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Bluedude Sportsatlk SPORTS SHORTS Take 187...BEAST Mode hits CAMP after 400K in Fines...DAWG POUND QB Controversy JOHNNY Football , HOYER, and throw in O-Coordinator K. Shanahan it's C-4 Explosives! ..#12s #BeastModeBusiness #DawgPoundQBs

This might be it for Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch as he ends his holdout after some hefty fines totaling just north of $400K. He is on an Expiring Contract and a RB at the age of 28 years old with seven full seasons under his belt with his Running Style...lookout Beast Mode and your People (Agent).

The Seahawks would love to get a Back who can also catch the "Pig" out of the back field as Lynch is one-dimensional of sorts. But there is no denying is Identity is the Seahawks Identity and the Seahawks need that as he needs the Seahawks at this point. We will definitely see the Business Side of this entering the 2015 season or after the 2014 season.

Imagine this heading from the Great Northwest to the Banks of Lake Erie. The Cleveland Browns QB Slot is "Open" for business as QBs Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel are in a battle. Through numerous Media Outlets its more Johnny Football vs the Playbook but what happened to Hoyer being #1 from the Owner. O-Coordinator Kyle Shanahan is overseeing the Project and you know what happened when a Shanahan gets involved...yes I went there...stay tuned! Browns Fans the right players are in place now it's's not Physics!

DAVID PRICE to the Motor City KITTIES in a NY Minute!...RAYS knew they had to get something for him as his Asking PRICE will be RICHIE RICH-Like..."GIVE Me the RIGHTY or LEFTY" talking "PRICE is RIGHT" has landed in the "D" #DetroitHardball #MotorCityKitties

Look the Detroit Tigers pay a price letting CF Austin Jackson go as he has good Ash, Maple, and Bamboo while flashing that good Leather in Center. But Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski could not turn down the prospect of adding former Junior Circuit  Cy Young Winner David Price to "Mad Max beyond Comerica Park" and a somewhat above-average Justin Verlander in 2014 all of a sudden.

Looking at it even closer it A's GM Billy Beane playing MLB Trade Deadline "Chess" with Dombrowski and it was an Arm's Race and we will see who wins by November 2014. The Tigers get stronger a they will go those three Pitchers in a seven-game series throwing in Anibal Sanchez who is no Van Camp's Pork & Beans.

Price is 11-8 in 2014 with a 3.11 ERA as the rays receive LHP Drew Smyly, middle infielder Nick Franklin from M's, and Tigers infield prospect Willy Adames. CF Austin Jackson (.273 4 HR 33 RBI 52 Runs) joins the M's where he should flourish under Robbie Cano (.327 7 HR 58 RBI 51 Runs) and Kevin Seager (.281 16 HR 67 RBI) who needed someone in front of them to wreak havoc. A-Jack should bring back memories of former M's and Pale Hose Star CF Mike Cameron.      

HOUSTON TEXANS as they usher in Mr. O'BRIEN and the Patriot Way...LOL! BULLS on PARADE lost 14 Games in a row in 2014 and it can't get any worse than that...WR ANDRE "305" JOHNSON of JORDAN Brand is in Camp...the FITZPATRICK Science Project is under Center ask BILLS Mafia about that Dude!...and on "D" @ClowneJD joins forces with "AREA 99" as they go COMBUSTIBLE at the QB! #BullsOnParade #TexansFootball #ReliantBoyzTackleFootball #TexansNation

Yes then Houston Texans are excited and you would be too as long gone and long overdue Greg Kubiak ( Mike Shanahan's Boy) is gone from anywhere in Harris County Texas and in comes former Pats O-Coordinator Bill O'Brien. And of course like any other former Patriot Coach here comes the other ex-Pats Coaches like Gremlins..."We don't die...We multiply" but the Texans need an identity ASAP!

WR Andre "305" Johnson of Jordan Brand comes in to Camp wearing Jordan Flip Flops looking at QB Ryan Fitzpatrick like , "can you get me the "Pig" when I want it"? "Fitz" looking sacred to death.., "Dude of Course and 'Dre let's do some Texas BBQ after this"? 'Dre didn't answer walking over to the Wide Outs Group.

Bulls On Parade needs a healthy RB Arian "the Philosopher" Foster and TE Owen Daniels is gone to the Purple Browns. 2nd-Year WR DeAndre Hopkins is Straight "It's Not Butter" as his rookie campaign was 5-Star! The O-Line is in tact led by LT Duane Brown. The "D" will miss Backer Cushing but Clowney is here!

Key Players

QB "Fitz" (2014 FA Titans)
RB the Philosopher
LT D. Brown
C  C. Myers
WR Dre 305/Hopkins

LDE "Area 99"
LOLB W. Mercilus
ROLB @ClowneJD
LCB K. Jackson
SS D.J. Swearinger

Offensively they have to ride the Arm of that Science Project Fitzpatrick but he and O'Brien need to pick their spots going down field. RB Arian Foster with no Ben Tate (Dawg Pound RB 2014) has to stay healthy and be a force. The O-Line is the strong suit along with Foster and Wide Outs Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins as something is in the water talking Clemson Wide outs...real talk!

The "D" led by Romeo Crennel will run a 3-4 with "Area 99" J.J. Watt coming off the LDE and Top Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft Jadeveon Clowney at ROLB and they will be down hill on 3rd and distance. Star Backer Brian Cushing of NJ High School Powerhouse Bergen Catholic and "Men of Troy" U is out again with Leg Injuries. Look for Undrafted FA Quentin Groves from Auburn to grab a slot before NFL Week 4.

The Secondary gets a huge loss losing SS Daniel Manning but Corner "Ja-Jo" Jonathan Jospeh and Kareem Jackson are a nice tandem. D.J. Swearinger , who starred for the Gamecocks with Clowney, is Bernard Pollard 2.0 and physical. That Secondary might be as good as that Front 7 and that's just they way it is with most teams.

2014 Key Schedule Dates
AFC South Opponents: Colts, Jags, Titans

Wk 5 @ Cowboys
Wk 6 vs Colts
Wk 7 @ Steelers
Wk 8 @ Titans
Wk 9 vs Eagles
WK 10 Bye Week
Wk 12 vs Bengals
Wk 13 vs Titans
Wk 14 @ Jags
Wk 15 @ Colts
Wk 16 vs Ravens

The Texans get their first five teams in 2014 with no Playoffs in 2013. Yes teams improve the Texans if they can come together rather quickly can win at least three of those games. QB "Fitz", Foster, and that revamped new 3-4 "D" will have to rise up!    

TENNESSEE TITANS under the WHISENHUNT Regime in 2014...No more CJ2K as QB LOCKER is the "GUY" WR BRITT as VOLS HUNTER is being called the "Next in LINE" at the Wideout...and that TITANS "D" will be Physical with B-POLLARD in the Air #MusicCityTITANS #TITANSFootball #NashvilleProTackleFootball

The AFC South is the Indianapolis Colts Division until we see other wise but the Titans like the Jags have made important changes from Lead Man to the 2014 Roster. The Titans pick up former Bird Gang Lead Man Ken Whisenhunt who still chasing a Job that won't be open for years. Nonetheless they made solid moves in Free Agency especially on "D"!

Maize and Blue RT Taylor Lewan was the Titans #1 Pick in 2014 as its starts upfront. 2013 Top Pick Chance Warmack of 'Bama is a future perennial All-Pro as he had an outstanding 2013 Rookie Campaign. No CJ2k or Kenny Britt as they turn a new leaf over on Offense. The "D" though should be the Titans strong suit in 2014.

Key Players

QB Locker
RB/WR/Gadget D. McCluster (2014 FA Chiefs)
RB Bishop Shankey (2014 2nd Pick Washington)
WRs K. Wright/N. Washington/ Hunter
LT M. Roos
RG C. Warmack
RT T. Lewan (2014 #1 Pick Michigan)
TE D. Walker

LDE D. Morgan
RDE A. Woods (2014 FA Steelers)
LOLB A. Ayers
LILB W. Woodyard (2014 FA Broncos)
ROLB S. Phillips (2014 FA Broncos)
SS B-Pollard
LCB J. McCourty
FS M. Griffin

On Offense it will start and end with Jake Locker as Whisenhunt is solid with QBs as he had a Rookie in the 'Burgh by the name of Big Ben Roethlisberger. RB Shonn Greene might not even make the Squad the "Word around the Water Cooler" in Titan Land. They are explosive on the Outside but Locker has to get those fleet-footed Wide outs the Wilson Pigskin...D-Wash, Wright, Junter, and Gadget Dexter McCluster.

Defensively it starts with the front as AL Woods is a solid pick up from the Steelers as Whisenhunt keeps a keen eye on Steeler Land. DEs Derrick Morgan and Akeem Ayers are a nice 1-2 in the Pass Rush. Both Backers Shaun Phillips and Wesley Woodyard are Broncos Castoffs that have some good tread.

Pollard and Griffin are a Top 5 Safety Duo in the NFL and McCourty and Wreh-Wilson are very good corners.

Key 2014 Schedule Dates
AFC South Opponents: Texans, Colts, Jags,

Wk 1 @ Chiefs
Wk 2 vs Cowboys
Wk 3 @ Bengals
Wk 4 @ Colts
Wk 8 vs Texans
Wk 10 @ Ravens
Wk 11 vs Steelers
Wk 13 @ Texans
Wk 16 @ Jags
Wk 17 vs Colts

The first four games of 2014 they will see where they stand as they get at one division winner in 2014 at the top in the Colts. Weeks 10-15 are a tough a stretch as anyone in the NFL.

LACKEY headed to Baseball Town USA for KELLY & CRAIG...CARMINES send John LACKEY to REDBIRDS for RHP Joe KELLY and OF Allen CRAIG as CARMINES have plenty of CAP SPACE in 2015 and CARDS going for it!..." A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" at the MLB Trade Deadline as its an ARMS Race and nothing else! #RedbirdNation #BoSoxBiz

The St. Louis Cardinals just picked up 2013 All-Star RHP Justin Masterson and you see the trend here as they go get Carmines RHP John Lackey. The understanding in Redbird Nation is "Waino" isn't enough along with Lance Lynn and Shelby Miller with Michael Wacha sidelined until at least September and Jamie Garcia out for 2014 the Redbirds needs Starting Arms.

Lackey brings plenty of Veteran Prowess as his 2014 Numbers almost two year removed from Tommy John Surgery is 11-7 with a 3.60 ERA and making some Cash. Kelly is 2-2 with a 4.37 ERA and Craig has seven Bombs with 44 RBIs and only hitting .237.

Lackey is currently in the 4th year of a mammoth 5-year $82.5 million deal as the Redbirds will eat up that 2015 Expiring Contract Year and that is solid insurance moving forward now and in 2015 with Garcia out and Wacha on the fence.

The Carmines as we go to press picking up more Players only had six players under Contract going into 2015 and now they add Cespedes and Craig with both Dodgers Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez getting $857K in Dead Money in 2015!

Redbirds Starting Rotation with Lackey


With Michael Wacha due to hopefully be called up in September...

LESTER and GOMES and $650K swapped for All-Star CESPEDES..."GIVE Me the RIGHTY or LEFTY" goes MLB Trade Deadline as the CARMINES get their OF and the Swingin' ELEPHANTS get another ARM with an Add-On at the Sale #AthleticsBiz #RedSoxBiz

One Man's Trash is another Man's Treasure and the Boston Red Sox must have Trader Jack McKeon somewhere making the calls as the Carmines are unloading everyone but the Clubhouse Manager for the Home Team at Fenway Park.

Rumored to be going "West" Red Sox Ace Jon Lester for the past week ends up in Green and Gold heading "West" not to the "City of Angels" but the Bay. Lester and Sox OF Jonny Gomes are Athletics and the A's send All-Star OF Yoenis Cespedes and that could be costly more for the Swingin' Elephants then the Carmines.

Lester brings a 6-4 W-L in the "Fight for October" and Two Fall Classic Chips with a sparkling 2.11 ERA in those 13 Starts. Gomes was and Add-On Sale to make the Transaction work as he brings humor, a Beard, and bad Ash, Maple, or Bamboo as he is currently hitting .234 with 6 Bombs and 32 RBIs.

All-Star Cespedes brings 17 Bombs (Red Sox OF had a combined 14 with Gomes) hitting .256 with 67 RBIs as the carmines sorely need a Bat in the OF and they also get a Cannon from Cespedes.

Now moving forward the A's sign Lester Long-Term 5-yrs $30 Million Guaranteed as he comes in 10-7 with a 2.52 ERA in 21 starts. The A's Starting Rotation is now Sonny Gray, Scott Kazmir, Jesse Chavez, Tommy Milone (Twins Pick Up), and Lester along with former Cubs All-Star RHP Jeff Smardzija. Lookout as the A's are going for it.      

Note: Red Sox looking for a dynamic OF settles for Cespedes as they had Dodgers Matt Kemp almost in Uniform as Dodgers GM Ned Colletti got Cold Feet when Matt Kemp got a Hot Bat...imagine how that works!

BLUE JAYS 6 RED SOX 1 F...As if it can't get any worse for RED SOX Nation the BLUE Birds get the Three-Piece Sweep at FENWAY!..."GET AWAY DAY" talking all 'JAYS with LESTER still on the TARMAC! #TORvsBOS

The Toronto Blue Jays are blazin' starting to play that same Hardball they played earlier in the 2014 season that out them in front of the pack. They go into Boston and on "Get Away Day" with Ace Mark Buerhle going they get Buerhle win #11 and get the Three-Piece Sweep.

Buerhle goes 6 2/3 innings giving up six hits and allowing just one run as the 'Jays Offense when he left had him a 6-1 lead the final score. Buerhle was looking for #11 in 2014 going in a month and  half and no better time than now as they sneak up on the O's.

It was Blue Birds Back Stop Dioner Navarro going 3 for 4 knocking in three runs as the Blue Birds have all facets of their game clicking. Melky Cabrea goes 2 for 4 scoring two runs as he continues to get on the base path and get to the dish.

The Bo Sox scratched Ace LHP Jon Lester as he has been on the Trade Tarmac for at least 24 hours and he must be flying Jet Blue...Drums please! Then Carmines lone run came in the 5th on a Christian Vazquez ground-rule double scoring Xander Bogaerts.

The 'Jays move to 59-50 and stay 2.5 games behind the AL East leading O's who are all of a sudden in the hunt for Lester and that would be bad news trading him within the division. The Carmines fall to 48-60 some thirteen games off the pace...ouch!  

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS as it's a New BRAND of Grown-Man Tackle Football let the "KAHNstruction" begin! ...the BRADLEY Experiment appears to be on course...BORTLES will challenge QB HENNE to go with the ONES...86 "Pocket HERCULES" it's been real M.J.D...Can the JAGS turn it around in 2014 and make some noise in the AFC South? #JAGS #JagsNation #JagRag #KHANstruction

The Jacksonville Jaguars Owner Shahid Khan knew it was going to be a long road to winning the AFC South. He also knew it was going to be long getting the Jaguars Respect back from the League if the right places were put in place up top for the Jags to get the right System and fit the right players within the system.

Enter 12's former D-Coordinator Gus Bradley and that Pete Carroll-Like Attitude of getting after it in the Personnel Room and on the field. Long gone is the "BAG-uars" and here comes the new "JAG-uars" under "KHANstruction".

A solid 2014 Draft Class headed by University of Central Florida QB Blake Bortles is here. That 2013 Jags Draft Class headed by LT Luke Joeckel should have at least four starters in 2014 and three on the "D". The 2014 Free Agent Pick Ups were solid as they grab another Seahawk!

Key Players 

QB Henne/Bortles
RB Toby Gerhart (2014 FA SKOL)
WR Cecil Shorts
WR Allen Robinson (2014 2nd Rd Pick Penn ST)
WR Marquise Lee (2014 2nd Rd Pick USC)
TE S600 V12 "Marcedes" Lewis
LT L. Joeckel

DT Sen'Derrick Marks (2014 FA Titans)
RDE Red Bryant (2014 FA Seahawks)
LDE Chris Clemons (2014 FA Seahawks)
NT Ziggy Hood (2014 FA Steelers)
MLB P. Posluszny
SS J. Cyprien
FS J. Evans
LCB D. Gratz

The Offense will probably have QB Chad Henne starting with Rook Bortles waiting in the wings as Bortles could win the Job in the Pre Season. Gerhart from "SKOL" the Vikings is a nice addition losing Jones-Drew. The 2014 WR Draft Class the Jags get both USC All-American Marquise Lee and Penn State Standout Allen Robinson who should make immediate impacts. Joeckel is a keeper and he should be alongside Bortles for years.

Defensively they are building something to be reckoned with right now. They go heavy Seahawks in Chris Clemons and Red Bryant with Steelers Cast Off Ziggy Hood. That Front should be pretty solid as the Backers are led by Penn State's Paul Posluszny and if that isn't a Backers Names I don't know what is. Bills Mafia keep those Posluszny Comments to yourself it's a Jags Show right now.

The Secondary will have three players from the 2013 Draft Class including SS Jonathan Cyprien from Florida International U and he is all of that scattered , smothered. covered in Jags Colors! Josh Evans from the Gators will be the Free Safety from 2013 and Corner Dwayne Gratz of UConn (2013 as well) and yes they can play a little Tackle Football in Storrs.

Key 2014 Schedule Dates
AFC South Opponents: Texans, Colts, Titans

Wk 1 @ Eagles
Wk 3 vs Colts
Wk 5 vs Steelers
Wk 6 @ Titans
Wk 9 @ Bengals
Wk 10 vs Cowboys
Wk 11 Bye Week
Wk 12 @ Colts
Wk 14 vs Texans
Wk 16 vs Titans
Wk 17 vs Texans

Jags Nation put the "BAGS" up and grab the "JAG RAG" and get'em going as here come the new Jags under "KHANstruction"!

BREWERS 5 RAYS 0 F...Yovani GALLARDO > David PRICE...yes the BEER MAKER'S Ace grabs his "VALENTINE" and some GRIT & ROSIN Bag on the "HILL" and blanks Tampa Bay Hardball..."GET AWAY DAY" watching the BREW CREW with the NL Central watching! #MILvsTB

The MLB Trade Deadline is all the talk as is Rays Ace LHP and Cy-Young Winner David Price. Well with the Milwaukee Brewers trying to stay in 1st Place in the NL Central the Beer Maker's Ace Yovani Gallardo had to grab his "Heart" and Grit and Rosin Bag to out duel Mr. Price. As we stage left and the Beer Maker's hit the Charter...5-0 Brewers!    

Behind a Four-Hitter through seven strong and allowing no runs Gallardo led the Brewers Charge as they avoid the sweep and stay at least for now 1.5 games up on both the Redbirds and Buccos. Gallardo gets run support from Martin Maldanado's two-run scoring single in the 2nd and an A-Ram run-scoring single in the 3rd as the Brewers cruised past David Price. The former Vandy All-American   gave up four runs (3 ER) through seven innings as he walked two and struck out six. It was one of Price's Worst Starts since early June.

The Brew Crew moves to 60-49 leading both the Redbirds and Buccos in the Central. The Rays fall to 53-55 and they are seven games out of first place chasing the Baltimore Orioles.

NATIONALS 4 MARLINS 3 F...NATS get a Late Rally as they put up Crooked 3 in the 8th to star in "ESCAPE Little Havana Hardball"..."GET AWAY DAY" as NATS lead the NL East by a Game over BRAVES Country! #WSHvsMIA

The Washington Nationals survive leaving the 305 and the Fish with a "W" after losing the first two games. It took a late rally in the 8th as the Nats avoid the Three-Game Sweep. Washington struck first off Marlins Starter Brad Hand on an Anthony Rendon Two-Bagger to make it 1-0. The Fish come back in their half of the 4th with Second Baseman Jordany Valdespin going Solo Bomb to tie the game at 1-1. Nats Starter Tanner Roark was solid as that would be the only run he would give up through seven.

That Nats then in the 8th with Hand still on the bump with the game tied at 1-1 puts up a crooked three highlighted by a Ian Desmond Two-Run Double. That would chase Hand as the Marlins would score two in the ninth but fall short on the rally as Marlins All-Star OF Giancarlo Stanton goes Solo Bomb in the 9th.

The Nats move to 58-47 as they win the last of three in Miami. The Marlins six games back of the Nats fall to 53-54 as the Braves are a game back of Washington as the NL East Race also involves the 'Amazins as they are 7.5 games back of the Nats.  

COWBOYS LT Tyron Smith in JERRY'S House through 2023...Former "MEN of TROY" All-American hits the JERRY Mega-Millions in Big D..."SUNDAY TALK" talking Cowboys All-Pro LT T-SMITH and BRINKS Trucks! #CowboysNation #Boys #JerrysHouse

He has started every single game since his arrival back in the 2011 Season at the ripe age of 20. He started every game in College playing for the "Men of Troy" the University of Southern California and as dominant. The Dallas Cowboys and All-Pro Left Tackle Tyron Smith get a deal done that will keep Mr. Smith Jerry's House Edition North Texas wearing a "Star" on his Helmet through the 2023  season.

The former #9 Overall Pick in the 2011 NFL Draft was a "Can't Miss" and now if he stays healthy he should cement his name with some of the Cowboy Greats like 2013 NFL HOF Larry Allen. Smith has been able to protect QB Tony Romo for the most part while learning on the job as he is just 23 years of age. The Deal through numerous Media Outlets in new money is eights years $98 million added to the old money of two years and $11 million for a total of ten years and $110 Million with $40 million guaranteed.

The Cowboys and Jerry Jones heading into the right direction and signing Smith was Duffel Bags well-spent.        

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS what do the CHAMPS do for an Encore?...Lead Man CARROLL wants more Chips, the 12th Man Space Needle wants it all, and the L.O.B. is still looking for Bodies...@dangeRUSSWilson will be even better in 2014...BEAST Mode needs to bring Self, the Bowling Ball White LAMBO Aventador w/Black Drop Top, and the VELVET Ropes to Camp ASAP!...You wants the CHAMPS your going to get the CHAMPS! #L.O.B. #12thManSpaceNeedle #SorryWeAreLOUD #LombardiIsInThe206 #HawksNation

They are still loaded and still going as the World Champion Seahawks of 2013 will forever be Cult Heroes for bringing the 206 their first "Fight for Vince" Hardware. The Hawks did it versus their old AFC West Rival "United In Orange" which on Super Bowl Night was quickly turned into "Divided we Fall"!

Lead Man Carroll and GM J. Schneider have the their Blue Print and they have followed since they joined forces and it has been a smashing success like those 206 killer "Grunge" 90s Rock Bands..Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Foo Fighters, and Alice in Chains among others. Yes the Seahawks have joined that group and Hawks Nation is louder than all of those combined. Everything is in tact if Beast Mode can get his Butt into Camp and talk Duffel Bags maybe after the 2014 season. Can anyone in the NFL let alone in the NFC West "Throw Wilson Pigskins at the Hawks Throne" in 2014?

Key Players

QB Russ
RB Robert Turbine/Mike Christine (Beast Mode M.I.A.)
TE Z. Miller
Gadget PERCYland USA
WR D. Baldwin
C "Mad Max beyond Puget Sound"
LT R. Okung
RT Eric Winston (2014 FA AZ Cards)

LDE M. Bennett
RDT B. Mebane
RDE C. Avril
MLB B. Wagner
the L.O.B...Sherm, Cam, the Earl of 206, B-Max

Offensively they need Beast Mode and they know and he knows it as those Fines are mounting up. Russell Wilson should be even better in 2014 but he did lose WR Sidney Rice (Retired) and Golden Tate (Restore the Roar FA Pick Up) but he still has Percy Harvin and Doug Baldwin will get his chance to shine. The O-Line led by one of the best Centers in the Game Mr. Unger and Eric Winston a 2014 FA Pick Up from Bird Gang will be counted on heavily. Those other RBs (Turbine/Christine) are no Ramen Noodles playing behind that Skittles Freak!

Defensively they separate themselves from everyone else with their underrated Pas Rush led by Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril. The Interior is solid with Brandon "1972 Fleetwood Caddy" MeBane leading the charge. Then its the Backers led by undersized Bobby Wagner and Super Bowl M.V.P Malcolm Smith who will move into a Starting Role in 2014. DT Kevin Williams (2014 FA Pick Up from SKOL) should be re-energized and watch for OLB K.J. Wright as he is behind Wagner but will see plenty of action as he can lineup in all three Backer Slots.

Then there is the "Legion of Boom" as not one Wells Fargo Wagon pulled up and dropped Cash off but two Wagons one for "E.T. phone Century Link" in Safety Earl "I reside in the Deep 1/3" Thomas and Richard "Don't send a Sorry WR like Crab to my side" Sherman dba Sherm Island. Officer Chancellor enforces the L.O.B. Law with Ray Ban Peepers to boot. Then there is the up and coming Byron Maxwell dba "Is it Live..or is it B-Max". The L.O.B. puts the Seahawks as the Favs for the NFC West again and the NFC are there any Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Key 2014 Schedule Dates
NFC West Opponents: 49ers, Cardinals, Rams

Wk 1 NFL Opening Kickoff 2014 vs Packers
Wk 3 vs Broncos
Wk 4 Bye Week
Wk 6 vs Cowboys
Wk 7 @ Rams
Wk 8 @ Panthers
Wk 12 vs Cardinals
Wk 13 @ 49ers
Wk 14 @ Eagles
Wk 15 vs 49ers
Wk 16 @ Cardinals
Wk 17 vs Rams

Just like everyone else in the NFC West 2014 looks to be a 11-5 maybe 12-4 which would be top-notch playing the AFC West and NFC East. That Wk 1 vs Packers is Must-See T.V.  as is that Week 3 Match Up as Peyton Manning should be locked in as its the regular Season...not the Postseason. Beast Mode get into Camp Boss...12's is waiting!  

PIRATES 3 GIANTS 1 F..."Raise the JOLLY ROGER" as the BUCCOS beat "BUM" last night and now they hang an "L" on "HUDDY"..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" here comes 'BURGH Hardball! #PITvsSF

They blanked the Giants last night 5-0 and turn right back around and score three in the first two innings and give Vet Giants RHP Tim Hudson an "L"! The Buccos jumped on "Huddy" with a Josh "I look and play like Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock and get use to it" Harrison gets a Lead-Off Smash to make it 1-0 Pirates. Then with Ike Davis on Buccos LF Travis Snider takes "Huddy" deep for a Two-Run Dingers and just like that the Giants Faithful was becoming a little bit restless.  

The Giants in the bottom of the 2nd get their lone run of the game and off Pirates Starter Francisco Liriano as Michael Morse takes Liriano Deep even after further review as the lead was 3-1. Liriano was locked in after that striking out eleven and allowing just three more hits after that Bomb from Morse through seven. "Huddy" gave up three runs on six hits through seven as the Giants losing streak continues as they are on the verge of getting swept in back to back Series playing at AT&T Park and that would be catastrophic!  

Meanwhile the Buccos move to 57-49 and a game out of 1st place and tied with the 57-49 Redbirds as we have a tension in the NL Central. The Gigantes falling to 57-50 and if the Dodgers win they will be 3.5 games behind Dodger Blue...not good!  

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

PATRICK PETERSON is BIRD Gang through 2020...Former #GeauxTIGERS All-American from Hollywood, FLorida is highest paid CB ever in NFL..."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" you better get off my BLOG with that noise! @RealPeterson21 #AZcards #BirdGang

Through numerous Media Outlets the Arizona Cardinals have agreed with All-Pro Island Patrick Peterson for an extension of $70 million ($48 million guaranteed) over 60 months that will keep him playing home games in Glendale, Arizona through 2020.

Peterson is a baaaaaaad man and there is no Island in the NFL I would take over Paterson as the Seahawks Richard Sherman is "Lights Outs" but its Peterson's overall Versatility that gives him the edge as he is a Monster in the Kicking Game. All that Speed comes from his Track Background when his dad use to train him when he was a Track and Football Star in Hollywood, Florida.

Bird Gang Lead Man Bruce Arians lines up Peterson everywhere and as valuable as he is the Cardinals may need to keep him on "D" and limit his opportunities in the Kicking Game and on Offense! Now he has Antonio Cromartie on the other side I am going Converse Scooby Doos circa 1980...Choose your Weapon!

Get'em @RealPeterson21 you deserve all of that Cash and you do it the right way! #GeauxTigers

SAN FRANCISCO 49ers are on the CLOCK or shall I say Jimmy Harbaugh is on the CLOCK...It's CHIP or BUST for the NINERS and those New Digs "LEVI Stadium" dba the Original Blue Jeans...QB KAP gets "PAID in FULL"...who replaces Backer NAVORRO B.?...Can they get past the World Champion SEAHAWKS in 21 Questions? #49ers #NINERnation #9ERSFootball #Team5Chips #Quest4Six

The San Francisco 49ers are on the Clock and tired of hearing about their Division Rival the Seattle Seahawks. Now the Hawks have a Chip and the urgency in Niners Land hasn't seen heights like this since the Late Great Bill Walsh and that Niners West Coast offense was that Machine winning Five Lombardi's.

QB Kap has his Wells Fargo Wagon of Cash and all he has to do now is deliver as he is a good one and has been delivering. Losing RB Kendall Hunter to an ACL is a huge blow to the Backfield but the Niners Depth Chart looks like that of the Florida State Seminoles... stacked and packed! The O-Line is one of the best on Sunday and 2014 should be no different. Who replaces Backer Navorro Bowman is vastly important to the Scheme the Niners run as Willis will have to stay on the field more on 3rd down. The Niners Brass and Jim Harbaugh's Antics are wearing thin and the Niners can get them a new coach I mean who is going to turn that Gig down as it is back and on top.

Key Players

QB Kaepernick
RB Gore
RB Carlos Hyde (2014 2nd Rd Pick Ohio State)
WRs Crab/Boldin
TE V. Davis
LT J. Staley
RT A. Davis

RDT J. Smith
LOLB A. Brooks
ROLB A. Smith
LILB P. Willis
SS Antione Bethea

Offensively they will rock and roll and they just need to be reminded at Times that "Downhill" with Gore and the Run Game supersedes being too cute with Kap and those pretty-lookin' plays. That O-Line with Tackles Staley and Davis is "Nasty Boys" Levi 501 Edition and they need to get behind those Boys when the tough get going. Crab, Boldin, and Vernon Davis are all threats and they are loads in that Passing Scheme from Harbaugh.

Defensively the big question mark is Mike Wilhoite ready to step in and not be Navorro Bowman but play Mike Wilhoite's Game and do his job? The Secondary is also a huge concern as they grabbed NIU Huskies Safety Jimmie Ward with then #1 Overall and the last Huskie to go 1st Round Chargers Backer Larry English was "El Busto". Colts Pro-Bowl Safety Bethea should be a leader and a calming influence for that young Niners Secondary that will be tested as they depend heavily on that front 7 as they should. Watch the 49ers 3rd round 2014 Pick Backer Chris Borland he has some Jack "Hack Saw" Reynolds all over him!

Key 2014 Schedule Dates
NFC West Opponents: Seahawks, Cardinals, Rams

Wk 1 @ Cowboys
Wk 2 vs Bears (Opening Night of Levi Stadium)
Wk 3 @ Bird Gang
Wk 4 vs Eagles
Wk 5 vs Chiefs
Wk 6 @ Rams
Wk 7 @Broncos
Wk 8 Bye Week
Wk 9 vs Rams
Wk 10 @ Saints
Wk 13 vs Seahawks
Wk 14 @ Raiders
Wk 15 @ Seahawks
Wk 17 vs Bird Gang

Are you freakin' kidding me the 49ers Schedule looks like they are Snake Plissken in "Escape from NY". The NFL gave them no Lil Debbie's or Hostess Ho Ho's as they play in the best Division in the NFL and they get the AFC West and NFC East. This particular schedule is not called Key's called the Niners 2014 Schedule...Ouch!

WHITE SOX 11 TIGERS 4 F...PALE HOSE hit the Motor City KITTIES with a Crooked SEVEN in the 7th as the SOX try to get to the .500 mark..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as ABREU and "Paul Bunyan" DUNN go Deeeeeeeeep! #CWSvsDET

White Sox Starter Carlos Quintana gave up two runs in the 2nd on a J.D. Martinez Three-Bagger and a Bryan Holaday Sac-Fly and that would be it. Tigers Starter Anibal Sanchez was cruising until the 4th when the Sox tied the game at 2-2 on a single and Sac-Fly. Little did Anibal know there would be bigger trouble in the seventh as the Pale Hose break out the late rally on Detroit Hardball.

With the score tied 2-2 in the 7th the Pale Hose hit the Tigers and Sanchez for seven runs highlighted by a Two-Run Blast by Jose Abreu adding to his AL leading total of 31. Then Adam "Paul Bunyan" Dunn goes Solo HR as they go Back to Back Jacks sending Tigers Nation home with an "L". Abreu in the 8th Doubled home two more runs as he continues to wreak havoc on MLB Pitching. Sanchez Tab in 6 1/3 innings...6 H 5 R 4 ER 2 BB 6 SO. It was Tigers Reliever Joakim Soria that was lit up in just 1/3 of an Inning giving up four runs on six hits and both Bombs to Abreu and Dunn.

The Pale Hose hit the Phone Booth in the "D" and out came the South Side Hit Men 2K14 as they move to 52-55 just seven games back of Detroit. The Tigers at 57-46 leads the 2nd place Royals by just 4.5 games. Quintana for the Pale Hose get the "W" moving to 6-7 in 2014!  

BRAVES @ DODGERS from Chavez Ravine going Senior Circuit Business!..."WEEKDAY BENDERS" as it's the NL East CHOP SHOP hitting Team CHAVEZ Ravine for Three on Pacific Time! #ATLvsLAD #BRAVEScountry #DODGERnation

The L.A. Dodgers now after sweeping the rival San Francisco Giants get the NL East 2nd place Atlanta Braves trying to catch the NL East leading Nats. The Braves Starting Pitching is starting to catch its 2nd wind and behind them is the best Captain Save-A-Game in the Show...Hunstville, Alabama Native Carig Kimbrel.

The "Blue Crew" needs to avoid him at any cost and Dodgers Hitting Coach Mark McGwire will have his Boys attacking that Braves Starting Pitching being really aggressive. Dodgers Starters are 20 games over the .500 mark and they look to add to that.

#ChopShop404 ATLANTA (58-48 2nd NL East)
#BlueCrew LOS ANGELES (59-47 1st NL West) 
Three-Piece going Senior Circuit Business

Tuesday July 29, 2014 @ 10:10pm ET
ATL Harang (9-6) vs LAD Beckett (6-5)

Wednesday July 30, 2014 @ 10:10pm ET
ATL Wood (7-8) vs LAD Greinke (12-6)

Thursday July 31, 2014 @ 10:10pm ET 
ATL Teheran (10-6) vs LAD Kershaw (12-2)

The Braves will get both Greinke and Kerhsaw as the Braves Julio Teheran has taken over as the Brave Country Ace and he will be up for the challenge on Thursday Night.

Stars at the Dish


LF J. Upton .283 avg 18 HR 60 RBI
1B F. Freeman .283 14 HR 57 RBI
3B C. Johnson .276 avg 8 HR 46 RBI


RF Puig 66 .310 avg 12 HR 54 RBI
1B A-Gon .261 avg 15 HR 68 RBI
SS H. Ramirez .281 avg 11 HR 52 RBI


ARIZONA CARDINALS it's your Turn...or is it? Lead Man ARIANS leads the Charge as "BIRD GANG" has plenty of PIECES but is Old-Man CARSON PALMER the Answer behind Center?...that "BIRD GANG" D is Real led by Island #1B in Football PATRICK PETERSON.."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" well ARIANS is a QB Guru! #BirdGang #RedZone #AZCardsFootball

The Arizona Cardinals were the only Team in 2013 and 2014 for the fact of the matter including "Fight 4 Vince" Time to beat the World Champion Seattle Seahawks near the Space Needle. Yes the Bird Gang will be coming again this time with some real know how as they are a real threat in the NFC West.

Carson Palmer when given the ample time is like Drew Brees putting it right in the basket. They picked by Jonathan Dwyer from the Steelers to play behind RBs Andre Ellington and Stefan Taylor and something tells me they will need the J.Y.D. at some point. They also grabbed Ted Ginn Jr. from Back in Black N.C. Football to go with "Fitz" and Michael Floyd who turned a huge corner in 2013. That "D" is real and they play the best from Top to Bottom on "D" in the NFC West better than any other Division in Football.

Key Players

QB Palmer
RBs Taylor/Ellington/Dwyer (2014 FA Steelers)
WRs Fitz/Floyd/Ginn Jr. (2014 FA Panthers)
OG J. Cooper (2013 #1 Pick UNC)
TE Troy Niklas (2014 #2 Pick Notre Dame)

RDT D. Dockett
LILB L. Foote (2014 FA Steelers)
LCB Peterson
RCB Antonio Cromartie (2014 FA NY Jets)
SS Deone Bucannon (2014 #1 Pick WAZU)

The Offense will rely heavily on Palmer and the Passing Game as they need to get that Running Back Committee going as there is three different talents they can use. Watch for Ted Ginn Jr. to take the Top of Secondaries so that "Fitz" has more room underneath. Floyd is their #1 WR but "Fitz" is still heavily accounted for all over just not deep. 201 #1 Pick OG Jonathan Cooper (the best O-Lineman in the 2013 Draft) broke is his leg in the 2013 Pre-Season so this will be his rookie campaign if he can regain form on Tape at UNC that made him special.

Defensively the Cards start upfront with DE Calias Campbell and Darnell Dockett. They pick up Larry Foote from the Steelers for his leadership and Steeler know how as the Bird Gang is the Steelers NFC Affiliate and yes I went there and I thought it was just Coach Whisenhunt not getting that Steelers Job. Losing 5-Star Backer Daryl Washington will hurt be he can't keep himself from the Orange Suits!  The Cards also upgraded their Corners by adding Antonio Cromartie to go with "P2" Patrick Peterson. The "Honey Badger" will start on the PUP List but he should be ready for action in Week 7 the Cards think! Can the Bird Gang get right in the middle of the Seahawks and 49ers in 2014..I think they can real Sunday Talk! 

2014 Key Schedule Dates
NFC West Opponents: 49ers, Seahawks, Rams

Wk 2 @ G-Men
Wk 3 vs 49ers
Wk 5 @ Broncos
Wk 9 @ Cowboys
Wk 10 vs Rams
Wk 12 @ Seahawks
Wk 15 @ Rams
Wk 16 vs Seahawks
Wk 17 @ 49ers

The Schedule is a killer on the back end heading toward Weeks 10-17 with the Seahawks and Rams twice then Lions, Chiefs, and ending with the 49ers in NFL Week 17...Yikes!


ANGELS @ ORIOLES Three-Piece Preview...the "BATTLE of OCTOBER Hardball Hopefuls" as the #2 in the West HALOS comes EAST to take on the #1 in the East CHARM City O's..."WEEKDAY BENDERS" with Junior Circuit Ramifications! #LAAvsBAL

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim head East at a 63-41 Clip 2nd in the Show and on the Junior Circuit as they trail the AL West leading Oakland Athletics (65-40) by 1.5 games. The O's coming off of an impressive 6-4 Motel Swing out West right after the Midsummer Classic 2K14 played well out West and now they try and fend of the Jays, Bombers, and the Rays...who?

#RallyMonkeyHardball ANAHEIM (63-41)
#CrabCakes&Hardball BALTIMORE (58-46)
Junior Circuit Elite Three-Piece Feast

Tuesday July 29, 2014 @ 7:05pm ET 
LAA Weaver (11-6) vs BAL Tillman (7-5)

Wednesday July 30, 2014 @ 7:05pm ET 
LAA Richards (11-3) vs BAL Gausman (4-3)

Thursday July 31, 2014 @ 7:05pm ET 
LAA Skaggs (5-5) vs BAL Norris (8-7)

The Orioles know what they need to do right off the bat as they get Halos Ace Jered Weaver. Tillman and Norris have been steady of late for the O's as they go in Games 1 and 3.

Stars at the Dish

CF Millville Meteor .302 24 HR 72 RBI
DH El Hombre .273 avg 20 HR 66 RBI
2B H. Kendrick .292 avg 4 HR 45 RBI  

CF Adam Bombs Jones .293 avg 19 HR 64 RBI
LF N. "Adios Pelota" Cruz .273 avg 29 HR 75 RBI
1B "Crush" Davis .199 avg 17 HR 51 RBI    

ST. LOUIS RAMS Business...the JEFF FISHER Group is locked and loaded as they talk World Champions SEAHAWKS, the NINERS, and BIRD Gang the RAMS are on the UP...the "D" led by "MONSTERS inside QBs" Mr. QUINN and Bloodline LONG while QB BRADFORD is trying to convince the BLUE & GOLD he is the man in the "POCKET"!..."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" not on the Mississippi near the GATEWAY ARCH its DEEEEEEEE-Fense! #RAMSnation #JeffFisherGroup #LesSneadInDeed #MuddyMississippiProFootball

As we get the best Division on Football started near the "Gateway to the West" and the "Muddy" Mississippi they are talking nothing but Seahawks and 49ers and a hint of the Red Zone in the Desert. No one is talking St. Louis Rams Football and Jeff Fisher is one of the best with the Lead Head Set and brings a physical brand of Sunday Tackle Football.

The Offense is once again led by Boomer Sooner QB Sam Bradford as he is on the Clock and might be looking for a new home after the 2014 seasons. The Jeff Fisher Group with GM Les Snead (He was Wing Man for Thomas Dimitroff and the Falcons before landing in the Lou) has shopped for Groceries and some of those Groceries are from Whole Food dba Whole Paycheck and five-star! Rams Football is making moves and slow your roll NFC West...slow your roll!

Key Players 

QB Bradford
RB Z. Stacy
RB Tre Mason (2014 3rd Rd Pick Auburn)
LG G. Robinson (2014 Top Pick Auburn)
TE Jared Cook
LT Jake Long
WR K. Britt (2014 FA Titans)
WR Tavon Austin

LDE Bloodline Chris Long
LDT Aaron Donald (2014 1st Rd Pick Pitt)
RDE R. Quinn
MLB J. Laurannitis
SLB A. Ogletree
SS Bloodline T.J. McDonald
RCB J. Jenkins

Offensively Zac Stacy is a load and highly underrated as it will start with that O-Line. The Rams grab future All-Pro OG Greg Robinson with their 1st pick and he is the truth. That should open holes in the Run Game and keep QB Sam clean in the Pocket. Can LT Jake "Maize & Blue" Long comeback from that Knee Injury and get back to close to what he was per-injury?  Watch former Titans WR Kenny Britt and "Shutterbug" Tavon Austin from Basketball Powerhouse Baltimore Dunbar HS Poets by way of Morgantown U Football.

Defensively the Rams will lean on Bookends Chris "Bloodline" Long and 19 Red Jersey Collections in 2013 Robert Quinn. They also grab Pitt All-American Aaron Donald for the interior to go with LSU and 2012 Rams 1st Rounder Michael Brockers. James Lauranitis leas the Backers with impressive 2nd-year to be Backer Alex Ogletree of UGA. That Secondary starts with CB Janoris Jenkins as they will miss CB Cortland Finnegan but Bloodline Safety T.J. McDonald (Dad All-American USC Safety and 49ers Great Tim McDonald) are coming full circle.

2014 Key Schedule Dates
NFC West Opponents: Cards, 49ers, Seahawks

Wk 3 vs Cowboys
Wk 5 @ Eagles
Wk 6 vs 49ers
Wk 7 vs Seahawks
Wk 9 @ 49ers
Wk 10 @ Az Cards
Wk 11 vs Broncos
Wk 15 vs Az Cards
Wk 17 @ Seahawks 

They should no where they stand after Weeks 6 and 7 with back to back Home Tilts vs the 49ers and Seahawks and maybe the Rams will try and set the NFC West Tables. Playing the AFC West and NFC East isn't as bad as it looks as the NFC East Teams always hovering around that .500 mark.


Monday, July 28, 2014

BREWERS 1 RAYS 2 F...TAMPA BAY Hardball helps themselves and the REDBIRDS n BUCCOS as they slide by the NL Central leading BEER MAKERS of Wisconsin!..."MAKING NOISE" as the RAYS are joining the AL East Race of 2014! #MILvsTB

The Milwaukee Brewers are in a fight all by their lonesome now they are facing a Team that has been in a fight to get back to that Magical Mark in the Show when your coming from the "Show Dead"...the .500 mark in the Tampa Rays.

It was Rays Starter Jake Odorizzi who goes seven strong allowing three hits and a run (Brewers First Baseman Mark Reynolds Solo HR off Odorizzi in the 3rd) as the Brew Crew struck in the 3rd inning making it 1-0 "Piwowarzy". The Rays getting timely hit after timely hit in this recent streak get  another one. Former Dodgers and Red Sox Castoff First Baseman James Loney hits a two-run scoring single scoring both Ben Zobrist and Matt Joyce in the bottom half of the 6th making it 2-1 Rays. The Rays then get two scoreless innings in relief from Reliever Brad Roxberger and and Jake McGee getting his 12th Save as the Rays are just two games under the .500 mark at 52-54.

The Brew Crew falls to 59-48 as the Redbirds are 1.5 games back and the Buccos 2.5 games back leading the Gigantes as we go to press 5-0 late in the 6th. What is the "Mojo" down in Tropicana Field with all those Key Injuries to that String's Skip Joe Maddon believing all the time 24-7-365!

BLUE JAYS 14 RED SOX 1 F...CRIME SCENE at FENWAY Park...Wanted: R.A. DICKEY, MELKY C., JOSE Bats, GOINS, KAWASAKI, and THOLE...C.S.I. Bluedude Sportstalk is Back and at FENWAY! #JAYSnation #CARMINESBadBusiness

I have told Fans time and time again you just better hope it isn't your team as the Blue Phone is lighting up as we have another "Crime Scene" this time at Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The Toronto Blue Jays have a host of Suspects and the Camera caught every last one of them including R.A. Dickey alias the "North of the Border Knuckler"!

Behind an onslaught of Rawlings Stitched Ones getting pummeled by Ash, Maple, or Bamboo out of the Jays Dugout the Red Sox Pitching Staff was nowhere to be found o this night. After all the smoke cleared we had a 14-1 AL East "Beat Down" and yes it's just 1 of 162 but to happen this late in the seasons...simply uncalled for!

Crime: Excessive Runs through 9 Innings

Lead Suspects: R. A. Dickey, Melky Cabrera, Jose Bautista, and Ryan Goins
Suspects: Rest of Jays Line Up

'Jays 14 Runs 14 Hits
Red Sox Pitching 9 IP 14 H 14 R 14 ER 8 BB 6 SO 2 HR

Dickey (W) 7 IP 3 H 1 R 1 ER 1 BB 10 SO
M. Cabrera 2/4 w/3 R 2-Run HR 3-Run HR
R. Goins 4/5 w/4 RBIs
J. Thole 4/5 w/4 RBIs

Red Sox Nation
Buchholz 5 IP 7 H 7 R 7 ER 4 BB 4 SO HR
F. Doubront 0.2 IP 6 H 6 R 6 ER 2 BB HR

Yes The Red Sox couldn't leave well enough alone as they get blasted by the Blue Birds and to make maters worse their best Arm in the Rotation might be a Dodger come the Weekend as the Carmines might get Dodgers OF Matt Kemp in return! For the Love of Bean Town Sports...will someone start racking up some W's!

Blue Birds meanwhile are 57-50 just 2.5 games behind the Charm City O's as it looks like they are getting their 2nd wind...

PIRATES @ GIANTS a Three-Piece with "PRETENDERS" or "CONTENDERS" on the Line...BUCCOS chasing the "PIWOWARZY" and GIGANTES all of a sudden chasing "BLUE Crew" of DODGER Blue we get a really important Three in AT&T..."WEEKDAY BENDERS" #PITvsSF

The Pittsburgh Pirates come into McCovey Cove knowing the Gigantes just got their backsides handed to them by their Rival the L.A. Dodgers. More importantly the Buccos must tend to their own business at hand coming just three games back of the NL Central leading "Piwowarzy" (Brewers) and a game back of the 2nd place Redbirds of Baseball Town USA.

San Francisco knows there is no need to "Panic" at least yet as they are just 1.5 games back of the Dodgers with August and September Games to be played. "Urgency" is a word they should be using around the Gigantes Clubhouse not "Desperate". Now we get Three in AT&T for the Fans to see as Scoreboard Watching is or will be on the Menu in the coming weeks.  

#RaiseTheJollyRoger PITTSBUGH (55-49)
#SFGHeadlines SAN FRANCISCO (57-48)
Three-Piece Senior Circuit Treat
AT&T Park

Monday July 28, 2014 @ 10:15pm ET
PIT Worley (3-1) vs SF Bumgarner (12-7)

Tuesday July 29, 2014 @ 10:15pm ET 
PIT Liriano (2-7) vs SF Hudson (8-7)

Wednesday July 30, 2014 @ 3:45pm ET 
PIT Morton (5-10) vs SF Linceum (9-7)  

The Gigantes will have "Bum", "Huddy", and Mr. No-Hitter himself going in Lincecum as the Buccos try and "Raise the Jolly Roger" with Worley, Morton, and Liriano as the ladder as seen better pitching days.

Stars at the Dish


CF "Cutch 22" .312 avg 17 HR 63 RBI
3B "El Toro" .238 avg 15 HR 47 RBI
2B N. Walker .279 avg 15 HR 48 RBI


RF H. Pence .295 avg 13 HR 42 RBI
C B. Posey .280 12 HR 54 RBI
3B "Panda Smash" .275 12 HR 44 RBI  

The Pirates are coming off of an awful showing and almost getting swept by the "ROX" 5,280 feet above Ocean Water. The Giants need to start hitting but seeing both Greinke and Kershaw on their A-Game's back to back will have you thinking of more than just Hardball but other Gigs!

PADRES 0 BRAVES 2 F...the CHOP SHOP finishes taking three of four from the FRIARS as BRAVES Country's ERVIN SANTANA pulls a "GEM" out of his Pocket! ..."GET AWAY DAY" on another MANIC Monday saluting the Home Team! #SDvsATL

Braves Country's Ervin Santana with the Nats 1.5 games up at the start of the day knew he had to bring at vs the Friars as the NL East Race heats up. Bring it he did as Santana answers the call as he goes eight strong scattering just five hits as he struck out eleven Friars issuing not a one free pass.

The Braves Offense with Santana having San Diego Hardball in his back pocket needed just one as Braves Back Stop Evan Gattis got things cookin' in the bottom half of the 7th with a Solo Blast off Friars Starter Jason Lane who was throwing a "Gem" of hid own. Lane goes six giving up six hits on and a run on that Long Ball by Gattis as the game was scoreless going into the bottom of the 7th. Gattis gives the Braves more insurance in the 8th with a run-scoring single to make the 2-0 as the Braves Captain Save-A-Game Craig Kimbrel gets his 32nd Save. Gattis was 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs, a Run, and a Solo Hr on the day.

The Chop Shop moves 58-48 a game back of the Nats in the NL East. The Friars fall to 46-59 3rd place in the NL West some 12.5 games off the Dodger Pace!  

DENVER BRONCOS 2014 Motto..."Grab VINCE or BUST"...that's right MANNING Mile High and Lead Man FOX have more pressure on them as #7 gets #UnitedInORANGE loaded up like a CHICAGO Hot Dog (w/all the Fixins)...The "O" is Five-Star as the "D" adds "Beware of WARE", Safety WARD, and TALIB Island fresh off his stay with TOM, BOB, and BILL...BRONCOS picked by many to get out of the AFC again! #OrangeCrush #UnitedInOrange #BroncosNation #BroncosGang

I know what your thinking Broncos Heads and we know just as much as you all as Manning Mile High is on T.V. more than Sports Center. Yes and we know the Broncos just watched the Super Bowl Highlights as they ,messed up every ones Super Bowl Party. Having said that John Elway is on a a mission to get the Broncos A "Chip" by any means necessary.

Stanford's #7 had watched enough of that Super Bowl as he goes out to get DeMarcus "Beware of Ware" of Jerry's Gang Texas to lead that Broncos "D" and lead Von Miller back to Football and not Off the Field Pot Holes. He needed a Safety that he could count on in Former "Quack Attack" Eugene Standout and Dawg Pound Alum T.J. Ward. Then he also added Aqib Talib the Pride of Garland Texas and Rock Chalk Jayhawk Football (Imagine That) from the rival Patriots. Look there is no time better than now and United In Orange knows its "Grab Vince ...or Bust" in 2014!

Key Players 

QB Manning Mile High
RB Montee Ball
WR/TEs Thomas/Welker/Thomas/Sanders
LT Clady
LG Franklin

DT Sylvester Williams
RDE D. Ware
SLB Von Miller
LCB A. Talib (2014 FA Pats)
RCB B. Roby (Broncos 2014 1st Pick)
SS T.J. Ward

Offensively they get no more efficient than this unit as Manning put up Record TDs in 2013. They lose Eric Decker to Met Life Green but add Steelers FA WR Emmaunel "Go Go" Sanders from SMU #10 in your 2014 United in Orange Program. RB Montee Ball has to be able to pick up Blocks or he will be useless. That O-Line is solid led by that left side of Boise State's Ryan Clady's and the U's Orlando Franklin.

Defensively they had to fine tune things as they could not count on SLB Von Miller as it was Off the Field Issues than a Torn ACL. DeMarcus Ware should be a huge addition along with Safety T.J. Ward from the Browns. That Secondary also will be relying heavily on Top 2014 Pick CB Bradley Roby of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. That "D" is on the clock as the Offense is going to put up a "Half a Hundo" per...

2014 Key Schedule Dates
AFC West Oppnents: Chiefs, Bolts, Raiders

Wk 1 vs Colts
Wk 2 vs Chiefs
Wk 3 @ Seahawks
WK Bye
Wk 7 vs 49ers
Wk 9 @ Pats
Wk 10 @ Raiders
Wk 13 @ Chiefs
Wk 15 @ Bolts
Wk 16 @ Bengals

They will take "Dirty Harry" with them through the "Gauntlet" in the first three weeks of 2014 as Roger Goodell made this schedule for United In Orange. After that the 49ers, Patriots, and Bengals along with the AFC West schedule is a tough one!


It's all about 10K LAKES SG ZACH "Trampoline" LaVINE....At the Seattle PRO AM Dunk Contest LaVINE goes not ELEVATOR...but to the Top of the SPACE NEEDLE for all of 206 to see..."MAKING NOISE" from the 206! #SeattleProAm2014 @ZachLaVine #10KLakesProHoops #TWolvesHoops

Former UCLA Bruins Star and now 10K Lakes 2014 Lottery Pick shows us a little something for the All-Star Saturday Night 2K15 as he is already head to that Dunk Contest. He didn't take the Elevator but he went to the Top of the Space Needle...take at look from the 2014 Jamal Crawford Seattle Pro-Am...  

That's right the Man's Get Up has Get Up and move over Jamal "206" Crawford, Brandon BRoy7, Jason "Jet" Terry, Bulls Aaron Brooks, Donny Marshall, Micah Downs, Peyton Siva, Isaiah Thomas (Tacoma) of the Suns, Avery Bradley (Tacoma), Doug Wrenn, Marvin Williams, Martell Webster, Spencer "Boss Hawes", and Tony Wroten is the "Next in Line" form the Hoops Bed of the Northwest...Zach "Trampoline" LaVine...everyone drive home safely!  

Sunday, July 27, 2014

TIGERS 1 ANGELS 2 F...HALOS take Two of Three behind the 2011 Fall Classic M.V.P. DAVID FREESE Solo BOMB in the 8th off Yankees Castoff Joba Chamberlain..."GET AWAY DAY" as the TIGERS can't wait to leave Orange County, California! #DETvsLAA

Neither Starter was around to get a decision as they both gave their teams a chance. The Tigers Rick Porcello went seven strong allowing five hits and an unearned run while he struck out six. The Angels Starter equally as effective as Porcello in Hector Santiago kept his Halos in it going 5 1/3 innings allowing a run on three hits as he gave up his only run in the 1st  off of  Victor Martinez Two-Bagger to make it 1-0.

The Halos get their 1st run in the 5th on a Porcello throwing error with Erick Aybar on 3rd to tie the game at 1-1. That's when the stage was set for 2011 Mr. Clutch for the #RedOctober Halos Hot Corner David Freese as he hits the Phone Booth on Tigers reliever Joba Chamberlain and becomes "Frozone". "I'm just looking for a Slide Piece....just looking for a Slide Piece...Freese" and there is goes as he hits a Solo Bomb in the 8th for a Halos 2-1 "W" as they take three of four from the AL Central leading Tigers.

The Halos move to 63-41 which is 1.5 games back of MLB's Best the Oakland Athletics and their 64-39 W-L. The Tigers fall to 57-45 but remain five up on the 2nd place Kansas City Royals.


KANSAS City CHIEFS as "EXPECTATIONS" are still as high as K.C. BBQ is rated which is "Through the Roof"..."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" as they give more CASH to JAMAAL of Lake CHARLES...QB ALEX SMITH wants his CASH...they lose FLOWERS Island trying to move him to SLOT CB...and that RED FRIDAY "D" will be menacing again! #ChiefsPride #RedFriday #ArrowheadIsAlive #KCChiefs

Where do you start as you have a more than happy Top 10 Player and Top 3 Running Back in Jamaal Charles of Hookem' Horns U by way of Lake Charles, LA. The Chiefs now focus on the 2014 Season as the Hunt Family focuses on QB Alex Smith getting richer as they should but be careful Hunt Family as he is Solid which means right at Market or does it? WR D-Bowe needs help (not with the Cough Cough) but WR Help as 2013 FA Pick Up Donnie Avery was a disappointment. Who replaces 3rd Down "Shutterbug" Dexter McCluster as he grabbed his Banjo and headed to Music City to play with the Charlie Pride and the Titans?

The "D" is where it starts as the Seahawks don't have the Blue Print on how to win Chips...everyone knows its on this side of the Wilson Pigskin. The Chiefs are as loaded as anyone on "D" but losing Pro-Bowl CB Brandon Flowers and losing him in the Division might come back to haunt them! Rookie OLB/DE Dee Ford of War Eagle U Football..Auburn they say is the next D.T. in the late great NFL HOF Derrick Thomas and stop all that noise just stop it!

Key Players

QB A. Smith
RB the Arrowhead Beast #25
TE Anthony Fasano
WR D-Bowe
LT Eric Fisher (2013 #1 Overall Pick)
PR/KR/Shutterbug De'Anthony Thomas (2014 4th Rd Pick Oregon)

NT D. Poe
LOLB J. Houston
RILB D. Johnson
ROLB Tamba Hali
ROLB Dee Ford (2014 Top Pick Auburn)
SS Eric Berry
RCB Sean Smith

Offensively it starts and ends with RB Jamaal Charles who had some 1900 yards and change from the Line of Scrimmage in 2013. WR Dwayne Bowe needs some help and who steps up. Can Rookie 4th rounder De'Anthony Thomas of the "Quack Attack" become Dexter McCluster on 3rd down in the Kicking game as he is electric? Will #1 Overall Pick in the 2013 NFL Draft Eric Fisher turn the corner for the "Greater Good" as they hope he does?

Defensively it starts with Backer Derrick Johnson and ends with Edge Rushers Hali, Houston, and 2014 Rook Dee Ford. That all is a no go if NT Dontari Poe isn't wreaking havoc like he did in 2013. The Other side of Seahawks FS Earl "I own the Deep 1/3" Thomas is Eric Berry as he is All-Pro worthy every 16 played. "Big Red" Chiefs Lead Man Andy Reid knows if he can get that Offense above that Top 50% he has something special as that "D" will punish folks!

Key 2014 Schedule Dates
AFC West Opponents: Raiders, Bolts, Broncos
Wk 2 @ Broncos
Wk 4 vs Pats
Wk 5 @ 49ers
Wk 7 @ Bolts
Wk 11 vs Seahawks
Wk 12 @ Raiders
Wk 13 vs Broncos
Wk 15 vs Raiders
Wk 16 @ Steelers
Wk 17 vs Bolts

CARDINALS 1 CUBS 0 F...They call him "WAINO" and the REDBIRDS followed his lead as well as a SOLO BLAST by Mr. HOLLIDAY as they grab the "Rubber Game" from the CUBBIES..."GET AWAY DAY" with Redbirds ACE "Waino" getting his way! #STLvsCHC

Before we get all caught up in Redbird Nation Royalty Cubbies Youngster Kyle Hendricks was magnificent in just his 2nd career start in the Majors. He went 6 1/3 innings giving up seven hits walking no one and striking out two. He made one mistake in the 1st Inning to Redbirds LF Matt Holliday and it was a souvenir other than that the Dartmouth Alum held up his end of the bargain.

The "North Siders" Line Up knew that in order to get to Redbirds Ace Adam Wainright dba "Waino" they needed to get to him before he settled in. Well "Waino" went seven and scattered five hits as he struck out three and walked three on his way to an MLB Leading 13th "W". Redbirds Captain Save-A-Game Trevor Rosenthal collected his 32nd Save of 2014.

Cubbies All-Star First Baseman Anthony Rizzo was the only Cub with a Multi-Hit Afternoon. The Redbirds Matt Holliday joined him as the onlt Redbirds with more than one hit as St. Louis moves to 56-48 juts two games back of the Brewers. The Cubbies some 15.5 games back of the "Brew Crew" falls to 42-61 as they try an void a "Hundo" in the wrong column!    

INDIANS 10 ROYALS 3 F...the TRIBE hits Four "BIG FLIES" as they cool off K.C. HARDBALL..."GET AWAY DAY" as both CLEVELAND and K.C. try to rundown the Motor City KITTIES! #CLEvsKC

The Cleveland Indians move to 52-53 as they avoid the four-piece sweep at the hands of K.C. Hardball. Tribe Starter Danny Salazar was good enough with excellent run support to get the Indians the much-needed "W".

The Royals at least through the first three innings had positioned themselves to get the sweep as they led 2-0 after three. The Tribe though added one in the 4th and then erupted for four runs in the 5th highlighted by Tribe Back Stop Carlos Santana's Two-Run Blast off Royals Starter Bruce Chen. Chen's Tab...5 IP 8 H 6 R 6 ER 2 BB 1 SO 2 HR...was not a good day on the hill. Both Ryan Rayburn and Yan Gomes added to the Tribe's Barrage going Solo Bombs as they end up beating the Royals 10-3.

Salazar gets the win going seven allowing three runs on seven hits striking out seven. Both Santana and Gomes each had three hits with Santana adding 4 RBIs (2 HRs) and Gomes two RBIs. The Tribe sits in 3rd place in the AL Central even games back of Detroit. The Royals at 53-51 are 5.5 games back of the Tigers!    

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS and Lead Man MCCOY and QB RIVERS look to do even bigger things in 2014..."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" with NCSU Wolfpack Alum PHILIP with the "MURPH" Keys...Can the BOLTS Mathews/Woodhead be Tomlinson/Sproles-Like in 2014? Does TE GATES have anything left in the TANK?...the "D" should be stronger with INGRAM Back healthy and Mr. FLOWERS on an Island! #BoltUP #BoltsNation #MurphProFootballBiz #SDChargers

What will the San Diego Chargers do for an encore in 2014 as there were some surprises all over the field in 2013. Rookie 2013 3rd Rounder WR Keenan Allen was the "Truth" as he unleashed his 1st round talent on Sunday in 2013 without much help. A healthy Malcolm Floyd along with WRs Vincent Brown and Eddie Royals should give QB Rivers even more options in 2014. Ryan Mathews and Danny Woodhead gives the Bolts Tomlinson/Sproles-like Versatility in the backfield. King Dunlap was a nice 2013 Pick-up as was 2013 Top Pick "Mount Fluker" from Roll Tide as he has perennial All-Pro written all over him. It will be up to that Defense and if they can hold up and get into that Top 14...the Bolts should be in good standing in 2014 in the AFC West.

Key Players

QB Philip Rivers
RBs Mathews/Woodhead
TE A. Gates
WRs Allen/Floyd/Brown
RT D.J. Fluker
C N. Chadwick

DE C. Luiget
LOLB J. Johnson
LOLB M. Ingram
LILB M. Te'o
RILB Donald Butler
ROLB D. Freeney
RCB Brandon Flowers
FS E. Weddle
Nickel CB Jason Verrett (2014 1st Rd Pick TCU)

Offensively they should be fun to watch with a nice balance as Lead Man McCoy is a Offense-Mind and he some real versatility with RBs Mathews and Woodhead. If WR Malcolm Floyd stays healthy that "Air McCoy" will be even better with TE Antonio Gates drinking out of the "Fountain of Youth"! The O-Line is anchored by Center Chadwick and 2nd-Year Stud RT Fluker.

Defensively they get an Upgrade at CB getting Red Friday's Brandon Flowers of "Beamer Ball" Blacksburg from the Division Rival Chiefs. Add him to Free Safety Eric Weddle and CB Shareece Wright the Bolts Secondary has come up a couple of notches. That front led by Fighting Illini Standout Corey "Two-Legit" to Quit and Jarrett Johnson should be solid. LOLB Melvin Ingram should push Johnson for immediate P.T.  if he doesn't push J.J,. right out of a Starting Job!  Rookie Top Pick Jason Verrett of TCU Horned Frog Football has some Bears Pro-Bowl CB Tim Jennings written all over him. Also look for Bolts 2014 2nd Rounder Jeremiah Attaochu from the Ramblin Wreck backing up Dwight Freeney at the ROLB slot.      

2014 Key Schedule Dates
AFC West Opponents: Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos

Wk 1 @ Cardinals
Wk 2 vs Seahawks
Wk 6 @ Raiders
Wk 8 @ Broncos
Wk 13 @ Ravens
Wk 14 vs Pats
Wk 15 vs Broncos
Wk 16 @ 49ers
Wk 17 @ Chiefs

Who made the Bolts 2014 Schedule as they will get Week 13 through Week 17 the "Schedule Dates from Hell" as they better hope they have enough in the Win Column before those dates!

OAKLAND RAIDERS are here for 2014 with a VETERAN Presence...."A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE" with QB MATT "Cotton" SCHAUB at the Controls...Will the Real Run DMC stand Up!...Enter JUSTIN, LAMAAR, JAMES J, and "Pockets" HERCULES among others can the SILVER & BLACK make a move in the AFC West in 2014? #RaiderNation #Silver&Black #TheCommitmentToExcellence #DavisFamilyBusiness #Raiderettes

It's that time as the Bluedude takes you on a Spin in the next few weeks through all 32 NFL Teams and the Rosters, Key Acquisitions, and of course the #1 Slot on any roster the "QB" as it is and will always be a "A QB Driven League". Lookout for Rookie LB Sensation Khalil Mack as he, Bulls on Parade Jadeveon Clowney, and Steelers Ryan Shazier are all on the NFL Defensive Rookie P.O.Y. Watch List.

We start in the AFC West as then Raiders do a complete overhaul but do what they do going to the Used Car Lot grabbing the likes of QB Matt "Cotton" Schaub DT Justin Tuck, OLB Lamarr Woodley of Jordan Brand, and UCLA's "Pocket Hercules" dba Mo Jones-Drew among others. Can Raiders Lead Man Dennis Allen lead the troops out of the AFC West Hole and into the Black Hole Lore of Raider Football remains to be seen. I know this the Vets they have picked up will bring and they bring with them a Winning Attitude as a Winning Culture is monumental to Team Building!

Key Players

QB Matt Schaub
RB "Pocket Hercules"
WR James Jones (2014 FA Packers)
LT Donald Penn (2014 FA Bucs)

DT Justin Tuck (2014 FA G-Men)
LDE Lamarr Woodley (2014 FA Steelers)
DT Antonio Smith (2014 FA Texans)
SLB Khalil Mack (2014 1st Pick)
WLB Sio Moore
LCB Tarell Brown (2014 FA 49ers)
RCB Carlos Rogers (2014 FA 49ers)
FS Charles Woodson
SS Tyvon Branch

Offensively the Raiders are a "Work in Progress" but if that )-Line arrives with the addition of #FireTheCannons Nasty Donald Penn those two RBs in McFadden and Jones-Drew could do major damage. Former Packers Standout WR James Jones of San Jose State Football is a keeper and Schaub has a legit #1 he can get that Wilson Pigskin to. Is David Ausberry the answer at Tight End as only time will tell. Top 2nd Round Pick Fresno QB Derek Carr is on Stand-By but he needs to be an Observer as he is by no means ready to be under Center.

Defensively the Raiders should be stout and I am going out on the limb and saying in the Top 7-10. The Additions of Tuck, Smith and Woodley are huge as that gives them Vets who have a track record of playing at a High-Level. Also Top 2014 Pick LB Khalil Mack will be the Raiders Nation new Authentic Jersey Must-Have is he is the truth and forget wait and see the body of me on that! That Secondary made by the San Francisco 49ers on the Outside and two dynamic Safeties as their strong suit as Brown and Rogers have something to prove to themselves and the Niners who didn't want them anymore!

2014 Key Schedule Dates
AFC West Opponents: Chiefs, Broncos, Bolts

Wk 1 @ NYJ
Wk 3 @ Pats
Wk 9 @ Seahawks
Wk 10 vs Broncos
Wk 11 @ Bolts
Wk 14 vs 49ers
Wk 15 @ Chiefs
Wk 17 @ Broncos 

The Schedule from Week 9 into Week 15 does not let up as they will face the Seahawks, Broncos, Chiefs x 2, Bolts, Rams, and 49ers....ouch!

The RAIDERETTES I am positive will have another Banner Year like they always do...Five-Star!

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 186...PEAVY makes his DEBUTS with GIGANTES as he owns DODGER Blue...the Lake OSWEGO MONSTER withdraws from Team USA FIBA Hoops Team...and the King JAMES App is back in #23 in the "Q" #JakePeavySFGiantsBiz #LakeOswegoMonsterNews #CavsJersey23AliveAgain

The San Francisco Giants trying to avoid a three-Piece Sweep at the hands of the rival L.A. Dodgers will call on Vet RHP Jake Peavy as he was just picked up from Boston. Peavy would have been what the Hardball Doctor ordered some several years back as the Gigantes are getting the end of a Run dealing with Peavy. He was 1-9 with the Carmines with a robust 4.72 ERA. Yes he is 14-2 vs Dodger Blue with a 2.21 ERA but that was in a Friars Jersey where Peavy was Cy Young-esque for years. He faces Korean Hyun-Jin Ryu of the Dodgers on Sunday Night Hardball on ESPN and San Francisco Giants Headlines need to read on Monday Peavy loves seeing the Dodgers!

To Kevin Love and "Two Men and a Truck" Business as the "Lake Oswego Monster" does not know his whereabouts as of July 27, 2014. He has opted to pull out of the Team USA Team going to the FIBA's in Spain in late August next month to the early September to tend to his T'Wolves Business. Yes the "K.L. Decision" has been nothing but a Rubik's Cube but the man has to make the Decision of his life as he no longer wants no part of the Minnesota Timberwolves and the T'Wolves want major Pieces to build if they move him...stay tuned!

The news from numerous Media Outlets out of "Believeland" is that King James will be wearing his #23 back in Cavs Colors and is that a good move. Well he won 2 of 4 Chips wearing that #6...Air Jordan has 6 Chips, and 23 is Jordan's Claim to Fame and you add 2+3 it gives you 5. Now we have what is building up to be the old Bulls/Cavs Rivalry regardless of who gets the "Lake Oswego Monster" wanted numbers you get numbers Cavs Nation!    

Saturday, July 26, 2014

DODGERS 5 GIANTS 0 F..."Team CHAVEZ Ravine" gets to GIGANTES Starter Vogeslong in the middle Innings as CLAYTON went Bankers Hours at AT&T Park..."WEEKEND BENDERS" with the "BEST" C.K. 22 on the "BUMP" in the Show moving Mountains and the NL West lead! #DODGERnation #SFGHeadlines

Ryan Vogelsong at least for three innings held up his end of the bargain as he hopes his Line Up would get him some early run support. They didn't and the Dodgers get to Vogelsong in the 4th, 5th, and 6th innings as Dodgers Starter Clayton Kershaw was moving mountains and move over Usher Raymond!

Dodger Blue scored in the 4th on a Hanley Ramirez singles making it 1-0 Dodgers. They come right back in the 5th with a Juan Uribe run-scoring single to make it 2-0 Dodgers. In the 6th the Dodgers score on a Carl Crawford fielder's choice and a a Uribe two-bagger to make it 4-0 Dodgers at the end of six. Then in the 7th A-Gon run-scoring single scoring Dodgers speedy Second Baseman Dee Gordon to make it 5-0 Dodgers.

Vogelsong's Tab...6 IP 8 H 4 R 2 ER BB 4 So as he had his work cutout from the jump opposite of Kershaw. The Dodgers Ace went CG allowing two hits and seven K's while issuing one free pass as he is back to his dominant self. He moves to 12-2 in 2014 and that MLB leading 1.76 ERA will drop a little more as he is on an Island all by his lonesome!

Dodgers with the "W" and going for a Three-Game Sweep on Sunday Night Hardball on ESPN move back into 1st place in the West at 58-47. The Gigantes fall to 2nd place and 57-47...    

RED SOX 0 RAYS 3 F...Don't look now but that Three-Trick PONY in the AL East is about to be a Four-Trick Pony as here comes the MADDON Bunch..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" #BOSvsTB #RaysHardball #FireTheCannons

The Boston Red Sox have more issues than just between the Chalk as Big Spenders are limning up to see what is available from the Carmines to put their Roster over the top. Meanwhile Small-Market and Budget the Tampa Bay Rays appear to be never out of the AL East Race as they have reeled of nine W's in a row including their latest a 3-0 shutout of the Carmines in the "Big Tropicana Juice Box"....Tropicana Field!  

Behind Five Pitchers and Starter Jeremy Hellickson leaving in the 5th after 4 2/3 innings of shutout hardball the Rays beat the Red Sox 3-0 to come within 6.5 games of the AL East leading Orioles. The Rays Pitchers had just enough help as they needed just one run as Matt Joyce (1st Inning Run-Scoring Single) and Kevin Kiermaier (4th Inning Run-Scoring Single) gave the Rays a 2-0 lead. Then for insurance purposes Ben Zobrist hits a Solo Bomb off Carmines Starter John Lackey for the final score of 3-0 Rays. Lackey wasn't bad its just that when you get no Run Support you have to throw a No-Hitter or throw scoreless innings an that didn't happen!

The Rays move to 51-53 as they come from the Shows Dead back in the AL East Race. Then Carmines at 47-57 are fast fading into the night...


CARDINALS 6 CUBS 3 F..."Hot Plate" ADAMS and A.J. Pierzynski shine in WRIGLEY Field 100 as the REDBIRDS with a Sea of RED over the BLEACHER Bums takes Game #2 at the "Friendly Confines" ..."WEEKEND BENDERS" talking CARDS n CUBBIES in Wrigleyville! #STLvsCHC

The St. Louis Cardinals get Game #2 of a three-piece at Wrigley Field 100 as neither starter was around to get a decision. It was all about Cards First Baseman Matt Adams who went 2 for 4 with four RBIs including a two-run Triple in a deciding four-run Redbirds seventh innings. New Cards Back Stop A.J. Pierzynski fresh of of getting kicked out of the Carmines Locker Room spelled Cards All-Star Back Stop Yadier Molina at the dish by going 3 for 4 with an RBI.

The North Siders were fighting as Pinch-Hitter Nate Schierholtz delivered a Solo "Big Fly" in the 6th tying the game up at 2-2. That's when the Cards broke the game open in the 7th with a huge inning. Cubbies Starter Jake Arrieta went six giving up just two runs on five hits. It was the Cubs Pen that did them in on Saturday imploding in the seventh. Cards Starter Shelby Miller went 5 2/3 innings allowing three hits and two runs but gets a No-Decision.

The Cards go onto win the game 6-3 as they move to 55-48 juts 2.5 games behind the Brew Crew. The Cubbies fall to an "In Theo we Trust" 42-60 and that is putting it mildly.      

NATS 0 REDS 1 F...behind "JOHNNY Dangerously" RED Legs Edition, "BUFFET" Broxton, and "Triple-Digits on the GUN" Chapman CINCY Hardball gives the NATS what they have been shoveling to everyone else...a NATitude! "WEEKEND BENDERS" as the REDS blank the NATS 1-0! #WSHvsCIN

The Reds needed to stop that seven-game skid and they called on their Ace in Dominican Daddy "Johnny Dangerously" Cueto for the honor and he obliged! Behind seven superb innings of four hits hardball and Express-Throwing Pitchers like Jonathan "Buffet" Broxton and "Cuban Missile" Aroldis Chapman waiting to add to the Post Game Show...the Nats had no shot on Saturday along the banks of the Ohio River!

The Red Legs broke up a 0-0 Pitching Duel in the bottom half of the 5th on a Brayan Pena run-scoring single. That would would be the only Duck to cross the dish as Nats Starter Gio Gonzalez should have someone on that Nats Roster covering his Tab tonight for Eats and Drinks. "G2" went seven giving up four hits and that lone run in the 5th as he struck out eight and gave out just two free passes. Nats Back Stop Wilson Ramos was the only players with more than one hit as he went 2 for 4.

The Red Legs now back over the .500 mark at 52-51 was 51-44 at the All-Star Break and imagine that! They sit 4th in the NL Central 5.5 games back of the Brewers. The Nats fall to 56-45 as they stay two up on Braves Country in the NL East.  

BLUE JAYS 6 YANKEES 4 F...Hutchison gets the "W" for the BLUE Birds as 'JAYS Captain SAVE-A-GAME Janssen hits some unexpected Turbulence in the 9th..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the 'JAYS an YANKS battle chasing the O's #TORvsNYY

The Bronx Bombers and Blue Birds are back to 3.5 games back of the Charm City O's as the
'Jays survive early runs by the Yanks and some unexpected turbulence from Toronto's 5-Star Captain Save-A-Game Casey Janssen.

Then Bombers struck first with a "Bob the Builder" McCann Two-Run Round-Tripper off  'Jays Starter Drew Hutchison to make it 2-0 Bombers. the Blue Birds though not to be outdone came right back in their Top Half of the 5th tying the game on a Melky Cabrera run-scoring Double and a Steve Tolleson Sac-Fly off Yanks Starter Chris Capuano. The 'Jays took the lead 3-2 in the seventh when Dan Johnson singled home Cabrera to make it 3-2 'Jays. Both Starters Hutchison (6.2 IP) and Capuano (6 IP) went at least six before the Pens were asked to bring it home and that's when the real Fireworks started.

In the ninth 'Jays DH Johnson goes Three-Run "Tater" with the Blue Birds leading 3-2 as that made it 6-2 Toronto. That Bomb was off Yankees Reliever Jeff Francis. Then Yanks RF Carlos Beltran made his presence felt taking Janssen deep for a Two-Run Blast of his own as the 'Jays escape 6-4. Blue Birds move to 55-50 with the Bombers falling to 54-49 as they both chase the O's in the East!

JORDY NELSON gets his CHEESE, BRATS, and new PACKERS Wagon of CASH!..."SUNDAY TALK" talking former K-STATE Wideout JORDY of LAMBEAU Leap Fame gets a nice Purchase Order from the "PACK"! #PackerNation #CheeseHeads @JordyRNelson

What is 2013 Numbers of 85 Pigs with 126 Bulls Eyes for 1,314 yards and eights TDs worth? How about 302 Pigs with 445 Bulls Eyes for 4,590 yards and 36 TDs worth since the 2008 season. Well the Green Bay Packers seem think some $39 million over 48 months.

Yes Packers nation knew he wasn't going anywhere and with WR Randall Cobb riding Shotgun it was imperative and good business practices for the "Pack" to keep the sensitive Aaron Rodgers happy by signing Jordy Nelson of Manhattan, KS U Football. Nelson through numerous media outlets will get a $11.5 million signing bonus and the deal will average just under that $10 million Nelson was coveting for his services to continue as a Cheesehead.

Now the Packers are ready to get back to NFC North Business as those waters will be a difficult navigation in the 2014 Trek of 16 games.

CHEESEHEADS WR Depth Chart 2014    

#1 LWR Jordy Nelson Jarrett Boykin
#2 RWR Randall Cobb Kevin Dorsey

Watch for "A Whole Bunch of Badgers U" Rookie WR Jared Abbredaris who is 4th on the current Packers Depth Chart on the Left WR Side....

Who will win that coveted 3rd Slot WR Job as it is wide open...

Note: Nelson 4-yrs $39 million is new Dead Presidents...

Packers Top 4 Players are at least signed through 2018 in CB San Shields (2018), Jordy Nelson and Clay Matthews (2019), and QB Rodgers (2020)...Nelson tied with Shields ($9.75 million) as 3rd highest paid Packer in Annual Salary behind Matthews ($13.2 million) and Rodgers ($22 million)

SAMMY WATKINS is #BillsMafia...Move over Andre REED, Don BEEBE, and Eric MOULDS as the MAN, the MYTH, and the soon to be Sunday LEGEND Mr. WATKINS has arrived..."A QB DRIVEN League" Hog Wash!...It's called "MONSTERS on the OUTSIDE" talking the dynamic one SAMMY WATKINS of the Clemson Tigers #BillsNation #BIllsMafia @SammyWatkins

I saw this coming his Freshman Campaign in Death Valley S.C. playing for the Clemson Tigers. A Wide Out who could run a crisp route on a dime, eat up YAC, breakthrough tackles like a RB, and take it to the house at every Pig hauled in. His name is Sammy Watkins who was #7 in your Clemson Program and now is #14 in your Bills Mafia Program and NFL-Ready like Kim K needs more backside...not!

The 6'1" and just north of 210 el bees of Solid as the Clemson Stone will be a "Star" instantly on Sunday write it down take a Twit Pic or Instagram. He has already turned every head in Bills Camp and now everything looks routine even when it isn't. Watkins will join the likes of Bills great at Wide Out like Andre Reed the pride of Kutztown U, Gamecocks Eric Moulds, and of course Chadron State Nebraska College after leaving the Leathernecks of Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois.

Now comes the huge questions will Bills Mafia 2nd-Year QB E.J. Manuel of the 'Noles be able to get #14 the Wilson Pigskin so he can do his thing? I mean it can't get any worse then those two Science Projects in Kevin Kolb (3rd Shift Stocker at Publix) and Ryan Fitzpatrick (Texans 2014 Starter) right!  Watkins had QB Taj Boyd who was his "Ace in the hole" at Clemson as they move the crowd and the ACC like Clockwork. Let's take a look at 36 Months of Student-Athlete Numbers for Bills Mafia's Watkins at Clemson...

SAMMY's 2013 Numbers at Death Valley ORANGE...

14 games 101 Pigs 1,464 yards 12 TDs

SAMMY vs The Ohio State BUCKEYES in the 2014 ORANGE Bowl...

16 Pigs 227 yards 14.2 avg/Pig 2 TDs

Now you know Sammy, what he is capable of doing, and expectations as the new Bills Mafia Star joins fellow Clemson RB C.J. Spiller as they will be commonly known to Bills Nation as the "Death Valley" 2-Pack...with RB Fred Jackson going Appetizer!

DODGERS 8 GIANTS 1 F...PUIG 66 fills up at AT&T Park in One Summer Night and GREINKE returns to Form as the "BLUE CREW" cruise past GIGANTES..."WEEKEND BENDERS" with the DODGERS strike in Game 1! #LADvsSF

The Los Angeles Dodgers came in 1.5 games back of the NL West lead as the San Francisco Giants took three of four from the Phightin' Phils earlier in the week. The Dodgers get a Zack Greinke with his good "Stuff" and a Yasiel Puig going to Cooperstown, NY in one night as they cruise past the Giants 8-1.

Puig goes 4 for 5 scoring two runs and knocking in two. Puig scored in the 1st on a A-Gon single to make it 1-0 Dodgers. That score held up until a five-run 5th inning highlighted by Back to Back three-baggers by Puig and Team Chavez Ravine Table Setter Extraordinaire Dee Gordon. A-Gon then singled Puig home again and then Matt Kemp hoes three-bagger and that was three Triples in the 5th and five runs for the "Blue Crew". Puig 66 then triples for the 3rd straight time in the 6th scoring Gordon again.

Giants Starter Tim Lincecum was on the other end of a lot of that misfortune early as he gives up six runs on nine hits through just 4 1/3 innings. Greinke on the other hand went seven shutout innings striking out ten with a free pass.  LAD moves to 57-47 a 1/2 game back of the Giants as they fall to 57-46...  


TIGERS 1 ANGELS 2 F...SMYLY takes a tough loss as HALOS strike with a Crooked 2 in the 6th for the "W"...MIGGY goes Yard!... "A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" HALOS and the RALLY Monkey ties the 4-Game Set at 1-1 #DETvsLAA

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Starter Tyler Skaggs held the Angels in long enough for them to get to Tigers Starter Drew Smyly. It was a Two-Run 6th inning that proved to be the winner after a Kole Calhoun Double tied the game at 1-1. The Tigers lone run came off the Ash, Maple, or Bamboo of "Miggy" Cabrera who took Skaggs deep for a Solo Blast in the 4th. Halos Efren Navarro then took Smyly for a run-scoring single as both Pens would hold up until the final...2-1 Halos!

Only Navarro and Cabrera had more than one hit as Smyly gets saddled with the loss and Mike Morin gets the "W" for the Halos with Captain Save-A-Game Huston Street notching his 26th save. The Halos move to 61-41 to games back of the Swingin' Elephants of Oaktown. The Tigers fall to 57-43 as the Royals are just six games back of them in the Central.  The Series is tied 1-1 with Verlander and Porcello still on the Menu for the Halos.

Friday, July 25, 2014

PADRES 5 BRAVES 2 F...FRIARS smother "CHOP Shop" 404 Starter Alex Wood en route to a 5-2 "W"..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the BRAVES are slowly falling behind the NL East leading NATS! #SDvsATL

The Friars Starter Jesse Hahn was golden on the Bump and the Friars waisted no time chasing Braves Starter Alex Wood. San Diego scores in four of the first 5 innings as Friars First Baseman Tommy Medica led the charge going 4 for 5. Lead-Off CF Chris Denorfia was a "Thorn" in Braves Country's Side as he goes 3 for 5 scoring two runs with an RBI.

Hahn with plenty of runs to work with gets the "W" going six strong allowing three hits and a run. Braves First Baseman Freddie Freeman was the only Brave with two hits and he scored both the Braves runs as well. Chop Shop Starter Wood allowed a dozen hits and five runs though just five innings as he struck out four. Wood falls to 7-8 as the Chop Shop falls to 55-48. The Nats beat the Red Legs in Cincy tonight moving the Braves 2.5 games back in the NL East.

The Friars 3rd in the NL West moves to 46-56 as they try and run down both the Dodgers and Giants.  They will need some help from both as the Friars eleven games back.


WHITE SOX 9 TWINS 5 F...South Side HIT MEN spray the TWINKIES with the LONG-BALL and Crooked NUMBERS everywhere as CHI-SOX win going away.."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" from TARGET Field in the Visitors Clubhouse #CWSvsMIN

White Sox Starer Jhonny Danks didn't have to do much but throw strikes and get outs. The Sox Offense meanwhile jumped all over Twinkies Starter Kevin Correia putting crooked numbers up in the 1st, 3rd, and the 4th innings. The Highlight Inning was the Top of the 1st as Jose Abreu reaches the Seats form a Three-Run Bomb and the Sox never looked back. Corriea's Tab...4 IP 10 H 7 R 6 ER 2 BB 2 HR. he was also taken Yard by Pale Hose All-Star SS Alexei Ramirez as he went Solo Blast in the 3rd.

The Sox led 7-1 after four and Danks gets the "W" going seven allowing four runs on six hits. The Twinkies Offense scored four runs late as it was already 8-1 before both Josh Willingham and Oswaldo Arcia went Solo "Taters" late. The Sox trying to get back into the AL Central Race moves to 50-54 and that is 9.5 games back of the AL Central leading Motor City Kitties. The Twinkies fall to 46-56 which is the Basement in the Central and they are 12.5 games back of 1st place.

Dyan Viciedo led the Sox going 4 for 5 scoring a run with Abreu adding his 2 for 5 and three RBIs. Jose now has 30 HRs and 77 RBIs as he makes a push for the AL HR and RBI Titles. Willingham and Arcia both led the Twinkies with two hits apiece!

the 2004 McDONALD'S All-American Team where are they now....including "Dwight of Three Stripes", L-Train, Big AL of Prentiss, MS, and J-SMOOVE..."SCHOLASTIC DAYZ" going All-American Team circa 2004!

The 2004 McDonald's All-American Boy's Team was highlighted by one Dwight Howard out of Atlanta, GA. They also had NY City All-Hype Team PG Sebastian Telfair along with Josh Smith, Big Al Jefferson, and Shaun Livingston along with Marvin Williams. Where are they now though as you can get lost rather quickly chasing that NBA Dream.

Current GPS Location


J.R. Smith Knicks
Sebastian Telfair Thunder
Rajon Rondo Celtics
Darius Washington Jr. Unknown
Corey Brewer T'Wolves
Arron Affalo Nuggets
Joe Crawford Unknown
Jordan Farmar Clippers
Daniel Gibson Retired NBA Vet
Shaun Livingston Warriors
DeMarcus Nelson Unknown


Marvin Williams Hornets
Jawaan McClellan Unknown
Malik Hairston Unknown
Glen Davis Clippers
Mike Williams Unknown
D.J. White Retired NBA Vet
Josh Smith Pistons
Al Jefferson Hornets
Rudy Gay Kings


Dwight Howard Rockets
Randolph Morris Unknown
LaMarcus Aldridge Blazers
Robert Swift you wouldn't believe

360 Degrees....

Both Hairston and Crawford played briefly in the NBA with Crawford's younger Bro being the Warriors current Combo G Jordan Crawford...

Telfair originally signed with Louisville and went straight to the NBA and was a Lottery Pick in 2004 by the Blazers at #13...older brother Jamel Thomas starred at Providence...

Howard, Jefferson, Josh Smith, and Livingston all went Lottery straight out of HS...with Smith was going Indiana and Livingston to Duke...

Rondo starred at UK...

J.R. Smith signed with UNC out of HS but went straight to the NBA...

Daniel "Boobie" Gibson was King James Side Piece for a awhile in C-Town now he is married to R&B Songtress Keisha Cole...

Robert Swift not taking shots at the Homeless look him up...last was arrested at his Foreclosed Home near Sacramento doing bad things...been in and out of the Joint for some years now

The only two players that won National Championships on this list...Brewer Back to Back with Gators...and Marvin Williams his only year his Freshman Year at UNC...

Don't worry the Bluedude will find you and your current occupation...

Both Josh Smith and Rondo teamed up at Oak Hill Academy in Virginia under the legendary Steve Smith...

NATS @ REDS...the NATIONALS are "Full Steam Ahead" leading the NL East as they hit the Ballpark on the OHIO to take on the RED LEGS on a current Six-Game Skid..."WEEKEND BENDERS" talking someone will leave this Series in good standing! #WSHvsCIN

The Washington Nationals have all points go as they lead the NL East over Braves Country by 1.5 games. The Cincinnati Reds trying to fine themselves on a current six-game skid and dropping fro 3rd to 4th in the rugged top-heavy NL Central. Something has to give as we play three on the Banks of the Ohio River!

#NAT-itude WASHINGTON (55-44) #1 NL East
#CincyHardball CINCINNATI (51-50) #4 NL Central

Friday July 25, 2014 @ 7:10pm ET
WSH Roark (9-6) vs CIN Simon (12-4)

Saturday July 26, 2014 @ 4:05pm ET 
WSH Gonzalez (6-5) vs CIN Cueto (10-6)

Sunday July 27, 2014 @ 1:10pm ET
WSH Fister (9-2) vs CIN Latos (2-2)

Simon has been lights out for the Red Legs all season long as Cueto needs to get back on that dominating track. The Nats Doug Fister was one of the top Five 2014 Free Agent Picks Ups as he has been consistently good for that Nats Starting Staff.

Stars at the Dish

RF J. Werth .285 avg 12 HR 56 RBI
3B A. Rendon .278 avg 13 HR 54 RBI
SS I. Desmond .256 avg 17 HR 62 RBI

3B T. Frazier .283 avg 20 HR 54 RBI
CF B. Hamilton .281 avg 40 SB 49 R
RF J. Bruce .242 avg 10 HR 42 RBI

DODGERS @ GIANTS Series Preview...and then there were "2" in "WEEKEND BENDERS" as it goes NL West Rivalry with the "BLUE CREW" Team Chavez Ravine trying to take 1st place back from San Francisco Giants HEADLINES and the GIGANTES...#LADvsSF #DODGERnation #SFGHeadlines

As we go to press this is the premier series of the weekend and the Dodgers falling and trailing ever so slightly behind the Giants gets a Head to Head with their best Arms going in the series. The Giants almost sweeping the Phightin' Phils are locked in as that Starting Pitching might have found themselves and got a snippet of a 2nd wind. If that Giants Starting Rotation starts putting it together....the Dodgers will have to go after the NL Wild Card...believe that!

#BlueCrew LOS ANGELES (56-47) 2nd NL West
#Gigantes SAN FRANCISCO (57-45) 1st NL West
AT&T Park

Friday July 25, 2014 @ 10:15pm ET
LAD Greinke (11-6) vs SF Lincecum (9-6)

Saturday July 26, 2014 @ 9:05pm ET
LAD Kershaw (11-2) vs SF Vogelsong (5-7)

Sunday July 27, 2014 @ 8:07pm ET on ESPN Sunday Night Hardball
LAD Ryu (11-5) vs SF Petit (3-3)

The Dodgers will be bringing the hammer as Greinke, Kershaw, and Ryu all get a shot on the Bump. The Dodgers 1.5 games back of San Fran as the Giants go with their best Arm since the Calendar hit June in Lincecum with Vogelsong and Petit.

Stars at the Dish


2B D. Gordon .294 avg 54 R 45 SB
1B A-Gon .257 avg 16 HR 65 RBI
CF M. Kemp .268 avg 8 HR 38 RBI


RF H. Pence .301 avg 13 HR 41 RBI
C B. Posey .284 avg 11 HR 53 RBI
3B P. Sandoval .277 avg 12 HR 44 RBI

This series should have a late September with everything on the line feel to it and nothing else..and would you ant anything else rooting for LAD or SF?

CARDINALS @ CUBS Series Preview...."WEEKEND BENDERS" goes Wrigley Field 100 as the NORTH Siders are in familiar Territory playing "SPOILERS" to the REDBIRDS Throne in the NL Central...#STLvsCHC

The St. Louis Cardinals come into Wrigley Field 100 just three games back of the all of a sudden hot "Brew Crew" in the NL Central leading Beer Makers. The Chicago Cubs come in in a familiar setting and that is in last place in the NL Central and playing "Spoilers" to the Redbirds trying to put a dent in NL Central and NL Pennant hopes. Where in Cubs Renovations is "In Theo we Trust" as in Cubs GM Theo Epstein? This is his 3rd season and the Cubs are still right above the Mendoza Line.

#BaseballTownUSA St. LOUIS (54-47) 3rd NL Central
#WrigleyField100 CHICAGO (41-59) 5th NL Central

Friday July 25, 2014 @ 4:05pm ET 
STL Kelly (2-1) vs CHC Wood (7-9)

Saturday July 26, 2014 @ 4:05pm ET
STL Miller (7-8) vs CHC Arrieta (5-2)

Sunday July 27, 2014 @ 2:20pm ET
STL Wainright (12-5) vs CHC Hendricks (1-0)

The Cubbies Wood and Arrieta are their best two pitchers with Jeff Samardzija now playing for the Swingin' Elephants. Kelly has been solid in his last few starts with Miller up and down and "Waino" doing what "Waino" does...NL Cy Young Race 2014!

Stars at the Dish...


1B M. Adams .324 avg 12 HR 43 RBI
3B M. Carpenter .277 avg 5 HR 35 RBI 63 R
LF M. Holliday .265 avg 8 HR 51 RBI


1B A. Rizzo .284 avg 25 HR 55 RBI 70 R
SS S. Castro .274 avg 11 HR 54 RBI

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 185...JORDY of Wisconsin BRATS n CHEESE Football wants $10 Million per...BEAST Mode of VELVET Ropes Fame wants new DUFFEL Bag$...and "FEAR the BEARD" of #REDnation starring in "ROLE Players" outside of me and Dwight! #Packers #Seahawks #Rockets

The Green Bay Packers #1 Wide out Jordy Nelson of Bill Snyder K-State Football wants at lest $10 million per from "Pack". Does he have any leverage? He is the Packers #1 WR and Aaron Rodgers #1 Target with Greg Jennings and Donald Driver long gone why not pay him. In 2013 Nelson caught 85 Wilson Pigskins for some 1,314 yards and was in your End Zone eight times. The Packers have just over $13 million cap space and Nelson wants his....stay tuned!

The Seattle Seahawks didn't need a distraction but they get one any way. 12th Man Space Needles Nike Football wearing Skittle by the pound eating RB Marshawn Lynch dba Beats Mode and 'Bout that action Boss! is holding out. Yes he has a lot of tread on those Tires (and not the Tires on his new 2014 Lambo Aventador Drop Roadster in Bowling Ball White with Black Rims w/Red Brake Pads with the Red Velvet Ropes in the trunk) at 28 years of age and yards. he want what the "Arrowhead Beast" in Red Friday's RB Jamaal Charles was just extension of $18 million and some $8 million guaranteed. The Hawks need Beast Mode just as Beast Mode needs the Hawks!

Role Players Definition from who assumes or acts out a Particular role. Houston Rockets Stars James Harden recently called the rest of his Teammates "Role Players" as he claimed He and "Dwight of Three Stripes" Howard are the Cornerstones of Red Nation. Ok we know that but did he have to say it. The pecking order is the pecking order but to call your teammates out paints that ugly picture like you beneath me. What the NBA needs to do for 90% of its players is have them take classes on Public Relations the dos and dont's. Players know their roles but to call them out...Harden look up Leadership and elaborate on that as you and Dwight couldn't lead yourselves to water!    

Thursday, July 24, 2014

METS 1 BREWERS 9 F...GARZA and the Brew Crew LUMBER Company slam the AMAZINS' in the 1st of a Four-Piece at the "Big KEG"...MILLER Park..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" #NYMvsMIL

The Milwaukee Brewers out the gate hot after All-Star Break remain under the Kingsford Edge as they hit the New York Metropolitans with a 9-1 laugher! Brew Crew Starter Matt Garza held his end of the Rawlings Hardball allowing a run on just two hits as he struck out four. Amazins' Starter Dillon Gee wasn't as fortunate as he surrendered six runs in five innings as the Brewers were all over him as he takes the "L".

The Brew Crew Lumber Company was in full effect as they hit three Bombs including a Two-Run Blast off the Wood of All-Star Back Stop Jonathan Lucroy. Both Khris Davis and Ryan Braun took Mets Middle Man Diasuke Matsuzaka for Solo Shots as the Brewers pound out some ten hits off Amazins' Pitching. Davis, Braun, Lucroy and Brewers Shortstop Jean Segura all had two Ribbies as the Brewers move to 58-45 that is good for three full games up on the Bucs and Redbirds. The Mets fall to 48-54 which is 4th in the East 8.5 games back off the pace.