Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 137....JOHAN done playing for the AMAZINS'...#ForeverPUPLPE has a SWAG to it...Big BEN calls Tom TERRIFIC "Best in the Game" and why not! #NYMets #SACTownKINGS #SundayTALK

The Man who hasn't pitched in 19 months and was given a contract north of $120 Million by the New York Mets will no longer be a Part of the Amazins' as the Mets get LHP and former Ace John Santana off their freakin' Cap. Santana was dues to make some $25 million in 2014 and the Amazins' release him at a nice $5.5 million. Ever since coming over from the Twinkies Santana has been oft-injured for the most part but that behemoth of contract stood out like the hated rival Bronx Bombers. Johan went again on the Season-Ending DL in 2013 with another Shoulder Injury as you could say he is done pitching in the Show.

The Sacramento Kings aka #ForeverPurple gets their 1st win on Opening Night versus the Mile High Nugs 90-88 as it was more than your average opening NBA night. NBA Commish David J. Stern, Sac Town Mayor Kevin "You have 24 seconds" Johnson, Minority Owner Shaq O'Neal, and Special Assistant to the Owner Chris Million were all on hand to see Arco turned Sleep Train Arena into a Purple Frenzy as the kings take the next step in the process. The Arena has to get done and it will get done as Sacramento couldn't be happier. As for the game Kings STar @BoogieCousins DeMarcus Cousins went in on the Nugs Front Line with 30 points and 14 rebounds as the Kings try to get Sac Town back on Board with Cow Bells in tow for a whole new Sleep Train and #ForeverPurple Show!

Just recently Steelers QB Big Ben Roethlisberger said that Pats QB tom Brady was the best QB in the game. Now before Packer Nation, Who Dat Nation, and Brocnso nation starts getting all upset Big Ben hit the nail right on the head. Look Sunday QB's are judged for what they do in 16 at least the Elite Ones because they know January and if possible February Football is where you make your name. Tom has been to Five Big Bowls, Big Ben to three, and Eli to two and they are all certified and verified Two-Minute Offense Monsters. Ben and Eli are not having their best seasons but they are still legit in the NFL or to what we often refer to as here "A QB Driven League" around Tom Brady's World!   

WARRIORS @ CLIPPERS...LOGO WATCH w/PLAYBOOK...Can Run T.L.C. hit the FIGUEROA Street Gymnasium L.A. known as STAPLES and scare the CLIPS?...LOB City was anything but in Game 1 vs LAKEshow can we see that "DOC" Rivers-Like Ball tonight from the New CLIPjoint? #GSWvsLAC #NBAonTNT #WARRIORSground #LOBcity

The Warriors will get the L.A. Clippers tonight as Staples Center as the Warriors try to make it a Back to Back L.A. Sweep as they put the Lakers in the Bay last night. The Clippers look to put Game 1 behind them and put one in the Win Column as they were trounced buy the Lakers on Opening Night. Imagine the Costumes in Staples on Halloween Night as the Clips need to forget where the Party is after and take care of business on the hardwood.  

Halloween Night 2k13
NBA on TNT Game #2
FIGUEROA Street Gymnasium L.A...STAPLES Center



The Clippers must run #30 and #11 off the Arc and if they don't the All-Star Halloween night Three-Point Contest sponsored by Planet ORACLE and GSW will commence!

The Warriors must have all five bodies on the glass for rebounding as DeAndre and Blake will be lurking....

Limit "Splash Plays" on both ends from both teams like Money Balls and Taking the Elevator...No "Splash" no "Lobs"

Can the Clips exploit GSW in the paint for easy buckets in paint?

Can the Warriors get out in Transition and wreak havoc on a Clippers Transition "D" that looked anything but average in Night one vs the Lakers?

Clips need to slow down the Warriors and make them work in the Half Court and DO NOT go under the Screens in the Front Court!

Warriors need to keep Clips Point God CP3 out of the Paint...

Clips need to pick up Steph Curry and Klay Thomspon before they hit the timeline as they are in Range from there on in...

It's "Action" Mark Jackson vs Doc Rivers...

Tip..1030pm ET

KNICKS @ BULLS..."GOTHAM Light" hits the WEST SIDE STORY Report w/PLAYBOOK on HALLOWEEN Night 2k13 as maybe the LUV-A-Bulls take Center Stage...D-ROSE and JO vs the "BULLY" and SHUMP #NYKvsCHI #NBAonTNT

The Bulls will host on Opening Night for NBA Action at the Madhouse on Madison the New York Knicks. As the Knicks will be decked out looking like Pumpkins in al Orange and that is not confirmed but just a Bluedude Hunch. The Bulls come off of getting hit by Reality in the 305 and that just wasn't one game folks as it was a "Test" for Both and the Bulls get a D- because the Bluedude doesn't fail folks.

The Knicks come off of a 90-83 win over the Bucks last night in New MSG. The "Bully"...'Melo Anthony led with 19 points and 21 Shump Street added 18 points. The Bulls played on Tuesday Night and was treated 107-95 and it wasn't that close as they pick up their backside left in Miami.

Halloween Night 2k13
Madhouse on Madison
8pm ET

#SeeRED WEST SIDE Story Report  


Knicks need to pick their spots in Transition and rebound on the defensive glass...

'Melo needs to see the Double Team and make the next pass...this isn't his show as there is a Fine Line between there is no "I" in Team but there is an "I" in win.

Bulls need to get out in Transition for easy buckets as they struggle at times in the half court...

Can the Knicks PGs of Felton, Prigioni, and Udrih slow down Derrick Rose or even stay in front of him?

The Bulls will throw Deng and the TAJmanian Devil at 'Melo and even Jimmy Butler to slow the Bully down...

Knicks cannot fall in love with the Arc and 25 or less Money Balls in the target...more than that they get in trouble and do not get to the line enough in games....

Bulls need to attack on the Block and C-Booz 5 and Jo among others can be effective in the paint vs the Knicks.

Knicks/Bulls Chalk Board

Limit Transition Buckets and no Rim Runs...
Slow down D-Rose..Knicks
Slow down the Bully...Bulls
Bulls run Knicks off the Arc...
Booz, Deng, Jo, and Taj attack the paint and glass...
Stay out of the Penalty...don't foul
Execution in the half court...
Get Stops!

BENGALS @ DOLPHINS....the BENGALS "D" has been stellar and they have found their stride in the JUNGLE on the Ohio...the PHINS blew a Gasket in FOXBORO in the 2nd Half after a Perfect Storm was brewing in their favor...A QB DRIVEN League with the STRAWBERRY Rifle vs TANNEHILL as it's a COSTUME Night for the PHINS Cheerleaders...YIKES! #CINvsMIA #WHODey #PHINSup #NFLWk9ThursdayNightFootball

The Cincinnati Bengals are riding high and crushing folks on both sis of the Pig. They came into the season as the clear favorite in the AFC North and that has held true after a slow start in 2013. They have 3rd-Year QB Andy Dalton playing at he highest level he has played at since becoming a starter as a Rook. He also has another Target on the outside other than AJ Green in Marvin Jones as well as a host of other Top Flight Weapons. Now if that Run Game stabilizes they should be a real contender to the "Fight for Lamar" in January 2014.

The Miami Dolphins are reeling as they started off 3-0 and have lost every game in October. They are a Jekyll and Hyde Bunch as they are the New Phins one half...the next half the old Phins. They blew a commanding 17-3 lead in the 3rd frame over the Pats in Foxboro as the Pats reeled off 24 in the 3rd and 4th frame. The "D" was solid in September and they have bee

n starring in the hit series "Lost" for at least four games. The Offense isn't getting consistency from RB Lamar Miller among others. The Passing Game is there one minute...gone the next as new Phins Toy WR Mike "Da Kid" Wallace hasn't went deep since Training Camp. They might need to kidnap LeBron when he he is running from the Practice Gym back to the house and suit him up at Tight End/Defensive End.

NFL Week 9 Thursday Night Football
Halloween Night 8:30pm ET
Sun Life Stadium 


For the Bengals to win: 

Pound the pig with RBs Green-Ellis and Bernard...

Let the Strawberry Rifle do what he has been doing...airing out the Pig all over including his new Weapon Marvin Jones...

Force QB Tannehill and the Phins into 3rd and Long by stuffing RB Lamar Miller and others in the Phins Run Game...

That Bengals Secondary will get tested as they have been really good all season long despite losing All-Pro CB Leon Hall to an Achilles...

For the Dolphins to win:

They must find some kind of balance between the run and Pass game...can RB Lamar Miller run on that Who Dey Front?

Control or run away from Bengals DTs Demato Peko and Geno "Atkin's Diet on the Ohio" Atkins...

Can the Phins get WR Mike Wallace on a Go Route or 9 Route or even a "Sluggo" to the Bengals End Zone?  

The Phins need to pressure QB Dalton and where is Cameron Wake and Phins 2013 1st Rounder DE/OLB Dion Jordan?

The Phins Backers in Phil Wheeler and Dannelle Ellerbe are the two most important cogs in the Phins "D" and they have to get back to what they were doing in September...Attacking and Reacting and not thinking!

Winner: WHO DEY 34-16 as the Bengals "D" is just too much...and
 the Strawberry Rifle is at again for the Bengals!


LAKERS @ GSW...KLAY-T of Run T.L.C. goes O-ZONE Layer on LAKE Show as it was DUBS All Day and MONEY BALLS All Day....WARRIORS win big 125-94...KLAY-T 38 Big Ones on 15 of 17 from the Field..."He loves playing the LAKERS" #DUBNation #WARRIORSground #DUBSAllDay

The L.A. Lakers forgot the 82-Game Trek is filled with ups and downs no matter playing after a home-cooked meal or out of the Motel. Tonight they opened up Planet Oracle and GSW's 2013-14 Season and someone didn't tell the Lakers the forecast in Planet Oracle is always the same..."Cloudy with a Chance of thunderous Money Balls".

Warriors Sniper Klay Thompson of Run T.L.C. went berserk tonight on the Lake Show with 38 points (15/17 FG) on 5 for 7 from deep as G.S.W. standing on Warriors Ground lit up Planet Oracle. The Warriors get a 125-94 "W" over Staples Purple and Gold. The General David Lee went for a cool smooth 24 points and eight boards with an Umbrella in his game and not in his drink. The Warriors jumped all over the Lakers from the jump leading 59-40 at the break and then 96-63 after three frames..ouch!

The Lakers were led by seven players in double figures as the "X-Man" Xavier Henry and Jodie Meeks each had a Laker-High 14 points. Say what you want but those who picked the Warriors to win it all in the 2013-14 season have something brewing as they shoot it from deep so well they are never out of any games.

The Lakers go back top the drawing board and get the Grizz on Friday Night at Staples. The Warriors get the Lob Angeles Clippers at Staples on Halloween Night on NBA on TNT.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

LOGO WATCH Pre-GHOST and GOBLINS...SIXERS stun the CHAMPS 305...SPURS Community > Team GRIT & GRIND...and the REGULATORS OKC take care of JAZZ...#NBAonHUMPDay

No We County and the Heat walk into Philly with Jet Lag and Post-Banner Hangover and take an "L" versus a Sixers Outfit that is a Science Project right now and going nowhere. It was Sixers Point Forward Evan Turner from The Ohio State University by way of Westchester, Illinois St. Joseph HS who led the charge with 26 points and five helpers. That didn't top Sixers 2013 1st Rounder Michael Carter-Williams of the 'Cuse who looked like a five-year NBA Vet. M.C.W. went off on the Heat for 22 points, 12 helpers, seven boards, and nine thefts and I heard he parked Turner and Sixers SF Thaddeus Young's Whips before the game...Wow!  Surprising enough the game was in peaks and valleys and the Sixers would his a Valley and then come right back at the Champs with heading towards the Peak. King James led six Heat Players in Scoring with 26 points and thirteen helpers as Bosh chips in with 22 points.

The San Antonio Spurs start the season with a "Business as Usual" Approach. As they hold the Memphis Grizzlies, who still for the life of me can't score the Orange consistently, to 27 points in the 1st half including seven points in the 2nd period. The Grizz down 48-27 at the break fight back to make the Final Score respectable but that wasn't a good look for a Team many have in the top 4 in the West. Both Spurs Players Boris Diaw and Kawhi Leonard led the Attack with 14 apiece. The Grizz were led by the "Grind Father" Tony Allen's 15 points.

The OKC Thunder start off on the right foot as their Star @kdTREY5 lights up the Energy Solutions Centers for 42 big ones.  Both Caddy's Thabo Sefolosha and Reggie Jackson each net 14 points as the Jazz get 24 points from 3rd year guard Alec Burks of Colorado Boulder by way of Kansas City, Missouri. Jazz Young Bigs Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors both out play their OKC Counterparts of Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins and that kept the Jazz in the game. Kanters and Favors out scored them 29 to 12 and out rebounded them 19 to 18. Back to KD of the Regulators OKC as he went an amazing 22 of 24 from the Line...and the Jazz put him on the line like that!

CARDINALS @ RED SOX...1918 to 2013 and FENWAY Faithful get to see the BOYS win at FENWAY...CARMINES too Strong and go BOSTON Strong and beat the REDBIRDS 4-2 in the "FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13...Big PAPI a Shoe In for SERIES M.V.P. #RedSoxHardball2k13

The Boston Red Sox wasted no time in getting to NLCS M.V.P. and Redbirds RHP Michael Wacha. He was in and out of a Jam in Inning 1 and then in Inning 3 the flood gets opened. Behind a Shane Victorino (4 RBI in Game 6)bases loaded clearing double in the 3rd and a three-run 4th Inning the Carmines put Wacha and the Redbirds away as they get their 3rd Chip since the 2004 Season.

The Carmines get a solid performance from RHP John Lackey as he goes 6 and 2/3 Innings and allows one run on nine hits as strikes out five and issues just one free pass. The story of the Game and the Series was how the Carmines pitching and timely hitting was just a notch above the Redbirds all series long. Carmines Ace Jon Lester out dueled Redbirds Ace Adam Wainright twice in the series and sometimes you just have to tip your 59/50.

Red Sox 1B/DH David "Big Papi" Ortiz most likely will be named the World Series M.V.P. as he hit .688 with 2 Home Runs and Six RBI. A sizzling 11 hits in just 15 A.B.'s with 7 runs scored was off the charts as he single-handily took apart Redbirds Pitching all series long. 

Now the Carmines celebrate as they have now won the Series in 2004, 2007, and now 2013 as so much for that Sox Curse. Hats off to Red Sox Nation and enjoy as well as Redbirds Nation as they are primed to get back to the "Fight of the Commish" 2k14 looking ahead.

That concludes Bluedude Sportstalk's Hardball Coverage for 2k13 and now look for the annual Winter Meetings and Hot-Stove News coming up in December 2k13.  

LAKER Gang #1 SOAP..."2014" w/PLAYBOOK...hits Planet ORACLE after smacking the Rival CLIPPERS...Young STEPH, KLAY-T, and D-LEE of Run TLC is waiting...#LALvsGSW #LAKERgang #DUBSAllDay

Yes I remember what Warriors Shooter Klay Thomspon said when  they beat the Lakers in China few weeks as he likes to beat the Lakers and it gives him bragging rights when he goes back Home to L.A. in the Summer. Those are Chalk Board Words and now he must face a Lakers 2nd Unit that is young and athletic playing right out of the L.A. Drew League or your local Rec Center called "Shirts & Skins" Figueroa Street.

The Lakers are coming off a back to Back Home and Motel Swing that will have them open the 2013-14 Season for the Golden State Warriors in Planet Oracle near the Black Hole. Steph Curry and the Gang reloaded this off-season and picked up Iggy of Mile High, Mo Speights, and Toney Douglas to name a few. The Lakers are well aware that the "Splash Brothers" (as NBA TV Analyst Dennis "3-D" Scott calls them Steph and Klay-T are a handful and they reside in the "Land of Plenty". Lakers have high-flyers as well and this game should get real interesting to say the least.

October 30, 2013 10:30pm ET
Planet Oracle near the Black Hole

#Shirts&SkinsFigueroa LAKERS @ #DubsAllDay WARRIORS

Projected Starters

2G the Real BLAKEshow
SF Nick at Nite 2.0
PF the Spaniard
C Kamanator

PG Young Steph
2G Klay-T
SF Iggy of Planet Oracle
PF the General D-Lee
C Aussie Mr. Bogut


LAKERS Playbook vs GSW

The Lakers must run all Shooters off the Arc and force then to make a play of the bounce....

Transition Defense is the Key but no where the Shooters are at as the Warriors Shooters in Transition run to 23 feet 9 inches and not the Rim...

Keep the General David Lee and Andrew Bogut off the offensive Glass...

Run on screen and rolls of the Warriors to the sideline and keep them out of the middle of the floor (Cannot trap in the Middle of the Hardwood Basketball 101)

Lakers must attack the Paint and not fall in love with that beautiful land we call the "Arc" 23 feet 9 inches

Gasol must pull Bogut out from the Rim to create space for Lakers Slashers as does the "Kamanator" Chris Kaman...

LAKERS Immediate Stops...

No Rim Runs or Leak Outs
Limit "Splash Plays" from GSW
No where #30 and #11 (Shooters) are all times from the Warriors
All five Lakers to the Glass to negate GSW's Offensive Rebounding
Make GSW play in the Half Court and guard some folks?
Stay out of the penalty but be aggressive on Offense and Defense...
Let's get to the Foul Line..Lake Show and put GSW in the Penalty early...

Game Time Laker Nation 8:30pm PT...


BUCKS @ KNICKS...KNICKS Tape #1 Soap "GOTHAM Light" Season Premier..."FEAR the DEER" enters New MSG to take on the KNICKERBOCKERS as the "BULLY" 'Melo Anthony among others take FLIGHT for 2013-14 #KNICKStape #GOTHAMlight

The Milwaukee Bucks with a whole new Rosters and new Lead Man Larry Drew enter the renovated Garden and have Date Night with Knicks Tape and their #1 Soap "Gotham Light". Carmelo Anthony will lead the Knicks as they add pieces like 2013 Top Pick Bloodline Tim Hardaway Sr. and Andres Bargnani. The Bucks get the Lob City Butler...Caron by way of the Valley of the Sun to go with Big Colonel Sanders, Brandon Knight, OJ Mayo, Ersan Ilyasova, and the "Beer Town Plastic Man" in John Henson. Knicks trying to get in  that Top 4 Teams in the East as the Heat, Pacers, Bulls, and BK Nets try to also stay in the Top 4.  

October 30, 2103 730pm ET


Projected Starters


PG Ridnour
SF Ersan Lyasova
PF "Plastic Man" Henson
C Colonel Sanders


PG "Everybody loves RAY" of New MSG
SG 21 Shump Street
SF the "Bully"
PF Bargnani
C Tyson

Top Reinforcements


SF K. Middleton
PF Pachulia
SG Gary Neal
PG N Wolters


SG Bloodline Hardaway Jr.
PG Prigioni
PG Udrih
C Cole Aldrich

The Bucks will have no PG in Brandon "Knight Rider" Knight due to injury. They have one of the up and coming front lines as Turkish Stud Ersan Ilyasova is the best from across the Big Pond you know nothing about...GotGame?

The Knicks will counter with a few new Parts as "Get Shots" J.R. Smith sets out due to a suspension. The Knicks will get solid Guard Play with the likes of Ray Felton, Pablo Prigioni, and Beno Udrih for 2013-14. Can Bargnani give them a solid Sniper as he will get Open Looks playing with the 'Bully".  

The Season Premier of the Knicks Tape #1 Soap..."Gotham Light"

bobCATS @ ROCKETS...#REDNation #1 Soap Opening Night..."As DWIGHT Turns" opens up against KEMBA, Bloodline HENDERSON Jr., and Big AL of the mikeCATS playing bobCATS...#CHAvsHOU #REDnation #CLUTCHcity #ROCKETnation

The Charlotte mikeCATS playing bobCATS and soon will be playing in an arena near you in the 2014-15 season the Hornets start the 82-game trek on the Clutch City Rockets #1 Soap...Ass Dwight Turns" starring Dwight Howard and James Harden with a nice Supporting Cast of up and coming Actors...well NBA Players in this case.

The mikeCATS start off the season yet with another new Lead Man in Steve Clifford as the Mike Dunlap Era was off the charts eight games into the 2012-13 season then the Jordan 11's fell off. The 'Cats will depend on PG Kemba Walker of Under Armour Scooby Doos as as 2013 Prized Free Agent Pick Up Big Al Jefferson. Throw in Bloodline Gerald Henderson Jr., Top 2013 Pick Cody Zeller, and 2012 Stud Pick Jeffrey Taylor and M.K.G....the 'Cats should be close to above water or above water in the 2031-14 season.

The Rockets have seen expectations like this since the days of the "Ming Dynasty" with T-Mac..Tracy McGrady the captain of the Ship. From Twin Towers in Ralph Sampson and Dream to Yao...Dwight joins another Organization with Top-Flight Big Men of the Past. He has plenty to lean on starting with the #1 Shooting Guard in the Logo for 2013-14 James "Fear the Beard" #13 Harden and highly underrated Small Forward Chandler "Parsons in #REDnation Tree". Add PG "LINsanity" turned back to government name Jeremy Kin as he is no longer playing in front of Knicks Tape..the Rockets have pieces.

October 30, 2013 8pm ET 
Toyota Center

#mikeCATS Charlotte @ #REDnation Rockets

Projected Starters


PG Walker
SG Bloodline Henderson Jr.
PF McRoberts aka McLovin'
C Big AL


SG @JHarden13
F Parsons in a #REDnation Tree
F Terrence Jones
C Dwight of Three Stripes

Top Reinforcements


PF/C Biyambo
SF/SG Jeff Taylor
PF C. Zeller
PG Janerro Pargo


PG P. Beverley
SF O. Casspi
C D. Motiejunas
SG F. Garcia
PG A. Brooks

Game Time 8pm ET Tonight...and this has been the 2013-14 Season Premier of "As Dwight Turns" for #REDnation...


THUNDER @ JAZZ...REGULATORS Report OKC Opening Night as @kdTREY5 leads the Boys into SALT LAKE not to SKI at nearby PARK City but for 82-Game Business in the LOGO...Uncle RUSS is close to coming back...#OKCvsUTA...REGULATORS...Mount Up!

The Oklahoma City Thunder start their 82-Game Trek in the New Salt Palace Tonight versus a youthful-looking Jazz Outfit with no Bog Al of Prentiss, Mississippi or Milsap from La Tech. After a solid pre season or 2k13 Fake Games NBA the Thunder are looking to start of on solid ground and hold the fort down until Point God Russell Westbrook comes back off that torn Meniscus suffered in Round 1 of the 2013 "Fight for Larry" vs the #REDnation Rockets.

October 30, 2013 at 9pm ET
the New Salt Palace...Energy Solutions Gymnasium

#RegulatorsReportOKC THUNDER @ #SaltPalace JAZZ

Projected Starters


PG Reggie of Chestnut Hill Mass
SG "Swiss Army Knife" Thabo
PF "Air Congo" Ibaka


PG Bloodline Lucas III
SG Butler U Hayward
SF Richard "R.J." Jefferson
PG "Favors on the Month"
C E. Kanter

Top Reinforcements

OKC...Jeremy Lamb, Perry Jones III, Steven Adams, Nick Collison, Derek Fisher

SLC...Justin Holiday, Rudy Gobert, Alec Burke

The Thunder have young talent that needs to arrive in 2013-14 in Lamb, Adams, and Jones III if the Thunder want to get back to where they were two seasons ago. The Jazz come into 2013-14 banged up as 2013 Top Pick PG Trey Burke is out due to Thumb Surgery, Marvin Williams Rehab (Leg Injury), and Brandon Rush Rehab (Left Knee). They also decided to go young with Lottery Picks Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors over re-signing Jefferson and Milsap as they walked as unrestricted Free Agents in the Summer of 2013.

The Thunder are picked by everyone to win the Northwest but can they secure the Top Seed in the West as the Spurs, Rockets, Grizz, and Clippers are all in the mix?

Note: Regulators PG Russell Westbrook of Jordan Brand is closer than anticipated through numerous Media Outlets as he should make his day view barring any major setbacks in two weeks.

CARDINALS @ RED SOX...It has come down to an Elimination Game for the REDBIRDS or a Game 7 and SHAM-PAG-NA and a Parade Route for CARMINES or the dreaded Game 7 "Winner Take All" Scenario as well..."FIGHT for the COMMISH" Regardless of which Scenario...One Team is going to win it in OCTOBER #PostCARDS #BOSTONstrong #WorldSeries

The Plot more than thickens as after Spring Training, the 162-Game Trek, a One-Game Playoff, the Divisional Series, League Championship Series, and now nine to eighteen innings...there can only be one. The Redbirds face the Sox in Game 6 in an Elimination Game and the Carmines are trying to get a Chip and not go to a Game 7. As wild a series as its been expect anything and do not be surprised by something. It's the Redbirds representing Baseball Town USA and Redbird Nation versus the one and only Carmines and that Nation that is strong at the core and is Boston Strong.

October 30, 2013 Game 6
8pm ET @ Fenway Park


STL Wacha (1-0, 3.00) vs BOS Lackey (0-1, 3.68)

The Redbirds have the right man on the Hill tonight in 2013 NLCS M.V.P. Michael Wacha as on a nice crisp 50 degree night that 97 mph Express will be electric. The Carmines turn to Vet RHP John Lackey as they hope they can get a Halos-Like Performance out Lack who can sometimes be a Dawg on the Bump...ask the Detroit Tigers.

Five Things to Watch:

1. Can Rook Wacha stay out of trouble and Big Innings early?

2. Lackey has Top Reinforcement LHP Felix Doubront and the Carmines know he is on Ready Alert 5?

3. Will Redbirds OF Matt Holliday stay hot and in the zone and use that Green Monster to his advantage?

4. Will the Redbirds pitch around blazin' David "Big Papi" Ortiz as if the Carmines win the Series he is a shoe in for 2013 World Series M.V.P.?

5. Will a Steal of Home Plate by Carmines CF Jacoby Ellsbury win the Series for the Carmines in the bottom of the 9th?


CLIPPERS @ LAKERS...LAKER Gang's #1 Soap..."2014"...its just 1 of 82 but that LAKERS 2nd Unit called "SHIRTS & SKINS" on Figueroa Street is LA Live...LAKERS take the "Battle for the HOLLYWOOD SIgn 1" 116-103...#LAKERnation #LAKEshow #ShirtsNSkinsLAKEshow

I didn't see the score coming but I was real interested in seeing that Lakers 2nd Unit with all those young former 1st Round Pieces as they came through for the Lake Show. The Lakers go in on the New Clip Joint 116-103 as the Lakers 2nd Unit aka "Shirts &Skins" on Figueroa Street..L.A. took the Clips to town. As the Credits were about to roll the Lakers had these five players on the floor...Jordan Farmar (16 pts 6 assts), Xavier Henry (22 pts 6 rebs), Wes Johnson (3 pts , 1-11 FG), Jordan Hill (12 pts 8 rebs), and Jodie Meeks (13 pts). That crew combined for 66 of the Lakers 116 as they go LA Drew League Mode. For starters that is four 1st rounders and a 2nd rounder. Lakers Bench scored just 34 points and 23 of that came from Jamal 206 and Gloria's Squeeze Matt B..

The Clips looked shock as they get hit right in the chop and couldn't swing back. The BLAKEshow had 19 points and seven rebounds but needs to attend "Camp Dream" in Clutch City for a whole Summer. DeAndre Jordan nets 17 points and eleven boards and most of those field goals were of the high percentage variety and that would be taking the elevator. CP3 added 15 points and eleven helpers with a nice floor game but that is of the norm coming from him. The Clips will get it going soon as they are also in a new system and not making any excuses for them. Now they get their warning in Game 1 instead of Game 60 as we close to Winning Time and Lead Man Doc Rivers is a Top 3 in Game to Game and In-Game Adjustments.

Back to the Lake Show the "Spaniard" Gasol had 15 points and thirteen boards. Nick at Nite 2.0 had 13 points as he is always in LA drew League and "Shirts and Skins" Mode with that Reseda, CA Cleveland High School Game. Lakers have a long road ahead of them but that 2nd Unit should keep them above water an that .5000 mark and the more confidence ...the better.


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LOGO WATCH...O-MAGIC @ GOLD SWAGGER...PACERS have a "BLOCK PARTY" led by "AREA 55" of HOYA Paranoia and D-WEST of the X-MEN of Cincy and all that was "Rated PG-24" as PAUL GEORGE leads all Scorers with 24...#ORLvsIND PACERS win 97-87 #GoldSwagger playing #BlueCollar

The Indiana Pacers unveiled it's 2013-14 Version that is picked by many to go real deep into the "Fight for Larry" and possibly unseat the Heat as the Monster in the East. The Pacers start off 2013-14 with a "Block Party" and Gold Swagger "Rated PG-24.

Behind a 24 points, six rebound, and five helper night Pacer Star Paul "Rated PG-24" George led the Pacers top a 97-87 win over the youthful Orlando Magic. The Pacers also get 19 points from "Lance of the BK" and 13 from D-West of the X-Men of Cincy but that was not all. The Pacers blocked 18 Magic Shots...Eighteen...Diez y Ocho. Both Roy "Area 55" Hibbert and D-West combined to block 12 of those 18 as Area 55 line for the night was 8 points, sixteen rebounds, and seven blocks.

Magic Rookie Victor Oladipo comes back home to get 12 points in front of a large contingent of "Hoosier Hysteria" Nation. Magic 2nd-Year PF Andrew Nicholson led the Magic with 18 points as his game as efficient as it gets going 8 for 10 from the Field and 2 of 2 from the Stripe in just 19 plus minutes. The Pacers are for real and no one plays "D" like them except the Bulls and the Heat in the Logo...real talk!

Gold Swagger, See Red, White Hot, and the BK Nets are on a collision course in the East...

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison..."HAWKS SEN-d the SENS an L"...BLACKHAWKS escape the MADHOUSE with a 6-5 "W" as the Captain #19 goes HAT TRICK...KHABIBULIN gets chased early from the NET #FrozenTalkHAWKS #ONEGoal #FearTheINDIANHead

The Blackhawks were gunning for this one as the energy was there as they were on a back to back Motel/Home-Cooked Series. The Hawks beat the Wild on Monday in the Twin Cities then doubled back to face a hungry Ottawa Senators Team that had their foot on the gas and was determined to take it to the Team Lord Stanley Cup.

After the Sens went up 4-2 in the 2nd period the Captain #19 went O-Zone Layer and the Sens Defense could do nothing about it. Hawks Center Jonathan Toews scored Goal #3 to make it 4-3 at the end of the 2nd frame. Then in the 3rd frame the Captain #19 scores Goals #4 and #5 for the Hawks as the Hawks tie it at 4-4 and take the lead 5-4. Hawks Andrew Shaw made it 6-4 as the Sens get one more to make it 6-5 as that ended the scoring on this night.

Hawks Net Minder Nikolai Khabibulin is in a bad stretch as he was scored on four times in twenty-two shots. The Hawks wasted no time after goal #4 midway through the 2nd frame  as they pulled him and Corey Crawford was in net as he allowed one gaol in the 3rd but gets the "W".  With the win the Hawks move to 8-2-3 and 19 points a point behind the Central leading Avs of Colorado.

Next up Saturday November 2 at Winnipeg....    

BULLS @ HEAT..."Do you really want to a Piece of Me"...HEAT sting See RED after getting "BLING" and right into the one word we run from time to time in the Sports World "REALITY"...WEST SIDE STORY Report "Back to the Chalk Board for Team THIBS" Episode...HEAT 107 BULLS 95 #BullsGang #BULLSDateNight

The Heat wasted oh about the fist five minutes of their game with the Bulls and then went "Fight for Larry" Mode and turned Game #1 of 82 into a laugher 107-95 and it wasn't that close. It wasn't even King James and Wade County nor Bosh doing the work as it was a stingy and hungry White Hot Supporting Cast that did the Bulls in.

The Bulls started off fast with a 9-2 lead as the Heat chipped away and got some momentum to end the 1st frame 17-15 Heat. Then it was a effort from the Heat Reinforcements that went on a 37-18 2nd frame run that saw the Bulls at one point down 41-20 and they could have and should have rolled the credits then. The Bulls uncharacteristic lapses on "D" spelled gloom and doom as Shane of #DukeInTheNBA, Sugar Ray of Storrs U, and Hollywood Cole of Cleveland State went Agent 11 on See Red as each had 1 points off the pine. Heck "Regular Mario" even got into the act with 13 points as D-Rose was out of position on "D" at times.

See Red will get it together as they were led by C-Booz 5 of Nike Basketball as he led all scorers with 31 points and seven rebounds. I will tell you this and yes he isn't the best defender but in the 2013-13 season "Booz" was the most consistent Offensive Player outside of KRYPTOnate the Bulls had. The "See Red Butler"...Jimmy with his blue-collar approach and ultra-athletic game hustled his way to 20 points. D-Rose ended up with 12 points on a 4 of 14 shooting night. Rose played like a 5-Star Player trying to put those 550 plus days he missed into one game and that was going to happen.

Bulls now head back from the Motel in the 305 and bring out the Costumes on Halloween Night for Knicks Tape's #1 Soap.."Gotham Light" as the 'Melo Anthony plays the "Bully" and Chicago Native Iman Shumpert plays in his favorite Series...21 "Shump Street".

The West Side Story Report only at Bluedude Sportstalk Dot Com all season long and deep into the Spring and early Summer 2014...Volume    

CLIPPERS @ LAKERS..."Battle for the HOLLYWOOD Sign 1" in the LAKER Gang's #1 Soap.."2014".. Team No BLACK MAMBA gets the other Staples Tenant the LOB Angeles CLIPPERS on Date Night #1....No matter who wins it's just 1 of 82 in a MARATHON not a SPRINT #LAKERnation #NewCLIPjoint

Ok leaves the Black Mamba out of this one as the Lakers and Lead Man MDA focus on a Full Training Camp and the 82-Game Trek that commences Tonight at the Figueroa Street Gymnasium decked out in Purple and Gold on this Night with 16 Chips above.

The Lakers know who they are kind a sorta as they focus in on "Life on the Hardwood" without "Vino" or to many the "Black Mamba" Kobe Bryant. The Lakers will surprise some folks this year as I like what Mitch and Jimmy did top the Roster putting some Athletic Wings and Bigs to go with those Key Vets like NASHty and the Spaniard. They will get tested Tonight as the Clips are first up looking entirely different than just Lob City but playing the Glenn "Doc" Rivers Defensive System anchored by Bigs the BLAKEshow and DeAndre "The Lob City Giant" Jordan. Let's get to the Starters and Top Reinforcements for Tonight's "Battle for the Hollywood Sign 1".

October 29, 2013 at Figueroa Street Gymnasium L.A.
10:30pm ET 


Projected Starters


2G #DukeIntheNBA JJ
SF Gloria's Squeeze...Matt Barnes
PF the BLAKEshow
C DeAndre the "Lob City Giant"


2G the Real BLAKEshow
SF Nick at Nite 2.0
PF Shawne Williams
C the Spaniard

Top Reinforcements

#StaplesPurple&Gold...Wes Johnson, Meeks, Jordan Hill, Farmar, X-Man Henry,

#StaplesBlue&Red...Jamal 206, Willie from 213, Rook Reggie, B-Mullens, Dudley, Ryan Hollins,

That Clips first five has a dead-aim Sniper in JJ Redick and that will help clear some real estate for both DeAndre and Blake to do some things on the Block. CP3 of Jordan Brand is at the Controls so if there is turbulence the Seat Belt Sign will go on and hit the CP3 Button above you for assistance.

The Lakers 2nd Unit is athletic as they id exactly what I though they would go get some High-Flyers to negate those fast-athletic Teams like #REDnation and the Regulators Report OKC. Can the Lakers stay above water until Kobe comes back around All-Star Break or after? They have the capabilities to do it as no one is expecting them to do anything except Laker Nation...and judging from Twitter...who needs anything else!

NBA on TNT the "Battle for the Hollywood Sign 1" 10:30pm ET...Tonight

Note: Watch out for the "Flying STEVES" from @Sports_25toLife and that is NASHty + the Real BLAKEshow = LAKERnation Back Court - @KobeBryant

BULLS @ HEAT...NBA Opening Night 2013...The RING is the THING but on Night One SEE RED takes a Swing!...WEST SIDE STORY Report "D-ROSE will get his Vengeance"....Will the HEAT rise up on a Hyped-up BULLS Outfit with Banner #3 going up?...#CHIvsMIA

They say King James will reach out to D-Rose before the Game and wish him well and glad he is back. Now if King James tries to hit D-Rose on the Cell he will get the One-Hit Voicemail..."Please leave a Message". If he tries to get to the Locker Room before the Game or Shoot Around NBA Security will stop the King...Lol! Rose just wants what you have King James as there will be no Paul George Moment here as D-Rose doesn't need Validation from you or anyone else that he is all that. I am from Englewood on the South Side of Chi City...No Thanks!

October 29, 2013 from AA 305
8pm ET NBA on TNT


Projected Starters


PG D-Rose
SG See Red Butler...Jimmy
SF Luuuuuuuuuu
PF C-Booz 5
C Jo Knows


PG Regular Mario
SG Wade County
SF King James
PF #DukeInTheNBA Shane
C C-Bosh 1

Top Reinforcements

Team 312...TAJmanian Devil #22, "Bloodline" Dunleavy, Teague, Captain Kirk, Naz Mohammad,

Team 305...Sugar Ray, Greg Oden, B-Easy, Hollywood Cole, U.D. , Birdman

The Bulls re-tooled that Bench and it looks the deepest it has ever been. D-Rose is back 100% and that spells trouble for a whole bunch of folks including all those Point Guards who had some 18 months to get their game right.

The Heat also moved some parts on the Bench as Greg Oden and their former #1 Pick and #2 behind D-Rose in Michael Beasley joins the Heat. They have Sugar Ray, Birdman, U.D., and Back Up PG Norris "Hollywood" Cole and they will be ready to take on that Bulls 2nd Unit.

In Mid-June 2014 ...there can only be one!

NFL WEEK 9 Power Rankings....the CHIEFS are "King of the Hill" but they have Company in 12's, 49ers, Who Dat, Who Dey, and the Broncos...Who will be on Top as we hit "FIGHT for VINCE" 2k14 Seeds here soon? #NFLWk9PowerRankings is A Crowded RED FRIDAY World!

The Chiefs kept their number one slot but they got a little more than expected from a feisty Dawg Pound Bunch that was led by Vet QB Jason Campbell. The Seahawks outlasted a Rams "D" that was on a mission on Monday Night Football. The Niners went across the Big Pond and hammered Team Winn-Dixie Brown Bags in the Jags. The Saints maybe the best Team no one talks about as they beat a solid Bills Mafia.

NFL Week 9 Power Rankings
Note: In Parenthesis in Last Week's Ranking

1. #REDfriday (1) 8-0: Picture me Rolling and the Broncos and Chiefs should be a Real Treat!

2. #HAWKSNest206 (2) 7-1: Sometimes it's ugly but they keep putting them in the right column...which is the Win Column.

3. #QUEST4Six (3) 6-2: Destroyed the Jags like they were suppose to...and it's that Power Run Game.

4. #WHOdey (5) 6-2: they leap over the Broncos from the fact that they have some "D" and the Strawberry Rifle QB Dalton has been on fire!

5. #UnitedInORANGE (4) 7-1: I still think they are the 2nd best Team in their Division until I see different!

6. #GeauxSAINTS (6) 6-1: Saints roll and they will not be beat in the Superdome and someone tell the 49ers and Seahawks that!

7. #CHEESEHeads (7) 5-2: The Best in the NFC North and it is even close!

8. #BlueSwaggerCOLTS (8) 5-2: Bye Week in Week 8

9. #PATRIOTSway (9) 6-2: If the Phins can't beat them after playing a near perfect half...who in the AFC East will?  

10. #BOLTSup (10) 4-3: Bye Week in Week 8

11. #RestoreTheROAR (13) 5-3: They comeback on the Cowboys and I still can't tell if it was more on the 'Boys or more on the Lions!

12. #QueenCityPANTHERS (16) 4-3: They have Cam playing at a high level but that "D" has been Panther-Like and ferocious!

13. #BelieveInMONSTERS (14) 4-3: Bye Week in Week 8

14. #JerrysWorldTEXAS (11) 4-4: That is a Bad Loss and the Camera follows Dez like he is the Problem...Stop It!

15. #PURPLEBrowns (15) 3-4: Bye Week in Week 8

16. #GangGREEN (12) 4-4: They got hammered in the Jungle on the Ohio and no more Safari Trips for the J-E-T-S- on Sunday!  

17. #OpryLandTITANS (18) 3-4: they moved up on a Bye Week as the Phins in front of them lost...

18. #AQUABoyz305 (17) 3-4: They blew it in Foxboro...they just blew it!

19. #BIRDGang (25) 4-4: They beat the Falcons and now we know more about the Falcons and should no more about Lead Man Mike Smith here soon!

20. #RAIDERNation (27) 3-4: They beat the Steelers and when all the Teams in front of you in the Week 8 Poll have to head North at some point!

21. #BILLSmafia (19) 3-5: Another High Pick...

22. #STLRams (20) 3-5: No Bradford....Get a Top Pick!

23. #LINCiliscious (21) 3-5: Where is that Offense?

24. #BlackAndYELLOW (22) 2-5: They are not a Good Team!

25. #DAWGpound (24) 3-5: They played better with Campbell than with Weeden...if that's a plus!

26. #ANGRYBirds404 (23) 2-5: They looked awful and I have not seen Matty Ice look worse!

27. #GMen (29) 2-6: Here come the G-Men just two back in the NFC L-East...two games back!

28. #HTTR (26) 2-5: They are not good either as it's not just that Defense!

29. #BULLSOnParade (28) 2-5: Bye Week in NFL Week 8

30. #SKOLnation (30) 1-6: No QB but have they quit on Coach Frazier?

32. #JAGS n #ItsBucsLife 0-7: The State of Florida should declare a "State of an Emergency" on Pro Football!

Monday, October 28, 2013

SEAHAWKS @ RAMS...Make A STAND!...12's go "GOAL LINE Stand" as the Clock strikes all Zeroes on GATEWAY Arch Grown-Man Tackle Football and 12th Man SPACE NEEDLE 206 escapes the 'LOU with a "W"...A QB DRIVEN League Recap...Not at all as Both Defensive FRONTS were bringing the Hammer! #SeaHawksNation

Are you kidding me as NFL Heads watch it unfold as the Seattle Seahawks escape the 'Lou with an ugly 14-9 win and who said it was a Beauty Pageant. The Rams gave it a fight as Vet QB Kellen Clemens just couldn't get over holding a Clipboard than a Wilson Pigskin.

Before we get into the numbers Offensively the St. Louis Rams Bookends of "Bloodline" Chris Long and Robert Quinn put a "Red Jersey Collection" Show that was unmatched. Both grab three Red Jersey Collections as DE Will Hayes also grabbed him one as the Rams sacked Hawks QB Russell Wilson seven times. The Seahawks grabbed three Red Jersey Collections but the Rams were bringing it all night long.

Both Wilson and Clemens threw for under 160 yards but Wilson had the two TDs as Clemens had the two INTs. I do not know whose Front was better coming in but Rams Rookie RB Zac Stacy ran for 134 yards on 26 touches as the Rams just couldn't run it in the Red Zone where they needed to. Hawks WR Golden Tate led 12's with 93 yards on five Pigs and two TDs including a 80-yarder.

Now the Seahawks move to 7-1 as the rams fall to 3-5 as that 49ers/Hawks Tilt is looming large as we head to the back of the 2013 NFL Schedule.  


RED SOX @ CARDINALS...the CARMINES Ace LESTER out duels REDBIRDS Ace "WAINO" as the SOX get timely hitting and move up 3-2..."FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13...Can the CARMINES finish BOSTON Strong in Game 6? #theHUBhardball

The Boston Red Sox went into Baseball Town USA and put that Fire out and take two of three and now the Fall Classic 2k13 moves back to the Hub 3-2 Carmines. Red Sox Ace Jon Lester (far removed from Team Chicken and Suds) brought his A-Game and just made pitches when he had to to beat the Redbirds.

Lester went 7 2/3 innings allowing one run on a Matt Holliday Bomb in the 4th but it was a Solo Shot. One run on four hits later as we roll the credits Lester has beatin' the Cards twice in the World Series as his work is done. Redbirds Ace Adam Wainright went seven allowing three runs on eight hits as he struck out ten Carmines Hitters to go along with a free pass. "Waino" just made a bad pitch here and a bad pitch there and it cost him and sometimes the game rolls like that.

Red Sox First Baseman David "Big Papi" Ortiz continues on his crusade to the 2013 World Series M.V.P. with another 3 for 4 night with an RBI. The Redbirds and Back Stop Yadier Molina have no answer for Ortiz as he i slowly etching his name into Red Sox Lore if he hasn't etched it in there already.

Now the Series moves back to the Hub at Fenway for a Game 6 on Hump Day with the Carmines one Win away from the SHAM-PAG-NA and the Parade Route. The Redbirds still have life and they will have to win two in a row and judging from Games 3-5 it could happen.      

Top 10 CENTERS in the LOGO for 2013-14...SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a "Are you PROTECTED in the Middle by your BIG"...The Man in the Middle is it "DWIGHT of Three Stripes" or GASOL of GRIT & GRIND Beale Street?...#NBATop10BIGS

I will make the argument and those who agree are open to the fact that maybe Dwight Howard of the #REDnation Rockets isn't the best Center in the Logo are resign to the fact that he has Company now. The 2013-14 NBA Defensive Player of the Year wasn't Dwight but the Big in the middle of Team Grit and Grind and the "Grind Father" Tony Allen and his Sidekick Mike Conley Jr. on Beale Street Memphis playing that Memphis Dry-Rub D. After those two Bigs the #3 Big might be on the West Side of the 'Go residing in the Madhouse on Madison with players Like "Area 55" of Gold Swagger and Big Al of the Highlight Factory 404 coming in on the backside.

Top 10 BIGS in the Logo for 2013-14:

1A. Marc Gasol alias "Baby Spaniard" #GrindHouseGRIZZ Weapon of Choice: Nike Lunar Hyperdunk PE

He is all that and is extremely skilled like most Bigs that come from over the Big Pond. He was also 2012-13 NBA Defensive Player of the Year as he is the anchor on the back end of that Grit and Grind Machine in Memphis. He can shoot it from Mid-Range and is an excellent passer from anywhere on the floor. Is he better than Dwight Howard well he brings it in a little different way that Dwight with the same results and Gasol's Walk-In Closet don't have High Heels in it! Judges take away 2 points from the Bluedude for the Shot below the belt...and there is more!

1B. Dwight Howard alias "Dwight of Three Stripes" #REDnation Weapon of Choice: Adidas Dwight Howard D IV

He will most likely regain his spot as the top Defender in the Logo and Dwight would have received the edge over Gasol if it wasn't for his shortcomings as being a "DIVA". He is improving his game as Rockets Lead Man Kevin McHale and Hakeem Olajuwon and "Camp Dream" have gotten a hold of him. His Game should be well-suited for a Team that will cater to him as being 1/2 of the Franchise. He just needs to grow up a little and he is in the right market...L.A. was too much for him!

3. Joakim Noah alias "Hard Hat" #SeeRED Weapon of Choice: Adidas Crazyquick PE

Yes Jo finally gets out of Shoe Company Le Coq Sportif and into Adidas as he joins Bulls Teammates D-Rose, Taj Gibson, Marquis Teague, Jimmy Butler, and Erik Murphy. His game has some get out as in get out the way as he is relentless. Not the most skilled Big in the Logo but his Work Ethic keeps hi Elite and he realizes his game is all about effort. He was also named to his 1st NBA All-Star Game in the 2012-13 season as Jo's Game ha come full circle.

4. Al Jefferson alias "Big Al of Prentiss" #mikeCATS Weapon of Choice: Under Armour Micro G Torch 2

Big Al is the best Big in the Logo Offensively and remember I said that. Top-Flight Footwork to go with a myriad of release points and Shots makes him a tough cover for anyone. Mike Jordan and the Bobcats were extremely lucky to get Big AL as if he had taken a lesser deal and went to an immediate contender...lookout! He is the most underrated Big in the Logo and a Top 5 underrated NBA Player period.  

5. Roy Hibbert alias "Area 55" #GoldSwagger Weapon of Choice: Nike Hyperfuse 2k13 PE

Big Hibbert of "Hoya Paranoia" is ever-improving and is a load in the middle of that 2nd best "D" in the Logo behind the Chicago Bulls. He has dramatically improved his footwork and back to the basket game as some wondered of the Pacers paying him the Max was too much and no way for a Big like Hib as there are only a "Few Good Bigs" in the Logo. When Hib and Jo of See Red are going Head to Head it is Classic Match Ups gone Logo.

Best of the Rest "BIGS" 2013-14

6. Al Horford alias "Big Al 404" Highlight Factory 404
7. Chris Bosh alias "CB-1" Heat Gang 305
8. Brooks Lopez alias "Lurch" BK Nets
9. Nikola Pekovic alias "Monster of Montenegro" T'Wolves
10a. Pau Gasol alias "Spaniard" LAKEshow
10b. Nikola Vucevic alias "Vooch" O-Magic
10c. Tyson Chandler alias "Landlord of New MSG #KNICKStape


"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison...HAWKS try to avenge Saturday's Loss to WILD at the MADHOUSE on Madison...#ONEGoal #FearTheINDIANHead #FrozenTalkHAWKS

The Chicago Blackhawks are 6-2-3 on the 2013-14 season and one thing that has not been consistent is their Defense and getting loose pucks out of their zone. There is a multitude of things to point to but they must start helping their Goalies.

Now they are on the back end of a Home and Home with the Minnesota Wild as the Wild came to the West Side of Chi City on Saturday Night and stunned the Champs 5-3. The Hawks had way too may penalties in that game on Saturday and the Frozen One was elusive in their zone and that cannot happen. Discipline is what the Hawks need to get back to and that blue-collar approach even though they are an Elite Skilled NHL Team centered around speed.

Hawks come in averaging 2.91 G and and giving up 2.73 GA and that is too close for comfort. The Wild on the other hand are 2.42 G and giving up 2.00 GA. Hawks Defensman Mike Kostka will be out 4-6 weeks with a Broken Foot. Both Teams come in with 15 points and chasing the red-hot Colorado Avalanche who are 10-1-0 with 20 points.

The Frozen One drops at 8pm ET at the Xcel Energy Center Tonight...  

Note: San Jose Sharks lead the West with 21 points but we have seen that before...  

RED SOX @ CARDINALS...We know this heading into Game 5 there will be a Game 6 back at FENWAY...CARMINES and REDBIRDS playing FALL CLASSIC 2k13 with Surprise after Surprise..."FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13 #BOSvsSTL Two more W's and someone is going to get the PARADE Route! #BOSTONstrong #CARDShardball

The 2013 Version of the Fall Classic has had one surprise after another and now comes Game 5 with the Aces on the Bump and the 12's next door playing the Hometown Rams. Other than Traffic in Downtown St. Louis the Blood Pressure has to be at an all time high in New Busch as Stakes are too high to imagine at this point. Can the Carmines get to Redbirds Ace "Waino" as he is determined to be the Lead on the Redeem Team? Can the Redbirds get to Sox Ace Jon Lester as he was dealing in Game 1 and coasted?

October 28, 2013
"Fight for the Commish" 2k13 Gm 5


BOS Lester (1-0, 0.00) vs STL Wainright (0-1, 5.40)

Both Pens for the most part have played well and they will be called on Tonight as almost everyone is available from here on out. The Hero has been not one player but who ever can be "Clutch" when "Clutch" is needed. With an Obstruction" call to end Game 3 and a Pick Off at First to end Game 4 hold on to your seat as the Plot thickens for Game 5.

Game Time 730pm ET...

SEAHAWKS @ RAMS...with the "FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13 going on next door can the RAMS take some of that POST CARDS "MO" and put in on the NFC West leading SEAHAWKS like Mississippi River MAGIC?...A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE with 12's QB WILSON versus ? and does it matter? #NFLWk8MondayNightFootball #SEAvsSTL

The Seattle Seahawks roll into the 'Lou and the Gateway to the West with the NFC's best record at 6-1. The NFC West was declared by many to be the best division in Grown-Man Tackle Football and for the most part it hasn't disappointed. The 49ers are 6-2, the Bird Gang 4-4, and the Rams come in 3-4 with a chance to make the race extremely exciting as we head into the back end of 16 in 2013.

October 28, 2013 8:40pm ET
Monday Night Football NFL Week 8

#HAWKSnest206 SEAHAWKS vs #RAMSnation STL. RAMS 

The Seattle Seahawks are close to getting WR/RB/KR/PR Percy Land USA Harvin back and that makes that struggling Passing Game come up more than a fee notches. They have "Beast Mode" in the ground game and with Wilson getting out the Pocket when it's Jail Break they have become a dynamic pair. The Rams have speed on all levels including book ends Chris "Bloodline" Long and Robert Quinn and stud Backers James Laurinitis and UGA Rook Alec Ogletree. Can the Rams contain that Hawks Run Game and force Wilson and the Hawks into more than their share of 3rd and a mile? The Seahawks know with the 49ers at the Stick coming up here soon they need to get a another "W" especially in the division.

The Rams lose QB Sam Bradford and they have a limited Run Game as that was a devastating blow to getting to or above .500. They have Weapons on the outside but who will get them he Pig moving forward? They will have to make it a defensive game and create some turnovers and give that shorted Offense short fields. This looks like and smells like the muddy Mississippi with the Rams in it with no Bradford. Rams Lead Man Jeff Fisher will never go quietly and I am sure they have devised a plan of attack that will be different then what the Hawks have seen on tape. Slow down that Skittles Monster and contain the NFL #1 Twitter Handle if its still exist in @dangeRUSSwilson and it should be a game.

Hawks have a +10.7 ppg differential with the Rams -4.0 ppg and that is huge cause for concern. Hawks also averaging over 150 yards per as the Rams are just above 70 yards per..."Taste the Rainbow" Fools.

Winner: 12's running away with it literally and figuratively 34-6...  

BENGALS run JETS back to Gotham City with no BOTTOM...MORENO is now the BRONCOS featured Running Back...SUNDAY TALK with Two Beat Downs to Report bordering CSI Bluedude Sportstalk #WhoDEY #UnitedInORANGE

The Cincinnati Bengals were hearing nothing about how dominant that Jets Front can be with Rook DT Sheldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson. Bengals QB Andy "Strawberry Rifle" Dalton threw for five TD Passes and some 325 yards as Who Dey says "86" Gang Green from the Jungle on the Ohio 49-9. To make matters worse Jets Rook QB Geno Smith threw Two Pick Six's and Jets Lead Man Rex Ryan went to the Bullpen after the 2nd Pick Six. The Bengals Front of Geno Atkins and Domato Peko were dominant as they take full control of the AFC North. Bengals 2nd-Year WR Marvin Jones has stepped up and became AJ Green's Caddy as Who Dey has Two WRs that can count on along with all those other weapons. Bengals move to 6-2 and the Jets fall to 4-4.

The score in the 3rd quarter was 'Skins 21 and Broncos 7 as Washington's D could not have played any better than something happened in the 3rd frame. The "Knowshon Moreno" Show was in full effect on Mountain Time for the Broncos as the Running Back took over. Moreno rushed for 44 yards and had 89 yards receiving with a TD. as the Broncos win 45-21. Amazingly enough the Broncos scored..get this..31 points in the 4th quarter...31 to put the Mike Shanahan "Welcome Back Party" to rest. The Broncos stay on pace with the AFC West leading Red Friday Chiefs as they move to 7-1 as the Chiefs are 8-0. The 'Skins fall to 2-5.      

STEELERS @ RAIDERS...SILVER & BLACK QB Pryor goes 93 yards on 1st Play and you would have thought the 70s RAIDERS were handing it to the STEELERS...TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles Recap Game #7 NFL Week 8 #STEELERgang

The Pittsburgh Steelers took one big step in the right direction the last two games in wins over the Ravens and Jets. They head into Oakland where its been nothing but a Black Hole for the Steelers and they lay a big fat egg in East Bay as the Raiders beat the Men of Steel 21-18 and it wasn't that close.  

Steelers Red Flags on Sunday in a Nutshell:

Suisham 2 Missed FGs from less than 40 yards both...

Offensively inept for at least 3 1/2 frames...

Defense giving up Big Plays right out the gate...

Offensive Line back to Operation "Watch Big BEN get Sacked"...

Big BEN 2 INTs...

Raiders 1st Win in Ten Years coming off Bye Week...

Pryor threw for 88 yards...Lol! but ran for 108 yards including that 93-yard TD on the first play from scrimmage.

Run DMC showed up with 73 yards on 24 touches...2 TDs

All that Steelers Misery of late in the Black Hole is because of the "Immaculate Reception" has to be!

Where do you starts with the Steelers as at 2-5 it is all but over and we need a Top 5 Pick...not Top 10 but it also has a lot to do with drafting the right player.

Up next at Foxboro vs Patriots on November 3rd....Lookout!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

PACKERS @ VIKINGS....A-ROG and the PACK drop Wisconsin CHEESE and BRATS in a 44-Piece Family Pack on the TWIN Cities and SKOL...A QB DRIVEN League as don't we all need QB AARON RODGERS #PACKERnation

The Green Bay Packers wasted no time with the Minnesota Vikings as they look to be a team not in Transition but with no Sunday Signal-Caller. The Packers methodically took apart the Vikes "D" behind a new found balanced-attack that features RBs in Rook Eddie Lacy (29/94 yds TD) and James Starks (7/57 TD) as they mixed that in with a nice Batch of 87 Sauce (Packers WR Jordy Nelson) to put a 44 Burger up on the Skol Nation as the final was 44-31 the Pack.

Rodgers was a cool, calm, and collected 24 for 29 for 285 yards and two TDs. The Vikes struggled as they are getting nothing from the Quarterback Position as Christian Ponder did nothing to say he gets the Job in NFL Week 9. Ponder threw for 145 yards on 14 for 21. Running Back Adrian Peterson has been anything but what he was in 2012 as he goes 60 yards on 13 touches. That NFL Trade Deadline is coming up on Tuesday and will A.P. be out there like Browns RB Trent Richardson for a Blockbuster like deal? The Vikes are clearly not going ion the right direction as Lead Man Leslie Frazier could be in trouble as well.

The Packers move to 5-2 as the Lions who miraculously came back on the always average and Sunday to Sunday Cowboys are 5-3. The Bears were idle sitting at 4-3 with the Vikes falling to a dismal 1-6.    


RED SOX @ CARDINALS...Last Night it was an "OBSTRUCTION"...Tonight it's a PICK OFF at First Base...and Monday Night it will be an "INSIDE the PARK" Home Run..."FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13 as the CARMINES get one back and tie the Series at 2-2 #BOSTONStrong #GetBEARD

The Boston Red Sox knew it was going to be one of their unsung heroes stepping up and they were right on. With the Score tied at 1-1 in the top half of the sixth inning with ducks on the pond Red Sox OF Jonny Gomes took Redbirds Reliever Seth Maness to the Left Field Bullpen for a 388 foot Three-Run Bomb. That Homer stood up as the Carmines go onto to win 4-2 and even the 2013 Fall Classic at 2-2.

Both Starters (Clay Buchholz Red Sox and Lance Lynn Redbirds)) pitched well as they both left after only yielding one run apiece. Yes Lynn was charged with the three runs after the Gomes Homer as he left after 5 2/3 innings with Pedroia and Ortiz on base with Gomes coming to the dish. Both Teams managed only six hits as the Pens for both have been for the most part pretty darn good.

The Game ended on Red Sox Reliever with Koji Uehara on the mound pitching to Carlos Beltran with Redbirds Pinch-Runner Kolten Wong on first. Uehara out of nowhere catches Wong leaning at first base and picks him off with Red Sox First Baseman Mike Napoli applying the tag...unbelievable.

Game 5 on Monday October 28 at 8pm ET as it will be Jon Lester for the Sox and Adam Wainright trying to play the Redeem Team for the Redbirds.


DOLPHINS @ PATRIOTS...PATS run off 24 straight after CHALK TALK after the PHINS led at the Break 17-3 to win 27-17...A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE...TANNEHILL and PHINS check your Pants...#PATSFootball

The Miami Dolphins couldn't have had a better game plan that was executed to a "T" in the 1st half. The Dolphins jumped out to a commanding 17-3 leads at the break only for things to "Right Turn Clyde" in the 2nd half.

The Pats reeled off play after play and turned it up on "D" to turn a 14-point deficit into a 27-17 rout as the Phins got hit in the mouth in the 3rd frame and threw in the towel. Tom Terrific didn't have one of his better games but when seeing the AFC East it always seems to go his way no matter what happens. Brady only had 116 yards passing on 13 of 22 but he didn't have to air it put in the 2nd half.

The Pats "D" forced a few turnovers on Phins QB Ryan Tannehill who is fumbling way too much and that was the ball game. The Phins Run Game  was solid with RB Lamar Miller rushing for 89 yards but they played from behind late in the 3rd and into the 4th so the Phins abandoned the run. Both Pats RBs Stevan Ridley and Legarrette Blount were unstoppable in the 2nd half as they combined to rush for 125 yards on 25 carries and a score. They were the difference in the 2nd half as the Pats adjusted and the Phins did not it was that simple.

Pats move to 6-2 as the Phins fall to 3-4 and that is four losses in a row for them as they are back into familiar territory. Hate to say it but no one will win the AFC East until Tom Terrific is out of a Pats one!

COWBOYS @ LIONS...MEGAtron w/ P-DIDDY in his Ear goes O-ZONE Layer on COWBOYS Secondary...DEZ of JORDAN Brand you are not CALVIN JOHNSON!..."RESTORE the Roar" comes back on COWBOYS and shocks RED ZONE!...LIONS 31 COWBOYS 30...A QB DRIVEN League as STAFFORD beats his Hometown BOYS #LIONSTackleFootball

Final Score

Lions 31 Cowboys 30

The only Stat you need to be concerned with is this one:

LIONS WR Calvin "MEGAtron" Johnson

14 Pigs for 329 Yards TD

Yes the Lions overcame a -4 Turnover Margin and only the 2nd Team in 55 Teams to win with that Margin. Highland Park, Texas Native and Lions QB Matthew Stafford took it to his Hometown Team as he threw for 488 yards on 33 for 48 1 TD and 2 INTs. Reggie Bush also ran for 92 yards on 21 carries. The Cowboys had their chances to put the game away and its the Cowboys being the Cowboys as they move to familiar territory at .500 with a 4-4 record.

Cowboys QB Tony Romo played well and he doesn't play Defense. He threw for 206 yards on 14 for 30 for Three in the Lions End Zone. WR Dez Bryant who is my #2 WR in the League behind MEGAtron caught three Pigs for 72 yards but two of those Pigs were for pay dirt. For the 'Boys to play a lead like that in an NFL sanctioned game is inexcusable and heads should roll in Arlington, Texas on Monday but they won't.

The Lions move to 5-3 and the Cowboys 4-4 as the Giants are 2-6 and remember I told you this. The Giants will win the NFC East in 2013...and no there is no Umbrella in my drink!  

PACKERS @ VIKINGS...NFL Week 8 SUNDAY Night Football as A-ROG and the banged up CHEESE HEADS visit SKOL and the TWIN Cities Avenger #28...A QB DRIVEN LEAGUE...A-ROG vs PONDER in NFC North Business #GBvsMIN

As we head into Sunday Night Football Week 8 both the Packers and Vikings have stories to to tell. The Packers are coming in as banged up a bunch you will ever see on a 53-Man Roster. All Positions seemed to be reeling as they still are holding the fort together as they have Aaron Rodgers and the Viking do not.

The Vikes on the other hand tell everyone QB Josh Freeman will be a no-go as he suffered a concussion of Bad Throws and Play vs the G-Men. Now enters the man that had his job taken away from by Freeman in QB Christian Ponder who has been upfront with, " It's can't get any worse"...and he is right on except getting released isn't holding a clipboard my friend.

October 27, 2013 from Metro Dome in the Twin Cities
NFL Sunday Night Football 
8:20pm ET

#CheeseHeads PACKERS @ #SKOL Vikings 

Look the Packers are still the best Team in the NFC North by far. They come in with a whopping 130 plus yards on he ground. They also have just over 300 yards in the Air. They have the Best QB on Sunday in Aaron Rodgers and they have two capable Rookie RBs in Eddie Lacy and Jonathan Franklin. Losing TE Jeremichael Finley along with WRs James Jones and Randall Cobb is huge moving forward. Can the Vikes get to A-Rog and stop the Packers Run Game? They still have 31 WR Jordy Nelson and he is super-smooth as he plays former Broncos WR Ed McCaffrey 2k13.

The Vikings come in with All Day A.P. not the same back as he has been off the pace of 2012 and that is putting it mildly. Peterson isn't responsible for the Pass Game as the Vikes need to get settled in with One Signal-Caller. Ponder will come out throwing knowing his Job Status is still in the Air but can get it back with a real good showing. Can the Packers "D" minus Bloodline Backer Clay Matthews Jr get to Ponder and slow down AP from getting a Hundo? The Vikes comes in 1-5 an the Packers lead the NFC North at 4-2 with the Bears sitting at 4-3 idle and the Lions hosting the Cowboys at 4-3.

Winner: PACKERS 34-24 A-Rog too much as Ponder plays well as does AP...  

RED SOX @ CARDINALS Game 3...After a Game in which "DUECES were Wild"....the REDBIRDS get a "W" on of all things an "OBSTRUCTION" Call and just like that it's 2-1 REDBIRDS..."FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13 as Why did SOX Back Stop SALTALAMACCHIA throw it to 3rd in the first place? #CARDShardball

Not pointing fingers but before the Obstruction Call why in Rawlings Hard balls did Redbirds Backstop Jarrod Saltalamacchia even throw it to 3rd with no shot of getting Craig at Third Base? That play through a "Monkey Wrench" into what was a classic back and forth Fall Classic Showcase.

The Redbirds jumped all over Carmines Starter Jake Peavy as Peavy held on to go four innings giving up four hits and two runs. Redbirds Starter Joe Kelly was cruising until he gave up a run in both the 5th and 6th inning to leave the game 2-2 after six.

The Redbirds then pushed two runs across in the bottom half of the 7th as it looked like the Redbirds were going to win with Carlos Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal in Cards Skip Matheny's Back Pocket. The Red Sox get to Rosenthal in the top half of the 8th and tie it up and all that dram set up the bottom of the 9th inning.

With Runners on 2nd and 3rd and one out the Redbirds CF Jon Jay hit a grounder to Sox Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia who threw home to get Redbirds Back Stop Yadier Molina running from 3rd and he was tagged out by Six Catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. "Salt" then threw to 3rd trying to get Cards 1st Baseman Allen Craig who was on 2nd trying to advance to 3rd and the throw gets past Sox Hot Corner Will Middlebrooks. As Craig was getting up trying to score it looked as though Middle brooks was obstructing his path to home plate hence "Obstruction" was called and that was your game as Craig was awarded Home Plate by the Home Plate Umpire with the 3rd Base Ump calling Obstruction.

All that drama for a 5-4 Redbirds win and 2-1 series lead. Game Four on Sunday at 8pm ET from New Busch Stadium....      

Note: Redbirds LF Matt Holliday went 2 for 5 scoring a Run and Three RBI

Saturday, October 26, 2013

STEELERS @ RAIDERS....the MEN of STEEL have taken L's in the BLACK HOLE of late including 34-31 loss in 2012..Can the STEELERS get Win #3 in a Row against 4 losses in a row...TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles NFL Week 8 Game #7 #PITvsOAK

The Pittsburgh Steelers head to East Bay where the Steelers have not had any luck of late. Now they embark on Game 7 in NFL Week 8 as the Black and Yellow may have turned things around. 2-4 after starting 0-4 and  huge win over the Rival Ravens in the 'Burgh last week woke of the Steelers a little.

The Raiders are coming off of a Bye Week and a Monday Night Thrashing at the hands of Manning Mile High and the Broncos. The Run Game has eluded them but QB Terrelle Pryor has played pretty good as the Raiders have decided to roll with him as they released Science Project Matt Flynn who made a lot of cash off one Packers Start...Imagine That!

October 27, 2013 4:05pm ET Kickoff in the Black Hole

Burgh Verified #STILLERS @ #Silver&Black RAIDERS 

What the STEELERS need to do to Win: 

Big BEN needs to be efficient in the Passing Game and no INTs...

RB Le'veon Bell need to keep running the Pig with that Patient Running Style...

TE Heeeeeeeeeeeath Miller has added another dimension to the Steelers Offense and Haley's Offense needs a bonafide All-Pro Tight End like Heath Miller!..feed #83 the Pig ASAP!

Can the Steelers O-Line keep Big Ben upright and that Run Game going as they graded out about a C+ vs the rival Ravens?

Defensively stay in your lane and keep Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor in the Pocket...

Raiders WR Denarius Moore is Target 1-3 and "I like Ike" Taylor needs to shut that down...

What the RAIDERS need to do to Win: 

QB Pryor needs to take care of the Pig and get that Passing game going...moving the chains with his feet if possible...  

Where in "Whoo Pig Sooie" is Raiders RB Run DMC McFadden...or is he in Fayetteville, Arkansas?

WR Denarius Moore is a Problem...will be the Steelers Problem on Sunday Afternoon?

Can the Raiders Front stop the Steelers New run Game and Rook RB Bell?

Can they get Pressure on Big Ben up the middle and keep him from improvising?

Winner: STEELERS 27-13 as that Steelers "O" is looking better and better as the Steelers "D" is Dick LeBeau Verified!


NFL Week 8 Late Slate 4pm ET

#GangGREEN @ the Jungle vs #WhoDEY

The New York Jets come off of beating the New England Patriots and the Bengals come of of defeating Restore the Roar of the Motor City in NFL Week 7.  One thing both Teams pack in this one is a stout Front Seven. The Jets have been doing a really good job of protecting Geno by their Run Game. Both Bilal Powell and Chris Ivory have been a pleasant 1-2 punch. Geno last week also made plays with his legs and that adds another dimension to what opposing defenses have to worry about. Now can that Gang Green Run game move the Pig on the ground vs the Atkins Diet and that Bengals Front?

The Bengals on the other hand are getting real nice production from Vet RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis as Rook RB Giovanni Bernard has been a constant threat in the run and pass game. The Bengal have also found what works for QB Andy Dalton as he has had three great games in a row passing for over 300 plus yards. Can they move the Pig on that Jets Secondary with a banged up Antonio "Cro" Cromartie and crew? Jets Backer David Harris along with Rook DT SHeldon Richardson and Muhammad Wilkerson have been holding things down in the middle and can they slow that Bengals Run Game down? As good as the Bengals D is the Jets are ahead of them in Passing and Running Yards!

Winner: JETS 20-16 as that Gang Green D goes Chiquita Bananas in the Jungle!

#DirtyBIRDS @ #BirdGANG

As bad as things were in the 404 the Falcons have won two in a row and to their credit they have not listened to anything on the outside and kept working. Then Arizona Cardinals have issues and at times you want to say its schematic issues but then its on the players as well. The Falcons have found a run game from RB Quizz Rodgers. Now they get Steven Jackson back from a Bad Hammy bit watch out. No Julio Jones and Roddy White is doubtful as the "Peach Drop 3" has become the One with TE Gonzo left. Now you can add WR Harry Douglas to the fold as he has stepped up and has been as good as advertised. Can the Falcons move the Pig in the Air vs the Cards and Lock down CB Patrick Peterson?

The Bird Gang have been less than stellar running the Pig and QB Palmer looks challenged physically. Can the Cards move the Pig in the Air and get the Pig to WR Larry Fitzgerald aka "Fitz" as he has been "Casper" the Friendly Ghost in the Cards Passing Game of late? The front of the Cards led by Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell have been solid but they need help as Pass Rush Specialist John Abrahams has looked his age. The Falcons can be beat as banged up as they are but are the Cards up to the task?

Winner: FALCONS 34-23 as QB Matty Ice bails out the Angry Birds 404 as they try to get back to them Dirty Birds 404...


Now the 'Skins gave up 40 plus and the Broncos gave up almost 40 last week. The 'Skins cannot stop anyone but it appears the Broncos "D" they supposedly fixed is anything but fixed. The Broncos will run away with this one but there will be fireworks if anything else. Can the 'Skins slow down the Broncos by pounding the Pig on the ground and eating up clock? The Broncos will score but the 'Skins have to limit the possessions they get if possible. This just appears to be at least on paper a nasty late slate blowout by the Broncos as Shanahan goes back to his last job.

Winner: ORANGE Crush 55- 27...yes I went there....


DOLPHINS @ PATS...BILLS @ SAINTS...and GIANTS @ EAGLES...A QB DRIVEN League as TOM Terrific and BREES leads this Group with a (PROBABLE) Mike VICK #MIAvsNE #BUFvsNO #NYGvsPHI

NFL Week 8 Early Slate 1pm ET


The Miami Dolphins head into New England fading fast as they were the easy pick to unseat the Pats back in the Pre-Season. The Phins have moved into some heavy turbulence and that Seat Belt Light has been on for three weeks now. QB Ryan Tannehill has hit the wall in the Sophomore Slump as I wonder if Phins WR Mike "Da Kid" Wallace thinks about Tannehill being better than Big Ben now...Child Please! They have no Run Game and that has folded their offense as Teams don't play them to run. Now comes the Pats and that Phins "D" has struggled of late and the Pats will have "Gronk" at Tight End.

Speaking of the Pats they could have won last week's game vs Gang Green but they didn't. It is evident that the middle of that ""D with no Wilfork or Mayo is really soft. That shouldn't be a worry come Sunday as the Phins can't run. Tom is getting more and more acclimated to his Wide outs and getting "Gronk" back is huge. Can the Phins "D" stop the Pats in both the Run and Passing Game. Can the Tannehill and the Phins find a Run Game as that Pats "D" is soft and chewy in the middle?

Winner: PATS 34-17 as Tom Terrific goes crazy on that Phins Secondary....

#BILLSMafia @ #GeauxSAINTS 

The Bills get a huge "W" last week in Miami and now the task gets much tougher. Bills QB Thad Lewis will face a Saints "D" that is in the Top 5 in most categories and they have QB Drew Brees at QB. Bills DE Super Mario Williams will be on the attack as the Saints need to have balance. Will Saints TE Jimmy Graham play as he adds a whole other dimension to the Saints Offense? Will BILLS RB CJ Spiller and oft-injured WR Stevie Johnson play as they are listed as Doubtful? Saints coming off a Bye Week as the Bills "D" should be up for the Task with all those High Picks in their Secondary.      

Winner: SAINTS 30-24 as Brees and Company get back on the Winning Track...

#GMen @ #BIRDS

The Giants are on the board and they will get the Eagles when QB Mike Vick is back in the saddle. Last week versus the Cowboys the Birds stunk up the Linc looking dismal on offense. The Giants are still dangerous in the Air when Eli is throwing INTs. Nicks, Cruuuuuz, and Randle are one of the top 5 Duo's on Sunday. Can the Eagles get to Eli and Company as OG David Baas is on IR? Will the G-Men install that "Nascar Package" as Vick enters the fray on Sunday? Look if the Eagles win and the Cowboys lose we have a tie in the NFC L-East at 4-4 with the Cowboys holding the Tiebreaker. Don't tell me if the G-Men win they start stacking W's and come all the way back from the Playoff Dead to win the NFC L-East...that just cannot happen...right?

Winner: G-Men 27-23 as ELI and those WRs destroy the Birds Secondary...


NFL Week 8 Early Slate 1pm ET

#COWBOYS @ #RestoreTheROAR

The Dallas Cowboys made  huge step in the right direction last week taking care of LINC-iliscious and the Eagles at the Linc. Now that work goes for not if they cannot go into Detroit in the "Big Assembly Line" Ford Field and beat the Lions. Romo didn't play well but the Cowboys"D", Kicking Game, and Players starring n Supporting Roles played well and that's a recipe for success with Team Jerry's World. Dez Bryant says he is right there with "MEGAtron" and Bryant of Jordan Brand has major talent but that is 9 Route Stretch of a call from him.

The Lions will try to get that Run Game and Reggie Bush going as they let one slip away last week at home versus the Bengals. Can Lions QB Matthew Stafford get others involved as the Cowboys will be playing to limit MEGAtron and have someone else beat them? That Lions "D" played well enough last week to win but didn't. Now comes a more balanced attack from the Cowboys as Romo has weapons all over the field. Can they slow down Witten along with Bryant make others beat them? The Lions this Game in many categories but will that translate to the field on Sunday?

Winner: COWBOYS 26-23..Romo vs Staff as they go Fantasy Totals for the Greater Good...


At what point does one have to stop analyzing a Game if it looks like and smells like a Crime Scene? The Niners will not take the Jags lightly and that maybe the biggest problem here. Niners Lead Man Harbaugh has a propensity to think that his Team is Top 5 in the BCS and they need to see how high the Numbers go up on the scoreboard. Can Jags QB Henne and RB Mo Jones-Drew do anything on the Niners offensively? Can the Jags "D" stop that Niners Run Game out of those Pistol Sets? This game doesn't look good for all parties involved as the Niners might need to rest some folks early in this one.        

Winner: 49ERS 38-16...enough said!

#DAWGpound @ #REDFriday

The Browns are funny as they have 3rd String QB Jason Campbell in the Croc Pot until NFL Week 8 and he doesn't come out playing the Jags or G_men but the #1 ranked Team in the NFL Week 8 Power Rankings and the only undefeated Team on Sunday...the Chiefs aka Team RED Friday. The Chiefs are running on all cylinders and as of right now they might win the AFC West and get what rightfully belongs to the Chiefs..the Lamar Hunt Trophy...Yikes! The Browns "D" is solid but if that Browns Offense cannot move the Pig and Smith and Charles and Company are on the field for a long's 8-0 Chiefs as they stay undefeated.

Winner: CHIEFS 30-6...Both Chief Bookends HALI and HOUSTON add to their Ten Red Jersey Collections apiece...

Top 10 POWER Forwards in the LOGO 2013-14...SQUEEZE the ORANGE with a Front Line Look at the Best of the Best playing next to the MAN in the MIDDLE...the PF...Is DUNC of SPURS Community still Numero Uno at Age 37? #NBATop10PowerFORWARDS

There would be an argument but with Tim Duncan still playing at a Championship Level how could you put any Power Forward ahead of the 37-year Old who averaged just under 18 points and ten rebounds per along with 2.6 Blocks. The Lake Oswego Monster of 10K Lakes, L-Train of Rip City, and Z-Bo of Team Grit and Grind are right there on Dunc's Heels though as there are some talented players to call the 4 Spot..Home.

Top 10 Power Forwards in the Logo for 2013-14:

1. Tim Duncan alias "Dunc" #SpursCommunity Weapon of Choice: Adidas Commander TD V

C'mon there is nothing like Dunc in the Logo as he is arguably the Best Power Forward ever in the Logo...ever. I would argue that point simply because I always was a firm believer that Hakeem "the Dream" Olajuwon was a Power Forward playing Center but that is another story for another day. Dunc still is formidable as he showed in the Spurs Run ti the "Fight for Larry" and there is no reason why he still can't be the best Power Forward in the Logo. 17.8 ppg an 9.9 rebs and 2.6 blks in 2012-13...say something about Dunc..I dare you to!

2. Kevin Love alias "Lake Oswego Monster" #10KLakesBoys Weapon of Choice: 361 Degrees K.L. 3

He sat out with that bad Hand for most of 2012-13. Now when K.L. is on the Floor he is a Monster from 23 feet 9 Inches and plays "Jaws" from 007 Fame as he eats Glass. There is nothing he can't do and they have labeled him as the best players in the Logo with limited athletic ability. What...who can throw a chest Pass from end line to end line in a blink. He is the Franchise of the T'Wolves and he is a Top 10 Player in the Logo including all players...that good!

3. LaMarcus Aldridge alias L-Train #RipCityBLAZERS Weapon of Choice: Nike Air Max Hyperposite "Area 72" L-TRAIN PE

Is this guy played in a a huge Market everyone would know him and that isn't a knock against one of the Top NBA Cities in the NBA..the "Rose City" Portland , Oregon. He is the complete package with the best Mid-Game outside of Dunc in the Logo as he can face-up and play his back to the Basket. His range is from 18-19 feet and in with an excellent floor game. He has been disgruntled for awhile in Portland as the Bulls and Blazers talks for quite sometime over the summer and no deal were made. L-Train is a keeper and right behind the two above Players...right behind them!

4. Dirk Nowitzki alias DIRKiliscious #MAVSnation Weapon of Choice: 2013 Nike Air Max DIRK PE

He has declined slowly due to injury. The 2013-14 Season should be what the Doctor ordered for Dirk as he has some nice Reinforcements around him for the 2013-14 season.  He doesn't need top regain his Finals MVP Form but in the vicinity would give the Mavs a #6 seed in the West. Dirk is simply a Top 5 in the Clutch as his game took off when he added that Post Game back in 2005-06 season.

5. Zach Randolph alias Z-Bo #TeamGrit&Grind Weapon of Choice: Nike Air Max Hyperguard Z-BO PE

He is not the best defender but buys into that Grit and Grind Team Defense Scheme. He is a monster on the Offensive Glass and money at the Charity Stripe. His FG % won;t move you as it's under 50%
but his game in Totality is better than most. When the Grizzlies need a bucket in the Post or a Bucket in Crunch Time..Z-Bo is the #1 Option. A Double Double Machine Randolph is as he had 45 in 201-2-13 and that is 4th on the list.

Best of the Rest Power Forwards 2013-14

6. Blake Griffin alias BLAKEshow #LOBcity
7. David Lee alias General D-Lee #DUBnation
8. Anthony Davis alias NOLA Uni-Brow #Pelicans
9. David West alias D-West #GoldSwagger
10. Serge Ibaka alias Air Congo #RegulatorsReportOKC   

RED SOX @ CARDINALS...Game 3 from BASEBALL Town USA should bring us RED and more RED as it will be PEAVY vs KELLY as the Series is knotted at 1-1...SOX lose NAPOLI at First Base as Big PAPI will play...CRAIG for ADAMS for the REDBIRDS...October Hardball Drama with GHOSTS and GOBLINS near "FIGHT for the COMMISH" 2k13 and its Three Games to the SHAMP-PAG-NA #BostonSTRONG #PostCARDS

The Word Series thus far has been even better than advertised as both Skips play Chess as both Teams trade blows with their Maple, Ash, or Bamboo. Both the Cards and Red Sox have their Dawgs out of the way in "Waino, Wacha, Letser, and Lackey. Now it comes down to in the next two games who has more Quality on the Bump than Quantity. Carmines DH/1B Big Papi Ortiz has been on fire as the Redbirds have done it for the most part at least in Game 2 collectively. Now it comes down to a three Game Series near the gate Way Arch to decide either a Parade Route or who leads headed back to Fenway. October Hardball sponsored by Maalox and Tums for Boston Strong and Redbird Nation.

October 26, 2013 from New BUSCH Stadium 


BOS Peavy vs STL Kelly

Yes Peavy is a big game pitcher but when was the last time he pitched in a game of this magnitude. The Detroit Tigers sent him back to his room on an extended Timeout in the ALCS. Kelly was smacked by the "Boys in Blue" in his only start in the NLCS and like Peavy he will try to redeem himself as the Pressure Gauges rise.

The Redbirds will not face Mike Napoli as he will be replaced by David "Big Papi" Ortiz at First Base as we play in the National League Ballpark. That advantage goes to the Redbirds and the National League Team as the Carmines lose their 2nd best power-hitter.

The Carmines will get most likely Cards First Baseman Allen Craig as they will sit Matt Adams. The Red Sox for the most part are not worried about either one as that long lay off has taken some sharpness off Allen Craig's Productivity at the Dish.

The Carmines want to get Game 3 to set the tone for a Game 4 as they will play three straight in Baseball Town USA. If the Redbirds win Game 3 lookout as the pressure to get Game 4 will be heightened for the Carmines playing out of the Motel. What will the Redbirds do with three straight Home Tilts after Home-Cooked Meals?

Game Time Tonight at 8pm ET...on Fox

JAZZ @ LAKERS...LAKEshow #1 Soap...LAKERS "2014"....LAKERS end their Fake Games 2013 Season with a 111-106 "W" over the Salt Palace JAZZ...#LAKERnation #LAKERgang #2014

The L.A. Lakers end their 2013 Fake Games Trek with a somewhat convincing 111-106 win over a youthful Jazz bunch. The Lakers get the Real BLAKEshow Terps Alum Steve Blake with 19 points and seven boards as rode Shotgun with Lakers PG "NASHty" in a funky-looking Starting Line Up for the LAKEshow. Both the Spaniard and Nick at Night 2.0 added 16 points apiece for Laker Nation's #1 Soap..."2014'.

The Jazz get 18 points from both Star in the making Small Forward Gordon Hayward and 3rd-Year Combo Guard Alec Burke. France Native Big Rudy Gobert (the Jazz 2013 2nd Pick) also had a solid game showing off hr Future for the Jazz with 16 points and nine rebounds.

Back to the Lakers Line Up as they went like this on the 1st and 2nd Units against the Jazz.

1st Unit

2G Real BLAKEshow
SF "Nick at Night" 2.0
PF Shawne Williams
C the Spaniard

2nd Unit

PG Farmar
SG Jodie Meeks
SF Wes Johnson
SF Xavier Henry
C Jordan Hill

That 1st unit is solid but from a rebounding standpoint it could get ugly. The 2nd Unit is super-quick but limited size as there is Power Forward Hill playing the Five and both Henry and Johnson playing the Forwards with PG Farmar and Sniper Meeks...interesting but youthful and fast.

The Lakers open October 29th at Staples vs their New Rival the Lob Angeles we go LAKEshow and their #1 Soap "2014".    

Friday, October 25, 2013

BCS Talk...ROLL TIDE and the "NOLES lead the BCS....what the Top 10 in the BCS Game Week look like as we head to NOVEMBERS in FALL SATURDAY's....#BAMA #NOLES #DUCKS #BUCKEYES n more #NCAAF

The Major College Football Season is getting into "Crunch Time" as the BCS has launched its poll and to no surprise 'Bama is #1. The 2nd place Florida State Seminoles are for real as Red shirt Freshman QB "Famous Jameis" Winston continues to defy the odds as he set "Death Valley" Orange on Fire last week. The "Quack Attack" Eugene has the Pac 12 under it's spell but still has some huge games left including this Saturday's match up with the Bruins. Let's take a look at the Top 10 in the BCS and their October 26th Schedules.

Top 10 BCS for October 26th Games:

1. #BAMA (7-0, 4-0 SEC) vs #RockyTopUT

2. #NOLES (6-0, 4-0 ACC) vs #NCSU

3. #QUACKAttack (7-0, 4-0 PAC 12) vs #UCLA

4. #BUCKEYES (7-0, 3-0 BIG 10) vs #HAPPYValley

5. #MIZZOU (7-0, 3-0 SEC) vs #COCKS

6. #TheFARM (6-1, 4-1 PAC 12) @ #OSUBeavers

7. #CANES (6-0, 2-0 ACC) vs #DEMONDeacons

8. #BUBears (6-0, 3-0 BIG 12) @ #ROCKChalk

9. #CLEMSON (6-1, 4-1 ACC) @ #FightingTURTLES

10. #REDRaiders (7-0, 4-0 BIG 12) @ #BoomerSOONER

Al the Match Ups are pretty solid except for the Baylor Bears heading to Lawrence to play the Jayhawks. The Top 3 Match Ups for October 26th in the BCS Top 10:

Bruins @ Quack Attack in Eugene, OR....

'Cocks @ Mizzou in Columbia, MO...

Red Raiders @ Boomer Sooner in Norman, OK....

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mikeCATS @ KNICKS...KEMBA comes back Home to hit the KNICKS for 18 pts and a "W" as the "World's Most Famous" Arena "MSG" has transformed into Present Day 2013...KNICKS Tape #1 SOAP..."GOTHAM LIGHT"... NYK go 2-5 in 2013-14 Fake Games #KNICKSnation #theBULLY #21ShumpStreet #GetShotsJR @MWP #BloodlineHardawayJR n more

Yes I know it's pre-season but the Charlotte Hornets dba Charlotte bobCATS aka mikeCATS finish 2013-14 NBA Fake Games 4-3 as they beat the Knicks in the transformed New MSG 85-83. New York Native Kemba Walker gets 18 points as the mikeCATS get some "Splash Plays" late as Knicks Nation and Team Woodson look on.

The Knicks led 55-42 at the break and maybe a few of the Knicks went on non-chaperon Tour of New MSG instead of handling the Chalk Talk. The mikeCATS come out in the 2nd half and outscore the Knickerbockers 43-28 to win the contest and give them "Hope" for the 2013-14 season and when you have ben as bad as they have been hope is everything.

Josh McRoberts aka Josh McLovin' led the mikeCATS with 19 points and nine rebounds. Gerald Henderson also had 18 points as that mikeCATS Back Court of him and Walker are looking and playing the part. Knicks Tape gets 16 from Shump and 13 points from the "Bully" as he looked like he was ready to get on with real action and enough of heightened "Shirts and Skins".  M.W.P. and "Get Shots" J.R. added 12 and 11 respectively.

"Gotham Light" starts the 82-game trek on October 30th vs the Bucks and they are at the "West Side Story Report" on Halloween Night and that should have some real intensity.....Booooo!       

NUGS @ BULLS....SEE RED makes up for lackluster effort in Half #1 and come out in the 3rd Frame and go 5,280 Feet on the NUGS....BOOZ and LUUUUUUUUUUU lead BULLS to a 94-89 "W"...WEST SIDE STORY Report "The 2013-14 BULLS close FAKE Games Undefeated" #BULLSnation #DaBULLS

The Denver Nuggets under new lead man Brian Shaw aka "B-Shaw" from the "Town" East Bay came out in the 1st half with a purpose on the Bulls and went to break leading 48-36. What happened between the rush to Concessions for See Red Nation, the Spalding Orange hanging out at the Scorers Table, and some enlightened heightened "Chalk Talk"...the Bulls and "Benny the Bull" hit the Phone Booth.

Behind  massive double-doubles from C-Booz 5 (24 pts 10 rebs) and Luuuuuuu (23 pts 12 rebs) the Bulls go on a 36-18 run in the 3rd frame to get back into the game. They go onto to finish with a 23-22 advantage in the 4th and final period to beta the feisty Nugs 94-89. Javale of "Shaqtin' A Fool Lore and Anthony Randolph led a balanced Nugs Attack with 15 points apiece.

The Bulls finish the 2013 Fake Games with a 8-0 record and for Bulls Lead Man Thibs he wanted to reinforce his bunch with playing with D-Rose in game-situations again and stacking wins to let his bunch know they are still an Elite Team in the Logo. D-Rose ended his night with 15 points and eight helpers.

October 29th the Season Premier of the "West Side Story Report" from South Beach as the Heat hang Banner #3 and the Bulls go "Operation F*@k their Party" to get Win #1 of 2013-14 and send Team King James a message while Heat and Family enjoy the parties with a "what just happened" and "Benny the Bull" on their mind!

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 136....CAM and the PANTHERS "FIRE the CANNONS" on the Team SCHIANO and the BUCS...BLACKHAWKS get struck by LIGHTNING Twice...Imagine That! #PanthersNC #BlackHawksNation #TBBolts

Cam Newton did what they were suppose to and what they have been doing all season long and that is throttling bad teams. Well Thursday Night was no different as the Panthers go into Tampa and hit the Bucs for 31-13 "W" as the rest of the NFL let alone the NFC South need to take note.

Newton led a balanced attack as he was 23 for 32 and 221 yards and Two TDs. Newton also accounted for 50 yards on the ground on eleven runs. Panthers RBs DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert combined for 88 yards on 15 carries and a one in the Bucs End Zone. Panthers WR Ted Ginn Jr. continues to play on the Redeem Team as he grabs four Pigs for 80 yards to lead Carolina in Receptions. The Panthers played well mixed with a bad Bucs Team as Bucs Lead Man continues to stay up and watch film while peeking out the window of his Office for "Three Men and a Truck".

Bucs Rookie QB Mike Glennon was 30 for 51 as he threw for 275 yards and a score. The Bucs "D"played well in the 1st half but was worn down in the 2nd half due to their Offense's inability to stay on the field. Bucs fall to 0-7 as the Panthers are 4-3 good for 2nd in the NFC South.

The Tampa Bay Lightning pick up two points as they beat the Blackhawks again 6-5 in the 5 minute overtime. The Lightning struck first with one goal in the first and the first of two goals in the 2nd frame. Then Hawks scored three goals in the 2nd frame behind Bicks 29, Boss Hoss 81,,and Citizen Kane 88. Both Shaw and the Captain #19....Jonathan Toews scored in the 3rd as the Lightning also scored twice as we went to the Shootout tied 5-5 after regulation. It was Lightning Star Winger Martin St. Louis who scored the game-winner on a wrister at 1:18 of Overtime. The Hawks move to 6-1-3 as they pick up an OT point. The Lightning move to 6-3-0 as they get the "W". Hawks now head back to Chi City for a Home and Home with the Minnesota Wild.