Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"All-RED River" 2015-16 as "LOGO Watch Fusions" goes through Oklahoma and into North and South Texas!...There will be no repeat for P.O.Y James Harden as the "REGULATORS Report O.K.C." talking K.D. and Russ dominated this Region as we throw in KAWHI and L-TRAIN of Spurs Familia! #AllRedRiver #LogoWatchFusions #RegulatorsReportOKC #MavsNation #ClutchCity #SpursFamilia

This might be the hardest team I have to assemble talking 1st Team as we have future NBA HOFs along with arguably the best duo in the "Logo" in OKC's Russ and K.D.! Last season it was all about "Fear the Beard" in Clutch City Rockets James Harden as he will not repeat as P.O.Y. on the All-Red River Squad. Let's go as the votes are in...

"All-RED River"
"Logo Watch Fusions"

Co-Player of the Year

Plastic Man of Thunder Alley

72 Gms 72 Starts 28.2 ppg 8.2 rpg 5 apg 1.2 blks 1 theft

"Mad" Man of Regulators Report OKC

80 Gms 80 Starts 23.4 ppg 10.4 apg 7.4 rpg 2 thefts 

1st Team

PG Russ #RegulatorsReportOKC 
SF K.D. #RegulatorsReportOKC
SG "Fear the Beard" #13 #ClutchCity
SF Kawhi #SpursFamilia
PF L-Train #SpursFamilia

Honorable Mention

PF "Air Congo" Ibaka #RegulatorsReportOKC
PF DIRK and Mavs #MFFL
PF "Dunc" #SpursFamilia
Rocket Dancers
Spurs Dancers
Mavs Dancers

360 Degrees 

C'mon Russell Westbrook #0 is not a Superstar you "Idiot" and I really like Dat Dude that owns the Mavs and runs Shark Tank. Look K.D. #35 and Russ are a "Perfect Storm" through 82 as we have yet to see them create that same ordeal in "Winning Time".  I tell you this I know they are sometime Misfits playing "Hero Ball" down the stretch of a lot of games but if I am going to start a franchise with two give me them and 12 OKC Men's League Players and we are north of 50 W's through 82...haters! K.D. and Russ if their games were Samiches they would be #1 and #2 on the freakin' Menu and simply Yummo..."Idiots"!   

Harden does his thing on one end and that's what they pay him to do. Now if we go back in time and he was a Gladiator he wouldn't last past round 2 as he would swing his sword repeatedly with no defensive mechanisms but his offensive Game is Maximus Desmus Arrillious delicious and that would be the "Spaniard" in the hit movie "Gladiator"! 

The new dynamic duo in the Alamo City near the Riverwalk is Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus "L-Train" Alrdidge. They are the new "Dunc", Manu and TP9 as they carry the offensive load on one end and Kawhi is the Warden on the other end going 24-7-365 Lockdown Shoe Program NBA Heads. The reigning Defensive P.O.Y. K.L is a Superstar and with Chef Curry not in the Kitchen and the Clips looking like the L.A. Defenders...lookout as that O.K.C. and Spurs Series is going to Mars and Venus!  

Honorary 1st Teamers is "Dirk and Mavs" and "Dunc" as they are headed to Springfield, Mass one day soon... 
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