Thursday, April 24, 2014

STEELERS 2014 Schedule Breakdown...TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles as the 2014 Season starts now with the SEAT BELT Light coming LABOR Day 2014...#SteelerNation #SteelerGang #MenOfSteel #BurghFootball

The Pittsburgh Steelers get a nice heap of good scheduling from the League Office at least on paper as they have one of the easier schedules of 2014 just talking 2013 Opponents W-L. The Colts have the easiest by the numbers and the Oakland Raiders for some odd reason have the toughest and go figure. The Men of Steel will be on Prime Time some five times along with the Cowboys and Colts the most on the 2014 Schedule.

STEELERS 2014 Schedule at a glance...

Week 1 Sep. 7 #DawgPound 1pm ET

Week 2  Sep. 11 @ #PurpleBrowns 8:25pm ET

Week 3 Sep. 21 @ #BackInBlack 8:30pm ET

Week 4 Sep. 28 #ItsABucsLife 1pm ET

Week 5 Oct. 5 @ #Baguars 1pm ET

Week 6 Oct. 12 @ #Believeland 1pm ET

Week 7 Oct. 20 #BullsOnParade 8:30pm ET

Week 8 Oct. 26 #BlueSwaggerColts 4:25pm ET

Week 9 Nov. 2 #PurpleBrowns 8:30pm ET 

Week 10 Nov. 9 @ #GangGreen 1pm ET

Week 11 Nov. 17 @ #MusicCityTitans 8:30pm ET

Week 12     BYE

Week 13 Nov. 30 #GeauxSaints 1pm ET

Week 14 Dec. 7 @ #theJungle 1pm ET

Week 15 Dec. 14 @ #DirtyBirds404 1pm ET

Week 16 Dec. 21 #RedFriday  1pm ET

Week 17 Dec. 28 #Bungles 1pm ET

1....The Open with the Browns at Heinz and Cleveland has the #4 Pick so who knows who you will see a QB maybe Jhonny Football or even WR Sammy Watkins to go with All-Milky Way Galaxy WR Josh Gordon.

2....That quick turnaround on Thursday Night in the Big Crab Cake versus the Ravens should be a good one and everyone should be fresh in NFL Week 2 as that game kicks off five Prime Time Games for the Steelers in 2014.

3....#BackInBlack the Carolina Panthers in the Big Bank Branch...Bank of America Stadium versus QB Cam and the reigning NFL Defensive P.O.Y. Luke "Crash Dummie" Kuechly. Panthers will play that game with no WRs.

4....Lovie Smith brings his New Bucs with new Uni's and Helmets and a new Attitude and they will try to #FireTheCannons on us.

5....Gus Bradley has the 2014 Jags looking like 12's Southeast and put them Publix Brown Bags up as the Baguars turn back into the Jaguars and they too have  a High Pick as the Steelers could see a Rookie QB and that's just what HOF Coach LeBeau likes to see as that 304 Zone Blitz looks like the Chicago Expressways at 5pm...Chiquita Bananas it is!

6....NFL Week 6 the Browns will be looking for blood as the Steelers opened up a 64oz Bottle of Heinz Ketchup on them in the opener.

7....The Texans will come in with JJ Watt dba "Area 99" on one end and Jadeveon Clowney on the other as the Texans with QB A.J. Mc Carron starting should be formidable.

8....Colts have a 2rd-year Andrew Luck and a healthy Reggie Wayne as they must get that running game going. That rebuilt "D" should be nasty with 2013 Red Jersey Collector King and #1 "Monsters Inside QBs" at Bluedude Sportstalk Robert Mathis from the "Hill" Alabama A&M.

9....The Rat Birds come calling to Heinz as the Steelers will be looking to go 2-0 vs Baltimore in 2014

10...In Met Life Green The Jets with the Mike Vick Experience dba Michael Vick these days and Chris Johnson along with a darn good "D'...Hmmmmm!

11...Steeler hit Nashville for some Tackle Football as new Steelers O-Line Coach and former Titans Lead Man Mike Munchak is back where it all started. Also ex-Steelers O-Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt will be looking to hang an "L" on the Steelers as he can't let it go that Tomlin got what he thought was his gig...#ATypical

12...Bye Week as they say Week 11 is the perfect Bye Week but the Steelers will welcome this Bye Week as those last five games after the Bye will make or break their chances to get into the AFC tourney!

13... Saints come calling and they have had major turnover this off season but QB Brees and Graham along with Lead Man Peyton should still keep them in the NFC Hunt!

14...In the Jungle for then 1st time in 2014 and late as this may decide the leader in the AFC North

15...In the Big Bird Cage facing the Dirty Birds who needs an overhaul on "D" or Lead Man Mike Smith will be Toast!

16...Back at Heinz to face the Chiefs as this might be a game to decide a Wild Card or at least Playoff Implications for both

17...the "Game of the Year" as both Teams come in 11-4 and this is for a Bye Week or to host a Wild Card...go figure!

Steelers Nation the Seat Belt Light will be on around Labor Day until then enjoy the Camp LaTrobe and the Steelers Pre-Season!    


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