any of the Top Centers in the 2012 Draft.

The Franklin Street Four....will be in the Logo for some time and look for at least one maybe two to be in the Logo All-Star Game within 3-4 Years.    

Thursday, June 28, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE 2012 NBA DRAFT Report Cards....Grades A through U as in Unsatisfactory....the HIVE and CAVS looking for HONOR ROLL...EXCELLENT Drafts Edition.

The 2012 NBA 1st Round has come to a conclusion and the grades are in. The Hive and Cavs did themselves well with the Rockets also trying to set the curve. The Sixers trying to get in the Big East as they go younger and the World Champs  trying to stay away from the 20 Million over the Cap and have to pay the League Office $45 Million and that is a payroll for over half of a Squad.

NBA 2012 Draft Grades sponsored by who is going to see Principal Bluedude for bad grades and poor judgement:

Grade A

Hive Drive NOLA Edition: Getting Davis was suppose to happen and adding Austin Rivers was the Icing on the Cake. Both are headed to a Kids Basketball Camp before they meet Team Hive Brass on Friday. They have made the Crawfish Gumbo proud.....welcome to NOLA Worker Bees.

Clutch City: They get Huskie Jeremy Lamb, Cyclone Royce White, and stick Mr. Jones....UK Lexington Edition in the middle of all that. They went young and athletic and Houston I have NO PROBLEM with this Draft even if they missed the intended Target Super man of Mouse Town and the Joker of the Hudson...D-Will 8.  Only if McHale could have done this good in the Twin Cities when he had the Big Ticket...KG...he would have not 1, not 2, not 3, but possibly 4 O'Briens.

mikeCats: Mike Jordan + @MikeGillieFans = mikeCATS and the Bobcats didn't get @AntDavis23 but they blew smoke at T-Rob and Beal and get who they wanted all along and that was all Rich Cho and sure wasn't Rod Higgins who was told to go to his room when the Draft started.

See RED: They needed a Scorer thinking Damian Lillard and Marquis Teague would not be there at #29 and low and behold....the basketball gods looked over the ADIzero Hero D-Rose and said let's give the West Side Story Report something to be thankful the West Side Story Report and Team See RED is Alive...Alive.

Thunder Alley: Perry Jones III out of all the Players teams left for the #28 Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Now Durant 66 will invite him for a Summer Workout and the Thunder get better through the Draft after falling in the 2012 NBA Finals...that is Squeeze the Orange Felony right there.

@CAVSdan: With everyone in the Draft Building looking for the Express the Cavs throw a nice Slide Piece then Bam. Waiters is in the building then they get a proposed trade to the Mavs and get the Mavs #17 UNC Big Tyler Zeller. That makes Zeller, Tristan Thompson, Waiters, and Kyrie for Mayor....Witness? that....NBA Central.

Team Broad Street Philly: The 2nd youngest Team in the Logo then they add the 2nd Youngest Player in the 2012 NBA Draft in Moe Harkless. Then they Trade with Team White Hot for pick #45 and a future 2nd Rounder for the Rights to Arnett Moultrie...Grand Theft Draft Night right there.

The Bluedude has 3 Phases coming in Excellent Draft, Above Average Draft, and See Principal Bluedude Draft. The Above Average and See the Principal will be be done Friday....and thanks for coming.     

SQUEEZE the ORANGE 2012 DRAFT better have your ALARM CLOCK with you when you make the PICK.....2012 DRAFT SLEEPERS....Wake Up

The 2012 NBA Draft is within 3 hours and very few players were invited to the Green Room and the ones that were not are classified in a few categories. Non-Lottery, 2nd Round Picks, Free Agent camp Players, or Sleepers.

Sleepers is the word thrown around to Players that are moving up in the Draft or Players that are on the radar but off the radar for those not in the know. The Bluedude is in the know and trying enlighten all my Bluedude Heads to the 2012 Draft Sleepers.

Note: Players from any position

Darius Johnson-Odom Marquette Combo Guard: Lefty at about 6'4" and built like a Sunday Corner or even Safety. Athletic and can play and defend multiple positions. Can shoot it with range and can Finish in Transition. A former JUCO Standout and under Marquette Coach Buzz Williams System they play everywhere. He works out with Raleigh-Durham native John Wall and all the Duke and UNC Players in the Summer as D. J-O 1 hails from the area.

Will Buford Ohio State Sniper: Good Length, Athleticism, and Basketball IQ. If Buford enetrs the 2011 NBA Draft he would have been a Lottery. Came back to School to get Degree, play with Sullinger again, and try to get a Chip for High Street and Lead Man Matta. Arguably the best player out of Toledo, Ohio since Toledo Macomber-Whitney HS Star Jim "JJ" Jackson. Will get minutes right away with a possible Playoff Team. I liken him to a better DaQuan Cook of the Thunder a former Buckeye.

Jae Crowder Marquette Wing F: Another Former JUCO Stud that again has no real position but reminds me of Spurs Kawhi Leonard except not as refined Offensively like Kawhi. Same kind of Physique and can Guard 2 and 3 in the Logo. Oh! did the Bluedude mention he was 2011-12 Big East Player of the Year. If you can play the Bluedude will find you. He is a minature Kenneth Faried if you know what I am saying....the MANimal 5,280 feet above Sea Level at the Big Soda Pop Bottle...Pepsi Center.

Jared Cunningham Oregon State Combo G: Those of you on the Right Coast were LEFT out knowing about East Bay's Lefty in Corvalis. He is smooth and Athletic and reminds the Bluedude of a better former C's 1st Rounder Gerald Green of Houston TX Gulf Shores Academy and 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Champ. Like Buford he could possibly sneak in the back end of the 1st Round. I like him a lot and the 2nd best Player in the Pac 12 in the backcourt to Washington's Terrence Ross.

Tony Wroten Jr. Washington Combo G: At nearly 6-6 and 200 el bees he is th one player on everybody's board late in the 1st Round that the Convo will come up in the draft Room...Do we take him  he is that good. Half Jamal Crawford Summer League/ Half Seattle's Finest from Fame Garfield HS his skill set as a Lead Guard is right there but it's his Thinking Cap. If i were selecting late 1st Round like the OK City must look long and hard because you have Leadership in place to steer this Talented Player to the Ceiling. UConn Coach Jim Calhoun almost had Wroten Jr. but a Knee Injury from Football sidelined Wroten and he decided to stay Home. Calhoun has gotten Donny Marshall from Federal Way, Wash and the Great Doug Wrenn of O'Dea HS in Seattle you know nothing about to UConn out of the Great Northwest.

Tyshawn Taylor Kansas PG: Know one is talking about the PG who led T-Rob and the Gang to the National Championship Game and his talent level is real close to former KU Combo Regular Mario of Team White Hot. A better finisher in transition than Mario but not shooter. Just as good defensively and I am shocked he has not been mentioned in the back half of the Lottery. The Bluedude doesn't care where you went to School if you can handle that Orange I will put you out there. A Former St. Anthony's NJ Product under HOF Coach Bob Hurley Sr. Taylor could be late 1st or Top of the 2nd round.

SLEEPERS- a players who performance on the playing field exceeds expectations....From

the 2012 NBA Draft...NOW        

MAKING NOISE...the BIG TICKET KG will be staying with GREEN TEAM for at least Three More Seasons....BLUEDUDE close to the Situation...breathe easy DOC and DANNY

The Big Ticket Kevin Garnett will be deciding no more as he is reportedly going to stay in Green as the Bluedude is close to the Situation.

Garnett would have been wooed by the Spurs and Lakers among others but KG is a loyal Dude and always has been and Doc Rivers is his Guy. The Deal will be north of what the Bluedude is hearing $34 Million for the 2012-15 Seasons.

Now the C's will have the Truth, Point God Double R, and KG in the Fold. I personally think KG would be better suited as coming off the bench to start most games and it's not who starts but who finishes.

The C's now have Picks 21 and 22 Tonight and now they can do some things as they are building to try to get one last Chip and help Double R for the Future and help KG and the Truth as Retirement nears. PF Brandon Bass only opted out to try to get more Cash from the C's and it's an old trick when it is a Player Option and you did well the previous season your suppose to opt out.

Sugar Ray of Brand Jordan will not be back but the C's are trying to go young and athletic around their Big 3 for the 2012-13 Season. They will be in the Top 8 in the Logo for the Larry O'Brien with the Boston 3 Party on Board.

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The One Man Fast Break yeah right... how 'bout Bluedude Sportstalk is the One Man Sports Writer/Blogger/Reporter....go Terrible Towel n SEE RED and why read anything else....Love my Bluedude Heads.

BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Sports Shorts Take 18...they were 1991 STATE CHAMPS in ILLINOIS...3 Players all Top 70 in the US...from Fame Maywood, Illinois PROVISO EAST HS PIRATES..the THREE AMIGOS

Sandwiched in between the likes of Former Marquette Warriors Star, NBA All Star, and current Celtics Coach Doc Rivers and former Sparty Sniper and Lakers Combo now Phoenix Sun Shannon Brown was a Trio of the best the State of Illinois could offer in Hoops. All Three Players were Top 70 in the Country and they all went onto to have prominent careers in Division1 Hoops and they were all apart of the Same NBA Draft in the 1st Round.

I know one name rings a Bell as he was a Flat Out Superstar in Big D in Reunion Arena, the University of Wisconsin, and World Champion with the San Antonio Spurs. The Other was a Big Time Sniper in Boulder, Colorado and if it wasn't for a Broken Leg in College he might have had an even bigger impact than his Guy in Big D. The Last of the trio stayed Home and went to University of Illinois Chicago and dominated the Conference and he was the most sought after of the three in High School. He might have also had a major impact if he wasn't on a team that had the Glove and Rain Man among others on a loaded Seattle Supersonics Squad.

They called them the 3 Amigos and they starred at Fame Maywood, Illinois Powerhouse Proviso East HS Pirates. Michael Finley, Donnie Boyce, and Sherrel Ford were their names and they dominated a State and Chicago Area that was a Top 3 by State in the Nation among talent.

Ford was about 6'8" and played Center or PF and he manned the Paint and did all the Rebounding but it was his versatility from Inside Out that made him so dominant. He was rated at high as Top 20 in the US and had the likes of Nebraska, Illinois, and UIC among others after him and chose UIC.  Ford dominated at UIC moving to the SF and stayed 4 Years at UIC playing three.

Boyce was a 6'5" Athletic and Long as he played the Point through the SF. He was consensus Top 40 in the US and he was a Finisher on the break with Mid-Range to boot and if he got to the paint you were flushed on that simple. D.B. had the likes of Colorado, Iowa, and DePaul after him among others and chose the Buffaloes to everyones surprise. Dominated the then Big 8 and was arguably the Best of the Three with what many thought the higher ceiling. Don't think Donnie Boyce was getting it in...finished his Buffs' Career as the School's All-Time Leading Scorer in 1995....Get Buckets.  

Finley was a 6'7" Sniper if I ever saw one. As Athletic as Boyce he was a Finisher as well and like Boyce they used their superior length and quickness on the defensive end to get out in Transition and who was going to be in the next Pirate Highlight. Smooth Shooting Wing who could also get you off the bounce.  Recruited by now NBA VP Stu Jackson, who was Head man at Wisconsin Madison back then, Finley was a consensus Top 70 Player and really started to hit his ceiling at Wisconsin as he also made hay in the Big Ten. Finley was also the Badgers All-Time Leading Scorer when he left Campus.

the LOGO for the AMIGOS....

They all entered the 1995 NBA Draft and were all 1st Round Picks. Finley (Suns), Ford (Sonics), and Boyce (Hawks). Boyce never could get going as his lingering issues with his injured Leg cut him short. Ford was on a 1995-96 Sonic Team as Rook that played Mike, Scottie, and the Bulls for the Larry O'Brien and he could never crack even the 2nd Rotation under Coach George Karl. For Mike Finley on the other hand it was time to shine.

Finley made frequent Highlights in the Valley of the Sun until he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks with a Point Guard named Steve Nash. FINdawg carried the Mavs for at least 4 years and was among the Logo Leaders in Minutes, Points, and Games played. The Bluedude worked with the Mavs in the 1999-2000 Season and saw #4 FINdawg's Work closely and he was the Mavs and Big D's Meal Ticket. He carried the Mavs until DIRKiliscious found his stride as well as NASHty.

FINdawg went onto to Play for the Spurs and Pops and get a Chip in 2007. As for the Three Amigos now they are all back home where it started. Fin is near the Proviso East Pirate Program that Donnie (current Head Coach) and Sherrell (Lead Assistant and Freshman Head Coach) are both leading back to prominence. Just this past season the Pirates were ranked as high as Top 15 by USA Today and had 2 All-Staters including 1st Team All State Guard Keith Carter and Sterling Brown (the younger Brother of Former Lakers and Suns Combo G Shannon Brown). Boyce and Ford led the Pirates to a 32-0 State Final Game where they lost to Chicago, Illinois Simeon Career Academy and 2013 #1 Ranked Nationally SF Jabari Parker.

The Three Amigos have had their 15 minutes of Fame and now it is Time to Give back and that is just what the Amigos are back and putting back the Proviso East Pirates back on the Illinois Powerhouse Watch.

Note: In 1991 the 3 Amigos beat South Holland, Illinois Thornwood HS Team led by Illinois HS Baseball Player of the Year and Sun-Times and Tribune Athlete of the Year MLB Top 5 Pick Cliff Floyd (Expos, Marlins, Cubs among Others) who signed with Creighton but chose to go to the Minor Leagues.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Final Mock Draft....the BLUEDUDE feels as though I am in the GREEN ROOM....We know #1 to the HIVE in the BIG EASY....then GREEN ROOM Reality from #2 on..PICKS n TRADES or TRADES and PICKS

The Final Mock Draft is here and the phones are ringing, Execs are sleeping in their Offices as though the Logo has called for a Logo Lock-In, last call for Pizza Delivery to Team Offices at 2am or it must be DiGiorno's, and Future Draft Picks did you pay your Cell Phone Bill and give your Carrier a Number other than your to be reached? Logo Draft Night is here and unfortunately for some all the Fun stops now because Durant 66, King James, DIRKiliscious, Uncle Russ, the ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero, and @PunkSnitch SuperMan of Mouse Town is waiting on you.

Good Evening and Welcome to the 2012 NBA Draft sponsored by State Farm....Like a Good Teammate....Bluedude Sportstalk is let's get on with it.

the 2012 Final NBA Mock Draft:

1. Hornets Anthony Davis: I have heard Duncan and the Bluedude has been saying for 2 full seasons like the Big Ticket KG.

2. MikeCATS We have a Trade..Thomas Robinson: They could move the Pick but T-Rob might be there Guy or Smokescreen for their guy all along Bradley Beal.  

3. Wizards We have a Trade...Heard Gasol for #3...Bradley Beal will be there guy but they have Wall and Crawford and Ariza...Hmmmm. If Beal goes to mikeCATS look for MKG here.

4. Cavaliers Harrison Barnes....he maybe from an Offensive Standpoint more polished than anyone in the Draft. Remember he had trouble creating for himself and there are Two 7' Footers in this Lottery that he played with in the Lane.  If Cats pick Beal and Wiz pick MKG look for T-Rob to go here to the Cavs.

5. SacTOWN Kings....We have a Trade REKEhavoc and #5...MKG has to be there guy because they can Score they need a guy who can play Defense and others follow suit....that is MKG. If MKG is Gone it could be Andre Drummond.

6. Blazers......Jamal Crawford is wanted so lookout...Dion Waiters will be there guy as they have not said anything about him until recently. Also look for Drummond or Damian Lillard.

7. Warriors....Andre Drummond here if he is still on the Board to help David Lee and Jeremy Tyler. if Drummond is not here look for Austin Rivers.

8. Raptors....Jeremy Lamb I have heard Motor and I have also heard the best Shooter possibly in the Draft from the Sniper. Waiters and Rivers a possibility.

9. Pistons...John Henson as Joe D helps Mr. Monroe with another Long and Athletic Big. Also look for Meyers Leonard or I would even go to Tyler Zeller.

10. Hornets....Austin Rivers to join Anthony Davis and the Hornets are locked in on their Future and Future is Now for New Owner Tom Benson. Lamb and Rivers could swap or  even Damian Lillard

11. Blazers....they have Damian Lillard right here after all that Drama 6-10 they get their Original #6 Guy to go with Waiters.

12. Rockets....We have a Trade...or UNC BIG Tyler Zeller would make a lot of sense

13. Suns....Terrence Ross is a Sleeper and he could even move up on Draft Day I have had him at #13 for awhile

14. Bucks...Meyers Leonard now that Zeller is Gone the Bucks need a Big and Bogut has left the building

15. Sixers...Arnett Moultrie I have had him here most of the Week and he and Perry jones are similar it's just that A.M. is a gamer..110%

16. Rockets... Terrence Jones he sneaks up and the Rockets get them a Steal

17. Mavericks.... Perry Jones III goes to them and he is from close by Duncanville, Texas. In a normal draft not as deep he is a surefire Top 10.

18. Rockets....Marquis Teague is the Safe pick because of their need and Uncle Russ and TP9 among others...Speed

19. Magic....Andrew Nicholson however the Trade goes down they have a Big that maybe capable sooner rather than later

20. Nuggets.....Doron Lamb he can play the Point or the 2 and they do not need another Point to play behind Ty Lawson

21. Celtics..Moe Harkless excellent pick at the SF or even a slide to the big guard

22. Celtics....Royce White to back up Bass and KG as well as add quality Depth and a Versatile Player

23. Hawks....Jared Sullinger is right there for the taking or will they get French SF Evan Fournier

24. Cavaliers...Estus Fezeli the Big from Vandy to move Tristan Thompson to his Natural 4

25. Pacers...Draymond Green and why not he fits Coach Frank Vogels mode.....Versatile and can Defend and Rebound

26. Memphis...Kendall Marshall to relieve Mike Conley Jr. and he is a Super pick up considering the Weapons the Grizz already have they just need better Distributor

27. Heat...Fab Melo adn this will be Coach Spo, Boish, and Heat VP ZO's Project and if they can get him to Work the Heat could be almost Unbeatable because Fab will clog up the paint

28. Thunder...Tony Wroten Jr. and he is a reach but with Perk, Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Coach Brroks and Cheeks along with GM Presti he will go into a really good Support System and flourish....Wroten could be the steal of the Draft he is that Good

29. Bulls....We have a Trade either Luol or Jo Knows is going to where unknown. Kim English Mizzou Sniper he could sneak up to the Bulls as could Will Barton of Memphis

30. Warriors...Jeffrey Taylor of Vandy a solid Fit to move Klay Thompson on the ball or to the Sniper....

This is my Story and I am sticking to it with a lot of movement in this Draft. Dwight on the move as is Teams like the Rockets, mikeCATS, Wizards, Lakers, and Bulls among others. A lot of similar pieces after the 1st 10 or so picks but the 2nd tier goes back maybe until the end of the 1st Round.

NBA Draft Time is here.....6PM CT Tonight on ESPN

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A QUARTERBACK Driven League...NFL NETWORK's Top 100 of 2012....Top 10....of course it's A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE...where is Tom Terrific, D-Brees, and A-ROG of Lambeau rated?

I blew up at the 11-20 last week and thinking I must see the Top 10 of the Top 100 of 2012 by NFL Network. The Bluedude is not dissapointed and just like 11-20 numbers 1-10 is a Special Group and they got it right NFL Network did or shall I say the NFL Players. Tom Terriffic is #4 what....Sunday will,never be the same.

NFL Network's Top 100 of 2012....#1 - #10...straight Chiquita BANANAS and sponsored by just going Jersey Numbers No Names on this last know who they are and so do you.....enjoy:

10. MLB #52 49ers: Are you not Entertained..."Gladiators we are Today....just Gladiators and when you hit someone...Punish them" said #52 of the Gold Rush. It's is only fitting to see that he wears #52. I saw this young man punish the toughest Division 1-A Football Conference every Saturday for 2 Seasons the SEC. No matter who was on the Field he was the best Football Player. The Bluedude will say this when you are a Special Defender on Sunday you are not wired like the rest of them....Meet #52 of the Stick.

9. DT #92 Ravens: Soon to be HOF and DT Great Warren Sapp calls Ngata the "Dump Truck". Soon to be Sports Blogger of the Year the Bluedue calls him "Messing up my beloved Sundays" and he is a Duck and not Aflac's Duck.

Ngata is the reason why the Ravens are still a Dominant Defense period. Ray Ray is still the Voice but when you game plan the Crab Cakes the 1st thing to account for is the middle and it is #92 in purple and black. Just having to see on film Ngata, Suggs, and Ray Ray in that front 7 is a Problem on Any Given Sunday.

8. RB #28 Vikings: I think he is the Best Football Player on Sunday and Running Back period. Every time the Bluedude sees him I get Monsters Inside Me. All Day AP is a problem and when your in that 2nd level and he is coming at you every player on Sunday prays to the Football Gods that Chalk is near or Paydirt. A Beast if I ever saw one simply a Violent Runner to the point that if he was something in the Weather he would be a Tsunami and no pun intended. If the Vikes can get things figured out All Day and PERCYland USA are 2 Players no on wants to see on Sunday.

7. WR #11 Cardinals: To put him in front of Andre 305 is a disservice and nothing against Fitz but the Reliant 80 is a Monster. Stick'em, Pine tar, Super Glue, Elmer's Glue, Scuba Gloves, Honey and anything else to describe when the Ball hits Fitz' Mitts. The Best Hands arguably the Bluedude has ever seen and it doesn't stop there. Route Running Supreme and just think if he had a QB...lights out as the Kevin Kolb Science Project didn't get a Trophy in 2011.

6. DE #94 Cowboys: His least favorite color is RED and on Sunday QB's can't wear Red because it is live football. Ware is still the best QB Sack Specialist on Sunday and an easy Top 10 Player and to put him at #12 Last Season should have got Some of you NFL Players a 4-Game Suspension. He is the Best Player on the 'Boys and the Defense has to Rise up like he does Every Sunday. His Neck has been an issue for awhile now but tough as nails and he studies some form of Karate. Now you know why at the Point of Attack he is so good with his Weight Distribution and Hands.

5. DB #24 Jets: When you have an Island named after you understandable. When your always crying to get more Dinero your Wrong. But at the End of this post he is arguably the one guy on Sunday that is most important to any team. They call them Shut Down Corners where Safeties and Defenses only have to worry about one side of the Field because Revis covers the whole other side. I call them Sunday Bay...24 Hour Routes Program. Revis Island is the Mizzle for Shizzle and If I had to choose one guy other than #43 from Head & Shoulders would be Pitt Panthers Alum and current Jets CB Darrelle Revis of Revis Island.

4. QB #12 Patriots: The Players have started a whole other Debate and guess what the Pundits will say now, "Brady is going to make People pay for putting him at #4". Well the bad News I had him in the Top 10 but not under 5 so get over it. It's a QB Driven League but not on my watch. He did a remarkable job at getting his team to the Super Bowl for the League's Worst Defense. Now he would have been #1 if he can get some tape on the Giants the Day before the Super Bowl.

3. WR #81 Lions: They get him a QB in Matthew Stafford and the Nicknames blows up...MEGAtron. The Football gods were tired of the Lions Faithful thinking Barry is coming through that Pontiac SilverDome Tunnel. He is the Truth and he is built like a F-150 Super Cab with a Ford Excursion Motor. What you thought I was going to say Toyota Tundra or Chevy Silverado and the Lions play in Ford Field...right. You must Bracket Him because if you bump and run him you will be sitting with me in the Bluedude's Man Cave. Then the Lions Faithful and the NFL went there and put him on Madden 2013 after I told them No No No you don't you Ford Crash Dummies you. Now we brace for MEGAtron becoming Tron a he watches the action from the sideline after a Week 1-4 Injury. And I hope not but History is not on his side....

2. QB #9 Saints: There is Dumb, Dumber, then the Saints CFO and Brass Dumb as Rocks for not paying Brees. Soemone needs to take the Who Dat Brass to the Nawlins' Local Grocer and show them Brown Paper Bags...the Bluedude went there. The Numbers #9 puts up and the Saints want to franchise him or put their own QB in an OTA Bounty Program so you don't have to pay him. Pay that Guy or release him to the Buccaneers and let him come back and put 1K yards passing on Who Dat? on One Sunday. I am Upset about this one and my QB is Big Ben....

1. QB #12: Three of the Top 4 of the Top 100 of 2012 are Signal Callers...A QB Driven League isn't it. They were 15-1 and then within a Blink of an Eye in a NY Minute it was all gone. NY Football Giants stunned what looked like impossible to Stop Packers Offense orchestrated by Aaron Rodgers. #12 was the best in 2011 and still is the best and Only Big Ben I would take before Rodgers and #12 is the truth. Now is he the best player on Sunday...Heck Naw. Are there any Signal Callers in the Bluedude's Top 10. No Red Jersey's Allowed in my Top 20. I take all Defensive Players because it is a Send your Check to the Commissioner Driven League for punishing Players on Sunday for the Bluedude.

Wow what a Top 10 by the NFL Network's Top 100 of 2012 can't wait to see the Top 100 of 2013 and the highest Steelers #43 at #19.


I remember when Sparty won a Chip behind their FLINT-stones (Michigan State Basketball player from Flint, Michigan) Mateen Cleaves, Charlie Bell, Morris Peterson, and Antonio Smith. The FLINT-stones brought the 2nd ever Chip to East Lansing in 2000 with the First being Magic Johnson and Greg Kelser led Sparty in 1979 vs the Hick from French lick, Indiana and Larry Bird's Led Indiana State Sycamores.

But before the so called FLINT-stones made their name Famous there was another Trio who put the Flint, Michigan Population on Google Earth. Meet and Greet Jeff Grayer, Glen Rice, and Andre Rison of Flint Northwestern HS Fame.

They were made of Point Guard and All-State Football player Andre Rison (Michigan State), Shooting Guard Jeff Grayer (Iowa State), and leading Scorer Glen Rice (Michigan). They dominated the High School Basketball Scene in Michigan in the early to mid 80s.

Rice went onto be 1st Team All-American at MAIZE and BLUE and get them a National Championship in 1989 over the PJ Carleisimo led Seton Hall Pirates of South Orange, NJ. Rice was a 1989 All-American and a Top 4 Pick in the 1989 NBA Draft.

"Bad Moon" Rison went to Sparty Michigan State on a Football Scholarship where he dominated the Big Ten and was a Top 25 Pick by the Indianapolis Colts. He made his name "Bad Moon" Rison when he played for the Dirty Birds of Atlanta.

Grayer was the Consumate Professional of all three Players and the least heralded of the three as he took his talents to Hilton Coliseum and Ames, Iowa to play for the Great Johnny Orr of Iowa State. Back then the Cyclones were part of the Big 8 and Grayer dominated the Big 8 and the College Scene. A 1988 All-American and a member of the 1988 US Olympic Team and a Top 15 Pick in 1988 by the Milwaukee Bucks.

Currently Rice is living in Miami with some Business Ventyures, Bad Mooon Rison could be anywhere, and Grayer was hired in 2010 by then Cyclones Coach Greg McDermott and was held over when McDermott left for Creighton (See June 24, 2012 Post on Barnes and McDermott's Son Doug) and the Mayor of Ames and also an Iowa State Great  Fred Hoiberg took over the Cyclones in 2011.

Now before you start talking FLINT-stones now you know the Original FLINT-stones who cemented in Flint, Michigan in Google Earth.

TEAM USA Track and Field LONDON 2012.....Last 100 Kick Edition...400 Meter Finals

You know Dallas, Texas Native Michael Johnson still holds the Records for the 400 Meter right? Now let's see who qualified in the Women's and Men's 400 Meter Final to get to London 2012 Summer Games.

WOMEN'S 400 Meter Final:

1. Sanya Richards-Ross Nike 49.28 Meet Record
2. Dee Dee Trotter Suacony 50.02
3. Francen McCorory 50.43

Richards-Ross ties the Meet record of 49.28 set by Sandra Cheeseborough in 1984 by Atheltics West. Richrds-Ross has the American record of 48.70 set in 2006. The World Record is 47.60 set by Marita Koch in 1985.

Mrs. Richards-Ross is one of the favorites in the 400 Meter to get the Gold as she is married to Former Hookem' Horns All-American and 2-Time Super Bowl Champ Aaron Ross of now the Jacksonville Jaguars (Ross took the Money and rightfully so as he has 2 Super Bowl Rings and now its time to get Paid for playing on Sunday plus the G-Men drafted Prince Amukamara of Big Red Lincoln to play sooner rather than later).

MEN'S 400 Meter Final

1. LaShawn Merritt Nike 44.12
2. Tony McQuay Florida 44.49
3. Bryshon Nellum USC 44.80

The World Record of 43.18, American record of 43.18 and Meet Record of 43.44 all set by the great Michael Johnson affiliated then with the Swoosh.

Note: All Numbers from

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Mock Draft #8 of 9....TOYOTA Center in H-Town trying to get O-Town's LAND CRUISER #12.....mikeCATS moving out of #2....LOGO Green Room...One Day away

Right now no one is sleeping in the Logo from Pat Riley to Sam Presti to Gar Forman to James Dolan....well Dolan is sleeping now that the Zen Master is not on Board.

Draft Night is almost here and the Clock thickens as does the Plot as Teams are officially on the Clock to make a Deal, get a Deal, or close the deal.  The Logo Jerry West has a few Tricks under his sleeve as does Joe D in the D.

The Rockets are reportedly trying to mortgage the Farm for Dwight and up the road Let's Make a Deal Mark Cuban is lurking and lurking he is with Duffel Bags, HDnet, and a Chip from 2011.....take that Jerry J.

The 2012 Next to the Last Mock and this one has some Sin City on it as it is close to being finalized for Must See TV on Draft Day 2012 from the Big Granny Smith...NYC.

1. Hornets Anthony Davis trademarks "Fear the Brow" and Raise the Brow" and you forgot one..."HIVE the BROW" as in Hornets playing the Hive...Dufensmirtz

2. mikeCATS Looking to Trade out or picking for someone else Thomas Robinson

3. Wizards Bradley Beal like Verizon is the name of the Arena he will be playing in

4. Cavaliers MKG....Teams St Patricks NJ in C-Town.....moving in the right direction

5. Kings Harrison Barnes and the Rockets may try to get this Pick for Orlando

6. Blazers Trade Bulls send Jo Knows for the Rights to Weber State PG Damian Lillard and Joel Pryzbilla

7. GS Warriors...the logo promised Dion Waiters aka Mitch Richmond he will not get passed them and was right on

8. Raptors...Austin Rivers Splash Play North of the Border.....

9. Pistons Andre Drummond...Joe D's Story n he is sticking to it

10. Hornets...Jeremy Lamb another Shooter from the Wing

11. Blazers Meyers Leonard...alongside Aldridge

12. Bucks Tyler Zeller great Pick and a Need

13. Suns Terrrence Ross....a Combo Sniper/SF a need for the Desert

14. Rockets John Henson for Magic or to go with Dwight Howard.....the Paint is officially off Limits for Rockets Foes

15. SIXERS Arnett Moultrie....adds Length and another Athlete to Sixers Front Court

16. Rockets Terrence Jones another Piece to go with now Henson and Dwight who can play the SF or for the Magic

17. Mavericks Perry Jones III...back home near Duncanville, Texas and Mavs get a Draft deal Steal if he comes to play

18. Rockets to Magic Marquis Teague...heck you need  PG when you have all them Bigs.....

19. Orlando Andrew Nicholson in the Aftermath of the Dwight Saga this pick may go to Houston...

20. Nuggets Doron Lamb Combo G can help ease the point or Shoot it with Ty running PG

21. Celtics Moe Harkless at the SF and the Shooting G.....

22. Celtics Royce White why not to play the PF with a handle...

23. Hawks Jared Sullinger Why Not but hawks look to be Big players in Draft day as swell....lookout hearing J-Smoove 5 could be on the move

24. Cavaliers Fab Melo to out Tristan Thompson at his natural Position PF....

25. Memphis Kendall Marshall...yes to go with all, those weapons if he falls

26. Pacers Draymond spell Granger and Help Pacers on the Glass when AREA 51 is not in game

27. Heat Festus Ezeli....would you bring back Eddy Mr. F**k You Man and Dexter Pittman...Hecky Naw Joe

28. Thunder Tony Wroten Jr...and why not Electric Point and lead man on the break and is super-athletic

29. Bulls Shopping like they have a $500 Gift Card.....Loul and Jo Knows are out there...Dwight won't be but the Bulls will be as active as the Rockets, Hawks, Kings, Magic, and Warriors

30. Warriors Jeffrey Taylor Vandy......a good fit at SF for GSW

Final Mock 9 coming There or shall I say Here at Bluedude Sportstalk

WEST SIDE STORY Report #32 DRAFT DAY Game Plan...The BLUEDUDE has 99 PROBLEMS and my TEAM SEE RED is one.......what do the BULLS do now....I feel bad for you SON.

This is the first sighting of the West Side Story Report in some 6 Weeks since our exit in the 1st Round to the upstart Seventy-Sixers if you want to call them that.

Team See Red has many Scenarios that their Brass led by John Paxson and Gar Forman are going through over Lou Malnati's Pizza, Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, and Coca-Cola Zero or Sprite....and a side of Garrett's Popcorn..Chi-City Mix (Caramel and Cheese).

2012-13 Scenarios in Cement like Michael Jeffrey's Statue:

1. The ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero....D-Rose 1 is out until late 2012-13 Season if he will play at all.

2. Bulls 2012-13 Salary Cap as it stands now is at $60 Million with little room for movement....

3. Ticket Season Waiting List will be removed if Roster doesn't change....Tickets for everyone

4. Will move games to All State Arena by O'Hare if they lose more than 10 in a row....

5. Will not re-sign the Sin City Scrapper CJ Watson for the 2012-13 Season....

6. Luol Deng will play for his Home Country England in the 2012 Summer games

7. John Paxson will not be seen answering questions as Gar Forman will do all the Live Team See Red Interviews

8. No Amnesty for C-Booz 5 but someone Repo his Whips.....Bluedude knows where he lives in 305

What are Team SEE RED Draft Day Scenarios sponsored by if the Bluedude deleted your Twitter Handle you would say Thank You and the Bluedude says,"Stay Bloggin' my Friends".

1. Have 30 Phones ready for Conversation as we must be able to talk to all teams for a possible Trade or Pick Up as we have a phone for ourselves in case no one calls we can pretend that someone did.....

2. Superman Of Mouse Town will not be there for the taking unless they nix the Houston Rockets Deal. Jo Knows and Luol plus Benny The Bull to O-Town for Dwight. The Magic has said that taking on Benny the Bulls Contract could be a Sticking Point....

3. Sign John Lucas III to a Multi-Year Deal worth the Max......

4. Cancel the LUVAbulls for the HONEY Bears....yeah Chi City the Bears Cheerleaders are back except on the Hardwood.....Moneymaker

5. Trade Luol to Sacramento for the #5 and REKEhavoc and 72 Bulls Season Ticket Holders one night stay in the Palms Playboy Suite....

6. Trade Jo Knows and Taj Gibson and Duffel Bags via Wells Fargo Wagons to the Hornets Nest for Chris Kaman and the Hornets #1....Anthony Davis as well as a 2012-13 Season full of Portillo's Chocolate Cake

7. Pick up Allen Iverson and Starbury on a 2012-13 Seasons worth of 10-Day Deals until Derrick comes back....

8. The Bluedude has No Idea what Team See Red will do on Draft day as it is fast approaching....Anyone?

9. Bulls Color Man Stacey King says by Thanksgiving....Too Slow, Too Weak, Too Many Losses forget Too Fast, Too Strong, Too Good...not happening in 2012-13

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report #29....RED LEGS 1B Joey VOTTO overtakes BOYS in BLUE CF Matt KEMP to lead all Players on the SENIOR Circuit with a resurgence from REDBIRDS CF Carlos BELTRAN.

Matt Kemp, the 2011 NL MVP Runner-Up, leads all NL Position Players in All Star Voting for 2012 but will most likely be a scratch due to the lingering Hamstring Issue he still is nursing.

The Senior Circuit All Star is shaping up to be the Changing of the Guard of Who is Who among All Stars. Some names you are familiar with and some are one you may have forgotten.

The 2012 NL All Star Leaders by Votes June 25, 2012:

Joey Votto Red Legs 4,475,180
Lance Berkman Redbirds 1,516,737
Freddie Freeman Braves 1,462,586

Dan Uggla Braves 2,641,361
Brandon Phillips Red Legs 1,870,966
Jose Altuve 'Stros 1,479,652

Rafael Furcal Redbirds 2,323,486
Troy Tulowitzki Rockies 2,064,021 *
Starlin Castro Cubbies 1,395,820

David Wright Amazins' 2,687,818
Pablo Sandoval Gigantes 2,223,269
David Freese Redbirds 2,064,351 (2011 WS MVP)

Buster Posey Gigantes 3,335,982
Yadier Molina Redbirds 3,119,530
Carlos Ruiz Fightin' Phils 2,448,942

Matt Kemp Boys in Blue 4,118,524 *
Carlos Beltran Redbirds 3,717,483
Ryan Braun Brew Crew 3,168,617
Melky Cabrera Gigantes 3,045,884

Note (*): Kemp and Tulowitzki are nursing injuries and are highly unlikely to play in the Mid Summers Classsic. Look for Cubbies SS Castro and Gigantes OF Cabrera to fill the Void as Castro jumps to 2nd by Tulowitzki a no go.

The Red Legs 1B and 2012 NL MVP Joey Votto who looks to be getting his stride back is now leading the NL Voting as Kemp's All Star Votes have almost stopped by hat old adage...Out of Sight...Out of Mind.

The Gigantes are making a comeback in the NL West only 2 full games behind the Boys in Blue and their Al Star Backstop Buster Posey looks to be close to 100%.

The Brew Crew's OF Ryan Braun has also come up Big  showing that last season was no fluke. Absent are a lot of Fightin' Phils as only C Carlos Ruiz is the only position player in the Top 3 of any position on the Senior Circuit. Maybe the Phils rode their Vets a season too long.

What about the Fightin' Fish the Miami Marlins with no Position Player as well in the Top 3. I hope that isn't a direct backlash to the Marlins Skip Ozzie Guillen Turmoil a bout a month or so ago.

Note: Numbers from  


A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report will be the RANGERS vs the SENIOR CIRCUIT All Stars in ROYAL STADIUM...RANGERS dominating AL All Star Voting thus far.

We are about two weeks away from the Mid Summers Classic from Royal Stadium off I-70 Missouri. The #1 Team by Record in the Show is the Bronx Bombers followed by the Texas Rangers. The #1 Team in All Star Voting by the Fans is the Texas Rangers which shows one thing when you win all the time your visible and visibility means more votes.

The AL Leading Vote-Getters on the Junior Circuit for the Mid Summers Classic 2012:

Note: the Top 3 Leaders as of June 25, 2012

Prince Fielder Tigers 2,825,532
PAULIE Konerko Pale Hose 2,261,388
Mark Teixeira Pinstripes 1,863,873

Robinson Cano Pinstripes 3,559,290
Ian Kinsler Rangers 3,462,367
Dustin Pedroia Carmines 1,666,282

#2 Pinstripes 4,407,982
Elvis Andrus Rangers 2,764,888
J.J. Hardy O's 1,331,927

Adrian Beltre Rangers 3,073,541
Miguel Cabrera Tigers 2,692,047
A-Rod Pinstripes 1,748,534

Mike Napoli Rangers 3,088,228
Joe Mauer Twins 1,772,228
Matt Wieters O's 1,623,459

the Natural at Ballpark in Arlington 7,301,824
Curtis Granderson Pinstripes 3,812,339
Jose Bautista Jays 2,773,442

DH (Designated Hitter)
Big Papi Ortiz Carmines 3,128,711
Michael Young Rangers 2,564,572
Adam Dunn Pale Hose 1,436,643

The Rangers are simply dominating and the Natural at the Ballpark in Arlington, Josh Hamilton, leads the Galaxy in Votes as all the Hardcore MLB Fans and young People pull for Mr. Hamilton as he is fast becoming if not already a MLB Top 3 Faces in the Show. Josh if the Rangers don't want to pay you the Bluedude will represent you and out 1st stop in the Natural Sweepstakes....the Bronx Zoo...that will get the Rangers attention.

As for other familiar faces #2 Pinstripes Mr. Derek Jeter who has been the face of the game for going on a Decade and who said he was Dunzo. Rangers 3B Adrian Beltre is playing like the M's thought he would when they paid him a few years back. How popular are the rangers just look at the Catcher Voting. Mike Napoli is ahead of the Twinkies Joe Mauer and how about them T's on that Rangers Cap.

The last day of MLB All Star Voting is 11:59PM Thursday June 28, 2012.

NOITE: All Numbers from

Monday, June 25, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Mock Draft #7 of 9....the BLUEDUDE post his First 1st ROUND Draft Picks...Team SEE RED at #29...will be ACTIVE

Enough of who might be a Lottery Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft. Let's get to the Middle to the back half of the 2012 NBA Draft where the Orange gets tighter and tighter.

1. Hornets Anthony Davis...his Monument is in front of the Hive in the Big Easy

2. Bobcats Thomas Robinson...better than both Morris Twins

3. Wizards Bradley Beal...Some like him and some don't...Solid Pick

4. Cavaliers MKG....HS teammate went to battle for him..@CAVSDan listened

5. Kings Harrison Barnes....he might be a Steal at 5

6. Blazers Andre Drummond..Aldridge needs help and big body

7. Warriors Dion NBA-Ready Sniper...Steve Francis like

8. Raptors Austin Rivers....make a Splash on the Court ad at the Box Office

9. Pistons Meyers Leonard....Greg Monroe want to play 15 and in not in and 15 out

10. Hornets Damian Lillard....Hornets need a PG who is Self Service at the Pump

11. Blazers Kendall Marshall...they get Drummond and then Half Andre Miller/Half Jason Kidd in @KButta5

12. Bucks Tyler Zeller.....Bogut Gone West....enter an NBA Ready Big

13. Suns Terrence Jones...a nice addition to go with Morris Twin

14. Rockets John Henson..Scola Help is on the Way in Plastic Man 2K12

15. Sixers Arnett Moultrie....He would be a Top 5-7 in a Draft not so Top Heavy

16. Rockets Marquis Teague....Lowry will be gone and Udrih will have Company

17. Mavs Terrence Ross..Matrix 31 on his way out and a Sf that could someday be a Sniper

18. T'Wolves Jeremy Lamb...they need a Shooter with Athletcism

19. Magic JJ Sullinger....he and Big Baby along with Noah and Deng make Magic Front Line Formidable

20. Nuggets Moe Harkless....Scoring added to the Wing

21. Celtics Perry Jones III....add him to JaJuan Johnson of Purdue a nice and Long front for the C's moving forward

22. Celtics Royce White...more beef up front with a Surprise Handle and Versatility for a big

23. Hawks Festus Ezeli....finally a BIG so that Big AL and J Smoove can play Perimeter a little

24. Cavaliers Doron Lamb...can also spell some point

25. Grizzlies Andrew Nicholson....PF Help for Z-Bo and Slim Shady..Darrell Arthur

26. Pacers Jeffrey Taylor...Can play both ends kind of a Circle City Strangler D-Granger Dude....

27. HEAT Fab Melo...Enough with Eddy Curry and Dexter Pittman....A GINORMOUS MAN from who should have Bosh playing PF forever....

28. Thunder Draymond Green...Just what the Doctor Ordered..Thunder Alley gets their Custodian to clean everywhere

29. Bulls Jared Cunningham..another East Bay Product and don't be fooled by not knowing him...the BLUEDUDE knows him well enough to bring him Home to my Squad....the West Side Story Report
30. Warriors TyShawn Taylor to help the Warriors Backcourt out...when Curry is out and often times Injured

SQUEEZE the ORANGE and MAKING NOISE Combo....BILLY Ball in GAINESVILLE once had Bradley Beal and Austin Rivers coming....what happened?

The two most heralded High School Guards in the Class of 2011 played for two different colleges but once upon a time they both were going to the University of Florida to play for Billy Donovan and the Florida Gators.

Chaminade Prep in St. Louis, Missouri (home of current Warriors PF David Lee who also played for Billy D at Florida) Shooting Guard Bradley Beal signed with the gators in the fall of 2010. He was Donovan and Florida's Target for awhile as they were also hoping Winter Park, Florida HS Combo Guard Austin Rivers was also going to sign with he Gators.

Rivers re-opened his recruiting after his Junior Season after committing to Billy D and the Gators in his Sophomore Season. One of the reasons was that his Older Sister Callie Rivers was a Volleyball Player at the University of Florida and the Gators were a National and SEC Powerhouse that Donovan built up on the Hardwood.

When you look at the Roster the Gators had in the 2011-12 Season it would have been hard to imagine that both Rivers and Beal would have played for the Gators as they also have Home State Star Kenny Boynton who was a 2009 Big Mac in his own right. Couple that with NYC's Ervin Walker and Rutgers Transfer and 2008 Big Mac Point Guard Mike Rosario (St. Anthony's NJ) was also on the Roster getting limited minutes in the 2011-12 season.

Imagine a 3-Guard Set with Rivers, Beal, and Boyton to go with Monster PF Patric Young (Jacksonville, Florida Providence HS and a 2010 Big Mac) in the paint. That Kentucky-Florida SEC Game would have taken on a whole new meaning.

Now both Beal and rivers are at it again this time in the 2012 NBA Draft where it looks like Beal will definitely go ahead of Rivers as both are projected Lottery picks.

What a Headline in the Swamp in 2012 after a possible National Championship....both Beal and Rivers to enter Draft after getting Billy Ball #3.

As we go to press...Beal is the #1 Sniper on the Bluedude's Big Board and Rivers is the #1 Combo on the Board.

TEAM USA Track and Field London 2012...Fast Feet Edition Track #2... Women's 100 Meters Finals Results

The Late Great Florence Griffith-Joyner aka Flo Jo still has the 100 Meter World, Meet, and American records for the 100m at 10.49.

The Finals in Eugene, Oregon for the 100 Meter Women's Final:

1. Carmelita Jeter Nike 10.92
2. Tianna Madison Saucony 10.96

3. Jeneba Tarmoh Nike 11.02*
3. Allyson Felix Nike 11.02*

Tarmoh and Felix are Training Partners and went Neck to Neck to the Finish and Tarmoh beat her training partner by 1,000 of a second to get her bid to the 2012 London Summer Games.

As the 100 Meter Teams form they also will be putting together the fastest Relay Teams as well for Team USA.

Note: Numbers from

TEAM USA Track n Field London 2012....FAST FEET Edition Track #1....Women's 100 Meters Hurdle Finals Results

Back to Eugene, Oregon we go and the Story was Lo Lo Jones of Lady Geaux Tigers of LSU's Dominant Women's Track and Field Team. With an outstanding Field Lo Lo gets 3rd and she will be back to the Olympic Games to hopefully avenge 2008 Beijing Games.

The Finals in the 100 Meter Women's Final for Team USA:

1. Dawn Harper Nike 12.73
2. Kelie Wells Nike 12.77
3. LoLo Jones Asics 12.86

Just missing the Cut.....
4. Virginia Crawford Nike 12.90
5. Christina Manning Ohio State 12.92

All 3 Ladies will represent Team USA in the London Summer games of 2012.....

Note: Numbers from

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Mock Draft #6 of 9.....Rip City BLAZERS and the HIVE in the BIG EASY need Point Guards.

Mock Draft #6 of 9 all the way up to the 2012 NBA Draft presented....Who is going to be BIG on Draft Night....Real BIG.

1. Hornets Anthony Davis...why get an Agent when you know what the Pay is

2. mikeCATS Thomas Robinson...Mike and Cho can't go wrong with the Mass Street Gladiator

3. Wizards Bradley Beal...they have already made the move to get Good Vets in Locker Room

4. Cavaliers Harrison Barnes....they need a Scoring Small Forward

5. SacKINGS MKG...n look for Kings to try to move REJEhavoc on Draft Day

6. Blazers Andre Drummond..they need a PG and one of the Two they want will be there at #11

7. GSW Terrence Jones...the logo Jerry West is looking for versatility on Front Line....Miiii Miiii Miiii Mr. Jones...Mr. Jones...Mr.Jones
8. Raptors Austin Rivers..they need a Draw and Rivers is that and much more North of the Border you would think

9. Pistons Meyers Leonard to have ML and Mr. Monroe manning the Pistons paint is a wise move by Joe D....with Knight and Stuck on the perimeter

10. Hornets Damian Lillard..with Air Gordon the Only real scorer on the Perimeter..Lillard gives them a nice Point who can also get Buckets

11. Blazers Kendall Marshall...with Matthews Jr., Batum, and Aldridge among others Rip City needs a traditional point and it's @KButta5

12. Bucks Perry Jones III...makes Fear the Deer more athletic in the Front Court with Jones

13. Suns Dion Waiters ....Nash is on the Move but they will be WAITERS in the Desert for Dion

14. Rockets John Henson ....they need to get Help for Luis Scola in that Front Court and Longer and more athletic

15. Sixers Arnett go with Hawes, Brand X, and Lavoy Allen.....Sixers welcome Theo Ratliff 2.0

Watch......these DUDES

Terrence Ross Washington
Jeremy Lamb UConn
Jared Sullinger Ohio ST
Tyle Zeller UNC
Moe Harkless St. John's

The 2012 NBA Draft is really deep and after those Top 10 or so picks anything goes as you will see some wheeling and dealing because Guys Fall and Move up.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Mock Draft News....HARRISON BARNES has been the #1 Option ever since he was in Middle School...but his #2 Option at Ames Iowa HS DOUG McDERMOTT was hardly a SIDEKICK.

Harrison Barnes left UNC Tar Heels after his Sophomore Season to enter the 2012 NBA Draft. Highly-touted as the #1 Schoolboy in the US at Ames High School in Ames, Iowa he was a fixture the 4 years he played High School in Iowa. A 53-Game Win streak, Back 2 Back State Championships his Junior and Senior Year, and unanimous Mr. Basketball in Iowa for those 2 years and joined by his HS Teammate on the Back to Back Iowa 1st Team All-State.

That 1st team All-Stater was Doug McDermott of now the Creighton University Blue Jays in Omaha, Nebraska. See Run DMD was a different kind of teammate since his Father, Greg McDermott, was the head Coach of then nearby Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.

McDermott was the kid all the Recruiters stumbled on when they went to see Barnes do his thing. Being the Son of a Coach your Skill Set is and should be way tighter than everyone else's if your all in. McDermott signed a Letter of Intent to join Northern Iowa until his Father left Iowa State and went to the Creighton Blue Jays and then Little McDermott followed suit.

As Harrison Barnes did at UNC (All ACC Freshman Team and Freshman of the Year)..McDermott was ditto for the 'Jays. As Barnes came back for his Soph Year on Franklin Street and seemed to have everything figured out so did McDermott. One wouldn't think that your high School Teammate would out do you on the National Scene whether you were One and Done or Two and out.

McDermott did just that by becoming the 1st Player since 'Jays Sniper Kyle Korver (Sixers/Bulls) to become MVC Player of the Year (Korver 2001-03) and get the coveted Larry Bird (Indiana State) MVC Player of the Year Trophy. McDermott also made the NABC 1st Team All-American and his former HS Teammate Barnes made the 2nd Team.

As for McDermott entering the NBA Draft anytime soon maybe look for his name in the Lottery in the 2013 Draft. HS Teammate Barnes will get his name called no later than 25 Minutes into the 2012 NBA Draft. As you know Run DMD will be watching his guy get his name called and Barnes will return the favor Summer 2013.

Team USA TRACK n FIELD London 2012.....Track n Field OLYMPIC TRIALS underway at HAYWARD Field Eugene, Oregon....Hammer Throw Results

Team USA Track and Field has started their Trials in Eugene, Oregon at Heyward Field on the University of Oregon Campus.

Note: W= World Record A= American Record M= Meet Record

Results thus far from June 21-June 23 2012:

Women's Hammer Throw Finals Top 3

1. Amber Campbell Nike 71.80 meters 235 ft 6 inches
2. Amanda Bingson UNLV 71.78 meters 235 ft 6 inches
3. Jessica Cosby Nike 70.77 meters 232 ft 2 inches

A Cosby has the American Record set June 2012 at 74.19 meters 243 feet 5 inches

W Record Betty Heidler of Germany has World Record set in May 2011 at 79.42 meters 260 feet 6 inches

Men's Hammer Throw Finals Top 3

1. Kibwe Johnson Nike/NYAC 74.97 meters 245 ft 11 inches
2. Chris Cralie No Affiliation 74.36 meters 243 ft 11 inches
3. AG Kruger Nike 73.93 meters 242 ft 6 inches

A Lance Deal  82.52 meters 270 ft 9 inches September 1996

W Yurly Sedykh 86.74 meters 284 feet 7 inches Russia August 1986

Note: All Results and Facts from Top 3 Athletes qualify with a Throw Average Throw over 69 Meters


SUNDAY TALK June 24, 2012 Act #5......the Miniature BIG EASY Bully, DOUBLE R of Crab Cakes Fame, and I Live in "PERCYland USA" Harvin...what do they have in Common since 2009....ALL PURPOSE KINGS on Sunday...the Top 7 Since 2009

These are the Players that can do more than just run but at the end of the day it their running that has them doing Multiple Jobs on Sunday. The Sunday Addict calls it their Fantasy Hero or Money Maker and not the one Chris Bridges aka Ludacris is talking about. The NFL simply calls it the All Purpose Yards.

All Purpose Yards are totaled by Yards from Rushing the Pigskin, Catching the Pigskin, and Yards from the Kicking game whether it is from Kickoff or Punt Returns. Who is the Top Dawgs on Sunday when it comes to the All Purpose Yards. The Player that usually has the most impact on their Team and their Team can get this Player the Pigskin in a variety of different ways.

Here are the Numbers from the Top 7 Players on Sunday since 2009 for All Purpose Yards on Sunday:

1. Darren Sproles aka D-Sproles... Who Dat Nation 7,229 yds. : A nightmare in coverage for Linebackers and to fast on the 2nd Level for most Defensive Backs. How valuable is Sproles? Ask Bolts QB Phillip Rivers when Sproles left the Bolts O was not nearly as explosive and they had complete Meltdowns on 3rd Down because Sproles was no longer there. Now playing with Brees and the Saints he adds a whole other dimension to an already explosive outfit. The #1 Player on Sunday when it comes to All Purpose Yards. Forgot to mention Sproles in the Kicking Game.

2. Ray Rice aka Double R..Crab Cakes Nation 5,887 yds. : The Ravens Offense is as good as Ray Rice is on Sunday. it is not about Ordinary Joe but when Rice carries the Pigskin at least 20 times the ravens Odds of winning are through the roof. He is also a match up nightmare in the Passing game and that's where he makes his real dollars. Almost 6K yards since 2009 and is never part of he Kicking Game...Wow.

3. Percy Harvin aka I Live in PERCYland USA Purple People 5,821 yds. : This is where then Florida's Coach Urban Meyer's Spread worked as he had Percy Harvin lining up everywhere and that has paid off for Harvin on the Sunday Level. A Former Top 3 HS Phenom out of Talent-Rich Virginia Beach Area Harvin has excelled. he is an explosive threat where ever he is on the Field and and in the Kicking game he is a nightmare. This season without ALL DAY AP on the Field Harvin will be the #1 player teams clue on to Stop the Vikes.

4. Josh Cribbs aka the Dawg Pound Playmaker 2K Browns 5,755 yds. : The Browns have not won very many games for awhile but every time you turn the tube on it is not because Cribbs is doing nothing. A Top Threat in the Kicking Game has started to excel in the Offense for the Browns as they use him as their Percy Harvin sort of speak. If Cribbs could ever get his WR Game down he could make an Honest living there and be a serious threat to the Pro Bowl every season.  

5. Chris Johnson aka the Music City Might Mouse CJ28 Titans 5,583 yds. : Like he wouldn't be on this list after he almost ran by Prime Time's record 40 Time at the NFL Combine. He would be 2nd on this list if it wasn't for the Titans paying him all that cash last season and he tucking some of that dough into his Pants on Game Day slowed CJ28 down. All these Yards are via the hand off or most of them. In order for CJ28 to get on the Top of the list he needs to expand his Game via the Catch out of the Backfield. Probably the Worst Back on the List by Receiving. 

6. Maurice Jones-Drew aka Pocket Hercules aka Mr. Prada Monkey Suit Jaguars 5,491 yds. : You drink MJD well they do in J'Ville, Florida. Mo- Jones-Drew is a Monster and you can't see him coming then when you do he is built like a Caterpillar Tractor but wider and smaller. A lot of Players cry for more Cash but MJD has a legitimate...Wheres the Beef? the Jags would have been 0-16 with Gabbert at QB if it wasn't for MJD. All these yards are via Ground or Air and no Kicking Game included. 

7. Fred Jackson aka the Orchard Park Obliterater aka Action Jackson Upstate NY Bills 5,034 yds. : Jackson has made the Bills Offense look halfway like the Bills 90s O with Machine Gun Kelly and his Gang and I said Half. Don't throw Rocks at the Bluedude. The OPO is more than a handful and never part of the kicking game. Now with his New Deal and Why So Serious' New Deal the Bills are looking up and no longer an old Lawn Chair in the AFC East.  

Note: Yards from      

SUNDAY TALK June 24, 2012 Act #4....LT of the MURPH....where does he rank among the Elite Running Backs on Sunday of All-Time....and is he the BEST BOLT RB Ever?

LaDainian Tomlinson has called it a career and where does he rank among the Best RB's ever on Sunday and in Bolts RB History?

He will someday go to Canton in San Diego Chargers Blue and go down as one of the best RB's on Sunday. Having gained over 13,000 yards in his illustrious career is LT of the Murph a Top 5 RB of All-Time on Sunday...the Bluedude weighs in?

The Bluedude's Top 15 Running Backs of All-Time:

1. Jim Brown Cleveland Browns

2. Barry Sanders Detroit Lions

3. Emmitt Smith Dallas Cowboys

4. Marshall Faulk Stl Rams/Ind Colts

5. Walter Payton Chicago Bears

6. LaDainian Tomlinson San Diego Chargers/NYJ
7. Eric Dickerson LA Rams/IND Colts

8. Bo Jackson LA Raiders

9. Jerome Bettis Pittsburgh Steelers/LA Rams

10. Earl Campbell Houston Oilers

11. Thurman Thomas Buffalo Bills

12. Franco Harris Pittsburgh Steelers

13. Tony Dorsett Dallas Cowboys

14. Edgerrin James Ind Colts

15. Curtis Martin Pats/NYJ

Note: All players to make this list must be retired.....

Top 10 Rushers of All-Time on Sunday
Note: Top 10 Numbers from

1. Emmit Smith Cowboys 18,355
2. Walter Payton Bears 16,726
3. Barry Sanders Lions 15,269
4. Curtis Martin Pats/Jets 14,101
5. LT BOLTS/NYJ 13,684 

6. Jerome Bettis  Steelers/Rams 13,662
7. Eric Dickerson LA Rams/Ind Colts 13,259
8. Tony Dorsett Cowboys 12,739
9. Jim Brown Browns 12,312
10. Marshall Faulk Stl Rams/Ind Colts 12,279

Is LT the greatest BOLT RB he Top 5 that's for another argument but I still think he is right there and the Company that he is in is Elite. Therefore no matter what LT is he is an Elite Type of Sunday Back and a Surefire Top 10 of All-Time and a 1st Ballot to Canton, Ohio.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE.....Where are they now?....a few 2003 BIG MAC'S.....KING JAMES is still #1 but who else in the 2003 Class is getting it the LOGO.

The 2003 McDonald's All-American Team was a highly-touted bunch that has made their mark on the Logo and of course most notably on King James of Akron, Ohio.

Let's run through a quick check list of a few Big Mac's to see what they are doing now since it has been almost a decade.

Where are the now?...and What are you doing?....sponsored by you might be surprised who is on the list and who went straight to the Logo and flopped.

1. King James Cavs/Heat....Best Player on the Planet and has lived up to his "Chosen One" moniker

2. Luol Deng Bulls...played 1 year at Duke the #9 Overall in the 2004 NBA Draft

3. Shannon Brown Cavs/Bulls/Bobcats/Lakers/Suns...played 3 years at Michigan State and found his niche with the Lakeshow from famed Maywood, Illinois Proviso East HS...Home to Doc Rivers and Michael Finley among others

4. Ndudi Edi T'Wolves (BUST)...from Houston Texas straight to the Pros and McHale and Flip wish they had that pick back.....did nothing in Twin Cities

5. Kendrick Perkins Celtics/Thunder...Perk came straight out of High School and the C's waited on him and the wait has proved to be worth it. Played Head to Head in the 2002 State Championship against Chris Bosh and Dallas Lincoln HS and Perk was at Beaumont, Texas Clifton J. Ozen HS....Bosh beat him up good in that game.....the Bluedude was there

6. Chris Paul Hornets/Clippers...CP3 is one of the best point Gods in the Logo. He spent 2 years at Wake Forest under the Late Great Coach Skip Prosser. A Jordan Brand Endorsee CP3 once scored 61 in a HS Game to honor his late Grandfather that was gunned down at the gas Station he owned.

7. Brian Butch...played at Wisconsin descent player and almost went to play for UNC Chapel Hill...rumored to get scared on his visit looking in the Rafters

8. Leon Powe....Celtics...the Powe Show at Oakland Tech HS was better than the NBA Warriors at the time. Powe was part of the 2007-08 Celtics Championship. A Really good player at Cal Berkeley under Coach Ben Braun.

9. Kris Humphries....Jazz/Nets/Raptors/Mavs yes that KH that got dumped by Kim K...and one of the best players in the State of Minnesota ever from a Scholastic Standpoint. A Really good Rebounder and Glue guy that will command some cash this Summer on the Market. Played College at Minnesota for the Gophers and was Freshman of the Year and one and done.

10. Von Wafer...Played at Florida State and from the State of Texas. Has played with a few NBA Teams. Still in the league with the Orlando Magic.

11. Brandon Bass Top player from Baton Rouge, LA Capitol HS....played for the Hornets, Mavs, Magic, and now Celtics. A Professionals Professional. Low Maintenance.

12. Charlie Villanueva...UCONN one and done and he was a HS Teammate of #2 Man on this List Luol Deng of Blair Academy NJ. Deng went onto Duke. Villanueva now plays for the Pistons but was drafted by the Bucks.        

13.  Aaron Brooks played at Oregon and another Piece from the Seattle Washington HS Scene which is 5-Star when it comes to the Orange. Brooks played at Seattle Franklin HS the same HS that produced the JET..Jason Terry of the Mavericks. Played in China last season but the Suns will be waiting on him.

Just a few of the Big Names in that 2003 McDonald's All-American Class. Of course James was the Mea; Ticket but Deng, CP3, Villanueva, Humps, Perk, and Brown have done well enough to say they played in the Logo and did some things.  The Others....sometimes there are Lessons to be learned and making the McDonald's All-American List means a hill of Beans trying to make noise in the logo.

SQUEEZE the ORANGE Mock Draft 5 of 9... more shuffling at the Top surrounding BEAL, HARRISON, and MKG and watch out for K. MARSHALL and D. WAITERS Late Lottery and in

The 1st Two Picks are pretty much a lock but picks 3 thru 5 is almost anybody guests with HEAVY Smoke Screen now until they enter the Green Room.

The Best Player in the Draft is UK's Anthony Davis and we know that. Is KU's Thomas Robinson the 2nd Best Player in the Draft or is Mike and Cho going on their hunch here. If it was Mike and Rod I would say the Pick will be a disaster but Rich Cho appears to be the guy to guide Mike to the 8th Seed in the East eventually.

Mock Draft #5 of 9 is sponsored by the 2012 NBA Draft is less than 6 days away so get all your Emails, Tweets, and Likes to your favorite team and see if you get a response and if not...cancel Season Tickets:

1. Hornets Anthony Davis Statue

2. bobCATS Thomas Robinson....Cho's 1st Pick as CAT GM

3. Wizards Bradley Beal.... Gateway Arch Sniper

4. Cavaliers Harrison Barnes....moving to Best Mid-Range in Draft

5. SACtown Kings MKG to go with Isiah Thomas, Jimmer Fredette, and Marcus Thorton

6. Blazers Andre Drummond to leave LaMarcus Aldridge at his Natural 4 spot...

7. GS Warriors Damian Lillard..makes sense Curry not durable and Lillard from East Bay

8. Raptors Jeremy Lamb good insurance when DeMar DeRozan decides to bolt they have his replacement

9. Pistons Meyers Leonard..I true 5 to move Mr. Monroe to his True 4 Spot...

10. Hornets Kendall Marshall a Man's PG...throwback but a real good fit

11. Blazers Austin Rivers a combo needed in Rose City but didn't they try that with Jerryd Bayless

12. Bucks Tyler Zeller...Big Aussie is Gone West...Zeller a good fit for Bucks

13. Suns Dion Waiters...the Most NBA Ready of the Snipers....get WAIT on in the Desert and see what happens

14. Rockets John Henson...H-Town has athletes at the 2-3 and now add the Plastic Man to cover rugged Luis Scola

15. Seventy-Sixers Arnett Moultrie....Reminds me of a Mix of Theo Ratliff and Big Shot Rob-ert Horry without the Money Ball in his arsenal...could go Higher

Watch for......

Terrence Ross Washington
Moe Harkless St. John's
Terrence Jones Kentucky
Marquis Teague Kentucky

Friday, June 22, 2012

SUNDAY TALK June 22, 2012 Act #3 with a Twist of SQUEEZE the ORANGE....GOTHAM City GREEN + GOTHAM City MSG = JETS and KNICKS Talk...

Look who is still crying because there is another Corner on Sunday making more than him. Gotham City Green Corner Darelle Revis is at it again threatening the Jets not to report on Opening Day of Camp on July 26, 2012.

Revis is due to be paid i Game Checks $7.5M in 2012 and $6M in 2013 the end of a pretty lucrative deal. He is upset because he knows he is the #1 Island on Sunday but a certain Corner for the Bird Gang from the Linc...Nnamdi Asomugha makes more than Revis.

Look Gotham City Green honored his wishes for a lucrative deal and Revis got it so play this one out and worry about a new deal in your last year of the contract next season. Included in the next Two Years of Salary is a pair of $3M Roster Bonuses. Revis has already collected some $32.5M on the Contract thus far. Word to the Wise....quit spending Cash Revis Island.

In Gotham City MSG News and Arbitrator has ruled Two Knicks Players get the Early Larry Legend Rights and that would be #LINsanity and Sniper Steve Novak. Which means the Knicks can keep both at the Mid-Level Exception and use Money allocated for Free Agency on another prominent Free Agent.

With the Knicks have no 1st Round Picks in 2012 and Rook Stud Iman Shumpert, of Oak Park-River Forest HS (home of Packer Great Ray Nitschke) by way of the Ramblin' Wreck of GA Tech in the 404, is out for most of the 2012-13 Season with an ACL Injury......the Knicks get pretty good news. I wonder what kind of market is out there for both and I would give a case for Novak as a Pure Shooter.

What does this mean for Earl "JR" Smith.....we know he needs the cash with Foot Locker and Eastbay of Scooby Doos in his House.

LOGO WATCH #105..the LOGO Odds on Favorites for the 2012-13 SEASON to get to LARRY

From's LVH Superbook here are the Odds on Favorites to Win the 2012-13 Larry O'Brien Trophy.

1. Heat 5-2
2. Thunder 5-2

3. Bulls 5-1
4. Spurs 7-1
5. Lakers 12-1
6. Mavericks 15-1
7. Celtics 20-1
7. Pacers 20-1
9. Nuggets 30-1
9. Clippers 30-1
9. Magic 30-1
9. Grizzlies 30-1
13. 76ers 60-1
13. Knicks 60-1
13. Hawks 60-1
16. Bucks 100-1 along with 6 other Teams

The Heat and Thunder are locked in and loaded and the Thunder will be looking for a little retribution in 2013 Winning Time.

The Bulls will not have the ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero so 5-1 makes not a bit of sense. Lakers always have a shot because of their ability to get Free Agents and they have the Black Mamba.

If the Mavericks can get the Joker D-Will 8 on that Roster and move and shake some of their other Parts around..lookout Big D could be right back in the thick of it.

Celtics have major work and the pacers still have a piece or two missing but they can get the Top of the East with the right moves and Larry Legend is at the Controls doing big things.

It looks to the Bluedude as a 2 team race (Heat/Thunder) with another Tier of 2 Teams (Spurs/Lakers) then everyone else in the same boat.

Note: All Odds by LVH Superbook under


BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Front Line June 22, 2012....@CAVSDan and the MISTAKE on the LAKE CAVS Followers it wasn't KING JAMES Mistake....what about the NBA DRAFT Lottery's Mistake?

Almost Two full years removed from the "Decision" and "I am taking my Talents to South Beach" the Mistake on the Lake is still crying about nothing. How about the looking at how the Cavs even drafted LeBron at #1.

They say the Draft isn't fixed what happens if the Cavs come up not #1 and the Pistons, Nuggets, Raptors, or even the Heat, who picked Wade County in 2003, get the #1 Pick. Yes young men make  bad judgements all the time and his arrogance, King James, cost him dearly. But did that Lottery Ball have to come up #1 in 2003? Suppose you get Wade County or Melo' you think they would have stayed in C-Town?

All these Players have Big Market Dreams or to play in a City that is just as fun off the hardwood as on the hardwood. But I blame the Lottery System as though whenever a Pick has to come comes up. Take for instance you think Saints Owner Tom Benson would have shouldered another Load of a Professional Team in New Orleans without some help. He buys the Team and within a week or so he gets the #1 Overall Pick and the #10 and all the Picks in the 2012 NBA Draft fell in the Spot they were suppose to except Cleveland moving back to New Orleans Slot at #4. The Hornets jump up in the Top 3 and low and behold Jordan and the CATS need the pick more than the Hornets and who gets #1....Tom Benson and the Hornets.

Didn't the Cavs lose King James and what pick did they have the Following Year in 2011...#1 and they selected Kyrie Irving. It happens a lot but the NBA Commissioner sweetened the Pot for you right after King James left it just so happened that Draft last year was below average at best but you did the get #1 Pick and the 2011-12 NBA Rook of the Year in Kyrie for Mayor.  

In a nutshell get over it King James and Family didn't sign a Life Time Contract to stay in Cleveland, Ohio. If you had a choice wouldn't you want to experience something different than what you been experiencing all your life while you have the Freedom and Cash. CAVS GM Then Danny Ferry didn't put a Winner around James so instead of wasting Time he went somewhere wheer he thougfht he could get Multiple Championships. Last time I looked if the Tribe or Dawg Pound put a Chip up  King James would be an afterthought. Quit worrying about what has happened and look into what might happen as the Cavs are building slowly but putting good solid pieces together with the #4 Pick coming next week in the 2012 NBA Draft.

I am not saying you have to salute or congratulate King James but if you don't like the whole ordeal turn your attention to something else instead of wasted energy. As for what Cavs Owner said when King James left he meant what he said and leave it at that. Now current Cavs Players you know who you work for and you shouldn't think any different. Put your Cash up you earn for that Day because that Day may be closer than you think when you leave the Farm on Lake Erie.  

The Bluedude and my Team See Red Center JO Knows is leaving our Hotel in Downtown Cleveland now with nothing to do........and taking our Night Life to South Beach.