Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KERR of "DUBS" Lead Man of the Year in "LOGO WATCH" as we go the Red Auerbach Trophy 2K15-16!...Luke Walton finished 9th in the Voting after leading the WARRIORS to a fast and furious start in the 2K15-16 Campaign!

It was just a formality in who was going to cash in on the NBA Coach of the Year as the real story was where was Golden State Warriors Assistant Lead Man Luke Walton was going to finish? Steve Kerr gets his 2nd Red Auerbach Trophy as the Warriors 73-9 season sets a new NBA Record.

Kerr has been fabulous in his first two seasons as an NBA Lead Man and the Warriors only know one way under Kerr and that is to win everything in front of them as 2nd place is the first losers. Miraculously enough "Dubs" through their two amazing seasons have  not had any major injuries and that is more than half the battle navigating through that rough and tough 82-game trek.

Walton finishes 9th in he voting and that in itself is a huge honor considering there are 30 Men leading teams and he is an assistant that took over a team that was on a mission and stayed on that mission while Kerr was out nursing his back after back surgery.  

The Results 
Red Auerbach Trophy:

Note: In parenthesis is 1st Place Votes

1 Kerr #Dubs (64)

2 Stotts #RipCity (37)

3 "Pops" #SpurWars (10)

4 Clifford #ItsABuzzLife (7)

5 Casey #WeTheNorth (6)

6 Stevens #GreenTeam (5)

7 Joerger #GritGrindGrizz (1)

8 "Doc" #Clips -

9 Walton #Dubs -

360 Degrees...

Stotts had  a tremendous year and what by many analysts was suppose to be a down year losing both Wes Matthews and L-Train Aldrigde as the Blazers as we go to press is tied with the Clips in their 1st round series. It also helps Coach Stotts has arguably the best back court in the Logo not named "Splash Brothers"! 

Coach Popovich led "Spurs Familia" to a 67-15 seasons and if the Warriors didn't jump out to that fast starts the Spurs would have been the lead story all season long... 

Clifford is slowly but surely finding his niche in Buzz City and GM Rich Cho and Air Jordan himself are heading north in the East...

Casey had the Raptors 2nd in the East as they are missing one-piece to that puzzle...

Stevens has the C's right there and now they have 7 picks in the upcoming 2K16 NBA Draft with all sorts of young pieces everywhere to possibly move....watch Celts GM in "Trader" Danny Ainge in this draft as he has a full deck of cards at the Blackjack Table... 

Joerger did a solid job with what he was working with but losing both Mike Conley Jr. and Marc Gasol spelled gloom and doom for "Winning Time"...

"Doc" Rivers does his thing but the Clips might have to move B.G. 32 to move north in the West...

Walton is tops on most lists as the next solid NBA Lead Man but he won't be going anywhere in the 2K16-17 season...   
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