Friday, November 9, 2012

REGULATORS REPORT #6 of 82...with NEW JERSEYS from the GENERAL Store...the REGULATORS ride out to a 105-94 Win vs the PISTONS of Motor City who stay Winless in 2012-13...AIR CONGO continues to get his WINGS with 25 points, 7 boards, and 3 blocks...THUNDER 4-2...and save the REGULATORS New Jerseys for Midnight Madness 2K13 #TerribleThreeStripes ADIDAS

The Regulators started off slow and by the Looks of Things you would have started of slow to in those New 3rd Jerseys that look like they were ordered from Eastbay. Three Stripes you put that Together from what concept the 1960 Cincinnati Royals like the Bluedude doesn't know his Jersey History.

On to the Game the Thunder started out slowly them kicked into 3rd to cruise to a 105-94 Victory. One of those Nights in the Logo where you don't have to do anything Spectacular vs your Opponent just keep everything consistent. The Pistons still are a Work in Progress as they are putting together some nice young pieces to go with their back Court of the "Knight Rider"...Brandon Knight and Rodney Stuckey aka Stuck of Area Code 206 Royalty.

The Regulators led only 49 - 42 at the Break with solid 1st Halves from KD and Ibaka. The Pistons were getting nice balanced Effort from all their Core Guys including Rookie Big Andre Drummond who seems to be getting acclimated to his surroundings. The Pistons then came out in the 3rd to get a 27-25 3rd Frame and cut the OKC lead to 74-69. In the End it was too much KD and Uncle Russ as the Thunder without Harden have Two Bonafide Closers.

Both Durant and Ibaka get a Game-High 25 Points with KD adding 13 off the Glass. Uncle Russ had 10 and 6 as he was busy guarding Stuck and the Knight Rider all night. Thunder Alley's K-Mart Blue Light Special had 16 Points with 2 from behind the Arc. The Pistons get a Team-High 22 points and 8 boards from Rook Big Andre Drummond while SF Tayshaun Prince adds 16, Stuck 15, and G-Monroe 14 and 10 boards.

The Regulators PG Eric Maynor played well off of Uncle Russ' Sub Par Night with 13 points. The Thunder unveiled the New 3rd Jersey to a Mixed Review and the Bluedude says put them up for Midnight Madness Only. Thunder move to 4-2 ad the Pistons stay Win less at 0-6.  

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