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Everything is BIGGER in TEXAS.....MAVERICKS BLING reportedly weighs 92 GRAMS...and where is the CHAMPIONSHIP BELT CUBAN?

WOW..talking bling bling...the MAVERICKS do it BIG as in REAL BIG with the 2010-11 CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS. If your going to put a CHIP up don't forget to put a BIGGER CHIP on your FINGER.

BIG UPS to the LEADING ACTOR in this ONE...DIRKiliscious aka the DIGGLER aka DUETSCHE Marks DIK NOWITZKI

Also Supporting ACTORS.....

JET Terry
aka the French Pastry Rodrigue BEAUBOIS
TYSON ....I know what your thinking....NOT THAT ONE
Ian Mahinmi the FRENCHman
My PEJA keep blowin' up STOJAKOVIC



STUNT Coordinator (TRAINER)....Casey SMITH

TIME IS NOW Production Company

Asst VP of OPS Keith GRANT

ACADEMY AWARD for BEST PICTURE and nominated for 10 Other Awards

Forget 5 MICS...5 SPALDINGS for this FEAT.....GO MAVS n BIG D

SUPER BOWL 46....GIANTS Strengths and Weaknesses....COUGHLIN, TUCK, OSI, ELI, HAKEEM, and VICTOR Strengths....then what?

The GIANTS know who they are and the NFL does to. The PATRIOTS and GIANTS played each other the last Pre-Season Game this past season and they did so on their way to the SUPER BOWL 42 Match-Up.

Putting all that INFO into play the PATRIOTS know what they are up against as do the G-MEN. Coach COUGHLIN and ELI know the Forecast in that STOUT Passing Game with a Chance of THUNDER and LIGHTNING. Looking at the Worst Pass Defense in the NFL during the SEASON the PATS have their biggest challenge in stopping the G-MEN Trio of CRUZ, NICKS, and Super MARIO Manningham the BIG HOUSE Edition.

The GIANTS also know that the PATS Front 7 has been playing LIGHTS OUT in WINNING TIme so there will be an extra emphasis on that Possible Storm in the AREA.

GIANTS Strengths:

No Doubt in anyones mind it has been the play of QB Eli MANNING and the GIANTS Front with OSI and TUCK leading the way minus STRAHAN. They have amped the PRESSURE up once again and opposing Offensive Lines have had their share of trouble dealing with these guys which makes the G-MEN's Secondary that much better.

Also Eli and those Passing Weapons on the OUTSIDE have been a problem and may continue to be a PROBLEM for the PATRIOTS as the new found TARGET UMass MINUTEMEN WR Victor CRUZ, yeah that juggernaut of a football program in AMHERST MASS, was the 49ers problem the whole 1st half of the NFC Championship Game. So even if the PATRIOTS STOP the BAD WEATHER, thunder and lightning, the G-MEN still seem to be unstoppable through the air.

The GIANTS look even better than they did in SUPER BOWL 42 from an offensive standpoint. That D hasn't changed much either and BRADY probably won't have GRONK his #1 Weapon at TIGHT END.

GIANTS Weaknesses:

Their 3rd Phase is really good and if the G-MEN have a WEAKNESS it is in the SECONDARY at the CORNERS. T "U" Connection CORAL GABLES, Safeties Antrell ROLLE and Kenny PHILLIPS, are dynamite but even they seem to be out of sorts at times and at key junctures in the GAME. If BRADY gets enough time with that GIANTS Pass Rush in his mug the PATS can do damage DOWNFIELD and the G-MEN know it.

The LINEBACKERS even though BOLEY is a PLAYER can be suspect in COVERAGE and the PATS can exploit that even without GRONK as HERNANDEZ himself can be and is a problem at every RIP. The GIANTS will make the adjustments but so will Tom TERRIFIC.

Lawrence TYNES the G-MEN Place Kicker is the REAL DEAL and if it comes down to the KICKING GAME the edge has to be in the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS Favor.

It is like the GAME is TONIGHT lets get it on on the ASPHALT in MARKET SQUARE.....PATS and G-MEN going down GINORMOUS in NAPtown on SUNDAY........Add the AJ HARRIS the BlueDude in your CIRCLE on GOOGLE PLUS and follow on TWITTER @bluedudesports

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SUPER BOWL 46......PATRIOTS Strengths and Weaknesses.....Coach Belichik, BRADY, GRONK, DION, AARON, WES, and that FRONT 7 on D..Strengths

The PATRIOTS know where everything lies and so does the NFL when they are playing the PATRIOTS. Strengths and Weaknesses are easy to detect because we live in an age where NO STONE is UNTURNED.

Having said that the G-MEN know exactly what the PATRIOTS want to do and don't want to do. They need Tom TERRIFIC and that offense to have the ball a lot and if they do all arrows are in the PATS favor. If the PATS D is out there a lot all arrows point to the Opposition in this one. It is not ROCKET SCIENCE it is the SUPER BOWL and there are Experts at least POEPLE who have been breaking down NFL Films for Decades that will be game planning in this one like all NFL Teams.

PATRIOTS Strengths:

Head Coach Bill BELICHIK, TOM Terrific, GRONK, AARON, WES, DION, and the PATRIOTS front 7 on Defense. Tom and the PATS want a big edge in Time Of Possession and they know if they can get that the GAME will most likely go their way. GRONK with a high-ankle sprain is a HUGE Concern because he is BRADY's Go-to-guy in a lot of areas on the field. WES and DION will have to play even bigger roles as does Aaron Hernandez Role is taking some of GRONKOWSKI's Role. To keep the G-MEN front off-balance they also must have a solid Run Game with Woodhead, the LAW FIRM Green-Ellis, and Kevin FAULK.

Also on DEFENSE that PATRIOTS front has been menacing in WINNING Time as DT Vince WILFORK has held it down with the help of Kyle Love and Gerard WARREN. Then the Best part of that unit is the LINEBACKERS with Gary GUYTON, Brandon SPIKES, Rob NINKOVICH, and Jerod MAYO. They have been playing lights out and made the necessary plays down the stretch to beat the RAVENS.

PATRIOTS Weaknesses:

If there is a an ACHILLES HEEL with the PATRIOTS is that they DO NOT create enough TURNOVERS on Defense and that SECONDARY is atrocious. Now can ELI MANNING exploit that SECONDARY to the POINT that the PATRIOTS have to start playing COVER 2 the whole game which should OPEN the GIANTS run Game with a Possibility of THUNDER and LIGHTNING the Forecast at Game Time.

So protecting that WEAK Secondary is an interesting task that should unfold within the 1st 2 series the G-MEN have the PIGSKIN with all those WEAPONS that have made the Subpar FALCONS, PACKERS (who rely on TURNOVERS so they took a lot of chances and that burned them vs ELI), and the 49ERS who is outstanding and the G-MEN WR's held up on that end as well. So they have to be licking their CHOPS looking at the Game Film on that PATS Secondary.

Now PATS Safety and former QUACK ATTACK Star Patrick CHUNG is back but can he make the DIFFERENCE in Centerfield and not in the BOX where he usually does most of his damage.

The PATRIOTS are really sound in the 3rd PHASE as well and that shouldn't be any problem on SUNDAY.

GIANTS and PATRIOTS....the ROAD to SUPER BOWL 46....Who had the TOUGHEST Road?...Which Road will help pay off on SUNDAY?

It is almost here the LONG Drawn Out Super Bowl WEEK that is over analyzed and over televised to all. Having said all of that it is an anxiuos week for both teams, fans, cities of both teams, and the networks covering the SUPER BOWL.

Talking the NFC Champion New York FOOTBALL GIANTS and the AFC Champion New England PATRIOTS and how did they get here? Of both teams who had the toughest ROAD to get to NAPTOWN? And which Road both of these Teams traveled will pay off on SUNDAY?

The G-MEN first had to WIN on their field the last game of the SEASON vs America's Team the Dallas COWBOYS. Who ever won that game gets in and hosts the NFC Wild Card Game. The G-MEN took care of the COWBOYS in convincing fashion 31-14 and was the team to get in.

They started at home vs the DIRTY BIRD FALCONS and "MATTY ICE" RYAN and took them apart 24-2 as the G-MEN were starting to look like that SUPER BOWL 42 Team that shocked the Undefeated PATS in the VALLEY of the SUN to get their last LOMBARDI. The WINNER here had the uneviable task of traveling to rested PACKER Group and Green Bay.

The G-MEN shocked everyone but themselves as they hit the PACK in the GRILL and the PACK NEVER got up.QB Eli MANNING CHucked the PIGSKIN all over LAMBEAU for some 300 yards plus and the GIANTS WR's had their way with the PACKERS Secondary. To this day I could not tell you what in the name of VINCE LOMBARDI was going on that game but the PACKERS looked out of sync the ENTIRE GAME....Final......37-20 G-MEN.....WOW.

Then the G-MEN traveled to the BAY out west to take on the Upstart GOLD RUSH and they traded blow after blow until in OT it was a huge miscue by the NINERS in the 3rd Phase (Kicking Game) that gave the G-MEN the game-winning FG and off to INDY with a whole lot of CONFIDENCE. They beat the #1 Offense and the #2 DEFENSE to get their. The PATS have the #32nd Ranked D in the Regualr Season and NUMBERS are everything they don't lie.

The PATRIOTS had a BYE WEEK and they had the LUXURY of the BRONCOS and Tim TEBOW doing some of their work for them as the BRONCOS beat the STEELERS to advance to the AFC DIvisional in FOXBORO with the PATS seeing what the BRONCOS Offense did to the STEELERS D..the #1 Ranked D in the Regular Season.

With the PATS analyzing the TAPE all week the BRONCOS and TEBOW had NO SHOT and the PATS put 42 Points on the ORANGE Blush forget the ORANGE Crush that day. BRADY looked like a MAN possessed and he and "GRONK" PATS Tight End Rob GRONKOWSKI were drawing plays up in the GRASS between PLAYS to anihilate the BRONCOS Secondary.

The most impressive part of the GAME was the PATS new D...and I don't know if you can throw that D out in this GAME coming up and say they will control ELI and the G-MEN's Offense but we will see soon enough. The BRONCOS could do nothing and it was the PATS Front led by Vince "I have got to CRASH the TRAINING TABLE every RIP" WILFORK who led the PATS front 4 charge and they looked darn good. Final Score of the game....45-10 PATS.

Then came what many observers called in the AFC...the RAVENS and PATRIOTS dueling it out for a CHANCE at #46. An excellent game as the RAVENS D took much-needed shots and slowed BRADY and that OFFENSE down and at the same time FLACCO and the RAVENS O was exactly going up and down the field either.

The GAME came down to FLACCO and the RAVENS O just like I thought it would and of course you get that AVERAGE JOE and he couldn't make enough plays to WIN the GAME. Ray LEWIS is WRONG and ED REED is right.....it is about JOE and what have you done for me lately. FLACCO and Coach HARBAUGH thinks he is an ELITE QB then get them to the PROMISED LAND that's all I ask.

Brady and PATRIOTS had a little luck on their side and get by the RAVENS 23-20 as RAVENS Place Kicker Billy CUNDIFF misses a Game-Tying FG with :05 Seconds on the clock. It is NOT Billy's Fault I though FLACCO and the OFFENSE were going to score 6 to outright WIN the GAME and they didn't.

Looking at it they both had tough roads to get to #46 and both of these TEAMS had to play TOP 5 Defenses in the LAST GAME so all fronts are equal and nit will come down to who can stop the other team's offense and there is your KEY MATCH-UP for #46.

NOTE: Patriots Tight End Rob GRONKOWSKI was seen walking at INDY International Airport off the PATS Chartered Flight with a WALKING BOOT on what looked like a High-Ankle Sprain. Don't worry they will keep you posted on the most watched ANKLE ever in SUPER BOWL History.

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MONDAY.....How they got here

TUESDAY......PATRIOTS Stats plus strengths and weaknesses

WEDNESDAY.....GIANTS Stats plus strengths and weaknesses


FRIDAY.....HEADS to HEAD how they match up

SATURDAY..the BLUEDUDE's Super Bowl Recipes and places to get food for your SUPER BOWL Party

join the BLUEDUDE as we head to KICKOFF for #46 on SUNDAY February 5th, 2012

WEST SIDE STORY Report #6....the THRILLA in the Miami HEAT VIlla...BULLS throw NO ROCKS at the 305 BOYZ Throne...HEAT up 1..ZIP

Before I get into the REPORT...look left and take that HEAT faithful

17-4 BULLS vs the 14-5 HEAT at STAPLES West.....was a knockdown drag out.....ALI vs FRAZIER....MARVELOUS vs Sugar RAY duel that came down to missed free throws and poor execution from the 2 BEST Teams in the LOGO.

ROSE missed 2 crucial Free Throws and King JAMES followed and the BULLS couldn't even get the rebound. The funny thing was the BULLS NEVER led in this one and if they had they probably would have WON.

To the HEAT's Credit they kept the BULLS at bay with very tough HALF-COURT Type WINNING TIME D and the BULLS turned the ball over quite a bit. KING JAMES looked like KING KONG for at l;east 3 quarters then he did his disappearing act that the BLUEDUDE is accustomed to see in 4th Quarters from that DUDE. And there was a reason that COACH SPO of the HEAT had WADE COUNTY sitting there the whole 3rd quarter...to keep him fresh at the END and let KING JAMES do what he always do...for 3 quarters.

the BULLS received a great effort from their MVP Derrick ROSE but again it looks like ROSE has some HELP but he is doing way too much. It is cool to be humble and take the BLAME for your teammates but let them also make some plays not necessarily the SHOT but a play or TWO.

The BULLS D, the best in the NBA coming in ONLY giving up 87 points per, gave up a robust 58 at halftime to the HEAT and JAMES was eating and carrying the HEAT Load on O and D. KING JAMES had 35, 11 BOARDS, and 5 Helpers. ROSE matched him with 34, 6 and 6 but again those 2 Free Throws and NOT BLAMING POOH ROSE but those were HUGE Misses but miss them in JANUARY and NOT late MAY and early JUNE 2012.

The ONLY real good thing to come out of this is BULLS should-be 2012 ALL STAR Luol DENG was out with that WEEK to WEEK wrist injury. But make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT...there are no MORAL Victories in the LOGO...NONE....take that L and MOVE on and that is what the BULLS will do as the HEAT to.

BULLS won't see the HEAT again until March 14th and by then the CREAM of the EAST will have risen to the TOP and hopefully the WEST SIDE Report by then.

***NOTE BULLS on a 9-GAME Road TRIP...Loss @ HEAT...then @ the BIG PHONE BOOTH D.C. @ BROAD ST Philly @NYC @BEER TOWN USA @ BRICK CITY N.J. @the BIG EASY @the BIG CABLE BOX Queen City N.C. and @ the HUB home of the GREEN TEAM

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I have went back in forth for years Struggling with my INNER Jerry West as the BLUEDUDE plays NBA General Manager or VP of Basketball Operations...or Both.

What's a FRANCHISE WORTH?...Well how good is your Product?...Then you look at it as how good are your players and what commodities do you have within that product on the floor?

Here is the Max Contract Question.....What is a Franchise Player and what is a Piece Guy?

Well a Franchise player is a Player you can build your whole organization around on and off the floor. He also is a Draw at the Gate and in Team Merchandise. A Franchise Player who is doing whatever it takes on the Court can increase your worth as a Franchise ten fold and in the end they need to either be putting Banners up or always in the running to get one.

The Piece player is the Player you couple with at least 2 other players and sometimes 3 others. He is solid as is the other Piece Players. A Franchise can build around multiple guys if the Sum of all those players equals a Winner. Teams van also Market Multiple Players and it is sometimes beneficial as an Organization to do that.

Now here are some examples of what I am talking about when the BLUEDUDE says,,,,Franchise or Piece?


Michael AIR JORDAN Bulls: He is a Franchise and Piece all in one as you would have thought in his hay day there was 3 23's out there playing. Jordan is a prime example of a Franchise Player as he did it like no others before him on and off the court and revolutionized the Shoe Game and still is on top of that market.

Scottie Pippen Mr. PIP 33 BULLS: He is definitely a Piece guy although one could argue JORDAN never won the title without PIP as his sidekick. But those 2 together with the 1st combo of Pax, B.J., Cliff, Horace, Will, and Bill Cartwright. Then the 2nd combo of the Worm, Toni, Ron, Kerr, Bill, and Luc.

The Two Constants in both those Combos....Mike and Scottie.

Now the PlayersS about 10-15...Franchise or Piece from their Original Teams:


Kobe Bryant the BLACK MAMBA LAKEshow: Without a doubt a Franchise Player as he proved he could win the Big One without SHAQ Diesel. But the ability to do it big on and off the court gets him some Air Jordan Comparisons. But Kobe gets it at the Gate, Merch, Shoe Game, and Endorsement Deals out the back end.

LeBron James King JAMES 305 Boyz: He hasn't won the Big One Yet...but as far as being either Franchise or Piece....King is the King at the Gate, on the Floor, Merch, Shoe Game, and Popularity Globally. The Guy has answered every call since he has been in the LOGO and has surpassed some lofty expectations.

Dirk Nowitzki the DIGGLER Mavs: Franchise and I would have said that before he put that Banner last season. A Prime Example of a Team, City, and Country continuing to support their Top Guy and he finally came through and it wasn't easy. DIRK isn't the huge marketing machine but he is Huge in his native Country of Germany so that counts mucho DUETSCHE MARKS.

Dwayne WADE WADE County 305 BOYS: This is how powerful the Miami Heat are....they have 2 Franchise Players and when Wade County went down about a week and a half ago...King JAMES drove the Heat Car like it has been his wheels from Day 1. Wade County is a huge marketing machine on the court. When he and King JAMES win the Big One..they might not Stop.

Tim Duncan the BIG FUNDAMENTAL SPURS: I remember one Rick Pitino the head coach of the Boston Celtics trying desperately to move up in the Draft to get this guy. A can't miss...and he didn't miss. The Prototype PF that has leaped right into easily one of the 5 best players in the NBA in the last 25 Years...Real Talk. Not the most marketable guy...but on the court...3 Rings....and when the Admiral David Robinson left...he kept on. Ask Coach Pops of the Spurs about DUNC.....CIARA.....Speechless.

Shaquille O'NEAL SHAQfu: The BIG AARP was the man right off in the league on and off the floor. I know he would have eventually won in Orange County Florida in Mouse Town but before leaving he didn't win. It took SHAQ moving to L.A. to win the Big One with the Help of a Coach and a Player who was barely legal to drink. But without a doubt SHAQ was the most powerful Player since WILT to enter the paint in the NBA.

Kevin GARNETT the Big Ticket TWOLVES: The Player who started the LEAP from Schoolboy to 2 Week Pay Periods. KG was and still is the Prototype Big Forward who revolutionized the LOGO from playing the Forward Spot...to off the Court you could argue that he didn't WIN anything until he joined forces with the Truth and Sugar Ray. But Ticket was and still is the best ever Player in T'WOLVES History and solely gave them an Identity when they had absolutely none.

STOCKTON and MALONE Stock to Mailman JAZZ: Together Both Franchise Players Singles-Out Piece Players. They did it the right way and if it wasn't for that Dude in CHI-CITY...STOCK and Malone would have at worst..one chip. They both dominated for years at their respective spots and we will be hard pressed to see another DUO like them so dominant and fluid.

Dwight Howard Superman of O-Town: Without NO ?'s Asked...if I were starting an NBA Franchise right now HOWARD would be my man. I just couldn't help but build Inside Out and to have a specimen like Dwight..top shelf. Now will he be the next Biggest Thing to dump O-Town or what he thinks is greener pastures.


Derrick ROSE D-ROSE BULLS: Right Now is on the cusp of being that Franchise Player but he still is lacking in the Shooting Department. I know he won the NBA MVP last season but who would you take right now....Rose or Dwight Howard?....NO Question it would be Howard. But Rose is on the Fast Track to getting to be the Franchise Player Soon in CHI-CITY. Also the Mega-Endorsements are starting to trickle in for Rose.

Carmelo Anthony 'MELO Nuggets/Knicks: I just don't think you can say 'MELO is a Franchise Guy because you can't Win with him solely on his lead. Look at him...Best All-Around Scorer in the NBA but plays No D, could rebound more, and just lacks that Franchise Leadership Capabilities one needs to really flourish in the LOGO.

Amare Stoudamire STAT Suns/Knicks: look at STAT now....Bad Body Language....Bad Stats..not a Team Leader...so what does he do. Well STAT is Paid..but he falls into that I need Help mode. The Knicks have the guy above STAT in this Blog and they have No Direction. So what does that tell you from a Franchise Standpoint......not Happening.

Remember the Suns had NASH, the MATRIX, STAT, and J.J. from 404.....all those pieces i think if they stay together bring the Valley of the Sun a Chip. But they are all Piece Guys...hands down.

Deron Williams aka D-WILL 8 Jazz/Nets: As talented as D-WILL 8 is....He is a Piece guy and that is it. Can draw at the Gate a little but will,never be to Only One to draw. Now he and Dwight Howard if they can hook up..watch out. But until then....He always looks like he is treading water in the what do I have to do to get noticed?

Now lets just simplify it without reason....


Durant/Westbrook THUNDER together ONLY
the Glove/REIGNman SuperSONICS together ONLY


CP3 Hornets/CLIPS
Bosh Raptors/HEAT

Just a few but you get the picture it isn't that hard to figure out what is what here. Franchise singled-out is tough but collectively players might be of Franchise-Caliber.

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the LOGO WATCH #5..NO 'MELO KNICKS go down..ROSE challenges BEER TOWN LEFTY..C's handle PACERS..HORNETS and BLAZERS WIN in Blowouts.

I am ONLY going to say this a few more times or someone tell the BLUEDUDE to SHUT the H*** UP talkin' KNICKS we know we are TERRIBLE. No you NEW YORKERS don't..and when you got 'MELO at the TRADE Deadline and MR. BIG SHOT you thought all was good.

Well Tonight at the BOTTOM...305...WADE COUNTY you had NO 'MELO and STAT gave you 12, 6, and 3 and Landry FIELDS had 15, 7, 5....throw in Bill WALKER's 21 and 7 you would have thought the KNICKS pulled it off. STAT is givin' KNICKS Faithful and BANG for their BUCK huh?

On the other side of this there was KING JAMES 31, 8, and 7 to go along with WADE COUNTY's 28 and the KNICKS had NO SHOT in this one. HEAT win 99 - 89 and even with 'MELO they lose because WALKER and FIELDS don't get SHOTS with 'MELO playing. The KNICKS fall to 7-12 and a LIFE RAFT to the TRADE DEADLINE....HEEEEEELP. The HEAT on the other hand have to keep pace with the WEST SIDE Story of CHI-CITY as they go to 14-5. Now the HEAT have the match-up coming to them SUNDAY...BULLS at STAPLES 305.

The WEST SIDE STORY gets a challenge from the FEAR the DEER Boyz but come out on TOP with a 107-100 Victory. The BEER Town LEFTY...Brandon JENNINGS of COMPTON CA went for 19 and 6 in the 1st half and outplayed D-ROSE who had 16 and 3.

Fast Forward to the 2nd HALF.....the BULLS catch their 2nd and 3rd Wind as their DEFESNE proved to be too much and ROSE took the 1st Half of JENNINGS Challenge to the 2nd Half and Jennings ended up with 25 and 7 (with only 6 points and 1 helper in the 2nd half) to DERRICK's 34, 3 and 3. The BULLS also recieved MONSTER Games from JO and BOOZ 5 with a combined 39 Points, 29 Boards, and 5 Helpers. The BUCKS PF Drew GOODEN chipped in behind Jennings with 23 and 15.

Now the BULLS head to SOUTH BEACH for NO SUN but BUSINESS. The WEST SIDE STORY will try to THROW ROCKS at the 305 BOYZ Throne of Defending EASTERN Conference Champions.

In other NBA ACTION.....the PACERS WIN this past Wednesday Night meant nothing in BEANTOWN to the C's as they CELTICS get the W 94-87 behind 28, 10, and 8 from the TRUTH..P2 of INGELWOOD CA. I think DOC has told #34 with RONDO and SUGAR RAY out we go as far as you take us. The TRUTH of the MATTER is he got the message.

The PACERS were paced by Danny GRANGER's 21 and 6 and Paul GEORGE's 16 and 9 Boards. The PACERS are now 12-6 and the GREEN TEAM go to 9-9 with 5 in a row in the LEFT COLUMN.

The NEW ORLEANS HORNETS get ONLY their 4th Win in 19 tries as they blowout the MAGIC 93-67 and it might be safe to say have the MAGIC QUIT on their coach Stan VAN GUNDY...WOW. Not discrediting the HORNETS but look who led them in scoring...Carl LANDRY 17, Marco BELINELLI 15, and Jason SMITH 14....WHO? Now how BAD is a 26 point piece to the HIORNETS look...with NO CP3 or D-WEST. The CELTICS loss the MAGIC suffered the NIGHT BEFORE in MOUSE TOWN should not have that kind of effect on a TEAM that is 3rd or 4th best in the EAST.

BLAZERS 109 SUNS 71....NASH 5 points, 7 Helpers, and 2 Boards and Grant HILL 12 points in 24 minutes. The BLAZERS are a far more superior team and they were led by LaMarcus ALDRIDGE's 23 and 7, Gerald WALLACE's 17, and MArcus CAMBY's 20 Boards and 0 points.

Now the SUNS are a dismal 6-12 so at what point do you try and trade NASH and HILL because in the ASSOCIATION if your going to lose GUT the WHOILE THING and go young and try to build. Don't keep lying to yourself and tell your FANS we are trying to WIN when the PRODUCT doesn't illustrate that at all. The BLAZERS go to 12-8 on the season and they will continue to get better.

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Got ABA?....Hands down the BEST EVER UNIFORMS in Professional Sports....SPIRIT, PIPERS, CONDORS , CONQUISTADORS.....to name a few.

Retro is always in right?....JORDAN Brand can release shoes with a different colorway and it is as hot now as it was then. MITCHELL and NESS Nostalgia (mitchellandness.com) in PHILADELPHIA PA made its run and still is the BEST RETRO TEAMS Sports Outfitter in the WORLD. They have an array of different JERSEYS, JACKETS, HATS, TEES, and Sweaters that have YESTERDAY written all over it.

Now that the MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES and L.A. CLIPPERS went RETRO last night at the New CLIPjoint the BLUEDUDE wanted to enlighten you on the BEST Professional Sports Jerseys ever in sports. The AMerican Basketball Association known as the ABA without a doubt had the most colorful JERSEYS in Pro Sports.

With teams all over the Continental US and names like the St. Louis SPIRIT, San Diego CONQUISTADORS, Memphis PROS, Miami FLORIDIANS, Utah STARS, Virginia SQUIRES, New York NETS, and Pittsburgh CONDORS to name a few.

Not only was the GAME flashy playing Above the RIM, Coaches wearing BUtterfly Collars, CHeerleaders wearing a little of nothing, HALFTIME Shows out of control......but it was the COLORFUL JERSEYS that really made the ABA standout.

The Rest of the ABA Teams......


Baltimore CLAWS



Denver NUGGETS (NBA now)

San Antonio SPURS (NBA now)

Indiana PACERS (NBA now)

Anahein AMIGOS

Carolina COUGARS

Washington CAPS




Minnesota MUSKIES

Memphis TAMS

Memphis SOUNDS


Baltimore HUSTLERS

Oakland OAKS

PLAYERS that played in this league were better than most of the NBA PLAYERS........





the HAWK Connie HAWKINS Pittsburgh PIPERS


Charlie SCOTT Virginia SQUIRES




Some of the most Talented ABA Players with some left out and later most of these PLAYERS went on to STAR in the NBA like DR. J, ICEMAN, the HORSE, MOSES, and the SKYWALKER.

Looking at some of the PHOTOS of the ABA it was the JERSEYS that stick out the most by far.........the ABA....Those were the DAYS


JOSEPH VINCENT "JOE" PATERNO........December 21, 1926 - JANUARY 22, 2012

BROOKLYN Born and RAISED.......

BROWN University Graduate.....QB, DB

PENN STATE Assistant 1950-65.....

PENN STATE Head Coach 1966-2011......


GREATEST DIVISION 1-A Coach Ever......


409 WINS < HIS HUMILITY and UNDERSTANDING and IMPACT on all the PLAYERS under him that's why you coach so young men can leave as better MEN and PEOPLE


JOE PA > or = PENN STATE.....

There is a reason the BLUEDUDE blogs...to enlighten those in the unknown who just don't understand a play, player, team, coach, or even in most cases the SITUATION.

Then there is also those WHO do know....not to FORGET......BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK......BIG UPS to JOE PA.......R.I.P.

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2011-12 Indiana PACERS...CIRCLE City...NAPtown....INDY...MARKET SQUARE Arena...CONSECO Fieldhouse....PACERS Hoops Preview

Any of these names RING a BELL...George McGINNIS (ABA who later joined DOC, CHOCOLATE THUNDER, BIBBY, and COLLINS at the SPECTRUM in PHILLY), Mel DANIELS (played at SOUTHEASTERN Community College the Winningest JUCO in the land). and last but not least...MILLER TIME..UCLA's Finest and maybe the only PLAYER going to the NBA Hall Of FAME where his SISTER was better than him in CHERYL MILLER.

Fast Forward in the 1990's an coached by Larry BROWN it was arguably the best PACERS TEam ever..MILLER TIME, ACTION Jackson, the DAVIS BOYS...DALE and ANTONIO, the Flying DUTCHMEN SMITS of MARIST, HEAVY D McKEY, and the RIFLEMAN Chuck PERSON. If it weren't for AIR JORDAN and PIP or KOBE and SHAQ....the PACERS might have gotten themselves a CHIP.

Now that brings us to the 2011-12 PACERS of CIRCLE City Fame with a young head coach straight off the Rick PITINO Coaching Tree in Frank VOGEL. PACERS President of BASKETBALL Operation Larry BIRD was hesitant a bit to take the interim tag off of VOGEL after he replaced Jim O'BRIEN. Credit to the PACERS Players they made it known to BIRDman and others in the Organization that they wanted VOGEL and VOGEL it was.

Since the 2008 Season the PACERS have slowly been building their ROSTER via DRAFT and heavy Free Agency for not only a quick fix but a good mix of YOUNG TALENT, a PACERS Holdover or two, and along with getting the right PLAYER in the DRAFT.

The PACERS now have the makings of putting themselves right in the middle of the EAST and they have some stability now on their ROSTER led by All-Star Small Forward Danny GRANGER who many missed on in the DRAFT as he went #17 in ROUND 1 after dominating at New MEXICO University where he played a little out of position at Power Forward.

But BIRD and management didn't become complacent as they said let's build around GRANGER with a BIG in Roy HIBBERT of HOYA PARANOIA, a versatile 2-3 in 2nd Year man Paul GEORGE, trade for Darren COLLISON since he was going no where backing up CP3 in NAWLINS', get PSYCHO T of CHAPEL HILL NC Fame, CIRCLE City Native George HILL of IUPUI a proven Young Talented COMBO from the SPURS in a TRADE, and go after Low Maintenance PF David WEST while he was coming off of an ACL Injury that the GREEN TEAM in BEANtown wanted so bad.

Now the PACERS find themselves 2.5 Games behind the BULLS after beating them last night on the WEST SIDE of CHI City. As WEST, GRANGER, and GEORGE did most of the DAMAGE as the BULLS had some trouble matching up with the PACERS without LOU and TAJ.

Now the PACERS are ready and primed to make a nice run in the EAST as BIRD and the PACERS Brass has fixed them quickly and they will be around for sometime looking at the OVERALL AGE of the new CONSECO Contingent.

The PACERS have something to build towards as they are chasing something those BOYS in the RAFTERS never could get their hands on...the LARRY O'BRIEN....and that is all their is to shoot for in the ASSOCIATION.

NOTE: A huge help to the VOGEL Coaching Staff is LAKERS Castoff and NBA Head Coach in the MAKING UCSB Alum and Ex-CELTIC and LAKER Player Brian SHAW...a huge pull for VOGEL, BIRD, and the PACERS Organization moving forward and he brings nothing but RINGS.

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WEST SIDE STORY Report #5...BULLS Win Streak over...PACERS prove worthy...and HEAT up SUNDAY on NBA on NBC.

The BULLS were cruising until last week's news of Reigning NBA MVP Derrick ROSE's subsequent Turf TOE injury that will be DAY to DAY the rest of the SEASON.

Then there came SATURDAY after a VICTORY over the BOBCATS....should be ALL-STAR to be Luol DENG injured his WRIST and has TORN LIGAMENTS but ha decided against SURGERY and will be WEEK to WEEK. Don't feel sorry for us NBA FANS it happens in the NBA and will happen more because of how the new schedule is.

The BULLS struggled vs the BOBCATS but came up with the WIN 95-89 as C-BOOZ 5 had 23 POINTS and the VICTORY was without 3 of the TOP 7 BULLS PLAYERS in D-ROSE, TAJ, and JO. This also shows you the FIRE Power on the BULLS Roster an the Quality Depth.

Then on MONDAY with DENG at least out for a WEEK...the BULLS took care of the NJ NETS 110-95 as the BULLS were a game-time Descision on JO and ROSE and the BULLS needed all what they provided in this one. Rose had 22 points, Jo a double-double with 16 and 10 and RIP HAMILTON had 22 points and 10 Helpers. The NETS are a BAD BAD Team but you still have to take care of business.

Then came Tonight's MARQUEE match-Up with the NEW PACERS...the BULLS Divisional Rival and the TEAM that took the BULLS to 6 in the 1st Round of the 2011 NBA PLAYOFFS.

Enter for the PACERS Free Agent Pick-Up PF David WEST, who spurned the GREEN TEAM in BEANTOWN for the PACERS, has been a great fit and now is rounding back into form after that KNEE Injury last season.

FINAL SCORE..PACERS 95 BULLS 90...the BULLS suffer their 1st loss in 8 games and the PACERS will be a problem come WINNING TIME. They have all the PIECES in place and match up with the BULLS maybe better than anyone except the HEAT.

What the WEST Pick up did was it freed the PACERS to play 2nd Year Stud Paul GEORGE at the 2-3 on Offense and 1-3 on DEFENSE. Also All-Star Forward GRANGER doesn't have to carry so much of the SCORING Load with WEST aboard. Then add SPURS 1-2 George HILL, a NAPTOWN Native, the PACERS have flexibility all up and down the line up with SIZE to boot.

In the ASSOCIATION you don't make excuses and the BULLS didn't have Taj GIBSON or Luol DENG but you think the PACERS care...NO. YOU PLAY to WIN the GAME.......right COACH HERM.

Up next now for the BULLS a HOME GAME with the struggling BEER TOWN BUCKS with their soon to be POINT GOD from COMPTON the BEER TOWN LEFTY and on twitter @BL00Dline3 well Brandon JENNINGS is his name and can get you 20 in quarter with his game.

That brings us to the all anticipated GAME with the MIAMI HEAT down in 305 for SUNDAY Prime Time on NBC at 230PM CT. The BULLS WIN or LOSE will be no worse than 17-4 or 16-5 when they take on the HEAT and possibly WADE COUNTY will be in the LINE UP by then. The HEAT are 13-5 after squeaking by the MOTOR CITY PISTONS tonight.

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2011-12 NBA ROOKIE Running Water TEMPS.....Who is HOT and COLD?....KYRIE n T2 CAVS, RUBIO n D-WILL 10K Lakes, IMAN Knicks, n more

With the NBA Season starting late the Crop of 2011-12 NBA Rookies are getting a crash course of the NBA on and off the floor. As teams with all these back to back and sometimes 3 in a row DO NOT have time for practice so everything is either being done in SHOOT-AROUND or Walk-Throughs.

The Current List of who is HOT and who is COLD for the ROOKIES is almost expected as if we were in an 82-Game season. I know this the #1 Overall Pick Kyrie IRVING of the CAVS has not been a disappointment by any stretch as he has showed the NBA World he was worthy of that #1 STUNNA Title.

There has been some surprises as GOTHAM CITY's KNICKS COMBO Iman SHUMPERT has surprised many as well as the HUDSON BOYZ by BRICK CITY ROOKIE SNIPER Marshon BROOKS.

Who is HOT and COLD as NBA ROOKIES sponsored by HOW many wish you were back in COLLEGE DORMS...and tell the TRUTH?...That LOGO you was reaching for is NO JOKE HUH?

Is the ROOKIE out out of the FAUCET of RUNNING WATER....HOT.....Warm....or COLD

PICK 1st Round

****Ricky RUBIO (Rookie eventhough he was picked 2 DRAFTS AGO) 10K LAKES: FLASH and DASH...can't shoot but is lethal in the HALF-COURT Set or in transition the way he sees the FLOOR and he has NOT DISAPPOINTED anyone.

1. Kyrie IRVING CAVS PG: This soon o be POINT GOD on LAKE ERIE has been as good as advertised. A cross between CP3 and Mr. BIG SHOT...smooth, methodical game can lull you to sleep then BANG...20 and 10. The CAVS did what they were suppose to do get the right #1 Overall and they did that. BLAZING HOT

2. Derrick WILLIAMS 10k LAKES: Has shown flashes just playing on a team loaded at the 3-4 still HOT

3. Enes KANTER SALT LAKE: Playing behind MILSAP and JEFFERSON but a physical specimen who will get better WARM

4. Tristan THOMPSON CAVS: A really solid pick for the CAVS to go with IRVING for the FUTURE HOT


6. Jan VESELY WIZARDS: Too many players playing at his position and needs to time unTHAWING

7. Bismack BIYAMBO BOBCATS: Why MIKE...just WHY....I knew this guy would be a stretch and you have NO TIME for the UNKNOWN BELOW FREEZING.

8. Brandon KNIGHT PISTONS: He will be a really good player and he can score the ball needs to focus more on getting TEAMMATES involved. HOT

9. Kemba WALKER BOBCATS: Excellent Pick for MIKE and for once he got one right...when he gets minutes KEMBA produces HOT

10. Jimmer FREDETTE KINGS: That whole REKEhavoc and JIMMER Idea is NOT a GOOD IDEA I saw that coming especially when one player thinks it's all about him...LUKE WARM

11. Klay THOMPSON WARRIORS: He can flat out shoot and the WARRIORS will really know what they have if he can get major minutes HOT

12. Alec BURKS SALT LAKE: Solid pick for the JAZZ and to learn behind Devin HARRIS and CJ MILES is a luxury for both TEAM and BURKS SEMI HOT

13. Markieff MORRIS SUNS: He produces when he gets minutes still getting acclimated to playing without his TWIN..COLD


15. Kahwi LEONARD SPURS: Has shown some ability at the Small Forward spot and is under a very good UMBRELLA to learn HOT


17. Iman SHUMPERT KNICKS: 1 Of 4 Rookies averaging over 30 MINUTES per...can Defend just his SHOT SELECTION and overall awareness needs improving...VERY HOT

18. Chris SINGLETON WIZARDS: Show some ability on a really bad team that has ODDLES and OODLES of players at his spot.LUKE WARM

19. Tobias HARRIS BUCKS: Needs minutes but when he gets minutes can really play and his length a TRUE SMALL FORWARD in the making HOT



22. Kenneth FARIED NUGGETS: When he learns the PR GAME will be the new K-MART...can rebound and BLOSK SHOTS with the best of them. WARM


24. Reggie JACKSON THUNDER: WHere does he get minutes? unTHAWING

25. Marshon BROOKS NETS: Almost as hot as the SUN....I knew he scored in bunches at PROVIDENCE but in the LEAGUE to....NETS got them one and boy did they need it. BLAZING SADDLES HOT

26. Jordan HAMILTON NUGGETS: No where to be found......DEEP FREEZE

27. JaJaun JOHNSON CELTICS: the C's might want to see what they have in JOHNSON at the 4 unTHAWING
28. Norris COLE HEAT: Excellent find for the HEAT but SHOOTS way too much they need to calm that part of his game down...HOT

29. Cory JOSEPH SPURS: Don't worry the SPURS and POP have a PLAN for this ROOK....DEEP FREEZE

30. Jimmy BUTLER BULLS: Played well in the Pre-Season just can't get no minutes on the DEEPEST Roster in the NBA...COOL above Freezing though

All 1st Round ROOKS with the exception of 2nd Round Picks Josh HARRELSON of the KNICKS and Charles JENKINS of the WARRIORS who are both getting 1st Round Rookie Time and playing well when given that chance.

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MAKING NOISE...there is a PRINCE in the MOTOR CITY...KNICKS and C's playing BELOW expectations...LOU DENG giving it a go.

MAKING NOSIE for January 24, 2012....the DETROIT TIGERS lose DH/CATCHER Victor MARTINEZ for the Year due to an ACL Tear in Off Season Workouts. So what do the TIGERS do.....they spend over $200 Million Dollars on the NOT the PRINCE of BEL AIR but the PRINCE from the BREW CREW in BEER TOWN USA.

1B Free Agent Prince FIELDER, who is from MELBOURNE FL and resides currently in MOUSE TOWN, signs the 3rd Largest Deal in MLB History today with a 9 Year $214 Million Deal with the Detroit TIGERS which puts them right back on top of the AL CENTRAL and Favorites to compete for the FALL CLASSIC on the JUNIOR CIRCUIT.

FIELDER who batted .299 in 2011 and earned his 2nd SILVER SLUGGER AWARD and 3rd All-Star Game Appearance will be missed in the BREWERS line-up now they are looking at OF Ryan BRAUN 's impending 50-game suspension. Meanwhile PRINCE is looking really good in the TIGERS line-up just with 3B Miguel CABRERA and OF Delmon YOUNG.

Now the PALE HOSE, The TRIBE, TWINkies, and ROYALS have to see this guy over 15 times each a season....LOOKOUT AL CENTRAL.

NBA TEAMS underachieving at this point in the SEASON has to be the KNICKS and the C's without a doubt. The KNICKS have No POINT GUARD but they have STAT and 'MELO which you think would qualify you as NORTH of.500 but it hasn't yet.

The GREEN TEAM...the CELTICS aka the C's have FATHER TIME in the LOCKER ROOM and it is very evident vs younger more athletic teams they just can't stay with those YOUNG LEGS. Now they have Rajon RONDO out for an extended period of time and they look even more DYSFUNCTIONAL with 3rd Year PG Avery BRADLEY who they chose before getting the THUNDER's SErge IBAKA...go figure.

The KNICKS will get Baron DAVIS aka B-DIDDY back soon but he can't even save the KNICKS and what are they. If you ask them to a man they would tell you DON'T KNOW. Coach D'Antoni has an OFFENSIVE System in place where in the EAST and chasing Larry O'BRIEN's it's about the DEFENSIVE END and getting STOPS. the KNICKS for heaven's sake have a rookie PG they have all HYPED Up taking 20 or more shots per game when the Offense should go exclusively through STAT and 'MELO no Questions asked. A rookie let alone who can't shoot so WHAT he PLAYS D D'ANTONI what's O....better start reading the PAPER or something.

Now with the KNICKS at 7-10 and the C's at 7-9 where do they go from here...the TRADE DEADLINE. The C's have SUGAR RAY and the BIG TICKET to offer PIERCE is done for the SOLE FACT he doesn't stay in TIP TOP SHAPE.

Then for the KNICKS who have a couple of pieces in Landry FIELDS and Iman SHUMPERT are they willing to part wiht young talent to go for it all or are they too far away to mortgage the FUTURE? The KNICKS need a WINNER at MSG and not in the 2012-13 season.

The BULLS braced for the worse and got fairly descent news on Forward Luol DENG's Wrist. He has TORN LIGAMENTS and to LOU's Credit has opted not to have surgery but PLAY through the PAIN and knowing the BULLS are going to make a RUN LOU wants to stay pat.

The BULLS have had the INHURY BUG get into the CLUB HOUSE bit with a shortened season and all teams dealing with the INJURIES the BULLS just hope to stay HEALTHY enough to make that run late MAY and early JUNE 2012.

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The 2011 NFL ROOKIE DB's...who PASSED or FAILED?...Did Peterson of the CARDS hold up his end of the stick be going #1?

This maybe the most exciting group of players to watch at the NFL Combine. Teams covet these guys especially that once in every 10 DRAFTS Lock down COVER CORNER which can make a Pass Defense so tough and helps out the front 7 in PASSING Downs.

The 2011 NFL Draft was no different in that there was one maybe 2 guys that a lot of teams coveted and the #1 OVERALL pick DID NOT disappoint anyone.

NFL Scouts look at all sorts of angles on these guys.....EXPLOSION, how fluid are the HIPS, recovery speed, breaking on routes, recognizing WR Tendencies, how physical are they at the point of ATTACK...just so many angles to drafting these gentlemen.

How about these names in recent drafts....Darrelle REVIS JETS, Champ BAILEY BRONCOS, Cortland FINNEGAN TITANS, Marcus TRUFANT SEAHAWKS, Ashante SAMUELS EAGLES, Nnamdi ASOMUGHA EAGLES, Charles WOODSON PACKERS, CHarles PEANUT TILLMAN BEARS, Terrance NEWMAN COWBOYS...these are GUYS who have made their mark not only on their respective teams but at their position on SUNDAYS throughout the LEAGUE.

Let's check out the 2011 DEFENSIVE BACK Class...TOP DB's and put GRADES on them......A-F....PASS or FAIL sponsored by On that ISLAND when your a rookie..the TONY RICH Project...NOBODY knows YOUR NAME....Hit Single form the Late 80's early 90's:

Patrick PETERSON DB GEAUX TIGERS Baton Rouge Arizona Round 1 PICK 5 OVERALL Pick 5: A Pro-Bowler not at DB but as Punt Return Specialist tells you something about this young man's ability. The BEST Defensive Back in the 2011 Class...this HOLLYWOOD FLORIDA Native tore up the SEC and taught guys like Soon-to-be LSU Jr. All-American MORRIS CLAIBORNE a Top 2012 Pick and Tyrann MATHEIU aka the HONEY BADGER a TOP 2013 Pick the Ropes on how to play MAN to MAN in your face BUMP and RUN and at the same time be physical at the point of attack.

There is NOT too much that PETERSON can't do and the scary thing is thrust into the STARTING Strong Side Corner slot due to the CARDS trading away Pro_Bowl Corner Dominique RODGERS-CROMARTIE in the Kevin KOLB Trade. @punksnitch one of his twitter handles will be one of the TOP NFL Islands for years to come. Can cover MAN 2 MAN or ZONE


Prince AMUKAMARA DB BIG RED Lincoln G-MEN Round 1 PICK 19 OVERALL Pick 19: The knock on him was that he plays very physical with a lot of use from His HANDS which on SUNDAY after 5 years will get you slowing the game down and helping the opposition.

PRINCE played descent when givin' the TIME as the GIANTS worked him in slow after he sustained an injury at the beginning of the season that set him back. He still lacks BALL SKILLS but i think before it is said and done could be a Nickel Corner or WEAKSIDE Corner not a #1 Corner because of his lack of PLAYS on the BALL. Considering what the G-MEN have in their Secondary right now...PRINCE has time...and TIME is on his SIDE. More of a ZONE Cover Corner....


Jimmy SMITH DB CU BOULDER Round 1 PICK 27 OVERALL Pick 27 BMORE: The RAVENS wasted NO TIME putting this rookie on the SPOT and he played very well. I thought he might have gone ahead of AMUKAMARA if it weren't for some OFF the FIELD ISSUES SMITH had in his time in BOULDER.

Very Good Size as a COVER CORNER and excellent BALL SKILLS and this guy has all the TOOLS to have his OWN Real Estate 1 day. Learning form a guy like ED REED will only speed up his KNOWLEDGE of the NFL Secondary Game. I know the STEELERS were looking in SMITH's direction there for a awhile until he came off the BOARD 4 Picks in front of them. You will hear this Guys name a lot in coming years. can play either MAN 2 MAN or ZONE COVER


Ras-I DOWLING DB WAHOOS CHarlottesville V-A ROUND 2 PICK 1 OVERALL Pick 33 PATS: Immensely talented but cannot stay on the FIELD. He couldn't do it at VIRGINIA and couldn't do it for the PATRIOTS and they still took him at #33 Overall.

DOWLING has all the TOOLS to becoming a Solid #2 Cover Corner or the PATS best Nickel or SLOT Cover Corner he just has to stay away from the TRAINING Room. He played well in spots but he gets an incomplete due to the FACT that he is a WEEK to WEEK Player and that scenario will get you right out of the LEAGUE. More of a Man 2 MAN cover and a SLOT COVER CORNER

GRADE C+ considering the PATS knew what they were getting and took that chance......he played enough I guess

Aaron WILLIAMS DB Hookem' HORNS TX ROUND 2 Pick 2 OVERALL Pick 34 BISON CITY: Most all the TEAMS in the LATE 1st Round had WILLIAMS at a mid-to late 1st Round pick and i thought maybe even my STEELERS would pull the RIGGER here but DT/DE Lil IRONHEAD Heyward had a lot of value that late in the 1st Round so the STEEL CITY chose him and he did not disappoint.

WILLIAMS played very well for the BILLS has he is very instinctive, has very fluid hips, and his BALL SKILLS are right there with the RAVENS' Jimmy SMITH. The BILLS had to be elated he was there in the 2nd Round because A-WILL has definite 1st round ability. Can play either MAN 2 MAN or Zone Cover Corner


Marcus GILCHRIST DB Death Valley SC ROUND 2 Pick 18 OVERALL Pick 50 BOLTS: Played a lot of slot and can cover eventually that 2nd Corner SLOT


Brandon HARRIS DB the U ROUND 2 Pick 28 OVERALL Pick 60 TEXANS: the Book is still out on him as the TEXANS shored up their Secondary with free agent Jonathan JOSEPH of the BENGALS. HARRIS has the Ability and will get his chance sooner than later

GRADE B good value where he was picked at......

All other DB's selected were heavy SPECIAL TEAMS like most Draft Classes at 1st......

NFL News January 24th 2012..STEELERS to get Offensive Coordinator from STAFF....NINERS HARBAUGH crying..COACH WHIZ leave the STEELERS alone n more

NFL News for this TUESDAY January 24th 2012 includes some BIZ from STEELERS NATION. The STEELERS reportedly will look on their STAFF for the OFFENSIVE Coordinator and STEELERS Fans just hope he isn't related to recently let go Bruce ARIANS.

The STEEL CITY and BIG BEN have all those weapons on the outside and for them to go back to Run First and Pass 2nd would be like FORD Motor Company going back to the MODEL T-FORD.....it just won't happen. BIG BEN has QEAPONS and the RUNNING GAME can feed off the PASSING GAME and the STEELERS have more than capable backs without MENDENHALL in REDMAN, CLAY, and that RAMBLIN' WRECK DUDE if he comes into camp in SHAPE in 2012.

And look what the WIND just blew in CARDINALS Coach Ken WHISENHUNT watching the STEELER Waiver line and trying to pick up Bruce ARIANS from the STEELER STAFF after the STEELERS let him go.

Look cut a long story really short WHIZ can take that a man that looks like COACH TOMLIN got his JOB and COACH is typical. GET over WHIZ it is 2012 and forget 50 years ago your not pissing anybody off over in STEEL CITY and from what the BLUEDUDE heard BIG BEN wanted you gone anyway...BUM. And looking at your record in the DESERT you should be more worried about the DRAFT instead of who the STEELERS are releasing.....and that makes you 2 BUMS. 8-8 and this past season and you have the NERVE to get every STEELER player or coach they release.....after the CARDINALS FIRE you where are you going then....probably UNIVERSITY of PITTSBURGH so you can be close.....HUH?

SPEAKING of TWILIGHT ZONE check this out. The NY FOOTBALL GIANTS took almost the same path as they did when the beat the PATRIOTS 4 Years ago:

The G-MEN played the PATRIOTS the last EXHIBITION Game of 2011 like they did in 2007

The G-MEN also lost to the REDSKINS in 2011 22-10 and in 2007 23-10 both GAMES in WEEK 15.....

The G-MEN also lost to a DIVISION Foe in WEEK 1..in 2011 they lost to the REDSKINS and in 2007 they lost to the COWBOYS

The G-MEN took a similar path in they had 2 ROAD GAMES in 2011 and 3 Road GAmes in 2007

The G-MEN beat the DIRTY BIRDS, PACKERS, and 49ers in 2011 and in 2007 the BUCS, COWBOYS, and PACKERS.....so every PLAYOFF they have beatin' the PACK when it counts.......

CRAZY STUFF right there...TWILIGHT MUSIC please..........

Reports coming out of the 'BURGH is that the STEELERS will go with either the QB Coach FICHTNER or the OFFENSIVE lines Coach in KUGLER. Most likely it would be FICHTNER because he has been with the STEELERS in 2 different stints. BIG BEN would probably say go with FICHTNER the QB's COACH.

Imagine this a SORE LOSER on one of the BIGGEST STAGES. 49ERS Coach Jim HARBAUGH is complaining about the TUCK RULE on GIANTS RB Ahmand BRADSHAW when it appeared BRADSHAW fumbled but it clear his forward progress was stopped. They made this rule off of the TOM BRADY fumble where he didn't tuck it in and RAIDERS CB Charles WOODSON caused that fumble. ONLY TOM or PEYTON could get a rule named after them heck why don't they just wear a RED JERSEY out there.

MEANWHILE what Coach HARBAUGH has to get rectified is his PUNT RETURNER when he touched the FREAKIN' PIGSKIN to go jump on it and keep the BALL close to his body in traffic after the FUMBLErooski. TUCK RULE...you must be crazy JIMMY.......

CHECK these GRANNY SMITH's.....IF....IF COLTS QB Peyton MANNING is healthy the DOLPHINS feel as thought that will be their guy.......IF......and IF 2012 really happened none of that will be happening. BLUEDUDE HEADS seen the movie 2012 right?

OREGON Coach Chip KELLEY says NO to the BUCS. Of COURSE so he can get more CASH form his current employer the OREGON DUCKS. With NIKE and Phil KNIGHT with their CASH and SHOES/APPAREL circling the premises...WOULD YOU LEAVE?


Monday, January 23, 2012


The NBA CONNECTION is back this time forget doing the CITY how 'bout the WHOLE STATE and today takes us to the GARDEN STATE...NEW JERSEY....and there will be NO SITUATION.

Just think about how much talent is across the HUDSON in NEWARK aka BRICK CITY and East ORANGE in JERSEY let alone across the BRIDGE from PHILLY in South JERSEY with Cities like CAMDEN and PATERSON.

I do not know if the BLUEDUDE has enough time or SPACE to tell you how many BALLERS have come from the GARDEN STATE, made a HUGE IMPACT at the COLLEGIATE Level, and went on to play for the LOGO....it might be just as good as the BIG APPLE and the CITY of ANGELS.

The HIGH SCHOOLS that have cranked out some of the BEST SCHOOL BOY Players in the LAND.....

ST. ANTHONY's Jersey City, NJ
ST. PATRICK's Elizabeth, NJ
Seton HALL PREP East Orange, NJ

That's just some of the WELL-KNOWN High Schools not counting the PLAYERS who come from the PUBLIC SCHOOLS in JERSEY it is absolutely BANANAS.

Players that have played For the LOGO from the GARDEN STATE.....

Milt WAGNER CAMDEN HS LAKERS...Both played for LOUISVILLE Cardinals and Coach CRUM


Kyrie IRVING ST. PATRICK's DUKE CAVS #1 Overall pick 2011
Al HARRINGTON ST. PATRICK's PACERS drafted him right out of HS


Jay WILLIAMS St. JOSEPH HS MutUchen NJ DUKE/BULLS/ESPN College Basketball Analyst currently

Kyle ANDERSON St. ANTHONY's HS Currently the #2 SCHOOL BOY SR. HS PLAYER in the COUNTRY signed with UCLA

It doesn't stop and the BLUEDUDE knows he has missed a few but the PRIVATE SCHOOLS in JERSEY is where it is at. ALL that talent and there is more on the WAY with the NEW CROP like KIDD-GILCHRIST of UK CATS and Kyle ANDERSON of ST. JOSEPH HS and soon to be at UCLA for ONE and OUT.

The ORGINAL PLAYERS from JERSEY are the CAMDEN Connection at LOUISVILLE WAGNER and THOMPSON and AFRO-wearing David RIVERS of NOTRE DAME....and Tim THOMAS of PAT CAT....highly sought after players who were MAJOR IMPACTS on the Collegiate level with THOMAS having the most productive career.

The GARDEN STATE Hoopers are 2nd to none and the talent just keeps moving along and along as those PRIVATE SCHOOL POWERS stay OPEN the talent pool will continue.

CAMPUS HARDcourt Power Poll for JANUARY 23, 2012...is KENTUCKY #1 followed by WHO?....Ohio STATE, MIZZOU, or KANSAS....

We have about a month and a half before COLLEGE BASKETBALL takes over the sports world. Teams now are jockeying for CONFERENCE Supremacy as the middle of the PACK is trying to position themselves for a CONFERENCE Tourney Run and an INVITE to the BIG DANCE.

The latest CAMPUS HARDcourt Power Poll for Men's College Basketball....January 23, 2012:

1. UK CATS (19-1) : The have 1 maybe 2 teams that will challenge them in the SEC in the GATORS and COMMODORES. Their achilles heel to watch is the PG Spot with freshman Marquis TEAGUE.

2. MIZZOU (18-1): They have stellar guard play from SO Phil Pressey with a mix of Dynamic frontcourt play led by SR's Kim ENGLISH and Ricardo RATCLIFFE. They will be a factor in the NCAA TOURNEY.

3. 'CUSE ( 20-1): OK went to SOUTH BEND and took their 1st Loss. Now the real test begins form the ORANGE...Do they bounce back and get on track or do they trade WINS and LOSSES in their next 3-4 Big East Games?

4. O-H-I-O (17-3): Coach Thad MATTA and his BUCKEYES need to get on a WIN STREAK and try to stay healthy doing so. The BIG TEN shouldn't pose too many problems for them but the GOAL is to get a #1 Seed in the BIG DANCE.

5. TAR HEELS (16-3): Thier lackluster SHOWING in LEON COUNTY Florida with the 'NOLES last week was downright embarrassing for the 'HEELS. And if they don't start playing with more intensity...DUNZO.

6. ROCK CHALK Jayhawk (16-3): You would think after the suspension of a few ballyhooed freshman and SELBY leaving that the JAYHAWKS would be done. Enter the STELLAR Guard play of Tyshawn TAYLOR and PF...MEN among BOYZ..THOMAS ROBINSON..100% Grown Folks Business in the PAINT.

7. CAMERON KRAZIES (16-3) They are playing much better but you know something is missing from COACH K's Group and it will appear in winning time in MARCH MADNESS as you move further and further in the TOURNEY.

8. HOYA PARANOIA (16-3): Quietly they have moved into the Top of the BIG EAST and John THOMPSON III has a lot to do with this. Led by SR G Jason STARKS and JR WF Hollis THOMPSON the HOYAS' are a real threat.

9. the BEARS of WACO TX: Scott DREW and company were 17-0 entering last week's action but took it on the chin from the 2 best TEAMS in the BIG 12 KANSAS and MIZZOU. BEARS you need to beat them to go anywhere...REAL TALK

10. MURRAY STATE RACERS (20-0): WHO....forget the #15-#16 seed these guys will get an AT-LARGE Bid even if they don't WIN their CONFERENCE TOURNEY they are that good. With 6 PLAYERS averaging 5 points or better they spread the wealth out. Watch out for GUARDS Isiah CANAAN and Dante POOLE. Oh! and the RACERS are from KENTUCKY let's not get confused.......

11. the SWAMP (15-4): They have MAJOR FirePower on the PERIMETER they only need their BIGS to PLAY D and get on the GLASS. The GATORS pose a real threat to the UK CATS and they should be a 3-4 SEED in the BIG DANCE.

12. SDSU AZTECS (17-2): They lost All-American F Kawhi LEONARD to the NBA 's SPURS and Coach Steve FISHER still keeps it moving. The AZTECS arew #1 in the Mountain West again and are led by 2 POINT GUARDS, a COMBO G, and BIG GUARD in THAMES, FRANKLIN, TAPLEY , and RAHON. Teams that are GUARD HEAVY pose the most problems in the BIG DANCE becuase it starts with the GUARD PLAY.....always.

13. SPARTY (16-4): IZZZONE and his SPARTANS are in a good holding pattern and in striking distance of the BUCKEYES. They need to get more consistent play from their BIGS and G Keith APPLING from the MOTOR CITY has to be the G to lead them.

14. VEGAS Runnin' REBS (18-3): they are a LEGIT TEAM no doubt about it and they will be a factor come MARCH MADNESS with wins over UNC and ILLINOIS. the ONLY thing the REBELS are worried about is the FISH that can SAVE SIN CITY in #1 School Boy PLAYER Shabazz MUHAMMAD from local HS Bishop Gorman.

15. HOOSIERS (16-4): A relentless recruiter and sideline X and O'er..Coach Tom CREAN has that anchor in Freshman Sensation ZELLER and a top class coming in next SEASON so get used to looking at these HOOSIERS as long as CREAN is in the BUILDING.

16. MARQUETTE golden eagles (16-4): they might have the BEST GUARD in the US you know nothing about in Darius JOHNSON-ODOM. Don't look now BIG EAST....the EAGLES are #3 in the Conference......

17. BLUE JAYS of CREIGHTON (18-2): The MISSOURI VALLEY's Best Team and remember this name... 6- 7 SOPHOMORE Doug McDERMOTT from AMES IOWA averaging 23 PTS and 8 off the GLASS. It will come down to the BLUE JAYS and the SHOCKERS of Wichita STATE.

18. BULLDOGS of STARKSVILLE MS (16-4): They will be tough in the SEC Tourney and MARCH MADNESS. Does anyone remember Renardo SIDNEY...he is the BULLDOGS 2nd Leading Scorer.

19. CRIMSON of the IVY League (16-2): Just in case you forgot about Head Coach and FORMER DUKE Standout Tommy AMAKER....HARVARD is a LEGIT Hoop Squad in the Northeast.

20. ST. MARY's CA (19-2): The TOAST of the WEST COAST CONFERENCE......getting chased by the ZAGS, COUGARS of BYU, and Loyola-Maramount.

BEST of the REST......

VIRGINIA..Coach Tony BENNETT has the WAHOOS playing well

MAIZE and BLUE...Tim HARDAWAY JR must continue to lead

UCONN...They are young but LAMB is the DEAL and they need BOATRIGHT

BAGDERS....Jordan TAYLOR getting healthier.....

'NOLES...beat UNC and DUKE but can they maintain that level?

VANDY....if they can get help for SNIPER John JENKINS

the 'VILLE..PITINO needs more consistent Front Court play.....

Sunday, January 22, 2012

You MUST be SOUND in the KICKING GAME...and it COST the CRAB CAKE Boyz and the GOLD RUSH.....KICKING GAME Gate NFL CHAMPIONSHIP Sunday Edition

How many time does ESPN NCAA Lead Anchor REECE DAVIS have to say it and people in the KNOW totally agree with it.....YOU MUST BE SOUND IN THE KICKING GAME.......period.

Both the RAVENS and 49ERS couldn't have played a better game and it a;ways comes down to the little things in these games and that is exactly what it was.

The RAVENS MONEY KICKER Billy CUNDIFF misses a chip shot from some 30 plus yards and the RAVENS faithful has to be sick. The 49ERS Faithful gets it another way....PR/KR Kyle WILLIAMS, the son of Chicago WHITE SOX GM Kenny WILLIAMS and draft pick by the SOX some 5 years ago who opted to play both BASEBALL and FOOTBALL at U of A in TUCSON AZ, not only muffed a kick and he knew he had touched the ball but fumbled in OT to set up the NY FOOTBALL GIANTS Game-Winner.

Look SUNDAY Football is about that 53-man roster so you 53 WIN as a TEAM and you 53 LOSE as a team. There is never a good way to go out on a loss but from a standpoint of looking at the Off-Season it is tough to deal with.

Both NEW ENGLAND and BALTIMORE Defenses held up and both Offenses had some key 3 and outs. But it was the turning point in the GAME when the RAVENS could not convert that 3 and 1 before CUNDIFF missed the FG that really killed them. To his CREDIT.....RAVENS QB Flacco played as well as you possibly can and put his team at least in a position to tie the game and play an extra frame.

On the LEFT COAST...the NINERS played BIG STRIKE with the PREDATOR himself in Tight End Vernon DAVIS as he had 2 catches for 102 yards and 2 scores...that's what you call being effiecient.

Then it was G-MEN WR Victor CRUZ who had 10 catches for 142 Yards that kept the NINERS D and Secondary at bay as he seemed unstoppable for about 2 and a half quarters.

But like always it comes down to all 3 PHASES and the 3rd PHASE let the RAVENS and 49ERS down as they will look back and say WE BEAT OURSELVES and there is no other way to slice it.

Now we have about a half a season until the SUPER BOWL 46 at least it will appear that way with all the coverage. SO in NAPTOWN USA it will be BOSTON CLAM CHOWDER vs GOTHAM CITY in a rematch of #42 in which the PATS came in undefeated and the 1972 DOLPHINS at their mercy for at least 59 minutes and 50 seconds.

WHAT a YEAR for SUNDAY FOOTBALL and we have one more to go....ELI vs TOM.....TOM vs BILL....BAWSTUN vs NEW YAWK....BEANTOWN vs GOTHAM CITY....and many more headlines for Super Bowl 46.


PATRIOTS 2001, 2003, 2004 (3)

GIANTS 1986, 1990, 2007 (3)

The BATTLE to get to #4.........................

*****KIND of a SIDE NOTE....Did anyone see the HANDSHAKE that Jim HARBAUGH gave COUGHLIN at the END reminiscent of the handshake he gave SCWARTZ in the D minus the SHOVE....LOOK JIMMY NO ONE likes losing but a SORE LOSER the FOOTBALL GODS will treat you every rip...and you wonder why you didn't WIN this game.

CAMPUS HardCourt for JANUARY 22, 2012....'NOLES rollin' through TOBACCO STATE....ROCK CHALK has BIG WEEK...'ORANGE fall...UK CATS a PROBLEM n more

Campus HardCourt for January 22, 2012.........


Leonard HAMILTON and his FLORIDA STATE SEMINOLES Hoop Squad has done the unthinkable. The'NOLES have beatin' the TARHEELS and DUKIES in the SAME SEASON for the 1st time since 2002.

Starting off last week they whacked the 'HEELS so bad that TAR HEEL Head COach Roy WILLIAMS walked his boys off the FLOOR with about half a minute to go in the CONTEST so that the 'HEEL Players don't get trampled in the CELEBRATION that ensued.

Then LAST NIGHT in DURHAM the 'NOLES stayed close to DUKE all night before hitting a BUZZER-BEATER at the END to send the BLUE DEVILS to their 1st Conference Loss of the SEASON. Now the 'NOLES have gotten everyone attention what will they do with it?

The KANSAS JAYHAWKS and Head Coach Bill SELF have gotten better every month they have played and are led by PG Tyshawn TAYLOR and PF Thomas ROBINSON. When these young men go...the JAYHAWKS go.

What a week they first knock off the unbeaten #3 BAYLOR BEARS at PHOG ALLEN then they go to AUSTIN TEXAS and take care of HOOKEM' HORNS in another tough place to play on the ROAD in the BIG 12.

Now the JAYHAWKS will take their #7 Ranking and probably move up into that TOP 5 where if they can stay pack....they might be at worst a #2 SEED in the FIELD of 65 in mARCH 2012.

OK....one player leaves school citing personal reasons...another player who has made an impact...C Fab MELO has been suspended until he clear up some academic shortcomings. All this and the ORANGE took their #1 Ranking to South Bend INDIANA and LOST.

The Fightin' IRISH were up as much as 18 at one point in the 1st Half to hold onto the lead and the ORANGE could never get over the HUMP. Now SYRACUSE will reassess things and try to get by on that winning track.

Mike BREY and Company have had some UPS and DOWNS but they really needed this one for their resume' moving forward and close to MARCH MADNESS.

AS though you need to hear this because these KIDS are on your local SPORTS STATION it seems like everyday. The KENTUCKY WILDCATS continue their dominance over the SEC and they will be tested here pretty soon. VANDERBILT and FLORIDA seem to maybe have what it takes to not only hang with the 'CATS but BEAT the 'CATS.

Vandy has BIG-TIME Shooting G in JOHN JENKINS and the COMMODORES seem to follow his LEAD and STROKE. Then there is them GATORS and Coach BILLY D who on the PERIMETER might have the deepest in the COUNTRY with WALKER, BOYNTON, BEAL, and ROSARIO. And just think Duke Freshman G had a verbal there for almost a whole year before re-opening his recruiting and choosing the BLUE DEVILS.

The WILDCATS are for real and will most likely be the #1 Pick in the POLL upcoming this week in BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK.

Other TEAMS serving major notice this past week.....

the OHIO STATE BUCKEYES..they will be a factor in the BIG TEN at the TOP and in MARCH MADNESS they just have to get Big SULLY healthy for that RUN in MARCH.

the MURRAY STATE RACERS have taken the MID-MAJOR TAG and said we will get an TOP 4 Seed in a REGION with an AT-LARGE Bid. the RACERS are legit and you do not want these guys in your bracket.

the PAC 12 might be the weakest conference of them all and we will see how many TEAMS can get BIDS out of a CONFERENCE that has 2 maybe 3 SCHOOLS that will make some noise in MARCH MADNESS.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

WEST SIDE STORY REPORT #4...CSI at the Q...Running with the BULLS through the MISTAKE on the LAKE...and upcoming BULLS Tilts

There always is a time in the SEASON where you going to get it handed to you. Although it is a 66-Game Schedule the BACK to BACK and sometimes BACK are KILLERS for those who have LOGGED a lot of minutes in their career.

FAST FORWARD to JANUARY 20, 2012...CSI at the Q...QUICKEN LOANS Arena....abandoned by one KING and OWNER went AWOL: The BULLS had the daunting task of taking on the NEW CAVS led by #1 Overall Pick Kyrie IRVING from DUKE by way if ST. PATRICK's NJ HS and was a TEAMMATE of one Michael KIDD-GILCHRIST of now the KENTUCKY WILDCATS.

So no DERRICK ROSE, BULLS on the ROAD, CAVS up and COMING...BULLS STRUGGLE to either get the WIN or LOSE right? NO....SPALDING BASKETBALL everywhere....CAVS Fans racing to the EXIT early in the mayhem....CAVS Owner Dan GILBERT couldn't get to CLEVELAND's Finest in time....CAVS BALL Boys waving the WHITE TOWEL....the REFS saying it's too late for that..then when the BULLS stop running through the Q......FINAL....114-75...BULLS.

The SCENE after...SPALDING NBA BALL Racks EMPTY....the Q quiet enough you can hear the the RUBBLE (CUPS, Food Trays, and etc.) throughout the ARENA....the SCORE CLOCK READS ZEROS 00:00 but the AFTERMATH still in question.above the ZEROES...114-75.

Rookie CAVS PG tried to duck to no avail with 13 Points 3 assists on 5 for 11 shooting. Remember the BULLS have NO ROSE and CJ Watson gets the NOD...you know the one that used to kick it with MONEY MAYWEATHER's BABY MAMA in 702....SIN CITY for those in the UNKNOWN. WATSON dropped 15 with 7 Helpers as he piloted the WEST SIDE STORY with C BOOZ 5, RIP, JO, LOU, LUCAS III, BREW, K-DUB, the BIG TURKEY...ASIK, SCAL, and Mike JAMES...WHO?...Mike JAMES.

Now they BULLS leave town not BOOKED nor checked at TSA leaving C-TOWN and back to the WEST SIDE to TAKE on the MONUMENTS TEAM...you know JORDAN and his BOBCATS who can't seem to find the WIN COLUMN. Those to WATCH on SATURDAY at the U.C......D.J. AUGUSTIN and Gerald HENDERSON, and maybe even that Bismark BIYAMBO DUDE. Mike always has a way of going with the PICK that might be something instead of going with the proven guy and yes he did get KEMBA but.....BIYAMBO and Adam MORRISON from the BEATLES or I mean GONZAGA. Then you wonder why it's like a GHOST TOWN at BOBCATS Home Games. I like them CONCORD's you released last month.......MIKE.

The BULLS also have JAY-Z and the NETS coming in on MONDAY....with I have 99 PROBLEMS and the NETS are one. Or is it that new hit...CAN I KEEP D-WILL 5 with the extended version remixed by DJ SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN. HOV neither one will be by the HUDSON next season...SORRY and CONGRATS to the new addition to FAMILY.

Then on the WEDNESDAY the BULLS have their toughest match up coming with the INDIANA PACERS who are a surprising 10-4 and they will tell you to a man we should be 13-1....slow your roll PACERS only y'all have cooking LOMBARDI 46 will be in town soon so make that money for the CITY and if you have a home game you might sell out or at least FILL the LOWER BOWL.

Who to watch for the PACERS...2nd Year Big Guard Paul GEORGE, HIBBERT, D.C. at POINT, All-Star F in CRAZY-STALKER D-GRANGER, PSYCHO T, and SPURS castoff and NAPtown Native 2G George HILL. They will pose problems for the BULLS with or without D-ROSE.

The WEST SIDE REPORT #4 is sponsored by 10 DAYS left to VOTE for your favorite NBA PLayers.......follow the BLUEDUDE @bluedudesports and get in that CIRCLE on GOOGLE PLUS....bluedudesportstalk or add me into your circle I might add.

BIG TIME Bloggers make BIG TIME POSTS in the most vital parts of the DAY......HOLLA

Friday, January 20, 2012

NFC WINNING TIME Final Round..can ELI and that O stay hot on WILLIS and COMPANY's Watch?...ALEX SMITH...it's YOUR TURN..GMEN/NINERS at the STICK

Who would have thought the GIANTS would be here after all they did go 9-7 through a NFL SEASON that had more Ups and Downs then then the NASDAQ. Then there is the 49ERS who got their coach from across the BAY in PALO ALTO and supposedly didn't have a QB. OH for the STORY LINES in this TILT at the STICK.

The G-MEN come in after taking apart the Defending WORLD CHAMPION PACKERS in LAMBEU and made the 2011 NFL MVP Aaron RODGERS look like Don MAJIKOWSKI..aka the MAJIK MAN....PACK you remember him your lying if you don't.

ELI has been the best QB in WINNING TIME throughout the PLAYOFFS and all that talent on the OUTSIDE in NICKS, MANNINGHAM, and CRUZ makes this for a match you do not want to miss. Not to be left unannounced is THUNDER and LIGHTNING or should i say possible Thunder and Lightning in G-MEN Running Backs Jacobs and BRADSHAW.

The 49ers come in after an amazing Victory over Drew BREES and WHO DAT? in which the NINERS faced elimination twice in 3 minutes and QB ALEX SMITH pulled you know what out of hid backside in this one. I HAVE NOT seen a CROWD go crazy like that in the STICK since JERRY, JOE, HALEY, RATHMAN, CRAIG, and the late GREAT WEST COAST Offense himself Coach Bill WALSH. TheNINERS Rb Frank GORE and TE Vernon DAVIS made play after play when the LIGHTS were brightest and so did former #1 OVERALL Pick Alex SMITH.

Then the NINERS lay their HAT on the DEFENSIVE side of the BALL with MR. WILLIS #52 leading the way with Rookie DE Aldon SMITH, ILB Navarro BOWMAN, and DE Justin SMITH....they are menacing and they play D like my STEELERS...HIT NOW...and SORT them OUT later. They will be in ELI's MUG all day and the GINATS will have to make plays SAME-DAY AIR and GROUND.

JANUARY 22nd , 2012
630PM ET....BUCK and the QB from AMERICA's TEAM on the CALL....the BLUEDUDE's TOP 3 TEAM in the BOOTH but ohhhhh for GUS JOHNSON calling this one

the STICK by the BAY...CANDLEstick PARK that is.....2nd MOST Lombardi's and the BLUEDUDE has not forgotten as I see jersey's like #16 (JOE), #80 (G.O.A.T. Enough said like them J's), #33 (Roger CRAIG ROCK Island ILL NAtive by way of BIG RED), #94 (HALEY the SACK MASTER James MADISON WHO?) , #44 (current RB Coach Tom RATHMAN from BIG RED) , #54 (HACKSAW REYNOLDS) or these JERSEY's....... #56 (the original L.T., #58 (SUPERMAN of SPARTY), #11 (QB SIMMS), #89 (Mark BAVARO), and #53 (Mr. Harry CARSON your CAPTAIN in the MEADOWLANDS). Those Players back in the DAY matched up at either the STICK or the MEADOWLANDS was legendary....now let's get onto the 2k12 DEAL.

the #5 seed NY FOOTBALL GIANTS at the #2 seed GOLD RUSH by the BAY and none of these DUDES are looking for an GOLD but a TROPHY instead....1st the GEORGE HALAS then the LOMBARDI if possible:

NFL Rank (in Parenthesis)

G-MEN 24.6 Pts (9th) 385.1 Yds (8th) 295.9 PASS Yds (5th) 89.2 RUSH Yds (32nd)

GOLD RUSH 23.8 Pts (111th) 310.9 Yds (26th) 183.1 PASS Yds (29th) 127.8 RUSH Yds (8th)

G-MEN 25 Pts (25th) 376.4 Yds (27th) 255.1 PASS Yds (29th) 121.2 RUSH Yds (19th)

GOLD RUSH 14.3 Pts (2nd) 308.2 Yds (4th) 230.9 PASS Yds (16th) 77.2 RUSH Yds (1st)

* NUMBERS from NFL.com

What jumps out at you 2 things.....the GIANTS Defensive numbers tells you they have to either have a good turnover margin or TEAMS get a lot of 3's in the RED ZONE instead of 7's.

On the FLIP SIDE..the NINERS DEFENSIVE numbers are staggering to the point in which GIANTS Faithful have to be thinking if we can score on these GUYS we will WIN the game going away because I honestly don't think SMITH and COMPANY on the NINERS Offensive Side of the ball can play from behind 2 scores.

the SKINNY: It will come down to the 49ERS D stopping ELI and COmpany because in a match-up like this if you take away some of the TEAMS STRENGTHS...the WEAKNESSES might be too much to overcome. is the ELI > WILLIS or is SMITH > G-MEN Defensive Front...GAME TIME.

WINNER: EVEN........

Watch out for TONY MONTANA...TONY MONTANA...TONY MONTANA on the STICK LOUD SPEAKERS...if you here that a lot it means the NINERS are putting up a lot of POINTS

AFC WINNING TIME FINAL ROUND....can FLACCO and the RAVENS keep up with BRADY and GRONK?....can PATS D become Super Bowl Bound?..RAY n ED Watch on TAP

AFC WINNING TIME Last Chapter before someone gets ROUND TRIP AIRFARE to INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA to play for VINCE LOMBARDI. All those GAMES, WALK-Through, FILM STUDY, Training Room Visits, and Ticket Requests have all come down to 60 MINUTES on the CLOCK.

This is the Match-Up many thought might go down with a possibility of the STEELERS meeting one or both but at this point that's neither here nor there.

A lot of story lines in this one especially earlier in the WEEK when RAVENS Safety Ed REED called out his QB FLACCO saying he has to play better. This is a direct result of FLACCO poppin' off a week before that on the BYE WEEK saying When we WIN the DEFENSE gets the CREDIT and WHEN WE LOSE I get the BLAME. Well JOE because in realty that is exactly what it is...you play poor the RAVENS LOSE and when you were at PITTSBURGH and then DELAWARE...RAY and the BOYS were always holding it down and still do. Shut Up JOE and make plays SUNDAY or you haven't seen QUOTES nothing like you will see in the OFF SEASON if you throw an EGG up you NERVOUS Piece..........

Having said all that the RAVENS still have STARS on D like RAY, ED, T-SIZZLE, and NGATA and in the END they will be called on to STOP BRADY and that POWERFUL OFFENSE that sometimes looks like they are drawing plays up in the GRASS in the BACKYARD.

The PATRIOTS Tight Ends...Rob "I get down with TRIPLE X Ones" GRONKOWSKI and Aaron "I am a BIG WR under TIGHT END in your PROGRAM" HERNANDEZ..are a PROBLEM every SUNDAY and they played UNO, CANDYland, SCRABBLE, and BATTLEFIELD on the BRONCOS last week. So what do the RAVENS have to do to STOP not only them 2 but WES and DION are out there to and BRADY could feature them as well. RAVENS are preparing for a WEDDING and they just hope everything goes like it did in rehearsal.

The other match-up...the RAVENS Sometimes struggling O vs the PATRIOTS sometimes struggling D...and something has to give REAL TALK. The RAVENS need RAY RICE to be a factor. The PATRIOTS need to make FLACCO a ONE-TRICK Pony and try to take RICE right out of the game. FLACCO must expose that WEAK Secondary and RAVENS WR BOLDIN must be involved heavy in some YAC...Yards After the Catch.

JANUARY 22nd, 2012
3PM ET CBS......NANTZ and SIMMS on the CALL...and if you are a NOT a PATRIOTS FAN put it on MUTE.

the BIG RAZOR BLADE in FOXBORO...GILLETTE Stadium...Foxboro MASS..the HOUSE the CRAFT's Built

The #2 seed CRAB CAKE Boyz at the #1 seed Boston Clam CHOWDER Gang and it's sponsored by #-STAR Match-up because my STEELERS are at the FLAT NOT WATCHING:

(NFL RANK in Parenthesis)

RAVENS 23.6 Pts (12th) 338.7 Yds (15th) 213.9 PASS Yds (19th) 124.8 RUSH Yds (10th)

PATRIOTS 32.1 Pts (3rd) 428 Yds (2nd) 3317.8 PASS Yds (2nd) 110.2 RUSH Yds (20th)

RAVENS 16.6 Pts (3rd) 288.9 Yds (3rd) 196.2 PASS Yds (4th) 92.6 RUSH Yds (2nd)

PATRIOTS 21.4 Pts (15th) 411 Yds (31st) 293.9 PASS Yds (31st) 117.1 RUSH Yds (17th)

Looking at the numbers they don't lie but could be misleading as the PATRIOTS are horrendous in the numbers but lately have been playing like they want ROUND TRIP AIRFARE to CIRCLE CITY. The RAVENS and that AVERAGE JOE have to expose these DUDS and sustain long drives to KEEP Tom Terrific and his group off the Field.

The PATRIOTS are so explosive on OFFENSE but they will be on the RAY RAY Watch in the FRONT and MARYLAND STATE Patrol Watch Officer Ed REED in the BACK. This is what everyone will want to see.....NFL's Top Shelf SCHEMING vs one another for a chance at the LAMAR HUNT Trophy.

the SKINNY: it's all in front of you...LAY IT on the LINE...I need 60 Minutes from you and if you don't want to PLAY...tell COACH and we will get a REPLACEMENT....this is not for the WEAK so lets hit them in they GRILLS......on 3.....WIN OR DIE.....the AFC's Final Chapter...BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK the best SPORTS BLOG in the MILKY WAY GALAXY follow me on TWITTER for them on time TWEETS @bluedudesports or join me at GOOGLE+ and put that SPORTS BLOG Smurf in your CIRCLE.....

WINNER: EVEN.........

PRETTY BOY Floyd vs PAC MAN PACQUIAO...as FLOYD reportedly reaches out to PAC MAN via CELL PHONE......

After 2 years of jockeying and this gut won't get tested for this and this guy is duckin' these MITTS....Pay-per-View..we might have a fight but where.

Reports coming out of the PAC MAN Camp are simply put....FLOYD reached out to PAC MAN about a MAY 2012 Fight and a 50/50 PURSE SPLIT. This is pretty ironic as PRETTY BOY is die for a 90-Day Jail Sentence in JUNE 2012. A couple of things fly through the BLUEDUDE's mind when talking FLOYD and PAC MAN:

Floyd initially wanted PAC MAN to submit himself to a BLOOD TEST a week before the FIGHT...PAC MAN's Camp said no which leads me into the suspicion of is MANNY doing........

Then there was the FLOYD is duckin' MANNY because he knows what?

Now FLOYD Jr. reaches out to PAC MAN himself and tries to get the FIGHT going before he goes to the slammer leading me to believe WHO IS OUT OF LIQUID ASSETS?

Then after PAC MAN's last fight in which MANNY didn't look as good as previous fights....FLOYD saw something and now is trying to INK him a deal to get this GINORMOUS Fight on.

If they do fight.....WHERE?


ARLINGTON TEXAS...JERRY's HOUSE....easily get over 80-90 K FOLKS

STAPLES CENTER L.A. or not big enough


They have options and plenty of them....

WHO WINS?........

is PAC MAN > PRETTY BOY or is PRETTY BOY > PAC MAN..I know MIKE > KOBE and the STEELERS > RAVENS...those are facts

Thursday, January 19, 2012

FRONTLINE January 19, 2012....KING JAMES eats a BLACK MAMBA....BENGALS WR SIMPSON Indicted...WESTBROOK staying in OKC and WHY NOT (#0)

Welcome to BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK Frontline the TOP HEADLINES in the BLUEDUDE's Sports World for Today JANUARY 19, 2012.

So much for being SICK...LeBRON JAMES ..yeah right what did you have that same cough DIRK had when you and WADE COUNTY were caught on camera mocking the DIGGLER then @swish41 had the O'BRIEN's over for a 6 month or so vacation in DALLAS soon after.

KING JAMES just was a KING among KINGS in STAPLES SOUTHEAST as the HEAT bury the LAKEshow 98-87 behind the KING's 31 POINTS, 8 BOARDS, 8 Assists, and 4 SWATS. Now the HEAT are 5-0 without WADE COUNTY...Dwayne WADE in the LINEUP.

The LAKERS could do nothing right as they look like a TEAM chased by either FATHER TIME and a NEW SYSTEM or ONE or the OTHER.
The have plenty of time to get things right but they look pretty stagnant vs the HEAT as the 305 BOYZ dominated from start to finish. GASOL and BYNUM combined for 41 Points and 20 Boards. Now the LAKEshow play a back to back playing SUPERMAN of MOUSE TOWN Friday Night in ORLANDO. KING JAMES and the HEAT invite the SIXERS to 305 SATURDAY NIGHT.

BENGALS WR Jerome SIMPSON was indicted on Federal Drug Trafficking charges Today in CINCINNATI OHIO. For those of you who don't remember that a DELIVERY MAN came to SIMPSON's Townhome in SURBURBAN CINCY to deliver a reported 2 1/2 ILBS of GREEN...you know MARY JANE. The CATCH was SIMPSON was at BENGALS Practice when it was delivered.

A young man at SIMPSON'S House took the delivery and said it wasn't his and upon searching the PREMISES the AUTHORITIES found an additional 8 POUNDS of GREEN .

GOOD LUCK MR. SIMPSON beating that case what are you going to say it was PERSONAL USE....you would have made CHEECH and CHONG happy.

So much for the Oklahoma CITY THUNDER letting POINT GOD Russell WESTBROOK test the FREE AGENCY Waters. The DEAL will be right at a reported 5 Years $80 MILLION making that $16 MILLION per season for the talented POINT GOD.

Now with WESTBROOK in the FOLD the THUNDER have no more distractions moving forward with both DURANT and WESTBROOK inked well into 2016-17 Season.

R.I.P. Miss SARAH BURKE a 4-TIME X-GAME Champion

the 2011 NFL QB Class....PASS or FAIL...who exceeded expectations and who flopped.....DID CAM and DALTON get A's?

They always talk about things they see on FILM, the COMBINE, what their COLLEGE Coaches say about them, and the NFL People in thew KNOW always have the answers RIGHT...NO....WRONG.

All I heard last year before, during, and after the combine was that Cam NEWTON isn't CONSISTENT on his throws and it might be a stretch taking him at #1.

Then there was HORNED FROG ALUM Andy DALTON who has started every game since he was a SOPHOMORE in HIGH SCHOOL...he is a WINNER but lacks the ARM STRENGTH.

Blaine GABBERT looks the part...ARM STRENGTH...very INTELLIGENT....I wouldn't be surprised if the PANTHERS took him instead of Cam NEWTON based on what they saw on FILM and the COMBINE.

Christian PONDER could surprise some folks a very good CAREER in the ACC at FLORIDA STATE....good Pocket Presence, can make all the THROWS should be in the MIX with the above 3.

All these things you heard most of them are so far from the TRUTH. The BLUEDUDE has been saying this for years...MEASURABLES are KEY but what is a young man going to do when the LIGHTS come on and it's time to PERFORM at a high level.

Some MEASURABLES but mostly how you performed if you did a get a shot on SUNDAYS to start....WHAT was your GRADE and did the PEOPLE in the KNOW get it RIGHT?

the 2011 NFL QB Class...PASS of FAIL.....A or F sponsored by CAN you READ and RECOGNIZE COVERAGES on the FLY:
First NUMBER ROUND they were picked.....Second Number what NUMBER Picked.....Third Number OVERALL PICK in the DRAFT in Parenthesis.

Cam NEWTON QB AUBURN Round 1 Pick 1 OVERALL PICK 1: The NFL has never seen a ROOKIE QB TEAR the league up like this young man did and it is safe to say the PANTHERS Not only hit a GRAND SLAM they will be headed to COOPERSTOWN on one SWING.

Cam exceeded expectations and probably his own as far as how easy things came to him. PANTHERS WR Steve SMITH and NEWTON were a Top 5 QB to WR Duo on SUNDAY. Just think if the PANTHERS would have listened to all the analysts they would have been stuck with Blaine GABBERT...that MONSTER in J'VILLE...like the Loch Ness Monster...you ever seen him.....I haven't.

Cam not only made all of his throws but he also RAN for a rookie record and TD's. The GUY wants to be and is a POCKET-PASSER that just so happens to be HELLA Athletic to the point where he will easily be one of the TOP QB's on SUNDAYS next season to worry about.

Jake LOCKER QB WASHINGTON Round 1 Pick 8 OVERALL PICK 8: Locker did the normal progression of an NFL Rookie QB as he didn't start a lot of games but when called upon he delivered for the most part.

Just like NEWTON really athletic and if LOCKER had left U-DUB Seattle his junior year he may have been the 1st QB taken. He has a Rocket Arm, he has escapability, and he just has to not be so anxious to a fault where throws get away from him. But when HASSELBACK went out LOCKER proved that he belonged and for the TITANS that have to be HAPPY moving forward with this safe pick.

Blaine GABBERT QB MIZZOU Round 1 Pick 10 OVERALL PICK 10: The JAGS still have to be a little concerned as GABBERT never really looked comfortable at any point and he had Mo JONES-DREW running behind him so what's not to be comfortable.

GABBERT reminds me of a cross between the NINERS Alex SMITH and former 1st Round Flop Joey HARRINGTON of OREGON....and he is playing in your local MEN'S Flag Football League. You just kinda a wonder if GABBERT will turn it on or that light comes on. Because when TEAMS miss on a QB it could set them back even more year especially a TOP 10 Pick.

Christian PONDER QB FLORIDA STATE Round 1 Pick 12 OVERALL PICK 12: PONDER could have went right behind NEWTON and probably should have especially in front of GABBERT. He impressed everyone in the TWIN CITIES including all of their opponents. If you would have told someone not to watch the NFL for 3 years and they watched PONDER and the VIKES after those 3 Years you would have said the VIKES have a GOOD QB.

He can make all the throws, quick release, good feet and escapability, and great pocket presence as he looked comfortable all season as it seemed nothing he did was too big for him. The VIKES have Percy HARVIN and ALL DAY when he gets back off the KNEE INJURY. If I were the VIKES if he is there I would draft STILLWATER OK COWBOY WR Justin BLACKMON and be done with it. Just as you DRAFT a possible FRANCHISE QB he needs weapons also.

Andy DALTON QB TCU Round 2 Pick 3 OVERALL PICK 35: The BLUEDUDE called this one out....a guy that just looked and played like an SUNDAY QB. Oh DALTON aka STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE did what he sat out to do at TCU from DAY...WIN THE JOB and KEEP the JOB and WIN doing it.

COOL HAND LUKE nothing is OVERWHELMING to DALTON and his ability NOT to make TURNOVERS sets him way apart from others. Very intelligent always knows whats going on and the BENGALS had NO SHOT of even making the PLAYOFFS without him. Also the BENGALS had to get a ROOKIE QB to pair up with their ROOKIE Franchise WR AJ GREEN. Marvin LEWIS and COMPANY have something to build on and DALTON will probably be better than Carson PALMER....REAL TALK....which means the STEELERS, BROWNS, and RAVENS have to deal with DALTON for at least the next 10 SEASONS.

COLIN KAEPERNICK QB NEVADA Round 2 Pick 4 OVERALL PCIK 36: Now former #1 Pick Alex SMITH is shining COLIN might be holding that CLIPBOARD for awhile.

Ryan MALLETT QB ARKANSAS Round 3 Pick 10 OVERALL PICK 74: Now he got drafted by the PATRIOTS and they have an AVERAGE QB in TOM BRADY so MALLETT should play soon...YEAH RIGHT...stay in FILM STUDY Ryan.

Ricky STANZI QB IOWA Round 5 Pick 4 OVERALL PICK 135: Chiefs and New Head Man Romeo CRONNELL will get a read on STANZI in OTA's...did really get enough Playing Time to get a read on him.

TJ YATES QB NORTH CAROLINA Round 5 Pick 21 OVERALL PICK 152: Didn't see this one coming and HATS OFF to the HOUSTON TEXANS and now you can CUT Matt LEINART. YATES not only pulled a rabbit out of his LID but dang there almost beat the RAVENS and Joe FLACCO last week in the BIG CRAB CAKE and played FLACCO to a DRAW.

Excellent POISE and came right in and wasn't afraid to make any of the THROWS and played with a little BRAVADO you need to play QB on SUNDAYS. Also what helped he has a nice set of OFFENSIVE WEAPONS behind him in SUPER BACK Arian FOSTER, DRE 305, and TE Owen DANIELS. The FUTURE looks bright for the TEXANS.

NATHAN ENDERLE QB IDAHO Round 5 Pick 29 OVERALL PICK 160: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, and WHY.......CUTLER was put on IR and this gut was no where to be found not that he was going to play anyway.

Tyrod TAYLOR QB VIRGINIA TECH Round 6 Pick 15 OVERALL PICK 180: Looked really good in PRE SEASON but realistically the RAVENS are looking for a SOLID NO CAP HIT 2nd String QB who could be used as a STOP GAP for JOE FLACCO. But the KID played well enough to stay on the RAVENS Roster.

Greg McELROY QB ALABAMA Round 7 Pick 5 OVERALL PICK 208: Looked GOOD in Pre Season and is a nice 3rd String QB on a PLAYOFF TEAM but I DO NOT KNOW what the JETS are and they don't know either.

McELROY seemed like a nice teammate until recently talking about the JETS LOCKER ROOM which is a huge NO-NO on SUNDAY.
GRADE: C+ until he popped off about the LOCKER ROOM......FAILING until further notice..SEE the BLUEDUDE

A pretty descent class and the TOP GUYS Killah CAM, Strawberry SHORTCAKE from the JUNGLE, B-GABS of MIZZOU sounds like some fool from THE HILLLS TV Show, YO JAKE of OPRYLAND, and PONDERing thoughts from the TWIN CITIES collectively have a chance to make a stake in the league.

As for the BOTTOM half of the class...INSURANCE SALES...INVESTING the CASH you get now, and even staying close to your ALMA MATER and the BOOSTERS might be the LICK for you.

The OVERALL GRADE for this 2011 QB Draft Class is a A- because you have 3 GUYS that made an impact and will be around for a long time in NEWTON, DALTON, and PONDER.......follow the BLUEDUDE on twitter @bluedudesports or in GOOGLE+ BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK CIRCLE or even you SPORTS RADIO Program Directors get at me at bluedudesportst@gmail.com....majored in SPORTS RADIO/TV on the performance side with a BA in TELECOMMUNICATIONS...IT's REAL and the BLUEDUDE is REAL....STEEL CITY (STEELERS) and WEST SIDE REPORT (BULLS) of CHI CITY ALL DAY.....

the LOGO WATCH #4....MR. BIG SHOT trades with JET TERRY...WIZARDS give DURANT an L....SPURS 1st Road Victory n more

Another exciting night in the ASSOCIATION as the HEADLINER tonight was the DEFENDING World CHamps at STAPLES to take on the BLAKEshow and Company and this TILT didn't disappoint.

The CLIPPERS get a 91-89 WIN on the HILLS of none other than Chauncey BILLUPS aka MR. BIG SHOT himself out dueling the MAVS JET Terry on the last shot. It was BILLUPS, Mo WILLIAMS, and the BLAKESHOW that carried the CLIPS and DIRK, Delonte WEST, and the MATRIX that carried the MAVS.

The GAME looked like it was WON on a JET TERRY 3 Pointer where the CLIPS left that certified SNIPER by his lonesome. Then the CLIPS set up a play where BILLUPS threw the BALL into the BLAKEshow and if BLAKE could not get the ball back to CHAUNCEY then he was to make a move to the RIM. The MAVS trailed BILLUPS instead of JET jumping HIGH SIDE on the SCREEN set by BLAKE and Mr. BIG SHOT knocked the GAME-WINNER JUmper down.

Now the MAVS fall to 8-7 and the CLIPS move to 8-4 and the STAPLES Center might have a NEW TEAM playing DEEP into WINNING TIME....REAL TALK.

Over in CHOCOLATE CITY.....WASHINGTON D.C....K.D. and the OK CITY THUNDER were at the BIG WIRELESS...the VERIZON CENTER to take on John WALL and the 1-11 WIZARDS. After DURANT 33 and 8 BOARDS and WALL 25 and * HELPERS didn't disappoint it was the DURANTULA's missed 3 pt BASKET that would have tied the game at the end of REGULATION that didn't go in.

The THUNDER had the BEST RECORD in the NBA and now they are a half game behind the BULLS in the WIN COLUMN and teid in the LOSS Column. The WIZARDS move to a dismal 2-11 but those NEW UNIFORMS makes the BLUEDUDE think that they are playing in the CAP CENTRE in Landover Maryland with WES, BIG E, GREIVEY, and BALLARD when they were the Washington BULLETS. Nice job THREE STRIPES..ADIDAS...that is a cool design.

The SAN ANTONIO SPURS are 9-5 and all their WINS have been at home as they are 9-0 in the AT&T Center but 0-5 on the ROAD. Fast Forward to MOUSE TOWN in Orange County Florida where the SPURS wrere taking on the MAGIC and the game came down to a last shot by the MAGIC but JJ REDDICK did not get the SHOT off in time as he took a dribble when there was no time for a dribble. Take REDDICK back 4 Years ago he was CATCH and SHOOT and now in CRUNCH TIME he wants to take a dribble to move the DEFENDER and it cost the MAGIC from WINNING the game as they lose 85-83 giving the SPURS their 1st Win on the ROAD.

The SPURS were led by Tony PARKER's 25 Pts. and 8 HELPERS and the MAGIC were led by their SUPERMAN with 24 Pts. and 25 off the GLASS. The SPURS move to 10-5 and the MAGIC put one more in the loss column and fall to 10-4.

In other action SUNS Point God Steve NASH aka NASTY put up 26 and 11 on his former Teammate STAT and Coach D'ANTONI. The FINAL in this one was SUNS 91..KNICKS 88 and someone tell WHAT in the LATE RED HOLZMAN was SHUMPERT taking the LAST SHOT to tie the game for. Not only that SHUMPERT had 20 Points on 8-14 shooting and this isn't his CONTRACT YEAR it is his ROOKIE YEAR. Someone over in MSG better slow that down before they MOVE the KNICKS to the MEADOWLANDS or NASSAU Coliseum in LONG ISLAND.

Look for the NASH to KNICKS for SHUMPERT to SUNS to start up soon as KNICKS Faithful are getting more and more restless not only with COACH D;ANTONI but the whole outfit. STAT and 'MELO combined for 35 points on 12-44 shooting and if NASH was manning the point they would have combined for 26-44 63 plus points and won the game going away...DO THE MATH.

The HAWKS are HOT despite losing HORFORD for the season as the beat the BLAZERS at the HIT FACTORY in A.T.L. 92-89 behind J.J.'s 24, 7 Off the Glass, and 5 HELPERS and move to 11-4.

The C's smash the T-REX BOYS of TORNTO 96-73 but it was the INJURY to Double R's Wrist...Rajon RONDO that has Doc, Danny, and the GREEN TEAM Faithful UP ALL NIGHT Tonight and Tomorrow. Hope for the BEST but it DID NOT LOOK GOOD. And reportedly GREEN TEAM President Danny AINGE has said he will be for trading any of the BIG 3...K.G., the TRUTH, or SUGAR RAY if it could help the C's go into the next era. The funny thing is it took DANNY this long despite losing Jeff GREEN to figure out the C's were done. The BLUEDUDE would love to GM or even be I the BASKETBALL SIDE of an NBA Team....I know talent....it is NOT HARD...it just isn't.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA Power RANKINGS Mid-JANUARY 2012....OK CITY THUNDER storming through the ASSOCIATION ..HEAT n BULLS in striking distance

The SQUEEZE the ORANGE NBA Power RANKINGS for Mid-JANUARY 2012 has that THUNDERING FEELING to it. Led by @KDTrey5 and @russwest44 the Oklahoma City THUNDER are atop the NBA Power Rankings and the way the new schedule is set up LOOKOUT because they are young and hungry with experience.

You already know the DRILL the BLUEDUDE only ranks 16 teams because there are ONLY 16 SPOTS when we go to WINNING TIME. The BULLS and the HEAT have stayed on course to battle for EASTERN Conference Supremacy as those 2 and the THUNDER should be in the TOP 5 all season long.

The SQUEEZE the ORANGE Power RANKINGS for Mid-JANUARY 2012 sponsored by WINTER TEMPS are finally in CHI-CITY:
(In Parenthesis is the 1st Ranking of TEAMS at the beginning of JANUARY 2012)

1. THUNDER (3) 12-2: They have an advantage with the new schedule because of their YOUTH, ATHLETICISM, and they have Kevin DURANT and Russell WESTBROOK and you don't. Also they play half court defense anchored by PERK #5 as good as anyone. How the WEST was WON....show me a better TEAM and I will show you E.T.... 2K12.

2. BULLS (1) 13-3: The concern right now is that the reigning NBA MVP has TURF TOE and that injury could linger for months. But the BULLS have put it in OVERDRIVE led by the BIG TIME Play of PF Carlos BOOZER C-BOOZ 5. Now if they can get the LEGS under NOAH who looks like he is playing the IN THE LOST ARK....the BULLS will have their MOJO back.

3. MAGIC (4) 10-3: So SUPERMAN of O-TOWN wants to leave...SLOW your ROLL DWIGHT. Coach Van GUNDY has a pretty good rotation down for the MAGIC and they look the part as DWIGHT will probably stay for the WHOLE Season and sort them out later. Key Components...REDDICK and Big BABY

4. HEAT (2) 9-4: Can WADE COUNTY stay on the Floor or doesn't matter. The LUXURY of having #3, #6, and #1 for the HEAT is that 2 out of the 3 playing every night still will probably give you the advantage over most clubs. Surprising play from Mario CHALMERS as the ROOKIE Morris COLE has pushed CHALMERS play in the right direction.

5. PACERS (14) 9-3: How in the WORLD.........YEP....the PACERS Record shouldn't fool you as they are being anchored by Collison, All-Star Forward DANNY GRANGER, and the BIG FELLA in the Middle Roy HIBBERT of HOYA PARANOIA. Coach VOGEL has them playing solid BALL and they will be a FACTOR in the PLAYOFFS as well on this season's schedule.

6. LAKERS (10) 10-5: This is taking a RISK even putting the LAKEshow at #6 because if the BLACK MAMBA has to score 40 or more every game they will be in trouble come WINNING TIME. KOBE is just trying to keep himself in the CONVO for the BEST NBA PLAYER when he should be worried about if he can GET LARRY O'BREIN over to the CRIB one more time. They have to RUN the OFFENSE through DREW BYNUM more to become a factor down the stretch.

7. HAWKS (8) 10-4: Is Josh SMITH their Heart and SOUL... probably...Is the LOSS of Al HORFORD devastating...in every way. Now SMITH, TEAGUE, Marvin WILLIAMS...I KNOW ATL, and J.J. definately have to bring their A GAME every night in order for the HAWKS to stay in the RACE in the EAST.

8. 76ERS (16) 10-3: C'MON BLUEDUDE is it that serious in PHILLY...YES it is. They have just as much young Talent as anyone coupled with their Captains BRAND X and IGGY. Now they have an emerging STAR in Jrue HOLIDAY rising up with players like Evan TURNER, Thad YOUNG, Lou WILLIAMS, Spencer HAWES, and Jodie the ARC MEEKS. Lookout EASTERN CONFERENCE....PHILLY is on the RISE..real talk

9. JAZZ (15) 9-4: They have MAJOR Talent in the Front Court with AK 47, AL Jefferson, and Paul MILSAP. They also have Devin HARRIS who once was the starting POINT GUARD for the DALLAS MAVERICKS 2006 NBA Finals Team. Throw in guys like Gordon HEYWARD, CJ MILES, Josh HOWARD, and Raja BELL.....so they have experience as well. They may be the SLEEPER in the WEST.

10. NUGGETS (7) 9-5: They have cooled a bit but the PLAY of PG Ty LAWSON and PF NeNe HILARIO has the NUGGETS right in the middle of the WESTERN CONFERENCE Race. Rudy FERNANDEZ was a nice pick-up from the MAVS as well. Can COACH KARL keep his team locked in all season will be the question? GALLANARI and HARRINGTON will be huge the rest of the way.

11. SPURS (9) 9-5: You say BLUEDUDE why did the SPURS DROP. You are 9-0 at the CRIB and 0-5 on the ROAD which tells me you will get an early EXIT in WINNING TIME. So in the SQUEEZE the ORANGE Power Rankings I speed the process up for you and put your team where they belong....SOUTH of the TOP 8. Any QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, or CONCERNS.....?

12. TRAILBLAZERS ( 5) 8-5: They have to get more balanced scoring from there BACK COURT because LaMarcus ALDRIDGE and Gerald WALLACE will do their thing every rip. Can EVERYBODY Loves Raymond FELTON drive this car where it wants to go or do we have to TRADE this SUV for a GROCERY GETTER? ONLY TIME will tell......

13. CLIPPERS (6) 7-4: So much for beating the LAKEshow...the CLIPjoint has to see where all these new parts fit and Coach Del NEGRO is coaching them so you have to give the CLIPS the benefit of the doubt. They should finish in the TOP 4 in the WEST but who do you go to in CRUNCH TIME when CP3 has the ball.....CP3, the BLAKEshow, the BUTLER, or Mr. BIG SHOT?

14. MAVERICKS (13) 8-6: They have won their last 7 out of nine after putting themselves in a hole at 1-4. They will be a factor come WINNING TIME but it is the FAST regular SEASON that might take its toll on a an OLD TEAM like the MAVS. They have to find a happy medium where they can be effective and WIN GAMES as well as buy time for some of their VETS.

15. GRIZZLIES (12) 8-6: I see MR. GAY is getting his LEGS and GAME under himself which is a WELCOME Sign to the GRIZZ. They have to find some FRONT COURT Help now that Z-BO joins SLIM SHADY Darrell ARTHUR out for a while and ARTHUR gone for the SEASON. They have to position themselves better in the WEST as they need to try to get to those TOP 4 seeds if possible.

16. ROCKETS (NR) 7-7: I like their MIX of SCOLA, LOWERY, DALEMBERT, and Kevin MARTIN. Is Kevin MCHALE the right COACH for them though? They are one of them teams that will get an6-8 PLAYOFF SEED that has the Potential to take you to the DISATNCE they have that kind of FIREPOWER.


CELTICS (11) 4-8: Doc and DANNY have FATHER TIME all over their locker room like MERSA....an sorry for that REFERENCE

Never in the RANKINGS

KNICKS (NR) 6-7: MELO, STAT, no POINT GUARD, and D'ANTONI......like the PACK RAT and SEWER RAT Problems in GOTHAM CITY...and the JOKER and PENGUION have been sitting with SPIKE lately.....better fix that KNICKS

SUNS (NR) 4-9: Look just send NASH to the KNICKS and gut out the SUNS. Now you fix the KNICKS somewhat and you might get SHUMPERT who has an UPSIDE like most rookie but just don't let him shoot. TRADE NASH to GOTHAM CITY for Iman SHUMPERT to SUNS and throw in Connie CHUNG with SHUMP.