Thursday, April 21, 2016

"All-CALIFORNIA Vineyards" 2k15-16 as "LOGO Watch Fusions" has the sweet smell of Grapes whipped up by Chef CURRY, KLAYmetheus and #StrengthInNumbers!...This team also consists of the Logo's only BOOGIE MAN and this one will scare you with straight game in and around the Restricted-Area! #ChefCurry #DubNation #ForeverPurple #AllCaliforniaVineyards #LogoWatchFusions

It doesn't get any better than this in the Bluedude's exclusive "Logo Watch Fusions" as we go the 2k15-16 All-California Vineyards Team consisting of the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings. This team also consists of the first three-time Player of the Year and you have to know who that is as the Warriors also went an NBA Record 82-game trek of 73-9 beating my 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. Let's get on with the 2k15-16 All-California Vineyards Bunch with the sweet smell of Grapes and Chef Curry and "Dubs"!

"All-CALIFORNIA Vineyards" 

Player of the Year
Steph Curry 
"Chef Curry" 
#Dubs #DubNation #WarriorsGround #StrengthInNumbers
#PlanetOracle #GSW #Dubs24-7-365

79 Gms 79 Starts 30.1 ppg 6.7 apg 5.4 rpg 2.1 thefts
402 Money Balls Made (Logo Record)

"All-California Vineyards"
1st Team

PG Chef Curry #Dubs
2G KLAY-metheus #Dubs
SF Draymond #Dubs
C Boogie Man Cousins #ForeverPurple
Coach Luke Walton #Dubs

Honorable Mention

SF Rudy Gay #ForeverPurple
SF Harrison Barnes #Dubs
SG "Iggy" of Planet Oracle #Dubs
PF Mo Buckets #Dubs   
PG Double "R" Rondo

Steph was better than ever in 2K15-16 as the Golden State Warriors played with a chip on their shoulder all season long and under 1st Teamer Coach Luke Walton for more than half the season. Curry also broke his old record of Money Ball Makes connecting on an NBA Record 402 which in 79 games is off the charts. 

Chef Curry's partner in crime Klay Thompson was equally as good as he is the 2nd best shooter in the Logo and together they are the "Splash Brothers" and when they are going that is "Billy the Kid" and Josey Wales shooting down everyone in the wicked wild wild west! 

Draymond Green is "Dubs" Elmer Glue Guy or maybe the Super Glue as El;mer's is for ages 3-7. He maybe the most important part of that machine #WarriorsGround calls #StrengthInNumbers. His all around game resonates through "Dubs" on every night. 

Then there is the Logo's only "Boogie Man" dba DeMarcus Cousins as he is arguably the best "Big" in the league. Now just think if he didn't star in "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" II through 82...he would be a Top 5 player. The Kings wouldn't be near respectable if the Boogie Man wasn't on site for 82....   
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