Friday, April 22, 2016

MLB Power Rankings APRIL 2K16 in "WORD Around the WARNING Track" as the NORTH SIDERS just 16 games in living up to "EXPECTATIONS"!...The "NATS" of D.C. Hardball playing "DUSTY Ball" is out the gate fast in the NL East!...The O's and RANGERS along with the defending World Champion ROYALS are leading the Junior Circuit! #MLBPowerRankingsApril2K16 #ACupOfJoeINTheShowReport #WordAroundTheWarningTrack

The Chicago Cubs out the gate as expected leads the "Show" with a 12-4 W-L as Ace RHP Jake Arrieta throws a No No last night versus the hapless Red Legs. "Maddon Ball" is also coming off of hitting the rival Redbirds of Gateway to the West Hardball right in the "Kisser"!

Joining the North Siders on the Senior Circuit is the L.A. Dodgers and Washington Nationals as "Dusty Ball" is in full swing in the Nations Capital. Where are the New York Mets as they might have the best Starting Pitching not only on the Senior Circuit but in the show?

The defending World Champion Kansas City Royals leads the AL Central as the surprise Pale Hose of Chicago are 2nd in that division. The Baltimore Orioles leads the AL East as that division was suppose to be a five-team race as we still have some 148 plus games to go.

Now we get into the 1st Installment of the "Word Around the Warning Track" MLB Power Rankings going April 2K16...

"WORD Around the WARNING Track" 
April 2K16
MLB Power Rankings

1. #MaddonBall dba #GoCubsGo (12-4)

2. #Nats dba #DustyBall (11-4)

3. #Os (10-4)

4. #KCRoyals (10-5)

5. #PaleHose (10-6)

6. #LADodgers (10-6)

7. #Rangers (10-6)

8. #SwingingElephants (9-7)

9. #MotorCityKitties (8-6)

10. #Redbirds (8-7)

11. #ROX dba #5280FeetAboveWaterHardball (8-7)

12. #DBacks (9-8)

13. #RedLegs (8-8)

14. #BUCN (8-8)

15. #Amazins (7-7)

16. #BlueBirds (8-9)

17. #Carmines (7-8)

18. #ItsARaysLife (7-8)

19. #Ms (7-8)

20. #Tribe (6-7)

21. #Halos (7-9) 

22. #PhightinPhils (7-9)

23. #BrewCrew (7-9)

24. #Gigantes (7-10)

25. #Friars dba #Padres (6-10)

26. #BronxBombers (5-9)

27. #FightinFish (5-9)

28. #BravesCountry (4-11)

29. #StrosShow (5-11)

30. #Twinkies (5-11)

360 Degrees...

What is going in in H-Town as the "Stros Show" out they gate is Brown Bagging it with all that young talent led by Dallas Keuchel, Carlos Correa, and "Pocket Iron Man" Jose Altuve?

The Philadelphia Phillies won't win the NL East but they also won;t be Bottom Feeders on the Senior Circuit...

Yankees need stating pitching or the Bronx Zoo will turn into the Petting Zoo for the Visiting fun fun for everybody! 

The NL Central is by a large margin the best division from top to bottom...

Will "Bochy Ball" get out of the NL West Gutter? 


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