Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AFC teams playing fantasy as in not making the PLAYOFFS

The American Football Conference is Top Heavy with about ten teams fighting for 6 playoff spots. Teams in the AFC with excellent drafts in 2010 were Steelers, Bengals, Ravens, Jets, and chiefs( Jets by way of free agency more than the draft). By now you have heard all those so called NFL analyst and broadcasters state their case for the winners and losers for 2010 -2011 season. Well just like anyone else who has an opinion, the BLUEDUDE is not agreeing with most of the picks solely based on guys who get paid to predict this........... U KNOW WHAT I WANTED TO SAY BUT BLUEDUDE SPORTSTALK is a family show rated HSF (for the hardcore sports fan). Without further due here are my AFC teams joining the BLUEDUDE at my SUPERBOWL PARTY in FEBRUARY 2011 in the HAMPTON'S:

1. BILLS: They drafted the most explosive player in the draft in Clemson Tailback Mr. CJ Spiller but Kelly, Smith, Bennett, Thomas, Beebe, Conlan , Coach Levy ................ They ain't coming out the tunnel anytime soon. Man that list looks like a jersey wall at Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia in Philly.

2. Jacksonville: The Jack Del Rio Show is about to stage left. If it wasn't for PRADA MONKLEY SUIT wearing MO JONES-DREW they would be behind the South Florida Bulls as the 5th best team in still tied with BUCS for 4th best behind CANES,'NOLES, AND GATORS.

3. CHEIFS: A HELLUVA draft by GM Scott Pioli and Asst GM Joel Collier by getting the best football player in the draft in Rocky Top DB ERIC BERRY and in the 2nd round a steal in BAMA DB/KR Javier Arenas . The defense looks like an ALL-SEC First team. Not there yet but Arrowhead should be back to the good old days sooner than later.

4. Browns: Man I know they have Mike Holmgren but he ain't playing. If Josh Cribbs played all 11 spots on offense they would be a playoff team right. What else can i say the Browns play The Ohio State University Buckeyes on October 2 at the SHOE for OSU homecoming. This is make or break to see if the BROWNS are behind all MAC teams in OHIO. Don't take it personal Holmgren might get yall out of this but RIGHT NOW......... RIGHT F....... NOW yall are BOO BOO. Dawg Pound What? Dawg Droppings. Yeah I said It. Lebron already left when the Browns leaving?

5. Raiders: QB Jason Campbell is an upgrade at QB. The defense is going to be above average with that lockdown corner in NNamdi Asamghou, damn i chopped that up.................. CHAMPIONSHIP ................ Hell No

6. Tennessee: I know its going to be tough but i think its the Texans year and the Titans have not replaced Big Albert Haynesworth yet on the DL. No Bullock (G-MEN) Or Van De Bosch (MOTOR CITY) will kill them. CJohnson28 and Hookem' VY a real nice 1-2 though but you can't out score everyone on Sunday for the BCS title.

7. Ravens: This is the toughest one but No Ed Reed and ACL Injury to top CB in Domonique Foxworth will make it tough. Top Draft picks having issues as well Kindle (Fractured Skull) and Mount Cody (Too Many Trips to the Sub-Zero). But if FLACCO AND RAY RICE can hold it down they will make it interesting in the AFC North and the AFC.

8. Broncos: Josh McDaniel must think he has an Effin Science Project on his hands. Someone tell him you experiment with players on EA Sports Madden 2011 or NCAA Football , not on the real stage. Best Defensive Player out for year (DE Elvis Dumervil) and these QB"s: Orton, Quinn, and Tebow. Good lineup if they were in the Police cadet academy.

9. Dolphins: The Big Tuna has left the building no more magic. Tony Sporano is a good one, but the defense isn't there and I am not big on QB CHAD HENNE. He has weapons on the outside but can he consistently get those weapons the ball. They need a heavy dose of DOUBLE R 2010 (sorry DMX, JADA, and the original Rough Riders) RICKEY AND RONNIE. They will be tinkering on 8-8 or 9-7. Will play spoiler to someone in AFC East.Hell who cares about football In M I A. STAPLES CENTER of THE EAST opens in October featuring............................ Enough BLUEDUDE .......Enough. Man I just get full of myself sometime....... Dr. Phil does too HELL.

10. Patriots: YEP the BLUEDUDE has went sacrilegious on yall. Betting against TOM Brady and Bill Belichek dude your crazy. NOPE LIKE A GOOD BATCH OF KOOL-AID ( u know 2 quarts of Kool-aid and 6 full cups of sugar just like mountain dew except never lime green). Look closely the "D" still hasn't replaced SEYMOUR, VRABEL, BRUSCHI, HARRISON, SAMUELS, LAW, ETC.. Not that they are trying to replace those guys because you can't but the young guys need to get there quick because I have not seen anything yet to make me believe they are for real on D.

That is a crazy list but I am one of the best at predicting these things. No I am not JIMMY THE GREEK, but if you were to go to the desert and put your hand out there (all your coinage). The BLUEDUDE NEEDS TO BE RIDING SHOTGUN FOR REAL. And if you are running markers man I NEED TO BE YOUR BFF LOL or is that BMF........ You get it.

**********Watch the Pats,Titans, and Ravens they could replace Bengals, Steelers, Texans, and/or Jets. BOLTS and COLTS a shoe in to the playoffs. Texans, Bengals, and Ravens 3 of the hardest 5 2010-2011 Schedules counting opponents last year's records.

Monday, August 30, 2010

NFC teams playing for Top Draft Picks in 2011 are..................

The NFL season is about to begin with a lot of hoopla surrounding draft picks, teams whole drafts, personnel acquisitions, and key free agent pickups like every season. I have put together a list of NFC teams that get a red slip early or you could say are contracted out to play the season( Seasonal Workers Only ) but will end before post season play. The List Includes but not subject to ( No suprises on this list Santa ain't coming and Mrs. Claus or I mean the Fat Lady is already in the Building ):

BEARS: Acquisition of Peppers and Mike Martz was big but too late for The last season of CEO Phillips, GM Angelo, and Head Coach Lovie Smith.

LIONS: Head Coach Jim Scwartz and the gang are moving in the right direction and will overtake bears in the division this year or

REDSKINS: They have a top 5 defense and Adding #5 and Coach Shannahan will help but not enough in NFC's toughest division.

EAGLES: Letting McNabb go and eagles fans think that the problem is gone WTF? Up Next"THE KEVIN KOLB EXPERIENCE" whooooo?

PANTHERS: Steve Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith Steve Smith oh and QB Jimmy Clausen yeah right

BUCS: Excellent draft picks in 2 Top DT but playing like they were in the OLD SOMBRERO Sorry Boom but improving Glazers give Raheem Morris a chance or you going to wait till he builds the program up and pull a Gruden for Dungy swap Only time will tell right They have the money or get some $ from Manchester United (ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE SOCCER TEAM richest team in sports in the world according to FORBES MAGAZINE worth $1.8 Billion that some cheddar right thur) also owned by Glazers.

RAMS: Playing for Ohio State All American DT Cameron Heyward since they passed on SUH and McCoy

SEAHAWKS: Very Good pickup in Head Dude In Charge Pete Carroll but " the cup runneth bare in the Great Northwest" shakespearian BLUEDUDE shakespearian

CARDS: Or is this the Terrible Towel in desert QB situation an issue Larry Fitzgerald Play Madden 2011 and your team and you will see why. Bad fantasy year for #11.

I know you start the season with trying to get The Lombardi but these respective teams have no shots whatsoever. So many holes and not enough of anything to fix them. Have you ever had car problems and didn't want to take it in but you know you can't find the problem and eventually you have to take it in. This list feels the same way you do except they can't go to an auto mechanic.

Remember this BLUEDUDE FANS to get the top draft picks in this upcoming draft " U CAN'T WIN IF YOU DON'T LOSE "

Welcome to New York City folks RAMS ARE ON THE CLOCK

Saturday, August 28, 2010

G-MEN Trying to Keep up with the 'BOYS and stay relevant in tough NFC EAST

The NY FOOTBALL GIANTS are three years removed from the shocking upset of the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl. The roster still has sprinkles of the team that defeated the PATS on that day. But in the NFL to stay on top and competitive year in and year out, a teams core must be very solid. The G-MEN have a solid core for the most part led by head coach Tom Coughlin and a real good football brass at the top. The Giants always do their homework and have good drafts, but like most teams high draft picks must produce now instead of later. The Giants need some high picks to come up big really quick.

The roster is led by QB ELI MANNING and defensive stalwart DT JUSTIN TUCK. FOR THE GIANTS to be successful they must win the battle up front starting with the grade A pass rush they unvieled on their SUPER BOWL RUN. Those pieces are still there with TUCK and OSI UMENYIORA. Add ROCKY BERNARD, CHRIS CANTY, and BARRY COEFIELD the have the makings to be a force up front. Throw in first round pick and freak of nature DE Jason Pierre-Paul, this team can be real dominant up front. On offense they need to get back to a healthy dose of the RB tandem of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs (I know there is thunder with a man that big, but we need lightning to hold up his end). With the wr group of Steve Smith(USC Version), Super Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks, the G-MEN need to get back to just playing balanced hard-nosed Tom Coughlin mistake-free football and they will be right there to challenge the Cowboys for the division.

The road will be tough for the New York Football Giants in the rugged NFC EAST. The Dallas Cowboys are the pick of the litter and the G-Men, Eagles, and Redskins are fighting for the other spot in the NFC East as well as a playoff berth. If they can run the ball and keep ELI upright, as well as get back to controlling the defensive line of scrimmage, positive things can happen.

Of Note: Tennessee Titan LB and Captain signed a 1-year deal with the G-MEN to offset the loss of Captain, MLB, and fan favorite Antonio Pierce.

Warning Giants: Keep your name in the lights because the other tenant in the new digs is making a name for itself Literally.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

MR. PIP 33 Best Sidekick ever rumored to get well deserved Monument at United Center

What is a sidekick? A sidekick is a close friend or companion who assists a partner in a superior position(Thanks Google). Like Lone Ranger's Tonto, Sherlock Holmes' Doctor Watson, Spongebob's Patrick, Batman's Robin, or on the best NBA team in the last twenty years His Airness' SCOTTIE PIPPEN. That's right put him in there with Robin and Patrick, this man invented how a small forward played in the NBA while being BENSON to arguably the best player ever. That in itself is hard to do for any man as talented as Scottie to put some of his skills aside so another man can operate, and then you go into your bag of tricks and do whatever else the team needs. Hats off to you Mr. Scottie Pippen.

Growing up in Illinois I, the BLUEDUDE, was a huge Michael Jordan Fan and conversely a bulls fan because of #23. But when then GM Jerry "Crumbs" Krause selected Virginia Forward Olden Polynice and traded him on draft day for some unknown NAIA All-American 6-7 Scottie Pippen from Central Arkansas I was shocked like everyone else. Put him with Clemson All-ACC forward Horace Grant(twin brother Harvey played at Independence Community College in Kansas, and finished up at Oklahoma University with future NBAers Mookie Blaylock and Stacy King). That draft was the foundation for the Bulls 6 Championships in the 90's and who would've thunk it I sure didn't. Also hats off to Head of basketball operations for the Bulls in 1984 Rod Thorn for getting AIR JORDAN( Mr. Thorn recently took over the helm in Philadelphia this year after a great run in the NBA League Offices and the NJ Nets). Last but not least the guy who orchestrated the 1987 draft "CRUMBS" KRAUSE, not the most popular guy amongst Bulls Players and coaches, but a good basketball mind. I mean who has a Title of General Manager and isn't full of themselves some if not all the time you can't blame Krause for some of his motives and tactics, the Bulls got 6 under his regime.

Scottie Pippen revolutionized the Small forward postion in Head Coach Phil Jackson's Triangle Offense, which is quite complicated and takes about a year to 2 years for one to get comfortable in it with all of its nuances. One thing the triangle doesn't need is a pure point guard thats where scottie created the position of "POINT FORWARD". The offense typically ran through Scottie with MJ taking over if anything broke down. Scottie was always in the right place at the right time and looked super comfortable leading the Bulls in many categories so Mike could be Mike on most nights. Those Bulls players know Mike needed Scottie and Scottie needed Mike and it was a beautiful thing on the WestSide of Chi City.

A long and very quick forward, Scottie had hands like shovels that could stifle any player from the point to the power forward(1-4 in basketball terms). MR. PIP 33 could guard and did guard anyone in his path. With him, MJ, Ron Harper, The Worm, and the team defensive concept of one Coach Johnny Bach( who used to say"when I let my dobermans out it was over"), the Bulls used their length and speed to turn you over on the defensive end to lead to easy transition buckets on the offensive end. It was a joy to watch Scottie on most nights to anchor that "D" and it was 24 hour Lockdown, Shoe Program, (sorry Alonso Harris in Training Day), the Defense was that tight every night.

And to the best Small forward on both ends of the floor I have ever saw, CONGRATS TO MR. PIP 33, his Hall Of Fame Induction, and his soon to be Monument at the United Center. WHO SAYS YOU CAN BE SOMEONE FROM SMALL MIDDLE AMERICA AND MAKE AN IMPACT ON MANY LEVELS. SHOOT FOR THE MOON AND IF YOU MISS YOU WILL BE AMONG THE STARS LIKE #33 in red and black.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The top 10 NFL Players are LEGIT but Next 10 could be First 10

Scout's INC. came out with a list of the top 200 NFL players and their ratings. 100 is the best rating on down to an overall grade of 77 being the lowest. The top 10 are: Peyton Manning 95 Andre Johnson 94 Darrelle Revis 93 DeMarcus Ware 93 Drew Brees 93 Joe Thomas 93 (WTF! Browns player in top 10 in what) Larry Fitzgerald 93 Nnamdi Asomugha 93 Patrick Willis 93 and Tom Brady 93. Interesting is that one interior lineman is on this list and he plays for the MISTAKE ON THE LAKE Cleveland Browns. Not that Joe Thomas isn't a great player, but I would like to see if his peers would vote him that high. The top 3 QB, top 2 WR, top 2 CB, and top 2 LB are on this list and that's how I would rate them for the exception of probably these 5 guys joining that top tier. The 5 players are in the second 10 in :Adrian Peterson 92 Troy Polalmalu 92 Ed Reed 91 James Harrison 91 and Mario Williams 91.

I LEFT OUT CHRIS JOHNSON 92 because of his time in the league and I think the book is still out on him but very deserving of a 92.
The last 4 of the second 10 are Nick Mangold 91 Phillip Rivers 91 Antonio Gates 90 and Ben Roethlisberger 90. The second 10 has impact players on the defense with the 2 best back end players in the NFL in Reed and Polamalu. The 2 best RB's in Johnson and Peterson the real "THUNDER AND LIGHTNING" (sorry Lendale White your Patron diet and your career is looking more like you and Matt Leinart are taking the same career path i.e. put them game checks up in a safe place).

The top 20 players on this list are pretty solid and I would agree on almost all of them except for the one defensive interior guy not in the top 20 is Baltimore Raven and QUACK ATTACK ALUM Haloti Ngata 89, who in my estimation is a top 5 player in the league surely based on impact on ones team and every game. The guy controls the line of scrimmage so that LB Ray Lewis and the rest of those playmaking raven LB's can do what it do.

To summarize the list you have arguably the 2 best QB's of the decade and top 5 QB's of all-time in Manning and Brady, two of the best safeties ever, two of the best lockdown corners since Champ Bailey, some old school linebackers, two big-time running backs, and some nice young guys coming into their own.

The rest of the list is on point for the most part. But like always the cream eventually rises to the top and in this case Scout's Inc. got it right at least from the BLUEDUDE'S PERSPECTIVE. GREAT WORK and next year I would love to be part of the process really I am a student of the game.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fast Forward from 1990 to 2010 REDLEGS R BACK

Its 20 year anniversary of the the LOU PINELLA led Reds shocking the baseball world by beating the Tony LaRussa led 1990 OAKLAND ATHLETICS AKA THE BASH BROTHERS(and by now u know all the details of the bash brothers) in the world series. That REDS team had some classic ballplayers in CF ERIC "E" DAVIS, BILLY HATCHER, PAUL O'NEILL, BARRY LARKIN, CHRIS SABO, GRIFFEY SR., to name a few. And one of the nastiest bullpens in my time in "the NASTY BOYS" NORM CHARLTON, RANDY MEYER, AND ROB "DIBS" DIBBLE with starters in Jose Rijos and Tom Browning anchoring the rotation. This was a fun group to watch and mesh all that talent with a very quiet manager in Louuuuuuuuu Pinella. They were magic.

Now the 2010 Reds led by 1970's Dodger great Dusty Baker, who came up with this "boys in blue" core of : steve garvey, ron cey, bill russell, davey lopes, and mike scioscia. Baker and Scioscia learned from O Tommy LaSorda one of the best to manage at the big league level. The 2010 roster is kinda like the 1990 roster in that no one really picked them to win a lot of games. The two names that stick out are brandon phillips and Joey votto and maybe bronson arroyo. But this is a blue-collar bunch for a hard-nosed blue-collar town in the QUEEN CITY.

You would think after the cards and reds cleared the benched a couple of weeks ago, it would be the reds who would slowly falter down the stretch. But to Dusty baker and his staff they have held tight and look like they are going to close this thing soon really. I would love to see new teams in the mlb playoffs to give October an exciting and new finish. If the RED LEGS KEEP THIS PACE, THEY MIGHT HAVE TWO PARTIES ON THE RIVER. Move over Bengals and make room for us in "THE JUNGLE".

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Texans ordering dancing shoes for the dance in January

When was the last time the NFL season started and someone mentioned the HOUSTON TEXANS as one of the front runners in the top heavy AFC to get into the dance. Well this is a new day and the TEXANS roster is loaded with FIVE STAR players starting with the #1 WR in the NFL "AJ" Andre Johnson from the "U"(sorry Larry Fitzgerald u got game but they come no stronger and tougher than #80) and Former #1 overall DE and Raleigh NC boy SUPER Mario Williams.

Head Coach Greg Kubiak's plan has took some time but they always say,"good things happen to those who wait". The pick up of former VA star QB and Dirty bird Matt Schaub was a great find. Couple that with really strong drafts in needs areas like CB when Dunta Robinson left for ATL they picked up BAMA Corner Kareem Jackson in the first round as well as ALL WORLD LB and NJ native from the Men of Troy Brian Cushing. Now all he has to do is take a couple of FLINTSTONES VITAMINS AND drink a Red Bull and the league can go after someone else. The offense is no doubt led by "AJ" and Schaub and the Defense by All Pro MLB and Bama All-American Demeco "MECO" Ryans with two seasoned safeties in Bernard Pollard and Eugene"Learned my trade at CAMP Belichek" Wilson.

With targets like "AJ", Jacoby Jones, Owen Daniels, Steve Slaton, Andre' Davis, and rookie RB Ben Tate from"the Plains", the Texans have no doubt a team in place to not only make noise in the division, but the AFC playoff picture in general. The "D" is very strong up the middle and with arguably the NFL's toughest schedule by last years results, the Texans need to bring it out the gate early and often or it will come down to the last couple weeks of the season. Texans fans been stuck on that last minute Sh"" too long REALLY.

And for those of you who have never been to the LONE STAR STATE................. "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS"

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MUSIC CITY needs no "MIRACLE" to Challenge DIvision and AFC

The Tennessee TITANS started out last season on a downward spiral not seen since the closing of OPRYLAND (u know the country music theme park that never was). They lost 8 in a row and then Chris28, follow him on twitter at this name, took over the offense and for the most part games for the Titans as they started to roll in the ladder-half of the season. Vince "Hook em' Horns" Young got his job back after Kerry "I played with LB Shane Conlan at Penn State" Collins lost control of the offense. Vince played well and has improved his overall grasp of the Offense and having CJ in the backfield doesn't hurt either. Now #10 has to be more of a gentleman at the gentleman's club and he should have a fabulous season. HOOK EM' HORNS LOL

The Defense hast lost one of the fixtures for the TITANS since Eddie, Frank W., and the late great Air MCNair retired in Syracuse Alum and LB Keith "I got this dawg" Bullock. The defense needs a leader to step up and I think that leader will come from the back end in UT Austin All-American Michael Griffin and Florida State Alum Chris Hope. This part of the defense is the strong suit with all-pro croner Cortland Finnegan from SAMFORD. WHERE? NEED MAP QUEST......................OH ITS IN BIRMINGHAM ALABAMA. Weakside CB Jason McCourty, an athletic Corner from State University of NJ Rutgers (Piscataway, NJ) rounds out maybe the best secondary in the league. The TITANS still have not replaced departed DT ALbert" I don't want to pass the conditioning test" Haynesworth but they are improving upfront with steady LB's led by Stephen Tulloch.

Coach Fisher, who has the longest tenure as a head coach in the NFL and is an "A" list Coach in all categories and one of the BLUDUDES' FAVORITES. Defensive Coordinator and former hard hitting safety of the GB Packers Chuck Cecil, who took over for 9 year Def. Coordinator now MOTOR CITY coach Jim Schwartz, will do a better job of making adjustments on the fly this being his second year. The TITANS will score points they just have to have the Defense be in the middle of the pack and they should be playing in January for the right to play in February.

The AFC South is TOP Heavy with the Atlanta Braves, I mean the Indianapolis Colts, and the Texans. It's going to come down to the Titans and Texans head to head to get into the dance because that guy from O' ROCKY TOP is still in the division.

Monday, August 16, 2010

STEELERS need to get back to the Running game and Defense

If you were running an elite NFL Franchise and the team has won 2 of the last 5 Superbowls life is good right. Well the Pittsburgh Steelers are getting ready for this upcoming season as though they finished last season at 3-13. Unlike most organizations, STEEL CITY expects to compete at a very high level and be in contention throughout the year and expect to play for the big one in February every season. I know you are problem saying," man BLUEDUDE that's every teams goal from the onset right", no not really. It would take me over a thousand different posts to tell you why 75% of the teams are worried about winning so much as the gate proceeds. Come on look at some of these teams they just lay the door mat out and tell you come over for dinner and you don't bring nothing to the party, don't say thanks, and eat up all their S""".

ENOUGH OF THAT, the 2010 STEELERS probably wont sneak up on anyone but all these so called analysts thinks the STEEL CITY IS DOOMED WITH BIG BEN out at least the first 4 games. Look Bruce Arians, steeler offensive coordinator, needs 65 to 35 run to pass and the newest member of the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME defensive coordinator and former detroit lion CB Dick LeBeau gets back to 3-4 ZONE BLITZ CHAOS, STEEL CITY will be fine.

Injuries play an integral part in all of major sports but a healthy #43 Polamalu and a mediocre schedule, at least at the end, the steelers should be primed for another run. I tell you this, "If they get in who wants to play them because in STEEL CITY WE TAKE ALL COMERS".

Remember this: The STEELERS WERE THE FIRST TO 6 LOMBARDI TROPHIES and the match up made in football heaven would be Pittsburgh vs Dallas in Big D for all the marbles. Because if the COWBOYS are AMERiCAS TEAM with 5 Lombardi Trophies what is Steeler Nation?

Throw your TERRIBLE TOWEL in the air and hit someone lol

Sunday, August 15, 2010

VIKES Need #4 and need to take care of Business Early

When Brett Favre shows up to Mankato, Minnesota for Vikings Training Camp there will be a sigh of relief. But the Vikes have more problems on the offensive side of the ball in two of the three biggest playmakers having issues. If WR/KR Percy "I live in PERCYLAND" HARVIN continues with the migraine headaches and WR Sidney "Mr. Basketball in South Carolina in HS" Rice hip issues continue, the VIKES will need more than Favre. They still have the best RB in all of football in "ALL DAY" Adrian Peterson (sorry Chris Johnson your the fastest but my money is on A.P. for plain just punishing folks). The Vikes know if those two gamers are out and A.P., "B TWICE" WR Bernard Berrian, and Super TE Vishante "TWEET me again Darren Sharper and see what happens on September 9Th" Shiancoe, will try to hold down "PURPLE NATION" until offense is healthy.

Shifting to the Defense who ranks right up there in the NFC with the Cowboys as far as the front seven. Starting with DE and Sack Specialist Jared "The OUTLAW JOSEY WALES' Allen and The Williams Brothers PAT and KEVIN, no relation but could be if you were covering the dinner tab. Throw in a TOP 5 LB core in Captain and Former "Fighting Turtle" Alum E. J. Henderson, Leber, and Mr. Greenway, the Vikes still will be a force on that side of the ball. The back end isn't bad either anchored by 12 year veteran CB Antione" I hang with Papa Smurf and Smurfette" Winfield locking down the strong side corner. This group needs to get off the field on 3rd down and create turnovers and sacks to offset some early injury issues on the offense.

With a rematch of the NFC Championship Game from last year at the start of the season, and two games with the PACK, the improved MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY, and the LIONS young core of talent, the VIKES have to take care of the divisional foes before looking ahead to seedings in the NFC Playoff Picture. But if #4 is there and the offense is somewhat healthy they will make another run and it looks like a repeat of last years playoffs in the NFC. This time just give the ball to the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE when you have the lead. The BLUEDUDE is just repeating what has already been said, and the VIKES might be on their way to the promised land.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The PACK try to Lambeau Leap atop NFC

The Frozen Tundra could once again be the site for one if not two NFC playoff games this upcoming season. The most impressive moves made by the packers were letting that Southern Mississippi Alum pack his bags and trusting a very young QB in Cal Berkley Alum Aaron Rodgers and making the adjustment from a good 4-3 defense to hiring Defensive coordinator Dom Capers to implement the rugged and complicated at times 3-4 Defense, where the linebackers and safeties are key components.

Offensively the Packers are in the elite because of Rodgers, an above average running game, and a top 5 Receiving Corps in the law firm of Jennings Driver & Finley. The pack could move the ball on just about anyone and that spells trouble for the Vikes, Bears, Lions, and the other NFC teams that stands in their way.

Defensively lets start with the former Heisman Trophy winner from Maize & Blue, Mr. Charles Woodson, the reigning 2009 NFL Defensive MVP and Al Harris, two of the best corner tandems in the game. You Couple that with a Pro-Bowl Safety in Nick Collins and a LB core led by rookie, yeah I said rookie from "The Men of Troy", Clay Matthews Jr. with Barnett and Hawk holding the Middle down. This is a top flight defense that is only going to get better now under their second year under Coach Capers and that 3-4.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy and the Packers have the stars aligned for them. Everything is in place for the Pack to make a deep run into the playoffs barring injuries. With Aaron Rodgers calling the shots on Offense and Capers and the boys fine tuning the D, teams need to get their winter gear ready for the playoffs because someone will be headed to LAMBEAU in January 2011.

Friday, August 13, 2010

DIRTY BIRDS might get the worm as in SAINTS

Right now in very hot georgia, the Alanta Falcons are getting ready for two things: the right to represent the NFC in the SUPERBOWL and to put a choke hold on WHO DAT? NATION and neither scenario will be easy and no one said it would be. The Falcon brass and Head coach Mike Smith and his staff have put together the pieces in Atlanta pretty quick to make these birds a legitimate contender.

They went after and got their man in Boston College stud QB Matt Ryan. Went to southern CAL to get Michael "burner" Turner from the BOLTS. Ryan's targets in the air are super smooth UAB product Roddy White and O-H-I-O alum Micheal Jenkins and couple them two with the forever young TE Tony Gonzalez who I think played with QB Len Dawson of the KC Chiefs back in the day. Then put together a pretty fast defense that starts with the front seven in Babineaux, Jerry, and pass-rush supreme John Abraham. Back those guys up with Defensive leaders in MLB Curtis Lofton and former Gator Standout Mike Petersen. THE DIRTY BIRDS 2K10 will have the House that PRIMETIME BUILT ROCKIN'. Yeah don't act like Deion didn't put y'all on the map, I loved Steve Bartkowski, and Gerald Riggs sr. and the '80's falcons but always in the L column. Jamal Anderson and Jesse Tuggle in the 90's were off tha chain, and The Mike Vick Experience was like a Blockbuster Movie, it lasted about a month and a half to two months and then what! what! what!

With an average schedule to boot and a very professional approach from the top all the way down to Coach Smith and his staff, the Falcons can make a lot of noise in the NFC and be a factor to make a deep run into the playoffs, and if only they had a corner like ............................ OK he ain't coming into the building but you could still pencil them in with the SAINTS as a top 4 in the NFC.

BOLTS looking for Lombardi not AFC west crown

Its that old sang,"we are on the verge of doing great things around here", something the San Diego Chargers have been saying for quite sometime. I remember the "AIR Coryell" days. The original multiple set WR spread Offense now just called the "Spread Offense", that was almost unstoppable with guys like Fouts, Winslow Sr, Muncie, Jefferson, Joiner, but can you name someone from that defense, probably not.

The New Chargers, who a very balanced on both sides of the ball and have been balanced for the last few years, and still have not turn that corner. There are many factors that go into a team that is so talented, but yet underachieves at such a high level, its mind-bottling really. One thing the BOLTS have to do is just "MAKE A PLAY" when they need to. In the big games they just seem to be playing well but the body language is that of, "man when are we going to mess this quarter, half, or game up. Coach Turner has done a really good job of handling expectations in the regular season, but if you count that everyones trophy case would look like your local high schools.

The 2010 BOLTS are picked to finish at the top of the AFC again and this is without future HOF RB LaDainian "LT" Tomlinson. This is not the original "LT" by the way but a damn good "LT" nonetheless. Factor in the have one of the best QB's in the league in Phillip "I Have a good mouthpiece" Rivers, an excellent receiving core led by TE Antonio "Hands like shovels" Gates, and a really good Defense let by bookend LB's Phillips and "lights out" Merriman( no not Teddy Pendergrass "Turn off the Lights"), The MURPH should be rockin'.

With all this talent The BOLTS just have to stay the course and play every game like its a playoff game, and with so many teams in a top heavy AFC vying for playoff spots, the Bolts are in by default because the AFC WEST looks like the NCAA Mountain West. And come January 2011 when Rivers and Coach Norv got the Boys on a game winning drive just someone "MAKE A PLAY".

Next stop Dallas,Texas............... Flight Attendants please prepare the cabin for takeoff.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nawlins' Saints Still at the top of NFC and NFL

It is a daunting task to repeat at any level and in any sport. The New Orleans Saints have all the ingredients to repeat like crawfish, Cajun-style cuisine, Mardi Gras, and The ageless one in the SUPERDOME. Head coach Sean Payton and his staff have put together the 2k10 version of "The Greatest Show on Turf" sorry Rams just complementing what a great offense Mike martz and his team had to bring "The Lou" a Lombardi.

The Saints are absolutely loaded in a Divison that has one contender in the "dirty birds" ATL falcons. Having said that they have future HOF in the Original Ball hawking safety in Darren "i told y'all he was going to throw us one just be patient" Sharper, a top 5 QB in Austin,Tx Westlake HS and Boilermaker Drew Brees, an explosive WR group done by committee, a balanced RB attack, very good young secondary and they add FSU 'Noles CB Patrick Robinson, who I thought had the best feet in the 2010 NFL Draft, a fluid, natural corner. LB Jonathan Vilma leads the boys up front with a formidable front four that has one of the better rotations in the NFL. You put all that together and the Saints will definitely go marching into the playoffs and all you have to do is get in right.

The BLUEDUDE's outlook is simple, if the saints stay on course and free of key injuries they are the team to beat in the NFC period. And to those who think the Magnificent QB Drew Brees on the cover of Madden 2011 is a curse. Hell the original curse is some of that VOODOO magic on the Bayou.

WHO DAT? Nation keep it rolling and I know its tough with The Oil Spill catastrophe but the BLUEDUDE is praying for you except on Halloween when ghost, goblins,and the TERRIBLE TOWEL arrive for some "Trick or Treat",' JUST THROW IT IN THE BAG' sorry LOSO n Dream.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P-A-T-S PATS PATS You get the idea.

What a great run the New York J-e-t-s jets jets jets made last season after the Atlanta braves , I mean the Indianapolis Colts Brass decided to take weeks off to prevent injuries(Yeah! What A joke and it they won the Superbowl right). With that being said the Jets have been anointed the team to beat not only in the AFC east, but the AFC period Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Thinking Soup and some good CLAM CHOWDER. Lets go Northeast and we should be riiiiiiiiiight there.

Look real quick lets cut to the chase the New England Pats still have guys like Brady, Moss, Wilfork, Welker, and that coach that plays the game on fourth down like you have the controls on a madden game and its 3rd and 40 on your 2 and you go for it in head coach Bill Belichick. My question is the dolphins and jets have not won anything in so long if I were a betting man I am rolling with the best CLAM CHOWDER in the business New England that is. I am under the impression that folks get caught up on whats on paper, and who cares how many pro -bowlers or 1st rounders that doesn't mean a hill of beans if you have been in that fire. Fire is a lot of playoff games and on the winning end of most of those and multiple super bowl appearances doesn't hurt ones psyche either.

At the end of whatever, because"at the end of the day" I am getting some shut eye, do the Jets and Fins have what it takes to get past the PATS? Well the answer to that question remains to be seen, but the the way the Ravens came into FOXBORO and put them things on the pats last year, as a real football head would say,"you cant keep a good man down", or in this case a good team down especially with Bill "I have that 2011 Madden and I am going for it on all 4Th downs" Belichick running the show.

Sorry JETS and DOLPHINS No revis and no marino y'all r done LOL Damn I forgot about the BILLS or is that the USFL.

Monday, August 9, 2010

RAVENS D must meet the O in FlaccO

The 2010 Baltimore Ravens led by the ageless one in Future HOF Ray Lewis looks the part in the rough and tough AFC North. But hold on is that the defense trying to catch the offense? yes it is. For the first time in the Ray Lewis era the ravens offense is better than the defense and with recent devastating injuries, BMORE might just want to just get into the playoffs instead of thinking the last game of the season in BIG D.

Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, Todd Heap, Derrick Mason, Anquan Boldin, and Gaithers, Oher, and Grubbs on the O-line, the ravens should average close to 30. The defense on the other hand, if they can hold up the fort until the best safety in football gets back in Ball-hawking ED Reed from the U, they will win at least 11. But recent injuries to CB Dominique Foxworth and rookie LB, who I thought was the Best outside LB on the board in the draft, Texas LB Sergio Kindle can really hurt the ravens even though they have good depth. Then add the a TOP 5 NFL Player at any position in DT Haloti Ngata from the Quack Attack, the ravens will be formidable in the rugged AFC North with 4 games with the Steel City and the Bengals.

The 2010 Ravens will need all that talent to mesh quickly as the schedule is daunting in the first 6 weeks they play Jets, Steelers, Pats, Bengals, and Broncos. And with Ed Reed Rehabbing after Hip Surgery in the off-preseason look-out. You know teams are looking at the back end of that D and saying lets attack that secondary. But with all that said, Good luck, Because the ravens on paper look like the best Offense in the AFC and will put up a lot of points. And MR. Flacco is the best thing to happen to BMORE since the great Olympian Michael Phelps came home from the summer Olympics looking like he robbed FORT KNOX.

The Ravens should still be in the thick of things in the AFC the whole season and after all these years its about time the Offense bailed out the Great Ray Lewis because he and that D has had the $ to bail out that offense since he arrived.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

NFL HOF Class of 2010 maybe best ever

Just watched the NFL Hall OF Fame Class of 2010 get inducted and it maybe the best I have ever seen. A couple things are for certain: the best WR I have ever seen was inducted , the originator of the zone blitz inducted, and not the best RB of all-time but if you are counting yards, then it is Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys.

This class also covers some pretty dominant and dynamic individuals who embodied class, blue-collar work ethic, and guys who come from small parts of the country who just wanted it more then the next guys. The first Washington Redskin lineman, Russ Grimm, Known as the HOGS ( a dominant offensive line who protected the like of Joe theisman, john riggins, joe washington and the Smurfs), was inducted. Now I am waiting for BIG Joe Jacoby and Mark May. The First New Orleans Saint ever in the HOF in Canton from Pahokee, Florida and former PITT Panther Rickey Jackson was inducted. The man who single-handily put a face to the Denver Broncos Franchise and former Syracuse Orangeman, Floyd Little was inducted. A dominant Defensive Tackle from a small town in Texas of 150 people and non-drafted player, Minnesota Viking John Randle was inducted and now maybe Chris Doleman might get a shot at the HOF.

This class also embodies one key component, players who did it the right way. I hope a lot of Current NFl players were watching the ceremonies of these great players and how they carried themselves on and off the field learn a few things. No one person is perfect, but if you have good family values in yourself and work hard at being the best person you can be, you see the rewards at the end of the tunnel. I also hope the NFL can settle the differences between owners and players and not go to a lockout, because they have the best product in professional sports in this country hands down. And to the new inductees to the Hall the BLUEDUDE SAYS, " BE PROUD OF YOUR INDUCTION, BECAUSE ALL OF YOU EARNED IT THE RIGHT WAY".

Thursday, August 5, 2010

NINERS back in business Thanks to Samurai MIKE

It seems like few years ago when the late and great innovator of the west coast offense Bill Walsh was leading the likes of Joe, Jerry, Roger, Dwight, Ronnie, Harris, Keena, Hacksaw, Jesse S, and the rest of the great 49ers teams to the top of the NFL not some of the time but all the time. Every year in the NFL The GOLD RUSH was at or near the top of the NFL let alone the NFC. Those days are long gone and the Ole STICK(candlestick park) has been a doormat for sometime now until recently.

Enter one of the most feared, intelligent, dominant, and best linebackers, let alone football players ever to play in head coach " Samurai "Mike Singletary leading the way. A man of discipline, hard work, dedication, accountability, and a strong belief in team and family first, to help lead your organization and team to the Lombardi Trophy was the best thing to happen to the NINERS since they switched to back to the 1980's jerseys, Thanks Reebok On Field for keeping it Tight. And guess what happen the NINERS are wearing those Jerseys again not for nostalgic purposes, but the attitude of this is who we need to get back to and Coach Singletary is Dat Dude.

Rams, Seahawks,and sorry Cards, but the new kid on the block is wearing the old duds( like Coach Singletary took the boys to Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia in Philly on Chestnut) and can't wait to smash whatever is in its way. As a Real Football Fan, have you ever seen a team with stars in line young and old play blue-collar football(Jimmy Johnson's Cowboys Teams), well this is what the Gold Rush 2010 is all about. Taking you back like "Rice Roni" that SAN FRANCISCO TREAT, it is a officially on and poppin' in the bay area.

Niner fans when you wore your jerseys in the last ten or so years you would have to bring out the old school guys #16, #42, #87, #33, #94, and so forth to get respect and feel like we r still a top flight organization . Now u can be proud to wear the new NINERS with the old feel like: #85, #52, #15, #21, #11, and feel proud that WE R......... Gold Rush.
CLICK CLACK. love you too Under Armour SEE U IN BIG D........... well maybe.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ochocinco and T.O. Dream Team? BENGALS Just win a playoff game

I saw it coming weeks ago when Terrell Owens was still out there as a free agent. Chad Ochocinco lobbying to Bengals brass that we need T.O., and then T.O., who resides in the City of Angels in the off season getting a call from QB Matt leinart about a workout coming up. One of the QB's throwing was none other than Carson Palmer of the Bengals. With Carson joining #85 in lobbying for T.O., the show is officially on in the JUNGLE. But one question, how bout the Bengals offense meeting the Bengals defense halfway so we can win a playoff game?

I have been going to the steelers vs bengals game every year in cincy since 2004 and it is a pretty good tailgate, fans are alright for a team that never wins S..., and the stadium is a top shelf NFL. But there is one thing missing NO Damn Trophy Case, u know the kind u put Parade Photos and Lombardi trophies in. Cincinnati and northern Kentucky fans have reason to celebrate because on paper the Bengals look like a sure fire to get through the AFC and to Big D. But hold on we are talking about a team who lost to the same team twice in less than a week after celebrating that they were AFC North champs after beating up on the Ravens and Steel City.

Bengal fans let last year be a learning lesson in Season 101 and Playoffs 101 (I would give you 300 or 400 courses but y'all ain't pass your university college courses yet therefore Bengals get 100 courses). Lesson 1: the most important game on your schedule is the next game. Lesson 2: No matter what just get into playoffs at any record because to win the LOMBARDI you just have to get in. And lesson #3 When in a playoff game don't sit on your hands because the other team, case in point the JETS , are killing your ass, the game isn't over till BIG MAMA is at the MIC. SO don't quit on your team,just cheer until the finish line because anything can happen.

So the next time u have a good bowl of that five-star chili in front of you and the Steel Curtain is giving y'all one of those OHIO River beat downs, don't run out on your team because the Bengals are the dream team this year....................... Yeah right and the Red Machine Is coming back for the 2011 Baseball Season and The BIG O and Cincinnati Royals open the 2010 -11 NBA season at Miami.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Revis ISLAND on Lockdown?

Every year around this time NFL camps are in full tilt, and we always have these words: CONTRACT HOLDOUTS. And of course players have the rights to get the worth on the market for contracts that have expired. But I have a real issue for players who sign deals and in the middle of these contracts, even though they have outperformed these contracts, still as a player u should be able to negotiate two ways: expiring or one year left. If teams start negotiating players contracts before those two factors could you imagine how many players would be griping.

Case in point, just heard Darrelle Revis aka Revis Island is holding out because he wants to be the highest paid corner in the game and rightfully so. But two things wrong here, revis has two years left where he will be paid $21 Million and on his rookie contract and the jets have other guys like center Nick Mangold and LB David Harris who need deals as well. Yeah the jets are going to take vare of the #1 CB in tha game, but u have to spread the wealth a little bit. And behind all this is the Collective Bargaining between players n coaches about of course $$$$$$$$$$$$$ what else.

By the way Revis Island is a cool place. It has torn jerseys of different numbers n colors like: #80 in navy in red, #81 in red, silver, and navy, #85 its hanging in the JUNGLE part of the island with Bengals colors, and many more. The scary part of the island is that you cannot leave until Revis let you go, and/or your QB signs to get you off the island after getting picked off the island, or the loud horn that almost sounds like recess period ending in grade school back in the day. This is not the place for vacation either, there is no sand and everything is green. The huge Castle on the island is on the only street on the island at 24 jets island way. Not a lot of people hanging out on this street, even though there is one policeman with badge #24 policing these streets.

So word to the wise, before any professional athlete says bogus SH.. like, " I am trying to take care of or feed my Family", go get u a real job and see how hard it is to get to the pay scale most if not all of you are on really. To the NY football JETS" pay the man", u said he was the best CB in the game so pay him like one.

See New Yorkers Yall think every team in Gotham thinks like the Bombers, well they don't.