Saturday, April 23, 2016

"All-NATURE Trail" 2K15-16 as "LOGO WATCH Fusions" goes near PARK City Utah, the ROCKIES some 5,280 feet above Ocean Water, the Valley of the SUN and of course the ROSE City near the Great Northwest!...We have a repeat for P.O.Y. but he is joined by his "Partner in Crime"! #SaltPalaceJazz #RipCity #MileHighNugs #PHXHoops #AllNatureTrail #LogoWatchFusions

As the Portland Trailblazers started the 2K15-16 season most thought it would be rebuilding year as Blazers Stars PF L-Train dba LaMarcus Aldridge left to play "Spur Wars". Well Rip City still had their All-Star in PG Dame Lillard and he repeats as P.O.Y. with help from his "Partner in Crime"! Yes the 2K15-16 All-Nature Trail is in and there are no surprises as "game recognizes game"!

"All-NATURE Trail

Co-Player of the Year

#0 Dame Lillard dba "License to Lillard"

75 Gms 75 Starts 25.1 ppg 6.8 apg 4 rpg 

#3 CJ McCollum dba "Rose Pedals" C.J.

80 Gms 80 Starts 20.8 ppg 4.3 apg 3.2 rpg 1.2 thefts

1st Team

PG Dame #RipCityBlazers
PG CJ #RipCityBlazers
SF Gordon Hayward #SaltPalaceJazz
SG Rodney Hood #SaltPalaceJazz
PG Brandon Knight #PHXHoops

Honorable Mention

PF Derrick Favors #SaltPalaceJazz
C Rudy Gobert #SaltPalaceJazz
SG Devin Booker #PHXHoops
SG Wil Barton #MileHighNugs
PF Kenneth Faried #MileHighNugs

360 Degrees...

Both Dame and CJ are arguably the best back court in the "Logo" not names "Los Splash Hermanos" dba Splash Brothers if you classify Klay Thompson as a SG. They bring it on every night on every possession. The Blazers Future is shining as they have also put young pieces around these two young "Goon" and the best has yet to come talking Blazers Mania dba Rip City Blazers Basketball! 

Hayward maybe the best kept secret in basketball. A small forward by trade dba Custodian
Gordon is a mix of high Basketball IQ and Athleticism along with a dribble-drive game that is simply delicious. There is nothing this young man cannot do on the court and he defends to boot! 

Hood emerged for the Jazz this season and he gives Utah flexibility both at SG and at SF. His ability to hit the Money Ball and sneaky athleticism has the Jazz Faithful thinking of "Winning Time" for the next 5 seasons...

the "Knight Rider" dba Brandon Knight and I know he was hurt for a large part of the season but he is PHX Hoops #1 Player as PHX #1 Donut-Runner and Rookie Devin Booker lands on the Honorable Mention as they didn't miss on that pick...  
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