Thursday, January 31, 2013

"As DWIGHT Turns" the SHOW, the AFTER PARTY, and the MOTEL Edition ...LAKEshow starts off 7-Game MOTEL Trip with an L to the Lowly SUNS...DWIGHT in the TRAINING Room again...LAKERS 6-Game Schedule remaining Sponosred by 2012-13 PLAYOFF Hopes in the Balance...LAKEshow call 911

Dwight of Three Stripes continues to injure the Same Shoulder that has cost him some Games of late. But nothing hurt as bad as playing the Worst Team in the West and up by some 16 points and the Lakers resort back to the same Old Basketball that put them in their Current Hole and lose to the Suns in 1993 Throwbacks 92-86.

I am OK with the Black Mamba being the Facilitator as the Lakers need that to win Games. But in the 4th Frame with the Suns making a Huge Run Kobe needed to step his Game or reach back for the Kobe System to put the Suns in their rightful place. Six Turnovers in the 4th Frame and Nineteen Turnovers for the game as the Lakers fall to 20-26. Before Dwight went left the Game he chipped in with 9 points and 14 boards. KB had 17 points, 9 helpers, and 5 boards but Six Turnovers and Two costly ones down the Stretch.

The Suns get a likely Hero they went to in Crunch Time and he delivered in SK Michael Beasley. The Artist formerly known as B-Easy struck the LAKEshow for 27 points and 6 boards. As he went at M.W.P. twice in the last Two Minutes and delivered the Orange. The Former 2008 #2 Pick behind the ADizero West Side Story report Hero D-Rose of Team See Red is more than Enigma as he teases you and teases you with Nights like this. Followed by a Night where its 007 in the Stat Book...0 points, 0 boards, and 7 Fouls combined with SHAQtin' a Fool Splash Plays.  

LAKEshow's 7-Game Roadie plus Dates:

Jan 30 @ the Valley of the Sun 86-92 Loss

Feb 1 @ 10K Lake Boyz T'Wolves

Feb 3 @ Auburn Hills Pistons

Feb 5 @ "Brooklyn has a Home Team"

Feb 7 @ Green Team and #CeltsNation

Feb 8 @ mikeCATS in Queen City, NC

Feb 10 @ Staples 305 vs Champs 305

Looking at the Current Road Trip in most Years there would be no cause for concern but the 2012-13 LAKEshow might have trouble with Air Jordan's Outfit the mikeCATS. The C's, Nets, and Heat look like L's. No Dwight would be huge and it looks like he is Day to Day.

This has been another Episode of the Bluedude Sportstalk #1 SOAP.."As DWIGHT Turns"

REGULATORS Report OKC Game #46 of 82 w/ PLAYBOOK...after a Few Days Off the YOUNG GUNZ OKC invite the RUDYless GRIND HOUSE Memphis to THUNDER ALLEY on NBA on TNT...#MEMvsOKC #NBAonTNT

The Regulators OKC last played Sunday at Staples Purple and Gold and took a rare L and now they invite a Rudy-less Grind House Beale Street Memphis to Thunder Alley for a Prime Time Match Up.

January 31, 2013
8pm ET
Thunder Alley OKC

Grind House Memphis GRIZZ @ Young Gunz OKC THUNDER


We will see first hand what the New-Look Memphis Grizzlies look like as they send Star SF Rudy Gay to the Raptors as part of what many NBA Teams will be doing before the Trade Deadline as in moving Large Cap Hits on their Books after the 2012-13 Season. The Key Pieces the Grizz get back is SF Tayshaun Prince (pictured left) of the Pistons and Ed Davis from the Dinosaurs. A Superb Defender that has lost a half a step or two but is more than a capable Defender and excellent Team Guy. Remember the Rival Spurs went after him when he was a Free Agent in the D about Two Years ago and he decided to go back to Joe D and the Motor City Pro Hoops Club. Davis was starting to come into his own in Toronto and he is another Lefty for the Grizz in that Formidable Front Court.

The Grizz will have a Different Look but what they lost in Gay they hope to pick up in Prince and Reserve SK Darrell "Slim Shady South Oak Cliff Dallas Texas" Arthur. Arthur and Pondexter along with Bayless can supply together Rudy's Production and at the Same time without that Ginormous Salary Cap Hit.

Meanwhile the Game vs OKC tonight that Grizz Front Line will have to deal with Perk, Air Congo, and Collison as they get no more consistent in the Front Court then the OKC Three. Grizz All-Star  Z-Bo and Gasol are formidable but with no threat of Rudy how will that Grizz Offense look?

OKC has KD and Uncle Russ and no one else does as Grizz PG mike Conley Jr. and Company have their work cutout for them. The Thunder having Four days off will look to push the pace and not get caught up in the Grind House Style of the Grizz. Pick your Poison as you hope in the Grizz Case that KD or Uncle Russ struggle offensively.

Will the Grizz rise up for the Occasion or will the Memphis Check Engine Light be on?

Regulators...Young Gunz...Mount Up!

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE January 31, 2013...BROOKLYN and EVANS talking CHAMPS 305 for what?...ED REED loves BELICHICK C'mon Dawg...RUDY a CAP Casualty and PISTONS get more CAP Space for Summer 2013

As though the Nest have enough Problems beating the Heat as they are 0-3 vs King James and Company counting last night's 105-85 L. The Nets and PF Reggie Evans still talk about the Heat talking about everyone needs to be Double-Teamed and you have to stop LeBron in Transition. To make matters worse he also eluded to the Fact that the Heat won a CHIP in a Lockout Season. King James just shot back that the Nets in a nutshell got a Coach fired...stay tuned. Meanwhile Nets beat the Heat sometime in 2013.

Ed Reed was asked about Coach Belichick and his love for the Coach and Reed sounded as though he would love to play there and might be headed there in the Off season. During Super Bowl Week Ed knows better than that and he acts as though his Coaching Staff can't teach him what Belichick can teach him and more. Ed Reed that is a Shot below the Belt at your Coach and Team. Throwing Flacco under the Bus a Year or so ago is one thing but the Organization and talking Good about a Rival Team. Put your thinking Cap on Ed and it better be on Sunday.

Rudy Gay was part of a 3-Team Trade that included the Grizz, Motor City Pistons, and Dinosaurs and It was all about Cash more than Productivity on the Hardwood. Gay is owed some North of $37 Million in the last Two Years of his Contract after this Season. The New Luxury Tax Threshold is about to kick in for the 2013-14 Season and the Grizz had to make a move getting under the Cap. Meanwhile the Gay goes to the Dinosaurs, Raptors PG Calderon heads to the Pistons, and the Grizz get Vet Tayshaun Prince, SF Austin Daye, and a Pick. The Pistons and Joe Dumars get rid of Salary, pick up Calderon Expiring Contract, and now have some North of $25 Million in Cap Space for the Summer of 2013. Watch those Pistons this Summer as they have Loads of Young Talent and Cash with Teams trying to get under the Cap for 2013-14.


"FIGHT for VINCE" #47...the HEART, SOUL, and BRAINS of the OPERATIONS...the BACKERS...its not just 52 in RED and 52 in PURPLE...its a PLETHORA of Talented PLAYERS stopping the RUN and trying to Collect the Coveted RED JERSEY...#SB47 #BALvsSF

We have come to this as the Last Day for Coaches to talk to the Media will be Friday and the last day for the Bluedude to talk about Rosters will be Friday as well. The Players that are most important in the Big Bowl in this one outside of the QB...the BACKERS...and its loaded for both Teams.

The 49ers come with Captain and 6-Time Pro Bowler in his first Six Seasons in Ole Miss Rebel Patrick Willis. The Ravens come with Future Yellow Jacket Inductee Ray Lewis..enough said. This will be Must See watching Only the Backers T.V..  (Pictured left Ravens OLB Paul Kruger...right 40ers OLB Aldon Smith the Leading Actors starring in a Red Jersey Collector Role on Sunday)

RAVENS Backers vs 49ERS Backers

RAVENS Backers

Starters 3-4 Base D

LOLB Terrell Suggs
LILB Ray Lewis
RILB Dannell Ellerbe
ROLB Paul Kruger

Key Reserves
LOLB Courtney Upshaw
LILB Brendon Ayanbadejo
ROLB Albert McClellan

The Ravens are led by the One and Only Ray Lewis. But it doesn't stop there as the Reigning 2011 NFL Defensive MVP LOLB Terrell Suggs is about at 100% as he is just as formidable against the Run as he is a Red Jersey Collector. The Other Two Backers opposite of Lewis and Suggs have been making Names for themselves in RILB Dannell Ellerbe and ROLB Paul Kruger. I know its no time to talk about Contracts but both are up after the Big Bowl and Sources say Ellerbe is the Key Cog and will most likely get Paid as he is the Heir Apparent to Lewis. Kruger has become a Force in 2012 and the Leading Red Jersey Collector for the Ravens. He will command a little more than what the Ravens will be prepared to give him as he is a Young and More Athletic Jarrett Johnson who walked to Bolts Camp as a Free Agent in 2012. The 49ers must account for Kruger and Suggs in Passing Downs and Ellerbe will be most likely the Backer on 49ers TE Vernon Davis. This Group is stout vs the Run but the Niners O-Line is Big Time so we will see.

49ERS Backers

Starters 3-4 Base D

LOLB Ahmad Brooks
LILB Navorro Bowman
RILB Patrick Willis
ROLB Aldon Smith

Key Reserves
 You Won't see them in this One....

In Sunday Tackle Football is doesn't get any better than this as a Group running a 3-4 Base D which the D is built around your Backers. Where do you start when talking Niners' Backers. The Only Thing that separates Willis and Bowman is the Jersey Number. Aldon Smith had a 49ers Record in Red Jersey Collections with 19.5 in 2012 as he looks like a Young more athletic former 9ers DE Charles Haley. Ahmad Brooks mirrors one of the Bluedude's Fav in Steelers OLB Lamaar Woodley and you could make a Case for him as a Pro Bowler and All-Pro. Bowman and Willis don't come off the Field as they are equally impactful against the Run and the Pass. Look for Bowman to be in Ravens TE Dennis Pitta's Jock Strap all game long.  That New Revamped Ravens O-Line needs to pay close attention to the Smith Side of the 49ers Front as Aldon and Justin have combined for 48 Red Jersey Collections in the Past Two Seasons...Wowza! Can the Ravens Tackles stop Aldon and Brooks on a Regular Basis in the Big One?

Edge: 49ERS slightly because of No Injuries to either of the Four Backers and Two All-Pros in Bowman and Willis.  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The See RED BUTLER and KRYPTOnate take down BEER TOWN n Fear NO Deer 104-88 as DaBULLS are 1-0 on SIX Game Roadie #2K13BenchMob...WEST SIDE STORY Report Game #45 of 82

Out with the Old and in with the New as the 2013 Version of the Bulls Bench Mob has emerged and led by a Well-Traveled Point Guard and a 2nd-Year Rookie that is emerging at Small Forward.

The Bulls take care of the Bucks behind Back Up Point Guard Nate Robinson's 24 points (pictyred right) and SF Jimmy Butler's 18 points and 6 boards. The Bulls took control of the Game in the 2nd Frame with a 32-18 outburst that led to a See Red 55-37 advantage at the Break. The Bulls almost shot 50% from the Field as the Bucks committed some 18 My Bad's on their Home Floor.

The Bulls Bench outscored the Bucks Bench 50-25 with Bucks SF Mike Dunleavy leading the Bucks Bench with 11 points. The Bulls also score 50 from the Reserves and the Starters led by the "TAJmanian Devil" Taj Gibson's 14 points and 9 boards as he started due to Bulls PF Carlos Boozer not even dressing. See Red All-Stars Jo Knows (12 pts 12 rebs 4 helpers) and Luuuuuuuol (12 pts 13 rebs 5 helpers) did a Yeoman's Work with a Complete Floor Game covering all angles but the Plans for the next Bulls Stop. The Bucks were led by Turkish SF Ersan Ilyasova's 18 points and 7 boards.

The Bulls move to 28-17 and with the Bucks chasing them in 3rd Place its a Big Win. Bucks fall to 24-20.      

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 60...the AKRON ZIPS Men Hoops Team goes TWITTER Handle on JERSEY n NCAA says NO...LOPEZ Barclays Edition on EAST All-Star Team... #theReturn is Close for SEE RED n after February 17, 2013

The Akron Ohio University Zips Men's Basketball Team was about to take the College Basketball World by Storm in a Nationally Televised Game by putting the Zips Twitter Handle on the Jerseys. Talk about creativity that's outside the Box while somewhere in the Box until the NCAA got a hold off it. Think about if all Colleges stared to do that what would the Jerseys look like on the Court. Since the Zips were the first to think of it the NCAA should let them do it for Saturday's Game and implement a Rule right after the Contest. The Twitter Handle on the Jerseys... @ZipsMBB. C'mon NCAA lighten up as Twitter is bigger than you #RealTalk. Twitter should delete the NCAA Accounts as they are the Bear of Bad News for Student-Athletes...Have a little Fun National Collegiate Association of Athletics and shortin' that...D*mn.

Brooks Lopez will join the East All-Star Team in Clutch City Texas for the NBA All-Star Game and well-deserved regardless what Knicks Nation says about their Poor Man's John Starks in "Get Shots" J.R.. Personally I thought they would add another Point Guard and Brandon Jennings aka the Beer Town Lefty would get the Nod from the Fear the Deer Bucks. Out of the Nets Horses Lopez is the One having the Best Season although the COO of the Barclays..Point God Deron Williams remains the #1 Guy as they head North in the Standings. Congrats Lopez Barclays Edition as Twin Brother Robin Lopez holds it down for Hive Drive of NOLA.

Chicago Illinois...the City of Big Shoulders...Chi City...the 'Go...312 brace for Impact as after February 17, 2013 hitting an NBA Arena near you....

Eastern Conference you should be and #theReturn is bringing Benny the Bull with him...#SeeRED

LOGO WATCH Barclays w/PLAYBOOK...the CHAMPS 305 go Prime time vs "BROOKLYN has a Home Team"...the NETS are 0-2 vs HEAT and a Tough Task Tonight #MIAvsBKN #NBAonESPN

The Miami Heat love the Prime Time and you would too if you have King James on your side. Tonight's Game vs Brooklyn at the Barclays should be a Treat as the New Nets under Lead Man P.J. Carlesimo are back in the Atlantic Race. King James vs Gerald Wallace at the Small Forward, Regular Mario vs the COO of the Barclays...D-Will 8, C-Bosh 1 vs K-Humps, and Wade County vs JJ of Woo Pig Sooie.

January 30, 2013
8pm ET

Champs 305 HEAT @ Brooklyn NETS


Look what the wind blew into the Barclays as the #1 Team in the East the Miami Heat at 28-13 have a Date with the Nets who all of a sudden are right on the Heels of the Knicks at 27-18.

The Heat are coming off a 100-98 2OT loss to the Green Team and that was under Winning Time Energy an Focus. Now the Heat take on the New Nets under P.J. and they must account for Nets Point God Deron Williams as everything revolves around him in the Nets Offense. Heat PG Chalmers who is an excellent On the Orange Defender will get that Job as well as Back Up Heat PG Norris "Hollywood" Cole.

The Best Match Ups are at the Two and the Three with Wade vs JJ and James vs Wallace. The Nets will try to put JJ in the Post vs Wade County as he has the Size Advantage. The Heat will try to exploit their Match Up Advantage with King James going at Wallace. Now who in the Logo matches up with James anyway...No one.

The Nets should be able to take care of the paint with K-Humps, Blatche, and Lopez as the Heat still struggle with the Orange off the Glass. Bosh along with UD (Udonis Haslem) will have their Hands Full. Expect Bosh to be a Problem as he likes to be on the Perimeter which would pull Humps, Blacthe, or Lopez out of the Paint and Space the Hardwood for Wade and King James to do what they do..get to the Rim.

It will come down to Half Court Execution as well as who shoots it from Deep the Best and the Battle on the Glass.

Tonight on ESPN 8pm ET....Heat @ Nets



"FIGHT for VINCE" #47...D-LINE and who has the EDGE?...Ravens NGATA and 49ers J. SMITH will be Factors or will they? #SB47 #BALvsSF

The War in the Trenches will be the Key to the Game as it is in any Game and the Ravens and Niners have plenty of able Bodies who are up for the task at hand.

The Ravens Star on the D-Line in the Ravens Base 3-4 D is DT/DE Haloti Ngata from the Quack Attack Eugene. The 49ers Star on the D-Line in the Niners in their Base 3-4 D is DT/DE Justin Smith. Both O-Lines know who they are and what both D-Lines are capable of doing and this will be a good ole fashion Donnybrook in the Trenches. Remember the Base 3-4 up front is Two Defensive Ends and a Nose Tackle which is over the Center and the Pigskin.

Ngata vs J. Smith the Headliners  


LDE Perenell McPhee
NT Ma'ake Kemoeatu
RDE Haloti Ngata

Depth Chart
LDE Arthur Jones/DeAngelo Tyson
NT Terrence Cody
RDE Bryan Hall

The 49ers know what Number to look for as #93 the aforementioned Ngata is the Key to the Ravens upfront. He is an Immovable Object an extremely fast and nimble for his Size. A Disruptor at the point of Attack as the Ravens will sometimes move him to NT to give the Opposing O-Line something to think about. The Leaders in the Depth are Arthur Jones and Terrence "Mount" Cody. Cody is a Huge Run Stopper and Jones is solid of the Edge in Run or Pass (Brother Pats Top Rookie DE/OLB Chandler Jones). Kemoeatu (Brother Chris a Former Steelers OG) and McPhee are solid as well and remember these Lineman are there to take on Blockers to keep the Ray Lewis and the Ravens Backers Free to make plays. That's how a 3-4 is set up to work.

49ERS D-Line


LDE Ray Mcdonald
NT Isaac Sopoaga
RDE Justin Smith

Depth Chart
LDE Ricky Jean Francois
NT Ian Williams

The Ravens O-Line knows is starts and ends with Right Defensive End Justin Smith. Even with Partially Torn Triceps he is a Factor because he is on the Field. The Smith also has a Partner in Crime in Ray McDonald who is also someone to pay attention to and reminds me of SKOLnation's DE/DT Kevin Williams. They are a 3-4 Base Defense and they not only take on Blockers for Niners Backers like Willis and Bowman to make plays they also disrupt what your trying to do before it gets to those Backers. As you see on the Depth Chart there is no one behind Smith because the Backup LDE Jean Francois can move over to RDE. Can the Ravens contain the Justin Smith as he lines up on the Same Side with 49ers Sack Master Aldon Smith?

The Edge: EVEN as Both Ngata (reportedly playing with partially Torn MCL since Week 10) and Justin Smith (Partially Torn Triceps since Week 13) cancel each other out and its all about the Backers in this one.    

360 Degrees: 49ers DE Ray McDonald from Pahokee Florida HS in the Everglades (Ravens WR Anquan Boldin was a Star QB at Pahokee HS them switched to WR at FSU 'Noles after a Torn ACL) and caught passes from Former Panther Chris Weinke at FSU) are Alumni of the Annual "MUCK Bowl"...Pahokee HS vs Belle Glades FL Central HS.

A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report with a Report of another LIST tied to PEDs n MLB...Shame on you Gentlemen...BIG NAMES nonetheless not surprising #PEDSntheSHOW

Just when things are not good for Bronx Bombers Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez and that $114 Million left on his Contract it gets worse.

Complex Magazine June 29, 2013 Article (via ESPN New York) is reporting there is a Miami Florida Clinic under Investigation for supplying Athletes with PEDs an A-Rod's Name is front and center. Remember Victor Conte and Balco Labs in the Bay well move over Conte here is Dr. Tony Bosch of Biogenesis Clinic which many in the Area called an Anti-Aging Clinic or should it be called "Chicks Love the Performance on the Diamond Night after Night".  

The List of MLB's Players are include Players like OF Melky Cabrera (just signed with Jays for 2013 and served a 50-Game Suspension with Giants in 2012), RHP Bartolo Colon (also suspended in 2012 for PEDs with A's), OF Nelson Cruz of Rangers, LHP Gio Gonzalez of Nationals, Padres C Yasmani Grandal, and of course A-Rod of Pinstripes.

Miami News Times reported in an Article this past Monday January 28, 2013 all the Athletes and Trainers have Miami Ties. Another Black Eye on the Show and stay out of 305 as its Hottie Hot.

STOP IT!...@RealLAKEshow on a @Real3-0WinStreak as they avoid the Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from HIVE DRIVE NOLA with a 111-106 win at STAPLES...LOGO WATCH New LAKEshow

The Kobe System is on the Shelf for now as Kobe is getting his Inner Magic Johnson/Gail Goodrich on for the La Lakers trying to turn back to the LAKEshow. (Note: Lakers Nation that's not Eddie Jones Jersey #6 that Earl Clark #6 and grab one before the Lakers run out)

The Lakers tonight hold a resilient Hornets Bunch 111-106 as Buzzzzzzzz was led by Former Clips Scoring Guard Eric Gordon who pumped in 25 points and Stand Up Circle City..that's your Boy. PG Grevis Vasquez puts in another Monster Stat Night with 15 points and 15 helpers. Rookie and #1 Overall Pick Anthony Davis also chips  in with 18 points.

But the night belonged to the LAKEshow New Starting Front Court of Dwight of Three Stripes and Earl Clark of Kentucky Red aka the 'Ville of the Yum Center Kentucky.  Dwight goes for 24 points and 4 No No's and Clark adds 20 points and 12 boards and 4 helpers as Former Suns GM Steve Kerr, who drafted Clark 1st Round out of the 'Ville, has to be thinking I told the Suns he could play at the NBA Level. The Black Mamba continues his New Role as he as went from Head Chef to Waiting Tables (14 pts 11 helpers 8 boards) but for the LAKEshow that's all right as long as they keep putting up W's.

Now the LAKEshow gets #3 in a row and a 20-25 Record before they go on a Road Trip that doesn't have too many Heavy-Hitters but this is the 20-25 Lakers not the 36-11 LAKEshow. The Lakers hit 12 Money balls and out rebounded the Hive Drive of NOLA by +13 for the win.  

RIP City All-Star PF L-TRAIN Aldridge and PF/C JJ hold of the MAVS despite 26 points from DIRKilsicious @Swish41 Nowitzki... #BLAZERmania n LOGO WATCH Rose City

The Blazers and Mavs go back and forth all night and the Mavs needed it just as bad as the Blazers and Rip City gets a Power Surge late for a 106-104 win.

Led by All-Star PF LaMarcus Aldridge (29 pts 13 rebs) and NBA Comeback Players of the Year Candidate JJ Hickson (26 pts 15 rebs) the Mavs couldn't make a Play in the End to win the Game as the Mavs are chasing Rip City for the #8 Spot in the West. Rarely do you see a Team in the Logo give up 50% plus Fg and 50% plus from the Arc and win and that's just what the Blazers did tonight vs Mavs.

The Mavs get 26 from @Swish41 and a Nice Game from their Back Court of Collison (17 pts 9 helpers) and Mayo (15 pts 9 helpers) but still couldn't close out the Blazers. Both Teams Benches are weak and it showed in this one as the Mavs Bench scored 24 points while Rip City's Bench scored 14 points. When the Mavs don't get a Big Night from Back Up SF Vince Carter the Mavs Bench suffers. Mavs need a Trading Deadline Deal but at what cost and will it make a difference being in 11th Place in the West as we go to Press. Meanwhile the Blazers get 17 from Matthews Jr. and 10 apiece from Batum and Lillard.

Rip City stays in the #9 Hole in the Wset and the Mavs stay at the #11 hole.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

THOMPSON of GSW goes for 32 on Lake ERIE Pro Hoops Club for a WARRIORS Win...the BEER TOWN Lefty leads FEAR the DEER as they put a 27 Piece on the Auburn Hills PISTONS...LOGO WATCH Tuesday Night Recap..When NBA Back Courts Strike!

On a Slow Night  in the Logo with only Four Games on Tap the Golden State Warriors took care of Biz minus Steph Curry, Harrison Barnes, and Carl Landry on their way to a 108-95 handling of the Cavs. Where was Kyrie Irving just 14 points in the Loss.

Warriors Guards Klay Thompson (32 points n pictured Right) and PG Jarrett Jack (26 points n 12 helpers) led the Charge for the Warriors. Then throw in 2012-13 All-Star PF David Lee and his Yeoman's Work of 20 points, 13 boards. and 8 helpers GSW walked all over the Lake Erie Pro Hoops Club. The Warriors shot some 11 for 16 from the Land of Plenty as PG Jack controlled the Dashboard.

The Cavs get 14 points from their 2012-13 All-Star PG Kyrie Irving on 5 for 17 shooting. the Cavs were led by SG n 2012 Lottery Pick Dion Waiters' 18 points and 7 helpers along with Tristan Thompson's 18 points and 11 boards.  The Cavs only shot 4 for 18 from Deep and that is a +21 in the Warriors Favor. GSW moves to 28-17 and the Lake Erie Pro Hoops Club stays in Mama's Basement at 13-33 taking a page out of the Dawg Pound a Few Blocks over.

The Motor City Pro Hoops Contingent jumped out early and led 28-19 after the 1st Frame on the Bucks. Then the Beer Town Lefty and Fear the Deer came together to outscore the Pistons some 98-62 through Frames 2-4 to post a 117-90 shellacking on the Pistons. Bucks PG Brandon Jennings led the charge with 30 points including 5 for 8 from Southfield, Michigan. He was joined by Dunleavy's 17 and Monta's 14. The Pistons couldn't regain a Balance after that horrendous 2nd Frame where they were outscored 33-14 by the Bucks. Rookie Big Andre Drummond goes Biggie-Size on the Bucks Front court going for 18 points and 18 boards. Fear the Deer continues to hang tough in the NBA Central moving to 24-19. The Pistons drop to 17-28.    

"FIGHT for VINCE" #47...a Look at the BODYGUARDS...the Boys that Keep FLACCO n KAEPERNICK clean...HOLES for RICE n GORE...n make the TRAINING Table look like Old Country Buffet...the O-LINES and who has the EDGE? #SB47 #BALvsSF

First of all I would like to say Bluedude Sportstalk's Super Bowl 47 Chief Sponsor is Water. Its good for the Body, Heart, and Soul, and most of all its Free...well kinds sorta depending on what your Water Bill looks like.

Talking the Big Boys up front the Players that make everyone Happy on Offense but the Last ones to get an Sideline Interview or an Interview at all. Who has the Edge when it comes to the Offensive Line in this one as the 49ers are arguably hands down the #1 O-Line on Sunday and the Heaviest. Some say close to 2K El Bees of Human Backside and take that Kim Kardashian and Nicki Manaj and make no mistake about they are in the neighborhood now. (Pictured Left to Right) Ravens 2nd Team 2012 All-Pro OG Marshal Yanda...49ers 1st Team All-Pro OG Mike Iupati.

BODYGUARDS if your Nasty


LT Michael Oher
LG Marshal Yanda 2nd Team All-Pro
C Matt Birk
RG Bobbie Williams
RT Kelechi Osemele

The Ravens are led by 15-Year Vet and Center Matt Birk who has seen it all in the Trenches as he first started out in #SKOLnation. The Ravens for the Most part during the Season have kept Flacco pretty Clean and in Winning Time Spotless. The Best of the Five is Former Iowa Hawkeye and 2012 All-Pro Offensive Guard Marshal Yanda. The Ravens will have their Hands full especially off the Edge with 49ers DE Aldon Smith (19.5 Sacks) who was behind Texans DE Area 99 JJ Watt for the Sunday Lead in Red Jersey Collections. Also opposite of Smith is no Slouch in Lamaar Woodley of the Steelers Play-Alike and Look-Alike Ahmad Brooks #55 in your Program. Both Oher and Osemele who will be the Next All-Pro on that Ravens O-Line will need some help here in there.

49ERS O-Line

LT Joe Staley
LG Mike Iupati
C Jonathan Goodwin
RG Alex Boone
RT Anthony Davis

The Best of the Best and the 49ers will tell you you don't draft O-Line in the 1st Round without knowing that its starts upfront and the Plan of having a Big Time Running Attack was in place drafting Staley, Davis, and Iupati in the 1st Round. Goodwin the Center is the Brains of the operation. Alex Boone, a Former OT on High Street Columbus Ohio U ie Buckeyes Nation, moved to OG and the experiment has paid off and this is their 2nd Full Year together and they are Dominant. 2012 1st Team All-Pro Iupati maybe the Best OG on Sunday or right there with Saints OG Jahri Evans. 2012 2nd Team All-Pro Staley is amongst the Best OT on Sunday and he is right up there with Texans OT Duane Brown in my estimation. Can the 49ers handle Soon-To-Be Free Agent DE Paul Kruger and T-Sizzle? Kruger has been a dominant force trust me being a Steelers Fan it was like One Thousand One...One Thousand Two...Here comes #99 in your Ravens Program. The Match Up inside between Iupati/Boone vs Ravens Haloti Ngata and Mount Cody is Must-See TV.

Edge: Hands down the 49ERS but do not underestimate the RAVENS O-Line as they have been more than Solid in this 2012 Run to the "Fight for Vince" #47 NOLA.



TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #79...the STEELERS will Draft DEFENSE one would think and it looks like "BETWEEN the HEDGES" U will be the Stop #NFLDraft2013

The Pittsburgh Steelers have to be looking on Defense having stockpiled O-Lineman in the the 2012 NFL Draft. I know what your saying about the Production of those Prospects but DeCastro was out until December and Big Mike "Sumthin' Serious" Adams had flashes before he was shutdown. Now the Steelers look like they might have to go Defense since that's where the Steelers are built.

Don't look far with a Aging Outside Backer in James Harrison at Age 35 along with Nose Tackle Casey Hampton at Age 35 it will be Backer or D-Line. The Two Guys that came to mind before the Senior Bowl was "Between the Hedges" OLB Stud Jarvis Jones (#29) or his Teammate DT John Jenkins (#6). Jones is being rumored to slide because of Technique and Jenkins is moving up and with the Steelers at #17 might have no shot at Big #6 of UGA Football.  

Jones is in the Woodley and Worilds Mold Size and Athleticism -Wise with a nose to get to the Red Jersey. Bama's O-Line did a Fantastic Job on Jones neutralizing him to where he was ineffective. Between the Trenches in the same game NT Jenkins was a Force vs All-American C Barrett Jones and OG Chance Warmack. That same dominance showed up at the Senior Bowl as he looked like a Young Hookem' Horns NT and Current Steelers and Former All-Pro Casey Hampton.

The Steelers also have ideas of getting the Back End some help with Safeties Clark and Polamalu getting up the Ladder. Clark may have had his best year as a Steelers in 2012 and Troy just doesn't believe in 16 Games.  Look for the Steelers to maybe take a Shot at Kenny Vaccaro of Hookem' Horns or Starksville U Cornerback and 2012 Jim Thorpe Award Winner Jonathan Banks.

Jarvis Jones or John Jenkins of UGA Fame look to be in Black and Gold come Late April 2K13.  

"FIGHT for VINCE" #47...BOLDIN, SMITH, and PITTA vs CRAB, MOSS, and V-DAVIS...WR/TEs who has the Edge? #SB47 #BALvsSF

Looking at what Both QBs have at their Disposal in the Big Bowl it's hard to say who has the Edge. The Ravens like to go to Anquan Boldin in the Crunch. The 49ers like to go to Michael Crabtree in the Crunch sprinkled with the "Predator" Niners TE Vernon Davis. Ravens Deep Threat Torrey Smith is Super Dangerous because of his Speed and Flacco's Deep Pigskin. The Niners have the Fastest Tight End in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere and he scares the Daylights out of Safeties and Backers in TE Vernon Davis. Who will have the Edge come Sunday's Kickoff?


RAVENS Winning Time Numbers

WR A. Boldin 16 Grabs 276 Yards 17.3 avg. 3 TDs
WR T. Smith 9 Grabs 198 Yards 22.0 avg 2 TDs
WR J. Jones 4 Grabs 91 Yards 22.8 avg 1 TD
TE D. Pitta 10 Grabs 137 Yards 13.7 avg 2 TDs
RB R. Rice 4 Grabs 69 Yards 17.3 avg 0 TDs

The Ravens have a Nice Mix of Targets for QB Flacco. Boldin is the Key WR hen it comes to Red Zone and Moving the Sticks. The Deep Threat is Torrey Smith and PR/KR/WR Jacoby Jones who can also get Deep. Pitta is in that Brent Celek Mold as is a Mismatch for most Backers and he is Flacco's Safety Blanket when things breakdown. RB Rice is Big-Time in the Screen Game as the Ravens love to use him in that Short Passing game. The Niners will have to put a Safety over the Top on Smith but Boldin will give them the most Problems. Can they contain Smith and Boldin or do they pick their Poison?

49ERS Winning Time Numbers

WR Michael Crabtree 15 Grabs 176 Yards 11.7 avg 2 TDs
WR Randy Moss 5 Grabs 71 yards 14.2 avg 0 TDs
TE V. Davis 6 Grabs 150 Yards 25.0 avg 1 TD
TE/FB D. Walker 6 Grabs 62 Yards 10.3 avg 1 TD

The 49ers are so Dynamic running the Pigskin with Kaepernick and Gore and that Mammoth O-Line the Passing Game is still there but it is almost determined by Down and Distance as they would rather go Run Game. Having said that Crab is emerging as a Go-To-Target for Kaepernick and the Niners. Moss is a Safety Blanket for Kaep and Vernon Davis exploded on the Falcons Backers in the NFC Championship Game. Delanie Walker is a Real Threat in that Short Passing game as well in the Flats and he and Vernon's Favorite Route..the Wheel Route. Run that on Madden 2K13 and its a Killer. With Ravens Safety Ed Reed playing CF will Kaep exclusively go to TEs Davis and Walker with Moss on Outs and Curls? Kaerpernick must be aware of #20 at all times but the Niners may force the Ravens Hand with the Running Game.

Who has the Edge in WRs? Slightly Ravens due to the Fact that Torrey Smith and the Deep Ball.

Who has the Edge in TEs" No Doubt its the 49ers with Vernon Davis and Walker.

Overall Edge...the Ravens due to the Fact that they have Ray Rice incorporated into their Passing game is a Huge Factor.

Note: Winning Time Numbers from ESPN.go.Com  


Monday, January 28, 2013

LOGO WATCH Monday Night...Watch those Mile High NUGGETS... #REDnation goes FAMILY Pack on New SALT PALACE...GRIZZ handle Broad Street PHILLY by Three..NETS and GSW post wins

Don't look at the Northwest Standings now as the Denver Nuggets are starting to put it together as they chase a Possible Top 4 Seed in the West. Gold Swagger of Indy was their Latest Victim as the Nuggets beat them 102-101.

The Nuggets are Red Hot and that is 10 out of their last 12 and Tonight it was SF Dino Gallanari's 27 points that paced the Nuggets to Victory. Also LAWdawg and Iggy continue to go to the Pump and fill up as Ty gets 18 points and 7 assists and Iggy of Mile High adds 13 points, 10 boards, and 7 helpers. Gold Swagger was paced by All-Star SF Rated PG 24 ...Paul George as he gets 23 points, 10 boards, and 5 helpers. The Nuggets held off a Late Pacers rally as they were outscored 27-20 in the Final Frame but still win.

Anyone in need of a Family Pack for their Super Bowl Party well it came early in Salt Lake City. The #REDnation Rockets go H.A.M. on the Jazz putting a 45 Piece on them with Large Sides of Money Balls (16) and Thefts (Steals 12). The Rockets were led by James Harden's 25 points as Carlos Delfino (Argentina National Hoops Squad Member in London 2012) and Morris Twin (Marcus) of Rock Chalk Fame combine to go 8-12 from the Arc. Want to know how bad this one was the Rockets had Double Digit Advantages on the Jazz in 3 of the 4 Frames in Scoring including a 36-20 3rd Frame Beat down. Ty Corbin of the Jazz need to go Jerry Sloan on them Boys at Practice Tuesday.

The Grizz go to Broad Street Pro Hops Venue in Philly and get out of Town with a 103-100 Victory as Marc Gasol's 27 points and Rudy Gay's 26 lead the Grizz. The Grizz shot 8-13 from the Arc and had a +10 Rebound Margin o n the Sixers. The Sixers were led by Point Forward Evan Turner's 27 points and 7 helpers and Thad Ex..Thaddeus Young's 23 points and 7 boards. Sixers All_Star PG Jrue Holiday added 18 points and 10 helpers in the loss as well. The Grizz trying to stay in the Neighborhood of the Clips move to 29-15. The Sixers fall to 18-26 and where is Drew Bynum?...Wow!

GSW gets a Seven Players in Double Figures to beat the Dinosaurs North of the Border 114-102 led by Run T.L.C.'s Efforts... Thompson (19 pts and 7 rebs), Lee (21 pts, 12 rebs, 7 assts), and Curry (17 pts and 5 assts). The Raptors get 22 points and 10 boards from Aaron Gray and 21 points and 9 boards from 2G DeMar DeRozan in the Loss.

"Brooklyn has a Home Team" made quick work of the rebuilding Orlando Magic 97-77 led by the COO of the Barclays..D-Will 8 as he went for 20 points and 9 helpers. Lopez adds 16 and Joe Johnson 13 as the Nets cruise. The O-Magic were led by Big Vucevic's 18 points and 9 boards and New York and St. John's Rookie Moe Harkless' 16 points.


WEST SIDE STORY Report Game #44 of 82...JO KNOWS goes ALL-STAR on mikeCATS with 13 pts, 18 boards, 7 helpers, 5 No No's, 1 Theft, and 10 Tickets left at WILL CALL...BULLS win 93-85 #AirJordanFixThat

The Chicago Bulls knew this would be a fight coming in as the the Dog Days of the Logo are upon us right before All-Star Break as we enter the Month of February. The Most Dangerous Teams in the Logo are the One your expected to beat and Tonight was no Different seeing Air Jordan's Bunch...the Charlotte mikeCATS.

The Bulls led for the majority of the game and it was the Play of the See Red Butler...Jimmy's Game-High 19 points along with KRYPTOnate's 15 points, and 13 apiece from Jo Knows and C- Booz 5 as the Bulls coast to a 93-85 win and it wasn't that close. Jo Knows also contributed with a Game-High 18 boards, 7 assists, 5 blocks, and a Theft as he dominated the game with Deft Passing and Dribbling leading the Break ta Times and that Jo Knows Blue-Collar Approach.

The Cats were led UConn Connection Kemba Walker and Former Bulls Standout Ben Gordon's 18 apiece. The Cats just don;'t have anything in the Front Court that could give them and Edge on most nights in the Logo. The Bulls took advantage of that as it was "Mouse in the House" all night long for See Red in the Paint.  The Margin would have been bigger if the Bulls hit their Free Throws only shooting 16/25 from the Stripe.

See Red moves to 27-17 as the Bobcats fall to 11-33 and they need the Hornets name back in the Queen City to give the Basketball Gods a Shot at getting them out of the Logo Basement.      

"FIGHT for VINCE" #47...RICE vs GORE...where do you want it?..A GAP, Bounce to the Boundary, Screen/Short Passing Game, Blitz Pick Up ..who has the Edge? #SB47 #BALvsSF

It doesn't get any better than this Two Top Tier Sunday Running Backs that live off of Yards after Contact. Both Run between the A-Gaps and are adept in the Short Passing Game. In a Game like this the Biggest one left who would you rather have? The Charm City Express #27 or the Smooth Battering Ram Violent Approach of Frank Gore...from the "U"...where else.

CHARM City EXPRESS #27 vs GORE Me of GOLD Rush


2012 Rushing 16 gms 257 Carries 1,143 yards 4.4 avg. 9 TDs

2012 Receiving 16 gms 61 grabs 478 yards 7.8 avg. 1 TD

2012 Winning Time Rushing 3 gms 64 carries 247 yards 2TDs

2012 Winning Time Receiving 3 gms 4 grabs 69 yards 17.3 avg 0 TDs

Rice is a Monster and if you didn't know that look at the Ravens vs Bolts Highlights at the Murph when it was 4th and the 1st Down Marker was in LA County California. Flacco looked downfield and found nothing and dumped off to Rice thinking we might get a Fe 27 yards later 1st Down Ravens as he ran through everyone but the Bolts Tailgate. The Run epitomizes who Rice is that "Me against the World" Attitude. Rice will run behind the Left Side of the Ravens Line as that is theri Best Side. Equally as effective in the Pass Game as the Run Game the Niners Backers will have to make plays on him One on One and those Names are Willis and Bowman. Rice is the 31 Players on that side of the Pigskin for the Ravens and its up to the Niners D to limit his Splash Plays.

Key RAVENS O-Linemen

Lead Fullback Vonta Leach

C Matt Birk
LG Marshall Yanda
LT Mike Oher

#49ERS RB Frank GORE

2012 Rushing 16 gms 258 carries 1,214 yards 4.7 avg. 8 TDs

2012 Receiving 16 gms 28 grabs 234 yards 8.4 avg, 1 TD

2012 Winning Time Rushing 3 gms 44 carries 204 yards 3 TDs

2012 Winning Time Receiving 3 gms 2 grabs 48 yards 0 TDs

Gore is a Special Talent as he is the Bull behind that Best O-Line on Sunday that might be the closest thing to the 90s Cowboys O-Line led by the Likes of Larry Allen, Erik Allen, Nate Newton, the late Mark Tuinei, and Mark Stepnoski. Gore is not a Effective as Rice in the Passing game but in that Pistol Offense he is a Nightmare as he like Rice live off of Yards after Contact. A low Center of Gravity and a Powerful Lower Body is Gore's Secret. Can the Ravens neutralize Gore in that 49ers Running Attack from the Power-I and the Pistol? The Falcons had them figured out until Harbaugh Stick Edition forgot about lining up and playing Downhill at the Angry Birds 404 with that 49ers O-Line. About 3 Quarters later..Game time Niners.

Key 49ERS O-Linemen

Lead Fullback Bruce Miller

RT Anthony Davis
RG Alex Boone
C Jonathan Goodwin
LG Mike Iupati
LT Joe Satley

Note: The #1 O-Line on Sunday and tell People at your Super Bowl Party the Bluedude told you so...I want some Nasties and there they go above.

Who has the Edge: Rice is a Dual Threat (Run n Passing game) but so is Gore in the Power -I and Pistol Set    

Note: Numbers from

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 59 with a APPAREL Design look at the NFL PRO Bowl Unis and the BARRELMAN Logo from the Brew Crew #SportsApparelDesign

It's no Secret the Bluedude is a Jersey Collector and as well as Cap Collector and I am always looking and analyzing the Duds Teams are wearing especially the New Designs.

Well Nike Pro Football Design Unit or what ever they are called went back into the Archives as did the Bluedude and compared the 2013 Pro Bowl Duds to the ones worn in Back in the Day 70s-80s that took a Red, White, and Blue Look. It was nothing flashy but compared to the Game the only thing worth looking at. Nike reportedly designed those 2013 Pro Bowl Unis from this Past Seasons "Elite 51" Collections which is their Authentic What the Players are wearing Jerseys.

Taking a look at the Jersey in Detail...

The Players wear the Helmet from their Respective Teams...

The Jersey has the Pro Bowl Logo on the Left Upper Chest...the NFL Team Logo on the Right Upper Chest... the NFL Logo in the Middle of the Front Collar, and National or American Name above the Jersey Number on the Front. Jersey Numbers on the Shoulder, Last Name Nameplate on the Back Top Center of Jersey with Jersey Number underneath Nameplate. Below the Belt all Nike Football from Nike Combat to Nike Scooby Doos unless you endorse others from a Scooby Doo Standpoint.
The Brew Crew of Milwaukee had a Contest for Fans to design Jersey and the Cap to go with it and the Winner is....the Barrelman Logo worn back in the 70s and it is something to get use to. Same Color Scheme as the Current Brew Crew Unis just the Font on the Jersey and Cap are Different as well as the Striping of the Jersey. The Brewers will reportedly be wearing these Jerseys in an Exhibition with the White Sox wearing their 1983 Joints and Two Spring Training Games in 2013 in Phoenix. The Barrelman Logo on the State of Wisconsin below is on the Cap...his Head only.  

"FIGHT for VINCE" #47..."A QB Driven League"... Comparing the SIGNAL-CALLERS...Ravens ORDINARY JOE and Forty-Niners SUPER KAEP-ernick...who has the Edge in the Big One? #BALvsSF #SuperBowl47

Super Bowl 47 Week is finally upon us and Media Week is right around the Corner as the Niners arrived in 'Nawlins on Sunday and the Ravens arrive in the Big Easy Today. No Butterflies yet on both sides but they need to enjoy the Week and watch the Hurricanes with Umbrellas in them and that Famous Street as we need all 53 dressing for this one.

Sunday Tackle Football is all about the QB as its a "QB Driven League" and let's discuss the QBs in this one strengths and weaknesses and who will be in their Game on Sunday when its that Time to put it on the Line.



2012 Numbers.... 16 Gms 3,817 Yards 317/531 Att/Cmp 59.7%  22 TDs  10 INTs  87.7 QB Rating

2012 Winning Time...3 Gms  853 Yards 51/93 Att/Cmp 54.8%  8 TDs  0 INTs  114.7 QB Rating

There is no doubt in the 49ers Mind that Flacco is Super-Dangerous and he throws the Best 9 Route or Go Route in the the Deep Ball. Eights Touchdowns and No Interceptions in the Postseason and he beat Luck of Blue Swagger Indy, Tom Terrific of Foxboro, and Manning Mile High inn Consecutive Weeks. Joe also has the Record for most Road Playoff Wins as a Sunday Signal-Caller as well as 5 Playoff Appearances in his First 5 Seasons.

Can the 49ers turn Flacco over as he faces the Same Type of Defense every day in Ravens Practice that the Niners will throw at him give or take a Player here of there? Flacco will enter Sunday's Game playing at his Highest Level since leaving Blue Hens Nation of Delaware University. His Top 4 Targets are :

RB Charm City Express #27 R2
TE and BMF Dennis Pitta
WR Anquan "Muck Bowl" Boldin (Pahokee HS FLA vs Belle Glades Central Fla HS)

WR Torrey "9 Route" Smith

The Niners will have to be aware of these Targets at all levels as far as Backers, Corners, and Safeties. Flacco has played in more Big Games than 90% of the Sunday Signal-Callers and has had Major Success just counting Winning Time and this Game should be no different. If you worried about Kaep in the big Game the 49ers D spotted the Angry Birds 404 with 17 points before Kaep and the Niners Offense got going.  


2012 Passing Numbers...13 Gms (Super Bowl 10th Start in 2012) 1,814 Yards 136/218 Att/Cmp 62.4%  10 TDs 3 INTs 98.3 QB Rating

2012 Rushing Numbers...13 gms 63 atts  415 Yards 6.6 Avg. 5 TDs

2012 Winning Time Passing Numbers  2 gms  496 Yards 33/52 Atts/Cmp  63.5% 3 TDs 1 INT 105.9 QB Rating

2012 Winning Time Rushing Numbers 2 gms 18 atts 202 Yards 11.2 Avg 2 TDs

Kaep brings a whole other Element to this One and the Ravens should be prepared for it but can they stop it as Kaep looks fast on Film but on that Fast Turf he might look like an F-16. The Amazing Thing about Kaepernick is his Accuracy throwing the Pigskin and his Big Arm. Flacco has the Strongest Arm on Sunday along with the Lions Stafford. Kaep is right there with that Cannon and not too far off on the Deep Ball.

Can the ravens stop that Pistol Offense and can they force Kaep to give it to Gore 90% of the Time? Once Kaep gets out to the Boundary he is Gone unless you have a decisive Angle in cutting him off using the Boundary. His Top 4 Targets in the 49ers O is:

RB Frank "I love me some A-Gap" Gore...Slip Screen Game
TE Vernon "the Predator" Davis
WR Randy "the Artist formerly known as the Super Freak" Moss
WR Michael "Crab of Fisherman's Wharf" Crabtree

The Ravens will have to pay close attention to Vernon Davis as He and Kaep had a Field Day on the Falcons Backers. Also with Ed Reed back there being the Best CF on Sunday...Kaep needs to stay away from him an use Crab and Moss in the Intermediate Routes. Which in turn is the Hardest Pigskin  to throw in Sunday.

The Edge...FLACCO based on Career in Big Games and the Journey to get to #47

Note: Numbers from


Sunday, January 27, 2013

SQUEEZE the ORANGE...If WINNING TIme started in the WESTERN Conference...who would the EDGE go to to win it all?...the LAKEshow would be Out of the Playoffs...with the CLIPS Home Alone in Staples..OUCH!

The Western Conference will go through Two Cities until they clash for the All the West Marbles...Regulators Report OKC and Alamo City Pro Hoops Club in Texas.  The Clips and the Grizz along with the maybe the Warriors would be giving both of them a run but in the End its Thunder and Spurs. What about the LAKEhsow missing the Playoffs and when was the last time that happened?

The West Playoffs as of January 27, 2013

1 Spurs
8 Rockets

This one might be over before its starts but I would give the Rockets One Game because of James Harden. The Spurs have adapted from being a Inside and Out with Dunc to TP9 to an Uptempo version that caters to their current Roster.

2 Thunder
7 Jazz

The Thunder are on a Mission and now with the Trade right before the Start of the 2012-13 Season they get to see what Kevin Martin really brings to the Table when the Lights are brightest in Winning Time. The Jazz will make a bigger move in the West and will not be a 7 Seed as they currently sit and will be dangerous in Winning Time with Milsap, Big Al Jefferson, Mo-Will, and Foye Boy among others.

3 Clippers
6 Nuggets

The Clippers will be tough with CP3 and the Best Bench in the Logo. The Nuggets have a Lethal Top 10 in the Rotation and this one would be the 2nd Best of all 1st Round Match Ups. CP3 vs LAWdawg..IGGY vs Jamal 206...the MANimal vs the BLAKEshow n more.

4 Grizzlies
5 Warriors

The Grizz and the Warriors is the #1 Series in the Logo in Winning Time and will go the Distance with the Grizz the last Team Standing due to Gasol and Z-Bo. The Warriors have plenty of Firepower with RUN T.L.C.....

Arrow going up...Thunder, Spurs, Nuggets

Arrow going down... Rockets, Jazz

Arrow Steady Eddy...Clippers, Grizzlies, Warriors    

the HIGHLIGHT Factory 404 gets caught up in Running with the BULLY of New MSG n get hit with a 42 PIECE and a 106-104 Loss... Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...that is the STING the HORNETS left in the GRIND House on BEALE Street Memphis as they sting #GRIZZnation 91-83...HIVE DRIVE of NOLA > the GRIND House Memphis

The Atlanta Hawks have to know Former Lead man Mike Woodson as his Offense is Iso, then more Iso, Iso again, and dammit just Iso. Now Woodson use to run Joe Johnson through that Iso and now the Hawks knew what was coming and did nothing to stop it and paid dearly.

'Melo Anthony, the Lead Star in #KnicksTape, let's the Hawks know that Running with the Bulls in Pamplona , Spain is nothing like Running with the Bully from End Line to End Line at New MSG. 'Melo hits the Hawks with 42 points and literally and figuratively speaking...Highlights in abundance. The Knicks win 106-104 and on top of Melo's 42 points 27 of that was from the Hudson...and the Land of Plenty. The Bully was 9 for 12 from the Arc and the MSG Organist Ray Castoldi was going crazy.

The Hawks didn't go without a Fight as Jeff Teague continues to show Hawks nation and the Logo that he is an Elite Point Guard or can be leading ATL with 27 points. J-Smoove 5 adds 20 and Big Al Horford chips in with 16. The Night belonged to 'Melo and of course "Get Shots" J.R and S.T.A.T. both adding 18 apiece. The Knicks needed that one as they stay on pace with the Champs 305 and ahead of the Brooklyn Nets in the Atlantic.  "Everybody loves Raymond of MSG" led the Manhattan Pro Hoops Club with 10 helpers and ads 12 points for a Low-End Double-Double.  

The Memphis Grizzlies must know that the Hornets with Eric Gordon of Three Stripes in the Line Up is a whole different Hornet. About Three Hours later the Grizz and Grizz Nation get hit with a Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz as the Hornets sting their way to a 91-83 Win in the Grind House. Led by Hornets PF Ryan Anderson's Seven Money Balls and Jason Smith's 16 points (who..I know but keep reading anyway) the Hornets get a 27-15 4th Frame to Sting the Grizz 91-83. The Grizz struggled from the Arc at 3 for 16 but are not know for their Up Tempo Offense as its the Grind House for a reason. Both Gasol and Z-Bo go Double -Double but it wasn't nearly enough in the 4th Frame as the Hornets came with the Hive and the Grizz ran but not before getting Multiple Stings in them.

After a miserable start the Hornets are 6-4 in their Last 10 Games. The Grizz fall to 28-15 and that is Six Full Games behind the Spurs.

The REGULATORS Report OKC meet the @RealLAKEshow and take one one right on the BACKSIDE..LAKERgang 105 REGULATORS OKC 96...KD gets 35..the BLACK MAMBA goes FULL on the Gas Tank..21 pts, 14 assists, and 9 boards and a Handshake with S DOT Carter before Credits start rolling.

The Thunder didn't want to give the then dysfunctional Lakers anything to shout about over Sunday Dinner. After the Regulators Report OKC Smoke cleared the LAKEshow might have found themselves and something to take along the rest of the 82-Game Logo Trek.

The Black Mamba puts the New Laker Offense into his Snake Pit and slows everything down as the Lakers play Half Court Inside and Out Hoops and hence that slowed down the Thunder for a Lakers 105-96 Win. Kobe has tailored his Game in the Last Few Games to being a Facilitator and the Lakers have benefited nicely from it. Kobe nets 21 points, 14 helpers, and 9 boards. The Lakers Bigs, Dwight of Three Stripes and the Spaniard...Gasol, combine for 24 points, 14 boards, and 5 helpers and that was enough to thwart the Inside Game of the Regulators. We may have got a glimpse of the @RealLAKEshow but we didn't see the @RealRegulatorsReportOKC and that's ok.

Uncle Russ has been not himself from a scoring out put of late and struggled again vs the Lakers chipping in with 17 points while KD nets 35 points. But its Westbrook's Overall Impact as he did get 13 helpers to go along with 9 boards. A 6 for 22 night will not get OKC in the Win Column on some nights from Uncle Russ but he still adds so much more than just Buckets. Air Congo and Perk were the only other Thunder Players in Double Figures with 10 apiece. The Lakers get Six Players in Double Figures with NASHty, the Spaniard, and M.W.P. adding 17, 16, and 15 points respectively.

OKC now drops to 34-11 on the Season and the LAKEshow moves to a 19-25. The Regulators now finally go home with their Next game scheduled for Thursday vs the Grind House of Beale Street Memphis.

Regulators...Mount Up!

C's get by #Champs305 in Double EXTRAS but the Cost of the Win was Traumatic...GREEN Team POINT God RONDO done for 2012-13 #MIAvsBOS Recap...the TRUTH...P2 messed up and got a Triple-Double...KING JAMES goes O-ZONE Layer

The Celts said with Sugar ray coming in and emotions running at an all time High for 2012-13 and no Patriots in the bog Bowl they had to get this one for Celtics Pride and Beantown Sports Nation and they did in Double Extras 100-98. Who hit did the C's go to of course #34 with P2 on the Back of his Celtic Green Scooby Doos and in the End the Heat couldn't Handle the Truth. (pictured right Paul Pierce Air Max Legacy 3 for 2013)

Quiet as kept King James went O-Zone Layer and look at this Stat Line...34 points, 16 boards, and 7 to feed the Heat. But the C's made it a tough 34 as he shot just 14-31. Celtics Future HOFs the aforementioned Truth Paul Pierce and the Big Ticket ..KG played tag team as they had to. Paul finished with 17 points, 13 boards, and 10 helpers. They both reached back and found that extra something as the Great Ones do but they had to. Earlier in the Contest C's Point Guard Rajon Rondo went down and it looked like a Knee Injury but you never no the extent. Well the News is out there and its the Worst as Rondo has a Torn ACL and done for the 2012-13 Season. That is a Huge Blow to a Player that is King James, CP3, TP9, KD and Uncle Russ to his Ball Club and that Special.

The Heat on the Other Hand get 21 from Sugar Ray in his First Return to the Garden. Am emotional One for One of the Bluedude's Favorite Five of All-Time and that includes...Dream Shake, Dr. J, Air Jordan, Mr. Pip 33, and the ADIzero West Side Story Report Hero...D-Rose. Now the Heat still control the East heading into All-Star Break here in Two Weeks. The C's go into Scramble Mode getting help at the point Guard Spot.


SQUEEZE the ORANGE...If WINNING TIME in the EASTERN Conference started Today...where is your TEAM? Or are they Headed for a DEEP RUN or the LOTTERY Winnings?

The Eastern Conference is a Tight Race in Numbers Two through Seven as only the Win Column and maybe a Game or Two separates them from getting a Two Seed to the Seven Seed. It's almost All-Star Break and with the Logo more than halfway through the 2012-13 Season what would be the Match ups for the East if Winning Time started Today.

The East Playoffs as of January 27, 2013

1 Heat
8 Boston

The Celtics juts get bad news that Rajon Rondo has a Torn ACL so holding onto the 8th Seed will be very difficult for the C's moving ahead. The Heat will one would think start getting into Playoff Mode sooner rather than later.

2 Knicks
7 Bucks

The Knicks are starting to Play like I though they would just above a 50 Win Season and they need to get back to playing D and Rebounding. The Bucks are explosive and now with Ersan Ilyasova back in the Line Up they are even more dangerous. Look for the Bucks to make a Move North in the Coming Weeks.

3 Bulls
6 Hawks

The Bulls have surprised everyone but themselves and they will be getting a Derrick Rose that is 80% Healthy on that Knee back soon. The Hawks are in Danger Zone with the Trade Deadline coming up as what to do with Josh Smith and that will dictate what they will do in the Standings after the Trade Deadline.

4 Nets
5 Pacers

The Nets have hit as slump of late on the road as they go through the State of Texas. But they are playing much better with Deron Williams controlling things and not playing off the Orange. The Pacers are an enigma as one minute they look like World Beaters the next minute they look like the Indiana Hoosiers could put a 30 piece on them.

Arrow going up...Heat and Bulls

Arrow going down...Celtics, Pacers, Knicks, Hawks

Steady Eddy...Bucks and Nets

Bluedude Sportstalk FRONT LINE January 27, 2013...Point GOD RAJON RONDO of the C's goes down vs HEAT and DONE for the 2012-13 with a Confirmed TORN ACL...C's need to make a Move at Trade Deadline for a POINT and East All-Star Starting PG will be either JRUE or KYRIE

The Boston Celtics are just above average in the Win Loss Category and things may have just go to the Point of No Return North of .500. Celtics Point Guard Rajon Rondo reportedly coming from the NBA on ABC Telecast Sideline Reporter Doris Burke that Rondo indeed has a Torn ACL and will be  out for the rest of 2012-13.

Now the C's Task of getting back into the East Race will depend on what the C's do at the Trade Deadline and their Current Guards are going to have to step up in play Major Roles. The C's Current Guard Rotation without "Double R" Rondo:

PG Avery Bradley
SG Courtney Lee
Combo G Jet Terry
SG Leandro Barbosa

The C's will look to Bradley for most likely to start at the point but could they make a Move for Clips PG Eric Bledsoe or even mikeCATS PG Ramon Sessions if they are out there. They will need a Quick Fix or they will be moving into your Mama's Basement for the remainder of the 2012-13 Season.

As far as the East All-Star Team Starting Spot they will go with Jrue Holiday or Kyrie Irving and possibly add a Deron Williams of the Nets to the East Roster or Brandon Jennings  of the Bucks.

Again Celtics and East All-Star Starting PG Rajon Rondo out with a TORN ACL for the 2012-13 Season....

LOGO WATCH Saturday Night Fever...RIP City > LOB City...KYRIE goes Game-Winner on CAMO Dinosaurs...SIXERS All-Star PG JRUE H. goes H.A.M. as Philly downs MANHATTAN Pro Hoops n more

The Portland Trailblazers turn back the Lob City Clips 101-100 behind Batum's Triple-Double and Rip City Rook PG Lillard's 20 point outing.

The Game was Nip and Tuck the whole way and it came down to who made the Plays down the Stretch and who didn't. Behind #BLAZERmania SF Nicolas Batum's 20 points, 12 helpers, and 10 boards and 20 points by Rookie Lillard the Clips lose by One. The BLAKEshow led Lob City with almost a Triple-Double of his own notching 24 points, 10 helpers, and 8 boards. Jamal 206 came out of the Bullpen to add 19 points. The Blazers strong suit is the Money Ball and they made 11 as the Clips made 7. Again the Blazers get all Five Starters in Double-Figures as they the Bench is limited to get the win.

Kyrie for Mayor strikes again and this time North of the Border with Dinosaurs wearing Camouflage Gitty Ups. With less than 2 Seconds on the Clock and the Cavs down 98-96 it was time to roll the Credits for the Cavs as they get the Orange to their All-Star PG and he delivered. Kyrie Irving hits a Money Ball about 6 Steps off the Arc for a Game-Winning Dagger and the Cavs win 99-98. Irving goes for 32 Points and 12 of them in the Last Frame. The Raptors were led by Big Amir Johnson's 18 points and 12 boards.

Jrue Holiday (pictured right) followed Kyrie Irving's Act as he gave the Manhattan Knicks a 35 piece with plenty of Cheese Steaks as the Sixers win 97-80. Here us a Stat for you Knicks Nation the Knicks shot....4 for 27 from the Arc...FOUR for TWENTY-SEVEN in 3 Point Field Goals. 'Melo Anthony and "Get Shots" JR..the Knicks so called Aces in the Hole shot a combined 11-36 from the Field and 0-10 from the Arc. The Sixers get 20 apiece from Evan Turner and Nick at Night 2.0...Nick Young. The Knicks were led by none other than 'Melo Anthony as he had 25 points. Knicks have too many Shot Takers and not enough Shot Makers.      

Saturday No Looks...

#REDnation downs Brooklyn 119-106 behind 29 pts from James Harden and 20 pts and 16 rebs from Omer Asik. Nets Point God D-Will 8 led the Nets with 27 pts and 11 helpers.

#mikeCATS halt Home Losing-Streak and get a Buzzer-Beater Money Ball from Gerald Henderson to beat the T'Wolves 102-101. Kemba Walker led the #mikeCATS with 25 pts and Cool-Hand Luke Ridnour led the Wolves with 22 pts.

It was the Monta Ellis/Brandon Jennings vs Stephen Curry/Klay Thompson Show as the Bucks come out on top 109-102. Jennings and Ellis get 20 pts apiece and Curry and Thompson get 26 pts and 19 pts.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 58....the NFL PRO BOWL from Hawaii Anyone Anyone Anyone... SAMURAI MIKE not getting a Chance with 9 Head Coaching Vacancies...the TEXANS RB FOSTER Half Speed in Pro Bowl

The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl is on Sunday and will there be anyone watching the Worst All-Star Game of the Big Three...NFL, MLB, and NBA. This is becoming a Joke Real Talk. With Injuries mounting up and Careers on the Line why would the NFL have a Game that has lost its Luster Years ago. The Rosters have completely changed due to the Flu Bug that is going around all these NFL Camps. I get the Super Bowl Participants not going but the other Players like Brady and A-Rog...saying they are hurt or is it Hurt Feelings. the NFL is reportedly suppose to watch Sunday's game closely to see if they should continue it and they need to watch it to figure that out? The All-Pro Team is it and leave it at that as there will be No Roster Changes on that or no Game.

Mike Singletary, the Current #SKOLnation Assistant Head Coach (pictured left), has said he wasn't frustrated by the No Hire in all the NFL Head Coaching Vacancies. Look Mike One its an Offensive League or QB Driven League and the Bulk of the Coaches hired are Offensive Minds. Two there is only One Coach that is a Minority that is an Offensive Coordinator from 2012 and that is Ravens Jim Caldwell and he was put in that Position in Week 14. Lastly the NFL there is only One Dinosaur standing and that is in Pittsburgh and Lead Man Mike Tomlin. I know you want another shot Mike but the Reality is we have a Long way to go as some of us Only get One Shot. That's just calling it like I see it. Get in Line Samurai Mike and its a long one.

Texans RB Arian Foster, the Philosopher (pictured Right), says in a Nutshell that he won't be playing One Hundo in the Pro Bowl because it is not a Real Game but a Show. See NFL why do you need to watch the Pro Bowl just ask some of the Players that are participating or the One that called in Sick or took a Sick Day. I know there are 43 New Faces to the pro Bowl but how many of those Players are playing Teacher's Substitutes?   

The NBA's FINEST from DISTANCE...the SPALDING Money BALL Rack...the ARC...23 feet 9 inches..the LAND of PLENTY...THREE Ball...DAGGER...Top 10 PLAYERS in Made MONEY BALLS plus Percentages #DaggerMe

The Best of the Best from Distance and the People in the Know know exactly who they are. They bail you out of Situation, shorten Leads, end Runs, lead you to a Run, and most of all on a Bad Rebounding Night or 2 Points FG Night they are the Equalizer. It's time to meet and Greet the Top 10 Players in the Association shooting from Deep..the Land of Plenty in 23 feet 9 inches...the Spalding Money Ball.

The List consist of Point Guards, Combo Guards, Wing Forwards, Stretch Three's, Point Forwards and most of all just a Shooter. And if shooting is all you do yo need to do it better than the next guy.

The Top 10 in Made Money Balls plus Percentages through January 25, 2013 is sponsored by..You need help Closing out on a Shooter in the Logo well if you do your next Stat Line will be "DNP Coach's Decision"..No Air Space..Crowd him.

The Top 10 in Made Money Balls plus Percentages

Note: 3pt FG% in Parenthesis

1. PF Ryan Anderson Hive Drive NOLA 127 (.390%)

1. PG Steph Curry Planet Oracle GSW 127 (.450%)

3. SG Klay Thompson Planet Oracle GSW 111 (.384%)

4. SG Kyle Korver Highlight Factory 404 107 (.471%)

5. SF Nicolas Batum Rip City Blazers 100 (.355%)

6. Randy Foye Salt Palace Jazz 97 (.439%)

6. Kevin Martin Regulators Report OKC 97 (.437%)

8. JJ Redick O-Magic 96 (.398%)

9. Damian Lillard Rip City Blazers 94 (.355%)

10. Metta World Peace LAKEshow 93 (.360%)

Anderson is still going even with No Dwight manning the Middle...

Curry and Thompson are 2/3 of Run T.L.C. and there was a reason they traded Monta you know...

Korver took his "Hot Sauce" to HOTlanta and has never cooled off..

Batum and Rookie Lillard are Big Time 3 Point Threats and with a Limited Bench they need all of them Money Balls...

Foye Boy is holding it down in the New Salt Palace and has been a Huge Plus for Milsap and Big Al Jefferson...

K-Mart Thunder Alley Special has been just what the Regulators ordered..a Driveway Knockdown Dagger-Me Shooter to keep the Hardwood spread for Uncle Russ and KD...

Redick has finally figured it out and if the Magic were a University he would be in Corporate America as it took him too long to figure out how to get Shots in the Logo...

M.W.P. is the Only Bright Spot in hardly any Bright Spots for the LAKEshow...and playing excellent D as well...

Note: Numbers from

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a Look at the Bluedude Sportstalk's DUNKiliscious METER...and let's take the ELEVATOR UP for a FLUSH...the 2012-13 NBA DUNK Leaders through January 25, 2013 ...Are you from PLANET LOVETRON?

Former NBA Legendary Coach and now Play by Play Personality Coach Hubie Brown always stresses in the Logo by saying, "In this League in the Paint you must Finish around the Rim". Now is Coach saying Lay Up, Finger Roll, or of the High Percentage Variety.

It's all about playing "Above the Rim" in the Logo and no pone doesn't it better than the Athletes and Ball Players in the NBA. The Top 10 Dunkers in the Logo through January 25, 2013 are a Mix of Bigs, High-Flyers, Rim Rockers, Athletic Wings, Posterizers, but none of them reside from the Planet of Lovetron. That's right Planet Lovetron...Home to the One and Only Former Sixers Great Darryl Dawkins aka "Chocolate Thunder"(pictured Right). None of these on the Current Top 10 List know what it is to practice "Interplanetary Funkmanship" leave that to that Alien...Chocolate Thunder.

The Top 10 Flush List in the Logo through January 25, 2013:

1. PF the BLAKEshow LOB City 105..born on Planet Bounce town

2. C JaVale of SHAQTIN' A Fool Fame Nuggets 103...Wow!

3. C Tyson of MSG #KnicksTape 98...Record that Dolan?

4. C "As DWIGHT Turns" #LAKERgang 91...Leave Me Alone! (Mike Epps Voice)

5. C DeAndre the LOB City Giant #Clips 87...LAC outta control

6. C Mr. Drummond #MotorCityEdition 72...just a baby at 19 years old

7. PF Tristan Thompson T2 #LakeErieHoopsClub 70...slowly coming around

8. SF @KDtrey5 #OKChoops 69...what doesn't KD not do?

9. 2G IGGY of #MileHighNuggets 67...All That in Transition

10. SF King JAMES #Champs305 67...Will be Top 5 by Years End

Blake and DeAndre lead the World in Dunks and with CP3 at the Controls..Lob City Lob City

If only Javale McGee could put his Thinking Cap on the Sky would be the limit..

Tyson mans the Paint for the Knicks and He Dunketh' and Blocketh'...

Dwight is having an Off Year and still has 91 Flushes...Incredible

Andre Drummond and Monroe in the D will be the Next Big Thing in the Logo Literally and Figuratively...

T2 of the Cavs is starting to figure it out as the Cavs continue to Load Up quietly...

Kevin Durant...What List is he not on...I Know..the DNP Coach's Decision...Enough Said

Iggy is just downright Explosive and like he needed to play his Games 5,280 Feet above Sea Level..

What's the Over and Under with King James having 2K Dunks for his Career.

And Thanks to one of the Bluedude's All-Time Favs in the Logo from my 2nd Favorite Team of All-Time the 1976-77 76ERS...Chocolate Thunder...Darryl Dawkins..and Planet Lovetron

Note: List from

"As DWIGHT Turns"..."Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired" Episode along with LAKERS 102-84 Victory over the the New SALT PALACE Contingent

Imagine that Lakers Center Dwight Howard says in a Nut Shell he is tired of being sick and tired well Dwight go get it that with your Big Boy Pants or did you leave them at the McDonald's All-American Game in Oklahoma City.

Why feel sorry for the Self-Inflicted Wounds stowed upon self. Look at the Tab Dwight has been running in the Last 2 Years or so:

Reportedly went to Management on Then Magic Lead Man Stan Van Gundy to get him fired. (Trust Issues)

Complained about being in Mouse Town and wanted out and then he wanted back in and then he wanted Back out. (Indecisiveness)

The O-Magic built a Brand New Arena that was supposedly the House that Dwight built and he wanted no Part of it.

Had Trade Demands and wanted to go to Brooklyn and play with D-Will 8 the COO of the Barclays. (Imagine them Two Players playing on the Same Team and they don't like the Coach...That would make The NY Jets Saga in 2012 look like Milli Vanilli as the Nets Mess would be bigger than Life)

Now he get traded to the LAKEshow and things aren't working out and they have to have to send Dwight repeatedly to the Black Mamba's Office for Questions. (Bad Teammate Dwight)

Now he looks at the Media and is tired of hearing the same thing...well welcome to the Show as Mouse Town was Double A. Lakers are front Page and Logo Royalty...check Twitter Mr. Howard. Superman...Super Chump!

As far as the Game vs the Jazz the Lakers win that 102-84 and I won't give you any Stats or Numbers because the Lakers are no where near the Playoffs. Now String about Ten of these Bad Boys together and we are front Page on Bluedude Sportstalk Front Line. The LAKEshow wins and is Team 16 Chips. The LA Lakers and Orlando Magic reside in Two Different Conferences trying to find get it Dwight?

Bluedude Sporsttalk #1 SOAP..."As DWIGHT Turns"...coming to a Facebook Post, Google Plus Post, or Time Line near you...Get it Together Big Fella LA isn't Mouse Town.

Now Tab out until Further Notice....#12 in Purple and Gold    

Friday, January 25, 2013

KRYPTOnate and CAPTAIN KIRK go in on RUN T.L.C. n WARRIORS...KYRIE for MAYOR strikes BEER TOWN USA...HAWKS go EXTRAS Twice and HOT SAUCE for everyone as they beat the C's... BROOKLYN welcome to the GRIND HOUSE n watch the Scoreboard..LOGO WATCH Friday Night

The Bulls wasted no time with the Warriors as they get out in front from Jump Street and stay there and get a 103-87 win. It was the See Red Show featuring Nate Robinson aka KRYPTonate and Kirk Hinrich aka Captain KIRK who led the Charge for the Bulls. KRYPTOnate gets 22 points with Two Money Balls and Captain Kirk gets a Career-High from the Arc with Six Money Balls on his way to 25 points. Jimmy Butler continues his Best Luol Deng Impersonation with 16 points and 12 boards. The Bulls never trailed in this one and are now a Season-High 10 Games over .500. The Warriors were led by All-Star David Lee's 23 points and Curry's 21 points.

In case the Bucks Guards and Bucks PG Brandon Jennings were watching who made the All-Star Team Reserves it was Kyrie Irving erasing any doubt at least from the Bucks Guards that he is the Man at the points. The Cavs Point God and 2012-13 All-Star leads the Cavs to a 113-108 Victory and puts a 35 piece with Cold and Frigid Lake Erie on the Side. Both Bucks Guards Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings combined for 35 points and 21 helpers but that wasn't nearly enough. Fear the Deer SF Ersan Ilyasova is getting back into his Groove as he led the Bucks with 30 points. The Cavs also get 18 from Tristan Thompson and 16 from Dion Waiters.

Hot Sauce was a flying in the New Omni...Phillips Arena as the Hawks go Two Extra Frames to put another thought into the Celtics being active at the Trading Deadline. It was Hawks SG/SF Kyle "Hot Sauce" Korver who made Eight Money Balls (27 points) to do the C's in for a 123-111 Hawks Victory. The C's were paced by KG's 24 points and 10 boards and ironically the Two Players Doc Rivers was talking about in trades...Jet Terry and Courtney Lee ad 12 points and 16 points respectively. C;s PF Brandon Bass who the Celts just signed in the Off-Season had 0 points in 18 plus minutes. The Hawks meanwhile get 24 points and 13 boards from Big Al Horford, 23 points and 7 helpers from Jeff Teague, and Hawks Trade Deadline Bait J-Smoove chipped in with 17 points, 14 boards, and 7 helpers.

The Memphis Grizzlies give the Brooklyn Nets a Tour of the Grind House and a Parting L as the Grizz runaway from the Nets 101-77. Gasol leads the Grizz with 20 points, Conley Jr. 14 pints and Z-Bo 12 points and 9 boards. The Nets were never in this one as was led by Big Brooks Lopez as he gets 18 points. The Halftime Score in this know the Deal.  

BULLS host Exciting Team Planet ORACLE and the Golden State WARRIORS with All-Star @D_Lee042 and Run T.L.C...WEST SIDE STORY Report Game #42 of 82 w/PLAYBOOK

The Chicago Bulls have Two All-Stars and they also are sporting a 25-16 Record at the Midway Point and that puts them on pace for a 50 plus Win Season. Tonight See Red has their work cutout for them as they host the Run T.L.C. Golden State Warriors and their Trio of Klay Thompson, David Lee, and Steph Curry.

January 25, 2013
8pm ET
the Madhouse on Madison

Run T.L.C. and the G.S.W. @ See Red BULLS


The Warriors may have gotten One of the Three Players from Run T.L.C. in the Clutch City All-Star game but they are running a well-oiled Logo Machine and the Bulls must protect the Arc tonight if they have any hopes of getting a W on their Home court.

The Bulls must stop the Trio of Guards the Warriors throw at you in Curry (20.9 ppg 8th in NBA), Thompson (16 ppg 46th in NBA), and the Comeback Player of the Year or the 6th Man of the Year in Back Up PG Jarrett Jack.  Thompson and Curry are lethal from the Arc and in Transitions they would rather shoot the Money Ball than finish at the Rim. Jack is doing it all on the back end as when he comes in they will move Curry to the Two and Thompson to the Three and it doesn't get any better than that in the Logo.

The Warriors in turn must stop the Bulls Inside Presence with All-Star Jo Noah and Almost All_Star Carlos Boozer along with the TAJmanian Devil...Taj Gibson, The Warriors will combat that with their Own All-Star in PF David Lee and Back Up PF Carl Landry. The Bulls are string to also get Major Contributions from the See Red Butler..Jimmy at the Small Forward (in place of Bulls All-Star Forward Luol Deng). The Warriors will throw Rookie SF Harrison Barnes in that Mix and that should be a solid match up.

Both Teams come in playing well as the Bulls are #4 in the East as we go to Press and the Warriors #5 in the West as Both Teams push towards the All-Star Break.

Key Match Ups

PG Curry vs Captain Kirk
2G Thompson vs Rip City Hamilton
PF Lee vs C-Booz 5
C Rookie Ezeli vs Jo Knows

360 Degrees...Two of the Best Players in Iowa HigH School Basketball History square off in this one...Kirk Hinrich (Sioux City Iowa) and Harrsion Barnes (Ames Iowa).    

SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a Coaches SNUB of All-Star Picks...Young STEPH, "Get Shots" J.R., and JAMAL 206 among the Biggest CLUTCH City All-Star Snubs #Houston2K13

The Bluedude is going to compare what he Picked to what the Coaches Picked and see if the Boyz at TNT no what there doing outside of Dr. SHAQ Diesel of NBA on TNT Health Center in ATL. There are always Snubs for the All-Star Fame and this Season is no different. Let's rundown the Bluedude's Top Clutch City All-Star Game Snubs and the Reason why.

The Bluedude's Picks for the WEST:

PG Russell Westbrook OKC
PG Tony Parker SAS
SG James Harden #REDnation
PF LaMarcus Aldridge #RipCity
PF David Lee #PlanetOracle
PF/C Tim Duncan SAS

Coaches Picks for the WEST:

PG Russell Westbrook OKC
PG Tony Parker SAS
SG James Harden Rockets
PF LaMarcus Aldrigde Rip City
PF David Lee GSW
PF/C Tim Duncan SAS

Move over Shaq and TURNER NETWORK the Bluedude needs a Piece of EJ's Seat like Kevin Hart and let me Run That Show.

The Bluedude's Picks for the EAST:

SF Paul George #GoldSwagger
PF Chris Bosh Heat
C Joakim Noah #SeeRed
SF Luol Deng #SeeRed
G Brandon Jennings #Bucks (Bluedude's only Miss)
PG Kyrie Irving Cavs
PG Jrue Holiday Sixers

Coaches Picks for the EAST:

C Tyson Chandler Knicks
SF Luol Deng Bulls
C Joakim Noah Bulls
SF Paul George Pacers
PG Jrue Holiday Sixers
PG Kyrie Irving Cavs
PF/C Chris Bosh

The Bluedude's only miss on the East was Knicks Big Tyson Chandler.

As for the Snubs I would have threw in a Few More Players like...

Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph Grizzlies...they form the a Top 3 Front Court Duo and they are the reason why the Grizz have a Top 4 Seed as we go to press in the West.

Steph Curry Warriors...they took Teammate David Lee and deservedly so but take Steph off that Warriors Team they are barely at .500 if .500 at All. One of the Premier Lead Guards in the Logo.

Jamal 206 Crawford Clips and J.R. #Get Shots" Smith...Both having a sensational year and the Coaches didn't reward neither for some Coaches didn't think it was necessary I am assuming voting for 6th Man of the Year Candidates for All-Star Game...and the Bluedude agrees.

AL Jefferson Jazz...all he does is bring it and is the Most Underrated Under appreciated Bigs in the Logo and has been for quite sometime.

Brandon Jennings Bucks... the Bluedude had him on the East Squad and Jrue Holiday gets the Vote over him because of the Market and a US Select Team Member or what. Jennings is all that but remember the Bucks fired Scott Skiles not because of Jennings but the Bucks Guards most likely had a lot to do with that as well as Ersan Ilyasova.

No Brooklyn Nets but Brooks Lopez had the Real Shot as they too fired a Coach and largely to blame is Perennial All-Star Deron Williams who I might add is averaging his lowest Numbers since his Rookie Days.

Not Bad for the Bluedude as I went 13/14 and missed on Chandler instead had Jennings ion the East Team.