Friday, November 9, 2012

LOGO WATCH from MSG and the PLAYBOOK...the MAVS of BIG D take their 4-1 Record into New MSG to face "Running with the BULLY on 5th Avenue" and the 3-0 KNICKERBOCKERS...Game Preview #DALvsNYK

The Dallas Mavericks come into MSG as one of the early Surprises considering they have yet to play with "Mr. Duetsche Marks" Dirk Nowitzki aka DIRKiliscious @swish41. The Knicks are playing D and they are anchored by the reigning "Landlord of MSG" and 2011-12 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler.
November 9, 2012
7:30pm ET
@ New MSG 

GAME PREVIEW: The Mavs come in reloaded by Default and their New Back Court will be on Display vs Former Mavs Star Jason Kidd. Yes the Knicks have also reloaded via the Near 40 Year Old Has Been's.

Tonight's Game will also feature the Knicks New Defensive Scheme vs the Mavs Versatile Offensive Game with a nice Mix of Transition Offense and Half Court Sets with 2012 FA Pick Up the "KAMAnator" Center Chris Kaman. He will have his work cut out facing both Tyson and Knicks 2012 FA Pick Up Marcus Camby of Hartford Public HS by way of Coach Cal and the UMass Minutemen. The Mavs will run the Offense through Kaman in the Half Court as Kaman's Offensive Arsenal is Top Notch.

The Mavs want to force Transition and use their New Found Quickness from their Two Leading Scorers and New Back Court Darren Collison (16.5 ppg) and O.J. Mayo (21.5 ppg). Mayo has been Money from the Land of Plenty with the Money Ball as he will shoot on the Lead Break, Secondary Break, and the Delayed Break. He is also real crafty in the Mavs Offense getting his Looks and is somewhat Unselfish. Collison is Super-Quick and will pose a Problem for the Knicks back Court of "Everybody Loves Raymond MSG", J-Kidd, and Get Shots J.R.

Now at the Same Token the Mavs have a Bigger Problem with Defensive Stopper Shawn Marion, the Artist formerly known as the Matrix 31, now has declined back into his Government Name. He will face the "Bully of MSG" 'Melo Anthony and when 'Melo and the Knicks are going it looks like "Running with the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. 'Melo is arguably the Toughest and Best All-Around Scorer in the Logo and the Mavs have top make him work and get a Tough 30 plus if he gets it. 'Melo comes in Averaging 26 ppg and the Knicks have Shooters surrounding him in the aforementioned Smith and the "Wall Street Sniper" Steve Novak.

For the Mavs its #6 of 82 and the Knicks #4 of 82 and its a Marathon not a Sprint. This Game though features more of the Ladder with the Mavs Athletic and Quick Parts oppose to the Knicks Slow Down Grind Out through the Bully Madness.

Featured Match Ups for MAVS @ KNICKerbockers

MAVS...Collison, Mayo
KNICKS...J.R. , Kidd, and Felton

MAVS...Kaman, Brand, Wright
KNICKS..Tyson, Camby, Sheed

5-Star Match Up
MAVS Matrix 0 vs KNICKS Bully of MSG...Melo
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