Thursday, April 28, 2016

"All-SOUTHERN Hospitality" 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" goes down in the Dirty Derrty talking State BIRD of Louisiana Hoops, BUZZ City in the Queen City N.C., GRIT & GRIND Beale Street and the HIGHLIGHT Factory near the PEACH Drop!...VOTES are in and the "BROW" of NOLA will not repeat as P.O.Y. and it was real close! #NOP #CHA #GnG #ATL #LogoWatchFusions #AllSouthernHospitality

Logo Watch Fusions continues in its 3rd season at Bluedude Sportstalk as we head down into the dirty derrty talking 4 NBA Teams in the south, southeast, and Atlantic seaboard! The votes are in and New Orleans Pelicans Star PF the "Brow" Anthony Davis will not repeat as P.O.Y. due to an assortment of maladies as he cannot stay healthy. Now who will be named P.O.Y. in 2015-16 and it might surprise you...

"All-SOUTHERN Hospitality"

Player of the Year 

Paul Milsap dba "SAP
#ATLHawks dba #HighlightFactory404

81 Gms 81 Starts 17.1 ppg 9 rpg 3.3 apg 1.7 blks 1.8 thefts

1st Team 

SF "Sap" #ATLHawks 
PG Kemba Walker #BuzzCity 
PF "Brow of NOLA" #NOP
PG Jrue Holiday #NOP 
PG Jeff Teague #ATLHawks 

Honorable Mention

C Big Al Horford #ATLHawks 
SF Nic Batum #BuzzCity
PF Ryan Anderson #NOP 
PF @macBO50 Z-Bo #GnG 
PG LINsanity #BuzzCity 

360 Degrees

"Sap" was off the charts as he just blitzed the C's in "Winning Time" with a 49-piece with all sorts of sides. I still cannot comprehend when both he and Big Al Jefferson were unrestricted free agents they didn't have a whole bunch of suitors. "Sap" has proved season after season he is an NBA All-Star and comes to play on every night and that gets rewarded from the Bluedude...

Kemba Walker has been leading the charge in Charlotte for quite sometime and now with "Stability" in place in lead man Steve Clifford Team Air Jordan "dba #BuzzCity is making plenty of noise in the NBA East. Not to mention the fabulous job done by GM Rich Cho and all of a sudden Hive Drive is freakin' alive and take that "Air Jordan running a Franchise" Haters!

Ant "Brow of NOLA" Davis in just 61 games still put up 24.3 ppg and grabbed 10.3 rpg  and swatted two Spalding Oranges per. The closest thing to Kevin Garnett and after its all said and done he maybe better but K.G. stayed off that injured list. The "Brow" must do the same thing in order to be great and mentioned with the elite Ballplayers in the "Logo"! When healthy 100% there is no one better in an NBA Front Court and now what does Team U.S.A. do if the "Brow" is a no go in Rio this summer? 

Yes Jrue Holiday the former All-Star PG when he was playing for the Broad Street Philly Hoops Squad dba Seventy-Sixers. Jrue is a complete big PG and when he is also healthy like the "Brow" he can play with any PG. His numbers in 65 gms in 2K15-16 were 16.8 ppg with 6 apg and 3 rpg. The Pelicans now just need "REKE-havoc" dba Tyreke Evans to get on board and lookout!   

Teague rounds out my 1st team and why not as he is arguably the best PG in this region in the "Logo"! If the Hawks pulled the proposed trade a few months back sending J.T. to World's Most Famous they would have been in Regret Mode the rest of this season and next. Can Teague hold off "Kwame" dba Dennis Schroder as the starting PG for the Hawks in the 2K16-17 season or will he be moved come NBA Draft 2K16?        


NFL Mock Draft 2K16 "GREEN ROOM" in "A QB Driven League: as a QB will go #1 and #2!...The Draft will start when the CHARGERS are on the clock at #3 and the COWBOYS at #4!...Where will FSU CB Jalen Ramsey go?...What about the #1 RB in the Draft Run ZEKE ELLIOTT will he go Top 5? #NFLDraft2K15 #AQBDrivenLeague #NFLDraft2K16GreenRoom #StillerGang

As the NFL War Rooms prepare themselves for the Phone Call some 25 NFL Draft Hopefuls fill the Green Room in Chicago as "Chi-Town is Draft Town"! The anxiety for both teams and players are at an all-time high this time of year but there is one conclusion to Round #1...Don't miss or you will be back at this time next year!

The Final Mock Draft as we go "Green Room" as Chi-Town is NFL Draft Town! 

NFL MOCK Draft 2K16
"Green Room"

1. #LARams QB Jared Goff Cal

2. #FlyEaglesFly QB Carson Wentz North Dakota St. 

3. #Bolts OG Ronnie Stanley Notre Dame

4. #Cowboys RB Ezekiel Eliott Ohio St. (Video Below) 

5. #KHANstructionJags CB/S Jalen Ramsey FSU (Video Below)

6. #PurpleBrowns OT Laremy Tunsil Ole Miss   

7. #NinerGang DE DeForest Buckner Oregon

8. #DawgPound DE Joey Bosa Ohio St. 

9. #FireTheCannons (Bucs) OLB Leonard Floyd Georgia 

10. #GMen OG Jack Conklin Michigan St. 

11. #BelieveInMonetrs DE Shaq Lawson Clemson

12. #GeauxSaints CB Vernon Hargreaves III Florida
(Video Below)

13. #AquaBoyz305 LB Myles Jack UCLA

14. #RaiderNation CB Eli Apple Ohio St.

15. #MusicCityTitans OT Taylor Decker Ohio St. 

16. #RestoreTheRoar DT Sheldon Rankins Louisville

17.  #RiseUp LB Darron Lee Ohio St. 

18. #BlueSwagger (Colts) C Ryan Kelly Alabama

19. #BillsMafia DE/OLC Robert Nkemdiche  Ole Miss

20. #GangGreen WR Josh Doctson TCU

21. #HTTR DT Jarran Reed Alabama

22. #BullsOnParade WR LaQuon Treadwell Ole Miss

23. #SKOL (Vikings) WR Corey Coleman Baylor 

24. #WhoDey (Bengals) WR Will Fuller Notre Dame

25. #StillerGang (Steelers Nation) DT Andrew Billings Baylor
(Video Below)

26. #12s (Seahawks) OT/G Germain IFedi Texas A&M

27. #CheeseHeads (Packers) DE/DT A'Shawn Robinson Alabama

28. #RedFriday (Chiefs) QB Paxton Lynch Memphis 

29. #BirdGang CB Artie Burns Miami Fl. 

30. #Panthers DE Kevin Dodd Clemson

31. #UnitedInOrange S Von Bell Ohio St. 

360 Degrees...

You see the "Runs" on position players as we get 8 DE/OLB/DT Types going in the first 20 picks. Then we get a nice run on WRs as we get 4 going 20-25. 

Will Memphis QB Paxton Lynch go in Round 1 as I have him going to Andy Reid and Red Friday at #28?

The Cowboys need a RB and that's why I am thinking Ohio St. RB Zeke Elliott at #4 to go behind that O-Line...

Jalen Ramsey the best Player in the Draft will fall to Gus Bradley and the "Jags" as they head "North" in the AFC South next season...

Watch CBs Mackensie Alexander (Clemson) Kendall Fuller (Va Tech) and Will Jackson III (Houston) as they all might go in Round 1 as well as Safety Karl Joseph (West Virginia)...

My two "Sleepers" in this Draft is OLB/DE Noah Spence (Eastern Kentucky) and S/LB Su'a Cravens from both of them!  

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"All-RED River" 2015-16 as "LOGO Watch Fusions" goes through Oklahoma and into North and South Texas!...There will be no repeat for P.O.Y James Harden as the "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." talking K.D. and Russ dominated this Region as we throw in KAWHI and L-TRAIN of Spurs Familia! #AllRedRiver #LogoWatchFusions #RegulatorsReportOKC #MavsNation #ClutchCity #SpursFamilia

This might be the hardest team I have to assemble talking 1st Team as we have future NBA HOFs along with arguably the best duo in the "Logo" in OKC's Russ and K.D.! Last season it was all about "Fear the Beard" in Clutch City Rockets James Harden as he will not repeat as P.O.Y. on the All-Red River Squad. Let's go as the votes are in...

"All-RED River"
"Logo Watch Fusions"

Co-Player of the Year

Plastic Man of Thunder Alley

72 Gms 72 Starts 28.2 ppg 8.2 rpg 5 apg 1.2 blks 1 theft

"Mad" Man of Regulators Report OKC

80 Gms 80 Starts 23.4 ppg 10.4 apg 7.4 rpg 2 thefts 

1st Team

PG Russ #RegulatorsReportOKC 
SF K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC
SG "Fear the Beard" #13 #ClutchCity
SF Kawhi #SpursFamilia
PF L-Train #SpursFamilia

Honorable Mention

PF "Air Congo" Ibaka #RegulatorsReportOKC
PF DIRK and Mavs #MFFL
PF "Dunc" #SpursFamilia
Rocket Dancers
Spurs Dancers
Mavs Dancers

360 Degrees 

C'mon Russell Westbrook #0 is not a Superstar you "Idiot" and I really like Dat Dude that owns the Mavs and runs Shark Tank. Look K.D. #35 and Russ are a "Perfect Storm" through 82 as we have yet to see them create that same ordeal in "Winning Time".  I tell you this I know they are sometime Misfits playing "Hero Ball" down the stretch of a lot of games but if I am going to start a franchise with two give me them and 12 OKC Men's League Players and we are north of 50 W's through 82...haters! K.D. and Russ if their games were Samiches they would be #1 and #2 on the freakin' Menu and simply Yummo..."Idiots"!   

Harden does his thing on one end and that's what they pay him to do. Now if we go back in time and he was a Gladiator he wouldn't last past round 2 as he would swing his sword repeatedly with no defensive mechanisms but his offensive Game is Maximus Desmus Arrillious delicious and that would be the "Spaniard" in the hit movie "Gladiator"! 

The new dynamic duo in the Alamo City near the Riverwalk is Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus "L-Train" Alrdidge. They are the new "Dunc", Manu and TP9 as they carry the offensive load on one end and Kawhi is the Warden on the other end going 24-7-365 Lockdown Shoe Program NBA Heads. The reigning Defensive P.O.Y. K.L is a Superstar and with Chef Curry not in the Kitchen and the Clips looking like the L.A. Defenders...lookout as that O.K.C. and Spurs Series is going to Mars and Venus!  

Honorary 1st Teamers is "Dirk and Mavs" and "Dunc" as they are headed to Springfield, Mass one day soon... 

NFL Mock Draft 2K16 Take #1 in "A QB DRIVEN League" or is it?...The L.A. RAMS are on the Clock and it will be a QB in Picks #1 and #2 as #FlyEaglesFly has Pick #2!...Both the BOLTS and COWBOYS are ijn tnhe Diver's Seat as they sit and wait at #3 and #4 respectively!...What will STILLER Gang do at #25?...There will be a deep "RUN" on Corners in Round #1 maybe six go in the 1st Round! #NFLDraft2016 #AQBDrivenLeague #StillerGang #NFLMockDraft2K16

The NFL Draft is back in the Second City with no Bulls or Blackhawks playing in "Winning Time" and imagine that. Now Chicago and the "Shield" shifts all of its attention to the 2K16 NFL Draft as the Green Room Prospects arrive for the Day that will change their life.

As the Bluedude puts up one of two of his final Mock Drafts keep in mind its "A QB Driven League" and both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are going one and two. The L.A. Rams and Philadelphia Eagles both will go QB and the only thing we do not know is who will go #1.

After that scenario plays out the San Diego Chargers (#3 pick) and the Dallas Cowboys (#4) kicks off the rest of the Draft as my Top 5 Prospects not counting QBs will go here and they are: OT Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss), RB Zeke Elliott (Ohio St.), DE Joey Bosa (Ohio St.), CB Jalen Ramsey (FSU), and LB Myles Jack (UCLA).

Let's go 2K16 NFL Draft Mock Draft #1:

NFL MOCK Draft 2K16
Take #1

1. #LARams QB Carson Wentz North Dakota St.

2. #FlyEaglesFly QB Jared Goff Cal

3. #Bolts DE/DT DeForest Buckner Oregon

4. #Cowboys CB/S Jalen Ramsey FSU

5. #KHANstructionJags DE Joey Bosa Ohio St. 

6. #Ravens OT Laremy Tumsil Ole Miss

7. #NinerGang OG Ronnie Stanley ND

8. #DawgPound RB Ezekial Elliott Ohio St.

9. #ItsABucsLife OLB/DE Leonard Floyd UGA

10. #GMen LB Myles Jack UCLA (Trade Down #1) *

11. #BelieveInMonsters (Bears) DE Shaq Lawson Clemson

12. GeauxSaints CB Vernon Hargreaves III Florida

13. #AquaBoyz305 (Dolphins) OT/OG Jack Conklin Michigan St.

14. #Silver&Black DT Sheldon Rankins Louisville 

15. #MusicCityTitans OT Taylor Decker Ohio St. 

16. #RestoreTheRoar (Lions) LB Darron Lee Ohio St. 

17. #RiseUp (Falcons) DT Jarran Reed Alabama

18. #BlueSwagger (Colts) DE/OLB Noah Spence Eastern Kentucky

19. #BillsMafia LB Reggie Ragland Alabama

20. #GangGreen CB Eli Apple Ohio St.

21. #HTTR C Ryan Kelly Alabama

22. #BullsOnParade (Texans) WR Will Fuller

23. #SKOL (Vikings) WR Josh Doctson TCU

24. #WhoDey (Bengals) DT Vernon Butler La Tech

25. #StillerGang (Steelers) NT Andrew Billings Baylor

26. #12s (Seahawks) DE/DT/OLB Robert Nkemdiche Ole Miss

27. #Cheeseheads DT A'Shawn Robinson Alabama (Trade Down #2) **

28. #RedFriday (Chiefs) WR LaQuon Treadwell Ole MIss

29. #BirdGang (AZ Cards) C/OG Cody Whitehair Kansas St.    

30. #Panthers DE Kevin Dodd Clemson

31. #UnitedInOrange (Broncos) William Jackson III Houston 

360 Degrees...

There will be a run on DT/DE and CB as I have at least 14 combined in these positions going in Round #1...

* Trade Down #1 as the N.Y. Giants if they need a WR LaQuon Treadwell should be their late on Round 1 as they need top get another Pick or two in Round 2...   

** Trade Down #2 as the Packers might not like what they see but if A'Shawn Robinson is there they must grab him as he is a lot like Julius Peppers...a converted Basketball Player into a Football player 
Mock Draft #2 the Final Mock going down Thursday Morning April 27th...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

PACERS 99 RAPTORS 102 F...#WeTheNorth "Circles the Wagons" but not after "Gold Swagger" INDY did their thing through Three Frames!..."FIGHT 4 LARRY" going "Logo Watch" as I Like W's with a RAPTOR in the Middle as Team DRAKE Drizzy strikes! #INDvsTOR #PacerNation #WeTheNorth #Dinosaurs #Fight4Larry #LogoWatch TORONTO leads 3-2

The Toronto Raptors with their Mascot (Drake Drizzy) sitting court side erased all sports of 1st half issues only to rally the Dinosaurs and #WeTheNorth for an impressive 102-99 "W"! That "W" was almost erased by a buzzer-tying Money Ball by one Pacer Solomon Hill who hit the shot but the Spalding was on his fingertips as the Lights and Buzzer went off.

Indy playing like "Gold Swagger" in the 1st half was all over the Dinosaurs and led after one 35-20. Pacers star PG-13 dba Paul George had 22 at the break and a game-high 39 points on the night but he needed help and didn't get enough down the stretch.

Raptors star SG "D2" of Compton dba DeMar Derozan led #WeTheNorth with 34 points and 19 of that came in the 1st half as Toronto trailed 61-52. That Dwayne Casey "D" arrived in the 2nd half just in time to hold "Indy" to 38 2nd half points as the Raptors trailed 90-77 after three. Holding Indy to just nine 4th frame points as they went on a 25-9 run to close out the 4th and the game.

Remember Bismack Biyambo from the "Congo" down in Buzz City he added 10 points and grabbed sixteen boards for the home team. George Hill added 15 for "Indy" as we head back to the Circle City with Team Drake Drizzy up 3-2.      

KERR of "DUBS" Lead Man of the Year in "LOGO WATCH" as we go the Red Auerbach Trophy 2K15-16!...Luke Walton finished 9th in the Voting after leading the WARRIORS to a fast and furious start in the 2K15-16 Campaign!

It was just a formality in who was going to cash in on the NBA Coach of the Year as the real story was where was Golden State Warriors Assistant Lead Man Luke Walton was going to finish? Steve Kerr gets his 2nd Red Auerbach Trophy as the Warriors 73-9 season sets a new NBA Record.

Kerr has been fabulous in his first two seasons as an NBA Lead Man and the Warriors only know one way under Kerr and that is to win everything in front of them as 2nd place is the first losers. Miraculously enough "Dubs" through their two amazing seasons have  not had any major injuries and that is more than half the battle navigating through that rough and tough 82-game trek.

Walton finishes 9th in he voting and that in itself is a huge honor considering there are 30 Men leading teams and he is an assistant that took over a team that was on a mission and stayed on that mission while Kerr was out nursing his back after back surgery.  

The Results 
Red Auerbach Trophy:

Note: In parenthesis is 1st Place Votes

1 Kerr #Dubs (64)

2 Stotts #RipCity (37)

3 "Pops" #SpurWars (10)

4 Clifford #ItsABuzzLife (7)

5 Casey #WeTheNorth (6)

6 Stevens #GreenTeam (5)

7 Joerger #GritGrindGrizz (1)

8 "Doc" #Clips -

9 Walton #Dubs -

360 Degrees...

Stotts had  a tremendous year and what by many analysts was suppose to be a down year losing both Wes Matthews and L-Train Aldrigde as the Blazers as we go to press is tied with the Clips in their 1st round series. It also helps Coach Stotts has arguably the best back court in the Logo not named "Splash Brothers"! 

Coach Popovich led "Spurs Familia" to a 67-15 seasons and if the Warriors didn't jump out to that fast starts the Spurs would have been the lead story all season long... 

Clifford is slowly but surely finding his niche in Buzz City and GM Rich Cho and Air Jordan himself are heading north in the East...

Casey had the Raptors 2nd in the East as they are missing one-piece to that puzzle...

Stevens has the C's right there and now they have 7 picks in the upcoming 2K16 NBA Draft with all sorts of young pieces everywhere to possibly Celts GM in "Trader" Danny Ainge in this draft as he has a full deck of cards at the Blackjack Table... 

Joerger did a solid job with what he was working with but losing both Mike Conley Jr. and Marc Gasol spelled gloom and doom for "Winning Time"...

"Doc" Rivers does his thing but the Clips might have to move B.G. 32 to move north in the West...

Walton is tops on most lists as the next solid NBA Lead Man but he won't be going anywhere in the 2K16-17 season...   

Saturday, April 23, 2016

BLUES @ BLACKHAWKS in Game #6 as "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison goes into HONEY BADGER Mode!...Can the BLUE NOTES play the right "NOTES" again and beat the INDIA Head Sweaters in the Madhouse for the 3rd straight time?...Can the "BISON City Mullet #88 Patrick Kane carry game-winner magic into Game #6 and if he does we will have a Game #7! #STLvsCHI #BlueNotes #FearTheINDIANHead #StanleyCupPlayoffs #WesternConferenceGame6

Here we go as the Seat Belt Sign  is on in Hawks Nation as Patrick Kane gave the Indian Head Sweaters and Hawks Nation much-needed "Life" as we get game #6 at the Madhouse versus the St. Louis Blues.

The Blue Notes let game #5 slip away as they scored two goals in the 3rd erasing a two goal deficit only to lose in frame #5 as #88 was scoreless in the series until that goal. The Blue Notes and lead man Ken "Honey I ate the Crease" Hitchcock has to be thinking that was the one guy (in #88) we need to to wake up. Hawks lead man Coach Q knows he can't win both games tonight but the one in front of him is a must-win as the Indian Head must ride that game #5 Momentum.

Bison City BLUR #88

As for Game #6 here we go #BluesvsBlackhawks 


Saturday April 23rd, 2K16 @ 8pm ET 
MADHOUSE on Madison
Greek Town in the 'Go

Top 5 Things for the Indian Head Sweaters to get to the Milk and Ladies in the Winner's Circle:

Stay away from Dumb and Ignorant Penalties and someone put a muzzle on #65 in red and Black...thank you! 

#88 #19 #81 have to be "Bigger than Life" as #2 D.K. will bring it and carry the Defensmen...

"Craw-Dad" Crawford must Vezina-esque in and around the blue-paint with some help from the "D" of course...

Panarin dba "Bread Man" and Anisimov can they catch fire in Game #6 to force a game #7?

Hawks Nation with Patrick and Eddie O on the call let's bring it Indian Head Sweaters as though the score is 4-0 Blue Notes already....#GoHawks #BeatTheBlueNotes #PutTheBlueNotesInLakeMichigan  

"All-NATURE Trail" 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" goes near PARK City Utah, the ROCKIES some 5,280 feet above Ocean Water, the Valley of the SUN and of course the ROSE City near the Great Northwest!...We have a repeat for P.O.Y. but he is joined by his "Partner in Crime"! #SaltPalaceJazz #RipCity #MileHighNugs #PHXHoops #AllNatureTrail #LogoWatchFusions

As the Portland Trailblazers started the 2K15-16 season most thought it would be rebuilding year as Blazers Stars PF L-Train dba LaMarcus Aldridge left to play "Spur Wars". Well Rip City still had their All-Star in PG Dame Lillard and he repeats as P.O.Y. with help from his "Partner in Crime"! Yes the 2K15-16 All-Nature Trail is in and there are no surprises as "game recognizes game"!

"All-NATURE Trail

Co-Player of the Year

#0 Dame Lillard dba "License to Lillard"

75 Gms 75 Starts 25.1 ppg 6.8 apg 4 rpg 

#3 CJ McCollum dba "Rose Pedals" C.J.

80 Gms 80 Starts 20.8 ppg 4.3 apg 3.2 rpg 1.2 thefts

1st Team

PG Dame #RipCityBlazers
PG CJ #RipCityBlazers
SF Gordon Hayward #SaltPalaceJazz
SG Rodney Hood #SaltPalaceJazz
PG Brandon Knight #PHXHoops

Honorable Mention

PF Derrick Favors #SaltPalaceJazz
C Rudy Gobert #SaltPalaceJazz
SG Devin Booker #PHXHoops
SG Wil Barton #MileHighNugs
PF Kenneth Faried #MileHighNugs

360 Degrees...

Both Dame and CJ are arguably the best back court in the "Logo" not names "Los Splash Hermanos" dba Splash Brothers if you classify Klay Thompson as a SG. They bring it on every night on every possession. The Blazers Future is shining as they have also put young pieces around these two young "Goon" and the best has yet to come talking Blazers Mania dba Rip City Blazers Basketball! 

Hayward maybe the best kept secret in basketball. A small forward by trade dba Custodian
Gordon is a mix of high Basketball IQ and Athleticism along with a dribble-drive game that is simply delicious. There is nothing this young man cannot do on the court and he defends to boot! 

Hood emerged for the Jazz this season and he gives Utah flexibility both at SG and at SF. His ability to hit the Money Ball and sneaky athleticism has the Jazz Faithful thinking of "Winning Time" for the next 5 seasons...

the "Knight Rider" dba Brandon Knight and I know he was hurt for a large part of the season but he is PHX Hoops #1 Player as PHX #1 Donut-Runner and Rookie Devin Booker lands on the Honorable Mention as they didn't miss on that pick...  

JOSH NORMAN lands with #HTTR!..."SUNDAY TALK" + "A QB Driven League" = the REDSKINS Secondary just got better big-time as NORMAN Island cuts 1/3 of the field off for #HTTR Safeties! @J_No24 #NormanIsland #HTTR #SkinsNation #SundayTalk #AQBDrivenLeague #86AQBDrivenLeague

The Carolina Panthers must have other plans as they were at least $2 million off of the asking price for CB Josh Norman. As the Panthers rescinded the Franchise Tag off Norman he and his Camp wasted no time getting others suitors as at least 10 teams called within hours of the Panthers moving in another direction.

That brings us to Norman getting scooped up by Washington Redskins Gulfstream 5 and Team Daniel Snyder as Norman met with #HTTR early yesterday. Within an hour or so Norman Island and #HTTR comes to terms with a $75 million deal with guarantees reaching a reported $51.5 million as Norman now calls Fed Ex Field home and that is a huge loss for the Panthers "D" moving forward.

As for the 'Skins Secondary let's take a look at their Depth Chart as they have the #21 overall Pick in Thursday upcoming NFL Draft 2K16:

#HTTR Back End Projected Starters 2K16

LCB Bashaud Breeland
SS DeAngelo Hall
FS Kyshoen Jarrett

360 Degrees...

Chris Culliver will most likely move to Nickel CB as Norman puts him out of the starting line up...  

The 'Skins lose DT Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton up front and they have the #21 overall pick and they need a dancing bear your Secondary in most cases is as good as your front! (Alabama's DT Jarran Reed might be a good fit at #21 overall on Thursday Night for #HTTR)

Then there is SS DeAngelo Hall and how much does he have left in the tank?

We have seen this before from Snyder as Norman is a huge coup but they have plenty of holes on "D" and Norman cannot be the complete answer but a solid move in the right direction... 

Friday, April 22, 2016

MLB Power Rankings APRIL 2K16 in "WORD Around the WARNING Track" as the NORTH SIDERS just 16 games in living up to "EXPECTATIONS"!...The "NATS" of D.C. Hardball playing "DUSTY Ball" is out the gate fast in the NL East!...The O's and RANGERS along with the defending World Champion ROYALS are leading the Junior Circuit! #MLBPowerRankingsApril2K16 #ACupOfJoeINTheShowReport #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Chicago Cubs out the gate as expected leads the "Show" with a 12-4 W-L as Ace RHP Jake Arrieta throws a No No last night versus the hapless Red Legs. "Maddon Ball" is also coming off of hitting the rival Redbirds of Gateway to the West Hardball right in the "Kisser"!

Joining the North Siders on the Senior Circuit is the L.A. Dodgers and Washington Nationals as "Dusty Ball" is in full swing in the Nations Capital. Where are the New York Mets as they might have the best Starting Pitching not only on the Senior Circuit but in the show?

The defending World Champion Kansas City Royals leads the AL Central as the surprise Pale Hose of Chicago are 2nd in that division. The Baltimore Orioles leads the AL East as that division was suppose to be a five-team race as we still have some 148 plus games to go.

Now we get into the 1st Installment of the "Word Around the Warning Track" MLB Power Rankings going April 2K16...

"WORD Around the WARNING Track" 
April 2K16
MLB Power Rankings

1. #MaddonBall dba #GoCubsGo (12-4)

2. #Nats dba #DustyBall (11-4)

3. #Os (10-4)

4. #KCRoyals (10-5)

5. #PaleHose (10-6)

6. #LADodgers (10-6)

7. #Rangers (10-6)

8. #SwingingElephants (9-7)

9. #MotorCityKitties (8-6)

10. #Redbirds (8-7)

11. #ROX dba #5280FeetAboveWaterHardball (8-7)

12. #DBacks (9-8)

13. #RedLegs (8-8)

14. #BUCN (8-8)

15. #Amazins (7-7)

16. #BlueBirds (8-9)

17. #Carmines (7-8)

18. #ItsARaysLife (7-8)

19. #Ms (7-8)

20. #Tribe (6-7)

21. #Halos (7-9) 

22. #PhightinPhils (7-9)

23. #BrewCrew (7-9)

24. #Gigantes (7-10)

25. #Friars dba #Padres (6-10)

26. #BronxBombers (5-9)

27. #FightinFish (5-9)

28. #BravesCountry (4-11)

29. #StrosShow (5-11)

30. #Twinkies (5-11)

360 Degrees...

What is going in in H-Town as the "Stros Show" out they gate is Brown Bagging it with all that young talent led by Dallas Keuchel, Carlos Correa, and "Pocket Iron Man" Jose Altuve?

The Philadelphia Phillies won't win the NL East but they also won;t be Bottom Feeders on the Senior Circuit...

Yankees need stating pitching or the Bronx Zoo will turn into the Petting Zoo for the Visiting fun fun for everybody! 

The NL Central is by a large margin the best division from top to bottom...

Will "Bochy Ball" get out of the NL West Gutter? 



BLACKHAWKS 4 BLUES 3 F 2OT...KANE & TOEWS had to "Light the Lamp" for the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters to have any shot in Game #5 and the "Bison City Mullet" #88 goes Extras G.W.G.!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison and that 8:47pm CST Puck Drop feels really good now that the HAWKS hit the Winner's Circle....Milk for everybody! #CHIvsSTL #FearTheINDIANHead #BlueNotes #OneGoal #HawksNation #MuddyMississippiIceGames #StanleyCupPlayoffs

It was billed as How do the defending Stanley Cup Champions stave off elimination? Then it was the Blackhawks in order to have a shot needs offensive output from either Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews or both!

Well 5 frames into Game #5 it was the St. Louis Blues letting the Bison City Mullet #88 dance with the Frozen One and it cost them game #5 and just like that we have a Hawks Winner and a game #6 back at the Madhouse!

Patrick Kane weaving through traffic goes around the goal crease to beat Blue Notes blue-paint tenant Brian Elliott for a 4-3 game-winner as the Hawks still down 3-2 in the series has life. St. Louis out shot Chicago 46-35 but don't tell me how many shots but tell me how many went in and at what juncture into the game!

Both net minders played their tales off as Corey Crawford and Elliott each made some serious stops leading up to Kane's game-winner.  Now we have the Blue Notes coming back to the scene of the crimes in game #3 and #4 as the Hawks lost both of those games. The pressure has to be on the Blackhawks to get a "W" on home ice but more on the Blue Notes to close out the defending Stanley Cup Champions!

Let's go Hawks Nation as the Magic Number in the grand scheme of things is down to 14 but I won't start counting until we get to single digits....Lol!


Thursday, April 21, 2016

ARRIETA goes NO NO as the NORTH SIDERS put the RED LEGS in the cold OHIO!...CUBS 16 REDS 0 F..."WEEKEND BENDERS" as Cubbies Ace RHP Jake Arrieta no hits CINCY as the CUBBIES hang 16 at the Great American Ballpark! @JArrieta34 #GoCubsGo #NoHitter #CubsNation #RedLegs #NorthSiders #MaddonBall

Chicago Cubs Ace RHP Jake Arrieta throws another no-hitter as the last three no-hitters in the show two of them have been by Arrieta. It wasn't "Perfecto" as he walked four and struck out six but as the game moved from frame to frame @JArrieta34 got stronger and stronger like only the great one do.

As for run support the North Siders playing "Maddon Ball" hung some 16 runs up on Red Legs Pitching. Kris Bryant, Ben Zobrist, Anthony Rizzo and David Ross all went yard as K.B went deep one more time and led the Cubbies with 6 RBIs. Rizzo and Zobrist added three ribbies as the Chicago moves to an NL Central leading 12-4.  

Arrieta's Line on the night...

9 IP 0 H 0 R 0 ER 4 BB 6 SO on 119 Pitches and 71 Strikes 

The Cubbies get three more in "Cincy" as they are an MLB leading 8-2 coming out of the Motel...   

"All-CALIFORNIA Vineyards" 2k15-16 as "LOGO Watch Fusions" has the sweet smell of Grapes whipped up by Chef CURRY, KLAYmetheus and #StrengthInNumbers!...This team also consists of the Logo's only BOOGIE MAN and this one will scare you with straight game in and around the Restricted-Area! #ChefCurry #DubNation #ForeverPurple #AllCaliforniaVineyards #LogoWatchFusions

It doesn't get any better than this in the Bluedude's exclusive "Logo Watch Fusions" as we go the 2k15-16 All-California Vineyards Team consisting of the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings. This team also consists of the first three-time Player of the Year and you have to know who that is as the Warriors also went an NBA Record 82-game trek of 73-9 beating my 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Let's get on with the 2k15-16 All-California Vineyards Bunch with the sweet smell of Grapes and Chef Curry and "Dubs"!

"All-CALIFORNIA Vineyards" 

Player of the Year
Steph Curry 
"Chef Curry" 
#Dubs #DubNation #WarriorsGround #StrengthInNumbers
#PlanetOracle #GSW #Dubs24-7-365

79 Gms 79 Starts 30.1 ppg 6.7 apg 5.4 rpg 2.1 thefts
402 Money Balls Made (Logo Record)

"All-California Vineyards"
1st Team

PG Chef Curry #Dubs
2G KLAY-metheus #Dubs
SF Draymond #Dubs
C Boogie Man Cousins #ForeverPurple
Coach Luke Walton #Dubs

Honorable Mention

SF Rudy Gay #ForeverPurple
SF Harrison Barnes #Dubs
SG "Iggy" of Planet Oracle #Dubs
PF Mo Buckets #Dubs   
PG Double "R" Rondo

Steph was better than ever in 2K15-16 as the Golden State Warriors played with a chip on their shoulder all season long and under 1st Teamer Coach Luke Walton for more than half the season. Curry also broke his old record of Money Ball Makes connecting on an NBA Record 402 which in 79 games is off the charts. 

Chef Curry's partner in crime Klay Thompson was equally as good as he is the 2nd best shooter in the Logo and together they are the "Splash Brothers" and when they are going that is "Billy the Kid" and Josey Wales shooting down everyone in the wicked wild wild west! 

Draymond Green is "Dubs" Elmer Glue Guy or maybe the Super Glue as El;mer's is for ages 3-7. He maybe the most important part of that machine #WarriorsGround calls #StrengthInNumbers. His all around game resonates through "Dubs" on every night. 

Then there is the Logo's only "Boogie Man" dba DeMarcus Cousins as he is arguably the best "Big" in the league. Now just think if he didn't star in "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" II through 82...he would be a Top 5 player. The Kings wouldn't be near respectable if the Boogie Man wasn't on site for 82....   

BLACKHAWKS @ BLUES going Game #5 as "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison goes into Elimination Games as the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters have nowhere to go but three W's in a row! #CHIvsSTL #FearTheINDIANHead #BlueNotes #StanleyCupPlayoffs #WesternConferencePlayoffs #FrozenTalkHawks

1901 West Madison
Game #5 
Muddy Mississippi 
8pm CST 



The Chicago Blackhawks have been here before but this 3-1 deficit has a different vibe to it. The St. Louis Blues came into this series not having beat the Indian Head at the Madhouse in "Winning Time" since 2002. Now the Blue Notes on the verge of beating the Hawks 4-1 beta Chicago back to back at the Madhouse turning into the Fun house.  

How have the Blue Notes hit all the right "Notes" to this point its just precision play and taking advantage of situations when they present themselves. Like the Blues have not missed on the Power Play and it appears like every time the Indian Head gets a penalty the Blue Notes capitalize. For the Hawks that has to change as they just need to get back to Hawks Hockey as the Blue Notes Star players have outplayed the Hawks Star Players period!

Blue Notes players like Vladimir Tarasenko and "Bloodline" Alexander Steen have made their presence felt and hats off also to the Blue Notes blue-paint tenant Brian Elliott who has been solid if anything.  

Its all about Uncle Mo dba Momentum and the Blue Notes have 100% of that in this series heading into Game #5. The Indian Head will be without Andrew Shaw but #19 and #88 must have a greater impact in order for the Hawks to have any chance. D.K. dba Duncan Keith has carried the Hawks offensively and that has to change in game #5.

R.I.P. Dwayne "PEARL" Washington the Syracuse Orangemen All-American that had the BIG EAST the premier Conference in the U.S.!..."CAMPUS HARDWOOD" talking the "PEARL" of the Syracuse Orangemen! #thePearl #Cuse #Orangemen #BigEast #CampusHardwood #CollegeBasketball

It's been a sad two days as New York City and Syracuse Orangemen Legend Dwayne "Pearl" Washington passed yesterday due to complications with Brain Cancer. The "Pearl" Impact on College Basketball was immense and his impact on the great Big East was even bigger.

When College Basketball in the 80s figured out that T.V. Revenues were the key the Big East was first in and first out as then Big East Commissioner Dave Gavitt got a deal with the then U.S.A. Network to televise Big East Games exclusively and that's when the Big East and College Basketball took off.

As for the "Pearl" he lived in a time when the Big East had powerhouses like St. John's (Johnnies) with Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, Walter Berry, and Coach Lou Carnesseca. Then there was "Hoya Paranoia the Georgetown Hoyas with the likes of lead man big John Thompson and Patrick Ewing, Michael Graham, Reggie Williams, and a host of others. Villanova had Ed Pinckney as well as a host of others...the "Pearl" though lived up to his billing going three-time All-Big East and he never disappointed.

His #31 hangs in the rafters in the Carrier Dome and current coach now and the coach back then Jim Boeheim knows that impact the "Pearl" had not only at the 'Cuse and the Big East but back home in the Big Apple. Dwayne "Pearl" Washington was just 52 years old when he passed....

Dwayne "PEARL" Washington  

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BLUES 4 BLACKHAWKS 3 F...The "AFTERMATH" as the INDIAN HEAD Sweaters lose back 2 back Tilts to Muddy Mississippi ICE Games dba BLUE NOTES as "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison will be in Elimination Mode from Games 5-7 with 6 and 7 if necessary! #STLvsCHI #BlueNotes #FearTheINDIANHead #StanleyCupPlayoffs #NHLWesternConferencePlayoffs #FrozenTalkHawks

In a game of momentum swings and Odd Man Advantages the St. Louis Blues survived a 2nd frame onslaught from the Chicago Blackhawks to move up 3-1 on the Indian Head Sweater in this evenly matched 1st round series.

The Blue Notes survived two straight goals by the Hawks and Chicago Blue-Paint Tenant Corey "Craw-Dad" Crawford going fisticuffs with a Blue Notes player. It was the bad penalties that cost the Hawks and the inability to check both Vladimir Tarasenko and "Bloodline" Alexander Steen that did the Indian Head in again.

Steen goes for two points (1G 1A) as Valdimir Tarasenko scored twice (2G) and the Blue Notes take a commanding 3-1 lead with game #5 set near the Muddy Mississippi for Thursday April 21st. St. Louis has to be thinking of ending this thing now as they need not to head back to the Madhouse for Game #6 and possibly back home for Game #7 with all the pressure being on the Blue Notes if that scenario plays out.      

As for the Indian Head Sweaters they have been here before but this series and the Blue Notes they are facing has a much different feel with the Blue Notes seemingly having an advantage at every turn. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Bluedude Sportstalk SPORTS SHORTS Take 244...BLUE NOTES leads the HAWKS 2-1!...RAMS grab #1 Pick and what will they do with the Pick!...CURRY must stay close to 100% Healthy in order for "DUBS" to repeat! #Fight4LordStanley #StanleyCupPlayoffs #BlueNotes #FearTheINDIANHead #LARams #NFLDraft2K16 #DubNation #ChefCurryBusiness2K16 #NBAPlayoffs #Fight4Larry

The St. Louis Blues takes back home ice as they beat the Chicago Blackhawks at the Madhouse 3-2 winning for the first time in Chicago since 2002.  In a series that is nip and tuck and no margin for error it came down to a Patrick Kane 4 Minute high-stick penalty that gave the Blues a power play and they cashed in. The Hawks won the 2nd frame but the Blue Notes win the 3rd frame and now game #4 becomes a mist-win for the Indian Head Sweater at the Madhouse on Tuesday Night.

The L.A. Rams traded their #15 pick to the Tennessee Titans for the Titans #1 Pick overall and now we get the Carson Wentz Sweepstakes. Wentz has to be the pick as the Rams are going for their Franchise QB and Face of the Franchsie along with RB Todd Gurley.

As for Tennessee they now have 7 picks in the Top 75 Picks including the Rams #1 pick in 2K17. Its a win/win for both if they cash in on their top picks and Wentz must be the "Golden Boy" in year two an no doubt in year three. The Titans must make do with all those picks in 2K16 and they must grab day one "Plug and Play" in those first four to five picks....stay tuned!  

Golden State Warriors and soon to be named NBA M.V.P. Stephen Curry must stay healthy and close to 100% in order for the Warriors to have any shot at repeating. Chef Curry's problematic Ankles are starting to flare up but should have no problem getting past the Houston Rockets who pulled up with Vacation on their mind. Can the Rockets prolong a series that most have going just 4 games and a "Dubs" Sweep? The quicker the Warriors get past the artist formerly known as Clutch City the more rest for Chef Curry heading into round 2 that simple!      

Friday, April 15, 2016

BLACKHAWKS 3 BLUES 2 F...The ICE GAMES Gods were wearing the INDIAN HEAD Sweater on this night as the HAWKS and BLUES head back to Second City all knotted up at 1-1...the PUCK don't lie!..."FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison as D.K. makes his presence felt and dominates the Rink with 31 plus minutes! #CHIvsSTL #FearTheIndianHead #BlueNotes #OneGoal #StanleyCupPlayoffs

The Chicago Blackhawks might have finally solved the puzzle called Brian Elliot the St. Blues blue-paint tenant for a 3-2 "W". The Hawks "W" won't come without some scrutiny as the Blues with the game all knotted up in the 3rd scored what looked to be the goal ahead goal.

The goal by Vladimir Tarasenko would have been #2 on the night instead the review showed the Blues skater was within maybe two inches from being onside as the Zebras waived the goal off. That gave the Hawks some momentum as Andrew Shaw scored on a nifty tip-in off a shot by Brent Seabrook which put the Hawks up 2-1. The Indian Head would later get an empty netter from Artemi Panarin as Duncan Keith (who tied the game at 1-1 at the end of the 2nd frame) shot the "Frozen One" out of the Hawks Zone off the Boards in what looked like Panarin might have tipped it.

The Blues get a goal from Kevin Shattenkirk with 2 seconds remaining to close the gap to 3-2 as the Hawks go ahead and get the hard-fought "W" 3-2 and ties the series 1-1 heading back to the Madhouse for a Sunday Matinee for Game #3.

Both D.K. dba Duncan Keith and Corey Crawford were off the charts as the Indian Head Sweaters would have been playing with some serious blaze down 0-2 in Game #3. So much for those 70 hits by the Blue Notes as the Hawks gain home ice...  

CUBS and WHITE SOX out the Gate like they have a Date in the Fall of 2K16!..."WORD Around the WARNING Track" talking NORTH SIDERS and SOUTH SIDERS going Hardball in the Second City! @Cubs @WhiteSox #MaddonBall #SouthSideHitMen #ACupOfJoeInTheShowReport

It's beautiful weather in mid-April in the Second City dba Windy City Chicago, Illinois and look what the wind has blown into Chicago. Both the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are out the gate with a furious start as the Cubs start was expected and the White Sox start not expected.

As we go to press the North Siders (playing Maddon Ball) is 8-1 with their only loss to the D-Backs late last week as they come off of sweeping the Red Legs of Cincy at the Friendly Confines. The Pale Hose making waves as they have smacked the Twinkies around this week and will be in Tampa to play the Rays this weekend.

The Cubbies host the "Rox" of 5,280 Feet above Ocean Water Hardball as the North Siders Expectations are through the roof. Imagine both running the table and getting into the MLB Playoffs and then making deep runs for Date Nights through October and into early November. It's a long season and we are only into Game #10 of 162 but for both Cubs Nation and Sox Nation its cool to dream and look into the future.

Taking a deep look inside both the #NorthSiders and #SouthSiders

#CWS (7-2, 1st AL Central) 

Robin Man Ventura

Chris Sale Mat Latos Jose Qunitana

South Side Hit Men 
Jose Abreu Avisail Garcia Todd Frazier

Captain Save-A-Game 
David Robertson

#CHC (8-1, 1st NL Central)

Joe Maddon dba "Maddon Ball"

Jake Arrieta Jon Lester Jason Hammel

Clark & Addison Hit Men
Dexter Fowler Anthony Rizzo Kris Bryant Jason Heyward

Captain Save-A-Game
Hector Rondon

Second City Hardball in "Word Around the Warning Track"


"All-HOLLYWOOD Sign" 2015-16 in "LOGO WATCH Fusions" is back talking Staples Pro Hoops in the "City of ANGELS" and the Votes have been tallied and guess who the P.O.Y. is and could it be the BLACK MAMBA on post #MambaDay? #AllHollywoodSignTeam #LakerNation #ClipperLand #BlackMamba #MambaDay #LogoWatchFusions #ILuvLA @LakersGirls @ClippersSpirit

The Bluedude is back with the only NBA All-Region Team called "Logo Watch Fusions" as no one does this anywhere on Planet Earth and this is the 3rd installment of its kind. As we start in L.A. with 7 other teams to go with next up the All-California Vineyards Teams featuring the Champs dba "Dubs" and the Sac Town Kings!

The last two seasons the L.A. Clippers have swept the P.O.Y. Honors with the Blake Show 32 winning the award in 2013-14 and CP3 and DeAndre winning in 2014-15. Now the plot thickens as you have to know who won the award this season and who will join this Star on the 1st Team "All-Hollywood Sign" Team...



Kobe Bean Bryant 
Black Mamba KB24 Vino
#MambaDay #MambaOut

2015-16 Digits

66 Gms 66 Started 17.6 ppg 3.7 rpg 2.8 apg 

Career Digits 
(20 Seasons 1996-2016)

1,346 Gms 1,198 Starts 33,643 Pts 7,047 Rebs 6,306 Asst 1,944 Thefts 
48,637 Mins 11,719 FG 26,200 FG Att. 1,827 Money Balls Made

2007-08 NBA M.V.P.

Top 100 Plays 

1st Team
"All-Hollywood Sign"

SG Black Mamba #LakerGang
PG CP3 #Clips
C DeAndre the Lob City Giant #Clips
Laker Girls
Clippers Spirit

Honorable Mention
"All-Hollywood Sign"

Combo G Jordan Clarkson #LakerGang
PF J-Randle #LakerGang
SG JJ Redick #Clips
#Clips Super-Fan Billy Crystal
#LakerGang Super-Fan Jack Nicholson

360 Degrees...

The Black Mamba for 20 Seasons captivated the "City of Angels" and the L.A. Lakers Scene like few before him. His 5 Parade Routes and numerous accolades arguably makes him the best Laker of All-Time even though I am rolling with him along with Magic, SHAQ, and Sky Hook and even the late great Wilt 20K in that Top 6 in any order with the "Logo" Jerry West right there as well. KB8 and KB24 then Vino and now the Black Mamba will be missed not only by Laker Nation and Laker Gang but true NBA Heads from all over the Globe. 

Kobe Bean Bryant the Bluedude, Bluedude Sportstalk, Benny the Bull and Bulls Nation "We HATE YOU" from the bottom of our Hearts! 

Good Luck in your future endeavors and see you in the NBA HOF Class of 2021...#MambaOut

Up Next the 2K15-16 All-California Vineyards Team featuring #Dubs and #ForeverPurple as we go 1st Team and Honorable Mention...   

Thursday, April 14, 2016

STEELERS 2K16 Trek is announced!..."TRIPLE DIAMOND Chronicles" as STILLER GANG gets their 16-Game Assignment for 2K16 and its the AFC East and NFC East outside of the rugged AFC North! @Steelers #SteelerNation #StillerGang #Black&Yellow #TeamSteelers #AFCNorth #AQBDrivenLeague #MonstersIncideQBs

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2K16 "Get Down" was announced and they will get a heavy dose of the AFC East and the NFC East. That means the Pats, Bills Mafia, Aqua Boyz 305, Gang Green, G-Men, #HTTR, #FlyEaglesFly, and the 'Boys of the 214 and 817 dba Jerry's Gang North Texas.

Those 8 games plus the 6 games inside the AFC North talking Dawg Pound, Purple Browns, and Who Dey the Steelers will have their work cutout. Now here are the dates for the 16-Game "Get Down" as Team Rooney readies themselves this month for the 2K16 NFL Draft.

#SteelerNation #SteelersNation #Black&Yellow

16-Game Trek 
(featuring a full slate of games on Christmas Day and New Year's Day 2K17)

Note: BOLD Black denotes Home Games

Wk 1 Monday September 12 @ #HTTR 7:10pm ET

Wk 2 Sunday September 18 vs #WhoDey 1pm ET

Wk 3 Sunday September 25 @ #FlyEaglesFly 4:25pm ET

Wk 4 Sunday October 2 vs #RedFriday 8:30pm ET

Wk 5 Sunday October 9 vs #GangGreen 1pm ET

Wk 6 Sunday October 16 @ #AquaBoyz305 1pm ET

Wk 7 Sunday October 23 vs #Pats 4:25pm ET

Wk 8 Sunday October 30 BYE WEEK

Wk 9 Sunday November 6 @ #PurpleBrowns 1pm ET

Wk 10 Sunday November 13 vs #Cowboys 4:25pm ET

Wk 11 Sunday November 20 @ #DawgPound 1pm ET

Wk 12 Thursday November 24 @ #BlueSwagger dba Colts 8:30pm ET

Wk 13 Sunday December 4 vs #GMen 4:25pm ET

Wk 14 Sunday December 14 @ #BillsMafia 1pm ET

Wk 15 Sunday December 18 @ #WhoDey 8:30pm ET

Wk 16 Christmas Day December 25 vs #PurpleBrowns 4:30pm ET

Wk 17 Sunday January 1 vs #DawgPound 1pm ET

360 Degrees...

A full slate of Games in Week 16 is on Christmas Day and Week 17 on New Year's Day...hmmmmm

Two Sunday Night Games...

One Monday Night Game Week 1 the 1st of a Doubleheader... 

AFC East with a much-improved Phins, Jets, and Bills along with the Pats...

NFC East that includes the Eagles and G-Men with new Lead Men (Head Coaches) which means new systems...

Steelers strength of schedule has to be up there as the AFC East makes it a difficult trek...

All games coming out of the Motel are in the Eastern Time Zone and take that Mr. Clock...

Steelers "D" will face QBs Brady, Eli Manning, RG III, Flacco, Luck, Cousins, Dalton, Bradford, Alex Smith, Romo, Tannehill, Tyrod Taylor, and a Jets QB that has yet to be determined...    

Stiller Gang by Odd Makers are Top 4 to make it to Super Bowl 51 with the Pats, Packers and Seahawks 

KOBE goes for 60 in his Last Supper in the "LOGO"!..."LOGO WATCH" on #MambaDay as KOBE BEAN BRYANT does not disappoint giving the Salt Palace Jazz the Game #82 Business and that is #MambaOut! @KobeBryant @Lakers #LakerNation #LakerGang #MambaDay #MambaOut

The Script wouldn't not have been written like this in of all places but Hollywood as Los Angels Lakers Superstar Kobe Bryant caps of his 20-year Career with a 60-piece Entree on the Salt Palace Jazz.

The Black Mamba on #MambaDay gets 27 of his game-high 60 in the 4th as Kobe dazzles like only Kobe can. A Lakers 101-96 "W" also gave the Jazz no hope of making the Playoffs as that was decided earlier in the night as the Houston Rockets move on with the 8th seed in the West.

As for Kobe's Night from a digits standpoint:


42:09 mins 22-50 FG 6-21 3pt FG 10-12 FT 4 Rebs 4 Asst Stls Blk 

60 pts 4 rebs 4 asst Stl Blk 

Jazz Rookie Trey Kyles led the Jazz with 18 points and eleven boards... 

Farewell to the great @KobeBryant...

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

#2 BLUE NOTES vs #3 BLACKHAWKS in "Western Conference Ice Games" as "FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison goes for a REPEAT and the Quest for another Parade Route starts tonight near the Muddy Mississippi and the Gateway to the West! #CHIvsSTL #FearTheINDIANHead #HawksNation #IndianHeadSweater #OneGoal #BluesNation #BlueNotes #MuddyMississippiIceGames #StanleyCupPlayoffs

It's here Blackhawks Nation as the "Quest to Repeat" starts near the Gateway to the West against "Muddy Mississippi Ice Games" dba St. Louis Blues. The Hawks come in 98% healthy as blue-paint tenant Corey "Craw-Dad" Crawford will be a go in Game #1 as Marian Hossa will play and Andrew Ladd is back at home as Wifey is due any minute with the birth of their child!

Moving forward the Hawks might be 3rd in the West but they are the #1 Target in Ice Games and have been since that 2010 Stanley Cup. They have a few things going for them in the best Captain in Ice Games in #19 dba Captain Serious Jonathan Toews. They also have the 2K15-16 Art Ross Trophy Point Winner in the "Bison City Mullet" #88 dba Patrick Kane and they are skilled. Throw in Rookie of the Year in Artemi Panarin who should be a walk to that Trophy the Hawks are built for 82 but built better for SHAM-PAG-NA and the Cup of course!

Points Streak  

The Blue Notes know these dudes called #OneGoal all too well and once they get ahead if they ever get ahead they need to keep their feet on the gas.  Captain Jeff Backes and Russian Royalty Vladimir Tarasenko. Make no mistake about it the Blue Notes are not One Note Squad as they finished ahead of the Hawks and comes in at #2 in the West. They must take full advantage of Home Ice Advantage as the Hawks need no favors as this series should be the best of any on Round 1. Blue Notes blue-paint tenant Brian Elliott is more than solid as he will duel against "Craw-Dad" and it will come down to the "D" in front of both...

Let's talk Seven Game Series Dates and Times #STLvsCHI...

"FROZEN TALK" 1901 West Madison

Seven Game Series

Tonight Gm #1 "Hump Day" April 13th #CHIvsSTL in STL 9:30pm ET

Gm #2 "T.G.I.F." April 15th #CHIvsSTL in STL 8pm ET

Gm #3 Saturday April 17th #STLvsCHI @ Madhouse 3pm ET

Gm #4 Monday April 19th #STLvsCHI @ Madhouse 9:30pm ET

Gm #5 "Hump Day" 21st #CHIvsSTL in STL Time TBD If Necessary 

Gm #6 "T.G.I.F." 23rd #STLvsCHI @ Madhouse Time TBD If Necessary

Gm #7 Sunday 25th #CHIvsSTL in STL Time TBD If Necessary

#HawksNation the SEAT BELT Sign is bright "RED" as we are expecting Turbulence and Winds out of the West at 19 MPH...            

#MambaDay @KobeBryant going "LOGO WATCH" for one last time "LIVE"!...@KobeBryant stars in 8/24 Last Supper as the #LakeShow host the #SaltPalaceJazz going NBA on ESPN as the "BLACK MAMBA" gives us his last 48 with Planet Earth heavily involved! #MambaDay @KobeBryant #8/24LastSupper #LakerNation #LakerGang #LogoWatch @NikeBasketball

Last Supper

The NBA after Game #82 Action  tonight will lose one of its best ever and Laker Nation must find another "Vice" to save them through 82 and in "Winning Time". Its Kobe Bean Bryant last "48" (Starring in 8/24 Last Supper) as he and he will give us all he has as he has done so for the last two decades.

The #MambaDay Celebration goes further than that as the Nike Sneaker App "SNKRS" will give you a shot at getting the Kobe 11 (A Black Flyknit Scooby Doo with a "GOLD" Swoosh and 4-13-16 on the back of the right Scooby Doo) going Draw at 6pm CT on the App!

Then there is Nike ID going Kobe 11 Scooby Doo celebrating his accomplishments as that will be available at Tip-Off (9:30pm CT) during tonight's game. To real true sneaker head the Bluedude is giving them what they already know. For those in the cheap seats these are Cliff Notes and go make it happen as the Bluedude hopes and prays that 4-13-16 Kobe 11 will have "Got Em" in my email!

As for the game Kobe will be playing I forecast at least 40 minutes or close and Gordon Heyward and Rodney Hood will get the assignment of covering the "Black Mamba" as Planet Earth covers the rest. Jack, Denzel, Magic, Laker Girls, Jeannie, Jim, Mitch, Big Game James, Laker Nation, and a host of others will be locked into this one.

The one thing I wonder about what will be the Black Mamba's Whip driving to Staples 16 Chips for the last time to play and what will be the Attire as he will be suited and booted...

Then of course the after game Dinner with "Wifey" Vanessa and the Girls and who will be tagging along as we live in a Social Media World and the Bluedude will be locked in...

Good Luck tonight @KobeBryant and in the Future as you might be removed from the "Logo" but the "Logo" still needs you in the "Logo" After-Life and seeing every one of these accomplishments I can't wait to see what's next on your plate!   


Figueroa Street L.A. Gymnasium dba Staples 16 Chips
"Hump Day" April 13 @ 10:30pm ET 



G Shelvin Mack 
G Rodney Hood
SF Gordon Heyward
PF Trey Lyles
C Derrick Favors


G Jordan Clarkson
G D'Angelo Russell
G #MambaDay 
PF J-Randle
C "Area 17" Hibbert


Top 5 Things on #MambaDay

Kobe's Emotions through the Staples Roof

Kobe goes 24 points 8 assists and 8 rebounds but does he have enough "Petro" for that as he has been running on 1/4 Tank for 82?  

Kobe plays north of 40 minutes...

Lakers make a concerted effort to get the Black Mamba the Spalding Orange on #MambaDay...on every possession and every break as #24 needs at least 32 FG Attempts as 24+8 = 32...

Bryon Scott stay the hell out of the way and leave your Playbook on your Kitchen Table like a college student would leave his Assignment in the dorm with that attitude....I left it so what!