Monday, April 11, 2016

BULLS go crashing as they lose the 2K15-16 Season to LOTTERY Balls!..."WEST SIDE STORY Report" hitting an all-time low as there will be no "Fight 4 LARRY" at the Madhouse for 2K16 talking NBA Playoffs!...What will the 2K16-17 BULLS look like from a Roster Standpoint? @Bulls #BullsNation #WestSideStoryReport #DaBulls #TeamBulls

The 2K15-16 Chicago Bulls had no idea they would be in this position once Fred Hoiberg was hired last summer but here we are. At 40-40 and officially out of the "Fight 4 Larry" talking the 2K16 NBA Playoffs the Bulls have plenty of work to do.

Forget who is to blame as the Bulls Brass starting with John Paxson and Gar Forman just need to move forward with the notion "We must get better in all aspects" talking the Front Office on down. What do the Bulls have on paper talking the 2K16-17 season?

2K16-17 Roster Money 

PG D-Rose $21.3 mil 
SG "See Red" Butler $17.5 mil
PF TAJmanian Devil $8.95 mil
C Pau Pau Pau $7.7 mil (Player Option) 
SF/PF Niiiiiikola $5.78 mil
SF "Bloodline" Dunleavy Jr. $4.83 mil
SF McBuckets $2.48 mil
SG T-Snell $2.36 mil
PF B-Portis Time $1.453 mil
SG Justin Holiday $1.015 mil
C Cam Bairstow $980K
PF Cristiano Felicio $874K

360 Degrees...

D-Rose, Taj, and Pau said they will not play the last two games but will collect their checks...don't kill the messenger!   

What will the Bulls do with Joakim Noah?

McBuckets dba Doug McDermott turned some heads in 2K15-16 and looks to be a keeper...

Niko Mirotic when healthy is a problem...

There is little chance the Bulls retain the services of one Pau Gasol....

Dunleavy I have no clue...Snell is another one that could be a goner

Portis looks like a more than solid 1st rounder from 2K15

The "Mayor of the Madhouse" Hoiberg needs to fix his approach and that 1st year was a test run but the 2nd year will be "Live" not Memorex...

Bulls need an upgrade at the SF and if "Dubs" SF Harrison Barnes is there in Free Agency the Bulls should grab him....

Bulls own the Kings 2K16 NBA Lottery Pick and they need some luck for their pick to fall inside that Top 5 as the Kings Pick is Top 10 Protected...


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