Wednesday, April 30, 2014

MAVERICKS 103 SPURS 109...France's TP9, Brasil's TIAGGO, and U.S. Virgin Island's DUNC moves the SPURS one step closer to Round 2...Half Man/Half Amazing VIN-canity CARTER of TAR HEEL Hoops Lore had an "S" on his Chest for M.F.F.L...."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch are the SPURS getting a 2nd Wind? #SpursFamily #MavsNation

The Spurs needed a boost from Tony Parker and he came through with 23 points with big shot after big shot to help give the Spurs a 3-2 series lead over Dallas. The Mavs had plenty of chances as they missed a few key possessions where they could have at least tied the game.

The Spurs leading 58-49 at half knew the Mavs would get back in the game as that has been their M.O. all series long. The Mavs did cut that nine point halftime lead by one to 78-71 but had new life at the end of the 3rd. The Mavs were down 98-94 with just under two minutes to go and making a move when Peak USA Scooby Doo wearing Parker his  dagger Money Ball to put the lead up to 101-94 and that was the ball game.  The Spurs went onto win 109-103 as Duncan added 16 points and dozen boards with Tiaggo Splitter going 17 points and dozen Oranges as well. Manu doing hat Manu does with a somewhat quiet but always effective style of playing went for 19 points.

The Mavs Half Man/Half Amazing VIN-canity Carter of Franklin Street Chapel Hill, N.C. Hoops Lore kept the Mavs in it with a game-high 28 points off the bench including a sizzling 7 for 9 from El Paso, Texas! The Mavs G.O.A.T. went for 26 points and hauled in fifteen Oranges with "Mississippi Lightning" adding 21 points and six boards. The Mavs did everything right but just could not make the key play in their defining moment of the game. The Spurs did have a +12 in FT Attempts but was just +6 in FT Makes.

Game 6 is back in Big D on Friday May 2nd...

BREWERS 3 CARDINALS 9...REDBIRDS put "E.T." McGEE and EDMONDS in their HOF then put Crooked Numbers all over GARZA and the "PIWOWARZY" avoiding a Sweep at the Hands of Team "SUDS & BRATS"..."GET AWAY DAY" as the REDBIRDS keep the Brew Crew sweep away! #CardsArmy #RedbirdNation #BaseballTownUSA

I remember those days of that hot Astro Turf at Busch Memorial and "Whitey Ball" in the 80s as the St. Louis Cardinals were dominant under then Skip Whitey Herzog. Well to cut a long story short the Cardinals put their 2014 HOF Class together and four players were added included CF E.T. Willie McGee of "Whitey Ball" and CF Jim Edmonds an original California Angels Farmhand had his best years of his career playing for the Redbirds hands down. Congrats to those outstanding Redbirds Players...

As for the game at hand it was the Cardinals then taking it right to Brewers Starter Matt Garza 9-3 in a romp avoiding the three-game sweep at the hands of the "Piwowarzy". The Brewers though didn't go quietly at first as they tapped into Cards Starter Shelby Miller with a 2-run HR from Mark Reynolds and a another Bomb of the Solo Variety off the Ash, Maple, or Bamboo of Brewers CF Carlos Gomez to make it 3-1 after 3 1/2 innings as the Redbirds scored in their half of the 1st. Then Redbirds Matt Adams got the Baseball Town USA Party started with a three-run HR in the bottom half of the 3rd to make it 4-3 Cards. The Cards then put up crooked 2's in the 4th and 5th while adding another run in the 6th to cap the scoring at 9-3.

The Redbirds avoid getting swept and after a rocky start Shelby Miller still picks up the "W" moving to 3-2. Brew Crew Starter Garza takes the "L" falling to 1-3 and the way the Brewers are pitching and hitting he will soon fall inn line. Milwaukee falls to 20-8 while the redbirds move to 15-14 in the NL Central...

TIGERS 5 WHITE SOX 1...Motor City KITTIES give the PALE Hose a heavy dose of "MAD MAX beyond Comerica" as the TIGERS sweep the Two-Piece at the Cell..."GET AWAY DAY" talking Detroit Bad Boys JUSTIN & MAX #MotorCityKitties #PaleHose

The Detroit Tigers creep by the South Siders last night 4-3 as Justin Verlander didn't figure into the decision as he went seven strong giving up three runs. His counterpart White Sox Carlos Qunitana went six strong also giving up three runs and received a No-Decision as the Tigers went on to win in the 9th 4-3 on a Bryan Holaday Single scoring Austin Jackson.

Now e fast forward today with a quick turnaround as the Tigers sent Max Scherzer to the Bump opposite of White Sox Hector Noesi. Well "Mad Max beyond Comerica" goes six innings giving up not a run and striking out seven while walking three with only four Sox Hitters getting hits. Both Bryan Holaday and Victor Martinez knock in two runs each. Noesi went just 3 2/3 innings allowing four runs on five hits as he gave up all four in the 4th inning as the Tigers chased him as he could not get out of the 4th. Scherzer moves to 3-1 with Noesi falling to 0-2.    

The Tigers (14-9) lead the AL Central by two games over the Twinkies (12-11) as the Pale Hose fall under the .500 mark at 14-15.

BLAZERS @ ROCKETS Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...after the proverbial "SMOKE" after Game 4 RIP City and the L-TRAIN are running things and now the ROCKETS need to go CLUTCH City Mode with no "DREAM" in sight..."Fight 4 LARRY" HARRIS County Texas NBA Followers..prepare yourself for elimination! #PORvsHOU #BLAZERmania #REDnation

The Blazers grab the game 4 and regardless if they lose game 5 tonight in the Big Toyota Rav 4 dba Toyota Center in Downtown Houston the Blazers still control things. The pressure is on both teams as for the Blazer t o close out the Rockets. For the Rockets to get the series back to the Rose City with Uncle "MO" on Houston's Side for a game 6. Can anyone someone stop the L-Train and LaMarcus Aldridge stay away from Room Service and Eateries in H-Town...go pre-packaged meals my dude!

#OnlyGameInTown BLAZERS
#RedNation ROCKETS
9:30pm ET
the Big Toyota Rav 4 dba Toyota Center

Key Players
#POR Dame L-Train Nicolas Lopez Wes Mo
#HOU Patrick James Dwight Chandler Jeremy


Blazers ride that L-Train until those 2014 Nike Hyperposite L.A. PE's until they come apart (See Manu of the Spurs)...

Rockets need an efficient James Harden not a "Get Shots" J.R. Smith James Harden...

Blazers Damian Lillard has been I.C.E....can the Rockets contain him in Game 5?

Rockets "Dwight of Three Stripes" can he stop L-Train or duplicate L-Train's Offensive Prowess?

That Two-Headed Monster of LIN-sanity and Beverley has to be better....and if it isn't in Game 5 Rockets go home...

the Money Ball Factor...who shoots it the best in Game 5?

the Hustle Board (Scrums, Loose Balls, Dives, Fan Relations, Steals, Turnovers, n more)...who wins?

Stay Aggressive...Free Throw Line or die by that "J"!

Transition "Splash Plays" are Mo Builders...

Rockets on Offense "Move that Orange"!

Elimination Game for Rockets..will they come out like a Honey Badger or a Possum?

Rip City needs to play like they are down 2-3 and not play with that going back to Rip City for Game 6 garbage...110% and do it for the Rose City dba Rip City!

Game Time 9:30pm ET...

360 Degrees...Rip City L-Train's Weapon of Choice from Nike Basketball

the 2014 NIKE Hyperposite PE w/L-Smooth on the Tongue his Nike Basketball Handle

NETS @ RAPTORS Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...BROOKLYN needs JOE JOHNSON to get them through three frames for the "TRUTH" to take over in Game 5...the DINOSAURS need a 4th Wheel to join "D2" of Compton, K.L. of 'NOVA, and DRAKE Drizzy as #WeTheNORTH tries to get the always pivotal Game 5..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch with DINOSAUR Museum dba Air CANADA Center going 112 Decibals #BKNvsTOR #BKNets #RaptorNation

The NBA Gods have spoken in this series and have given us what each team needs to be successful. Brooklyn needs no more 7-point outings from the mercurial Jordan Brand "Become Legendary" wearing Joe Johnson from Woo Pig Sooie U. The Nets also know if they stay close they have the Veteran know-how to steal Game 5 with more than a few Closers to get the job up J-Kidd!

The Dinosaurs Recipe for Success lie within their fabulous back court of Demar DeRozan and Lyle Lowry. They also need Rapper and New Rihanna Toy Drake "Drizzy" court side doing what he does talking "Trophies". Can the Raptors get a 4th wheel possibly Lithuanian Jonas Valanciunas or Terrence Ross or Greivis Vasquez or even Amir Johnson to join the Party with double digit numbers in a crucial Game 5?    

#PlayoffsForBrooklyn NETS 
7:30pm ET
the Dinosaur Museum dba Air Canada Center

Key Players
#BKN Truth D-Will JJ K.G. Mirza 
#TOR Kyle D2 Jonas "Drake Drizzy" Greivis 


Nets Joe Johnson assert yourself and play like your Contract says you play...

"D2" an K.L. control the "Pace" of the game playing in front of #WeTheNorth...

Where has Shaun Livingston dba S-Dot been?

Can Raptors PG Greivis Vasquez continue to be a factor as they need to move him to the SF and play him with both "D2" and K.L...

"Splash Plays" will be a factor...who gets the most?

Who will be "Bigger than Life" off that Nets Bench...Mirz Teletovic, "Plums", Dray Blatche...who?

Raptors Girls are must-see between breaks as #WeTheNorth turns into #WeBadChicks and the Bluedude is watchin'!

Can Brooklyn shoot the Money Ball and who else besides JJ, Truth, and Mirza?

Offensive Rebounding...who wins?

Can the Nets take the raucous Raptor Nation Crowd with some Leafs Nation in it out the game?

J-Kidd vs Defensive Mind D-Casey...who wins the Game 5 Chess Match?

Is Raptors Rapper turn Super-Fan "Live or Memorex" Drake Drizzy?

Game Time 7:30pm ET on NBA TV

MAVS @ SPURS Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...the "Don't mess with TEXAS" Two-Step between the MAVS and SPURS moves to a pivotal Game 5...Who wins? "Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch can the SPURS protect the AT&T Center vs Team M.F.F.L.? #DALvsSAS #MAVSgang #SpursCommunity

The Dallas Mavericks came within a made basket or two putting the Spurs in a bad situation. The Spurs though behind one of the Logo's Top Closers in the last 15 years Manu Ginoboli of Argentina escaped Big D with a game 4 "W" and a series that is ties at 2-2 with a pivotal game 5 on the plate. Can the M.F.F.L. G.O.A.T. @swish41 go O-Zone Layer and bring the Mavs back to the AA 2114 for a potential closer? Does Spurs Point God TP9 of France need a shot of Red Bull or Monster as he looks like he needs a boost if the Spurs are going to get past the Mavs they need the French Pistol!

#SpurWars SPURS
7pm ET
the Big Land Line the AT&T Center

Key Players
#DAL Dirk Monta Jose Devin Sam Matrix VINcanity
#SAS Dunc Manu TP9 Boris K.L. D.G.


Dirk needs help but he also need to be Germany's baddest dude ever with a Spalding Orange...

Spurs TP9 needs to be a Factor...someone take him to get a Boost as the Bluedude runs on Dunkin'...Large French Vanilla "HOT" Double-Double!

Monta and Jose needs to be the "Perfect Storm"...

Manu is all that and a Bowl of hominy Grits with scattered smothered and covered with Three Flap Jacks piled high...can the Mavs slow him down as he is the key to Team S.A.S. winning the series?

VIN-canity and Devin Harris have been on point as Mavs Top Reinforcements...will that continue?

Where is Kawhi Leonard and his "Handy-Andy" Toolbox and D.G. of AT&T Money Ball gone Mad?

Glass Work...who wins?

Mavs DeJuan Blair back home in Big D suspended for Game 5...what his Dinner watching the Mavs Telecast..Carry-out Wing Stop, carry-out Whistle-Stop Deli, or carry-out Razoo's Cajun Cafe?

Taking care of the Orange?

Transition "O" who wins?

Spurs TP9  a game-time decision and that doesn't bode well for the Spurs as Patty Mills must hit the Phone Booth if TP9 is a no-go and become...St. Mary's CA University Gaels PG Patty Mills the WCC P.O.Y.!

Mavs Dancers vs Spurs Dancers...who wins in a Twerk Contest?

Will ex-Mavs and Spurs Star Michael "Fin-Dawg" Finley be siting next to Mavs Lead Man Mark Cuban in Game 5?

Game Time 6pm ET on NBA on TNT...

WARRIORS 103 CLIPPERS 113...CLIPPERS and CLIPPER Nation Rise Up with DeANDRE the LOB City Giant leading the charge...CLIPS move to a 3-2 lead...STEPH has to be more selfish..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch the CLIPS protect their house #CLIPSnation #DUBS

The L.A. Clippers have to be elated about the outcome and the Golden State Warriors again facing elimination will have to stave that off to get to a Game 7 "Winner take All' Scenario. The Clips rode the back of DeAndre Jordan who is becoming more and more of a force for the Clips and Doc Rivers and Staff have created another Lob City Monster. The Warriors need Young Steph "J" wet to death to be a little more selfish looking for his own.

The Clippers leading 55-50 at the break and 77-72 after three never gave the Warriors the lead as G.S.W. got to within six 105-99 with just under a minute to go but no closer. DeAndre Jordan goes for a game-high 25 points, grabs eighteen Oranges, and blocks four shots. Game Night w/Blake added 18 points and seven boards as CP3 20 points and seven assists and "Jamal 206" 19 points did the trick. The Clips had a +22 (41-19) in Free Throw Attempts over the Clips and a +18 in made Free Throws (31-13) and that was your ball game.

The Dubs looking and settling for too many Jumpers cost them as they never really got busy in the paint. Klay Thompson led with 21 points with David Lee adding 18 points and grabbing ten boards with Steph going for 17 points on 5 for 10 from the field. The Warriors have to attack the rim a little more and that is not their game but they need to get to the Line more or quit putting the Clips on the line.

Game 6 in Oakland is Thursday May 1st at 10:30pm ET... 

BREWERS 5 CARDINALS 4 F 11...The "PIWOWARZY" strikes again in Basbeball Town USA in Extra Innings as they beat the REDBIRDS 5-4..."A CUP of JOWE in the SHOW Report" you smell that Wisconsin CHEESE n BRATS and Milwaukee Suds! #BrewCrew

The "Brew Crew" dba the "Piwowarzy" in Poland has slammed the door twice on as many night in St. Louis. Brew Crew Starter Kyle Lohse went six and gets a No-Decision as Redbirds Starter Lance Lynn went five and he also didn't figure into the decision. The Bull Pens again did their job and the Brewers struck late behind a Lyle Overbay Single in the top half of the 11th for a 5-4 Brewers win!

The "Brew Crew" gets two RBIs apiece from both Overbay and Pitcher Lohse. The Redbirds All-World Back Stop Yadier Molina went 2 for 4 with three Ribbies as he took Lohse for a Three-Run Bomb in the bottom half of Inning One to give the Redbirds a 3-0 lead. Overbay and Lohse both contributed to that crooked three-run inning from the Brewers in the 4th to tie it at 3-3.

Then Brewers and cards then each scored run in the 7th only for the Brewers to get that win in the 11th. The Forgotten Man in former Halos Captain Save-A-Game turned Brewers Francisco Rodriguez  dba K-Rod gets his 13th save of April  and the Venezuelan Native is backed locked in as the Brewers have Wisconsin Cheese, Brats, and something to wash all that down brewing in that Brewers Clubhouse.

The "Piwowarzy" moves to 20-7 while the Redbirds fall to 14-14 as that NL Central Race belongs to the Milwaukee Brewers as we head into May as they look for the three-game sweep on Hump Day April 30th.



GRIZZLIES 100 THUNDER 99...the REGULATORS Report OKC is one game away from being extinct for the 2013-14 Season as they lose again in front of the HOME Folks 100-99...GRIT & GRIND Beale Street Business is bringing it vs OKC..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch going back to MEMPHIS MEMPHIS MEMPHIS...going back to MEMPHIS MEMPHIS and the GRIND House! #GnG

It;s getting real in the MEM-OKC Series as the Grizzlies many thought could not win one game in Thunder Alley as they have won two games in OKC and all have been in extras. OKC having all kinds of issues as the "Grind Father" Tony Allen has been giving it to KD whether he admits it or not. Russ has been Russ All In or "Clank" All Night.

In a nip and tuck affair that again saw the Grizzlies running away late and then folding at the end to into extras happened once again in game five. This time the Grizz pull it of and they were a Reggie Jackson having a night in game four from ending the series tonight inn OKC. The Offensive Balance for OKC has been off and that Russ/KD Combo might need a Line Change and yes the Bluedude went Ice Games for my NHL Heads.

Behind another solid game from Grizz Driver Mike Conley Jr. (17 pts 4 asst 1 TO) and the "Grind House Bigs" showing up like they always do Z-BO (20 pts 10 rebs) and Gasol (11 pts 15 rebs 4 asst) the Grizz were in good hands all night long. Throw all that in the Memphis Dry Rub with some M&M Plain dba Mike Miller (21 pts w/5-8 3pt FG including a few Heat Checks) the Grizz took it right to the Thunder.

OKC committed 17 turnovers (Grizz 9) and Russ (30 pts 13 asst 10 rebs) and KD (26 pts 8 rebs) going for a combined 20 for 55 is not going to cut it. Westbrook needs to look more for KD and OKC Lead Man Scotty Brooks has to be the one to let Russ know he needs more shots. Both Butler and Ibaka added 15 points with Serge grabbing a dozen Boards. Now the Plot thickens as OKC faces elimination in Memphis and the Thunder will see both Snake Plissken (Escape from NY) and John Rambo (Rambo) and maybe even AVP trying to win game 6 in Memphis.

Game 6 Thursday May 1st at 8pm ET...


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

WIZARDS 75 BULLS 69...the 2013-14 "WEST SIDE Story Report" covering BULLS Hoops goes Stage Left and might not renew for another season as the BULLS get ousted by some D.C. WIZARDRY 4-1 and WALL-Star, NE NE of Brasil, and @RealDealBEAL23 among others..."Fight 4 LARRY" with so much work to do on the MADHOUSE Hardwood #BULLSnation #WestSideStoryReport

The Chicago Bulls could not even get to May 2014 Basketball and couple that with no Lottery Pick...this has been a bad season and forget those 47 Wins as there are no moral victories or season in the Logo...absolutely none!

Then Washington Wizards came into the series versus the Bulls feeling very confidant and took it right to the Bulls. Tonight's Game  5 was a microcosm of what the Bulls Season was all about tough hard-nosed gritty effort giving you 110% but at the same time lacking that Super Star Talent to get them out of Round 1. Yes they get Derrick back in the 2014-15 season as they cannot field the same team and expect to beat the top Team in the East if they stay together in the Miami Heat.

Wall-Star led the Wiz with 24 points and seven helpers with Ne Ne going for 20 points and seven boards with Beal adding 17 and Gortat grabbing thirteen oranges.  Wall averaged for the series 18.8 ppg 7.5 apg with Beal averaging 19.8 ppg. That back court gave the Bulls fits and looking ahead there is no back court left in the Eats that is built like that one.

The Bulls gave it all they had with what they were working with. They lose Luol Deng and many though they would go right into the frozen Lake Michigan and didn't. They rode the backs of Taj, Jo All-Star, Captain Kirk, and D.J. and played their fannies off. Now looking ahead if they get that $5 million plus in Salary Cap Space the NBA is talking about and they amnesty Boozer can they get 'Melo. If he is a no-go as I think the Houston Rockets are a better fit and trade for the Knicks what do they do?

Bulls Nation the one thing we have following Pro Sports is..."There is always next Season" for what that is worth.

This is your Captain...the Bluedude signing off Bulls Business until the 2014 NBA Draft and 2014 NBA Free Agency...

360 Degrees...the Washington Bullets/Wizards win only their 3rd Playoff Series since 1979...35 some odd years ago...Really!

WARRIORS @ CLIPPERS Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...G.S.W. trying to get another "W" in Staples BLUE & RED vs the "City of Angels" LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS dba LOB City..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch the Pivotal Game 5 what else? #GSWvsLAC #WarriorsGround #ClipsNation

The Golden State Warriors arrive in Staples will all what ha transpired in the last 48 or so hours with a pivotal Game 5 looming. The Clips let Steph Curry hit the Phone Booth early in Game 4 and he played as Under Armour's Human Torch for all 48 shooting from Oakland, San Fran, Santa Clara, and occasionally Sacramento. For the Clips to be successful in Game 5 they have to shut the water off somewhere an that maybe taking KLAY-metheus out the game and letting "Iggy of Planet Oracle" try and duplicate that 22 point performance.

The Clippers have to play "BIG" going through Game Night w/Blake and DeAndre the Lob City Giant who were huge factors in both game 2 and 3 victories. CP3 is at the controls and he will not let the emotions one would think run so high in game 5 that the Clips need a whole half to settle down. Can the Clippers get back to doing what they do and Lob City going "Nerf Rim" to get the Clips Nation out their seats?

#DubsAllDay24-7-365 WARRIORS 
#NewClipJoint4-29-14 CLIPPERS
10:30pm ET
Figueroa Street Gymnasium L.A. 
Staples L.A. Sports Arena Set-Up

Key Players
#GSW Steph Klay D-Lee Iggy Draymond
#LAC Blake CP3 DeAndre D.C. JJ


Warriors have to make it Shirts & Skins in them Streets of Oaktown USA to get Steph n Klay going and going and going as that G.S.W. Forecast has to "Cloudy with Dub Nation having a 50% Chance of  Money Balls Makes"!

Lob City needs to ride that emotion but it's the Warriors your fighting nothing it's 2-2 in the Series but 16-0 on the real Scoreboard...remember what your here for and play smart!

Who plays the proverbial 3rd Wheel for G.S.W.?

Can Blake and DeAndre go "Nerf Rim" early to get Clipper Nation engaged for the full 48?

Who sits in Donald Sterling's Seat? Billy Crystal or Snoop Dogg or Kevin Hart

Warriors Draymond Green has to play even bigger as the "Points in the Paint" for the Clips will be their #1 target in Game 5.

Can the Clippers go "Splash Brothers" off the 405 in L.A. in JJ and Jamal 206?

David Lee needs touches on the block for some kind of inside presence for the Warriors?

Live Turnovers for TDs...who wins?

Rebounding Margin...who wins?

Clips need to keep Steph occupied on that G.S.W. Pick and Pop with two bodies going towards him to get the Orange out of his hands...make someone else make a play!

Warriors need to keep CP3 out of the Paint and off the Pick an Roll getting deep to make play via the Runner, Mid "J", or that Nerf Rim "Splash Play".

Whoever wins Game 5 will win this Series Game 5 when its all knotted up...Game Time 10:30pm ET on NBA on TNT...

GRIZZLIES @ THUNDER Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK..."GRIT & GRIND" missed putting the REGULATORS Report OKC on Ice as they blow Game 4 in the GRIND House...OKC just has to hold serve in the Logo's only Alley..."THUNDER Alley"..."REGULATORS Report OKC" wearing Blue or White Tee for OKC #MEMvsOKC #GnG #ThunderUP

The Memphis Grizzlies could not hold serve in the Grind House after stealing home court from OKC and now we have the best 2 of 3 as we head into the "Guts" of this intriguing #2 vs #7 series. The Thunder have gotten some unlikely heroes stepping up saving face which means those two Monsters KD and Russ are due to explode on the scene. The Grizz need Zach Randolph dba @macBO50 to be a factor in the Paint as "Air Congo" Thunder PF Serge Ibaka has made it difficult.

#Grit&GrindBealeStreet GRIZZLIES 
#RegulatorsReportOKC THUNDER
9pm ET 
Thunder Alley dba Chesapeake Energy Center

Key Players
#GnG Conley Z-Bo Gasol "Grind Father" T-Allen
#OKC KD Russ Reggie Serge


Where was Z-Bo in Game #4?

Mr. April OKC B-Team PG Reggie Jackson of Chestnut Hill U Hoops saves Game #4 for OKC...can or will he do it again?

Grit & Grind needs Courtney Lee and The "Grind Father" Tony Allen to do what they do on both ends....knocking down the Money Ball for Lee...and putting KD in 24-7-Lock down Shoe Program from Chi-City Native Allen.

OKC needs to get up get out and get something in Transition leading to "Splash Plays" which leads to Thunder Alley getting off their fannies!

Grizzlies Bench vs Thunder Bench...who wins?

Can KD hit the Phone Booth and go 2013-14 "Fight for MO" M.V.P. in Game 5 and play the Logo's only Reaper...the Slim Reaper?

Grizz need Marksman Mike Miller dba M&M Plain...dialing it in from Tulsa, Edmond, Norman, and Stillwater, and from the Red River...knocking down Money Balls!

Rebounding..who controls the glass?

Attack Mode leads to good things (Foul Trouble, the Penalty, and Free Throws) Live by the "J" ...Die  by the "J".

Live Turnovers for TDs vs Turnovers....Live TO's are the "Mo" Killahs!

Grizz X-Factor Courtney Lee

OKC X-Factor Reggie Jackson

Game Time 9pm ET...on NBA T.V.



TIGERS @ PALE HOSE in a Two-Piece AL Central Get Down....MOTOR CITY Kitties 1st in the Central visit the AL Surprise SOUTH SIDERS starring Cuban Sensation JOSE ABREU dba "CHICKS dig ABREU and Adios Pelota'"...#DETvsCWS #DetroitHardball #ChiSox

The Detroit Tigers are in 1st place as expected a we head into May with some unexpected company at the top. The Chicago White Sox just a game back as all the talk has been Rookie First Baseman Sensation and Cuban Daddy Jose Abreu making himself a Household Name rather quickly in the "City of Big Shoulders".

Abreu has set the Rookie AL Record for Bombs in a month at 10 and he has been hitting them in key situations. The Sox have also been getting some timely pitching and yes it's early but Chicago Hardball has one team that give them hope playing through the summer months above Lake Michigan. Now comes the Detroit Tigers with those two Arms in "Justin of Comerica" and Mad Max beyond Comerica"...for a Two-Piece with no sides going App.

#MotorCityKitties TIGERS
#CityOfBigShoulders WHITE SOX
April 29th - April 30th

April 29th 8:10pm ET 
DET Verlander (3-1) vs CWS Quintana (1-2)

April 30th 2:10pm ET 
DET Scherzer (2-1) vs Noesi (0-1)

The Pale Hose at 14-13 by the luck of the draw get a short series with the Tigers and have to see both Verlander and Scherzer and in cold weather. South Side Hit Men don't get jammed it's like holding steel when someone hits it with a hammer...Ouch! Sox Quintana has to be better as that Sox Rotation is depending on him and All-Star LHP Chris Sale to carry the staff.

Tigers OG Rajai David is 3rd on the Junior Circuit in hitting with a .353 average...

White Sox SS Alexei Ramirez leads the AL in hitting with a .358 average...

White Sox Cuban Sensation Jose Abreu leads the Junior Circuit with 10 Bombs and 32 Ribbies and how 'bout that Chicago Style Pizza MLB Heads....and in Total Bases with 67    

WIZARDS @ BULLS Game 5 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...WIZ Kids D.C. tries to make the MADHOUSE the FUN HOUSE and beat the BULLS sending SEE RED to 2014 NBA Draft among other Spots...BULLS trying get another 48-Minute Life and head back to D.C. as "Operation 86 D.C. WIZARDRY" is in full effect mode..."WEST SIDE Story Report" BULLS in a Star Jacket...can they get loose? #WSHvsCHI #DCWizardry #BULLSnation

Here we go Bulls Nation as we might not get to April and forget this series you have to be asking yourself how far are we away from getting to the East Finals let alone the NBA Finals. As D-Rose continues to go through injuries new guards are arriving annually with game on top of game. The Wizards dynamic back court of John Wall dba Wall-Star and Bradley Beal have been a Thorn to the Bulls Horns in this series. The Bulls have not been able to contain them and when they do Trevor Ariza dn Ne Ne and Marcin Gortat dba Air Poland have punch the clock for some work. The Bulls weill need a blue-collar type effort and take a page from the Grizzlies and Chicago Native the "Grind Father" and put the Wiz in a little "Grit & Grind".

#WizKidsDC WIZARDS @ #WestSideStoryReport BULLS 
8pm ET
Madhouse on Madison dba United Center

Key Players 
#WSH Wall-Star Beal Ariza NE NE Marcin
#CHI Jo All-Star TAJ Kirk D.J. Jimmy


Bulls have to get back ball level and stop that One-Man Fast break of John Wall...

Wizards have to contain the Bulls Shooters as they struggled in Game 4...

Bradley Beal's "Coming out Party" has put the Bulls in a bind..can they contain him in Game 5?

Wiz Bigs need to keep Taj and Jo off the Offensive Glass as both of them have been "Monsters in the Paint" at times...

Trevor Ariza has been super-effective and he must stay aggressive not settling for just Money Balls...

The Bulls D.J. Augustin must play bigger on the Offensive End as the Bulls need that Offensive Production...

Transition "O" vs Transition "D"...who wins?

Bulls need to double Wall-Star on all Pick and Rolls to the sideline and not have him doing bad things in the middle of the hardwood...

Carlos Boozer your Amnesty Clause is on the something in the name of getting big Checks #DukeInTheNBA whatever!

Wiz X-Factor Martell "206" Webtser

Bulls X-Factor D.J. "Hookem' Horns" Augustin...

Will the 4th Frame Woes offensively continue for See Red?

Bulls Nation let's come together on Twitter before Game 5 at 6:55pm CT and Tweet #SeeRed or Die...get it trending...or is that a bad idea?

Game Time 8pm ET NBA on TNT...

ATHLETICS 4 RANGERS 0...Swingin' A's chase Japan and RANGERS Darvish as SONNY GRAY goes O-Zone Layer on the Hill and a Complete Job..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" in the Athletics Clubhouse talking Athletics Business #GRAYmasterful #OakTownLumberLLC

It was billed up to be the Oakland Athletics and Texas Rangers with the two best in the AL West going at it. Game 1 was suppose to be a Pitcher's Duel which quickly turned into the Sonny Gray Show as the A's jumped all over Rangers Starter Yu "I Will survive" Darvish.

The A's beat the Rangers 4-0 as they put crooked 2's up in the 3rd and 4th on Darvish. He went 3 1/3 innings pitched allowing six hits and four runs while walking two and striking out four. The A's scored on a Josh Donaldson Single in the 3rd and a Josh Reddick three-bagger in the 4th as both hits cored two runs apiece.

As for Mr. Gray going CG with everything working allowing just three hits and one free pass as he struck out six Rangers. That Express was going as was that Slide Piece and Breaking Ball that looks and moves more like a "SLUR" Slide/Curve. The Rangers 3-6 hitters of Andrus, Fielder, Beltre, and Rio was a combined 1 for 14 versus Gray...dominance.

A's lead Rangers in the AL West moving to 16-10 as Texas falls to 15-11...with two more to play as Tuesday April 29th it will be Kazmir vs Perez in a another good one on paper.  


SPURS 93 MAVS 89..."Don't MESS with TEXAS Pro Hoops"....#SPURScommunity and M.F.F.L. go P.P.V. good to the last SPALDING Orange as Team S.A.S. escapes as MANU, TP9, DIRK-ilicious, and MONTA all joined in for some late Hay Makers and Game Breakers you Dr. Seuss Mother Goose "Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch #SASvsDAL back to the ALAMO City tied up 2-2...this Post also has Cowboys QB ROMO involved...lookout!

The West will be won by I don't know who but for now Round 1 has been filed with Cooler Trips and Medicine Cabinet Hits and keep that clean NBA and Bluedude Heads talking Antacids. The Spurs and Mavs go Maxwell House..."Good to the last Drop" and in this case the last Spalding Orange through the rim.

The Spurs seemingly going to walk through Game 4 and head back to the Alamo City 2-2 got a huge surprise in the 2nd half. The Spurs leading 58-28 right around the 9 minute mark in the 3rd had it going then it happened. That M.F.F.L. Swag kicked in and the Spurs had nowhere to go but through that back half of that 48 in Winning Time pressure-packed.

The Mavs got within eight 73-65 at the need of three and the Mavs then tied the game at 77-77 with just over 6 minutes to go going on a 12-4 run to get even with the House that Germany's Favorite Son built @swish41 dba the Mavs G.O.A.T. the AA 214 going cuckoo for Mavs Basketball. They go back and forth with TP9 with a crucial "J" at the choke. Monta on a drive, Manu getting to the Stripe like only Manu can, and Dirk-licious fitting in where he gets in and that patented Deutsche Mark-esque Fadeaway J...Splash as we went down to the bare minimums in this one...Three Refs, 94 x 50, 24 second shot-clock, 10 players, Cuban ready to storm the court, and of course Dallas Super Fan and your QB Tony Romo looking as though if my Cowboys could win a Playoff Game...Imagine That!

After two Ginoboli Free Throws to make it 91-89 with 10.4 to go the Mavs called the play. They run Monta off a Screen as they wanted to get something going to the Rim or get a foul and that is the right thought process if you don't have @swish41...Monta missed and the Mavs lose 93-89 as the Spurs head home 2-2 dodging maybe the one Bullet that is reality...NBA Playoff Basketball is what have you done for me lately not in the past!

Manu a game-high 23 points to lead the Spurs and Monta with 20 points to lead the Mavs...

Monday, April 28, 2014

HEAT 109 BOBcats 98...the Real HEAT turnt up in the 3rd and turn the BOBCATS back into the HORNETS for 2014-15...CHAMPS move on...the HIVE DRIVE will be Alive!..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch HEAT enter the "MIAMI East Invite" the rest of the way #HEATnation #MIAvsCHA

The Charlotte Bobcats had the Champs right where they wanted them and then after replenishment and some Chalkboard Talk the Heat run off a 32-17 3rd frame. This is after the 'Cats 54-52 lead at the break and looked to have a chance. In the End to much King James as the Heat advance and does anyone know if LeBron gave Mike the "Blake Face" before another breakaway dunk.

James had a game-high 31 points on 10-19 FG and also dished out nine helpers and grabbed seven Oranges off the glass. Bosh added 17 and eight with Wade County dropping 15 as the Heat had eight turnovers as they forced the 'Cats into 16.

Charlotte gets a team-high 29 points and five helpers from Kemba Walker. Gary Neal added 16 points  and former D-Rose of the Bulls Sidekick at Memphis Chris Douglas-Roberts dba C.B.R.. The 'Cats shot 50% from the field but just 7 of 25 from the Arc. No Big AL Jefferson from Prentiss, MS. was out due to that foot ailment.

The Heat moves to Round 2 to play the winner of the Dinosaurs-Nets Series....

360 Degrees...Bobcats Nation you have arrived and now the Hive awaits you as the Bluedude is dusting off his 1992 Teal and Purple Tyrone "Mugsy" Bogues Jersey out of the closet by way of Baltimore Dunbar H.S. Poets and Demon Deacon U.        

HAWKS 107 PACERS 97...the "TITANIC" it might be as the HIGHLIGHT Factory 404 gives the PACERS the Business on Pennsylvania Avenue in the CIRCLE City..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch the PACERS face Elimination in Game 6 #INDvsATL #HAWKSnation #PACERSnation

The Atlanta Hawks are about to pull off the impossible or shall I say then inevitable as they go into the Pennsylvania Avenue Community Center Gymnasium and had another "L" to Gold Swagger officially dba the Indiana Pacers Basketball Club.

The Hawks used a 41-19 2nd frame to go up 61-40 and held on after a Pacers furious NBA Run for a 107-97 victory. It was Hawks Reserve Mike Scott five Money Balls and 17 points during that 41-point outburst. The Hawks ran with that as it was 21-21 when Scott when on his All-Star Saturday Binge. The Hawks also shot 15 for 27 from the Arc and was +15 in Free Throw Makes and Attempts.  Six Hawks were in double figures and outscored the Pacers Bench at the break 34-2.

The Pacers have tuned out Coach Frank Vogel and even if they get past the Hawks he needs to get on Linked In ASAP. The Pacers got within eight points late in the 4th as the Pacers Bench woke up as they have no Leaders in that Locker Room and Vogel and Larry Bird know this. Evan Turner appears to be the odd man out and getting him turned the Envious Factor up on Lance Stephenson and Paul George and you can say what you want. PG-24 had a game-high 26 points with a dozen Boards and six helpers.

Game 6 is in Atlanta on Thursday May 1st at 7pm ET...

ATHLETICS vs RANGERS...15-10 are the Magic Numbers as TEXAS Hardball swept the A's in the "BLACK Hole" Swingin' A's Set-Up last week...Now comes a A's trying to be the REDEEM Team in Arlington next to JERRY'S" House..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" #OAKvsTEX #SwiginAs #RangerNation

Here we go again as every time you look up the Rangers/Athletics are in a Three or Four Piece Get Down as this is three of the remaining 96 games left between the two. The Athletics will be trying to return the favor of sweeping the Rangers as Texas Hardball flexed their muscles last week and took the air right out the A's. Now we head to May Hardball and they are all knotted up at 15-10 tied for 1st as the Mike Trout led Halos and Robbie Cano and Kid Felix led M's come up the rear.

#SwinginAs ATHLETICS (15-10)
#TexasHardball RANGERS (15-10)

THREE-Piece AL West Feast
April 28th - April 30th 

April 28th 8:05pm ET
OAK Gray (3-1) vs TEX Darvish (1-0)

April 29th 8:05pm ET 
OAK Kazmir (3-0) vs TEX Perez (4-0)

April 30th 8:05pm ET 
OAK Chavez (1-0) vs Ross Jr. (1-1)

The Game tonight you had better get to both early and if you don't your going to be in the Hitting Cage and talking to the Hitting Coach as Gray and Darvish "Stuff" has "Stuff". Game 2 features a Vet resurrecting his career in LHP Scott Kazmir as he came up with the Rays. Martin Perez is all of that scattered smothered and covered on the bump and the future #1 of that Rangers Staff of 1B to Mr. Darvish that good!  Jesse Chavez and Robbie Ross Jr. are in the possible rubber match as bot staffs are among the Elite on the Junior Circuit hence both lead the AL West at 15-10.

Rangers Perez the leader on the Junior Circuit in ERA with a 1.42 ERA...

A's Chavez (33), Kazmir (31), and Gray (31) have a combined 95 Strikeouts thus far in 2013

Rangers Darvish led the Majors in K's in 2013 with a robust 277...Yikes and Japan stand up!

A's Josh Donaldson leads the A's in Ribbies with 20...

Rangers have no one in the Top 47 players in the AL in Ribbies with #47 having 11...

SPURS @ MAVS Game 4 Preview w/PLAYBOOK...SPURS Community has Work to do as they get hit with some VINcanity and M.F.F.L. in Big D Blue..."Fight 4 LARRY" going SPURS Must-Win Mode #SASvsDAL #NBAonTNT

The Spurs looked to have won in game three until the buzzer-beating Half Man/Half AARP hit the Phone Booth during the Mavs Timeout . Dallas Lead Man Rick Carlisle drew up a play not going to Carter (3rd option he was with Mavs G.O.A.T. #1 and Mississippi Lightning #2) as he quickly came out as Half Man/Half Amazing in late 90s Raptor Duds and sank a corner Money Ball for the game-winner with Manu all over him on the first fly-by!

Now the plot thickens as "POPS" and R.C. of the Spurs Brain Trust find themselves in an awkward but no need top panic Game 4 with the Mavs having more than life. The Spurs need someone else besides Manu and Dunc and TP9 to step up as both Kawhi Leonard and D.G. of AT&T needs to find that 2013 "Fight 4 Larry" Mode.

The Mavs are riding high as their secret weapon has not been 2013-14 Super Sixth-Man VIN-canity Carter but former 2005 Mavs Lottery Pick Devin Harris from "A whole bunch of Badgers U". He has slowed down TP9 and the Spurs B-Team PG Patty Mills of the Australian Institute of Sports. Harris has been instrumental giving the Mavs another PG and keeping Monta off the Orange as the move though has helped more on the defensive end. Sam of Haiti has been a thorn in the Booty of the Spurs...they have to have an answer for that or get to E.R. Spurs!

#SpursCommunity SPURS @ #M.F.F.L.InBlue MAVS
930pm ET
the House the G.O.A.T. built @Swish41

Key Players
#SAS Manu TP9 Dunc Marco K.L. D.G. Patty
#DAL Dirk Monta Jose Sam VIN-canity Devin

Spurs must get out in Transition and Kawhi, Manu, and Danny must be riding shotgun....

Mavs Lead Man Carlisle has been 5-Star on the In-Game Adjustments as the Bluedude has him in his Fav 5 NBA Lead Man...he needs to continue to be on top of his Chess Match with "Pops"...

Spurs Bench of Patty Mils and Marco Belinelli has to step up...

Mavs Devin Harris and VIN-canity along with former Marquette Star Jae Crowder need to keep bringing it as Top Mavs Reinforcements...

Spurs Money Ball...where did it go?

Mavs "Mississippi Lightning" from Jackson, MS...Combo G Monta Ellis need to keep his feet on the Gas as the Spurs need to contain him or call the Fire Department...

Spurs Stay Calm as its 48 minutes and don't give a care in the world about M.F.F.L. in Blue making noise as the best way to quiet that noise is win on the scoreboard...

Mavs have Uncle "MO" but don't get too overzealous as you may look up and be down 40...the Spurs are coming downhill in the A-Gap Mavs put 9 in the box...

"Points in the Paint" and Transition "O" along with Free Throws are at a Premium...who wins those categories?

Both Teams need to go to Zone here and there to contain TP9, Manu, and Monta off the Bounce in the half court...

Game Time 9:30pm ET NBA on TNT...


"Legion of BOOM" & 12's All-Milky Way Galaxy Safety EARL "Hookem' Horns" THOMAS III dba "E.T. Phone Century Link" E.T. III gets $40 million including a $27.75 Million guaranteed Dead Presidents...SUNDAY TALK talking Paul Allen's DEEEEEEEEEP Pockets near the Puget Sound and Space Needle #SorryWeAreLOUD #PugetSoundBullies206 #ShermGotNext #E.T.Just GotPaid #12s

Through numerous media outlets the Seattle Seahawks locking up their core players and rightfully so as most are under 35 years of age extend Safety Earl Thomas with CB Richard Sherman Contract talks ongoing. Hookem' Horns Earl known as E.T. Phone Century Link gets a 4-years $40 million deal that is all new money from 2015-2019 and a guarantee worth a reported $27.75 million.

Thomas is the one player that is the "Heart and Soul" of that "D" with @dangeRUSSwilson the "Heart and Soul" of that "O".  Thomas at just 24 years of age in 64 games played has 345 tackles and 253 of that 345 are by #29 all by his lonesome.  He also has 15 INTs and 5 Forced Fumbles. The #14 the pick Overall in the 2010 NFL Draft now will be a Seahawks at least until he hits 29 years of age and he if still healthy will demand another Pay Day.

Sherm got next!

BREWERS @ NL Central Treat and a THREE-Piece as the "PIWOWARZY" of BEER Town USA heads to BASEBALL Town USA as we will see if "Fear the BEER" is Contending or pretending..."A CUP of JOE in the SHOW Report" as the "BREW CREW" goes "This is a TEST of the NL Central and Senior Circuit" #MILvsSTL #BrewCrew #Redbirds

We haven't even left April Hardball yet and there has been some nice match ups across the board. The Braves lead the NL East as they get timely pitching and hitting. The Tigers lead the AL Central as they continue to hit. The Dodgers cannot do anything after a home-cooked meal and games in Chavez Ravine. The Yanks are doing what they do as they try to duplicate the 1927 "Murder's Row" on some nights going "Chicks dig the Long Ball". The Athletics and Rangers battle in the AL West as they go Top-Heavy on the Bump as their Arms got Arms. Then there is the the best W-L in the Show and it's not the Redbirds, Buccos, or Red Legs out of the NL Central but the "Piwowarzy" and that is Brewers in Polish and more "Suds" for them. Now they meet head on with the big bad Redbirds of the "Gateway to the West Hardball" and this should be a entertaining Three-Piece.    

#PIWOWARZY Brewers (18-7) 
vs #REDBIRDS Cardinals (14-12)

Three-Piece NL Central Treat
April 28th - April 30th

April 28th 8:15pm ET
MIL Gallardo (2-0) vs STL Wacha (2-2)

April 29th 8:15pm ET 
MIL Lohse (4-1) vs STL Lynn (4-1)

April 30th 1:45pm ET 
MIL Garza (1-2) vs STL Miller (2-2)

Look at the Arms on the Bump in this one Yovani Gallardo the unquestioned Ace of the Brew Crew gets game 1 versus the youthful Express-Throwing Michael Wacha the Hero of the 2013 NLCS and ask the Dodgers about him not taking shots but it's real out here! .  Kyle Lohse and Lance Lynn both 4-1 do what they do as they have been the most consistent on their staffs to date. Then the "Piwowarzy" 2014 $52 Million Man Matt Garza who in his last start is starting to put it together. Everyone was talking Redbirds then maybe the Buccos and Red Legs and here come them Boys carrying the Keg...with Cheese n Brats on the side talking Badgers, Packers, the Road Kill Bucks, and of course their beloved Brewers.

Brew Crew PF Ryan Braun and Hot Corner Aramis Ramirez dba A-Ram are tried for 5th on the Senior Circuit coming in with 18 RBIs...

Redbirds Back Stop Yadier Molina (.344 avg 5th NL) and Matt Adams (.337 avg 9th NL) are out the gate blazing at the dish hitting everything...

Good Ole Midwest Hardball get down...Redbirds come in 4.5 games back!

ROCKETS 120 BLAZERS 123 F OT...RIP City in Extras stops "DWIGHT of THREE Stripes", "FEAR the BEARD" #13 of Nike Basketball, and CLUTCH City and takes a 3-1 lead back to the Big Toyota TUNDRA in Harris County, Texas..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch with a slow your roll BLAZER Mania as the Close-Out Game is the toughest and potential FOOL'S Gold #RoseCity #BLAZERMania #RIPcity #TheOnlyGAMEInTown

The Houston Rockets played 82 to get home court and let home court slip right through the cracks in games one and two at the Toyota Center. Now the Blazers losing game three at home needed this one or they give the Rockets home court right back.

After 48 and five more the with a Wes Matthews Jr. theft of Patrick Beverley with 2.7 remaining in OT the Rip City Blazers head back to Houston in the driver's seat with one more game to get...the dreaded Close-Out Game. All the heavy-hitters showed up for this "Battle Royale" with the L-Train netting a game-high 29 points and grabbing ten Oranges. France's Nicolas Batum went for 25 points and six boards with six helpers with the back court of Damian Lillard and Matthew combining for 44 points, eleven assists, and five helpers. The Blazers made the plays when they had to as they blew a 115-110 lead in regulation with just under three minutes to play.

The Rockets get 28 points and six helpers from James Harden with Chandler Parsons adding 26 points and eight boards and Dwight 25 points and hauling in fourteen Oranges to go with a couple of blocks. Rio Grand Valley Viper Alum by way of Shaka Smart Ball of VCU Troy Daniels again had a night with 17 points including 4 for 5 from the Arc. The Rockets inability to make the play when they needed to and some suspect "D" especially guarding the Arc cost them dearly.

The Game 5 will now move to the Rocket City with #REDNation needing a push down 3-1 on on Hump Day April 30th at 930pm ET...

360 Degrees...Rip City L-TRAIN has some 141 points through four games with 46 boards and 12 blocks for averages of 35.3 ppg 11.5 rpg 3 blks for the Series...who said the U.S. doesn't have a SUPER-TRAIN!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

REDS 0 BRAVES 1 F 10...The CHOP Shop 404 sweeps the RED LEGS but not after CUETO and TEHERAN battle on the BUMP..."GET AWAY DAY" Braves Country running the NL East #HOTlanta #ChopTalk #CincyHardball

The Atlanta Braves have had key injuries all over the Mound but fail to make any excuses and press on. They sweep the Cincinnati Reds 3-0 but not after Starters Jhonny Cueto and Julio Teheran go down the Alley for eight innings and battle.  

Cueto had everything working as he went eight strong allowing just three hits and striking out eleven issuing just three free passes. Teheran was equally as impressive going eight as well allowing three hits walking two while striking out five. The Hitters scuffled all day versus both as both teams were also more than happy to see the Pens get into the action as neither Cueto or Teheran figured into the decision.

In the bottom half of the 10th with two outs an a Jason Heyward and B.J. Upton back to back singles it was up to Freddie Freeman. Freeman then with Ducks on 2nd and 1st singled to CF for the game-0winner scoring Heyward as the Braves finish the sweep and moves to 17-7 on the 2014 season. The Reds fall to 11-14 and that is good for 3rd in the rugged NL Central.

RAPTORS 87 NETS 79...#WeTheNORTH rides that 5-Star Back Court of "D2" of "Men of TROY" U and K.L. of 'NOVA to ties the series 2-2...BROOKLYN has the "TRUTH" and then what..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch headed back to the NORTH all knotted up #DINOSAURpride #FlatbushProHoops Series tied 2-2

The Toronto Raptors were rolling for the first quarter and a half and led by 17 points midway through the 2nd period and that's when the Nets decided to make this an episode of "Nip and Tuck" Logo Style. The Nets cut that 17-point lead to 51-44 at the break and the Barclays started chanting Brooklyn...Brooklyn...Brooklyn.

Right out the 3rd frame gate the Nets were bringing it following the lead of the "Truth" Paul Pierce who had 10 of his team-high 22 points in the 3rd. The Nets behind a 22-16 frame in the 2nd and a 23-16 frame in the 3rd had things all tied up at 67-67 going into the 4th and what would the Dinosaurs do as we know what Godzilla would do...Tear the Barclays Up!

The Raptors rose up as #WeTheNorth was riding shotgun with the Leafs in the Trunk and closes the game on a 20-12 run as the Nets looked to have run out of gas which had a lot to do with the Raptors heightened play in the 4th. Raptors All-Star Sniper "D2" had a game-high 24 points with Point God K.L. adding 22 points. Without their production offensively they do take the series back to the North at 2-2 and the Dinosaurs knew that. Toronto committed just 10 turnovers to the Nets 16 while out shooting them almost at 83% to 65% from the stripe.

Following the Nets "Truth" was Mirza Teletovic with a dozen, D-Will with 10 points and six helpers, and K.G. adding 10 points and four rebounds. Joe Johnson the Nets leading scorer coming into game 4 was 2 for 7 with 7 points. Brooklyn shooting 4 for 20 from the Arc and nearly 40% from the field spelled gloom and doom.

Game #5 of the Series is back in the Dinosaur Museum on Hump Day April 30th  on NBA TV...


CLIPPERS 97 WARRIORS 118...Amidst all the "STUFF" going on in CLIPPER Land USA...the HUMAN TORCH gets paid for MONEY Balls and Scooby Doos and Mouth Guards among other things...G.S.W. Strikes in Game 4 to tie series at 2-2...the BLUEDUDE not talking about the other "STUFF"..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch back to STAPLES Blue and Red the House that the late great JERRY BUSS built! #WarriorsGround #PlanetOracle #DUBS24-7-365 Series tied 2-2

The Warriors and Clipper have jobs to do and we all know they and they also get a nice piece a coin for playing with that Spalding Orange and being some 24 of some 400 plus Players under the logo. Cutting to the chase the Warriors had a game 4 victory on their mind and the Clips had a "Where do we go from now" look to them as they went through the motions and deservedly so.

The Human Torch looking dapper Dan arriving at the Planet Oracle to put in some work and to make amends of that 5 for 12 in game 3. The Clippers knew that but distracted as the Human Torch took full advantage of what was going on and splashed his way to a game-high 33 points on 7 of 14 from San Fran, Berkeley, Richmond, Sac-Town, and three other Oakland Suburbs or neighboring Metros. He also had the audacity to collect seven boards and wait on seven tables at Planet Oracle. "Iggy" Andre Iguodala added 22 points and grabbed nine boards with D-Lee, KLAY-metheus, and H.B. all chipping in with 15 points. Warriors shoot 55% plus from the field and a 15 of 32 from the Arc.

The Clips appeared stuck on an Island gets 26 points from Jamal "206" Crawford as he would get buckets as his own funeral with "Game Night w/Blake" adding 21 points and grabbing six boards. CP3 goes 16 points and six assists as he is the current NBA Players Association President as his plate now runneth' over.

Now we head back to Staples for a Tuesday Night April 29th Game that will be the subject of a lot of things unfortunately and L.A. and Clippers Nation...behave as "Operation catch 16 Banners" still is the goal here!

BLUES 1 BLACKHAWKS 5...NOTES miss too many chances early in Frames 1 & 2...HAWKS "Light the LAMP" in the 3rd frame as they win Four Straight to eliminate the BLUE NOTES..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison with a "Who's got next"? #OneGoal #FearTheINDIANHead #HawksNation

Never once did I doubt the Indian Head as they create an Avalanche to say the least in the 3rd frame scoring four goals to eliminate the Notes 4-2 in the Series. The Blues missed plenty of opportunities in the 1st and 2nd period combining to out shoot the Hawks 28-11 through 40 minutes. That had to be on the Blues Minds heading into the 3rd as they had to know the Indian Head was going to breakout sooner or later.

"Bicks" started off the Hawks scoring in the 1st lighting the lamp almost five minutes into the game. US National Team Hero T.J.  Oshie tied the score with a tip-in late in the 1st as we went scoreless in the 2nd with the Blues going 0/6 on Power Plays through two frames.  The Hawks then caught fire in the 3rd  as Captain Serious strikes not even a minute into the 3rd frame to make it 2-1 Hawks. A minute and a half later Patrick Kane goes on a breakaway for a 3-1 Hawks lea as he gets his first points of the series. At the 7:30 mark Andrew Shaw goes re-direct off of a taser by D.K. to make it 4-1 Hawks. Then it was D.K. again on a wrister with less than three minutes to go to cap the scoring and  Hawks Win 5-1 and Series win 4-2.

The M.V.P. was Hawks Net minder Corey Crawford dba "Craw-Dad" as he stopped 35 of 36 shots and 28 of them on six power plays and in the first two periods. The Notes Miller stopped 22 of 27 shots but was just 4 for 16 in the 3rd when the onslaught came from the Indian Head. Now the Hawks await the winner of the Colorado Avalanche and Minnesota Wild Series which is 3-2 Avs.

Hawks Nation with the Grant Park Celebration still intact it looks like two more weeks of Hockey...

BULLS 89 WIZARDS NE NE it didn't matter as the WIZ KIDS D.C. run from Start to Finish on SEE RED behind WALL-Star, BEAL, and ARIZA...BULLS TAJ-manian Devil a game-high 32 points..."WEST SIDE Story Report" with "Fight 4 LARRY" BULLS Backs are against the wall #BULLSnation #DCWizrdry WSH leads 3-1

Bulls were doomed from the jump with live turnover after live turnover. Trailing 28-18 after the first frame and 55-40 at the break things didn't get any better as the Bulls Offensive Woes continue and you would think they would have saw someone on the street that could have helped them from Friday Night's "W" to Sunday's Brunch Tilt.

See Red loses 98-89 after committing 16 turnovers leading to 16 fast break points for the Wizards as the Bulls scored just two fast break points. The Bulls were -12 in Money Ball Points but was 40-36 in Points in the Paint. Wiz Small Forward Trevor Ariza goes for 30 points including 6 for 10 from the Arc and combine that 30 with Wall-Star's 15 and Beal's 18 there is 60 of the 98 Wizard Points. Wall-Star also waited on ten Wizard Tables with Wiz Big from Poland Marcin Gortat adding 17 points and six boards.

The Bulls shooting just 4 of 19 from the Arc was led by Taj Gibson's game-high 32 points (13-16 FG) as he also grabbed seven boards. The "See Red Butler" added 16 points with Jo All-Star chipping in with 10 points, fifteen boards, and five helpers. The Bulls now face elimination from her on out as we head to Game 5 on Tuesday Night April 29th at the Madhouse at 8pm ET.

THUNDER 92 GRIZZLIES 89 F OT...WESTBROOK, KD, and the REGULATORS OKC saved by Mr. APRIL and OKC B-Team PG "REGGIE of Chestnut Hill U"...GRIZZ implode late in Regulation and in Extras...Series tied 2-2 back to THUNDER Alley..."Fight 4 LARRY" with the REGULATORS Report OKC playing in "Escape from BEALE Street"...REGULATORS...Mount Up!

If you would have told me that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant would stink up the Grind House like no other I would have said OKC is down 3-1.  They shoot a combined 9 for 45 from the field and 2 for 13 from the field taking a page out of the "Bully" and "Get Shots" J.R. Page of Two-Man Game via Knicks Tape. The Grizz won right....well enter "Reggie of Chestnut Hill U" doing bad things to the Grizz.

"Mr. April" PG Reggie Jackson as he will be referred to as in OKC if the Thunder can get past the Grizz scored a game-high 32 points grabbing nine boards which also earned him bear hugs from Russ and KD after the fact he had bailed them out. He was 11 for 16 and 8 for 8 from the stripe as Russ ended with 15 points, nine boards, and seven helpers with KD adding 15 points and thirteen boards. Ibaka had 12 points and fourteen boards with five blocks. The Grizz just didn't close the game as that 80-75 lead with a little over a minute to go evaporated like Memphis Dry Rub in your mouth.

The Grizz gets a team-high 23 points and eleven boards from Marc Gasol as both Mike Conley Jr. (14 pts 10 asst) and Tony Allen (14 pts 13 rebs) both did their part. The "Grind Father" Tony Allen the Black mamba calls his toughest defender and you probably thought Kobe was selling wolf tickets. Z-Bo only goes for 11 points and seven boards as he was 4 for 15 on the night. Grizz missed ten free throws and in the end that was real big!

Now we head back to OKC for Game #5 with OKC having new life on Tuesday April 29th at 9pm ET...

360 Degrees...Tony Allen the former Chicago, ILL Crane Tech HS Star (playing in H.S. with current Pistons and Arizona/Georgia Tech Star "Will the Thrill" Bynum) The former Juco All-American from two Jucos (Butler County KS/Wabash Valley Ill) and Oklahoma State Cowboys under Eddie Sutton has been lock down since he got into the Logo. He was also a part of that Celtics Championship Team in 2008 that was all "D".

Saturday, April 26, 2014

SPURS 108 MAVS 109 F...1995 Big MAC and former TAR HEEL Star Half MAN/Half AMAZING strikes sending SPURS Community back to the MOTEL with an "L"..."Fight 4 LARRY" #MAVSnation is up 2-1 and lookout! #SASvsDAL

Manu Ginoboli looked to have won the game with his vintage Left-Hand "bend but don't break" Lay-Up. Then the Mavs set-up for a potential Game-Winner either going to the Mavs G.O.A.T. @Swish41 or "Mississippi Lightning" Monta. The Orange instead ended up in Super Reinforcement Vince Carter's Hand as he pumped for Manu to do a "Fly By" as the pattern was full and ....Splash VINcanity strikes as does M.F.F.L. Nation and the AA 214 was off the hinges.

The Mavs move to a 2-1 series lead as they get a game-high 29 points from Monta  and 18 points and seven boards from DIRK-ilcious with "Sam from Haiti" a double double 13 points and ten boards. Dallas shot over 50% from the field and right at 85% from the stripe. They just made the plays all game long despite what the Spurs did.

San Antonio in shock and down 2-1 gets 22 points from Dunc and 19 points and six helpers from Point God TP9. Brasil's Tiaggo Splitter threw in 14 points and grabbed thirteen boards with Kawhi Leonard chipping in with 17 points. Spurs shoot nearly 55% from the field and just above 80% from the stripe and the Defense on Carter was good he just made a tough shot and the Spurs will tip their cap and move on to Monday Night's Tilt.


RED WINGS 2 BRUINS 4..."WORD around the BOARDS" SPOKES handle HOCKEY Town USA in Five now its off for an ORIGINAL 6 Match Up with the HABS...A BEAN Town BEAT Down #BRUINSgang BOS wins series 4-1

The Bruins "D" led by Defenseman Zdeno Chara of Slovakia and Finland's Net Minder Tuukka Rask as dominate in their series with the Wings as Boston wins 4-1. So many weapons and skill on all their lines as the Wings juts do not at this juncture have enough horses to meet the Spokes in an alley.

Boston went up 1-0 behind a Loui Erikkson goal in period 1 for the only goal in that period. The Wings tied it in the 2nd as Russian Pavel Datsyuk made it 1-1 as the Spokes followed that as Chara made it 2-1 Bruins with just four seconds remaining in frame two and that was the back breaker. Milan Lucic scored just three minutes into Period Three to make it 301 a Sweden's Henrik Zetterberg dba "Z" scored with just under four minutes to play to make it 3-2. Then Jarome Iginla scores on an empty netter for the final 4-2.

Both teams had 33 shots as Rask stopped 31 of 33 with the Wings Jonas Gustavsson stopping 29 of 32 . Rask was dominant all series long allowing just six goals in five games. The Wings made him work but it just seemed to be that the Bruins were always in control of the series no matter what happened.

Now the Bruins will face the Montreal Canadiens and Original Six Tilt that has the NHL Gods oozing for Zamboni's...

PACERS 91 HAWKS 88...HIGHLIGHT Factory Blunders late aids the PACERS escaping the "404" with a much-needed "W"..."Fight 4 LARRY" PACER Nation has a sigh of relief with HAWKS Nation bewildered! #GoldSwagger #ATLHawks Series tied 2-2

The Atlanta Hawks when they lose the series will look back at the 4th frame with under four minutes to go and say, We played like an 8th Seed", and numbers never lie. The Pacers were given a gift as they almost dropped the gift as David West missed two chances to ice the game with Free Throws with under ten seconds to go. Gold Swagger pulls it out as neither team looks to make any noise after round 1.

The Pacers get a team-high 24 points and ten rebounds from All-Star PG-24 with David West adding 18 points and PG George Hill 15 points,. It was the play also of Evan Turner who has to be on the mind of both PG-24 and Lance and not in a good way as Turner is just as talented as both. E.T. Phone Pennsylvania Avenue chipped in with 11 huge points in just under twenty minutes. That trade that sent E.T. to Indy messed up PG-24 and Lance as they are too wet behind the ears to handle another body as good as them...period.

The Hawks just simply blew a chance to put more pressure on the Pacers as Paul Milsap had a game-high 29 points adding seven boards. Kyle Korver added 15 points and nine boards with Jeff Teague's 14 points, seven helpers, six rebounds, and four turnovers. It was Teague with the score 85-83 Hawks missing a "J" and turning the Orange over twice as that score quickly turned into 89-86 Pacers. Pero Antic misses the potential game-tying Money Ball as the Pacers win 91-88.

Now the Series turns into the best two out of three as the scene shifts to Monday Night April 28th in Indy for Game #5...          

HARRISON Twins stay at UK...DANIELS leaving STORRS...TURNER decides April 30th...CAMPUS HARDWOOD and SCHOLASTIC Dayz talking the #BBN #UConnBasketball #@HSBBProspect2K14

Aaron Harrison and Andrew Harrison of Fort Bend, TX Travis H.S. and the #BBN have decided to come back to UK for their Soph Season and that bodes well for Coach Cal and Kentucky Blue. The Twins just like their game never in a rush to get anywhere will now join remaining holdovers Alex Poythress and Willie Cauley-Stien. Those four will have incoming freshman like the 5'7" PG Tyler Ulis (Marian Catholic Academy IL),  6'4" 2G Devin Booker (Mississippi) , 6'10" PF Trey Lyles (Nap Town), and PF/C 6'11" Karl Towns Jr. (New Jersey) and for the SEC and the College Basketball World that will be a significant problem. Solid moves on the Twins part...just intelligent to say the least.

The UConn Huskies get some bad news as Senior to be SF DeAndre Daniels will forgo his Senior Season in Storrs and enter the 2014 NBA Draft. A coming out party in the 2013-14 season for D-Square of Woodland Hills, CA Taft H.S. as he was dominant in the Huskies Run to the 2014 National Championship. Across the board from my NBA Contacts he is consensus Top 35 prospect that could fall into the late 1st round he hopes.  Ryan Boatright will be back for his Senior Season as he will join forces with 2012 Top 5 Nationally and McDonald's All-American Rodney Purvis a transfer from N.C. State and a part of that CP3 All-Star AAU Organization (Clippers Chris Paul's Team) .

April 30th will be the day 2014 #2 Overall HS Basketball Prospect Myles Turner of Euless, Texas Trinity H.S. will make his decision on where he will be going to school in the fall. Turner's List includes Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma State, Kentucky, Ohio State, Duke, and SMU. From my sources Texas is said to be in the lead but joining Duke or Kansas would put those classes over the Top as Duke is already the #1 Class of 2014 with #1 overall Jalil Okafor from Chicago, Illinois Whitney Young H.S..  KU has the #3 overall prospect in PF Cliff Alexander and Top 10 National Prospect and Wing Forward Kelly Oubre.

ROCKETS 121 BLAZERS 116 F OT...RED Nation quiets that BLAZER Talk behind Fear the BEARD #13 100 FG Attempts and game-high 37 points...LILLARD almost put RIP City in the Winner's Circle as it was former VCU Star and D-LEAGUE Call Up Troy Daniels who surprised..."Fight 4 LARRY" as CLUTCH City goes Clutch and gets on the board #RedNation #RipCity POR leads 2-1

The amazing thing if you ever hone in on King James of the Heat he might go for mid 30s but he won;'t have over 20 shots and he is just efficient. Rockets James Harden had a game-high 37 points but on 35 shots isn't what the Rockets ordered. Yes you ant the Orange in your best player's hand as he needs to make plays which doesn't necessarily mean scoring the Orange or trying at every rip.

Having said all of that the Rockets get on the board as they go into the Rose Garden dba Moda Center and beat the Blazers in extras 121-116. Joining Harden was "Dwight of Three Stripes" as he added 24 points and grabbed fourteen boards as he didn't get a touch in extras. That two-headed Monster at PG between Patrick Beverley and Jeremy Lin combined for 29 points and thirteen boards with seven helpers and that is an All-Star Night for an All-Star Point God. The Rockets took care of the Orange (8 turnovers) and was 19 of 22 from the Stripe and that put them into the Winner's Circle especially coming out of the Motel.

The Rockets had their chances as All-Star PG Damian Lillard was doing his thing for all of East Bay Point God Lore (Brian Shaw, Jason Kidd, and Gary Payton to name a few) as he led Rip City with 30 points adding six boards and six helpers. French National Team Star Nicolas Batum went 26 points and nine boards with L-Train  checking in for tonight's Ball Game as an Earthling with a modest 23 points and ten boards. The Blazers missed opportunities and their numbers across the board are winning-type numbers.

The Blazers lead 2-1 as we head to Sunday Night April 27th at 930pm ET...

360 Degrees...VCU's Troy Daniels coming from the D-League (Rio Grand Valley Vipers) at the end of the season hit a huge three with 11.9 left in Extras with the score 116-116 as he added 9 points going 3 for 6 from the Arc.

Friday, April 25, 2014

RAPTORS 98 NETS 102...BROOKLYN did everything to give the Game away but held on...DINOSAURS dug themselves a Hole and missed an opportunity to strike BROOKLYN before "GODZILLA" on May 16th..."Fight 4 LARRY" NETS might have too much Vet Savvy for TORONTO #TORvsBKN #WeTheNORTH #NETSnation

The Raptors were right there at least past the break as they trailed the Brooklyn Nets in Game 3 in the Barclays 49-45. The Dinosaurs sloppy play coupled with the Nets three top scoring options putting in work ruined any hope of the Dinosaurs striking in Brooklyn on this night before Godzilla on May 16.

The Nets took that 49-45 lead at the break and pushed it to 77-66. The Nets lead then ballooned to as high as 93-78 in the 4th with five minutes to go before Brooklyn in front of Nets Owner Mikhail Prohkorov wheeled in Jonah Hill and "Superbad 3" Barclays Gone Wild! The Dinosaurs never quit coming and got the deficit down to 97-96 before the Nets held on for a 102-98 "W".

Brooklyn's Big Three Joe Johnson (29 pts 11-17 FG), D-Will (22 pts 8 asst), and the Truth (18 pts 5 rebs) cannot continue to get those numbers and if they do the Raptors will have have a great season. Raptors 17 turnovers as they get 30 points from All-Star Demar Derozan but on 8 of 22 from the field. Kyle Lowry added 15 points with Patrick Paterson adding 17 points of the bench. Raptors need more composure down the stretch and stay within striking distance coming out of the Motel.

Game 4 is Sunday April 27th at 7pm ET...Nets lead 2-1      

BLACKHAWKS 3 BLUES 2 F OT...Captain SERIOUS wins with a Backhand Breakaway...HAWKS Nation going to "Last Call" in the 'GO at your Local WATER HOLES..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison w/HAWKS Nation in the Catbird Seat #OneGoal #FearTheINDIANHead #FrozenTalkHawks

Nothing is better than an NHL Playoff Game going into Extras as the action is Antacid-Like mind  and body altering. Having said that the Hawks and Blues have had 4 of their 5 games go into Extras as the home team has held serve in each game. Well all that came to a crashing halt at the expense of the Blue Notes of the Muddy Mississippi on Friday Night!

The Blues get a goal just 1:42 into Frame Three to tie the game at 2-2 as the game went extras. The Hawks scored first in the first frame with a Marian Hossa Goal putting the Indian Head up 1-0. The Blues T.J. Oshie came right back ion the middle of the 2nd frame on a backhand to make it 1-1 as the Hawks Ben Smith "Lit the Lamp" late in the 2nd to make it 2-1 Hawks and the game was then tied by the aforementioned goal by Alex Pietrangelo.

In the Extra Frame the Blues came down the right side of the ice with Captain David Backes looking to get something to the net and he did as there was a line change that ensued after his shot. On the rebound the puck was shot right up the Middle of the ice as the Hawks "Captain Serious" Jonathan Toews hauled the Frozen One in for a breakaway beating Notes Net Minder Ryan Miller on a back hand sending the Notes Faithful home thinking about the Redbirds and rams. Hawks Nation will go into the Night as the Bluedude wished he owned a Water Hole in the 'Go called "the Bluedude Louge" in Bucktown cashing in!

Crawford was spectacular and has been since game three stopping 27/29 shots. Ryan Miller stopped 27 of 30 shots but missed the one that counted!  See you Sunday at 3pm ET at a 112 Decibals Madhouse on Madison and move over 12's....we need that record...Lol!      

BULLS 100 WIZARDS 97..."WIZARDS own the Playoffs" Tee Shirts real cute D.C. and WIZARD Nation bring your "BRUNCH" and your HARD Hat for that 1pm ET Tilt April 27th...SEE RED strikes as the VERIZON Center gets hit with "CLOUDY with a Chance of "FUNDAMENTALS" shooting MONEY Balls"...Bloodline DUNLEAVY Jr. goes 5-Star for Portland OR JESUIT Prep and #DUKEINTheNBA... the SEE RED Butler (YELLOW Card) n NE NE (RED Card) go WORLD Cup 2k14...WEST SIDE Story Report Shhhhhhhhhhhhh! Its 2-1 WIZ #CHIvsWSH #SeeRedGang #BULLSnation

If anything in the Verizon Center Ovechkin owns the D.C. Sports World and the Caps...and bring back the New Cap Centre while your at it! The Bulls escape the Wrath of Wall-Star as John Wall was doing everything in his power to get to the Spot later on with an "W". The Bulls so mentally tough willed their way to this "W" and all of a sudden the Home Team in this Series cannot do right!

The Bulls behind a career night from Bloodline Mike Dunleavy Jr. going O-Zone Layer for 35 points including 8 for 10 from the Arc and a sizzling back breaking throw your "Wizards own the Playoffs" Tee away 35! Bulls 12 of 24 from the Arc combined with making the key play as making a key play presented itself was huge. Both Wall and Bradley Beal combined for 48 points, six boards, and a dozen Helpers as they single-handily kept the Wiz Kids D.C. in it.

It was the Jimmy Butler and Ne Ne Hilario "World Cup"-like scuffle that Ne Ne his 3rd Red Card of the night and a disqualification that was the turning point for the Bulls. Bulls missed ten free throws to the Wizards missing six plus the Bulls had 16 turnovers to the Wizards 11 and they still get the win.

Game Four is Sunday April 27th at 1pm ET....Wiz up 2-1

ROCKETS @ BLAZERS Game 3 Preview...#REDNation will get a Dozen ROSES at the Entrance to the ROSE Garden dba MODA Center as the "Only Game in Town" has gone BLAZER Mania as RIP City tries to go up 3-0 "Fight 4 LARRY" w/CLUTCH City on Ready Alert 5 #HOUvsPOR #RocketGang #RipCityBlazers

Its is Clutch Time for Clutch City and they have a problem the 2013-14 version is vastly different from the '94-'95 version as the current version has "Dwight of Three Stripes" manning the middle as oppose to the older version doing the "Dream Shake". Having said that it's not that the Rockets are scoring enough points it's that Harris County Park District Defense they have been playing that has them down 0-2. Where are the adjustments NBA HOF and Mr. Celtic and Minnesota Gopher Alum Kevin McHale? That must change and if it does not that flight back to the Rocket City will be the last for the 213-14 Rockets with all those expectations.

The Blazers riding high and deservedly so as they came through the front, side, and back door on Red Nation with Houston Finest looking for Donuts only and somewhere to hide. L-Train has been the "Fight 4 Larry" Most Outstanding Player as the rim looked like the Gulf of Mexico in the Toyota Center to him. Rip City is looking for nothing but blood at the Moda Center and Red Nation and Rocket Gang...prepare yourself!

#RedNationROCKETS vs #RipCityBLAZERS 
1030pm ET
The Rose Garden dba Moda Center

Key Starters 
#HOU James Dwight Chandler LIN-sanity Patrick
#POR L-Train L-Train L-Train L-Train L-Train

The Rockets must get more production from Parsons and T-Jones on that front line...

Blazers need to grab more Round Trips on the L-Train as its been full-steam ahead...

Red Nation needs to find the Money Ball Racks at the Moda Center and the Bluedude heard they are by the Blazers Dressing Room...grab them and put Red Nation Stickers on them and Toyota Emblems

Rip City needs to stay on the current game plan until McHale and Red Nation make adjustments...they double L-Train as they have to Blazers spread the floor with Shooters and knock them open looks down....

Will McHale go deeper on his Bench than just three deep...where is Jordan Hamilton, Omri Casspi, and Montejunas...Rip City Lead Man Stotts is winning the X's and O's

Rockets should play Zone and takeaway L-Train...Blazers have to prepared to deal with a Zone from Red Nation....

Transition Buckets vs Transition "D" as "Fear the Beard" has to get out in get some easy ones...

Damian Lillard has done a solid job of playing under control as he is beyond his years...can the Rockets get him off his game as he did shoot 3 for 14 in Game 2...

Who will be the "Hero" for Rip City or Red Nation in Game 3 as Game 2 it was Dorell Wright for the Blazers and for the Rockets off the bench who will it be as they need a big lift from someone over there!

Rockets need to attack to get in the Penalty and not settle for J's...Free Throw Attempts out of the Motel are Priceless...

Robin Lopez of Rip City has been quietly a Factor...can the Rockets take his effectiveness away in Game 3?

Its now or never for Red Nation and if James Harden has a 50-Piece w/multiple Sides in him for the "Fight 4 Larry" he needs to cash that in in game 3.    

Game Time 10:30pm ET on ESPN...

BLACKHAWKS @ BLUES Game 5 Preview..."Fight 4 Lord STANLEY" heads to the Gateway to the West as HAWKS hope to make it Three in a Row "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison HAWKS have Uncle "MO" #CHIvsSTL Game 5

Here we go as the Blackhawks slide into St. Louis, Missouri taking care of their end as the Blues know with home ice they just have to win games 5 and 7 at home. The Hawks know they have to get one in St. Louis and you do not want to play with a Game 7 at the Notes place of business.

The Hawks Patrick Sharp dba Sharpie #10 and Slovakia's Marian Hossa dba Boss Hoss have 1 point between them. They have to breakout here soon one would think and the Blues have to be mindful of keeping them out of the score books. Seabrook's 3-game suspension ends after Game 5 and the Hawks would love nothing better than to present him with a potential Game 6 Clincher at the Madhouse. Crawford has found his mojo in Net and that bodes well for the Hawks going into Game 5 tonight.

The Blues had the perfect opportunity as they let the game-tying goal late in the 3rd and the Hawks game-winner in Extras. Now the Hawks held serve the Blues juts have to hold serve as Russian Vladimir Tarasenko has been en fuego in the series. He has scored in three of the four games including scoring two in game 4 and had four points to lead the Notes. Captain and Center David Backes is still out and that is huge for the Blues as they have been playing well without him but you can't keep going to the well and keep getting god solid results. Miller has been solid
in net and the Blues have to be thinking about striking first to see how the Hawks respond.

The Hawks want to make this their last trip back in St. Louis and the Blues want to maintain home ice so something has to give in game 5.

Center Captain Serious leads the Indian Head with 5 pts...
Defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk leads Notes with 5 pts....

Craw-Dad 2.21 GAA
Miller 2.24 GAA

Game Time 8pm ET on CNBC

BULLS @ WIZARDS Game 3 w/PLAYBOOK...SEE RED has been seeing "RED" as they have been hit with some D.C. WIZARDRY...can the BULLS get off the MAT? WIZ looking to go 3-0 "Fight 4 LARRY" going Nation's Capital and VERIZON #CHIvsWSH #BULLSnation #WizKidsDC

The Bulls were reported as saying, "they are going to shock the world". How about shocking Bulls Nation as we are 50/50 after seeing y'all play inspired and still hit the "L" Column twice. As of right now the Madhouse runs on the Indian Head until I see otherwise. Having said that which one of you Bulls Players can go "Playground Mode" to get us of this ditch as there is no D-Rose or
"And-1 Mix Tape" Dude active on the roster?

The Wizards come in riding high as Ne Ne of Brasil is going at Jo All-Star, Wall-Star and Beal look like Harden and Russ of Old OKC, and Randy Wittman yeah former Indiana Hoosier Star and Clips Lead Man Doc Rivers back court mate in Atlanta for the Hawks back in the 80s is looking like Coach Riley. The Bulls need to stop one or the other or they will be staring at Black Sunday in Game 4 with no where to go in 2014-15 but North!

#SeeRedBULLS vs #WizKidsDC
8pm ET
The Big Wireless Kiosk...the Verizon Center


Key Players
#CHI D.J. Captain Kirk Jo All-Star TAJ-manian Devil
#WSH Wall-Star RealDealBeal NE NE Trevor Marcin 

Bulls need to slow down both Wall-Star and Beal or die!

Wizards have to match the Bulls Energy for a Full 48 and not play to the crowd...

It's not a Series until the Bulls win...your turn See Red to put one in the Right Column!

Bulls need to also slow down Brasil's Ne Ne...can we give him a Soccer Ball in Warm-Ups!

Wizards need to keep doing that A-1 Defensive Job on both Bulls Guards in Captain Kirk and D.J...

Bulls need to set-up "D" early to stop Wall-Star on his patented One-Man Fast Break...

Wizards need to go to Beal early and often to see what kind of adjustments the Bulls made on him...

Bulls need to play Boozer at the PF, Jo at Center, and Taj at the SF and move Butler on Beal at the Shooting Guard with either D.J. or Kirk at the Point and see how the Wiz counter that!

Transition Buckets vs Transition "D" Rim Runs, Leak Outs, or Secondary Break Money Balls are "MO" Builders and the Bulls need to limit all of those and "Splash Plays"

"Points in the Paint" are at a Premium

Bloodline Mike Dunleavy Jr. dba "Fundamentals" need to be dead on from the Arc for See Red...

For the Bulls it's win or go to "Last Call" at the Stadium Club and it's no Sky Box....but make it rain!

Wiz win the Series is all but over and that would be somewhat shocking to say the least...

Game Time 8pm ET on ESPN...


RAPTORS @ NETS Game 3 W/PLAYBOOK...the BARCLAYS has the Rally Towels set-up and hopefully a "TRAP" for DINOSAURS as #WeTheNORTH has "Date Night" in Flatbush with #BrooklynHasAHomeTeam "Fight 4 LARRY" going Metro Card and the "ONLY" NBA Playoff Team in Town #TORvsBKN #Dinosaurs #BKNets

Game Three could be the decisive factor in who wins this series as the Raptors made a statement in Game 2 but the Nets had already took away home court in game 1. Now the plot thickens after Ujiri's Fine, the Raptors win, and the Barclays with all of Gotham City watching as the Knicks #1 Soap "Gotham Light" continues to get the headlines. It's put up or shut up as the Raptors and Nets both have chances in Round 2 as the Heat lead the 'Cats but they the least bit dominating like "Fight 4 Larry's" past.

#WeTheNORTH vs #FlatbushProHoops Game 3
7pm ET
the Barclays in the BK


Key Players 
#TOR D2 Kyle Amir Jonas Greivis Terrence
#BKN Truth D-Will Big Ticket S-Dot Plums JJ

The Raptors have to match the energy from the onset that the Nets will be playing with as those White rally Towels will be everywhere...

The Nets need to play not for the Crowd but with the Crowd and not get caught up in a Sprint as its 48 minutes with Pot Holes all over the hardwood...

The Dinosaurs dynamic back court of "D2" and Kyle has to play "Big"...

The Nets D-Will and S-Dot cannot get put played by the Raptors Guards as this is the Match-Up to watch closely...

Who shots the Money Ball the best...

Glass Work...

Transition Buckets vs Transition D which has to do with Offensive Balance and settling for J's or Attacking the Rim...

Turnover Margin...who wins?

Raptors Reinforcements vs Nets Reinforcements...Greivis Vasquez vs Alan Anderson

Dinosaurs take advantage of the Nets "Truth" playing at the PF...punish him!

Nets Mirza Teletovic..."Beam me up Scotty" can shoot it from anywhere in Gotham City Metro...the Secret Weapon for the Nets and the X-Factor moving forward...Dinosaurs must pay close attention to him as he has added a floor game off the bounce getting to the Rim in recent weeks...

Game Time 7pm ET on ESPN 2...

CUBBIES @ BREW Crew in "WEEKEND Benders" for a Three-Piece..."Fear the BEER" with the SHOW's best W-L entertains the basement-dwelling NORTH Siders and what's new...CHEESE, BRATS, SUDS by Miller, and "Cubbies" n the "Fear the Beer"...#CHCvsMIL #Cubbies #BrewCrew #NLCentral

The Chicago Cubs coming off a 100 year Celebration of Wrigley Field and the 1st game at Wrigley this past week vs the D-Backs visit their neighbors from the north. Those neighbors from the north are the 16-6 Milwaukee Brewers and that is an MLB best W-L through 22. Can the Cubbies go into the "Big Keg" Miller Park filled with Cheese, Brats, Cold Ones, and "Fear the Beer" Nation and win the series? The Brewers know this is a time to put some distance between them and the 2nd place in the NL Central Redbirds of St. Louis Hardball.

#NORTHSiders (7-14) @ #FearTheBEER (16-6)
April 25th - April 27th
the Big Keg dba Miller Park

Friday April 25th 8:10pm ET
CHC Villanueva (1-4) vs MIL Garza (0-2)

Saturday April 26th 7:10pm ET
CHC Wood (1-2) vs MIL Estrada (1-1)

Sunday April 27th 2:10pm ET 
CHC Hammel (3-1) vs MIL Peralta (3-0)

The Cubs 2013 All-Star Travis Wood is 1-2 out the gate and Carlos Villanueva is at 1-4. The Brew Crew's prized Free Agent Pick Up in 2014 and former Cubs Starter Matt Garza is 0-2 and not holding up his end of the bargain but it is way early.

Cubbies Second Baseman Emilio Bonafacio is 5th on the Senior Circuit with a robust .358 average including 29 hits...

Brewers Ryan Braun leads the "Brew Crew with 6 Bombs and 17 Ribbies with a .300 long as he isn't hitting the Medicine Cabinet hitting those illegal Flintstone's it's all good right!

North Siders and Brew Crew Baseball if anything it should be festive for both...

CLIPPERS 98 WARRIORS 96...LOB City's NERF RIM Duo of "Game Night w/BLAKE" and DeAndre the LOB City Giant go "HARD in the Paint" as the CLIPS get Home Court back with a Biggies-Sized "W"..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch CLIPS ejoy your stay in EEAST BAY #ClipperNation #DubsAllDay LAC leads 2-1

The L.A. Clippers decided to slow the game down a little and pick their spots going through "Nerf Rim Duo" Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. It's not rocket science the Warriors cannot handle the Clips in the painted area and Clips Lead Man Doc Rivers made G.S.W. pay for playing Small Bay and for longtime Warrior Fans that means "Nellie Ball".

A 46-43 Clips lead at the break quickly turned into a Clips 75-64 lead after three. The Warriors playing inspired came roaring back like the Clips though they would from an unlikely source in Warriors Stretch 5 Draymond "Lawnmower Man" Green of Izzone Fame. Green was big in the 3rd showing his offensive versatility and game along with handling or trying to handle Blake Griffin and DeAndre in the paint. The Warriors cut the lead all the way down to 97-96 Clips with under ten seconds remaining and after CP3 hit one of two free throws with 8.6 left Curry was going for the win and his potential Game-Winning Money ball was short...Clips 98-96 final.

Blake led the Clips and a had a game-high 32 points and eight boards going 15 for 25 all high-percentage. He led four Clips Starters in double figures as DeAndre added 14 points and hauled in twenty-two Oranges with five blocks. CP3 chipped in with 15 points and ten helpers with Jamal 205 off the bench with 13 points. Clips shot just 10 of 23 from the Stripe as the Warriors shot 16 of 24.

Dub Nation was led by Klay Thompson's 26 points and six boards. Steph added 16 points and some fifteen helpers but shot just 5 for 12 as Warrior Nation was wondering why Steph asserted himself late and the game dictated that as he was locked in with worrying about CP3 on the defensive end. Draymond had 13 points grabbed eleven boards and blocked four shots. G.S.W. was just 6 for 31 from the Arc and that was the difference in the game.

Clips grab home court back as we head to Game #4 Sunday at 4:30pm ET...

Thursday, April 24, 2014

BRUINS 3 RED WINGS 2 F OT...FLAMES' Royalty IGINLA adds to his HOF Resume with a Game-Winner in the "JOE" in Extras..."Fight 4 LORD STANLEY" SPOKES overpowering HOCKEY Town USA #BOSvsDET #SPOKESnation #WINGSgang BOS leads 3-1

The Boston Bruins just too much as they looked at least in the Extras Frame too physical for the Wings as they were doing way more work around the boards and they just appeared to be more active. Wings Net Minder Swede Jonas Gustavsson let that Milan Lucic goal just 1:15 into the 3rd frame to tie the game and that was huge as both teams were just covering Ice in the 3rd after that game-tying goal.

The Wings though looked more energized at the start due to Captain Henrik Zetterberg of Sweden back into the fold. Of course he is no where close skating wise where he normally is but he played well considering the circumstances and what was at stake for the Wings in Game 4.  The Wings got a Niklas Kronwall of Sweden goal in frame one to take a 1-0 lead. They then in the 2nd frame with the scores till 1-0 a Pavel Datysuk score as Russia stand up! The Wings then led 2-0 as Bruins Torey Krug "lit the lamp" in the middle of the 2nd for the Bruins 1st score to make it 2-1. Lucic then tied it in the 3rd to set up that game-winner in extras from Calgary Flames Royalty Jarome Iginla at the 13:32 mark a wrister as the "JOE" was in stunned silence!

Bruins And Finland's Tuukka Rask stopped 35 of 37 shots as the Wings and Sweden's Gustavsson stopped 37 of 40 shots.  The Spokes out shot the Wings in Extras 12-3...and putting the Frozen One on net that many times is the "Law of Averages" of those will find the nylon sooner or later!

Game 5 is Saturday April 26th at 3pm ET at the New Garden....Spokes going for the KO Punch up 3-1...


THUNDER 95 GRIZZLIES 98 F OT...GRINDING through Regulation and an Extra Frame the GRIZZ grab the 2%, kiss the GRIZZ Dancers, and hit the Winner's Circle as KD and RUSS star in "ALL or NOTHING"...REGULATORS Report OKC gone bad! #OKCvsMEM #ThunderUp #GrizzNation MEM leads 2-1

The OKC Thunder at least sent it to Extras after being down by 17 in the 2nd half. Just like the is no crying in Big Boy Hardball well thee are no moral victories in the Logo in Winning Time. What your witnessing is the Parity in the Logo coupled with who really is a Star...and who isn't. Take for instance PG-24 of the Pacers handshake with King James in last years playoffs...where is PG-24 now Pacers B-Team as an overhyped offensively challenged solid defender...that's it nothing else!

The Grizz took control of the game in the 2nd half and OKC came roaring back only to fall short in extras. It's not that KD and Russ are the problem it's OKC's Approach and that is on Scott Brooks.  Memphis' Bench outscoring OKC's Bench 34-9. OKC is getting nothing from anyone else and if KD and Russ and Ibaka do not play both ends of the floor and rebound all the oranges...OKC is a wash. They had a combined 60 points, twenty-two rebounds, five helpers, nine turnovers, and five blocks. OKC had 95 points total and with just three players in double figures.

The Grizz gets six players in double figures and someone new every night off that bench steps up and Coach Joerger had done a nice job of mix and matching and putting players in places where they will play to their strengths. Mike Conley led with 20 points with Z-Bo and the "Grind Father" Tony Allen adding sixteen points each.

Grizz leads 2-1 as Game 4 is Saturday Night April 26th at 9:30pm ET...  

PACERS 85 HAWKS 98...HAWKS Nation dusts off the Hawks Apparel and provides a Lift for the #8 Seed smelling an Upset...Down goes GOLD SWAGGER dba Indiana Pacers Basketball Club..."Fight 4 LARRY" LOGO Watch who said Atlanta doesn't show up to cheer for the Home Team? #HAWKSnation #PeachtreeStreetProHoops ATL leads 2-1

I know what's coming on Friday April 25th at the Pacers Practice Location undisclosed a Players Only Meeting and then what. The Hawks have simply taken apart the Pacers even more as Indy limped in on shaky ground. Now the Hawks with the Home Team getting support from Falcons and Braves Nation is smelling a Denver Nuggets #8 seed over the Seattle Supersonics #1 see back in 1994.

The Hawks leading just 39-38 at the break stretched that lead out in the 3rd frame with to a 67-58 going into the 4th frame lead by getting the Money Ball Racks out. Six Money Balls were made in the 3rd frame and the Pacers didn't know what hit them as they would rather hit each other anyway. The Pacers got as close as 79-75 with just over six minutes to go and then then Jeff Teague show ensued.

Teague scored eleven of his 22 points in the 4h as that was the game-high along with ten helpers as the Hawks win 98-85. "Hot Sauce" Korver chipped in with 20 big ones as he was 4 of 7 from the Arc as he got it going in that 3rd frame. Former Missouri Tigers Star Demarre Carroll went for 18 points as he hit two big Money Balls in the 3rd when things were starting to head south for the Gold Swagger. The Hawks were +21 from the Arc as the pacers do  not shoot it well from the Arc anyway. Indy was led by 21 points and thirteen boards from Lance Stephenson with PG-24 going for a Dozen points and fourteen boards and West adding 16 points and seven boards.

Atlanta leads 2-1 and now will host game 4 in A.T.L. on Saturday April 26th at 2pm ET...    

WHITE SOX 4 TIGERS 7...PALE HOSE miss taking 3 of 4 from the Motor City KITTIES as "MAD MAX beyond Comerica" was doing what he does on the Hill on "GET AWAY DAY" CHI-Sox and TIGERS go 50/50 on a Four-Piece #SouthSiders #DetroitHardball

The Chicago White Sox split a four-piece right down the middle with the AL Central Rival Detroit Tigers as Tigers Starer Max Scherzer made sure that the Tigers got the split.The Pale Hose showed some toughness in the four-piece as they will not be in the AL Central Basement and should be hovering around the middle of the AL Central.

Sox DH Adam Dunn took Scherzer deep in the 2nd to make it 1-0 Sox only to see the Tigers get one in the bottom half of the 2nd to make it 1-1. Tigers tacked on one more in the 3rd to go up 2-1 and then in the 5th inning gets a Solo Bomb from LF Rajai Davis to make it 3-1 Tigers all off of White Sox Starter Jose Quintana. The Sox score one in the 6th off of a Alexei Ramirez Sac Fly scoring Dayan Viciedo after he led the inning off with a three-bagger.

Mad Max left the game in the 6th leading 3-2 as then Tigers put four more across (Miggy Cabrera 2-Run Single) with the Sox scoring two for a 7-4 final. Scherzer allowed two runs on seven hits while striking out ten and walking one Sox Hitter. Quintana saddled with the loss worked six innings giving up seven hits and three runs striking out one.

The Sox leave at 11-12 with the Tigers moving to 11-8...

"WORD around the BOARDS" NHL Talk...Sweden and WINGS Royalty ZETTERBERG game-time decision in Game 4 vs SPOKES...Captain SERIOUS, BERGERON, and KOPITAR finalists for "Fight 4 SELKE" Trophy #ZETTERBERGbiz #SelkeTrophyBiz

The Detroit Red Wings need a boost and if they cannot find on eon the Ice they can always look to adding that piece to the line up. Wings and Sweden National Team Captain Center Henrik Zetterberg would have the "JOE" on 100 if he can play tonight in game 4 vs the Boston Bruins as the Spokes lead 2-1. Just Big Z's Presence would be a huge lift for the Wings who are in desperate need of a shot in the back side! "Z" is a Game-Time Decision and the Wings and Lead Man Babcock hope to get good news.

The Selke Trophy is awarded to the best Center that exemplifies Defense and of course two right off the top of my head come to mind. The Indian Head's Jonathan Toews dba "Captain Serious" and the B's Patrice Bergeron. They are joined by the Monarch's Anze Kopitar of Slovenia who is dynamic as well.  Bergeron is a "Monster on Face-Off's" with a Ice Games leading 1,015 wins. Kopitar logged more Ice Time than any Forward and he along with Drew Doughty make the Kings go. Toews was the winner last year his first Selke Trophy and he led the Hawks in Ice Time and 2nd with a +/-  of +26.

CLIPPERS @ WARRIORS Game 3 w/PLAYBOOK...LOB City put a CRIME Scene w/YELLOW Tape on G.S.W. in Game 2 back at STAPLES...what will the WARRIORS do to bounce back after an embarrassing effort with Home Court Advantage..."Fight 4 LARRY" Game 3 #LACvsGSW #CLIPSnation #WarriorsGround

Planet Oracle will be 100 as the Clippers invade Warriors Ground after putting Yellow Tape around the Warriors in Game 2 with a 138-98 beating. Clips have to be feeling good about their chances knowing if they play like they did in Game 2 that G.S.W. will have no shot. The Warriors stealing Game 1 might be Fool's Gold if they can their backside handed to them in Game 3 in front of the loudest arena in Oakland...near East Bay "Planet Oracle".

#ClipperNation vs #DubsAllDay24-7-365 Game 3
1030pm ET
Planet Oracle on Warriors Ground dba Oracle Arena


Key Players
#LAC Blake DeAndre CP3 JJ Jamal 206
#GSW Steph Klay D-Lee Iggy Harrison

The Clips need to go Inside and Inside some more to make the Warriors pay!

Steph Curry needs to get it going and coming to Oracle after a Home-Cooked Meal is the Recipe!

CP3 has to control the "PACE" and it has to be a Clippers Pace

Can "Iggy of Planet Oracle" give the Warriors anything besides 6 fouls?

DeAndre the Lob City Giant is a Problem...can JO7 or Mo Speights slow him down and keep him off the glass?

Warriors take away the "NERF Rim" from Lob City!

Who gets the most "Splash Plays"?

Guard the Arc for both teams...All-Star Saturday Night Money Ball Racks must not be on display if so that favor the "Splash Brothers"...

"Points in the Paint" should be all Clippers and the Warriors have to take some of that away...

Free Throw Attempts...who gets more?

Attacking the "Pick and Pop" or "Pick and Roll" does each Team play it will be critical?

Can the Clips quiet Planet Oracle...and if they cannot that is real bad news for Clipper will LAC handle the crowd?

"A Tribe called Clippers Bench" vs Warriors Bench?  

Game Time 10:30pm ET NBA on TNT...