Friday, November 9, 2012

SUNDAY TALK with a CHALLENGE Flag of TRIPLE DIAMOND CHRONICLES #54 n STEELERS since 2000 along with an INSIDE Look at the PATS and G-MEN...what's the Formula and it's right in front of you believe or not...STEELERS, PATS, and G-MEN dominate

Everyone has all these Predictions before the Season because they have to and its the Nature of the Beast. The Bengals were suppose to put the Steelers in 3rd Place. The Pats and Gotham City Green will be atop the AFC East. The Forty-Niners will cruise through the NFC West. The Packers might get a Challenge from the Lions and maybe the Bears. The Eagles will finally get past Gotham City Blue. The Only Prediction that was right on was the Orange Crush with Manning of Mile High running past the Bolts and Chiefs among others to win the AFC West. But come on going against either one of them with the State they are Both in at the Top isn't difficult. With all this Pre Season Talk why aren't the Teams that are suppose to Arrive sort of Speak this Season arriving and doing what many thought they would do?

It's a Common Thread among those Franchises that always seem to be in it Every Season and the Drop Off if any is not by much. The Steelers, Patriots, and G-Men have dominated since the Early 2K's on into this Decade and its a Common Denominator...the Brass aka LEADERSHIP at the very Top.

Super Bowl Vitals since 2000
11 Super Bowl Appearances 7 LOMBARDI's...Unprecedented 

Some 45% of Teams in the Super Bowl since 2000 have been the STEELERS, PATS, or G-MEN

STEELERS... XL XLIII (2 wins) XLV (lost)...3 Super Bowls

PATS... XXXVI XXXVIII XXXIX (3 Wins) XXLI XLVI (Lost 2)...5 Super Bowls

G-MEN...XLII XLVI (2 Wins) XXXV (Lost)...3 Super Bowls

13 Super Bowls since 2000 played and the Steelers, Pats, and G-Men have been in 11 of them including the G-Men and Pats squaring off against each other the Last Two Times they have been in the Super Bowl.

The One Constant in these Three Organizations is their Ownership, Football Operations Staff, and  Continuity. Let's take a look since 2000....

STEELERS Owners Rooney Family, GM Kevin Colbert, Coaches Bill Cowher and Mike Tomlin

PATS Owner Robert Kraft, GM/Head Coach Bill Belichek

G-MEN Owner Mara Family, GM Jerry Reese (GM since 2007 and been with Giants on the Football Operations Side since 1994)

There are very Few Organizations that can duplicate the Success of these 3 Sunday Organizations and there is hardly any Turnover in the most important Areas of the Organization.

360 Degrees...

STEELERS have had Three Head Coaches since 1969 including HOF Chuck Noll, Bill Cowher, and Mike Tomlin and each have won at Least One Super Bowl with Noll winning Four Chips....

PATS have been to 5 Super Bowls and 3 Championships all under the Direction of GM/Coach Bill Belichek

G-MEN 4 Super Bowl Championships under GM Jerry Reese as he was there with the G-Men in some Capacity with the "Big Tuna" Regime and now Coach Coughlin....

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